Newspaper of Evening Star, July 20, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 20, 1864 Page 1
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va. XXIV. ? V .?**-* . ? . ? -4 . A ??f :* O rTT'f a fi -j"* d rf tlri L'i is ? JMI I ? N2. 8.555 ? WASHINGTON, D. C.. WEDNESDAY, JULY 20. 1864. -&r . ^ PERSONAL. QNLY FIFTIEH WIEKS IN AMfRlCA DR. BECHTINGER, formerly Surgeon is ?hiru* in the Austrian and Italian uit.m eupied himself with the treatment of *11 kinds of diseases. Particular attention given to female Diseases and Private Diseases. Besides the knowl edge of three old languages, he converses in Bag. iish, French. Italian, German, and Spanish lan nitM. His Imperial Com mission* ana his Diplo mas from the most celebrated university of Europe hung in his office. No. 499 Seventh street. Dr. Bechtingeri* very much encouraged to have duriu* this very short time the patronage of the public of Washington, as. among many others not pub lished, the following certificates may be attested: *' This is to certify that I hayebeen troubled for the last three years with a chronic disease, resist ing all medical treatment, and which through the Bechtinger; I have been perfectly cured. "Washington city. 1st June. 1364. O. DON*." '* ^ our treatment-of my involuntary discharge, and your success in it, recommend you very high ly T. L. SMITH." What German newspaper, (Weker Columbia.) ?ays: " After a long sickness my poor child became dropsical. in which time I call to you, dear sir. and ,0Bn^Nom*e? MA80CN 4 B. "I had tried all specifics, without any effeet, again?t the chrenic lung disease of my eldest son, > until nnder your treatment he improved 'i?far7Ulld ' mh 8t- MULtEB. Painter." All these and many other very difficult eures nave been made by Dr. B. in the above specified time. Regular office hours from 9 toll a. m.. *nd 4 to b p.m. For the poor and unfortnnats posi tively only from 11 to 12. Medicines without charge No. 499 Seventh street, opp""**? Odd Fellows Hall. Jy5-lm* Beware of impostors i ??-Dr. leon. tor many years a successful practitioner in New lork has opened (for a few weeks) an office No. 414 Penn a avenue, between 4>? and 6th streets, where those afflicted (either male or temale) with diseases of Private nature may consult him. No charge*isa<le if he tails to <Mire. Persons at a dis tance can be treated by addressing by mall. 1y 2-lm* DOCTOR JONES, No. 410 Thirteenth street west, between G and H, insures success In all FEMALE COMPAINTS. Consultationsexclusive ly wiih ladies. Hours 9 a. m. to S p. m. je 29-lm* H DR. J. H. THOMPSON A8 Removed trcfm No. 874 north F to 31!i H street, one door west of 7th st. Offif* hours. 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 8 p. m. ft*M-lm* * /"> CERY??Who has the largest assortment of pattern for Stamping ? Who is the only prac tical person that Stamps? Who has the largest number of haBds at Embroidery? Who has the finest stock of Embroideries, Braids, 4c., and who la the only person in the District that does Flutinn for ladies dresses? W-PRINCB, 391 F STREET,^0 where ladies can select from 25,000 choice patterns for any kind of work, and where they can get ANY PATTERN stamped. Having stamped for 80,000 ladies is proof tkathe knqws hia business. Ladies who do not want their goods spoiled, bnt stamped as they should be, go to the only person in the city who does good work. FLUTING! FLUTING! FLUTING! The only machins in town now in operation. Fluting done as good as in new York or elsewhere, my #-tf ?^'391 P street, opposite Patent Office. "travelers7 directory. Bcape may. Y RAILROAD FROM PHILADELPHIA FROM ALNUT STREET PIER, 1 J A WEST JERSEY RAIL OAD. At 6 a. m., accommodation due at a. m. At )0 a. m., express dne at \% p. m. tt 4S a. m .. ex press due at 8 p. m. stnrning. leave Cape May? $ a. m. express due at 9,S a. m. 11.45 accommodation due at 4>i p. m. ?.10 p. m. express dueat p. m. Through without change of cars or baggage, New ears, and everything first-class. )e 20 3m J. VAN RENSSELAER, Supt. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Sunday, June 19th, 1864, Daily Trains will be run between Washington and New York and Washington and the West, as follows: FOB, PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7 36 a.m.,11.15 a.m., and 8.3-1 p. m daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at 8.30 p. m. only. FOX BALTIMORE AND PHILADELPHIA. Leave Washington at 3 p. m. daily, except Sun 4n. Passengers will note that this train runs as far as Philadelphia only. FOR NEW YORK. Leave Washington daily at 6.30 p. m. This train is/or New York panentrs ezduMictly. FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m.,11.15 a. m.,Sp, S.. ?.45p. in., 1M p. m , and <j.3n p. m.,except Ban yr. On Sunday at 7.30 a. m..3 p. m., and 8.30 p. m. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at 6.3> a. m. and3,4.45and8 JO ?. m. daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at 3 and 8.30 p. m Tickets sold to all points WEST, and baggnu khtckrd through. FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.3U a. m. and 4.45 p.m. Aaily, except Sunday. No train for Annapolis on Sunday. Trains leaving Washington at 7.3*) a. m. and 6.3i p. m. go through to New York without chant* V tars. Si?epingearson6.30and8.3n]>. m. trains. Berths can be secured until 5 p. m. daily at the ticket of fice. After that hoar they must be secured of the sleeping car conductor. The first and fifth trains stop at all way points. The 3 p. tm. train stops only at Bladensburg, Belteville. Laurel, Annapolis Junction and Relay House daily, except Sunday. On Sunday it stone at all way points. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Passengers will please observe that the 3 p.m. train ran* only a* Jar as Philadelphia daily, except Svnjlav. OnSundayitrtinsto Balttm art only. Also, that the 6 JO p. m. train takes N* 1# York pas fitters #nhi. For further information, tiekets of any kind, Ac., apply to GEO. 8. KOONTZ, Agent at Wash ington .or at the Ticket Office. W P. SMITH, Ms?ter of Transportation. L M. COLE. General Ticket Agent. )e20-tf G REAT PENNSYLVANIA ROUTE TO TBI NORTHWEST AND SOUTHWEST. ON AND AND AFTER NOVEMBER 1#TH trains will leave Baltimore from the North Cal yert Station as follows : Fast Mail at ? ? ? HarrUburg \ccoonio<lAtioil_^-3.00 P. M. Lightning Express??^jo P. M. THE 6 30 A. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with tbe9.20 a m. train from Baltimore for Pittcbwe and the West.and for Elmira, Buff alo. Rochester, Dunkirk, Canandaigua, and Ni agara Falls, and for New York city. THE 8.20 P M TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with the 9.30 p. m. train from Balti more for Elmira and the North and Pittsburg and the West. SLEEPING CARS ON NIGHT TRAINS. S*LI)!SR9' TlCIKTS AT GOVSKKMKHT RaTIS. ONE THROUGH TRAIN ON SUNDAY. LOW FARE AND QUICK TIM*. For tiekets and any information apply at the ?ffiee of the Great Pennsylvania Route, corner Pena aveane and 6th street, nnder Natioaal Hotel, Washington. J. N. DUBARRY, Superintendent N. C. R. R. E. J. WILKINS, Pass and Tieket Agent, cor. 6th st and >e *-tf Penn. avenue. SUMMER RESORTS. ITMITED STATES HOTEL, t1 CAPE ISLAND. N. J, JOHN WEST. AARON MILLER. _ raopaistoas. Beg leave to call the attention of their Mends and the public to the above magnificent A . ? A Rstablighment, which will be open forVrSMfS the reception of visitors on the 15th ofififll Jane. Besides a spacious Dining Hall and Parlors, it contains an unusual number of large and well ventilated Bed Rooms, all handsomely famished With new furniture throughout. The Proprietors of this Establishment will spare no care or expense te meet tha wants of their guests, thereby hoping to ahare liberally in tha public patronage. Application for rooms made to the subscribers, by letter to Cape Island, will receive a prompt reply. s*-6w WEST A MILLER. "dentistry. QA1AL DISCOVERY IN DENTISTRY. Tnih Extracted wtttew Pvtm with tht Kukriis OXVKM rw KSH having teeth to ?* tT*fV to call at Dr. LEWIE'S offlos, ana have them Uken o?t ky this new and harmless process. Aiao call and' exautpc the Wor's new and tm proved method of Inserting Artificial Teeth If *"* ^ ^Royjent in his teeth yen will have them la no other styu than this new and valnable ?>ne. No. 9)49, Pa. avenue between Uth and 13th street*. _ ' novia S. R. LEWIE, M. ?., Dentist m. LOOM IS,-V/he^ventor and rateaw of the MINERAL PLA?l TEETH, at- ( ? '?end* personally at hia offioe in thisi city Many persons can wear thsssv teeth who cannot wear others, and no person can wear others who eaanot wear these. Persons sailing at my office can be accommodated wi\h any style and piiee of Tenth they may desire, but to those who are particular and wish the purest. ,trpn***t. and meet perfect denture thai MINERAL PLATE vlU ha """y wurranted. ?? VBAKCX TATbOV PROPOSALS. IB0P08AL8 FOR MALLEABLE IRON CAV ALRY TRIMMINGS. Ordnanc* Offick, War Department, Washington, July 14.1TO. Scaled Proposals will be received At t\ii?? office until Saturday, August 20. 1444, at 4 o'clock p. m., for the delivery at the following points of the na dermentioned quantities of malleable iron trim ming-* for cavalry equipments: At the New York Agency, New York, SO,nno pets. At the Frankford Arsenal, seta. At the Alleghany Arsenal, J'.nnosets. At the St Lou i s Arsen al, 10,MO seta. Each set ia to consist of the numbers of each kind of buckle, square, ring, bolt, stud, and loop now prescribed, except that two of the D rings in each set are to be mad** of the n* w pattern, with stop, according to the model to be seen at the above arsenals. The castings are to be made of the best quality of malleable iron, the ton*ues of the buckles of the best clock wire. The dimensions of the cleaned eastings and the finish and dimen sions of the buckle-tongues and rollers must con form strictly to the standard gauges, which will be applied before japanning. After being thor oughly cleared, ana freed from all sprues and ir regularities, they are to be japanned in the best manner. The goods are tobe put up in papers in the usual manner, and packed, two hundred complete sets in a box of a quality, and marked as may be pre scribed by the inspecting officer. The work is to be subject t-o inspection at the manufactory in all stages ef its progress, and no goods are to be received or paid for which have not passed inspection. Deliveries are to be made as follows: Bidders will state the arsenal or arsenals where they propose to deliver, and the number of sets tfcey propose to deliver at each pla<*e, if for more than one. Failures to make deliveries at a speci fied time will nubject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that time. No bids will be received from parties other than regular manufacturers of the arcticles proposed for, and who are known te this Department to be capable of executing in their own shops the work proposed for Forms of bids can be obtained at the abov? named arsenals. Proposals not made out on this form will not b* constdertd. GUABANTY. The bidder will be required to accompany his propofition with a guars aty, signed by two re sponsible persons, that, in case his bid be accept ed. he will at once execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to deliver | the articles proposed, in conformity with the terms of this advertisement; and in case the said bidcer should fail to enter into the contract, they to make good the difference between the offer of said bidder and the next responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors must be shown by the official certificate of the Olerk of the nearest District Court, and the United States Dis trict Attorney. , A ^ , ., Bonds in the sum equal to the amount or the contract, signed by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will be required of the successful bid der or bidders upon signing the contract. I0BM OF GDABANTY. We. the undersigned, residents of , in the county of . and State of ,'hereby jointly and severally covenant with the United States, and guarantee, ia case the foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or they will at once exe cute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to famish the articles proposed in conformity with the terms of this advertisement, dated July 14.18M, under which the bid wm made; and, in case the said shall fail to enter into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the difference between the offer of the said and the next lowest responsible bidder, or' the person to whom the contract may be awarded. \ Giveu under our hands and seals Witness: {this day of ,186?. rSeal.l [Seal, J To this guaranty must be appended the official certificate above mentioned Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged to enter into bonds, with approved sureties, for the faithful execution of the same Upon the award being made, successful bidders will be notified and furnished with forms of con tract and bond. .... The Department reserves the right to reject any or all the bids, if deemed unwitisfactory on any ac con 111. Proposals will be addressed to " Brigadier Gene ral George D. Bamsav. Chief of Ordnance. Wash ington. D. C,," and will be endorsed " Proposals for Malleable Iron Cavalry Trimmings." OEORftE D. RAMSAY, Brigadier General, jy lfi-eotd Chief of Ordnance. pROPOSALS FOB STEAM FIM ENGINES. Ordnancb Offick. War Brpap.tmknt.1 Washington, D. C., July 2.1864/J Sealed Proposals will be received at this office until MONDAY, the 26th day of July, 1864, at 4 o'clock p. in., to furnish . Six (6) second or third class Steam Fire Engines, of perfect suction power, complete in all parts, with all the modern improvements combined, to be drawn by hand power, the weight not to exceed pound* when ready foreervice. The diameter of thM reciprocating steam force pump to be a&out 4% inches, capable of forcing one (1) stream of water from a I), inch *vera^.B? 275 feet, and two stream* from a * inch noaale I averaging from 175 to 2 0 feet. These engines are I to be supplied with tenders and hose cart* of ap proved construction, with all the necessary fit tings They are to be subject to a rigid inspection by a United States inspector, and are not to be re ceived or paid for until they have been thoroughly tried with a full head of steam. GUARANTEE. The bidder will be required to accompany his proposition with a guaranty signed by two respon sible persons, that, in case bis bid is accepted, he will at once execute the contract for the same with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to deliver the article pre posed In conformity with the term* of tin* adver | tisement; and in caae the said bidder should fail to enter into the contract, they to make rood the dif ference between tbe offer of said bidder and the next responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded The responsibility of the snarantorj must be shown by ihe official certificate of the Clerk of the nearest District Court, .or of the United State* District Attorney Bonds in a aum equal to the amount of the con tract. signed by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will be reqnired of the successful bid der or bidders upon signing the contract. FORM OF GUARANTEE. We, the undersigned, residents of??, in the county of , and State of , hereby, jointly and severally, covenant with the United States, and guarantee, in case the foregoing bid of ? be accepted, that he er they will at once execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract, to furnish the articles proposed in confor mity with the terms of this advertisement, dated July 2, l?t>4. under which the bid was made; and, in case the said shall fail to enter into a con tract, as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the difference between the offer of the said and. the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may. be awarded. 4 \ Given under our hand* and ae&j* Witness: f this day of , 18tr^a, , I Seal.) To this gnarantee must be appended the official certificate above-mentioned. .... , . These Engines are to be delivered at the place or manufacture. Upwu the award leing made, the successful bidder will be notified, and furnished with forms of contract and bond. The Department reserves the right to reject any or all bids if not deemed satisfactory. . . _ , ,. ,. Proposals will be addressed to "Brigadier Gene ral George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington. D C.." and will be endorsed for Steam Fire Engines. WKO. D. RAMSAY, Jy7 eo8t Brigadier General. Chief of Ordnance. pROPOSALS FOR FUEL. Department of ttte Interior. f Washington, July l^.l^.V Sealed Proposals will be received at the office of Secretary of the Interior until Monday. August 1, at 12 m., for furnishing for the use of the building occupied by the Department? 50u tons Kurnace Coal. (J.240 pounds to the ton,) of the kind and equal to the best quality of the Baltimore Coal Company's Coal' and CO tons beat quality Red Asn Coal, for Btoves and Sa'mples'of the Furnace Coal must be exhibited, to the engineer in cnarge of the furnaces, and any not deemed by him equal to that above mentioned will be rejected. The Coal may be delivered at the building at the convenience of the contractor, at any time, so that one half is deliver ed by the first day of October, and the entire quantity before the first day of November. 18S4. -r?' aerves the right, up to the 1st of October, to in crease the order for Red Ash Coal, not exceeding 50 tons additional, to be delivered on thir.y days "proposals will In like manner be received for fumisning 100 cords best seasoned oak wood, W cords b,st baker's pine wood.^ be delivered ln lots of m to 30 cords, as required from time to time i during the fall and winter . . Satisfactory arrangements ?#niat M made for as | eertainii g the quality of all iuel delivered. Bidders may add to their proposals, if they*] choose, offers for stowing away the e^in the fur naf? rooms, and for sawing, and patting away the .j | WT?od^U the convenience of'bidders *111 be received for the coal andI th? "J* dense of the ability of the party to fulfil a eontraet "orAbe Department of the I^r[or???d addressed to the Secretary. |y ltfceozw. piANOi.-Wehaye received this day, 4 Pia?OS x of Bteinway fc Bone, aad i ef Haines eSBfe Brother*, also, several M el odeeas .which ROTH we offer for sai? &t the lowest factory griees. Several second hand Piaaoe upon May As Pianos are advancing In yrtea, we ?dTlse per f ons ia search of ar?u*bie lnstrt^nt,t? call and examine MWtaent. lTk. MXT7BB0TT. >e23 wnu llth and Fa. avsaua V w * 'ft te ' f AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC JCANTKRBURY HALL,/ AND hal lfcanterbury u all. i theater Lofiriajii Atbice, Hear Cerner of Sixth street, Rear sf National and Metropolian Hotels. George Lka___ .? ..Proprietor. W. E. Cayahaegh Stage Manager THE POPULAR SUMMER RESORT! THE POPULAR SUMMER RESORT! TITE POPULAR SUMMER RESORT! Till POPULAR BUMMER RESORT! * THE POPULAR SUMMER RESORT! THE POPULAR SUMMER RE30RT! ? *1 01' f. COOL, COOL, COOL, . COOLER, COOLER, COOLER COOLEST, COOLEST. COOLEST. The entire gTeat Dramatic. Pantomimic, Operatic and Terpsichorean monster COMBINATION, MONSTER combination, monster COMBINATION, In an Immense Bill of novelties, NOVELTIES, novelties. The Incomparable Ethiopian Comedians in a New Batch of CORKOGRAPHICALITIES, corkographicalitie*, CORKOGRAPHICALITLBS. Including the Side-Splitting Farce of the mischievous DARKEY, MISCHIEVOUS DARKEY, mischievous DARKEY. john mulligan, In bis Great Character of Bally Ike in the Laugh able Negro Estrav&e&nza. entitled RIGOTNG A purchase, RIGGING A'PURCHASE, rigging A purchase, THE WINE seller sold. Or* d Characteristic miscellany MISCELLANY miscellany by the MAMMOTH COMPANY! MAMMOTH company! MAMMOTH COMPANY! New Comic Vocaliiationa by W. B. CAVANAGH. New Negro Acta by the Inimitable Trie, dougherty, WILLIAMS, and redden! The Beantifal Characteristic Ballet, arranged by Mile Yiola. entitled THE BAILOR'S carnival! THE SAILOR'S CARNIVAL! THE SAILOR'S carnival! To conclude eaeh evening with the Comic Panto mime of COOPER V8. COBBLER! CuOPER VB COBBLJCR! COOPER VS. COBBLER! Cooper... ?? W. B. Cavanagh Cobber.-?- ? ? H. W. Williams Old Man ?- ?? ?? ???J. J. Dougherty It '.3 ' f. ?' .4 - ? LADIES AND children! Da not forget onr saturday AJTTERNOON MATINEE 1 commencing AT TWO O'CLOCK. THE ENTIRE GREAT company appear IN A SPLENDID BILL! f Admission?Ladiea SI Mate; CMldraa If oenta . < ' .i ?* ; !*.i ? df ? j, ? > - ? i, t , ??????? ' '? It. ,'it: HN f ? ' ?|1* ,. , - J ' v | rs' ' 'ii | LOOK OUT fOB NEW FACES! IMVMI *:oi l< -a r ? - ? - ? .,??,?? *. i , 'j. (H' ' 1 ?:-< "? ' .! . r ,)&*?> =?ft) to - ?j . ti - ' f ?> *eri 1; n- me ? ? .!t ,< i . , 'iif -? ' ? AdmiMtioa . - 15 ?riT?u Boxea, holding si* peraona I? Tickets for aate at Ike Hotela and JUatanranta. i Doors otaa.afrl adTr ? ??'' I ' *? i '1 | I ' U V I amusements. GROYER'E THEATER. SANFORD OPERA TRO UPE grand change of programme, DICK PARKER and the _ GREAT ALLIANCE, In til their COMICALITIES. To eonclude with the Contraband s Jubilee, entitled. GET ABOARD THE FLAT BOATS; Or, who will find us now. jy 18 lw PIO NICS, EXCURSIONS, &c. COURTH GRAND AFTERNOON AND EVEN r 1NG PIC NIC of the ANDERSON CLUB wil be given at I/EPLER'S WASHINGTON Ml UITT GARDEN, New York avenue. b? ftm tween 1st and 2d streets, on WEDNESDAY,uHHk August 1", 1864. Tickets fifty cents, admitting a geLtleman and ladies. For particulars see future advertisement. jy 3ft-2t* f^RAND GERMAN FE8TIVAL, vJT in aid of the funds of the GERMAN RELIEF ASSOCIATION FOR SICK tm. AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS, k% Will positively take place on Jra MONDAY, July si.i, IStil, ^^BEYER'3 SEVENTH STREET PARK, near the Boundary line. To commence at one o'clock p. m. Admission, 50 cents; Children under 12 years 1 free All the tickets out for the former Festival*, which had to be postponed, are good for thin. J. GERUARDT, Chairman of Committee of Arrangement*. M. COHNHEIM, Secretary. CHAS. KLOMANN, President of General Committee. jy S0-4t A. HART, Secretary. The grand exhibition of FIREWORKS and PIC NIC thktwas postponed on Thursday, the 14th instant, wH take place on THURSDAY, the 21st, at 1f% BICRERT'8 GARDEN, Navy-Yard. En- If tertainments to commence at 3 o'clock; fire-/RB^ w?vkg at 9 o'clock. Tickets 60 cents; admlt-UBBk tUg gentleman and ladies. Jy 18-3t* REMEMBER THE AWKWARD CLUB, Whose i At PIC-NIC was to be given on Tuesday, 12th inst., but was postponed on account of the recent excitement, will take place On THURSDAY, Jolt 2 1st, At WASHINGTON PARK, Sn-enth strtet The proceeds of thisPic-Nic will be appropri at?d to assist in erecting a Monument to be placed ov?r the remains of those unfortunate female3 who lost their lives by the recent explosion at the Washington Arsenal. The Committee pledge themselves that nothing will be left undone to make this the Pic-Nic of the season. Committee, A. W Busey, G. W. Sehafer, A. A. Bishop, G. Tucker, Jj 18-8t* R. King. SFOR GLYMONT. TEAMBR PHENIX, Captain Stackpolo, will Vea*e foot of 7th street every BUN DAY MORNING at 10 o'clock during the season, for the above Bummer*^1?" Resort. Tke above steamer can be chartered to private parties during the week, by applying to Captain Stackpole, or 324 Pennsylvania avenue, upstairs Jeaflm DR. LEON, 414 PENNA. AVENCE. DR. LEON cares Gonorrhea, ** Gleet, ?? '?? Stricture, ? Syphilis. *? " " Seminal Weakness, " " " Inflammation of Bladder, " " ?? AU Venereal Diseases. )y 7-lm* i C. W. BOTELER. JNO. W. BOTELER. C. W. BOTELER A SON, lMrOBT?R.S, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS \s CHINA, GLAs>S AND CROCKERY WARE, TABLE CUTLERY, SILVEB-PLATED WARE, BRITANNIA WARE, BLOCK TIN GOODS, Tim rHAMBER SET8, COAL OIL LAMPS, JAPANNED WAITERS, DOOR MATTS, FEATHER DUSTERS, BRUSHES, WOOD WARE, AND HOL'SKKEEPING ARTICLES GENERALLY. XT HOUSES, HOTELS, AND STEAMBOATS FURNISHED AT SHORT NOTICE. 318 IRON HALL, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. fe I7-eo5m between 9th and 10th sts. I |MPOBTANT TO SUTLERS BUTLERS "WILL FIND H. A. DOWNING fe CO.'S CONCENTRATED CLAM TO BE A MOST VALUABLE ARTICLE TO THEIR TRADE, It sells very rapidly, and is the most economic*] article of d!*i for the officer's mess. It Is prepared In one minute,and makes a most delieions Soap or Ohowder. 1 It is highly recommended by Arm Snrgeons. The profits are large. H. A. DOWNING A 00., Manufacturers of Concentrated Food No. Ill East 18th st., New York. For sale by BARBOUR A 8EMMES, Bole Agents, 66 Louisiana Avenue, ?eS-ly Washington, D. 0 M ASSEY 00LLIN8 A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE AND PORTER. I am now receiving large quantities of DRAUGHT ALE and PORTER from this celebrated brewery, whieh I am prepared to furnish on short notiee to all persons who faTor me with their orders. Orders given to my drivers will be promptly at tended to. Goods delivered in all parts of Washington and Georgetown, free of charge. RILEY A. SHINN, Agent. Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green street ap5-tf Georgetown, D. C. (^ARLYLE S FREDERICK THE GREAT, vol. ' ^ fl 78 Guide Book of the New Jersey Central Railroad, 7ec. Savage Africa, by Winwood Reade, $3.60 North American Review for July, f 1.28 Blackwood's Magazine for June, 28c Denis Duval, by Thackeray, 80c Sabbath Readings, by Rev. Gardiner Bpring, 2 ?ols.,f6 Macana, by the author of "Beulah," $1 50 The Book of Days, 2 vols., illustrated. $8 It 8 FRANCK TAYLOR. '|>HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscri 1 ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the personal estate or Charles J. Uhlman,late ot Washington city, D. 0., Jeceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscri ber, on or before the 9th day of July next; they ?say otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under'my hand this 9th dayof July ,1864. jf 15-lawSw* MINAUHLMAN, rr<Hia IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscri J- ber has obtained from the Orphans' Ceurt of Washington County, in the District of Oolnmbia, letters testamentary on the personal estate or John Sioussa. late of Washingten City, D. O., ieeeased. All persons having claims against the laid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, ?n er before the 9th day of July next; they may etherwise by law be excladed from all benefit of the said eetate. . Given under my hand this 9th day of July, 1864. )y 12-law3w* MAKY 3IOU83A. 1/ID WELL A HENDERSON, IV No. 367 D Stkkit, ma Niwth, Respectfully Inform their friends and the public generally that they hare now in store a well se lected assortment of WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES, whieh they are prepared to sell at the lowest eash prices. , ' Work done at short notice in the city or country *VSZSSS$JSEflti. 36T DftrMt.D.ftrtth, franklin Hall Building. apU-tf WOOD MOULDINGS I L ? .. W WOOD MOTOgWB., 0[njjn|a)! n UNITED STATES Wood moulding mill. In. 9* and 96 South fifteenth street, - PHILADELPHIA. ? . Always on fcaad. a lagge stack of the above articles, mado of the very heat material. . Orders filled ?t the shortest notiee, freight paid to Washington, free of charge. ABLER A BROTH ERE, < HW-lB, ., Proprietor#. I?OR SALE?A finf fe^r-resx oU ELAQK HAWK I ss telegraphic news. MARYLAND CONSTITUTIONAL CON VENTION. Important Proceeding*. Baltimore July 10.?The State Constltu tional Convention to-day passed the following by a vote of 33 yeas to 17 nays: Ordered, That this Convention, representing the people of Maryland, hereby respectfully request the President of the United States aud tbe commandants of military department*, in which Maryland is included, as an act of jus tice and propriety, to assess upon tbe sympa thizers with the rebellion, residents in this State, tbe total amount of all losses and spolia tion sustained by tbe loysfl citizens of the United States resident in this State, by reason of the recent rebel raid, to compensate the loyal sufferers. The following was also adopted : Ordered, That the thanks of this convention, representing as it does the people of Maryland, are hereby tendered to the old citizen and pa triot ot Baltimore cohnty, lshmael Day, for the heroic and gallant act in shooting down tbe traitor who dared to pull down tbe coun try's flag, which be had raised as an evidence oi bis loyalty and patriotism, which act of daring heroism meets the approbation of the heart and conscience of every loyal citizen of Mary land. FROA1 EUROPE. Vote of Parliamenton the British Minis try?House of Commons for, House of Lords Against Them. Halifax, July 19.?The steamship Europa has arrived from Liverpool, with dates of the 10th inst. The debates in Parliament resulted in a ma jority of eighteen for the Government in tbe House of Commons, and nine against the Gov ernment in the House of Lords. The Dano-Germanic news is unimportant. The steamer Yeddo, built at Bordeaux, has been sold to Prussia, and is now fitting out for the service at Bremerhaven. The London journals are filled with tbe pro ceedings of Parliament on tbe great party con test, to the exclusion of everything else. The Times publishes 42 columns of last night's proceedings. The result is generally regarded as a satisfac tory endorsement of the ministerial policy; but there is no triumph. The Confederate loan, under tbe Sciota's news, advanced to6!ta7U. The Danish Ministry has resigned. Consols closed on Friday at '.XI !,**?? Attempt to Bob tbe Calais Bank by the Rebels?The Citizens Arming. Calais, Me., July 13.?At midday to-day there was an attempt to rob the Calais Bank by a small party of Rebel raiders, who came here from St. John, N. B. Three men were arrest, ed. The leader of the gane is Collins, a cap tain in the 10th Mississippi. They say mat 30 associates promised to meet them here, but failed. Tbe vigilance of the State guard prevented tbe consummation of this bold scheme of pil lage. Tbe three men have been committed. The citizens are arming in expectation of an attack to-night. Boat Bace at Pittsburg. Pittsburg, July 19.?The boat race to-day was characterized by considerable excitement. At the start Hammil took the lead, maintain ing it throughout. On turning the buoy he was about one hundred yards ahead, coming in at the clos^ between two and three hundred yards m advance. Tbe course was five miles, Time thirty.nine minnte6 and twenty seconds. Considerable money changed hands, but all are satisfied that the race was fairly conducted. From San Francisco. San Francisco. July 18.?The steamerCon stitutUn arrived last night. A petition has been circulated for the re moval of Perkins, the postmaster at San Fran cisco. Tbe Indian troubles in tbe northern counties are about ended. Work of the Christian Commission. Boston, July 19.?The schooner Charlotte, laden with ice, vegetables, hospital stores, etc. for tbe Christian Commission in the Army of the Potomac, sailed to-day. Sale of Confiscated Propbrty ih Alex andria.?Tbe United States Marshal's sale or confiscated property in the Eastern District of Virginia took place, according to public an nouncement, yesterday. "All the right, title, interest and estate" ot the parties named was sold as follows: Geo. K. Witmer's and Dennis B. Blacklock's lots Nos. 5, 6, 7, # and ?, on east sideot Fair fax street, between Jefferson and Franklin sts., each lot 'JO feet front, 1-23 feet 5 inches deep, to F. M. McDonald for 8120; Wm. N. McVeigh and Wm. H. Fowler's three-story brick house on Royal street, 50 feet north of King, 20 feet ftont, 60 feet deep, to W. D. M^ssey for 89J0; Wm. H. Fowlers lot, southwest corner of Prince and Payne streets, 123 feet 5 inches on Prince street, 14-1 feet 7 inehes on Payne, to J. D. B. Adams for 830; Arthur Herbert's lots Nos. 2 and 10 inclusive, on south side of Madi son street, between Columbus and Alfred sts., tbe whole about 223 feet 5 inches in front and 100 feet deep, to J. D. B. Adams for 8140; Mont gomery D. Corse's lot on north side of King street, between Royal and Pitt streets, 26 feet front, fo feet deep, to Mr. Duncan for 8100; David Funsten's eight ?,cres, three rods and twenty poles on Washington road, to J. D. B. AdamB for 8InO; James C. Nevitt's lot on north Bide of Duke, between Pitt and St Asaph street*, about 23 feet front and feet deep, to J. D. Adams for 890; Wm. Whaley's lot on Q,neen street, 110 leet from the corner of Henry street, 40 feet 10 inches in front, 100 feet deep, to J. W. Armstrong for 8200; Lot southwest corner of Clueen and Patrick Btreets, 75 feet on Qneen, loo teet on Patrick street, to W. D. Massey, for 8200; John L. Pas coe and Edward SangBter's quarter square, southeast corner of Prince and West streets, to W. A. Duncan, for 8120; James H. McLean's lot, southeast corner ot Cameron and Fayette streets, 60 feet on Cameron street, 100 feet on Fayette street, to J. D. Adams, for 84(1; James H. Reid's quarter square, southwest corner of Wolf and Alfred streets, with buildings there on, to Mr. Duncan, for 890; lot northwest cor ner Wilkes and Alfred streets, 123 feet5 inches on W likes, 126 feet 7 inches on Alfred, more or less, with buildings thereon, to Mr. Dancan, for 870; Lawrence B. Taylor's house and lot, on Prince street, to Mr. Duncan, for 890; forty eight shares of tbe Alexandria Water Compa ny stock, par value 850, belonging to David E. Hooe, changed hands at 818 to 820 per share; R. H. Dulany, 135 shares of the Fire Insurance Company Stock of Alexandria, sold at 82 to 82.50 per share; Alexandria Corporation stock, belonging to W. G. Cazenove and Dr. Orlando Fairfax, sold from 820 to 822 per share, la lots to suit purchasers; the McVeigh Honse, on Cameron Btreet, now occupied by Mr. Geo. M. Davis, sold for 8190; in Fairfax county, Arthur Herbert's larm, 60 acres, adjoining Seminary gronnd, sold at 8125 to Major William Silvey; Samuel Cooper's farm, 200 acres, one mile west of Alexandria, at 81G5 to the same purchaser; R. C. Mason's farm, abont ?00 acres, in all about 900 acres, 3){ miles sooth of Alexan dria, sold at 82,150 to W. A. Duncan; French Forrest's Clermont plantation, about three miles west of Alexandria, 360 acres, to Dr. E. Bentley for 81,900; Geo. K. Whltmer's farm, 48 acres and 28 poles, two miles west of Alexandria, and 10 acres, 2 roods and 25 poles, adjoiBlng, with large, handsome new dwelling liouw, all to Major W. Silvey,, lor 8130; W. S. Kemper's "Clifton Farm," 220 acres; two and a half miles sonthol Alexandria, to J. G. Ver Slanck, for 8150; Sam'l R. Johnston's West rrove Farm, 350 acres, immediately south of Hunting Creek, to S. A. Reid, for *1,525; W. Cazenove's farm, 17# acres, together with the ?tract adjoining, formerly belonging to Whiting A Lee, two miles westof Alexandria, to W. B. Dobson,for 8255; Farm abont 54 acre^ two miles west of Alexandria, to Thomas Antisell, for 8500; Wilmer D. Corse's Farm, 117 acres, 18 miles west of Alexandria?not sold; Geo. H. Padgett'^ a little onr?r4 acres, west of Alex andria, to Otis Smith, 8200 JLoton Little River turnpike, east ot toll gate, to B. McNeil, for 8175: In Prince William County, Wm. Selecman's Swap Point Farm, about 150 acres, one mile east of Ocsoquan, to W. Dancan, for 8300; the Louisiana Kentucky Farm, about 250 acres, half* mil? eouthwest of Occoqqan, to J, D. Adam*, for <75; House and lot in Oc?o<| nan to John Berry, for 8100; John H. HammUPs house and 1?? ihOoooquaH; to 3. Barry, for 8S5; Va cant lot In OccoquAn, to 3. D. Adams, for *85; John W. Fairfax's Freestone Point Farm and fishery, 600 acres, Potomag River, near Oc? coquan creek, to W. Duncan, 191*88,100. .* ft ?4 h ?** Vr- f* I THE REBEL GREAT KKPICTiTIOIS. The Richmond Examiner or the l?th, under the head of ?* The Very Latest,'' Ha* the follow - in(r cheering new* for Richmond reader*, and which Din have pattern in the "fool's par adise" for awhile: A letter dated 13th inst., received her* late last night, from a trustworthy gentleman in Maryland, says: , ^ ? ?? Washington ia invested trom the Potomac to the eas'ern branch of the Anacosua river 1 very railroad north of Baltimore has been cut, and the telegraph wires destroyed. To day (the 13th) everything has been unusually quiet. Not a gun haa been heard np to thl* tim> ? w cniy-tive mluuWf vast six o'clack a. m. It is believed they are negotl uing for surrender of Washington or giving time for the removal of woman and children. Two forta that defend Washington?Forts Lincoln and Stevens? have been taken. Wallace, wbt fought our forces at Monocacy Junction, Is (apposed to have had I5,uxi troops. A large number of them were one hundred days men, who. when repulsed, threw down their guns and scattered to the winds. Kau'z's cavalry, who figured in the raid below Petersburg, ware with Wallace. Our men ha*e captured the outer works before Washington. Removal ef Grant ? Army. Twenty-six transports and steamers, loaded with troops, 8oppos?'d to be from Grant, passed up the Potomac yesterday. Martial law has been declared, and no one is permitted to enter or leave the city. It i* rumored here that New Orleans has been captured by Dick Taylor and Price. '?For Washington." The Richmond correspondent of the Mobile Regis'er wrote on the 13th ultimo: By the time you get thia letter Abe Lincoln will know that Jub&l fcarly, one of our bast fenerals, is in the Valley, pressing hard for Washington So 1 need not keep tbe secret from you. Gen. Hunter, who is rampaging around Lexington and Lynchburg, will find himself in a trap, and unless we are much mistaken, the counter-irritaut will prove strong enough to relieve the Yankee engorgement around this city. Rodes, with his Alabamians, gees with Early; in fact, the best part, if not the whole, of Ewell's corps is now perma nently under Early, Ewell having relieved Ransom as commander of the Department of Henrico. The weather ia nnnatnrally cool, but fine for marching, and Early's men will make good tune. They started yesterday morn ing. [This shows that this march North was for a long time in contemplation.] Eating Economically* What kind of food has the most nourlahmeat and costs the least! is a question of great prac tical importance. Tbe following tables may b? studied with considerable interest by every lomily. They will show the mode of prepara tion, the amount of nutriment, and the time re quired for the digestion of the moat common articles of food placed upon our tables. A dol lar's worth of meat, at twenty-five cents a pound, goes as far as fifty cents' worth of bat ter, at half a dollar a pound. Throe pounds of flour, at eight cents a pound, Is said to contain as much nutriment as nine pounds of roast beef, which, at twenty-five cents, is S2.25; that is, twenty.five centa' worth of flour goes as far as nine times that much money spent for roast beef, as weighed at the batcher's stall. A pinto: white beans, weighing one pound, and costing seven cents, contains as mnch nutriment as three ponnds and a half of roast beef, costing eighty-seven and a half cents. Of all the ar ticles that can be eaten, the cheapest are bread, butter, molasses, beans and rice. A pound of corn meal (Indian) goes as far as a pound of flour: so that flue family flour at sixteen dol lars a barrel, and corn-meal at four cents, the latter is just one-half less expensive. If corn and wheat were ground, tnd tbe whole pro duct, bran and all, were made into bread, fif teen per cent of nutriment wonld be saved, with much greater healthfulness. These a standard tables: Qua- ityoj Mode of Amount of Tutu of of Food. Preparation. Nutriment. Digestion. Cucumbers THaw.... 2 per cent. h. m. Turnips. Boiled.. 4 ? 230 Milk .Fresh... 7 ?? 2 15 Cabbage Boiled.. 7 " 4 ;? Apples Raw 10 1 50 Potatoes Boiled... 13 ?? 2 30 Fish Boiled... 20 ?* 2 00 Venison " 22 ?? 1 30 Pork Roasted. 24 " 5 16 Veal ?? 25 " 4 00 Beef :... ?' 20 " 3 30 Poultry u 27 " 2 45 Mutton " 30 " 3 IS Bread (wheat).Baked... f-o ?? 3 30 Bread " ... 80 ?? 3 & Beans Boiled... S7 " 2 30 Rice w ?? 1 00 Butter and oils 44 30 Sugars and sirups !*> " 3 30 [Hall's Journal aj Health The Decline m the Western Markets. The following from Western papers, shows the effect of Friday's break down in pricea at the New York Exchange: Chicago.?The bubble has burst at last, and a reaction from tbe extraordinary and un healthy advances which it has been jar lot to chronicle for the past month has set in. This morning gold declined to 250, and was quoted dull at that figure, causing quite a panic In breadstufls, and a material decline in prices for everything. No. 2 spring wheat was very active and panicky, prices declined llal6 centa per bushel on yesterday's closing figures. There was nothing done in flour, and in order to effect sales, holders would have had to sub mit to a decline of 50 cents a .?l per barrel. Corn was dull, and sales were confined exclu sively to No. 2, which declined 4a5 cents per bushel. Tbe banks with scarcely an exoeption, have "shut down" on speculators, as the Bank of Exchange this morning proved.?Chicago Journal, Friday evening. Cimcisnati.?The produce market was so unsettled by the New York news that quota tions became impracticable. Neither bayers nor sellers of flour were willing to set prices at which they would operate. Even proposition by holders to make material concessions would hardly meet with attention. No effort was made to sell wheat. Corn retains its position nominally at Sl.D5a?l.10 for ear, at the upper and lower roads; $l.l6a?l.l- for shell.?Cincin nati Commercial, Saturday. ?y There appears to be uo limit to the de mand of the paper manufacturers for advance In the price of printing paper. The advancs dnring tbe past month has been five cents per pound, and the tendency still appears to be upwards. The New York and Philadelphia papers, in view of this continual advance, are contemplating an increase in the price of their papers, the present net receipt from subscri bers barely paying the cost of the white paper on which they print, as it comes from, tbe milk. The New York dailies, we learn, will increase their price to five cents per oopy on the 1st of Angus;. KTA San Francisco paper thus speaks of the recent adjournment of tha California legisla ture: . This delectable gang, chiefly competed 01 fools, has dispersed at last. They have been well paid for doing nothing dnring the greater part of the session, and mischief during the re maining portion. >4 Praise Him from wQom all blessings flow"?they have adjourned tor good. For two years California will be free from a plague as dire as that of the lice of Egypt, a legislature in session. tET A correspondent writing from the 5th Massachusetts colored cavalry to the Anglo African is rampant because a member of that regiment was punished for attempt at rape, as soldiers are often punished for minor offences, viz: tying one up by the thumbs for a few mo ments. The correspondent seems to think that black soldiers should be exempt from all such punishment, and even threatens a mutiny if the act is repeated; for tbe correspondent de nies that the soldier was guilty of the crime at tributed to him, but says he was thus punished for a simple shirking of duty. ?STTwo ladies were travelling trom St. Louis to Cincinnati, one of whom was asked by a fellow traveller, with whom a conversation had been opened. 11' she was married. "I was married," sighed the blooming dame, "bat alas, I know not of my husband, be he dead or alive. I heard that he was accidentally killed in Plttsbnrg a few weeks ago, and I am going there to ascertain whether the report be true or false." "Well, I've got a dead sure thing on my husband," remarked the other lady, "for I saw him buried six weeks ago." fc^The Peace party of Illinois, who are to meat in convention at Peoria on the 3d of August, to assist in tbe establishment of a 41 Northwestern Confederacy," expect to run the machine on Peoria whisky. This accounts fbr their leaving thehlue out of their proposed ??national colors." They expect to gat 44 blue" enough themselves to answer all purpose*.? Chicago Pott. The Cleveland Herald states that, so far ob?*ryaUou goes, there is not a allele . nion imQtuo that sapper** Fremont and Cochrane. The Toledo ExareaT the last German paper* in Ohio to advoa7Z? U>at "UOIt>' a."d Jo7&Ity, under existing circumstances, are identical." anrfit therefore runs up the Baltimore banner. Meyerbeer had mere decorations of order ?f nobility than any man, not of royal blood, living? exchange. - . ? - That roaj ?~-4>ut so feu as oar oheervngon goes, Meyerbeer wasn't a ciroamstanoe, la popularity?to Lagsr-beer i-jy. H. Rtyuur. One-fifth of the national income of Great Britain is derived from the tax on ardent ?f>lr Its. 7 h janci - l?h ( isrr ii?,4 TUr

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