Newspaper of Evening Star, July 20, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 20, 1864 Page 2
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ME EVENING STAR W. D. WALLAf'H, Kdlt WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY JULY SO, 1864. =? * KTBEADING MATTER ON EVERY PAGE. 8EK OTTTSIDB FOR INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. THE VICTORY OVER THE REBELS AT TIPCLO. Enemy Thoroughly Whipped ill a Three Days' Fight, with a Lo^s of 2,500 Men 1! A dispatch received here, dated Memphis, July 13, saye: The expedition of Major General A. J. Smith has been a complete success. Me met Le?< Fairest and Walker near Tnpelo. He fought them for three days, thoroughly whipping and routing them. His despatch, dated at Mew Albany, I\I i*e? l?th Inst, says: "We met Lee and Walker at Tapelo, and ?whipped them badly cn three different days. Our loss is small when compared with the rebel loss. I bring back everything in good order?nothing lost." A scont who has since come into Lagrange, report* the triumph of our arms complete and the loss of the enemy of twenty-five hundred men. [ASSOCIATED PRBBg ACCOUNT.] FURTHER PARTICULARS OF THE VICTORY AT TUPELO. Memphis, Jnly 1?._On the 5th instant Gen. Washburne sent out a force of infantry, cav alry and artillery from La Grange, under Major Gen. A. J. Smith and Brig. Generals Mower and Grierson, with intentions to move in pursuit of Genera] Forrest, bring him to toay and fight him. He was ordered to pursue bim to Columbus, Mise., if he did not overtake Him this side. A deennt >b from Gen. Smith to Gen. Wash, ourne, received to-day, says he has met Lee Foriestand Waiter at Tapelo. and whipped them badly on Uree different days. Our loss was small compared te that of the rebels. Gen. Smith says he brings back everything in good order. Nothing was lost. A scout sinoe at Lagrange reports the ene Tny's loss at 2,500 and their defeat overwhelm ing. It is also stated by persons who have come in that the rebel Faulkner and Ool. Forrest ?were wonnded and Gen. Forrest was wounded in the foot and bis horse equipments captured. From other souices it is learned that Smith met Forrest on Wednesday, the l.ltb, and fought all day. Also, on Thursday and Friday, dri ving: him below Tupelo, and whipping him badly in five different battles. Our loss is said to be less than 300, while the rebels w as over 2,000. Colonel Wilkins, of the 9th Minnesota, who commanded a brigade, was ki led. FROM CITY POIJIT. Ifo Fighting at Pet?r?burg Beyond the Usu al Artillery Firing?Our Gunboats Re turned to Jumes River?The Rebel Guer rillas on the River lake the Back Track ?Return of Vessels sent ont in Search of the Pirate Florida. The mail steamer John Brooks, which left City Point at lo o'clock yesterday moring, ar rived here this morning at 6 o'clock. She brings no news of importance from the front, but reports that the usual artillery duelling is kept up with vim by the contending armies. The return of the gunboats to the James river has intimidated the rebels along the banks, and they have made no further demonstration against our transports since the tiriug into the George Weims and the United States. On the upward trip the John Brooks touched at Fortress Monroe. Several of the United States vessels which went in search of the Florida have returned to Fortress Monroe after an unsuccessful effort to overhaul the pirate. SHERMAN'S ADTANCE. A dispatch from an authoritative source con firms the report that Gen. Sherman's force, or a portion of it, had crossed the Chatt&hoochie. Only a small cavalry force of the enemy were encountered. Sherman subsequently occupied his troops in tearing up the railroads of most use to the rebels. The distance of his forces from Atlanta was not mentioned. REBEL STRAGGLERS. Montgomery county, Md., is said to be liter ally swarming with rebel stragglers, and our aconting parties pick up numbers of them daily 1'our were found yesterday evening hid away in the bushes, a shert distance beyond Fort Stevens. They were brought in this morning, and committed to the Old Capitol. Their l?avid H. Idol, 2d North c xrolina; P. N. Smith, :jd Alabama: P. s. White, 45th .North Carolina, and P. Bailey, 22d Virginia. ASSISTANT INSPECTOR GENERAL. Major Walter Cutting, A. D. C., has been announced as Acting Assistant Inspector Gen eral of the Department of Washington. K^From Shillington, Odeon Building, we have an advance copy of Godey's Lady's Book Jor August. Hon. Myer Strcuse, Democratic member of Congress representing the Tenth District of Pennsylvania, was renominated by acclama tion in county convention, on Monday last. Pacific Railroab?The President of the United States has appointed Jesse L. Wil liams, of Indiana, George Ashraun, of Massa etiusetts, and Charles Sherman, of Ohio, to be additional directors m the Union Pacific Rail Toad Company: and Goverror D-nnison, of Ohio, Leonard Swett, of Illinois, and William M Whit**, of Connecticut, inspectors of the road, as provided by the late law of Congress. ^ 'HAKCtAi.?The New York Evening Poi>t of yesterday says: Gold opened at 26: X and sold down to 239, 'closing at 261. The loan market is active and the rate is fully 7 per cent. The accumulation of capital seeking investment continues, end as confi dence is reviving the expecta ion is that there will be increasing ease. It is scarcely proba ble, however, that in the present deranged con dition of the currency the existing stringency will disappear without the recurrence of oc casional ^pa*ins, aiid those who are venturing on business enterprises in anticipation of im mediate eas?. will do well to hesitate and to move cautiously. Mr. Fea?-enden, we learn, is about to place a loan of one hundred millions on the mar ket, to provide tor the pressing wants of the 1 reasury The propositions will be published as soon is the preliminary arrangements are decided on. The stock market opened steady bat closed with adrooping tendency. Governments are regular. Five-twenties have advanced under an active inquiry for for *ign account. Sixes of 1&81 are steady at the quotations of last evening- Certificates are lower and are offered at Ten-forties are aeilmg at Sb, flat. H^fore the first session gold was unoted at 1 "? Evening Express says: The announcement of the new loan will probably be made to-morrow. It will be in the *h?pe ot 30-100 Treasury notes, interest payable Id currency, three years to run, and convertible into six per cent, bonds at maturity." mr The wheat harvest will be a fair ene. although not fully np to some previoas years. In any case weshail have enough for home consumption, and some to spare tor Europe. tBTA company is about forming at Rochester ?o supp y that city with peat for fnel. It can fee obtained at a much less cost than coal and will be a great relief to the poor. ^"Northwestern Missouri la overrun with ruerrillas. Union men are snot down in the Jtfkda and at their door*. W A woman In London set her husband afire when he came home drunk, and enjoyed the conflagrate n far more than ha did. MT According tpnavl laws Capt. Wins lows prise money will be nearly 9100,000, and each of the crew about American rhododendrons are the pride #f the British conservatories. ID" Prime ssmpUe of Circassian women bring f 100 at Trebiaond. *e~llhe chinch bng has wholly destroyed the crops many counties in Illinois. B*P?Wlc?s of Michigan have nom inated Henry H. Oropo for Governor. WS?*? ?P#c*lAtoes are tailing in New York Nobody pities then. rJSMJnr National Fast-Young America gen TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM TUB SUCTHWB9T. - 4 Gfn. Sitcom Rpinftrrrd and Wtrtlin? int# the Interior tf NlniuiMi?Oelfril Smith near PanUUc?Korrett (>?Mi a Call for Troops?Beneficial Effect* ol Gen. Wnshburae's Order atHfopW* Memphis, July 19.?Vicksburg ad rices of the 12th report all quiet. * The expedition tinder General Slocnm was reinforced by cavalry sent by General Wash borne, and waa marching again for the interior of Mississippi. The latest accounts from Gen. Smith placed him sear Pontotoc on the 10th inst. Gen. Forrest has issued a call for all citizens between the ages of .fifteen and sixty-five to rally to his support, and for old men and boys to come and take care of his horses while his men shall b* engaged with the enemy. The report puolished in Northern papers that Forrest has communicated his Intention of retaliating upon our officers for any citizens who might be injured under General Wash bnrne's recent railroad order, is false. The re sult proves conclusively the wisdom of Gen. Washburn's order. Nearly every train on the railroad for ten days previous to the date of this order was fired upon by bnshwhackers, and citizens and soldiers killed and wounded, while not a gun has beeh flred since the publi cation of this order. The rpports of affairs in Memphis are made np by Cairo reporters, nearly all sensational, and should not be relied upon until corrobor ated. 1 IMPORTANT MUTEfflENTS IN LOUISI ANA. St. Lens, July 19.?The Union publishes an extract trom a private letter, dated at New Orleans, July Tth, which says:?"Last night ' staff officers told me fifteen thousand men would start from this citv and below, in ocean steamers, to-day. They are to take fifteen days rations, and an ammunition ship accom panies the expedition. There are now a large number of additional gunboats in Lake Pon chartrain, and more vessels have been added to the fleet off Mobile. Some think this expe dition is intended for the capture of Mobile, so as to possess the Alabama river and establish a base of supplies for Sherman, at Selma, while others- believe the troops are destined for Fortress Monroe." This force may be designed to co-operate with Gen'l Slocum's expedition from Vicks burg, which has recently been reinforced, and is again marching to the interior of Missis sippi. The rebel accounts of Slocum's expedition to Jackson, Miss-, claim that the Federal col umn under Gen. Elliott were attacked at the junction of the Port Hudson and Rodney Rail road on the 5th, and were repulsed with great slaughter, the road, tor miles, being strewn With dead negroes, horses and guns This doubtless, refers to the expedition con sisting of one marine brigade and two regi ments of negroes, which marched from Rod ney on the 4th, and were attacked by five brigades of rebel cavalry and one of infantry, and aft*r fighting nearly all day the rebels were driven off, and our troops returned to their boats. Our loss was about 150 killed, wounded and missing. Caibo, July 19.?New Orleans dates of the 1:2th iistant, have been received. No mail steamer wonld leave New Orleans for New York dnrincr tbe week following the I'-ith instant, but the mails tor the North and East would be forwarded by each regular steamer. The True Ilelt& claims to have positive in formation that the Rebel Dick Taylor left Al exardria three weefcs since for Richmond, and that the troops lately under him are now com manded by Gen. Walker. It is the belief at Alexandria that Taylor, who has lately been made Lieutenant General, hopes to be assigned to the command of the Trans-Mississippi De partment, in place of Kirby Smith. Taylor being a brother-in-law of Jeff. Davis, this change is considered quite probable. FROM ATLANTA. Rebel Communications Between RIch? mond and Montgomery Cat. New York, July 19.?A special dispatcli from Nashville says tbe report about Atlanta being occupied by our troops is without foun dation. All kinds of rnmors are afloat regard ing the evacuation of Atlanta. Reports say that dnring the delay of General Sherman at the river the enemy has been en abled to get his valuables; but in opposition to this it is well known that they had been sent weeks ago to Augusta. The evacuation of At lanta really began several weeks ago Gen. Sherman yesterday moved out o! his works on the south side of the Chattahoochee to attack Johnston's forces it found in front of them, or to occnpy the city in the event of a retreat. Nothing later than the information that he had moved has been received here, but we hope to-morrow to annonuce his occupa tion of Atlanta. It is believed here that dnring the halt at the Chattahoochee Gen. Sherman completely de stroyed all the rebel communications between Atlanta and Richmond, and between Atlanta and Montgomery. DISASTERS TO MISSOURI GUERRIL LAS. St. Lonp, July 20 ?Col. Ford, at Kansas City, telegraphs headquarters here that he has killed, in all, 40 guerrillas, captured 20<> stmd of arms, much ammunition and many horses. Our troops are still pursuing the guerrillas. TJie Guerrillas In Missouri. St. Louis, July 19.?The Democrat's special St. Joseph dispatch says: The city and country are wild with rumors. It is reported that Col. Ford attacked Thorn ton's guerrillas at Arnoldsville, on Sunday. Fighting was kept up all day but tbe result is unknown. Another body of gnerrillas, from 300 to 600 strong, encamped on Gordon's farm, Platte county. Official information states that two hnndred of the Paw Paw militia of Platte and Clay counties, bad joined Thornton's gnerrillas. A collison occurred in CluBon county, but its extent is not known. Gov. Hall has commissioned a "copperhead" to command tbe militia of Andrews county, and trouble is anticipated. Tbe people are constantly flocking into St. Joseph's from the surrounding counties, and many are leaving for other points. Tbe grain is left unbar vested, and much suf fering is anticipated in seme localities. |Y-~=? CONSTITUTIONAL GUARD?, ATTEN TION !?You are requested to m<?et atyonr armory (496 7th street) TftIS EVENING-, at V& o'clock. By order of Jas. E. Waugh, Captain. THOS M. WADE, O S. All persons wishing to join the company are in vited to^be present. It* fY~5=*N0TICE.?Persons who recently enrolled IL?C tbeuselves to be mustered into the United States service with the "National Rifles." are in vited t<> attend a meeting at Temperance Hull, on THURSDAY EVKMNT.. 91st instant, at 8 o'clock, to devise measuies to sustain a permanent military organization. Vtlf G. MOORK. Jy 21 2t* Captain Commanding. iy-^MITROPOLITAN RAILROAD -The First LkJ? Meeting of the Stockholders of the Metro poTitan Railroad Company, in the District of Co lumbia. will beheld at the moral, No. 4^5 9th street west on TUEB'>AY, the 28th inst., from 12 o'clock m. to 4 p.m., for the purpose of nrsranizing ?aid Company by tbe election of officers, km pro vided by the ac' of incorporation, and for the transaction of such other business as niav legally come before said meeting. ALEX. R. SI1EPHERD, M. G. EMERY, 8. V. BROWN. jy 2f>-lw Committee. rv^5=?THE GRAND CONCERT OrYOCAL MU UoC 8IC which,owiu* to the excitement in the city, was postponed until further notice, will take place On THURSDAY. July 21st. in the Methodist Protestant Ohurch, Navy-Yard Concert to commence quarter past 6 o'c ock Tickets 23 cents. Jy 19-21* SOLDIERS' RELIEF FAIR, M0RSELL HALL E st ,between fitb and7th sts.. rear Brown'sHotel. Tb" Ladies' Sick and Wounded Colored Soldiers' Relief Association will open their Fair for tbe benetit of Sick and wounded Soldiers, MONDAY, July 18. Come one, come all. Admission, 15 cent*; Season Tickets.$1. jyl8 8t* ry"py=? NOTICE.?lb lis Peaplettf Waakintton and |L? I hi Publit generally ? Upholstering and Cabinet Making and Renovating of all description*, done in the best style and at the shortest notice Old Onrled hair Mattresses can be made as good as new at WM 3 LEE'S new establishment. No 3K3, 0 street north, between 4Si and 6th street west. Je 3"-lm* WM. J LEE. FOR fiALt-A good HORSE and WAGON. A paly at the corner ef 3d and F m streets. Island, Washington. Jy 20-lt* 369 """_HJTK.1T. ggg HIGH AWNING. GREAT BARGAIN^?"CARPETS AND OIL Pieces HEMP, RA??4 INGRAIN OAR PETS In new aad beautiful designs; some as low as W& nts per yard. /?*?ty pleoee 0U> CLOTH. 4-4, M. ?-4,8-4 and d 4 Wi?#. ?^SMK&Tir ' B. BOMTZ, . ' for fanily yl-St* 48T }t et. between Daoifk LOST AND FOUND. OB MISLAID?On steamer John Brook*. ;.? City Point via Washington, Jnlr 19. one ' ALISE The finder will receive $5 and no questions asked, by leaving it or contents at this ,.r i v ^TRAYBD PROM MY PREMISES, between M4. avenue and 0'street, on Friday, the 8th. one larfebrown UO&SB.with a sore back, and on* bay HORSE, foundered. Ten dollars reward will be given for their rfeturn to me. Jr 2f?-2t* JOHN KEMP. Sin REWARD?Stolen from my yard two dark n? *" bay MARES, one with her hind f'?ot swollen, the other with her mane trimmed. Both hare a star in their face. The above reward will be paid if left at the corner of 10th and W streets, at the Boundry line. GEO- ME YEN BURG. Jy 20-2t* _jj_ ; toTRAYBD AWAY FROM THE DISTRIBUTING *7 Beservoyer, on TnesdAy night, July 19th. IflW, above Georgetown, near Drover's R?st, a Dark Bay COLT. 2 years old, dark main and tail, white s:ar on his forehead, a little white on both hind lers. 1? Dollars reward given on hi" return to the abcve named place. It* THOMAS BROWN Hired on last Sunday, a small short tail MARE and TOP BUGGY, to a man wh<* gave the name of William Moran. Not having been returned, the supposition is that the horse strayed off. and has been picked up by some per son. A suitable reward will be given for inform tion leading to the recovery of the same CHAS. A. MURPHY. Agent, National Hotel, Stabler LOST?On C street, between 4% and 3d, l?st night. July 19. about 10 o'clock, a small D1A KY for the present year. There had been thrist into the pocket a roll of notes, in amount from $45 | to WO. The address of the owner was also in the pocket, together with memoranda of use to no oie ?l?e. A reward will be given for the restoration of the whole; but the Book alone it will be grati fying to recover. Apply at this office. it* ? K REWARD?Strayed or stolen on the loth :n , w*'stant, a dark Buffalo COW. hip shotten. The ?> Jt r? Ven if returned to CATHA RINE E SKECTLLLS, near the corner of 10th Mil Q streets, Navy Yard. jy 19-3t* pAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER'S, adjoiniig ^"ntOUvetCemetery, two HOGS, one white and the other black. The owner or owners c&n OR MI8LAID?This morning Tn the -f Georgetown market, a POCKET BbOK, con taining between $75 and $.*1. A reward of #25 wi!I be given, and no questions asked, if left at 140 JyU>3t* * tizens' mark?t, Georgetown. JK ^ on delivery of two POCKET MEMORANDUM BOOKS lost on 13th instant in Georgetown or Washington. Return to GALE'S Hotel, 127 G street, Washington, and get your TyD1973t* ANSON GALE. LOST-In Georgetown, D C . on Friday, 15th lost., a lady's DIAMOND RING. The finder ri'iibSii1 b2ra.'1 rewarded by leaving it at JOS. LIBBEY, Sr.'s, No. 46 1st street, Georgetowi, D. u ir 18-st* AM* TO MY PREMISES, o?~the lfithdnjlTT, V/a large BA\ IlOKbE. The owner is requ?ste<i to come forward, prove property. pay chargesand taRe mm away: on 224 street, near the canaT. Jt 18-3t* ! JOHN K. PFIBL. \ATATCII CHAIN LOST?On Sunday morning, ?? going from 50* H street, along said street, to Dr- Gnrley's Church, a lady's WATCH CHUN with locket, charm, and key attached. The chain was or the link pattern, and was especially valued as the gift of a dear relative. The locket contains the hair of the owner's parent?, both lately de ceased. A liberal reward will be given if returned to the abovenamed number, or by dropping anote where it can be found. Jy 18-3t* DL^TRTCT OFCOI.UM BT A, CITY OF wIsiT- | INGTON, ss .? Personally appeared before me, the subscriber, a Justice of the Peace it and for the said county, M. B. Farr, and made oath according to law that he found on the liith itst a mare Mule of dark brown color, without any pe culiar marss, straying and trespassing oi his premises near the Anacostia bridge, next adjoin ing Selbey B. Scaggs' farm, in tbe District of Co^ lurobia. The owner or owners thereof are hereby noti fied to rome forward, prove property, pay charges and take away. M. B. FARR, o on 8. B. Scaggs' Farm. !*worn and subscribed before me this 18th (lay of July, 1801. , ,a JOHN H. JOHNSON, [i. s.] Jy 18-<o3t Justice of the Peace. CAME TO MY PREMISES?On the 7th instant a RLD COW with horns. The owner can prove the property, pay charges and take her away . . KACHEL JENKINS, jyo 366 21st street, between G and II. SUBSTITUTES. I EWIS FURNISHES SUBSTITUTES AT LOW ? ? e?nra*e,*' 414 Pt-nn- avenue, Just below Na tional Hotel. iv 19 2t* NH. MILLER A CO. " " SUBSTITUTES' . SUBSTITUTES!! reasonable prires. WITH DISPATCH AND WITHOUT DELAY!! Office No. 511 Ninth street west near Pa. avenue. Runners and others liberallv dealt with. r?Amer, w. s. radlb, n. ?? of iho Poaoo, Exemption papers prepared. Jyl9-4t* I EXTRAORDINARY POWER.?Mrs L SMITH, i Clairvoyant and Test Medium, 252 1th street, a few doors above I street, with the aid of spirits, examines all kind* of diseases, sees your dead and living friends; describes them, uets names; tells character; reads the future. Advice about busi ness. Sitting $2. jyl8-lm* C"IREAT BARGAINS. ' 1 GREAT BARGAINS. French Lace MANTILLAS, from $4.-50 up. French Lace POINTS, from SI up. Cloth and Barege 8ACQUB8 and CIRCULARS . very cheap. Black Silk CIRCULARS at reduced prices, at MAXWELL'S. ? ? . 328 Pennsylvania avenue. ?.7-0?,Tv?,,T?e bundreJ1 Wds colored TARLETON MLSLINS, for covering picture frame*, chande liers, mirrors, Ac-, Ac., two yards wide; only .15 cents per yard. jy is-6t F^Li&VAwTiSE- flfflwurr.111,01 HORSE, I5>? hands high, weighing one thousand pounds, built in proportion. six years old. and a perfect model of beauty,without blemish; perfectly kind ?? in single and double harness,and all right in every way. and expected to very fast this summer. This norpe has been raised by the celebrated Mor fan stock breeder. Lewis Sherman, Ei q., Brandon, ermont, to whom the present owners refer any purchaser for his pedigree. He was brought here six months ago at great ex pense, and is now sold without a single fault, as the owner, after various unsuccessful efforts, can not match him in style, action or color In any part of the country. He is perfectly gentle, and can be handled or driven by any lady, or even a boy The attention of private families and army officers is respectfully invited to this fine animal. No horse dealers need apply. He will only be sold to private citizens or army officers. Price $tr>". Be can he seen at the Stables of KBLLE HBR At PYv* ELL, 8th street, between D and C. For particulars applvat the Stables, or at the s*i>re of P. J. BELL1W, 510 7th street, near Odd Fellows's Hall . jy 13.41 VIEW8 OF BATTLE FIELD, July 12th, near Fort Stevens, 7th street road, to be had of J. GOLDIN A CO . Photographers, fro. 4 Penn. ave nue. between 8th and 9th street*. Market Space, jy 16-lm* ^UTLERSHIP FOR SALE -The subscriber be . i?,K compelled to *0 to California, offers for sale the best SUTLERSIIIP in the country, worth at least ten regiments. Call at A19 12th street, opposite the Kirkwwod House, after 8 p m. _ Jt 16-lw* W. BRAMHALL. Moore'8 wbst end drug store, 113 I'ENN AVENUE. 8OUTH SIDE.-Ly man s Patent Preserve Jars, fresh and puret Medicines, Perfumery,!Toilet Soaps. Co loKiies,&c. Ayers' and other Medicines. Jy 16-2w R U I T J A iTsl ~~ ' . FKUIT J A IB!! Housekeepers who wish to put up fresh fruit are to e*?mme our SELF SEALING FRUIT JARS, as they have been thoroughly tested and we can warrant them to keep fruit perfectly As the fruit requires no sugar and the jars no cement, i* '? economy for every family to put un all tie fruit they want for the winter. P 0 wiR-fit* WEBB & bbvbkidge. _ iy 16r6t OddFel lows ? H all. NOTICB.?FOR SALE?500 sets of one, two an4 Vr hi>roB?5S?'.,?d hand HARNESS; 300 iooi second hand SADDLED and BRIDLES H. 8 JOHNSTON. No. 373 Penn aTenue.bJtweel Bf ?tb J*r.0PP??ite National Hotel. Jy imtn* IVTOTICB 18 HERBBY GIVEN THAT TITw rn n partnership heretofore existing name of Finch A Lloyd, doing business at3Qf? ii?? this 11th day of Jul/ dissXedby mutiS Cr,4n*f.BL. SAMUBL LLOYD Jy IS-tw* H C.FIN0H ' Lh:tfJJ4w' N?-3s? i"k Jy lfi*w*J SAMUEL LLOYD I^AILROADNOTICB. While the Philadelphia??!!!?; Road remains closed,trains will he n.n v *4 Baltimore and Washington as follows f FROM WASHINGTON *: ?:3f?and Jl:U a. m. wn 4:45 and 6:3ft p. m. .FROM BALTIMORE. 7:0ft and a. m. '? F 5y12_ ^nib" t. K00HTZ. A,.nt NOTICB.?J hare opened anew BARBKR snnsl on C street, between 1st BlHreet sad New ?ey avenue, at BOyN's Hotel, where I will b? to ?e? my friends And customers. D? *'&<1 A LBUTNBR, C ftrert, between lit and N. J \r Jy7-lm Boyd's Hotel, naar the JIM&MiPlpTl YOUR m m mt~ "w*sith? tar thetae of the oel-lO^M| ?brated Pbbbli and Pnaiaoopio Spiotiolib iS" 844 Pennsylvania arenu^, bat. l|t^ and 13th eta., Kisylraaia avenue, under the National 4 O'CLOCK P. M. GfVEIWMEIfl SECURITIES. Jay Cooke & Co. furnish the following quo t&tions of Government securities: Washington, July 20, ISM. Buying. Selling. U. S. 6's Coupon 1P91 101 % lo3 U S.5-20'6 103 W 104 ? 7 3-10 Treasury Notes KM 105 One Year Certificates..... 92#'" 93^ Certificate Checks tOjt, NkwYobk?FibsV Board. Coupons, 1C2; 5-20'a, 104; Certificates, 92V:' Gold, 161. ? ' oun defender? to bk honorably in terred. .1 ? Secretary Stanton, a day or two ago, issued an order directing that the Military Governor of Washington cause the Union soldiers who were killed in the recent defence of Washing ton to be carefully disinterred and honorably buried in the National Cemetery with suitable care, and memorials to preserve their identity. Yesterday the order was altered so as to direct General Meigs to select a spot within the Dis trict for an enclosure which shall receive those who fell in defence of Washington on this oc casion, no other persons to be buried therein. W&" A new and dangerous counterfeit 810 n> teon the West Winfleld Bank of New York htu made its appearance since July 15th. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATEST FROM SHERMAN'S ARMY. Nearly His Whole Force Across the Chat tahoochee?A Portion of hi* Troops Ad vance Two Miles Toward Atlanta, Meet ins only Small Bodies of Cavalry? Gen. Bragg in Command at Atlanta. Cincinnati, July 20?The Commercial has advices from Sherman's army to the lGth inst. Nearly our whole force had crossed the river, and occnpied a strong position on the sonth side. A portion of our troops had advanced two miles toward Atlanta, but encountered nothing but small bodies of cavalry. General Braxton Bragg had arrived at At lanta, and would, it is supposed, exercise a personal supervision over the movements of the rebel army. Terrible Accident at Blockley Almshouse? Loss of Life. Philadelphia, July 20.?A terrible accident occurred this morning at the Blockley Alms house, caused by the walls of the Female Luna tic Asylum being undermined by workmen It is reported that thirty or forty of the inmates have baen killed and wounded. Five bodies have been taken out. The partition wall was undermined by the working party, who were preparing for the introduction of new heaters, letting down all! the floors clear to the roof. latbr. The latest reliable accounts of the accident at the Blockley almshouse, say that is insane women were killed and 20 wounded. There were 22? inmates of the Asylum. The accident occurred at a quarter of six this morning. The building was supported' by two immense arches which gave way. The sitting room was filled with children. Sixteen bodies have already been taken out. Disaster at Sea. Sandy Hook, July 20.?The Bteamboat Nare I from New York to Saftta Martha was sunk in; the Gulf Stream on the 15th in a gale. The crew left her in two boats, one of which, containing thirteen persons, was picked up by the surveying vessel Bailey. They were land ed here to-day. The other boat, containing the captain, mate, cook, nine sailors and two coal heavers, has not been heard of since the disaster. Guerrillas on 'Cumberland River?Retali ation for Rebel Ontrages. Louisville. July 19.?The steamer St. Louis, hence for Nashville, laden with Government stores, was burned yesterday by guerrillas at Sailor's Rest, on the Cumberland rlvei1. I'uui rebfl prioonore hure Tx-cn selected from our prisons to be sent to Mitchell's Rill and Clarkecville to be shot in retaliation for the murder of two Union men near those places. Fire in Essex County, N. Y. New York, July20._Rodgers' mill, Paner's mill, several stores, a bridge, and some tene ments in the village of Ansable Fork, Essex county, in this State, were burned last Sun day. Loss heavy. Schooner on Fire. Highlands, on the Httdsow, Jnlv ?0 ?A large fore and aft schooner is on Are off here A French war steamer has gone to her assist! ance. Steamer Sailed. Boston, July 20.?The steamship Asia sailed this forenoon for Liverpool. She took out $54,000 specie. NEW YORK STOCK LIST. [By the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.} New York, July 20.?U. S. 1881, coupon 6's, 102U. S. 5.20s, 104; Certificates of Indebt edness, 927,; Gold, 162#; N. Y. Central, 132*; Erie, lit-7*; Hudson River, 125; Harlem, 191: Reading, 131 S;; Michigan Central, 132*; Michi gan Southern, 82#; Illinois Central, 123; Cleve land and Pittsburg, 107; Cleveland and Toledo, 130; Chicago and Rock Island, 107*; Milwaukie and Prairie du Chien, ?; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, ; Alton and Teria Haute, ?; Chicago and Northwestern, 49V; Quicksilver, LOCAL NEWS. The Fire Alarm and Police TeleJcraph. ?The central office of the lire alarm and police telegraph from which all wires, 14 in number, radiate, is located in the fourth story of the Metropolitan Police Headquarters on loth, near 1> street. The apparatus of this office consists of two dial instruments for police purposes; a self starting register for receiving fire alarm signals; a magnetic clock for detecting delin quencies in any after circuits, together with the necessary magnets, call bolls, relays and switch boards, all of them manufactured of brass and polished marble At this office will be sta tioned the superintendent, his assistant and two operators. At each police station a dial instrument will be placed, which will be in charge of a policeman detailed for the purpose. For the police telegraph eleven dial instru ments are required, all of very neat and deli cate construction. For the fire department the instruments are equally as ingenious as in the police department. Forty-six signal boxes will be placed at various points of the city, from which alarms may be given. The keys of those boxes will be placed in charge of the patrolmen of the respective localities, and of reliable citi zens near to the boxes. A person discovering a fire runs to the nearest box, upon opening the box a simple crank is teen, and by turning it the number df the box is communicated to ihi? central office, the operator there strikes upon the gongs at the various engine houses, and upon three of the large bells of the city, indi cating the locality of the alarm by the number of the box. For illustration, afire breaks out near WiU lard's Hotel: the patrolman goes to Box 41, near by, and turnB the crank; the register at tne central office records 41. The operator there immediately strikes four taps in qaick succession, then a short pause, followed by one tap, indicating forty -one, on all the gongs and the three alarm bells, simultaneously. The firemen look at their chart, and seeing the locality, have no difficulty in finding the spot immediately. Should the call bell at the reg ister sound two utps, a pause, then nine, it would indicate fire near the corner opposite the General Post Office. The machinery for striking the large belle is as ingenious as effective, and will strike as readily with the hammer of a 6,000 lbs. bell as on* of tJOOibs. The bells selected by Mayor Wallach for purposes of alarm are those of the Columbia Company, on Capitol Hill; the German Oath olic Church, (St. Mary's,) 5'h street west, and the 13th street Baptist Church, all of which, with the gongs, are struck simultaneously by the operator at the central office by means of electricity. In constructing the telegraph forty' miles of wife have been need, requiring 1,500 glass insulators to carry the wire, which are secured to the tops of JkOMea and chimneys on the routes by Iron bracket*. Instead of glass cups usually used in telegraphic batteries, and which are liable to break, the contractors have furnished copper sups of the best manufacture, 150 in number. Thete, by the accumulation of pure copper from the sulphate of copper used in the battery, increase in value. It has been estimated that in three years they will bo worth' dpnfrle the original cost. j QarHANVCoptT.-Inoornd^ceOf pro ceedings yesterday, we were in error in statin* that the will of the tale IOaac Boors bequeathed his estate to his children; his real eetate is left to his two sons, Benjamin F. m Isaac, and from the proceeds of his personal estate he di rects (too to be paid to his daughter. T^E fonri>KV Chttroh?This afternoon, at 5 o'clock, the oorner. atone of the Foundry Church, at the corner of Hth and O streets will be laid by the Masonic order, and no doubt then will be a la rge assemblage of the members and friends of the church to witness the ceremonies TheGrand Lodge of this Dis trict will march fr?m their hall, 9th and 1) streets, with the members of the subordinate lodges, escorted by the Knights Templars in tall regalia, accompanied by the band of Car ver Hospital. A lodge from Alexandria, ac companied by a band of music, will partici pate in the ceremonies. After the stone has been laid a brief address will be delivered by Kev. W. M. D. Ryan, the pastor of the church. In the corner-stone will be depoiited the fol lowing : A copper plate, on which is engraved the Declaration of Independence, and a me dallion likeness of Washington, set in wood from Mount Vernon, presented by O. Cam mack, Jr., Esq.; copies of the Star, Intelligen cer, Chronicle, &ad Republican, New York Chris tian Advocate, Sunday School Ad roe at' - lists of the contributors to the new building, including the names of the Sabbath school scholars, who have contributed handsomely; names of local preachers, class leaders, trustees and stewards of the church; photographs of President Lin coln and Mayor Wallach, with their auto graphs; copies of the Church Discipline and hvmn-book; fractional currency and silver and copper coin. Police Retorts?Secomi Precinct.?Frank Hanson and William Ounn, disorderly; mili tary. Third Precinct?Jno. Woodward, unlicensed; S2.50. Washington Hurdle and Thos. Evans, do.; J?7.44 each. William Jones, disorderly; f'j. Wm. Hamilton, do.; #3.41. Alfred Snowden, do.; ?2.44. Thos. Grain and Jas. Williams, do.; military. Fourth Precinct.?Mary McNaughton, drnnk; #1. Edward Simpson, do.; $2. Henry Mur phy, do.; SI. Daniel Vanwoomers, drunk and disorderly; S5. George McCallian, James Mulligan, Charles Shiole and Thomas Bovd, do.; ?'2 each. Sixth Precinct?Annie Bowman and Fannie Smith, disorderly, S3 each. Emma White, as sault; William Sowers and Nathaniel Lee, sleeping in a market; dismissed. Wm. Hurley and M. B. Safford, drunk and disorderly; mili tary. Emma White, disorderly; S5. Tenth Precinct.?Eliza Anderson, disorderly; S4. Delia Russell, do.: S3. Mary Thomas, do.; S2. Mary Jane Ward, do.: do. Mary A. Ttlgh man, do.: ?150. John Clark, do.: dismissed. James M. Bowser, M. Driscoll, and M. McGraw, do.; do. Melinda Phillips, do.; S8. Mary Simonds, do.; dismissed. Julia Fraiier, do ; 92. Frank Smith, selling without license; 8*2. Mathew Dillon, drunk and disorderly; S2. Wm. Brown, grand larceny; dismissed. John Bransell, assault and battery; deferred. Adam Whisten, do.; jail for conrt. George Brooks and Samuel Censer, desertion; sent to naval anthorities. Wm. Shields, de.; do. Richard Smith, obtaining money by false pre tences/dismissed. Daniel Jackson, carrying concealed weapons: 820. Melinda Phillips, common drnnkard; security for good behavior Port op Georgetown.? Entered?Schrs Pawnee, Chapman, from Philadelphia; L Ger trude, Campbell, New York; Allen, Doane, New York; Palmer, Terry, do.; Bark Eliza White, Baltimore, with supplies for U. S. Gov ernment. Cleared?Schrs. A. C. Durfey, Savins, Jersey City; Jro. Henry, Crouch, Saulsbury; W. D. Morgan, Phillips, Seaford; A. Eliza beth, Purdy, Matawoman: N. Done, Hall, New lork; Beenheba, Galloway, Baltimore: Pro tector, Grissett, Mattawoman: Adaline, Gatten, Llewel lensbnrg; G. S. Powell, Boggs, Acco mac; Rechingham, Talpey, Cape Cod; Hamil ton, Barker, Mattawoman; Maria,Miller, New \ork: Kishmond, Small, Bath; Wm. Peters, Everson, Nanticoke; Eldad, Corsey, Balti more; Julius Webb, Ackley, Hartford; Monti, cello, Moon, Boston; Albert Field, Pettit, Co basset; Pervade, Harden, St. Marys: Two Brothers. Burton, Choptank; Ocean Wave, Turner, Boston: sloop J. Landy, Berry, Mary land Point: Haze, Roberts, Deal's Island; bark Eliza White, White, Baltimore: steamer Phoe nix, Stackpole, Glymont; Baltimore, Lewis, New York; steam tug Potomac, Kersey, Balti more; longboats Pilot, Saunders, Wade's Bay; Pirate, Bolden. White House; Great Western, Hunt, Nanjemoy H. C. Purdy, Barry, White House; Alleghany, Ragan, Alleghany. Mabriaoh at the Ninth Street Prks byterian Church.?This morning, at ten o'clock, at the Ninth street Presbyterian church, Mr. George W. Hall, of the Census Bureau,, was wedded to Miss Isabella Miller, step daughter of Mr. Thomas Rich, of the City Post office. The marriage ceremony was per formed by the Rev. John C. Smith, in the pres ence of a large concourse of persons, among whom were many department clerks and their wives and daughters. The bride was rich'y and handsomely attired; and alter the happy couple had received the congratulations of a host of friends they started oh a wedding tour to Khode Island. Released.? Walter Hellen, who was ar rested several days ago by the military author ities for disloyalty, and committed to the Old Capitol, was released yesterday upon repeat ing the oath of allegiance by sentences and subscribing his name thereto. J. Sellner and his wife, Mary E. Sellner, ar rested on the 16th instant and committed to the Central Guardhouse for aiding soldiers to de sert and furnishing citizens' clothing to those deserung, were alio released yesterday upon giving their parole of honor not to leave the District without proper authority, and pledg Rifrkn^'ThSr1* read-v to answer any and all charges that may be brought against them. A'a1"?? CtBK TL^5t n*ht, as two young men, Andrew Smith and George Bekel re siding on the Island, were walking on Buz zard Point, a soldier named Adam Whisten approached them and charged them with be ing secessionists. Smith and Bokel attempted to get away, when Whisten drew a pocket knife and pursued and cut at them, and suc ceeded in cutting Smith in the side, making a severe wound. After cutting Smith he pur sued them, jumping over four fences, but some citizens took him in custody until the arrival of officers Whitemore and Drane, who took him to the tenth precinct station, and this morning he was committed to jail. Not So.?The New York Commercial Adver tiser a Washington special, under date of July lath, says:??Among the passengers in the ^ain captured by Gilmore's highwaymen was W. P. Wood, Superintendent of the Old Capi tol prison, who has not since been heard of here, and was possibly captured." Mr Wood was in Baltimore when the Phila delphia railroad was cut, and.lelt Baltimore by boat for Havre de Grace the same afternoon, on a business trip to the North. He consequent ly was not captured by Gilmore's highwaymen. State op the Thermometer At Frank lin & Co.'s, opticians, No. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, the theimometer stood to-day at I o'clock, 87 In the shade: in the sun 115. PERCY'S METALLURGY, IRON AND STEEL London, 1864. Phillip's Metallurgy. London. r P>*IC?'8 Metallurgy, Copper, Zinc, Bras*, &e: London. Iron Tables. Scrivenor on the Iron Trade. London. French's Iron Trade of the United States. Beecraft's Companion to the Iron Trade. Lon don Hogg's Iron Trades' Guide. London, The Manufacture of Iron. Truran on the Manufacture of Iron. Overman on the Manufacture of Iron. Fairbairn's Information lor Engineers. ?Jt_20 FRANCE TAYLOR. fkRPHANS'COURT. JULY 19,1864.?District w OF Coi.cmhia, Codntt of Washiegto*. to wit: In the case of George W. Harkness, Administrator of Martha (alias Patsey) Hutchins, deceased, the Administrator aforesaid has. with the approbation of thi- Orphans' Court of Washington County afore said. unpointed SATURDAY, the 13th da> of August next, for the final settlement and distribution of the personal estate of said deceased, and of the assets in hand, as far as the same have been col lected and turned into inoney; when andfwhere all the creditors and heirs of said deceased are notified to attend, (at the Orphans'Court of Washington County aforesaid,) with their claims properlv vouched, or they may otherwise hy law be excluded from all benefit In said deceased's estate: provided a copy of this order be published once a week for three weeks in the Evening Star, previous to the Baid 13th day of August. Ii54. Test: Z. C. ROBBTN3. jy 2o-law3w* Register of Wills. Refrigerators at manufacturers- pricks. We will commence to day to sell our en tire stock of REFRIGERATORS at prime cost. Persons in want of the above arti i cle will find it to their advantage to aire I us a call. HTbONTZ, ? Successor to Bonts A Griffith. jy 19 8t 369 7th street, near I. metropolitan BATHS. 1T1 VAPOR BATHE. HOT AND COLD BATHS, SHOWER AND DOUCHE BATHS, 321 Penna. av., bet. 11th and ttthsts. jylO-lw* 'OR SALE-A very fine BUGGY and SADDLE * MARE. 5 years old; a good trareler, gv and perfectly gentle; will oe sold for dajLLA fault, but the owner has no further use for/'h*'a one. Can he seen at JOHN BLIGH'S Stable, cor ner of 12th and C ata. jy 19-St T. O HOWARD'S ILr?v. HIRING, HACK, IX CHANGE A STAGE STABLES, - G Strtti, Bavetn 6th and Tth, North Side. The subscriber has constantly on hand a larae let of fine BOR3KS. BUGGIES, Ac. which he will hire, sell or exchange lint&atUie'abo *place?' *** '? 5?i 41T Fifteenth street, _ ' Next deer te Biggs' Bank. P' JA8. 0. McOUI&I 9c CO., Auctions*!*. HANDSOME AND NE4RLY NBW CARRUob ANn HARNESS AT PUBLIC BALK 8 On SATURDAY MORNING. July xy, ?t ^ o'clock, in front of the auction room*, w* nhVji ?^i a very handsome Coupon Rnckaway, huilt to oM*T by one of the best builders in New T rk. Qan h? seen prior to sale at the private stable of Main? Nicholson, on the height* of Georgetown N? 15 Road street. M Also? Two Sets Double Harness,one perfectly new One good two seat,one horse Family Carriae Terms cash. Jyr-d J. C. MeGUIRR A 00.. A.i'ts L" Y WM. L. WALL A CO.. Aucti ?ineers At th( Horse liazaar 9!i La. SALS OF HORSES, AND CARRIAGES EVKRY TUE8DAY. THURSDAY. AND SATURDAY MORNING, commencing at 10 o'clock ? BALE OF HORSE*. CARRIAGES. Ac. On SATURDAY MORNING, Julv commencing at 10 o'clock. Comprising about? , , FIKTY HORSKS, Including some valuable Harness and Saddle Horses. One Ray Horse, 8 years old. been used by a f.tmily having no further use for hint. Full description at sale ? ? . ALSO, Previons to the sale of Horses, we will sell a large assortment of desirable New an.i Second Hand Carriages.-Buggiet) Germstntown Rockawsys, Trotting Wagons, Jump i*eat Jaeger Wa^on, aai Harness. 3 Sleighs, Blankets. Ac.^80' 4 Watering Csrtn. Terms cash. _jv ai IChron.l W. L. WALL A CO., Aueta. Gray's Patent "Molded Collars, Are universally pronounced the neatest and beet fitting collars extant. The upper edge presents ? perfect curve, free from the angles noticed in all other collars. The cravat causes no packers on the lnsideof the turn-down collar; they are as SMOOTH 1NSIDB AS OUTSIDB, and therefore Perfectly free and easy to the neck. The Garotte Collar has a smoeth and evenly Bt? - Ished edge on both ride*. These Collars are not simply hat pieces of paper eat in the ferm of a collar, but are MOLDID ANDSHAPBD TO FIT THB NECK. The* are made in "Novelty," (or tarn-down style;) In every halfsiie from 12 te 17 inches, and in "lureka," (or Garotte.) from 13 to 17 inohea; and packed In " solid si?es" in neat blue cartons, con.aining 100 each; also in smaller ones of ten each?the latter a very handy package for travelers army and navy officers. KT1VERY COLLAR is stamped "GRAY'S PATEN1 MOLDBD COLLAR Bold by all dealers In men's furnishing goods, The trade supplied by WALL. STEPHENS A OO , apMJm 3 Pa. avenue, Washington, Fi. HEIBERUER, SUCCBSSOB TO Hr~F. ? LOUDON A CO., CITy7F.N& AXD MILITARY MERCHANT TAILOR, Mi o*olwin Houl. (Uu* Brown's,) Ztt'U Pennnsylvania avenue. Of"- Washington .C 4 Billiard tables kor sale.-The Subscri. ber has THRKE FIRST CLASS BILLIARD TABLES, nearly new, which he will dispose of very low. Inquire at the Billiard room, corner OflIth street and Pennsylvania avenue. JeU-tf WILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO INFORM HIS v v friends and the public that he has en hand a variety of large and beautiful style of Monuments, Head Stones and all kinds of Marble worked U? order, and is thankful for past favors and hopes to solicit a share of their patronage. Penn. avenue, between 18th and 19th sis mh 18 eoSm* "i CJ10VB AND KINDLING WOOD, Hickory, Oak and Pine, sawed and split to any length and site; also, cord length. Lowest market prices. G. L. SHERIFF, Office, Pa. av.. betw. Sd and 4S sts. Ie2r-lm Mill and Wharf. 4*% st. at Canal Bridge. PROPOSALS FOR TIMBER AND MATERIAL S FOR THE NAVY. Navy DcrARTMEiT, Bckeauof Construction ami Rbiairs, ? . ? JuneS), 1864. Sealed Proposals to furnish Timber and Mate rials for the Navy, for the fiscal year ending June 30. M65 will be received at the Bureau of Construc tion and Repair, until in o'clock of the 1st day of August next, at which time the opening will be commenced. Proposals must be endorsed "Proposals for Tim ber and Materials for the Navy,"' that they may be distinguished from other business letters, and di rected to the Chief of the Bureau of Construction nd Repair. The materials and articles embraced in the classes are particularly described in the printed schedules, any of which will be furnished to such as desire to oner, on application to the Command ants of the respective yards, or to the Navy A?rent nearest taereto, and those of all the yards upon application to the Bureau. This division into classes being for the conve nience of dealers in each, such classes only will be furnished as are actnally required for bids. The Commandant and Navy Agent for each station will, in addition to the schedule of classes of tneir ?wn Yards, have a copy of the schedules of the other Yards for examination only, frem which may be Judged whether it will be desirable to make application for any of the classes of those Yards. All other things being equal, preference will bo given to articles of American manufacture. Offers ninst be made for the whole of the class at any yard, upon one of the printed schedules, or In strict conformity therewith, or they will not be considered Upon application to the Bureau, to the com mandant of any yard, or to any navy agent, the form of oiler, of guaranty, and other necessary information respecting the proposals, will be fur nished. The contract will be awarded te the lowest bid derwho gives proper guaranties,as required by the law of August 10,18)6, the Navy Department reserving the right to reject the low est bid, or any which may be deemed exorbitant. The contracts will benr date the day the noti fication is given, and deliveries can be demanded from that date. Sureties in the full amount will be required to sign the contract, and their responsibility certi fied to by a United ttates District Judge. Uaited States District Attorney, Collector or Navy Agent. As additional security, twenty per centum will be withheld from the amount of the bills until the contracts shall have been completed, anj eighty per centum of each bill approved in triplicate by the commandants of the respective yards, will be paid by the Navy Agents at the points of delivery, in funds or certificates, at the option of the Gov ernment, within ten days after the warrant for the same shall have been passed by the Secretary of the Treasury. The following are the classes required at the re spective navy yards: KITTERY. Class No. 1, White Oak Logs; No. J, White Oak Keel and Keelson Pieces; No. 3. White Oak Gurve Timber and Knees; " Yellow Pi 8. Yellow __ ?v. Whi Pine Plank and Boards; No. 12, White Pine and White Oak Deck Plank; No. 13. Ash Logs and ,nu neeison rieces; wo.s, \\ hite Oak <'urve r and Knees; No. 4. White Oak Plank;No 6, Pine Logsj No. 7. Yellow Piue Beams, No. iw; Pine Masts and Spar Timber, No. 11, Lignunivita', No. 25, Iron, round, flatand square; No. 2ti, Steel: No. 27, Iron Spikes; No. 23, Iron Nails, wrought and cut; No. 3', Leal: Ho. 31. Tin and Zinc: No.33, Hardware; No. 34, Tools for Stores; No. &?;, White Lead; No. S7. Zinc Paints; No. 38, Colored Paints, dryer: No. 31*, Turpentine, Var nish; No. 40. Linseed Oil; No. 41, Glass; No. 44, Fish Oil; No. 45, Tallow. Soap- No. 47 Ship Chandlery OHABLESTOWN. Class No. 1, White Oak Logs: No. 2, White Oak Keel Pieces: No. 3, White Oak Curved Timber;No. 4, White Oak Plank; No. K, Yellow Pine Locti No. 1", White Pine Mast and Spar Timber; No. II, W hite Pine Logs, Plank, and Boards; No. 12, White Pine Deck and Stage Plank; No. 13, Ash Logs and Plank; No. 14. Ash Oars: No. 16, Black Walnut anl Cherry; No. 1<J. LocustiNo. 19, White Oak 8tave* and Headings; No. 20, Black Spruce; No. 23, Llg numvitie; No. 25, Iron: No. 26, Bteel, No. 27, Iron Spikes; No. 23, Iron Nails, wrought and cut; No, 30, Lead; No. 31, Zinc. Tin, and tiolder; No. 33, " Stores, Ac.; No. 36, its; No. 3ft, Colored Paints; No. 39, Turpentine and Varnish; No. 40, Linseed Oil: No. 4l, Glass; No. 44, Whale Oil; No. 45, Tallow, Soap,and Sweet Oil; No. 47 Ship Chand ler>* BROOKLYN. Class No. 1. White Oak Logs; No. i. White Oak Keel Pieces; No. 3. White Oak CurvedTimber; No. 4, White Oak Plank; No 6, Yellow Pine Logs; No. 7. Yellow Pine Beams-No. 8. Yellow Pine Mastand Spar Timber; No. 9, White Onk Boards and Plank; No. 11, White Pine Timber and Logs; No. 13. Ash Plank; No. 14, Ash Oars: No. 15. Hickory Bars and Hand Spikes; No. 16, Black Walnut and Cherry; No. 17, Cedar; No. 18. Locust: No 19, White Oak Staves and Heading; No.20, Black Spruce; No. 22, Mahogany; No. 33, Lignumvitae; No 25. Iron, round, fiat and square; No. 26, 8teel; No. 27. Iron Spikes; No. 28. Iron Nails, wrought, cut; No. 3', Lead; No. 31, Zinc, Tin; No. 33, Hardware; No. 34. Tools for 8tores; No. 36. White Lead: No. 37, Zinc Paint; No. 38. Colored Paints. Dryers: No.39, Yar nish; No. 40, Linseed Oil; No. 41, Glass; No. 42, Brushes; No. 44, Fish Oil; No, 46, Tallow; No. 47, Ship Chandlery. PHILADELPHIA. ? _ Class No. 1. White Oak Logs: No. 2, White Oak Keel Pieces;No. St White Oak Cnrved Timher;No. 4, White Oak Plank; No. M. White Pine Mast and Spar Timber: No. il. White Piae Plank aud Boards; No. 12. Whi*n Pine Deck Plank and Stage Plaak; No 13, Ash Logs and Plank: No. 14, Ash Oars; No. 16, Black Walnut, Cherry. Mahogany; No. 17, Cy press and Cedar: No. 18. Locust Treenails; No. 20, Black Spruce; No. 23. Lignnmvitsp; No. 25. Iron, round, flat, square; No. 26, Steel: IT*. 37. Iron Spikos; No 28. Iron Nails, wronght. cut; No. 30. Lead'No 31 Zinc, Tin. and Solder; No. 31, Hard ware ?' No 34 To'>ls for Stores: No. 38. White Load; N^tf Zinc No 3*. dolored Paints, Dry er.' aA no ?, Yarnishj rf.>, <n. Linseed Oil. No. K? *'' "*0t ?? WASmNGTON. Glass No. 3, White Oak Knee Pieces; No. 11, White Pine Plank and Boards; No. 13. Ash Flank, M,.?4.AahOare; N* 16, Black Walnut, Chorry, ?nd Mahogwnv; No.J3, Cypress; No. 20, Spruce Pine fepars; No. *2. Poplar; No. 28, Iron, ronjd, nat. andMiiere; No. *, Steel; No. 17.Iwo. 2B,NaiIs; Bp. > . Lead: No. aj.Zinc.Tin and Sold ^ N? L*.a^^Vo^7*ooU ?'White Lead; No Jr.Ziae Faint: No. ??Og1*' Paint*: No.S*. Turpentine and Farnish; No. 4", ,iB?eW Oil: No. 41 44/ Tallow, ? Sc.7?o.*f,bblm Chandlery: No. 48.Oak.asa; No 49, +anh Iron; No. 80. Ingot Copper; No. No. M, Bellows. Jy#-law4w

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