Newspaper of Evening Star, August 11, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 11, 1864 Page 2
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TOE EVENING STAR W. P. WALLACH. Editor and Proprietor, WASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY AUGUST Il? !??? LATEST FROM GRANT'S ARMY. f paRIFIC EXPLOSION AT CITY POINT ! Iw? Btrjfi Leaded with Ordnance Storet .Blown tp? Fearful Loss of Life? Be a*- Three Hundred Person Killed ?r Wounded?Twenty-seven Sack! ?' Heads, Arms and Lees Picked up on the Shore. The mail steamer Charlotte Vanderbiit, front City Point, arrived here this morning, with the malls and a few passengers. Od Tuesday morning, shortly after the mail steamer Dictator had left the wharf at City Point, a terrible explosion took place on board of two barges which were beins loaded with ordnance stores belcnging to the Sixth Corps, Opinions differ as to the canse of the explo sion, some psrties asserting that it was occa< stoned by one of the workmen dropping a box of ammunition, while others contend that it was caused by sparks of segars ol officers or men on board the boats. The loss o! lite was fearful, but when the Vanderbiit left City Point yesterday morning the exact number of killed and wonnded had not been definitely ascertained. Sixty are reported to have been killed outright, and between two and three hundred wounded. A sufficient quantity of heads, arms, and legs to fill twenty-seven sacks were picked up on the beach, and the water is said to have been literally filled with limbs and bodies In every state of dit-figurement The 20th New York militia, which is doing provost guard duty at City Point, lost five men in killed and twenty wounded. Pieces of shot and shell were blown over the corps hospitals a mile to the rear of City Point, and parties one hundred yards away from the scene of explosion were killed by the falling pieces of shell. The keel of one of the barges was thrown up a hill forty feet high, where it yet remains. Nearly all of the buildings near the wbarf were demolished, and some four hundred feet of the new warehouse was destroyed. The office of Adams' Express Company is a com plete wreck, but the employees of the company who were in the building at the time of the exploeion escaped unharmed. Many of the officers and men of the CommiB sary Department are missing and supposed to be killed, but their names have not b<?en ascer tained. Col. Babcock, of Gen. Grant's staff, was slightly worn ded: and Dr. Prentiss, ol the 7:Jd New York, had his left loot mashed. A Mr. Baxter, a su.ler, at City Point, is among the killed. Ihe explosion is said to have shaken the earth for miles around, and for a time caused the greatest consternation. Many of tne build . ings on the wbsrl at City Point are a mass of ruins, and the amount of the loss in property will be very heavy. It was a fortunate circumstance that the mail boat which arrived here yesterday morn ing bad left City Point before the explosion took place, otherwise the lo=s of life would have been greater, as she had on board a large number of ps?-s? ngers. The Vanderbiit brought up several of the wotirdfd laborers, among whom were one or two colored men. FURTHER OF THE EXPLOSION AT HTY POINT. Cause of the f'akualty?Depot, Post Office, Adams Kxpress, and other Office* I?e stroyed?Many Citizens I? jured ? Names ? f some of the Killed and Wounded ? Firing at the Front?Our Gunboats at Work. A letter from City Point, dated August 10th, fays, about 11 o'clock yesterday, a noise, re sembling the explosion of a magazine, was heard at headquarters of the Army of tne Po tomac, and many surmises were indulged as to the direction from which it came and its cause. Dnrir.g the afternoon word came that a boat loaded with ammunition had exploded at City Point, causing a frightful loss of life. On the correspondent of the Asseciated Press reach ing the scene of disaster, a spectacle was presented to him utterly Indescribable; buildings demolished, tents thrown down, horsrs killed, the depot building, just computed, a ma.-s of ruins; while the ground for hundreds of yards was covered with prepeity ot almost every description. The dead and wonnded had b-en extricated from 'he ruins and carried back, the former for burial and tb* latter to the hospitals. A boat loaded with various kinds of ammu nition was being unloaded by the negroes of the Quartermaster's Department, nearly ahun tired in number, and tbe ouly theory advanced ss to th cnuse ot the calamity is that a shell must have been dropped bv one of them, thus crmmonicatiiiK >ho fire to the entire mass. The noise lasted about thirty seconds, as witnesses say. and the shock was felt a long distance. On the nd>- of tbe road in front of the landing were located a Lumber of stores and offices; amot-g tbem the Post Office nnd Adams Ex preps, which were almost utterly torn down, the larger number of persons.occupying them escaping with slight bruises. In re ar of this is a steep bay-it, covered with tents on its summit, occupied chiefly by the eoloied laborers and their families. Had tbe ground been level, the loss ot life would no doubt have far exceeded that which resulted. Skells, ha'-l*, etc , struck the bank in a perfect shower, while the ground m the vicinity is actually covered with all kinds of stores, a large number of old saddles being among the debris. A beat loaded with these stores was lying t'lont'side anotner. and w-?e torn to pieces, a large portion being raised completely out of U.e waier and thrown though tbe storehouse cn tbe deck. Captain Benedict and Captain Ames, of the Commin-ary Department, were io tl.e building ai tte time, and were hnrled beneath the ruins. Alter considerable labor they were extricated frtm their perilous situation?neither being, fatally injured, though a good deal bruised. Captain Daniel D. Wiley, who was in bis tent quite a distance from the spot, was struck in tbe heao by a piece of shell and injured, tho gi not dangerously. His clerk, Mr. J W. M< Kt-e, was so s*rtousiy injured at the same tim*- that be cannot recover. A M ltaxier, citiatn, from Cold Spring, New York, was Killed. He kept a soda water stand. Privates Ansell and Metcalf, of the Fifth cavalry, JWete killed A Nergeant, named Har ris, In "the Ordnance Office, was Injured, and died soon after. Lieu enant Lane, of the Cav alry Depot, wa? slightly injured, as was also a ci'iz-r. named Wright James Throp, clerk ia the Ordnance Office, killed. Mr. Foy. of the Sacitary Commission, slightly injured, and Richard Stone, citizen, killed. Jfrs Spencer, relief agent, received slight injuries. '1 he casualties are believed to be at least 50 killed end nearly 1(i0 wounded. A number of bo*tet ot coii-T'd pereons have been found, betides ihoeealove mentioned, nnd there are 16 In the po?t hospital, while others are scat ter*d in different localities. Twenty-flve coKisc men. mor?orlesswonnrtert, were taken i the colored central h-spi'al, nn.ter charge ,% f?r ra hrnr. where several amputations t? performed. T.ive ?hTough the roof of the Sat-tary ^rotbissfrn boat, but no one npon it was injur?d It is believed ti.,flt JM&ny Itodiea were blown in tte river, which will Lever be recovered. C p'aln Fchyler^prOTsf marshal, who was sitt'i r t n top ot wie bank uuder his fly, was threwn a distance of ten or twelve feet, receiv er g a hliower of ih> lie around him,batet>caped W thoi;t a scratch. , The lore is put down by bim at about thirty kii'*d hi d seventy or eighty wounded, twelve 1 Of tbe k:11ed being soldiers. No Ml; has been dlacovoted as the canse et flie calami y . la the C? mmu sary Apartment six men are known 'O b- and some twenty-flve vcw oed Twel*>f men belonging to the rail road wet* 'oj^fd. The loss ol DTot>ertT Is not known, bat will prove to b* -?VMar(? The 90th New York lost six tuA seventeen woundsd, and the J?*h r .Kin loflt tDree killed and four wounded. T-" ?? Ewts/flre and wrecking tag, ran k-i. ^tending her hose turew si* 7*" thTVre putting oat the flames, and ""SSEwmM. Brit ttfff this atvomlrg One of the f?*bo?tsop*?j during tbe night, and ? a moving eaeils at what was supposed to be a moving rebel tores. . . ___ to be the possibility of a brvak-rp mi ike recent governmental arrange nadeia Cacada for reconciling sectionsJ djervr by an application of the federal! v< cr^etp* to the constitutional system of th> W??tS(S* TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM MEMPHIS. Smith's Expedition on Its Way?Trans - Mississippi Rebels Tryiag to Cross the River. Mkmfhip, August 11.?Gen. Smith's expedi tion is well on its way, but its destination is no known. / Maj. Oen. Slocum Is relieved at Vicksbvg, and ordered to report to Qen. Sherman. The district of Vicksburg is assigned to Qen. Wa8hbnm, who also now controls the river from Cairo to the Department o! the Gulf. All is quiet on White river. The rebels in the Trans-Mississippi Depart ment are trying to cross the Mississippi. Gen. Dick Taylor is at Meridian, in place of Gen. S. D. Lee, who is now at Atlanta. A Mct'lellan Meeting* N*w York, Aug. 10.?The MoCIellan meet lng, to-night, was the largest ever held in this city. Fourteenth street, Irom Sixth avenue to east of Pnion Square, was one dense mass of people B-oad way Vas crowded from Ninth to Eighteenth street. The Bowery and Fourth avenue were filled for blocks, and Union Square was jammed A large number of building*- in the vicinity were filled with McClellanites. The number present is rough ly estimated at irom six y to one hundred thousand. MOBILE. ! More Glorfous News?Surrender of Fort Gaines?Star* and Stripes Waving Over ! it?Fort Powell Blown Up?Union Victo ry Acknowledged?Escape of one Rebel , Iroi??clad?Sheridan Pursuing the Raid ers?Skirmishing near Winchester?Ex plosion at City Point?Situation at Pe tersburg and Atlanta. Official Bulletin. Washimoto*, August 10, 10 30 p, m. To Major Gen. Dix, New York: The tallowing report of the success of our operations at Mobile, extracted from the Rich mond Enquirer of this morning, has just been received by this Department from Major Gen Butler : Morilb, August 8.?Friday night, Lieut. Col. Williams, commanding Fort Powell, evacuated and blew up the tart. Yesterday and to-day the enemy are shelling Fort Gaines. The peo ple of Mobile are ready for the fray. Great confidence prevails. The people are satisfied with the conduct of Lieuts. Buchanan, Maury and Burnett, of the navy. fBKCOHD (DISPATCH.] Mobile, August 8.?It is painfully humili ating to announce the shameful surrender of Fort Gaines, at half past nine o'clock this morning, by Colonel Charles Anderson, of the 21st Alabama regiment. This powerful work was provisioned for six months, and with a garrison of six hundred men. Ha communi cated with the enemy's ileet by Hag of truce, with the sanction of General Page. General Page inquired by siirnnl what his purpose was, but received no answer. His attention was attracted by stomal guns. Page repeatedly telegraphed, "Hold on to your fort." The same night he visited Fort Gaines, and found Anderson on board the Yankee fleet arranging the terms of capitulation. He left peremptory orders for Anderson on his return not to surrender the fort, and relieved him of his ccmm?nd. Fort Morgan signalled this morning, but no answer was received, except the hois ting of the Yankee flag over the rain par's of Fort Gaines Anderson's conduct is officially pronounced inexplicable and shameful. Dispatches just received lrom General Sher idan report his forces moving against the enemy up the Shenandoah. At four p. m. they were skirmishing about ten miles from Winchester. This morning Gen. Grant reported the ex plosion of an ordnance boat yesterday loaded with ammunition at City Point wharf. No details have been received. Colonel Babcock, of General Grant's staff, was slightly wounded. No operations before Atlanta of consequence are reported to-day. 1'ortions of Ston?uiaii'? command are continuing to arrive, and the total loss will not exceed one thousand. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Fate of the Rebel Gunboats. The Navy Department last night received the following from the Kichmond Examiner of the 9th instant: "A despatch from Mobile, dated August 7, two days later thau our previous ad vices, states that the situation bad not materially changed since the enemy's victory over our iron-clads on last Friday. The Navy Department re ceived a telegram yesterday morning an nouncing that'the Morgan, the only eunboat of ourlleet which was noteither sunk, t>eachud, or captured, has succeeded in getting over the bar and reaching Mobile." Is Mobile Approachable by Water? A morning cotemporary, whose habit is to take an unfavorable view "of the situation gen erally, expresses the opionion that Farragut will not be able to capture Mobile on account of the shallowness of the water in the bay. Yet this same journal informed us yesterday that tbe Tennessee and other ships-of-wir. comprising Buchanan's ileet, were constructed atSelma. on the Alabama river, one hundred and forty miles above Mobile. If Buchanan can iloat his ships-of-war down the Alab ima river and Mobile Bay, why cannot Farragut float his up 1 Again Maury, in his disratoh announcing tbe destruction of a portion of the fleet, says: "The Morgan is safe, and will try to run tip to nig\t.r' lithe Morgan, which is" heavy iron clad, mounting five guns, crossed the shoals and reached the city, is it not reasonable to sup pose that Farragut followed in her wake ! Would the old sea dog, who has on so many occasions overcome the shoals of the Mississippi, be held at bay by the Mobile shal lows ? It is true tbe bay, for a distance of 20 miles or more from the city, will not admit ships of hea^y burthen, but we opine that tbe Union Admiral made j>r >visions for this before setting out on his enterprise. Just prior to tbe rebellion a board of com missioners was appointed by the Alabama Le gislature to deepen the harbor of Mobile. It is doubtinl if the work hfis ever been com pleted, but whether it has or not, vessels car rying three hundred and fifty ortaur hundred toss sail up without difficulty to the wharves of the city. Farragut has undoubtedly encountered nu merous artificial obstructions stretched across the bay, but there ore no natural obstructions to prevent at least his mortar boats from get lng within shelling stance of the city.?A". Y. Commercial. McCook'h Ketcrn ?The return of Gen. Ed. McCook, with a comparatively trifling loss, has given occasion for great jay among loyal men; while the rebels have been correa pondingly downcast. On Thursday?fast d ty ?all kinds of rumors were set afloa*. by dis loyal newsmongers. They industriously cir culated the report that Sherman had retreated across the Chattahoochee, and a few had him back this side of Dalton. They will not be long in hearing intelligence which will cause anotbfng bnt joy am ong'th?m.?Xa jh ville Union, Aug.1th. COKG RESglON AL NoM IN ATIONS.?Gen. A. C. Harding has recened trie Union nomination tor CoDgrtss in the fourth district of Illinois. The Union men of the fourth district of Ohio have nominated .Tudg" Wm. Lawrence for Congress, to succeed McKinly. copp"rhead. The district la^t fall gave Brough 5,031 major ity. Jebn A. Bingham is a candidate for Con gress in the sixteenth district; and it is expected that Judge Spaulding will be nominated in the eighteenth and Gen. Garfield in the nine teenth district. Akkival of GKMkSAL Eookku? He in on his Way U) Jefar son County.?Major General liooker reached this city lust evening, and sropp^d at the Astor House. There was no format recep tion. and his presence here is not generally known. * TbeG-uteI will leave the city 'his afternoon for his h. ine in Jetlerson county, where his family resides. It understood that he will remain th? re two weks.?X. Y. Post. rv-^=?NOTIC3G - We. the nnderaigoef PLT7MR [T 3 KRS AND PITT MRS. a;rt* to pay to tVrjourneyi-,eu employe-! hr tbe s-rni ?.f Pour Dollars per Oicir.. , F August 8, Ifjt. W. n H hit I'AN i J. SCH1KKLBV ir CO., CROir & OAMPRELL, MILLAR A RIDGEWAY, L. f. *LAIR jr. WAGONER CO., THOS FURaE. IB X. STKVKNH. M hh^ary A witeON. Br order of the Ats' cistion. It4 G. II. MILLER. Secretary. firs* ATTENTION, JOURNEYMEN OOAC i Us3 MAK KRH-Yon are hereby not, !i-a u, at Wad tbe regular monthly meeting of ? v tlon at Germ*n Hall, Ilia street, on Til I KsDAi EYBNING.the 11th inst., at 8 o\lock sa 10-tt' FRXnCIB P KANB,8ec. fyife ? ATTENTION, JOURNEYMEN PLA8TER UvJ? RR8?The Journeymen Plasterers are noti fiedto meet at Temperance ball on THURSDAY, 11th Inst., si 8 p.m.. as business of Importance will be brought forward for your consideration. By order of tbe President, _fca_WJ2t* _P?TK*^. PIKRK, Rsc WATER REGISTRAR'S OFFICE. IL5 2?. 18#4.-This office bavls* boos necessa aarity closed for several days daring the present moavb.the tune for receipt or wafer reuts is et tscaod to the 31st Ateust. after which date tbe water will be shmt off from all premises of whinh the water rest i? unpaid No further aotiee will bectvoa. RANDOLPH COVL1, jy |?-d Water Registrar. ' OFFICIAL. Abraham Lihcol*, President of tbe United States of America, To all ?A?m it may concern. Satisfactory evidence having bee* exhibited to me that Pitvb L?. Hawkinson has been appointed Vice Consul of the United Kingdom of Sweden and Norway, at Chicago, I do hereby recognize him as snch, and declare him free to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers, and privileges, as are allowed to Vice Consuls by the law of nations or by the laws of the United States and existing treaty stipula tions between the Government of Sweden and Norway and the United States. In testimony whereof, I have caused these letters to be made patent, and the Seal of the United States of America to be here unto affixed. Given under my hand at the city oi Wash ington, the 10th day of August, A. I>. k?64, [L.8.] and of the independence of the United States of America, the 69th. ? _ Abraham Lincoln. By the President: William H. Seward, Secretary of State PROPOSALS FOR LOAN. Tbkasttrv Department, July ?, 1361. Notice is hereby given that subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer of the United States, the several Assistant Treasurers and Designated Depositories and by the National Banks desi guated and qualified as Depositories and Financial Agents, for Treasury Notes payable thre? years from August 15, 1864, bearing interest at the rate of seven and three-tenths per cent, per annum, with semi annual coupons attached, payable in lawful money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity. Into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, redeemable after five and payable twenty years from August IS, 1867. The Notes will be issued in the denominations of fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thousand and five thousand dollars, and will be issued in blank, or payable to order, as may be directed by the sub scribers. ' "All subscription mast be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dollars. Duplicate certificates will be issued for all depos ites. The party depositing must endorse upon the original certificate the denomination of notes re quired, and whether they are to be issued in blank or payable to order. When so endorsed it must be left with the officer receiving the deposit, te be forwarded to this Department. The notes will be transmitted to the owners free of transportation charges as soon after the receipt of the original Certificates of DepoBit as they can be prepared. Interest will be allowed to August 15 on all deposits made prior to that date, and will be paid by the Department upon receipt of the original certificates. As the notes draw interest from August 15, per sons making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrued from date of note to date of deposit. Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission of one-quarter of one per ?? which will be paid l>y this Department upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by the officer with whom the deposit was made. No deductions for commissions must be made from the deposits. Officers receiving deposits will rp? that the proper endorsements are made upon the original certificate. All officers authorized to receive deposits are requested to give to applicants all desire 1 informa tion, and afford every facility for making guh srriptions. W. P. FESSENDKN, 1y 2o-tf Secretary of the Treasury. ! _ LOST ANI) FOUND. PSTRAY.-Cametotht-subscriber's place, Ridge Jr"*' D< *r Georgetown, a rei CO W, with calf, on Monday. the 8th mat. Tr.e owner is requested ???IV*'..f?nrard> P** charges. and fake her away au 11-21 CAThbkinb gahitv. JVOUND TRESPASSING?On the premises of the B2,,8cr a.cream col ied COW, with yoke '?n. i lie owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take her away , ,, ot. PIKKCE SHOEMAKER. _ " y On Hock Creek. F 0?T?On Wednesday, the ICth m?t.,on D street. 'mrlrtw,T?a,nd ^th' * CERTIFICATE O*' u the . e. Crome Mineral Company of Baltimore. Application has already keen madi' to the company for a new certificate. The finder will receive a suitable reward by leaving it at the Star oft_re- au n-3f pAME TO TIIE PREMISES 0* TOE BUBSCR! ^ ber.Augu.t9th. a d?rk r?d COW. short tail. The owner will pleas^come forward, prove nroper r f * ?ViMar?efl- take her away MICHAEL Rtser?H", one mile from Georgetown, fill lU'f'l V I () REWARD?Strayed or stolen from the J commons between R and L and 4^ and 3d.on the 9th uist., a roan HORSE,about l.l hands nigh, left side of jaw bone broken. The above re ward will be given if returned to ? MRS. KOLBR, _ an lP-3t R st.. bet. 3d and W, sts. .Island^ C; 1 (j RE WARD?Strayed ?w?* from the sub tC? M.\t scriber, two large COWS?one a red cow and the other white, with black neck and white v t" win t,e P*'1 to the tinder by L. SiMMAKER, corner 12th and I streets, near Camp Harry. aa TAKEN ri' ESTRA Y?On Sunday, 7th init , two bTEERS?one red, with tar mark on tail and neck; the other white and blvk. The owner or owners are requested to come forward, prove prop ertv,paycharge? and take them away. STEPPE] Ac Kl'HN'S Slaughter-house, cornsr of 18th and? streets. au 9 3t* 5^ 1 0 ^BWAS?w?.trroTed aWft'r "n the 6th inst.. V' "' four CATTLE?two were large, and marked with tar on the neck and tail. Of the two small ones, one wa? of a bla<-k and white color, and the other red The above reward will be if rehired to SAMUELS HOOVER, No. 4*0 cor ner 6th and P 'ts..or if information be given lead ing to tbei/ recovery. au 9 3t* PERSONAL. IF CORNELirS HAMPTON. who came to thl? coV three months ago, will leave wo *d at afM^re w^ere be can be found, he will fce%r ofWm. MallonT It* ALL DISEASES OF A PRIVATE NATURE CURED ARRIVED FROM PARIS NINETEEN WEEKS AGO. DR. BECHTINGER. formerly Hurgeon in Charge in the Austria.; and Italian army, oc cupied himself with the treatment of all kinds of diseases. Particular attention given to female Diseases and Private Diseases Besides the knowl edge of three old languages, he converses in Eng. lish, French Italian, German, and Spanish lan guages. His Imperial Commission*4 and his Diplo mas from themr.itcelebrated university of Europe 2anJf..,n ^is office. No. 499 Seventh street Dr. fiecatingeri* very much encouraijwl to have during th.sveryshort time the patronage of the public of Washington, as. among many others not pub lished, the following certificates may be attested : This is to certify that I havebeen troubled for the three years with a chronic disease, resist ?j a'.' me<1ical treatment, and which through the ,'r. ?- """chti nger; I have been perfect 1 y en red Washington city. 1st June, 1HT>4. O DON K " our treatment of my involuntary discharge and your success in it, recommend you very high ^ T. L. SMITH/ What German newspaper. (Weker Columbia.) says : '.fter a long sickness my poor child h.?uarae ^fopgical. in which time I call to you, dear sir and you saved him MASCON * R B street. No 2PS." "I had tried all specifics, without any effect, against the chrenic lung disease of my eldest son. until under your treatment h^ improved "Maryland av. , et. MCLLER. Paiuter.", All these and many other very difficult cures havebeen made by Dr. B. in the above sp.-citied time. Regular office hours from 9 toll a. m , and 4 to 6 p.m. For the poor and unfortunate poni tively on'y from 11 to 12. Medicines, without charge. No 499 Seventh Btreet. opposite f>dd Fellows'Hall. au 10 lm* JSOARDINO. A PRIVATE FAMILY, where there sre no boarders, would take BOARIiERS Two g n tlemen preferred . or w ould rent two Hnn-n-, wifb ( utb? ard. Location very desiraJjl-, b -in . at the < r. <? l;th and B sts., (Island), Nj. 1J.?. it* FOR FAMILIES OR ClNtiLC 1'ER .Bouse commodious a'ti airv. withxpit eio'"s gr unds Location pleasant ^e-ms mod- ; < rain. Apply S. w. corner 21st s d H sts. near 1 ? h nv* au H-it* I *0 RD ?-* f'I B. DLAOK MARE FOR8ALB-Affd fiv. yea s, and 1^rfeitl5r,-0,'nl.'?.PIi?e *'2,s w th briflle and saddle. Apply at 523 1 street, between Kthsnd 'th. an 9 St* B C of Skirmishing, (?eio. Lovell in Outposts, Pt'rols Ac ual of Position Drill bUltv*'* Oouipauy ver; Walton's Light Drill Ya*ea ?,?. 8tra"e ?? Wi?b Maps. Robertsoo's CatectisTi . f the Ki l5 xercise. The Iafantry Man''at. Col Rnfug' t'n.stlons knd Answers on ArUl -rv. SinnoTt^ L'gLt IufaLtry Duty. Smnott* Mil Ur* Cale CMW. ' *"i<> ? FRANCK TAYLOR. '^ENTSl TENTS I! TENTbiil hX3TLF.RH TBNTS. FLIK8 AND 00VKR3 t'f all sires 'and doser.piiuns. Or band and made to order b? BAKU*3 .V SON., * 1. ?? ? nuikurs, 1 *>3>? tlth it., nea_RileyV Wbart ! DVETBRINARY sdrq bOn K. J.B. McKAY, Member of tbe Royai V 4 College Edinburgh. All Disesse? of H*rse treated in the most scientific m?n ner Charge* moderate Also,, HnrsM^23C bonght and sold m eimmissl^o. Oflir- at J 0 Howard's, G street, betweea ctb sal 7th, , aa6-lm* au MR MM 4 O'CLOCK P. M. GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. Jay Cooke & Co. fnrnish the following quo tations of Government securities: Washington, Aug 11, i?64. Baying. Selling. U. 8. 6's Coupon lt?91 10? 1(.7 U. S. 5-2t)'s 109 110 7 3-10 Treasury Note# W7J( lu^lf One Year Ossificates 81,^ *85>? Certificate Checks 85 N*w York?First Board. Coupons, 1065-2t>'s, 109Certificates, ?lTi; Oold, 254 THE SITUATION AT MOBILE. It must be some time bence ere we hare Union account^ of oar late successes off the harbor of Mobile. The rebel accouats render it certain that we have carried the main point of oar operations there, so far as the navy is concerned. Thus, we have taken Fort Gaines, compelled the enemy to blow up Fort Powell, and obtained positions for our blockading ves sels, actually within Mobile harbor, which hermetically seais it against blockade running with perhaps one fourth the ships remaining on the station that we have been compelled to keep there (without accomplishing the object,) up to this time. Three miles from the town landings lays Dog island bar, beyond which no vessel except those of very light draft can pro ceed. The rebels have probably so increased the natural obstructions to navigation offered by this bar as to make it Impossible for the lightest draft Union gunboats to cross it except after protracted and severe labor in clearing a chan nel. Not knowing what land forces General Cauby sent to co-operate with Commodore? Farragut, speculation with reference to the capture of the city Itself would be idle. If Cauby was able to send a considerable and ef ficient force it is probable that the city is now in our bands, as its reduction and occupation depends on the action of our troops. Farragut has probably accomplished all the Navy's part of the programme, having got his vessels into positions from which he can materially aid Canby's troops in any assault upon the works immediately surrounding the city. We, however, regard the actual occupation of Mobile as being by no means a3 desirable as most of those surrounding us seem to suppose. At present we hold the harbor effectually. Were we to hold the city also, a considerable garrison weuld be required there, and much more naval co-operation than will suffice merely to keep out every blockade runner. If it be intended to send expeditions into the inte rior lrom that quarter, then we mast take and bold the city. Otherwise (according to the Richmond papers) we seem already to Have achieved all that is desirable there just now. LATEST FHOM MOBILE, The Richmond papers of yesterday say that ther loss in guns at Fort Gaines was fifty, and that they lost about six hundred prisoners there; also an immense amount of stores of all sorts. THE ST. LOUIS COUNTERFEITEHS. Three more of the St. Louis counterfeiters arrived here last night, and were committed to the Old Capitol. The gang has been completely broken up, although Col. Haker'p detectives are ou the track several other men who are known to be connected witb it. | Col. Baker has secured all the fixtures used 1 uy turer parties in counterfeiting, except one | plate which is yet to be accounted for. The presses, rties, plates and inks used by the gang, and which were seized by Col. Baker, tilled lourteer. large cases, only a portion which, however, have reached this city. There ware 11 presses taken possession of, five ol which are now at Col. Baker's office One of these presses is a very large one, weighing 3,-inO pounds. While at Col. Baker's office to-day we were shown a sample of the paper used by ttie coun terfeiters in making fifty cent currency notes. The paper is already prepared and cut into slice sufficiently large to print two impres sions at once, being about four by four and a half inches. The paper is of an excellent quality, and is heavier than thatueei inprint ing the genuine notes. COURT MARTIAL SENTENCES. Private Uharles Whack, Co. I, 4uth N. J. volunteers, tried by 'ourt.martial for cow ardice, and sentenced to three years hard la bor. Place of confinement not designated. Jesse Shears, 20th New York: Henry A. Bur ham, 00th New York, and W. Doyle, 23d U. S. colored troops, found guilty of desertion, have each been sentenced to the Dry Tortugas, to serve out the balance of their terms of enlist ment. Private Matthew Murphy, Bflth N. J. vol unteers, for desertion; sentenced to be confined at hard labor for two years, witb loss of all pay and allowances. Shadrach Dinger, 4th N. Y. artillery, guilty ol dtsertion; sentenced to IS months imprison ment on Government fortifications. Martin Bnrk and Cbas. Tabor, Kid Pa.: sen tenced to be shot to death for desertion, but sentence commuted to imprisonment at the Dry Tortugas during the rebellion. .lames B. Sawyer, *th U. S. infantry; sen tenced to be shot to death by musketry, but sentence commuted to imprisonment at the Dry Tortugas during the war. James Norman, !2Gth New York; tried for deseriion, and sentenced to confinement at hard labor at the Dry Tortugas for the term of ibree years, with the loss of all pay and allowances. FACILITIES A! FORDED NEW YORK SOL DIKhS IN THE HELD TO VOTE. A special order issued from the War Depart ment, under date of August *th, directs all ollit ers m the military service of the United S ates to render every facility to such express companies as may be charged nyehe Governor of New York with the delivery of the necessary lorms and blanks required to secure the votes of soldiers of that State tn the fleid, with a view to the blanks being delivered with the least practicable delay. REBEL OFFICERS AND PRIVATES TO IJR BENT NORTH. To-day, 49 Rebelofllcers will be taken from the Old Capitol Pjrison and conveyed to Fort lielaware under a guard of 12 men, where they will be delivered to the commanding of ficer of the fort for safe keeping. A guard of 25 men will proceed to Elmira, New York, to-day, having in charge 125 rebel privates who have been confined la the Old Capitol lor some time past. SUPPOSED REBEL SPY. Samuel Henderson was arrested yesterday by tte military authoiities on the suspicion of b<> i ft h r- bel K|>y. H?od?i-<ou rl&imu to be a retiree or rebel deserer, and had previously taken am nth to remain north of Philadelphia, which he violated by returning to this city. What Mr. Laird thinks of the Moni tor^.?Mr. Laird, builder of the A.abama, iron-clad rams intended for the rebels, &c., A.c., and who is supposed to have paid particular atfcei t?on to the construction oi iroa-clad and other war vesssls, in the House of Commons on the niJht of the lf)th nit., spore as follows: ??Tbe ? dmiralty would also, he hu;>ed, giv-* their Attention to vesse,s of a similar class. The cost would not be great, and it they were 10 go to .vcr to-morrow ?hey w aid nave sud tlen'y to applv all the resources of 'h* cH ,i,r "s and private jaids ;o ptovide hemselves viihvesteis to go across the Atl ntic, or to rro-s'he chai nel, in order to co pete with v ha\ en the o'her tide of the Atlo.nuc were called turret vessels Bu ll the admiral v wers to send such vessels as comoosed the r Africin ho uarircu; if they send out slow, a rong built wooden vessels, th^y would meet wiik the fate that befell the Alabama." Nkw Mcbic.?From John F. Ellis,30fi Penn sylvania avenue, we have the fol.owing:? > ?Evt.mng Hours," a collection of popular airs arrai ged for plane and violin, or flute, or pn'tar.'by Sep Winner; ? Major General Sedg wick Gttuid Funeral March,"* by E Mack,em bellished with portrait;A Sadder Blight Is on my Heart;" ?? M uslcal Echoes,'" a collection of ' popular airs by Everest. FROM THR FRONT. Particular* ?f Ofa. Met'oek's Great Raid on the !Warea and Western Railroad. , We are permitted to lay before our reader?* fiom official sources, a synopsis of the oper ations, iu j:o?nectton with the recent raid by Gen. McCook on the Macon road. This is the oaiy road connecting with. At lanta, which tip to thp recent raid, had been left intact. All tiie other roads cooaeotioe with the South and East, having previously been severed. <? t ? ? r Oet. McOaok, in connection with the gal lant Coi. Brvwoiovr, started some days sUoe "^ossibl'e! tOB<3' 'LU,X all the dam* Hp has fscowddi (a tearing *p the track, barnlng bridges an* culverts, and destroying the road for a number or miles. a large wagje train, numbering wne 500 wi^oiit, was cap* tared and daatroyejl. The raiders met with considerable oppoattlon from the enemy, hat eucceedel in lnfllctyng immense damage to the road, lea Tin* It in a condiUon beyond the pos sibiWty of U?aMdiate repair. y Gen. McCeok arrived day before yesterdar In Marietta with 1,200. and Col. Brownlow with 900 men. The expedition waa & brilliant success.?Chattanooga Gazette, Auq. & The Accidbwt at Niagara Fall*.?The Builaio Courier has ?o greatfaitb hi Niagara f alls ^ensationn, and says ia regard td the re ported accident to Farini, the rope walker, (particulate elsewhere in the Star . f " The above Lb one of the periodical Niagar* Falls ? senasations,' gotten ap for the purposo ot patting money in the purses ot the euterpTU sing citizens doing business ia the lager beer and sandwich line formnst the great cataract. Were we, one day, to see some chap hnng, quartered and thrown over the enter of the Horse-Shoe Vail, we should not be surprised to meet him apparently sound and im good healiii the next morning, so little confidence have we ot the reality of the wonders of that wonderful pla 'e. We are informed this morning that the "un fortunate and fool-hardy mau"?the Individual wUh the esculent cognomen?Is "still on the island." Our informant further went on to state that Farina left the island last night, took his ease at his iron, enjoyed a refreshing season of rest, and returned early this morn ing. It is understood that the parties Interest ed have contributed liberally towards making up a parse wherewith to reward the adventur ous man. The latest rumors are that a sealed can con taining a quantity of food, was let down to him last night; that young Robinson?a son of the man who piloted the Maid of the Mist on her perilous voyage through the rapids?is constructing a boat with which to attempt the rescue of Farina, and the attempt will be made this afternoon. The farce will doubtless be "played out" to-day. The French ox the Alabama aid Kbar pa'-k?The Paris Pre see says: "Oar readers have not forgotten that an artillery commission was appointed after the engagement between the Kearsage and the Alabama to examine the results of that engagement in connection with the urmament of our vessels. Thi3 commis sion* under the presidency of Vice-Admiral Didelot, has just finished its report, which is ?aid to be a very remarkable one. It is assert ed that certnin parts of this document will not be published on account of their confidential character. It appears that the conclusions of the commission will modify some what the sys tem hitherto followed, by leading especially to a fresh armament ot our armor-plated frig ates, which are to receive, it is said, guns of a mnch larger calibre than those they are at present provided with." TELEGRAPHIC NEWS FROM EUROPE. Peace Between Germnny and Denmark. New York, August 1!.?The steamship Persia, fronr Liverpool, arrived early this morning. Latest via Q,ueekptown, London, Jnly 31.?The Paris Press, underreperve, announces the conclusion of peace between Germany and Denmark. Tfee basis. Is unknown. The ar mistice has been slightly prolonged. French journals continue to harp on the im pending sea fight between the Federal and Rebel cruisers in the English channel. In the House of Commons, Mr. Layard said England intended recognizing the new Mexi can Empire, without waiting for the States and Territories now imdei Jaureztobe brought within the authority of the new Government. Lord E Howard called attention to the en listment of emigrants in America. He com plained of British subjects being entrapped, and urged watchfulness and energy to put it down. Mr Layard admitted that there were great complaint', but the Government could not do more than it had done. Mr. P. Taylor defended the northern Gov ernment, which was determined, he said, to pnt down the slaveholding rebels. 1 (>n the 29th Parliament was prorogued. The Queen's speech deeply laments the con tinuance of the civil war in America, and promises the strict continued neutrality, but would rejoice to see a friendly reconoilation. Copenhagen journals say the alleged armistice for nine months is premature. Continental news is unimportant. From St. Domingo. New York, Aug. 11.?Doctor Reynolds, the American Consul, died at St. Mane*, St. Do mingo, July ??>. 700 Rebel prisoners arri ved this morning from Point Lookout. The brig Saxon, from Cape Breton reports that on the 31 st ult., 25 miles southeast of Sable Island, she saw a large steamer supposed to be a rebel pirate. NEW YORK. STOCK LIST. (By the People's L'ce?Office 511 Ninth street.] New York, Aug. 11.?U. S. 1881, ceupon 6's, IC7; U. 8. 5.20a, lOtJ *,-; Certificates of Indebt edcess, 95; Gold, 25IV: N. Y. Central, 131^: Erie. 113\; Hudson River, 135; Harlem, 90; Reading, ICfi#; Michigan Centr&J, 1-10X; Michi gan Southern, 92,^; Illinois Central, 130; Cleveland andPittsburg, 113?4: Cleveland and Toledo, 112 Chicago and Rock Island, 114 v; Milwankie and Prairie da Chlen, 69; Pitts burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, llfi*; Alton and Tetia Haute, 63)f; Chicago and Northwestern, 57.Quicksilver, 79. I fiOOAL NEWS. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.? The Railroad Company have a large force of workmen on the main stems of the road at work repairing the damages done by the rebels to the road m th9 vic.ii.ity of Martinsburg, during their recent raid. The most of the dam age was done between Martinsbarg and Ope quan Bridge, where about seven mUesof'he track was torn up, the ties being burnt and rails twisted and bent: and all the bridgeo be tween those points?in a and tressle work?de stroyed. With his characteristic promptitude, the Master of Transportation, (W. P. Smith, Esq.,) is pushing on the work of reconstruc tion, and it is expected that in ten or twelve days the tralDS can run through to Wheeling. The work of laying the double track between this city and Baltimore i3 progressing finely? the double track being laid now fully two thirds of the distance, (from Baltimore to An napolis Junction, and from Beltsville to Paint Branch ) It is thought that before the season closes tbis work will be completed, and tb?-n euch occurrences as collisions, rare as they are on this road, wtll be unheard of. In our notice of the collision last week, the names of the conductors of the trains were reversed. Mr. Hoove r was on the train bound to Washington, and Mr. Taylor on the train North. Sent to Fort Lafayette.?Wm. Dougher ty, who came to this city trom Charleston a ft w days ago, where he has beeu ever since the rebellion broke out, (as mentioned in the ?Star of the 2d instant.) Aras arrested yesterday b? one of Col. Baicer'u defectives for failing to report to tt-e military authorities as Is required of parties coming within onr lines. Dougherty formerly retUiad in t;?ln cHt. and. claims that he was never engaged in the war, although l>e haa a he.-wy contract on the stone work of the South C?vr^llna:staie Capitol. He says that be returned to this city for the purpose of saving his pre perty confiscated, but when taken to Ool. Baker's oUce y*stei day afternoon he refused to 'ake tb* oath ot allegiance to the Unltfd States Government, on the ground that if he did ?o hisr property in the South, r which he considered of mere >alae than than tnat which he owns here.) would b? confiscated, and he was accordingly sent to Fort Lafayette last night. .. - f ? - ?1 ? ?-? BAXTER'S ?PH!L\Dl:LPHIA FlRE ZOUAVES marched down the Avenue this morning, on their w?y to the depot to take the car* for t-Gnio. They were headed by the splendid b'.nd of the Veteran Reserve Corps, and es corted by tha members of the Hibernia. Steam Fire Company now in this citv, who marched at rhp.head of the regiment In the rear of the regiment were two wagons belonging to the steam fire-engine company, whieh contained sick member* of the regiment. Tbes? Zonaves have been in the.servlce ever since tha commencement -of the war, and the firemen of Philadelphia, from amoag whirh body thev were raised, have made arrange ments to give them a proper reception oa their return Irom the war. ? Navy Yariv?The gunboat "Ascutney, (doeble enderO built at iNew, York, baa arrivcC a' the yard, aad will be subjected to soine> I aliebt repairs.' ? The J?on (Commander Parker's flag-ship^) has been pnt'in commission, and will be ready for sea in & few days. It is said that several dignitaries will make an excursion on her as soon as kU is ready. _ < STRIKBOF THB PlCMBKBS AND Qa?^Fit titue?The journeymen Plumbers aad Oas Fitters of tbis city are on a strike far higher wages in view of the increased price ?tf IIvine They demand to receive 14 per day, the In crease to commence Aagu*t 8th. Statb ot th* ThnaxownraAt Fran*. Un & Up.** opticlaas, Iff. 944 Peaasylvaato avepae. the tkei monaster steed to-day I o'clock, M in Ua abide: 1M u the ana'' CloU?.-TU aotorioas ranrhe l? Pwr Trea alMf? haewa as "Castle Brown," (called so after its former occnpaut, Sal He Brown), was entered yesterday afternoon by offlc?r Barker, who arrested Ida Earnest tan mis tress, and two of her rirls. Kate Light and Maria Wood beck, and too* them before Justice Boswell. Ida was beld to bail to answer the charge of beeplag a hooee of prostitution, and the girls are witnesses. " K*orwar> ? Mr. Edward !>olan, merchant tailor, wh<*e store was closed on Tuesday by the military' authorities, was yesterday re teased by the same authority, and allowed to reopen his establishment; there being nothing to show that ha was gollty of a wlliol viola tion of any order. Affaikb iw OfBoa(?rrmvK?Business if dull, and the beat so intense that all who hare nothing especial to detain tbem are seeking lor sbsgy groves and cooling fountains, in all the bustress localities there to the same appear ? ann??? dearth. , ?f*^"?<7 ? Hnrttf.?Yeeterday Jno. FrlreU ii*T m? ?* Masters were arroeted, by otBcer k ? ' upoB a charge of taking down a frame "*Yi oo<-?piecl by Augustus Ooats and his r-%^tiy?n<L5arry,n?t H away. It appears that a portable frame, and put it tt.Pth*grya>a? belonglngto Wo. Johnson, fit? a of Georgetown. John Mas. c,almed '^e house as his, t^rtfr tha ^? pl&c? wlier# Coats erected it in ft Pr ?1HdoWB wbU* boats' family 7?, ? 1h ?irtmo-Tn I, chMkpd with being pres ent and aiding in Its removal. There were two Meters clafms thatch**0? h now dtad? Rnd Matters claims that the house belonged to the deceased brother, from whom he purchased. and Showed a receipt for the pa? Thelivinz brother, Augustus, is complainant, and shown his rsvetot from the orlgtD*i Ani^. The is before Justice Buckey, who holds it over lor further hearing. Port of Grorpetoim.?Clekred?Schooners Va lapt, Smith, Oaleetown; H. A. Wise, liowie, Matta woman; E. Virginia, Collier. Sanlsbury; Vernant, Heath, Deal's Island: Ware, Hard ing, St. Mary's; G. Foyers, Smttb, Accomnc: (7 (laskill, Dntson. Baltimore; F'deral Hill. Wb?atly, Port Deporite; R. H. Chap, Wooten, Philadelphia; M. Sewall, Hoyt, Newbnrgh; Blooming Youth, Shannon, Kanjemoy; D. State, Casey, L?anrel; Sarah, Paulson, Balti more. Sloops?Fair PKin, Hall. St. Clement's Bay; G. Washington, Beasley, St. Mary's; Fair Dealer, Richardson, Accomac: Christiana, Baston, Nanjemoy. onn BABRELS of ROBSDALE CEMENT fcr EllU sale. Apply to PETER BERRY, an ll-.1t* M Water street,Georgetown. UNITED STATES SERVICE MAGAZINE FOR U AUGUST.?Contents : Major General William T. Sherman; Jomini's Life of Napoleon; Great Battles in History, No. 1; The Florida Expedition; Reorganization; The Son* of the Light Artillery; Editor's Special Department; Official intelligence. j| VDAhrnir Ti**7i'*n DB 1 ?.vui b Dimuai voMHbuiriii, *?nicvai miPincfnc au 11 FRANCE TAYLOR ,Y GOODS AT LOW PRI0S3. A DISCOUNT OF TEN PER CENT Will be allowed on all CASH SALES until the 1ST OF SEPTEMBER. JOS. J. MAY k OO , 309 Pennsylvania avenu^e, an 11-Jtif between 9th and 10th >st*. "<AKE NOTICE. A. U. YOTTNC. A CO.. No. 4?9 Ninth street, between K and F. have Jaft received and selling fast, at 6mal! profits : ' Brown and Whit's Sujrsr. Codes of all kinds. Teas of all graces. Wiuna and Brand yo. Old Baker Whisky. Claret Wine! very fine. All the above goods of best quality, at loi prices foi cash, or to punctual easterners. au ll-4t* No. 469 Ninth St.. bet. E a ad F. p I A N O S . GREAT BARGAIN^ IN PIANOS. ? ii 1 have one good second hard Piano for $ ijc; one nt f tfO; one for tiro at f V); one for f 5} : one at t>J> : one a' $26. , These Pianos I have taken in exchange ft om dif ferent persons in part payment for new on? >g bf th<? famed Chlekerin* A Son'a unrivallM mat e Now in store FORTY PIANOS to select f -"?* Alsi, Smith's ORGANS and MELODEO! < ,1 ? Pianos for hire. Music received daily , Kvery musical instrument in store JOHN, P. ELLIS. Piano and Musi'*. Store, 306 Pi i. y? , au 11-3t bet, nth and Ifth.nor t aside. J^RY GOODS AT LGVTPRICESr~ DURING THE MONTH OF A? C OUST. SHIRTING COTTONS, COTTON SHEETINGS. BEST AMERICAN PRINTS, CANTON FLANNKLS, AMERICAN DELft ZNES, FINE WHITE GOODS. BLACK AND COLORED SILKS, FOREIGN WOOLLEN DRESS ? J00D3. MOURNING DRESS GOOD ?, HOSIERY, KID G fcOVJJS. A dieconnt of 10 per cant, will be alii- ,wed on all Cash bales until the Jot September. JOZ.*i. MAV A C4 30*< Pennsylvania arei au 10-tt between ?>th and 1. RAND FAMILY EXCURSION ' to SlYMONt on SUNDAY, AUGUST 14, 1 n*. TWO'STEAMERS and thrt? MARINE BAND. The steamer FULTON will leui? f? ot of 7th street at 8 o'clock a . m? The steamer PHOKNIX, s&'aej wharf, at 1" o'clock a m. Both boats will touch at Alexa . aria Dinner will be famished at the Pav ilion; tickets One Dollar A guard Kill .-ceonipany each bc>a&, and no im proper perron- will br allowed on bM rd The Managers wilV syure no [uas "or expense to mak* thi3 a pleasant exccrnou. Tickets. ONXDCtLLAIl. au li-3t* ( BUTTE P, J . " C H Eli E | Di E. DUTROW A BRO.. *^GS' ... in im Wholesale Dea'arj. 8u1? lni No.. 4.*>0 8t.i street. IV!OTlC?"i-AH persons nd?ht?*d to tba?eAtate of the la:e Dr B. J . llelieu. ?n account of Pro fersional aervio? s render^, ?i'? please nuke pav nients as s?on a* prarticK&le '*> F. Kelly, > *a.. collector. No. 3t>S *th vtreet w??t. near l street north. GFuAl-'TON TYLKR au in3t* Execu'iot. Vp DT9SCLPTION. I 11E Paj-tn^-rship bec??t<t/??r?- wxLsUns he^ween TTMOTUY Ml'RcnY and UI.ORGii. PRENBKR is this oay dissolved hy mubnl c<>ns?nt All debt* due the ifcte brm will he p?irffle->r*e I'reneer, who wilLli^nidate thsde>4s ?,f the late firm. rr? ithy mtrpht. GIC.KGK FRKNDER Augaat)6tk, ISM au id St* TIIE BEST ANuOHKil EST MANURE IN T1IE UN#TBI? STATES. T'ee andersictifd. hi**-'ioK contracted far all the Manure at Giesboro C .,int, n C . a e now pre pared to pnt on boar* r -ssela free of expanse ta. Captains at low r?n>s, YMSEC.S WAVTK'*. A-ddrees No .tHO P stre t. Wajliintton, or ta I, GIBSBORU POINT MANTTRE W ^ aul' tf JOHN >?KTTIBoM? A CP, p B. 0 POiALS FO-R COAL. TUiH'RV D?rARTMi?T J NuiiMUil CMrrrniy l.? 'Jiiutoa,) *u?stt?, l?*4. * Sealed ProBcsaJ* ar? hereby uivi'?d for Six Hundred <0?X?> t >na WV.^t? A?h An'hracite Ceal, fninsce size, and seventy - five 76t tens Cam ber snd 0o%l. to be d?liver-;d at tti? Trea-ur^. bui' soeb a point v ma> bed si?nvt-d. The C...I t?- h** '11 "f 4u- 1 ....? iV 'T"."rn?T nat-v, the IV, tEZS&f* u portt?K.th6 a\t W-iw Chi?*f of-lst P?vi*>sn. 3fi9 SEVENTH STKEET ^9 0OTTA<ilT SUITS. OAK AND WALNf T *XTB"??1'>N TABLKS, ENGLISH AND AMERICAN CCTLERV, FURNITrKK. B/)0SEKEEP1NG GOODS. AO CettMga Setts ?iain and marble top, Wilis') we airent!esiM? at eitriordisary bargains. Oak and Walnut Rxteosiob rabies less tbaa man ufsHurers prices. KnelUb and Anaerioan Outlery less than whole tale prise and ens' of importation Particular attention ia called to oar exteasive and ??il selected st-ek of FURNITURE AHf HOrSEFtTENIMUNO GOODS which we gnsraatee to sell les? than any bos ? tbi?sl<?e ofWrw York. Adlsrouatof tea per eant. aliowel cn af $6> aad upwards. H BO NT/.. . Sacceaser to Rnnta A Griihth. as S-6ti S69 7tU street, a^tf l 8. 0W*B, aucceasor to ?. 0?|N A,S?n, MtLitaav ahb Navai. ?*' i* # i * V d K ^ ? ? MFKC H aad Peaa.avea^^J^,^,!) o.

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