Newspaper of Evening Star, 29 Temmuz 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 29 Temmuz 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUSEMBNT8 TO NIGHT. OROVER 8 THRaTRR.?The pOpUllT Irilh ccmediaa, Mr. George O. (JO*rle8? in" tpreetlng yonnc artiste, La Bell? Emilia, ?will make tbeir second appearance tare to night; the characters they will perform being ?fcfcaBdy Maguire.'' "Paddy Miles,"and "May Connor.'* Dunne tbe progress of the plays, Mr. Charles will sing a number of amusing songs. The cast is otherwise good. Cartrrburt.?The Fire King, Signor Bnono Core, will another exhibition to-night, nis performance in the flames to be preceded and followed by a splendid Concert Hall bill, indeed it wonld be almost an impossibility to get op a better concert room company than tAat which nightly e'ellghts Mr. Lea's patrons. But the great feature is certainly the Fire King, whim all should see. The Plumb Photographic Gallery.? This old and favorite photographic establish ment is one of the fea'ures of the National Metropolis, and strangers visiting Washington are pretty snre to visit it, finding its collection of f pecimen pictures exceedingly valuable aud interesting SV'e believe the Plnmb Gallery can boast the largest collection of pictures of dis tinguished Americana, especially those who hs\e parsed off the stage, of any establishment in the country, it having always enjoyed that leading reputation in Washington that brought to it for their portraits all the leading states men ol successive years. The photographs taken at this gallery are distinguished for ex ceDence of likeness, and for a certain softness and beauty of finish giving them a high value a# pictures as well as portraits. Imperfect pictures of deceased persons are, by some Lnge nicus process, reproduced here with life-like effect. In cartes visile this gallery excels, as "well as in amorotypes; and the gallery has also a great repntatiou for its work in the way of colored photographs. We advise a call at the place, 356)$ Pennsylvania avenue. "Estlin'b Cocks Skinned by tttr Rebels. Just betore the iate invasion, we hear, that a well-known sporting man residing in Mont gomery county, bad made preparations for a cock fight, and bad laid in a supply of "gaffs" for bis game roosters, 70 in number, which were matched against some plucky cocks from New York. While these preparations were being made, the rebels were reported approach ing tbe bouse, and our cock-fighter made tracks for tbe city, where be remained until af er the retreat; aud when he returned he fonnd tbat the rebs had played the deuce generally with the birds. They bad pnt tbe gaffs on them and pitted them against eacb other, and from the appearance of tbe ground there had bean a bloody battle fongbt: numbers of the birds ly ing dead about the place. The rebels also dis played their baibnrism by slitting the fowls down the back aod skinning them. Fovbth Ward Station Casks.?Marga ret Broderick, larceny; bail for court. Patrick McGann, drunk; dismissed. Wm. Johnson and Albert Foster, sleeping in the street; dis missed. Bevill Payne, disorderly;for bearing. Monris Flynn, receiving stolen goods; dis missed. John Eeed, drunk; 81.5S. Henson Harrison, assault and battery; dismissed. Louisa tTrop'er, vagrancy; do. David Raw llngs, viol iting city ordinances; do. Jno. Orr, duorutrly; locked up. Samuel Starks. fugi tive from justice; for hearin?. Chas. Bently, larceny; bail lor court. Christopher Hopper, violating city ordinance; also, hacking without & badge; for bearing. Jas. Mitchell, throwing atoms; #1.58. Thb Fire Kino at Loeffler's Garden.? On Tuesday afternoon, the fire king, Buono Core, who is now performing at vjanterbnry, will perform tbe daringfeatof walking through fire, and will for some time remain in a cage of flames. This feat was performed in .Tones' Woofte, near New York, and it received tbe at tention of the most prominent papers there, one ct two of which urged that our scientific men give tbe subject -eme attention, in order to see if Core's discovery could not b0 made availa ble lor tbe saving of life. There will no donbt be a large crowd in attendance to witness the extraordinary feat. Appropriating Public Prorerty.?Yes terday morning, about 4 o'clock, as officer H. C SmittT. of the 4th ward police, was passing through tbe ground* of the City Hall, he no ticed a man stooping in the circle of the west wing, busily engaged in digging with an old case-knife to remove one of the voting trees planted there Getting a glimpse of the officer, tbe fellow ran, but was overhauled by the officer and taken to tbe sta ion house and made to pay $5 & for defacing the public grounds, by J ustice GiAeibon. He gave bis name as Chas. Yourg. -? Second Ward Station Cases?H. Oest. laTceny; dismissed. Lt. Col. Doolittle, disor derly and fighting; Thos. Cassidy. drunk; dis missed. Anne Lang, do; #1. A. Lonya. do : military. Lawis Clutchey, selling liqnor to soldiers; B2U&-. Also, passing bogus moaey; dismissed. Chas. Parke, larceny of soldier's discharge, military. James D. Ross, assault and battery; bail for court. Henry Morris, as sault, dismissed. Henry Morrisey, drunk; H. Armstrong, do; dismissed. Presentation ?Sergeant Geo. T. Carlin, of the 1st D. C. infantry, having been promoted to a lieutenancy, the members of his company on Wednesday presented him with a handsome sword, saeh, belt and shoulder-strips. The presentation was made at Bnggs Barracks, Alexandria, by Lieut. Col. Bovd, in a neat speech, on behalf of the members of Lieut. Carlln's company. Lient. Lloyd, of the 1st 1>. C. cavalrv. on behalf of Lieut. Cariiu, re pbed in a very happy manner. The MarineSekvice ?This corps is rapid ly gaining acce-sious toils numbers, and a draft of new recruits is received every week, mostly from Philadelphia, and nearly all of tbem are credited to tbe quotas of Pennsylva nia and New Jersey. The total number of officers and men now at the headquarters of the corps in this city is 249. Assaults and Batteries.?Geo. Washing ton, col , w as airested for assaulting and beat ing Sarah Bet kman Wm. H. Coak ware was arres'ed for a like offence upon Leslie Combes: and Theodore Ward for the same upon Wm. {Scbrodel. All tbe pugnacious individuals -were sent to jail lor court by J ustice Giberson. SPECIAL, NOTICES. IrvoriKl sorm it eh inn the are a' not to have used that popular gun for the toilet, fragrant 8o zodcnt.putitoHno longer, bat go at once to your nearest Druggist an<1 *<-t a bottle. Ton will never regret it. Sol-1 by nil Druggists jjr 29-3t Fiaho at Auction ?Jas. C. McGuire ft Co will sell at public auction, at their rooms, corner of l'enni-yl*ania avenili- and I lit* street, on Saturday, Jnlv 3?th, at 1> o'clock, one Piano-torte, New York make, rosewood case, metallic frame, six aad-three-quarters octaves. jy 2a-2t* Coughs and Colds. The sudden chan^f-* of our climate are sources rf pulmonary, bronchial and asthmatic affections. JJi perience having prove'! that simple remedies often act speedil) when taken in the early stages of the d1s?-ase, reco .rs- should at once be bad to "Jbetru'j Bmnrkinl Troche* '' or I oienges, letthe cold, couth, or irritation of the throat oe ever so Blight, as l>y thi? precaution a more serious attack may be effectually ward-d off. Poblic speakers aud singers * ill tind them effectual for clearing and strengthening tbe voice. Aoldit rs should hare them, as tb. > can be carried in the pocket and takes as occasion requires. Jy 23-lm.r Ooxas. Bu*i?is. Bad Nails, ito. Dr. White will be in attendance at his rooms. No. 434 Pennsylvania avenre, on and after Fri day, JaiyZM. JyJl-tf IIais DtiI Haib Drill Batehelor's celebrated Heir Dye it tkt but ?t the Wtrld. The only karmlut, iras and rtliabU Dye know- This spWndid Hair Dys is perfect?change* HeJ, tiaitr or Grey Hair Lnstaatly to a Glotn Blaefcor Natural Brown, withoat injuring the hair or staining the skin, leaving the hair soft and bsaotifal, impart* fresh vitality frequently re storing Its pristine color, and rectifies tbe ill eSeets of Bad Dyes. The 0-eauine is signed William A Batohslob, all others are mere Imitations, and shoald be avoided Bold by all druggists. &,o. Vao ry?*1 Barelay street. Haw Tork. Bachelor's ToiletOream fer 4reeeiag the kair. Jr 7 sol Bsobbt DiSBAsaa. Samaritan't tft/i i? the moat certain, aafe and effectual remedy?Indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever discovered. Cures m two to four days, and recent caaes in twenty-four hoars No inner al no balsam, no mercury. Only ten gills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, and * friend to those wko do not want to be exposed. Male packages, #3; fiasMtfias'i Roe? ?>?'*'''?*--A ao?ltIt# and Sirmaaent on re for fc>yphJUe.B?rorale,Uioers,8oree pots.Tetters,fte. Price #1 .orsix botUeefor ft old by B.O. Bee aAertleemeat. uU BrasMAToaaatBA cab bbCoaRB.??r Band'sBpe alfic curee bprrmatirrlura, S*rninal wtaxnt**, /? pouncy, Lo*i of Power, eu.. tpiidrlv and (*%***$(? Its efiscts are traly magiesJ. A trial of the Specific will convince the most skeptical of It* merits. Price 91 a bo*. Bold by a. C. ford, ooraer 11th street and Pa avenue, Washiagto*. and Heary Cook. Alexandria. Ja?-ll Coloats's Uobbt Boar. This celebrated Toilet Boap, in gaeh universal deaiaad, is snaie from tbe cheieeet materials, is ?slid and emollient in Ite nature, fragrantly scent pA, pad extremely beneBcial in its action apoa the akin. Tor asJe by all Droggiaea and Vaacy Oeods lalfr-eolt oeats iff** * Ifdii 'llAii iw * '""'Zz stasis I A Pitfcm r*? "w HiiKMoaaf, PWm'i "Rlfkl Bloomiai Oerwu." Photon's "Nijfct Blooalai 0*r?u.H Photon's uNigbt Blooming Ovmi.h Photon's "Nl^htll looming O areas." Photon's "NirhXileomiag Oeresu.' Photon's "NlghtBlooming Oerema." Photon't "IflgbTBlooming Geraaa." A mort exquisite, deli^Te apd distilled from the rvt and beautiful fiowsr from which it tikes It* Dime. Manufactured only by Phalo* a 801, If. Y. bivari of oouST*ar?rT8. Ask *o* *"Lo0*'8rT,4" "0 Othi*. Je 16-3m Sold by druggists generally. Dm Vurowr'B Sugar-coated female Kerala tin* Pllls'are the v*ry but in usi. They operate *v*tdily and tfutivtly. and being .rutar ccaud create do nansea upon the most delicate stomach. A trial Oi these Pills will prove their superiority over all ethers. Price #1 a box. 8old by 8. 0. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue,Washington,and Henry Oook. Alexandria la(-lr ViuiniD ro Oori ii Six Days.-Dr. Godfrey* Antidote, an Engliah Specific of *ixty-flTe years' atanding, will care Qonorrhata in six days. No ebange of diet required. Price 91 per bottle. Bold by 8. 0. Ford, oorher 11th street and Pa. avenne, Washlnrton. and Henry Cook. Alexandria. JaS-ly DtBRABU OF TBI NBXV0U8. 8bMI*AL, UltrXiXT and Sixdal Stotbms?new aud reliable treatment ?in Reports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. Bkillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth Btreet, Philadelphia, Pa. ie .V 3m DIED, Srddenly, on Thursday, the 2^h in*tant, at one o'clock p. m., in Georgetown, Mrs. MARGARET 15. A .beloved wife or David Waudling-, aged 29 years and 23 days. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of h?>r husband. No. 16 Dunbarton St.. on Sa'nrdav afternoon next. at 2 o'clock. The Funeral of MRS. MARIA CASSIS will taVe place from the residence corner of7th and M, to-morrow. (Saturday 1 July 3^, at 8 a. m. The relatives and frieuds of the family are invited to attend. * 486 CHOICESTOCK 486 INTERIOR ADORNMENT8. 486 4S6 FAPERHANGINGB. 496 A select and varied stock of Gilt, Medium and lowj>riced Pap?rhangingB, Borders, Statues, Cen ter Pieces, Ac. WINDOW 8HADR8. Buff, Green, Chocolate, Brown tnd Gilt Window Shades, a variety of patterns; 8hade Fixtures, Ta?sels. 4 c. PICTURE CORD AND'TA8SEL8. Bilk and Worsted Picture Cord and Tassels, dif ferent sues and colors, a beautiful assortment; Picture Rings, Nails, Ac. . OVAL PICTURE FRAMES. The largest assortment of Oval Frames In the District, warranted to be gilded with jrold leaf; also, a variety of Dark Wood Frames, with a va ried stock of email-sized Oval and Carte de Visile Frames. ENGRAVINGS AND PAINTING8. A few choice Engravings and Paintings always in store. ? Orders for Paperhanyin^ and Window Shades punctually attended to in city or county. Terms cash for goods or labor. J. MARKRITRR, No. 4**b Seventh street, jy7- * Eight Doors above Odd Fellows'Hall. FOR SALE?A beautiful, stylish, pure blood'I BLACK HAWK MORGAN U0R9K, fifteen snd a hiilf hands hieh. weighing one thousand pounds, built in proptr tion, six years old. and a perfect model of beauty, without blemish; perfectly kind in single xnd double harneHS. and all right in ev-ry way This H'?rce has bi?en raided by the celebrated Morgan stock breeder, Lewis Sherman, K-?q., Brandon. Vermont, to whom the present owners refer anv yurcha er for his pedigree. He was brought here months a?o at a great expense, and is now sold without a single fault, as the o*ni'r, after various unsuccessful efforts, can not match him in ?tvle. action,or oo'or in any part of the county. He is perfectly gentle, and can be bsndled or driven by any lady, or even a boy. The attevtion of private families and army officers ia resre'tfully invited to this fine auimal. No hors- dea'ers need apply. H? will only be sold to private citixeng or army officers. Price f+50 He can be seen at the stables of KKL LEHKRA PYWKLL. Eighth street, between D and E. For particulars apply at the stables, or at the store or P.J. KEL.LEW, 010 Seventh street, near Odd Fellows' Hall. jy 23-tf \71EW8 OF BATTLE FIELD. July 12th. near Fort Stevens, 7th street road, to be had of J. GOLDIN & CO . Photographers No. 4 Penn ave nue, between 8th and 9th streets, Market Space. 16- lm* WASHINGTON CITY SAVINGS BANK, IBCOXPOBATBD MARCH *TH, 1*64. EDWARD SIMMS. President and Treasurer. EDWARD CLARK . Vice President and Secretary. Di8BCTors. WM. P DOLB, TH03. J GARDNER, J. J COOMB*, 8. V. NILB8, JOHN R. ELVAN9. This Bank is now open for the receipt of deposits, at the new Banking House, No. 58 Louisiana av enue, under Simms' new buPding. EDWABD CLARK, Secretary. EDWARD CLARK A CO.. BANKERS. At the Savings Bank, No. 58 Louisiana avenue Dealer* in EXCHANGE. GOLT) AND 81LVFR, AND GEN ERAL BANKING B^NBSS., ADir EDWARD CLARK, jy ?Mm JOHN R. ELVAKS. Lumber-white pine,spruce, eastern SHORE HEMLOCK, ana NORWAY, of alt lengths and sixes, together with a general assort ment of Flooring, Square Timber, Laths and Shingles,constantly arriving and for sale low for cash, by C. B. CHURCH A CO.. Jy 22 lwif* 11th St., bet Md. av. and C st. TV. NOONAN, Plumber and Gas Fitter, corner ? 9th and G streets, opposite Patent Office, is prepared to introduce the gas and Potomac water into dwellings and stores on the most reasonable terms. Hydrants, street-washers, hose and hose pipes always on hand. Job work promptly at eeded to. )y 21 -9t* ROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED FObTtHE Brick Work required in t&e erection of Cav alry Baptist Cburih until Augabt 2d, noon They will be directed to the Chairman of Building Committee. AMOS K ENDALL. Washington. D. 0. The p ans and specifications of Messrs. Clues and Kammerhuber. Architects, can be seen at their office. No. 130 West Second street, between D and E streets. The work will be paid for in cash, subject how ever. to the conditions usual in giving out sim ilar work. ThebidswiHbe opened at Old Trinity Hall, 5th street, between D aud E streets, August 2d, at 6 o'clock p. in , snd the contract awarded as soon as practicable therealter. J? 21-1 ltd 2 NEW STOCK. OLE LEATHER TRAVELING TRUNK. LA DIES' DRESS TRUNK, HAT BOXES,VA 1 ISKS, LEATHER snd CARPET BAGS. SATCHELS A c.. comprising the largest snd bet assortment of ladies' and gentlemen's traveling requisites to be found in this citv. WALL. STKPUENS A CO., 322 Pa. av , bet.Pthand loth streets. Jy?12wif f IntelAChron] s A T E R & 1_N T 8. Watbp. Rboiatkar'a Office, w t Rboi^trab'a Orrioi. I Citv Hall, Jubr 7,18K. S All persons who use the Aqueduct water on their premiaes are hereby notified that the water rent is now due to the Corporation for the period from Julv 1, 18b4, to January 1, 18'15. The water rent is required to be paid at this of fice during this month of July. If not paid by or befoie August 1st, the law commands that the water he sbu. off at the main and not restored ex cept upon payment of arrears and two dollara for expense of shutting off and restoring. The law does not provide for serving individual notices, and this public notice Is all that will be given. RANDOLPH C0TLI, jy 8 1m Water Registrar. ^BLLIHG OUT TO GLOBE. GREAT REDUCTION IN BOOKB, STATION ERY. AND FANCY ARTICLE*. The undersigned offer to the trade aud puWlc generally great inducements to purchase, ae he la dosing out his lar?estock ef goods preparatory to leaving the city. Gieat bargain* in Book*, Stationery, Photo graph Card*. Albums, Knives, Scissor*, R&sor*. Soaps, Comb*. Brushes. Perfuaaery, Ac., &o. A large lot of goods at half prioe. Several very fine Show Cases for sale. lor a ahort time only, at THE NATIONAL BOOR STORE, 27* Penn.avenue, bet. 11th and 12th at*., Washington, D. 0. Iy'1-lm IMPROVE TOUR EY1 sight by the use of the eel ebratwd Pbhblb ana Paaisoono <Jpsotaolbb, uni versally ackn*wlrdged as the best for BTaaneTi biiig an a Pbbsbbvibg the impaired lyeaifbt, ?cientlftcally and correctly suited, by FRANKLIa A Co., Opticians. 244 Pennsylvania avenna, bat. litk and Utb sts., Pennsylvania avenue, under the National. FIELD GLASSES. OPERA GLASSES, MICRO SCOPES, THERMOMETERS. STEREOSCOPES, PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS. oXrTBS DE VUIT1, Ac , In a great variety, and at tha lowest prices. 1*8 Internal revenue. C. 8. Abi-bbsoh's OrFioi, _ pflUaton LHttrut of JHttrifl of Ofiuwtbia. To all whom it may concern Notice is hereby given that the Aauual Tax List for ISM, together wit* the Income Tax for 1M3, ia now in this *9ce. Said lints will remain open fto* inspection and ex wn*?eU?.n forthe sp-oe of lft?M days from thia i?ii d*7 ?r J"'J,- "i tbat the undersigned "'llM-maan in his ofllee. Mo 468 Tth street west, rur oft t?n days thereafter to bear and determine on all app??la that may be made relative to exces siveor erroneous valuation by the Aaaiataat A* aii most be in writing, specifying Um iiriLlsr casr miltf er thing reeaeeting which ^ ?UieUnroMi t ?a.. WaabiMton, July U, MM. IGM. AMI WANTS. A COOK W ANTED?Man or worn*" Apply to Meigs Fir* Co., corner lid and * street*. if WnNTEP? Three or fuor Qiif?ri'i?he|l ROOM J in a respectable locality. Address Mrs Capt. TYLhB, StsrUffice. lr mt* TOrNOOIBL wishes for a SITUATION to co throrl >? lady'* a<id eud seamstress. PI* ate address Box 3b, Btar Office. jy t* 't* AFIR8T CH8S BREAD BAKRR WANTS * SITUATION. Address BAKER, Star Offioe. jy ? 2t? WANTED?A srod BRKAD BAKER on 9 h St.. between E and Pennaylvaaia av.. N ??y Yuri. It* nq.tH, LOUR. ANTED?A suite of (.ix or e'ght ROOMS,or & " Uric ROOM capable of subdivision,in * ct-n trsl locality, Jor a State Agency. Addre? Lock Box No. fil. Jy I) 3t* A YOUNG MAN. A GOOD RRK A P>. 0\K K AND Pastry cook. wishes aSlTUATlON Apply at BROWN'S Restaurant, corner 13th and Pennsylva nia avenue, Jy t*-2t* YVANTT,r>-At th? (In-line Weu-e a WOMAN. *v Must be a first late washer and ironer and assist with Cooking. 24 7 Penn. avenue, bat?eea 12th and !3tb streets. jy 2'It* WANTSD~A~secon<1 hand HEAD BAKER Ap ply at the Star Office^ jy 2>-3t* ANTKD-Ten fiVai^Maas RREAD BAKERS, at w McKELDEN *8 BAKERY, 496 Seventh at. jy ?8 3t* WANTED TO nt'Y 4* or 30 well broken MULEa. Inquire at FOWLER'S Stables, New York %y. Jy 58 lit* A. SCOTT. 1*7ANTED-A JOURNEYMAN BARRSR. at S. ?? FISHER'S. 871 7th street, near Md. avenue; and a barber shop for sale with lease. Good wages given. jy 23 2t* YV ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A furnishel or " unfurnished HOUSE, central location, me dium size. Address Box 40 7, Washington Poit Office. jy 28 3t* WANTED?To rent or purchase a small HOUSE between 4th and 11th. and Penn'a av. and M street* north. Address H. B. J., Star office. ata'ing t*rms. jy 28 4V^ WANTED?A small, unfurnished HOUSE, be tween 14th and 21d street#: not more than three squares frnm Pa avenue. Term* to be mod erate, arwl possession by 1st August. Address "J. B. P.." Star Office. Jy 28-2t? WANTED-A SEAMSTRESS, capable of work ing a Wheeler and Wilson sewing machine. Good w.iget and steady employment given. Ap ply at the Laandry, Finley General Hospital, W ashing ton. D. C. Jy 2ft-7t* W~~ANTED?A good BOY, to learn the Black smitbing Business Apply Phenix Carriage Works, corner of 6th and C streets. Jv 27 3t* WANTED-At J 8. FOLEY'S Coal Oil and Fur nishing Store. 31ti F "treat, between 10th and 11th streets, a YOUNG MAN that understands business, and is not afraid to work. Apply im mediately. Jy 2 -3t* WANTED?At 1 20 Bridge street. Gen?g<?t->wn, D. C .a first class CONFECTIONER To one who can come well recommended liberal wages will be raid. Call before 8 a.m., or after 5 p. m. jy Z7 3t* The subscriber wishes to purchase (for cash) a FARM of one or two hundred acres, in northern or western Pennsylvania. It must be in good cultivation with all the necessary buildings for a well regulated farm. Address J . D., Box 384, Washington, D. C. Jy H-lm* rpKAMSTRR3 WANTED. Chief Quartern) niter's rtpot of WathinttonJ Wa9HH?0T0S, D. o., July 9, MH4. ( Wanted, at once, THREE HUN DRED TEAM STER8, each capable of driving with single line, and managing six mule teams. T<> such who are competent to perform the duty, the pay per month will he thirty dollars, with oue ration per day, an"1 hospital privileges, including tbe best me-'ical attendance when sick. Apply to Captain Charles H . Tomukins, A. Q. M. U. S. A., corner Twenty aecond and G sts.. Wash ington, D. C. D H ROCKER, Brig. Genl and Chief Qnartermaster, le9-19t Depot of Washington. w ANTE D?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Also. MIRRORS CAKPKT8, BEDS. BED DING, an^ HOUSEFURNTSHING GO<>DSofevery description. R. BUCHLY 42"" 7tb street, Je8 tf between G and H.east side. SUBSTITUTES. SUBSTITUTES 1 f URSTI TUTES ! N. II. MILLER ft CO.. No. 511 Ninth street west, near Pennsylvania av. (25 TWENTY PIX E men for the army, as RB P RE?E*TA71 VV8 for those liable to the DRAFT, AT TUB MuST RE 48UN A RLE PRICKS. N. B.?Runners liberally dealt with. Exemp tion papers prepared, with dispatch. l>y N H. MILLER. ,iy 29 6t* Justice of the Peace. ^UBSTITTTES FPRnTsH KD at lowest rates by LEWIS HROS., 414 Pennsylvania avenue. Respectfully refer to Mr. Shelley, Book keeper, Metropolitan Hotel, and Mr. James K. R ark, Third Auditor's office, U. 8 Treasury. jy27-7t* ^JURSTITUTF.S.?Substitute" bought and sold, ?* Enrolled citizet,s bad better apply at 183 I st., between ?"th and 2'st, be'ore engaging a sub. elsewhere. Will be furnished at the cheapest rate*. jy2t?-lm* BOARDING BOABD?A gentleman wishes to find BOARD with a private family, in the vicinity of the War Department,or between 17th and2uth streets. Addreaa-A. V. P.," 14t* F street. jy2J-3t* BOARD.-A second atory FRONT ROOM, suit able for two or three gentlemen. an-! TABLE BOARD without, for a week, at 131 Penn. ave nue. betwean 19th and 20th sts. jy 2i First claps boarding nouss for gen tlemen, their wives, officers and clerks in the Departments. This house is one of the finest in the city, with all modern improvement!. Apply at 1^3 G atreet. between 19th and t th. It* (GENTLEMEN DESIROUS OF OBTAINING 1 Board in a private famil y will fi nd two pleas ant Rooms by applying at No. 7 1st st., George town. Terms moderate. jy 2H-3t* TVICBLY FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE OR 1^1 in suits, with tarst class Board, at 301 G St., between 1.1th and 14th, near the Departments. References exchanged. jy 2R 6t* SEVERAL WELL FURNISHED ROOMS, with ^ BOABD in a pleasant locality. Inquire at 431 3d street, between Pennsylvania and Missouri ave nues. Jy 28-3t* F^OR RENT?Two rtligiousor morai gentlemen can he accommodated with a third-story FRONT ROOM, furnished (with or without board) in a private f?milv. Inquire at No. 534 L street, between 8th and 9th. jy 28-3t* BOARDING ?Two Rooms, suitable for two each, and Board at 500 E street, between Pecond and Third, with a Northern family and few boardera. jy *7-3t* C^OOD B0ABD1NG AND PLEASANT ROOMS I can be had at No. Washington street, Georgetown. Also several ROOMS to let. jy 27- ]w* BOARDINO ?ROOMS with BJARD at 173 2d street, between B and C streets, near the Cap itol , depot and avenue. jy2o-lw* D EFRIGERATORSI ft REFRIGERATORS II Just received a very large and complete assort* ment of the celebrated CONTINENTAL. MONITOR, P^SSjSl and EXCELSIOR REFRIGERATORS, which are admitted to be of the most approved patterns, and workmanship of the best qaality, which on trial and examination cannot fail to be appreciated by all. BONTZ & GRIFFITH, _Je3_ 369 7tb street, bet. I and K. BILLIARD TABLE8 KOR SALE.?The Subscri ber haa TBRS.E FIRST CLASS BILLIARD TABLES, nearly new, which h? will diapoae of very low. Inquire at the Billiard room, corner of 11th street \ad Pennsylvania aveone le 14-tf 108BPH REYNOLDS & 00. P LUMBERS, OA A, AND STEAM FITTERS, Ho. 500 Nikth Btiiit, near avenue. Have Jut reoeived. and will constantly keep on hand, the lar?eat and best assortment in the city of Chandeliers, Bmoketa, Drop Lights, Portables, glass Globes, mica and other Shades, and ail arti stes in this line, from the heat establishments in New York, Philadelphia, Ac , which will he fold on the moat reasonable terms. Also, RANGES, FURNACES, nod Fire-Board Stores. We are prepared to tarnish the beat RANGE in oae anywhere, on very reasonable terms. Hotels, Res tan rants. Ac., are invited to call. We do all klnda of OAS and STEAM fitting* sromptlv and cheap, as also evervthin* in the PLUMBING line in the most satisfactory manner Call and see onr Bathing Tabs, Fountains Water Closets, Wash-stands, Basins, Ac., Ac., at No. 500 Ninth street, near Peansylvaniaatrenue,the largo** astabltshwent in the city. fe 2-eot.f **H* D00*?.ABp B'LIMD superior style and workmanship, which we are ?f. feriDCfttUvprioiA, We respectnilly invite builders and others to call ?WWfr"!'\ 8TBWART, Offioo?west side of Seventh street. laUlm* at Canal fridge. ar REMOVAL. NoTiS I8D'oAf?T,rai."oWffi.0AE'>,? The offioe for the sale of Manure deliverable from the different government corral* in the Depart ment of Washington has been removed from the ooroer of F and !Mh streets to the oorner of E and 13th streets, one bloak from Pennsylvania avenne, "TEVESfc* 8 proper and haul fall nsa. "VSk and dispatoh nt. I# l-Sw Wa?InfrrW?4aZed M FOR BBNT^A NP 3ALB BE NT??rora the U E7*URNI8HBD ROOMS FOB trcet. between N*i r of August. No. 4 24 1Mb a ?. . j r ?-3t* Tort wwt,* and H atreet. -nSK8 Apply t F^OK RENT?1 wo FRAME 36 ??t aod H stret E H A V JSS, corner 4th hired * Jjl9 Jt* north. TVOE SAL1 ANIOhLY FITTED OP SALfKK ,->orhea!?* at a great sacrifice, on acconut of > gain Fo Any p-nmn call in It toon can get a b?? 1y J1-2t' particular* call ?t Star office. . C^URNISHKD BOOMS TO LET-TOO* ' .iwee ?? MEN ON LY?Hon?e 264 F ?treet, b, nine }3th atd uth street. Table Board can be ?bV ^t* in the immediate vicinity. jy 29 , .? I7<UR~RENT-TO GENT' KMEN ONLY-* "< airy and comfortably FTTRvlSHED CHAV REBt. with Br-akfaat, if ?ieair<?d, ia a prir?W family. at 375 Uth street, abort* K. Jy r> Jt* FOR RFNT-a three atory BRICK DWELLl ?G, cont*inirg 8 rooms, on rtth st.. near the corner of M For particulars apply at No. 4t>l 9th at., near the corner of E. or No. 2J K st., opposite N. L. Market. Jy 2i-2t* FOR RENT?Three-story and basement BRICK HOCMi en 2 st street, between G and H. Roat low to * ifood t?"an?. and possession at o5<"? Ap ply to UM 8 GHaUaM. General Laii office, or to J AMEb HENN1NQ, 21st street, near Boandary. jy 29 2t* A PARLOR, neatly furnished. and one unfur nished ROOM. both fronting two streets, wi'l be rented, separate or together. w!th or without Board. T*ie most pleasant Toe*tion in the city, and the eheape?t bargain Apply corner ?5th at. east and gouth Carolina ar.. Capitol llill, two squares from Pean av^ ' 1y*? 3t* I^OP. RENT?Two furnished BEDHOOxH. Ap * ply at No. 424 E street, between 8th and 9th. jys8 3i* FOR EENT?In a private family, one or two neoly furnished ROOM3-No. 476 15th st., between Pa *?. and P st. jy St* FOR RENT-A BRIOK HOUSE, containine ten rooms, and the Furniture for sale. Enquire of WALL, STEPHENS 4. CO., 322 Pennsylvania avenue. jy 28 lw ' NIOELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO RUNT at J 56 tt street, between Twentieth and Twenty first street*. First-class boarding house near br. jy *ft-3t? |T|N THE FIRST OP AUGUST A DOUBLE "J Room can be obtained, and several Table Boarders accommodated, at 4fcl 9th St., between ? and^P. Jy 2^-2t* LpOff RENT ?One large two-story PRAME r HOUSE, containing six rooms and hall, yard and back buildings all complete, on G St., east of New Jersey ay. Inquire on the premise* jy28 3t* FOR RENT?On the let of August, a two story BRICK HOUSE, with back building, store room, fixtures, and cellar, on the Isiand, suitable for a grocery or restan'aiit. Inquire at No. 576 Uth street, near Maryland svem.e. jy 28 3t* 1?OR SALE?The good will and fixtures of a BARBER SHOP, in one of the best business locations in the city, the owner intending leaving the city. For fur her information apply 1st street west, one door from Ta. av. Jy 28 2t' THE LEASE OF A SMALL HOUSE F0R""a NUMBER OF YEARS KOR 8ALE.-If not sold by the 3 tn three rooms will be rented on moderate terms. Address J . N ATAY, Washington P. O. jy 28-3t* F*OR RUNT?A FRAME HOU.^K. containing nix r cms, with front and back yard. Will be rented to any person who will buy th?* fnrniture. References satisfactory to the landlord required. For particulars inqnire at room No 4 , fir*t floor, P. 0 Departnu-n'. between 9 and 3 o'clock, or on if-e premises, 34 6 L, between lOth and 16th streets, after 4 p.m. Jy 21-St* ^OUNTBY TORE AND TAVERN FOR RENT. C( F The Store and Tavern 8tand, well known as the Fountain Inn. now doing a good busiuess, ? ith about twel ve acres of land attached to it. a nice garden, with vegetables of all kin id; aUo, about two acres of potato s, well manured, and at-out four acres of corn. Tliere ha* b^en a splen did busiiirssdone here lor the last five years,but cow wishing to retire from business, I will sell my Lea>-e an'1 Crop on very reasonab.e terms, and my stock of Goods if the purchaser desires, at thirty per cent, let* tusn :?st The accommoda tions are good?eleven rooms being in the tavern ? and itlsw<-ll adapted for a country hotel; all necessary out-houses, and stabling for horw-s. Apply within seven days atHALf'IN'8 TAVERN, situated in Mont go me i*y count jr. Mary 1 >ind, eitht miles from Washington City, on tbe Washington and Brookville Turnpike. jy ?-tt' J A3 N. IMI.PIN. HTO LET?FURNISH KD ROOMS w.thout board. I Apply at No. U72 F st.. corner Wth. Jy 27 Ht* ORETO RENT?Suitable for grocer or c -n fection?r. Inquire at the corner of 8th anl L ftreete. jy^* TWO PLFASANT FURNltiH'ED ROOMS, 'or one or two persons, to be lad at No. 463 D street, between td and 3d. Terms moderate. jy 27 3t* t FpOR RENT? One large front PARLOR aid back ROOM, rea'ly furnished, wito f tiding do?rs between, on first floor. Applyat 231 H 19th and 2 th, one block from the cars fy 27 It* OR RENT~Three story BRICK HOCdE, No. 27 ft Pa. avenue, between 10th and 11th stg., south side. Posaession given at once. App y J. W. THOMPSON, 269 Pa. a?e. Jy 27-1 w FI'OR RENT?Several nicely furnished ROOMS. Also, two unfurnished ROOM.1*, suitable for offices or housekeepiug purpjses. App'y No. 411 lath st., between G and H. jy 27 3t* FOR RENT-Three-Story BRICK HOUSE, Store and Dwellii.g a'tscbed, on K street, near Uth. Inqu re of WM BAGMAN, 440 13J> street, be tween E and F sts. )? 27 3t* F~OR RENT^Ta GROCERY STORK, with base ment and Hxturr'S. A'*o, four K00M3, with kitchen attached. Apply at the northeast corner of 4th aad N streets. jy 27-lw* T>LEA8ANT~B()OM8 ON CAPITOL HlLL-Two 1- pleas<nt unfurnished ROOMS and one spacious furnished room on second floor in a private family near tha Capitol, at 371 1st street east, corner C street. jyY7-eo3t* Barbershopforsale.?The good wiiiand fixture* of a 8hop situated on Virginia ave nue, between Seventh and Eightl g'reets.Nary Ya?d. For terms apply at the shop, or to WM. A. NICHOLS, Jackson alley. jy 27-lw* A_RARE CH ANCE.?Sixty dollara will buy'the FIXTURES and GOOD WILL of a Grocery and Provision Store, with a large and dry cell ir, on the Island. Inauire at No. 6b0 8th street. Island. jyff-3t? 'OR RENT?A BRICK STABLE, eontainius _ four stalls, and CARRIAGE HOC8E, on E st., between 12th and 13th. Apply ''o L. 0. BUHOP, corner I8th street and New York avenue, Thomp son 'h Drug Store. Jy 27 3t* JTORSALB FORiSOO Ca*h-A RESTAURANT with fiva rooms, row in active i> tying op?ra tion, on 7th street. Fire years' lease, stock, fur niture ? baeatelle table, fit., for S-* <0 Cish. MITCHELL* SON. Real Estate Brokers, jy 27-3t 8. H. cor. Pa av. and 16th street. I BARGAIN?F0\R SA LE?The FURNITDR8 of a convenient brick house, situate on 10th street in the healthiest part of the city, 3 squares from Northern Liberty Market. The house con tains 8 rooms, for r*nt at a loV rate. Terms cash. Enquire atNIEuFELD'S Book store, E street, be tween Bth and 9th sts.. on the 1st August | Jy T< 3t* FOR PALE-Aneat FR\MK HOUjE. situated m one of the best business localities in Washing ton. with all the nec?ss?ry articles an 1 fixtures (or a flrst-cla?H eating-house. Tne house is very well r-etablished the present proprietor having kept it in good order for the last year, and the only reason for selling is a desire to change business For iiformstiuo inquire at the Star office, jy 27-31* FURNISH ED ROOMS FOR RBNT.-Bereral de sirable Rooms of different in one of tne healthiest and plea*antest parts of th* city, front ing southward. Furniture entirely new. Privi lege in* fine bathing room. Also, an Office in the front basement. Inquire 492 K street, between 6th and 6th west jy 26-81* F)R SALE?Cheap for cash, and early possession given, a PKAMK HOI 8K. LOT and GROCERY STORE. The house contains six rooms including the store. The house and lot may be so d without the gtock if so deeired. For further particulars inquire on th? premises. No. 226 Sixth street ?est. bet. M and N streets worth. fy 2<-lw* ?/OR SaLE, WITH IMMEDIATE P^iaES r 8I0N-A small FRAME HOUSE and LOT. No. 571 C street north, between 2d aad Sd street* ??*t, Cajitol Hill' For further particulars snquireon the premi^es: iy 2?-6t' tJHOW CASES FOR SALE ? Just received eight elegant COUNTER SHOW 0ASE8 bv the best makers in New York. Apply t* P.J. BELLE W A Co., 510 7th street, three doors *>?th of Odd Fel lows'Ball. Jy 23 tf F at leart ten re^Inwats. OaU at SIS flth atreet, opposite the Kirkwwed House aft -r 8 p m. yPTw, a one half interest a 8UTLEE3HIP i? frj?yn? lw* W. BRAMHALL. w VASE AND BUILDINGS FOR A WOOD AND L%AL YARD tOR 8ALE.?We offer for ?ale the LEASE and BCILDING8 of Mr E K Cor bett'sWood and Coal Yard, on 12th street, be tween E and P streets north. , . To persons wiahing to engage in the wood an it coal busine-a this offers a tine opportunity of se curing an excellent place for business, with scales, on*, ??>??? ysrsssffim, * oo. jy 23 6t A?ctiam and Oom. Mer. t'OR BENT-One brick HOUSE with II rooms, r sitnated on Venn'a arenae, between and rtth streets. opr*>?ae National Hotei. Apply to U ? JOHNSTON, No 37S Penn aavenae, between K\ and 6th at*. Jr ti lt* F'OR S4LE-DRUG STORE.flne BRICK HOUSE, (will rent; i three BUI I D1 NO IXtTS. -Imuir* of Da BOGAN. No. 435 Maas. arenae, near )Ath ?treet. Jy H I*' FOEBALE-WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. The three atory BRIOK HOUSE, (and bot.i No. H9. 9th gtreet, I aland, between D and I streets It oonUina nine rooms,and lain all re . pec's a desirable residence and froyartf. Apply ^dWalTaCH, Star Qgoe.' Je 26-tT 0 EENT?Aa eiegant BOUSE, with brown gtene front, partially furniahed, with all mod |mar?T?mep?a, centrally and nleaaantly cated, No. 444 ? street, the reatdxne* of Sc., re tar y Chase, together with large brisk stable, not to be rented for a " M atreet waM. _. - - i""w iatteoMr OIE-U AUCTION SALES. THll AFTER WOO S AHP TO-WOKUm J. O. HoQUlBJt A CO., Auctioneer*, CU? ALrA^ig*yL?p~ARO* QtTANTfTTO Under PROPERTT Court of the DMrlrtVf Si t d*cr?*> of the 8" P"" 4?ffi*de^or^irHFdT55^i;?<lL,s?i' th2 pr^^h^ord, and manner hereinafter named. tee fot:oitn"^ Scribed vnh.Kr>le aoim prnvtvl property *?? . * c OnTHURSDA Y AFTfRNuONV July atii, at ?ouftre south of Square No. 2T7. all bounded t Vermont avw-ot, 13th street ?e.t and north i 6trp**t. Lota No#. 3, 4. 5. 6. 7. 8 arid 9. in Sanare No. V iron tin* respective!' on Uib street wMt, Vermot venue and n<jrth R street. quare No 778. all f onting respectively on l?t ft west, north % street, Vermont and Rhod li.lL d aT,J'ues a0_. r* N?. $9, all fronting on 11th and l?t street* wec** n?rth <i and R streets and Vermec 'fcjuare . f.rontin* on Uth and 1? streets wt?. ' Bhode Island avenue and north < * Part of Lot *' *n Square 246. containing 1,01 P<)The%fbole?q?k *r'tT'J1 b? subdivided into build Inc lots, plate of wh'fh may be obtained at th Auction Rooms pr. 'ortothe sale, or on thegroum ? Ot)h?Rl DA y"a?Tk 'RNOON, July 29, at 6 o'clock on the premise? ? c 1. Lot* 6, 1?, and 20, ,ln ?<n; are No. fl37, on th 1 On^PATURDAY AFTERNOON, Jul? 31, at i o.Ylock . on the premises? frLots No. 10 and 11. and p?"t of Lot If, in 8quar< No. 88. in front of the old Ola ** Housr. Terms: One-third in cash; O? remaiader In six nine, and twelve months, with interest from th< day of sale, for which note* will x>? required, wftl approved security. On the ratification of the ?ai ( by the Court, and payment in full of the psrchas* money, the property will be conveyed to the pur chaser*. If the terms of sale are not complied with fn Are days thereafter the Trustee may re-sell the prop erty so in default, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. The cost of conveyances and stamps to be paid b, u. iDAM ROBERT C0LTMAN.(Tru*tee* jy 16-eoAdt; J. 0. McQUIrtEAOO. Auct*. B Y J, 0. MeGUI&JE A CO., Auctioneers. NOTICE.?SMALL FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON FIFTEENTH STREET WEST, BEET WEEN L AND M STREETS NORTH. Pursuant to a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting in equity, made , in suit No. 162, wherein Libbey A Co. are coca rlainsnts and Harriet Lancaster et al. defendants, shall proceed to sell at public auction, on the premises, on the 29th day of July, 1854. at 6 o'clock p. m., all the estate, right, title, interest, claim and demand of Basil Lancaster, deceased, of, in and to a certain piece or parcel of land lving, sit uate and being in the city of Washington, and known and distinguished as part of Lot No. 28, in Square No. 197. containing 16 feet 1 *nch front on IMh street west, between L and M streets north, vy VA) feet in depth, together with all the im provements thereon. Terms: One half of purchase money cash at the time of sale, and the residue in 3, 6 and 9 months, with interest, the deferred payments to be seoured by a deed in trust on tiie premises. All conveyancing to be under the direction of tl.e solicitor in thecsuse, at the expense of the purchaser, including the co>tof revenue stamps. R L SANDERS, Trustee. T. M. BLOUNT. Solicitor. Jy 18 eoAds J A8. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucffl. B Y J. C. McGUIRK A CO., Auctioneers. THRFR SFCOND HANI) PIANOS AND A SU PKRIOR 8F.WING MACHINE AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MOkNING, at 11 o'clock ou the first fioor of our aiction rooms we shall sell? Threee?cellent second band Piaios One sureri"r mahogany cased Wheeler A Wil son's Sewing Machine, in pei feet order. T?riti? cask. Jy 28-d J. C. McGUIRK A CO.. Anrts. >Y GRKKN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. B1 LARGE AUCTION SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FUR NITURE. On SATURPAT MORNING, the 30th in?t.,at 10 o'clock, webball sell at our Auction Rjouih, No. &i?t> ~tH street, corner of D. vi* : Walnut Fofa* Cbairs. Rockers V alnnt frame Tables Jennv Lind liedstead* Fin-- Wardrobes M irble-top BresMng Bureaus Wast stands One very handsome painted Cottawe Rett Walnut marble toj? Sideboard, with shelves Cane-seat Chairs Cottage Bed stead * Hair, husk and o'her Mattresses Five Superior BrusselsCarpets Cook and other Pt?>ves And many other articles which we deem unneces sary to enumerate. Terms cash. Jy 28 d GREKN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. BY WM. L. WALL A CO., Auits At the Horse Bazaar, 9"* La. avenue. ONF. LARGE BAY AND ONE SMALLER BAY HORSE. AND ONE WELSH WHITE STAL LION, AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING. 30th instant, at 10 o'clock, we will sell, at the Horse Baxaar, for a gentleman who wishes to leave tho city, two very fine Horses?one 6 years old large bay,_ elegant carriage borse; can be driven by a child; will stand any place without hitching; is warranted perfectly sound, and will suit a physician or pri vate gtntleman. also, one smaller sized beautiful bar. a fine driver and saddle horse, 8 years old: very stylish, and a very fre*' movr. T'*e first of these horses ? as raised in Ohio, the second in Northern New York. Also, a beautiful Milk White Stallion Poncy. a r atnral pacer, 7 years old. so kind that he cau be ridden by children without a bridle; is just the thing for young ch'l iron lf-arning to ride, > Jy 27 *M. L. WALL A CO.. Aucts. >Y J. C. McGUIRE A Co. Auctioneers. B^ EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND EFFECTS A.T PUBi IC SALK. On SATURDAY MORNING. J uljr30. at W o'clock, in front of the Auction Rooms, we snail sell the Furniture and Effects of a famfly removing from the city, comprising suite of rolid Mahogany Par lor Furniture, finished in hair cloth, consisting of? Two Tete-a-tste Sofas, two Arm and six Side Chairs Several handsome Oil Paintings and Engravings MarUe-top Center and Sofa Tables Sleepy Hollow Chair, Lounge and Rockers Bi oh Shelves, Faocv Tab es Cane and Wood t^eat Chairs Gilt Frame Mirrora, Mantel Ornaments C'srpets, Oil Cloth, and Matting Oak Cottage Unites. Wardrobe I'edsteads. Bureaus. Waahs'ands Hair and Hnhfc Mattrefrses Dining Table. Hdebosrd, Refrigerator Crockery and Gla*s Ware Cookintr ht?ve and Kitchen Utensils Ac. pi>nK Jy v?~d ' J.C McftT'IRE A CO., Aneta BY WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers At the Hot*' Fnzaar 9? South Suit Lovismnn Cttt bet. 9th and 10/A ttretts. > GREAT SALF FINE^IIORSES. CARRIAGES WAGONH. AND OTHER YEUICLEJ AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING, the 3 th inst., at 1 oVH'Ck p m. Fine 8addle and Work Horses ; Carriages. Buggies, Express Wagons, Carts, Ac. Terms cash. ty? WM. L WALL A CO.. Ancta w W. B. LEWIS A Co., Auctioneers. . Cavalbv Bcbkac. ) 3bi?k Qcap.^bkmastip.,} D C,. July 27. W64. \ LARGS BUILDING LOT AND FRAMB HOUSE AT AUCTION. MONDAY AFTERNOON.August 1st,at6o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell part of Lot 7 (sevc-n I, in Square No. 474, fronting 45 feet 7 inches on Nortn Caiolina avenue, containing 5,664 square feet, near 1st street. East Oapitol Hill. Alao the F ranie House on part of the Lot. Ttiims for tbo houHe, cash. For lot, 91 v cpj*h; balance in jearly payments of $1C0, with IDj>eM 3t' W. B LEWIS A CO., Aucts. I^TcTR. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. 1WO FRAM* HOUSES AND GROUND RENT AT ALCT1'>N. AND A RARE CHANCE FOR A FM A Li> INVESTMENT AS THE OWMKRJs AUK ABOUT TO LEAVE THE CITY. \\ e will sejl. on MON DAY, August 1st, at 5 p. m. on the premises, those two v*)u?ble business stands fronting eaCH 20 feet 011 Maryland avenue, and running back So fe< t to O street Tbi- proper t> fronts the Government Depot, bet *een 5th and 1'th street. Island.' They are soi'aMr for any k ind of business. Lease to run nearly two years o n the ground. m Term* Cash. Sale without reserve. jy ;y it* C. to. L. CROWN A CO., An^ts. XtJCTION BALI OF CONDEMNED HORSES. Wak Dipakthbit. Cavalby 0KK1C8 OF Cbibp W At*W !K(jT* - H , D. _ , .... Will be sold at public auction, to the highest bidder, at Glesboro, D. O , on FRIDAY, Augustf>, 1854. 10' Cavalry Horses. TUK8DA t . August 9, 18 >4, 10" Cavalry Horses Theae horsea have bi'en condomni d as unfit for tbk cavali y ?ervic?of the army. Pot road and farming purposes many good bar gainsmsy be had. Horses sold alt e4y. Terms cash, in UnKed Slates currency. J \ M o3 A. Ba IN. Lieut Col. Bnd Chief Quartermaster, }y 38-111 CaviUry Bjireau^ gY GRXJBN A WILL1AM8V Auctioneers. LARGE COPPER FA8TK*ED BARGE AT AUC TION. . . On WEDNESDAY, the wih d?r AnJ^t we will ??<ll at 13 o'clock a.. all th?? V^le ai d Interest of William Bwain being one-hUf, with the i-ri vilege oC the B'sgd^n "wharf, near the NBty Yard. ,}n Wasltjxton. D. 0 , the Urge and suierio? built Barge New Wor\A.of tollowlng dimensions and capacity. Length, 374 fesfc breadth of Bull, 4? f?^; ov?f *1'. f*4et; d??th ?? hoU, h> fset: b?rtb?n, l^7fi ton*. She M welflioilt, coppered and copper faatened, 1enl'nSi Are pnmys. boats, anchors and chains, and ali other ntceaaary .5 ? " l*t order. Sae ?*n be aean until Ut August at Alex abdria. near the oeal After the let of A?nft A* will be at the wharf where she Is to be J2ss*tTJKai ^er any proems *?e ?SLa* .?&?;, 'Arssis: P. 8 For I?rVW a^rMeulsrs .plf^se Inqaire of II. Mrs. George A Tinman Parker and 4 VI'Hsntl, Wa*hln*lr,B; Wm. nriln, No ITT Iw Broadway, Mew Yor^, or the 0a?tain m boird the kilM tf m'Q AUCTION 8ALBS. "TORI Dirt. |}T JAS. c. MeQUiBJMt 00.. Aaettc LEASE, STOCR.FUBNITURB AND FIXTURES Or A HKpTA C?h A N *. COR?BROf.l?Ttt ?T AND PKNN. aVKNCB. * On MONTAT MORN IN?, Aognst lit. at \\ ? clock, on th* prru isea, we she'l well the Lm& Btoca, rurtii or,. tD(j eiitaree of the HMU?r?at bel-ngirg to the late Ilenry W *rd, end aituaWd at tbecoreerof nth street and Pa avenue, and i? media'ely orpoaite WiHn-d.' Ho?el. Tprws cuh. CONRAD FINKMAN, Kre-Mitor JT K i J. C. McGUlKE ft CO.. Aaou! Bno KcOl'IKI 4. CO., Auctioneer*. E5SLUTPRS SAI.B Of BUTLUINQ LOTS 05 SoWJo" AVKNUB' NMAR M bai? ?'Snrf10N|)AV 'AFTERNOON. Ag(M,t I. UK Lots Nos?s lh,? part.Vf 6V Hf'J' iD **ibdi?imoo of ?S^mre WwS?d :r; ??n **w J?rrj ?,5?u* i .. t ?n ?*?r. T atrpets north. and running 3 1.square'**'. * feet, ami con.ainiaj L^jvid^,nr v ,ni on tbp premisA 04#re,t' ?*?red by deed of tnit pSttSfe?*1**0'" *?* 'Um" to >?* *? the f 0. MoOrTBB ft OO.. 4?6U. flY GBI1K ft WILLIAMS, Auction^ VERY V ALU A BLR BUILDING LOTS Iff jmaa* H HlW'S SUBDIVISION OK A PART O? MOUNT PLKA-ANT ADJOINING THII BOUNDARY LINK AT 7TH AND STH 8Ta EXTENDED. 3 On MONDAY. 1st day of August next, w? akalT Pell, in front of tbe prpwjies, at 6 o'clock m m tW following valuable Huilaing Lot* vis; Lot* N?x 42. 4S.44ard 56, if J. B. Ilaw '^subdivision of Muur?i Pleasant farm. These lot* front on 7th anJ 8t% streets extended, and opposite tbp Park?a good situation for business purpose#, and ootside or the Corporation of Wa<-hfn?tun. Persona w shine to porrHaee handsome building lots either for private r-eideacei or UuarneM mr* poses will do well to attend the se'e " ' Term* of sale : One balfca?b; balance in six ..J twelve morths, for note* bearing inters* fr?m the day of pale. A deed *iffn and a deed of trust t?kent All conveyaooe* at coat of purobaaar Titl? indisputable. The above lota will be subdivided to suit per chasers. Fifty dollar* will be required of each porcbafer when thp property ia knocked off, aad. if not paid down it will be then put up and s?4d te the next highest bidder wbo shall comply with the term*. jy 27? d GRKKN & WILLIAMS, Ancta. |^T THOMAS DOWLING, Auctioneer. EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND HWT8BH0L? EFFECTS AT PUBLIC SALB On TUESDAY MORNING. Anguat J, at W o'clock at the corner of Weft and Montgomery street#, we shall sell the Furniture and effect# ?f a famifv declicinir houwekpppinjf, comprising Parlor. DiniP*-ro?ro and Chambir Furnrtap* Carpets, Oit Cloths, Matting Gas Fixtures. Be?W \ About7S tons Coal Kitchen Furniture, &e., Ac. Tbe bouse is very desirable foraswall fa-nd?, and can be rented, and the farniture purchased a* private aale on application to the auctioneer. Tetroscasli. THOMAS DOWLING, jy V7- f>t Auctioneer. B Y J. 0. MoGUIRE ft CO., Aactloneera. BOUSB AND LOT ON NORTH K STREBT BE TWEEN 19TH AND riOTH STREKT8 WB8T. Ou 1UB.-DAY AFTERNOON, Auruat M, at IK o'clock, on the premises, bjavirtue bt a deorea of the Orphans'Court, dated Jirn^Jist, 13?>4, conAriaed by the Supreme Court, July ftth, T shall a?l| psrt of Lot No. ?, in Square No. it!, fronting aboat .In feet on north K atreet. between ISHh and streets, and running back 97 feet?^ inches togeth er with the improvenaenta consisting of a two story Frame Dwelling House, (No. ?14 J containing iaat rooms. Terms cash. Cost of conveyance to be paid by the parchaaar. M. K. ftHJKKIb, Ouardtan. Jy 21-d J. 0. MoGUIKK ft OO . Anew. \\ Y GKKEN & WILLI A M8, Auctioneer*. AUCTION SALE OP TWO TWO STORV mU'E* Willi BASEMENT, AND LOTS ON NORTH CABOMNA AVKNUE. BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D 8'PKK r.BKA8T. OnTUESUAV, tie 2d (lay of August aext.aiC o'clock p. m we shall sell, in front of thi? preai ?c?-, eat-t part of lot 3 in square No. 734. with tha improvementa. consisting of 1 two-story Brieg Douses, containing four rooms each. with a good bflsetuent. A tine chance for small price h?naia Terms : One ha.f :axn. balance in sit *Jd lw-lv? months. ?e< tirpd s dee' of trust on tne prrutaaa. All conveyacc?s and the revenue stamps at vtxa cost of the purch*??,,s Jy 17 d GREEN ft WILLIAMS, AucU. B Y GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Auotioneera. A GOOD TWO STORY FR AM K HOU?B A*? LOT ON MARKET fcTRKET. BKTM K15 S K AN? L STREKT EAfcT, NAVY YARD, AT AUtt TION. On W EDNESD A Y. the 3d day of August neat, at 6 o'clock p. m., we shall s?-U. in front of the pretni?es. part of lot 6 ia square 881, w itb the im provementi, consisting of a two story frame house containing seven roomn,on Market street, oppoarta the Nav> Yard Market, between K and L stroaA south. Suitable fur a Grocery or RestauraiA either. Terms cash. jy 27 d GREEN A WILLI AMS.AurWl. 1[N1TED STAT Kd M ARSH AL'S S ALB OF OOff J FISCATED "ROPERTV IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. In virtue of seven WArranti of aale issned fram the Clerk's office of the Supreii? Court of the United Stateafi r the District of Columbia, boldinf a District Court, and to me directed I will sell w Public Sale, for cash, at the front of th? noarV house door of -aid District, on M iNDAY. th? 9Mi day i f August n?xt. 18^4. commencing at 11 o'cladk a.m. the life estate of the s^vei *1 owner j of tha following piecta or parcels of ground. lying in the city of Washington, in said District, togeihae with all and tingular the improvements thereea. viz: 1)k8Cbiptio* oi Crave* A-snroan's Pgopsavr. Subdivisions No. $> and 31. in Soaare No. 435. totti improved by a two "tory frame ouilding, situated on tbe west side ot 7tli atreet west, between D aad E streets south. Description of Johh Lktchrr's Pkopirtt. Lota Nos. I, 2 3 4, ?>, 6, 7. 8, 9, 10, 11, aad II. ta Square No. <578. being the entire square, ' unlaa proved," bounded by North Capi ol street aad Delaware avenue, and F and 6 streets north. Deschiftiow ok Wm. H. Thomas'* Paopbett. East 21 feet 3 inches of lot T, by the depth of saAC lot, subdivision of part of Square f70, improved by a fonr story brick building, situated on B street north, between Cd ard 3d street* west. DlieCRiPTIOS OF II. H. LsWIB's PgOPIBTT. Snbdlvlalrn No.t. fr. "qBif? SN, ImfrAr?C by a frame building, sitnatp on the corner of Ver moct avpeue and north L street. DmncmrTioH op Oscap. R. Horcn'3 Prophbtt, West half of lot No. 8. i* Square No 6!?S. aad all of lot No. 9. in equare No. 6t>2, "unimproved." Description of Thovas W Grkbu's Pbopibtt, Lots Nos. 1. 2. 3, 4, 5 and 35, in Square No. 73F; "unimproved." Dkbcbiption or Tbi stkn Polk and Wm. T. Smith son'^ Propkrtt. Parts of lots Nos. 3 and 4. in Square No. 193, be ginning on Sixth street at a point 60 feet from the ronthwest corner of said lot No. 3, and maniac thence east 42 feet 4 inches; thence north '6 feet C inches, more or less, to tbe fuce of an old wall; thrnce ea*t *ith the line of said wall. 4"? feet to ae alley; thence north on the line of said alley 11 feet 8 ir cheg; thence west 38 feet9 inchra: thenceaoath 8 feet; thence west 49 feet to Sixth street, thence aonth 19 feet 4 inchea. to the_ place ef be ginning; improved by a four story brick building, situnte on Sixth street west, between E and F ?ta. north. Seized, libelled, and condemned undor the cen fiscation act of July 17 1805, a* the oroperty of tha atove-namo*! defendants, and will be sold for tha u-e of the Uaited States. WABD H. LAMON, Uni'ed States Marshal. D. C. N. B. All persona buying at this sale will be re quired bo make a deposit ol one fourth of purcbsae mobey at the tiaie of bale, or else the property wlH be resold. WARD H L AMON, jy 27 lit United Statea Marshal. D. C. ^ALB OF CON DKMNED IIORSES AND MOLES CkitS Quartermaner'* Offiu, t Wabhincton. D. C., J?lya? ism \ WU1 br ?old at piklli a action, at tne Corrals near the Obperva ory in the city of Washing oa. D O., on WEDNESDAY. August 10th, ?>?, aaI on Vt EDNESDaY. Auguet t4. 1864, a let o< HORSES AND MULKS, covdeanned as ni'titrer public jervipe Terma cash, 'n Oovernment fuad?. Sale to commtcoe at ? o'elock a aa _ D H RUCKBR, Brig- Gee. aad Ch'ef Oaar'ermaa'er. )y y d Depot af Waahingjoe jy| A N C R E F O R^B ALE. HBADOCABTBB8 DBPOT Of WaSUINGTOS, CtfUi of ctif/Vuarurmatui, Nos. 5i4, Wi, K?, 5??, fvurieenth *trett, ?arir (Vpw? V?rk <i<eaic, ? Washimotos. July 27. I?4. Will be sold at public auction on THURSDAY, tbe 4th day o'Aaaust next, at 11 o'clock a.m.. at this oflice. ah^ut two thousand waton loads of Mimure. aocumulatefl from the public stjablaa oa F< urttenth street, in thia city, neir the Long Hridjie Said manure ia near enough to the river to be conveniently loaded into veM?la. Will be mid at th?- same olaeeand hoor the pres pnt and future accumulations of manure at Ren dezvous of Distribution, about midway between this city and Alexandria. Purchasers will be required to remove the >?* nure now accumulated without delay, and te move fa tare accumulations onre a week. El I AH M GRiSN?. Lieutenant Colonel, Chief Quarterma?*er, it 27-et | Depot of Waahlagtea. ^?CTION BALE OF OONDBMNBD BOBMB. w" | WHl be sold at FiTblIo^CTION^d. tha^hif% est bidder, at the timea aod places named below, Lebanon, Penniylranla, THURSDAY,/alp lMk, '^Beading, Penn*yl??a1*' *HUB8DAY. ialp SIM, |2&a Harris bar#, Pennaylraaia, THURSDAY. Jefy ?AlV^Si, Fee*?yITHURSDAY, THURSDAT. Am *VwO (*?> CAY ALB Y HOI 7heee herse? bave bees ooedetaned aa the ^ ^ m6 orsea^id sinajj. Terms. OuktaoMM l?W*

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