Newspaper of Evening Star, August 11, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 11, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMU8KMRNT8 TO-NIGHTi fontl ot P'aT*? decidedly ?k ^ ^ no m*ans fail to visit a"d 8ee "The Belle of Wa*hing P*''OI7nt,d. The scenes are laid in this city, and are haul to be founded on actual oc '&miliar to parties yet living here. Certain It is that the play proves a source of immense attraction. Caktkkbcey.?With a full corps of charm ing vocalists, graceful dancers, laugbter pro Toking Lthiops, and amusing delineators of character, It is no wonder that Canterbury Hall retains Its front ranks as a place of resort by tbose in search of gayety and amusement. The grand ballet "La Fete D'Arrajron," will be performed to-night among other acta. Og den, the "Irish Ambassador," will be on hand again. Christy's Minptrelp still entertain large audienos at Ford's. Their budget of amuse ment is a splendid one. It is scarcely neces sary to state this r*ct, for it is well known that the Christy's bav* a leading reputation in this Jine of amusement. George Christy. T W .Raynor, and aiy the others appear t j-night A!ID F,(J N,c To-day-At five lhe steam-r Phenix will .^peventh street wbarl for an excursion to Oiymont, and will re'urn to-morrow morning Q*r)y. There wiii be refreshments on board ttr t>o*> and at the p&villion, and there will jsc be opportunities lor a dance. No passes yq Hired for tile trip. I he i retich and Italians residing in the city <ive a pic nic at Jueneman's Garden, thi^ af ernoon and to-night. The Fire King, Buono Jore, will be in attendance, and will perform j daring feat. Policb KsrouTS?Second Precinct.?James Kenney. drnnk; military. Third Precinct.?Wrn. H. Holt, trespass; S5.50. John IJonaiason, righting; ^1=58. Chapmin Dale, do.: f2 56. Frances Robinson, disor derly, fj 56. W m. Davis, do ; ?3 4i. William Graves, drunk; dismissed. Jonu Frisell, lar ceny; lor hearing. Fourth rrecivct.?Rand Gor Ian, assault and battery, bail for court. Thomas Foston, do.; dismissed. Pat Goings, disorderly, and Geo'. McCallion, vngrancy; dismissed. Sixth Precinct*?John Osenberg, drunk; dis missed. Joseph George, assault :ini battery; do. Christian Widmtyer, fist driving, S3 5* Tenth l*recinct.? Barney Clinket, disorderly ?2. Sam'l Hart, do ; NelMe Bride, do ; do. J. Nark, do.; ?.5. John Wallace, do.; dismissed. FnnieE. Smith, drnnk and disorderly; M. CuHinan. do.; #5 Also, assault and battery bail for court. Jacob Kim, nuisance; ?lo. W. Enelish, hackmsn, refusing his number; *5. Ida Earnest, keeping a bawdv bonse, deferred. Lizzie Pierce, assault and battery; bail for peace. Mary Jackson, do.; bail for court. * Careless Dbiviko? Serious Resirtt.?This morning, while Center Market Space was much crowded, and ladies were cons'autly passing aoid repassing ar the crossings of the streets, a man nttmed Christopher Wumayer, a butcher, drove furiontly with bis horse and wagon toward tbe crowd, and in his route knocked a Jady down and the wagon passed over her. l*be was very severely Injured, and was tak m aw*y Insensible. Captain J R. Stone, of 7 h barracks, "V ? R- C., followed Witmaj*er arrf,st#-d officer J. O Johnson, u ard, wbo carried him before Tustice berscn, who m artiu^ for T'i'jrapson* of the Sixth Precinrt. Witmayer wis fined S5.58 for fast driving, and was held to bail in SI,MO to aj ptar at conrt to answer the charge of recklessly knoqkmp down and driving over the lady. The name of tbe lady has not yet been ascertained. *J^FfA,i?8 J* (*?OROBTOWN ? A Ma<l Dni Kxllr.l?jm Tuesday, officer White was called upon to kill a dog suffering with hydrophobia in the stable of the Union Hotel. I> was a gen uine case, and whether the animal bad bitten others is not known. Thy officer promptly per formed bis duty. * Borne Stealing ?Tuesday afternoon, & man named James Mils-ead was arrested for the Urcecy of n horse belonging to H. J. Baker. The horse was taken from an alley in tbe rear of Baker's feed store, on High street Milstead was followed by officer Jones, who arrested him with the colt about a mile Hoove Tennal Jytown. The owner values his colt at S5uu, and Milstead said he was going to Rockville, Md , where he Intended to advertise the ani mal as an estray. Justice Buckev eent Mil stead to jail for court. " f Ohasd Larceny.?Last night William F. Hrewn paid a visit to a house In 15th s-reet, -Hooker s Hi vision, kept by Jane McCutehen, and applied lor lodging. He was charged ten dollars, bnt be plead that he on'y had seven, though he had a five-dollar note besides in hid pocket, which be intended to use to purchase a pair of loots. A female nauied Luanda Junes occupied the room with him; and this morning Brown f^und hf r lying ou the floor, *' h bis pants lor a pillow, and his money gone He bad his room mate arrested. She admrted that sbe picked tip a note from the HO' r and put it under the matting. Search was r arte, but the money was not fju id. Af ter a bearing of the . videuce, Justice Clayton deferred judgment. J The Rakche Burst.?La-t night, about ocloek, the notorious rancbe kept by Jake *e?fh, at the corner of 17'b ,nd F streets, was burned to the ground. This was the ranche irom whence tbe parties were taken who were tus-pec'^d of the trnrder of the wounded sol dier,* harles Dickerhoof, whowas founddying at the rate of Kalor?ma hospital, on the-Jd intt. There wa< no positive evidence, and the case was dismissed; but tbe men were turned o\ertoth<? mili'ary. The bouse was an old brick two story basemeut, and the fire wms dotibiless caused by an incendiary. The loss Is small. Gka nd Larcen y.?Tuesday afternoon, John Fremont, colored, was arrested by officer JJoose. on the ?.h<tr*:e stealing -iJoO from Mary Johnson, colored, residing in the neighborhood known to the police as "Contraband Hell," 4 11th ?nd Boundary.) The parties reside next to each otber, and during tbe absence of the woman her room was entered, and a trunk opei ed and robbet' ~f the above amount, and some persons saw Fremont in the room. He "wa* taken before J ustice Barnaclo, who held bim to bail lor court Social Picmo.?it is said "there is nothing in a name," bnt '.his term of "social" sounds to genial, promises something extra, and is eo new a term hat it attracts at once the reader's attention. By re;*rence to our columns it will be seen that a "soctal'' picnic comes off a* the Park, cn 7th etrtet, next Tne-duy. for the ben efit of St. Matthew's Female Academy* corner 13thstr?*et and INew York avenue. Ojcourse ail tbe patrons and friends will be there, and ! all are promised a gcod time. Bittkm by a Mad Do?i.?Yesterdav after r con, a mad do^ ran into the yard of Mr Wal iTif ?VJhl stre<ft? n"ar M S0Qt!i- and bit one of hie children throuah the hind. Sur. ft ?5e.vW!U Pr?mi??y secured, and I i I? ?- bop^d that the poison has not t ikeu ! *CI' al!??,?*b lhe bhnd a(id arm has d.rrdfa,,jr ?mcf*r Gordon, a snort 1 tfme j.fter the occurrence, shot the dog. Thia C|fhcer put some ejghieen or twenty dogs out of the way yesterday. * Af," Battery.?Testerdav after? ro n, as an otd colored man named Wllliaiu ! Tnrtnptou, was pusslug along sec ind street, n^nr ?. street south, with two buckets of water, he was met by M'ch'l (?ollinan, vn .kaocked him down a?d kicked him. Officer Gihsuu raw the occurrence, and trave chase t;> Cuili aft?r running several squarej ar. rested him. Cullman was taken before Jn-.- i uce Bos well, who fined him 85 tor disorderly conduct, anj held him to security to court fur I assault and-bittery. iS-TOLKJi iiooos Kocmi?.?Cflcer Greer, of the Thud ard, carried lot of tobacco and tegars to the statipn-honse, which wer-i found nnder the porch 61 the ncuse corner of Four ?entb a,td H streets west, occupied by Ja -ob *1^.' colored f goods are supoosed to J Tk,t0!.n ttrd 8^creted Wb-rp'hev wer# ? . 1 * discovery whs made yesterdav, y Fabian Lolorabus, who turned the articles erer to the police. The Finb Abt0.?a number of g?-?d pt -- turea, by Lanman. are attracting atten-ion at Markriter s, .th street. They are the best we have seen irom Lanman s twurii, showing mor* cm re and study. The White Mountain, Ad irondach, and Lake George scenes are noticeably good. Some fine natures, bv Meyer and other artists, are also to be seen at Markriur's. Foubth Ward Rtatio* Carhb Sarah B?cknaaa, grand larceny; jail for court. Maria {jarswav, assault; dismissed. B. K. Gray, vu ol&ting city ordinance: do Chas. Norland, disorderly: %8 5". Saraft McNeill, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Augustus Simms, boree stealing; bail for hearing. CJarbiaobg ?1Those in want of excellent carriages of modern style and on fair terms, ?bould by all means call on Robert H. Gra ham. 374 I) street, and 477 fith street. He has a fall supply of carriages oj all deseriptious, light and heavy, and also doe? repairing In tbe y romptest and most satisfactory manner. Hor, Hottbb, Hottest ?Thursday, August U, 1^4^-Statr of thermometer, at 1030 a. m , & 11-Jit, #0; w m-. 91X: 12 30 p. m , 1, w. I haveb-^u amusing myseif to-d*y as above lndicat?-d?I will firo job the balance ti mor tow. Yours, tic., IS. H. S. Second Ward Statiox Cams.? J?- Eo* r*n, drunk; *2. JolK Hrnwn, do. disor derly; do. John Uull;h%n, disorderly*. ?,su miased. chas. Vog&l, do. and drunE; LlU ciLda Jones, tfrand la cetij; deferred. SPECIAL NOTICES. Th* Word "Bozoooa*." w^ich iejrairt b?om. in* a household w jrd in derived from U Oireek, and composed of two wo?ds. 80*0 *od Udontes. "Soro''translated, m.ui to ^"V. ' rrer of the t*8" th? Te+th "8o*odqnt, a pre?erj e roi i a e i?H ? :otr?i?to it* name. For beautify ingau'd creL^vin J the tUth, hardening and in Ti?o" tine the correcting al impuri ties of the breath. it >8 without a peer in the Bold by druggist*. au y 3X A Niw Pkutvuk fob tbm Kiasdkk&ohikf. Pkaltm's "Night Blooming Cereua." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereal." Photon1? "Night Blooming Cereus." Fluxion's "Night Blooming Cerens." Photon's "Night Blooming CereuB.' Pknlon'r "Night Blooming CereaB." Pkalon's "Night Blooming Oereus." A most exonisite, delicate and fragrant perfume distiiled from the rare and beautiful flower from which it takes its name. Manufactured only by Phai.o* * Sow, N. Y. BlfWAKF OP COUWTl'HFRITS. Ape rca Phaj.on's^-Taek *0 Othki. Jel6-3m Fold fcy rtrnggists generally. Corics. Bcrnens. Bab Nails, etc. Dr. White will be in attendance at hi* rooms No. 4'24 Pennsylvania avenre, on and after Fri day, July 22d. Jy 21-tf Nbmtoos Dibilitt, SmiaAL Wiakotss, etc.. Can Be Cvrtd by one who had really eared himself and hundreds of others, and will tell 70a nothing bat tbe truth, Address, witn stamp, Edwabd H. Teatii, mar S DA Wjy Lock Box. Boston, Mas*. DlSEABM or TBI Nkrvous. Semival, Urisaet and Sexdal System??new and reliable treatment ?iD Reports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. Skillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa. Je30-3m THIOHEAFEbTAND BEBT HAIK DTE IHTSI WOBLD ? Never Fades or Washes Out.?Upham's Hair Dye. 81 rents a box. The best in use. Try it. Sold by B. C. Ford, corner IItb street and Penn, avenue, Washington; and Henry Cook, Alexandria. afi-lT Wabbahtbd to Ouai is Six Dara. -Dr. Godfrey'! Antidote, an English Specific of sixty-five years' standing, will cure (ronorrheea in six days. No change of diet required. Price 91 per bottle. Bold by S. C. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henrv Oook. Alexandria. Ja 8-ly Sbobbt Diseases. Samaritan's Gift is the moat certain, safe and effectual remely?indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever discovered. Cures in two to four days, and recent casesin twenty-four hours No mneral no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, and ^friend to those who do not want to be exposed. Male packages, >2; ft male, 93. Sfitwanfrtn'.i Root and H'rb Juites? Apositive and Sern anent cure for Sypbilis.Scrofnla,Ulcers,Sores pots, Tetters, Ac. Price 31, or six bottles for 98 Sold bv 8. 0. Ford. See ad"ertisement. mS MARRIED, On Tuesdav morning, August 9th. at Church of t1- Ascen?if,n. bv R \ Dr. Pin^kney. Mr A. V. IBWCII to Mis* IRENE FLEURY. both of this city. August 10th. bv the Rev. Mr. MeNallev. Mr. C.orVKKNKi a W. GIBSON to Miss MARTHA J A NK DRLANY, both of this city. | Chror icle and Republican copy.] OnWednesdav. August IP, bv the Rev. B.TI. Nadal. D D..WM B. DFSEN BT RY. of the city of New Y?rk, 'o Miss CORNELIA GLADDON. of W&ehington, D. C. * DIED, On tli"' 9th inst.. MINNIE A DJ5LE.infant daugh ter of Manviile A. and Julia O. Austin, a;,'ed 3 months aud two weeks We lay tbee in the silent tomb, fcweet blossom of a day; We }ust besran to see th?e bloom. When thou wert called away. No lit'ie heart upon my breast. No feet upon my knee, Dear Lord, how could we give her up To any one but Thee. * [Sunday Morning Chronicle please copy.] On the Hth instant, WILLIAM BAKER, son of Mageie J. and Li?*ut. John F. (smith, a?ed nine months and ten days The fri* rids of lh?. family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to-morrow (Friday) morn ing at ioH o'clock, from the residence of F. W. Colclazer, No. 4 42 K street. On the morning of the 11th inst., CHARLOTTE LEDDY,infant daughter of Robert E. and Lucre tia Dojle. at fd SJ months. The f iendg and relatives of the family are in vited to attend 'he funeral on to morrow ( Friday) afternoon at 4 o'c lock, from the residence-) he jrnindmother, 461 southwest corner of F and lith streets. * On th? 10th of August, in Georgetown. D. C., JOHN HEN DON, the beloved son of WiiliuuiG. ami Hester J . Tanner, atced 11 years. Dearest Johnny thou art gone to rest, God called thee home he thought it best. From pain and suffering set thee free, ?"> may we prepare to follow thee. Brother thou art gone to rest, W e will not weep for thee. For thou art now where oft on earth, Thy spirit longed to be. The relatives and friends are invited t^ attend his funeral. on Friday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from his father's residence, on Dumbarton straet be tween Wai-bington and Green sts., Georgetown. * In this city, on the 11th inst.. AGN ES, daughter of John and Catharine E. Ryan, aged 0 months. '* ILawreDee iind t-alem. Mas*., papers please copy ] ?g0 CHOIC^STOCK 4*to INTERIOR ADORNMENT8. 4H6 4*6 P APKRH ANGING8. 4S6 A select and varied stock of Gilt, Medium and low priced Paperhangings, Borders,Statues, Cen ter Pieces. Ac. WINDOW SHADES. Buff, Green, Chocolate, Brown ?nd Gilt Window Shades, a variety of patterns; Shade Fixtures, Tassels. Ac. PICTURE COKD AND TASSELS. Sila and Worsted Picture Cord and Tassels, dif ferent sfies and colors, a beautiful assortment; Picture Rings, Nails. Ac OVAL PICTURE FRAMES. The largest assortment of Oval Frames in the District, warranted to be gilded, with gold leaf; also, a variety of Dark Wood Frames, with a va ried stock of sma.l-sized Oval and Caree de Visile Frames. ENGRAVINGS AND PAINTINGS. A few choice Engravings and Paintings always in store. Orders for Paperhanging and Window Shades punctually attended to in city or county. Terms cash f?r goods or labor J. MARRRITER, No. 4**> Sevanth street, Jy 7- * Eight Doors above Odd Fellows'Hall. C^HURCII ORGAN TOR SALE-A second hand s ORGAN .built by Fr bin. of New York, of su pe rior tone and finish , and in excellent preservttion. Apply to O. H. 3IIDDLETON, Sexton an 1 Col lector rf St John's Church. Reference to fh-i* Bergman. 0>ganist. on l.ltti street, tear E, and George Hilbus. City Post Office. au 1 )-3t Mayors office Toit yh \ll. ' " Wa^hinutos. D. C.. Atgust 8,18>4. NOTICE is hereby ?iveu to the owners of GOATS running at large within the limits of the Fourth Ward. lhat under a law of this corpora tion, they are liable to a tine of three dollars for each animal so found and it is als-> made the dnty of the police constables, after thin notice be ;ng given to the ov\ ners, to kill all found running st large WM. DOUQL.A* au P-eo3t [Intel.] Commissioner 4th W^Vd. I NIW YORK NKWHI'ACKRS FORWAKU BI> KRMM NEW YORK DAILY, at groativ reduced prices,?Terms, for on<" vear. payable in KdvaRf-e.) For tne tierani. insT^fta ot ji ?; Tribune, f7; Times, *7; World. *7: Daily N"ws, 5". Evening Post. S'l; Evening Express, ft.SO. Address A. JOYCE. No. ???^?wi,at 3tth street. New xork. allien JAV I'UOKE A- CO., BACKERS. Fjjtebkth Street, oppo.-urs C. S. Tkkascky. Receive Subscriptions for tb? Ni:W vT. 8. 7 i.lO LOAN f.utborized by the act of June 30th, 1S>4, The notes will be issued under datebf August l?tt, in dt nominations of $:.0, 9JOO. $500,91,000 and 9-5,000, payable to bearer or order, bearing interest at 7 3 10 per cfcot-im per annnm, payable semi au naally. and will be convertible at the option of the bolder at xaatnrity into six per cent. Five Twenty Bonds We bej an"1 s?ll? GOVERNMENT BONDS of all issues. TREASURY N0CB8, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS. And COIN, And pay the highest price f?r QUARTFRMASTER'S CIRTIFICAT1 0QE0K.S J>>1? JAYjdoOKK \ v;o. i /. 9 HOWARD'S tiX?. 1 JL-CP LfV.EKY, HI MNG, nACR. KX Tlir? 1 CUA'NCJt A STAGE STABL1W, O Strte:. t t.Uiu* f>th and 7lA. iVe?i* S>* , 7?e subeprti. r ha^ constantly on baa la I M of fine HORSEtt. PCOGIES, Ac. Ac . which b bire,?fll orexebi'ige TheoBce of ?he M trlboro'aad WaahipcVin pfage linw is at the n>>i v^ place. w "aine place is a ?ne BKP TaVRANT if DISSOLCT lUN OK OOl'AKTN KR^HIP r?e CopartDe- ?ld? ^xi?t?ng betweea bDWiUK OWEN and MK'I W OWEN, in the Military ?0 i Naval MfrCbaL' T^l??piij^ under t-be fir ?, of E.OWEN A twN for tke last 5() years, is th i? da* by mutual cons-ot The bnsiness in fj^nr^wiU be conducted by 8A||?L W.OWEN.?? the - old stand, SI * P^nnsylvwia avenue, to whom uiy m-ntswill be made *f a:l oatsUnding debts d?e the late firm. , , E OWEN. August 1, IM4- UttJ-Uil toAM'L W.OW*N. WANTS. w irAK TED?By ? respectable girl.aSlTU AT ION . f m cnn* or cbtnbprDail Please address M. G.,StarOffiee._ It* VirANTKD?A GIRL to do housework. Mast Tt come well recommended. German prefers 4. 34^ V th street. bet. L and M. It* WANTBD-Byayounggirl. a SITUATION to do ebaraberwork or cook in a small family. Apply at"343 6th atreet, near I. It* WASTED IMMEDIATELY-50 HANDS to chop wood. The. highest oric given. FIERCE SHOEMAKER, at an ll-3t* Bhoemaker'a Mill, en Rock Creek. WANTED TO RENT-A small COTTAGE. in or within six miles of Washington. in a re spect able neighborhood; furnished or unfurnished Inquire at Clothing Depot, H st. an ll-lw* ANTED?A WAITER. One w^o can come well recommended. and is willing to work. w None other need apply to JOS. SII A'FIF.LD. .fS6 6th street, bet. G and H. au 11 ft* WANTED IMMEDIATELY^ good PH.VTO GRAPHIST. Apply at 51* 7th street, Wash ington. or at Gallery near "Race Cour???," ^i?s bor?\ D. C.' au 11 .It* ANTEITtO R*NT^A~smsll nOTTRE. with gas and water, betweer- the Avenue arid K street north, or the lower part of a house. Ad dress Mrs.JXlUG L ASS Star Office. It* A GOOD COOK WAITED?Colored preferred. None apply but who thoroughly understand the business. Apply at 3B0 E street, between l'th and 11th. ' au ll-2t* aKtED^A Tesp>-ct?bl? (White) GIRL as nurse.none that cannot come well recom nend ed ni ed apply. Apply at the GOSLING HOU8E. No. 240 Pennsylvania avenue, between J2tb aud 13th streets. aull2t* W" ANTED?A SITUATION as Salesman or Bookkeep?r in mmj retail, wholesale or commission house. He has had twenty y?ars ex perience in the business. Well acquainted city. Best of reference given. Address S. D. M., Star Office. an ll-3f WANTED?A good plain COOK, to go about four miles from the city. To one who un derstand s ber busfneM. and can come well recom mended, will obtain a permanent home and the highest wages. Apply at 452 8th gtreet, between Penn. avenue and I) street. au ll-3t* WANTED-TO RENT?A completely furnished HOUSE in this city or Georgetown. Address "Captain." at this office. au .IQ-*t* WAbTED?A YOUNG MAN in a Furniture Store, one who is well a'-qnairrted with the brsiness preferred. Address Box 557, City Post Office. 1 WANTED- By arespectable young Man, a SIT UATION as assistant l>ookKe<?p; r in any wull establi-h'-d wholesale house. Aduresa N. C. S., Sta. Office. au l0-2t* \TtTANTED IMMEDIATELY?At ANDREW J. vv JOYCE'S Coach Factorv, one first class HAND on carriage parts and general'Jobbing. Steaoy work and good wages. au Fl-3t* WIDOW LADY OFFERS n*R SERVICES TO the Ladies of Washington as a monthly Nurse, having bad from ten to fifteen year* experience. Can give the best of reference. For add-ess in quire at the Star Office. au lii-3t* CJERYANT WOMAN WAN T ED.?Wanted^ a ?7 middle aged Woman, to cook, wash and irm, in a family of four persons, including the Purse. A white woman preferred. Any one wishing a comfortable hptre.with good waees. will find this a rleasant situation. Apply Co WALTER I10WE, 372 Pa avenue. au I"-St CV^NYAS8ERS WANTED? Fou* or five smart J enterprising men wanted to canvass in the Hospitals and around the defences of Washington, for CORPS BALGES. Discharged soldiers pre ferred. Agents are making from S.Vto f1?!) oer we.-k. Also, one wian to go to Frederick. App'y to J BAFNET A CO., 262 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington. D C au_lf-3t* YV AN ? ED-A SALE-MAN An invalid soldier ** preferred. Inquire at Brady's Gallery. No. 352 Pa a v. ,&u9f.1t? \?7aStED?A smart BOY, to attend a Book 11 Stand. Wanted Hook?, Government Books, in nnv quantity, at ni'NTRR'S Oreat Antiquarian Bookstore, opposite Grover'it Theater. au 9-3t* \\T ANTED? In a private family, a good COOK, TV WASHER and IRONER. None but a coih petent person need apply. No. 42T F street, bet. fith and 7th. au 9-3t* VVANTED? a young MAN or BOY. Well recom M wended, to act as clerk in an icecream sa Ioob. Ore whose parents reside in the city pie lerr?d. Inquire at 244 G. between nth and 18th 8te.,near War Department. an 9 3b* ? A YOUNG LADY, having leisure time between the hours of 9 a m. and 5 p m.. wishes to d'-vote it to COPYING or WRITING of any de scription Pereons wishing her serviops will ad dress "E." Star office. iiu 91w* W~ANTED-A practical FARMBH .r,* o aSTFe*-^ NER. to take charge of a farm and market garden. s?ven miles from this city Apply at F. BR0(i DEN'S Feed Store, K st..n? ar?2d. an 5 lw* Vf/ANTED A smart, active COLORED BOY, to Vv work in an Ic?-Cream Haloon. Apply imme diately at 244 7th street nortli. betwoon M and N. au8-4t', ' \1TANTED?A tir-t class COOK and TABLE ?? WAITER. Apply at JACKSON BRO i CO., 333 Pennsylvania avenue. au 6 lw* TEACHER WANTED?Wlio iscapable\? t*vh the English branches?to teach from 1 to ' o'clock p m.. excijjt Saturday aud Sunday. Ap ply st'B GUPDORF, corner n and 5th stre?ts, ba tween 1 and3 p m. Good recommendation is ro quired. Parents or guard iaris wb? wi.-h to send their children to the German. Hebrew and English School.8th street, between II and I, *ill please apply at 8. KOI1LBERG, corner 7th an l II atiwets, before the l*t of September next. au 3-eo2w* rf^HE SUBSCRIBER WISHES TO PTTRCHA?? 1 (for cash) a FARM of one or two hundred acres, in northern or western Pennsylvania -t . must be in good cultivation , with all the necessary huildiDgs for a well regulated farm. Address J. L., Box 3*4, Washington, JF_C_. jy U-lm* ^RTILLERY HORSES WANTED AT ONCE. Chibf 0rABt*BMABTBR'8 Ornc?. ) WasHifcoTov DbpotA Washington, July W. 1864 S HORSES suitable for artillery service will be purchased at this dep<-t, by the nnoersign' d, in open market, from date until Septsmb<-r I. 1J?4. in Iofc?t>f six to fifty, at one hundred aud eighty rtol lara?$18:') p<>r animal; each animal to h?subje-t*>d to the usual Government inspection before b"ing accepted. . . . , . _ Horses to be delivered to and inspected bvOapt. C H Tompkins. A Q M., U. 8. A., corner 32d aud Grtreeta, Washington. D.C^ r ruorer Brigadier General, Chief Quartermaster, Jy29 2:?td Depot of Wasbin*ton._ WAN Te1)-S19C0ND HAND ?URNITURB Al.?Ov MlRHOR8, CARPETS, BEDS BKD DING, and HOUSEFT* RN1SHING GOODS of every description. R B^CHLY, 42a 7th street, je 8 tf between G and H.east side. EDUCATIONAL. |>F00KY ILLE ACADEMY. I> Session commences Sept. 6th. Entire expense for 21 weeks,$110. Circulars ?t Star Office,or ad dress R. K BURNS, Principal, au 6 eolm" Brook ville, Montgomery co , Md. llORROMFO COLLEGE, Pikesville, Italtitnore II county, Md , opens i's ninth annuaJ session on MONDAY, the 5th of September. P. 0. address, R v. E. 0. WALDRON, Principal of Borromeo College. Pikesville, Md. aull-lw* MILITARY BOARDING 8CU00L-0n Balti more Railroad, 15 miles from Philadelphia. Pupils have the. benefits of a home; thor<n?gft course in Mathematics, Ltnguagei, English fee. Nnmber limited. Terms moderate Receivi d at anytime. Fine Library and Apparatus. Address Rev. J HEW VET BARTON, A. M., Village Greeu Seminary. Delaware county. Pa ir 9-/w* UKOROETOWN ADVER'JJTS / Vjio rg ETOWN CORPORATION ~BT0C K. vf Those persons who may be disposed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation 8tock,which bears au int> rest of-six per ceot. per annum, payable ^iiHrlerlv, can obtain eome by applying to WM LA IFD. Clerk of said Corporation. Je 29-d tgl ' I'OWINU F?>,MPTLY ATTENDED TO, by the * Potomac To* Company's boats. "Potomac." "flo?. Curtir" and "3elle Haven '* Apply to the Captains on board, or to . , JOHN B. DAVIDSON, m? IS- W?t?r strAft . Ooor?ptow?. Corporation of Washington stock for pale in sums to suit Applvto JAS O McGUlRF A CO.. an l-d!2t Auotion and Commission Merchants. *" - 1' - -*1 ? - - i' -? - li^OR SALE?A beautiful, stylish, pare blood r bLACK HAWK MORGAN HOKHK, b'tenn and'a bait hands hxrb. weighing one thousand pounds built in prop >T tion. si* jfvr- aud a [.erft-ct ow>del ? ?f beauty without blemish; perfectly kino in single md double harness and all right in ?V' rv *iay This U?'rse has been raised by the celeb?rf?ed Morgan s'ock fcra-eder, Lewis Sherman. Esq.. flraudon Vermont, to whom *he provenc in i>vW. reft-V any rurcha*er for his pedig-ee. H^wjif brought here nix months ago at a groat expanse, ard i? now sold withont a single fault,as the omni-r, after various nnsoccessful efforts, can o?'1 oiati'h him it sty le, action, or color in any Dart of t'.e cnut-ty . Oe is perfectly gentle, and? cin he hsuriled driven Uj au> lady, or ev?n a boy. the atf?-*tinn of private families aiid army officers is ttully invited t<? this fine animal L No. bof$? dea ers oeed apalv. H?* will only be sola to private C'tneneor army officers. Price iJe can t?e seen at the atableB .of KGL 'EBERA PTWjtLL, Eighth etreet, between D wid 1. , rv For particulars apply at the Bttblei.or at the " Bt(ire of P. J. BELLJBW, S10 8eventh street, near Od# Fellows' Hall. iy_2Vtf FROM PARIS.?The Knightage of Qreat Sri tain House of Commons Peerage of, G^eat Br tain. Baronetage of Oreat Brita'a. BrUish AiuiRTiHC an<t Companion for 1>?| Ttle ^tati-s Irai.'s Tear Book, irm. Dod% Peerage of'Great Britaii.. Bu'ke'H General Artniry Leb nett's Peerage of Great Britain. L?dve's Pet-rige> of tke British Empire. Burke's Auth Hxed Arms au 6 FUaNCK TAYLOR MAt*** COLLINS* CO.'S iy ? ifl PHILADELPHIA - , DRAUGHT A1*E AND FORTEB. J am?ow receiving large quantitiesofDRAUGHT 1 Al,E ?ti'd PQRTl',8,from this celebrated brewery, which T am prepared to fureish on short notiee to 1 ali-persito# wh? favor ne with the(t orders Orjpre g ren to my drivers wllj be promptly at -t. r;d|i? tc. y , f Goefla delivered in all parts of Washington apd Oevrjrt??n,fre?v?>/ charge. I5XLEV A. dHfNN, Agent JIU D'l ot. 57 Green street pft-tf GeorgeUcgn, D. C. FOB RKNT A.ND 8 A LB. BBIDWB 8TBKBT. OBOKGErO* K-f0* NI8HKD ROOMS for r?n\ M'"? F HPO 1 p XiR RENT?One or two uofumished RO.iMs. on ?. BvcoiNl floor, No. 4*7 north 7th street, above O. an H St FOR RKNT?Twoor three neatly Fl'RS ISH KD ROO\J8. with gas, at No. 315 G street, bet. 12th and 13th. # aull 3t f.'OR SALE?A very old and fins toned VIOLIN. It will be sol' at a bargain. Apply at the CRYSTAL RESTAURANT, 3!*0 D street, next door to 8th street au li-at , L?T?Three ROOMS.(first floor.) newly P* pered to a sruall, respectable family only Rentf2? p*r*n.^n?h payable in advance App.y at 1-.20 East Ctpit. Irtreet. an 11 St FUBNISlfKD ROOMS f03 RKNT -Comfort ablt and wwl furnished Rooms at 450 ltth street. beTwet* G and H sts. The location l? on# of the most de?iraMe in the city. ?u 11-tr t[M)R RKNT?Several pleasant ROOMS, ine'udio!; 1 a fr- nt parlor, and also onevnfurnisbM room either with or tfritboat boani. Vi- i Venn 'a avenue, between 19th and iUth <t? . ? ash - iD?tou. D. C. au ll-? I?OIi SALK-The three story BKICK HOUSE and li<>r. No. Aftl 9th street, (Islands be tween D and 11 streets The house contain* nine rooms, and hw convenient outbuildings, Ac. Apply ?o W. D. WALLACE, at theStacOfflce. till ll-tf ____________________ IT'OR RENT-A large F R A HE 90TSK, op Maine r avenue, between 3d and 4Mi streets. Island, containing eleven rooms. Also, a STORE on C street, between 4,l2 and 6th streets, for rent. Pos session given immediately. Inquire of J. Iki. YOUNG. Jn..4t BRQ.,403 Penn. avenue, near 4K street. aull-2t* tpOR SALE?A new FRAME HOUSE, containing a four rooms and a cellar. The lot is twenty Pve feet front and one hundred and ten feet <<eep. New stable and fencing. Willbesold en Monday, the 16th inst.. at ft p. m.. at public auction The property is si tasted on 2d street west, between 11 and I. near the railroad bridge. au 11 -2t* MICHAEL BBE3NAHAN. f^OR SALE.?3125 will purchase the good-will * and the greater part of the fixtures of a BAR BER SHOP, situated near the Baltimore depot, and being only one door from Pennsylvania ave. A bargain may be expected by applving immedi ately on 1st street west, one door from Pa ave. Reason for selling, the present owner intends I'l't'1" "" WM. B. PiRRAWtV. FOB BKNT-A STOBK BOOM, No. 7<iS.corD.r 3d and N sts., near the Navy-Yarfl. [aul"-3t ORRENT?A FRAME HOUSE containing four rooms aMa kitchen. Apply ai No. '207 3d street, ne*r Massachusetts avenue. au F>-3t* FOR 8ALE?-The good wilK stock and fixtures of a WHEELRICiHT SHOP, now doing a good business. Apply at the shop, on Bridge street, rear the market. au l*'-3t IjH)R 8ALE?A first-rate BOILER and ENGINE; Boiler dearly new; Engine in prime running order. Can be seen at work daily. Reasons for selling a contemplated change in the business. Address P. O. Box HPS. Washington, au l? lw* FOR RENT ?Part "of a EOUSE, unfurnished consisting of a saloon pailor. chambers, and tath-rOoni; suitabl? for housekeeping. Gas aud water. Apply 486 Mass. avenue, between 4tli and Eth strebls au l'J-2t* P'ORRtNT??iveorsix FURNISHED ROOMS; parlor and bed-room on the first floor, eom mnnicaiing; several bed rooms < o tbe second and third floors. Apply at Nn. 'i'i'l F street, near the Treaeurv, and opposite Will?rd's Hotel. au 10-3t* _ FOR SALE. VEBY CHEAP.-Will be sold at a great bargain, an 0\3"fER A^D EaTING HOUSE, with all the Fixtures and House Furni ture, in a good location. House rent very low. Reason for selling.,the owner and family desire to leave fcr Europe. Apply at the Star office tor uddress. au 1'i-fit rr?()Il SALE?A FARM, containin-r 90 acres, dis I t mt about six miles from Wsshiqgt vn, over I the-Navy Yard bridge. A large body of the land , I is in good timber, the remainder und-r cultiva tion, including a young pea~h orchard Also, a I yoi'd dwelling house and stable. For further par ticulars i n qui re of W M. STORY. South Capitol st., between 1' and (i streets. ? au 11 6t* KOOMS FOR RENT?Two pleasant ROOMS, suitable for housekeeping, at No. 61 r>>z st., rear B st.. Island. au 9-4t* MTORKTwTtH ONE BOOM. FOR RENT, on Cspitol Hill, corner ^ st. north and l?tst.? ast. suitable for a grocery store. Injure at th? store, au 9 3t* C. SOLCER. 'cjT0BE~TO~LBT?In aitus'.ion, lighted ^ with gas, and provided with all neoessary fix tures Anplvnt 3SS F Htreet. between Mth an'l 10th. Aito. BOY WANTED. Applyas^ahove^ ?u9-jt* ST^OR "sa?.E?Tbe Good Will a'd Fixtures of a BARBER SHOP, corner 7?h ar-.d L ?tre?t?. Will be snM cheap, as the present owner is about oJ eave the city. in HENRY CONNOR. R-OOM FOR KENT?No. 309 E street, between l/.th and 1streets. Will be rented only for an officf, store room, for. liglit gooils. .or work bhop. Apply at HUNTER'S BOOK STORE. au 9 ft* ; ? F^OIt 8ALH? A caBh cmtormr can purchase two (21 the best located and best fitted up BUTTER STANDS in (Voter and N L Market-'. Average ralss *fi? pounds butter daily. Inquire of BROWN A POWERS. P lumbers. Ninth street, or M. CO BURN* , Butter Deal?r, Eighth, near D. au 9-3t* Afok rent FCRNI.SUED BKTCK HOUSE, WITH SIX Rooms, at f40 per month. A NEW FRAME, i EVEN ROOMS, EITHER fcr rent or sale, at ftO per month. A FARM OF ONKUUNDRED AND FORTY five Acres; good buildings, six miles from thecity, at Jl.CO per year. FOR HALE. A LARGE FINE PRICK RESIDENCE ON C street, betw een ?a and lH streets?the best neigh bcirhood In the citv. IIALL Sl EATON, Real Estate Brokers, cor 7th and F streets. IIVE ACRES NEAR GEORGETOWN FOR SALE. TKN ACRES ON BLADENSBURG ROAD FOR sale. > ? THIRTY ACRES. WITH FINE IMPROVE ments, on Bladfnsburg rusd, ? miles from city. ? KALL&KATON, an 9-3t* Corn?;r7th and F streets. tpOR BENT?A tbree-ftory BRICK HOUSE, with Jl Basement, containing nine rooois, with Fur niture, on G. between 4ih anil streets. No. 41 4. A ppl> to E. WROB, corner oi 12th street and Mas sachusetts avenue, or on the nre-sises. au S-4t* IpOR SALB-BRICK HOUSE LOT ANDFUR ' NITURE?The h andsonie and newly builttwo story Brick and extension, cmtaining t rooms, with barn, all in complete order. No .14?? O st, ncrth,between 10th ard Uth. Ti-rmseaav. Apply on the premises. ai'8-lw* ^08LING HOUSE FOR SALE? The Proprietor of t{iis popular and well-krowu Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi r.ecs, and offers his well xnown house for "ale. Any one wishing to ei-rage in a LUCRATIVE BUSINESS can call on tl?e Proprietor. i4T Penn sylvania avenue, betwe-n 12tii aad 13th sts. an 8->)f I AND FOB SALE?Apply at the first house from -i the Basterti Branch Bridge. eu 6-lm* ?TURMeHlSD ROOMS FOR RENT, LOARDI-VG a Louse in the neighborhood wriere uiftAls are serveo Icquire at No. 3'Jt) New York avenue, be tween 9th and 1 th sVceet.-:. au 5 1<* |/OR SALE. REM APR. ABLY LO VY?A very pret " ty COTTAGE HOUSE, six rooms stable car riage house. ant 2i ,i<? feet of ground, with choice fjnit and fowers, on Capitol Hill. For particulars a'd photngraph vie*, apply to MITCHELL & SON. heal Katnte Rrokerc.S. E. corner Penn ave nue and 15th street. au S-lw* ESIRABLE~FURNISHKD HOUSE OPPOSITE FRANK LIN ROW.?We are authorized t" let to a satisf ?ctory t> nanf a desirable BRICK RE1 IDENCE, (furni.ibtfd Iwitaa briik Stab'.e, situa ted on sonth sldeof K street, betweeu 12tn and Uth streets west. JAg c MoGUIRE ic CO., au 5-fct Auction and Com. Merchants. POR 8ALB-A most excellent FRAM* DWEL LINO,(or Boarding House.) ntw and in perfect condition, house 24 b? 4t\ lot 30 by 100 feet, fifteen ror niw and two g??od <;ellar<i. Immediate posseKiion. Bitiiated on tb?! north -??<<- f< belwoeu Z!a um fctreets, Kirst Watd Price SJ.&HJ. Apply on the premises or to MITCHELL si SON, Besl Kst?te Brokers, 3<iutheast corner Pennsylva nia avenue and I5th street. aug 3-14t* EIOOMS FOR RENT, at 450 i2th street, oast I side, between G and H sts. The situation is one of tne most desirable iq Washington, au2-lm F~d* kENT~0ne of the STORiTrjJOMS under Medical College on F street, near 12th. Inquire of Dr. J.B MORGAN. anC-tf Corner Md. av.. and lith ?t., Isian 1. F'OR SALE?Cheap for ensh, andearly possession *,iven, a FRAME HOUSE. LuT and GROCERY STObK, The house contains six rooms, including the store. The house ano lot may be so'd without tbe Btck 'f bo desited For further particulars inquire on the premises. No. Sixth street west. bet. M aed N rtreatu uorth. au 2-9t* F~?R RWT-AOue BRICK BOUSE with 15 rooms ?u Pennsylvania av.-nae. between 43-i and 6th ?tr?ets. opposite the National Hotel, and one FB AME FOUBB on 4*< etieet. Island, near R st. Applv to H. 3. JOHNSON No 373 Pa. av , bet. 4S and oth sts .orvo^'te National noiel. au l -iot* ? /OR SALE.?Tbe sjbsC?ib>fr w.sites to sell a r F ABM, containing abcut 25 > acresa, eiore or less, distant about four miles Trom Washington, D. C.,erv?r th*. uppni Basiem.&ranch bridge. A ltt'*e body of the land ip in gcd timber, and about forty acres of superior Tneadow land. Tit e indis putable. Address J. IX.^ Box 3S4, WoaNington. C. au 1-Ijn* V-AI PABLt PROPERTY AT PRIVATE dALK If' THE FIRST %ARD.?The undersigned 9 ill Mtli e^l or oagt of that valuable property u pen whicb be resides, situated on the coruer of 18th and K streets, and within one and-a halfblockaof Lalay^tte Square, cesaisting of several handsome Bl ILl'ING LUTC. one of them improved by a tubstap'ial tworstorr Brick House and back build in'g, with goed stablipg. The above property will he *ol<f low for-cash. inquire of T. DRURY, Wood a Coal dealer, hear the War Department, or tbe prt)iaif>. ' |y>airn* ; OHOW CASES FORJ^LK?Just rnoeiy?d eight %b elegant COTWTBRTrOVF CASES by thshest makers is RswSWk. Apply t<? P. J.BELCpW A Co , 7th i-treet, three doors south ofOdd.Fel 1 owe' Hall. lit* tf B^NT-^An elegaat BOUSE, irith hrowq f atone troot, partially furnished, with all mod MB '.inp?<r#nients, centrally and pleasantly lo iated. No. 444 B street, near tbe resides?* ef Sec rotary Ohaaa, ttgether with Ur?e fcriek ?t*b|.,. The Htaiiw not. to to vented for a Wrdmg house. For partlealars inquire ?f H?n ?. % aOMEJBoa tfiiprtaisMi.or Oapt. GBOlSjl ELY. Fe street. PoMes^ios given Immediately, le 6 tf AUCTION SABLES. Fw ether Aacttaa Smlea ?e? nr,t ya?? THIS AF7EKBIOOW AWBTU.WOKHOW |^T GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctions?. TWO HANDSOME BUILDING LOTS FRONTING ON TWELFTH STREET BETWEEN T aNDC STREETS NORTH. AT AUCTION. ? . On THURSDAY, the 11th inst , we shall aall, in front of premises. at 6 o'c'oc* p m .the foil >wing handsome building lots. viz Lots N os. IS and 16 in W H Gunnell's subdivision of sijnwpNo.Jfl, there lots fronting on 12th street west 21 1 2 fe?t each, rnnnin* hack with a side alley. 93 fe-t to an aHey 14 feet 2 inches wide. and contain 1,99,.>* feet each, in both feet .... u 11 11 Also, on FRIDAY, the ll?h inst., we> shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6H o clock Lot No in square No WO. having a front of 49 feet on Half street west, between M and N streets south, near the corner of N street; ran back iftS feet ? icche-* to a 3 feet alley, and con'ains7,57nH square feet. Terms: One-third cash; balance in t? and '2 months for notes bearing inter-st from dar of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All convpyai.cine at the cost of the purchH?er. Title indi.-putable ai d guaranteed an fi d GRKEN A WILLIAMS. AnrtS. |?Y THOMAS DOWLINU, Anet ; Georgetown.^ PROVISION STORE. GOOD WILL. STORE FIX TFRES, AND A GENERAL ASSORTMENT OF GOODS. AT AUCTION On FRIDAY MORNING. Aueu?t 12, 1AR1. at 10 o'clock, I will sell, at the store of W. A. Douglass, Esq .No 1H4 Bridge street, his entire stock of Goods, also the Good Will, Lease, and Fixture# of the Store. Terms cash. an 10 THOMAS DOWLING, Auct. |^Y W. L. WALL & CO., Auctioneers. FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING, August It, com mencing at 1U o'clock, we will sell id front of our auction rooms a large assortment of Furniture, Household Effects, Ac., such as? Mahogany marble-top Bureaus and Bedsteads Cottage Bedsteads and Mattresses Hair Mattresses. Feather Beds and Pillows Spring Beds, Tables, Chairs Mi rolls white and check Matting Sofas, LGunges. Bureau* Cooking and other Stoves 13 vols. Congressional Globe with a large variety of other funaitura and house hold effects of parties breaking up housekeeping. Terms cash. ... ?? au ll-d W. L. WALL A CO . Aucts. BY WM. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. At the Horse Bazaar, 90 La. avenge. On SATURDAY MORNING, 13th inst., at 19 o clock, we will sell, at the Bazaar, the beautiful, stylish, pure-blooded BLACK IlAWK MOROA.N HORSE, 15>a hands high, built iu proportion ; is 6 years old, and is a perfect model of beauty, W| th ru* blemish, warranted kind in single or double harness. A lady or boy can drive him, is a perfect pet and all safe for a family. This fine horse has n<en raised by the celebrated stock-breeder. Lewis Sherman, Esq., Brandon, whom the present owner refers any pur chaser for his pedigree. He was brought here six month* ag't, at a great expense, and is now sold without a ?iniile fault, as ihe owner can not match him iu style, color, or action in any part of the country. The attention of private families, army otScurs, and every person in search of a b' autitul animal is respectfully invited to this s.ile. He can be seen in harness ?>r saddle at 9>j o clo<*k, at the Bazaar, 011 the morning of sale, or at the stables of KELLEHER A PYWELL, Sth street, between D?nd E. p. g ?This is the fame Morgan Horse advertised at private sale the put we :k. aull-d W M. i>. WALL ACO^Aucts. B Y JAS. C. McGUIRF; A CO., Auctioneers. BUILDING LOTS ON SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN NOKTll L AND M STREETS AND NORTH L, BETWEEN FIFTEENTH AND fclNTEENTH STREKTS. On FR1 DA Y AFTERNOON. August 19*h. at o'clock, on the p*eroi?es, we shall sell six Lots, fronting each 17 feet 9?? inches on 16th street, be-^ tween L and M streets north, and running back 120 feet to a 10 foot alley. Also, six Lots fronting the same on a 3" foot alley in the rear, and running bark 67 feet to ?he lo-foot alley being subdivisions of l.ots 13 and 14, in 8quare No. 197, belonging to St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum. Also L 'tsNos 5. *,7 and S, in Square No. IV, fronting together 212 feet on north L street, be tween 1Mb and 16th streets, to be subdivided into buildiDg lots. . . . Also, l-ots li 21, 22, 23 ard 24 in subdivision of Square No 1V3. fronting respectively on 16th st., 1 between L snd M streets and M street, between lfith *n<l lith sts. west . ? Terms: One third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months.with interest,secured by a deed of trust op the premises. . A payment of ?2u on each lot required at the time of sale. , , .. , Cost of conveyancing ?n d stamps to be paid by thauPnrdh'"'t'r' J.O. McGUIRE A CO.. Anetr WM. L WALL A CO., Auctioneers. At tie Horse Bazaar 9t* Louisiana av, SALS OF HORSES, OAK KI AGES. HARNESS, Ac. On SATURDAY MORNING, August 13, jom menoingat 1" o'clock, we shall sell at the !Saz/iar and Repository, No. 9*< Louisiana avenue, be tween 9th and 1< th streets, comprising about FIFTY HORSES, Ineind ing some valuable harness and saddle horses. Full description at sale. also NEW AND SECOND HAND CARRIAGES Light Wagons. 1) arbons. Trotting Wagons large Wagors, suitable for sutlers: family Carriajes. one Carr'age suitable for a Hack, with which the sale will commence. ALSO SINGLE AND DOUBLE HARNESS, Ac. Terms cas'-i. aulb-d W. L. WALL A CO.. Auets. . B B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. GROCERIES, LIQUORS. 8TORK FIXTURES. Ac.. Ac.. AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the 1 Mli instant, a* in o'clock a m.. we si all sell at the store ?f Mr G. W. Miller, corner ol 7th street east and I street south. Navy Yard, a good assortment of Groceries and Liquors, viz: Teas. Sugars, and Coffees, with an assortment of other Groceries, usually kept in a family grocer> store Also, a good lot of Liquors, in Draft and Bottles, and tbe Sttre Fixtures, such a-i Platform and Counter Scales, Measures, Stand Casks, Ac .Ac. Terms cash. an y d [Rep | GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auct". j^Y JAMfcS~C. McOUIRE A CO.. Auctioneers. EIGHT BUILDING LOTS AT THE C'IRNEIt OF NORTH R STREET AND THIRD SlRKiSf WPST On MONDAY AFTERNOON. August '5th, at 6 o'clock, <11 the premises, we "ha Is ll. Lots Nos. 14 snd IS. in Square No 65'. divided into <;ight de sirsble buildiug lots. frontir g about 2 ? feet each on 3d street west, at the corner of north R street. Terms: Oi n third in j?sb: and tb" r^'iia'nJer in 6 snd ]i months, with interest secured by a deed 0} tmtt on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur chasers. A pavment of $20 on em-h lot required at the time of sale. JA8 C.MrGUlR*CA CO , ? an9-d [Ren J Auctioneers, B Y J. C. McGDIRE & Co. Auctioneers. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, August28,1W54, at 6o:?;lo' k, w sna!l tell, at public sa'e on the prem ises, the west bal' of equate No. 823, fronting on north M. ton uiisr*, a d Mh streets east, contain ing aoou* 24.8:8 fquare feet, in lots t> fluU pur chasers. This property is located near Kendall T'trms of sale: One-fourth cash; the balance in 6. 12 nDd IS months Deed given and deed of trust taken to seeure be deferred payments. A1 the v, ritinpfl and Government stamps at the coetofthtpnrchafe?,.joRN R rk-Da T M RANStW. 8AMOEL NoRMENT. Committee of National Building A sociation. J C. McGUlRB A CO., au 3-eoA ds I Rep J Auctioneers. B Y J. O, McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. YALUARLE UNIMiROVED PROPKRTY ON NORTH <+ STRKKT. .BBTWE*3T J1ST AN & On1)* KHN K J|iaTEA ?t ?R VrtTXN. ?u?n.t 17th, at e o'clock, on the rrennses we str 1 sell L it No. h. iu Square No. 79, fronting O) feet a'4 incheson the fcoitt- aide of north G straet. l?etw?ea 21 sit and 22d streets vest- to he sold to#et' er <ir divided into two building lots, as may be desired. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, ??Uh interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyance* and stamps at th? cost of th*i pur? cbs^fr su n-eoA ds J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. NOTICE-? I have opened anew BARBER snOP on C street, between 1st street and Now Jer^ sey avenue, at SoyU's Hotel, where I w.Il be glad to see my friends and cu8to^?r{i>DTNKK C between lat aad N. J .av., Jy7-lm* Boyle's Hotel, near tne Depot_ AT COST I in quest of the abeve articles to rv?u' ? edl .od b. eur. of ?,?? ^"r,fc a'i ?-2w 369 7V1> stfect, near I. \\j AfcHANGTON "CITY SAVINGS BANK, ?V Ipceap **t?d Marcf t*Tn, '^*>4. GnWAKii SIMMs. Preaideut a .d Trea-mrer. VIUVaRU ULAtth. Vicr President ?ad Secretary. SUtVAAVUUA DiHSCTOK*. This Bank " nowf<ir Secretary. RDWaKD OI/ARK, . --i?v John r. blvaks As^EBoBHj^aEl^yT; WaSHlTCTOB. D. O .ialy U. 1864 \ One hundred aad ?*veaiy ivedollais 1)7ilea h w!11 beP*i?l for all CAVALRY HORSftSthat ,v? irspectie*> atGieebwe Depot, ?? til othorwi^a ?j-- - Hearsof inspect ion from 9 a tn tiU^p. m. ? i**" JAMJtTrrIKIN.Lient Colonel au Chief QtArternaaeter. jf CT-lSt Oavalrt Bnrpae. auction sales. FI'TVHE DAY*. |JY GRKEN A WILLI A MS, Auetloneerv " DESIRABLE IMPROVED"PROPERTY AT AUO TION On FRIDAY AFTERNOON August jj ,t ( o'clocV, in front of he premis*-s, we will ?eU tint desirable bri'-k house and lot. situated on 7th strn.-t wMt k?twet n I and K streets north being the soutti part of lot 12, it Square 427 The lot is J) feet front by 70 feet deep, iiaprom>t by n tbrse M.ot* briok store ?ad dwelling. Th? store in ??< Uv w feet, 6tt>v1 op in modern style, auj h?? bt-?a tC?TU5 ifor *?*eral > ???'?? P*Mt a* adry *nn l? ?tT*. ' 2,e,a*'>,ling part contains 7 rooms, pleasant and w*m n rraui^*.^ There ia alao a good, drr eellar under the store, P (in? of the i?.o*t d^sira'de !,TV?K'n,R l? V4* n*rl&ern part of tho City. fitre/t T<tla perfec?11' "u lhrt w,st "de of th* Term* cash. Conveyancing at cnpt of purchaser ?o ?'d OREEN h w ILU AM a. Aucts. Y J. C. MoGUiRE A._C0., An.u^.,^ CHANCERV 3ALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY r Under and by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting in eauity, packed July 5th, a certaincau*e, wherein Sarah Ann Brown and others are com plainants, and Ambrose A. Brown and other* are defendants, No. 221 equity, we shall k?11 on the premises, on MONDAY the 29th dar of August, commencing with the first named, at fio'oloc.k p. to : Lot No. 1. in Square No. V.8 fronting 30 feet on north E street, at the corner of SWnnd street we?t. and running back 10?? f ??t to a f?i.t Alley. Also, the north part of Lot33. in Jas 0 Me "lire'? subdivision of Squire No. 624. front'ti* is J pt7 inches on Tenth street went, between 0 and H at*, noith, and running back 130 K#t 4 inches tn*? footallny. and improved by a three-story Brick Dwelling House. ... , T?rms : One-half in cash: the remainder In nine and eighteen month a with intereat from the day of sale, to be secured by the bonds or notes of the purchasers, with a surety or praties, to be ap proved of by the trustees. , .. Upon the fall payment cf the purchase money and interest, the trustees will couyey the proper ty. All conveyances and stamp* at the cost o'th* purchaser. If the terms of hale are not complied with in fire days thereafter, the trustee* reserve the right to resell, on one week's notice, at the risk and expense of tb? defaulting purcnaaar 0*0. W. DUVALL I NICHOLAS C. STEPHENS. < Tru?tee? an 6-eoS"flu JAS. C. McOUIRE A CO.. Ancts. b Y GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. FOR SALE AD tbat part rf Lot 36, In Square 5.1S, and the Duilding tbereon, consisting of a two story Kraroe House, containing about six rooms, the same known a* 333 3d street west, between south D st. and Virginia av. If the above property be not sold at private sal<* on or before SATL RDAY. the lS'h day of August, 1864 I will sell the same at public auction, on the premises, to wii : on SATURDAY, 13th day of Auku.t, 1. B. IM. MILLKB. Attorney at Law, 3* Louisiana av., n>-ar fi'h street. mill i GREEN Sk WILLIAMS. Ancts. B Y J, C. McGCIRE St. CO,, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE S SALE OF NINE BUILDING LOTS ON 1ST STREET WEST, AT THE CORNER OF fcOUTH DSTRKET. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON,-, August SO, atfi* o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust, dated May 7th, 1857. and duly recorded in Liber J A S. No. 133, folioa 22 et *eq., we shall Bell all of Lot No 6, in Square No. RW, fronting 14"> feet cn First street west, at the corner of sou'h D street and running back fcO feet, subdivided into 8 Lots 15xfc", and one Lot 20x90. Terms cash. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. A cash payment off2<i on each lot will be required at the time of sale. HORATIO N GILBERT. Trustee. )y 27-d J. C McQUIKE it CO., Ancf. B Y J. C. MoGUIRE & CO., Auctioneera. !"iurt, > S. lSU N CHANCERY SALE OF A VALUABLE BRT0K HOUSE AND LOT ON ISTII HTRKKT WKHT, BETWEAN NEW YORK AVENUE AND I ST. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Colombia, sitting in equity, and pasted in a certain cause wherein Mary A Roc tie is complainant and James E Smith et al. are de fendants. I shall proceed to sell, in front of the premises, on THURSDAY, the 18th day of August* next, at 6 o'clock p.m., all that certain piece o^ parcel of ground situate, lyinu and being in the ci?y of Washington, in the District of Columbia, and designated as Lot marked aud lettered "L. it Robert J. Roche's subdivision of parts of Lot*s numbered twelve (12) and thirteen. < 13,Mn Square numbered two hundred and eighty six. (2^'i.)with the improvements thereon, consisting of a neat and substantial brick dwelling- house. This property fronts on 12tb street west, be tween New York avenue and I street north, in a very desirable section of the citv Terms otsale: On?--half " be paid on theday of sale; tbe balance in six months, the purchaser giving bis note, satisfactorily endorsed,and bear ing interest from the day ot sale. All conveyancing and Govertiment stamps at tbe cost of the purchaser. ASBfRV LLOYD, Trustee, an 2 eoAds JAS. C McQUIRE ft CO.. Aucts. UCTIOlFSALB Of GOVERNMENT PROP ERTY. Dkpartmkht or tub Interior, OJhr$ of tht WaHnneton Aqwdwt, Washington. D O., August 1S>. . Will be sold at public auction, on TUESDAY, Ansust 16, commencing a'. 10 a. ra. A large lot of miscellaneous property connected with the Washington Aqueduct consisting jf one Stationary Steam Engine, about 35 tons old Wrought Iron. 21 tonso'd Cast Iron, 7JS barrels Hydraulic Cement, 1 usi pounds Asphalt,6 asphalt kettles, 5 stone s>-ows, C-'tO"' feet B. M. old Tim ber. several wooden buildings, together with ? large lot of boisting and travelling crane*, blocks ai d falls, wire and hemp rope, derrick*, shovels, wheelbarrow frames,strap and T rails, a quantity of granite. Ac .Ac. The above property is situated at Bridge 6. and the Government warehouse in Georgetown, Dis tributing Reservoir, Cabin John Bridge, Great Falls and Seneca quarries. Descriptive printed lists of tbe property in eactt locality will he furnished eu and after the loth inst at this office TLe sale will tske plac? on tbe ground, except tbe property at Pt-n?ca quarries, which will bo ec'd at Great falls from the descriptive list. If not all sold on tti* bitli the sale will be con tinued on the 17th. at the same hour. Ten per cent, or tbe purchase money will be paid on the dsy of sale, and the balance on taking pos session of tbt- property, which must be within sir days atter the sale, or the ten per cent, will be forfeited and the property resold. ?Bj order of the Secretary of the Interior. S SEYMOUR, au fi-llt Chief Eng. Washington Aqueiuct, RUCTION SALE O* CONDEMNED HORSEa. WA* DKPA.KTMKXT. c\VALRT BcBBAD, J ,, Ojfict (J t'hief Qiiartermmte?, > Wanhfngtm. D S v.-j J sold at Public Auction, to the highest bidder. at the times ?n 1 places nxmed below, vix : Reading. Peunsylvania, Till RSDAYMugust 18. 18^4. ^Altoona, Pennsylvania,THURSDAY, August 25, ^ Lebanon, Pennsylvania,TlIUKBDAY.Septem er Ilariisburg, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, feep timber 8. ,.So4. TWO HUNDRED (jno; CAVALRY HORSES, at each place. These horses have been condemned as unfit for the cavalry service *f the array. For road and farming purposes, many good bar gains may be had. Horses sold singly. Terms cash, in Cnited States currency. JAMES A EKIN, Lt. Col. and Chief Quartremast^r. au 5-tse8 Cavalry Bureau. RUCTION SALE OF CONDEMNED HORSES. Was Difastmmt, Cataxkt Bdiih, i Qff>ce a/ Chief Qtuirlgrmatuvr, J TO!1, . Washihgtoh, D. 0., July 4, 1<M.\ Will be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION, to the high est tedder, at the times and places named below. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, July UU, 1864. Reading, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY. July 21*1, 10D4. ?^*^burr' fennsyivanl*, ^HTTRSDAY, July Xu? U | 1 Otrt , Alteon*, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, August 4tu i lw4 ? Williivmsport, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY An gust nth, 1864. _ , u TWO HUNDRED (200) CAVALRY HORSES a* ?acb place. These horses have been condemned as unfit far tbe Cavalry service of the Army. For road and farm purposes many food b&rgai may be had. Horses sold singly. Terms: Cash in united 8tates cnrrener, JAMES A. EKIN, Lieut. Col, and Chief Quartermaster, lv<-td Cavalry Hureao PERKINS. BTERNE & Go* iso UreadW?7, II. T.( ? XiOLUBIVl DIALERS IK OALIFORNIA WINK. We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY FBEI. Wot aale by all ftrat-eUaa Groeert and DrnggtrtB rrorywaare. atB-tn* Lime and cement i Just received a cargo of superior ROCKLAND LIMB. Also, a cargo of superior ' hydraulic CEMENT. ?hich we offer at the lowest market fates. LIME PLASTER. HAIE AMD CEMENT, coa Itantly on hand. J ?Ti! ? jy 19 eo2w corner Ttfr street and Oaoal. QLAR1F1ED CIDER I 0LABIyiBD CID?E|I I have just received ?er schemers 'Geo**? 8. Mams" and "3 *7? I^i Bos1?r >f mire Masaael?naetUOLARJIfI*pCIDli*,which [ rflier for sale at %h* ltww market price, m quan 4tiee to suit pmrcJiMera ^ ??",k" ?*? "71Wish Union Bottling Depot, Si ^ " j Georgetown. D.fc. "i ??dieinHe, Perfumery, 'c" "Xfwi'w* other Medntaw |T 16

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