Newspaper of Evening Star, August 13, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 13, 1864 Page 1
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V?. XXIV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. AUGUST 13. 1864. M. 3.575. AUCTION hAI .IB. Fl'Tl'RB DATS. gt j. o. Moeutmi 400.. Aaewaoaw TKPPTEE'S *A> E 0P B^YLOM0 VI N I YARD, NEAR THi IN?AWE AS*UUM. 0. MONDAY A?T*RN(WN ^^<nN?r l?j a*? ? f tcn mChi'Vuh ?uko 10 nie.otteiatei 4, ed. oftru^t ^ Cbs???a ??? Uh?r J. * 8, ?lf ?? fnH?7 *? sad the sth,-r dated 3*aoarp rfcord'd in Liber J. A 8 , So. ,,\* jL Z* i gaall wU ell taat oertaiu pieee iJd lead lrio? W>? th? '???** 5f ^lLTip*toB. ?(or?ld ua being ??rt and SLJelof the tract of land "own firuerly M EVocde***." and Ut'erly U The KoSc.iasxo ~ W T. . ?. _ A - ? _a.l k? t ea >. ?a?A 4 A? in. Hope Toid seventy seven de^ees an 8/V*?n mia utH'ftN .mrtei.Mflio E I ?TS >?rch 9 u.l sixty eight bun?lredt?<e of a, per^n {* (K I 0) to a point marked laud * whit? i^trble n?onjrnent. ti?ho?D apoo th? plat a^c.tasenyin* the deed hereinhef"re mentioned, TPOia Hjiwi Kelly aud Kir) W. K?ll|,hl wife,%o Qbirinf J. Uhlinann, thenec running aioag '.t?e 5rs dividing line be tw?en this p rc?l of land and that orthe said M<?es Kelly *o->th six d- frees sa I thirty miout?? east <8 ? de? 90 mm E.t treaty ooe persoea <71 p?rebes) to ? small monumaut of whi'e marble set upen said line; thence <rom aid monamcDt run ning sonth tnirty minutes west <8. Ode* *>mia W.) seventy sice perches and rorty-aaudredthe.<f a perch iT9 40 ICO per.1 to Station No 5 of T J?krir* survey of the '4 Kosciusko Place; then<-e from ?aid Station No. fi running south tiity uiae degrees and fc>rty minutes east i 8 51 leg. 40 mm K.) totheer<wwin*of a small craek eighteen perch, s. (18 perches >; thence from <ai t cro^iuj runniig >-?uth fifty Are aod fortv five minut**we*t S .6deg 43 min. W ) .ifiean (perches (15 *erch> ? ) to the point >1 inter ec ion wi'a ojt r ar g <? ?f road; the.nce running alon* the u irt!i lmeof said road sout^ eighty nine degree mil for y Ave minutes west 8 S!) de*. 4:?miri W tw-n t> -two percbeMSt perches) to an angla'u th-> ?arne; thr' ee rorui n* ajonic t fc?? nor'h line o!"Siid ro?'', it. nth Pf*^ fou' de?r?*? *eot <8 54 de* W'lneTe-i t?n and 0!>f-hal' p^rch^s. 117)? perches) t" an <"n at,> tnjjie > f th *me. thence ranoinic *'on* the rualfirn lino of "a'd load paratle' to aai one ?nd a half perches from a small creek twenty-nin# ??-rehrs p*rcb?s) to the middle of Oxen Run. thence running alone the midd'e an i np the i, one of said Oxen Run sixteen and one-half r*'f^es I l'"S pLrches) or thereabouts, to the cor r tr point between this parcel of land now being d? perib*d and 'he land of W. V H Hrown. ">eing t^rte pt-rches in a rig'.t line from a large poplar tree that stands on the property of said Hrown, one and one-fourth perches from the north bank of said Oxen Rni?j tbenoe from the above described corier point ran* nirg alnng the dividing line between this par eel of Ian1 snd that or "aid W. V. H Brown, north twenty-four d?grewa and thirty miuutes we t(24 deg. SO min. H thirty-flve perches to a large locnst tree on said iine. thenoe rnnning in right bee continuation from said locust tree and with fche bearing aforesaid (N 24 de? 3? mio. W twen ty four perchesti4 perches) to the middle of ceek; tre^re rnnnine a'oDc and np the bed or middle of sa:d creek. (it being tb? dividing lini? between this parcel ?od the-land of said Brown.) sixty-Ove perche* (65 perchts* or thereabouts, to a point in the D?-d of said creek opposite to and back ttree fi-urtha 1 f a p? rch from a marked locust tfee that ^-'aridB on the north aide of the sa'ne; tbenee run ring'rom said point through the locust tree last abeve descriVd north twen'y five legrees west ( N 2/> aeg W) six perches -vnd twenty hundredths of a perch (6 2 IA pereheattoA marked walnut tree in the bed of a ravine; thence rxnoin^ ?aid walnut tree, beitig a meander line of the r?vine, north ten degrees west (N lo deg. W) six porches, <*> percries;) then'-e running on a meai. *leT line as afor? said north twenty f ur de grees a>-d thirty m<n-tes west. (N. ?4 d<?g. 3' rain. W (five perche* aud twenty-hundredths of aperch (6 50 r*- perches) to a young persimmon tree, (marked.) thence running from said psr?iromon tree north three perch** and twenty hundredths p( a p^reh ?31o 1(V' p-rches t > a 'orieJ pe<*siin:uoi> tree, (marked;) t-ie'i *e running frora sail la^t per simm ? tree n /rtb two degrees and forty minutes east i N ? d*-g_ so min. B.) ten p?r-hes (in perches) lo the n rti line of the flood II p* roal, parsing t rough a sycamore t -e? that e ands on the sou* * eide ot ?aid r a1) and terminating a a point on ?ai< uorth line ? f*sid road ?lx'een perches: H perches) from 8t?tiou No 35 ofT Jek yll's survey of 'The Ko c n-kn elace,' ruuuinj back from said station; thence from >?W point running along the afore irte- ti ned nor'h line of theUood Hoperoad north Mtn ty n ne c-greea snd thirty t.dnates ?ast(If. 79 ile*. i m r * ithirt- seven p-rchea and seyen t* ti-e hun-iredth.8 < f ap tch 3J7> 10> perchesl to the place "t hesirning, 'all ofaaid causes being magnet c ) co^tsiuing fifty acre*, two roods, and thirty-three and ore- half p-rches, (3 'acres, broods, 33)4 P"f 'h-s.> the same mire or loss, as repre ?vtited in the plst hereinb-forementioned, togeth ?' with ail a- u singular the impro'ein-nts privi leges. hered.t?aien*s, a d apourU-n&Tices to the eatno belonging or n snv roann. r apperta'mng. This p'operti ia tjn"ly improved a-< a Vinevard, with at-ou twelve rno?isand choice tirape Vines, and will le sold i-i suh divisions. T riuc Oue thi'd in caah^ the remainder in six and twrlvr mon'h-'. with interest, secured by a 4e~d of tru?t on the premises. A pa) m?i>t ot ten p*r cent, of the purchase money will he reqnir- d stthe time of sale. Pfcould tne terms of sale not be complied with ?within ten days after the sa>. the Trustee reserves tt e right to re-?ell the property at th# r'ak and eg penae of the defaulting purchaser, on one week's notiee in the Natir nal Intelligencer. HOKACK J FKO T, Trustee, aa 9-2awAds J.J3. McOCIRB A Co.. Aucto. 6. o. SniTU'l Wild Cherry Tonic Bitters. TONIC-ASTRINGENT-AROMATIO ?i)IfllK TXCTING?PROPHY LACTI0. gold Jtverywhera. * a?> ycu Druggist and Grooer for It. IT WILL CURS Indigestion, Dyspepaia, Dyeentery, Diarrhea, Ague and Fever, Loee of Apyetito, Liver Complaint, Jaandioe. The Elixir of life for the Aged. Will fire Health and Peaoty to the Young. This Prophylaetie ahould be ia orrery family at thle season of the year, as this delicious beverage can be used without the deleterious effects o Liquors. SMITH A MORRISON, ty j )n> Proprietory C. W. BOTELER. jno. W. B0TELIR c. W. BOTELER Ac SON, wroaraBS, WHOLESALE A A'D RbTAlL DEALERS IH CHINA. GLASS AND CROCKERY W\RE. TABLE CUTLERY. 8ILVKR-PLATED WARE, BRITANNIA WARE, BLOCK TIN 000D8, TIN CHAMBER 8ET8, COAL OIL LAMPS, japanned waiters, look matts, PEATHBR DUBTERS, BRDbHES, WOOD WARE, AND BOrBBKEEPING ARTICLES GENERALLY. HOUSES. HOTELS, AND STEAMBOATS IURNIBHED AT SHORT NOTICE. 318 IRON HALL, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. 17-eodm between 9th and FUh sts N OJfiu. ?/ OatMunMiri ef Irr^ovrmsn^ | City Hill, Junea. * In compliance with an ordinance of the Corpo ration, entitled "An act for the removal of offal. al??*. Ac.," the public are herebv noticed that all kitchen offal will be removed from their reapeo ttve dwellings onee a day until the 1st October next, and all houseseepers are hereby notified to ?lace vessel* sufficient to contain such offal, and easily handled . In the rear of their several prem iaes. when accessible to the garbage carts, and when not aeceeaibie la the rf?r^hen at a place most convenient. ?. B. POK8BTT, Commissioner Fi&st Ward; J AS W SPALDING, Commissioner Second Ward; JOHN T. GARNER, Commissioner Third Ward; WM. DOUGLA83. Commissioner Fourth Ward; W*. H HAMILTON. Commissi"ner Fifth Ward; ? W. A. FLETCHER. Conmiseioner Sixth Ward; JA8 H. BIRCH, Commissioner Seventh Ward. t N. B. All offal of other kiads will be promptly removed by notifyiac the OomaiMioaers of ttaa bt 28 law to W A T E R R E_H T 8. Watia RiotSTaia'g Opptoi, I C TV Hah., Jaly7, &U.( Ail persons who ase the Aqueduct water on their premises are hereby notified that the water rentia ?ow due to the Corporation for the period from July I. Mi*, to January 1, 18?6. Th? ?it?r r?ot ia required to paid at t&is of ftec^riDK thiimoDtb of July. If not paid by or b^f'?r? Aa^uit l?t. th^ Uw commands tbat the wa*fr b+ nbut off at the main snfl not restored eept uiod ptyrriDt of Rrretrs tn4 two dollars for ? iD^ote-of bbnttin# off ari r?ait#riA^. Th* Uv doef pot provide for wrymf indiridmal jy ?-lci _ Water Registrar. JOSEPH REYMOLDS A CO. rLVMBMRa. VA% AND 9TKAM rjTTMMJf, No. 4tN> Nuitb Brarsr, near avsnua. U?v? lost receive and win eoustantly keep oa ?and, Ibe largest aad best aseortm*ut in the citj ,if CnaiiJeliers, Brackets Drop Lights, Portables Gla^s Guihes, mlea and nther *W?s,aod all art! cles ia th.a U?a, Nate beet establishaaota ia Hew York. Fblladelskia. Ae .whit* will ba Sold ob the most reasonable terms. Aleo. HAf<? ?6. FURNACES, aud Fire-Board Mofss. 1? e are agapar^ to faralsa tke best EAJf GE la ?m aaywnere. oa very reasonable terms Hotels. ?sr ? few ? JTSSrij^sWSKSUi ? Call and see our MhU| labe, Foantafoe WaU? 8|oaets1WtaE^taada, taMM, Ae., A?., at No. COO lath street, aear Peaaaplvasiaavaane, the larger pftabiiah uieut la the city. ft i-eotf PERSONAL. P* M FEMALE OOMPLAINTS receive partiwlar ?lt.r tion at Dr UiBBfH Office, *9tt 7thstreat tetween D and B. Those in ne?a of a eonfldential advis-rcau be suited by calling onfcim. aaft-lm iv AT* COMPLAINTS Are treated, either _ jerscnallyor by letter, at Dr. WOOD'S O?86, 49J? 7th ?ireet. Separate rooms for patients. Of fice opt ? day and night. au 8-lm ADAME AHOLTAB WOULD RUSPBUTPUL , ly HGaannce to her friends and the pnblie g-uerall y, that the ia now settled permanently i? house No. 249 O street, betwaea and 6th sts., Island, where ahe ia prepared to read, to au who require it, the Fast, Present and Puiure. Being an impreesed medium, sho i* able to ad viae and coasMl with safety npon all matters, especially bufciness matters; or in fact, anything of Import uc4. Ladles 74 cents; Gentlemen ll 16. Can be ct DKBIted from 8 a. m. nntil 9 p. m, an 5 2w fTXTRAORDINARY POWER.?Mrs L SMITH, A* Clairvoyant and Teat Medium, i.VJ 4th street, a few doors above I street, with the aid of spirits, examinee all kinds of diseases, sees your dead and living Mends; describee them, gets names; tells character: rr >the future. Advice about busi wm> Pittim, u Jy W-lm* TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Boapb mat. T RAILROAD PROM PHILADELPHIAPROM WALNUT STRBET VIA W BST JERSEY BAIL-Jj|| MfjjggMpi JAD "? MM L At 6 a m., accommodation dne at a. m. At K) a. m., express doe at IS p. m. At4X a. m.. express due at 8 p. m. Returning, leave Cape May? 6 a m. express due at 9S a. m. 11.45 accommodation dne at 4X p. ra. B.ii p. m. express dne at 8?4 p. m. . Through without ehanse of cara or bfcgg&ge. New cars, and everything A-class. je9)-3m J VAN REN38BLAER, 8upt. B4LTIMORB AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Sunday, June 19th, 1864, Daily Trains will be run between Washington and New York M>d Washington and the West, as follows: FOR PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK AND BO H TON. Leave WasMngton at 7 30 a.m., 11.15 ?. m., and 8J^ p. m. daily, except 8unday. Op Sunday at 8 JO p. ro. only. fob BALTIMORE AND PHILADELPHIA. Leave Washington at 3 p tn. dally, except Sub 3 Vassengers will note that this train runs as far as Philaaelphia only. FOR NEW.YORK. Leave Washington daily at 6.3? p. m. This train isfv Nrw York passenger! exclusivity. FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m.,11.16 a. m.,3p. m.. 4.?p. m.,7.20 p. m ,and 8J0 p. m..except Bun <Ja Bunday at 7 JO a. m.. 8 p. m., and 8J0 P. m. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m. and9,4.46and8JO p.m. daily, except Sunday. On 8unday at 9 and 8.90 p. m Tickets sold to all points WE8T, and baggage ihtcktd through. FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m. and 4.4S p.m. daily, except 8anday. No train for Annapolis on Bunday. Trains leaving Washington at 7.99 ?? n: *n(1 6.90 p. u. co through to New York without chant* Sleeping ears on 6.30 and 8 JO p m. trains. Berths can be secured until 8 p. m. daily at the ticket of fice. After that hour they must be secured of the sleeping car condnetor. The first and fifth trains stop at all way points. The S p. m. train stops only at Blad?nfltmrg, Beltsville, Laurel, Annapolis Junction and Relay H' use daily, except Sunday. On 8unday it stons at all way points. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Passengers will please observe thatJ:J?L train runs only as far as Thtladtlphia daily, Sunday. On Sunday it runs to Baltrmortonly. Also, that the 6 JO y. tn. irat* takts New York passtnmri ^Por further Information, tickets of any kind, Ac . apply to GEO. 8. BOONTZ. Agent at Wash ington .or at the Ticket Office m W. P. SMITH. Master of Transportation. L M POLE, General Ticket Agent. )o30-tT qReIFpEJINSYLVANIA ROUTS TO THB NORTHWEBT AND SOUTHW\?T. ON AND AND APTES NOVEMBER 1*TH trains will leave Baltimore from the North Cal vert Station as follows: VrrI M&i) at -- - ???? rf *) A. Mt Harris burg Accommodation 8.00 P. M. Lightning Express?Jo P. M. THB 6 30 A. M. TRAIN PROM WASHINGTON connects with the9.20 a. m. train from Baltimore for ptmburg and the West,and for Elmira, Buff Dunkirk danandai?u., and Ni ^TA Palls* and for New Tor* wj, THE P. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with the tJO ?. m. train frotn Balti more for Elmira and the North and Pittsburg and the West. SLEEPING CARS ON NIGHT TRAINS. SoLDirBa1 Ticxsta at Govbbbmbbt Ratm, ONE THROUGH TRAIN ON SUNDAY. LOW FARE AND QUICK TIMS. OTor tickets and any information apply at the office of the Great Pennsylvania Route, corner Penn. avenue and 6th street, under National Hotel. Washington. J- N. DUBARRT, wasamgtoB. gn.p^rint.odent N O R. k. E. J. WILRIN8, Pass and Ticket A?ent, eor. 6th at. and 9-tf Penn. avenne. SPRING DEBILITY! LANGUOR, LASSITUDE, AIO THAT LOW STATE OP THE SYSTEM Peealiar to the SPRING TIME OP YEAR, &r? immediately relieved by the PERUVIAN SYRUP, roteeted Solution of PROTOXIDE OP IBON, THE PERUVIAN SYRUP ?applies the hlood with its vital principle, or LIPE ELEMENT, IRON. Infnsing Striioti Viqob and Nnw Lips Into al parte of the ayatem. One of the most Distinguished Jurist in New England writes to a friend as follows: ?' I have tried the PERUVIAN SYRUP. and the result fully sustains your prediction. It has made a tsw mam ot me; infused into my sy?tem new vigor and eaergy; I am no longer tremulous and debilitated as when you last saw me, bat stronger, heartier, and with larger capacity fur labor, men tal and physical, than at any time during the last five years. ' An eminent Divine of Boston says : " I have been usinp the PERUVIAN SYRUP for some time past; it gives me ??w viooa, buotarot Of SPiaiTS, 1LASTIOITT Of MUtSCLB." Pamphlels free. J. P. DINSMORE. r * No. 491 Broadway, New York, COUGHS! COLDS! CONSUMPTION 1 wis tab:a balsam of wild cherry OVB or HI OLDB8T ABD MOST RBLIABL* RBM> niBS IB THB WOSLLD FOB Coughs. Colds. Whooyxng Cough, Bronchitis, Diffi culty of B'taihmg, Astnma, Horntn&ss, Sort Throat, Or our, and mxtry AjTietion of THB THROAT. LUNGS AND CHEST. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry does not Dry np a CoBgb and leave the seeds of Consumption in the ivsteni. but leosens it, and cleanses the Langs of 4 None genuine unless signed "I. BUTTS," on the wrapper. KKDOING'S RUSSIA SALVE ! I ? A MEAL pain extractor. PORTY YEARS' EXPEB ENOE Has folly established the superiority fCithis Salve over all other healing remedies, fk radices the ?ost angry looking Swellings and InB*nurtions as if by Magle; healr Old Sorbs. Wovbds, Bdbis, Boalds, Ae., in a svrprieiagly abort time. Only 35 cents a Box. The above are old and *e*ll tstablishtd Remedies, J. P. Dibsmobb, , New York, S. W. Fowls & Qo? 18 Tremont -t., Boston, any >8 SAW9m and by all Druggiata. CiRSM PARIS.-The Kaighta<e of Great Bri r tain. House of Commons. Peerage of Great Britain. Baronetage of Great BritiJn. British .Mb. BritUB IWif. AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC ICANTERBURY BALL,I AND HAL LjCANTRRBCRY HALL.f THEATER Loviari*! Annus, Jltar Comer flf Sixth strut. Rear ef National and Metrorehtan Hotels. Gi?b?b Li* Proprietor. W. B. Ca-tamavqb.? iUU|N. P CR TBI ARB AT THE ORB AT TBB GREAT THB GRKAT TBB GRBAT ENTRB QF ATTRACTION. _JNTRB 6P ATTRACTION. 5RNTBB OF A^la^'ON, 8ENTRK OP A'" ? *, BNTRB OF ATlKAOTlUr*. EXCBLBIOR OUR MOTTO. JXCBLSIOR OCR MyfTO. XOBLSIOR OCR MOTTO. CHA8TB AND BLBOANT ENTERTAINMENT. CHASTE AND JSLEGANT ENTERTAINMENT CHA8TB AND BLBOANT ENTERTAINMENT. First appearance ?f MR. J. H. OGDEN, MR. J. H. 0"DEN, MB. J. H. OGDEN MR. J. B. OODBNj MB. J. II. &4DBN, MR. J. B. OODBN, MR. J. H.OODBN, MR.J.H OODKN MR. J. H. OODBN, MR. J. H. OODBN. Better known n the IRISH AMBASSADOR, IRISH AMBASSADOR, IRISH AMBASSADOR, IRISH AMBASSADOR, IRISH AMBASSADOR. Favin* lost returned from Europe .will make his PrRt appearance in Waabington at the above Hall. Mr. Ocaen is, without any exception, the best and MOST ORIGINAL DELINEATOR OF IRISH BCCBNTRICITIE8 IN AMERICA. MOST ORIGINAL DELINEATOR OF IRISH ECCENTRICITIES IN AMBRIOA. MOST ORIGINAL DELINBATOR OF IRISH ECCENTRICITIES IN AMERICA. MOST ORIG'NaL DELINEATOR OF IRISH ECCENTRICITIES IN AMURICI. MOST ORIGINAL DELINEATOR OF IRISH ECCENTRICITIES IN AMERICA, First appearance of MONB. SZOLLOSY, MONS. SZOLLOSY, MONS SZOLLOSY. MONS. SZOLLOSY, MONS. BZOLLOSY, The celebrated Characteristic Dancer and M&itre de Ballet, who will appear with his UNRIVALLED C0RP8 DB BALLET UNRIVALLBD CORPS DB BALLET UNRIVALLED CORPS DB BALLET UNRIVALLED OORP8 DB BALLET' UNRIVALLBD CORPS DB BALLBT In tba Grand Ballet of LA FETE D'ARAGON. LA FETE D'ARAGON. LA FBTB D'ARAGON. LA FETE D'ARAGON. LA FBTE D'ARAGON. THB QUEEN OF SONG, MISS BALLIB SUNDERLAND, 8ALL1B SUNDERLAND! BALLIB fiC ND BR LAND, SALLIB SCNDBRLAND* BALLIB 8UNDBBLAND, BALLIB SUNDERLAND, 8ALLTB PUNDERLANDi sallib Sunderland! WBSNBB 81 ST 1KB, WESNBR 8IBTER8, WESNBR HI.JTER8, WBSNER SIFTERS, WESNER SISTERS, . w* I Consisting of ELLA, MARY, BALLIB, AND LIZZIE, In their Terpeichorean Feat*. MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN. v> W??. * WEST, WEST, WB?T SftKlSi: wituiSi; WILLIAMS. XH NEW ETBISPIAN BOOBNTRIOITIBS, . * ; ' " ' a :i > ENTIRE CHANGE OB PROGBAMMB EYEBY EVENING, .TV . i ~>!' ' I .Tliii-iKB * *** ma ? r H ' . POPULAR FAMILY MATINEE, On SATURDAY, at 2 P. M? when the Bntire E Main*'a Entertainment* will bo riven : . v- ,.7 In ? r ? ;/ ? Admission.?Ladies, 36 oanta; Children, u aeata. ? ? ii c :--???< i.ii .r& ??">??? ? ? If. . t t, j ,'aooi Yi 1 JW-* ?,J ? ?' t?<1 J ?rM?4w , ?l ? I { ?*?*' "?? "2 Boon opea at 9 iVmI; fi ameo at I o'flotfe. AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S NEW THEATER, 10th Strut. Above Pennsylvania avenue. TUESDAY EVENING. AUGUST 8. And every Kvtniog duriog the Week. __ . ENGAGEMENT FOR A SHORT 8BA80N of the Original and Only CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, and the world-famous Comic Artist, . m GEORGE CHRISTY, ^ who will appear in their Union)', Cu&ste, and Re eherehe Drawigt-Rwm Entertainment*. an lo JOHN P. SMITH, Bu*in**s Agent. VARIETIES! VARIETIES! t _T J?*"'**, Penniyltani* avenue and 9tk*trut. IITZ 8IMM0N8~...__?? Proprietor and Manager. GREAT CENTRAL MUSIC HALL. Pnhlio Ser enade at every Hotel each Evening. The cooleet Th?ater in America. The Great Drama that has ex erted the entire conntry .Story of Heart* and Crimes, THE BKLLK OF W A8BINGTON; Or, Prom the Al tar to the Dieeeetin* Table. Oovernnaent Clarke, Officers. Soldier*. Workmen of the Arsenal, Work men ct the Navy Yard, Firemen, and all our *ash ionable Ladies should ?ee this Great Local Piece. The tireat Music Hall Entertainment* 1 Music, Sinking.and Dancing. Lovelv Ladies The Great Doable chow! Our Three Troupes will appear. Wednesday and Saturday afternoon*. Grano Day light Performance. All our Fa?hionable Ladle* present! All the Departments Men present! Hetnl Guests all on hand. THE BELLE Of WASHING TON: Or, Prom the Altar to the Dissecting Table. Last New Piece! Admission, 28 and ?0 cents; Priv?*e Boxen, 95. PIC NICS, EXCURSIONS, *c. THE FIRST GRAND PIc NIC of METROPOLIS LODGE, No 16 I. 0. ^, ^ O. P., will take pl-ee ? At BECKERT8 GARDEN. (near the Nary Yard,) on MONDAY AFTERNOON, August 22,18-54. Tlekets, 50 Cents; admitting a Gentleman and Ladies. Particulars in a fa to re advertisement. an 12 it 'J'HE BEIGE OF PETERSBURG. The men here of the YOUNG MEN'S ASSOCIATION will give their * FIRST GRAND EXCURPION TO GLYMONT, on MONDAY. Augnsttt. 18M. The committee pledge themselves that no pain* will be spared tomaVelta day of enjoyment to ?very c ne on the occasion. Two ladies will dance several fancy pieces In 'nil ecstume. The Prosper! Excelsior Cotillon Ban* has been engaged. The boat w'll leave 7th ?treet wharf at 8 o'clock a. m., Blagden's wharf. Navy Yard half-past ? a. m By order of Committee. Tickets $], admitting a gentleman and lady. an 11-3t* QRAND FAMILY EXCURSION GLYMONT en SUNDAY, AUGUST 14, 18W. TWO STEAMERS and the MARINE BAND. The steamer FULTON will leave foot of 7th street at 8 o'clock a. m. The steamer PHOENIX, iamei wharf, at 10 o'clock a. m. Both boats will touch at Alexandria. DlDner will be furnished at the Pavilion; tickets One Dollar. A guard will accompany each boat, and no im proper persons will be allowed on board. The Managers will spare no pains or expense to make this a pleasant excurson. Tickets. ONE DOLLAR. an lt-3t* A GRAND SOCIAL PIC-NIC. TUESDAY, August 16. At the PARK, Terminus Seventh street road. BENEFIT OF ST. MATTHEWS SCHOOL. *V~Extra number of cars will be on the road. Good Music, Refreshment*, Ac. Mr. Garoimb, the celebrated photographer, with his eorps of assistants, will be on the ground to take views, ground*, pic-nic club*, Ac. KTTiekcts 60 cents, children S3 cents; for tale at Muaie and Book stores, and at.the gat* on the day. ___ aull-U f OOKOUT FOR THE STEWART HOLLAND Lj BOYS( The STEWART HOLLAND CLUB announce to their friends and the public that they in tend to clve their third Grand Pin nic at W LOEFFLER'S GARDEN8, on MONDAY, August 16th. 1864. ULSm Tickets Fifty Cent*; admitting gentleman and ladies. The Committee pledge themselves to spare no pains or expense to make this the grandest Pic Nic of the season. A favorite string band has been engaged for tho oecasion. _ CcmmitUi of Arrangements. W. Grover, E. Edwards, W. Reed, J. Tanner, an 10-5t* J. Parker. THE SUPREME COURT OF THE DI8TRICT OF COLUMBIA, holding a District Court of the United States for the said District To all whom it may concern, greeting: Notice is hereby given, that on the 2d day of Au fnst, 1864, the schooner L. B. Cowperthwaite. tac le and apparel, furniture, Ac., were seix-d for violation of the Revenue Law* by the Un:ted State* Collector of Customs &t Georgetown, D. C , and brought the same into this District for adjuaication; and the same are libelled and pros ecuted in this court in the name of the United States, for condemnation; and have been arrested by the marshal for the reasons in tae libel stated; and that said cause will stand for trial at the City Hall, in the city of Washington, on the first Mon day of September next, when and where all per sons are warned to appear to show cause why con demnation should not be decreed, and to inter vene .'or their interest*. August 2,18M. R. J. MEIGS, Clerk. an 3-2awtd JAY COOKE 1c CO., BANKERS, HATE THIS DAY, BSMOVED TO THEIR NEW OFFICE, FIFTEENTH STREET. NEAR G. OPPOSITE UNITED STATES TREASURY. angl-tf |MP0BTANT TO BUTLERS SUTLERS WILL FIND I, AW DOWNING A CO.'S CONCENTRATED CLAM TO BE A M08T VALUABLE ARTICLE TO THEIR TRADE. It sslls very rapidly, and Is the most economical article of diet for the officer's mess. It is prepared la one minute, and makes % most delicious Soup or Chowder. It ii highly recommended bp Arm Burgeons, The profits are large. H. A. DOWNING A CO., Manufacturers of Concentrated Food No. Ill East Utb st.. New York. For sale by BARBOUR A BBMMES, Bole Agents, 6# Louisiana A venae, iol-Iy Washington, D. Q M"8" ?"fffl&S&lu DRAUGHT ALE AND PORTER. I am mw receiving large quantities of DRAUGHT ALB and PORTER from this celebrated brewery, whieb I am prepared to furnish on short notioe to aU persons who favor me with their orders. Orders given to my drivers wlU be promptly at tended to. Goods delivered in all parts of Washington and Georgetown, free of charge. RILEY A. SHINN, Agoat. Union Bottling Depot. 5T Green street >? tf Georgetown? O Boots and shoes T? 8UIT THE TIMB3. We are now manufacturing nil kind* of BOOTS and 8HOB8, and constant, reviving % W ply of Eastern made work of every deecri^ Sttl tion. made expressly to order, and will bnr II sold at a much lower price than has been* lL ai'ticlce^* ?h*r*#d 1,1 eity fcr much Inferior Persons in want of BOOTS and SHOES of Eastern City- made work, will always Arid a good assort ing in store and at the lowest vices ~' ment luster.ana ??-owg jrioj^^ 314 Penn. avenge. us a WMtdngton TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. MORS REBEL PIRACY Aa?tlrr Steamer off the Coast?five Ves i?li Burned by Her?t aptnre of a <f?r York Pilot Boat?Description of the Rebel Craft Nxw York, August 12.?A rebel pirate Is reported to have bee a sixty miles souihea*i of Sandy Hook yesterday, and to have captured the pilot-boat James Funk. [B?OOND DISPATCH.} Fir* Island, August 1*2 ?While one of th? sailing boats attached to the Surf Hotel wis cruising outside his morning, it discovered a yawl-boat making lor shore. Upon coming alongside, sixteen persons were found on board, who belonged to the pilot boat James Funk, of New York. The brig Estelle, the tng Sarah Boyee, the brig Richard, the bark Bay State, and the schooner Atlantic, were captured and burned by the Confederate steamer Tallahassee, com manded b.v John Taylor Wood, off ih?j coast yesterday afternoon. Tbe pilot who brought np an Italian bark this afternoon reports that on Thursday, at nine o'clock in the morning, about six miles contbeast of Sandy Ilook, he saw a steamer showing the American flag She came close nnder the bark's stern, but did not hail. She then sighted the pilot-boat James Funk, and, hoisted the rebel flag, captnred the boat aud put a pirate crew on board, and steamed off toward Montauk Point, the pilot-boat follow ing at the same time. The pilot also saw a schooner three miles to windward. All her sails were cut loose, in a sinking condition, the pirate having evidently ecnttled her. The pirate craft is a small "neutral' Eng lish-built vessel, schooner-rigg"d, painted white, with red bottom, and carries a pivot gun for and ait, and loar broadside guns, and is very slow. The pilot-boat is, perhaps, able to out sail her. A passenger by the Evening Star reports she wa? chased tour hours vesterday by the pirate, who fired three shots at her, but she outsailed the enemy. This statement was not included in the purser's report to the press. PENNSYLVANIA LEGISLATURE. Yisit to Chumbersburg?The Burnt District Inspected. CHAMBEBPnrno, Aug. 11.?The Senators and Representatives, accompanied by the President of the Cumberland Valley Railroad and sev eral other persons, left Harrisburg at 9 o'clock this morning, and arrived here at 10)f in a spe cial train, to view the ruins. Upon arriving here, the visitors were taken in charge by a committee of citizens, and es coTted through the burned districts. The scene can never be properly described. Fonr squares in either direction, private houses and stores have been thrown into one black ruin. The order of the invaders had been to spare churches, and none of these were destroyed, exc<pt those in closo proximity to residences. The fact that a Catholic chnrch joined the de pot was the means of saving the latter struc ture. The losses of the Cumberland Valley Rail road, since the beemnme of tbe war, have been 8125,(00. The total loss to Chambersburg will be *3.000,0 0, by actual count. The records of the courts were nearly all preserved, and are now being arranged in a new structure. The people of Chambersburg are now return ing, and commencing to rebuild their dwell ings. All are well supplied with the necessa ries of life The Legislature leave this place at noon for Harrisburg. Every possible attention Is being shown them by the people of the town. FROM LOUISIANA. Enemy Fortifying Near New Orleans?Of fensive Operations Anticipated?General Dick Taylor in Command?The Teche District Occupied. Nxw York, Aug. 12.?The Evening Express says that passengers by tbe Evening Star, from New Orleans, report that tbe rebels are In strong force outside of Algiers, within six or seven miles of New Orleans, fortifying the place and constructing entrenchments, appa rently with tbe intention of making that the base of offensive operations. They are com manded by Oen. Taylor. Tbe Teche district Is also occupied by theen emy In large force. In order to prevent aaother advance of our troops through that region into Texas. Secessionists in New Orleans say it Is of no importance if Mobile is lost to the Confed eracy. , It is stated the rebels are eroctfagMjgrcteries at Brownsville, to protect the conffujQtfco' ton trade on the Rio Grande, "Vs. LATER FROM SHERIDAN. He is Pursuing the Rebels?They Must Fight or Retreat?Martinsburg Occupied by Our Forces. [Special Dispatch to the N. Y. Tribune.] Washington, Thursday, August 11, 1961.? R. L. S. sends the following to the Tribune bureau herp, under date of of August 11: General Sheridan's command broke camp at Halitown yesterday, and marched to Berry vtlle, on the Winchester pike, where it arrived yesterday afternoon without much opposition. Imbo'lLn's cavalry skirmished with our ad vance from Charlestown, but were easily and steadily driven. Tbls morning at daylight we resumed the march, and expect to meet the enemy at Ope qnan, five miles this side of Winchester, where we will either have a battle or they will retreat down the valley. Martinsburg has been occupied byonrforoes. Tbe rebels captnred and hnng Sergeant White, one of our scouts, at Martinsburg, yes terday. Guerrilla Operations in Kentucky and Elsewhere. St. Lone, August 12.?Ladina, on the Cum berland river, 12 miles above Smithland, was attacked by 300 rebel cavalry on Sunday morn ing. They were repulsed, with a loss of 6 killed and 20 wounded. A thousand guerrillas are reported to be in Union county, Ky.; also, a large number in the western part of the State, near the Tennessee line. Gen. Paine has gone down there to clear them out Gen. Paine has levied a tax of 825 on each bale of cotton, and 25 per cent, ad valorem on each hogshead of sugar, belonging to disloyal men, for the benefit of families of robbed and murdered Union men. It is expected that this tax will yield three hundred thousand dollars Jp six months. Railroad Accident at Perry ville, Md. Baltimore, August 12, 10.10 p. m.?A des patch from Havre-de-Grace says nine freight cars, owing to the neglect of a brakesman fall ing to put on tbe brakes, ran overboard off the steamer Maryland, to-day, at Perryville. One soldier was drowned. There was no detention to the passenger trains. Incbwdiabyibm in Prikcx Gaoaaxa.?The atore house of Richard Ryon, at "Groom," in Nottingham district, was destroyed by Are on Friday night last. It is said to have been the work of an incendiary. The Primary school house in the same neigh borhood was also consumed by fire on Satur day night following. As the school house had been closed for the summer vacatibn for som* time, it is fair to presume this was also tbe work of an Incendiary. It is to be hoped ths civil authorities will have these matters in vestigated, and the guilty brought to justice.? Prince Georgian, Aug. 12. ??Boy !" called out Brown to the waiter at Sam's. ? Don't call me boy, sir; I am no boy," said tbe lattar. "Then do as you'd be done by," but in Brown, ?and don't call this mutton lamb any more !" ? tST Lady Franklin is said to dislike the North because it sent so mauy ships after Sir John. Bt her ill temper sb?) drove him away, and feared he might poeslbly be brought back again. " ?7?The meteorologists are discussing the mean temperature of the year. Q,uilp asks if they can find meaner temperature than the present. , - tar Queen Isabella represents herself as pre pared to refogniae Maximilian. But she is a woman who will do anything. VAt tie Alflerl Theater, In Paris, an opera has lately Men played, which haa the strance title of "Ouran# Outang." ??a? fl^Tbe Parisian political economists say that the organ men of Liondon make ?100,000 ? ?arThe composer of "Faust" receives $50 every night it to performed. A letter from Mexico aays the new Em peror Is firm In his place and very popular. TI1E "GREAT SOCIAL KVIL" M CHI. CAUU. , j < y*rif ns Vrdtrni te lf??? the City wilkt* HMr.-MtBy Pr*Ur It* nod Drtwintig Tlifiii<'l?ti?Ureal ?-*?<ts? of Akaaa?vf4 ? ?wn, tc., fee. 1 re CMmco papers f<* P "?t &*v?* Hllt-Ced to th* liier-'a b of the ??*r*.tt so jlal evii* la that crty Tn* Buari of Pollke, at a resent ?-^NfU| passed lIm foliowiug stringent rroer: Ordered?That the SuperinteDdept of PoHoe le dimM to oaassduiue* tob* Ml At all buildings which ere eappoeed to be occupied *t paironlled by disorderly, varut or other P?rec,us of illegal practices, U?t from ami af t?r Sony.eight boors irom the data or leaving said Boiler all toga! means, will be resorted to tor tbf parpuM of promptly entorelo# ih? er diaanc* of ib? city and laws of the State against such persons The Chicago Post of Mrnday contains the following startling narrative of tbo effects produced : "Tbe notices were served on Thursday by leaving copies at a larg~ nurav?r of hone>*? oc cupied t?> disreputable female*. We do not Hear that anv notice* wer* s-'ved upon to* blacklegs or any ouw 'disorderly p*r-ous of tbe sex mascnline Indeed. the *a.i<ti'biv vir taons resolution* of th?* Police Cjmm ??ioners appear to be wholly directed, in toe present case, against women. Poeslbly they nay sup. poee that if they can succeed in vanquishing 11 e wcmen their male confreres will disappear, and save the trouble and danger of a catnpalga against an enemy composed of veterans who have smelt gunpowder. "Tbe forty-eight hours grace mentioned la the notices expued yesterday. The terrible ? tracts prcdnced by the order, whether antici pated or not. have burst upon the community with all their m-lancholy reality. ??The first fruits ot the order were the violent deaths, by their own bands, of two abandoned woxreii, who, ternfi- d by th" threatened vea gaanoe of tb? authorities?the nature and extent ot which they wer?* utterly ignoraut, but which in their minda, excited and confounded by the mysterious ekirrolsbine of tbe police, had be. come arrayed with all the terrors of the rack or slow fire?bad chosen voluntary dea:uto the unknown agonies 'hey believed to be in store for tbem. The name of one of them was A r^nie Wallace, a young woraau of only eight een years, aud the ranghter of respectable parents residing in Hrirtgeport. About four lnontns ago, concealing her destination from ber friends, she took np her abode iu a house of ill tame, kept by Mrs. Anna Bell. at 'iW t'laik street, and there entered upon a life of tbame. With ber It was as short as it was in glorious. Scarcely yet recovered from th- first wild and intoxicatingexcit-meutof a wanton s lite, she found herself without friends whom ebp dared'o approach, subjected to the over whelming storm which had burst upon her Atraid to face an uncertain fate, on Friday evening she drank of a poisoned cup and died by her own hand Another victim to the rein of terror was a Mrs Rei?hy, whose maideu name wa< Magie Glym She closed a life of mauy vicissitudes on Friday night, from the effect* of laudanum admin stereo by her own hand. The Cor mer held inquests yes<? rday upon the bodies ot the two unfortunate women, and the jury returned verdicts in both cases ot death by suicide. There were reports current upon the streets last night of yet other casesof self-destruction by these panic-stricken females. According to one ol these, six women took a hack and wnt a considerable distance on the North Side, where they left the conveyance and proceeded to the lake shore and deliberately threw them selves into the water and were drown?d. It is impossible as yet to obtain the real facta in the case. There are other rumors abroad of an equally startling nature, but tiro-1 alone can determine uponfwhat foundation they rest. Of an intense and widely spread panic there cam be no doubt "While some of the prostitutes have thus taken tbe fearfnl responsibility oi eudtn* ttietr own miserable existence, others, in large num bers, are flying from the city in all directions. Tbe police authorities state that the numbers known to have fled are as follows:?For Uiu clunatl. 30: lor St. Louis, 60, aud for Pittsburg, 28. Be?ides these, there is reason to brileve that large numbers have left for other parts, some going by private conveyance. " No c?mobstratlon was made last night, as expected, by the police, further than placing a strong patrol force upon Wells aud Otarlc streets. If the terror already created does not rapidly abate it will be difficult for the present to find one of this class of persons of waom to make an example. The order of th? police commissioners is accomplishing Its work most rapidly. Now that the great hammer Is about to fall, let us hone that some of the offeuders of the male persuasion will fnel Its weight. When will the gamblers' turn come t" tST The proprietress of a Peach orchard in Jersey advertised in a Philadelphia paper for 12 boys to pick ber peaches, and appointed 4 locality in Philadelphia for a meeting to per fect arrangements. At tbe appointed hour, not twelve bnt07eronebundred urchins appeared, all of their lips smacking with the prospect of a glorious feast of the delicious fruit they ex pected to pick. Then came the "tug of war." The beys assaulted her in front and fltnk. "Take me," ma'am said one. " I know how to pick peaches,'' cried another. "Don't have him . be can t do rothin',"' yelled a hundred young aspirants, shoving, crowding, pushing, and using every available means, fair or foul, to get the earof tbe panic-stricken female. The good woman, almost detracted, called for the ?? P'leece ! P'leece!" The ?? P'leece" came, and. clearing a vacant space around ber, gave her time to select a dozen youngsters from the crowd, when she attempted to leave, but tho bo> s, cheated out of their expected prey, head ed "her off. Foiled In her a' tempt to get off from. Walnut street, she bolted It to Washington Square Willi about one hundred boys at ber heels, including the favored ande'ated ?'doreu" v ho now basked in the sunshine of prospect ive peach orchards. The main body of the crowd, foiled in their attempt to enter along with her, made a flank and rear movement, pouring into tbe Square by tbe ga'es on Sixth 6treet, Seventh street, ai d Locust street, again assailed her until, at last, the panting, perspir ing and terrified peach woman broke and fled, just as a fresh force of police came up to her rescue. Tbe scene was one of infinite fun to tbe passers-by, hut almost d^ath to the object of the boys' attentions and affections. A Misconstruction.?A gallant officer la one of the Iowa regiments, who never quailed before Confederate bullets fell au easy victim to a pair of bright eyes, whose owner wore a beautiful apron'bearing tbe emblem of our country's flag, and who was waiting on the Iowa boys at a festival lately given on their return home. The colonel, wishing to make the acquaintance of the lady, remarked, "That is a pretty apron you wear, Miss." "Yes," said the maiden, "this is ray flag." "I have fought many a hard bat-le under that flag," rejoined the colonel. ?? Not this flag sir," in dignantly exclaimed the beauty as she swept away, leaving the gallant son of Mars per fectly dumbfounded. ?y Collector Washburn states that it is the in'entlon of the Government to mak* this city a fortress. It was for that purpose tnat work was suspended upon Fort Preble. Mr. Wash burn also states that there were to be some five or six more forts and fortifications con structed, rendering the city impregnable both landward and seaward.?Portland Argut. t&- Tbe city of Albany, N. Y., claims one major general, one brigadier, nine colonels, three majors, and a largii number of line and company officers and a host ot privates, as among her dead heroes?killed in the war for tbe Union. tST An entire family, consisting of a hus band, wife and two children, named Uonre gute, were murdered near Denver, a short time since, by the Indians. They were Boalped and their throats cut. a kind of fungus has been discovered near Talbot, South Australia, which looks ex actly like a rattlesnake; when It issues from the ground it makes a notic Wee a rattlesnake. sea serpent, big as a stove-pipe been fonnd in Lake ChannbunagunrAtnaug? some place up North. Such a namq deserv ing of such a monster. ?y-The fisheries of British Colombia are represented to be ex.'cQgtve and Inexhaustible. The salmon uBhftriee of the Frazer river are espetuiuy good. 1&~A lady traveling from Rock Island to Ohio gave birth to a child in a railroad car, while pursuing her jonrney. WDne firm in Philadelphia has between twenty and twenty-five thousand hogsheads of ingar stored in the custom house. ?7"Three of the most corpulent individuals of Philadelphia are going to run a race m % lew day*. IT'The Trenton State O-axetle says tSAt from two to three hundred recruit* are sent iTQttk that State weekly to the seat of war. ST" Daniel 8. Dickinson and ex-Senator King are mentioned in connection with the Union nomination for Governor of New York. RGTThe Prince of Wales has made format application for admission to tho Masoaic fra ternity. (jr The people In Northwestern Missouri are said to take loyalty like gin and sugar and rid of it ???"Uj jKT Sesames, the pirate, is having a life sis* portrait executed in England. I7A woman is under arrest In London for leaving her six children to stave to death. *7-Brown University, R. I., will be 100 years lid on September Oth. One firm in Australia has sent 30,000 Kangaroo fckias to London within two years. V Tbe ironclad Dunderberg will bo anached in two months.

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