Newspaper of Evening Star, August 10, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 10, 1864 Page 1
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V?, xxiv: WASHINGTON. D. C., WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 10. 1864. N2. 3372 PERSONAL. FI.MiL E COMPLAINTS ti?u ai l>r D.% R B V *8 t)?,-e. 49'i 7?h stre t \ ?tw^en D E Tiioat in o??d of i colfl id \ ip* r c*u b- tuit#d by calliug onhiu. ?q6-iip* PBI VAT* COMPLAINTS Are treaty. j?her lerst.nnlly or by letter. at Dr. WOOD B 4"* 7th street. rooms tot I*"*'. ,' ? fir* open day and night. *? * MA O ? M E AIIOLIA B WOl LD R*f p*^t*?,V<! l> announce U> hsr friends ?nl *>? *?**? ?>-nerallv, that she in no* settled per*t n Roue- No. 1149 0 street. b?twr? l -ho Island. where sh- is Pr'P?r^ VLTnr. b^?2 require it, the ^t, or* BBiag an .mntessed medium. rmn^l with safety upon all i"jjrf?*?' rf2,i^l batine** matters; or id fact. ???*[))ng of '^orV ante I 7i oents; GntlMMa ?.?. JMN ?onsultsd from 9 * m . mtiH p. m. Ag *-lW? T'XTBaOBDIN AB? POWER.?Mrs L. SMITH, bj Clairvoyant and Test MMIun.tSil 4th Urtet, ? fr* ii?or( kiiuT? I street. with the Mid of spirits. Murine* a)I kinds of diseases. ?ee? your des-1 and livin* friends; describes them. get* a nine*; tolls character; reads the future. Aavic* about busi kHi Sitting *3. Jyl8-lra* TRAVELERS' directory. Bcap* mat. T RAILROAD FROM PHILADELPHIA PROM WALNUT STREET PI BR. RR - via wist7ersb't raTl-J J A D. ? A'di 3i.. accommodation do* at LW A. m. At Hi a. m.. ex press due at IX p. m. At 4)4 a m . ex press due at >< p. m. Retu rning, leave Cap* May? ? am express due at 9H a. m. 11.46 accommodation dn* at 4X V- ra. t.n p. m ?ipr>-M du?* at p. ?n. . Through without change of cars or baggacvt New cars. and everything flret-etBss. )e an 3m J. VAN RENSSELAER. Supt. BALTINORB AMD OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Mnnday. Jnn* l'?th, I8H4, Daily Train* will be ran h*rw*n Wa-hlngton and New York an* Washington and ?he West, as follows ? t vR PHILADMLPHIA, NSW FORK AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7 30 a. m., 11.15 A. m., and 19 p m daily, excep* Sunday. On Sunday at a .30 p. n only. FOR BALTIMORE t/iD PHILADELPHIA Leave Washington it g tn. daily, except Sub lJ??eengers will note that -. A rung as far ae Philadelphia only. , FUR NEW YORK. 1-eare Washington daily at ?..? p. m. Tk\) Jraia is fm .Yir Vork rantn'eri tztiusivtlp, FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Waehln?ton at A.30a. n.,lt.lB a. m.,Sp. Hi,446p.m.,7.idip.ia , and 8.91 p. m., except Bun ($? Sunday at 7.30 a. m.,5 p. m.. and 8.30 p. m. FOR ALL PART3 OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at S.3> a. in. and9,4.46and 8JO p. m. daily, except Monday. On Sunday at 3 and 8 SO p. tn Ticket* *old to all points WB8T, and baggan tktcktd tkruuth FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at C.30 a. m. and 4.40 p. ra. daily, eieeot Sunday. No train for AnnaVolts on Sunday. Trains leaving Washington at 7.#i a. m. and 6.9n p m. go through to New York without tknntt if tars. Sleeping carson 8 ?? and *:V v. m. trains. Berths ?an he secu ed until 8 p. m. dally at the ticket of Ace. After that hour they must be secured of tkA sleeping ear conductor. The first and fifth trains stop at all way point*. The fi p. m. train stops onlv at Rladeasbnrf, Beltsvill*. Laurel. Annapolis Junction and Relay Bouse daily, eteept Sunday. On Sunday it stops at all way points. PARTICULAR NOTICB. Passengers will please observe that the S p.m. train ruD> only n.< fa' tu tkiindtlpKia daily. txttH Sunn try. On Sunday it runs to B*ltimarto*ly. Also, that the 6 JO p. tn train talus Nn? York passenttri ly. For further information, tickets of any kind, Ac., apply to OBO. 8. KOONTZ. Agent at Wash ington. or at the Ticket Offloe W P. SMITH. Maafer of Transportation. L M. COLE. General Ticket Agent. }?2n tf G RBAT PENNSYLVANIA BOUTB TO TBI NORTHWEST and southwest. ON AM) AND AFTER NoVEMBBR tdTH trains will leave Baltimore from the Nerth Cal vert Station as follows: Fast Mail at .9 ? A. M. Ilarrisbur* Accommodation.^^. 3.<*> P If Lighttfing Eiprees ? ? jjo p. m. THE 6 30 A M TRAIN PROM WASHINGTON connects with the9.20 a m. train from Baltimore for PitUburg and the West .and fur Blmira, Buff alo, Rochester, Dunkirk. Canatidaigua, and Ni agara Falls, and for New York eity. THE 7.tf0 P. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with the 9.3" p. m. train from Balti more for Blmira and the North and Pittsburg and the West. SLEEPING CARS ON NIGHT TRAINB. BOLDitatf' Tioebt* it OovgasuBBT Ratis ONE THROUGH TRAIN ON SUNDAY. LOW FAR! AND QUICK TIMJ, Jf'or tiekets and any information apply attliB ?nce of the Great Pennsylvania Route, corner Penn avenue and 6th street, under National Hotel. Washington. J. N. DUBARRY. Superintendent If. c R. k. , -t ? B. J. WILKINH, a And Ticket Agent, eor. ?th st and Penn avenue, DENTISTRY. M QRBAL DISCOVERY IN DENTISTRY. Tuth Extracud wttAout P*m? wia tkt Mnhriit 9/ Ozygm. I would adi vise all sermons having teeta to eg tract to call at Dr LEWIE'S offlSe, ana have them taken out by this new / and harmless process. Also call and1. examine the Doctor's new and im proved method of Ineerting ArtiUcial Teeth If T011 once see the great ImproTement in his teeth yon will have them in no other style than this now f?v 'J ??*? N"- 24:1, Pa. avenue, between Ittb and 13th streets. novia 8. B. LBWIB, M. P., Dentist. TEETH LOOM18, M. D .the Inventor aaA Patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TBBTH, at tends personally at his offloe in this eity Many persons can wear these* teeth who cannot wear others, and no person can wear others who cannot wear ttaeee. Persons calling at my office can be accommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire, but to those whoare particular and wish the purest. Cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture thai art can produce, the MINERAL PLATI will he more fully warranted. Booms tn this city? No 3.1# Pennsylvania gyenas Rtween 9th and 10th streets Also, 907 Arch st? illadelphia. osari-ly ^^TmPROYB YOUR BYl-^^^^ sight by the use of the cel??*^~^^^ ebrated PBBBLB and PBBISOOPIO dPBOTaOLBB, Qni yeraally acknowledged as the best for STBBgorg ii'?o ii? PBgSBBviBQ the impaired Bvesifht, ?cientiftcally and correctly suited, by FRANKLIN A CO., Opticians 24 4 Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 12tb and 13th its., and 3?** Pennsylvania avenue, under the National. FIELD GLASSES. 0PBRA GLASSES. MICRO SCOPES^ THERMOMETERS, 8TERE68COPE8, PHOTOGRAPH ALBTMS. CARTES DE VI8ITB, Ac , In a great variety, ana at the lowest prioes, _Je 8 J EBB ON THE ATTACK AND DEFENCE OF out posts, London Lec dy 's Elements ..f For'iftcation; London, Pir Howard Dounlassou Fo-tification; Lonlon. Vauban's First System, by Thos. Kimber; Lon don The Modern System of Fortification,by Thomas E iniber: London. Field Works, b? Thos Kimber; London. Hyde's Sorti&cation: London. 1 endy'Fortification; Londoa. Mahan - Field Fortification. I'uane's Manual for Engine.-rs. an 3 FKANCK TAYL0R. rpHIS IB TO GIVE NOTICB, That thesnbscri 1 ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington county ,Tn the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the personal estate of Casper A. Casper.late of Washington city, D. 0., deceased. All persons having claims against th* gaid deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the ggaae, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, se or before the Wth day of June next: they may other wi se by law be excluded from a:l benefit of Ik* said estate. Given under my hand this 28th day of June A D. 1864; tie 29 law3w* | M ARY CASPER. THIS IS TO give NOTICE, That the subscri ber h?s obtained from the OrphAns' Court of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, letter* testamentary on the personal estate of John Smith, late of Washington city, D. CM deeeased. All persons baviug claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 3 tb day of July next- they may eibrrwise by law be siciuded from all benefit of Given nnder my hand this 30th day o'July, 18*4. au l-?aw3w* "? ?? BAJCBR. 'f^FtSISTO GIVE NOTICB. That the subscri 1 her has obtained from the Orphans Court of Washington connty iu the District of Columbia, letters ot administration on the p->rs >nal estate of Jo?eph Reynolds. iat? of Washington county. D. C . deceased All perfous having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned toexhiblt the aanto. with vouchers thereof, ti* thesubscri ker. on or before the a th day ? f J uly next: they Bay otherwise. b? law, be excluded from all bMe flts of th* said estate. Given under *?y band this #'th of July, 18^4. Test: _ Z 0. BOBBINS. aul- aw4w* Register of WLI*. fcZORlBB'S WORKS.-La Bohemienne, Ber B trand et Botron, *?-; Japbet,lfc iGustave III, EM.: L* Mariage *nfantln. i6c.: Phl\ibert M>*ri*, ?Sc.-L* plus beau Jour de la VI,, ?c.;L*V?BOi fciigWrs.:1! v issure? Jai; ..W IWWU 71AK0I TATLOI auction sales. rDTDRB DATS. F>Y 3. 0. MeGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. CLIFTON, ON THE HEIGHTS OF GBORGE TOW N. will be sold on the 16th of Angust next, by J J. McGuire A Co., InitioBMM I em bow authorised by a decree of th? 8upreme Court of vhis District to sell 'his beautiful resi dence of tbe late Col. Illet, and tbe same will pos itively be s?'ld at auction on TUESDAY, tbe kith day of August next, ?t 5 o'cloc* in the afternoon, on the premises. For the information of those who m?y not be familiar with Clifton, bat who tray desire an attractive suburban residence, torn* biningthe advantages of city and country life. I state That it is situated in thee-ntreof the health ful and celebrated Reights of Georgetown, and Contain* about forty five acres of land, highly Im proved by the late proprietor, eni planted Dy him, within the last six or Sf ven years, with the choi cest fruit and ornamental tre^s, having an excel lent d welling heu?e of nine or ten rooms, an over s<M?r's cottage detached, large barn, staples, car riage-house. and o.fcer appropriate eat-buildings, witn good fences nearly all of them new It is surrounded bjtbe splendid rrsidences of Tu4or PUce, of Gea. Halleck, Mrs. Boyos, Mrs. Barber, E. M Llnthieask, Esq.,and o'.hers, and adjoins on the n? rth the grounds attached to the residences of Mr Llntbicum and Mrs. Boyce,and is elevated, conimsnding a view of all of them, as well,as of the pii-ture?que vallev of Rock Creek, the city of Washington, the heights of Arlington, and the Potomac river The view of the city of Wishing t *, across the valley of Rock Creek, is exc?e<i h kIy beautiful It is within twenty minute-*' walk, ov-r a brick pavement three fourths of tbe distance, of the railroad street cars running from Georgetown to Waabngton. For salubrity,neigh borhood, access to t?wn and city, and beauty of situation, it Is unsnrnas-ed.. ? Purchasers are invited to view it. The terms of sale, as prescribed by tbe conrt, are one third of the purchase money in cash, aud the residue at six. twelve, eighteen and twenty four moi ths from the day of sale, to be secured by the purchaser's bonds, with sur?ty, bearing interest from the day of sale, and a lien on the premises, and with power of resale in default of payment of ant of the deferred payments Title perfect. Ithaspas>ed under my own ex amiuation professionally, several tun*? within tho la*t *%rty-five years, on change of ownership. It the terms are not complied with within ore days from the day of sale, the property will be re so'd. on one weekV notice in the National Intelli gencer. at tbe cost and risk of the purchaser. Btamps. deeds, Ac., at thecost of the purchaser. W. REDIN, Trustee. Jy27-eoAds J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auots. ^JALE Of CONDEMNED HORSES AND MULES. Ckttf Quarttrmatttr's QJfic*, Washington D*pot, I Washikqto*. D. C., July 28 1864. J Will be sold at publti auction, at tbe Corral* near the Observatory in the city of Washington, D O.,on WBDNB8DAY, August Vttb, 1864, and on WEDNESDAY, August 24. 1864. a lot of HORSES AND MULBS, eordemned as anfitfor public service. Terms cssh, n Government funds. Bale to commtnce at W o'clock a. tp D B EUOKER, Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster. Jy28d Depot of Washington. T.?1860.?X. Persons of sedentary habits troubled with weak ness, latitude, palpitation of the heart, lack o^ appetite, distress after eating, torpid liver, con stipation, Ac., deserve to suffer if they will not try the celebrated PLANTATION BITTERS, which are now recommended by the highest medi cal authorities, and warranted to produce an im beneficial effect. They are exceedingly agreeable, perfectly pure, and must supercede all other tonica where a healthy, gentle stimulant is required. Tbey pnrify, strengten and invigorate. They create a healthy appetite. They are an antidote to a change of water and diet. They overcome effects of dissipation and late hour?. Tbey strengthen the system and enliven the mind. They prevent miasmatic and intermittent fevers. They purify the breath and acidity of the stomach. They cure Dyspepsia and Constipation, Tbey cure Diarrhea, Cholera, and Cholera Morbus. They cure Liver Complaint and Nervcus Head ache. They make the weak strong, the languid bril liant, and are exhausted nature's great restorer. They are composed of the celebrated Calieaya bark, wintergreen, sassafras, roots aud herbs, all preserved in perfectly pure St. Croix rum. For 'particulars, see circulars and testimonials around each bottle. Beware of imposter?. Examine every bottle. Bee that it has D. 8. Barnes' signature on our pri vate U.S. Stamp over the cork, with plantation scene, and our firm signature on a fine steel plate engraving on side label. Bee thatour bottle is not refilled with spurious and deleterious stuff. We defy any person to match the taste or character of our goods. AnrperEon pretending to sell Plantation Bitters by the gallon or in bulk, is an imposter. We sell only in our log cabin bottle. Any person imitating this bottle, or selling any other materia) therein, whether called Plantation Bitters or not, is a criminal under the U. 0. Law, and will be so prosecuted by us. We already bare our eye on two parties re-ailing our bottles, Ae., who willBucceed in getting themselves into close quarters. The demand for Drake's Plantation Bitters from ladies, clerg>men.merchants, Ac., is perfectly incredible. The simple trial of a bottle is the evidence we pre sent of their worth and superiority. They are sold by all respectable druggists, grocers, physicians, hotels, ?aloons, steamboats and country stores. P. H. DRAKE 1c CO., aug 2-eo3m 209 BROADWAY, N. Y. ? OBEPH REYNOLDS A 00, PLOMBMSa, OAS, AND STKAM FITTERS, Mo. ftOO Nian Brass*, near avenue. Have Juet received, and will constantly keep on kaud, the largest aud best assortment In tAecity of Chandeliers, Brack eta, Drop Lights, Portables, Glass Globes, mica and other Shades, and all arti stes lathi*Une, from the best establishments la New York, Philadelphia, Ae., which will b? *oM on the most reasonable terms. _ also, RANGES. FURNACES, and Fire-Board ?tons. We are prepared to furnish the best BARGE la use anywhere, oa very reasonable terms. Hotels, GAS attlnns R?u?b!ng line la Call and see oar Bi , Wash-stands. cheap, M also everything la the In the most satisfactory manner. Bathing Tube, FouuUins Water fc?.,fc<.,atlo.tOO 3AMFAIGM AMD 1TB AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC JCANTERBURY HALL.I AND HAL L {CANTERBURY HALL, t THBATEB Louisiana Atu?, iftar Corner ej Sixth street. Rear of National and Metropolitan Hotels. Giobqb Li a Proprietor. W. E. CiTiXivei _.8U*? Manager. THE GREAT THR QKtSAT TUB HRKAT THEORKAT TH* QREAT Of.S tKi, 09 A ni,??nTnn CENTRE OF ATTRACTION. EXCEPTOR OUR MOTTO. EXCELSIOR OUR MuTTO. EXCELSIOR OUR MOTTO. CHASTE AND ELEGANT ENTERTAINMfNT CHASTE AND JS.LEG ANT ENTERTAINMENT CHASTB AND ELEGANT ENTERTAINMENT First ?ppe&ran?e of MR. J. H. OGDEN, MR. J. H. OGDEN MR. J. H. OGDRN MR J. H. OGDlN MR J. H. OMDBN, MR. J. H. OGDEN, MR. J. H. OGDEN, MR J H OGDEN, MR. J. H. OGDEN. MR. J. H. OGDEN. B?tt?r known as the IRISH AMBASSADOR. IRISH AMBASSADOR, IRISH AMBAS8ADOR, IRISH AMBASSADOR, IRISH AMBASSADOR, Having jost returned from Earop?.will make his first ?ppf*ranre in Weehington at th* above Hall Mr. Ogaen is, without any ex .eitiou, the best and MOST ORIGINAL DELINEATOR OP IRISH ECCENTRICITIES IN AMERICA MOST ORIGINAL DELINEATOR OF IRISH ECOE> TRICITI ES IN AMERICA ittlou MOST ORIGINAL DELINEATOR OP IRISH ECCEN TRICITIE8 IN AMKRICA. MOST ORIG NAL DELINEATOR OP IRISH ECCENTRICITIES IN AW1RICA. MOST ORIGINAL DELINEATOR OP IRISH ECCENThICITIES IN AMERICA, First appearance of MONB. SZOLLOSY, MON8. 87/OLL08Y, MONB SZol.LOSY, MONS. 8Z0LL08Y, WON 8. BZOLLOSV, The celet>rated Characteristic Dancer and Maitre de Ballet, who will appear with his UNRIVALLED CORP8 DS BALLET UNRIVALLED COKP8 DE BALLEP UNRIV ALLRD CORPS DE BALLET TNRIVAI LED CORP8 DE BALLET CNRIVALLEDfCORPS D* BALLET In the Grand Ballet of LA FBTE D'ARAGON. LA FETE D'ARAGON. LA I ETE D'ARAGON. LA FBTE D'ARAGON. LA FETE D'ARAGON. THE QUEEN OF SONG, MI8S SALLIE SUNDERLAND, 8ALLIE SUNDERLAND, SALLIE SUNDERLAND* SALLIE SUNDERLAND, SALLIE SUNDEHLAND, SALLIE SUNDERLAND, SALLIE SUNDERLAND, SALLIE SUNDERLAND, WE8NBR SISTERS, WK8NER SISTERS, WE8NER 8I-TER8, KEENER SI TERS, WESNER SISTERS, Consisting of ELLA, MARY, SALLIE, AND LIZZIE, In their Terpeichorean Feats. MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, TO. WEtfT, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS. WILLIAMS, WIliLIAMS, WILLIAMS. IN NEW ETHIOPIAN ECCENTRICITIES, EE TIRE CHANGE OP PROGRAMME EVEBY BYENING, POPULAB FAMILY MATINBB, On SATURDAY, at 3 P. M., when the Entire Evening'i Entertainments will b? given. i ? : . j Admission.?Ladies, 30 cents; Children, u eenta. fc : ? '*** ? ? v i lrit Tickets for sale at the principal Hotels and Bee* tauraute. AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S SEW THEATER, 10th Street. _?Ab?y# Pennsylvania avenn*. TUESDAY *?BN1NG. AUGO*T 8. A*Vj?r* Evrnina. during tbe WMk. ?ee?1#*1*1?11"* *0R A SHORT BBA80N Of the Original and 0n'? CHEI8T?'B MINSTREL8, ana the world-fainonp Coniin Artint, w^-,1 GEORGE CHRISTY, wno will appear in their Unique, Crrasta? and R? tnerche Drawing-Rorm Knt<rtaiaments. -'H JOHN p, SMITH, Buaineee Agent VARIETIES! VARIETIES:! wiT70uii2L?ff?,*'ran*a nvenue ???<* 9'* strut. FITZ SIMMONS. Proprietor an] Manager. ^G?EA.T CENTRAL MD8IC HALL. Public 8er enade at every Hotel each 1tnid< The coolest Iv.r 1D ^."?erica. The Great Drama that hasex tti * n ?iePtll??0J?ntT7,f,,or'r ofHoartu and Crimes. 7J}f B*L,<*0F WASHINGTON; Or, From the Al I n?-tothl^.8Pct,aS Table. Govern nei.t Clerks, ! 5er? iler"v Workman of the Arsenal, Work I ^!e ?mv* J al"d. Firemen, and a>l our Fash ionably Ladies should see this Great Loeal Piece. J.?* Great Music Hall Entertainments I Music, i ?*V,D?'And Lovelv Ladies The Great Ponble fchow. Our Three Troupes will appe-tr. Wednesday and Saturdnv afternoons, Grano Day light Performance. All our fashionable Ladi?* present' Ail the Departmental Menprennnt! Hotel Guest sail t n hand. THE BELt.E OK WASHING TON: Or, From the Altar to the Disseoting Table. Last Kew Piece 1 Admission, 2fl and go cents; Private Botes, #5. PIO NICS, EXCURSIONS, fcc. J^OOKOUT FOR TBE^STBWABT HOLLAND The STEWART HOLLAND CLUB announce to their friends and the public that tney in tend to *ive their third Grand Pic nic at LOEFFlIk'8 GARDBN8, on MONDAY 1 August 15th, 1864. Jickets Kifty Cents;'admitting gentleman aDd ladies. The Committee pledge themselves to spare a<> pules or expense to make this the grandest Pic Nic of the sea?on. A favorite string band has been engaged for the occasion. Commtiiti of Arrangime*ts W. Grorer, E. Edwards, Wt R^d, J Tanner au lu-it* J. Parker. r<""?er, j^jEBT MS BY MOONUGHTT NO PASSES REQUIRED. ince to A A The it?anoer PHOENIX will make a GRAND MOONLIGHT EYCURSION 8LTM0NT on THURSDAY, AUGUST II, bJ.t.1e?Aw^ *rf at 6 o'clock p. m. kwird ONE DOLLAR. For passage apply on Refreshments served on board and at the Pa vilion. Tt is excursion will be nndar the per-j >nal super vision of WM. B. DONALDSON, ao well and fa vorably known to the pleasure seeiera of Wash ington and_ vinnity. A splendid Bra?s and Cotillon Band w 11 accom pany the Excurhion to enliven them on their tour of pl?asnre. ao92t E*OURTH GRAND AFTERNOON AND RVEN JP ING PICNIC OF THE ANDERSON ft* CLUB will be given at LoeHer's 5w WAcjIINGTOX CITY GARBE.Y, Mk on New York avenue, between 1st and 2dbflk streets, on ??? HEDNE3DVY, Arrat7ST 10, 18<>4. The members pledge themselves to spare no pains or expense to make this one of the best pic nics of the season. Doors open at 4 o'clock. To commence at 4>i o'clock. taS 3t* J^XTRAORDINARY COMBINATION ! MUSIC! DANCING! FIREWORKS! SUPPER AND THE FIRK KING, GRAND FRENCH AND ITALIAN PIC-NIC, Will be given at Jueneman's Garden, corner of 4th and E streets, Capitol Hill, Washington City, August 11,1864. Admission 5 ' cents. Committee uf Arrangements. A. Merle, A. Zorra. a * ''esfoaeee, P. Vermeren, ?? Velatl. au 5 lw* DEMBMBER THE INDEPENDENT 80CI4LB' **? _ FIBMT ABN1VER3ARV, ^ AND SECOND GRAND AFTERNdON AND ? v EVENING PIC NIC, i. to be given at the C WASHINGTON PARK. Seventh street" on WEDNESDAY, August 10, lSdt. The members tak?* great peasure in announcing to their friends and patrons that they will cele brate that day, and respectfully invite all wliowish to sw-nd an evening of pleannre to be present on that occaMon. The Committee will spare no paini In making this the number one of th? ??ason. Ticket*, Fifty Cents, admitting Gentleman and Ladies. _ ? _ , Committee. _ R; B- Reed, J. W. Hunter, W. H.Osborn, J. Healy, T. E. Clark, J. Montgomery, M W. Leese, J. Gatto, C.W.Brown. C. I Ring, G W.Gladraon, C. W.Tenley, S.H.Stewart, K. A. HolUmtn. au.3 lw* substitutes] SUBSTITUTES I SUBSTITUTES !^8UB8TI TUTES WANTED and FURN1AHED, at No. 530 bfew Jersey avenue, opposite the R R D-pot. _?? K-2t* DO R8 E Y 4 CO V L K ^GENT8 FOR THE Q UOTAOF THE DISTRICT. SUBSTITUTES: SUBSTITUTES1 N. H. MILI ER &. CO., No. 511 Ninth street west, near Pennsylvania av. (26) TWKNTY-FIVE men for the army, as REP RESENTA11VFS for those Iiabl- to the DRAFr. AT THE M081- REASONABLE PRICES N. B ?Burners liberally dealt with. Exemption papers prepared, wita dispatch, by N. H MILLER, au <-3w * Justice of the Peace. R SUBSTITUTES. UNNER8 Bringing men to my office will be Said the highest price for good men, either for ae Army er Navy. GEO. H. CASSIDY, Recruiting Agent for District of Columbia, , . . _ 446 8tb street, between au_l-?w Penn. avenue and D street. SUBSTITUTES I ^ SUBSTITUTES II ? , . SUBSTITUTES!!! Having been appointed by the Mayor of the city of Wasbingt^n the only authori7ed agent in the District of Columbia to procure substitutes and re ?r.nj.'f to Quota of the District, persons wishing substitutes, by depositing their mon?y with the Mayor of Washington, will be supplied with good men at once. . GEO. H. CASSIDY, 446 8th st . between Pa. ave. and D st. an l-8w* tOhron.<t Rep ] ^UBSTITUTK8.?Substitute* bought and sold, kr* Enrolled citizens had better apply at 183 I st , between 2>'th and 21st, before engaging a sub elsewhere. Will be furnished at the cheapest rates. jy 2fl-lm' JAY COOKE Is CO., BANKERS, HAYB THIS DAY, BEMOVED TO THEIR NEW OFFICE, FIFTEENTH STREET, NEAR G. OPPOSITE UNITED STATES TREASURY. aug 1-tf G. D. SMITH'S Wild Cherry Tonic Bitters. TONIC-ASTRINGENT - AROMATIC-DI8IN IECTING-PROPHYLAOTIO. Sold Everywhere. Ask your Druggist and Cboce* for it. IT WILL CURB Indigestion, Dyspepsia. Dysentery, Diarrhea, Ague and Fever, Loes of Appetite, Liver Complaint, Jaundice. The Elixir of life for the Aged. Will give Health and Beauty to the Young. This Prophylactic should be In every family at this season of the year, aa this delleiou beverage ean be use* witbeat the deleterious effects o Liquors. SMITH A MORRISON, fr7-*18 Proprietory Inouire at the Billiard room, eoraar 1-?L_l Of lltll Stlirfand Paaney I vaaU ave do* }? U-tf aBIB?RGE&.U0CM80.,0 n, v if" .Ida -- r- kovm 1 mr vaTO. 1 m, .0. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. excitijig mews. Buffalo, If. v., Threatened?A Raid front Canada Apprehended?Major fi?-n. Dtx Appealed to?The Military Held in Rea dines*. ?JJ"alo, Angnst 9.?Rumors are rife of a rebel raid 011 this city by secessionists ani ?j mpatbieers from Canada. Tbe details are not known, bnt it Is understood that tbe ()o?. ernment is informed of thorn. The ro ili ary of tbis city are held in readiness for any out break. f * n [SECOND DISPATCH.] i ije Commercial Advertirer has farther par ticulars about the rebel raid on this citv. I appears that tbe provost marshal of Buffilj from various reports, was led to believe tha the rebels iff Canada bad organized an expedi tion to burn Buffalo and destroy the canal lo< ks at Lockport. He laid the matt* r before General Dix, who stated be was aware of the existence of such a plot, bnt was unable to provide any means to defeat it. He, howe ver, ad vised that measures betaken here such as the exigency may re quire. It is reported that Major Fargo has protested apainst tbe removal of tbe 74th regiment from here It bas just been ordered on a hundred day6 dnty. PtN.%mVA!?IA. Harripburu, Aug. 5).?Tbe extra session of tbe Legislature met tu-day. Governor Curtin, la bis message, calls upon to? Legislature to take some action for the u? fence of the State. He speaks of the support rendered by Pennsylvania to tbe National Government: and, having fulfilled all herob'i gations, she bas a right to be defended by tbe national forces, as a part of the commen coun try. After alluding to tbe recent Invasiou, he asks, "How could an agricultural people, in an open country, be expected to rise suddenly and beat back a hostile foe which bad defeated organized veteran armies of the Governm-nt? I is, of course, expected that tbe inhabitants of an invaded country will do wbat Is in tbelr power to resist tbe invaders, and tbe facts will abow, 1 think, that the people of these counties hbve not failed in tbia duty." He severely condemns the gibes and scoffs which have been thrown upon the people by the newspapers and citizens of other Sta'e*, and qno'ts a letter addressed by '-jm, together with Governor Bradford, of Maryland, to President Lincoln, asking that tbe recruits raised by the two States shall be credited to the quotas on the last call made, and be armed, equipped, and supplied as other volunteers m the service. Tbe following letter from the Adjutmt Gen eral's Office, dated Angnst i, ir?i, is the only reply yet received: War Dbpartmbkt, Adjutant OeneraVs Office. Aug. 1,1 H?>4.?Sir: 1 have the honor to acknowl edge the receiptor the joint letter from yourself and the Governor of Maryland, dated July 2', Ifc64, asking authority to raise a volunteer force in your respective States, to be exclusively used for borne or local defence, and for guard ing the fords of tbe Potomac. In reply, I am directed by tbe Secretary of War to inform you that tbe proposition bas been fully considered, and that the authority asked for cannot be granted. In tbis connection, plei?e see tbe act oi Congress approved February 13, lWtt, as pro mulgated in general orders No 15, series of 18&2, from tbis office. Thob. M. Vihcbwt, A. A. Gen. Tbe suggestion bas, the Governor says, been frequently made by unreflecting persons that tbe State could raise a force and ke*p it per manently in the field for her defence. Apart lrom other considerations, it ia to be observed that the expenses of such a measure would be quite beyond4he present ability of the State. To raise and maintain an army of fifteen regi ments?and any smaller force would be inad equate?wonld involve an annual expenditure of more than 615,000,000. * Tlie Constitutional Amendments. Harrisbvhg, Aug. 3.?Tbe following ia the official vote on the first constitutional amend ment in fifty countiesFor the amendment, 186,642; against the amendment, y~,5l2. The counties of Cameron, Elk, Forest, Franklin, Fulton, Green, McKean, Pike, Potter, Veuan ^j^*arr?n? snd Wayne are yet to be heard FROM FORT KEARNEY. Indian Hostilities Resumed?Trains Cap tured and finrnt Fort Kbarkhy, Augusts.?Eight hundred Indians attacked a train of nine wagons a mile east of Plnm Creek this morning, killad all the men with tbe train, burned the wagons and drove off the stock. Two women and fonr children are supposed to be taken prisoners. The Indians afterward attackeda train three times near the same place, but were driven off. They also burned twenty-seven wagons at Point Ranche, and drove off tbe stock. At dusk, this evening, the Indians attacked Boyd s rancbe, nine miles from here, on Wood TLvtr'r ^tEeemE ta bave been a concerted plau of the Indians to make a dasb on places around and about here at the same time. Col. Sum ner, witb eighty mounted men, started for this place, wbeie the train was burned, aud Maj O'Brien started from Cottonwood with a com pany of troops to co-operate with him. About noou another band drove off some stock fro n Dayton. They were pursued by a small num ber of troops to the bluff, where tQe Indians were found In force, and after a br.ef skirmish our men were compelled to retire, with a loss of three men. The passengers by stage coming east, this morning, counted eight dead bodie ana others are supposed to be hidden by the grass along the road, FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Movements of General Grant. Fortress Mokrob, August 9?The United States steamers Eutaw and America arrived tbis morning from Pensacola, and are at Quar antine. Their erews are bealtby, but thev report three cases of yellow fever at Pensacola wben tbey left. General Grant arrived here from Washing ton to-day at noon, and after remaining here for three bonrs, proceeded on np James river. The 11 ag-of-truce steamer New York arrived here this morning from Philadelphia, where she has been for some weeks, undergoing repairs. She sailed hence lor Aikens' Landing this alteruoon, with abont fifty rebel surgeons for exchange, in cbarge of Major Mulford. Cheering Report from Sherman's Com mand. New York, Angnst 9.?The Commercial says that telegrams are in town aunonncing that Generals Sherman and Thomas have both telegraphed to tbe War Department that Atlanta surely becomes ours by the close of the week. From Kentueky?Exodus of Secessionists. Cairo, Augusts.?Several disloyal citizens of Columbus and Paducah have arrived bere, en route for Canada. Tney were banished by General Payne. Amongst them are merchants and leading men, whose property has bean confiscated. Oil Lbathbb ? The Scientific American says that oils should not be applied to dry leather, as they would invariably Injure It. If yon wUh to oil a harness wet it over night, cover it with a blanket, and in tbe morning it will be dry and supple; then apply neat's fool oil tn small quantities, and witb so much el bow grease as will insnre its disseminating Itself tbronghont the leather. A soft, pliant harness Is easy to handle, and lasts longer than a neglected one. Never use vegetable oils on leather, and among animal oils, aeat's foot is the best. That this Is a very sad and wicked world, and that England is about tbe wicked est part or it, nobody accustomed to perusing tbe London newspapers can deny. Tbe broad colnmns of tbosestiff-backed, well set np jour nals teem with detailed reports of con jugal in fidelities. Flagrant offences against good mor als are elaborated in a disgustingly toothsome way, which, in other countries, wonld make the proprietors obnoxious to the charge of ob* scene publications. %T Artemua Ward writes to as that he ia tired of answering the question aa to how many wives Brlgbam Young has. He says that all be knows about it is that he one day used up tbe multiplication table ia conn'tr.g the long stockings on a clothes-line la Brig, barn's back yard, and went off fueling dlxzy. $gr The Fenian Brotherhood did not torn out at Colonel Mulligan's funeral la Chicago, be cause they irerenot assigned the "Tight" m f the procession. tat On Angnst 1st, a steamboat oa the Hudson yea 2$ miles ia 55 minnte*. TRHHIRjC spiralis. [From the Huston fwt ] Cases ot inf. station oi the tinman body by ttai si?gular entoioon, ib* uichil>a- spiralis, Mr r? |>ortt d in a rumter of localities m this reentry. Ib? ?ik?ue? of this utile worm as a cfbiifn of He muscular s>>t. ro 0f mun and otbsr abio>al? bat been known for torn* Urn*, kkt he r?cogr ition Of dicn?? Ju* wj it ilusr tea rtct nt dif oortry of the (}*rmiii pLy siologiM* ALaumuu in nil covn'ries ba>e occaMou ally bad 'heir attention called to a peculiar erot'.ed appearance presented by human mas* cle, and portions of t ssue ihus marked h?r? t??? aier\ under the microscope, a minute coiled worm, turrcunded wrb & talcareous envel ope, rrpoMBg quietly iu it* singular pot lieu. A> cas? ? of this kind that could be traced were pr? surred to hare died of welt recognized dis < atvp, and as no^ymptoms wbich could ba rn. Urred 'o the pretence of tbf se worms were re? corded, the worms ?? re regarded as harmless, ai d dt scribed merely as objects of scleuuilvs cariosity. But within a few yean the medical profes sion of Germany has bud its attention called to cirtatu anomalous causes of diteaee, first i ukpect? d to te cases ot acute poisoning. Chemical investigation ituliti> lug this sus picion, luTtber investigation* revealed in alt the subjects examinee the presence of Tri cbn a- in laige n iimner*. As tbe Irishmen were known to exist also in the flesh of swine, a. d as previous investigation had shown the p,. j-sibilny of the transference of eutoaoatrota ai imals to man, su-plciois were awakened. 11) ? lira* nte tri?d, and it was finally demon ?nau d tbat those worms wer- not kuieo by a h at of 14?> deg., and thns in imperfectly cooked meat cmtatning them roi?:bt be transferred alive to the digest! re organs. C?r?ful in vet. ligation revealed also tbat each one of tbeee ai.mialb thus rel? used from impiuouinoa; in & few days gave birth to hunureds of other?-, whi imaieoirt'ly commenced to perforate their way through the imeMim s and surrouud ?ng parte, making a straight patb to toe mus ri'sot nil porticusof the bodv, especially taoea of <be llmbr. The perforation of the pan* by millions of microscopic worms was au?nded with symp toms mure or less violent, depending opoa ibt-lr i timbers, and the strength and healtn of the victims. While passing the coats of th* bowels violent purging often arose, simulating arscnlcal poisoning, and mm y persons baa b>en nnjnstiy suspected if this crime, when persons eating food prepared by tbem had been thus alarming I \ seized. As ite worms mads their way Into "the muscle, pains like those of rheumatism Jcramps, weakness or entire loss of power resembling paralysis, ensued, and when the number of trichena' were largw, wasting, exhaustion and deain followed. Persons es caping with n few of these disagreeable tenants sutleied in a smaller degree from similar symp tom*, but gradually recovein!, and a small portion of their muscles, removed and magni fied, levealed the tricbena* arrived at their depuration and undergoing the various stages of calcar> ous encyetment. No effectual remedy tor this disease has let been discovered. Attempts have been made to remove tbem Irom the intestines by emetics and purging, hut unless resorted to early, be fore any symptoms hive appeared, this is in ejlectual Parntitecide medicines have not bei n found to afford relief, and all that science has been able to do for public protection as y et is to point out the source of danger, bwiue and cats are the animals chiefly inhabited by the parBBite. The former only is supposed to be ueed for food, but cases are said to have been traced to ragouts, ostensibly of hare or rabbit, sold in the Parlsn n restaurants, and w hich were shrewdly suspected to be cases of dishonest snr stitution. Sausages from swine's fl' i-b. rwoked but uncooked, are favorite arti cles of diet among the Germans, and in these Trichinir are often found. Under done pork may contain them living, but if the entire sub stance of the meat be raised to the temperaturs ef boiling water, the vitality ot the worms is destroyed. The appearance of this disease In this coun try makes the above facts of value to the public. We annex tne description of a case recently occurring in New i ork, (erroneously stated to be the first in his country) taken from the Buffalo Courier. The June number of tha Buffalo Medical Journal contains a long edito rial detailing the facts concerning a newly dis covered disease which has appeared in Cheek to wt?ga. Erie County, New York. The dis covery was reiently noted in Germany, but the cues descr.bea in tbe Journal are the first ?which have been positively Identified in this country. The disease Is caused bv tbe presence in the muscles of a worm or parasite, known as .ti e 7>itAtr,<r ,'pirilat, ard In the cases re corded, the vic'ims have become infected irom eaMr g he flesh of swine, in which the worm cLaLced to abound. The credit of dtscoyering 'he disease is due to Br. Krombein, of Buffalo* who, in connection with Br. Buyler, of Lan caster. in the middle of May last, attended two patients, ft man and his wiff, In (Ibwkto* waga. Both of these died. Another family of seven members, at MeiTilla, in tbat county, w as attacked in tbe eame way. The parents died, but the children are reported alive, though in a dangerous condition. Br. La throp writes tbe lesult of a microscopic exami nation of the case. He says: "Tbe specimen of human muscle taken from a person after death, and also the sausage ho bad eaten, which you gave me. supposing then to contain tbe trichina? spiralis, 1 carefully ex amined under the microscope, both alone and wil> Br. Had ley. The parasite was found id both m great abundance, but in different states. In ;he mrscle taken from the bnman body tha W'.rm was free, while in the sausage It was encysted. In tbe first 1 failed to find the worm inclcsed in a cyst. Tbev were often more or less coiled, two or three turns of an elliptical form ; but often the shape was not regular, though seldom straight. The irregular form in which the worm was found was probably caused by tearing and scraping tbe muscle, to render it thin enough to become transparent under the microscope, the normal shape being more cr less coiled. Under the microscope tha worm could be readily seen with a low power, and presented uniformly a pointed bead, a body increasing in size to the tall, which had somewhat of a truncated appearance, with a slight fissure. There was an appearance of an intestinal canal running the whole length ot tbe body, somewhat undulating, and filled with granular matter. "In tbe portion of the sausage examined tha worms were inclosed in an ovoid cyst, and here were found free. Even scraping tbe mus cle did not rupture tbe cyst. They were much smaller than tlie free worm, were always coiled- occupyiug the centres of the eyes, and in most cases single. One cyst only was ob served in which were two worms, separata from each other, each occupying the extremity of the cyst; the cysts were closed by the mus cular fibres, which had the appearanoe of having been pushed aside, and at either end the spate where the muscular fibres separated was filled with lat globules. I did not find a cyst without a worm. Tbe appearance was, as here represented, magnified over two hun dred diameters. The worm occupied about one-third of the cyst space. In one small piece of the muscular tissue of the sausage, ? should rather eay small collection of scrapings, nearly thirty cysts containing worms were counted." Imvortakt Fact.?A gentleman who has repeatedly suttered irom the bites of venomous reptiles, while wandering through the ruins ?f Palenque id Chiapas, says be was In the habit of enlarging the wound with a lancet, intro ducing some butter of antimony, ^PPj^tng* ligature aoove the wound, and_taxing wn drops of ammonia in water every fifteen min utes. Thelives of himself and servant were repeatedly saved in this way, while four native attendants, not usiog these precautions, perished. Delicacy ? A lady recently called upon * professional gentleman to bare?i^oomi"moved tiomhertee. Being somewhat modest and re fine?, she had drawn a silk stocking OTer her foot to conceal it, having first cut a hole in tha garment large enough for the protrusion of the ottendir* excrescence Th* professor ooutem r>latt d the delicate arrangement for a moment, knd then beliberately drew from blspocketand nut upon his hands a pair of white kid gloves, before proceeding with bis surgical labors! M9~A fellow contemplated In utter wonder ment tbe magnitndinous dimensions ot a by ?lander's feet, and in a tone ot astonishment s&id, as be surveyed the man's proportions, ??You'd have been a tail man if thsy hadn't bent yon so far up." gyA young man who has recently taken a wife, savs he did not find it half so bard to get married as be did to get the furniture, and when it came to getting the bread and butter, he bad to fall back on the old folks. ?7"Br. Miller, of Chambersburg, shot two rebel soldiers who fired his house during tha late raid, and they were consumed in tns damps ignited by their own hands. S^The Detroit Tribune says Jaks Thonwwn* ;x-Se. retary of the Interior, aud !???* commissioner at Niagara FhIIs, is rns us somewhere in the Western States. "she was married\m y??* ? WWr d- Ml Moid < r7he average yearly loss of life oa computes the st M 7,000,? 0 travelers "^.. iSuiNorloll.WM.o r. nfatinfants blinked their little eysS ^V&kred for succor." So tbe Begin* says. Hiutaken the President's amnssty oath. HS SrifS the Rebel Confederacy ae a failure. 0TA statue of the Empress Josephine ie *? be erected in Paris.

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