Newspaper of Evening Star, July 26, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 26, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W t D. WA1LACH, l41tfrM<Pnprl?t*r? WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY..,.., JULY 96, 1964. DREADING MATT** OX EVERY PAG*. 8*1 OUTBID* EOR INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC AND OTH*R MATT*R. EXTRA. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. BRILLIANT RAID OP ROSSEAU IN THE DIRECTION OF MONT* 0OMERY, ALA. He Burns all the Railroad Bridges Ntrth of Montgomery, and Twenty Miles South of It. ? } Nnw York, July 26.?The TW&tm' has a dis patch announeing the retorn of Rosseau's force to Marietta, being completely success ful, haying burnt all railroad bridges north of Montgomery and twenty miles south of it. LATE FROM SHERMAN. He is Still Vigorously Advancing?Gar rard makes a Successful Raid en the Connection* with Atlanta. Naphyillb, July 25.?The remains of Sen. McPherson reached nere at 9 a. m. to-day, and were escorted to the Louisville depot by the 15th regulars. Official news from the front of Atlanta is meagre, but no reverses are reported. Sherman still maintains his position, and is Vigorously advancing. Gen. Rosseau bas successfully fulfilled his Orders, and reports a loss of only 12 of his command. Gen. Garrard's expedition has been success ful, destroying biidges at Corlngton, 40 miles east of Atlanta, destroyed public stores at Covington and Coneyers, including 2,000 bales of cotton, locomotive and train of cars, cap turing 200 prisoners and a number of horses. Oar losses in the recent battles foot up some thing less than two thousand. We have found over one thousand dead labels, which, with the usual proportion of Wounded, will make their loss over seven thousand. Onr army is in good condition, and the situ ation favorable. SECRETARY FESfKNDEN TO THE PEOPLE. The appeal of the Secretary of the Treasury to the American people has the right ring He states clearly, concisely, but with a certain quiet eloquence, the requirements of the Gov ernment, financially, to the end o: the success ful prosecution of tte war. and tells the people hat it is their affair; that the war is their war, and that to 6tand by the Government and sus tain the national credit is not only a matter of patriotism but of interest; of self-pfeserva-* tioh. His exposition of the present financial con dition is hopefuV but bears the impress of truthfulness in its calm, lucid statements. Ills enunciation of a purpose to restrain the vol ume of the currency will give him the confl. dence of the leading financial men of the coun try; and the provisions of the new loan as an nounced are sagaciously practical, affording an opportunity for making an excellent in vestment of small or large sums: and the loan is thus emphatically the people's loan, as is the war RBTrBjiBD.?Secretary Seward and Assis. ant Secretary of State, Fred Seward, returned t o this city yesterday afternoon at 0 o'clock on board the IT. s. Revenue Cutter Wavwanda, Monroe ^hlte* 'rom their to Fortress AW L HaxCSPTIOITALE APPOlJTTMKJfT.? Tayl0r. ,b??n appointed Assistant easurer at New York, to succeed Mr. Cisco, whose continued ill-health compels him tore tire from office. FROM SHENANDOAH VALLEY. AK?hl\e ZratA Winch*"*r-Return of the fvJriii if ?rS-R'p*rt? ?' "'?asters? nlfc-i t0- "a'P^r's Ferry?The Rebels at Martinsburg? Suspension of Rnilroad Travel. The Bal timore American of to-day says; The city was last night full of rumors of rebel movements in the Shenandoah Valley, to gether wi'Ji yague accounts of disasters to the force under Gen . Averill, which last week at tacked and defeated a portion of Gen. Early's raiders near Winchester. Among the rumors was the death of Gens. Kelly and Averill, as well as of Col. Mulligan. The facts, as far as we have been able to as certain them, are that Gen. Averill, after his successful encounter with Early s forces, pur sued them to the mountains beyond Winches ter, where Early made a stand, and after heavy fighting on Saturday and Sunday, Oie rebels having been in the meantime largely rein forced, Gen. Averill was compelled to fall back to Harper's Ferry, bringing with him the forces at Bunker Hill, and causing also the evacuation of Martinsburg. The rebels appear to have pursued him in his retreat, and yester day afternoon again occupied Martinsburg, where they cut the telegraph and commenced again the destruction of the track of the Haiti more and Ohio railroad. Our forces, according to the best advices we could obtain, are now concentrated at Harper's I&l nnder command of General Hunter whilst the rebels hold Martinsburg, and ru mor states them to be in large force, but this can hardly be possible beyond the strength of Early's and Breckinridge's forces. Their ob ject in returning is doubtless to give time for the safety of their trains of plunder, and to secure the collection of a portion of the crop in the Shenandoah Valley. That they may again come into Maryland for more plunder is high ly probable, especially if they find the way open to them, as is generally the case in the military management of aff airs along the bor der. As to the extent of the disaster to our forces in the fight beyond Winchester, we have no authentic Information, nor have we any con firmation of the rumors of the death of Gens. Averill, Kelly, and Colonel Mulligan. It is not likely, however, all three of these officers bave fallen, and we are inclined to doubt the whole story. We leam that orders were sent to remove tne army and medical stores from Frederick last night, as a matter of precaution, and to ?Tac wth" c"y ln case of the ad tiou rebels unchecked in that direc i?J?Mt?v#n!^1?lB,*lligence from the Val ,ot as favorable as could be desired, may b0 interred from tlie fart that General Wallace convened the Loval Iea*nes last night, to advise with themw ? hSdmg themselves in readiness"in ca?e thei? service! may be required for the defence of the citv These precautions are, of course IrtJVLfiil* and our citizens should be in readiness at in times, to meet the invaders, anTto JreUSt repeating the outrages recently ?erraTr? ted in the vicinity of the city. perpetra Dispatches received here last night merelv announced that General Averill had been com pel led to retire before a superior forcTtS h?* per'. Ferry, but mentioned no seriousd2u-" Travel Suspended the B?itini0Pe u< Ohio Railroad. At an early hour yesterday afternoon, dis patches were received from Sandv Hook Z other points, by the Master or Transportation to the effect that hootil* movements ht?{?2X resumed on the part of the enemy, and that it would be hazardous to attempt to run cars usual. The train which left Cam mornln* proceeded as 'ar as Sandy Hook, when those in charge, yielding to the suggestion of Gsn. Hunter, t' harper's Ferry, returned. Thi traiM wa? J ' "*1' * train which was to have left 9 ?'eloc* feet evening, of conns, under 'hecircumstances did notImta. and a considerable 'f bourd for the West were disi.ppointed The tonnage business of the road u in time, suspended until better iarom?^J?,?!tE" taiiied as to the condition of the Harper's Ferry. roa<1 w0#t ?r The teUgraph wires were cut west of J P?r's Ferry, and It was reported that the of Crook and Averill had retreated boyoad fa! 1 railroad, bnt the officers of the company **1? not received any official advices to that eff>cL Yesterday afternoon and evening the rumor pre vailed that the rebel* had return** In hsayy force In the vicinity of Martinsburg; bad met and routed the Federal force*, and were dam aging the railroad, and a large number of per. eons congregated at the Camden Station and remained there until night. Latest frena Harper's Ferry. The train which left here yesterday morning for the West and proceeded a* far as Sandy Hook, returned about 7* o'clock last evening, and all the cars were crowded with passen gers. Some of them were Federal officers, who reported that a heavy fight had taken place between Harper's Ferry and Winchester, and that Hunter had been repulsed. Several pieces of artillery had been captured, also a large number of men of two brigades. It is impos eible to ascertain the true state of affairs in that region, but there is no doubt that a serions disaster has occurred to the forces of General Hunter. _ ANOTHER ACCOUNT. The Baltimore Sun says: At an early hour yesterday morning rumor was rife that a battle had taken place between the Union and rebel foroes near Winchester, Va., and that the Union forces had sustained a repulse. Upcn Inquiry at official quarters the following facts were ascertained: About eleven o'clock on Sunday morning, the rebel forces, under Generals Breckinridge and Early, attacked the Union forces, inder Generals Crook and Averill and Colonel Mul ligan, at or near Winchester. There was also a portion of General Hunter's forces In the fight, but General Hunter was not present, being at Harper's Ferry. The battle lasted during tb<* entire day, and when night closed in, the t nion c >mmand.*re, ascertaining that the rebels received large reinforcements, retired towards Martinsburg and Harper's Ferry. Yesterday morning they retired from Martinsburg to Harper's Ferry, after which the rebels occupied Martinsburg. Through the advice of General Hunter, Wm. l^reBiott Smith, Esq., superintendent of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, ordered the pas senger trains that had left this city for the Weat yesterday morning to return, and for the present no passenger or freight trains will be run farther than Harper's Ferry and Fred erick. The trains from the West will run only as far as Cumberland. This is done merely as a precautionary measure until the actual state of affairs and the number of the rebels and their designs may be ascertained- The rumors tnatpassenger and freight trains have been captured are unfounded. It was announced that Colonel Mulligan (of Lexington, Mo., fame,) commanding a brigade in the fight of Sunday, was killed. He was wounded and seen to fall from his horse, and ^,a" bought was killed. He was an officer well known to this country, and his death will be deplored by many friends. He has for the past year done much service in Western Vir ginia along the line of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. It was stated that General Averill's forces sustained the heaviest loss, as the rebels massed a large force against them during the fight, and succeeded in taking several guns from them, which, however, it is reported they succeeded in recapturing. The actual forces of the enemy are not known, but if another raid is contemplated into Mary land, the military authorities are prepared to give them a warm reception. Brigadier General Tyler was in the city yes terday evening, from the Relay House, and was at once assigned to important duties in the western section of the Middle Depart ment. ? The losses in the fight on Sunday are said to have been quite severe on both sides, but In the absence of ihe official accounts from the General commanding the engagement, all statements Irom unofficial authorities are with' held. The report last evening that the rebels had entered Maryland by Shepherd&town and Sharpeburg, and occupied Hagerstown, were not officially confirmed, and not believed in m^tary circles in this city. Reports reached this city yesterday after noon that Gen. Averill had been killed in the flght on Sunday, but Gen. Hunter, at Harper's irerry, bad not received, up to last evening, any confirmation of the rumor. Up to the hour of going to press there was nothing later received. The telegraph communication only extended as far *s Harper's Ferry, and nothing could be ascertained in regard to the move ments of the rebels. Financial.?The New York Commercial Advertiser of yesterday evening says: Tlie improved feeling In Governments is marked. There is some speculative demand, prompted by a prevailing impression that the late depression in United States securities is only temporary, and that the high rates of in terest will induce a material rise in prices when the money market becomes permanently easy, The money market continued easy. Lenders are at last seeking borrowers, and the supply is abundant for all legitimate purposes. The banks are withdrawing their deposits from the Sub Ireasury, and large amounts sent west for the purchase of produce, are now finding their way back into the banks. The indications are that we have seen the end of the present extreme stringency, and that we shall have an early return to the six per cent rate of in terest. It is understood to be the intention of the Secretary of the Treasury to ask for no imme diate subscription to a definite amount of the seven-thirties, but to offer them for gradual absorption. This policy will contribute to ward a regular course of the money market, and will ultimately work best for the Treas ury. Strenuous efforts are being made by that sec tion of the press lately vociferously opposed to currency Issues, to persuade Secretary Fes senden that he has no alternative but to con tinue the greenback expansion by further liberal issues. Illustrations very suggestive of familiarity with the effects of free bibacious habits are freely resorted to, and we are as sured that the only relief for the financial de lirium tremens is to continue pouring into tha patient the fatal stimulant. This demand for more paper goes upon the supposition that the aggregate value of the money afloat can be increased by an addition to its face amount?one of the most thoroughly exploded fallacies of the greenback school of finance. l>o these late uncompromising oppo nents of greenbacks need to be reminded of their old argument, that additional issues will only depreciate the currency already in circulation, without increasing the value available for the purposes of exchange ? The truth is, that the stringency or ease of the money market de pends much less than is generally supposed upon the amonntof currency. It is the amount of money upon the market, estimated in its purchasing value, that determines the condi tion of the market; and as the further issue of currency would depreciate the purchasing value in the same proportion as it increased the nominal amount, the market clearly could not be really relieved by any addition to the cur rency. The Evening Post says: Gold opened at *255^, and advanced on sen sation rumors from Atlanta to259, closing dull at . Exchange is extremely quiet at ?-Ca2tO, and buyers prefer waiting in anticipa tion of a speedy decline. The specie price is 1(H), as bills are relatively eheaper than gold. The loan market is Inactive, and the supply is iully equal to the demaud at 7 per cent. Five millions ot dollars were received at the New York Sub-Treasury to-day to redeem a Sortion of the temporary loan made to the Government by the banks. The stock market opened dnll and closed with a small increase oi activity. Govern ments are strong, State stocks heaey, bank shares dull, coal shares improving, mining shares inactive, railroad bonds steady, and railroad shares improving. TCW*NV3 ";TAe S\c 1i0 of the Sunday u ^ool of the Ninth street Methodist Church, wiH be at the beautiful grove on the farm of Mrs. King, IX miles northwest of Georgetown, on the new road, THURSDAY. July 28th Con veyances will leave the Church at 8 o'clock cn that day. W. C. LIPSCOMB. JR.. Jy 26-2t* Superintendent. I. O. O. F.?The R. W. GRAND ENOAMP MKNT will hold its annual session TO ROW (Tuesday) EVENING. at 8 o'clock. jy 2?-2t* J. 0. 0. WHALEY, G. 8. rTcfNOTICE.?The "National Rifles" are bere Iki? by ordered to meet at Temperance Hall, on Eetreet, oa TUESDAY EVENING, July JS. at 8 o'clock. Br order ef Captain Moore. jy 25-2t* ED. T. MATTHEWS. Orderly Berg't. ATTENTION, JOURNEYMEN COACH Uo? MAKERS.?Yon are hereby notified to at tend s special meeting to be held at German Hall, 11th street. TUESDAY EVENING, July*2S, at 8 o'clock. The presence of every member is par ticularly requested, as business of importance will demand your attention. Jy25-2t* F. P. KANE, Sec. ry-5="M?TB0P0LITAN RAILROAD ?The First U 3 Meeting of the Stockholders of the Metro politan Railroad Company, in the District of Co lumbia. will be held at the rooms. No. 463 9th street west, on TUI8DAY, the 26th lust., from 12 o'clock m. to 4 p. m., for the pnrpoae of organising said Company oy the eleetion of officers, as pro vided by the act of incorporation, and for the transaction of such other business as may legally conie before said meeting. Ilex. r. shepherd, M.Q. EMERY, 0-lw 8- V- BBOW*. ?^1W Committee. viitj , { ean be made as mo4 as new 2^nortPlSl^Z #o 36370 streetnorth, between 4* and 6th Foa&.%s?M& iWjttsKata- "St" Oaa be sees at Riley's wharrp?r further pROPOSALg WJ) R LOAN. TkiasVat DiPAXTMsrr. July K. 1351. Notice is hereby giv*n that subscriptions will be received by the Tr??Mr of the United States, the several Assistant Treasurers and Designated Depositories and br the National Banks designated and qualified as Depositories and Financial Agents, tor Treasury Notes payable three years from August 15.1861. bearing interest at the rate ef ?even and three-tenths per cent, per annum, with semi annual coupons attached, payable in lawful money. w These notes will be conVTtible at the option of the holder at maturity, into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, redeemable after fire and payable twenty years from August 15, 1SS7. The Notes will be issued in the denominations of fifty, one hundred, f t? hundred, one thousand and five thousand dollars, and will be issued in blank, or payable to order, as may be directed by the sub scribers. All subscriptions must he for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dollars. Duplicate certificates will be issued for all dcpos ites. The party depositing must endorse upon the original certificate the denomination of notes re quired, and whether they are to be issued in blank or payable to order. When so endorsed it mast be left with the officer receiving the deposit, te be forwarded to this Department. The notes will be transmitted to the owner* free of transportation charges as soon after the receipt of the original Certificates of Deposit as they cau be prepared. ,? Interest will be allowed to August 15 on all deposits made prior to that date, and will be paid by the Department upon receipt of the original certificates. As the notes draw interest from August 15, per sons making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrued from date of note to date of deposit. Parties depositine twenty-fire thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission of one-quarter of one per cent., which will be paid by this Department upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by the officer with whom the deposit was made. No deductions for commissions must be made from the deposits. Officers receiving deposits will see that the proper endorsements are made upon the original certificates. All officers authorized to receive deposits are requested to give to applicants all desirel informa tion, and afford every facility for making sub scriptions. W. P. FESSBNDBN, Jy 26-tf Secretary of the Treasury. ?????? LOST^AND FOUND. FOUND?On Monday, July 25th, 18<>4, on Gay st., (ieorgetown, D. 0., a POCKBT-BOOK, con taining a sum of money, which the owner can have by proving property and paying for this ad vertisement. Call at Union Bottling Depot, No, 57 Greene street, Georgetown, D. C. Jy 26-2t? JOST OB STRAYED?On Sunday night, the 2?th J inst , from the corner of 12th and M streets, about 9 o'clock, a dark bay HORSE, about 15 hands high, both hind feet white, small star in his fore head,his mane ragged. Ten dollars reward will be given if returneato JAB. QUINN, 13th street, between B and_I. jy 86-St* ? REWARD.?Strayed or stolen from tho sub qJJeJ scriber, on the 25th inst., three HOGS? one is a black barrow Pig, the others white. The smallest of the white ones had cn the right hip a i black spot. Tho above reward will be paid for their return to TI10S. SULLIVAN, 4th street,be tween K and L, No. 224. It* Cf ^ RKW ARD?Lost in Alexandria, on Friday, V ? ') the 15th instant, a large, cluster DIAMOND RING, supposed to have been lost in the neigh borhood or the City Hotel. The above reward ?will he paid if the ring is returned to LIEUT. DONN. lBt D. C. Regiment, vols., at Alexandria, or at Mr. GALT'S Jewelry Store, on Pa. avenue, Washington, D. 0. jy 26 6t* IOST?On Saturday, the23d, in the care, between J Navy Yard and Center Market, a LEATHER POCKET-BOOK, containing two 95 notes, and $1 in small change; also, papers, which are valuable to the owner. A liberal reward will be paid if left at this office, or at the residence of MRS. TUCK ER, on I street, between 6th and 7th, Navy Yard. It* ? I OPT?On the evening of the 25th inst., a BAY ? J HORSE, about 7 years old; white spots on the leftside, from the effect of sores from the girth; and several spots from old sores on both sides back bone, from the effect of the saddle. Was taken from the premises of CHARLES MADB3, corner of 3d street and Penn. avenue. Had on when taken a McClellan saddle, bridle and mar tingale. A suitable reward will be given if re turned to Mades' Hotel. jy 23 St* IOST?A gentleman's SLIPPER, neatly worked J on black broadcloth, with gold lace, small steel beads, and purple braid, somewhere on 7th street, Sunday evening. The finder will be liber ally rewarded by leaving it at this office. Jy 25-2t* ffij REWARD will bp given for the arrest and conviction of the thief or thieves who broke into my residence on 5th street, between L and M streets, on the night of the 21st inst. Jy 25-3t JAMES C. GRIFFIN. ^JTRAYBD?Sunday, the 24th. a black and white S3 COW, withont horns, ears both marked, lame in hind leg. A suitable reward will be given for her return, or any information that can be given, at No. 1"1G street, between 13th and a)th afreets, jy 25-2t? WM. WHITB. PICKED UP ASTRAY, AND AS A NUI3ANOB on the high way, a red, blind BULL. The owner is requested to call, prove property, nay charges, and take him away, or he will be sola at the first opportunity. GEORGE PHILLTP8, Jy 2.*>-3t* Crystal Restaurant, 390 D st. C-QC REWARD-Por GOLD WATCH, stolen ??? from Bates & Bro., some few days since. The above reward will be paid, and no questions asked, for any information which may lead to tho recovery of the watch, by jy 25 3t^ BATES ft BRO.,464 G street. IOST?On Thursday evening, July 21st, on J Georgetown Heights, betwaen the upper part of Greene street and the Reservoir, a lady's long GOLD CHAIN, with slide set in turqnoise, and having a locket attached thereto. A suitable re ward will be paid to the finder upon leaving it at 12* Greene st., above West-Georgetown. jy25-lw Qin REWARD.?Strayed from the subscriber, <19 I about the 6th inst., a blue and lead colored I COW. 8he has horns and a white face, with a star. The above reward will be paid for her recovery or for information leading thereto. BENJ. DABBY, T7 Water St., iy 2S-3t* or 37 Market st., Georgetown. G? f? REWARD?Strayed or stolen from the sub scriber, on the 22d inst., a small sited COW, light brown colojred, speckled hag, horns turning upwards, speckled on the loins and hips. The above reward will be paid for her return to MRS. T. CONNOR. New Jersey avenue, between Land New York avenue. No. 22t*. jy 25-2t* STOLEN from the subscriber on Sunday morn ing, the 24th. about 6 e'clock.a bay IIORSE, scar on the left shoulder, blind left eye, is a heavy set horse, 14 or 15 hands high, shoe off one of his liind legs, clipped in one of his ears, between hip hone and ruinp little sunk in. A reward of ?iu will be given to any one returning him, or giving information to the subscriber. WILLIAM II. PETIT. jy28-8t* 8pringHill Farm, (Foxall's place.) D.C. f 08T?Between the Bank of Washington and 53 4 Li 7th, between D and B streets, S400 in U. 8. Treasury notes, wrapped in a piece of white paper with some figuring and some name scratched on, among them the name of Brown?one fifty-dollar Treasury note and the other in tens and fives. A reasonable reward will be given for the return of it at 534 7th, between D and B street. Jy 2fi-3t* . SAMUEL C. MIDDLETON. H'7~\ hundred and sixty dollars of the above have been found. I will be much obliged to the gentleman and boys that picked up other parts of it. to return it to me, as the money lost was not niinevaDd it will be a heavy loss to me. The wind blew it all about the street. _Jy26-2t SAM'LO. MIDDLETON. WAS HIRED ON THE 22d instant, to a man vv named McGrauth,(a sutler's clerk,)a SOR REL STALLION, about 8 years old and 15 hands high, and no-top BUGGY. The nan McGrauth Called himself a sutler, but on inquiry was found out to be a sutler's clerk of 1st division of cavalry at Camp Stoneman. The finder of the Stallion and Baggy will be liberally rewarded by leaving theni at JOSEPH NAXHAN'S. j Jy25-2t* Corner 12th and C streets. CAME TO THE PREMI8E8 OF THE 8UB scriber, a dark red COW, large horns, cut on her left ear. Owner please come forward, prove property, pay charges and take her away. Jy 23-St* * W. KING, Brightwood. D. C. PERSONAL. CAUTION.?The public are hereby eautioned not to credit my wife, SUSANNA KORB, she having left my bed and board withont just cause. I am determined not to pay any bills of her con tracting. IJy 26-3t*] JOSEPH KORB. FOR SALE?A beantiful, stylish, pure blood BLACK HAWK MORGAN HOBBE, ? fifteen and a half hands high, weighing one thousand pounds, built in propor- jHBl tion, six years old, and a perfect model |.r Vlf of beauty, without blemish; perfectly kind in single and double harness, and all right in every way. This Horse has been raised by the celebrated Morgan stook breeder. Lewis Sherman, Esq., Brandon, Vermont, to whom the present owners refer any purchaser for his pedigree. He was brought here six months ago at a great expense, and is now sold without a single fault,as the owner, after various unsacoessful efforts, can not match him in strls, action, or oolor in any part of the county. He is perfectly gentle, and can be handled or driven by any lady, or even a boy. The attention of private families and army oflioers is respectfully invited to this fine animal. No horse dealers need apply. He will only be sold to private citisens or army officers. Price ftfiO. He can be seen at the stables of K1L; LEBER k. PYWELL, Eighth street, between D and I, for particular?^ap?l y at the stables, or at the store of P. J. BELLlw, 510 Seventh street, near Odd Fellows' Hall. |y ?-tf ?V J. 0. HOWARD'S S>JpLITBBY. HIRING. HACK, XX rOS. CHANGE * BTAGB 8TABtl8, O Strtrf, Bitwum 6th and Jtk, North Sid*. *Theofllceofthe*Marlboro?and Washington stage 11 a:tleCsame plaee is itai lB TAUBANT. If 4 O'OIiOCK P. ML. GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. jaj Cooke & Go. furnish the following quo tations of Government securities: Washington, July '26, 1061. Baying. Selling. U. S. 6's Coupon 1381 104If 105 3< U. 8. 5-*.'s 7 3-10 Treasury Notes 105 106 One Year Certificates ,... 91^ Certificate Checks New York?First Board. Coupons, 106; 5-ao s, 107 X; Certificates, 95\'; Gold, 257. THE BATTLE HEAR WINCHESTER. No Gnns Lost?No Generals Killed. Authentic particulars of the fighting on Sat urday and Sunday near Winchester, and of the subsequent movements of the rebels, seem to come in rather slowly. As far as we can learn the loss was not so heavy on either side as the reports in some of the morning papers would Indicate. Our cavalry, not in the best condition for fighting, was considerably broken up, but there were no guns lost, we learn, and there is no confirmation of the report of the death of Gens. Kelly, Averill and Mulligan. The latter was badly, one report says, mortally wonnded. There is a report current that the rebels have reoccnpied Harper's Ferry, which is not im probable, but is a fact of no importance, as we fnlly hold Maryland Heights, which is the key to the position. There is no confirmation, of the report that the rebels have re-entered Maryland by the way of Shepherdstown and Sharpsburg, and occupied Hagerstown. It is hardly possible tbat Early will venture to poke his nose far in. this direction, as he must be aware that in doing so be will speed ily encounter some very different fighting ma. terial from the thin and broken down columns of Hunter. SENTENCE OF GUERILLAS. The Military Commission, of which Major General Doubleday is president, now in ses sion intbis city, has tried Phillip Trammell, a citizen of Fairfax county, Va., upon the charge of violating the laws of war, in carrying od a guerilla warfare, and sentenced him to be shot to death with musketry at such time and place as the Secretary of War may direct. Jack Barnes, a native of Virginia, was also tried for breaking his oath of allegiance to the United States, for violating his parole, and for carrying on a guerrilla warfare. The prisoner was found guilty and sentenced to be hung, but the sentences of both Trammell and Barnes have been commuted to imprisonment in the Albany penitentiary for a term often years. George Barrett, a citizen of Prince George's county, Md., was tried by the commission for aiding soldiers to desert, and sentenced to pay a tine of $250, and be imprisoned for the term ol one vear in the Albany penitentiary. All three of the prisoners are now confined In the Old Capitol, and preparations are being made to execute the sentences. ^ SERVED TllEM RIGHT. This morning seventeen deserters from the rebel service arrived here from the lront, and were taken to the Provost Marshal's office, where blank forms of the oath of allegiance were filled out for them. Fourteen of the de serters readily oonsented to take It, but three of them refused, until commitments to the Old Capitol were made out, when they snddenly changed their minds, and signified a desire to take the oath. Col. Ingraham, however, in formed them that, as they had refused to take it when first offered to them, he could not af ford them another opportunity, and they were accordingly sent to prison to await the action of Judge Turner. THE STORM ON THE BAY. The 6tormof Sunday night on the bay is said to have been terriflc. The mail steamer High land Light, from City Point, arrived here yes terday five hours behind time, having expe rienced very rough weather. The sea at times ran entirely over her, sweeping her fore and aft, breaking her joiner work and knocking all the windows out of her pilot-house. The mir rors in the barber shop were thrown down and broken, and the furniture scattered about pro miscuously. The Highland Light has been hauled off the mail routa for repairs, and to day the steamer Dictator took down the mails and passengers. ENLISTMENTS IN THE NAVY. Last week the officers of the Navy Yard re ceived eighty recruits to the navy, most of whom were substitutes for persons liable to draft, and, with the exception of one or two, they will be credited to the District. This week the business has opened more briskly, and it is thought the above nnmber will be nearly doubled?this morning, before ten o'clock, there being nearly twenty applicants waiting at the door of the proper officer. A REBEL CAPTURED WHILE ATTEMPTING TO GET HOME. Nathan Dwyer, of the 18th Miss. Infantry, and Daniel W. Sherman, of the 12th Va. cav alry, were forwarded to this city this morning from Falls Church, Va., by the Provost Mar shal of that place. Sherman enlisted in the rebel service In lb61, and was captured yester day by our pickets near Lewinsville, whilst attempting to get to his home near the Chain Bridge, lor the purpose of visiting his family. GOL? ?Gold in New York has jumped from 254 to 257 eince yesterday. This was, no doubt, caused by the reported disaster to our forces near Winchester, on Sunday Bishop Whittingham has transmitted to the clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the diocese of Maryland, a form of prayer to be used on the 1th of August, the day of hu miliation and prayer appointed to be observed by the President and Congress of the United btates. He urges the clergy everywhere In his diocese to properly and religiously observe the day proclaimed by the President. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Steamboat Aceident on the Mississippi. CAIRO, July 25.?The steamer B. M. Bunon, from Natchez, struck a snag off Griffith's Land ing, 15 miles below Greenville, Miss., on the 21st Inst., at 10 p. m., and sunk to the hurricane roof in five minutes. She had near 000 people on board, including 440 of the 10th Missouri cavalry, 50 refugees and furloughed soldiers, and quite a number of cabin passengers. About 50 lives were lost, half of the number belonged to the cavalry re giment. There was also on board 111 mules, 62 horses, and 15 wagons. The camp equipage of the regiment, together with the coal will be a total loss. XMsaster at Sear Nkw Iork, July 26.?The steamer Saxon, from Boston, arrived this morning, and reports falling in with the steamer Staten Islander, bound from New York for Port Royal, at 10 a. m. yesterday off Alsecan, in a sinking condition. The Saxon lay by her three hours, and took off the crew and passengers, 2i in number. When last seen she was sinking rapidly. Her fires were out, and the water upon the main deck. OFFICIAL. War Department, Adjutant Genera?t Office, I W ashin^ton^ D? C^., July 26, 1864. | The following officers, having been reported at the headquarters of the army for the offences hereinafter specified, are hereby notified that they will stand dismissed the service of the United States,unless, within fifteen (15) days from this date, they appear before the Military Commission, in session in this city, of which Brig-Gen. John C. Caldwell, United States volunteers, is president, and make satisfactory defence to the charges against them. Absence Without Leave. Captain Irwin F. Sanson, 140th Pennsylva nia volunteers. . _ First Lieutenant Louis Solstmaa, 00th Penn sylvanla volunteers. . . ^ Second Lieutenant Louis Steif bold, 15th New York artillery. E. D. Towssmd, Assistant Adjutant General. War Department, Adjutant General't Office, t Washington, D. C., July 26, 18W. ) The following named officers, charged with offenses, and heretofore published, are exempt from being dismissed the service of the United States, the Military Commission instituted by Special Orders wo. 53, series of 1963, from the War Department, having reported^that satis factory defenae has been made in their respec tive cases, Tlx* Captain Andrew Fagan, 1st Pennsylvania *JCaptalis James Donohue, 8th Michigan vol U Caption Gh W. Va* New York volunteers. E. D. Towijsaso, Assistaat Adjutant General. LOCAL NEWS. ENLISTING Mil Hiu FOB OTHER LOCAL ities.?The following correspondence explains itself, and shows that Major Waliaoh is ex. ?rting himself to prevent those liable to en rollment here being enlisted and credited to the quota of other localities, thus diminishing the resources of this District for filling np the draft. It also show? that while the (Govern ment is willing to do what it can in farther ance of this object, difficulties often arise which it will require great vigilance to over come : Mayor's Office, City Hall, Washing ton, July G, 1964?Hon Gid-on Welles, Secre tary, tfc., rfc.Sir: I am informed, from what I deem to be a reliable source, that many of those enlisted in the navy at the Washing ton Navy Yard are being credited to Massa chusetts and other States. Be kind enough, if a proper inquiry, to in form me if this Is with the privity and consent of your Department. Very respectfuliy, Richard Wallace, Mayor. Navy Department, Btrbau op Equip ment and Recruiting, Washington, July 12, 1864.?Sir: Yours of the 6th instant, to the Secretary of the Navy, has been referred to this Bureau for reply. There have been some forty-two men enlisted in the naval service at the Navy Yard rendes vous here during the months of May and June. They were, however, shipped as substitutes for dralted men in Massachusetts, and credited to the quota of that State. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, A. N. Smith, Chief of Bnreau. Hen. Richard Wallach, Mayor, Washing, ton, D. (J. Mayor's Oppioe, City Hall, Washing. TON, D. C., July 23, 1864.?Hon. Gideon Well**, Secretary, <tc., rfc.?Sir: 1 am credibly Informed that men are still being shipped at the Navy Yard in this city, and credited to the quota of M&ssachusets and other States. This is prejudicial to the interests of the District of Colombia, inasmuch as it permits an appropriation of material to the use of some of the States properly belonging to the District, and may perhaps retard, if not efl'ectually pre. vent the filling of this District's quota under the last call of the President without a resort to the draft. Upon like representations made to the War Department, Mr. Stanton promptly issued an order forbidding it, and I ask that the Secre tary of the Navy will do the same. Very respectfully, Richard Wallach, Mayor. Bureau op Equipment and Recruiting, Washington, July 25, 1864?Sir: Your letter of the 23d instant, to the Secretary of the Navv, has been referred to this Bureau. In the ex ecution of the Enrollment Act recruits are te be credited to the ward, town, township, pre cinct or election district, &c., in which such enlisted men were or may be enrolled or liable to duty under the act aforesaid. It is impos sible for the recruiting officer to verify the town, &c., where a man resides or is liable to do duty, except from his own statement. He , must be credited to the town, &c., where he says he is liable to enrollment. It is a very perplexing duty and difficult to execute. The reeruiting officer will he instructed to make sure, as far as practicable, that no enlisted men for the navy here be credited to any lo cality where he is not enrolled, or liable to be enrolled. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, Jog. Smith, for Chief of Bureau. I Hon. R. Wallach, Mayor, Washington, D.C. 1 Richmond Capture?'.?This morning, at 11 o'clock, notice was given at the headquar ters Metropolitan Police, by Mr. James T. Wilson, of the firm of Wilson k Bro., that a herse bad been stolen from him on D street, between 13th and 13tf. The matter was placed in the hands of detectives McDevitt and Clar voe, who at 11X o'clock succeeded in arres'ing a soldier named Thomas Richmond, at Wall & Barnard's Bazaar, on Louisiana avenue, he having the horse in bis possession. Richmond says he belongs to the lwith New York. He was committed to jail for court by Justice Miller. ? Police Reports?First Preeinct? Olbern Akin and Michael Gladeron, fugitives from Rebel States; taken to Provost Marshal. Second J'recinct.?Chas. A. Williams, fast driving: 85. James alias George Blodgett, suspicion of horse stealing; military. John D. Stewart, assault and battery; jail for court. John H. and James E. Johnson, throwing stones; Pi each. Third Precinct.?Harriet Watts and Harriet Hamilton, disorderly: 82.50 each. Michael Oailenon, drunk; 82.44. Michael MHllen, do.; 81.44. John P. Bennett, do.; military. Agnes White, do.; workhouse. Hamilton Knowlee, do.; dismissed. Robert McMicum, Geo. Llt erman, Chas. Sbeppard, do.; military. Mich'l Leedon, Lucy Tebbs, Fanny Davis, Sarah Green, disorderly; 82.44 each. James Butler, selling liquor to soldiers on Sunday; dismissed. Fourth Precinct.?Barney Flanlgan, drank; 82. Sixth Precinct.?Ann Blucher, disorderly; dis missed. James W. Lerat, do.; military. C. B. Raley, violating market regulations; dismissed: for resisting the Clerk of the market; 81. Paul Birk, drunk: military. Charles Teoring, grand larceny; bail for court. S C. Jones, drunk and disorderly; 85. Edward C. Smith, obtain ing money by false pretenses; for hearing. Wm. Wesley, grand larceny; do. Tenth Precinct?Thos. Riley, larceny; for a hearing. James Sweeney and Jshn Keeffe, drunk and disorderly: workhouse. Edw. Garrison, do.; 84. Mrs. Brown, Sarah Wil liams, disorderly; 82 each. Allen Campbell, Jos. Mclntyre, A. H. Beeson, do.; dismissed. S.H.Smith, do.; military. Mary Coyle, do.; 84. John Daley, do.; 85. Robt. Losher, bogus detective; military. W. B. Shamwell, nuis ance; 82. Amos Gaunt, John Turp, John G. Collins, deserters; military. Wm. Langley, fast driving; 83.94. Joseph Pullen, profane and indecent language; 82. John Daley, con cealed weapons; 825. Mary Shanahan, va grant; workhouse. John B. Hart, deserter; military. Some op the Market Thieves ?Sunday night Officers Johnson and Leach, of the Third Ward police, arrested Simon Moses, George Pinkney, James Davis and Joseph Hawkins, for robbing a marketer of his money-box and its contents, supposed to be about 850. They were all taken before Justice Thompson, who proceeded to examine ths witnesses closely, in the hope of getting seme clue to the money. The prisoners are colored boys, who loiter in and around the market for the purpose of pil fering. They went to a wagon Saturday night and stole the money from the box. They di vided and set to work to spend it. They laid out portions for cakes, fruit, 4c., and, being fond of fnn, bad a mock circus in the market when the dealers had left, and employed an active little darkey to do the ground and lofty tumbling, for which they paid him fifty cents. Suspecting that the principal bad made an unfair division, one or the boys told, and this led to the arrest. Justice Thompson sent all to jail for further bearing when the owner of the money shall be summoned. State op the Thermometer.?At Frank lin & Co.'s, opticians, No. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, the theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock, 82 in the shade, and 101 in the sun. ? Appairs in Georgetown?Except the bu siness of the Government, which gives to the streets an unusually lively appearance, there is little doing. The supply of coal at the docks is very nearly exhausted. Some of the companies have none, and the others will be empty in a day or two. This, however, should net create any uneasi ness among housekeepers, as the coal is not such as is ordinarily used for fuel, but is the Cumberland coal, used for manufacturing pur poses and by steamers. A rumor is afloat in Georgetown that the rebels have again taken possession 01 Har per's Ferry, but this is doubted. Port of Georgetown.?Entered, schooners G W.Krebs, Oarlile, from Philadelphia; John Ormack, Pierce, Jersey City, with Govern ment stores. Cleared, schooners E. Babson, Babson, Baltimore ; Eliza Ann, Brown, Cher rystone; Kate Owens, Piney Point; G. R. Dennis, Miles, Accomac; D. R. Wilson, Rus sel, Accomac ; Mayyole, Benedick, St. Marys; James Martin, Harding, Bridgeport; John Ormack, Pierce, Baltimore; Mechanic, Crier, St. Maiys; Bachelor, Knight, Matrawaman; sloops Oneco Smith, Wycomico; Six Broth ers, Hunter, St. George's Island; Fish Hawk, Clark, Plney Point; dory boat Arlington, Ol den, Pehlck ; schooner Wellington, Chipman, Boston. TO LRT?Three fine ROOM8 for f 14 per month, or three Rooms for $1) per month, parable in advance, to a respectable familjr only. Apply at iqO Kast Capitol street. it* [70R RKNT?Second story of Briok House, No. Mr 469,2d street, Oapitol Hill, near 8t. Peter's Churcb, containing three rooms, unfurnished. It >6 2t? COR RENT-A three-story BRIOK HOUSB, sit r aated on T street, opposite Winder's Bnild 'esms: street, between K aad L. Jy 16-it* \*/ANTKD?By thelstof August or September. VY a SMALL HOUSB, with from four to six rooms, or three to four rooms, unfurnished, for a family of three aduHs. Bent paid in advance and best of reference given. Address OL1RK, for two weeks. Poet Ogee. Jyas at" ssssi: avsrassssr? AT PRIVATE sale ? A three story and base* ment DWELLING, oontaining sic bed room*, saloon, parlor, kitchen, and cellar,all convenient If arranged. The hoaM ia bailt of the boat ma* te rials and neatly flniahed. The lot ia S3 feet front, running back 111 feet to an alley 24 feet wide, tad is beautifully laid off and planted with flower*. ^Al^Vor' acant CORNIER LOT. 14* ?"eet front and 7ft foot deop, enclosed with a paling fence. This property ii located at the corner of Seven* teenth and E street*, opposite the Preailsnt'g Park,and convenient to the public Departments, and is desirable as a private residence or plaoe of bntiaea*. Title pcrfeet. Terms; Half cash; reaidae in ?, II, and IS months, secured by deed of trust. Conveyancing at coat of purchaser. For further information inquire on the premise?. Jy* 3t* A HANDSOME 5 TEAR OLD BLAOK HAWK Mare, with saddle, bridle, Ac . will be aol<! at , the low price of #125. Apply immediately at t'ii I I street between and 7th sis, north, jy 1? >t* I WHITE SULPHUR 8PRING8, 1 V_ ? CARLISLE, PENN'A. The Proprietor takea pleasure in announcing that tola favorite and fashionable Water- A ?? j? ingPlacoM now open for visitors. Thefc!mll Carlisle White Sulphur 8prings are aita-ij^H_L' ated in Cumberland County, Pa., about four mil?? northeast of Carhsler. The personal and undivided attention of the Proprietor will be given to the wants and comforts of his guests. Jyltf St* N. WT WOQD3. Proprietor. j?Y GREEN 4. WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHKN FURNITURE AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, the J9th inat., at 10 o'clock a. m , we shail sell, at the residence of a gentleman de clining Housekeeping, No. 181 Seventh street, nt'Ar the corner of north 0 street, a general assort* ment of Household and Kitchen Furniture, con sisting, in part,of? Mahoganyand Walnut Bedsteads Mahogany and Walnut Bureaus and Wardrobes Painted Cottage Sets 3 ply. Ingrain and other Carpets Cooking and other Stovea China, Glass and Crockery Ware With many other articles which we deem aunt* cesaary to enumerate. Terms cash. jy3t>3t GREEN k WILLIAMS. Aucts. COMMERCIAL ACADEMT. Vy Corner of 7th and E streets. The course of studies embraces Writing, Arith metic, Rook-Keeping, and whatever the pupil may require. Terms from .910 to 99" payable in ad vance. Hours of attendance from 9 a. m. to t v. m.. and from 6 p. m. to 9 p. m. ly 25-fit* AGAZINES FOR AUGUST, received and for Bkl8HISLINGTON'8 BOOKSTORE. w at L M Atlantic Monthly, for August; price35 cents. Harper's Monthly JJ ** Leslie's Ladies' Magarine ? Contintal Monthly-..?- - gg ? Knickerbocker Magar.ine -55 Godey?s Ladies'B?ok... ?? 3" Ladies'National Magaiine- 2S Lady's Friend.-..?. ????-*" Le Bon Ton?, ?? ?' NevTvork Ledgeif, untii further notice, 8 oents. All other weekly papers, M ?SfcLINQT0W, jy25 2t Corner street and Penn. avenue. Washington city savings bank, IgCORPORATED MAHCn *TH, 1*64. EDWARD SIMMS, President and Treasurer. EDWARD CLARK, Vi<-e President and Secretary. Dikkctors. WM. P. DOLE, THOS. J. GARDNER, J. J. COOMBS, S. V. NILES, JOHN R. ELVANS. it_ . . This Bank is now open for the receipt of deposits, ?t the new Banking House, No. ??8 Louisiana av enue, under Simms'new building. inu^uniurBiara DWArd CLARK, Secretary. EDWARD CLARK 8t CO.. BANKERS. At the Savings Bank, No. 68 Louisiana avenue EXCHANGE, GOLD^ND*SILVER AND GEN ERAL BANlffNG hm. jy JJ*lm JOHN B. ELVAM8. piANOB PIANOS very good second hand PIANOS for sale? one at one at $30# two at $10 \ one *Two very beautiful Pianos, u?ed but a*?** few months-one worth $.M0, now offered at ?ne worth $37.1. now offered at#i&". FIl-TEKN NEW AND BEAUTIFUL PIANOS in store to select from. Old Pianos taken in part pay for new. JOHN F. ELLIS, No. 300 Penn. avenue, jy 23-3t between 9th and 10th streets. CONSIGNEES OF THE FOLLOWING ARTF clea per schooner Hattie Baker, from Boston, will please make themselves known : LE.l 8 packages Furniture, W. M. T., 122 boxes Merchandise, No mark, 15 doors. O. W. 1 ALME R. jy 23-3t* Palmer's liarf. foot llth st. UMBER-WHITE PINE,SPRUCE EASTERH SHORE HEMLOCK, and NORWAY, of all lengths and sites, together with a general assort ment of Flooring, Square Timber, *Lattu*an<i Shingles, constantly arr i ving and forSale low for cash, by C. B. CHURCH ?k CO., , jy fc-lwif* llth st., bet. Md. av. and C st. REPRESENTATIVE SUBSTITUTES-I am It. ready to supply any person not liable to draft, from over age or other causes, with good MEN, to represent them in the army for three years. Now " "? *? .t? , jy gl-lw* between Penn. avenue and D st. V. NOON AN, Plumber and Gas Fitter, corner ? 9th and G streets, opposite Patent Office, is prepared to introduce the gas and Potomac water into dwellings and stores on the most reasonable terms. Hydrants, street-washers, hose and hose pipes always on band. Job work promptly at eaded to. jy21-9t* PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED FOR THE Brick Work required in the erection of Cav alry Baptist Church until August 2d, noon. They will be directed to the Chairman of Building Committee, AMOS KENDALL, Washington, D. 0~. The plans and specifications of Messrs. Cluss and Kammerhuber, Architects, can be seen at their office. No. 130 West Second street, between D and 15 street* The work will be jiaid for in cash, subject, how ever, to the conditions usual in giving out sim ilar work. _ ? t The bids will be opened at Old Trinity Hall, fith street, between D and E streets. August 2d. at 6 o'clock p. m., and the contract awarded as soon as practicable thereafter. jy II-1 ltd NEW STOCK. OLE LEATHER TRAVELING TRUNK, LA DIES' DRES8 TRUNK, HAT BOXES,VA s LISES. LEATHER and CARPET BAGS.l 8ATCBLEL8. Ac., comprising the largest and best assortment of ladies' and gentlemen's traveling requisites to be found in this city. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 322 Pa. av., bet. Pth and lath streets. Jy 21 2wif [IntelAChron] F IME AND CEMENT 1 ?L< Just received a cargo of superior ROCKLAND LIME. Also, a cargo of superior HYDRAULIC CEMENT, which we offer at the lowest market rates LIME. PIASTER. HAIR AND CEMENT, con stantly on hand. J-P ? B A RTIIOI^O W. jy 19 eo2w corner 7th street and Canal. %y ATER B ? N T B. Watkr Registrar's OrviOR, I City Hall, July 7. WM \ All persons who use the Aqueduct water on th?ir premises are hereby notified that the water rent is now due to the Corporation for the period from July 1,1864, to January 1, ItHtf. .. .... , The water rent is required to be raid at this of fice during this month of July. If not paid by or before August 1st, the law commands that the water be shut off at the main and not restored ex cept upon payment #f arrears and two dollarfl tor ?xpense of shutting off and restoring. The law does not provide for seizing individual notices, and this public notice$ ^^will "jy g-lm Water Registrar. W. *' ^^^TORNIY AND * COUNSELLOR AT LAW. 4 3T fifteenth street, }? 27-lm* Next door to Rlggs' Rank. NOTICE.?I have opened anew BARBER SHOP on C street, between 1st street and New Jer sey avenue, at Boyish Hotel, where I will he glad to see my friends and CTU,to^ei?EUTNKB C street, between 1st and N. J . iy.( JyT-lm* Boyle's Hotel, noar the Depot. Internal revenue. U. 8. AseiBBOR's OfflOB, . Collection District of Distnrt of To all whom it may concern Notice is hereby givon that the Annual Tax List for * with tke Income Tax for 19?3, is now In this offlcj. Said lists will remain open for inspection ana ex amination for the space of Afteen days from??i? llth day of July, 1864; and thitjhe will remain in his office. No 468 7thstreetwest, for fifteen days thereafter to hear and determine on all appeals that may be made JJ*****6 e?cfV give or erroneous yaluation by the Assistant As* fiflfliors All appeals must be in writing, specifying the particular case, matter or thing respecting which a description is requested, and state the ground or principle of inequality or error complained of. P *p. M. PEARSON, U. 8. Ass'r for D. 0., ko. 486 7th street weat Washington, July 11, 1864. Jyll-eott NOTICE.-FOR SALE-aOO sets of one. two^and four horse second hand HARNESS, second-band SADDLES and BBIDLBS, H. 8. JOHNSTON, No. 373 Penn 4H and 4th St., opposite National Hotel, jy U-lm ? ^ Lloyd .QOlUg VUBiuvww ?? at nPHANKFUL foe PA8T PATRONAGE, the I lee Oream Busineee will be oontinued by the undersigned at the old stead, No. 390 llth street, ty*.? "J L 8AMU1L LLP TP. M'SSKf. man's Patent Preserve Jara,freak and pure Medicine*^Perfumery, Toilet ? n^ '?Iyer's' and other Medicines "CKNTIP1D1;'* Oapt.H, A. Wise, 'OK TATLOE.

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