Newspaper of Evening Star, July 30, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 30, 1864 Page 1
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PROPOSALS. pHOP08ALP JOB STAMP CO RN VELOPES. Po?r Orrioir D?r**m?irp, f * ?*Ht?GTON. Jul* MS- WM. \ Pealed Proposals will b? received Biitil uiroo ? Slock p w. on the thir eenth day of August, MM. for fvrtiishingeil the Staw>p*o ha velop** an t ) e w,paper Wrmi i?ers which this Department nay require daring a period commencing oo '.VjtWBlflh day of feptemher, lew. and ending on lag first day ?f A y i 1, tii ; 8TAMPBD ENVELOPES. No. 1, or not* *i*?. -'i by 4>? indies, of white ltt?r. (??>. 2. or letter siie. 3t? by 8>i inches, and extra letter sue. 1'-* by oV, inches, of wkit*, buIT. nr cream colore'! paper, in such proportion* ot cither a* may be required. Ko. 3. or ?flleiitl sire V?' by 8?; inches, of the Mine color* *? No ?, and under i like condition u> to the proportion ot each. All of the above euvelopes are to be embossed with a postage stamp of style and color similar te tVm-e u' w iii u??. of such denomination a* the postnia- Vr General may select. Stamped i ew^pnper wrappers. not less ?han 5 by V 2 a inches, and of no IT or It pn p--r, emho^aed ? ith th?- two-cent p"sta?e stamp or any other de ion inati' n that may be required Proposal* are also invited for tarnishing straw or mauilla board boxes. or others of equal or su perior sir? i?nth. for pa< kiog parcel* of envelopes and of newspaper wrappers, confining from one hur^red to five hundred each, and for water-proof wooden ca?es for pack in? parcel* of four to tw<=nty trcthousand. The manufactory must, at all reasonable time*, to subject to the inspection of the a?ent of the De CrtroeDt, who will he itstructed to require that e envelopes and wrappers shall be made iu the lw?t manner, of paper <>f approved quality. manu factured specially for the purpose, and with such watermarks as the Postmaster General may di rect They must he tcum*ed for sealing?the for mer at least 4Ja inches on trie point and one end of the latter ; tbey must be handed in parcel* of twenty five, packed, without charge for packing, and famished complete in all respects, "end/for sue with all reasonable dispatch, ano in snch quan tities as mav he require! to fill the orders of post masters. and must be delivered daily, either at the Pest Offx-e Department or at ttie office of an agent duly authorized to inspect an 1 receive the same? ?*>e place of delivery to be at the option of the P stnias er General, and the cost thereof to be 9 i i by be contractor ? be *g-n? m ti'? Department will furniah tbe a'rtr*** for ?ach parcel, which is to be parted on tie bol by the manufacturer without charge. The dies for emho?sicg he postage stamps on the envelop"* and wrappers are to be executed in the hestsryle and tbev are ?o he provided, renewed, aiid kept in order at the expense of tne contractor. Tbe Department hIso reserves the right nf re quiring new denominat'ons of stamp* and any enai ges of the dies or colors, without additional charge. Bidders are not fed that the Department will r?qoire, as a condition of the contract, that the envelope* and w raopers -hall be manufactured and ?tore ' in -uch a manner as to afford entire security loss >y tire or by theft. tti< ders are e\per ted to furnish samples of paper with their b ds. of Ihe quality they inteud to use in tb# manufacture of tbe envelopes which they Iiropose to ?npply. acrt also specimens of the enve ?pes. unstamped. and of boxes. Proposals are also invited for devices other than wat?rmarks, (or additional to su<*ti marss.i to afford protection against counterfeiting. 8p?ci Biene to he submitted. I !>e contract to he awarded to the bidder whose proposal. aj though it be not the lowest, is consi I. ered the most advantageous to the Department, taking into account the price, the quality of the ?si'pies, and his snftirieney and ability to uianu f?C*nrea?d deliver *n\elop>-8 in accordance with the terms of this a'i k-ertiaemerit; and no prOt>o?als will l>? conaidered unless accoiupauied by guar antees. Defor? closirg a cf)ntra',t the sn<*c?ssful bidder may be required to prepare new dies and submit specimen itnpre,s*iiin? thereof. The use of tha ?re*eutdie* may or not he continued, but n" rad ical change in the device of the stamps will b-? adopted. Hi n^B and security will he required for the faith fnl performance of the??ontract, and payments un der it wtll be made quarterly. Tbe Postmaster General reserves to himself tbe right to annul it whenever be shall discover that the same, or any part thereof, is oflerod for --ale in the market for the purpose of speculat ion: and ho will not. in any e*?e sanction a trans'er of the contract to any party who shall he. in his opinion, less able or less qualified than the original bidder or contractor. The rifhtisalso reserved to annul the contract fur a failure to perforin faithfully any t?f its stip ulations. The number of envelopes of different sizes and ? f wrappers issued to po.^i in alters during the fis cal year ending June 3 , I<>?33, is fully set forth in the la-t report of the Postmaster General. Tbe bids should be marked " Proposals for 8ta mred Envelopes snd 'Wrappers." and should be addressed to the "Third Assistant Postmaster General. P"*t Office D^pirtment." jy Jti e- td M. BLAIR. Post-naster General. HtDM ANC>: OKKICK, Was DKe.*RTMK*r, Wa^himuto*. July 13,13?4. Peaied Proposals will be received at this office nntii ? o'clock on the 1st day of August, IS'U, for th? delivery at N>*b "York Agency, No. 45 Worta street. New Vork city, of ?JO.OOfl ARTTLLERY BLANKETS. These Blankets mi-?t be of pure wool, close wo**ti. ?f ?touf yarns, to be red, with a black border three 13 io!-l:es -#ide from tie edge,and the lett*rs "I 8.. ' ?ix iSi inch-s high, blaca coli>r. in the center of the blanket. They are to be aeventy b*e (75) ujcbes long by sixty seveu (i!7? inch?-s wide an i if the weiglitof J 1;J75 lbs .or 3.3 IS lbs., o, which ? varia'iou of ? .1875. or 3-hi lbs , will be a.'lo*e<t. They must be single and n >t in pairs, ann packed in casea of one hundred each. 1 he blankets are to he inspected it the factory where marie and none will be accepted or paid for ? *c< pt such as are approved upon inspection. Deliveries n:uj-t be made as follows, vis. One tveotieiith ot the amount contracted for on the.llst day of August, and one-tenth of the amount p?r wee* tiiereafler. Jr'aiiore tocieUverat a specific time will suhiect tt>e eon tractor to a for feitureof the number be may fail Im deliver :it ti'at tiuie. No hid will ho considered which does not come from a tnar ufacturer of Blankets, or regulai dealer in such good*. Forms of bid can be obtained a* th<* above named araenal*. PtvP"*uU no: mad- out on tats form Kill n*< 6 cc.iujir U. GUARANTY. The bidder will be required to accompany his proiH sitiiiii with a guaranty, signed by two rv spor rible persons, that, in -ase his bid be accepted, he will aT ouce execute the cootr*ctfor thesiiui?, with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amoi.nt of th? contract, to deliver the arti cles eropoaed. 10 c- n'oruaity wita the term* of this ad vertiisynici.t: ar.d in case the said titder should fa.) to ? liter into the contract, they to make good the difference between the oiler of raid hi tder and the text responsible bidder, or the p-Tgon to whom the contract may he awarded. The responsibility of the guarantor* h? shown by the official -ertificate of tbeOlerk of the nearest District Court. or of the United States Dis trict Attorney, B? nds in the sua equal to the amount of the Contract, signed i>y the contractor and both of his guarantors, will he required of the successful bid der or bidders opon signing the contract. 1 OR >1 OK GUARANTY. V?, the undersigned, residents of , in the county of , at .d State of , hereby Jointly a no severally covenant witb the United States, and ga<vrantee. in case the foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or thty will at once execute the contract for the siic.e with good and sulicieut re a srm equal to theamountof the con tract, to furnish the articles ptoposed, in confor mity with the term? of this alvertisement dated J uly 13, Ityit.nnder which the bid was made; and, in ca>e the '?aid sha'l fail to enter into a con tract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the difference between tne offer of the said ? and the iiext loweat responaih.e hi''der, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. ) Given under our ha^ds and seal* Witness: /this day of ,186?. fSea'.l |8eal.l To this guaranty ranst be appended the official certificate above mentioned. Kai'h party obtaining a contract will be obliged to en*? r into bonds with approved sureties for the faithful execution f f the vim". I'poii the award beinu made, successful bidders will be notified and furnished with forms of contract acd bord. The bepartroent reserves the right to reject any or mil the bids, if deemed unsatisfactory on any ac count Proposals will be addressed to " Brigadier Genl George D Bamsay, Chief ofOrdnance, Washing ton. D. C.." aud w ill be endor-ed * Proposals for Artillery Blai.kets " GEO D. BAMSAY, ty 4-eo9t Brig. Gen'l, Chief of Ordnance. PROPOSALS ?OR RECONSTRnOTING FUR NACES AT THE CAPITOL. fJJiee of the Ccmmis*ion$r of Public. Ruildingx.l July ?.<th. Mft4. < Healed Proposals will he received at thi* office f(rr r-'con?trur?iug five tiirnacenunder the Capitol, oniil MONDAY, tbe Kh day of August next, at l'i w'click noon. Said luroaiices to he of No.?, beet Keister box ? furnaces, built in the best manner. Any of the old material now in the old furnaces that can be advantageously used in constructing the neif ones i* to be u*ed, aud j ersoBs desiring t<? bid ar? in vited to call any da* between this and the 8th of August, upon Mr J W. Angus general Superin tendent. who will show them the furnaces and waka any desired explanation B. B. FRENCH, Jy 59 td Commissioner of Public Building*. WHITE VIRGIN WAX 07 ANTILLES?A new French Coacuetic for beautifying, whitening, and preserving the Complexion. It is tbe most wonderful compound of the age. There is neither ckaik, powder, magnesia, bismuth, or tale in it* composition, it being composed entirely of *nre Vir^n WaA?henee its extraordinary qualities t#i priMarving the akin, making it soft, smooth, fair, and transe?'W_?. It maksa the old appear youag, tLe humei,. handsoiae; the handsome, more beau tiful. and the most heantinil divine Price 2* and * HUNT'S BLOOM OF ROri 18. amort perfect color fer the cheek* or llpa.doea not w"b off or lnior* tbe skin. Price 28 cenU and fl. HUNT'SOOORT TOILRT POWDRR, for irbitening and oreeervinp the akin. Price -5 aad 80 eentf. Manafactured by BtrNT It Co.. 4 I 8onth Kighth gtreet, Philad*) mh\h. Non^ c^Dttine unle?* tk? ttAme of Hoicij Co ^ lj blown on tbe bottle*, for sal* at 4. CROTBAdTI Itl Baltimore ?tre?tj SalHtnor* and W B. BMTWISLR. corner Twelfth gtreet and 7?n??ylTaniaave., Waehicgtoe P. 0- ap'-Sa M A881IY COLLINS* CO.V PlilLAMCLPHIA DRAUGHT ALB AND PORTBR. I ?m?owr??elvinglarge,Baatitie* of DRAUGHT ALB and PORTER from thi* celebrated brewery, whiak I am prepared to famish oa abort ?M?Cice to all persons who faror me witti th^ir order*. CM*r* given to m> driver* wMl be promntly at teeded U?. Good* delivered in all part* 01 Wa*hiDgton aa4 Georgetown,free of jh*rg.?. K1LBY A. SHTMN, Aggnt. (*?* BoUhtt Depot, it Gr?en *tea*t ?P>t# ?*orgetown, D. 0, PERSONAL. EJTHAORDINARY POWER.-Mr; L 8UITB. Clairvoyant and Test Medium. *2?W It* street, a few doom ibo<? I utrwit, with the aid of spirits, examinr* all kinds of diseases see* your dead and living lriends; d-scrtbee th-m. g-t* na<ne?; tells character; reads the future. Advice about bu?i at.,? Mittirgfrt. lv td-lm* QNLY FIFTEEN WEEKS IN AMERICA. DB. BECHTINGP.R, formerly Burgoo !? eharge in the Auxtrian and Italian army, oo eupied himself with the treatment of all hinds >f diseases. Particular attention given to Female Di>eas>-s and Private Diseases. Besides the knowl edge of three old langnages. he converses in Eng. lish, French Italian, German, and 9punish lan guages. Bis Imyerial Commissions ana his Diplo mas from the most celebrated university of Europe hang in his office. No. 499 Seventh street. Dr. Becbtingeris very much encouraged tohaveduring this verv short time the patronage of the public of Washington, as. among many others not pnb fshed. the following certificates may he attested : ?' Tbis is to certify that I have been tronWed for the last three ye^rs with a chronic disease, resist ing all medical treatment, and which through the aid <>f Dr. R<rhtinger; I hare been perfectly ?nred. " W ashipffton city. 1st June. G. DONE. " Your treatment of my involuntary discharge, and your euccesc in It, recommend J?u 'e^y high ly. T. I, oMirH.' What German newspaper, (Weker Columbia.) s&yB 0 " After a long sickness my poor child became in wbich tiuie I call to you. dear eir, and you fiived him. MA3C0N Jl R. B street. No 258." ??I had tried all specifics, without any effect, against the phrenic lung disease of uiy eldest son, uutil under your treatment be ihiprov?1 "Maryland i?v. , i2th st. MULLKR Painter." All these and many other very difficult curiS have been made by Ur. B. in the above sp?c?Ue ' time Regular office hours from 9 to il a. m., and 4 to 6 p.m. For the poor and enfortunata posi tively only from 11 to 12. Medicines without charee. No 499 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fellows'Ball. J*5;1!? BEWARE OF IMPOSTORS !lFTDr. LEON, for many y?*ara a mccespful practitioner in York, ha* opened ( for a few wwks) an office No. 414 Penn'a avenue, between 4M andfi'h streets, wh^re tnose prtlicted (either male or temale) with diseases of Private nature may consult hira. No charge made if he ta>l? to <Mire._ Persons at a dis tance can be treated by addressing by mail. 1y 2-lm* DOCTOR JONES, No. 4 10 Thirteenth street west, between G and II insures success in all KEMALF COMPATNTS. Co nsultationsexcl'isive ly w ith Indies. Bours 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. je29 1oi* TRAVELERS' DIRECTOR)?. Bcapb may, Y RAILROAD FROM PHILADELPHIA FROM ALNUT STBFFT "T'P r~" ?iipm lA^WEST JERSEY RAIL A'. 6 a m., accommodation due at 1">}? a. m. At lo a. m., express due at l)i p. m. At 4H a. m.. expressdne at ? p. m. Returning.leave Cape Mav? 6am espresH due at 9% a. m.^ 11.45 accommodation due at 4>* p. m. B.i' p. m ex press due at 8*^ p m. TVirongb without change of cars or bag?age. New ears, and everything first-class. je 2n 3 in J . VAN RKNS8KLAFR, Snp?t. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Sunday, June l!nh, l?U, Daily Trains will b#* run b^twwa Wt^hin^toD and New York and Washington and th? West, as follows : FOR rUJLADELFHlA, A'if IF YORK AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7 10 a. m.,11.16 a. m..and 9.3 p m. daily except Sunday. On SuDtfay at R.?4' p m only. FOR BALTIMORE AND pniLAORLPntA Leave Washington at 3 p. m. daily * except 8ua j. v Passengers will note that this train runs as far as Philadelphia only. FOR NEW YORK. ? . This Uai* is for Ntw York imsfunxeTS txciustveiv. FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 6.K1 a. m.,11.15 a. m,.3p. m .. 4.45p. m., 7.2U p. m , and 3.3> p. m.,except, Sun d>0e Bnnday at 7.30 a. m..3 p. m., and 8 30 p. ns. FOR ALL rARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Waphingtor at, 3.31 a. m. aai3,4.45and3.30 p m. daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at 3 and b .T' P mm??_ . , Tickets sold to all points WEST, and tkerktd Itkrouiih FOR ASSAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m. and 4.45 p m. dail>, except Sunday. No train tor Annapolis on aunoay. Train* leavin< Wafhimston at 7.3' a. m ana 5.30 p.m. go through to New York witnout cn<?n<? "Vleeping carson^S' and p. m. trains. Berth* ran be seciiTeci no til 5 p. rci. daily at the tic 1 o< fee After that hour they roust be secured of the sleeping car c*>n^uctor . .. . - Th^ fir^t and fcifth trains stop at all way point*. The ft p. m. train stops puly at Bliaden<Onr<c. p.eltsville. Laurel, A ^oiipolis Junction and Relay B"u*?* daily, except Sunday. On Sunday it stoos at all way points. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Passengers will observe that the 3 p. m train rur* only n.? tnr n.t f h>lnfi.l,'hia 'l ulu, '.zrtri Sffiny. On8undayi' runs to BnltimnriitHly. Also, that the 6.5U v. m. irnia talctt Ae<? \o'k pais'mtrs ""/or further Information, tickets of any kind, Ac flpnly to GEO. S. KOON1 Z, Agent at ^ ush ingtoD. or atthe Ticket Office. W I' SMITH, Master of Transportation. L M. COLE. General Ticket Agent. je 20 tf G ^RIAT PENNSYLVANIA ROUTE TO THl NORTHWEST AND SOUTHWEST. r.N AND AND AVTER NOVEMBKR ISTH t-ains wi'll leave Baltimore from the North Chl ?er F^tM^r^"^? ? ?? 3. A. M. Uarrisburg Accommodation *? Lightning Express ???*' "? M? THE 6 30 A M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON ei.nnerts with thew.20 h m. train from Baltimore for PitUhnrg an-i the West,and forElmira. Buff Roch"ster^ Dankirk CanandaigM, ftad Ni agara Fall", and for New York city. THE 7.^0 P. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with the 9.3" P. ,?? jraio from Balti more fer Elmiraand the North and Pittsburg and the West, BLEEPING CARS ON NIGHT TRAINS. ftninirRS' Tickets ^t Govbrkm?i?t Ratxb. ONE THROUGH TRAIN ON BUN DAY. LOW FARE AND QUICK TIME. i^For tickets and any information apply ?t the office of the Great Penn"F>T*n1"* J*??1*' ,0n>'?e,t Penn avenue and 6th street, under National Hotel, (....wi'S'oTii. E. J. WILKTN8, Pass and Tieket Agent, eor. ?th st and Vi #-tf Penn avenne. DENTISTEY. QREAL DISCOVERY IN DENTISTRY. J nth EztracUd trithout Pvim with tkt MukriU *f Ozvcm. I would advise ail persons haring teeth to ex traet to call at Dr. LEWIE'B office, and have them taken out by thU new r and harmless process. Also call andv examine the Dector*! new and Im proved method of Inserting Artificial Teeth. If you once see the great improvement in his teeth you will hava them in no other style than this new and valuable one. No. d42. Ph. avenue, between ITtb and LStb streets. no *13 B. R. LEWIE, M. P., Dentist. MJ" ? ? T hi . LOOMIB, M.D , the Inventor and Patent? of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH .at U-dJs personally his office in this ?ity Many persons can wear these teeth wbo eaanot wear others, and no person can wear others who eaanot wear these. Persons calling at my offioe can be MWomnvutM with any style and prioe of Teeth Uey may desire, but to those who are particular and *^^ aleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that Vt can produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fuhy warranted. ? ? . Booms In this city-N# 338 Pennsylvania avenue between ?th and Wth streets. Also, 907 Arch gj? Philadelphia. mar4-ly p A P B R H A N G I N G B . I would Most respectfully inform my customers and the public in general that 1 am now receiving Papers, suitable for parlors, dining rooms, cham bers and halls. I am also in receipt of a large assortment of Gilt Cornice, Gilt Window Shades and Picture Oord ??A, ---?_._v.? ?. nrchase will do weU to Ml la aw OF RICHMOND AMD SURROUNDING AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MU8IC VCANTERBURY BALL./ AND HAL LfCANTERBURY HALL.* THEATER LotH?l AHA AVBIl'B, limr Ccmer of birtk strut. Hear of National and Metropolitan Hotels. figoaax Lca Proprietor. W. E. Cavaj?adgh?. .8tage Manager. THE GREATEST PENSATION TBE GREATEST SENSATION OF TBE ABE. ?V THE AGE. SIONOR BU?N<? 00?E, SIGN H BUONO CORK, f?tONOR BDONO CORE, 810 If OR BUONO 00 RB, S1GN0R BUONO OORB, THE WONDRRfUL THE WONDERFUL FIRE KINO, fIRK KINO, FIRK KINO, FIRE KINO, FIRE KING. TnE CONQUEROR TOE CONQUEROR QF THE ELEMENTS, CP THE ELEMENTS. THE MODERN PLOTO, THE MODERN PLUTO. THE FTERY MONARCH THE FIERY MONARCU AND SCOFFER AT HEAT. AND 8COFFER AT HEAT. MONDAY EVENING. JULY 25, ONE WEEK ONLY. SYNOPSIS OF OPINION* OP TUB NEW YORK PRESS. [Ffm the New York Ti'nes, May 4.] Ttik I'ikK Kis<;.? A few invited guests w?re tt eaied to ? n- vel *p?-ciacle yetr.etday afternoon at Jones's Wooc S'gnor Cri?t?>foro Buono Core w?s kii d enough to ro*fit himself for l.heir private gratiticat"n A neat little bo-er was construated of chip and brushwood. Ami a gentleman, probably a > ou< it sal? uiander, and mill in toe blue ??* e, set fire to it Tbe wind was high and there was soi n a tiood bla&?, not euoash to fotce ihe curious back fj on tbeir p>sit ious. and to cau>e t he young sala mander to look red in the face The old 4ala<nan der began to mfcke himself at home. Hesteppjd the marine mass, wa ked leisurely among the fi?mes. ir.ade bi- appearand* at the four entrances of th* structure, and remained (i/.i'ng and cooking ui til the ligbt nnterial was *11 consumed. Wher evertbe tlatn*R were fiercest he plried himself and although b iB beimet cracked and bng'i blisters of a saline character bulged out oo it. he hiuos*lf ?a< safe and sound; neither spent in wind nor Hushed iu face. Such a contrivance certainly mo-its at tertion in a humanitarian point of view. Tae lire department, in particular, should Jook into the matter. THE ITALIAN SALAMANDER. | From the New 'i urk iiaily News, May V.) The mr?l remarkable exhibition which we have tad the good fortune 'o witness for a long lime, t ck p.ace at Jones's Wood on Wednesday after DO Of) Of isto'oro B*iono Oore. who has errand gr<-at excitement not only among the masses of the of London, but aiso upon its savants, ap p- ar> d at Jones's Wood at the time named to give an exhibition tf a so ect number of gentlemen of the wojiderful merits uf a dress which he has in vented, ami which, he claims, is not only imper vious to fire, but, when worn, will preserve th? booy from injury, though the dress be in actual contact witbtfame. This hepntson. of cours-, before going into the fire, which is prepared as follows; Two iron cp^es an- formed to intersect each otU' r, about fifteen feet long by seven feet h'gh. hnt only three feet wio-, with fouroponin^s or doorways. These he cornpletelv surrounds and rovers with light brushwood, which is fired, and w hen the wl ole bt comes, as it were, one body of llame, he enters, traverses the several narrow burning aveuue.s, pnssn^: in and cut at each oreniie with apparent ease and perfectly ua 1 *7oii after the wood b%'l been fired the heat was so ?r- at. that the f pertator could n'it stand nearer to it than eight or ten yards, and at that distance only With great discomfort.. A11 who uw thcei per u ent ?eie per ectlj satisfied that he coul1 do ail he promis d. In fact, he appe.redto he the only dissatisfied person on the ground, for the rea bin that the tire was not hot enough for him. The exhibition will he repented on Wednesday next, and the proprietor of the grounds has male liberal preparations lor the eiil?! ineut of visitors. A FIKE KINO. |Frona the New V ^rk Sun, May 19 1 Yesterday a number of newspaper /eporters and othr r peri>ons vis teii Jones's Wood to see an I al iau. Signor Buci*> Core, walk unscathed tnrough a rot tire About 4 o'clock the ^eutb-mau male bib uppe.iran'-e clothed in a suit ??{ canvas, painted red. Around an iron arbor with four entrances lay a !#ree r le of light brushwood This was ig nited. The Italisn then unconcernedly walked through the burnii g u>?ss, reiuaiaing amid the flames until the wood hail been consume 1. The exhibition comaieteiy.demonstrated the practica bilit? of persf.ns waikius through tire uuQsrmed, alien clothed in fire proof garmeuts. On uncov ering. Bigtio' Core Wjv* discovered in a sBrt*j of profuse perspiration and in no wise injured by the experiment. THE FIRE KING-REMARKABLE EXHIBI | From the Brooklyn Union, May 19.] A private exhibition of a verv novel character ?as fciven yesterday in Jones's Wood by an Ital ian gentleman who ht>led Limselt Christoforo ttu ono tore, or the Fire King, who stood in the miditt df a fierce fire for nearly half an hour, thoroughly establishing his claim to thv title be has a??mned, '1 be entertainment was quite curious, but the 8ig nor has higher claims for his invention than a mere show. It was accorded by all present yester day that the hignor made g?od hi<i claims, and his irvention met its the attention of those interest et -and who is uotr?in tbe saving of human life. A 8ALAMANDER. tProm the Biook >n Daily Eagle. May 19 [ ere are a treat many wondeiful things being done in and uround New York just now by the spirits and mnstcisns, but these manifestations are of no praeticsl utility, except to the exhibit ors, wh' are reaping a rich harvest from the ere 1 ulous. Something that is at once carious and u-eful has. however, been brought to public no tice. A Signor Buono Core has invented a flre Sroof su>t. in which he can walk into a baruing uilding witb tlames plaving around hiin and feal no inconvenience This discovery m?y be of great service. It i? not exiiecteil that every one will at once oTder a salamander outfit, and keep it in the bouse in case of tire, bnt it wit! he a good thing for each tire com pan v to be provided witti a suit, which will enable tnc wearer to enter burning building", ssve property, and assiiit materially in extinguishing tires. [From tbe Evening Express, M*T 2t).] Have we a sa'amander among us/ If bv a sala mander is meant a living being which can walk unharmed, like the three young uieu in the Scrip ture story, through a fiery furnace, and come out unscathed, we think Pitnor Buono Oore is fairly entitli d to the appellation, albeit the common no tion 'hat the little reptile from which be de rives it can do the tike with impunity is a fabu ous idea. A few days ago tbe fcignor invited a party to go up to Jones's Wood ami witness a de uien^rat ion of bis right to bo considered a mod ern Abedneao. He entered an iron cage around, over and un?n which an intensely hot fire was burning all the while, and made himself qnito at home'herein, for some space. Nor did he seem to care more for the exposure than if he were waiving like Adam in Ed?p. in a garden ia the cool of the evening. He will irive his first public exhibition at Jones's Wood next Wednesday af ternoon. It certainly is a very curious feat. (From the Saturday Courier. May 21.] Signor Buono Core on Wednesda* last gave a Jrivale exhibition to tbe members of tbe press at ones'B Wood. His arrangement consists of a light iron frame work, standing about ten feet high, with exits and entrances at each end and bii.e. which ia plentifully covered with brushwood, and thavings. and a dress somewhat re sembling that of tbe submarine diver. A >oung gentleman, evidently disoo'ed to make 1 ieht of the afiair. distributed lucifer matches am"ns tbo'-e present, with a reqvkst to vsist in firii * the pile, which was speedily accomplished, and as the heat drove the crowd backward, Buono Core accootered in bis novel dress, witb a "mar tial ataik,*' entered tbe fismes, which, lodging by a roma'k be made as he did so, were scarcely in tpn*e eneuth tn satisfy his inordinate desire to be comfortably warm I ? ? t The most ample arrangements have been per fected to have the feat performed in the MOST SATISFACTORY MANNER CPON TBE STAGE OF THE CANTERBURY Ihe curious will not fall to see thia MARVEL OF THE AGS. He appears every night, and at the SATURDAY AFTERNOON ^iATINM. Together with the enttrt Canterbury Company, in AM IMMENSE BILL. ? Admlsaloa.? Orchestra ~ SlTjtoSeT*; holdia* ?li HfSSi |S Tickets for aale at tk? Hotel*and Reitaurants. at 7 ?'?lock; fgfcnimi to ft AMUSEMENTS. 6ROV BR'I THKATKR. Pennsylvania tTt uu?. near Willard's Hotel. GRAND ThIUMPH of the celebrated Irish 0 median. MR. WgOhUE U. CHARLES, ?nl the Beautiful Artist* LA BKLLE EMILIE, Mr. g, W. GLENN in his great impersonation ot KINO KICHARD III IN DCTOH, TBIS 1VKNING, JULY SO, 1864, IRELAND AS IT WA8. Bagged Pat .. ..Mr, George O. Charles Jndy O'Trot (with pong)?.* La Belle Emelie Irifh Jig??. M.s? Mary Bates To be fo? lowed bv the IRISH TIGER. _ _v . Paddy Ryan? Mr. George C. Charles Nancy. La. Belle E-uHlie Overture Orchestra Sailor's Hornpipe..'.. Miss Jennie Gourley To cenclude with the fifth act of KING KICHARD III. Richard TII?? .....Mr. 8. W. Glean THE ORIGINAL CHRISTY MINSTRELS, Organize I iSk. Will soon appear in this city, at FORD'S NEW THKATKR Jso. W. Ratvob, of the Original Troupe, Minuter. ti 10. Ch ri m t? ? C?. meui an. jy 3-i-6t PIO NICS, EXCURSIONS, Sc. Remember first <;rand afternoon and evening PIC NIC by the Potomac Asso ciation at 7th street Park ou THURSDAY, August l9th: it* JJO! FOR GLYMONT ! F1R*T GRAND CLAM BfKE.0FTH2 SEASON. The steamer PHCENIX will leave foot of 7th street, SUNDAY. July 31, 1804 at 10 o'clock a. in., to convey pa*-1 senders to this delightful ^acd of resort, return ing to the rit> by 7 o'clock p. m. Tickets One Dollar For passage apoly to the Captain on hoard, jf*9-2t* (^Sunday Chronicle ] gk IMPORTANT NEWS*! ?jT ff^The Grand Tonrnament and Ball WILL TAKE PLACE AT SEVENTH STREET PARK, MONDAY, August 1, 1M34, at i o'clock p. m. Hon. Tiros. B. Ii.obkhok will deliver the ad dress on the crowning of the QUEEN OP LOVE AND BEAUTY and her MAIDS OF HONOR. Ground* will be open at ir o'elock a. ra. The Marine Hand will be in attendance. Ladies an; invited to come early and -ecure front ^Tickets ONE DOLLAR each. tee frim.ll bihs. Jy 23-2t* J^OFFFLER'S CITY GARDEN. TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Auenst 2. HS4. GRAND FETE OF THE SEASON. The proprietor hHRengaged . at enormous expense. SFGNOR HUONO OORtt, THE GREAT FIRE KING, who w ill perform his marvelous feat of WALKING 1Hrough fire. And remaining in a CAGE OF FLAMES, ss performed hy him in Jones' Woods, New York, in the presence of over .'0,000 ><pe<-tators In addition to which, a GRAND RALLwill be held in the Pavilion. Dancing will be kept up until midr ight. A eplendid display of Fireworks and other fes tivities will f nliven the occasion. ? Prof. Rergman's celebrated Brass and String Band will he in attendance. Tickets FIFTY CENTS, to the entire entertain ment. Cars run on the 7tb streot route within a short distance of the Garden. Tickets can only be obtained at the office near the tsa'e which will be openel at 2 p.m. Go'jd trder will be maintained. jyS8-6t JOHN J. KEEPER. Manager. IT BEING TOE WISH oFTLARGE NUMBER 1 OF OriR FRIEND8. THE ASSOCIATED BOOKBINDERS pic nic at tiTk Washington park Seventh street. On TUESDAY EVENING. August 2d, Commencing at 2 o'clock.. All those who favor us with their company will find this the most pleas ant affair of the season. Tickets?5' cents; admitting a gentleman and ladies, to be had of any member of the committee. Committee Thomas May, Chas. E. Walker, J W. Mattingly, C^as, L. Dawden, V. Bishop, Win. Scott. iy 2t> 1,2 A GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS AYOR'S OFFICE, Gkoroetowh. July 22, 1*54. Notice is hereby given to all persons residing within the limits of ibis town, who are owners of dog*, that they are required to keep the same se curely confined lor the period of two months from this date, mile.?* they be so securely muzzled as to render them harmless. The attention of the police officers is reqnested to tb?s notice, and that they carry out the law in the case. _jy22 2w HENRY ADDISON, Mayor. f-EORGETOWN CORPORATION STOCK. - "I Those persons who maybe disposed, to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stock,whicb bears an interest of sis per cent, per annum, payable quarterly, can obtain some by applying to WM. LAIRD. Clerk of said Corporation. Je29-dtSl rpOWINO PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, by the J Potomac Tow Company's boats, "Potomac," "Gov. Cnrtin" and "Belle Haven." Apply to the Captains on board, or to JOHN B. DAVIDSON, my IS- Water street. Georgetown. G. I>. SMITH'S Wild Cherry Tonic Bitters. TONIC ?A8TRINGENT? AROMATIC ?DISIN FECTING?PROPHYLACTIC. Sold Everywhere. Ask your Druggist and Grocer for it. IT WILL CURE Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Dysentery, Diarrhea, Ague and Fever, Loss df Appetite, Liver Complaint, Jaundice. The Elixir of life for the Aged. Will give Health and Beauty to the Young. This Prophylactic should be In every family at this season of the year, as this delicious beverage can be used with cut the deleterione effects o Liquors. SMITH ft MORRISON, jy 7-lm ?roprietors^ IVTOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE CO partnership heretofore existing under the name of Finch &. Lloyd,doing business at 390 Uth street, is this 11th day of Jul y. dissolved by mutual consent. ?A I? Jy 13-Jw H C. FINCH. THANKFUL FOR PAST PATRONAGE, THE J IceCream Business will be eontinned by the undersigned at the old stand. No. 390 llth street, between K and L streets. Jy 14-2w* SAMUEL LLOYD. | MP OB, T ANT TO H O T L ER8 ! BUTLERS WILL FIND h. a. Bowmrjia k co.'S VOlTOMNTRATBD O L A M TO BE A MOST VALUABLE AETIOLE TO THEIR TRADE, It sells very rapidly, and is the moat economical article of dlsi for the officer's mess. It is prepared IA one minute,and makes a most delicious Qe,ap ox Ohowder. It i* highly recommended by Arm Surgeons. The profits are large. H. A. DOWNING ft 00., Manufacturers of Oonoentratad Food No. 111 Bast 18th at.. Not York. For Ml* by BARBOUR ft SEMME8, Sole Agents. 64 Louisiana Avenue, ? Mr Waahingrton, P. Q mpwnv YOUR sight bv the use of tkf eel-HI^^m ebrated P???L? aiKl Piaigoopio Srioyaol?b,uni versally acknowledged a* the beet for BTaHora uiio A*B PMM?Tt*0 tha impaired Byeeigbt, seientlAcallf and correctly salted, hy FRANKLIN ft OO., Opticians. 944 Pennsylvania avenge^ ket. l*tk and ISth sU., 399 Pennfylvanle avenue, under the National MILD GLARES, fte., la ? greatTiriitf, Ml : lt ? 4 TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM JAMES RIVER. Spirited Engagement with the Ewm| Victery of the Union F?rfe??Capture of bun* and Prisoners. Bermuda Humdrbt>, July 27, via Fortrb*?s Mow rub, July 28?An important movemeutls in progress from this point, and this moralux. whilst our troops were crowing the .tames riv?*r to the north side, on two pontoon briug"!*, a rebel force came down and attacked our men on the banks, before having had time to organ ize. A spirited engagement took place, and the enemy were driven back to their entrench ments. Our troops still arriving, organized and attacked the rebel works, carry ing tnetn and capturing four gnns. marked "captured from the Yankees at Drewry's Bluff." We also captured many prisoners. The enemy were dually driven irom their po sition into the roads far beyond, where skir mishing continued when our informant left The gunboats were on hand and rendered val uable assistance in covering the landing o! our troops. ! The gnns captured are no doubt the same that were captured from Capt. Belger's battery by the Tebels on the l?th ol May. These guns are now at City Point. ANOTHER ACCOUNT. General (.rant well Pleased. A letter from the Army of the Potomac, dated July 2d, ssys: ine arrival of some troops in the vicinity of Bermuda Hnndred, a day or two ago, attracted H e attention of tbe enemy, and caused them to believe that an advance on Richmond by way ot Malvern Hill was intended. A lorce, consisting of Reeshau's division and Longstreet's corps, and Wilcox's division of Hill's corps, was immediately withdrawn ircm the vicinity of Petersburg, and sent down to check the movement. To connteract this movement on the part of the enemy, the 2d corps was detached and sent across the James river, and, at 6# o'clock yesterday morning, the advance met the rebel skirmishers in uu open field, opposite Jones' Neck. Their battery was in position at the edge of tbe woods on "the further side of the Held. A long line of skirmishers was throwu out at once from our force, who soon drove the rebels to their oreastworks, where they were kept hotly engaged while a brigade of the lot division moved around on the leftol tlie en uny's line, ard getting on tbe lett of their flank, charged them, driving the rebels from their gnns into the woods, capturing fifty or sixty prisoners and fonr guns, and a quantity of ?h>all arms. The enemy tell back on their reinforcements, who occupied some strong works built there some two years ago. Oar troop* followed, taking up a position in fiontand on their flank, and before this reaches yon the entire party, it was hoptd, would be captnred or routed. The gnns taken were four twenty-pound Parrotts, marked "May 2!', IS64, near Rich mond," and were the snme which had been captured from the 13th corps at Drewry's Bind last May. Our loss was only about a half dozen wound* ed, none reported seriously. Gen. Grant rode to the front in the after noon, arid, in company with Hanc >ck, re viewed the position the enemy had taken. He seemed well pleased with the morning's oper aticns. Gen. Foster's command had a lively time with the enemy yesterday at this place, but b'8 force being weak, he fell back some half a mile to a stronger position, which he held until the arrival of the 2d corps. He lost 10 or 5o men wourded during the day. An attack was expected on Gen. Warren 8 front yesterday, hut it was not made. Picket and artillery firing is indulged in to the usual extent, and was tharper iu front of the I8ih corps yesterday than formerly. A Conflict at Hand. [Correspondence of the New York Tribnne ] City Point, July 27, lu a m.?I think I am safe in saying that the ball is about opening? that the grand conflict is at t and. Ileavv cannonading and musketry firing took place this morning all alone the lines, partic uiarly in General Butler's .Department, aLd up, and on both sides of James river. A strong prtssure was made on Gen. Butler's line jesUrday, and the pressure is thns being letiijned this mornicg. Tbue were heav y movements of entire araiy corps last night, the nature ot which it may be premature to definitely mention. Tbe wildest enthusiasm and the highest ex pect ations prevail here. Tnere need be no fear lor the result when the tug of war comes. The army i3 in magnificent condition. 1 l?ave no doubt but that another day's dis patch will tring you details of a moct gratify ing character. The Rehef Loss. fCorrespodence of the Vew York Times.] Thursday, July 2*.?Information has been received announcing that on Thursday a very considerable engagement occurred on the north bank of the James river, between a large force ot tbe enemy and a portion of Gen. Butl?r'a army, in which the rebels were defeated with severe loss, including the capture of four pieces of arnllery. FROM THE SOUTHWEST. Fighting near Helena?Discovery of a New Rebel Battery. Mbmphib, July 29.?Apparently well autheu tlcat* d reports from Helena say that an expe dition, consisting of a negra regiment, a portion of the 15th Illinois cavalry, and a section ol a battery left that place on Monday morniag in tbe direction ot White river. When near Nelson, eighteen miles out, they fntcuntered a formidable rebel force, under Dobbins, and, after a short fight, were obliged to retire with a loss of two killed and fourteen wounded. Colonel Brooks, of the colored regi ment, and a captain of the artillery, are re ported among the killed. The rebels pursued the expedition to within nine miles of Helena, where onr troops made a stand, and a sharp fight was going on when the informant left. The remainder of the 15th cavalry and other reinforcements are being sent rapidly forward from Helena. Gen. Washbnrne has issued an order that all persons in West Tennessee and MUsis&lppi having cotton will be permitted to bring it to Memphis and store it in the bands of tbe Gov ernment Quartermaster, sunject to such dis position as may hereafter be made, the Q,uar termaster giving a receipt therefor. Any cotton brought in and disposed of in any other mau ner will be confiscated to the United States Government. Cairo. July 20.?The steamer Empire, from New Orleans on the21st, has arrived. She re ports that a rebel battery of five gnns is sta tioned fifteen miles above Slupwith Landing, wnich fired several shots into the tin-clad gun boat on tbe 24th, doing little damage. Tbe steamer Clara Belle, from Vicksbnrgfor White river, not being heard from, it is feared was destroyed. FROM CHARLESTON HARBOR. Bombardment ot Fort Snmter?Shelling of the City Kept up. Nbw York, July 29.?The Palmetto Herald, of <he 21st, states that Admiral Dahlgren had left for Charleston harbor. Tbe Vermont would sail for the nor Ji within a w eek after be ing i epalred. It is expected she will be stationed as the receiving-ship at Nor folk. Fort Surnfer is undergoing another destruc tive bombardment from onr batteries and fleet. The firing is very slow, but accurate, and serl ous damage has resulted to some of the strong est portions of tbe fort. The fireon Charleston is also kept up. The ^?ork at erecting a residence for the rebel prisoners on Morris Island is in progress, though the rebels aanoy tbe workmen la the extent of their ability by shelling the buildings. Gen. Foster's expedition created a great scate in Savannah. Rams w?re moved down to the obstructions in the river, and Gen. Jonnston sent a brigade of Georgia troop* to Savannao, {which was deserted,) to Augusta, and to jofan'9 Island, where they participated In the lght of the 9th. Call far More freaps. St. Louip, July 29.?General Rosscrans, by authority of the War Department, has called tor xrtne regiments of st* twelve month* toluntefre, for the protection of the State against guerrillas or invasion. Gov. Hall, in the same connection, has issuad a. proclama tioa stating the e*erg?acy to te gnsat, and Urging ifca peopla to fill these reginunu at once. ? 1 | . General Averlll ea Daty. j PHiUBitMU, July 29.?A special Harris burg dmpatch to the BnUeUa says that Gen. ATerUlie well an? on duty at JSagerstowo. { J* # It ' .*? fr?* Ntw Orleant. Niw Yobk. July w ?The si?m?r Par^. tfanry from Npw Orleans. on the iliL bu \r riTfd. Sfcipwtfrt the Araaoaad Yazoo. tooatf up the river, and the George Washington, otf tbe Bsliw. On the VTth, she saw a aid* wtwel steamer chase a blocfcade rnnner. hot tt**? chvae w?s aoon abandoned. The Era of twtntm-a tiona a rumor that (be pirate Klirlda was cap. turtd by our gnnbi/ate, but eta tea tbat it w at. trustworthy The gunboat Metaromer. from tbe Mobile blockade, bad arrived at Naw (Jr. leans 1 here Is no other news. The SprttMM at Gea'l McPberaea. kati, Joly *i?8 IS p m?Private ad vices Item General Sherman's hendqeav* ar.noonc# the assifument of General O O. Howard to the command of the Arrav and De r*"m?nt of th* Tenneesee. Th? poM'Jou was ma-ie vacant by the recent death of General M I'b>r?oa General Ho-ward's chi-f of tlafT will be Lieutenant Colonel Warner, formerly ol the itih Ohio volunteers. A t??picm< Steamer. pmi ai>iit>uia. .lu'yfc*?The steamer Re pnblle, from New Orleans, reports, on the '^7tb? north ofC?ye llatteras, she saw a suspicious steamer steering noril* She ?t? bark rigg' d, painted black, and wal barbing soli coal. Sh* steered lor ibe K? public, bat lost sight of her at six in the eveniug K1BEL > t. W V A firrat Victory ( luinied by Head an prt. ?lay arrk-Turiitf-iut Piece* af Artti" lery aid Two Thousand Hrlnaner* ( apturid?Juhilatian af the Hiciunead Pre???the Defeat at Winchester Ac k now ltdged. The Rivhmond Enquirprof Monday contains the following : 1 he g lotion* news from Northern Georgia absorbed the public attention ou Satan-day and yesterday ; the eitv was lively with ri-ligbt ul ? aciteinmt, and even the mm saveae, who aflect to fi e an aimoot interminable war grew bu6yant with hope. The Tate of alitrmu, and the war, was liberally discussed, ?nd it was generally accepted that, should th? effect of Heed's military en elements be sustained and culminate in a decisive victory, no fears, uot even doubts, need be enrer'ained as to the re snltoi the campaign tn Virginia, Grant, bav in? expended the force of numbers at bi? com mand in rail), strategic force may then be em ployed by him to about the same purpose. The following is the official dispatch ot General Hood : Atlanta, July?2-lfl:30p. H,n. Secre tary of liar. The army shifted its position fronting on Peachtree creek last nigni and Stewart's and Cheatham'* corps formed line of battle around ihe city. Hardee's cor pa mtde a night march and attacked tboeneiny's ?*.tre:ne eft to-day ar one o clock, and drove him 'ram his works, capturii-g sixteen pieces of artlll?ry and five stand ol colors. Cheatham att&eke f the enemy at lour o'clock p. ia., witn a portion of his command, and drove the enemy, captur ing six pieces of artillery During theen.age ment we captured about two thousand pris oners. WLeeler's cavalry routed the enemy in the neighliorfcood of Iiecatur, capturing bis ciUBpB> Our loss is not tully ascertained. Maj Oen! Walker killed: Brig*. (lens Smith, Gist and Mercer wounded. Prisoners report Mcpher son killed. Our trcops with great gal - 1 an try. J. B. Huou, General. The Press Despatches. Atlanta, July vX.? A boat two o'clo k this afternoon the enemy attacked our l?*tt, uud*r Oen. Stewart, with great vigor. Th?y were received with a galling are trora both artillery atd liilatitry, which caused them to falter, when the order was given to charge. A icon? their ki?!"d is Q.n, McPnerson, who was shot tnrough the heart: Brig. Oen. Giles A. fc-mith and (tne Yankee) Gen. Hood. Gen Ores-ham lost a leg. Our troops leu their breastworks and charged with great rapidity, driving the enemy from two lines of mtiet'hments and inflicting groat slaughter, captunug a large n amber ot ptWoti ?rs ai.d iwentv-two pieces ot uxtiliery. Gen. Hardee bavii g parsed around the en emy's flank, is dow in their rear, doing grea; execution. The lighting still continues. IBfcOONO DKRPATOH ] Atlanta, July si;l.?Gen W heeler last eTe ning attacked tb? enemy's lelt iu the neighbor hood ot Le> aiur, and drove them b.icif, c ip luriDp r>(A> v. ajtons with supplies and a Urge number of pntoneis. He is still pursaincr "lheie WHi v?ry litt.e Hgiitii g at er dnrk ves" ttrciay. Two thotisard pri-oners. including fevei.ty.five comii Tbii. red ollicers, twenty flve pieu t of artillery and seven b am s oi colors have ^een hrcng t in. Ti.e ioss^a on ei'her side are not >*t known. Ours w is se vere in cftic rs. ( ompa ntive qnte'. reign* this morning. I htie a tuine aiitie 6kirmis:i ing cn our ie;t. Editorial Comments. [From 'he fiichmoLd Enquirer. July 2:, ] The news of tt.e vict ry ;.t Atiaoa, waich the telegraph bronghe tT Richmond on list Satuid...y, ceiiiihtoa ihe pnblic as much &??anv thing that La-, been received diiri ig thu wir' It caustd a geneiai joy ihrougnout the ca?'. and w:ll tarry tbe ?aui?j:o aMqu&rters of thecoun tiy. Gen. Hood has signalized liis acceptance ol the command ol the Army of Tennessee w.tb a niiliiant victory, and juetined his s?lec ticn by success, the highest evidence of ir? propriety. The tide has turned, the amy baa taced aboht, and the?;rafn{:y of aavauce takes the place over ct retreat. Tl.e initjative ol attack has at last been taken by our army, and its prestige and r.ioritf. wrested liom the ect my. Oeo. Hood hae turned npon tbe enemy, and be? n sacceaaful. It is im)jo?sib!e Ui convey any idea of the grat ification v hich ihe uewsol the victnrv caueed Ihe press dispatch was at first dot,b'.ed. So ottcu has lise commnuity oe^n elated by first news fiom that aimy, only to oe disappo nt?d ty snbseqnent intelligence- that men besitat'd to believe what they lead. Bat s?ou th? official ilispatch ol Gen Hood dispelled all doubt, and the public Jeit that a change had not only tatren place in commnndeis, nut that a new policy had been sncctt jlUly inaugurated, that may it ad to the recovery ol all tnat has been lost, and eventually carry our victorious banners m'o the teiritories of our enemy. Oen. Hood was known to be a man ever ready to fight, and his appointment was regarded as praci. cal orders to tan? no steps backward. . It was leit that he might ne ueieated, but i was believed that he would not retreat with out try ing the ordeal of La'tie. He has juati. li.dtte confidence of the President, lie has lou^hta battio v.lttun the first week of his command, and wou an important victory. Of the completeness ot thU victory, at the time of writing, i othii g is known; but the army in now, i otwithstanding it? lo*see, much strong er than before it measured strength with us ad vereary. Ihe attack was made, not received tiie enemy w ere driven, not repulsed. There terms are new to be app.ied to the battles of the Army of Tennessee. General Hood, we be lieve, is no' the man to rest satisfied with even attacking and drivinc the enemy. He will fol low up his advantages, and now, that he has broken up the old ptlicy of that army, he will, he must precs on, and cease not to drive the enemy back, and eventually out of Georgia. Eight breaks from the only dark point in onr lines. Atlanta is now felt to be 6afe aad Geor. gia will soon be free from the foe. The central army of the Confederacy ha6 recovered ita prestige and defeated the exnltant enemy. Whereabouts of the Rebel Raiders. "We have the best of rumors from the Tallny, which place the army about in spots at promi nent places?New Marker, Lnrav, Front Royal and Warrentm A gentleman who reached this city on Saturday nl,zht from Edin bur?, twelve miles north o? New Market, states tbat when he left Strasbnrg was held by onr forces. It was thought they would fall back, the euemy being reported in heavy force, but wiiether through New Market or over ihe Bine Ridge toward Warrenton conld ro', of course, be understood. The rumors allnded to may have originated from anticipation nearly. ii A Small R,ererae*M Passengers who lelt Stannton on yesterday inform us that our forces were, on Saturday, still the <nher side of New MarKet, and that there was no probability of the immediate oc cupation of Front Roval by the euemy. We learn from an officer who arrived on last eve. ning s train, that on "Wedjumd iy last General Ramseur'a division was unfortunate enough to be attacked near Winchester, at a moment when It was not well prepared to meet a and* den attack from a superior force. The result was, ihe division was compelled to retreat, af ter suffering a loss of from three to fonr hun dred in killed, wounded aud mtaaiog, i** three or fonr guns. This is the affiiir to whit* some importance was given by rumor a fa* days ago. Onr army is still in fine oonriir*irr and at the right place. _ ?GfCaptaln Winslow, of the Kearsarge, is In Paris, eonsnlting an occnllst with regard to a painful diiease of tbe eye, contrasted While in service in the Gnlf of Mexico. S^An ingenious man in Hartford baslhvent ed a "seamless keg"?torned It oot of a solid piece of wood. The qyatermen are looking at It. WSlxty.flve pounds of gold dust lately ar rlTed at St Joseph, Mo-? from Virginia City, Idaho. 17- Caroline Riehinga has taken to Italian opera, and she U "id to be haying brilliant aneeess. wr Eighteen million dell are worth of prop, erty baa b?e? dee troy ed fn this country by lb* since tbe Ant of Janurry. WOT R*T- B'?fcop MCcloskey, successor to Archbishop Hughes, will be installed Aufurt tut

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