Newspaper of Evening Star, August 15, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 15, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR W. D. WALLAt'Hi ?iurtal Prt^rUur. WA8HI5QTON CITY: MONDAY ArOCST 13, 1861. NOTICE.?1Tbe proprietors of tbe Evbwiwo JStak and National BwrnticAff, compelled by the unprecedented rise in the coat of pub lishing newspapers, have to announce tbat on and after Monday next, the 15th of August, Inst , the charge for their journals served from their offlces to subscribers ?will be 12>f cents per week; to newsboys to sell again, and to persons served over their counters, three cents per copy. The cost or paper has incr?naed 250 per centum since the commencement of the war, and all tbe other expanses of their offlces have increased from one to three hundred per centum in tbe same time. In matting this change of rates, we hare but followed iu the footsteps of nearly every other publisher in the country, and trust that the course of mili f y ?venta will soon enable us to return to the good eld standard of prices tbat ruled before the war. W. D. Wallach, Proprietor of the Evening Star. W. J. Mcbtaoh Jfc CO , Proprietors of the National Republican. FROM THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. General Knrnside Relieved ? Reported Movement* of the Enemv?Heavy Firing ?n JaniM River?Rebel Attack on a Working Party. (Correspondence of the Associated Press.] HXADQUARTXRS AGUT OF TUB POTOMAC August 11?7 A. m.?Qeneral Burnside was relieved yesterday, and left hi8 command laat evening: his division officers and a number of friends being present to bid him farewell. General Wilcox is temporarily in command Of the 9th corps. It was reported last week that the enemy were moving toward our left, with the inten tion of making a tiank attack early this morn i?S, but as there bas been no demonstration up to this hour, the report is believed to be ?unfounded. Ample preparation is, however, made to meet them, should they attempt such a movement. Everything at headquarters is nerfectlv quiet. * Considerable firing has been kept np all night between the pickets on the centre and Tight. Yesterday morning about daylight heavy firing w as heard in the direction of James river which lasted for about two hours. It is reported to have bee? an attack by some rebel rams on a working party of Qen. Bntler, Who are cutting a canal across a small penin Sola oa the James river. A dozen deserters came in yesterday, two of Whom were cavalrymen, with all their ac coutrements. REBEL DESKKTERS. rfcT^?fQfiC,K0WlDf named rebel deserters have trcm the offlce of Provost Marshal General of the armies operating against Richmond, viz : Lit. R S Mi* is- s: C. Battalion; Privates Charles Kirk, lfithMiss 1 Kdw. Carrol!. L'dMcl ; Aaron Oaniels,9th Fla; W Oolnfii,J T ff1'1, W Edwards, E. Z: SKff-VLiXz ??'??; rkfugkks. utV^rif%Gibbin' teU-r Mich'l Roach, Michael Conway, Edward Powers and John Morris, relugees from Richmond, were be'ore the Provost Marshal on Saturday. They took the oa?.h of allegiance and were sent north. FROM THE FLEET OFF MOBILE. Letters from Aboard the Monitor Winne. ''?*o. mid the Gunboat Port Royal?The Situation of the Forts-The Fort* are Ram Tennessee and a K? bel fSimbent Onrs-Buchanan a Pris oner?The T^ciimseh Blown np-Fort I M i; ?In ion Loss Two Hundred l??imed!r,y~>,tfbl,f ?? *?' 'From the N. O.Times, Sunday, August 7.J Wkst Gulf Blockadiko Squadron, off FobtMoroak, Aug. 3.- To the Editor ef the Tim?*?The fleet for the reduction of Mobile commanded by Admiral Farragut, and com' posed of the Winnebago, Chickasaw, Manhat tan and Tecumseh, ol the monitor fleet, and the Hartford, (Hag-ship,) Brooklyn, Onedia, Itasca, Tennessee and Metacomet, of the wood en lleet, will commence to-morrow morniuz to ponr their iron hail into the Rebel Fort M organ. The ball was opened this afternoon by the monitor Winnebago, who steamed defiantly up to the fort and threw in a shell or two to give the rebels a taste of our quality. She is a splendid specimen of monitor naval architec ture, and is as buoyant as a cork. On her your correspondent is located, and we expect to be first into the fight to-morrow. Her offi cers are every one of them gentlemen, and have afforded and will afford me every opporcuni'v to witness tbe fight. Captain Thomas Stevens is well known a* an officer "cbock full of fight;" and he is ably seconded by Vol. Lieut. W. F. Shankland, Pay master Qlrard, Chief Engineer Simon Shultes, 1st Assistant Engineer John Purdv, Ehsi^ns Morrls*-y, Murphy and Whltworth, Acting Master Megathlin, and Robert Sherman, gun aer. To this latter gentleman 1 am indebted for favors to be remembered hereafter. Of tbe fighting qualities of this noble vessel 1 shMI speak more fully at some future time. The guns in her forward tnrret are worked by ?team, and that they are terrible in execution the rebe will bear me witness. Ow Boaep Steamship WiHNxnAfio, August 4. 1504.?This moruing opened beautifully. Contrary to expectations, the land force under General Granger failing to co-operate, we did sot attempt the reduction of the forts to-day. But Captain Stevens, determined not to be balked Of his share of the fight, steamed up in front of lort Gaines, and at half past eleven o'clock this morning threw bis first shell at the trans port rs atcbez, which was unloading troops and ammunition at the landing in front of the fort \ ou should have seen her leave ? In less than a minute after the shell burst in her neighbor hood, the smoke of burning bacon and ro?ln was plainly visible. We gave and received abont a down shots, but nobody was hurt on onr side. Tbat you may fully understand the position of affairs, let me explain: As we lay, head up the bay, Fort Morgan stands on our right, by and around the light-house, well-known to many of your readers. Immediately opposite, and about five mile* off, on the northeast end cf Paophin Island, is Fort Gaines. Running across from Mogan to Gaines is driven a tier of piles, fastened together by a net work of chains. Opposite each fori a channel is l^ft open cf about fifteen hundred yards in width, for me use of blockade-runners. In the chan nel, m front of Fort Morgan, were placed a lot of buoys, on which the guns of her water bat- | terv are trained. I say were, for our boys de stroyed about half of them last night. Outside i the piles are placed the torpedoes. Just Inside of the obstructions Is lying the l rebels pride atid hope?the ram Tennessee? , and three gunboats. Neither of these have , dared to <?how themselves outside, while we i wa ! k,ave JU6t come aboard for ! us to go into the light to-morrow, and from the quantity ol fight in the captain ind offlc?s of Wianebago, and of tbe tleet generallv I can assure you we shall see fun. "7' 1 CAD ,7^5 now ^tokens success on our SElS&SifttflVSta' Mobile. I am ! 5 rinnsj i K&JdT. 1 F?" *<"??? "Tar*? ; The rebel ram Tenneoseo u onrs *?,? one of their gunboats. Buchanan 'tha Hs? ! ccmmod ore, is wounded, and I bearish ' T6?. m0?lu>rTecum.,hw.^Lo^?*wdr!,?f? i opposite the obstructions and sr.nk immerti etely. All but eighteen of the office? tJd crow went down with her. Capt. Craven.? believe, was her commander. ' 1 The Chickasaw is shelling Fort Powell in the action to-day we have lost about 150 killed aad wounded. Your a, signally. (?. The bearer of the above letter informs 'us that Fort Powell was blown up, aud Fort ctaires taken. We learn from another source that tue neet which passed the forts consisted cf fourteen gunboats and four monitors. Another Account. account is furnished us by A. ",m "o",;; jx?"" "unbo" t,?n Ku'^^l&iii^SSiSISSSSSSiSS Owipee Monongafcefa, Onoida, Galen J pSrt Jtoya), Metacomet, Octorora. Seminole Ua*?a W Tecum,eh, Chickasaw and Winnebago, and the Admiral'* ?team barge Loyal, rot under welch at the an chorage off tbe entrance to Mobile bay at sun? rise, the monitors in advance and tbe wood*a ?eesels going together in pairs, the flag-ship taking tbe lend. When within point blank range of Fort Morgan'the vessels ahead were slowed down to enable the Line to olose up and at this time ihe fort and rebel vessels opened Are on the fleet, which waa returned from the ; loo-pounder Parrotts placed on the bows of ; oux vessels in the advance. | The Admiral waited nntil directly abreast of Fort Morgan, when he delivered a succession | of broadsides from the nine-Inch guns of the Martrord with such precision and calling effect the rebel* were driven away from their guns, and the water battery and fort were silenced. , At this time the monitors engaged the rebel iron clad ram Tenneseee, which was discovered laying in position to advance on our noble Ad miral. At this moment the monitor Tecumseh struck a torpedo and wai teen to rise and disappear beneath the water almost instantly. The firing now became terrific, and the fleet, although steaming ahead at a lull rate of speed, was ! completely enveloped in flame and smoke. The rebel ram made several attempts to run out passing vessels down, but failed to do so, i and in the midst of all this a boat was lowered from the Metaoomet to pick np the survivors ot our ill-fated monitor. It was a beautiful j and appaling sight to witness this boat rowing around on its sacred mission to rescue our drowning men with its beautiful flag flowing to the breeze, and the missiles of death and de struction striking and ricocheting all around it. Hut the gallant officer (an ensign whose name I forget) heedlessly kept on his way and succeeded in rescuing the pilot, one of the of i fleers, and three men belonging to the Tecum t sen. With the exception of the monitor our fleet had ty this time succeed in passing Fort Mor l gan, only to be subject to a galling, raking fire i irom the three rebel gunboats?Selma, Morgan and Gaines. Our vessels, which were secured together in pairs, were now cast off and the engagement i became general, which in a short time resulted in driving the ram and two gnnboats under the gnns of Fort Morgan, while the Selma steamed np the bay with the evident intention of es caping to Mobile. After a chase of about forty : minutes the Selma hauled down her flag to Capt. Drnett, of the Metacomet. On boarding her tbe cause of her surrender was soon ap parent?their decks were covered with thedead and dying, and her scuppers were running with their blood. Among others I recognized Lieut. Comstock, with his bowels torn out, and ! laying across the breach of a gun which be was engaged in sighting at the time of his death. He once belonged to our navy. Lan guage is not adequate to describe the soul stirring cheers yrhlch went up from the throats of our gallant tars, and was re-echoed from one vessel to another all through this terrible ordeal, and onr brave, noble admiral has ex emplifled, in this fight, that his theory, of ??Iron hearts and wooden ships," is a correct one. At this time, while our fleet, with a few ex ceptions, had collected together on the west side of the bay, in the direction of Fort Powell, and out of the range of Morgan's guns, the ram Tennessee was discovered steaming in the di rection. The monitors closed with her when In range, and one of the most interesting naval engage ments of the war succeeded, and we in the smaller wooden vessels were the spectators. A fight of some minutes ensued, when Ad miral Farragut, anxious to close the engage ment in a summary manner, started toward the Tennessee at full speed-at ths same time Capt. Strong, in the Monongahela, struck the Tennessee amidships, and withdrew in time to give room to our Admiral to grapple his an tagonis', Buchanan. wh?n the smoke cleared away from ihe two vessels, a white fla<* was j seen to wave from the Tennessee's pilot-honse, in token of submission, and Oapt. .Teraud, who went in as a volunteer on the Ossippee as a 1 representative of Admiral Farragut, received the sword of Admiral Buchanan, and that terrible engine of destruction was ours, al though gained at a great loss oflife. Our loss in this fight Is about 210 killed and wounded, including the brave Capt.'Craven, of the moni'or, and 100 of his crew who went down with him. Admiral Buchanan, of the tennessee, was shot through the leg below the knee, and the leg will have to be amputa ted. Fort Powell, in Grant's Pass, was blown up last night alter dark, and Fort Gaines will soon follow. The rebel gnnboats, which sought protection under the gnns of Morgan, will be destroyed or captured by our monitors to-day, and the investment and capture of Morgan must follow. We have, by this great victory, effectually closed the port of Mobile, and its capture is only a qnestlon of time; ana Admiral Farra gut and the gallant offcers and men under his command have established another claim to the admiration and respect of their country men and those who love liberty. The True Delta of the 7th says . Still Later from Mobile. The telegraph wires broke yesterday during the transmission of a dispatch addressed to Admiral Palmer. The author says that he passed through Grant's Pass In a ship's boat, that he witnessed the explosion of the maga zine of Fort Powell, which had first been evacuated; that he spent two hours on board the Hartford, with Admiral Farragut, who was In good health and spirits, and that onr lass in vessels was confined to the Tecumseh. It is yery provoking to haye the wires break at the moment when such happy news u comin? over them. The Very Latest. Since the above was in type, Admiral Palmer has kindly read to us such portions of an offl. clal dispatch and private letter from Admiral Farragut as he deems proper to make public. At an early hour on Friday, onr fipef, lashed two and two, sailed into the Pass close np under the guns of Fort Morgan, pourinflglk broadside after broadside of grape and canifPS ter?thus driving the gunners of the fort from their pieces, and leaving onr vessels exposed only to the fire of Forts Games and Powell, which were, of course, less effective on ac count of distance. At the same time General Granger's land batteries enfiladed Gaines and caused the evacuation and blowing up of Powell' In passing the forts, the Oneida re ceived a shot which temporarily disabled her machinery, but she was safely towed through the file by her consort. Our monitor Tecumseh was one of the fore most. A tcrpedo exploding beneath her bottom, she sunk almost instantaneously, carrying down all her officers, only ten of her crew es caping. She was commanded by Capt. Lewis Craven. Our loss on this vessel was about one hundred. Tbegunboats having passed the forts, and being out of their reach, were pur sued by the formidable ram Tennessee and three iron-clad gunboats?the Selma, Gaim-s and Morgan. Our vessels immediately at tacked the ram, and battered him so effectu ally that he sunendered In a few minutes by hanging out the white flag. Admiral Buchan an, the commander, lost a leg, and with all his crew, are prisoners in our hands. There were only three killed on the Tennessee. She waa but slightly damaged, and it is probable that Farragut has heT fit for action by this time We also captnred the Selma, of which Capt Murphy was the coinmaider. Lieut. Pren tiss, of the Monongahela, lost both legs. He is a gallant officer, and has a young wife In this city. Captain Malaney, of the Oneida, lost an arm. All the wounded will be gent to Pensacola. Our loss is 240 killed and wounded. The two remaining rebel gunboats lied nnder the guns of Fort Morgan for protection; one of them Is agronnd,and the Admiral is confident that he c*n, destroy them to-day. He has not the slightest doubt of bis ability to reduce the forts. But ttiis capture will not give us command of the city, which is extensively forti fied at j>og river and elsewhere The Hartford, Farragut's flag-ship, wa3 heavily engaged, lesing one officer, Higsinbot tom, Secretary to the Fleet Captain, killed, together with 2<>~f her crew, and 26 wounded. All our vessels were wooden except three. ivrortast nr Relation to R?orl*rriirG.? General Hays, of New York, has received the following order from Washington ? ?' WASHTKOTOJr, August 12, listo ?Brigadier General Hays : The Secretary of War has for bidden the recrnlting of men in one State to he credited to another, except as provided In the act of July 1th, 1-81, for recruiting in States in rebellion He directs that you see to the exe cution of this order in your State, and if neces sary arrest recrniting officers and agents who may be found violating it. Make this known to the Governor. Jag. B. Fry." grsrrtlta kkconitoipsawcbs.? A large party ol guerrillas m^de a tour of observation through Accotlnk on Wednesday night last. They offered no violence to the inhabitants, and made no halt. They were evidently r? eonnoitering to ascertain if there were any Union forces In the vicinity.?Alexan-lriok Jour naf, August 13. nr CharlesH. Pitts, a prominent Baltimore lawyer and former member of the Maryland Legislature, died yesterday of acute consump tion. kili.kd.?Captain A. O. P. Nicholson, Jr., sou of XT. s. Senator Nicholson, of Tennessee, was killed |u Georgia lately during the ad v ance of Sherman. He was in the rebel army. mcu<m. a prominent New York merchant, is dead. fTr" TAhJ J * wh . b08s pl abtkrebst? tersrs onwidn k8da y vbnlnovh^VLVa plastering will b** pr^ent bi'oXof tl?** 00 aalVSt* 4 ouhmittke. i OFFICIAL. s ^QbJ)sriiTvnrT of Statu. > Wa?hihotoU, August 13, 1*61. \ Official intelligence having been received at this Department that the military forces of the Tinted Statrt hare been temoonuiiy with, drawn from Brownsville, in theSfett* of Texas, Uiat port will not be considered as open to for eign or domeailc commerce during snob, with* drawal, but the blockade thereof by the naval fotpiiof the United States will to resumed. War Department, Adjutant G engraft Office, } n'atkington, D. C., A'igmt&, ffcGl. ' \ The following officers, having boon reported at the headquarters of the army fopthe oU'en^s hereinafter specified, are hereby notified that they will stand dismissed the service of the United States, unless, within fifteen days from this date, they appear before the Military Commission, In session in this citv, of which Brig. Gen. John 0. Caldwell, United States volunteers, is president, and make sous factory defence to the charges against them: Absence without leave. First Ldentenaut Herman Steinieker, -loth 11. lincis volnnteers. Second lieutenant O". A. Rogers, 3th Massa chusetts cavalry. First Llentenart .lames W. Crawford, 2d battalion Veteran Reserve Corps. Captain Edward Winne,?7th New York vol nnteers. First Lieutenant Hubert Arabruster, 3d New Jersey cavalry. First Lieutenant Patrick S. Early, 13th Penn sylvania cavalry. Absencefrom hospital at Annapolis, Md., without proper authority, end conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman. First Lieutenant Thomas P. Norman, Cftth Pennsvlvania volunteers. Captain George B. Chalmer, 63d Pennsylva nia volunteers. First Lientenant Thomas A. McLaughlin, l(>2d Pennsylvania volunteers. First Lientenant William A. Kennedy, 1st Pennsylvania cavalrv. First Lieutenant James O'Connell, lroth New York volunteers. E. D. Townsewi>, Assistant Adjutant General. Df 3"^*NOTICE TO TAX-PAYERS.?Ooi.i.sotor's yb?5 Orj-ics. C/7y Hall, August 13. 13U.-The rate of tax'or the year 1864 has been fixed at one ?n,'M and ten cents on the one hundred dollars. Under the law a discount of 1? per cent, is allowed upon all taxes paid on or before the last jlay of September next. The abatement therein named will not be allowed upon the tax?* on property al ready in arrears for general purposes until all such arrearages are paid." WM. DIXON, au ift eo2w Collector. JT V5~"N0TIC1?Totbe Bo?s Plasterers and others Lki? of the city of Washington, D. 0 : The Journeymen Plasterers of this city will de mand 94 per diem onand after TUESDAY, ths loth of Auguat. By order of the Association. au 12 3t* G. H PADDON, Rec. 3ec? pro tem. WATER REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, Juno Lk4? 29, 13f?i.?This office having been necessa sarily closed for several days during the present month, the time for receipt of water rents in ex tended to the gist August, after which date the water will be shut off from all premises of whi^h the water rent is unpaid. No further notice will be given. RANDOLPH COYLE. 3) 30-d Water Registrar. PROPOSALS FOR WOOD AND COAL. s?? ? _ Kavt DKPAUTV.RNT, August 15,1854. ?*?.T,S v.',"1'. en^orssd 'v Proposals for Wood acd Coal," will be receive* at the D-nart mentuntil .3o'clock; p. m., of WEDNBSDAY\ the ZUb instant, for furnishing 200 cords best Oak ?\ood. and 81 tons White Ash Furnace Coal r2.Ct > ? 2^0 -X ton]. The wood to be delivered in front >r the Department, piled for inspection and m?-as urement?the coal delivered at the buildin" and slso subject to inspection. The whole to be de livered by the 1st of October next. Bids will be received for either the wood or coal, separately. The Department reserves to itself the right to refect all bids if deemed excessive as to cost. au-15- td gfjf) SEVENTII^STREKT. 369 CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS, FURNITURE. noUSEFURNISIIING GOODS, CUTLERY, PLATED CA8T0RS, SPOONS..Vc. Fifty pieces Ingrain, Rag am! Hemp Carpets, which we are offering at much less than present price*, Rome a* low 55 c^nts p^r yard. In Furnitureand Houiefurnishin^ Goods we can defy competition. Our stock of Cutlery an 1 Plated Ware we are of fering at extraordinary bargains. Persons in want of Housefnrnishing Goods wi l find it decidedly to their interest to give us a call as all of our stock was purchased previous to the last advances, which enables us to oiler greater in ducements than any house in this city. A discount of ten per cent, allowed on all bills of$60and upwards. HENRY BONTZ Successor to Bonts tc Griffith, au 15-lftt 369 7th street, near I. STEAMER FAIRBANKS HAS ARRIYED-Oon signee* will please attend to tue iraw reception of their goods at onoe. N This steamer sails for New York?*??M64i Wednesday, August 17th inst.. at 8 a m au !3-3t MORGAN k RHI.VEHART. Agents. I7IVE BEAUTIFUL F CHICEEKING A AON8 ?? PIANOS Sw8K*?? Just received to-day. " , to **. ELLIS, 30fi Penn. avenue, an 13--at bet. 9tb and 10th ste. rr?HTn\9|B?IN WANT OF A GOOD COOKING Tijlrwo Call at oi^ store and examine tho ARBITER. E. H. i H. I. GREGORY, 321 Penna.avenue. .Calland seetho portable RANGES. MONITOR and BELL. We will warrant them ta hake well I.U.4H I. GREGORY, 321 Penna. avenue. THE ARBITER COOK STOVE. The great iTti 13-lw E. H. & H. 1. GREGORY. W? r. ? SPECIAL NOTICE. ?.il 1 \v 1 ISJ'il.cul^r attention to the chancery ?eiideLe K"^-Tr?tee of the beautiful residence of the late Col. Ellet, known a?"Clif to e Heights of Georgetown, TFRWnRw06^.* ?n TUESDAY AF TSPNPpN August Wth, at 6 o'clock, tcP??ltivelv take place on the prem ? hour indicated, and we advise all who | ec??? a chol.ce suburban residence to be present on this occasion. ? ,e *8 ^"^e to the advertisement in another column for full description of this fine an 13 d JA8. C. McGUIRE & CO.. Aucts _ ^OBBLER STRAWS. A quantity of COBBLER STRAWS fur sale. Apply to the Importers. n. B. LANGDON. Agent and Commission Merchant. ao 18 8t 13 Park Place. New York, C~JASSTOYES: TIGHT JARS, (thebest.) PUTNAM S CLOTH KS WRINOER. r?o-?w f 4 OGDBN'S Housefurnishing Store. ??19 i th street, near Pa. av. au 12-.It* jp ROPOSALS FOR R?ATIONS. Headquarters Marine Corp.^Qvartermosttr's Offi.i I 0 . ^ ? WashiHKCn, August 11, 1S84. { nJ?m io Proposals will be received at this office until 12 o clock in.,ni the 16th instant, for fur uishmg rations to tlie United States Marines December^lSM^ Citr' D- C--Until tlie ^lst Each ration to eonsistof three-fourths of aponnd of pork or bacon, or one and a fourth pound of rresh or salt besf; eighteen ounces of bread or Hour or twelve ounces of hard bread, or one and a &,ajJh 5ou^ of CO"1 meal; and at the rate tu one Won'lifAj'r1?118 ?^ei'f'lt,<marts of b^ans; or, in wD pwuc/is ?f rIce; or, in lieu thereof twics per week, one hundred and fifty ounces of dessicated potatoes, and one hundred ounces of nnxed vegetables; ten pounds of coffee; ?r, in lieu thereof, one and a hal f pound of tea; fifteen pounds ? quart8 vinegar; one pound of sperni candlcs, or one and one-fourth pound of ad amantine candles; or one and a half pound or t?l >ri '0Qr Pcunds^of soap, and two quarts of salt. 1 ne rations t<> be deli vered upon the order of'the eH Kn^i? ceir of.tllch ?tation; the fresh beef, or bytthe "Df141 ration, of good SVJ?r? ' J 4,1 elIla' proportion of the fore and ded tl?e?o.ewSk'n<1i ?n* kidney?tallow excla .itra .nSZItt,!_ ?t.1 Pr''n''mess pork; the flour, i ' eoffee, good Rio; the Rugir, ^ ?w ?i'e.ans Its equivalent: and the beans, qiialfty ca"ale8' 804P> "It, tec., to be of goad ?!! to 'n?pection. All bld3 must he accompanied bv the following guarantee. T.. _ . *ORM OF G CARANTY. The undersigned, , 0f , in the Stateof v__-v'J7" ?A?in the State of hereby_guar antee that in case the foregoing bid ofr *ations, as above described, be accepted, I' y.u ln ten days after the receipt ? t,ie P?8t office named, execute tne contract for the same, with good and suffieient securities; and iu case the said ?? shall fail to 118 ar<'rf!Said, we guaranty to innkc -oo^tbe difference between the offer of the "wT^. IL that which may he accepted. A. B., Guarsntor. _? Tf 0. D., Guarantor. UiHt above-named go'd theTr*jmaraiaee pro^rt> ' ttnd ?ole t0 nJIsSlfa* V ^e^ United States District t<?r tat en District Attorney, or Collec be con?dered unless accom panied by the above guarantee. . sutnorixed to publish the above will ?v?-raper co^ta' the first insertion to thfs office for examination " Proposals for Rations for 1864, and addressed to the nnd*rsi<rned. au 1^-dtd Major and Quartermaster. TB*nNv?nM?*v wNiyD3^APERS FORWARD ED FROM NEW YORK DAILY, at greatly reauced prices.?Terms, for one year, 'payable in advance ) lor the Herald. |7, instead of fl>; Tribune, *7; Times, $7; World, f7: Daily News| . Evening P^t. Evening Express, ffi.60. Address A. JOYCE, No. 02 west Sflth street, New au 6Sm NOTICE?FOR BALE?900 sets of one, two, and four borse secondI hand HAR?E88; M sood second band BADDLEd and BRIDLES. AdbIv to H. B. JOttNSTON, No 873 P.nn .v.nue, be^een 4>> and ?th st., opposite iiatienai Hotel, ir U-lm* 9* O'CLOCK P. M. FROM MOBILE. Admiral Farrngnt's Official Report it Op erations There?Lois of the Trtnmieli? The Rebel Cemmander, Bnrlianan, a Prisoner at Pensacola. Admiral Farragut makes a report to the De partment, under date, "Mobile Hay, Augusto, 1~?4,"' in which he states that oa the morning of that day he entered Mobile Hay with the attacking fleet tinder his command?passing between Fort? Morgan and Gaines, and en countering the rebel ram Tennessee and three of the enemy's gunboats. At a lew minutes past 7 a. m., Fort Morgan opened, and soon after the action became live ly. At 40 minutes past 7 "the monitor Tecum-, eeh was struck by a torpedo and sunk, going down very rapidly, and carrying with her all of her officers and crew, with the ex epilon of the pilot and eight or tenmen, who were saved by a boat that was sent from the Metacomet. The Hartford had passed the forts before S o'clock, and Admiral Farragut finding him self raked by the rebel gunboats, ordered the Metacomet to cast off and go in pursuit. This was done, and resulted in the capture of one of the gunboats?the Selma. : All the vessels had passed the forts by 8# o'clock, but the rebel ram Tennessee was still apparently uninjured in the rear of our fleet. Signal was at one made to all the fleet to turn again and attack the ram, not only with guns, but to run her down at full speed, which resulted in her surrender at 10 a. m. The rest of the rebel fleet, viz: Morgan and Gaines, succeeded in getting back under the protection of the guns of Fort Morgan. This terminated the action of the day. Admiral Buchanan sent his sword to Admi ral Farragut?he being wounded. The wound is a compound fracture of the leg, which, it is supposed, will result in amputation. An arrangement was entered into by Admi ral Farragut and the commanding officer of Fort Morgan whereby the wounded of both fleets, including Admiral Buchanan, were taken to Pensacola. Our loss in the engagement, as far as heard from, is 11 killed and 88 wounded. On the rebel ram Tennessee was captured 20 officers and say 170 men. Financial.?1The New York Commercial Ad vertiser of Saturday evening says: The stock market continues dull. The spec ulative spirit is full, and the desire to realise predominates. The movement is very much confined to outside operators, the brokers ap pearing indisposed to enter upon combinations until the watering places have ceased to mo nopolise the attention of operators. Governments were irregular, but on the whole strong. Five.twenties are less in de mand, and will, apparently, have to wait un til the other gold-bearing bonds are equalized with them in value. Money remains easy. There is ample supply at 7 per cent., but no disposition to press it at lower rates. The supply is largely in excess of the wants of the stock market and discoants, and it is thought singular that there should be no yielding in the rates. The anomaly is to a large extent explained by the large purchase of Certificates of Indebtedness, which many capitalists prefer, so long as they can be bought below W5? to a call loan. There are now $180,000,000 of the certificates afloat, and it is easily seen how, with an interest of 1 lal2 per cent, they should take up a large amount of money that would otherwise seek employment in the ordinary channel. Gold opened dull, but slightly improved du ring the morning. The export for the past week has been nominal, with the present low rates of exchange, ii likely to remain so for some time. The General Spihola Coi*rt Martial ? The conrt martial which has been sitting for the last montn for the trial of Gen'l F. B. Spin ola. w?b suddenlv, though not unexpectedly, brought to a close yesterday. Aftsr seven months preparation to establish a case, and alter a month's trial, the prosecution complete ly broke down. At the opening of the court yesterday the Judge Advocate announced that there was 110 further evidence, wherenpon, without calling upon the accused for his de fence, the court dismissed itself and the case at one and the same time.?A". I'. Herald Satur<l.ty. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM FORTRESS MOlftiOB. Exchange of Prisoners?CaaonadiDg Yes* terday Morning. Fortbepa Monroe, August 1?.?The Mail steamer, from Bermuda Hundred last evening, brought down 10 rebel prisoners. The flag-of truce steamer New York, arrived at 3 o'clock this p. m. flrom Aiken's Landing, with 4'>0 prisoners, in charge of Major John E. Mnlford, Assistant Agent of Exchange. They are most ly wounded, and happy to get within the Union lines. Among them Lieut. Col. Mansfield, 2d Wis consin; Major Motley, 1st Massachusetts cav alry; Lt. Col. Fcot, 121st NewA'ork; Lt,Silver, . 16th Illinois cavalry, and eight surgeons. Early this morning the rebels opened flra npon onr men engaged on the canal above City Point, but our guuboats gave them a hot re ception. The cannonading was going on at S this a. m. Fortress Monroe, Aug. 11.?Richmond pa pers of the 12th state that Dr. Mary E. Walker, captured in Georgia upwards of five months ago, has been released from Castle Thunier, and coes down on the flag of truce boat. ?She was exchanged a? a surgeon, and has arrived ?t Old Point.j ARRIVAL OF GEM. HLRSSIOE. Baltimore, August 13.?The Flag-of-truce steamer New York, from Aiken's Landing, arrived at Annapolis yesterday with 4 i.> ex changed prisoners, including eleven officers. Gen. Burnside and staff took breakfast at the En taw House this morning. They are enroute tor Rhode Island. J7"0R SALE?A nice light road WAGON: weight ISO pounds. Apply at P. PLBMSHffU'3 Stable, on C St., bet. 4'^ anu 6th. an 15 at* BOARDING IN a PRIVATE ^AMTLY is desired by a youn*j gentleman Would pay well if suited Address B. J. VINTON, Post Office. lt* I^OR RENT?Two ROOMS on the second floor, and one on the first floor, either furnished or unfurnished, near Pennsylvania avenue. No. 3 4*J 2<th street. au 15-2t* iXURNISIIED ROOMS?Neatly furnished ROOMS 1. with a private family within a few minutes walk of cars and departments. Apply 4166th st., between F and G. au W-3t MADAME &lAR311A,the great Fortune Teller, late from a Northern citr, is now prepared to read the Past and for tell the Future. Tliosi wish ing such information will please call at 4 03 K st., between *'th and M)th. au 13-2t* BOARD, with Urge, airy ROOMS hmds-nnelv furnished, for gentlemen or family Spacious grounds attached. Also, ROOM, furnished, on Pennsylvania avenue to let. Apply corner 21 at and 11 sts., south of Pa. ay. an 18 3t* REWARD.?Lost in th's citv on Saturday ' ? _ - afternoon, a BLACK MOROCCO POOKET BOOK, containing a certain sum of money. Who ever will leave it at this office shall receive the above reward. au 15 3t* A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE (WITHOUT children) can procure Bolrd with furnished room in a prinate family, where there are bo chil dren or other boarders. Reference required. Apidy at 403, utli street, between Hand I streets, au 15-1 w C;r, REWARD? Stravel or stolen, a dark r?d COW, with white Ca^e and large, horns, and part of the tail white. Thi- above reward will be given if returned to JOHN LYNCH, No 60^ Mas sachusetts avenue, bet%s eon 1st and North C?i?it,..l street. au l5-3t? WE OFFER FOR SALE, at a sreat bargain a small FARM, containing about ?3 acres, well improved with new dwelling and all necessary out houses. This property lies about 4 miles from Center Market, on the Benning's Bridge road across Eastern Branch, is in a high and healthy situation, with: an abundance of wood. Terms made known on application to SWEENY * CO .Real Estate Brok.-ri, au l.'-lm Corner7thand O street^ TVJOTfOE ?The Copartnership of J.V. BAILE* 1* A BRO. has this day, by mutual consent, beeii dissolved. All parties indebted to the said firm will please setile them with J.P BAILEY, whq will also liquidate the bUls standing against tlie firm. J08IAH F. BAILB\ A BRO. We would s!ro return our thanks to our former customers, w ho have so kindly assisted us in busi ness, and a-k the same for our successors, Messrs. MARFLET & KNKB88I. au 15-3t* YMAN 8 I'VE^r-AMNGFRmrXAR. L I We partirn'arly inviie the attenUoo of tha-e in tending to nut up fruit to ex?miue LYMAN'S SELF 8BALIXO FRt* IT J ARB. fiimplf in con structlon. they are more easily ?eared or opened lhan any now in use. Eaniplesof berries and fruit put up in these Jars last y?*ar. can be seen at our store. lull directions aoonmp>ny eawi^ar, for puttin-f ?' 31 l,f'V,rui,'0>,ew"fei??l.M* m Uousef'irnishing 8 tare, ?ul5-5t :i|>Pa*ri.avbetw#e?9th and 5 O'CLOUK P. M. GOTERWMENT securities. Jay Cooke 4c Co. furnish tbe foil* wins quo tations of Government securities: Washington, Aug 15, Buying. Selliug. U. S. 6's Coupon l^l 107 ltg .U1*X lt)?H 7 3-10 Treasury Notes .....H* 10!) One Year Certificates 9t,'< 95^ Certificate Checks. KeW'Yobk?First Foard. Coupons, 107 *,: 5-20's, 103Certificates, 4?1\; Gold, 206. I>1 PURTAKT FROM THE FRONT. r , . Fighting ea James River..' ' The mail steamer Dictator, Capt. Blake fftah, -which arrived from City Point yesterday, reported that on Saturday morning before she > left heavy firing was heard from up the river, and it w is supposed that our gunboats wera engaging a rebel battery at Dutch G-ap. The Charlotte Vanderbilt, Capt. Carlmody, which arrived this morning with the mails, reports that on Saturday afternoon a body of our troops embarked on transports at City Point, and moved up the river during the night, and it was reported that under cover of the fire of the gunboats, had effected a landing near Dutch Gap. The object of this movement is stated to be the dislodgment of a considerable force of the enemy, who had Intrenched themselves on the river, and possibly also as a reconnoissance, to ascertain wh;it troops I?ee has before Rich mond, and if he is sending any considerable reinforcements to Early. Heavy firing was ] goicg on when the Vacderbilt left, both can nonading and musketry. General Bnrnside and staff came down on the Vanderbilt and landed at Fortress Mo roe, from whence he was to take passage to Rhode Island, where he goes, it is stated, on a leave of absence. GUERRILLAS AT WORK IN FAIRFAX COUNTY Captain Fleming, with 60 men, of 10th New York cavalry, who was out on a scant, was attacked near Fairfax Station, last Thursday^ by a body of Moseby's guerrillas, and Captain Fleming and eight of his men were killed, and most of the others were taken prisoners. Cap tain Fleming's bodv was found near the road, and taken to tails Church and buried. Sunday morning several rebel scouts w*re seen near Fort Schneider, at Anandale. They fired upon onr pickets in several directions. Sergeant Linnan, of lfith New York cavalry, who was on picket on the Bradiock road, was ! killed. Onr scouts are on the alert on the hills, val leys, and through tbe dense woods, but are unable to catch these picket-shooting assas?ln3 and marauding highwaymen. . THE CASE OF MRS. H0WARM. Mrs. Wm. Keyes Howard, arrested some months since for a violation of the laws and customs of war, and sentenced by court-mar tial to hard labor for the remainder of the war for the benefit of 1'nion soldiers, has had her i sentence commuted to transportation beyond the Federal lines, and will be sent, under a suitable escort, to Fortress Monroe. Mrs. Howard, it will be remembered, was | arrested in March of last year, while endeav run th? blockade from the lines of the Confederate to the iin^s of the Union forces. After her arrest the was released on a parole of honor, and was to report to Col. Fish, Pro vost Marshal of the State of Maryland, in th? city of Baltimore. Instead oi doing so, hO"*r ever, she remained secreted !n Baltimore undar an assumed name, until an opportunity pre sented for her departure for St. Lotais, which she availed herself of. She ib also charged with sending letters from within our lines to j within the lines of the enemy. SENTENCE OF GENERAL OoI RT MARTIAL. I Henry Seabridge, drummer, Company D,*ith regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps, charged with conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline, and robbery, has >>een sen tenced by General Court-martial to "forfeitall pay and allowances which are now or may become due to him, to be confined in any State prison directed by the CommanJing General for the period of two years, and to be drummed out of the service." The accused is now a patient in Stone Hospital, and on his recovery will be sent to the Penitentiary at Albany, N. Y., which place has been designated by the authority as the place of confinement. TIIE ATTACK ON MOBILE. Our casualties, as far as heard from, in the late naval attack on Mobile is reported, by Admiral Farragut, as follows: Flag-ship Hartford, 19 killed, 23 wounded; Brooklyn, 9 killed, 22 wounded ; Lackawanna, i killed, i wounded : Oneida, 7 killed, 21 vvonnded: YLo nongabela. 0 woundfcd; Metaeomet, 1 killed, 2 wounded : Ossippee, 1 killed, 7 wounded; Richmond, 2 wounded; Galena. I wounded. Total. 41 kil led, 8S wounded. MILITARY ARREST. A telegram was received by the proper de partment, Saturday, from th? headquarters of General "Wallace, at Baltimore, directing the arrest of Capt. George E. Paul, of the sihooner Matilda Spicer, now lying at Williams & Jol ley's wharf. The arrest was made about noon, and the vessel seized in the name of the Gov ernment, and a guard placed over it. The cause of the arrest has not yet been developed. SENT TO FORT DELAWARE. Wm A. Jones and J. Paul Jones, of the firm of J. P. Jones A. Co., late sutlers of the ltith regiment Massachusetts volunteers, found guilty by special court-martial of unlawfully obtaining p.nd appropriating Government property, and sentenced to pay a fine of ?2,30'J and to be imprisoned until said fine was paid, were sent this afternoon to Fort Delaware, where they will remain for one year, uulass the fine is paid before the expiration of that time MORS PRISONERS OF WAR. Fonr prisoners of war reached here last Sat urday night, and were committed to the old Capitol ly older of the Provost Marshal. Among them was one captain of engineers and one lieutenant. The latter had been taken be fore and released on parole by Gen. Hunter. When captured the last time he had his parole papers in his pocket. REBEL MSERTERS. :Sevenieen rebel deserters reached he?? Sat urday night last from Harper's Ferry, and were committed to the Old Capitol by order of Provost Marshal Ingraham. Tn?y express.?d themselves exceedingly anxious to hear from Richmond and thought when thev did so, that thev wonld hear, something decidedly dama ging to the hopes of the Rebel Confederacy. From J ? Shllllngtou, Odeon Building, and from.Hudsou Taylor, 334 Pennsylvania ave nue. we have copies of the excellent Septem ber number of Harper's Magazine. ?m,EGKA.?HJ0 NEWS - ? sew. tORK STOCK LIST. , fBy the People's Line?OiXice 511 Ninth street.] NJOV Yoaft, Aug. 15.?U. S. 18H, coupon 0 s, 107 V. U. S. 5.20 s, 10a, Certificates of Indebt edness, 95; Gold, 256; N. Y. Central, I3h Erie, |17X; Hudt-on River, 131; Harlem, ?: Reading, 130Michigan Central, 13'J; Michi gan Southern, Illinois Central, 12i*, Cleveland aud Pittsburg, 113*; Cleveland aad Toledo, 131; Chicago and Kock Island, HI; Milwaukie and Prairie du Chien, Pitts burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, IIS7*; Alton and Tf-na Haute, 63'?; Chicago and Northwestern, 57%: Quicksilver, 80 hOOAL NEWS. A "Sisday Excursion"?Wh rc <rt wc Drift. inj't?The Sunday,:of the Washington ot ls3l Vas a vastly dil?ij?t affair from the Sunday of the WashingtonWla64. Recalling the solemn, peaoeful quietude of the day then, when the ciUv wunds tliat vexed the air were the church bells and the footfalls of the church-goers, and contrasting it with Washington's carnival Sabbath of 1861. the question arises, where are we drifting, and Is our "progress" in the right direction I We have now Sunday papers, Sunday street cars, Sunday dress parades, Sunday gardens, Sunday displays of cyprlan equestrianism and barouche exercises, Sunday suburban '?free ahdeasvs;" and latest and fastest ot the last and furious amusements of our modern Sunday carnival we have the Sunday down-river Excursion, where the gay and festive?those sufficiently sober to st:?ud upon their feet?can trip it on the light fantastic toe to the music of the 4fon?<' Renf It oan be claimed iu behalf ot the Sunday street cars that ufltare needed toaffot d means of access to the suburban hospitals, and aU-ofo , enable the old and feeble to attend church, who could, net otherwise do so. But what sball be said fa behalf of the Sunday pxcur sion, and whai Lb it like ] Two boat* w.. o ad vertlsed to make excursion trfps toftlymont yesterday, the Pbcrnix and the Fulton Wn I doubt not that many who went down supposed fr6m the wording of the advertisement that the affair was under the control of t*? ofli jer3 of the boats and of the proprietors of Glymont, and having confidence in these gentlemen, be lieved that It would, as represented, atlord an opportunity for thecan't-get-awaysot confined unhealthy weelf-day labor to tast^a mouthful of fresh air, and toeajoya day of retmp^ratfv* rest in Croc's oWn temple. It tamed ont that the boat company* and th? Glymont company had nothing to do with th. management of the thing, which sras a coa c?#r of speculative parties, who doubtless made considerable money by the day's work, especially lrom the profit* of the "bar. The Fulton went down early in the morning, and the Ph,i?nix, whose fortunes we are mor? especially called upon to follow,?later In the day. Whatever hopes of quiet ?'fanuly party-' enjoyment any portion ol the excu'rslouisu may have indulged in on starting mast soon have been rudely dissipated. Two long bars were soon in lull blast, and busy waiters per ambulated every part of the boat with tl??ir trays, auxiliary to the bars. The tlery liq aors dispensed soon began to work and gave sign in a peries of rows and disturbances that scat tered the ladies and family parties to the right and lelt, and forced the Marine Btnd to a masterly retreat, to save their skulls and their big instruments from damage. Iu landing atOlymont, a gentleman In step ping from the boat"(Phn>nlx> was jostlea over board by a gay and happy Sunday sporter. hnt being a good swimmer, he kept himself afloat until aid reached him. Then there wa> a tierce scramble tor dinner; and then the Marine Band mounted to the music stand, and presentiv struck up some spirited music?cotillon, polkai. waltz?which music waa improved for dan cing purposes by many?not all?for the force of habit is strong, and there were old fashioned people there, not quite accustomed to the new order of things, who looked on in some con sternation at the scene before them, and sin. cerely promised themselves that it permitted by a merciful Providence to " get out of that." safely,never to be found 111 another such scrape And it did seem later in the day that the Di vine Wrath was to be visited upon these Sun day revelers and those partictpt criminxt, as it wre, by their presence. Those on the Phtenix, on her upward trip, know that they were in deadly paril atone time, but very few of them knew A->? near eternity they really were. Twenty seconds longer exercise of function by a drunken en gineer and the country would have been shocked by a disaster such a would have put the frightful one at (Jity Point out of sight and out of mind ! Below Fort Washington the boat, which had made various eccentrie movements, suddenly came to a dead stand-still. At first it was sup posed that somebody was overboard, a natural supposition, in view of the condition of things on board, and there wtis a general ru?h to the side of the boat. But immediately the sound ot violent contest was heard b'low, and presently the passengers were horrified by learning th.v. the acting captain, Haney, tthe captain of the Phoenix being absent,) finding something going wrong, bad visited the engine-room, and dis covered the engineer in a condition of beastly drunkenness, and the steam up to a point that threatened at any moment to blow the Phmix into inch pieces. Mr. Haney sprang forward to let off the steam, but wat met by a savage blow trom the engineer, a giant in physical development, an 1 who, maddened by liquor, defied all attempts to rake the control of the engine from him. This was a pleasant condition of things, th ? steam at explosion point, and the eneine-room in the possession ot a liquor-crai.y U^enaa of au engineer! Women shrieked, cried, and huddled their children by them, while hus bands and fathers by their side, turned pal? utider this danger so apalling. One man took off his coat and boots and planted himself, ready for a plunge, in t!\* boat hanging by the Veamer's side, and the sigh* was not re-assurvng to the timid. But by the aid of some resolut> men and a military guard on board, the crazy t*igineer was ejected from the engine room, anu marched, forward per force of bayonet persuasion to the bows of the boat where, despite his drunken outbreaks in the direction of theengin* room countenanced by some of liis drunken friends, he was held in dtmince'for the rest of the trip. Au ex cellent ecgineer we are told ?when he is sober." What a feeling of relief went through that boat when It was known that the engine wa> in safe hands! Many a silent prayer of thanks went up, doubtless from lips ia some cases not quite used to the task. There was a hush, a quiet amongst the crowd in keeping with th? peaceful Sabbath evening, and one and all could have well spared the loud blare of the band which stilled lately Into awed silence, now opened at its noisiest as if to put a brsLve and swaggering air on the affair. Arrived at the wharf, and at the end ot this notable Sunday excursion, another incident discordant with the day and in harmony with the excursion is learned. Before the Fulton left a colored man was very nearly beaten to a jelly at the Glymont wharf by some of the Sunday sporters. This Is a Sunday excursion. Is it a good thing, one to be encouraged I Shall we carry it a little further 1 Shall there not be Sunday dancing on the boat as well as at the pavilion ' To be sure there is Mount Vernon and the bones of Washington to be passed. But what then. Let the daucsrs pause, let the Marine Band wheel from the music of Strauss to tbe solemn dirge, let the bell toll till Mount Vernon is be hind. then ?*on with the (Sunday) dance!" Police REPonTS?s-ennd Precinct.?Thomaj Kennedy, desertion; military. Emma Johnson, disorderly; workhouse. Anne Smith, PinU Jackson, Louisa Brooks, do.; $0 each. Souny King, stealing; dismissed. Third Precinct.?Timothy Welch, assault and battery; dismissed. Dennis Hays, fighting; *3.14. Dennis Foley, do; 13.44. Hiram Fur low, Michael Donovan, do.; dismissed. Henry Harris, do.; ?4.22. Patrick Mulay, throwing stones; workhouse. Dennis Foley, Thomas Smith, James Smith, disorderly; dismissed. Geo. Kronse, W. J. McGill, do.; gl.4l each. G. Canfield, Fred'k Perry, Samuel Tyson, bath ing; military. James Harper, larceny; jail for court. J. B. Adams, interfering with officers; dismissed, John Marrz, arrested tor John Jordan; do. Patrick Hhgerty, drunk and dis orderly: *8.11. James Gates and Patrick Con ner, fighting; ?3.44 each. James McKay, M. .T. Kline, Davdel McKnight, do.; ?10 each. Mich. Muilen, druuk and disorderly; 32.11. Timothy Shea, Daniel Connor, do.; ?5.50 each. John Kennedy, encouraging a disturbance and in terfering with officers; #2.14. Frank Madison, suspicion: dismissed. Michael O'Connel, fli orderly; ?11. Also, ussouliiag policeman; b-iil for court Fourth Precinct.-^Conrad Saul and W'lliam Sutter, assault and battery dismissed. Jacob Henniker, disloyalty; military. Kate Brown and A. Balmain, drunk and disorderly; work house. James Donnelly and Wm.Grorer, do : ?2 each. Daniel O'Leary, EIl?n O'Leary, and Mary O'Leary, do.; ?3 each. Mary Shea, va grancy; workhouse. Sirth Precinct.?James Peytcn, disorderly; $5.5*. Michael Bennett, do., military. John Whin, do.; *1. Edward Martin, malicious mistjrief; for hearing. Jobn Useless, drunk military. John Dorlin, do. and disorderly; do. R. Ballenger, disorderly; dismissed. Martin Smith, do.; 82. S. (J. Hiue, sleeping in a mat ? ket; dismiss d. lentb J*r*.cinct.?Frederick Transpoles, as sault; military. Mary SteTens, disorderly: Matilda Light, do.; *3 each. George Light, do . Wm. Collins, do.; *1 each. Brion Emer son, deserter, military. Josephine Miles, drunk, workhouse. Wm. Kenney, mutiny, jail for heating. John Larkin-, Thos. Coate^, James Smart, disorderly; $5 each. Marlbury Jackson, threats; bail for peace. Mary A. Wilson, malicious mischief; ?30. Acne Brown, disorderly;?2. Patrick Dousherty do , military, Henry Johnson, concealed weapou 82o. Anne Colbert, drunk and disorderly, Si 2 . Vecy Srencious Chabai tbi;.?About on o'clock yesteiday morning, officer Wood of the Fourth Ward, arrested a man for lolteriug about the premises of residents of the square opposite the Metropolitan Hotel, examining the back lots, &c. Upon being taken to the station house he proved to b^Henry McPher son, formerly of Georgetown, but more receut ly of the Rebel army. A. number of letters were found upon him, (showing a correspond ence with Rebel prisoners In various forts. Oae was a letter in reply to a prisoner, which appeared to be from the wife of McPberson, in which 11 was Btated that although the pris oner seemed to know her aud her husband, she did not know him, but as she was always ready to do all she could for prisoners of war, she would attend to his request, and her hus band would see that he got the box asked for. Other letter* just as suspicious were found upon him, and the officers, upon the order of Sergt. Cronin, delivered the prisoner to the military authorities. ^ Rbi/karbix?Messrs Bishop and Raymond, comedians, arrested, as will be remembered, on Friday night last, by the military author! ? ties of Baltimore, sent to this city and confined in the Old Capitol, were released this moraine; by order of Provost Marshal Ingraham. This whole rase is nothing more than a family quar rel, resulting in an assault and battery, which is thought by the authorities here to a civil and not a military case; hence therel?>,aseof tb? parties. STATBOVTHB iHUUtoMiTix,?At Franz lln & Co/a, opticians. No. 344 Pennsylvania avenue, the theimometer ???*>! to-day at t o'clock, t? in the aha&e

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