Newspaper of Evening Star, August 10, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 10, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUSEMENTS TO-NIGHT C'AirrXBBURY ? Mr J. H. Ogden, the "Iriah AmbJM? ador," is a splendid delineator of Irish character, and his performances never fail to occasion shoots of laughter. The rest of the company now at this resort is also splendid, for no one knows better than Mr. Lea how to cater to the public's appetite for amusement. Ford's Thiatig is now occupied by the celebrated Christy Minstrels, whose enter tainments are am asing in the extreme. There As a refinement too about the performances, ai-d all of that low wit and vulgarity too often met with in entertainments of this character find no place with the Christy's. Vabibtibs. ? Fltzsimmon's drama, "The Belle ot Washington,'* is still the mam card bere, and is visited nightly by delighted crowds. Besides this drama there is always given a geod bill of song, dance, and Ethi cpean eccentricity. Polios Reports.?Second Precinct.?Catha rine Donovan, selling whisky unlicensed; dis missed. John Brick, selling without license; do ; two cases. Michael Gatly, do.; do. Also, selling liquor to soldiers; do. John Fremant, larceny; bail for eourt. Third Precinct?Geo. H. Cripps, disorderly; 92 .50. John Mulgrew, selling liqaor tosoldiers; 820.50. W m. H. Belntzle, as-ault and battery; ball for court. Ambrose Gosned, disorderly; SrcJDO. Jas. Milstead, grand larceny; jail tor court. Fannv Warren, disorderly; 82.41. Lucy Tabbs, do.; 53 14. Fvurih Precinct?I'riah Hilton, Martin Kel ly, Henry Bailey, Wesley Lias, disorderly; 91 60. Tenth Precinct ? Julia Bart, disorderly; dis missed. Margaret Smith, larceny; bail for court John Carpenter, cruelty to anim&ls; Oeo. Bent, Chas. Wilson, deserters; military. Oodlip Hubert, nuisance: S3. Liouisa Ander son, disorderly; 52. S. R. Toutler, larceny; forbearing. Daniel Hurley, Edward Stone, threat*; bail for peace. Henry Barcus, assault and battery; ball for court. Rufus Bower, disorderly; dismissed. Alexander Sedgwicfc, drutk. 52. Matilda Light, profanity; #2. StTDDKs Dbath.o.?rtlr. D. W. Clarke, a young and wealthy planter, of Prince George's coun ty, put an end to his lite on Saturday by shoot ing himself through the bead with a pistol. He had been for some time in a gloomy condi tion of mind, and bis friends were preparing to take htm on a journey, hoping that he would derive benefit from a change of air and scene. On Friday he wrote a letter, in which he Btated lie conld not trust himself any longer, and ex pressed the desire that 510,000 of his estate might be given to a lady to whom he was be trothed. > Mr?. Mulligan, a lady residing in the same beigLborbood, has also deceased, and Mrs. Contee. widow ot Capt. John Contee, late of the navy, who was an accomplished lady, es sayed to visit one of her daughters, and al though in usual health, she expired within half an hour after cro&eir.g the threshold. By this strikirg mortality, three large es tates in the very best portion of Maryland ?will soon, under legal forms, pass into new bands. LrcKY.?Yesterday, a small boy named Chase, picked up a bnndle con'aicing 5120 in Treasury notes, and S3 in Pennsylvania notes, all burnt ard charred. Officer Greer, of the Third Ward, reported the fact to headquarters. Roundsman Sbaut was returning from the Superintendent's office with the package, when it was reces*mzed hy Mr. John H. Dittman, of Chsmbersburg. He said that he left his mon ey in a tin box in his house not expecting that tie Rebels, who were then in the town, would fcnrn the houses. 3 hey set lire to his dwelling and destroyed it. and his money in this burnt and cbnrred condition was all that he recov ered. He cam? to Washington to endeavor to have it made pood at the Treasury, and was CD hie way to the Department when he loa* the pa l-age. Mr Dittman made oath to bis state ment and the money was returned to him. Fourth Ward Station Cask?.?Caroline I'iaon and Margaret Morton, fighting: bail for peace. David Shea, disorderly; 53.71. Peter Camgar, assault and battery;" bail for peace. liOtns Patten, disorderly; dismissed. Charles Robinson, do : military. Jas. Sullivan, drunk and disorderly; 52 S1?. Daniel Smith, colored, profanity, for hearing. Joseph Johnson^ fight ing: military. David Bowen, cruelty to ani mals and assault and battery; ball for court. John Warner, disorderly; dismissed. Richard Palmer, drunk and disorderly; do. Jns. Con way, sleeping: in the street; do. Marg'l Hud son. grand larceny; do. W. H. Lamb, drunk; SM.5?. Joseph Fairchild and Pat'k Ward, do.; SI.5-^ each. Sarah Jones, disorderly; 53 61. Jr-abeila Jones, do.; do. SarahBukman, grand larceny. A Hobpb Cape ?Yesterday afternoon Mr. J. J. Dogens, of Prince George's county, recog nized a horse in the possession of John W. Oroves as bavins been stolen from a neighbor, John H. Downey, in March last, and he in formed Officer Berkeley, who arrested Oroves and took him, with the horse, before Jus ice Cull. Groves proved that he purchased the torse from James Liarson, and the latter was also arrested by Officer Berkeley, and the case was beard by justice Cull. Mr. Liarson al leges that be purchased the horse in March from a colored man, and it is known that a colored man in the neighborhood disappeared at the same time the horse was stolen. Groves was dismissed and Llarson gaye security for a further hearing. COEMcriON.?Mr Cantieldwas understood, bv onr reporter in the Board of Aldermen, on Monday night, to designate the communica tions from I). E. Irving and W. W. Kirby (in relation to the remonstrance, by Messrs. Sess ford and Robinson, against the confirmation of the Iatt?r as police ? osst&ble) as disrespectful. Jt appears, however, that it was not either of these communications that was thus designated as objectio iat>le, but a second one from Mr. Kirby, and wb;oh Mr. Oanfleld declined to f>ret?ent to tbe Board, on the ground that it at a ked the private character of the gentlemen Who bad remonstrated against hia (Kirby's) confirmation. A Mcse.?Yeaterd -v afternoon, Wm. Batzon Was arrested by offl er Brenuan for using abusive language to * ards Patrolll, a musician, who lives next aoor io him, and the case was lieard by Justice Cull, when it appeared that they bad a quarrel about a division ft?ccev and that Patrolli called Batzon a bull dog, when the latter abused him roundly, calling him an old bog. Tbe trial excited considerable interest, the whole neighborhood turning out to hear the upshot of the case. Tbe justice advised B&tzou rot to apply such names as boll dogs to Pa trolli anymore, and fined him 55 and held him to security to keep the peace. Grand Larcbnv.?This morning, Sarah Beckman. colored, was arrested by officer Crown for the larceny of a 5100 note from Henry Williams, colored. It appeared npon trial tefore Justice Glberson, that Williams ww ina barber's saloon, on K street, near 7th, and gave the prisoner, Sarah Beckman, what lie supposed was a dollar no'e, but which proved to be a hundred dollar Treasury note. The prisoner asked at a store in the neighbor flood to have a hundred dollar note changed, bu'- the storekeeper conld not change it. A few moments afterward she was arrested and ttarrhed, but no money was foand upon her. Justice Glberson sent her to jail for court. ' Cross Fibing.?Yesterday afternoon, officer Harbin arrested Mrs. Ford on the complaint of Mrs. Koplin, who charged her with abusive language, and the case was beard before Jus tice Cull, when it appeared that they lived in tbe same house, and they had a row. The hus bands of both women were present, and after .Mrs. Ford had had been fined 52. quite a quar rel took place, Mrs. Koplin alleging that Ford bad made insulting oilers to her, which Ford indignately denied. S'jddem Death.?About 9 o'clock last night, John Kelly, nged about thirty years, a recently discharged one-armed soldier, was?eiz?d with a fit while in the bouse of one Murphy, in the Tear of the a'ablea of the passenger raltway, in w hich he died. Kelly belonged to the 105th company, 2d battalion. V. R. O , but enlisted criginally In the 24th Indiana volunteers, bat ?was transferred in November last to the Vete ran Refer ve Corps. Sboohd WAid Station Casbs.?John Don bhnn, drunk, dismissed. Wm. Austin, disor. riiTiy; Jane Smith, larceny; dlsmiaeed. JSlema Berenger, selling liqnor to soldiers; do. J. Smith, drunk and disorderly; military. Henry Mullen, drnnk; John Banka, do.; sent to the Navy Yard. Incbvpiabv Attimpt?Yesterday morning some acamp atvmpted to deatroy property on F and Ptb street, by firing a stable in the rear cf the Herndon Hoots, corner of these atrseta. The fire waa discovered and eBtlngnlahed, be fore It bad done any conaiderable damage. A Hakdsomb Pejsht? Henry Laporte, Jr , superintendent of the U. 8. Government warehouse No. 5, has been presented, by those under him, with a fine gold hunUng-case watch. _ School Tbcstbb*>.?Tbe Board wa8 called to meet last night, bat, there being no quorum, adjourned until Tuesday, August 33d. Da. Dcfost'b Sagar-coated female Begulattnf pills are the wm but in tut. They operate iPMrfi/y ?nd and being nuar-coattd create no nansea nton the most dsneate stomach. A trial o* these Puis will prove tjieirjmftrionty over all others. Prloeftlaboz. Hold by8.0. ford, corner llth street and Pa. avenae,Wellington,and Henry k. Alexandria lat-1? SPECIAL. NOTICES. Thb Word "Sozodobt wnich is laat beeom Ing a household vara in deriv? d from t-?e Greek and comp aed of two word*. S<>io and Odontea. "Soro" translated, m ans to preserve, aad "01 >n tes" the Treth SoiodunO' ? ufeserver of the T?eth. And it is tru-to its name. For beautify ing and preserving the t<*eth, hardening and in vigorating the cams, and correcting al impari ties of the breath, it is without a peer in the world. Bold by druggists. au93t Ootohs ixdOolr?s. The sudden changes of oar climate are sources of pulmonary, bronchial and asthmatic affections, E> perience having proved that simple remedies often act speedily when taken in the tarly stares of the disease, recourB* should at once be had to "Brotcn's Bmnrhial Troche*." or loienges, let the cold, couch, or irritation ef the throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more aerioua attack may b* effectually warded off. Public speakers and aincers will find them effectual for clearing and strengthening the voice. Soldiers ahould have them, aa tbey can be carried in the pocket and taken aa occaaion requires. Jy23-lm,r Goers. Bubiobb. Bad Nails, ere. Dr. White will be in attendance at kia rooms No. 424 Pennsylvania avenre, en and after Fri day, July 22d. JySl-tf A N?w PCBFOMB FOE TBI RABBKBROBIBF. Pkalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Pkalon's "Night Blooming Oereua." Pkalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Pkalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." * Pkalon's "Night Blooming Oereua.' Pkalon's "Night Blooming Oereua." Pkalon's "Night Blooming Oereus." A moat exquisite, delicate and fragrant perfume distilled from the rare and beautiful flower from which it takes its name. Manufactured only by Phalob A So*, N. T. biw a si or coubtrrfhitb. Ask roc Pbalob'b?Takr bo Othbb. Je 16 3m gold by druggiata generally. Do von c?lor your whiskers and moustaehef I ?o, use the "Japanese Hair Stain." No hair dye in the world equal to it. Only one preparation. It colora a natural black or brown. Only 60 cents ? box. 8. 0. Toed, J*2 eo3m 890 Pa. avenue. Sole Agent 8fbciutobbb<ba oab bb Gubbd.?Dr Band's Spe cific eurea Sptrma'arrkaa, Seminal Weakness, Itmr potency. Loss of Power, etc.. speedily and efectnally. Its effects are truly magical. Atrial of the Speeiffa will convince the most akeptical of itc merita. Price 81 ? box. Hold by b. 0. Pord, corner 11th street and Pa. avenne, Washington, end Henry Oook, Alexandria. IcO-ly Ncbvodb Dcbilitv, Sbmical Wbakbbbb, etfl.. Can B$ Cured by one who has really enred himself and hundreds of othera, and will tell yon nothing bnt the trwtA. Addreaa, witn stamp, iDWABD H. TBAVBB, mar I DA Lock Box. Boston. Mass, Dibrabbb of tbb Nrrtoub, Scmibal, Uribabt And Skxual St"tbmp? new and reliable treatment ?in Reports of the Howard Association?8ent by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. Skillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa. Je 30 3m Tbbobbapcbt abd bust Hair Dri ibtbb Wobld ?Never Fades or Washes Our.?Upham's Hair Dye, BO cents a box. The beat in use. Try it. Sold by 8. O. Ford, corner 11th street and Penn. avenue, Washington; and Henry Cook, Alexandria. a 6-It Warcabtrd to Ourb ib Six Days.-Dr.Godfrey's Antidote, an English Specific of aixty-fiTe years' standing, will cure Oonorrkaa in six days. No change of diet required. Price 91 per bottle. Sold by 8. 0. Ford, corner 11th atreet and Pa. aTenue, Washington, and Henry Cook. Alexandria. Ja6-ly Bkorrt Dibbabrb. Samaritan's liift is the most certain, aafe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever discovered. Cares in two to four days, and recentcases in twenty-four hours Nomneral no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, and % friend to those who do not want to be exposed. Male packages. 42: female, $3. Samaritan's Root and Herb Juices?A positive and permanent cure for Srphilis.8crofula,Ulcers, 8orea Spots, Tetters, Ac. Price 81, or six bottles tor 81 Sold by 8. 0. Ford. See advertisement. mi MARRIED, On Pth inst., by Rev. J. H. M Lemon. Mr. OHART.KS BARR. to Miss HENRIETTA HOW ARD. both of thi* city. * At Wesley Chsn**'. Aug. 9, lflfit. by Rev. Mr. Na dal, Mr. FRETERICK C PHILPITT. of New York Miss BLANCHE WILLIS, of this citv * (Baltimore and New York papers please copy 1 jdikV, At noon. August 9th, 1864, OARRIE ELIZA BETH, only child of Benjamin 8. And Henrietta M allaee, nged 7 years aud 2 months. The friends atd acquaintances of the family ere respectfully invited to attend the fuueral or 'he d-ceased from the residence of its parents. No. 349 l.'th st.,abeve Lat . to morrow afternoon,(Thurs day ) at 3 o'clock, without further notice. On the7th of August, CHARLES 8TITH MEAD, youngest aon of Mary 8. and Louis W.Trumbo, aged 9 months and 21 daya. * HOT HOUSE GRAPES FOR SALE -Black Ham burg. White Mice. Constantia, Syrian, Front ignac aDd other varieties. White Grapes. $1,25 p< r pound; Blank Hamburg, .91.60. Oonfectionera charge 12 and J2 25. Orders for five pounds and mere received at the GLOBE OFFICE. 464 Penn sylvania avenue. au 5-eo3t* 486 CH0ICE8T0CK 496 INTERIOR ADORNMENTS. 496 496 PAPBRHANGING8. 496 A select and varied atock of Gilt, Medium and low_priced Paperhanginga, Borders, Statues, Cen ter Pieces, Ac. WINDOW 8tfADES. Buff, Green, Chocolate, Brown and Gilt Window Shades, a variety of patterna; Shade Fixtures, Tassels. Ac. PICTURE CORD AND TASSEL8. Bilk and Worsted Picture Cord and Tassels, dif ferent sizes and colors, a beautiful assortment; Picture Kings, Nails, Ac. OVAL PICTURE FRAMES. The largest assortment of Oval Framea in the District, warranted to be gilded with gold leaf; also, a variety of Dark Wood Frames, with a va ried stock of email-sized Oval and Carte do Viaite Frames. ENGRAVINGS AND PAINTING8. A few choice Engravinga and Pcintinga always in store. Orders for Paperhcnging and Window Shades punctually attended to in city orconntjr. Terms ccah fer goods or labor. J. MARKRITER, No. 496 Seventh atreet, Jy 7- * Eight Doors aboTe Odd Fellows' Hall. QFFICIAL NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS. O&ee of the Collector of Internal Revenue I for the District of Columbia,J Wasbirotor. August 1st, W64. \ The Assessor for this District has thie day re turned to me the annual collection list, containing tbe assessments for Incomes, Licenses, Carriages, Plate, Billiard Tables, Ac . and I hereby give no tice that the said duties have become due aud pay able, and that I will attend with my deputies at this Office. 469 SEVENTH 8TREET, bet E and F sta., Bally, until the 10th day of this month, for the purpose of receiviug tbe same; and all per sons in this District who shall neglect to pay the duties and taxes as assessed in said list on or before said 10TH DAT OF AUGUST, will ba liable to pay the penalty of ten per "??ntum additional upon the amount thereof, and after tbe expiration often days, up?n service of notice, a fee of twenty centa and mileage, which will be exacted in all casea of delinquency. The law also prescribes a penalty when peraona carry on any trade or business with out taking out the requaite license of impriaon ment for a term not exceeding two yeara. or a An* not exceed ng five hundred dollars, or both. K7*The payment of the taxes and penalties aforesaid will be enforced by diatraint of tbe real and personal property of the delinquent, and in formation of parties neglecting to take licenas will be laid before tbe Giand Jury ef tha U. 8 Su preme Court of the District of Columbia. Office houra from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. LEWIS CLBPHANE, au 3-6t Collector for District of Columbia. j. o. howard^ T livery, HIRING, HACK. EX-1 CHANGE A STAGE STABLES. * G Street, Fetwetn 6th and 7ik. North Side. Tbe subscriber baa constantly on hand a large let of fine BOR8IS, BUGGIES, Ac. Ac., which he will hire, sell or exchange The office of the Marlboro'and Washington stage line ia at the above place. Also, attached to the same place is a fine RES TAURANT. )v 19-1 m Dissolution of copARTNERsnip.-Tbe Copartnership existing between KDWARB OWEN and SAM'L W OWEN, in the Military and Naval Merchant Tailoring, nnder tbe firm of E OWEN A St#N. for the last 20 years, is this dav by mutual consent. The buainesa in futnrawill be conducted by SAM'L W. OWEN, at their old stand,fil'2 Pennsylvania avenue, to whom pay ments will b? made ef all outstanding debts doe the late firm. E. OWEN, August 1,1864. (aul lml SAM'L W. OWN. C. W. BOTELER. JNO. W. BOTELEB C. W. BOTELER fc SOW, IUFOBTBRS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IB CHIN A. GLASS AND CROCKERY WAKE, TABLE CUTLERY, SILVER-PLATED WAKE, BRITANNIA WARE, BLOCK TIN GOODS, TIN CHAMBER BETS, COAL OIL LAMPS. JAPANNED WAITERS, DOOR MATT8, FEATHER DUSTBES. BRUSHES. WOOD WARS, AND H0U8KKSKPING ARTICLES GENERALLY. 8GT HOUSES. HOTELS, AND STEAMBOATS furnished at short notice. 318 IRON HALL, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. 17-eo6as between 9th and loth sta |\]OTICB?FOR 8 A LB?4 00 eeta of one, two, end 1^1 four horse eeeond hand HARNESS; 809 good nnd hand SADDLES and BRIDLES, ApJyto . JOHNSTON, No ST3 Penn avanna, between 4K nnd tth at.? opposite National Hotel, JyU-lm* WANTS. ANTED? By ? rMptetable roniif (Irl i 8IT ? ' UATION to cook, wash nud iron. Apply at Ho. 27 K st. |___ It* ANTED?By a young fomu, k SITUATION as cook, washer ana ironer, or to do general housework. Address M. 0 , Star Office. It* \KTANTED?By a young woman, a SITUATION " as chambermaid, waitress. or to do washing and ironing. Address H. P., 8tar Office. It* WANTRD TO RENT?A completely famished BOUSE in this city or Georgetown. Address "Captain." at this office. an *0-*t* WANTED?A YOUNG MAN in a Furniture Store, one who is well acquainted with the bupiness preferred. Address Box 557, City Post Off ce. an l0-6t WANTED?By a respectable young Man, a 8IT U ATION as assistant bookkepp r in aoy w?ll established wholesale house. Address N. CT. S., Star Office. au 10-2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?At ANDREW J. JOYCE'S Coach Factory, one first class HAND on carriage parts and general Jobbing. Stealy work and good wages. an IQ-St* WANTED?By an American (irl, a SI LU AT ION as chambermaid; has no objection to a first class boarding bouse. Good reference given. A pleasant home more of an oblect than wages. Ap plj^at 457 2d st_east, near 'the city cars. It* A WIDOW LADYOFFER3 HSR8BRVICE9 TO the Ladies of Washington as a monthly Nurse, having bad from ten to fifteen years experience. Can give the best of reference. For add-ess in quire at the Star Office. an ir>-3t* SERVANT WOMAN WAN TED ?Wanted, a middle a*ed Woman, to cook, wash and inn, in a family of fonr persons, including the nurse. A white wcman preferred. Any one wishing a comfortable heme, with good waees.will find this a pleasant situation. Apply to WALTER HOWB, 372 Pa avenue. au 10->t /^ANVA88ER3 WANTED.-Four or five smart enterprising men wanted to canvasi in the Hospitals and around the defences of Washington, for CORPS BALGES. Discharged soldiers pre ferred. Agents are making from $5" to per week Also, one nan to go to Frederick. App'y toJ.BARNET Sc CO., 262 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, D. C _ au 10-3t* W~AN rBD^XSALB8MAN. An invalid soldier preferred. Inquire at Brady's Gallery. No. 352 Pa ay. au9-3t* WAN TED-A smart ROY, to attend a Book Stand. Wanted Bonks, Government Books, in any quantity, at HUNTER'S Great Antiquarian Bookstore, opposite Grover's Theater, au 9-3t^ WANTED?In a private family, a good COOK, WASHER and IRONER. None but a com petent person need apply. No. 42T F street, bet. 6th and 7th. au 9 3t* ANTED?A young MAN or BOY. well recom mended. to act as clerk in an ics cr*am sa loon. ODe whose parents reside in the city pre ferred, Inquire at 244 G. between 17th and 18th sts., near W ar Department. au 9 3t* w A YOUNG LADY, haying leisure time between the hours of 9 ?. m. and 6 p m.. wishes to devote it to COPYING, or WRITING of anv de scription Persons wishing her services will ad dress "E." Btar office. au 91w* A nTED?A good second or third hand BA KER. Apply at the 8'ar Office. au 8-3t* w w ANTED-A good CDAMBERMAID Apply at 310 II st., between 15J? and 16'h. au8 3t* w ANTED?A mounted 8H0W CASE, 6 or 7 feet long. Inquire at Star Office. an 8-3t WANTED-WELL DIGGEBS. Enquire at the Government carpenter shop, corner of Nevr York avenue and 18th street. au 8-.'it' ANTED-A YOUNG MAN as porter. Atailor, who wishes to leave his trade, preferred. Must bring good recommendations, au 8 3t* M. WILLI AN. 336 Pa- av. ANTED-A practical FARMER and GARDE NER, to take charge of a farm and market garden seven miles from this city Apply at F. BROGDEN'S Feed Store, K st..near?2d. an 8 lw* ANTED-Two eood JOURNEYMEN BAR HEPS. The best of given. Apply at No. 136 Bridge street, Georsr?*town. au 8-St* HENRY BONITZ. WANTED-A smart, active COLORED BOY, to work in an Ice Cream fealoon. Apply imme diately at 244 7th street north, between M and N. auS-lt* WANTED.?A 8ITUATION as Salesman or Bookkeepfr in some retail, wholesale or commission bouse. He ba= had twenty years ex perience in the business. Well acquainted in the city. Best of reference given. Address S. D. M., Star Office. au 8-3t* ANTED?A first class COOK and TABLE WAITER. Apply at JACKSON BRO. A CO., 333 Pennsylvania avenue. au 6 lw* ANTED-Four JOURNEYMEN _ CARPEN TERS. to whom the best wages will be given. Apply to SAMUEL WISE, 346 E street, between 12th and 13th. au 6 4t* WANTED?As an employee in my Drug store, a YOUNG MAN of five or fix years' experi ence in the apothecary and prescription business. No application will be entertained unless accom panied with the highest testimonials a?to honesty, capacity, Ac. ISAAC ENTWI8TLE. Apothecary, 94 King street, au31w* Alexandria, Va. TREACHER WANTED?who is capable to teach 1 the English branches?to teach from 1 to 4 o'clock d m.. except Saturday and Sunday. Ap ply at B. GU8D0RF, corner II and 6th streets, be tween 1 and 3 p. m. Good recommendation is re quired. Parent* or guard ians who wish to send their children to the German. Hebrew and English School.8th street, between II and I, will please apply at 8. KOHLBERG, corner 7th and II streets, before the 1st of September next. au 3-eo2w* The subscriber wishes to PURCHASE (for cash) a FARM of one or two hundred acres, in northern or western Pennsylvania. It must be in good cultivation, with all the necessary dmildings for a well regulated farm. Address J. D., Box 3*S4, Washington, D. C_. Jy 11-lm* jRTlLLERY HORSES WANTED AT ONCE. X Chikf Qcamkrmabtib's Ornc?, WA8HINQT0N DSPOT, WlSHIKOlO*, July 29, 1864. HOB8E8 suitable for artillery service will be purchased at this depot, by the undersigned, in onen market, from date until September 1, 1864. in lota of six to fifty, at one hundred and eighty dol lars (f 18")per animal; each animal to be subjected to the usual Government inspection before being accepted. , . ? Horses to be delivered to. and inspected by Capt. C. H Tompkins, A. Q. M., U. 8. A., corner 22d and 0 atreets, Washington, D- ? ruOKKR, Brigadier General, Chief Quartermaster, Jy29-Z?td Depot of Washington. ll/TlfTB D-SEOOND HAND FURNITURE. VV Also, MIRB0R8, CARPETS, BEDS. BED DING, and H0U8EFURNI8HING G00D8 of every description. R. BUCHLY, 42* 7th street, Je8-tf between G and H. east side. ????s^???^?s^?s? EDUCATIONAL. [i BORROMEO COLLEGE, Pikesville, Baltimore county, Md , optus i'a ninth annusJ aessioa on MONDAY, the 6th of September. P. 0. address, Rfv. E. 0. WALDRON, Principal of BorTomeo College. Pikesville, Md. au 10-lw* QIOI^ETOWN ACADfEoMY>ounq No. 128 Bridge St., between Congress and High sts. The annual exercises of this Ins'itution will com mence on MON DA Y. the 6th of Bep'ember next. Circulars can be nad at Mr Orandell's Book store, Georgetown, or Mr. Joyce's Bookstore, Penn. avenue, near 2f>th street. Washington, Rev. OLIVER COX. Principal. ?yCar tickets will he supplied by the Principal to pupils residing in Washington, at half price, ac 2-eolm* MILITARY BOARDING BCHOOL-On Balti more Railroad, 16 miles from Philadelphia. Pupils have the benefits of a home; thorough course in Mathematics, Languages, English. &c. Number limited. Terms moderate. Received at anytime. Fine Library and Apparatus. Address Rev. J. HERVEY BARTON, A. M., Village Green Seminary. Delaware county. Pa ly 9-7w* GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS Georgetown corporation stock. - Those persona who may be disposed to pur chase Georgetown Corpo/ation Stock,which bears an interest of nix per cent, per annum, payable quarterly, can obtain some by applying to WM. LAIRD. Clerk of said Corporation. Je ?-dtSl TOWING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, bythe 1 Potomac Tow Company's boats, "Potomac," "Gov. Curtln" and "Belle Haven." Apply to the Captains on board, or to JOHN B. DAVIDSON, my 18- Water street. Georgetown. CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON 8TOCKfor aale, in sums to suit Apply to J AS O McGUIRE k 00., au l-d!2t Auction and Commission Merchants. FOR 8ALE?A beautiful, stylish, pure blood BLACK HAWK MORGAN HORSE; fifteen and a half hands b?*h, weighing one thousand pounds, bunt in propor tion, six years old, and a perfect model of beautj, without blemish; perfectly kindin single and double harness, and all right in ?very way. This Horse has been raised by the celebrated Morgan stock breeder. Lewis Sherman, Esq., Brandon, Vermont, to whom the present owners refer any purcha^r for his pedigree. Be was brought here six months a*o at a great expense, and is now sold without a single fault, as the owner, after various nnsueeesefnl efforts, can not match him in style, action, or co>or in any part of the county. He is perfectly gentle, and can be handled or driven by any lady, or even a boy. The attention of private families and army officers is respectfully invited to this fine animal. No hors* dealers need apply. He will only be ?old toprivate citisens or army officers. Price S4A0 He can be seen at the stables of KKL LEH ER ft PYWILL, lighth street, between D *Vor particulars apply at the stables, or at the store of P. J. BELLE W, 410 Seventh street, near Qdd Fellows' Hall. It 13-tf 17ROM PARIS.?The Knightage of Great Brt r tain. Houee of Oommons. Peerage of Great Britain. Baronetage of Great Britain. British Almanac and Oo? ran ion for 1864. The States man's Year Book, 1W4. Dod's Peerage of Or eat .Mb. ""ViA'oTVrjA'R g W. 0WlHfc n. OWIM * SON, M S *CBAN T*f?A Ylo R s. 218;Penn. PERRIEN'S NSW TOPOGRAPHICAL WAR MAP OF TH1 SOUTHERN STATES, With a Chronology of Uie Great Rebri^lion: JO cents. teU TKAV0S TAYLO 1? for rent and sale, ^ ^SNT-A STORK ROOM. No. T6>. corner r 3d ai,o ,ta" aear the Navy-Yard. [aul^St* F'irrvnt a FRAMK HOUSE containing four fM. T"l kitchen. Applr at Wo. 297 3d rtr ??.???. avenue. an K>-?t? r7*OR >4AT K will, stock and fixtures of f ? waMKLBie4??l "'l' bn si LP gg Applr at the sh? p< on Br,df? .. I?? ' near the market. ,a 1' 3t FOR 8ALE?A first-rate BOILfc * "?L?*?1'??"i Boiler nearlr new; Engine in > "JP* ruttatag order. Can be se*u at work daily. ^**s,sons '"r selling a contemplated change In the oasinese. Address P. O. Box 898. Washington^au U' lw* FOR RKNT?Part "or a HOU8*, unfurnis??ed consisting of a saloon pa?lor. chambers, a^d bath-room; suitable for housekeeping. Gas aa?< water. Apply 4fe?6 Mass. avenue, between ?th and 5th streets au 10-21* POR 8ALE-A*BUSINE8S that is paying* we*k i * of one hundred and twentr-nve dol lars. The slock is worth doub'e the araount of what it will be sold for. Atfdre^s "RuBinem," (wnerean interview can be had,)Star Office. II* ~<OR RINT-?iveor six FURBISHED R0 5*S; parlor &nd bed-room on the Erst floor, ootn rnnnir*ting; several bed-rooms 'n the second and wurd floors. Apply at No. 2 J2 F street, near the Treaeurr and opposite Willsrd's Hotel. , _au 10-3t* FOR SALE?A FARM, containing 90 acres, dis tant abont six miles from Washington, over j the Navy Yard bridge. A large body of the land is in ^ood timber, the remainder uud*r cultiva "OD.< 'D?ludin?f a young peach orchard Also, a good dwelling houB? and stable. Por further par ticnlars inquire of WM. 8'1'ORY, South Capitol st., between P and Q streets. au lu 6t" ROOMS POR RENT?Two pleasant ROOMS, suitable for No. 61 13M st., j near B st.. Island. au 9-4t* tJTORB. WITH ONK ROOM. POR RKNT, on *-7Capitol Hill, corner B at. north and istst. east, suitable for a grocery store, Inquire at the store. au 9 3t* 0. 80LQER. STORK TO LET?In a central situation, lighted with gas, and provided with all necessary fix* tures. Apply at 335 K street, between9th and 10th. A1>0. BOY WANTED. Apply as above. ?u9-3t*J FOR RBNT WITH BOARirFOR TWO~G*N TLBMEN?A large back PARI.OR. on moder ate terms, at 439 9th street, opposite Posto ffloe. au 9-2t* FOR RKNT?A two story FRAME HOUSE.con taining four rooms, and situated on K street, between 18th and )9th, south side. No. 160. Ap ply on the premises. P. McDONUGH. au9-2t* FOR RENT?A BRICK HOUSE containing six rooms, a'so a large garden. T&e house is in a good coodition. References required. Apply to Mrs. SHEA, in the rear of No. 530 13th street, be tween B and C streets, Is'and. au 9 2t* IT'OR 8ALE?The Good Will atid Fixtures of a " BARBER 8HOP. corner 7th and L streets. Will be sold cheap, as the present owner is about o 1 eave the city. Jau 9-3t* IIENRY CONNOR. FOR RENT?One BRICK HOUSE, six rooms, Tery convenient, situated on P ?t., between 4th and 5th streets north. Apply to THOS HOL LIDGE, corner of 5th and P sts. north. Best of references required. an 9-2t* ROOM FOR RENT?No. 309 E street, between 13th and 13% streets. Wili be rented only for an office, store room, for light goods, or work shop. Apply at HUNTER'S BOOK STORE, au 9 3t* FOR RENT?A front and back ROOM and front BASIMENT, in a ht-ftltliy portion of toe city. To respectable parties these rooms will be let plngly or together Inquire of Mrs. GEORQK F0RBRS.210 New York avenue, between 4?h and 5th streets au9 2t* FOR SALE?A cash ru?tom?r can pureha?? two (2) the best located and best Stted up BUTTER STANDS in Center and N. L. Markets. Average sales joo pounds butter daily. Inquire of BROWN A POWERS. P lumbers. Ninth street, or M. CO BUBN, Butter Dealer, Ei jbth, near D. an 9-3t* FOR RKNT. FURNISHED BRICK HOUSE, WITH SIX Rooms, at $40 per month. I F A NEW FRAMK. SEVEN ROOMS. EITHER fcr rent or sale, at $40 per month. A FARM OF ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY ti ve Acres; good buildings, six miles from the city, at 9l,0U0 per year. TOR SALE A LARGE FINK BRICK RKSIDKN0K ON C street, between 3d and 4>4 streets?the best neigh borhood in the cilv. HALL A BATON, Real Estate Brokers, cor 7th and F Streets. FIVE ACRES N KAR GEORGETOWN"FOR SALE. TEN ACRES ON BLADENSBURG ROAD FOR sale. THIRTY ACRES. wllTIi FIn1T~IMPR0VE ments, on Bladensburg road, 2S miles from city. HALL A EATON, au 9-31* Corn*r7th and F streets, 3 FOR LENT?A small furnished HOUSE, con taining seven rooms, gas and water. 494 D, between 1st and 2d sts. an 8-3t* ttEVXKAL PLEASANT ROOMS WILL BE rented low, to gentlemen only. Situation de sirable. 319 i>th st.. between L and M. au 8 3t* FOR SALE?The goodwill, stock and fixtures of the BARBER SHOP, No. 491 10th street, Simpson House. Applr on the premises, au 8-St* P^OR RENT?Two ROOMS or more on the first floor of a private dwelling. No. *< Missouri av., between 4'i aiid 6th, near the corner of 6th street. au 8-3t* FOR RENT?A three-story BRICK HOUSE, with Basement, containing nine rooms, with Fur niture, on G. between 4th and 6th streets. No. 514. Apply to E. WROB, corner of 12th street and Mas sachusetts avenue, or on the premises, au 8 4t* OK S A LB? BR I(TlT HOUSE. LOT ANDFl'R NlTl'RE? The handsome and newly builttwo story Brick and extension, containing 6 rooms, with barn, all in complete order. No 348 O st. north, between 10th and 11th. Terms easy. Apply on the premises. a<i8-lw* QOBLING HOUSE FOR SALE" The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi ness, and oilers bis well Known house for sale. Any one wishing to engage in a LUCRATIVE BUSINE88 can call on the Proprietor. *24 7 Penn sylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th sts. au 8 6t_^ AND FOR SALE?Apply at the first bouse from j the Eastern Branch Bridge. au 61m* r?URNI*HED ROOMS FOR KENT, BOARDING house in the neighborhood where meals are served. Inquire at No. 320 New York avenue, be tween 9th atd 1th steeets. au 6 lw* F~"ORSALE. REMARKABLY LOW?a very pret ty COTTAGE HOU8K, six rooms stable car riage-house. and 21 ,?**? feet of ground, with choice fruit and flowers, on Capitol Hill. For particulars a? d photograph view, apply to MITCHELL tc SON, Real Estate Brokers, 8, E. corner Penn. ave nue and 10th street. au 6-lw* ESIRABLK FURNISHED HOUSE OPPOSITE FRANKLIN ROW.?We are authorized to let to a satisfactory tenant a desirable BRICK RES IDENCE, (furnished.) with a brick Stable, situa ted on south aide cf K street, between 12th and 13th streets west. JA8. C. McGUIRE & CO., au 5-Gt Auction and Com. Merchants. F- OR 8ALE-A most excellent FRAMTTDWeIT LING,(or Boarding House.) new and in perfect condition, house 24 by 4H, lot 30 by 1?K) feet, fifteen rooms and two good cellars. Immediate possession. Situated on the north side of L street, between 221 and 23d streets. First Ward. Price Sl.500. Apply on the premises or to MITCHELL Sc. 80N, Real Estate Brokers, southeast corner Pennsylva nia avenue and 15th street. aug 3 14t* ROOMS FOR RENT, at 450 12th street, east side, betwet n G and II sts. The situation is one of the most desirable in Washington. au2-lm OR~RENT?One of the STORE ROOMS under Medical College on F street,near 12th. Inquire of Dr. j. E MORGAN, au2-tf Corner Md. av.. and ltth st.. Island. FOR SALE?Cheap for cash, and early possession given, a FRAME HOtJSB. LOT and GROCERY STOKE. The house contains six rooms, including the store. The house and lot may be sold without the stock if so desired. For further particulars inquire on th? premises. No. 226 Sixth street west, bet. M and N streets ?ortb. au 2 9t* F~OR RENT?One BRICK HOUSE with 15 rooms on Pennsylvania avenue, between 4>% and 6th stnets. opposite the National Hotel, and one FRAME IIOUSB on tx street, Islaud, near R st. Apply to H. 8. JOHNSON. No. 373 Pa. av., bet. 4y? and 6th sts .opposite National Hotel, au 1-lOt* F^OR SALE.?The sabsc?iber wishes to sell a FARM, containing about 20 acress, more or less, distant about four miles from Washington, D. C . over the upper Eastern Branch bridge. A large body of the land Is in good limber, and about forty acres of superior meadow land. Title indis putable. Address J. D., Box 384, Washington. I). C. au 1-lm* VALUABLE PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE ? IN TBE FIRST WARD.?The undersigned will sell all or part of that valuable property upon which be resides, sitnated on the corner of 16th and K streets, and within one and-a-half blocks of Lafayette Square, consisting of several handsome BUILDING LOTS, one of them improved bv a substantial two-story Brick House and back build in*. with good stabling. The above property will be sold low for cash. Enquire of T. DRURY, Wood A Coal dealer, near the War Department, or on the premises. JyS?-lm* SHOW CASKS POR SALE.-Just received eight elegant COUNTER SHOW CASES by the best makers in New York. Apply te P. J. BELLBW A Co.. 510 7th street, three doors aouth of Odd Pel lows' Hall. jy23 tf IT'OR RENT- One brick HOUSE, with 14 rooraa, situated on Penn'a avenue, between ix and 0th atreets. opposite National Hotel. Apply to H. 8, JOHNSTON, No 373 Penn'aavenue, between 4 &nd fith sts. j-AlT * * "-VVMUO, UOmTOU and6th sts^ jy ?1-K>f 17OR SALE?WITH IMMEDIATE P0S&B8SI0 r The three atory BRICK HOU8E, (and Lo No. 649. 9th street, Island, between D and ? streeta. It oontaina nine rooma. and is in all re ?MAtfl t dMirtblfl rMldAHM and ?*-? a ?alw streets, av toowm Dine rooms, and is In all re apeots a desirable residence and property. Apply to W. P. WALLACH. Star Office. je 18-tf 0 BENT?An elegant HOUSE, with Drown stone front, partially furnished, with all mod ern Improvements, centrally and pleasantly lo cated, No. 444 I atreet, near tha residence of 8ee retary Chase, together with large brisk stable. The premises not to be rsntoa for a boarding house. Wot particulars tBauire of Hon D. ? BOMBS on the premises, or Oapt. GEORGE ELY. No. 8T 4K street. Possession given Immediately. l?OR B A LB-A large and well-built thw-stor - 1* BRICK HOUSE, with bath building, N*. 171 Sd street west, between B and 0 sts. Immediate possession given. Apply to CHARLES B. UHl, 4114 Pa. avenue. te7-eotf DOOMS POR RBNT.? Comfortable and well 11 famished Rooms at 4SO uth street, between G and H ate- The location Is on of the most da alrable in th* dtp my S4-tf auction sales. Fw *thtT *""?*? Ealea let first page. BY THIE ArTKRWooH ABB TO.MORROW BY WM. L.WALL * CO., Aneta At the HorseliMMt, 98 La. arena*. SALE OF HORSES, C^ARRIAOES, I1AHNK33 On THURSDAY hORNING. August \\ eom. iceiicine at 10o'clock, we fhall sell, at the Baiaar 9e? L< ubiana avenue, between 9th and >:?* gt, ' com pri si ng abou t ? THIRTY HORSES, including? One Roan Family Horse One Family Carriage, built by J. M. Young A Bfo, 0\h?r descriptions of Horaei at Bale. Al<o,Stwo horse team Wagon* and Harare* Alstf, cither New and Second hand Carriages, Wagon*, Harnew, Ac. Terms-aA. _ an 9 St WW. L. WALL A CO.. Aacto. W. B. LEWIS A OO.f Auctioneer*. PAWNBlTDEER'S STOCK AT AUCTION. THUR8DAT, August ll?h, at 9* o'clock, at our store. No. 307 Fa. avenne, we shall sell a lar^e lot of unredeemed goo^s, about 40 gold and silver Watche*. some Terr fine Levera, Qold Chain*, Jewelry, Ar. Alio, Lady'? silk Dre?e?s. Matillas, Undfr Clothing, Co?tg, Punts. Shins, Ac. Large lot of Dry Goods, Shirtings, Sheetings, Hosiery, Ac.. Ac. au 9 (Chron) W. B. LEWIS A CO., Auets. gY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. 1 W0HAND80ME BuTlDING LOTS FRONTING ON TWELFTH STREET. BETWEEN T AND U STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, the Jlth ?nst , we shall sell, in front of premises, at 6 o'clock p m , the following handsome building lots, viz:?LotsNos. 15 and 16 in W. H. Gunneli'a tubfii vision of square No. 3'8, those lots fronting on 12th street west 21 1-2 feet e?ch. running back with a Bide aMey, 93 fe?t to an alW 14 feet 2 inches wide, and contain 1,999H feet each, in both 3-999 feet. Also, on FRIDAY, the 12th inet., we shall eel!, in front of the premises, at o'clock. Lot No 21. in square No 630, having a front of 19 feet on Ilair street west, between M and N streets south, near the corner of N street; runs back 168 feet 7 inches to a 3*' feet alley- and contains 7,570^ square feet. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6 and 12 months for notes bearing interest from day of Bale. A deed gives and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. Title indisputable acd^guaranteed an 8 d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auets. B Y THOMAS BOWLING, Anct.; Georgetown. B PROVISION STORE. GOOD WILL. STORE FIX TURES, AND A GENERAL ASSORTMENT OF GOODS, AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY MORNING, Augu?t 12. 1864, at 10 o'clock. I will sell, at the store of W. A. Douglass. Esq.. No 1*4 Bridge street, his entire stock of Goods, also the Good Will, Lease, and Fixtures cf the Store. Terms cash. an 10 THOMAS DOWLING, Auct. Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. At lA? Horst Bazaar 99 Louisiana av. SALE OF HORSES, OARRI AGES. HARNESS. Ac. On SATURDAY MORNING, August 13. com mencing at 10 o'clock, we shall sell at the Bazaar and Repository. No. 9*$ Louisiana avenue, be tween 9th and 1 th streets, comprising about FIFTY nORSES, Including some valuable harness and saddle horses. Full description at sale. ALSO NEW AND SECOND HAND CARRIAGES. Light Wagons, D?arbona, Trotting Wagons, large \Vagor8, suitable for sutlers; family Carriages, one Carriage suitable for a Hack, with which the sale will commence. ALSO SINGLE AND DOUBLE HARNESS, Ac. Terms cash. au lu-d W. L. WALL A CO., Auets. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. GROCERIES, LIQUORS. STORE FIXTURES, Ac., Ac., AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the 16th instant, at 10 o'clock a. m., we sbnll sell at the store of Mr. G. W, Miller, corner of 7th street east and I street south. Navy Yard, a good assortment of Groceries and Liquors, viz: Teas. Sugars, and CofTees, with an Assortment of other Groceries, usually kept in a family grocery store. Also, a good lot of Liquors, in Draft and Bottles, and the Store Fixtures, such as Platform and Counter Scales, Measures, Stand Casks, Ac., Jcc. Terms fash. au 9 d IRep l GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. B Y JAMES C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. EIGHT BUILDING LOTS AT THE CORNER OF NOKTH R STREET AND THIRD STREET WEST On MONDAY AFTERNOON. August 15th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, we shall s?ll, LotsNos. 14 and IS, in Square No. 561. divided into eight de sirable building lots, fronting about 20 fret each on 3d street west, at the corner of north R street. Terms : One third in aash; and the remainder in C and lit months, with interest secured by a deed of trust on the promises. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of tlxe pur chasers. A payment of $20 on each lot required at the time of Bale. J A8. O. AlcGUIRI A CO., an 9-ri [R<-p ] Auctioneers. ?Y J. C. McGUIRE A Co., Auctioneers. B1 On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, August 23,1364, at 6 o'clock, we shall sell, at public sa'e on the prem ises, the west half of Square No. 828, fronting on north M, Boundary, ai.a 6th streets east, contain ing about 21.828 equare feet, in lots to snit pur chasers. Ihis property is located near Kendall Green. Terms of sale: One-fourth cash; the balance in 6, 12 and 18 months Deed given and deed of trust taken to secure the deferred payments. Ali the writings and Government stamps at the cost of the purchasers.^ g RENDA T. M. HAN80N. SAMCEL N0BMENTt Committee of National Building Association. J. C. McGUIRE A CO., au 3-eoAds [Rep ] Auctioneers. B Y J. O. McGUIBE A CO., Aaetioneers. VALUABLE FNIMPROVED PROPERTY ON NORTH G STREET, BETWEEN 21ST AND ti'JD STREETS WEST On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, August 17th, at 6 o 'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lot No. 8. in Square No. 79, fronting 50 feet SV inches on the nortb side of north G street, between 21st and 22d streets west, to be sold together or divided into two building lots, as may be desired, Terms : One-third cash; the remainder In six and twelve months, wiih interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at the co6t of the pur chaser. au9-eoAds J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auets. Gray's Patent Molded Collars, Are universally pronounced the neatest and best fitting collars extant. The upper edge present* a perfect eurve, free from the angles noticed in all other collars. The cravat causes no packers on the inside of the tn.rn-down collar; they are as SMOOTH INSIDE AS OUTSIDE, and therefor* rfectly free and easy to the neck. The Garotte Collar haa a smooth and evenly fin ished edge on both sidts. m These Collar* are not simply fiat piece* of paper out In the form of a collar, bat are MOLDED ANDBHAPED TO TIT THE NECK. They are made la "Novelty," (or turn-down ?trie;) In every half sice from 13 te 17 Inches, and in "Eureka," (or Garotte J fr cm 13 to 17 Inches; and packed in " solid siies" in neat bine cartons, containing 100 each; also in smaller ones of tea each?the latter a very handy package for traveler* army and nary officers. KTEVERY COLLAR 1* stamped "GRAY'S PATENT MOLDED OOLLAB." Bold by all dealer* in men'* furnishing good*. T*e trade rapplied by WALL, STEPHENS A OO., apl<-3m 339 Pa. a venae, Washington, NOTICE.?I have opened anew BABBER SHOP on C street, between 1st street and New Jer sey avenue, at Boyli'a Hotel, where I will be glad to see my friend* and customer*. A. LBUTNJSK, C street, between 1st and N. J. av., 1y7-lm* Boyle's Hotel, near the Depot REIHIOMIATOBJ " 000?? ^ AT COST! AT COST I We would call the attention of the pub lic to our stock of_REFhIGERATOBB ** m i'ui tibvvn ? ? and WATER COOLERS, which we are closing out at prime cost. We advise all in quest of the abeve articles to give n* a call and be fiure of a bargain. B BONTZ, Successor to Bontr A Griffith, an 3-2w 369 7th street, near I. WASHINGTON OITT SAVINGS BANK, v v IaoearoaATiB March 8th, 1864. EDWARD SIMMS, President and Treasurer. EDWARD CLAKK, Vice President and Secretary. Directors. WM. P. DOLE, THOS. J. GARDNER, J. J. COOMBS, _ 8. V. NILES, JOHN B. EL VANS. . , . Thia Bank is now open for the receipt of deposits, at the aew Banking House, No. 68 Louisiana av enue, under simm^MW building. BDWARD CLARK, Secretary, EDWAED CLABK A OO BANKERS. At the Savings Banj^. No. 88 Louisiana avenue KOTA^OLg qn 0?. jrtMs fflWftfttll riouxet ?omuiii hobbuiii El flT8. HI?- 1176. . . . . W4^otoh^.8TO?Xi5M One hundred aad seventv five dollars ($175) each will be paid for all OAVALBY HOBSE8 that p?ss inspection at Giesboro Depot, until otherwiw or dered. Honrs of inspection from 9 a. m. till 6 p. m, JAMES A. EE IN, Lieut. Colonel i - ana Chief Quartermaster, JylT W Cavalry Barew. AUCTION SALES. FTTTtmK OATS. |^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. DEPIBABLE IMPROVED PROPRRTT AT AUC TION. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. August It. at 6 o'clock, in front ot the premises, we will sell that desirable brick house andlot,situated on 7th street ?rrit between I and K streets north being the scuta part of lot ft. in ?27 ThelotlsW frrt front br 70 fwt deep, improved br a three story brick store and dwelling. The store is *? br 6'> fe^t. fitted up in ir.wdern style, and has beea occupied for several ye?*s past a* a dry goods store. The dwelling part contains 7 rooms, pleasant and well arrange. There in ?lso a good, dr* cellar nnder the (tore, making, altogether. one <*f the u oat d?airat?le investments in the northern part of the eity. The bout* is No. 37 1, on tha west shie of th# street. Tltla perfect. Terms cash Conveyancing at coot of purchaser attfl-d OR3EN A wn.Ll AM8. Aarft f Y J. C. McGOlRJt k OO., Auctloneera. n HARCERY SALE OP VALUABLE 1MPR(?T*I> AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY Under and by virtue of a decree of the 8uMi>m# Court. of the District cf Columbia, sitting in equity, pasted July #tb, 15PI. in a certain cauie wherein Sarah Ann Browaf aad stbera ar<> con plaii.antw. and Ambrose A. Brown and others are defendants. No. 221 equity, we shall sell on tha premiees. on MONDAY the 2!>th day ef August, commencing with the first nuned, at 6 o'clock p. lu. Lot No. 1, In Square No. 5c?. fronting ?> fe?t en north K street, at the cornsr of Secona street vest, and running T^aek H*l feet to a E feot alley. Also, the north part of Lot33. in Jas C. McGuire'a subdivision ofP-ni're No. 62*. fronting 15 feet T inches oh Tenth attest weat. bet wen 6 and H *U. no'th. and running back 1.T0 f, ,-t 4 inches te a >3 foot alley, and improved by a three story Brick Dwelling House. Terms : One-barf in ca???; the re-atoinder in niaa and eighteen months-, wifh interest from the dap of sr. sto be secured "by tl* bonda or note* of the purchasers, with a surety or sureties, to be an proved of by the trustees. Upon the full payment cf_the purchase raoaay and interest, the trustees ?rul convey tho proper ty. All conveyances and stamp* st the cest of the purchaser. If the terme of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter, the trustee* reserve the right to resell, on ode work's notice, at the risk aud expense of the defaulting purchaser. 010. W. DUVALL NICHOLAS C. STEPHENS, ( Tru?*?? eu 6-eoAds JA8.0. McQUaRE k CO.. Aacts. JJY GREEN k WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. FOR SALE? All that part cf Lot 36. in Square MS, and the building thereon, consisting of itwo story Frame House, containing abont six rooms, the same known as A56 3d street west, between south 17 at. and Virginia av. If the above property be not sold at private sale on or before SATl RDAY, the I3tt day of Auguat^ 1801. I will sell the same at public auction, on the premises, to wil : on SATURDAY, 13th day sf August, A. D. 1864. at fi>4 o'clock. WM. JOHN IflLLER, Attorney at Law, 38 Lonieiana ar., near S'h strset, an 5-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucta. B Y J. C. McGUIRE k CO.. Auctioneers. TRUSTRE'S PALE OF NINE BUILDING LOTS ON 1ST STREET WEST, AT THE CORNER Of SOUTH D STREET. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. August 30. at6 .1 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue o??adeedo_ trust, dated May 7th, 1857, and duly recorded In Liber J. A. S. No. 133. folios 22 et seq., we shall sell all of Lot No 6, in Square No. 63S, fronting US feet on First street west, at the corner of south D street, and running back SO feet, subdivided into S Lots lSxbO, and one Lot 20x80. Terms cash. Convevances at the cost of the ourcbas?v A cash'payment off20 on each lot will be required at the time of sale. HORATIO N. GILBERT. Trustee. Jy 27 d J. C. MoGUIRE A PP.. Aucta. JJY J. C. McGUIRE k CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OF A VALUABLE BP.tOE HOUSE AND LOT ON I2TH STREET W ?8T, BETWEEN NEW YORK AVENUE AND I ST. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting in equity, and passed in a certain cause wherein Mary A Roche fa complainant and James E. Smith et al. are de fendants, 1 sh?ll proceed to sell, in front of the premises, on TH CRSDAY, the lbth day of Augast next, at 6 o'clock p. m., all that certain pieee or parcel of ground situate, lying and being in the city of Washington, in the District of Columbia, ana designated ns Lot nasiked and lettered "L, in Robert J. Roche's subdivision of parts of LoU numbered twelve (!2i and thirteen (13.) in Square numbered two hundred and eighty six, ( 286.) with the improvements thereon, consisting of a neat and substantial brick dwelling house. This property fronts on 12th str?et west, be tween New York avenue and I street north, in a very desirable section of the citT. Terms o' sale: One-half be paid on theday of sale; the balance in six months, the purchaser f:iving his note, satisfactorily endorsed, and bear ng interest from the day of sale. All conveyancing and Government stamp* at the cost of the purchaser. A8BT7RY LLOYD, Trustee. au 2-eoAds JA8. C. McGUIRE k CO , Auctt. AUCTION SALE OP GOVERNMENT PROP ERTY. Department of thkIntebior, J Ojfirt of the Washington Aqn*4urt, S Washington-. D. O., August S. 18S4 \ Will be sold at public auction, on TUESDAY, AngUft 16, commencing at 10 a. m. A large let of miscellaaeous property connected with the Washiugtun Aqueduct consisting it one Stationary Steam Engine, about 35 tons old Wrought Iron, 21 tons old Cast Iron, 738 barrel* Hydraulic Cement, l uw> pounds Asphall,6 aaphalt kettles,5 stone grows. 630f*) feet B. M. old Tim ber. several wooden buildings, together with ? large lot of hoisting and travelling cranes, blocka and falls, wire and hemp rope, derrioks, shovels, wheelbarrow frames, strap and T rails, a quantity of granite, Ac., Ac. The above property is situated at Bridge 6. and the Government warehouse in Georgetown, Dis tributing Reservoir, Cabin John Bridge, Great Falls snd Seneca quarries. Descriptive printed lists of the property In each locality will be furnished eu and after the 10th inst. at this office The sale will take place on the ground, except the property at 8eneca quarries, which will he sold at Great Falls from the descriptive list. If not all sold on the loth the sale will be con tinued on the 17th, at the same hour. Ten per cent, ot the purchase money will be paid on the day of sale, ana the balance on taking pos session of t>e property, which must be within eix days after the sale, or the ten percent, will be forfeited and tlie property resold. By order of the Secretary of the Interior. 8. SEYMOUR, au S-llt Chief Eng. Washington Aqueduct. RUCTION SALE OP CONDEMNED H0RSE3. Wii DipabtMbht, Catalky Buxiao, rtMikt Catalky BcaiAO, 1 Qfice of Chitf Quartrrmajtm, I shtnrton, D. C., August 3, 1864. \ Washington, ? - Will be sold at Public Auction, to the highest bidder, at the times and places named below, eis : Reading, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, August 15, 1861. Altoona. Pennsylvania,THURSDAY, August 26, 1861. Lebanon, Pennsvl vani a, TI1U BSD AY, September 1, 1854. Hanisburg, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, Sep tember 8. 1S64. TWO HUNDRED (2^) CAVALRY HORSES, at each place. These horses have been condemned as unfit fee the cavalry service?f thearmy. For road and farming purposes, many {rood bar gains may be ba<T. Horses sold singly. T"- '"h-io W^,8A73eATKl!<. Lt Col. aad Chief Quartremnter, ati 5-tse8 Cavalry Bureae. A UCTION BALE OF CONDEMNED MOR8E3. War DifiiTHiiT, OATAtaT BnglAO, 1 Will be sold ?t PUBLIC a\JCTi6n, to the hl?R est bidder, at the times and places named below. T Lebanon, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, July lltk, Reading, Pennsylvania, THUR8DAY, July lift, ^Harrisbur*, Pennaylvania, THURSDAY, July ^Alloona, Pennsrlvanin, THURSDAY, AncmX 4t^iUiainpport, Pennsylvania. THURSDAY. A? *TSWOtH,UNDBED (100) GAYALRY HORSES aft. *ftTbeslehe'r?es hare been condemned as unfit <bt the Cavalry serjice of the Army. For road and farm purposes many good bar gal nay be bad. I.V.1W?.Uj?r.Sfell, Lieut. Ool, and Chief Qaartermartet, jy 6-td Cavalry Enreen PERKINS, STERNE A Oo^ ISO Bread war* RXiOLUSIYR DEALERS IN CALIFORNIA WIN?. We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PURE. For aale by all flrat-elaaa Groeereand Pragslrta ererywhere gsh W _ f IME AND CEMENT I . Lj Just received a cargo of ?af?noc ROORLAND LIME. Al?,...r^or?Krio'0 c*M|NT ?^o^yon^haud. coraM- 7th sUeet and OUil. ?f MassachasettaCLARlFIRD CIDE&.wkSk SU^for^e at thelowe.tmarket^^T tleotetl?k eepera. sutlers, and all others ia Want of a .rime article of Cider are Invited to oail |b4 ? ??b*""? n"^stt^rrtS[HS D.lo? BottUa? W>?'rypUiwn1 D.'C. WSSattSK.1ftfirtSl' *X?r?Jaa4 ?\k? V.tdicinesi If ? tw

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