Newspaper of Evening Star, August 1, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 1, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. , AMCSCMBNT3 TO NIGHT. Gtoru's Tmkatib.-Dir. ?? Glenn, Will appear to ulght m on? of Mb greatest characters. "Von Sphoff," i? "Th? Wntch Ac or " Mr (Jleiin is one of 'lwmost wnailng "DutcAmen" on the stage. Hesldes this P1&y? ?'Ireland and America," and the **Irish Lion, will be performed. Tne favorite Irish come <Jiar, lir. <>. O Charl^ and the attractive La IJeJle Lmilie taking prominent parts. OivmnuBT-?- A number of new and pret ty laces Ti* s?allie Sunderland, Ella, Mary I and I.izzls Weener.and Nelly Kllmire will ap pear upon the Canterbury boards to-uizht, and meiodion* sunra and graseful dances mar be expected. John Mulligan will remain, and Inn levers wiil be pleased to known that Billy "West reappears. A good bill to-night. Tocenakent ano Ball.?This atternoon the grand tournament and ball will take place at theSefen'h street Park. This resort is a deli.htfol one, and the fact of this double en tertainment to night will not fail to attract a lame crowd, partly on account of the variety of a tdtarnament, Pio-NlO.?At Lcefller's City Garden, the Shields Club Rive a picnic to-night. It will commence this alternoon and be continued during the night. A flne chance for a dance. UOLDMBIAH (J01 LEGB SCHOLARSHIPS?We aonouBCtd on Saturday the award of thecom miiteein favor of Faby Franklinsr, a pupil of the Fdorth lilstrlct (.Island) Grammar School. This school bas been under the t ;achership of Mr. JHton E. Thomj son since the year l?l?, and stands A No. l with the public grammar schools of our w bole country. This is the third scholarship won by this school uader this ex cellent tencher. The Art scholarship in this venerable college granted in the year 1355 by the Medical Cellge, when the snccejpful candidate was Marion Bradley, of the Fourth (or Island) District School. In the year 1919 a scholarship was granted by Geo. W. Riges, when J. Abbott Moore, of the Third (Navy Yard) District, t?ok the prize. In 1860 Dr. Clinton granted a scholarship, when the Fourth (Island) District wae again success ful, tfce fortunate competitor being Oliver T. Thompson. The College faculty offered the scholarship In IBM, when Patrick McAuley, of tha First District (Mr. S. .T. Thompson teacher, and bearing a blgh reputation) won the prizs. In l'-to the College Faculty again presented the honors of their institution, and Joseph H. Franee, of the First District, was the success ful competitor In 1563 the commendable libe rality of the trustees was evidenced, and again the First District came out ahead?Elbert Turner bearing off the honors. Thus the First District, as well as the Fourth, has had the honor of carrying off three scholarships. In 1MH the trustees again hold out the prize, and once more the Fonrth District is successful ? the line little boy, 11X years old, after a sin gle year's study in the male grammar school, is declared by a majority of the committee to be fairly and honorably entitled to the prize, and it is endorsed by a vote of the Bjard of TrnBteee. Tm Rbpclt or Intemperance.?Thi3 nursing S<rah Ann Donovan, a young wo man, *21 ye:tr? of ajre, was arreted upon the complaint of her husband, who charged her with tidul erv yesterday, with 15 men. Upon being examiner), b-fore Justice Giberson, it vns very clear that Donovan was suffering with w.abia a-potu, as he described the men as "rt.ving, one after another, through the front windows, and clinging last to the opposite wall, nn'il trie wh le fifteen had entered the room.-' The state of Donovan being apparent, the Justice dismissed the case. Witnesses be ing in the house with Donovan ard his wife, testified that nothing to justify such a charge had occurred there. Donovan having threat er.ed bis wife, she made oath that she feared he would kill her. Justice Giberson ordered him to give bail for peace, and In default of ball be was locked up to be properly dis posed of. Fourth Ward Station Cases.?Caroline F*ad, di^orrteily; *5.71 Jame9 C. Moody, not liceEBed; dismissed. Emma Purdy, keeping a bagdy house do. Clara Blanchard and Eliisa J Hotly, prostitution; do. Johannah Murphy, grand larctny: do. Michael O'Donnell, assault and battery: bail lor court- J C. Jones, disor deily; dismissed. Mary McFarland, do. and drunk; do. Henry Miller, do : military. Mich'l Calabar, do; dismissed. Thos. Connolly, Thosf. McKeon, Wm. Johnson, drunk; Jacob Stubern and K.iulan Sullivan, asleep in street; 51 r.8 each. Ann Maria Marshall and John Moran, drunk and disorderly; workhouse. Mary. Kelty, vagrancy; dismissed. Dennis Donovan, threats; bail for peace. Sarah Ann Donovan, adultery; dismissed. Second Ward Station Cases ?D. Math, ews, assault; also, a second offeuce. Henry Franklin, drunk. *2. Michael Ryan, do.; dis. irissed. Osorpe Robinson, disorderly; SI 58. Con Fink, W. Lewis, drunk and disorderly; S8 each. Tatnan Ganger, do.; ?4. SPECIAL NOTICES. Ir vor iii so tar BKtnsDtbe age a*nottohave used that popular for the toilet. Fragrant So jodont, put it off no longer, but go at onceto yon' nearest Druggist and get a bottle. You will netet regret it. Sold by all Druggists Jt 29-3t Cohss. Bcjuess. Bad Nails, ire. Dr. White will t>e in attendance at his rooms. No. 4 24 p.nnsylvania avecrs.on and after Fri day. July Kd. Jy 21-tf Colgate's Hohxt Soap. This celebrated Toilet Soap, Id such universal demand, is made from the choicest materials, is mild and emollient in its nature, fragrantly scent ed, aad extremely beneficial in its action upon the skin. For sale by all Drugging and Fancy Goods Dealers. ja25-eoly Oucurs asd Colds. The sudden changed of our climate are sources of pulmonary, bronchial and a*thniatic atluctions. Si perienc? having oroved that simple remedies cften aet speedily when taken in the esitiv *tage* of the disease, reco .rs? ohould at once be had to ' B <V*n's Bronchial Trorkts.1' or lozenges, let the C?ld, cou?h. or irritation of the throat be ever no Bheht. by thi* precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded off. Public speakers had fiDgerf will flni them effectual for clearing and strengthening the yoice. Soldi.-rs should have them, as they can be carried in the pocket and taken as occasion requires. jy 23-lm,r Skohzt Disbasss. Samaritan's Gift is the most certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only regetable rem edy e?er discovered. Cures m two to four days, and recent cases in twenty-four hours Nomneral no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, and "? friend to those who do not want to be exposed. Male packages, 42; female, #3. . _ tkirnaf nan's Root and Herb ?A potitiTe ana re r mane ntcur* for Syphilis %8crofal?. Ulcer a, 8ore? pot*,Tetter*, Ac. Price 9 I, or nix bottle* for 91 Bold by 8. 0. Ford. See advertisement. mt Kraaii atobbh&j was uk Coast.?Dr Band's 8oe Olfie cures bptrmoiorrka.a* Seminal Wetikn/us, Tm fol'wy. Loss of Power. eU.^spttdily and\ atttwllv. t? effects are truly magical. A trial of the Specific will er>nvinee the most skeptical of its merits, Pric? 91 a box. 8old byfc. 0. Ford, eoraer ilth atreet aad Pa. avenue, Washington, ana Henry Cook. Alexandria. Jai-1* Nsavocs Dssilitt, b?*i?al Wiaxssss. etc.. Con biCvrid by one who has really eared himself end hundreds of others, and will tell you nothing but the trutX. address, witb stamp. Bdwaid H. Taivn, mm* s D4.W ly Look Box. Boston* Mass. Da. Do Purr's Hagar-eoeted Female Regnlatiaj Pills are thn o?rp but V* ???. They operate spudily and tfeair*ly. and helna sugar-tooted create no nausea Qpoo tne most deUc&te itomACb, A trial 01 thN? Pillt will pro** their ttrfirtpKly ov*r all ethers. PriceC1*^*- B?ld by 8.0. Ford, corner lith street aad Pa ayeoue.Washington,and Henry Oo?k, Alexandria Ja$-1? ^ Ha jpiarcMi r?a aa kAEBaiaoHiir. Pkalon's "Nl*bt iilooming Cereas." Fkalon't "Nigbt Blooming Cerent." PkaUm's "Nirbt Blooming Cereas." PknUm'i "Night Blooming Csreus." PkaUm's "Night Bleotning Cereas.' PkaUm's "Night Blooming Cereas " ____ ? Pkaim's "Night Blooming Cereas.'* A Boat exquisite, delicate and fragrant perfume dlntilled froin the rare and beauUfal flower from which It takes its name. Manufactured only by Phaloi ft Boa, N. Y. iiwaii op oonavBaparvs. Ask roa P"*loii'8-Tax? ?? Ot?*b. je U-Sm fold druggists generally. TaaoasAPasv mo ssst Hais Dii IB **? Wobl# -Nmtf Fades or Wasku O-I.-Dpham's Halr pye. Qp ewau a box. The beat in ase. Trylt. Sold by 0. Ford, eorner Ilth street ?ad Peaa. areaae. ashingu>n; end Henry Cook. Alexandria. eft-lv Disxasbs os tbb Nsavoos, 8*?ibal, Uaiaaar AMD 0izoal 8t^tnew and reliable treatment ?in Reports of the Howard Association-Sent by nail la sealed letter envelopes, free or charge. Address D. J. Sklllin Houghton, Howard Aaso eiatien.No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Fa. . *m-m Wabba rr an to Co sb i a gi x Da vs.-Dr. Godfrey's Antidote, an Bngllsh Bpeclfie of slaty-fly* y*a?S a tan ding, will eure bpnorrktri i? tix dattt. _No change of diet required. PHee fi per bottle. Bold by 8. O,Ford, eorner ilth.atreet aad Pa. avenae, wAingtea. and Henr#0enk. Alexandria. Jad-lF De TOP eslor your whiskers and inourtachef I K, as# the "Japanese Hair Wain." No hair dr* the er?rld eeaal to it. Only one preparation. It colon a natural blaek or brow*. Only an cents a bo* _ B. 0. Foan, uJ 90Jm W# fa. avenae. Bole Agent ? I ( " MED, Ob the SPtb July, after t lioctriu ud painful iUneaa. CHARLE* LEE, inr?Bt *oa of Dr Ow. P.?'d Minnie J Hunt asedd mooihsaaa is days. rtfldrei to com* nam me, and forhid them not, for of rach It the Kingdom of Hmtm " The friends of the family are reepoefuUy <??? ted to attend hia funeral fro* the reeideaes of bis Hwnt?, No. 410 D street, thia{Monday)afternoon at 6 o'clock. * At Patterson PUce. Eilaville. Prince rounty, Md , on the Jut ultimo. GEORGIA HEN RIETTA. infant daughter of John P. and Henri etta Pierey Pepper, aged seven months an4. one day. Her funeral will take place from the residence of her father. 475 Sixth street. n?ar D, on Tuesday , afternoon. the 2d inst . at 4 o'clock. The frieuoa of the family are reapectful!y invited to attend. Or the 81st of July, after a rainful i'lness. MART EMMA, your cent child of Thomas and Sarah Ann Forrest, aged II months and 18 days The friends of the family are respectfully in cited to attend th? funeral from tb? residence of her parent*, on Massachusetts avenue, near the corner of 4th street, on to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock. " On Sunday. July SI. at 12 o'clock, GRACE ADELK. voungeet daughter of Adam and Mar garet Gaddis. ? The funeral will take place from the residence of her father, on 12th street east, on Tuesday after noon at four o'clock. [Bal'imore Sun copy.1 * On the 1st inst . sfter a brief illness, IGNATIUS CLEMEN 18. in tie 89th year of his ace. Thefrieads of the family are respsitfully In vited to attend bis funeral from his late r-sidenne 2Sth street, on TO-MORROW (Tuesday) AFTER NOON at 3 o'clock. * JulyZUb, HENRY, youngest son of Thomas L. and JuiiaE Baily, aged 2 years, 4 months and 4 <da>s. Deur Henry, thou slialt Ik- ours, and heaven be thine. Thy victory without pain given; Sent a brief w hile on earth to shine. And then to shine a light in heaven. * On the 3 th of Jnly, Mr. WM. MILLS, aged SI yesrs. the oldest pilot on th*Chesapeake and Po toirac river, having been pilot for over 4'? years, and served in the war of 1812. m Baltimore papers please copy. ? * On the 29tli ultimo. JAS. A. KNOTT, formerly of Prince George County, Maryland, but for the last nine year? a resident of Washington, D. C. (Prince George and Calvert Co. papers topy ] * PIC NICS, EXCURSIONS, &c. J^EMEMBER, THE FfIRST GRAND PIC.NJC THE SHIELDS CLUB will tak* place At LOEFLER'8 CITY GARDENS. JL MONDAY, AUGUST 1ST, Commencing at 2 p.m.. to 1 a.m. Good order kept. Floor Manas'**: J.Heiche, J. Ilanigan, T. Malone, N O. Dea. Tickets?50 cents; admitting a gentleman and ladies. Jy30-2f J OEFFLER'B CIT Y GARDEN. J TUESDAY AFTERNOON. August 2,18S4. GRAND FETE OF THE SEASON. The proprietor hssengased. at enormous expense, SIGNOR VUONO COR*. T n E GREATFIRE KING, who will perform his marvelou* feat of walking through fire. And remaining in a CAGE OF FLAME3, as performed by him in Jones' Woods, New York, in the presence of over 6",0**) spectators. In addition to which, a GRAND BALL will be held in th* Pavilion. Dancing will be kept up until midnight. A splendid display of Fireworks aad other fes tivities will enliven the occasion Prof. Hergman's celebrated Bra?s and String Band will be in attend tine?. Tickets FIFTY CENTS, to the entire entertain ment. Cars run on the 7th street route within a short di^ance of the Garden. Tickets can only be obtained at the office near the ga'e -which will be opened at 2 p.m. Good order will be maintained. jy 2S f.t JOHN J REEFER. Manager. 1T~3EING TOE WI8H OF A LARGE NCMBF.R OF Ol'H FRIBN08. THE ASSOCIATED BOOKBINDERS will give a TIC NIC AT THE WASHINGTON PARK,I Seventh street, On TUESDAY EVENING. August 2d. Commencing at 2 o'clock. All those who favor us with their company will find this the most pleas ant aflair of the season. Tickets?5'i cents; admitting a gentleman and ladies, to be had of any member of the committee. Committee Thomas May, Chas. E. Walker, J W Mattingly. Chas, L. Dowden, V. Bishop. Wm. Scott. Jy 2f>,U),au 1.2 GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE POST OFFICE. GEORGETOWN, D. C., Jcly 30.1864. Tc obtain any of these letters, the applicant must call for ** advertised letters," give the date of this list, and par one cent for adverflsing. If not called for within one month,-they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office. Place the postage stampon the upper right-hand eorner, and ieave space between the stamp and direction for post-marking without interfering with the writing. A request for the return of a letter to the writer, if unclaimed within thirty days or less, written or printed with the writer's name, pt;st office, and State, across the left-band end of envelope, on the face side, will be complied with at the usual pre Said rate of nostag?. payable when the letter is elivered to the writer. LADIES' LIST. Armotrong Margaret-2 Little Miss Julia A Adams M'*s Surah Laureutre Mrs tlenry Acton Mrs Ano M Milsoau Ellen C Beckett Miss Margt Ann McNier Miss Mary Isa Bo*er* Mrs Mohala Minor Mrs Sylvanus Belt Mis* Maedaline Moreland Mrs 8u?an Behrer Miss Katferine Manix Miss Sarah Ann Bises Harriet Elen Masan Miss Marr A Burrows Mrs Elizabeth Moriaty Miss Mary Barker Mjiii Catbar'ne McVee Mrs Leut Barnes Mffs Caroline Mitchell Mrs Jas B Busye Miss Catherine Mackasey Mrs Ann Bolien Miss Cornelia Magruder Mrs Ann Butler Miss Agnes Northrop Misa Sarah J Blaisdel Miss Anne M Noyes Mrs Jane N Burke Mrs Hannah Pettit Mrs Mary A Carter Miss Defi Pavne Miss Jane A Carroll Miss Barab-2 Riee Mrs Chandler Mrs Lt N W Robinson Mrs Harriet A Cramer Misa Mary A E Reed Mrs Dnlpha A Cook Mrs James U Stayton MisaM*rgaret Clarke Mre Josephine Simmons Mrs Mary A Cammack Mrs Laura Stone Mrs Luey -J Clark Mra Catherine B Stevena Mrs H K Collins Mit-s Annie Sawyer Miss K E Dorsey Geniima Shoemaker Mis# ? Pareor Mias Sarah Stover Mrs Hester A Dorser Miss Sarah Stone Miss Ellen Dunby Mra Martha Suddeatb Mrs E Dorsey Mra Mary Shipman Mrs C A D^nelly Martha Smeed Miss ?nnie Evans Mrs Mary Smith Miss Anna Eager Mrs E ? Tarnall Mra Fiu-h Miss Margaret E Turkey Miss Emma Gleeaon Margaret Thornton Bridget GomppMiss Mary Yurtiell George Grastlice Mrs Loofled Williams Mrs Hebeeca Gilliam Miss Jennie Worm Mra Prncilla hent-ry Miss M Weber Mrs Mary Johnson Mrs Ellen Williams Miss Jenny Kelly Mrs Mary Washington Miss Eli/.a Kelly Mrs Ann Wilson Mrs H G I Lettv Miss Nancy J Willis Mrs Mary A L> n> b Mrs Mary-2 Whistler Mrs Col J M G Lucas Mrs Kate Wilson Mrs Apna Lewis Mrs Mary E A GENTLEMEN'SLI8T . Athey John M Eraser Geo NyeTliosL Andrews Cba* 0 Fisher Daiil NaMeyCha* Brooks Tli'J A-2 Gaule Thon O'Brien P Beach PtepueuS Gillis Thoa Power Wm Bates R C HareWmJ Plummar WroJ Bryent Alison Hogan Martin Pettit Opt 8 W Brown John Harried J as Paten Stephen Baiter Jos Henry JnoB Pettit Opt 8 BittooJooW Ilodgei Henry Peck Chas H 2 Bra'4> Jno Mich Ham in Cpt L F Payne C H Bnetin J as H> ad AndrewJ-2 Revnolds Sam A Brewer Jno L Johnson RG 2 Kobey C 0 Borden Dong E Johnson K (col) Spring Wm K Brown Carolina Jackson Jas W Stephana Mr BryaLt Cha? W Kaufman S Sullivan Thos CunimiL trs T F KingAlonxoH Boaith Martin Cramer Oliver KearnesJno StoplesJnoli Chanrl?r L U Kappes nenry Sutherland Jas 8ol*on Jas W Koster Fred 2 Smith Jos obbCptJno S Kroft DaDl Skinner Jno CulpJae Kelliber BernM Sith Jno C"minings Capt Kroen Abram Slocum Harris T Geo M Kafka Lewis 8w?nor Fr?dk b'Arcy S ephen Lewis Wm Bnrd Shipman Jno Dickons Wm LydonJas Sum matt Alex Di*on Wm J D Mlers Wm Tilghman Iana's Davidson Jno Milsted Wm Unnerwoodlsaao Duvall Geo W Monnts Lewis J Walah Wm Dixon Geo L Miller Lewis W Wright Robt Dennett Nat hi Melegan Jno Watt Robt F ICitwin 8 W Martin Cpt H B Wll lams L?w W Brexson Jas Morris G W Wil iamson Ja<> Idwards Griffin MaJlory E 8 Williams Jack E?ter > Geo Mills DA Woody Edw Edmoodaon C 8 Murphy Denis F Ward Edw I arn?worth 8'1 MsNar Aug M Walts Conrad FnelJoc B-i HENRY ADDISON. P.If. GEORGETOWN, D. P., JULY?,U54. In view of 1h* advance ia bread and high prtc?s of li\ ing, the woodaawvers of Georgetown, finding the preatnt prices inadequate to sustain /-hem in the r eeea'arleeof life, therefore,on and after date thf following prices will be the regular rates for sawing wood- .... Hickory, three cuts, per cord, flf> Oak " i4 J.oO '? 2 cute, *? 1.60 Pine,3 ?' " 2.W ly [AYOR'S OFFICE. -J ^ G?on0iT0wif. July 12,1864. Notiee is hereby fiven to all oeraona residing within the limits of tbia totii, vloireofoeri 01 dog. that they ore required to keep the Same se curely confined for the period of two aaonthe from this date, unlees tbey be so securely mauled as to render them harmless. The attention of the poUee eSeers ia reeoeeted to this notice, and that they carry out the law in the case. Jy?tw HENRY ADPlgQH,Mayor. EORGETOWN CORPORATION ETOOE. Those persons who may bo disposed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Btook. whlah bears an 1st*rest of six per eent. nor annum, (arable r ivi WANTS. WANTED?A GERMAN WOMAN, te do gene ral tooufework. Apply at IStJ G etrwet Vet 21at an<1 z3d streets.* A,la5t will tiivi instructions on tae Piano ai fifteen dollars per quarter. Inqn're at Star Office.' an l-3t* WANTED TO RENT-A rati HOUSE. as near Penn? ylvania avedue as possible. Apply at the Star office. am; t 3t* WANTED?A *aod COOK. Liberal wages given to OD0 who aodefsttnds h*r busineer. App'y Immediately at No. 394.19th strnat, between If and G street*. au l-2t* WANTED?Two good WHEELWRIGHTS. on Prospoct ?trf^t. between High and Potomac streets, Georgetown. Beet of wages given, Ap plyiromediateJy. aa I-It* WANTED?A WOMAN, at 'he Unfiling House, to wash dishes ant m ?ke up beds. Also, a first-rate WASHER and IRON BR, and aMiat wi'h c?okin?. Inquire at the Gosling H>a*e. 2(7 P? nn. avenue. an 1- tt* Qd AAA WANTED for two or tare* years. wt*''*'"' or longer if preferred, to be sesir?d on real estate worth three times the amiunt. Address G. H , at this office three time*. Terms maae satisfactory. aug 1- 3t* W^ANTED~IMMEDIATELY-A first rate FIRK AND BURGLAR PROOF OR FIRE AROOF SAFE for an offle*. Weisrht about 2.6K) pmods, for which cash will be paid. Address at once Box r>4 I P. O. an I-lw* ARE8PB0TABLB MAN WISHES TO EN gage himself with a 8ntler. where his busi ness capacities ran be appreciated. Is csoable of managing or assisting in said business. The high est references can be eiven. Inquire at the Gos ling House, No. 247 Penn. arenue, of the Propri etor^ au 1 3t* WANTED-BOARDING for an Officer of the Army, bis wife And daughter, in a private family, where there are no other hoarders. Resi dence between Mtli and 21st stroets, and F and I streets. Two good siied rooms, communicating on the first or second floor are desired. References given and required, Enqaire at this Office, aug l-lw WANTED-A HELPER in a B'ackumitb Stop. Inquire of R. W. JOHNSON, 553 12th street, between Ohio avenue and C st. Jy 39-3t* WANTED TO RENT?A SMALL HOUSE.cen trally located, for which a bonus will ba Siven. Also several ROOMS to rent. Bnquireat 64 H*h street. iy 30 3t* WANTED?By a respectable girl, a SI TO AT ION as chambermaid or nurse, otherwise to cook. sh and iron in a small family, and is wilMng to as ist at housework. Inquire at WM. FLBTC1I wash and iron in as ist at housew _ ... ER'S, corner of 24th and G streets. Jy 3D 3t WANTED?One furnished, good sized ROOM, with plain board for a gentleman, his wife and daughter 8 years old. Terms not to exceed $64 per month. Any respectable person who can accommodate a? above will please address D. M. 8., 533 17th st. References will be given if required. Jy 30 3t* WANTED?Three or four unfurnished ROOMS in a respectable locality. Address Mrs.Capt. TYLER, Star Office. jy 29 3t* WANTED?A suite of six or eight ROOMS.or a large ROOM capable of anhdivision,in a cen tral 'ocality, Jor a State Agency. Address Lock Box No. 61. _____ IT 23 St* WANTED TO BTTY 2? or 30 well broken MULI^T. Inquire at FOWLER'S Stables, New York av. ' Jy 28 6t* A. SOOTT. WANTED?To rent or purchase a small HOUSE between 41b and 11th, and Penn'a av, and M streeto north. Address H. B. J., Star office, stating terms. jy 2S 4'.* TBK~8UBSCRIBKR WISHES TO PURCHA8B (for cash) a FARM of one or two hundred acres, in northern or western Pennsylvania, It must be in good cultivation, with all the necessary baildirga for a well regulated farm. Address J. D., Box 38i, Washington, D. C. Jy 11-lra* "^RTILLERY HORSES WANTED AT ONCE. Chief Qcartkrmabtrr's Ofpics, Washington Dkpot, Washington, July T>. 18G4 HORSES suitable for artillery service will he purchased at this dep t, by the undersigned, in open market. from date until September 1 1S;?4. in lots of six to fifty, at one hundred and eighty dol lars (?18 " per animal; esch animal to be subjected to the usual Government inspection before being accepted. Horses to be delivered to and inspected bv Oapt. C. H Tom ok ins, A Q. M , U. S. A., corner 22d and G streets, Washington, D. C. D. H. RUCKER, Brieadier General, Chief Quartermaster, Jy 29-2ttd Depot of Washington. rjpEAMSTERS WANTED. Chitf Quartermaster's Ofk*. Fipot of Washington,) WASHINOTO*. D. C., July 9, 1SS*. ( Wanted, at once, THREE HUNDRED TEAM STERS, each capable of driving with single line, and managing six mule teams. To such who are competent to perforin the duty, the pay per month will be thirty dollars, with one ration per day, an!* hospital privileges, including the best meJical attendance when sick. Apply to Captain Charles H. Tompkins, A. Q. M., U. 8. A., corner Twenty-second and G sts.. Wash ington, D. C. D. H. RUCK BR, Brig. Genl and Chief Quartermaster, Je9-I9t Depot of Washington. WA N T E D?SECOND HAND fURNITURB. Also. MTRHORfl CARPETS, BEDS. BED DING, and HOUSEFllkNTSHING GOODBofevery description. R. BUCHLY,42? 7th street, Je8tf between G and H.east side. SUBSTITUTES. SUBSTITUTE BROKERS. AGBNTS AND RUN W NKBS ATTENTION !?The undersigned is pr pared to pay th? highest pric? to all who will firing good sound alien or colored substitutes to his office. No. 330 E street. Washington, D. C. an 1 fit? WM H. HOPE SUB8TITCTESgl TuTK8|( SUBSTITUTES!! 1 Having been aopointed by the Mayor or the city r>f Washington the only authorired agent in the District of Columbia to procure substitutes and re crui'.s to fill the quota of the District, persons wishing substitutes, by depositing their money with the Mayor of Washington, will be supplied with good men at once. GEO n. CAS8IDY, 4 46 8th st.. between Pa. ave. and D st. an 1-Jw? [Ohron.A, Bep.l SUBSTITUTES I fcUB8TITl>TBS! N. n. MILLBR & CO., No. 511 Ninth street west, near Pennsylvania av. (26> TWENTY-FIVE men tor the army, aa REP RESENTATIVES for those liable to the DRAFT, AT TUB MOST REASONABLE PRICE8. N. B.?Runners liberally dealt with. Exemp tion papers prepared, with diFpatch. by N H. MILLER, jy 29 et* Justice of the Peac^. SUBSTITUTES FCRXI8HED at lowest rates by LEWIS BROS., 414 Cennpjrlvania avenue. Respectfully refer to Mr. Shelley, Book-keeper, Metropolitan Tlot*l, and Mr. James E. Blark, Third Auditor's office, U. 8 Treasury, jy 17 7t* SUBSTITUTES.?Substitute* hought and sold. ? Enrolled citizens bad better apply at 1S3 I st , between 20th and 2^81, b?fore engaging a sab. eUewhere. Will be famished at the cheapest rates. * Jy26-lni' BOARDING. BOARDING?Fire or si* gentlemen can be ac commodated with TABLE BOARD, at 2B1 G st., between Mth and 1Mb. Terms moderate. Also, one large FRONT ROOM, auitable for four young gentlemen, with beard. an l-3t* FIRST CLASS BOARDING HOUSE - Roomt large, airy and well furnished combines the advantages of a hotel and private boarding huus*. It is retired from the ptrwt (Occupying the whole Block of it?elf)and surrounded by a large shady ysrd. Is only ten minutes ride from the Depart ments. Cars pa.-** the door every throe minatex. It in emphatically a first class house, and persons wishing such would do well to call. Apply at first house in Georgetown, adjoining New b' idge (No. 13 Bridge at ) au< 1-m,w,k,8* TO RENT, WITH B0AI{1>?-A very desirable ROOM frr a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen; also, one single Room, at 37-J C st., corner 4>6. AUo, to rent, as above, a Stable for 4 or 6 horsts. Jy 3>3t* DOARD AND HANDSOMELY FURNISHED mJ B90MS, for families or single person4. Hou?e commodious and airr, with spacioa > grounds One large room for party of three, one for two, fflO. Apply at S. W.eorner 21?t and H streets, near Penn avenue. Jy3'-3t* BOARD?A gentleman wishes to find BOARD with a private family, in the vicinity of the War Department, or between 17th andSUth str?ets. Address ^A.V^G,,^148 F street. Jy 23-3t* IJOARD.?A second story FRONT ROOM, snit ? t able for two er three gentlemen, and TABLB BOARD without, for ** a week, at 134 Penn. ave nue. between 19tn and 20th sts. jy 29-3t* T\IICILY FURNI8HBD ROOMS. SINGLE OR 11 insults, with 6 ist class Board, at 301 G st., between 13th and I4tb, near the Departmenta. References exchanged. Jy 2i> gt* GOOD BOARDING AND PLEA8ANT R00M8 can be had at No. 95 Washington street, Georgetown. Also several ROOMS to let. Jy 27 Iw HOARDING-ROOMS with BOARD at 173 2d street, between B and C streets, near the Cap itol, depot and avenue. Jy 36 Iw* 486 OHOIOBrSTOCK 486 486 INTIBIOE ADORNMENTS 486 496 PAPBRHANGINGB. 4N A select and varied stock of BUt, Medium and low priced Paperhangings, Borders, Stataes, Oen ter Ptooee. *%wiNDOW SHADES. Buff, Green, Chocolate, Brown *nd Gilt Wladow Shades, a variety of patterns; Shade fixtures. Tmi,1,'piotcbi CORD AND TA8SBLS. 8il)i snd Worsted Pieture Oerd and Ta?els. *lf ferent sizes and colors, a beautiful asMortmeat; ?u?tlVii: piofcia SRU?M. , w 'alvptftt U0?d?s" for paperhana+ng and Window Shade* l b F? fob rent and sale. R SALE?RRICK YARD and FIXTURES D5_5ire at thia office. aal -it* A LOT fronting H et^et north, be *? JJ*1 ,ar d Rth *freets. For particulars iu Sifr afi?ta *8TaR'8 I>rnv Store, ooruer or ?th p?r? 8J^f-A FRAME HOUSE. 16 feet front. 4 on I str^t' I? ? T *2jwt2wp' ?od th> rallroa<i M "d <?> ?*"?*? A CHAMJE.-Pifly dollars will buy the PROVISION AND land a*T *T0??AW^\? l*r?e c^Har. on the Is l"*nd ? 4dreV ac6 K'ebt*> street, Island. bet. t. and J streets. aul-fit* F?" "NT-One BRICK HOUSE with is rooms ??r.r? Pennsylvania av-mie. between ?H *nd 6th FRamb ??*???? tbe National Hotel, an 1 oae FBAMB HyUSE on 4k .treet, Inland, new R at! iJ'JA 5J? ?'? JOHNSON.No. 373 Pa. av., bet. 4.H and etji eta.,opposite National Hotel, an 1-wt* POR RKNT-A BRICK. HOU?E oontaia.oir.ix nno^r?J2"*Jtnated in a good neighborhood. in beat locations in tbe city, improved bjr with' ? .IS*?t?ble and flower garden. Any person cm> p a .r?com?end*t?on? can eaquire of Mrs. iiM boose in the rear of the prem 8^ih^-!1St^*V between B and 0, Inland, n?\r gambsonian Institute. It* F^i?* i?A^?'~The subas?iber wisties to ?Hl a les? rt7.. M. containing about 26^ acreai. more or .distant about lour mi es from Washington, laV??"i.^er i,.euUp.per **stern Branch bridge. A fort* r *?d is in *? ,d 'iraber, and a>>out Dut*h!? V&*uperJor Meadow land, fitie indis outable. Address J. D., Box 391, W?nhing'on, ?z" au 1-lm* TYn?5NP75NI8HBD ROOMS for revt 19th street? t? Ml0 K "treet, between lsth and ism streets, south side jy 3 F?t?nR^flr":T1tlree ''NFCRNISH8D ROOMS, ?th and Mh. No ?S.V. Apply 41 L atmy?.n*#0 F?hl?rhNT~PVtoftfee aor8K,with the US', of Inauire <;?n !? home furniture, if nec?ss?ry. inquire ObO M street, before 9 a. m. and after v- ' ? jf3)-2t* F(DWKTIlT^rf rare cbaace A STORE ANI> mhlj <vl. A? Rtt?c,?l^l >n the Firjt Ward. Suit 2"o!?bone JSJ^aSsgs. b"?f. 'ztf'zz?- is-..!;". *inU av?nfi?C fBtely/i Apply ne,tt door, 313 Vir fiDjft&T6DU81 Inland. jy 2).41+ FOR RENT?A nicely fitted up STORK with * Co?nterand Shelving , K.tAea idjoiniig, on OnLtV?*1 Te8t' b?iwe?n 8 sod o. opposite the fo r sale c'h ea pmes8"bouse* Also, a good HORSE J> 30 3t* J MRS. JOHNSON. SALE.?The subscriber be". 1 compelled to *0 to California, offer* for sale the beet 8UTLER8HIP in the country worth at lea?t ten regiments. Call at 51? 12th street opposite tbe Eirkwwod House afWfip m ' front?' " one"hlllf interest of a SUTLERSHIP ia . Jy-iO w. BRAMHALL. POR SALE-A jery desirable two story aad L.'"S,:rt DWELLING, in perfect order with a neat flower earden, shrubbery, &c It not sold within two we"ks it wil> be for rent and a portion of the furniture for sale For p*r ticulara enquire ef Mrs GIBBS *42 PennayFr" n.aav or of K. THOM AS. O street, bet 8th and **".? Als??. afine Lot, wtuated on the corner of O and 8th 6treeta. well situated for a business stand inquire as above. jy30-;rt* Y^AI.tTABLE PROPEBTF AT PRIVATE SA! K jv ix, T,!1K lI^T WABD.-The underfed 1 ? *1 ?! a or- of that valuable property u pon w *e re8,"eR-situated on the corner of 16th and K Greets, and within one and a half blocks of m-lf n KnqainM #Mirti?r.?f several haadsome Bl ILDINO LOTS, one of them improved by a substantial two-story Brick Honseand back build in?, with good 'tabling. The above property will be fold low for cash Enquire of T. DRURV. W ood & Coal dealer, near the War Department, or on the premises. Jy ai-lm* I^URNISH ED ROOMS FOR RENT-From the 1st ?. of Augiut, No 424 15th street, between N?w >Ofk avenue and H street. jy- 29-3t* fTOU SALE?A BARBER SHOP with lease; also ?- storeroom. Apply at No 429 corner 2J and C 8tl1- . ? jy 29-3t* F?H ??vlrlw0 FRAME HOUSES. Aoply to * .? HAYES,corner 4th street west and H street nortn. Jf2d3t* FUMr\nn?r J??P,M8 T{? LBT-ToIoeNTLeI iVh I' ~,('4 V street, between H tl ? 14th street. Table Board can be obtained in tne immediate vicinity. jy 29 3t* I^OH KENT~Tpr~QENTI.EMEN 0\LV=T^ RVBaj. r-f/J,d ?omf.0rrt?bly FDRNI8HED CBAM BKHif. with Breakfast, if desired, in a nriv*t? family, at 3T8 11th street, abov* K. Jy 29 .It* F GBRSrCKECASH ?A two story ^ ? HOCfcM.with larjf" Carpenter Shop, <*as and water in bouse)-? 1 400-on 1st st., third house above L. Apply immediately ? rare b*r gtt'_ ? : Jy 29-n? ApAKLOR, neatly farnished, and one unfar nished ROOM, bcth fro-ntin* tiro streets, will BoarrdntThrpa?t? or topthe * with or witCut f!0*rd,- The most pleasant location in the city, ?.nd * sj!?iPp bargain. Apply corner 6th st. east from Pmd ?t " ' Capito1 UiU' tw?v%w HOUSE, containing ten ^^ue' ^m ^ U*D1^r'* ^ ^ *Pen nsv?van i"a avenue. Jy 28 1 w* T?A?5Taf N?:Njsnjo ROOMS, without board. _m Apply at No. 378 w >t.. corner ttth. Jy 27 6t* POR RENY?Three^torjT~BBTCK-fIODTS7^o7 LtkVi yenoe; between mth and 11th ets., WiiiSpfSray-p.r.vs ?? oMth?d 4,,plr " PLEA8ANT BOOMS ON CAPITOL HILL-Two 1 pleasant unfurnished ROOMS and one spacicms furnished room on second floor in a private family C?Pityl< at 371 1st street eist. corne? C et: Jy 27-eo3t? RARBER SHOP FOR8ALK.?The good will and fixtures of a Shop situated on Virginia ave iTeefn 8evelitn and Eighth streets. Navy mcuuEy j'jsxh," the stock if so desired. For further narticulars inquire on the premises. No. 22tt Sixth street west, bet. M aad N streets north. jy 2^-1 w* ^JIIOW CASES FOR SALE.?Just received eifht elegant COUNTER SHOW CASES bV the best ifn t/1*^ Yo.rk.v APP'y te P. J. BELLE W sc l,o.,olo 7th street, three doors south of Odd Fel lows xiRll. jy 2S tf FOR ? brick HOUSE, having 8 roem8 lot 37 by 90 feet, cheap -$,1,1 hi. Also, a COTT AGE containing 6 rooms, 11 (TO feet of ground, with carriage house, stable, fruit and shade trees, etc., will be sold a bargain. MITCHELL A SON., a .. ? Real Estate Brokers, a "#'8%r,r" ??? A OROCEKY STORE, well located (rent ISO'i per year) with complete fixtures, gas, and city licenses paid. 1 mmediate posses?ion for $40 |jy22eoit* F(iL^llHT~^n#bfickH0USK with ? roonn, Jf r.f ?? a ofli avenue, between 4yt and 6th JOHN8T<?fi? Nn ^V?DnaI ?otel- APP^ 40 "? S iiieth Its ? 373 Pennaavena?- be;^? ** F( 1 ?oil SALE-DRUG STORE; fine BRICK HOUSE, (will rent;) three BUILDING LOFS. Inquire of Dr. BOGAN.No. 455 Mass. avenue, near 26th street. Jy 16 2w* I70R SALE?WITH IMMEDIATE P038KSSI0N. a The three story BRICK HOUSE, (and Lot,* No. 659, ?th street. Island, between D and E streets. It oontains nine rooms, and Is in all re apec'B a desirable residence and property. Apply to W. P. WALLACH,Star Office. Je 23-tf >0 RENT?An elegant HOUSE, with brown ?tene front, partially furnished, with all mod ern improvement*, centrally and pleasantly lo cated, No. 4 44 B street, near the realdenoe of Sec retary Ohase, together with large brick stable. The previses not to be rented for a boarding bouse. For particulars inquire of Hon D. M SOMES on the premises, of Capt. GEORGE ELY, No. 37 4vSi street. Possession gives immediately. If 8-tf FOR SALE?A large and well-built three-stor BRICK HOUSE, with bask building, Ne. 171 2d street west, between B and C sts. Immediate possession given. Apply to 0HA&LK8 H. LANE, 424 Pa. avenue. le7 -??otf ROOMS FOR RENT.? Comfortable and well furnished Rooms at 4S0 uth street, between G and H sts. The location la on* of the most de sirable in the eity my 84-tf houb,i-oMb..ho??h,7( w?v.r "s^aiFfiJssaSi, { Waski*oto*. D. C., Jaly 25,1SM.\ One hundred and seventy-five dollars t$17fi) each will be paid for all CAVALRY HORSESthat pass inspection atGie?boro Depot, until otherwi?e or d. red Heur< of inspection from 9 a.m. tiil 6 p. m. atreu. n' I. EKIN. Lieut. Oolonei ana Chief Quartermaster. JySfMlt Cavalry Bureau. G. D. SHITH'I Wild Cfcwry Tonic Bitters. -* - ? TON 10 - ABTRntBEN* -4 AftOM ATIO - D1SIN VEOTING?PROPHYLACTIC. Sold Everywhere, Ask your Druggist and Chrooer for It. IT WILL OU&l Indigestion, Dyspepsia. Dysentery, Diarrhea, igwini Fever, Loee of Appetite, Lirer Oomplaint. Jauudioe. The VUctr of l!fs fortiteAged. WMgtveHwath gnd Beaaty to the Youag. This Prophylactic should be in every family at this aeaaoa of the year, as this leU?? beverage can be used wHhoa^ the deleterious o u.?.? . ?20JIAT B- <.AJTt ^ f? AUCTION SALBS. ?MI? AFTERWOOII AWDrO.mORRttW *** *t>M AmcHea Stlsi see first pi|t. BT ***** * W1LMAM8, Auctioneers. LOT8 IN JI3?I MOUNT PLKa?IVSl0N ok a PAET ?K" IM'UND ART LAww 7-* ADJOINING TUB EXTENDED. Af 7Ttt AND bTHST*. On MONDAT. 1st day of August nm ,v.m jeil, in front of the premises. at?o'elSw !' ? .?,! following valuable Bnilainr Lot? - 42. 4.1.44 and 56,? f J B. H??'.t?MiTl,ioBTi I*,'\ Pleasant farm Th?e lota front on Tth ant 8th stree's extended, and opposite the Park-ai~!i situation for bnM- Mn purposes, a?d outaide of the Corporation of Wa-hingtun. ? Persons wahin^ to purchase handsome building lots either for private residence* or bculnes* nr. P<^-e will do well to attend the ea'e. Term* of ?al?: One halfca*h; baltnce in six and '*?'? moiths, for note* be<ring interest frojn the day of sale, A deed given and a deed of trait liken. .All conveyances at cost of purchaser. Tltl? indisputable. The above lots will be subdivided to snit par cbarers. Fifty dollars will be required of eaca purchaser when the property it knocked off, and if not paid down it will be then put op and sold to the next highest bidder who shall comply with the terms jTZTd GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. J?Y J. 0. McGUIKJi A CO.. AncUoneera. K???F?'????,?ALE building LOTS ON boaYdKa?ot avjtnce' n*ar tttk ball On MONDAY AFTERNOON. August 1. at 6* O clock, on the premises we shall s?U parts of Lots N?s. 3 and 4. in subdivision of Square No, 63'', fronting 22 feet on New Jersey avenue, east side between D and E streets north, and runoing . *l au *Ter*#e depth of 147 feet, and containing 3 136 square feet. .Terms- One t&ird cash; the residue in t and 12 months, with invereat, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Coft of conveyances and stamps to be paid by the purchaser. IT '-6-d J. 0. MoGUIRB A QQ.. Aucts. pY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE AND LOT AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the 1st day of Auguit, at 6 o'clock p. m.. we shall sell in front of the premiss-, ptrt of Lots, In Square 512. with the itn prove-neits wbioh oonust of a good two atory frame bouse' This property fronts on north N street, o*twe?n 4th aid Bih west, haying a?iront oi 15 feet mu cin* back 120 feet. Terms cash. Jy,t9 d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. gY W. B. LEWIS A Co., Auctioneers. LARGE BUILDING LOT AND FRAME HOUSE AT AUCTION MONDAY AFTERNOON,August lit, at 6o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell part of Lot 7 (seven>, In Square No. 474, fronting 45 feet 7 inches on North Carolina avenue, containing .1,664 square feet, near 1st street. Bast Oapitol Hill. Also the Frame House on part of the Lot, Terms for the house, cash. For the lot, fPO cash: ' nlance in yearly payments of fliti, with interest. Jy L't W. B. LEWIS A CO., Aucts. C. B. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. TWOFRAMB HOUSES AND GROUND RENT AT AUCTION. AND A KARE CHANCE FOR A f-MALb INVESTMENT AS THE OWNERS ABE ABOUT TO LEAVB THE CITY. >\ e will sell, on MON DAY, August 1st, at 5 p. m. on the premises, those two vxlutlile busing-* stands fronting esch ao feet on Maryland avenue, and running back 60 feet toO street. This proper ty fronts the Government Depot, between 9th aui Kth streets. Island. They are sui'aHle for any kind of businebs. Lease to run ntarly two years o n tl-.e ground. Terms Cash. Sale ?ithout reserve jyj9 at- C. K. L. CROWN A CO.. Aucts. |^Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auot.; Georgetown, TBU8TEBB SALE. By authority of a deed of trust, dated the Oth February, 1857, and recorded in Liber J A. 8., No. Ml, folio 224, from John Ellis and another, to se cure a debt due to Sam '1 Cropley.and by his direc* tion, I shal sell at auction, >n MON DAY,1st August next, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, on the prem ises, the piece or parcel of ?round in Georgetown, being parts of Lots No.74 and 75. in the old town, fronting on the north side of Water street, and beginning at a point 126 feet 1^ inches westerly from the corner of High and Water streets, and running f'om said beginning with Water street westerly 25 feet, thence north to a 3> feet alley, theace east with said alley 25 feet, thence s?uth to the place of beginning, with the house thereon. Terms: one-third of the purchase money in cash, and the residue at six and twelve mouths?notes, with surety, bearing interest?and a lien on the premises until paid, and when paid the property to be conveyed to the purchaser; and unless the terms are complied with within Ave days from the sale, a re-sale will be made, after a week's notice in the Evening Star, at the cost and risk of the defaulting purchaser. Deeds, stamps, Ac., at thepurchaser's expense. W. REbIN, Trustee. Je28-3tawAds THOS. DOWLING. Auct. |?Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auctioneer. EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND HOUSIHOLD ^ _ EFFECTS AT PUBLIC SALE. On TUESDAY MORNING. Angus! 2. at 10 o clock, at the corner of West and Montgomery streets, we shall sell the Furniture and effects of a family declining housekeeping, comprising Parlor. Diniog roem and Chamber Furniture Carpets, Oil Cloths, Matting Oas Fixtures. Beater About 7H tons Coal Kitchen Furniture, Ac., An. The bouse is very desirable for a small family, and can be rented, and the furniture purchased at private sale on application to the a~cioneer. Terms cash. THOMAS DOWI.ING, ,1> it7 St Auctioneer. |^Y J. C. MoGUIRJt A CO., Aactien^ ADMINISTRATORS' S*LE OP FURVTTTTRF AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS, CARRIAGES, On TUESDAY MORNING, August 2d, at ten o the residence of the late Joseph Bryan of Alabama, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Ptn' and 10th sts .(north side.)over Semken's Jewelry Store, w* shall sell the Furniture and Effects comr rising? ' Plush Covered Parlor 8uite. Marble-top > ables. Whatnot, Number of Paintings and Engraving*. Superior Desks and Writing Tubles. Bookcases. Office Chairs, Brussels Carpet. Oilcloth and Matling, Chira Vases, various Ornaments. Easy Chairs, Lounge, Cane-seat Chairs. Dining Table, Sideboard, Beaufet, China, Glass a^d Crockery Ware. Silver Plat'd Ware. Table Cutlery, 1 inen Sheets, Towels and Nankins, Bedstead*. Bureaus and Wasnstandg, Toilet 8ets, Looking Glassofl, Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows, Blankets,Comforts. Spreads, Let of Bnoks and Maps "Maynard" Rifle.' Jenks" Carbine, Lot of Kitchen Utensils. Ac., Ac. At j5? o'clock, in front of the premises, two ex cellent Open Carriages, Harness, Rugs, Robes, Ac., Ac. Terms caa'j. JOHN T. COCHRANB? J. CARTER MARBCRY Administrators, o. t. a. Jy 29 d JA8. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. B Y THOS. DOWLING. Auctioneer; Georgetown, DKSIRABL* BUILDIN~G LOTS AND TWO .-mall brick houses in geobgetown AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Ausust 5o'clock t. n? . in f' ont of the premises. I will sell part <if ot No. 18', in Bcttty * Ilawkin's addition to Georgetown, fronting58 feet on 1th street, between Market and High streets, and running back l^1) feet. Also, part of Lot No. 1S'>. adjoining the above, fronting 30 feet on 4th 6treet, and running back f25 feet. Also, part of Lot 19P, fronting 40 feetjon 4th street, and running back 68 feet, and improved with two amall Brick Houses. Also, part of Lot No. 209, fronting 25 feet on Market street, and running back 7i? fe<-t on 5th st. 'ourth cash : balance in I. 2. and 3 year*, secured by ft deed of trust on ?he property ; all conveyancing and stamps a* the cost of the purchaser. EDWARD/. SHOEMAKER Agent for owners. aul 3t THOS. DOWLING. Anot. |?Y J. 0. McGUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF~NINE BUILDING LOTS ON 18T STREET WEST, AT TH1 CORNER OF FOUTH D STREET. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. August 30. at o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust, dated May 7th. 1857, and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8. No. 133, folios 22 et ?eq., we shall eel! all of Lot No 6, in Square No. fronting 14'> feet on First street west, at the corner of sou'h D street and running hack ffl feet, subdivided into 8 Lots 1/>xfcO, and one Lot 20x80. Terms cash. Conveyances at the coat of the purchaser. A rash pavmentof fju on each lot will be required at the time of sale. HORATIO N. GILBERT, Trustee. Jy 27 d J. O. MoGL'IRE A PP.. Aucts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. B mmmmm TWO TWO 8TORT BRIO* HOU8E" AND LOTS ON G STREET, BETWEEN NEW JERSEY AVENUE AND NORTH OAPITOL STREET EAST. AT ArCTION. On FRIDAY, the Oth day of August next, at 6 o'clock p. m., we shall sell, in front of the pre in ifee, all of Lot No. 28, in Square No. 625. with two two-atory Biick Houses, containing four rooms each. Pernors wishing to purchase a small house, will do well to attend the sale. Terma: One-half cash; balance in K and 12 months, secured by a deed of trust ontheprem> isea. * All conveyancing and revenue atampc at the coat of the purchaser. Jy 27-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucti. RUCTION SALE Of CONDEMNED BOSSES. Was DiriiTHin, Oavalbt BCrhc, i Ovrica or Cnrar Qtarvksmastir,> ? . WaaaiMaToa, D. O . July 2T. MI64. \ Will be Sold at publie auction, to the highest bidder, at Glesboro'D. ? , on " w FRIDAY, August6, IK>4. HP Oayalrv Horse*. , TUESDAY. August 9. !8J4.10<? Oaralry Hors?s Term. ?&! In United BUt^^rreuc^^ Lie*t- Col Mi" hr?.nt / ? BALt-^orrbets o/oae, AUCTION SJlLHB. rPTCRK DATS.' gT i. C. MotClU A OQ? touaukk. aNooTRHT?T&ftm^ Oe 1CMD4T AFTXJUtOON.AunatM.atl o'clock ,o* the pr^-anim*. by rirtae of a 4wr?? the Orphans' Court. dat*d ?d? V<?t, IMt.eeafln* b> the 8uprenie Cuurt. Jnly 5tb, IW4, I shall p.\rt of Lot No. 2. ui Square No. IS, fronting ?' S> feet od north K street, between 19th and atreets and rnnoing Hack ** feet inehea togeth er with tbe improvements consisting of a two rtorp Frame Dwelling lions?,(No. 814,) containing f?*g room* Term* CMS. ^ . Cost ofconx*T*?e? to be aald by thi purchase*. M. t. MORRIS, Guardian. 3t ?ld J. 0 MoGU T KB it QO . AaeW f?T GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. A OCT ION SAI.BOP TWOTWO STORY H0TTJ1S rJfc.V. .l^WNTj AND LOTS ON NORTH SiVfklVrAV.?d!' B"TWE,N ?" *"?> JJ*KHUaY, th? 24 day of August next, at C o clock p m n shall sell, m front of the ?r?mi sws east part ot lotS in square Ifo. 734, with tk* improvewienta. consisting or 1 two-atory Brink Houae*. containing four rooms each with a rood basement A fine chance for amaiT.riTe houJST^ torn,.: One half cwh. balanceTuV* thd t?riV? moo the. secured by ade?w of truat on tbe - All convex an cea and tha revenue iUsL at tie oostof the purchae-'a _J*I7 d GRBBN ft WILLIAM^, Aucta. gY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auetioneej^ A GOOD TWO STORY TO A MR HOUPB Alt D LOT ON MARK BT bTREET.BET WEEN K AND L STREET KA^, NAVY YARD. AT AUC TION. On WEDNESDAY, the 3d dar of Aufnit next, at 6 o'clock p. inwe shall sell, in front of tha premiws, part of lot 6 in square 981, with the im provement*. consisting of a two story frame houso containing seven rooms, on Market street,opposite the Nary Yard Market, between K an1 L atreet south. Suitable for a Grocery or Restaurant either. Terms cash. jy 27 d GREEN A WILLIAMS, A acta. pT J AS. 0. MoGUIRR A 00., Auctioneers. VERY FINB BUILDING LOT ON H STRBFT NOHTH NEAR 13TU Bl'HEKT WIST, AT PUBLIC 8ALK. On WEDNRSUAY AFTERNOON, Augn?t 3. at o'clock, on the premise* we ahall sell a very handsome building lot on II atreet north, between 13th and '4th at eets, uev to ISth atreet, fronting 15 (eet on II atreet. and Tanning back l"4 feet, with a ti feet outlet t > tbe public alley in a?id square. Thia let ia finely located for a private residence, and haa good improvements on each aide. Terms. One tbi'd cash; the remainder in aix and twelve month*, with interest, secured by a deed of truat. Codv-yances and stamps at the coat of the pur chaser. Jy3f?d J AS. 0. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucta. B Y J AD. C. McGUIRE 4 CO.. Auctioneers. s* SMALL AND VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPER TY ON PENNSYLVANIA AYENCkT BE TWEEN 9TH AND 10TH STREE18. On TIlURhDAY AKTRRNOON. August 4. at ? o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell part of Lc_ 6._in Square No 381, fronting 22 fe?t on Pennsylva nia avenue, between 9th and loth ata. weat. run ning back to a private alley belonging exclusively to this property, and improved with a two stovy Fran e House, used as a shoe and cjt.?r atore en the first floor and dwelling above. Toe property is adjoined on each si?ie by fine brick buildings, and could be improved at a comparatively amall cost, as it will require no building but the front Wall. Title perfect. Terms; One-half cash; the remainder in three and h'x months, with interest, secured by a deod of trust on tLe preiniaea. Conveyance* and stam pa At the coat of the par cti ttM*f Jy S d J.C. McGUIKRACO., AaffU. f 7NITED STATES M \RSH AL'8 s alb opoon U EISCATKD *>ROPKRTV IN THR DISTRICT OK COLUMBIA. In virtue of suven warrant* of sale iannel from the Clerk's office of the Supreme Court of the United Statesfi r the Diatrictof Columbia, holiuxg a District Court, and to me directed. I will aell at Public Sale, for cawh, at the front of the sourt house door of faid District, on MONDAY, the 8th day i f Aoaust n?xt, iS6t. commencing at 11 o'cloak a. m., the life estate of tbe s-veral ownera of the fol'owine piecia or parcels of ground, lying in th* city of Washington, in said District, together with all and lingular the improvements thereon, viz: Dkpcriptio* or Cratbn AsnroaD's Pbopjutt. Subdivisions No S" and 31. in Sana re Nu.?v h th Jmprovwd by a two-at?.ry frame ouiiding, situate^ on the west side of 7th street west, between D aod E streets south. Dkscriptiox or John Litchkr's Peop??tt. Lots Nob. i.2 3i, 5, 6, T. 8. 9. 10.11. and 12. in Square No.fi78. beinp the entire square, ?' unim ? roved," bourdel bv North Capi'ol street and lelaware avenue, and F atjd G streets north, Dbscriptto* op Wm. II. Thom as 'a Propbrtt. East 21 fe?t 3 inches of lot T, by the depth of sa>4 lot. subdivision of part of Square f70, improved by a four story brick builoing, situated oa R street north, between 2d aid ?d street* west. Dbsoriphon or H. n Lgwia's Propp?tt. Put-division No. 1, in Square No. 2H. imi>rnve4 by a frame buiidiog, situate on the corner of Yer nK'nt avenue and north L street. Dbscbittiom of Oscar R. Hough's Pkopbrtt, West half of lot No. 8, i? Square No. S95, and all of lot No. 9. in fcquare No. 5*2, "unimproved." DESCr.iPTioH or Thomas W Grerk's Propbrtt, Lots Noe. 1,2, 3, 4, 5 and 35, in Square No. 737; "unimproved." DKecaipTios or Tr^tr* Potr and Wm. T. Smith son's Propbrtt. Parts of lota Nos. 3 and 4. in Square No. 4SJ, be ginning on Sixth street at a point CO feet from the southwest corner of said lot No. 3, and running tbence east 42 feet 4 inches; thence north '6 feet < inches, more or less, to tbe luce of an -old wall; thcnce east with the line of said wall, 4? feet to an alley; thence north on the line of said alley U feet 8 irches; thence weat 38 feet9 inches; thence south 8 feet; thence west 49 feet to sixth atreet; thence south 19 feet 4 inchea. to the place ef be ginning; improved by a four story brick building, situate on Sixth street west, between E and f ata. north. Seized,libelled, and condemned tinder the con fiscation act of July 17 IS62. a?the n'-operty of the above-named defendant*, and will be sold for the use of the United State*. ward Uni'ed Statea Marshal. D. C. N. B. All persons buying at thia sale will be re quired to rr ake a deposit of one fourth of purchase money at the time of sale, or el?e the property will be resold. 'YaBD H LAMON, jy 27 lit United States Marshal. D. C. g?Y GREEN & WILLIAMS. Auctioneers^ LARGE COPPER FASTENED BARGE AT AUC TION. On WEDNESDAY, the 10th day ?f August next we will sell at 12 o'clock m.. all tbe riifht, title ("and interest of William Swuin. being one-ht4f? with the > rivilege of the B;agden's wharf, near the Navy Yard, in Washington. D. C., the large and superior built Barge New World, of the following dimensions and capacity: Length. 375 feet: breadth of huU, 49 feet; over all, *5 feet; depth or hold, in feet; burthen. 1.675 tons. She is well built, coppered and copper fastened; has donkey engine, fire pumps, boats, anchors and chaina, and all other necessary eqnipoieuts. 8he is in complete order. She can be seen until 1st August at Alex andria. rear the coal wharves. After tbe 1st of August she will be at tbe wharf where she ia to be Persons wishing to purchase are respectfully re quested to examine lier any time previous t? sale. Terma of sale: Ten per cent, of the pnrchaae money will be required on day of sale, balanco within 15 days, when a biU of sale will be given. GREB> Sc WILLIAMS Aacts. P. 8 For further particulars please Inquire of M'tva. George 4: Ttomas Parker and Green A Williams, Washington; Wm. twain. No. 177 Rut Broadway, New York; or the Captain on board tbe barge <y 'B d ALB OF CONDEMNRD HORSES AND MULRS. Chief Quartermaitfr't 03'4, Waskintton Depot, # Wr ASHIS'JTOB. D. C.r July ISM } Will be ?old at pibln auction, at the Corralg near the Observaory in thecity of Washing on. D. P., on WEDNESDAY. August 10th, 18a*. and on WEDNRSDAY. Augu*t 24. 18<M. a.lot of ?? *? aa f T? ia il H0R9ES AND MULKS. condemned as uuflttor public service Terma c?sb. tn Gor?'no>ent f??dr Bale to commence at Wo ch>ck .Rm Jy 28 d Brig- Gen. and Ill AN U BI * 0 R 8 ALB. Hbadooabtbbs Dbpot or \Va.shi*oto?. Ojfitt afChirf yuarterfiatim. No*. 534. 536, 538, MO. Fourteenth street, *ear Pieir York a?-enai, WASHtNurOB, Jalr27. 1964. Will be sold at public auction on THURSDAY, the 4th day August next, at 11 o'clock a. m.. at this office, about two thousand wagon loada of Manure, accumulated from the public atablea oa Fourteenth street, in this city, ne%r the Lo?*? Bridge Said manure ia near enough to the riv?r to be conveniently loaded into vees?la. Will be fold at the same olace and hour the pres ent and future accumulations of manure at Ren dezvous of Diatributioa, about midway betnrMD this city and 'Alexandria. Purchasers will be required to remove the ma cure now accumulated without delay, and to re move ruture accumulations once a w?ek. EI (AS M GRBRNB. Lieutenant Colonel, Chief Quartermaster, it S-6t Depot of Washington. ruction saYr o* OONDRMNRD borum. Waa DarA?TiwT, Cataut BtrmiAO. 1 ?at bidder, at the times ?ad plaeee named below, ^Le banon. Pennsrlvania, THURSDAY. J?lf Wfc, Reading, Pennsylyania, TICBIPA*. July IM, HarriBhorg, Ptnnaylvaola. fHOMDAT, J?ly AlCL, PenntylT?ai*< THUBRD4T, Angnrt ^lUiUaport, PeonBrlrania, THURSDAY, Mm PTWoW?i? CAVALRY HORMB ?l ?Mm

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