Newspaper of Evening Star, July 27, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 27, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR W. D. WALLACH, Editor aad Proprietor. WA8HINGTOJT CJTTT: WEDNESDAY^.. JDL* ST, 18?4. _?Sr**ADINO MATT** Oil IV* RY PAOB. ?I* OUTBID* ?0* INT*R*8TIN(J T*L* OSAPHIC AND OTH*K MATTER. THE NEW RAID. Oir Ftrcfi Tft in Po*if>si?a of Martiss burg?Communication Open Frederick and U?|?r?uw? ?Trains Running Rfjnlarly to Harper's Ferry? The Reported Fighting at Frederick Yet terdny Untrue?Firing Heard in the Di rection of Williasssport Marliii barg. We learn from one of the directors of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, upon the author ity of a telegraph operator who reached Bal timore last evening at half-past seven o'clock Jrom Harper's Ferry, that our forces held Mar tmsburg yesterday morning. The report that the rebels had crossed the yiver at Shepherdstown is untrue. Communi cation between Frederick and Hagerstown is still open, and the stage from the latter place, ?with the mails, arrived at Frederick yesterday at the usual bonr. Trains are running regularly between Baiti more and Harper's Ferry. The down train Irom Harper's Ferry reached Baltimore yes terday evening at half past seven. A report was brought here this morning, by a panicky-horse contractor, that there was lieavy fighting yesterday at Frederick, result ing adversely to as, and that he escaped with lour hnntired horses. Tbe above facts show the falsity of the horse contractor's report. Passengers from Western Maryland, who came down this morning, report that heavy Uring was heard on Monday in the direction of Martinsburg, and yesterday firing was heard Irom up the river, apparently in the neighbor hood of Williamsport. WORK TO B* DONE. We have not yet sufficient data to show the extent of the rebel force now on the Maryland line?whether ;J,000 or 50,000, though it is prob ably nearer the former than the latter number Neither has it been developed whether the purpose of the enemy is merely to hold the valley to the end of saving the crops of that Tich country for the Confederate granary, or ?whether they purpose another incursion in this direction, encouraged by their late partial successes. But it will not be creditable to us as a people If taxing warning by the past, we are not bet ter prepared for the emergency, should they move in this direction, than we were on the oc casion of their last visit. There is abundant material here for an effective force for the de fence of the city. Wtiv cannot it be organized in a way to make it effective ! And to be ef fective the work of organizing: and drilling must be entered upon at once. Let us not wait again until the enemy is within five miles of the city before we undertake to organize the local militia We trust that there will be some attention aiven, too, to the condition of the city's de k lILe ?P'nions of engineers may cllfler. We think there can be no harm in takin^ the safe side and making security doubly se cure Let lt be seen to in season that thI ra dioes between earthworks are so covered that tiiey ^iii not aflord a possible screen for the advance of an enemy. Let it be seen to in season that no important main line of approach is covered only by a single earthwork of no great strength, and of no strength at all when half its circumference as passed. If at any of the earthworks the abattis is old and rotten, let it be replaced. We suppose, of course, that precautions will be ! taken to the end that rebel sharpshooters can not approach under cover of underbrush to within fitly yards of a fortificition, and pick ott gunners from the walls, as was done by them in front of Fort Stevens. There is no probability that the enemy will undertake so desperate an enterprise as that of an assault upon our fortifications, even should he come again in this direction; but it will not he wise to tempt him to it by anv remissness ou our part. THE RAID Rl'MORs, We were able during yesterday to ascertain nothing definite with regard ti the rebel move- I ments at Martinsburg and alone the line of the .Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, further than the lact that most of the exciting stories in circula tion on Monday evening were either unfound ed or greatly exaggerated. As far as could be ascertained lastevening Gen. Avenll has not been killed as reported, but was compelled by a greatly superior rebel loroe to fall back. Whether the rebels occu pied Martinsburg last night, is not known, though a dispatch lrom Chambersburg says positively that It was still held bv den. Crook yesterday. Yesterday the trains to Frederick and Wash ington went out as usual, and a tram for San dy Hook left at 7.45 a. m. The suspension of telegraphic operations on Monday is said to have been caused by the storm of wind blowing down a pole. General Hunter has, however, forbidden all telegraphic communication with Harper's lerry, and of course we have nothing later from that vicin ity except that brought by passengers by the train which arrived last evening. They re ported all quiet there, and no enemy in the vi- i cinity. General Crook had fallen back before a superior rebel forqa, losing neither guns or trains as reported* and neither General Avenll or General Kelly bad been killed, wounded or captured, lt '^as reported that Colonel Mul ligan bad bven killed, but even this was not ; certainly known. It is now that Martinsbnrg is still in oar possession, and that our troops simply back to that point before a superior force rA the enemy without having sustained any ! serious loss. The telegraph was yesterday working to Harper s Ferry, and trains running i to that point and Frederick without iuterrup- i Uou?Baltimore American, '2~th. Financial.?The New York Commercial Advertiser of yesterday evening says: The stock market opened more buoyant than lor several days past. There was a quite an active speculative demand, and the transac tions included a large amount of buyers'op- i Hons. Governments were strong, without any spe- j eixlly assignable cause, further than the policy of the Secretary of the Treasury is now more 1 clearly known, which relieves the depression naturally accompanying t&e late uncertainty. ' Wail street has at last found terra firma. The ancertainties that have long embarrassed the movements of the stock exchange appear to bo lor tbe present removed, and prepara tions are making for a renewal of active ope rations. The invitation of Secretary Fessen den for subscriptions to a loan on seven-thirty j notes removes all apprehension of a sudden drain upon tne money market, and makes it clear that, for sometime, the wants of the Gov- ; ernment will be supplied by a steady abBorb tion, leaving tbe ordinary course of monetary affaws imperceptibly affected. This betokens good alike for the money mar ket and the Government. The banks have in creased their supply of legal tenders ten mil lions of dollars by withdrawals of loans from the pnb'ic treasury, placing them in a position to pay promptly all demands for greenbacks, aid strengthening confidence in their ability to afiord all reasonable accommodations to their cus'omers. The result of recent nepjo tiations between the banks and Secretary Fes aecden has tended to convince the customers of the banks that henceforth those Institutions must confine themselves to the more legiti mate business ot banking, and no more risk the disarrangement of their affairs and the {arual tnspenslcn of their proper functions y undertaking large loans. This removes a source of much uneasiness, and is a step to ward a more normal state of affairs. Mocks were active and stronger after the 3hrst board. Governments continue firm at the morning's advance. Gold, at 2 p. m , was steady at 258. The Express says: The announcement of the new loan is con atraed as meaning no more gold bondafor three years and hence there was an activ^demand tor governments, with a rise of one to three Kr cent* except on tbe certificates. Registered >nds of 1H61, lUjalOT; Coupons 105\,alU6, Re gistered five twenties 105#alofl; Coupons 107!, a liftS April Treasury Notes 104>al06>^; August do lOraiwj; Debt certificates *t5a'J5 if. The moet gratifying resulf, however, is the rapid advance of the leading government se curities; the five-twenties being especially an demand, both lor foreign and domestic ac count. I Mil HANIOS AMDOl'IKATIVBS I* KlirLOTO* TTHB GoVHFSMKJiT LXKMl'T FROM MILITARY feXKVic*.?Provost Marshal General Fry has Issued a circular stating that skilled mechanics and operatives employed in the anaories, ar senals and navy yards of the United States, Who shall be draPed and on examination held to service, will not be required to report for duty under such draft so long as they remain In the aforesaid service, provided the officer In charge shall certify that their labor as mechan ics or operatives Is necessary for the naval or military service. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM ATLANTA. Rebel Gen. Heed Reperted Wounded. Lovibvillb, July 1#.?Sunday's Chatta nooga Gaxette contains a rumor that the rebel General Hood waa wounded In S&torday's fight before Atlanta. FROM ARKANSAS. Pitaster to a Union Force?The Rebel Gea. Shelby at Work. Cairo. July 26.?On tne 15th Inst, a detach ment of the 10th Illinois, 280 strong, entrenched near Tracy. Arkansas, were snrrounded and attacked dv Shelby's command, numbering 1,500. A poruc n of the Federal command succeeded in cutting their way out, but thse who re mained, about 12U. were either killed, wounded j or captured. Shelby is thought to be in the vicinity of Bonesville. A large cavalry force has been sent after bim. It is reported that be has sqven pieces of artillery. NEWS VIA HARRISBLRd. j From Gen. Hunter's Department?Early Again Menacing Maryland?Battle at W mchester Fought?Martinsbnrg Held by the Rebels. [Dispatch to the Philadelphia Inqairer.J Harrirbubo, July 26.?Little is known here officially about the army movements in Northern Virginia; except that there was heavy | fighting at Winchester yesterday, and that our forces were defeated. Hunter was gathering bis forces to make a final stand at Martinsburg, but a private dispatch received here to-day represents the rebels as occupying Martins burg this morning. It is not thought that the rebels will attempt to cross the Potomac, although their forces are evidently the same as those engaged in the Maryland raid. ^ Latest from Harrisbnrg. Harrisrcbg, Julv 26 ? We still have no of ficial intelligence of the fighting in Northern Virginia, bnt from employees of the (Jovern i ment who came down the valley to-day, I learn that fighting was going on in the streets of Martinsburg on Monday noon, when they left the town. After hard fighting our forces retired. We are said to have lost several pieces of artillery at the battle of Winchester on Sun day, but most of them were rendered useless before their capture. The forces and purposes of the enemy are all I unknown. Where Gen. Crook has retired to It is not politic to say, but he and Hunter will j act in conjunction. There is no excitement | here or up the valley. Colonel Mulligan, it is certain, was killed in the battle on Sunday. There is no evidence of the enemy crossing the Potomac as yet. Humors of the most exaggerated character, without any basis in fact, prevailed. News by Way of Chambersburg. Chambersruro, July 26, 11 A. M.?The rebels have not advanced further than Mar tinsburg. As yet there is no indication of a rebel movement beyond that point. SunRTITFTHS IW ADVANCE Of THE DUAt-'T. The Philadelphia Bounty Commission som" time ago addressed a letter to Provost Marshal General Fry, asking whether in the case of one liable to draft procuring a substitute, the risk is with the Government or with the principal, when a substitute falsely represents himself as net liable to draft, and succeeds in satisfy ing the Provost Marshal, but is subsequently proven to have been liable. To this a reply was given on July lflth as follows: "If the board of enrollment accepts a sub stitute, it will issue a certificate of exemption to the enrolled man furnishing him, which will exempt him from liability to military service for the time mentioned therein " On July 15th the following was published for information: EnJnrsrment.?"Boards of Enrollment arenot required to decide wbetber or not a substitute oflered by an enrolled or drafted man isexempt from the draft. If the substitute so furnished, at any time during his term of service, becomes liable to draft, the name of the principal Is put in the wheel in his stead. Certificates should in no case read as exempting for three years, but as exempting for so long as the substitute is not liable himself ta dratt, not to exceed the term of such enlistment." By command of the Provost Marshal Gen eral. ?yThey claim to have a sea-bass in Hart forn weighing 35 pounds. IF AN ADJOURNED MEETING OF THE r Board of Trustees of the Public Schools. or the election of Teachers for the ensuing year and other purposes, will be held on FRIDAY, July 29th, at 5 o'clock p. m J1 27-31 Ft. T. MORSELL. S-cretary. [Vlf-KNir.HTS TEMPLAR, ATTENTION ! Lk_5 The Sir Knights of Washington Comman dery, No. 1. are requested to meet THIS I Wednes day) EVENING, at their Asylum, corner of 9th Find D streets. Business of importance will be transacted. By order. Jt JOHN F. 8HARRETTB. Recorder. LOYAL PENNSYLVANIA^.?A meeting of the Executive Committee will be held I'flI8 EVENING, nt 8 o'clock. at their Rooms, on Pa. avenue, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel. Business of importance concerning the coming election, giving the soldiers a right to vote, will t>e under consideration. It in earnestly desired that all citizens of Pennsylrania now in Washing ton. D. C.. will he present. EDWARD MrPHERSON, Pres't. JOSEPH M. WILSON. 8'-. It* OFFICE OP THE METROPOLITAN RAIL ROAD COMPANY, W ashimutos, Jnly 2?, IW4.?At a meeting of the Stockholder* of the Metropolitan Railroad Company, held this date, the following gentlemen were elected Directors to serve for one year. Wm. B. Todd, John II. Semmes, M. G. Emery, J. W. Thompson, Lewis Clepliane. A. R. Shepherd, S. P. Brown. Ard at a meeting of the Directors hell on the evening of the above day, the following officers were chosen: S. P. Brown, President; M. G. Emery, Trea surer. Attest. LEWIS CLEPHANE. Jy 21 3t Secretary. nrfc-"PIC NIC.?The Pic nic of the Sunday m? School of the Ninth street Methodic Church, will be at the beautiful grove on the farru oi Mrs. King, miles northwest of Georgetown, on the new road, THURSDAY. July "i8th. Con ?eryances will leave the Church at R o'clock on that day W. C. LIPSCOMB. JR.. jy 26-2t* Superintendent. NOTICE ? To tkt Peoplegf Washington an>i thf Public generally ? Upholstering and cabinet Slaking and Renovating of all descriptions, done in the best style and at the shortest notice. Old Curled hair Mattresses can be made as gaod as new at WM. J. LEE'S new establishment. No. 303, C street north, between 4H and 6th street west. Je 3o-lm* WM. J. LEE. W( PRESSED WREATHS -Persons desiring PRESSED WRKATHS and BOQUETS. in re membrance of their deceased friends, will please rull at No. 43ft 11th street, between G and II st-i. Wreaths pressed in the neatest style. iy fi^UR SALE?One of M&thew's double-frame SODA WATER GENERATOR, new and in r^rfect order. Alno, three ten gallon SODA "OUNTAINS: will be gold one third less than cost. Inquire of J. 7. \ AN REYKKN, No. !>0 Prince street. Alexandria, > a. Jy 27-3t* OOD CONTRACTORS.-I have for sale 7 00 ACRES Of LAND, well set in II ARD WOOD, about IK miles from the Nanticoke River, where the largest class vessels can load. For terms ap ply to WM. C. HUFFINGTON, JyZ7 8t* Cambridge, Ml. CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES. On hand a very superior lot of light CA RRI AG ES, consisting in part of Buggies, Rockawavs, Exten sion tops. Boat and Jeraey Wagons. Half-tops, Ac., A' c. Also, a number of second-hand Buggies and Rockaways. which will he sold cheap. ROBT. II. GRAHAM, Coach maker, jy 27-3t* 374 D street, and 47 7 8tl? street. H OR8ESI HORSES ! I HORSES I! I *175. *17&. $ 1 7 r>. WIK Dkfartmkht. Cavalev Bcriau, ITMRHT,CAVALET BUREAU, ) OSif,, of ChiMf { ISH1SQT0S._P 0,,July?,lM4 v Washimgtos. One hundred and seventy-five dollars (?173) ea^h will be paid for all CAVALRY HORSKS that pa^s inspection at Giesboro Depot, until otherwise or dered. Hour* oi inspection from !? a. m. till 6 p. m . JAMKS A. ERIN. Lieut. Colonel ana Chief Quartermaster, jy 27-lJt Cavalry Bureau. THIS IB TO GIVE NOTICE, That th?rsub~ scriber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington County, in the District of Colum bia, letters testamentary on the personal estate of John Ilayre, late of Washington City, D. C., deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the sub scriber, on or before the 28th day of July next: they mar otherwise bylaw be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand this 20th day of July, 1864. jy 27 Iaw3w* ' W. H. LANGLBY. iROPOSALS FOR PURCHASE 0? WHEAT AND RYE. H8ADf<rA*TKRS DkpTok Washington', Orrti'K ok Chief Qcabtkbmastke, Wa8Hi?gtos. July 26, l?>?. SEALED PROPOSALS will he received at this office until the 3 th day of August vext for the pur chase of Five * houeand Bushels (more or less) of th* btst Red Mediterranean WHEAT, and Fifteen P nna u^Ql l^rnurau ? aa*-??a , wu Hundred Bushels i more or less) of the best quality It IB, raised on the Government farms south of the Potomae. The grain to be delivered is this ?? ??? ? * se bid may the accep ? uiomM. Tne grain to ? hogp bid may city or Georgetown, to the ? Il from tt be accented, within thirty asf* ?rom tance of the bid. Proposals win be endorsed " Proposals for the purchase of Wheat and Rye." and addressed to the undersigned ELlA.8 M. GREENS. * ?o. Colonel, Chief Quartermaster, Jy *M8t Dey't of Washington. FOR SALE?The rood and superior fast-saflihg achooaer RING DOVKtcapacity 120tonfl A particulars apply te J AMES H. JOHNSON,< Riley's wharf. ir g.g* t 1 PROPOSALS FOB LOAN. Tbrisvrt D?ra ?r*tirr, July 25,1?4. Notice is herebr gi^en that subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer of the United States, the several Assistant Treasurers and Designated Depositories and by the National Banks designated and qualified an Depositories and Financial Agents, for Treasury Notes payable three years frvm Aogust 10, 1864, bearing interest at the rats of seven and three-tenths per cent, per anaam, with semi anaaal coupons attached, payable in lawful money. These notes will he convertible at th? option of the holder at maturity, into Bix per c*?nt. gold bearing bonds, redeemable after five and payable twenty years from August 15, 1367. The Notes will be issued in the denomination!, of fifty, one hundred, fire hundred, one thousand and five thousand dollars, and will be issued in blank, or payable to order, as may be directed by the sub-' scribe rs. All subscriptions mast be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dollars. Duplicate certificates will be issued for all depos ites. The party depositing must endorse upon the original certificate the denomination of notes re quired, and whether they are to be issued in blank or payable to order. When so endorsed it must be loft with the officer receiving the deposit, te be forwarded to this Department. The notes will be transmitted to the owners free of transportation charges as soon after the receipt ofthe original Certificates of Deposit as they can be prepared. Interest will be allowed to August 15 on all deposits made prior to that date, and will be paid by the Department upon receipt of th<> original certificates. As the notes draw interest from August 15, per sons making deposits subseqnent to that date must pay the interest accrued from date of note t*> date of deposit. Parties depositing twenty five thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission of one-quarter of one per cent., which will be paid by this Department upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by the officer with whom the deposit was made. No deductions for commissions must be made from the deposits. Officers receiving deposits will see that the proper endorsements are made upon the original certificates. All officers authorized to receive deposits are requested to give to applicants all desired informa tion, and afford every facility for making sub scriptions. W. P. FES8ENDBN. jy26-tf 8eeretary of the Treasury. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On Monday. the 25th instant, on I st.t be tween 14th and Hth sts., a lady's gold WaTCII. The tinder will be liherally rewarded by leaving it at No. 339 I street .between 13th and llth. Jy27-2t* l^OKND?A POCKET-BOOK, containing money A and a discharge of M. Kerrigan. The (owner can have the same by calling on S. ADRBON, Ambulance Park . 18th and N sis'. Jy 27-3t* IO'ST.?Strayed away, on Sunday evening. July * 2t, a yellow Buffalo COW. tbe property of Mrs. MORGAN, corner of 26th and G streets. Any per son returning hor to the owner will be handsomely rewarded. It* CAMB TO MY PREMISES, on the 2>d instant, a small red Buffalo COW. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take the animal away. J. HENRY MARTIN, Jy27-3t* Uniontown, D C. rI1AKEN UP?Estray on the 24th inst.. a large I black NEWFOUNDLAND DOG, with bra-s collar on, and name engraved on it. JAS. BRENNEN, Express driver at the B. and O. R. it. depot, jy 27 3t* C' | /j BEWARD?Drowned, t>n the 25th inst., off ?wl " the new lone bridge, at the draw on the Virginia side, DA V I D SMI Til. dressed in an India rubber coat, corduroy pants, and a heavy pair of boots. Tbe above reward and the thanks of his brother will be given ISAAC SMITH. yy 27 .'tt* 77 7 New Jersey av., south of Capitol. FOUND?On Monday, July 25th, 1*54, on Gay st., Georgetown, D. C., a POCKET-BOOK, con taining a sura of money, which the owner can have by proving property and paying for this ad vertisement. Call at Union Bottling Depot. No. 57 Greene street, Georgetown. D. C. iv 26 2t* JOST OR STRAYED?On Sunday night, the 24th J inst , from the corner of 12th and M streets, about 9 o'clock, a dark bay HORSE, about 15 hands high, both hind feet white, small star in bis fore head, his mane ragged. Ten dollars rnwurd will be given if returned to JAS. QUINN, l.ith street, between H and I. jy 26 St* ri RE W ARD?Lost in Alexandria, on Friday, the 15tb instant, a larg", cluster Dl A.MO.N D RING, supposed to have been lost in the neigh borhood of the City Hotel. The above reward will he paid if tbe ring is re'urned to LIEUT. DONN.lstD. C. Regiment, vols., at Alexandria, or at Mr. GALT'S Jewelry Store, on Pa. avenue, Washington, D. C. jy 26 6t* rOST?On the evening of the 25th inst., a BAY -i HORSE, about 7 years old; white spots on the leftside, from tbe effect of sores from the girth; and several spots from old sores on both sides back bone, from the effect of the saddle. Was taken from the premises of CHARLES MADE3, corner of 3d street and Penn. avenue. Hal on when taken a MrClellan saddle, bridle and mar tingale. A suitable reward will be given if re turned to Mades' Hotel. jy 2-1 St* Qj CO REWARD will be given for the arrest and V*''' conviction of the thief or thieves who broke into my residence on 5th street, between L and M ?treets, on the night of the 21 st inst. Jy 25-3t JAMES C. GRIFFIN. PiUBED UP ASTRAY, AND A8 A NUISANCE on the high way, a red, blind BULL. The owner is requested to call, prove property, pay charger,and take liim away, or be will he sold at the first opportunitv. G-KORGE PHILLIPS, jy 25 3t* Crystal Restaurant. 3**0 D st. OQC REWARD-For GOLD WATCH, Htolen 'O from Bates A Bro., some few days since. The ftbove reward will be paid, and no questions asked, for any information which may lead to the recovery of the wat<;h. by jy25-3t* BATES & BRO., 464 G street. IOST? On Thursday evening, July 21st, on J Georgetown Heights, between the upper part of Greene street and the Reservoir, a lady's long GOLD CHAIN, with slide net in turquoise, and having a locket attached thereto. A suitable re ward will be paid to the finder upon leaving it at 121* Greene st.. above West Georgetown. jy25-lw Q1 A REWARD.?Strayed from the subscriber, " about the 6th inst., a blue and lead colored COW. She has horns and a white face, with a star. The above reward will be paid for her recovery or for information leading thereto. BENJ. DARBY. 77 Water st.. jy 25 3t* or 37 Market st., Georgetown. STOLEN from the subscriber on 8uuday morn ing, the 24th, about 6 e'clock, a bay tlORSE, scar on the left shoulder, blind left eye, is a heavy set horse, 14 or 15 hands hig't, shoe off one of his hind legs, clipped in one of his ears, between hip bone snd rump little sunk in. A reward of Itl-i w ill be given to any one returning liim, or giv ing information to the subscriber. WILhf XM H PETIT, jy 28-St* 8pringHill Farm. ( Fox all's place.) DC. LOST?Between the Bank of Washington and S34 7th, between D and B streets. $400 in U. 8. Treasury notes, wrapped in a piece of white piper w ith some figuring and some name scratched on, among them the name of Brown?one fifty-dollar Treasury note and the other in tens and fives. A reasonable reward will be giv?n for the return of it at 534 7tli. between D and E street. jy 25-3t* SAMUEL C. MIDDLETON. (iyA hundred and sixty dollars of the above have been found. I will be much obliged to th* gentleman and boy* that picked up other parts of it. to return it to me, as the m-?ney lost was not mine, and it will be h heavy loss to me. The wind blew it all nbout the street,, iy 2?>-2t 8AM'L C. MIDDLETON. PERSONAL. C'AT'TION.?The public are hereby cautioned > not to credit my wife, SU^ANN A KORIS, she having left my bed and board without just cause. I am determined not to pay any bills of her con tracting. ljy25-3t*J JOSEPH KORB. Ij^OR SALE?A beautiful, stylish, pure blood r BLACK HAWK MORGAN HOR8K, 3&I fifteen and a half hands high- weighing one thousand pounds, built in propor tion. six years old. and a perfect model of beauty, without blemish; perfectly kind in single_and double harness, and all right in everyway. This Horfe lias been raised by the celebrated Morgan stock breeder. Lewis SUtrman, Bsq., Brandon, Vermont, to whom the present owners refer anv purchaser for his pedigree. He was brought here six months ago at a great expense, and is now sold without a single fault, as tbe owner, after various unsuccessful efforts, can not match him in style, action, or color in any part ofthe county. He is perfectly gentle, and can be handled or driven by any lady, or even a boy. The attention of private families and army officers is respectfully invited to this fine animal. , . No horse dealers need apply. He will only he sold to private citi*"ns or army officers. Price $450. He can be seen at the stables of KEL LEHER A PYWELL, Eighth street, between D. and B. For particulars apply at tbe st*bles, or at the store of P.J. BBLLBW, 510 Seventh street, near Odd Fellows'Hall. 'jy 2S-tf ?\ ~ 4 J. C. HOWARD'S ?UJSI LIVERY, HIRING, HACK, EX CHANGB A 8TAGB STABLBS, G Street, Bet if em 6th and 7 th, North Sid*. The subscriber has constantly on hand a large let of fine BORSIS. BUGGIES, Ac.. Ac., which he will hire, sell or exchange Theofflce ofthe Marlboro'and Washington stage line is at the above place. Also, attached to the same place if a fine BBS TAURANT. Jy 19-1 m ?LABIF,?DCIU1SR! claripird CIDIBI! I bare Just received per schooners "'George 8. Adams'' and "J. W.." from Boston a large supply of pure MassachusettsCLARIFIBDCIDEB.wnfch I oner for sale at the lowest market price, in quan tities to suit purchasers Hotel keepers, sutlers, and all others in want of a prime article of Cider are invit?d to call and ex amine this before purchasing elsewhere. . _ . ? , BILBY A SHIHK. Union BotUtoc Depot, 87 Green st,? i Georgetown, D C. man's Patent Preserve Jars .fresh and pnrev^P Medicines,^Perfumery, Toilet Soaps, Co- IV lofnes. Ac. AH Ayers' and other Medietas, Jy 16-lw ? . ? * . MVERNMENI SECURITIES. Jay-Cooke tc Co. furafrh the loll# wing quo- ! : tatione of Goveroment securities: I WashisutO*. July 27, 1364. ? ?Buying. Selling.4 U. S. 6's Coupon lsfl .....lOS 1U>? U.S.5-2t's 11I7X 108 * 7 3-10 Treasury Notes 107# 109 One Year Certificates sJ5jtf Certificate Checks 95 New York?First Board. Coupons, 105?,: 5-20's, 10b; Certificates, 94 V; Gold, '?>6. REFUGEES. It appears that the rebel authorities agaii allow aliens to pass through their lines, as quite a large Dumber ol these refugees have reached this city within the past few days. Yesterday eighteen presented themselves at the Provost Marshal's office, and took the oath of I fidelity to the United States Government j Among the number was e woman, a native of ! Canada, who walked all the way from Rich J mond to this city, having been provided with a pass by the rebel authorities. When she arrived at Col. Ingraham's office she was com pletely worn out, and was suffering greatly from sore feet. She was sent to the Home of : Friendless Women to be cared for. CONFISCATED PROPERTY. i The steamer Lizzie Baker, which arrived i here last night from Point Lookout, brought up a large qnantlty, of household furniture* consisting of handsome cottage sets, mirrors, marble-top tables, refrigerator, feather beds, mattresses, Ac., found in a house about six miles from Fredericksburg, and belonging to a man named Sothoron, who is in the rebel service. Among this lot of furniture is a very fine piano, with a fall set of sheet music, in scribed with the name of Miss Mary Sothoron. These articles have all been confiscated, and will be exposed to pnblic sale. FOR EXCHANGE. This morning Lieut. John Congers, of the 22d regiment Veteran Reserve Corps, escorted five rebel prisoners to Fredericksbnrg, under a flag of truce, to be turned over to G. W. H. Rowe, Esq., for exchange, as per special agreement. The names of these prisoners are Hospital Steward W. B. Burnell, 43d North Carolina; T. J. Hood, 7th North Carolina; Daniel Peacock, 16th Mississippi; "Talbort M.Lester, 44th Georgia; and Edward Dun^ can, W ashington artillery. STEAMER BURNED BY REBKL3 IN CHKSA* I'EAKB BAY. The side-wheel steamer Kingston, of the Chesapeake Towbcnt Company, was run aground about eight o'clock Sunday morning, a few miles below the mouth of the Potomac river, on the shore of Northumberland county, Virginia, and stuck fast. The officers and crew, fourteen in number, remained on board all day Snndsy, but at night the rebels were seen coming down on the beach, and the crew took to their boats and esc3p?d. The rebel3 dismantled the steamer and then destroyed her. The pilot, a Baltimorean, was suspected of foul play in the matter, and has been taken to Philadelphia tor examinauon. The vessel was worth fitty or sixty thousand dollars. CAPTURED. A few days ago a supply boat took down a number ot con valescent officers, who were or-, dered ?o rejoin their regiments in Grant's army. I and when below Belle Plain the boat went in fhore, and Capt. James T. Hail, of the 2d N. Y. Mounted Rifles, and two or three others went athore to look around, when they were gobbled up by ten rebel guerrillas who were prowling about there. Neither of the officers was armed, and consequently could make no resistance. AliREPT OK A PAYMASTER. At a late hour on Monday, G. P. Folsom, an additional Paymaster in the United States army, was arrested in this city, by order of the Secretary of War. Folsom is said to be a de fanlter to the amount of about SI 1,000. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE ARMY GEORGIA. The Desperate Fighting Before Atlanta - The First Hand to Hand Contest ol the Campaign?Unr Lines Unbroken by Re peated Assaults?A Splendid Union Vic tory?l>nr Lo?s not over U.OOO. [Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazette.. Atlanta, July 22, (via Nashville, July 21.) A glorious victory has been followed by our occupation of this city. A brief rttune of events for the past few days will not be uninteresting to your readers. On July 16th, the last of our forces crossed the river Chattahoochee, and nearly all that day and the next were occupied by the army in getting into line. Nothing more serious than skirmishing occurred during the ISth. The weather was very fine for military operations, it being only moderately warm, and refresh ing showers falling almost every day. For the first lour miles on the southeast side of the Chattahoochee, the country was exceedingly rough and broken, consisting of hills, ridges and ravines, covered with oaks and pines, the whole resembling the Alatoona Mountains. Until the evening of the lath, our advance was resisted principally by dismounted cavalry firing j rem behind logs, rocks, and trees. By the morning of the 19th we had reached the north of Peach Tree creek?a considerable stream running north of Atlanta and westward into the Chattahoochee. The rebels were posted all along the soutfi bank of this stream, and became exceedingly sensitive to our further advance. Parts of Schotield's aud Howard's corps crossed the creek, however, on the 19th, and established themselves on the south side. Meantime our left wing, composed of Army of the Tennessee troops, which first crossed the Chattahoochee, had swung around until they had reached the Augusta railroad, two miles west of Stone Mountain, in conjnuctiou with Gerrard's cavalry division. They drove away the rebels who were on thiB road, and tore up gf\eral miles ol track. Rousseau had seriously interfered with communication along the Mo bile railroad, if indeed he had not interrupted it altogether. Only the Macon road was leit open to the rebels, and their situation began to grow desperate. On the I7th of July, Joe Johnston was re lieved of his command of the rebel army, and Hood appointed to succeed him. As the Rebel papers next morning made itevident that Hood was put in command on acconnt of bis des perate fighting qualities, we all began to look auxiously for a battle on the afternoon On the-iuth, portions of Palmer's corps cross?d Peach tree Creek. Dilworth's, formerly Dan McCook's brigade, of Davis' division, which, with the exception of Morgan's brigade, aud some skirmishers, was on the extreme right of oor line, was met by fierce opposition. As it ad vanced toward a high ridge held by the rebels one regiment, the Ohio, being somewhat ahead of the others, was so furiously assailed that it was compelled to give way, and its commanding officer, Lt. Col. Clancey, was captured. The integrity of the line, however, was speedily restored, and the brigade finally established south of the creek. Col. Mitchell's brigade was hurried down to the support of Col. Dilwortb, and also crossed the creek. Oor loss in his affair was a little short of two hun dred and fifty men. On the morning of the 20th Gen. Hocker's corps crossed the creek to the left of Palmer's, and took position in some low ground along the stream, without fortifying. Still further to the left, Newton's division of Howard's corps had crqssed and moved out ol the bottom and to biplier ground?indeed, upon a portion of the same ridge before snoken or as extending all along the south side of the creek, and occupied by the rebels. Immediately upon ad\ancing to this position Gen. Newton's men commenced to fortify. They were still engaged in thiB work, when, about half-past three in the., alterno?n, they were assailed with des perate energy by Bates'and Walker's divisions of Hardee's corptf. The rebels came up in some places in two lines, and some in three, and, m spite of the most fearful losses, advanced re peatedly to within two or three rods of our lines. Kimball's brigade was on the right of the division, and for a moment seemed to fal ter, but fresh troops were hurried up to form on Kimball's right, along Blake's front, to Bradlev's extreme left. The entire division, stood as firm as a rock. The storm which had strut k Newton so fiercely rolled over toward: the left of Hooker's corps. Gen. Ward's divi sion held the left of the.corps, Geary the can ter. and Williams the right The advance of the rebel skirmishers toward Hooker s lines indicate their intention to at tack; and his troops, in anticipation of the same, were speedily brought forward from the low ground along the creek to bigher ground. In front of this high ground they were in line with Newton's division on the left^aad John son's division of Palmer's corps on the right. Just as they had reached the crest of the fidge, with a considerable stretch of QP?a J in iront, tfcey were met by the rebfel battalions, j composed of Stewart's and parts of Hood s old corps, aleoadvanciag three lines deep from the woods beyond.the open ground- tot the first time in the campaign, a fight took plaoa With neither party behind works. , '? Almost the bole of Hooker s corps was iti. 4 e&? ?track simultaneously, although as the ware of bAttle rolled from left to right, Wwd'i division was engaged a minute or two sooner than the others. Face to face the combatants stcod, firing deadly volleys into each other's bosoms. At times the line was not more than fifteen feet apart. Oa Colonel Harrison's front, a band to hand conflict actually took place, In which officers as w0U as men were engaged. On Colonel Oolburn'scenter the lines met each other so fnrionsly that they passed one beyond (be other, and each changed front to renew tho conflict. From Colonel Wood's extreme left to Harrison's right, Ward's whole division, except two regiments, was in the front line and furiously engaged. Geary was involved a moment afterwards, and Williams simulta neously with Geary. II the left of Geary wavered for a moment under the first rude shock. It was only to illustrate its discipline ar>d excellence, for Instantly it rallied, re formed its line, and fought with redoubled vigor. Gen. Williams' division also gloriously dis tinguished itself. Knipe's brigade, compassd exclusively of Eastern troops, contended in patriotic and glorious rivalry with Col. Rob inson's, which are nearly all Western; while Auger's, made up from both sections, did Its duty as well. The gallant Coloael DffcGroarty, of the Gist Ohio, received one more in addition to his numerous wounds, and will probably lose an arm. From Williams' divis ion the attack extended to the left of Johnson's division, of Palmer's corps. Col. Anson G. McCook was posted there in command of Ge*. Carlin's brigade. One of his regiments gave way temporarily, bnt his skillful dispositions enabled him to rally it almost immediately, and the eatire brigade covered both itself and its leader with imperishable honor. Along such portions of our lines as I have mentioned, have been massed for this attack at least one-half the rebel army. By nightfall this entire bost was discomfitted. It had failed to break our lines at a single point, and retired in disorder, leaving its dead by hundreds on the field. Thus ended this sanguinary conflict No more brilliant victory has crowned the Union arms since the beginning of the war. Gen. Hooker has earned anew the gratitude of the nation. Palmer, Newton, Ward, Williams, Geary, and their subordinates, and soldiers, cannot be too highly praised. Gen. Johnson was as faithful here as everywhere else. Our loss will amount to two thousand men, principally on Hooker's front, because his troops fought in an open field. The rebel loss in killed, wounded and prisoners, will reach six thousand, of whom fully one thousand were killed outright. Three rebel Brigadier Generals were killed?Stephens, Weatherstone and Long. On Blair's and Davis' front heavy skirmish ing took place during the day. On the left wing, McPberson drove the enemy several miles, Blair operating on the extreme left, Lo gan next, and Dodge next, partly in line and partly In reserve. Blair's corps advanced a mile and a half south of the Augusta railroad. General Greshien, who commanded his right division, was grievously wounded. Altogether, the operations on the left were highly success ful. On the morning of the 21st, Johnson's and Baird's divisions, of Palmer's corps, were moved forward, and after a brisk contest, in which we lost perhaps one hundred men, the rebels were driven from the ridge in front, the whole of which was now in our posses sion. By the morning of the 22d, the rebels had withdrawn entirely from Palmer's and Hook er's front, and at 2 a m part of our army en tered Atlanta. We may have more fighting yet for the full possession of the city, but consider that for the present the campaign is substantially over. FROM THE Gl'LF. Blockade Runner Destroyed. Philadelphia, July 27.?Tne steamer Ber muda has arrived lrom the West Gulf squad ron. She reports the destruction, off Galveston, or the blockade runner Matagorda by the U. S steamer Kanawha, with her cargo of 7o0 bales of cotton. The Bermuda stopped at New Orleans, and Gen. Sickles iutended to return North on her, but being too unwell, his departure was de ayed. Pennsylvania Authorized to Raise One Year Regiments. Harribuuro. July 27,?Authority has been granted to the State authorities, by the Secre tary of War, to organize new regiments of vol unteers for one year under the call for 500,WiO. The Governor will issue his proclamation to this effect as soon as orders are received from Washington. Full companies for this period Will be at once received. NEW* YORK STOCK LIST. [By the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.) Kbw York, July 27.? U. S. 1S81, coupon 6's, 107; U. S. 5.20 s, 10i?; Certificates of indebt edness, 94*; Gold, 254?*; N. Y. Central, 131!{; Erie, llljf; Hndson River, 130; Harlem,?; Reading, 134|?: Michigan Central, 137X; Mlchi gan Southern,97&; Illinois Central, 129; Cleve land and Pittsburg, 111V; Cleveland and Toledo, 131; Chicago and Rock Island, 112?;Milwaukie and Prairie du Chien, 7l>; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, H3*f; Alton and Tens Haute, 00; Chicago and Northwestern, 03)!: Quicksilver, 77. LOCAL NEWS. Rec ruiting A'ibmts pob the District op Columbia.?In order to take advantage of the permission granted to recruit in the rebellious States, for the purpose of filling up the quotas of different districts, Mayor Wallacb has ap pointed the following aeents for this District, viz- Arthur Shepherd, Eastern Virginia; Geo. T. Finnegan, North Carolina: Wm. Finley, Mississippi; C. E. Green, Georgia and Alaba ma, and Geoige H. Mitchell, South Carolina and Florida. All persons desiring substitutes should leave their names and a certificate of deposit in the. Bank of Washington to the amount of 8300 with Mayor Wallach, who will see that a substitute is procured at the earliest moment; the names of those desiring substitutes being set down in rotation. Gen. Slough, Military Governor of Alexan dria, lias notified all persons engaged in re. cruiting there that unless they are legally authorized to do so, they will be arrested and punished. This course will materially aid in carrying out the intentions of the Government in granting permission to recruit in the disor ganized districts, and will give the agents of all the States more favorable opportunities lor working. Dismissed.?The case of the U. S. against H. C. Purdy, who was arrested first on a charge of larceny, which was withdrawn, and sub sequently on a charge of obtaining money by false pretences, has been finally disposed of after various postponements and partial hear ings during during two weeks past. It ap peared that Mr. Purdv was employed as a messenger by R. W. Edmonds, a substitute agent. Mr. Purdy was not authorized to re ceive or pay money for Mr. Edmonds, but had the care of a branch office at 7th street wharf, and was a messenger between that branch and the main office. Mr. Purdy obtained a sub stitute for Mr. H. Seitz, and received #100 for himself and 8100 for the substitute. This money Mr. Edmonds claimed as his, and made the charge of false pretences. Justice Kinsey decided that there was no evidence of false pretences, and dismissed the case. Wbarino the Brbbchbs.?Saturday night. Rose Miller, one of the fancy, from llthstreet between H and I, was promenading on 12th street dressed in male attire. Rose looked like a good-lookingboy; but thequickeyeof patrol man Miller discovered the deception, and ar rested Rose and locked her up in the Second Ward station house. Justice Clayton fined her ?5. _ Justices op thb Pbacb.?The President of the United States has commissioned the fol lowing Jnstices of the Peace for this Dlstr ict: Mathias V. Buckey, Nicholas Callan, Henry Reaver, Edgar Bates and Asa Gladmon. Statbopthb Thermometer.?At Frank lin &. Co.'s, opticians, No. 214 Pennsylvania avenue, the theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock, 84 In the shade, and 115 in the snn. Appaiksiw Georgetown.? ftinrrant Whisky Mom.?Yesterday, the Provost Guard arrested a man who was passing about among the sol diers carrying several bottles of whisky, which he sol<* by the driak to soldiers. The itine rant whisky shop was confiscated, and the bar keeper locked np for hearing by the military authorities; and after.they have done witU him, he will be turned over to the civil au thorities. ? Roughly Handled ? Last night, Alex. Giles, a restaurant keeper, was very severely beaten by a conductor on one of the cars. Giles was on the car, and the conductor demanded his fare. Giles said he had paid; a dispute en sued, and some profanity was used. The con - doctor pot Giles off, and was pulled off by him. The two got into a fight, in which Giles was severely bandied. His head, face and body are terribly cot and .braised. The con- I ductor has charge of car 51, and Giles has no- 1 titled the police, but was not able to appear and give evidence this morning. Wbo was in the right will be decided bya magistrate, as it is, the opinions are various, many justifying the conductor. Cutting Tate.?Last night Cornelius Sulli van Was attacked by a man named James Horrigan, whpout him ia the fa^o wilh a knife. The point entered near the corner of 8ulllran's eye and pained downward across bis cheek. lea*ng anogly nark. Hsrriganj fcy Odcer Cbiclr ftts morning, and was sent to jail for oourt by Juetice Fear son. Larcfnw? Jerome. 8haw wae arrested tbia morning by Officer Find key for stealing a pock et book and 98 from a negro named Colonel Richardson. Shaw was beld to ball for coart by Justice Bearer. Tbe provost guard is busily eugagect in fer reting o?t the aiders of deserters, soldtar swin dlers, and thoee persons who are engaged i> deaifng ont whisky to weldiera. There Is a fin a field tor military detective operations around the town. Reappointed.?This moraine Henry Raaver, Esq., many years a justice of the peace and police magistrate of Georgetown, reoeiwed his commission as a justice of the peace tor three years, subject to tbe action ot the Senate in the ensuing Congress. ? Port of Georgetown.?Cleared?schooners J. Cumberland,Gibson,St.Marys: Adeline* Sou ten, St. Marys; Protector, Hammond, St. Marys; Imogine, DeaMey, St. Marys; Mary and Virginia, Dorsey, Havrede Grace; Susan Emily, Casell, Deal's Island; Active, Sim mons, Hangary river: Exchange, Hamilton, New York : dorr boats Gns North. Qunndor, Accotink; M. Starr, Bowling, Mattawoman ; Salvlngton, Plant, Mattawoman. JAY COOKE Sc CO., HANKERS, Fifteenth Stiskst, oppositk U. S Trkasbwv. Receive Subscription* for the NEW U. S. 7 3-10 LOAN authorized by-the act of June 30th, lSil The notes will be issued under date of A trust 15th, in denomination* of 930, 9100, 9'>00, 91,000 and 95,000. payable to b?arer or order, bearing interest at 7 3-10 per centum per annum, parable semi-an nually, and wilt be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity into sis per cent, fire Twenty Bonds. We buy and sell? GOVERNMENT BONDS of all issues. TREASURY NOTES. CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, And COIN, And pay the highest price for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE CHECKS jy S7-tf JAY COOKE ic CO. Madame auoliab would respect?ul ly announce to her friends and the public generally, that sbe is now settled permanently in house No. 1249 C street, between and 6th eta.. Island, where she is prepared to read, to all whi? require it, the Past. Present and Future. Bern* an impressed medium, she is able to adriae and counsel with safety upon all matters; especially business matters; or in fact, anything of import ance. Ladies 75 cents; Gentlemen 11.25. Can h? consulted from 8 a m. until 9 p.m. jy87-lw* OFOR SALE. NE of PUFFER'S celebrated SODA DRAUGHT STANDS. similar to Julihn's, 206 Pennsylvania arenue, only somewhat smaller. ALSO, Two 20 gallon Copper Fountain*-, extra thickness, iron bound. Two Puffer's Patent Coolers One 8ilver-plated Draught Tube, (never in use,) Matthew's make-. All the above being manufactured to brder. ar? wnrranted to be in first rate condition, nearly new, being in use hut a portion of present season; the only resson for selling being for want of proper locality. Address "Soda Apparatus,*' at this office. Jy 27 3t* . B Y W. L. WALL Sc. CO., Auctioneers EGGS AT AUCTION. f O'l TnDRgDAY MORNING, the 28th iu*t.. in front <?f-lie Auction Rooms, we will s.ll about J.| uarrcln r.ggs, in good order. ?. it, D. WALL fc CO., Ancts f? ?'* second-hand Furnitur- and I'-c Jr 27-d B Y J. C. McGUIRE Sc. CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE S PALE OF NINE BUILDING LOTS ON 1ST STREBT WEST, AT TUB CORN EE OF fOUTH D STREET. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. August 31. at*', o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust, dated May 7th, 1857. and euly recordslin Liber J. A. fc. No. 133. foliog 22 et sc., we shall sell all of Lot No ?>, in Square No. MS, fronting 1*1 fi et <in First street west, at the corner of south D street, and running back fcfl feet, subdivided into H Lots I5xb0, nnd one Lot 20x80. Terms cash. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. A cash payment of $20 on each lot will be required at the time of sale. HORATIO N. GILBERT, Trustee jy 27 d J. C. MoGUIRE Sc CO., Aucta. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TWO TWO STORY BRICK HOUSES AND LOTS ON G STREET, BETWEEN NEW JERSEY AVENUE AND NORTH CAPITOL STREET EAST. AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, the 5th day of August n?xt, at 6 o'clock p.m., we shall sell, ia front of the prem ises, all of Lot No. 28, in S<|Oare No. t>25, with two two-story lirick Houses, containing four room* each. Persons wishing to purchase a small house, will do well to attend the sale. Terms One-half cash: balance in 6 and 12 months, secured by a deed of tru-?t on the prem ises. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. jy 27 a GREEN A WILLTAMS. Ancts B Y WM. L. WALL Sc. CO., Austs At the Horse Bazaar, 9* L*. avenue, ONE LARGE BAY AND ONE SMALLER BAY HORSE, AND ONE WELSH WHITE 8TAL LION, AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING, 30th instant, at 11 o'clock, we will sell, at the Horse Bazaar, for a gentleman who wishes to leave the city, two very tine Horses?one ?> years old large bay, elegant carriage horse; can be driven by a child; will stand any pla e without hitching; Ik warranted perfectly sound, and will suit a phy?k-ian or pri vate gentleman. 'Also, one smaller sized beautiful bay. a fine I driver and saddle horse, 8 years old ? very stylish, and a very free mover. T'h* fir*t of tbese hor?"* was raised in Ohio, the second iu Northern New York. Also, a beautiful Milk White Stallion Pon-y, % natural pacer, 7 years old. so kind that he cau b ridden by children without a bridle; is just th? thing lor yoUDg children learning to ride, jy 27 WM. L. WALL A CO.. Aucts B Y GREEN Sc. WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN JES-5R B. H?? 8 SUBDIVISION OK A PART OK MOUNT PLEASANT. ADJOINING TI1K BOUNDARY LINE AT 7TH AND *TII STj. EXTENDED. On MONDAY, 1st day of August next, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m . the following valuable Building Lots, viz: Lots Nos 42. 43. 44 and56,cf J. B. Haw'snubdi vision of Mount Pleasant farm. These lots front on 7th and 8th street* extended, and opposite tbe Park?a gf>od situation for business purposes, and outside ot thn Corporation ot Washington. Persons wishing to purchase handsome building lots either for private residences or buniues* pur poses will do well to attend tne sale. Terms of sale; One-balf cakh; balance in Ftr and twelve mortbs, for notes be*ring iuterest from the day of sale. A deed given ami adee-lof trirnt teseo. All conveyances at cost of purchaser. Till- indisputable. Tbe above lots will be subdivided to suit pur chasers. Fifty dollars will be required of earn purchafer when the property ts knocked off. anl if not paid down it will be then put up and sold to the r.ext hirhtst bidder who shall comply with the terina. Jy 27-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auetv B Y GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. LARGE COPPER FASTENED BAKGE AT AUC TION. On WEDNESDAY, the 10th day ?f August next, we will ?.ell at 12 o'clock ia., all the riuht, title, and interest of William Sw*in, being one-half. w;tli t he? ri vilege of the whol? at R'agd'-nV wharf, near the Navy Yard, in Washington. D. C., the large end Rupericr built Barge New World, of the following dimensions and capaci ty: Length. 375 feet: breadth of hull, 49 feet: over all, K5 fret; depth of hold,, V) feet; burtben, 1,675 tons. She is well built, coppered and copper fastened; has donkey engine, fire pumps, boats, anchors and chains, and all Other necessary equipments. She is in complete order. She can be seen until 1st August at Alex andria. near the coal wharves. After the 1st of August she will be at the wharf where she is to be sold. Persons wishing to purchase are respectfully re quested to examine her any time previous t? Terms of sale r Ten per cent, of the purchase money will be required on day of sale; balance within 1 j days, when a bill ofsale will be given. GREEN A WILLIaMS, Aucts. P. 8. For further particulars please Inqmre of Messrs. George A Thomas Parker and Green A Williams, Washington; Wm. Swain, No. 177 Eaat Broadway, New York; or the Captain on board tbe barge. jy V d J^ HANDSOME 5 YEAR OLD BLACK HAWK Mare, with saddle, bridle. See., will be soMat ow ?riee of 9126. Ap 1 street, between 9th and ' the low price of 9126. Apply immediately at i43 nd 7th sts. north, ly li-jt WHITE SULPHUR SPBINGS, Vu CARLISLE, PENN'A. The Proprietor takes pleasure in annoanciag that this favorite and fashionable Water-A. > A mg Place is now open for visitors. TheYf-lfcT Carlisle White Sulahttr Springs are situ-jJxi^L^ ated in Cumberland Connty, Pa.,about four milm northeast of Carli>Her. The personal and undivided attention of the Proprietor will be girea to the Vantsand comf?rt? or hi* gtseat-. l?2a 5t* N. W. wool>8, Proprietor OOMMBRCIAL ACADEMY Corner of 7th and wstreets. The course of studies embraces Writing. Arith metic. Book- Keeping, and whatever tbe pvpilmay require. Term* from 910 to ?3 > parable in aa vince. Hours of attendance fro-n 9 a. m. to 2 p. m.. and Jroin 6 p. m. to 9 p. m. . ly 25-6t* f 1ME AND CEMENT I Li Jukt received a cargo of Mperior ROCKLAND LIMK. Also, a cargo of superior HYDRAULIC CEMENT, ? which we offerat the lowest market rates 1 .LIMB. PLASTER, HAIB AND CEMENT, con stantly on haad. J. P. BARTHOLOW, ly 19- eoiw oorner 7th street and Canal.

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