Newspaper of Evening Star, August 11, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 11, 1864 Page 1
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V?. XXIV." WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY, AUGUST 11. 1864. N2. 8.573 PERSONAL. tifD it Br i)ARBlr h iiMma iQti mk _?-A i ) {tWHO ff And E tJm?I in If adviser cao be suited by calling oa hi ja. ao6-iia* f pRIVATE COMPLAINTS Ate trfat#* '*{**?* r^w^,L*0?fcnJ0rj^,r i6ti?r- ?* ?*. wrx)? A oa?. 4 > 7th 'treet. Sep^aae raoma/ar patients. Of* Crs open day and night, au Hm* Madams aholiab woolb rbspeotftjl. It announce to her friends and tine puhlia generally, that she ia bow settled permanently in Ecus* Wo. 34fi C street, between \)4 and Mb sts k Ialand. where she ia prepared to read. Wall ?h<) require it, the Past, Present and Jfutore. B-fein* up impressed medium. she is able to advise an J foopwl with safety upon all matters; aSpeciiily bD>ine?? matters; or in fart. anything of Import ,.L^i*9 75 cents; Gewtleaaen fl.2fl. Can be consulted from 8 a m. nntil 9 p. ro. aa 6-lw* EXTRAORDINARY POWBUT-Mrs I. SMITH* ?j> Clairvoyant and Test Medium, 2-W 4th street! a Pew doors above I street, with the aid of spirits examine* all kinds of disease* iiees yottr dsad ?nl living friends; describes them. gets names- tella character: reads the ffcture. Advice about bn.s ness, SitliwgtZ. jyw-lm* TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY." f> CAPS MAT. " '??? TXAW?T JERSEY At 6 a. m., accommodation dne at ?n^ At Ml, m.. express dua at I* ? ?' ?*? At 4* a a express dne at 8 p ?' Returning, leave Cape Mav? ? a. m. express du<*,at9K a. m 11.49 accoiamodatioB dne at *li b m 8.1" P. ? express dneatSV p m" nJw ears a^dltb?^L^lnte of c*rl1 or *>?****?. ImV?' ererythin^nrst-class. * 20 3m J. VAN RENSSELAER, 8np>t. BALTIMORE AA0 OHIO BAIUtUAO, On and aftarSunday, Jan* 19th, 1864, Daily Trains J tp? Washington and New York and Washington an* the Wast, as follows: FOB PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK. AND B os ton. Leave Washington at 7 30 a. m., ll.ia *. m., tnd f.JB p m. daily, except 8anday. On Sunday at *.30 p. n. only. . FOB Ba L TIM OliS i?7Q PHIL ADSL PHI A. ^Leave Washington t p na. daily, except Sob* ?*nJ?T"5in note that-, b runs as fa* as Philadelphia only, ? FOB NEW YOB&. Leave Washington daily at 6.39 p. m. THj train uJor N*w York pnssniKtrt ixcltaiotlf, J?OR BALTIMORE. Leava Washington at 6.30 a. m.,11.15 a. in., 3 p. m. 4.46 p. m ,7.2Up.m , and 8.30 p. m.,except Ban Oa Sunday at 7.30 a.m.. 3 p. m., and 8.30 p. m. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m. and 3,4.45and 9J6 p.m. daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at 3 and 8.30 p. m Ticket* sold to all pointa WE3T, and bagtan ducktd lATOUfk. FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m. and 4.48 p. m. daily, except Sunday. No train for Annapolis on Sunday. Trains leaving Washington at 7.3*> a. m. and 6.30 p. m. go through to New York without cJtansi Of rart. Sleeping cars on 6.30 and 8.30 p. m. trains. Bertha ean be seemed until Bp. m. daily at the ticket of fie#. After that hour they must be secured of tha sleeping ear conductor. The first and fifth trains stop at all way pointa. The 3 p. m. train stops only at Bladensburg, BeltsTille, Laurel, Annapolis Junction and Belay House daily, except Sunday. On Sunday it stops at all way points. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Pacsenger? will please observe that the 3 p. m. train runs only a.? for as fhilndtlpkia daily, wtpt Sunday. On Sun,lay it runs to Baltxmortttnly. Also, that the 6 Jo r. tn. train taJcts N*\? York passengtri onlv. For further information, ticket* of aay kind. Ae.. apply to OKO. 8. KOONTZ, Agent at Wash lngton^or attne Ticket Office. ? u W P SMITH, Master of Transportation. L. M COLTC. Oeneral Ticket Azent. je 20-tf QRiAT PENNSYLVANIA BOUTB *0 TUB NORTHWEST AND SOUTHWEfiT. ON AND AND AFTER NOVEMBER 14TH trains will leave Baltimore from tha North Cal vert station as follows: Tut Mail at? ? .9 JO A, M. Harrisburg Accommodation 3.00 P. M. Lightning Ex press ? 9J0 p. M. THE 6 30 A. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with the9.20 a. m. train from Baltimore for Pittsburg and the Weat.and for Blmira, BafT alo. Rochester, Dunk irk .Canandaigua. and Ni agara Fall?, and for New York eityT ,u*V41i,* THE 7.20 P. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with the 9.30 p. m. train from Balti. more for Blmira and tha North and Pittshur* and the Weat. " BLEEPING CABS ON NIGHT TRAINS BOLDiras' Tic**ts at OovsaHiiBST Ratis ONE THROUGH TRAIN Oli BDNDAY. LOW FARE AND QUICK TIME. fc^For tlekets and aay information apply at tha offica of the Great Pennsylvania Ronte, corner Penn. avenue and 6th street, under National Hotel. Washington. J. N. DOBARRY. Superintendent N. O. R. a. _ ^ A E. J WILKINB, ,,Pu" *nd Ticket Agent, ?or. 6th st and y ? Penn. avenua. DENTISTRY. QRNAL DISCOVER* IN DENTIBTRT. THtk Extract* witktMPvin with tkt Mukrtu tract?U)<'ca?lTat Dr! taetb to a? JSd htT* ^hem Ukea ?ut b? new' and harmless process. Also call andl7^^VW% examine the Doctor's new and proved method of Inserting Artificial Teeth If yon wtlVha^them'?" ln,f?OT*ment in his taeth llth and uth streets. 'F 1 aT*ntt#' Mtween _DOTU. 8. R, LEWIE, M. P., Dentirt. M. D , the lavantor aad Patantaa of the MINERAL PLaYe TEETH, at tends personally at his office in eity. Many persons can wear theseCTTTWfit teeth who cannot wear others, ??it ' ? 1 ^ parson can wear others who eannot waar these. Persons calling at my office can be accommodated vi* ? *tTl* "d price of Teeth they may desire, ?Jt JT ~ 1," ?*?tionlar and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture thai can produce, the MINERAL PLATE will ba more fully warranted Booms in thi? city?No 338 Pennsylvania avenue pliT 1014 Also, 907 Arch st? Philadelphia. mar4-ly JUM4 IMPROVE v^ttp it.. n . ^^^^^^^^aight by the nse of the cel-^7^^9| abrated Pbbblb and Pbriboopio Bfbotaolbs,uni versally acknowledged as the best for Strbboth ???u? Pmsbbtibo the impaired Eyesight, ACo'SIc,^ ?0rreCtl7 'aited' b' ?^Nk?i^ 24 4 Pennsylvania avenue^ bet. 12tb and 13th at?., avenue, under tha National PHOTOGRAPH ALBCM8, CARTES DE VISITER is * rr,mt Tl^iety. and at tha lowest prices. 0N\TIJE ATTACK AND DEFENCE OP O out posts; London. L*ndy's Elements of Fortiflcatjon; London, w/ l?0?*r^.Don?u,,,4,n Fortidratinn; London. dt,ri " ,lr,t8ystem? RimU-r; Lon Tlie Modern System of Fortification, by Thomn ? i mber: London. Field Works, by Tbos. Kimber; London Hyde's Kortiflcation." London. Lendy'Fortitication; Londoj. Mahan'a Field Portihcation. Duane's Manual for Engineers. an ? _Jt FRANCK TAYLOR. TH!STiff TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscri ber b" obtained lrom the Orphans' Courtof Washing'0"! eonnty, in the Di?trictof Columbia, letters o, administration on the personal estate of Caspar T\. Ca'per,late of Wa-?hinyton city, D.C., dece^ea,' A)1 persons having clams against tha said dec^a*ed are hereby warned to exhibit the ?a^e^With the Touchers thereof, to the subscriber, op/y ^?fore the 3Kth day of June next: they may fkla'TJ'e .by 'aw be excluded from all benefit of faid estate. j . _ Given under my A. D. 1864. ?r my hand this 28th day of June fjea law3w?| MARY CASPER. TH18 " GIVE NOTICE, That the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington eounty, i? the District of Columbia, Jl!t!rV w tbL*i ,*?!#al estate o} John hroitn* l&u* of Washinctoo citY 1) (1 deceased. All persons baving claims against the aa(d deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, tothe subscrib-r, on or before the 3<>tn uay of July next- thev m?? otherwise by law be excluded benafiT of the said estate. Given under my hand this 30th day of July i<vu an l-law3w? H. O. JAE.ER.' ri-'HISISTO GIVE NOTICE, Thitth^bscrl I ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington county, in the Distrietef Colnmhia lett<*raot administration on the personal estate of Auseph Reynolds, late of Washington couaty B C.,deceased. All persons having claims agaiuai the said deceased, are hereby waraad to exhibit the same, with yoacbers thereof, to the snbs.-r| bar, on or befcra the 3nth day of Jnly next; they ?aay otherwise, by law, b? excluded from all bane ate of the said eatate. Given under ay hand this Sf'th of July, 1864. . Test: Z. 0. ROBBINS. aul taw^w* Register of Wills. 80K1 BE ^ WORKS .?La Bohemiaaaa, 36c,; Ber trand at Ratren, 26c.; Jaahat,25c.:GusUva III, ??.; Le Manage aBfantin, 26c.: Philibert Maria, ?c.;La piua beau Jour de la Via, 25c.; Le Vieu* Mari, 26c.; Les Contas da la Beina da Navarra, 36c.; La Camaraderie J6c.; Le Moulia de Javalla : '"IL beuraau, 26o.; ba JKrWii?Sw5iy.?"lu~- **? *?4""" IBM FEAN0K TAYLOB AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DATS. pY J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. CLIFTON) OH THE HJIIGHT8 OP flBflPflin &?ssd?&sss> ?&s?iM^ffartatsasRSf day of Apgnet next, at 5 o'clock in the ito.V?n on the premises. fcor the informmtni^f ' who lDiTnut be familiar wlih Clifton bat who may desire an attractive miburban roridence com binid?;the ad van tag js of city and eonn?rv\f?r ftato that it it situated in the centre of ,ful and celebrated HoightiZt contain* about forty five acres of Ian 1 hrThi* * proved by the late ?ro^:etotanl jVn1 l m_ within the last six or iCrcnVears wUk^fi,vk?* ??t fruit .nd orn.menN,?tr^a, V^MV,cei' I lent dwelling bouse of nine or ten room? vj, nS*i I ?*er 8 c^tiajre detached, large barn, staples rur! ?-her appropriate out buildings wnh ?ood fences lit arly all 0f ilinn new It i.' SVrSiP''^ Linthicum and Mrs. Boyce, and is elevateri commanding a view of all or them, as well ? of the picturesque valley of Rook Creek th? riff nf WMh.ngton, the 0 efghts oFiSuBgto?." n'd^thi Potomac rivt-r. The view ot the city of Washing ti.?.aw,M th* valley of RMt Creek,i7?ce^5> wfik'^Mw11 u within * we trt y ml nates' walk, ov. r a brick pavement three-fourths of the tifctance,of \he railroad st.eet caw rantf ?? ft?m Georgetown to Washington. For salubrity *ei,h! borhood. access to t,wn and city?and b<C, of situation, jtrs unsurpassed. ,'M'y,,lua ?eauty of Purchasers are invited to view it. rh,^CT.mV,(.Mlle' as prescribed by the court, are ?- ,e P?rcbRS0 H'>ney in cash, and the residue at sij% twelve, eighteen and twenty four month.1 ruin theiday of sale, to be secured by the purchaser s tends. with surety. bearing interest from the day ,?f saie, and a lien on the premises and with power of resale in default of payment of my of the deferred payments Title perfect: It has passed under mv own ex amination professionally, several times within the last>*rty five years, oncbangeof ownership It the terms are not complied with within five days from the day of sale, the property wilt be re sold. on one week's notice in the National Intelli gencer. at the cost and ri?k of the purchaser. Stamps, deeds, Ac., at the cost of the purchaser. W RKDIN Trustee* Jy 27-eoAds J. C. McGUIRE A cd., Aueta.' SAL, 0/ CONDEMNS!) H0R8ES AND MULES. Chief Quarttrmasttr's Office, Washington Depot, I Willh. .nM ^SHIk,':T05- P- C ? < .i. mOW at ?abl" auction, at tne Oorrali DO on' wanvilafia v th?e cily,of Washington, on wtnvKsn A V . \ *a*"nt 10th< >?4. and on ? JtDJiEfDA Y. Angust 24, 18tM, a lot of HORSES AND MGLKS, ct>?denined as uutitfor public service. Terms cv>h, ?? Government funds. Sale to commence at It) o'clock a. m ?. ? 0. H. BDOKKH, . ? . Brig. Gen, and Chief Quar'ermaHrer, jy 28-d Depot of Washington. jpROPOSALS fOr MATERIALS fo* THE NAVY".', I Bvrtatt of St'am Engineering, July 10, 18t>4. S N?2tS?.F?frr>8*!9 to fu?!',b materials for the Navy for the fiscal year ending June J?, 18?, will nntsVm Bureau of Steam Engineering CHi? day of AuguBt next at at which time the opening will be commenced. V.?U8i be ??*orned " Proposals for Ma terials for the Navy, that they may be distiu fo tbe*Chiefof e8VSlteM' aQd <lirected Th. B"rean.of Steam Engineering, o ? a articles embrace in the classes named are particularly described in the printed schedules, any of which will Be furnished }u oft*,r' OI? application to the commandants of the respective yards, or to the navy agent nearest thereto, and those of all the yaros upon application to the Bureau. This division i?tft Hawses being for the conve nience of dealers in each.such classes onlv will be t?ynished as are actually required for bids. The eommannsnt an^ navy agent for each station will, in addition to the schedule of clashes of their own yards, have a copy or the schedules ef the other yariis, for examination only, from which may be Judged whether it will be desirable to m.tke appli "I0,1 ^ classea of those yards. All Preference will be given American manufacture. Onersmuht be made for the whole of the class at any yanTapon one of the printed schedules, or in co^?sWe^ed"rlUlty ^ they will not be Upon application to the Bureau, to the Com mandant of any yard, or to any Navy Agent, the jorraofotTer, of guarantee, and other necessary information respecting the proposals will be fur n:sned. The contra?t will be awarded to the lowest bid f?r who gives proper guarantees as requirea by the lawot loth August, I3l?i, the Navy Department reserving the right to reject the lowest bid, if deemed exorbitant. The contracts will bear date the day the notifi cation iff given and deliveries can be demanded from that date Sureties in the full amount will be required to sign the contract, m d their responsibility certi fied to by a United States district Judge, United States district at torney, collector, or navy agent As additional security, twenty per centum will be withheld from the amount of the bills until the contract shall nave been completed; and eighty per centum ot each bill, approved in triplicate bv the commandants of the respective yards, will be I paid by the navy agents at the points of delivery ! in tuBds or certificates, at the option of the Gov ernment. within ten davafter the warrant for the same shall have been passed by the Secretary of the Treasury. The following are the classes required at the re spective navy yards: KITTERY, .MAINE. Class No. 1, boiler iron, Ac.; No. 2, pig iron; No. 3. boiler felting; No.4,gUm packing. Ac.; N >. 5. sperm oil'No. 6,1 insee 1 oil, Ac.; No.7,lar<i oil: No. 8, metallic oil; No !>, tallow and soap; No l'?, engineers'stores: No. 11, engineers' tools; No. 12 engineers instruments; No 14. wrought iron pipe! K?lV.NoU P' ^o-lt>, steel; No. 17, iron nails, bolts, and nuts; No. 18, copper; No. 19, tin. Ac.; No. 2D, white lead; No. 2 , zinc paint: No. 22, col u' stationery; No. 2t, firewood; No cotton waste, packing, Ac.; No. 15, engi neers'stores ' f , CHARLESTOWN, MASS. I iA 1, boiler iron and rivets; No. 2, pig hoiler felting; No. 4, gam packing, robber hose, Ac.; No. 5. sperm oil* No. 6 linseed oi and turpentine; No 7, lard oil; fco. 8, metallic , oil, J?o 9, tallow and soap; No. 10 engineers' stores. No. 11, engineers'tools; No. 12, engineers' instruments; No. 13, steam pumps; No. 14, wrought iron *?"?- ' ?? ? ?? buts; No. 2>;. white pine; No.'sT"hemp an'd^cotton packing, Ac.; No. 35, engineers' stores, Ac. BROOKLYN, N. Y. Class No. 1, boiler iron; No. 2, pig iron; No. 3, boiler felting; No. 4, gum packing, rubber hose, ~c- v , ? 8P^rm oil; No. 6, linseed oil, turpentine, alcohol, Ac.; No. 7, lard oil; No. 8, lubricating or metallic oils; No. 9, tallow and soap; No. 1), en gineers' * torts; No 11, engineers' tools; No. 12. ?ngineers'instniments; No 13, steam pumps; No. 14, wrought iron pipes, valves. Ac.; No. is, tubes; Nn lh fcttinl- Mn 17 i u- c ' rood; No ?, hickory and asn piaV^ "ana No,2fi,whitepine; No 27, black walnut and cherry; No. ^ mahogany, white hollev; No. J9, lanterns; No. .J), lignumvitop; No. .11, drudgeins, pumps, Ac.; No 32,sour Hour,crucibles. Ac.; No. 33.pateut jd article9^No. 34, cotton and hemp packings, Ac.: No. 35 engineer stores. PHILADELPHIA. Class No. 1,boiler iron, Ac ; No. 3, boiler felt ing; No. 4, gum packing, rubber hose. Ac.; No. 5, sperm oil; No. 6, Linseed oil and turpentine; No. 7, lard oil. No. 9, tallow, soap. Ac.; No. 10, engineers' stores; No H. 'ngmeers'tools; No. 12. engineers' ,.D8trSB,entRi v ' *T?i*ht iron pipes, valves. v CiV ?U 5' ? Sf: ,2* 16, "tee,i,N?. 17. iron nails, bolts and nuts; No 18, copper; No. 19. tin, Ac.; No. 20, white lead; No. 21, zinc paint:* No. 22, colored paints and dryers; No. 23. stationery; No. 24. fire wood; No. 34 cotton and hemp packing.Ac.; No 36 ?ngineers'btores, Ac. ' ' WASHINGTON. Class No 1, boiler iron, Ac^No. 2. pig iron; No. S, boiler feltjng, Ac.; No. 4, gutn packing, rubbed hose, Ac.: No. 3, sperm oil; Wo.U, linseed oil and turpentine; No. 7. lard oil; No. 8. lumbei^ No 9 tallow and soap; No. 10. engineers' stores; No ll' engineers'tools; No. 12v engineers' instruments No. 13, steam p'ibm; No. h wrought iron pi??. valfes, Ac.; Ko. 15. tubes; No. 16, steel; No. 17 iron nails, bolts, nuts, Ac.; No. 18, copper; No 19* tin, lead and line; wo. 20. whitelead; No. 21, zinc paint; No.?, colored paints, dryers, Ac.; N? 23 stationer^; No. 24, firowood; No. 31, cotton and hemp packing, Ac.; No. 30, engineers' stores. Jy 9 W4W J0BJWH EJYNOLDS A CO. ' FLVMBBSS, OAS, AND STEAM FITTMBS, Mo. 000 Nim Stiiit, near avenue, recived. and will oonstanUy keep on j best assortment In tko city OuL.'nf v1*?' ?r?ck*t?. Pr?P, Lights, Portablea, "^Ca and other Shades and all arti from the beat establishments in pn ThT mn'.f^ u2 *c ? Whick wiU bo sold AiwH "SPJlKMonablo terms. BtovM. aANGB?. VCBZtAOES, and Hn?-Board ? Ho ai AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MU8IC JCANTERBURY HALL,} AND H a h l(Canterbury hall. \ theater Lodisiama Aymui, Ittar Comer of Sixth strut, Rtar at National and Metropolitan HottLs. ~ ? ?? Proprietor. W. E. Cata?ac?h?. ~_~.?8tage THE GREAT THE OK^AT THE GRKAT THE HRKAT THE GREAT ?E2TPE 0f attraction. GEN1 he ?P ATTKACTION. CENTRE OK ATTRa^IOW, CENTRE OP A^u centre op attraction'. excelsior OrR MOTTO. EXCISI.STIIH OUR mjtto. EXCELSIOR OUR MOTTO. CHASTE AND ELEGANT KNTKRTATNMVKT CHASTE AND nl.l'liANT ENTKKTAI NMfNT CHASTE AND ELEGANT ENTERtIInm*NT. Firiit appearance of MR. J. n. OODEN, MR. J. H. Oo DEN, MR. J. H. OGDEN, MR. J. H. OGDEN, MR J. H. Oi+DBV, MR. J. H. OGDEN, MR. J.H.OGDaN, MR. J. H OGDKN MR. J. H.OGDBN, MR. J. H. OGDEN, Better known as the IRIPn ambassador, irish AMBASSADOR, IRISH ambassador, IRISH AMBA8SADOR, IRISH AMBASSADOR. Bavinc Jogtretnrned from Earope.will make his flr-t apper.rano? i? Wm?hin*ton at th-? abort) Hall Mr. Ofden ib, without any exception, the best and most original DELINEATOR OP IBISH eccbntricities in amkrica most ORIGINAL delineator OF iri9n eccentricities IN AMKRICA lniau most ORIGINAL DELINEATOR OP IRISfl ecckntkicitiks IN AMERICA most orig NaL delineator op IRlsn ECCKNTRIC1TI Rrt IN AMkRkh MOST ORIGINAL DELINEATOR OF IRISII ECCENTRICITIES IN AMKRICA, First appearance of MON8. SZOLLOSY, MON8. SZOLLOSY, WON8. 87/OLL03Y, MON8. SZOLLOSY, MONS. SZOLLOSY, The celebrated Characterise Dancer and Maitre de Ballet, who will appear with his UNRIVALLED CORPS DE BALLET UNKIVaLLKD CDKPS DE BALLET UNR1VALLKD CORPS DE BALLET unrivalled OORP8 DE BALLKT UNRIVALLED CORPS DE BALLET In the Grand Ballet of LA FETE D'ARAGON. LA FETE D'ARAGON. LA ? ETE D'ARAGON. LA PETE D'ARAOON. LA FETE D'ARAGON. THE QUEEN OF SONG, MI8S SALLIE sunderland, SALLIE eUNDERLAND, SALLIE sunderland, SALLIE SUNDERLAND, SALLIE sundehland, SALLIE SUNDERLAND, SALLIE sunderland, SALLIE SUNDERLAND, WE8NER SI8TERH, WE8NKR 8I8TERS, WE8NER SIFTERS, WESNER SIFTERS WESNER SISTERS) Consisting of XLLA, MARY, 8ALLIE, AND LIZZIE, In Iheir Terpeichorean Feats, MtLlIOAN, MULLIGAN, mulligan, MULLIGAN, mulligan, WEST, WEST, WEST, WEST, WEST, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS. WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS. IN NEW ethiopian ECCENTRICITIES, ENTIRE CHANGE OF programme EVERY EVENING, POPULAR FAMILY MATINEE, On SATURDAY, at 2 P. M., when the Entire Evening'* Entertainments will be given. * ' : Admission.?Ladies, 25 cent*; Children, 15 centi. AdmiMica? ? fn jg flrflhnrtra 90 Private Bene, Eoldin* aiz ftwnm I ? Tickets for sal* ?t the principal Hotels and Bee* taurants, DooreopenatJ e'el oak; ferfcrww# to Ma MM not OtOMi AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S NBW THEATER, 10th Street. Above Pennsylvania avenn?. TUESDAY 1VXMNO. AUGU3T 8. And every Evening during the Week. ? 1NGAGEMENT FOR A SHORT SEASON of the Original and On'y CHRISTY'S min81rels, and the world-famous Coroin Artist, GEORGE CHRISTY, who will appear in their Unique, Chaste, and Re cherche Drawing-Ro< ni Entertainments. ?" 1" JOHN P. SMITH, Business Agent. VARIKTIES! VARIETIES ?! Penmpiranfa avenue and 9'k <lw(. PITZ SIMMONS,..Proprietorani Manager. GREAT CENTRAL MUSIC HALL. Pablic Ser enade at rT?-ry Hotel each Evening The coolest Theater in America. The Great Drama that hnex cited the entire country,Story of H?art* and Crimes, THE BELLE OF WASHINGTON; Or, From the Al tar to the Dissectin* Table. Govern neot Clerk!, Officers. Soldiers, Workmen of the Arsenal, Work men i'I the Navy Yard, Firemen, and a!l our fash ionable Ladies should see this Great Loeal Piece. The Great Music Hall Entertainments! Music, Pinkirig, and Dancing. Lovelv Ladies. The Great Double fhow! Our Three Trouoes will appear. Wednesday and Saturdav afternoons. Grano. Day light Performance. All our Fashionable Ladies present' A'l the Departmental Men present! H?tei Guests all nB band. THE BELLE OK WASHING TON: Or, From the Altar to the Dissecting Table. Last New Piece! Admission, 25 and 60 cents; Private Boxes, So. PIC N1CS, EXCURSIONS, &c. rpHE SEIGE OF PETERSBURG. The men hers of the YOUNG MEN'S ASSOCIATION will give their HRfcT GRAND excursion TO GLYMONT, OS MONDAY. August 15,18*4. The committee pledge themselves ih \t no pains will be spartd to make it a day of enjoyment to e*ery tne on the occasion. Two ladies will dance several fancy pieces In 'ull costume. The Prosperi Excelsior Cotillon Band has been eogsged. The boat w'U leave 7th ?treet wharf at 8 o'clock a. m., Blagden's wliarf. Navy Yard hal'-past R a m. By order of Committee. Tickets $l, admitting a gentleman an t lady. au 11-3t* A GRAND SOCIAL PIC NIC. TUESDAY, August 16, At the PARK, Terminus Seventh street road. BENEFIT OF ST. MATTHEWS SCHOOL. nee to A ?E^Extra number of cars will be on the road. Good Music, Refreshment*, Ac. Mr. Gardiner, the celebrated photographer, with his corps of assistants, will b* on the ground to take views, grounds, pic nic club*, Ac. ?^"Tickets 10 cents, children J5 cents; for Bale at Music and Book stores, and at.the gate on the day. an ll-4t Lookout for the stewart Holland boys ! The STEWART HOLLAND CLUB announce to their friends and the public that tney in tend to give their tbird Grand Pic nic at LOEFFLKR'S GARDENS, on MONDAY,/ Anorust 16th, 1H04. I Tickets Fifty Cents; admitting gentleman and ladies. The Committee pledge themselves to snare no pairs or expense to make thi i the grandest Pic Nic of the season. A favorite string band has beon engaged for the occasion. ? Committee cf ArranitrntitL< W. Grover, . E. Edward*, W. Reed, J. Tanner, au lti-6t* J. Parker. extraordinary combination! A MUBIC ! DANCING ! FIREWORKS ! SUPPER AND THE FIRE KING, GRAND FRENCH AND ITALIAN PIC-NIC, Will be given at Jueneman's Garden, corner ot 4th and E streets, Capitol Hill, Washington City, August 11, 1864. Admission 5> centas. Cemmittte <J Arrangements. A. Merle, A. Zorra. F. Uesfosses, P, Vermeren. 8. Velatl, au 5 lw* A SUBSTITUTES. Substitutes i substitutes i - substi tutes WANTED and FURNISHED, at No. 530 New Jersey avenue, opposite the R. R Depot, ^u K-2t? DOR3EY A COYLE._ ^GENTS FORTHEQUOTAOF THE DISTRICT. SUBSTITUTES! SUBSTITUTES ! N. H. MILLER A CO., No. 511 Ninth street west, near Pennsylvania av. (2ft>TWKNTY-FIVE men for the army, as REP RESENT AT1VKS for those liable to the DRAFT. AT THE MOST reasonable PRICES N. B ? Runners liberally dealt with. Exemption papers prepared, witn dispatch, by N. H MILLER. aul-Sw* Justice of the Peace. R SUBSTITUTES^ UNNERS Bringing men to my office will he paid the highest price for good men, either for the Army er Navy. GEO. H. CA<*SIDY. Recruiting Agent for District of Columbia, 44tt 8th street, between au l-2w* Penn. avenue and D street. SUBSTITUTES! o SUBSTITUTES!! SUBSTITUTES 111 Having been appointed by the Mayor o^ the city of Washington the ouly authorised agent in the District of Columbia to procore substitutes and re cruils to fill the quota of the District, persons wishing substitutes, by depositing their money with the Mayor of Washington, will be supplied with good men at once. GEO. H. CASSIDY, 446 8th st., between Pa. ave. and D st. an 1-tw* tQhron. A Rep.l SUBSTITUTES.?Substitutes bought and sold. Enrolled citizens had better apply at l?3 I st., between 2< th and 21st, before engaging a sub. elsewhere. WiU be furnished at the cheapest rates. jy2t>-lm* JAY COOKE & CO., BANKERS, HAVE THIS DAY, REMOVED TO THEIR NEW OFFICE. FIFTEENTH STREET. NEAR G. 0PP081TB UNITED STATES TREA8URY. aug 1-tf or. Mf. SMITH'S Wild Cherry Tonic Bitters* TONIC - ASTRINGENT - AROMATIC - DI8IN fecting-prophylactio. 8old Everywhere. Ask your Druggist and Grocer for it. IT WILL CURE Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Dysentery, Diarrhea, Ague and Fever, Loss of Appetite, Liver Complaint, Jaundice. The Elixir of life for the Aged. Will give Health and Beauty to the Young. This Proph jlactic should be In every family at this season ofthe year, a* this delicious beverage can be used vithcat the deleterious effect* o Liquors. SMITH A MORRI8ON, it Mm Proprietors, BOOTS ANB SHOES T9 SUIT THE TIMES. We are now manufacturing all aindsof BOOTS And SHOES, aid eonstanly receiving a sup-, pl y of Eastern made work of every aescrip- J tion, made expressly to order, and will bel sold at a mucn lewer price than has been heretofore charged in this city for much inferior ?rHcles. Person* in wint of BOOTS and SHOES of Eastern or City.made work, will ahrays find a good assort ment in store an! at the lowest prices. Give us a call. GRIFf IN ft BROTHER, ap 8-tf 314 Penn. avenue. RILLIARD TABLES FOR SALE.?The Subaort ic her ha* THREE I1R3T CLASS j4. I . w BILLIARD TABLES, nearly new, f 1 ' * which he will diaeoae of very lev. 1 Inquire at the Billiard room, corner J ofllth street and Pennsylvania avenue )e U-tf F. '? 10 * * ""fi&SiiSfJiiioli** * MmmZhUn Brown-, J m r BOOTS rfi TELEGRAPHIC NEWS PROM roilT KEARNEY. Continued Indian Hostilities? Fort Lar amie Thrcalei ed. -r1' Omaha Citv, August 10.?Tbe Indiana are hourly committing i ew depredations, stealing stock, burning barns, and killing persons in discriminately. They were witbin a hundred yards of tbe pickets at Fort Kearney last night and fired an arrow at one of tbem. A coaoft arrived at Fort Kearney this morning, and re port? passing several trains which bad been burned, and eleven dead bodies lying by tbe wavside. A party of two whites were ktlled at Thirty-two Mile Creek last night. The In dians have stolen all the stock at Cottonwood Station, ninety miles west of Fort Kearney. Th?? Alarm at Fort Laramie. Fort Labamib, August 9.?The Indians are getting very bold. There is great alarm throughout tbe country, and it is feared that they will attack this point. Many emigrants have been killed and much stock stolen. From California. San Frahoipco, August 10?The Indian troubles in Utah are all supposed to be at an end, General Connor having sent oat tioops. An emigrant reports tbe massacre of several hundred emigrants by the Snake Indians ia Idaho. The story lacks confirma tion. Sa? Frawcipco, Angnst P.?Acapulco has been surrendered by tbe forces of Alvarez. Gen. Uraga has declared for tbe Empire, but only a few hundred of his men followed him. A large Liberal force holds Collna. The block ade of Manzanilia is not enlorced. Disaster tea Lake Steamer. Chatham, C. W., Ang. 10.?The propellor Racine, for Buffalo, lrom Chicago, burst her boiler la?t night off Rondeau Point, Lake Erie. Twelve of her crew were lost. The cabin and upper works of the vessel were barned. All her cargo of flour, pork, and high wines was de stroyed. The steamer Av~n picked up the survivors and towed the hall to bench near Dealtown. The names of the crew that perished are un ascertained^ Foreign Recruits for the Army. Naw York, August 10.?The Evening Post coutalns a detailed account, showing how the city of Boston has been engagHd in importing men from Europe, to go into tbe army as sub stitutes and volunteers. It appears that three shiploads were brought over, for the most part lrom Germany. Death of a Well-Known Baltimoreaa. Baltimorb, August 10.?Adam Denmead, Esq., tbe well-known proprietor of the Monu ment Iron Foundry, died here this morning, of typhoid fever. Rebel Prisoners for Elmira. New York, August 10.?Seven hundred rebel prisoners passed through the city to dav, from Point Lookout for Elmira, In this State.. Gold for Europe. N?w York, August 10.?The steamship Scotia, for England, relieved the country to ?i?j of ?.'?),o 0 iu gold. Death of a Consul. Boston, August 10. ? Doctor Reynolds, American Consul, died at St. Marie, Hayti, July 22d. UNION AMD REBEL LOSSES BEFORE ATLANTA. The number of rebels buried by our troops, arer tbe late battles near Atlanta is officially announced af follows: Battle of the 2(ith 563 .? " 22d 2,142 .? ? 26th.... 612 Total 3,317 Of these Jigures we have the official amount; and General Thomas adds that many more? ptihaps enongb to swell tbe loss to 3,000?were buried on tbe 22d, but of which no official account had reached him, and also that on the ?0ih tbe rebels were permitted to bury 250; and we also learn that a few were carried off on tbe 23ib. This will put the figures about as follows ? On the 20th S13 " 22 d 3,000 " 2*-ih 675 Total 4,ASS This estimate is as low as can be made, with any pretensions to adhering to accuracy; and while thennmberof wounded in battle usually s>ands to tbe killed as 7 to 1, the former doubt less varied from this very materially, in the late flgbts, as they were hand to bandencoun- ? ters: but under no circumstances can tbe pro portion be less than 5 to I. This will give, not including the prisoners captured, the following losses: ? J Killed 4,48S Wounded .....22,440 26,929 Besides this, a large number of unwounded prisoners were captured, as any one can satis fy himself, who will watch the office of Capt. Goodwin, in this city where they ail report. Our losses in ibe battles in question were Ou the 20th 1,733 " " 22d ....3,500 " " 28th 600 Total 5,83:1 We lost ten guns, at tbe first onset on the22d. Xash exile Union, August 7. Licenses ior "General Business.1' Among the provisione of the new Internal Tax law, in regard to ?'licenses," is one which was rot in tbe original bill or in tbe House amendments, but which was put in by the Sen ate and adopted by the House. The sections in regard to license specify variousemployments, trades and professions for which license is re quired. But tbe new provision makes a whole sale sweep by declaring that a license fee of ten dollars shall be required ?.K>f every person, firm or corporation engaged ill any business, trade or profrssion whatever, for other li cense is required, whose gross annual receipts therefor exceed one thousond dollars." Tbe application is so extensive that it would seem to take in all classes of persons prosecuting business, and render nnueccessary all Uiose portions of tbo act which specify the parties requirt d to take out license at the rate of ten dollars per annum. As the words appear above quoted they are extensive in their signification, bat a decision or commissioner Lewis, just published, ren ders ibem so general in their operations that they would seem to embrace the case of every person who makes more than one thousand dollaisayear by bis own labor or industry. In tbe lirst place, be decides that where a per son licensed to follow a particular business, also follows ar.otber which yields him more than one thousand dollars a year from, that source, be must take out an additional license If bis combii.ed profits are more than the sum named, but neither occupation produces one tbousand dollars, no license is required. So v ltb members of a firm wbo prosecute other business than that for which the firm has license. We do not think we could do better than to submit the following extracts from the de cision : ? ??A license, though procured by a firm, will not protect a person belonging to tbe firm and prosecuting an Independent business, nor will a license to a corporation protect its corporate members or employees. A man may be one of a firm requiring a license, one of a corporate company requiring a license, and, at the same time, a clerk of the same or of another firm or corporation, and be compelled to pay a license fee as snoh clerk. His business as employee is sepai ate lrom that of the firm or corporation so lar as concerns Aim individually. The 11. cense fee is the purchase of a personal privi. lege, or rather, perhaps, a tax on the personal employment of tbe tax-payer, and Inures to tbe benefit of no third person, whatever lp?y be tbe relation between the parties. The act regards corporationsin their legal character as artificial persons, and partnerships aa,quasi corporaiions having a legal existence separate and distinct from the individuals by the aggre gation of whom they are respectively consti tuted- Instates where the local law allows a married woman to acta# a femme sole she will be subject to the license doty if she purw sues a business which y ields the prescribed amount. Minors ill frailness incur thi liabilities for licenses as adulta. "Second. The business trade, or profession mentioned in the act is limited to sueh as no other license is required lor. Bat if a person already licensed for cme business pursues another, which yields him more than ens r+* , XI thousand dollar*, be U oblired to pay a ??par i%??rsr?fl,KS; of iUelx fields over a thousand dollars. If a pet?ou should carry on two vr?<j?*-_0ne of * taller, for instance, 8?a one of a shoemaker? or should pursue the profession of actergv man and at tfie ssule time teaofc school, from each ol which pursuits his receipt* nhotrtti not exceed one thousand dollars, lie would not be requirfd to pay a llcenae lee. For, though the licence is to the is for the basioese, and ihe business which demands it most, without aid from other sources, produce a sum in excess of that Mentioned in the statute. I> iff ?? rent varieties, or branches ol the same Mid of business, do not come within this prin ciple, and cur* on the part of tte revenue o^l nac?*ary tocbsliuguisb between wbat is, ai d wbat i* not, a kind of business different from seme otbtr kind. ' Among those persons who may be liable to take licences under this pari-zraph may be ean me rated ibe followtnr, as example*, to wit: Clergymen, teachers, farmers, ar lists, board ing house keejtera, boobkeepers, gardeners, i umry men, express men, t^mrters. truck man, bricklayers, bank tellers, presidents and cas biers of hanks, substitute brokers, painters aid blacksmiths (when not manufacturer*) persons carrying on saw-mills, clover, grist or other mills < when not manufacturer*); super intendents, managers, areata or officers of comjaiiies or corporations; tirms, companies or corporations organized for any busioeas not requiring any other license, such as railroad and insurance companies, Ac , ice. "An office held under the Federal or under & State Government is not either a business, trade or profession, in the meaning of the act. The <xn.mission which the offlaer Golds of the executive authority, or appointing power, is bis sufficient iioense." Tbe decision is somewhat obscure, we think, in regard to an Important question, what is "a t.usii ess trade or profession." Ikies tbe law apj ly to every person who attends to the bust, ress ol another, or follows a trade, or ia a-?ist f nt in a profession! One who is engaged in a business, in the popular idea, Is tbe principal person, for whese benefit the business is con ducted, aDd not his subordinates or workmen to whom he pays wages. XetMr. I>ew(s speaks of clerks and book-Beepers as coming under this bead. They are certainly not la business fur thensflvft any more than a journeyman car penter. Tbey are on ly assistants, and although the law may bear tbe strict construction pat upon it, it is very doubtful whether those who passed it imagined that It would be carried to ihe extent indicated in the decision of the Com missioner of Internal Revenue.?-Philadelphia Inquirer. From Mobile Before the Fight. Chief Engineer I?atimer, arrived from the fleet iff Mobile, reports that when he left ac tive preparations were being made for imme diate ac'lon by Admiral Farragut. He de scribes Fort Morgan as a brick structure on the Snmter plan,.and banked up as an addi tional precaution with sand, so that from the front it is considered impregnate, but that being once passed, it can readily be reduoed by an attack from the rear. Admiral Farragut having succeeded in passing tne fort we shall doubtless bear of its capitulation or evacuation in a day or two Pknracola Navy-Yard, Fla., July 27.? News in this region is of trilling importance at present, as compared to the stirring events transpiring in Virginia and that vicinity; and yet were all told that might be, much of & deeply interesting nature could be given to the public from this direction. I left tbe blockading fleet oft Mobile on yes teiday nocn. The health of the squadron was good, and all were on the qui vtve for prises. On Monday night Lieutenant Watson, of the flagship Hartford and Mr. McKinley, the Ad miral's private secretary, made a reconnots sance of the entrance of Mobile Bay in a small boat trom the flagship. Under cover of tbe darkness tbey pulled quite into the harbor, and moved about among Buchanan's fleet of three iron-clads, which lay close inside Mobile Point, with impunity. Much valuable information of the nature of tbe defences, tbe disposition of ihe Rebel iron-clads, and tbe bearing of their forts was obtained by this daring adventure. The boat returned to the fleet at its leisure, not having been discovered by the Rebels, though frequently in so clwse proximity to them as to hear conversation among their officers and men on tbe decks of their vessels. The Monitor Manhattan has arrived, and is stationed within easy range ot the Rebel forts, watching the movements of their iron-clads. The Rebels seem perfectly indifferent to her presence, cr else are averse to disclosing their weight of metaL, as they bave thus far re frained from firins a shot at her. She has also been satisfied with being let alone, and haanot troubled the enemy with her guns. Fiwarcial.?The New York Post of yester day evening says: Gold opened dull at *255. and after selling at 254 closes feeble at 235 V' The loan market is easy, but inactive, at 7 per cent. Commer cial paper is offering more freely, and passes at 7afl per cent.. Tbe stock market is dull, and there is but little disposition either to sell or buy. Governments are steady. Ten-forties have advanced to 101, and coupon fives of 1865 to 125. Certificates are firm at 9&i95J{. The subscriptions to the new seven-thirty loan to-day are reported large. Those of yes terday were limited. All over the country these subscriptions are going into the Depart ment through tbe National banks, and for the time the loan has been before the people it is proving a greater snccess than the 3500^000^000 five-twenty loan at its first inception. These popular bonds, which dragged at first at par, HTe now selling at lOOj^alOB^. The new loan will be practically another gdld bearing 5 20 stock at the end of three years, currency inter est at 7-30 per cent, being paid in the mean time. The total reoeipts yesterday at the Sub Treasury were 91,001,16(1.31; total payments, $1,422,671.32; leaving a balance cm hand, in specie and paper money, of ?17,490,133 96. The receipts for duties to-day at the Custom house were ?235,941.40, of which 2,(Ml.46 were in paper, and S233,OQ0 were in gold. The Commercial Advertiser says: The stock market was rather more buoyant thi6 morning, but still lacks spirit Many of the principal operators are rusticating, and operations will probably drag until they return to reinforce the market. Governments were not so active as yester day, the demand tor to-day's steamer i aving been supplied. Sixes of '8l" advanced Five twenty, coupons and certificates, sold at the closing price of yesterday, l^arge foreign or ders lor live-twenties remain unexecuted, in consequence of the fall in gold, which put the bonds at a specie value beyond the limit of the orders The gold market continues weak. The pres ent military situation is considered tavorable to the national canse at the gold room, and the tendency is to keep down the price. Between boards stock6 were stronger. Gov ernments hold their morning quotations. Rail road shares are j^aji better. Gold is firmer since noon. AI 1.43 p. m. the price was 255 U&255X Affairs in Prince Gkojruks.?A youth named John H. Sweeney, son ol Mr. Thomas Sweeney, of this district, came to an untimely death cu Saturday last, near this village. He was driving an ox-team, and had gotten out of tbe cart to turn the oxen, and on attempting to get up be missed his hold and fell under the wheels. He survived only a few minutes. I). R. Dyer, Esq., has been appointed col lector of taxes for the third collection district, I in tbe place of Jno. W. l)uvali, Esq., who de clined to serve. Tbe storehouse of Mr. Richard Kyon, at "Croom," In this county, was destroyed by fire on Friday night last. The primary school house, in the immediate neighbornood of "Croom."was also entirely consumed by fire on Saturday night. A horse, belongiug to Mr. N. Sweeney, was stolen from the rack, at "Croom," on tbe same evening, and part of the gtirrop leathers were fonnd near the school house. It Is to be hoped that the incendiaries will be brought to justice. The finely located farm of three hundred acres, belonging to Mr. John Bowie, lying to the west of the hill just a^ove the railroad and turnpike near Hyattsville, in this county, has been purchased of that gentleman by Joseph Bryan, Esq., of Washington city, fbr $21,050 cash. Mr. Bryan proposes to lay off a portion of it facing along the turnpike for cottsige lots ahd buildings, to furnish rural residences for our city folks, after the style of your "Mount Washington" and "Lnthervllle,M Ac., near Baltimore. Tbe other improvements in that quarter make it quite a deslrab'e location. Several fine residences, with beautiful grounds, are already there, including those of the Messrs. Hyatt, and Mr. Guy, of the firm of Sibley & Guy, of Washington citjr, la erecting one to the east side of the road. The new vil lage of Ellaville lies mst fcbove on the pike, and the lots to be laid off from the Bowie farm will extend up to that place.?Marlboro' tia telte, August 10. a ' ?EV With the rebel dead and wounded who fell into our handa attye battle of Atlanta, on the 2l6t, was a hamdsape yoaag soldier, in a neat gray jacket and pints. Th* wwr'a leg was shattered, and awputaHoa. 1W? deemed necessary. The noble J.00** on the surgical table, * female! so many "tender he"diaroS??*?1* h ,e ?' f ' ^ . , fr r " J ! , > i?, ?ar it is related In Paris?a ehetftiaglr im noral city svirtantly. that a married lady's io ro*"tftTf5 Is ioifn>m3r>) ear ?>* J |i9<f* t

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