Newspaper of Evening Star, August 2, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 2, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR W. D. WALLACH, Editor aad Proprietor. WASHINGTON CITY : fPHDAY..,, s*> "?*? K^-READING MATTER ON It?!' ilS OUTBID* FOR INTERESTING TKLE GRAPIIIC AND OTHER MATTKR. Latest from the Front. Oar L?iir< ?? **? FijhtiagrRefere f ?*"?" bare?The Rebels Refuse a Flag ?' *race botb to GfB. Grant and Gen._B?"t They also refuse to allow Richmond Fa. per* to come into oar Mis chief Thought to be Brewing. * "We have information from the Army of the Potomac as late as 9 o'clock on Sunday night. The exact losses in the battle ot Saturday have not yet been officially ascertained, bnt as BaAr m can be judged will loot up about 2,500, not Including the missing. In the hospital of the 0th corps, the first di vision has 200; the second, 307; the third, 341? the fourth, (colored,) 626; besides a considera ble number lying on the field between the Usee, and who cannot be got off. The 13U? corps lost about 300, while Turner's division, of the 10th, had nearly 400 killed and mounded. A flag of truce was sent out to the enemy on Sunday, for the purpose of getting the remain der of the wounded off the field, but it was re used?the reason not being given. General Butler also sent a flag from his lines, Trhich was likewise retused; the officer giving so reason except his orders, which were per emptory, not to accept a flag under any cir cumstances. They also refuse to exchange paper*, the officers keeping a vigilant watch over the privttes to prevent their doing so. The latter are always willing and anxious to exchange. There must be come good reason for all this, find many believe that their line is very weak< While others think they have some extensive move on foot, and are afraid of it becoming known to us. The raid into Pennsylvania may be the reason, and thev wish to keep it as quiet as possible. All the wounded that have been brought in are being well cared for, the medi cal arrangements being ample. The lines cf the two armies are about the same as before the battle, and picket firing has been constantly kept up since. A later dispatch, of sevea a. m. of the 1st, says a flag of truce was then prevailing, and parties Bad gone ont to bury the dead and bring off the wounded. Thenumber is reported *s being quite large. ANOTHER BIO SCARE. Rebel Guerrillas Make their Appearance .near Rockville?Story of a Scary Or derly. Last night, about eight o'clock, some two liundred rebel guerrillas, supposed to be of Mosebj's command, made their appearance at a point three miles above Rockville, having croesed the river at Nolan's Ferrj. X Parties living in the vicinity, imagining that these guerrillas were the ad vance guard of a large invading force, immediately skedaddled, which occasioned some excitement in this di rection for a short time. Troops were sent from here to intercept the rebels, but they were nowhere to be fonnd, having gone back to the Virginia side of the river. A panic ky orderly came hurrying in to head- J anarters at a late honr last night from Fort , Rer.o, and reported that the rebels in large i lorce, were advancing in the direction of Ten- j xailytown. I Due investigation showed that the report j had no foundation whatever. A Cobbsction.?Onr neighbors of the /n Ulhgrncer, in quoting from our full accounts of the assault upon Petersburg, speak of them as ??semi-official." To prevent misapprehension, 1' is proper to state that, while our reports of the affair were obtained from eye-witnesses, they were in no sense official or semi-official. CTFrotn Hudson Taylor, 331 Pa. avenue, the Washing ton agent lor Leonard Scott & Co.'s republications of leading European Magazines, we have Blackwood's Edinburg Magazine for July. P*ehonai..?Brig. Gen. Tolbert, commander Of a cavalrs* division In the U. S. army, ar. lived here this morning from the front, ou board the mail steamer Dictator. NEW YORK STOCK LIST. (By the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.] N?w York, Aug 2 ?U. S. 1881, coupon 6's, 1C5K; U. S 5.?0s, 10?X; Certificates of Indebt edness, 93V, Gold, 25?; N. Y. Central, 13)>j{; Erie, IIS*; Hudson River, 12?^; Harlem, 1<W, Readinf, 137; Michigan Central, 137}$; Michi gan Southern. Illinois Central, 129 Cleveland and Pittsburg, I I2jj; Cleveland and Toledo, 111*; Chicago and Hock Island, lls\; Milwaukle and Prairie do Chleu, 67; Pitts burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago. ?; Alton and Ten a Haute, ; (Chicago and Northwestern, 63*; Quicksilver, 70#. Fi#a?ciAL.?The New York Commercial Advertiser of yesterday evening says: Stocks were dull this morning, and general ly lower?a movement anticipated as the re sult of the late rapid advance. Governments were weak, in sympathy with the temporary depression or the market rather than from the military news, which though favorable In the morning, had assumed a doubttul aspect at noon. The miscellaneous list was strong, but rail Tcads showed a general decline of kax, com pared with the closing price of Saturday's board. The tooney market is without material CukDge. There is a steady supply from pri vate lenders, wbill**the banks continue a pol icy of cautloD. All thewants of the street are met readily at seven percent., and In a very few exceptional instances at six per cent. Tne demand from stock brokers is apparently ac tive enough to keep up the rate at seven, until the banks lend more freely. The bank state ment shows the present policy of the banks in respect of loans. The stock market, as might be expected, shows a paitial reaction from the advance of the last few days. The rise has been remarka bly vigorous, aBd attended with none of the symptoms of lack of confidence that have pre vailed ler so many weeks. It seams to be taken for granted that railroad securities are below their real value, and this impression is bringing a large number of bnyers into the market wno have not touched stocks since April last. The brokers are disposed to favor the movement by affording every possible facility to operators, and margins are given with more liberality than at any time since the panic. The advance daring the last fourteen days will average about pu per share on the railroad list. The ??fancy" list also shows a similar rise. The Evening Post says : Gold opened at 251, and on sensation rumors of military reverses before Petersburg, rose to 357)?. Exchange opened at 275, and closed at S79M8A. For sold the rate is 109. The loan market is rather more active at 7 per cent. There is, however, no stringency, and borrowers on first-class securities are readily supplied. Commercial paper is scarce, ao# passes readily at 7al0 per cent. The stock market opened dull and Closed ^?ith a drooping tendency. Governments are lower in consequence of reports that Mr. Fes?enden is about to put on the market a six percent, gold bearing loan. State stocks are quiet, railroad bonds firm, coal storks strong, mining shares improving and railroad shares irregular. nr^TH* PUBLIC ARR IS FORM ED THAT UoP Msrket will bo h> la TJ-MQRRoW (Wed nesday > RVKN JNG. August 3J,at Center Market, instead of Tfeaisda* mon.i"g. f_ . , HKNRY LYLICS.C.O Market. [Intel, and Chron. copy. 1 au 2 jt ry-5=?ATI*HTION. PLUMBERS ? -AND GAS FITTERS' A special meeting of the Plumbers and (Jan lit ters' Association will be held at tier mania Hall, on C street, between aid 6th st*., on TUESDAY, August 2d, at 8 o'clock p m. Business of groat importance to be transacted. Br o?der of ths Association : u. H, MILLKK, It* Corresponding Secretary. jj-^=?IUNk7bf Till METROPOLIS, Washisu 1ST Wl/laot bo fcp-n for \>u*to"e*< on that day. Persons having note* due on that day will plsale attend to them on the 3d lant, su? ?t M08E6 KELLY. Papier. nry?NOTICE TO LADIES -Ladies wishing to LL? avail themselves of that wonderful prep aration for beautify!i <g and preserving the skia, introduced here by Messieurs Jared Jt R?oe?the ?'??sail ie Paris"?will aleaso eneloo# their cards te MADAME VLOEFNCM. 399 G street. between 11th and 1Kb, who will proaptly attend to their orders. It* LL3, toii.Au* i. i~?s ? l'hu President having appointed THURSDAY next to be obaervea n a ?7,* ?V*4"*. humiliation and prayer, this Bank 8.T.?l^OO.?X Persons of sedentary h&bits troubled w ith weak ness, latitude, palpitation of the heart, lack of appetite, distress after eating, torpid liver, con atipation, Ac., deserve to suffer if they will not try the celebrated PLANTATION BITTERS, which are now recommended by the highest medi cal authorities, and warranted to produce an im mediau beneficial effect. They are exceedingly agreeable, perfectly pure, and must supercede all other tonics where a healthy, gentle stimulant is I required. They purify, utrengten and invigorate. They create a healthy appetite. They are an antidote to a change of water and diet. They overcome effects of dissipation and late hours. i They strengthen the system and enliven the mind. ' They prevent miasmatic and intermittent fevers. They purify the breath and acidity of the : stomach. Tbey cure Dyspepsia and Constipation, They cure Diarrhea, Cholera, and Cholera MorbuB. They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Head ache. They make the weak strong, the languid bril liant, and are exhausted nature's great restorer. They are composed of the celebrated Calisaya bark, wintergreen, sassafras, roots and herbs, all preserved in perfectly pure St. Croix rum. For particulars, sec circulars and testimonials around I each bottle. Beware of imposters. Examine every bottle. See that it has D. 8. Barnes' signature on our pri vate U.S. Stamp over the cork, with plantation scene, and our firm signature on a fine steel plate engraving on side label. See that our bottle is not refilled with spurious and deleterious stuff. We defy any person to match the taste or character of our goods. Any person pretending to sell Plantation Bitters by the gallon or in bulk, is an importer. "We sell only in our log cabin bottle. Any person imitating this bottle, or selling any other material therein, whether called Plantation Bitters or net, is a criminal under the U. S. Law, and will be so prosecuted by us. We already have our eye on two parties re filling our bottles Ac., who willsucceed in getting themselves into close quarters. The demand for Drake's Plantation Bitters from ladies, clergymen, merchants, Ac., is perfectly incredible. The simple trial of a bottle is the evidence we pre sent of their w orth and superiority. They are sold by all respectable druggists, grocers, physicians, hotels, saloons, steamboat- and country store5. F. Hr DRAKE 4c CO., aug! to3m 303 BROADWAY. N. Y. Fencing for hale.?a lot of old fbncing MATERIAL, comprising ab?ut 4 "'posts and rails ffor sale cheap. Apply t<> JOHN LIItZ, earner 6th street east and Penn. avenue. au 2-3t* MRS. SINCLAIR, the great Astrologist, has arrived in Georgetown from Baltimore, and is now at No. 71 Montgomery street. Sittings from 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. She will remain for a few weeks only. au 2 4t* The undersigned would inform ins friends, and the citizens of Washington and Georgetown, that he will continue the Peed and Grain business, and that he is prepared to fill alt orders they may favor him with, promptly, 7th street, (Centre Market,) Washington, 35 Prospect Btreet. Georgetown. , au<r2-3t^ WILLIAM KIRKLAnD. PIANOS.?Four good, second hand PIANOS, as follows: One at $f<0. one at $80, one, ? at $123, one $160. For sale on monthlyf installments, or for rent upon easy ? - - terms. One new Piano Just in, been rented out all winter, for sale, great bargain. Twenty New Pianos now in store, for sale very low. JOHN F. ELLIS, au 2 St No 306 Pa. av? bet. 9th and loth sts. f"Georgetown academy. ? FOR YOUNG LADIES. No. 12? Bridge st.. between Cong-res* and High sts. The annual exercises of this Institution will com mence on MONDAY, the fith of Sep ember next. Circulars can be had at Mr Orandell's Book store, Georgetown, or Mr. Joyce's Bookstore, Penn. avenue, nesr 2<*th street. Washington. R?v.OLIV|!K COX. Principal. gyCar tickets will be supplied by the Principal to popils residing in Washington, at half price. an 2-eolm* IANO FOR SALE.?A very fine 6li octave PI ANO. of Knabe A Co.'s make, for si cheap. Inquire at the store of 8. M. MK . . EN BERG 4* Market Space, between 7th" and Cth streets. Also, a BUGUT for sale, used hut very little. an <-3t SW. OWEN. , successor to E. OWEN A HON, Military and Navai. M E R0H A JV T TAILORS. 213 Penn. avenue, between 14th and l&th streets, Washington, D C. au 1-lm JAY COOKE Sc CO., BANKERS, HAVE THIS DAY. REMOVED TO THEIR NEW OFFICE. FIFTEENTH 8TREET. NEAR G. OPPOSITB UNITED STATES TREASURY. aug 1-tf T HE ' DELMONICO LUNOH," 227 Pbnnsvlvasia Avssre, (Opposite Willard'a Hotel.) Choice WINES. LIQUORS. CHAMPAONES. Also. CIGARS, etc.. etc. Salads aud Delicacies. Jy 30-iw* j^OTICE. The subscriber, Joseph Ehrmanntraut, having taken DROY ER'8 REST. Just above Georgetown, D. C.. requests the at tention of his friends and patrons and those who wish to patronize him to call their attention to the above facts. A house of entertainment for both man and beast where they will find every con venience, to w hich also he draws their attention to an excellent bar supplied with good liquors, feed, Ac. A good dancing saloon will also be found, and in ease of bad weather good rooms will be always ready in the house for company. Good music will be id attendance on the Ground, A c. jy 3D eo3t* JOSEPH EHRMANN TRACT. JAY COOKE A CO., BANKERS, Fifteenth Stbeit, oppositb U. 8. Triascrt, Receive Subscriptions for the NEW O. S. T3-10 J.OAN authorized by the act of June 30th, 1864. The notes will be iasued under date of August ISth, in denominations of 960, 9100, 9500, 91.000 and 9$,000, payable to bearer or order, bearing intereat at 7 3-10 per centum per annum, payable semi-an nually, and will be convertible at the option or the holder at maturity into alx per cent. Five Twenty Bonds. We buy and aell? GOVERNMENT BONDS of all issues. TREASURY N0TE8, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS. And COIN, And pay the highest price for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE CHECKS. JygMf JAY COOKE k 00. all other Union Gen *?-ls, J"! I? likoneeeea. Alao a tine eouootioa of oil eelorM PHOTOGRAPHS, at FRANKLIN A 00..Optician*, oft?l(i?!uZ2t0*r d* ?wt!i farnlahedfftaa on appuoauoa. jy S9 ft PROPOSALS r_0 B LOAN. Tbiastjbt DinrrKisT, July 15.1351. Notice is hereby givea that subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer of the United Statec. the several Assistant Treasurers and D??ignated Depositories and by the National Bunks designated and qualified m Depositories and Financial Aif?nts. for Treasury Notes parable three years from August IS, 1864, bearing interest at th? rate of seven and three-tenths per cent, per annum, with semi annual coupons attached, payable in lawful ihoney. These notes will be convertible at the option of the bolder at maturity, into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, redeemable after five and ptyable twenty years from August 15. 1*67. The Notes will be issued in th6 denominations of fifty, one hundred, Sve hundred, one thousand and five thousand dollars, and will be issued iu blank, or payable to order, as may be directed by the sub scribers. All subscriptions must be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dollars. Duplicate certificates will be issued for all depos ites. The party depositing must endorse upon the original certificate the denomination of notes re quired, and whether they are to be issued in blank or payable to order. When ao endorsed it must be left with the officer receiving the deposit, te be forwarded to this Department. The notes will be transmitted to the owners free of transportation charges as soon after the receipt of the original Certificates of Deposit as they can be prepared. Interest will be allowed to August 15 on all deposits made prior to that date, and will be paid by the Department upon receipt of the original certificates. As the notes draw interest from August 16, per sons making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrued from date of note to date of deposit. Parties depositing twenty five thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission of one-quarter of one per cent., which will be paid by this Department upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by the officer with whom the deposit waa made. No deductions for commissions must be made from the deposits. Officers receiving deposits will see that the proper endorsements are made upon the original certificates. All officers authorized to receive deposits are requested to give to applicants all desire 1 informa tion, and afford every facility for making sub scriptions. W. P. FE8SENDEN, lyJH-tf Secretary of the Treasury. ????????? lostTand found. L08T-A pair of gold SPECTACLES, in the vicinity of L and 16th sts. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving them at the oflice of the Evening Star. au 2 2t* I08T?On Monday, between No. 409 Pa. av., J near 4^2 street, and vhe City flail, a pair of GOLD SPECTACLES and CASE. The finder wi!l be suitably rewarded by leaving them at 4 09 Pa. avenue. au2 2t* ffij C REWARD,?Lost on 8uu1ay evening, tl>?? 3lst ult., a small brindle BULL TERRIER DOG, with a white breast. Hal on when lost, a leather collar. The above reward will be paid by leaving him at the corner of 3d street and Miss, avenue. Liquor Store. It* NOTICE.?Taken up on the 25th of July, one GREY MARE, in vears old. 16 hands high; Harness and Kockaway Carriage. Owne. or owners come forward, prove property, pay carges and them away. J.C.HOWARD, au 2-3t* Livery Stable, G st., bet. 6th and 7th. HTAKEN UP ESTRA Y, July 2d inst., a bay mare I MULE croppt-d mate and tall, bare footed in food condition. The owner can have said mole y prcvlng property, paying charge* and take it away JAS. H. WALKER. au 2--2t* Fayette st.. Georgetown, D 0. ? CIA REWARD.-Lost on orabcut the 25th of C'" July, one milk and cider colored COW, both her ears slit and hip nunk. Also, one red CO W, some white on face, back and legs; her left ear pierced The above rewar.1 will be paid, or 5"5 for either, by applying to JOHN MURPIIY, corner of Water and Washington street*. Qe-irge tcwn, D. C. au 2-2t* 1AMKTO MV PREMISES, ou the 2!Hh of July, / a SMALL WHITE COW. The owner in re quested to come forward, prove property, pay charge*,and take her away. Mr. OSHORN. aul-3t* Farm on Piney Branch Road. c IOST?On the evening of the 29th ult., between -J the II street toll gate and Blatenrburg. a POCKET-BOOK,containing a ?mall sum of aioney and fi-ime papers valuable only to th? owner. A liberal reward will be paid on return of the papers. THOJ.FISUEK. au l-3t at McGuire &. Co 'a Auctijn Store. REWARD?Stolen on the 29th ultimo, from No. 22 G street, a large lit/AO K. HORfrE. with saddle on. about lfi hands high; legs white about half way up to the knee, and marked U. 8. The above reward will be pai<l if brought to Geisboro Point, Transportation Depot au l-St* GEO. KILLING. DISTRICT OK COLUMBIA, CorNTY or Wash ington. To wit: Personally appeared before me. one of the Justices of the Peace in and for said county. Wm. R. Skidmore, who made oath, according to law. that he took up an ?stray iron gray HORSE, on the raornng of the 2Sth of July, U64. about 16 hands high, and about 8 years old, with saddle and bridle on when taken Sworn tbefore me, the 29th dav of July, tfliU. P. A BOSWELI" J P THE OWNER OF THE ABOVE NAMED Horse Is requested to come forward, preve property, pay charges and t?ke him away. Inquire ou 11th st., Island, between Maryland av and E st. au l-3t* WM. R. SKIDMORE. ?OK REWARD-For GOLD WATCH, stolen *1??>?> from Bates A Bro. some few days sine#-. The above reward will be paid and no questions asked, for any information which may lead to the recovery of the watch by J y 3)- 3t^ BAT Ed & BRO., 464 G street. IOST?On Thursday evening, July 21st, on j Georgetown Heights, between the upper part of Greene street and the Reservoir a lady's long GOLD CHAIN, with slide set in tu quoise, and having a locket attached thereto A suitable re ward will be paid to the finder upon leaving it at 12f* Greene st.. above West Georgetown. Jy25-9t* PERSONAL. DA CARD. R. J. PHILLIPS, No. 252 F street, bet ween Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets, respectfully offers his services t ? the public. Private consul tation at office hours, from 7 to 10 a. m., from 2 to 5 p.m.. and from 6 to 8 p. m. au 2 Iw* Dr. fRancis footer is on a visit here,?is the greatest Astrologian and Adviser in this city. No. 260 II st , between 18th an I 19th streets. Reveals the past and future, and cures all secret diseases. He can be found at home any time. au I 3t* \\TANTED? Information of WM. B. CRUmF. v v late of Norfolk, Va., who will fiad his wife iu Washington. I Northern and Norfolk papers please copy.] jy 30 3t? Madame aholiab would rrspectful ly announce to her friends au4 the public generally, that she is now settled permanently in nous* No. 249 C street, between 4% and 6th sts , Island, where she is prepared to read, to all who require it the Past. Present and Future Bein? an impressed medium, she is ahle to advice ana counsel with safety npon all matters; especially business matters; or in fact, anything of import ance. l adies 75 cents; Gentlemen fl.25. Can be consulted from 8 a m. until 9 p.m. jy27-lw* FOR SALE?The BELL of Perseverance Fire Company, weighing 1.258 pounds, with frame, Ac., complete. For volume and tone this bell is equal to any iu the country. Also, thirty t > forty eight-ribbed best style Firemen's Hats. Address HENRY LYLES, President Perseverance Fire Company. jy 2d eo5t* pur* blood FOR SALE?A beautiful, stylish. p BLACK HAWK MORGAN HORSE, fifteen and a half hands high, weighing one thousand pounds built in prop ?r tion, si* years old. and a perfect model of beauty, without blemish; perfectly' . kind in single and double harness and all right in ?very way Thia Horse has been raised by the celebrated Morgan stock breeder. Lewis Hherman, Esq., Brandon. Vermont, to whom the present owners refer any pnrcha-er for bis pedigree. He was brought here six months ago at a great expense, and is now sold without a single fault, as the owner, after various unsuccessful efforts, can not match him in style, action, or color in any part of the county. He is perfectly gentle, and can be handled or driven by any lady, or even a boy. The attention of private families and army officers is respectfully invited te this fine animal. No horss dealers need apply. He will only be ?old to private citicens or army officers. Price f+50. He can be seen at the stables of KKL LEBER &, PYWELL, Eighth street, between D aM B. For particulars apply at the stables, or at the ?tore or P.J. BELLE W, 510 Seventh street, near Odd Fellows' Hall. it 2i-tf PROPOSALS WILL B1 RECEIVED FOR THE Brick Work required in the erection of Cav alry Baptist Church until August 2d. noon. They will be directed to the Chairman of Building Committee, AMOS KENDALL, Washington, D. C. The plans and specificationa of Mea'rs. Cluas and Kammerhuber. Architects, can be seen at their office. No. 130 West 8econa street, between D and E streets. The work will be paid for in cash, subject, how ever, to the conditions usual in civing out sim ilar work. The bids will be opened at Old. Trinity Hall, 6th street, between D and E streets, August 2d, at 6 o'clock p. m , and the contract awarded as soon aa practicable thereafter. jy 31-1 ltd Commercial academy. V/ Corner of 7th and S streets. The course of studies embraces Writing, Arith metic, Book-Keening, and whatever the pupil ihay require. Terms from fill) to 93 > parable in ad vtnce. Hours of attendance from 9 a. m. to 2 p, m., and from 6 p. m. to > p. m. jy 25-6t* WOOD CONTRACTORS -I have for sgle 700 W ACRES Of LAND, well aet in HABD WOOD, about 1H miles from the Nanticoke River, where the largest class vessels oan load. For terms ap ply to WM. 0. HUmN&TON. Jy 27 Cambridge. Mi. F)R BALE?The good and superior fast sailing achooaer RING DOVE,capacity 13" to**. Can beseea at Riley's wharT !For further 4^^ 4 O'CLOCK P. M. GOVERNMENT IECCKITIE8. Jay Cooke tc Co. furnish the follswing quo tations of Government securities: WASHINGTON, Aug 2, 1961. Buying. Selling U. S. fi's Coupon ISfcl 104 1.^ r. s. s-au's tor* 7 3-10 Treasury Notes 106 107 One Year Certificates P8){ ?1a Certificate Checks Nbw York?First Board. Coupons, 104*^: 5-20's, 107; Certificates, 93%*; Oold, -256. REBELS REPORTED IN MARYLAND AGAIN. Frederick Stage Captured ?Skirmish in Clarksburg, Montgomery County. The report has reached Washington that a party of rebels, supposed to be of Moseby or "White's crowd, yesterday captured the Fred erick stage and passengers just beyond Claries burg, in Montgomery county, and later in the day some of onr forces met them in Clarks burg, and a skirmish ensued, the result of which has not been heard. A REBEL DESERTER'S STATEMENT. His Account of the Rebel Force Operating in the Valley?Force Said to be Nearly 30,000?False Statements Corrected. An apparently well informed deserter from Lee's army, whe has arrived within our lines, states that the only rebel troops operating In the Valley are those of Early's and Breckin ridge's command. Early's troop* were the first sent up the Valley, and on the ere of starting they drew rations for eighteen thous and men. Breckinridge's command followed, which numbered about ten thousand men. There is no truth he says in the rumor that the raiders had been joined by A. P. Hill's corps, for up to Thursday last Hill'* troops were in the entrenchments at Petersburg. The published statement that Anderson's and Heath's divisions were detached from before Petersburg and sent to Richmond to look after Hancock, leaving A. P. Hill's corps within the deiences at Petersburg, is also incorrect he says. Heath's and Anderson's divisions com pose Hill's corps, and they could not have been Bent away, for Hill was certainly in the de. fences oi Petersburg at the time of the explo sion of Grant's mine. CHANGED HIS MIND. Among a number of rebel prisoners brought here this morning from Frederick, was a young man by the name ol Frank Dungan, who says that he was enticed away from Baltimore (where he resides) on the l*2th of July, by two yonng men, named John Per igo and Frank Molton, for the purpose of joining the rebel Brad Johnson's command. Perigo and Molton joined the rebels, bnt when Dungan reached the rebel General's headquarters hechaneed his mind and refused to enter the service. Upon Dungan's refusing to enlist, Johnson drove him off, and told him he had "better go home to his mammy." On Saturday last, while Dungan was attempt ing to join our lines, he was picked up near the mouth ot Monocacy by some of our troops, and sent to this city as above stated. At the Provost Marshal's office this morning, Dungan appeared very anxious to get home, and asked permission to take the oath of allegiance. He is only about seventeen years of age, and ap pears to be quite intelligent. He will be com mitted to the Old Capitol to await the action of Judge Turner. THE GARRISON OF CHARLESTON HARBOR We learn from a well-informed party who left Charleston a few weeks ago that the har bor of that place is garrisoned by the follow ing rebel troops .?1st South Carolina artillery, Col. Rbett; 'Jd South Carolina artillery, Col. Frederick; 1st South Carolina infantry, Col. D'Terville, (all regulars;) 32d Georgia and 4Sth Mississippi. In the interior of Soath Carolina there are no troops but a few small detach ments of various commands acting as provost g uards. REBEL PRISONERS. Charles H. Matthews, Charles W. Eader, Nicholas Fitz-lmmons, of the 3oth Virginia battalion, and J. li. Deaver, of the 1st Mary land cavalry, were captured on Saturday last in the river near the mouth ot the Monocacy, while endeavoring to get back to Virginia from the Maryland shore, where they had been on a chicken stealing expedition. "The prisoners were brought to this city thid"morning and committed to the Old Capitol. THE EXPLODED REUIMENT. The regiment which was blown up by Gen Grant's mine, in the lort in front of Petersburg, was the 1st South Carolina regiment, formerly of Jenkens' old brigade, and was commanded by Colonel Hagood. At the time of the ex plosion it numbered but two hundred and fifty men, having been badly cut up in previous service. 0RDNANC1 OFFICER OF THE MILITARY DIS TRICT OF WASHINGTON. Lieutenant Charles C. Hyatt, of the 7th regi ment, Veteran Reserve Corps, has been de tached from duly on the staff of the 1st Brigade Veteran Reserve Corps, and detailed as ord nance officer of the Military District of Wash ington. LOCAL NEWS. Tne Toubnamkut.?Yesterday afternoon, the announced ?'tournament" came ofl at the Park. The grounds were hardly large enough, and in the short distance the horses rau they could haruly get steam enough up for tourna ment purposes, but nevertheless some of the knights showed good horsemanship. A stand bad been erected for the accommodation ol the ladies, alongside the track, which was well filled by five o'clock, at which time the riding was to have commenced. A few minntes after that hour the knights entered for the contest made their appearance in the following order: Knight of the District of Colnmbin, Mr. Mon day; Knight of Maryland, P. Mehrling; Knight ot Fenian Brotherhoed, John O Meara; Knight of Bavaria, James E. Seitz; Knight of New York, T. D. Bancroft: Knight or the Rose, E. Oliver; Knight of Pennsylvania, Harry Dinklaker; Knight of North Carolina, Wm. Bell; Knight of the Shamrock, Wm. O'Meara; Knight ot Russia, (.'has Klotz. The stand was occupied by Wm. J. Gary, Joseph Hamlin, John Norris, judges, and Capt. L. Walker. 5th U. S. cavalry, umpire; and before these the knights drew up and were addressed appropriately by Mr. Gary, after which the tilting commenced, the knlghls starting at the sound of the bugle, in the order named above. The trial resulted, after over an hour's riding, in the Knight of North Carolina, Mr. Bell, winning the first prize; the Knight of Maiyland, Mr. Mehrling, the second; the Knight of Bavaria, Mr. Seltz, the third; and the Knight of New York, Mr. Bancroft, the fourth. At the announcement the Knights were again called before the stand and the prizes were awarded by Mr. Gary, Miss Mary Visser be ing crowned Queen of love and beauty, and Misses Anna J. O'Meara and J. Archer maids of honor. In awarding the prizes Mr. Gary appropriately addressed the Knights. This part of the programme was to have been car ried out by Hon. Thos. B. Florence who how ever did not make his appearance until after seven o'clock when he delivered an address, after which dancing was commenced in the pavilion and was kept up until a late hour. OitPHAKS* COURT, Judge PurctlL ?This morning the will of the late General P. Taylor was exhibited for probate and fully proved. The will bequeathes his estate to his wife and children, and makes provision for the manu mission and support of som* ot his faithful slaves, and nominates Justice John McLean, Nathaniel McLean, (ftither and brother of Mrs. Taylor,) and John M. L. Taylor, execu tors. Justice McLean having deceased, and the two other executors having renounced their right to administer letters of administra tion with the will annexed, were issued to Mrs. Eveline A. Taylor. Letters of administration were granted to A. F. Pollard, on the estate of Thomas H. MoOlel land. Thereee Waggerman was appointed, guard tan ot the orphans of Bernard waggertnan, and Catherine Ann Reynolds to the orphans of Joseph Reynolds. _ The first and final account of Otosm Kelly, administrator of Joseph Ingle, was approved and passed. A balance and distribution was ordered to be made by Mrs. Jane Farnham, administratrix ol Robert Farnham, deceased. A Dktectivb xk Troublb.?On Sunday night adifflculty occurred at the railroad de pot, between Otis Clapp, a detective stationed there, and Wm. OHngman, who was formerly a detective, and it resulted In the former assaulting Ollngman with a "billy* Wtth which the latter'* head was badly knocked. Yesterday morning officer Olemenui arrested Clapp, and took him before Justice Ferguson, who held him to bail Cor court, he waiving an examination. > j Singula* Occcrrence?Yesterday after noon. a singular occurrence took place near the corner of 2d and Dstraets. Capitol Hill, where by A woman named Bridget Hozau, supposed to be a stranger here, was badly burned. It appears tbat she was clothed in tbin material', and near tbe above named spot a sparlc of Are from her pipe which she was smoking, Ml on her apparel and immediately was in a sheet of flames. The poor woman immediately called for help, but the living jume distance from any house before assistance reached her her clothes were burnt entirely ofl", and the up per portion of ber body was badly burnt, the i>km other neck, arms and breast peeled oft. The neighbors were quickly near otiering her assistance, and Officer Clements procured her a permit to Providence Hospital to which be removed her. ? Charge of Attempt at Rapr.?Snnday night Officer Johnson, of the Third Ward, ar rested Wm. E. Miller on charge of an attempt to commit a rap*; on Margaret Hudson. The case was taken before Justice Thompson, when it appeared in evidence that the complainant, with another girl, was invited to an office on 9th street, where he would write a note and then go with them to the United States Hotel. In the office Miller locked the door and turned off the gas, and then attempted to commit the crime alleged by the complainant. Sbe re sisted. A man named Nickard heard the noise and went to tbe girl's aid, and was going to let them out of the back way, but Miller told him it be interfered be would blow his brains out. The Justice committed Miller to jail for court. Post Office ArroiNTMENTR.?The Post master General yesterday ordered the follow ing: Appoint M. W. Wines as temporary clerk In tbe dead letter office, at pay of 8SU0 per annum, from August 1, 1-64. Appoint Van C. Conrad, now temporary clerk, finance office, to a first-class clerkship in same office, vice Richard Kelly, promoted, at a salary of *1,200 per annum. Promote and Increase tbe pay of Hugh Nis bet, temporary clerk In the appointment of fice, from 8600 to fPOO per annum, from Au gust 1, 1861, In place of Van C. Conrad, pro moted. Between two Fires.?Mr. William Dough erty, formerly a well known bnilder here, who has been in So'ith Carolina from a period some time before the war commenced, has just re turned to Washington. Mr. Dougherty had a heavy contract on the stone work on the new South Carolina State Capitol at Columbia, and bas never, it is said, been engaged in the war. He had property m this city against which a decree of confiscation was made; and at tbe same time he has a large amount due him for work on the South Carolina structure, or rather he anrt others hold the bonds of the State therefor. He being here, the latter Is in peril. He thus seems to stand between two fires as to the prospects of confiscation. Drowned.?Yesterday afternoon Officers Sbelton and Berkely lound the body of a drowned man In the Eastern Branch, near the Engineers' Camp. It had apparently been in the water some days, and bad nothing on but a hospital shirt. The left arm had been am putated near the shoulder, and the body had the mark of a wound in the center of the back, bullet wound In tbe side and two on the hips. It was the body of a man apparently 32 years of age, was five feet seven inches high, bad black hair, sandy moustache and florid com plexion. Meeting op Mechanics.?Quite a large number of mechanics and workmen connect ed with tbe Government shops in this city, was held at Otiappeil Hall, corner Washing ton and Duke streets, on Saturday evening last. We understand that the object of the meeting was to take into consideration the sub ject ot a demand for an increase in the wages of the \ arious branches represented. We did not learn tbe result of their deliberations.? Alex. Journal Augutt 1. _ Sudden Death.?About 9 o'clock last night, officer Parker found a man named James Friel, an invalid soldier, in a dying condition at the corner of 13* and D streets, and with the aid of several persons conveyed him to the Second Ward station bouse. Dr. Lincoln was called to attend biin, but death ensued before any thing could be done for him. It was supposed tbat death was caused by exposure to the sun, during tbe day. Tbe coroner held an inquest ard the jury decided that deceased came to his death by a stroke of the son. Fourth Ward Station Carer.?Martha Ann Webster, drunk and disorderly, S3.5<>; James Carter, wagon licensed, 85 50; Martha Adle, suspicion of larceny, dismissed; Chas. Bosnian, selling by sample, do.; Jno Rights, assault and battery, do.- Jas. Cannon, assault, do ; Jacob Smith, profanity, *3 11; Mary Kelley, drunk and disorderly, workhouse; Catherine Brown, drunk; Jas. McCrea,drunk and disorderly; Jno. Waters, do ; Jno. Q,. Adams, sleeping in the street, dismissed. Grand Larceny.?Yesterday, officer Tuck er, of tbe Third Ward, arrested Henry Haw kins for stealing from Page k Evans, his em ployers, two bottles claret, three bottles cham pagne, eight boxes sardines, a quantity of fat, and other articles. Hawkins denied the charge, and Justice Thompson committed him to jail for lurther hearing. Second Ward Station Carer.?George Smith, disorderly; 82. Jame? Hill', do. and drunk; 82. George Smitb, threats; bail for peace. Robert Walling, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Sam?el Rush, fighting; 82. Henry Green, do.; ?2. Margaret Mecher, disorderly; 82. Robert Wood, do.; 82. Thomas Elliott, profanity: 82. Thos. Taylor, carrying weap ons and shooting in street; 820.58. STATE OP THE THERMOMETER.?At Frank lin tc, Co.'s, opticians, No. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, the tbeimomet?r stood to-day at 1% o'clock, 8? in the shade, and 114 in the sun. Affairs in Georgetown.?There is but little doing In the way of business transac tions, except upon Government account. The hay crops of the adjoining counties of Mary land have been excellent. The iarmers are sending large quantities to market, the quality of which readily secures the highest prices from dealers as well as from private purchas ers. A rumor bas been floating around tbat a de tachment of Moseby's guerrillas had driven our pickets into Rockville. No doubt squads of those horse thieves may have made a sud den visit to the Maryland shore at points near that locality, but as we can find noone who can give an intelligent statement of the fact, it is fair to presume that they returned to the Vir ginia side speedily, without stealing more than afcblcken or two. The Aldermen's Adjourned Meeting.?Last night tbe Board of Aldermen were to meet to act upon the police increase pay bill. The meeting was not large, but very respectable, one member appearing in bis place. Resigned.?Mr. Henry Walker, the excellent market master in Georgetown, bas resigned to take a more important position in Washington. Tbe applicants for the position vacated are nu merous, and Mayor Addison will have no dif ficulty in finding a man to fill the position. Port of Georgetown.?Cleared?W. H. Harri son, Shannon, Ohickmuxen; Mount Pleasant, Leatberbury, Baltimore; Haze, Roberts, Nan coke; .Wave, Harding, St. Mary's; Travers, Jones, Baltimore; Almyra, Staplefont, Chop tank; Kate, Clark. Vienna J. H. Dixon, Cra den, Havre-de-Grace; Eldorado, Parks, Hoop er's Island; Anna Virginia, Lewis, do.; W. Kennedy, Christy. Philadelphia; Lawts, Tay lor, City Point; Marcissa, Graves, Baltimore; steamer Pbrenix, Stackpole, Glymont; sloop J. Lundy, Perry, St. Marys; longboat Alle ghany, Ragan, Occoquan Bay. A bounty jumper was arrested in Bal timore last week wbo boasted that be bad made upwards of S15,000ainca he commenced jumping. NT'Louls Napoleon means to change all his gnns. Since tbe Kears&rge fight he thinks nothing but monster smooth bores will be ef fectual. W&" A poet in tbe Louisville Democrat talks of the sun that ?'Came down in bis milk-white feet, And stood in the stauding corn." ?y Tbere are now twelve first-lass Amer ican steamers plying on the Yang-tzl-Kiaug, a .Chinese stream. tGT Thousands of dollars were lost by a fire near Newburyport, Mass., communicated by a spark from a locomotive. -?CT'A correspondent writes to ask whether a bee's wife might be called the partner of his but*-om ? VMiss Bate man has returned to New York? and unmarried. |D" Irish conversational weapons?Arrahs ! ?[Exchange. rrw* WATER REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, Jane II vr 29, 1864.?Thisoflics having been necessa Barfly closed for several days daring the present month, the time for receipt of water rents is ex tended to the 41st August, after whloh date the water will be shot off from all premises of which the water rent Ik unpaid. No further notice -*111 be given. RANDOLPH OOYLI, ir ?-d Water Registrar. nrE^NOTIOI.-ftfAs Ptvrltaf Watkmaum and liJ? tfu Publit generally ? Upholstering and Cabinet Baking and Renovating of all descriptions, done in the best style and at the shortest notice Old Ourled hair Mattresses can be made as jrood atWM, J.LEI'Snsw establishment. No. 363,0 ud cu For BEFIT TO GENTLEMEN-Two FUR NISHED CHAMBERS. idouole and single.) with PAKLOR. in a private family. Breakfa-?t fur ni?hed, if desired. Aadreas, at the Star office. Bat U3. i-tt* rjiENNYSON'S NEW VOLUME OF POEMS. ENOCH ARPEN.snd ether Poerfis. By Alfred Tennyson, D. C. L., Poet Laureate, Ac. Price f 1 is. Just published and for sale at PHI LP A SOLOMONS , an 2-3t 33'J Pennsylvania avenue. RYJ.C McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OF A VALUABLE BRICK HOC BRAND LOT ON 13TH STREET WEST, BETWEEN NEW YORK AVENUE AND I ST. liy virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting in equity, and raised in a certain cause wherein Mar? A Roche is ccmplainant and James E. Smith et al. are de fendants. 1 aball proceed to sell, in front of the premise*, on THURSDAY, the lath day of Ang aet next, at 6o'clock p. m.. all that certain pieee or parcel of ground situate, lying and being in the city of Washington. in the piatrict of Columbia, and designated as Lot marked and lettered "L,' is Robert J. Roche's su bdiriaion of parts of Lota numbered twelve (I2? and thirteen, (IS,) in Stuare cumbered two hundred and eighty si*. (886.) with the improvements thereon. coiiMaticg of a neat and substantial brick dwelling house. This property fronts on 12th str*et west. be tween New York avenue and I street north, ia a very desirable section of the citv. Termsof sale: One half be paid on thaday of sale; the balance in sis months, the purchaser giving hia note, satisfactorily endorsed,and bear ing interest from the day of sale. All conveyancing and Government stamp-* at the cost of the purchaser. ASBT7RY I.LOVD, Trustee au2eoAds JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. B T GREEN A W1LLIAM8, Auctloneara. TRU8TEE8 SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOT8 IN SQUARE D. FRONTING ON MAIN! AVENUE, BETWEEN 4* AND 6TH BT8 , AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the Sth day of August nett. I shall sell, in front of the premise*. at 6 o'clock p. m , by virtue of a 4"' d of trust to the subscriber, bearing date 1Mb day of February, l^dl, and r> corded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 216, folios S*T, 365, and 389, one o? the land records for Washington county, in the Di?trffct of Columbia, the following described property, lying and being in the city of Wnahington, District aforesai t, ?i? : Lot No. three, (3 ) in subdivision of lots desig nated on the plan or plat of said citv a* lots twen ty three, (M ) twenty-four. (24.) ana twenty-five, (25,) in Square D; (containing 1,640 feet.) Also. riart of lot numbered two. (2.) in Stibdiviiion or ota aa above, (containing 2 184 feet of ground,) to gether with the improvement*. Lets will be sold separately, the nurcnafer of Grst lot sold having the privilege of taking both. The above described property ia handsomely ait uated on Maine avenue.between 4*i? and tith streets, immediately opposite Armory 8<juare. Terma: One-third caah; balance in 6 and 12 montha; the purchaser to pive notes for the de ferred pajmenta, bearing intere-t frem day of hale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance*, including revenue stamp*. at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms are not complied with in fire days the Trustee rcaervea the right to resell the prop erty at the risk and coat of the first purchaser, by advertising such resale tbres timea in the Na tional Intelligencer. _ _ WILLIAM J. WARREN, Trustee. au 2-TjxFAda GREKN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. CORPORATION OF WABHINGTON STOCK for sale, in 6uma to ."uit. Apply to JAS 0 McGUIRE A CO., au l dl2t Auction and Commisaion Merchants TKAMER BALTIMORE HAS ARRIVED. Consignees will please attend to the leception of their goods at once, < This steamer sails for New York on* Wednesday, August .1, 1864, at 9 a. m. au 1 2t MORGAN A BHINET^RT. Dissolution of copartnership.-The Copartnerahip existing between KDWARB OWKN and SAM'L W OWEN, in the Military and Naval Merchant Tailoring, under the firm of E. OWEN A SON, for the last 20 years, is this dav by mutual consent. The basinet in future will be conducted by SAM'L W . OWEN, at their old stand, 21'i Pennsylvania avenue, to whom pay ments will he mado ef ail outstanding debts due the late firm. E OWKN, August 1, 1864. |aul-linT SAM'L OWEN' ALL AT THE NEW STORE FOR BARGAINS All summer Die?s Goo<l? at less than cost price-;. EOOI'8, HOOPS. HOOP SKIRTS, Call and see the New York style as Point De Veneice, the best quality at $1, fl 25. ft.JO. ? I 75. A larte assortment of Flannel*. Cotton-, Pricts, Sheeting and Pillow ea:-e Cotton, cheap. Corbet at ?1 78. Alpaca 50. (>2, 75, S1 Balmoral* Shirts, t hirt Bosoms at 31, 37. 5n. L C. Handkerchief* at 2". 22, 25, SO. Black Silks cheap. Csll early aa goods are advancing in prices. Remember the new store. BKNJ. N EWMAN. (Red Post.) nng l-5t* 443 7th st.,3 doors from G st. QfiO SEVENTH STREET. Q?(l ODI/ between I and K streets. 00.7 SIGN OF THE nTGn^WNINO. Furniture and Housekeeping Articles generally, ?iz: Bid?boarda, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Mattresaes, Wardrobea. Cane and Wood Chairs. Mirrors. Tables, Washstands. Safes, Carpets, Matting, Oil Cloth, Table Covets Al so, Baskets. Brooms. Tubs. Buckets. Wh'sps, Feather Dusters, Knives and Forks, Spoons, Plated Castors, Ac., Ac. Which we are selling lower than any hauae in the City. tJy 28-Iv] HENRY BONTZ. cv _ J. C. HOWARD'S rv, TjaP LIVERY, HIKING, HACK. EX ?1i5(% CHANGE A STAGE STABLES, G Street, Btucttn 6ih and 7th, North Sid*. The subscriber has constantly on hand a large lot of fine BORSES, BUGGIES, Ac., Ac., which he will hire, sell or exchange Theofflceofthe Marlboro'and Washington stage line is at the above place. Also, attached to the same place ia a fine RES TaURANT. ir 13 lm CLARIFIED CIDER 1 CLARmKD CID1R,, I have Just received per schooners "'GeorgeS. Adama"and "J. W.." from Boston a large supply of pure MassachusettsCLAKIFIKDClDKR.which I oner for sale at the lowest market price, in quan tities to suit purchasers Hotel keepers, sutler*, and all others in want of a prime article of Cider are invited to call and ex amine thia before purchasing elsewhere. RILEY A SHINN. Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green st., Georgetown. D C. NEW STUCK. OLE LEATHER TRAVELING TRUNK. LA DIES'DRESS TRUNK. HAT BOXES.VAanrve LISES. LEATHER and CARPET BAGS.EftgVt SATCHEL8. A c., comprising the largest and best assortment of ladies' and rentlemen'a traveling requisites to be found in thfa city. WALL. 8TEPHEN8 A 00.. 322 Pa. it , bet. Pth and Wth atreeta. Jy 21-2wif 1 IntelAChronl Lime and cement i JuBt received a cargo of superior - ROCRLAND LIME. Also, a eargo of auperior HYDRAULIC CEMENT, which we offer at the lowest market rates LIMB, PLASTER, HAIB AND CEMENT, con atantly on hand. J. P. BARTHOLOW, Jy 19 eo2w corner 7th street and Caoal^ WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. CARLISLE, PENN A The Proprietor takes pleasure in announcing that thia favorite and faahionabla Water-i* ing Place is now open for visitors. The' Carlisle White Sulphur 8prings are aitu-. ated in Cumberland County, Pa.,about four miWa northeast of Carli-ler. Tha personal and undivided attention of the Proprietor will be gives to the wanta and comforts or his guests. Jy 26 5t* N. W. WOODS, Proprietor. IMPROVE YOUR EYE* sight by the use of the cel-? ebrated Pbbblm and Pbbisoopio Spiotaolis. uni versally acknowledged as the best for STftBROTH ? nino A*B PaxsiRViao the impaired Eyesight, acientiftcally and correctly suited, by FRANKLIN A CO., Opticians. 244 Pennaylvania avenue, bat. lSth and 13th ata., Hn<l 38S Pennsylvania avenue, under tha National. FIELD GLASBE8, OPERA GLAB8ES. MICRO SCOPES, THERMOMETERS. STEREOSCOPES. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM8. CARTES DE VISITS. A c., in a great Tarlety, ana at tha lowaat prioea. Je 8 8 w A T B R R ?_N T S. Watib_Rboistiur's Orrioa, | City Hall, July J, 1364 All persona who aaa the Aqueduct water on their pramiaea are hereby notified that the water rent ia now dne to the Corporation for the period from July 1, 1864, to January 1, 1866. The water rent ia required to be paid at thia of fice daring thia month of July. If not paid by or before Anguat 1st, the law commands that the water be aaut off at tha main and not restored ex cept upon payment of arreara and two dollara for ?xpenae of abutting off and reatorlng. The law does not provide for aarvmf Individual notices, and this publienotice ia all tha' will t>? given. RANDOLPH OOTLE, Jy B-lm Water Regiatrar. WASHINGTON CITY SAVINGS BANK. IaooapoaiTiD March Pth, 1864, EDWARD SIMMS, Prealdent and Treasurer. EDWARD OLAKK, Vice President and Secretary DtaiCTORS. WM. P. DOLE, THOS. J GARDNER. J. J. COOMBS, 8. V. NILES. JOHN R. ELVAN8. , t . Tbii Bank ie now open for the receipt or deposits, at the new Banking House, No. 58 Louisiana av enue, under Dw7& CLaIiE. Secretary. CO., BANKSR8. 8 Louisiana avenue Jy jUm JOHN B. ELVAKS CSOBIBE'S WORKS.?La Bohemlenae.lftc,; Bar CT trand at Batron, *e.TJapbet,26c.:Gustave III, KB - Le MariM* enfantln, 26c.. Phl\lbert Marie. ?6e;Le plus bean Jour de la tie, 85c.; Le Meaa EA^.' Las Ooataa da la Belma. da. Navarre. BDWABD CLARK A CO BANKB1 At the Saving. Bank No. #8 Loumana fiarl.Me.; bea uoniea Sc.: La Camaraderie, m 88c.; Lea Malhanrs d'an n<mt da Plane. 86#.; L* ... Ce Moulin de Javella ^ amant henreau, 26c.; La Dame de Plaaa.ttt.: L' Herltiere, 86c.; and many others. Jast Imported. FRANCE TAYLOR > TV. NOONAN, Plumber and Gas Fitter, oorner ? Pth and G street*, opposite Patent 0?ce. ia ftrepared to introduce the gaa and Potonae water nto dwelling* and storea on the moat reasonable terma. Hydraata. str??t-wash era, hose and hoea pipes always ?n kaad. Joh work pnompUy at* sndsi ta. If I19t*

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