Newspaper of Evening Star, July 19, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 19, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUSEMENTS TO NIGHT. Caitihiicuv ? There is a large and admir able company of ballet performers, comedians, wocalists, dancers, Ac., here this week, and they appear in a variety of amusing; ana pleas ing acts. The laughable negro extravaganza cf" Rigging a purchase," will be performed to-night among other rich things. We '-laughed conenimdlv" at the funny things performed ihere last night, and found our neighbors all doing the snme. What tbecity wonld do with out Canterbury to enliven it we cannot im agine. Sankord's Trovpb combined with that ol .Dick Parker, continues to delight all who pav them a visit at Orover s Theater. After the production of numerous laughter-provoking songs and acts the whole performance con cludes with the contraband's jubilee entitled ?4Oet aboard the flat boats." Rbal Estate Sales.?By Green A Williams: XrfJtNo. 3, in subdivision of lots 23 to 25, and part lot 2, in square D, Maine avenue, between 4% and 6th streets, to Edward Lillv, for cents per foot: west half lot 7, in square 1>, south side Maryland avenue, between &nd 7th streets, with a frame dwelling, to Georze Staffau, for west half lot 6, in same square, improved with a fnme dwelling, to tame, for#3,ftt>0; west half of lot 2J,subdivision of square 435, with a frame dwelling, to BI. Stratter, Sl,lfi5; lot 22, in square 264, on lOt.h street, between B and C south, to T. E Lloyd, 25 cents per foot: part of square !MJ5, on 7th street east and Virginia avenue, with the dwelling and store, to J. L.. Venable, for 93,01 HI; building lot in Haw's subdivision of Mount Pleasant farm, to George Eshler, for 10 cents per foot. J as. C McGuire Jc Co. sold at auction yester day afternoon tte following: property: Two brick houses and lots on the Navy Yard, one to J. K. tJonder, for #1,300. and one to Henry A. G reen field, for S2,6a1). Also, two brick dwellings on 21st street, between G and H, to James Hen xing, for ?2,475. _ Not Correct.?Some of onr naturalized citizens are aoout taking measures to prevent the issue of license to any person of foreign birth who has not taken out his "first papers," to do business in this city The reason of this is simply the fact that when asked to go to the board of enrollment and secure their exemp tion, and so reduce the quota of the city to its true number, most of such persons laughed at the applicants, and remarked "its time enough after the draft; we are not naturalized, and are not subject to military duty." Naturalized citizens think it very unfair that those persons should be licensed to grow rii'h upon the necessities of the community, which necessi ties are increased by these fellows refusing to show exemption cause before the draft, thus exaggerating the quota of the city. Military.?We take great pleasure in an nouncing the fact that the order relieving Col. Wells from duty in this city has been rescinded by the commanding General, and the Colonel is once more at his old post. This will prove of more than ordinary satisfaction to our citi zens and the citizens of the adjoining country, as it was tnrough their united efforts and re presentations that the last order was issued. A greater compliment could not be given to a most deserving officer. The order reassigning bim makes him the "Provost Marshal of th > defenses of W ashlngton south of the Potomac," thereby rendering his field of duties separate and distinct from those of Col. Wisewell, Pro vost Marshal of the defenses north of the Po tomac.?Alerarulria Journal. Lopt fih Money.?Last night, officer Par ker. of the Second Ward, arrested F. C. Ryan lowbeing drunk and disorderly. He was taken to the Second Ward station, when he appealed to the officers to release him. Tneofficers tried to persuade him to remain, warning him that if he got out som<* one wolud rob him. He in sisted on going, and the officers took collateral security and let him go. Not long after he re turned to the station-house, and complained that he bad been robbed ot ?lin in one of the lancy ranches on 12th street. He had two girls, Xiizzie Gorden and Emma Gibson, summoned to identify the company with him last night. The girls appeared to testify, but Ryan did not, and so the case stands. ForRTH Ward Station Capes.?Patrick WcKewan, disorderly: military. J. S. Fyron, do. and drunk; do. "Robert Orr, disorderly; Timothy McFey, do.; locked up. James A. Tletcher, threats; bail for peace. Dan'l Carley, drunk and disorderly: dismissed. Bartholomew I'oley, violating Lack law, 81.5-. James Sul livan, assault and battery, dismissed. A. S. J>ickmson, fraud; dismissed. Annie Butler, colored, vagrancy, workhouse, .lames I)anon and Patrick H. Corsey. disorderly; J* 1.5^ each. Second Ward Station Case*.?Emma JBlack,grand larceny:dismissed. Jas.McC&be, do.: do. Chas. Itavis, drunk; 31.5-. Geerge Simpson, do.; 81.5-. Henry Smith, disorderly; 92. Georeiana Ellis, do.; #2. Mary J ihnson, do.; 82. F. C. Kyan, drunk and disorderly: *2. Thomas Flinn, profanity; dismissed. J. Clark, drunk; do. John Runnels, do.: do. Death of an Ex-Policeman.?Last night Xievi S. Montgomery, formerly of the Metro rlitan Police, but recently attached to the U. detectives, died at his residence, on K street, near 16th. He had been suffering from an at tack of quinsey, and soon after recovery took cald. and death ensued. He wai a good offi cer. _ Watermelons.?Watermelons made their Appearance upon the vegetable stalls of Center .Market this morning. They are of small size, and not ol the finest quality, but the dealers asked 81 for the choice, and 50 cents for the t-maller ones. SPECIAL NOTICES. Ptbani.k Woki> on Broadway.?"Sozodont," which i? fast becoming a household word, is de rived from the Greek, and composed of two words, 4'8oto," to preserve, and "O'iontes," the teeth? Fozodont, a preserver of the teeth. For beautify ing the teotn. invigorating the gumsand sweet*-n ins the breath, it is without a peer in the world. Sold by druggists. jy 19 31 ICI CltKAM leu Crr a*f The undersigned begs leave to inform the public that he ha? always on nand a fresh supply of the Choicest flavors Ira Crkam, ?which be is prepared to supply to stores, sutlers, hotels, pic nics, parties, excursions, and families at the shortest notice and the most reasonable terms JoS. SCHAFPIKl D'tf t-team Tee Cream Manufactory. No. 3*6 <5th st.,bet. 1a and H. Wholesale and retail. je 23-lm* goat Throat, COCGH. Cold, and similar troubles, if suffered to progress, re sult in serious Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asth matic affections, oftentimes incnrable. Bkows'3 Brgschiax TROOHE3 are compounded so a? to reach directly the seat of the disease, and give almost instant relief. Je21 lm.r DlFF ABB8 or THE N KKVOCS. M tSf AL, UHtSAlY AMD fl?CALSl"TKll--new and reliable treatment ?in Keports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in sealed letter envelope*, free of charge. Address D. J 8kill?n Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Fa. je30 3m Brian AT0RRHHA OAS SB CUBED. ? l)T tUpd'B 8m eifie cures Sycrmniorrk<ra. Seminal Wtnk*?.?*, Im fottney, Lo.?? of Po'rcr. anil tfwnaUv. ta effects are truly macicaJ. A trial of the Specific will convince the moat skeptical of its merits. Price 91 a boi. Hold by b. 0. Ford, corner 11th etreet and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook. Alexandria. Js6-ly Wabbahtiu to Ui'kb ib Six l?iio.-ltr. Godfrey> Antidote, an English Specific of sixty-five years' Standing, will cur* Uonorrhrra ta n? <1nyx. No change of diet required. Price #1 per bottle. Sold by 8. C. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Heury Cook. Alexandria, la d-ly A NbW PkrFCMB fob THB UAJfDKSRCHIRP. Pkalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Pkalon'i "Night Blooming Cereus." f tut Ion't "Night Blooming Cereus." tuaioni "Night Blooming Cereu.-." Pkalon'f "Night Blooming Cereus.'' PKalcn's "Night Blooming CereuB." F'ialen's "Night Blooming Cereus." A most exquisite, delicate and fragrant perfume distilled from the rare and beautiful tower from which it takes it* name. Manufactured only by Phalo* ft Bob, N. T. itBWARB or cocirrsRFBiTs. Asa roa Pealoh's?Tarb ?o Othbr. to 16 3in Sold by druggists generally. Hair Dyb t Haib Dtb I! Batckelor'a celebrated Hf lr Dye u tk* but ta ife wmid. The only karmlut, tntf mnd rtltabU Oya know- This splendid Hair Dye is perfect?changes Bed nasty or Grty Hair instantly to a Oletn Black or yattrrr.l Ernwn, withont injuring til* kali or staining the skin, leaving the hair soft aad feeaatiful; imparts freak vitality frequently re storing its pristine color, and recti!!*! the ill eflheta of Bad Dyes. The Genuine Is signed William A JUTOiBLoa, all others are mere imitations, and Should be avoided Bold by all drnggista. Ae. Fa* rr? M Barclay street. New York. Batckelor* Toiist Cream for dressing tke hair. Jr T eo 1 Db. Dopobt'b tugar-eoateu Female Regulating P11U are the vrry Uu m tut They operate tut and tfeatvrlv. and being jimkw ceaurf u? nanaea not o the cost delieate stomach A trial o< these Pills will prove their tumriori v o~" %!J ?then. PrireAl ahox. SoldbyS.O F ?rd,comer 1 ith street and Pa. areas*.W ukuigtou a?l Srr> Oook. Alexandria. ? Do too e?lor your whisker? and moustache? I ao, nse the "Japanese Hair Stain." No hair dye In the world equal to it Only ?M preparation. It colors a natural black or brown. Only 50 cents ft box. 8. C. Foro, Je 2-eo3m 29? Fa. avenne, Sole Agent. Coloatb'b BOBBT Soar. Thi? celebrated Toilet Soap, in auch anlversal demand, is made from the choicest materials, ii mild and emollient in Its nature, fragrantly acent el. and extremely beneficial in its action upon the skin For sale by ^ DruggiatB and Fancy Goods Dealers. Ja25-eoly THBCHKi?1** AMD BKSTHaIB DTB IBfTHK WOBLD ?JV'rret fades or Wash*} Out.?Dpham's Hair Dye, ?0 cents a box. The best in nse. Try it. Sold by 8 0. Ford, corner 11th st re at and Penn. avenue, Washington; and Henry Cook, Alexandria. a6-lv Cohns, Bunions. Bad Nails, btc. Compare the universal tormentof mankind. To be relieved of these terrible evils, call on Dr. White and submit to his manipulations. You are sure tr> eet relief without experiencing pain. Of fice. 424 Pennsylvania avenue. (Lane & Tncker's building, between 4>* and 6th streets. No charge for consultation. e 1 tf Sbcrbt Disbasis. Samaritan's tiift is the most certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever discovered. Cures in two to four days, and recent ca*<es in twenty-four hours Nomneral no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, and ft friend to those who do not want to be exposed. Male packages, 92; female, f 8. Samaritan'i Root and Herb Juiees?Apositiveand Sermanentcure for Syphilis.Scrofula,Ulcers, 8oree pots.Tetters.Ac. Price $1, or six bottles frftr 35 Bold by 8. 0. Ford. See advertisement. mj NkBVODB DBBILITT, SBMIBAL WBAKHBS3. etc.. Can Be Cured by one who haa really cured himself and hundreds of others, and will tell you nothing but the truth. Address, witn stamp, Edwabd H. Tbatbb, mar 9 DAWJr Lock Box. Boston. Mass. MARRIED, On the 18th of July, by the Rev. Dr. Ryan, Lieut. Col D K. WARDWELL to Miss ANNAM. WEE DEN, of this city. (Boston papers please cnpv.1 At the bride's residence,on Tenth str?et east, by Bev. Wo. W. Reese, Mr. WILTEMAN KEK. to Mrs. 8U8AN SHERMAN, both of thin city. Balti more and Philadt-lphia papers please Copy. DIED, On the 18th inst., after a painful illness, which hn bore with Christian fortitude and patience. WILLIAM II. TAYLOR, in the 42d year of his ^lis fnneral will take place on Tuesday, the 19th. at 3 o'clock, between 3d and 4th street*, Capitol Ilill, to which the relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited. * At Norfolk, Va? on the 14tli in-t., little JULIA, daughter of Joseph P and Anna Fernandez. * FOR SALE?A beautiful, stylish, pure blood BLACK HAWK BAY MORGAN^. HORSE, 15% hands high, weighing one thousand pounds, built in proportion. six years old, and a perfect model of beauty,withoutblemish;perfectly kind 1 in single and double harness, and all right in every way. and expected to be very fast this summer. Tliis Horse has been raised by the celebrated Mor gan stock breeder, Lewis Sherman. E*q., Brandon, Vermont, to whom the present owners refer any purchaser for his pedigree. He was brought here six months ago at great ex pense, and is now sold without a single fault, as the owner, al'ter various unsuccessful efforts, can not match him in stvle, aetion or color in any part of the country. He is perfectly gentle, and can be handled or driven by any lady, or even a boy. The attmtion of private families and army officers is respectfully invited to this fine auimal. No horse dealers need apply. He will only be sold to private citizens or army officers. Price ^151. He can he seen at the 8tables of KELLE fiER fc PYWELL.8th street, between D and C. For particulars apply at the Stables, or at the store of P. J. BELLLW, 510 7th street, near Odd Fellows 8 Hall. jy 18-it LEWS OF BATTLE FIELD. July 12th. near Fort Stevens, 7th street road, to be had of J. GOLDIN A CO . Photographers. No. 4 Penn. ave nue. between 8th and 9th streets. Market Space. jy K im* tjUTLERSHIP FOR SALE.?The subscriber he *5 ing compelled to go to California, offers for sale the be6t SUTLER8HIP in the country, worth at least ten regiments. Call at Sift 12th street, opposite the Kirkwwod House, aft>?r R p. m. jy 16-1W W. BRAMHALL. MOORE'S WEST END DRUG STORE, 113 PENN. AVENUE. SOUTH SIDE.-Ly* man's Patent Preserve Jars,fre.-h and pure Medicines, .Perfumery,*} Toilet Soaps, Co lognes, Ac. . Avers' and other Medicines. jy 16-2w pariT u.i!I|tIT jabs,. Housekeepers who wish to put up fresh fruit are invited to examine our SELF-SEALING FRUIT JARS, as they have been thoroughly tested, and we can warrant them to keep fruit perfectly. As the fruit requires no sugar and the jars no cement, it is economy for every family to put up all the fruit they want for the winter. jyl?;-6t' WEBB A BEVERIDGE. N( [OTICE.?FOR SALE?500 sets of one, two, and I four horse second hand HARNESS; 300 good second hand SADDLES and BRIDLES, Apply to II. S. JOHNSTON, No.373 Penn avenue,between and 6th St., opposite National Hotel, jy 15-lm* FOR SALE?Second-hand and new CLOTHING for males and females; Boots, Shoes, Ac.; fix tures also for sale. Apply at No. 76 La. av.,be tween 9th and loth sts. jy 14 4t* 4^0 CHOICE STOCK 4ee INTUIOB ADORNMENTS. 486 466 PAPERHANGING8. 456 A select and varied stock of Gilt. Medium and low priced Paperhangings, Borders, Statues, Cen ter Pieces, Ac. WINDOW SHADES. Buff, Green, Chocolate, Brown ?nd Gilt Window Shades, a variety of patterns; Shade Fixtures, Tasseljj, Ac. PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS. Silk and Worsted Picture Cord and Tassels, dif ferent and colors, a beautiful assortment; Picture Rings, Nails, Ac. OVAL PICTURE FRAMES. The largest assortment of Oval Frames in the District, v arranted to be gilded with gold leaf; also, a variety of Dark Wood Frames, with a va ried stock of smail-sized Oval and Carte de Visite Frames. ENGRAVINGS AND PAINTINGS. A few choice Engravings and Paintings always in store. Orders for Paperhanging and Window Shades punctually attended to in city or county. Terms cash fer goods or labor. J. MARKRITER, No. 466 Seventh street, Jy 7- * E'ght Doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. SCRIBE'S WORKS.?La Bohemienne, 25c,; Ber a? trand et Ratron, 25c.; Japnet.25c.;Gustave III, 25c.; Le Manage enfantin, 25c.; Philibert Marie, 2ac.; Le plus beau Jour de la Vie, 25c.;LeVieux Mari,25c.; Les Contes de la Reine de Navarre, 25c.; La Camaraderie, 25c.; Le Moulin de Javelle 25c.; Les Malheurs d'un amant heureau, 25c.; La Dame de Pique, 25c.: L' Heritiere, 25c.; and many others. Just imported. je 25 FRANCK TAYLOR. w ATEK RENTS. Water Registrar's Okficb, t " ' ' ~ 164. \ CiTT Hall, July 7, 1A>4.. All persons who nse the Aqueduct water on their premises are hereby notified that the water rentia now due to the Corporation for the period from July 1, 18?>4, to January 1,18<i5. The water rent is required to be paid at this of fice during this month of July. If not paid by or before August 1st, the law commands that the water be shut off at the main and not restored ex cept upon payment of arrears and two dollars for expense of shutting off and restoring. The law does not provide for serving individual notices, and thia public notice is all that will be given. RANDOLPH OOYLB, Jy 8-lm Water Registrar. JAY OOOKB A OO.. ??9 Fifteenth Street, ElCBIVB ScBSCBim053 fOB TAB NEW NATIONAL LOAN anthoriied by act of March 3, 1384. and known at TEN-FORTY BONDS, being redeemable at the pleasure ot the Govern ment, after ten yean, and payable forty yeara from date in coin, bearing interest at FIYI PER CENT A YEAR, payable on bonda no* over $100 annually, and on large bonds aemi-annuaUy, IN OOIff, The COUPON BONDS will be issued in S0>. $WG, IIM.andSlJW. The REGISTERED BONDS will be tsauad In 50. 910C, *500, fljxio, W.OU", and *W.h>jO. Thee* are the only gold-bearing secarfties of Government now prwcurable at par, and, yielding present value of coin O V EE EIGHT PERCENT BE ANNUM, offer a very desirabl Investment large or email (ami We Bay and eel!, at market rate*. GOVERNMENT BONDS, Of ALL /SSCE3 TBEASl&r NOTES. oimririCATEs or indebtedness and COIN, and pay tie higheet pr-.c??# for AbT JE'fl CERTIFICATE QUiHSs JAE C'iOKE A C'), G RAVEL BOO V 81 G K A Y B L BOO F 8(1 . ^,5 ?0? sucoeseora to J. F. Walber PIW"kD FIe/^d"' ^ATER^Si>OFVELTf CE MENT and GRAT EL Roo,.^ PBOOF V?LT- CB Bae Order* may be left at rttce Mut.^ inMjru? Company 7th itpwt Lonil>n> o# tf> Foat Oflee Boa 634 All work enemt?4 promptly ^ M ue mo?t reasonable ttmi, and wraated. Bepair* made premptly. aah u Jm* WANTS. VVANTED?a WOMAN, t? cook, wash and iron .V?.fDor ? sm?u Apply at J. 0. MoGtTIRl & CO a. jj 19 3t A GOOD 8KRVANT OIEL. who uederHands washing and ironing: for a TerT small hmllr. Apply 400 7th St.. near H. jy ? tt* WANTED?A BOY, to star in a billiard saloon who has had gome experience at bar keeping. Gorman preferred. Apply 430 Pa, av. WANTED?A good COOK and six "WAITS S3 at Dubant's Restaurant. , _ jy 19 St* PUBANTA BRO. WANTED?By a respectable yr.ung woman, a 8ITUATIUN as cook in a hotel or private house. Please call between the hours of S* and 10 o'clock at the Star Office. It* RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SIT U A - TION as Chambermaid, and to assist with Washing and Ironing. Best of city reference*. Apply at No. 221 2Wh street, between M and N street*. jy 19 It* WANTED?A SITUATION, by a respectable young girl, to do th>* washing, ironing and chamoerwork of a private family, or would dothe rooking and washing and ironing of a small fam il>. ApolyatlOl K street, between 17th and 18th fits. Call for two days. References given if re quired. It* ANTED IMMEDIATELY-A ar?t rate female COOK, (colored preferred,) in a flrst-clasa restaurant. Apply at Star office. jy 18-3t* WANTED?A WAITEK. at the Gosling House. One who understands his business can get W1 per month all year round. Inquire at the res taurant, 247 Penn. avenue. jy 18-2t* ANTED-Twenty-five STONE CUTTERS. Apply at Messrs. MILLER ft KELLER, cor ner 21st and Walnut streets, Philadelphia. Good sheds and steady work. Wages $3 p?r day, jy 13-2t* WANTED?A Young GIRL between the ase of twelve and fifteen, to take care of two small children. Apply at No. 292 7th street, between L and M street*, above the Northern Market. Jyl8-St* WANTED?A Young MAN to drive a Ws;on and deliver Ice Cream. None need apply un less well recommended. Apply immediately at SAMUEL LLOYD'S Ice Cream Manufactory, No. 390 11th street, above K street. jy 13-3t* V|7"ANTED?Two WOMEN, one to cook, and the v v other to wash and iron and to do general house work in a small family. Inquire No. 352 C street, between 4>? and 6th, next to bath house, jy LS-.U* WANTED-A YOUNG MAN to attend the bar at J. BROWN'S Restaurant, corner of 13th rtreet^and Penna. a v. jy 16-3t* HOUSE WANTED?In * central location, with from 5 to 6 room*. A bonus of $50 will be paid. Address M. M., Box No. 8, Star office. jy 16-3t* w rANTED?A SITUATION in a Grocery and Liquor Store, by a young Man who thor oughly understands the business. Would have no objections to drive an Express Wagon. Apply at the Mar Office. jy jg_3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Four good JOUR NEYMEN CARPENTERS. Apply at TUR TON Sl LOURY'S, 12th, above the Kirkwoo.l H ouse. jy 15-tf WANTED-A FURNISHED DWELLING HOUSE, convenient for a small family. A house of eight or nine rooms will do. Will pav a fair rent promptly, giving and reqniring refer ences. Direct answer to D. L. EATON, 472 lsth street. jyl5-lw* npDE SUBSCRIBER WISIIES TO PURCHASE * (for cash I a FARM of one or two hundred acres, in northern or western Pennsylvania. It must be in good cultivation, with all the necessary buildings for a well regulated farm. Address J. D., Box 3*4, Washington, D. C. jy 11-lm* rpKAMST E RFWAN TED. Chief Qwrttrmastri't 0#f?. Tepot of Wathinz'.onJ Washington, D. C.. Jnlv 9, lSr>4. < Wanted, at once, THREE HUNDRED TEAM STERS, each capable of driving with single line, and managing six mule teams. To such who are competent to perform the duty, the pay per month will be thirty dollars, with one ration per day, an* hospital privileges, including the best medical attendance when 6ick. Apply to Captain Charles II. Tompkins, A. Q. M., U. Is. A., corner Twenty-second and G sts.. Wash ington, D. C. D. H. RUCKER, Brig. Gen'l and Chief Quartermaster, le 9-19t Depot of Washington. HOUSE WANTED?In a central location, with about 10 or 12 rooms. Will buy lease and fur niture. Apply to W. L. WALL tc Co., Auction and Commission Merchants, south corner Penn. ave nue an djithstreet. Je22 WANTED?1,000 LADIES to come and buv the same number of Embroidered Yokes and Sleeves, Bands and Wrappers. We have reduced the price one-fourth, and now offer them cheaper than ever. PRINCE, je 21-tf 3*1 F st., opposite Patent Office. BLACKSMITHS AND WHEELWRIGHTS WANTED. CMeJ Quartermaster's Ojfiee. ti'potof Washington,} Washington. July 4,1JW4. S Wanted at once, to work in Government repair shops. Quartermaster's Department, Depot of Washington, One Hundred dm) good BLACK SMITHS and One Hundred (100J good WHEEL WRIGHTS. The pay per month will be Sixty Dollars (?#?). with one (1) ration per day. and hospital privileges when sick. Apply to Captain CHAS. n TOMPKINS, A. Q. M., U. S. A., corner Twenty-second sua w- street* Washington. D. C. D. II. RUCKER, Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster. jy fi-lBt Department of Washington. \\l ANTE D?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Y? AIko. MIRKORS. CABPET8. BBD8. BED DING, an<\ HOUSE FCRNI8HING GOODS of every description. B. BUCHLY, 4 2" 7th street, le 8-tf between G and H ,ea*t side. WANTW> FLUTING! FLUTING! WANTED, Every lady In the District to know that I have, ?t considerable expense, had bnilt a very elegant machine for Fluting or CriHaping Dresses, Sc.c. Dressmakers and others can have any kind of goods Crimped at short notice, in as good style, and as cheap as in any other city. Ladies, remember thig is the only machine in town, and done at the only place to get stamping done. 3*1 F street, oppo site Patent Office, Stamping and Machine Stitch ing Depot. myS SUBSTITUTES. IEWIS FURNISHES SUBSTITUTES AT LOW -t est rates, 414 Penn. avenue, just below Na tional Hoteh jy 13 2t* Nil. MILLER A CO. SUBSTITUTES' SUBSTITUTES!! Will furnish at reasonableprices. WITH DISPATCH AND WITHOUT DELAY!' Office No. 511 Ninth street west, near Pa. avenue. Runners and others liberal!? dealt with. at W. A REAMER, W. S. RADLE, N. H. MILLER. Juitsce of the Peace. Exemption papers prepared. jy 19-4t* DRAFTED.-Any person wishing to procure a substitute on reasonable terms can do so by calling at No. 319 E street, unier the Kirby House, between 12th and 13th. jy 13-lw* J. H. POSEY and A. JOHNSON. BOARDING. RUMMER BOARDING.?Pleasant Rooms and ^ first-class Board can be obtained in George town, in a delightful locality, overlooking the banks of the Potomac. ApplvatNo. 212 Bridge street, near Frederick St. iy lit 3tw ALOIS KOHN, (late Jeweler, from New Yerk,) respeitfully informs the public that he has opened a Boarding House, No. 305 Dst.. near 12th. jy l'i at* NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, single or in suit, with first-class BOARD, at 301 Gstreet. References exchanged. Jy 15 tit* ERSON8 CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH BOARD and LODGING at $5 per week, (or fl per day,) at the Philadelphia House, No. 517 New New Jersey avenue near Baltimore Depot. je 20-lm* P. H. NICHOLS, Proprietor. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS (GEORGETOWN CORPORATION STOCK. - I Those persons who may be disposed to par chase Georgetown Corporation Stock, which bea~9 an interest of six per cent, per annum, payable quarterly, can obtain some by applying to WM. LAIRD. Clerk of said Corporation. je 29-dtlau MPOWINtt PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, bythe J Potomac Tow Company's boats, "Potonac," "Gov. Curtin" and "Belle Have*." Apply to the Captains on board, or to JOHN B. DAVIDSON, mr IS- Water street, Georgetown. RMKIG.RATO.UM Jnst "eceived a very large and complete asiort ment of the celebrated CONTINENTAL, MONITOR. and EXCELSIOR REFRIGERATORS, which are admitted to be of the most approved patterns, and workmanship of the best quality, which on trial and examination cannot fail to be appreciated by all. BONTZ Ic GRIFFITH, je 3 369 7th street, bet. I and K. MILITARY BOARDING SCHOOL-On Balti more Railroad, IS mile# from Philadelphia. Pupils hiive the beneUts of a home; thorcugh course in Mathematics, Languages, English, Ac. Number limited. Terms moderate. Receive! at anytime. Fine Librsry and Apparatus. Address Rev. J. HERYEY BARTON, A. M? Village Groen 8* minary. Delaware county, Pa jy 9 7** 1) R . LION, 414 PENNA. AVENUE. DR. LEON cure# Gonorrhea, " " Gleet, ?? *? Stricture, ?. Syphilis, " " " Seminal Weakness. " *' " Inflammation oi.Bladder. " " '? All Venereal Diseases. ' Jr Mm* j? A 8 " ? DOOB! , AND BLINDS. Reviving constantly a choice article of SASH, DOORS. AND BLINDS o' Boston Mauufactory. of superior style and workmanship, which we are ef fering at lew prices. ti , We respectnxlly iarite bmilders and others to call VioK'i AT?WART, Office?west side of Seventh street, |e 16 3u?* at Canal Bridge. r*OM?AKIOM TO THE RlBILLION REOORD, V MRUisinf Official Reports. Narratives and Stale Faaers. Mth Matiaasl aad Rebel, whish were ?at mMwm in the regular issues of th* ReUv U*b*t-sar4 1 tsI, Ira., with pert raits. lT*^ ?*AM01 TATLO*. FOB BENT AND SALE. KM)R 8AI.B-FRI0K YARD And FIXTURES. F lnqnir? ?t thia oftoe. jy 19 1W* f7OR RENT?A "f furnished r ROOMS, Apply at No 1 Franklin Plar*. I street, between 13th Mid I4tn. Jyl>-3t* IT'ORRENT?A Large 8TA 8LB in the rear of 25 1 r Fstreet. For particulars inquire at the above number. jv 19-Jt* FUBNTSH ID FROMf ROOM-Terms mo<ler ate. Inquire at 334 ISth street, near jj street. Jy 19 3t* FOR RENT?Two handsomely furnished R0<)M3 situated on K Btreet.No. 15, one door below 3th. jy 19-3t* F^OR RENT?A new three story frame HOUSE, situated on 11th street, between L and M sts. Inquire on Mass. avenue, between 9th ami l"th sts., No. 375. Jy 19-3t? FOR RENT?Will be rented for two months a DWELLING HOUSE on a farm a few miles above Georgetown. Apply to JONA KIRK WOOD, 4 76 12th street. It* FOR SALE?A itood family HORHETH AR~NESS Hnd (Ro'-kaway) 0ARK1 AG E. Apply at HOW ARD'S Stables, G street, between 6th and 7th streets. jy lff-'it* Cj^OR RENT?Three new frame HOUSES on the ? north side of G street, east of New Jersey av. Immediate possession given. Inquire on the prem ise^ 1y 19 3t* K'OR RKNT?Several well-furnished ROOMS in 1 one of the most pleasant and convenient loca tions in the city. Rent moderate With or with out board. Inquire at 431 3d street, between Penn. and Missouri avenues. jy 10 3t* l^OR SALE?The STOCK and FIXTURES of a I new and secondhand Clothing. Boot and Sh??e establishment. The proprietor designs chancing his business and will bell on Hfcommodattng terras. For further information apply at No. 7 6 Louisi ana avenue, near 9th street. jy 19-4t" FOR 8ALE, IN THE FIR8T WARD-A small two-story FRAME HOUSE and LOT, with stable and other necessary outbuildings; and in a good business location Will be sold cheap for cash, as the owner is going to leave the city. In quire on the premises. No. 170 E street, betweeu 21st and 23d. jy 19 3t? F. KNOWLES. FOR RENT?A small BED ROOM in third story, No. 4 25 Ilth street, bet. G and H sts. jy 18-3t* FOR RENT-Two FURNISHED ROOMS, one large and the other small, connecting. Will be rented togetfur or separata. Inquire at the Star Office. jy l.S-2t* OUSE FOR RENT, No. 2T7 on loth street, between 0 and P, containing 6 rooms. 2 par lors, 3 chambers and kitchen and pantrv. Inquire of J. D. O'CONNELL, No. 2*5 corner 13th and D streets. jyl8 2t* FOR SALE?The Good Will. Stock and Fixture* of a small RESTAURANT and STAND on Pennsylvania avenue. Enquire at 443. between 3d and 4H streets. Terms moderate and good rea son for sale. jy IS 4t* S" KVMIl DESIRABLE ROOMS FOR RENT, in a most beautiful and healthy location, cor ner of 11th and 15 streets. Island. No. 135,just opposite the Smithsonian Institute. For terras, &c.. apply as above. jy 18-3t* AN OFFICE FOR RENT-An OFFICE, and also FURNISHED ROOMS in the very best local ity may be rented on E street, between 6th and 7th. No. 44**, near the Post and Patent Of fices. jy IS-3t* HOUSE FOR RENT?No. 20C, on Ninth street, between O and P streets, containing 7 rooms, a parage, and Bide alley, kitchen, dining room, three chambers, and saloon, parlor. Inquire I). J. O'CONNELL, corner 13th and D streets. No. 285. jy l?-2t* 1" Ml REE ROOMS FOR RENT-Inquire of J AMES MARTIN, corner of lrtth and L sts. jy 16 3t* IT'OR RENT ?Two large and well-furnished CHAMBERS, the most pleasant rooms in the city. Inquire of J03IAII SIMPSON, 464 Tenth street, between D and E. jy 16-3t* FOR~RENT-Six neatly furnished ROOMS, sin gly or together. Rent the cheapest in the city. Apply at No. 415 icth street, between the hours of and 8 ?'clock p m. jy 1*>-3t* F~OR SALE?DRUGSTORE: fine BRICK HOUSE, (will rent;) three BUILDING LOTS. Inquire of Dk. BOGAN,No. 455 Mass. avenue, near 26th street. Jy 16-2w* A BRICK HOUSE, three stories high, for rent, on 2 th street, between L and M streets In quire on M street, second house, near the corner of 18th street. First Ward. jr 16-3t* FOR SALE ^A~com fort able FRAME HOUSE and LOT, containing six rooms. Title indisputa ble. Possession given immediately. Apply at the second bouse from the corner of O street, on 8th street, between O and P street north. Jy 16-3t* For-pale-a burt * wright compen SATING TWO HORSE POWER, nearly new. Can be Been corner of 1st street east and B street south, Capitol Hill. Jy 16-eo3t* F~URNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT?Suitable for a boarding-house. The family of two person* would board in the house for part payment of the rent. Immediate possession given. Address a note to F. M. B.. No 19. Clerk's Box. Post Office, Washington, D. C. jy 15-F.SAcTu? FOR SALE?A delightfully located LAGER BEER GARDEN, two acres of ground, with Brick House 5>> by 3",(4 rooms.) Saloon Bar, Shoot ing Gallery, Ten pin Alleys, Dancing Pavilion.and every essential constituting a pleasant, raanrt. UiTonri T. a- snv. Root irritate Brokers,south east corner f'a. a v. and 15th st. Jy 11 eolot* TO LKf^URNISHErTROOMS. without board. Apply at No. 272 F street, cornerof 13th. Jy 6 2w* Fob sale?with immediate possession. The three story BRICK HOU8E, (and Lot.l No. .?59, 9th street. Island, between D and E streets. It contains nine rooms, and is in all re spects a desirable residence and property. Apply to W. D. WALLACH. Star Office. Je23-tf TO RENT-An elegant HOUSE, with Vrown stone front, partially furnished, with all mod ern improvements, centrally and pleasantly lo cated, No. 444 E street, near the residence of Sec retary Chase, together with large brick stable. The premises not to be rented for a boarding house. For particulars inquire of Hon. D. E. B0ME8 on the premises, or Capt. GEORGE ELY, No. 27 4X street. Possession given immediately. 1e 8-tf ROOMS FOR RENT.? Comfortable and well furnished Rooms at 450 12th Btreet, between G and H sts. The location is one of the most de sirable in the citr. my 24-tf 6. D. SMITH'S Wild Cherry Tonic Bitters* k TON IC - ASTRING ENT - AROMATIC - DISIN FKCTING?PROPHYLACTIC. Sold Everywhere. Ask your Druggist and Grocer for it. IT WILL CURB Indigestion, Dyspepsia. Dysentery. Diarrhea, Ague and Fever, Loss of Appetite, Liver Complaint, Jaundice. The Elixir of life for the Aged. Will give Health and Beauty to the Young. This Prophylactic should be in every family at this season of the year, as this delicious beverage can be used without the deleterious effects o Liquors. SMITH & MORRISON, Jy 7-lm Proprietors. RILLING OUT TO CLOSE. GREAT REDUCTION IN BOOKS, STATION ERY, AND FANCY ARTICLES. The undersigned offer to the trade and public generally great inducements to purchase, as he ia closing out his large stock of goods preparatory to leaving the city. Gxeat bargains in Books, Stationery, Photo graph Cards, Albums, Knives, Scissors, Razors, Soaps, Combs. Brushes, Perfumery, &c., Ac. A large lot of goods at half price. Several very fine Show Cases for sale. For a short time only, at THE NATIONAL BOOK STORE, 278* Penn. avenue, bet. Uth and 12th sts., Washington, D. C. IT Mm PERKINS, 8TERNE & Co., 190 Broadway, IV. V., 1I;0LC8ITS DIALERS XII CALIFORNIA WINE. e ?? We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PCBS. For sale by all first-class Grocers and Druggist* everywhere. mh 30-3m* THE LATEST 8TYLB3 or ^9 TBAW HATS CHAS. L. LOCKWOOD k. CO.'S. e_lmjf 324 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10*h sts1 y 0 R CAPE MAY. The staunch and commodious Steamer MANHATTAN, ? _ CAPTAIN B. A. BYTHEB. O the Cape May line, is now making her regular tri p? to Cape May. -.11 '? Leaving Arch street wharf, Phila delpnia, every Tuesday, Thursday*-1 1 ?? and Saturday at 9 o'clock a. m. Returning, lea?es Cape May every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8S o'clock a m. Stopping at New Castle going and returning. Far*, $2.60, carriage hire Included. Children half price. Servants $ 1.5n, carriage hire extra. No freight will be received after 8 o'clock, and in all instances must be prepaid. Jy 7-lm JQsIa STEWART, Agent THE 8TEAM ENGINE INDICATOR, by Paul Stillmao; Capt. Walker's Notes on Screw Propulsien. Ward's Steam for the Million, Portoineon the Steam Engine, London. Nainfc Brown on the Marine Steam Engine, . v?? M VU ???? WW* ?t*v *V? Kingon the Steam Engine. Gordon on the Marine Steam Bog Isherwood's Engineering Precede :ine, London, j--. ?vu vh ?ur iumiuo dw*iu uviiuuu, Isherwood's Engineering Precedents; I v >1. Bourne's Catechism of tne Steam Engine; New Edition. Hoblin on the Pteam Engine, London, Rankine oatheSteam Engine, Londen. if 16 FRANCE TAYLOR. rpHE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN AND ITS W?""?? ''&3J0?V:ftio?, AUCTION SALES. r?r ttl?rA?c?W ?>lei ??? first pa??. THIS AFTERSOOW AWI> TO-MORrqw gT J A8. G. McGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneers. SNUG TWO 8TORT BRICK HOUSE AND LOT ON CHESNFT 8TRKET, BETWEEN 14TH AND IftTH STREETS. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Julymh, at o'clock, on the premise, we shall mil parts of Lots No. 4# and 49, in Drury's subdivision of Square 2*. fronting 14 feet 6 inches on Chesnut street, between lith and iftth streets wwt and P i and Q streets north, improved by a well built two story brick Dwelling House. Term* cash. Conveyances at the cost of the Purchaser Immediate possession given. - JZJ* J AMBg C. MoGU 1R1 ACQ .. Ancts. f TNITRfTsTATES MARSHAL'S SALS OK CON FISCATED PROPERTY IN THE EASTERN DISTRICT . . .OF VIRGINIA. By virtue of fifty writs of venditioni exponas issued from the Clerk's Office of the C. S. District Court for the above District, and to me directed, I will offer at public sale, for ca?h. to tbe high-st bidder, commencing at in o'clock a mon TU 83 DAY, tbe 19th day of Jalv,18S4. at the Court House doer, (East front Post Office Building,) Alexandria. % a., all tbe right, title, interest and estate of the parties named below in and to tbe following de scribed real and personal property, to wit: IN PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY. WILLIAM SELECMAN'S?The '"Swan Point'' farm .'about IM) acres, one mile east of Occoquan. The "Louisiana Kentucky" farm; about 25o acres, half a mile southwest of Occoquan. House snd Lot in Occnqusn. JOHN H. HAMMILL'8?House and lot in Occo quan. Vacant lot in Occoqnan. JOHN W. FAIRFAX'S?Freestone Point fa-rn and fishery: 600 acres on the Potomac river, near Occoquan Creek. IN FAIRFAX COUNTY. ARTHUR HERBERT'S-Farm: sbont 60 acres, adjoining the Fairfax Seminary grounds. SAMUEL COOPER'S?Farm: about 20 acres, about one mile west of Alexandria. R. 0. MASON'S?Farm; about 8'*) acres, and tract adjoining of about 1<*? acres, in all acres, more or less, about three and a half miles south of Alex andria. FRENCH FORREST'S?"Clermont Plantation;" about three miles west of Alexandria; large farm. GEORGE K. WITMER'S?Farm; 48 acres and 33 poles, about 2 miles west of Alexandria. Ten acres, 2 roods. 25 poles, adjoining above; on one of these tracts there is a large, handseme new dwelling-house. W. S. KEMPER'S?"Clifton" farm; about 2>i miles south of Alexandria; large farm. SAMUEL R. JOHNSTON'8-West Grove farm; about 360% acres, immediately south of Hunting Creek. W. G. CAZENOVE'S?Farm; about 17% acres, together with the tract adjoining, formerly be longing to Whiting & Lee, 2 miles west of Alex andria. Farm; about 54 acres, about 3 miles west of Alex andria WILMER D. CORSE'S?Farm; about 117 acres, about 8 miles west of Alexandria. GEORGE H. PADGETT'S?Four acres, 2 poles of land immediately west of Alexandria. Lot on Little River Turnpike, east of toll-gate; 66 feet front, 158 feet deep, more or less. Seven acres of land on turnpike leading west from Alexandria, JOSEPH BRUIN'S?House and lot at West End, suburb of Alexandria. Lot at West End: 110 feet 6 inches in front, and in depth 228 feet 1 inch. RICHARD L. ROCHFORD S?House and lot of 20 acres and 102 poles at West End. Howe and lotat West End occupied by John Klein 8.F & Brewery, Sc c." Farm of 44 sores, more or less, six miles front Al exandria on the LeesbnrgToad. MURRY MASON'S?Chestnut Hill farm; about 192 acres, about three miles south of Alexandria. IN ALEXANDRIA CITY. GEORGE K WITMERS and DEVNI8 R. BLACKLOCK'S?Lots No. 5. 6, 7, 8 and 9, on east side of Fairfax street, between Jefferson and Franklin streets; each lot 20 feet front, 123 feet 5 inches deep. WILLIAM N. McVeigh and WILLIAM H. FOWLE'S?Three story brick house on Royal etreet;5n feet north of King;2) feet front, 50 feet deep. WILLIAM H. FOWLE'S?Lot southwest corner of Prince and Payne streets; 123 feet 5 inches on Prince street. 143 feet 7 inches on Payne. Loteast side of Henry street, 131) feet north of Wolfe street; 13 feet front. 1"0 feet deep. ARTHUR HERBERT 8-Lots Nos. 2. to in in clusive, on south side of Madison street, between Columbus and Alfred streets; the whole about 223 feet 5 inches in front, and ino feet deep. MONTGOMERY D. CORSE'S-Lot on north side of King street, between Royal and Pitt streets; 26 feet front, K5 feet deep. DAVID FUNSTEN'S?8acres,3 rods and 20 poles on Washington road. JAMES C. NEVETT'S?Lot north side of Duke, between Pitt and 8t. Asaph streets; about 23 feet front and 8?, feet deep. WILLIAM WHALEY'S-Loton Queen street, 110 feet from the corner of Henry street; 40 feet 10 inches in front, ino feet deep. Lot southwest corner of Queen and Patrick sts.; 75 feet on Queen, in# feet on Patrick streets. JOHN L. PASCOE and EDWARD SANGSTER'S ?Quarter square, southeast corner of Prince and Vyest JAMES H. McLBAN'S? Lot sontheast corner of Cameron and Fayette streets; 60 feet on Cameron street, ion feet on Fayette street. JAMES H. REID'S?Quarter square, southwest corner of Wolf and Alfred streets, with buildings thereon. LotN. W. corner Wilkes snd Alfred streets; 123 feet 5inches on Wilkes. 126 feet 7 inches on Alfred, more or less, with buildings thereon. LAWRENCE B. TAYLOR'S-House and lot; No. 164 Prince street. DANIEL F. HOOE'S? Forty-eight shares of the stock of the Alexandria Water Company. R. H. DULANEY'S?One hundred and thirty-flve shares of the stock of the Fire Insurance Company of Alexandria. W. G. CAZENOVE'S?Twenty shares of Alexan dria Corporation stock. Dr. ORLANDO FAIRFAX'S-Eighty stfven shares of Alexandria Corporation stock. RAYMOND FAIRFAX S?Twenty-two shares of Alexandria Corporation stock. ALBERT FAIRFAX'S?Seven shares of Alexan dria Corporation stock. EDWARD S. HCTCHINSON'S?Household fur niture. . _ Dr M. M. LEWIS'?Household furniture, ROBERT E. LEE'S?Household furniture. W. N. & J. H. MoVEIGH'S?House and lot on Cameron street; at present occupied by George W. Davis. The furniture will be sold at such places as may be convenient; said places will be announced at the Court House door. All purchasers must pay ten per cent, of the amount of their bid as soon as struck off. or the propertywill be resold at once. JOHN UNDERWOOD. U. S. Marshal Je28 20d Eastern District of Virginia. B Y W. L. WALL & CO., Auctioneers. GROCERIES, L^ORS-QPROVmONS, Ac., Ac., On WEDNESDAY MORNING, 27th instant, at lno'clock, we will sell at27.?D Ptreet, the stock of Eugene Si hwinghamers, consisting of very fine stock of Groceries. Liquors and Provisions, Mr. S. having determined to retire from the business. Sale positive. Terms cash. jy I9~d W, L. WALL & CO.* Allots. B Y GREEN ic WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TWO FRAME HOUSES AND LOT AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, the 22<1 instant, at 6 o'clock p. in., we shall sell, in front of the premises, lot 17, in square 500, with the improvements, a good t'*o story frame house on the front, and a one-story frame in the rear. This property is handsomely sitoated at the corner of south L street and 6th, on the Island, having a front of 23 feet, running back with an alley about 120 feet, ftnd has an alley in th^rear. Terms: Two-thirds cash; balance ;in 6 and 12 months, for notes bearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyances and stamps at the cost of the purchaser. jy 19-.ft GREEN &. WILLIAMS, Aucts. N E . Office of Commissioners of Improvtm-nts, / City Hill, June 28. 1864.{ In compliance with an ordinance of the Corpo ration, entitled "An act for the removal of offal, slops, Ac.," the public are bereby notified that all kitchen offal will be removed from their respec tive dwellings once a day until the 1st October next, and all housekeepers are hereby notified to place vessels sufficient to contain such off*l, and easily bandied, in the rear of their several prem ises. when accessible to the garbage carta, and when not accessible in the rear, then at a place most convenient. F.R. DORSETT, Commissioner Ward; JAS. W. SPALDING, Commissioner Second Ward; JOHN T. GARNER, Commissioner Third Ward; WM. DOUGLASS, Commissioner Fourth Ward; WM. H. HAMILTON. Commissioner Fifth Ward; _ W. A. FLETCHER. Commissioner Sixtb Ward; JAS. H. BIRCH, Commissioner 8eventh Ward. N. B. All offsi of other kinds will be promptly removed by notifying the Commissioners of the same. je 28-law2m yALUABLE MILL PROPERTY FOR SALE. A valuable Merchant MIX, situated on the Ches apeake and Ohio Canal, t\*^ miles above George town, is for fale It Las all the modern improve ments of a first-class Flouring Mill; has an ample supply of water, drawn from the canal without charge, and is capable of manufacturing 130 bar rels of Floor per day. An abundant supply of wheat from the upper counties of Maryland and Virginia, and from the Georgetown market, can be had at all times, while there is always a demand at fair prices in the cities of the District for the entire products of the mill. For the last few years it baa betn worked successfully and profitably, with a prospect of its continuance. For tne larger part of the purchase money & lib eral credit will be given if desired. My on:y rea son for wishing to sell is my desire to retire from business. Apply to the subscriber, No. 70 Water street, Georgetown, D. G. je29-eo9t* WM. H. EDBS. /ORPHANS' COURT, Julv 2d. 1864.?District or U Columbia. Washinoto* Cocmtt, To-tpii:? In the case of Lucy B. Rainey. Executrix of Samuel Bainey, deceased, the adminiatrfttrix aforesaid has with tbe approbation of the Orphans'Court of Washington county aforesaid, appointed Tues day tbe 96th inst., for the final settlement and dis tribution of the personal estate of the said de ceased, and of the assets in hand, as far as the same have been collected and turned into money; when and where all the creditors and heirs of mf ii deceased are aoti&et to attend,(atthe Or phans' Conrt of Washington county aforesaid,) with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit in MiJ deceased's estate : provided a copy of this order be published one* a week for three weeks ia ?i?o. moilfM; '* JrY-14.25.* Regiatec of WUi?. AUCTION SALES. FrTt'RK DAYS. WM. L. WALL ft GO , Anets. At the Bor*r Buwr, 9^ La. aveoM. BY SALE OF HORSES. CARRIAGES. Ac On THURSDAY MORN ING. J uly 21, at M o'clock, we will iu> 1. at the Bazaar, 9** Louisiana events, between 9tb an'' 10th street", comprising about TWENTY FIVE HORSES, Description at sale. Including ?ne fine Brood Mar# with Foal. Terms cash. i7 18 WM. L. WALL A CO.. Au~U pY GREEN A. WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. A GOOD TWO STORY FRAME HOUSB AND LOT ON G STREET, BETWEEN 4* AND 6TR STREETS, ISLAND. AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, the 12th instant, at 6* o'clock p. mwe shall Fell, in front of the premises, a good two-story Frame House, containing six rooms, be ing part Lot 8, in Square 496 A good chance for a email investment. ? Terms cash. GREEN A WILLIAMS. Jy 6 Aactioneert. %JT TnF. ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED UN til WKDN KfeDAY, the *'th instant, ?ame homraa4 Pjy?lj GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucta. B Y JAS. C. McGUIBB A CO., Auctioneers. EXTENSIVE SALE OF CHOICE OLD W1N1I AM? LIQUORS IN BOTTLKa AND DEMI JOHNS. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, July 22. at 5 o'clock p. m., at the note! of Mr. JamesCasparis, opposite the East Capitol Park, we shall sell without re serve, his extensile stock of fine Wines aod Liquors, some of it being reserved stock of the last twenty years. We name-in part Choice Brands of Madeira, Port, Sherry, Rhine and Claret Wines. Superior Old Monon^ahela, and Cabinet Whiskey, some bottled in 1840. Choice Brandy. Santa Crui and Jamaica Ram,Old Scotch Wbiskev, imported in 1SII, Peach Brandy, Wild Cherry Itrandy Hungarian and California Wic?>s. Old Julep, Pare lev Brandy, Champagne, in quarts and pint*. White Wine, Vinegar, 4.C., Ac. One large French plate Mirror. AT"Catalogues may be obtained at the Auction Rooms. Terms cash. jy lrt J C. McGUIRE A CO . Aucta. B Y J. C. McGUIRK A CO., Auctioneer*. ADMINISTRATOR'S RALE OF NATIVE WINES. HORSE. SPRING WAGON AND HARNESS On FRIDAY MORNING. July 2id. at 11 o'clock. on the premises, North Capitol street, near the Boundary. I shall sell the following property, be longing to the esta'e of my late husband : *52 > gals. Catawba Wine 2Si ?' Colombia Wine 30 " Isabella Wine 30 " Venango Wine, in all 9W g*ls. in casks not exceeding 31 g*li each At the same time. One Borse, Harness and Spring Wagon. One Iron Safe, and a number of Surveyor'* Drawing Tables Terms cash. MINA UHLMANN, Adm'x of late Cha?. T. Uhlmann. jylfid J . C. MoGUIKE A. CO., Aucts. B Y J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OK LARGE QUANTITY OF VALUABLE UN IMPROVED PROPERTY. Under and by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia,sitting in equity, passed July 7, 1864. in a certain cause wherein Rob ert Coltman et al. ar-* complainants and James Adams'executor and trustee of Charles L.Colt man decea-ed, et al. are defendants. No. 1M equity, we shall sell, on the premises, in the order and manner hereinafter named, the following-de scribed valuable unimproved property, vix : On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, July 23th. at i o'clock Square south of Square No. 277, all bounded by Vermont avenue, 13th street west and north 4 ptreet. Lots Nos. 3. 4. 5, fi, 7, 8 and 9. in Square No. 277, fronting respectively on l.'Uh&treet wer-t, Vermont avenue and north R street. 8quare No. 278. all fronting respectively on 12th street west, north Q street, Vermont and Rhode Island avenues. Square No. 3"9, all fronting on 11th and 12th streets west, north Q and R streets and Vermont avenue. 8quare No. 31", all fronting on 11th and 12th streets west, Rhode Island avenue and north Q street. Part of Lot No. 2, in Square 216, containing 2,014 Square feet. The whole squares will be subdivided into build ing lots, plats of which may be obtained at the Auction Rooms prior to the sale, or on the ground on the day of sale. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, July 29, atfio'elock. on the premises? Lots 5, 19, and 20, in Square No. 537, on tha Island. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, July 30, at S o'clock, on the premises Lots No. 10 and 11. And part of Lot 18, in Square No. 88, in front of the old Glass House. Terms: One-third in cash; the remainder in six, nine, and twelve months, with interest from the day of sale, for which notes will be required, with approved security. On the ratification of the sale by the Court, and payment in full of the purchase money, the property will be conveyed to the pur Cl'lf the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter the Trustee may re-sell the prop erty so in default, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. The cost of conveyance!? and stamps to be pail by the purchaser. J V JAMES ADAMS. / Trustee* ROBERT COLTMAN.< lrusMM Jylfi-eo&ds J. C McGUIHE A CO. Aucta. P?Y JAS? C. McGUIRK A CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OF DESIRABLE BUILDINO LOIS ON NEW YORK AVENUE, BETWBBH 4TH AND STn STREETS WEST. Under and by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, duly passed on July 5th. l*o4, in a cause pending in said Court, wherein Maria L. M. Peters, executrix of Samuel Miller, is complainant, and Ignatius Fries et al. defendants,(No. 129 in equity,) I will sell at pub lic auction, in front of the premises, on MONDAY, the Mh day of August, 1864. at 6 o'clock p.m. Lot* A, B and C, according to a subdivision made in said cause of original Lot No. 7, in Square No. 514, in the city of Washington. Said Lots A and B have each a. front of 22 teet 3 inches, and LotC has a front of 22 feet 4 inches on New York avenue, between 4th and 5th ?ts. west, and extend back. the same width, antJut lt?S feet to a public alley 3 'feet wide. Term- of sale : One third of the purchase money in cAsh. and the residue in two equal instalment* at 6 and 12 months after date, for which the pur chaser's notes, bearing interest from the day of sale, with approved personal securities, will be required, ana a lien will also be retained on the premises sold. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms of sale arc not complied with within ten days from the flay of sale, the trustee reserve* the right to resell the premises sold, at the risk and cost of the first purchaser, on une week's no tic e. JOHN C. KENNEDY, Trustee, jy lfi eo.lwAds J. C. McGUIRB A CO.. Anct*. jj>Y J. C. McGUIREA CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF BRICK DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH n. HETWKHS THIRTEENTH AND FOURTEENTH STREETS WEST. By virtue of a deed of trust from Wm. H. CUm pitt and wife, dated the twenty-third .lay of Sep tember, eighteen hundred and fifty-eight, and duly recorded in Liber J. A. S., No 161, folios 437, 438, and 439, one of the land records for Washington county. District of Columbia, I will sell at Public Auction, on the premises, on MONDAY AFTER NOON , July 22d. at 6 o'clock, all that lot or parcel ofland in the City of Washington, and District of Columbia aforesaid, being parts or Lots numbered one, twenty nine, and thirty. < 1, 29. 30,) in Square numbered two hundred and fifty, (25',) as said Lota and Square are marked, laid down and distin guished on the plan of said city: beginning for said part at a point on the line of H street north, eight feetfour inches,(_8 feet 4 inches,) east of the south west corner of said lot numbered one, and running thence east sixteen feet 8 inches, (16 feet 8 incheej thence north ninety-two feet,(92 feet.) thencewewt sixteen feet eight inches, (16 feet 8 inches,) thence 6outh ninety-two feet, (92 feet.) to the place of beginning, improved by a well-built brick house with all the modern improvements. This property lies just east of the Demenou build ings, and opposite the Presbyterian Church, and ta one of the must desirable residences of iu cUm in the city. ' Terms : One-half of the purchase money in cash; the remainder, with interest, in six months A deed will be given and a deed of trust taken to secure the deferred payment. All conveyances, including revenue stamps. At th? cost of the purchaser. Should the terms of sale not be complied with within three days, the Trustee reserves the right to re-seU at the risk and expenses of the purchaser, after giving oce week's notice in the National In telligencer. or other newspaper pnbli-bed in Wadh> ington. JNO. D. McPHBRSON, Trustee. jy6 eoAds J. C. McGUIRB A CO.. Auctg, JJY THOMAS DOWLING, Aact.; Georgetown. TRUSTEE^ SALE. By authority of a deed of trust, dated the 9th February, lis57, and recorded in Liber J . A. S., Ne. 2el, folio 224, from John Ellis and another, to ee cure a debt due to Saml Cropley.and by his direcl tion.I shal' eell at auction.m MON DAY.1st Augnet next, at 5 ?'clock in the afternoon. o? the prem ises. the piece or parcel of iiround in Georgetown, being parts of Lots No.74 and 75. in the old to a, fronting on the north aide of Water street, and beginning at a point 126 feet 1*4 inches westerly from the corner of High and Water street*, ui running from said beginning with Water street westerly 25 feet, thence north to a 3' feet nller, thence east with said alley 25 feet, thence seutk U the place of beginning, with the kouae therso*. Terms: one-third orthe purchase money in c?*A, and the residue at six ana twelve months? note*, with surety, bearing interest?And a lien on the premise* until paid, and when paid the property to be conveyed to the purchaser; and onleasth* terms are complied with within five dare from the sale, a re-sale will be made, after a week a notta* in the Kvening StAr, At the cost and nek of tto defaulting purchAaer. . . _ Deeds, etampe, Ae., at tkejurcka^r . "fW Je 28-Stew Ads TH06. DOWLIwQ. Anot, O A P U B B A H G I M G i . I wonld most reepeetfu.11 y Inform my eoJto?M?? __ j Bublic in general that I aaa now reeeiriac EVsnrine stick of American and French PAPBlT H ANGIffoS consisting of the finest French Gilt Papers, suitable for vwrlora, dining room*, eham ^YimaleiTln 'receipt of a large aeeortment of Gttt Oornioe. GUt Window Bhadee and Picture Cord **Al?per*on? wishing to nrohaee will do well to look (or themselves before having elsewhere, a* X have the largest assortment of the above goods la the city. JOHB dLBXANDER, myt-eotm (Intai.l No. *?? P* av.n?* MAPOV RICHMOND ABD SURROUNDING Erl eomntry,lowing rehal fortiUcations: naata. tt* ffRAHOK TAYUOR.

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