Newspaper of Evening Star, August 20, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 20, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W. D. WALLACH, Editor and Preprleter. WA8HINQTON CITY: SATURDAY AUGUST 20, ISM. EXTRA. late from the valley. The Rattle en Tuesday hetween Sheridan aid ibe Ekidt?Sheridan Capture* Fire Handred Prisoners? The Enemy Endeav ? r to Flank Sheridan, and he Fall* Rack from Winchester?Recennoissance ?? As certain the Parp*?ei tf the Enemy. [Special correspondence of the Star.] HioiitcTowif, Md., Thursday, August. 19, 5 o'clock p.m.?Editor Star:?Considerable ex citement exists here at the present time, owing to the conflicting reports from the Valley. A fight is said to have taken place on Tuesday at Oedar Creek, between Sheridan's forces and a considerable body of the enemy, in which our troops are reported to have captured 500 reb els. No details of the battle haye reached here yet, but one thing is certain, that Sheridan has Withdrawn lrom Winchester. From the best sources of information at my command, It appears that after the fight of Tuesday Sheridan discovered a flank move ment of the rebels, when he determined to fall tack from Winchester. A portion of his com mand moved in the direction of Harper's Fer xy, and at 2 o'clock yesterday morning a force passed through Berry ville, and headed to wards Snicker's Gap, as if for the purpose of ascertaining if the rebels were making any de monstrations towards Washington from that direction. Ayerili, with his command, holds Martins burg yet, and at the present time his troops are drawn up in line of battle in front of the town, but at the latest advices from that place the rebels bad made no demonstration against him, and it was believed that no considerable body of the enemy was moving in that direc tion, the main rebel force having apparently atarted in quest of Sheridan. All the Government property at Martins burg has been removed to a safe place, and Assistant Quartermasters Brown and Wray have reached here with their stores and trains, -where they have established their headquar ters for the present. The return of the quartermaster's trains to this place has caused much uneasiness among Union men, and many are making preparations Jor another skedaddle. The stage, with the mail and passengers, ?which left here this morning at seven o'clock, has returned, having deemed it prudent not to cross the river at Williamsport. It is impossible, owing to the conflicting Tumors now afloat, to furnish yon anything definite from the Valley, further than what I have noted above. A train of about fifty wagons, belonging to the post Quartermaster at Mariinsburg, is now passing through town,and an ambulance load of wounded from the hospital of the same place lias also reached here. These men, however, were not wounded in any recent engagement. MITIGATION OF SENTENCE. The sentence in the case of private Samuel Chapman, company D. 6th regiment Veteran He?erve Corps, tried by court-martial on a charge of violating the 46th article of war, in this, that while on sentinel duty at Carroll prison, on or about the 22d day of July last, he was fouud asleep by the corporal of the guard, has been approved; but in consideration of the furmer good character of the accused, the sen tence has been mitigated from imprisonmest lor one year at hard lab*r to the forfeiture of S5 prr month of bis monthly pay for the period of six months. An order for his release from cci finement has been issued. ?c/" Part 43 of Frank Moore's excellent ?? Re bellion Record," is sent us by Franck Taylor, ageiit for Washington, for this publication. I FiifAifCiAi..?The New York Po3t of yester day evening says: Mr. Fessenden arrived this morning, and is at the Sub-Treasury in consultation with Mr. Cisco and other leading financial authorities. It is proposed to issue, on terms favorable to investors, a new loan of five-twenty 6 percent, bonds No decision has, however, al present been arrived at. Gold opened at 257, and after selling at 257 closes at 257Exchange is inactive at 108>4' lor specie. The loan market is abundantly supplied with capital seeking investment, but lenders are be ceming more cautious, and discriminate against certain descriptions of speculative securities. The rata continues at 7 per cent, and the de mand is increasingly active. Commercial pa per is offering more freely, and 60 days passes freely at 7ae# per cent. "For Inferior grades 9 aid per cent, is freely paid. Banker's bills are offering at 7 per cent. The stock market opened dull and drooping. There is more disposition to sell and the feel ing is not so sanguine. Governments are strong. The Commercial Advertiser says: The Secretary of the Treasury arrived in this city this morning, en route for Washington. His visit has no special business significance. He is expected to leave lor Washington this evening. The money market is amply supplied with money. There Is very little demand for loan or discounts, and a large amount of money re mains idle. The rate for call loans continues easy at 7 per cent. First-class business paper Is taken at 7 per cent. The best bankers' names are enrrent at 7 per cent. ATTEMPT TO RBCAPTUBX BctUASAN-On (Sunday morning, the 7th, about 2 o'clock, a Rebel raid wacrmade on the Pensacola Navy Yard, and an attempt was made to recapture Buchanan and bis staff, which proved a fail ure. Fortunitely, some 500 of the 2d Maine cavalry had but a short time before been landed from a United States tronsport, and were sta tioned in the Navy.Yafi. Th*r? were hlsd two vessel-,, guarding the bayou just back of Nayy/i ard, and they assisted in repelling this Attack of the Rebels, by shelling the woods in the vicinity of where they were concealed. A signal rocket was sent up, which caused the vessels lying at theN&vv-Yardto beat to quar ters, and preparations were rapidly made to meet the attack, which was soon made and repulsed. When the Tennessee left it had not been as certained what loss had been sustained on either side by tnis raid. The Tennesse left Pensacola on the morning of the 7th, at 6 o'clock, with a number of the convalescent sick who bad been taken from the hospital there to make room for the woun ded brought from Mobile Bay by the Meta comet. She crossed the bar at the Southwest Pass, at fifteen minutes past o'clock, on Sun day night, and arrived in New Orleans on Monday morning at 8 o'clock, making the run lrom Pensacola in twenty-six hours, including ntoppages._ ?BT Col. Benjamin Chew, proprietor of the noted l hew House, near Philadelphia, used as a cover by the British at the battle of German town, is dead. He was secretary of legation at St. James during Jackson's administra tion. The Harrisburg Telegraph learns that several citizens of Chambersburg have become Insane on account of the loss of their entire effects by the late rebel fire in that town. ?ST At a moderate computation, it is said the hotels and boarding-houses at Saratoga last week contained a population of eleven or twelve thousand. 9T The renowned stallion Pr unpton is dead. He exerted himself too much in his endeavors to escape from Chambersburg with a rider on bis back at the time of the late rebel raid. ?y The Democracy of Maine have nomi nated Judge Joseph Howard, of Portland, for Governor. 19* The new marine colors of England are w hite for her Majesty's ensign, blue for the re serve, and red for merchantmen. ? grape crop in the Lake region, Ohio ?nnsually large, promise* to be more abun A ant than ever. John Taylor Wood, the commander of the pirate Tallahassee, is a grandson of ex-Presl J dent Taylor. K^Mr. Jarrett, of the Boston Theater, offers ?500 lor a dramatisation ol Te^nyton's new poem, "Enoch Arden. mr A new hotel, to coat over *100,000, is to be erected at Cape May. WT The corn crop of Central Illinois win the present year, equal the best of many years past. Wool Is rapidly declining in Michigan, but week it fell le or 15 cents a pound. The Spiritualists of Vermont will soon Meet In convention. A Sabbath school teacher in New York Is in prison lor rape. ?ST* A gentleman in Taunton hung himself last week for grief at the death of his wife. VThe laat demand of coal miners la Penn sylvania is for SS an hour. ?/-Judge Pliny Merrick, of the Messechfl setts Supreme Court, has resigned. tBT California is importing molasses from the (Sandwich Islands. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. MIDDLE MILITARY DIVISION. The Cavalry Affair at Frent Royal-Sheri dan Retire* to Berryrille, etc. Harper's Fkrbt, August 19.?Advices from tbe front state tnat General Meredith's divi sion of cavalry had a tight with some of Early's inlantry, a day or two since, near Front Royal, in which the enemy were completely routed, with a loss of several hundred prisoners, including lorty-seven officers, and three bat tle flags. The prisoners were greatly cha grined at finding themselves whipped and captured by cavalry. Among the casualties is (he old war-horse, Col. Thomas C. De vins, 6th New York cavalry, wjbunded in the foot. Capt. Morwitz,Gth Penn sylvania, formerly an aid to Gen. Buford, it is reported, is killed, and Major Starr, ol the 6th Pennsylvania, is wounded. Lfeut. F. E- Ew ing, 9lst Ohio, reported killed on the 24th of July, at Winchester, although severely wounded in the chest, has just been brought in here on his wayhom^ and is doing well. Our cavalry Is reported to have recaptured some ol the animals recently taken by Moseby. The achievement was only accomplished after a sharp fight. Harpbk e Fbkrt, Aug. 1??Oeu. Sheridan's army has fallen back to Berryville, this side ol "Winchester. The movement was made ne cessary in order to secure supplies, and to meet a flank movement made by a heavy rebel force, which was moving up through Front Royal. This force consists of Kershaw's and Lomax's divisions of Longstreet's Corps, which have been sent from Richmond to reinforce Early. Onr cavalry met the head of this column at Front Royal, on Wednesday, and an engage ment ensued, which is spoken of as a brilliant success. The flght was in an open field, and our cavalry made a splendid charge, which drove the enemy in confusion. We captured nearly 300 prisoners, who were brought off the field. Gen. Sherman's movements are not to be re garded as a retreat. He found that the enemy were being heavily reinforced, and wisely re fused to flght at Strasburg or Winchester, where he would be flanked through Front Roval or Snicker's Gap. If the rebels want a fight it is believed that they can get one by ad vancing on him in his present position. FROOl THE SOUTHWEST' A Union Victory?The Rebel Frank Wood ward Captured. j Clarksvill?, T*WN., August 19.?A small scout, sent out from here yesterday, returned at midnight, and reported -three hundred rebels, commanded by Frank Woodward, at Garrettsburg, twelve miles from here, at six o'clock last night. Tney were well mounted, and armed mostly with navy revolvers, and were pressing horses and mules indiscrimi nately. They are supposed to be on the way to join Adam Johnson. [8XC09D DISPATCH.] Clarksvillb, August 19, 10 30 a. m.?Wood word attacked Hopkinsville about four o'clock this morning, and was repuleed by a company of the 52d Kentucky and one hundred home guards. On the second charge Woodward was mortally wounded and taken prisoner. Two rebel soldiers were killed. There was no loss | on our side. The rebels are still hovering around the town, and another attack is ex pected. The Pirate Tallahassee Blockaded?Her Coaling at Halifax Stopped?Return of the Dacotah. Boston, Aug. 19 ? It is reported that the pi rate Tallahassee was at Halifax at ten o'clock this morning, and that a United States gun boat was outside the harbor. Several men of captured vessels state that the commander of the Tallahassee is one Hnckins, a Nova Sco tian, who resided in Portland a short time a few years ago. Halifax, Aug. 19.?At noon to-day Admiral Hope sent to the Tallahassee several boats with crews and an order to cease coaling, which was promptly enforced. She intended taking 500 caldrons for a long voyage, but has less than 300, a week's supply. She sails during the night beyond doubt for North Bay. It is impossible to obtain the names of the vessels destroyed. The Falcon, a blockade runner, is still here. Boston, Aug. 19.?The gunboat Dacotah has returned from her cruise after the Tallahassee. From California, San Francisco, Aug. 19.?Arrived the j Bteamer St. Louis, from Panama, and the steamer John L. Stephens, from Mazatlan. j Brings ?*27S0tX) in bullion and a large quantity ef silver ore. The French occupy Durango. The news that Gen. Uraga Das made peace with the Imperial ists is confirmed. The couatry between Guanajuato and the City of Mexico is in a dreadful condition. The s*earner Sierra Nevada sailed for Oregon and British Columbia with a large amount of merchandise and machinery. Northern mining news good. ? Charles Weller has been released from Fort Alcatras on taking the oath and giving bonds for 825,000. Call fer a Democratic State Convention. Albany, Aug. 18.?At a meeting of the Dem ocratic State Central Committee, held in this city to-day, a State convention was called, to meet in Albany on the 14th of September next, to nominate an electoral ticket aad candidates for State officers. fy-^?FlR8T PRESBYTERIAN OHURCU, 4>J UJT street. Preach in* TO-MORROW at 11 a. mTby the Rev. 8. B. WISHARD, of Michigan. It* rY^F^RKV. JNO. R. NICHOLS, WILL PREACH 11 qf in East Washington M F. Church, corner of 5th street and Va. av.,TO MORROW (Sunday) morning and evening at 11 a. m.anddp.m. The public are invited. rV?F?8T. PAUL'S M. E. MISSION. CORNKROF L? Gth and N streets.?Preaching to-morrow, at 11 a. m., l>y Rev. W. M. D. RYAN; and at 8 p. m. by Rev. E. C. MERRICK. The public are in vited. n IY^=? WASHINGTON NAVAL LODGE, NO. 4, iJJ? F. AND A.M., will meet to-morrow, Sun day, the 21st instant, at 2 o'c.ock, p. m., to attend the funeral of Brother Edwij A. Maxpield. from Lincoln Hospital. All Mas-er Mafw>ns in good standing are fraternally invited to att*nd_ By order of the W. M. I. H. McCATEBAN, It* Secretary. ivig=?TII*RB WILL BE A SPECIAL MEETING [P? of the TIN PLATE AND 8HBBT-IRON rOr^ERS' ASSOCIATION on TUB8DAY. Ail eust 23, at 8hn?V.erd's Hall, at 8 o clock p. order of tbf President, as business of great im portance Is to be brought before the meeting. au y-gt* _ rV*^*TEMPERANCK MEBTING ?The regular LL5 monthly meeting of the Catholic Beneficial Tolal Abstinence Society will be held on SUNDAY NEXT, the list instant, at their Hall, corner of F and 10th streets, at 61, o'clock p. m. An address from the President of the Society may be expected. All former members, and others wishing to Join, are invited to uttend. ? It* JOHN T. C. OLARK. Secretary. ry*=*TAKl NOTICE.?Having been appointed 1L3 by the proprietors of tbe National Intelli gencer agent for the ?utdoor business, persons desiring to subscribe for the same by the week, month or year can do so bv leavinir their address at Charles Anderson's Bookstore Jth street, near F. (an 18-3t*) JOHN T. HALLBCK. rv^=?NOTICE TO TAX-I'AYERS.-Ooli.hctor's ILj? Ofpick, City Hall, August IS, 18i>4.?The rafe of tax for the year 1864 has been fixed at one dollar and ten cents on the one hundred dollars. Under the law a discount of 10 per cent, is allowed upeu all taxes paid on or before the last *ay of September next. The abat?mant therein named will not be allowed upon tbe taxes on property al ready In arrears for general purposes until all sucn arrearages are paid. WM. DIXON, au 15-eo2w Collector, " WATER REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, June lk5 29, 19G4.- This office having been necessa saruy closed for several days during the present month, the time for receipt of water rents is ex tended to the Slst August, after which date the water will be shut off from all premises of which the water rent is unpaid. No further notice will be given. RANDOLPH COYL1, 30-d Water Registrar. /^BNERAL ORDERS OF THE WAR DE iX PABTMBNT FOR 1*01. 1*62 AND 18ttJ. TWO LARGE OOTAVO VOLUMES* of about 1,260 pages, bound in eloth. Price #10, sent free by mail on receipt of price. This day published AYLOR, au20-3t Bookseller and Stationer. 334 Pa ay. LINEN IN PLACB 0* COTTON.?I have now a oomplete assortment of FINB LINEN SHIRT ING, boaght below the present market value, at nearly cotton prices. Is very much preferred and better for use. Also, 10-4, n 4, and 12-4 Linen Sheeting, Towels, Toweling, Table Diaper, &?., bought ai the recent FewJ^kyInbBbS' *48 Market Space, an JO-St Under the Avenue Bouse. P*CII JA*S! fBCIT jAB3!| JARS, as they have been thoroughly tested, and we can warrant them to keep fruit perfectly. As the fruit requires no sugar and[the Jarsi no cement, it is economy for every family to put ap all the fruit they want for the winter. _____Tnr, _ au 30-lw* WBBB A BBVERIDGB. OR 8ALB AT W. B. SNOW Sc CO-TS WHARF, J No. tor Water street. Georgetown, D. 0 , at r^uo?^uriees, the following lots of WHITBPINB ??M0 feeti.'* inch Tongue and Grove Flooring ?? &.U *,c,d 4,700 " 1 inch Faced Tongue and Grove Flooring ifiiO ' 1 " Faced Boards J0,W Pickets, for Uncini Also, 40*i barrels CXMSNT. au 19 lw fr. r, SNOW A C0^_ MILITARY, MBDICAL AND 8UBGI0AL B8 ?ays, pre^red for theUaltod States Sanitary Commission. Jtditod by William A. Hammond, Surgeon General U. 8. Army, i vol., 8vo. $3. aa 1? FBANOt TAYLOR. OFFICIAL. By the President qf the United States of America. A PROCLAMATION. Whereas the act of Congress or the <?Sth 0f September: 1850, entitled ? An act to create ad ditional collection diatrtcts in the State of Call, fornia, and to ohaage the existing districts therein, and to modify the existing collection districts in the United States," extends to mer chandise warehoused nnder bond the privilege of being exported to the British North Ameri can provinces, adjoining the United States, in the manner prescribed in the act of Congress of the 3d of March, 1^45, which designates certain frontier ports throngh which merchandise may be exported, and farther provides "that snch oth#r ports, situated on the frontiers of the United States adjoining the British North American Provinces, as may hereafter be fonnd expedient, may have extended to them the like ' privileges, on the recommendation of the Sec retory of the Treasury, and proclamation duly made by the President of the United States specially designating the ports to which the aforesaid privileges are to be extended." Now, therefore, I, Abraham Lincoln, Presi dent of the United States of America, in accord ance with the recommendation of the Secretary of the Treasury, do hereby declare and pro claim that the port of Newport, in the State of Vermont, is and shall be entitled to all the privileges in regard to the exportation of mer chandise in bond to the British North American Provinces adjoining the United States which are extended to the ports enumerated in the 7th section of the act of Congress of the 3d of March, 1845, aforesaid, from and after the date of this proclamation. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Done at the city of Washington this eighteenth day of August, in the year of our Lord, rL p 1 one thousand eight hundred and sixty 1 ' "J four, and or the Independence of the United States of America the elghty " ninth. ? ^ _ Abraham IrfKcor,*. By the President: Wm. H. Seward, Secretary of State. Department of State, August 19,1861. Information has been received at this Depart ment from Mr. John F. Potter, the Consul General of the United States at Montreal, that the Governor or Canada has, by proclamation dated August 6th, prohibited the exportation or anthracite coal from that Province in any man ner or way whatsoever. p boposals jro b loan. TbhASITbt Dipabtkiht, July J5,1864. Notice is hereby given that subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer of the United States, the several Assistant Treasurers and Designated Depositories and by the National Banks designated and qualified as Depositories and Financial Agents, for Treasury Notes payable three years rrom August 15,1864, bearing interest at the rate ef seven and three-tenths per cent, per annum, with semi annual coupons attached, payable in lawful money. These notes will be convertible at the optioa of the holder at maturity, into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, redeemable after five and payable twenty years from AngustlS, 1967. The Notes will be issued in the denominations of fifty, one hnndred, five hundred, one thousand and five thousand dollars, and will be issued in blank, or payable to order, as may be directed by the sub scribers. All subscription mast be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dollars. Duplicate certificates will be issued for all depos ites. The party depositing must endorse upon the original certificate the denomination of notes re quired, and whether they are to be issued in blank or payable to order. When so endorsed it must be left with the officer receiving the deposit, te be forwarded to this Department. The notes will be transmitted to the owners free of transportation charges as soon after the receipt of the original Certificates of Deposit as they can be prepared. Interest will be allowed to August 15 on all deposits made prior to that date, and will be paid by the Department upon receipt of the original ertificates. As the notes draw interest from August 15, per sons making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the interest accrued from date of note to date of deposit. Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission of one-quarter of one per cent., which will be paid by this Department upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by the officer with whom the deposit was made. No deductions for commissions must be made from the deposits. Officers receiving deposits will see that the proper endorsements are made upon the original certificates. All officers authorized to receive deposits are requested to give to applicants all desired informa tion, and afford every facility lor making sub- * scriptions. W. P. KESSENDEN, ly 2o-tf Secretary of the Treasury. LOST AND FOUND. tJTRAY HOGS.?Came into the enclosure of the 7^ *>e?r Glirburn Barracks, on August Mth, two IfOfrS. The owner ean have them by proving property and paying expenses. ?'-3t* WILLIAM EDEN. Got loose from my wagon on the i*th inst., a Bay MARE, about;; years old. with har fwmgle tree attached to her. The finder ?4wbQ1TJ??o,jrr,,war'l9d' by Irving her at Mr. 8I8LB8, on 7th street, between H and I. ?'i2"-3t? JAMES DOVE. fcjTRAY IIORSB.?Came to the premises of the ?uWscr.bOT on Thursday evening, 18th inst.a smalt BAY MARE, with set of harness, which tiie cbargr*sCaD and^aying au 2<'-3t* 514 Massachusetts avenue. REWARD?Strayed or stolen, last night, - t a brown MULE, four years old; no mark except a white spot behind his ears, aa<l a black strife down his back and shoulder: had on one Bhoe on hiH forefoot. The above reward will be pai(1 'J !:r',uehtto the corner of 3d and Va. ave. ?u a'-3t? NEIL McGPINTY. 'lO inthiseity on Saturday vp*JU afternoon, a BLACK MOROCCO POCKET ituok, containing a certain sum of money. Who ever will leavo it at this office shall receive the above reward. an 19-lw* 5a REWARD?Strayed from the subscriber, on the 6th instant, a 8TEER, marked with tar on neck and tail. For its recovery or information h \uroi above reward is offer.-!. 8AMUKLS. HOO^ ER, corner 6th and P streets. ? REWARD?Strayed or stolen, on the 11th ?ip*^inst., a dark colored chesnut HORSE, very black mane and tail;kind, feet white.left forefoot white,white star in the forehead, whitespoton Ihe nose; brand C on the left shoulder: lame in the right forefoot. The above reward will be ?'7?n ?r returned to JOHN O. DWYEB, corner 11th and B sts. au ^ ?C REWARD-Strayed away on Sunday, 14th instant, a dark brindle and white spotted ? V wil1 be given if ret nrned J^OTHY ALLEN, H btreet north, between 3d and 4th east. aula St* LOST?On Monday evening, a small bay MARE, about four years old, having on a saddle and kt Le<l u paia for her return to ftp. 49 High street, Georgetown. au 17 6t* rpRtSPASB/S-NOTICE ? Several COWS and a one HORSE, branded "condemned,"have been found trespassing upon the grounds of the George town College. The owners are requested to prove 2I5Ejr?Tl.paTvoh*?*eB' take them away; ai?d notice ie hereby given that all persons hereafter committing any trespass by willfully breaking down or injuring the fences belonging to the lands of the College, or by entering any of their m w Wltk their cow"i horses, or other animals, will be proseeuted to the utmost extent of the Inw. By order of the Pre?ident. aul7-eolra SUBSTITUTES. ^GENT8 FOB THE QUOTA Of THE DISTBICT. 8UB8TITUTE8 I SUBSTITUTES! N. H. MILLER A CO., Ll,?Linth street west, near Pennsylvania av. RiqitnV ? ?sn for the army, as REP at TD, M?.? ?.?~ iho" 11 Able to the DRAFT. AT THE MOST REASONABLE PRI0B8 MuLr?dealt with. Exemption papers prepared, with dispatch, by N. H. MILLER, Justice of the Peaee. bought and ?old. ?t is*? vbett?r apply at 183 I elMwhm wm 9"*' bsfore engaging a sub. ^ be fnralshed at the cheapest r*Mg- Jy M-lm" IMPORTANT TO FEMALES. Alterative Pills, a ???i?n?^^orrectl,n* irregularities and ?'1Is?bould not betaken by females D CT' M tbey would be sure to cause ' k? Ap,ired 5* 18 BueVangirard, Paris, ?51Jr at 17 9 south B st., ?n thfa "*"* I8iand?the only agent in this country. aa lfl-lw*. received eigbtmoreo X Bteinway ASon'sPianos all of the^BB different sitesi and styles, whleh we offerfT^Wf for sale at factory prices. These PUnos what higher in price thkn others^ut thMr? periority i. apparent ^ inatioa. We have also on band a largeassortment 4 O'CLOCK P. ML. GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. Jay Coo Ice St Co. furnish the following quo tations of Government securities: Washington, Aug. 20, 1864. Buying. Selling. U. S. 6's Coupon 1S81 J<*? 109 XJ. 8. 5-20's 7 3-10 Treasury Notes ijw One Year Certificates WX Certificate Checks Nkw York?First Board. Coupons, 10?x; 5-20's, 110%; Certificates, j??; Gold, 257. INTEREST ON BONDS. The Secretary of tbe Treasury has anticipa ted the interest on 10-40 bonds, due 1st Sep. tember next, and on tbe 5-20 bonds, due 1st November next, by directing that the same be paid on and after this data. The proper authorities m New York and PbUdelphia were advised by telegraph of the above this morning. RELEASED. H. L. Zimmerman, committed to the Old Capitol some time sinee, charged with disloy alty, was released this morning on taking the oath of allegiance. Stamped Envelopes.?The price at which stamped envelopes are furnished the Depart ment, under a recent contract, being largely in excess of those heretofore made, the Depart ment has issued a circular to the various offices announcing a corresponding advance rate at which they are to be furnished the pub lic. The increase in price oh the letter size three cent stamp, is about 17 per cent. Tbe envelopes remaining in the several offices on the receipt of the circular above alluded to will be disposed of at the same rates as hereto fore ? the increased rates applying only to those. Personal.?Mr. Webster, of the State De partment, is absent on a visit to Buffalo, N. Y. The degree of A. M. was conferred at the re cent commencement of Jefferson College, Pa. upon Benjamin F. Wilkms, of the Post Office Department. *9" Shillington, Odeon Building, sends us the agreeable September number of Peterson's National Magazine. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE FRONT. Heavy Firing Heard in the Direction of Dutch Gap. Fortress Monroe, Aug. 19.?The following information has been received from Roanoke Island, dated August 16th: Capt. Ellis, formerly of the United States Navy, is now in command of the rebel ram Albemarle. Capt. Moffat, the former commander, is now in command of the rebel steamer Coquet, and has just run the blockade at Wilmington with a vessel, the cargo of which is cotton. Fifteen thousand pounds of sugar were re ceived at South Mills, N. C , by rebel agents, and conveyed to Weldon, N. C., by way of Edenton. The mail steamer Keyport arrived at Old Point at 5 p. m. from City Point, and reports heavy firing in the direction of the canal last night from eleven to three o'clock, but brings no particulars. FROM MISSISSiPPI. Fight at Hurricane Creek with Forrest's Command?Forrest Whipped and Forced to Retreat. Memphis August 17?On the 13th, General Smith's command, consisting of one brigade of infantry and two of cavalry, attacked three brigades of Forrest's command, who held a partially fortified position on Hurricane Creek, Miss., and after a short, but sharp contest, the rebele were dislodged and obliged to retreat, leaving 50 dead on the field. TJur loss was not over 40 killed and wounded. Gen. Washburne has Issued an order regu lating the prices of provisions in Memphis, in consequence of the exorbitant prices de manded by dealers. THE REBEL RAID IN KENTUCKY. Prisoners captnred?The Guerrillas Scat tered. Indianapolis, Aug. 19.?A dispatch to (Jen. Harrington from Gen. Hovey, commanding the forces sent in pursuit of Adams' and John son's guerrillas, says he had reached Morgan field and captured a few prisoners, and scattered tbe balance of the guerrillas in all directions. Gen Hovey levied an assessment on the dis loyal citizens of Union county, Ky., for 832,OCO i to cover the damages sustained by the Gov ernment. FROM CAIRO. Organizations for Home Pretection. Cairo, Aug. 15.?A meeting last night for the purpose of organizing the Home Guards was largely attended. Much enthusiasm was man ifested. Three companies were immediately organized; others are forming. The organiza tions; are for the same purpose as those effected at Mound City and qgier towns along tbe bor der. PURSUIT OF THE TALLAHASSEE. Halifax, August 20.?The Tallahassee sailed at 2 o'clock this morning, going eastward. The gunboat Pontoosuck arrived at 6 o'clock, hav ing been detained by the fog. She sails imme diately in pursuit. Another United States steamer is signalled to the westward. An Inquiry at Sea. Portland, Maine, Aug. 20.?The British brig James Crow, from Liverpool, reports that on the night of the 18th she spoke a yacht or llot boat, which made earnest inquiries 11 she ad seen a steamer with one mast, and gave a full description of the Tallahassee. The boat was no doubt the New York pilot James Funk, before reported as captured by the Tallahas see. NEW YORK STOCK LIST. [By the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.] New York, Aug. 20.?U. S. 1881, coupon 6's, 10*%; U.S.5.20a, 110%; Certificate*of Indebt ednees, 95; Gold, 256%; N. Y. Central, 130%; Erie, 112%; Hudson River, 131%; Harlem, ?; Reading, 136%; Michigan Central, 139; Mlchl gan Southern, 89%; Illinois Central, 131X; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 112 V; Cleveland and Toledo,t30%; Chlcagojand Rock Island, 112%; Milwaukie and Prairie da Chlen, 09 %; Pitts burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 114%; Alton and Ten a Haute, 63; Chicago and Northwestern, 56%; Quicksilver, 82%. ? ??? '? .1 ail Delivery.?On Monday night last, the jail of this county was again broken open, and all the inmates?five In number?made their escape. Tbe sheriff, as will be seen by an ad vertisement in another column of to-day's parer, offers a suitable reward for their ap prehension. The jail-breaking business has gone on for such a length of time, that any comments upon the present insecure condition of that "institution" wonld be superfluous. Some of those who escaped were committed for capital offenses, and if rogues and others are not to go unwhipped of Justice, it is about time eomething was done to remedy this evil.? Prince Georgian, Aug. 19. The California houses of prostitution are recruited from China. Girls are brought over and sold, as if slaves, for this purpose. A late San Francisco paper mentions that the police boarded a vessel from China, just arrived, and took possession of her carro of 19 girls of this sort. The paper adds: "They were a choice lot, and estimated to be worth from$150 to 8400 apiece." a7*The latest news from South America indi cates that the position of Chili towards Pern bas been misrepresented, and that the two States are cordially disposed toward each other. It is very evident that in case of war, Chili and Pern will stand together. ?STThe Philadelphia Gazette, speaking of a new prima donna, recently heard, says: Her voice is as soft as a roll of velvet, and as tender as a pair of slop-shop pantaloons. %3T Girls, none too young te be fn the nurse ry, make their three or four toilettes a day.? Saratoga Letter. Tbe little babies change oftener. ?Sr The Chicago police, a few nights ago, witnessed the strange sight of a young boy and his grandmother being on a spree together, rambling about the streets drunk. W Dakotah grows big grasshoppers. An army of them have been marching over tbe prairies for some time, eating up every green ?7* The Pennsylvania Legislature has ap propriated 8100,000 for the benefit of the Cham aersburg sufferers. , Twenty-seven ladies of New Bedford, Mass., have agreed to furnish each a repre sentative recruit. /M* Plenro.pneumonia is killing off the cattle of Southern New Hampshire. ? A British regiment is on its way to open the inland sea of Japan, LOCAL NEWS. Tax Citt Railroad.?Rightt of lh' Com 5any and of 1'artengtrt Holding Trantfrrt -+ 'bis morning at eleven o'clock, Justice Clav ton heard the evidence in the case of E. Ky neal, conductor, and Roberts, driver of street car, N?. 58, (7th streeet branch) who are charged with assault and battery, and with fraudulently and maliciously ejecting; Wm. G. Coffin from said car on the 15th inst. It ap peared, from the evidence of Mr. Coffin, that on the morning Of Monday, August 15th, he started in a car from the eastern part of the city, and at the Tth street junction got a trans fer to go north on the 7th street branch, to the Patent Office. He kept the transfer in his hand, and got on car No. 58, and when the conduc tor passed around to take the fare of the pas sengers, Mr. Coffin presented the transfer. The conductor declined It, which refusal surprised the prosecutor, and he remarked that he had just got It from the con ductor of the car he had left. The conductor replied that he could not help It; he could not take the transfer. Mr. Coffin replied that the conductor would have to sue for the fare. The conductor replied that he would not do that, but would put him off. Mr. Coffin replied tnathe had better not undertake that, and inquired how Ue would do it, by bowie-knife, pistol, or otherwise? The con ductor rang the bell and stopped the car, and calling the driver,and ordered him to take hold of Mr. C. and help put him off. By one pulling and the other pushing, they got him to the front platform, and there he resisted again. There the driver was m front of Mr. C-, who pushed him off. Mr. T. B. Griffin, sworn.?Corroborated the evidence of Mr. Coffin, except that Mr. C. of fered to fight the conductor with bowie-knife, pistol, or as he choee. The manner of Mr. C. was calculated to excite those inside and cre ate alarm. The conductor and driver did not use more than necessary violence to put Mr. C. off. The conductor did not take hold of Mr. Coffin's breast. Before the offer of the transfer Mr. C. was quiet. The transfer check was offered in evidence. It was dated Monday, August 15, and was checked for the morning trip. [The trip upon which it was oflered was in the afternoon, about 2 o'clock.] Justice Clayton decided that the ticket ought to have been stamped on the other side to indi cate evening. But the passenger, by the com pany's charter, had a right to ride to the termi nus of the road, and the act of the condnctoron the main road was the act of the company, for which the passenger is not to sufffer, he having a right to ride to the terminus of 7th street, and the check being informal gave the conductor no right to eject the passenger. The defendants were held to bail for court in 8500. Arrested as suspicious Characters.? Last night, officers McColgan and Williams arrested two boys of 15 years of age as sus picious characters. They were arrested at the Arlington House, corner of Pennsylvania ave nue and 4# street. The grounds of s ispicion are as follows ?Some weeks ago a robbery was perpetrated at the St. Charles Hotel; three lads who stopped there were suspected; these two answered the description of two of the three. Soon after a robbery occurred at the Pennsylvania House, C. near 4# street, and these boys were suspected. The night after a robbery was perpetrated at the Exchange Ho tel, opposite, and the same boys were suspect ed. The handwriting on the hotel registers corresponds with the writing of one of them at the station-house last night. There being bo potitive evidence of the robberies being com mitted by them, Sergeant Cronin turned them over to the Provost Marshal, in the expecta tion that they will perform their ablutions under the shower-bath at the central guard house for a week or two, and then be drummed out of the city. Cleansing the City.?A large force of con trabands, under the direction of C&pt. Merritt, have resumed the good work of cleansing the streets of this city of its superfluous mud and filth. The military authorities attend to the streets and avenues, and the gutters therea bouts, and they require that occupants of houses shall attend to their back alleys, and keep them clean by scraping together all dirt and filth, and having it disposed of by the authority appointed to attend to that matter. Under the laws and regulations of the sani tary department of the city and the Metropoli tan Police government, together with the rules adopted by the military, we ought to have a clean and sweet smelling city, if housekeepers will only attend to keeping their yards and premises clean. The Watbtr Board.?As stated in the star yesterday, the new Water Board, authorized by the City Councils, organized on Thursday evening last by the election of B. B. French as temporary President andCapt. Wm.G. Moore as secretary, pro tem. On motion of Mr Semmes a resolution was adopted asking the Corporation Attorney to in form the Board whether the act of Jnne 20th, l-ttf, empowered the Board to assess the water taxes upon the property where the water was Introduced. The Board then adjourned. No permanent secretary has yet been appointed, the Mayor not having yet approved the bill creating the office. Funeral.?There was an immense attend ance yesterday at the funeral of the esteemed Benson McKenney, late master workman in the Navy Yard. Naval Lodge of Masons was out, with a fine band of music from Lincoln Hospital. The Tnacarora Tribe of Red Men , was present with martial music. The Navy Yard Beneficial Society was also present, and also delegations from every branch of the Navy Yard. The funeral services, at the house and at the cemetery, (Congressional Burying Ground,) were conducted by Re\ Dr.Moraell, of Christ Church, Navy Yard. ? Generosity.?Col. Ellinger, with his char acteristic liberality, has set apart his exhibi tion on Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock and night at S o'clock for the benefit of St. Joseph's Or phan Boys' Asylum, and on Tuesday after noon and night for St. Ann's Infant Asylum. As these exhibitions are of the most moral and entertaining kind, we expect to see the bouse i crowded. Sunday Excursions.?It is understood that Maj. Gen. Augur, the Military Governor here, has signified bis determination to put a stop to Sunday excursions down the river by refusing to grant any further licenses for that object. This action of the Military Governor is doubt less due to the disgraceful proceedings of last Sunday. ?^Mulligan, killed at Winchester, was made a brigadier to date from July 24th. ?y The printing-press men of Boston have organized a "Union." W^Anthony Trollope has an annual income of 860,(MX) from his copyrights. In the East the peach crop is plentiful? in the West, scant. RYGOODB! DRY GOODS! ?D GREAT INDUCEMENTS. ? Having anticipated the late rise, and consequent It laid in a haavr supply. I am enabled to offer iny Goods at great inducements. Bleached Cotton at 3?c.; extra heavy, 4. C.; yard vride,i)ic. . A good assortment of light and dark Prints at 37c. Linens. Flannels,lCassimers, Blaek Silk,4c.,at LIBS THAN WHOLESALK PRICES. Fancy Goods?Linen hemstitched Handkerchiefs 35c.: Linen Shirt Fronts.'{5c. A great variety of Hosiery, French Corsets, Hoop Skirts, >Vc. No purchaser should fail to call at the cheap store of JULIUS SYCEL, au an-3t* 4Q1 7th St.. between G and II. ? - .? I w. anwn M. V*n, t IU" prietor of Tresemar,ac.,professional duties requiring his presence at Washington for a few days. He may be accordingly consulted at the Eb bitt House, F street, until September 3d and no longer, aa his numerous engagements renders it impossible te prolong his stay. A judicious supervision and inspection of dis eases arising from imprudences, enables the prac titioner, experienced in those specialities, to adopt prompt and unerring mean* to remove the blight, and purify the tainted system, which if allowed to tak e its course unchecked, assumes forms fearful to contemplate, therefore, those unfortunately com pelled to appear in the social circle with a system saturated with disease, or enfeebled by perverted habits, are exhorted to avail themselves of Dr. Bar row's opportune visit. Hours of consultation at Ebbitt House, from 11 till 2, and from 4 until G, unless by special appoint ment. au20-t?ep3,* rpRIESEMAR?Protected by Boyal Letter* Pat 1 eat of England, and secured by the seals of ths Ecole de Pharmacie de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. Triesmar No. 1 is the effectual remedy for Kela* ation, Spermatorrhoea, and Exhaustion of the Bye tem. Triesmar No. 3 baa entirely superseded th? nauseous nse of Copevia, Cubebs. Jfcc. Triennai No. S is the infallible remedy for all Imparities and Secondary Symptoms, thus obviating the use of mercury and all other deleterious ingredients. Each preparation is in the form of a most agree able Loseoge. Secured from effects of climate aol changes of atmosphere, in tin for i9, ai. - ? tpi ii?u,, buu | separate ^doses ii ad minis changes of atmosphere, in tin cases, at S3 ?uk oi four $S oases in one for *9, andlnUT casestf.21 ssTing J9. Divided in separate doses 4s adminie V Vi*lp*^u' Ballemande, Roux, *e.;Kr^ ,o-"Kteg. be sold for $100. Call atNo. 959 Q streetEaHfc " sis, west. auH lw?m%Tl P ho be sold _ ___ north, bet. 2d and 3d W BRICK# ! BRICK#! BRISKS! ASHINGTON 817.1, on tared and for sale at the lowest cash prices, at the foot of 15th it. west and Canal. sa 19-tw" DOR 8ALE-A BARBER SHOP, and two Bar r ber's CIIAIR8, and other Pi YTURES for* shop, at 8. FISHKR'S. 591 7th atreet, or on New York avenue, between 13th and 14th sts. an l?-*t* A PPLIOATION8 FOR THE POSITION OP Resident Student at Proridence Hospital will be received until September 1st. All application* must be addressed to 8i?ter MARY CaKROLL.I au 19-tsepl Providence Hospital. TVIOTICE.?The copartnership heretofore exist i' in* between M. K. Walsn and John Pella, under the name and firm of M. K. WALt>H & CO., is thin day dissolved br mutual consent. August 18, 1864. au 19-6t* * M. K. WAL8H A|OQ. pAUTIQNTo all lekom it may Concern ? Ail V/I.P*r*?BR hereby cautioned against filling ?{. P?r^e' fcnd mineral water Bottles marked with the names of "R. A. Shinn/' and "Arny A; Shinn, aa all who are found ao obending will be prosecuted to the utmost extent oT the law "pro Jo V?* icainst the improper aae of trade marks, I would also notify my customers that payment will be exacted for all bottles lost by then after this date. RILEY A. 8HINN Union Bottling Depot. 37 Greene si , Aug 13.1364. | au 131m | Georgetown D O. JJIQIILY IMPORTANT^TO TIIK LADIES. LAN8BURQH A BRO., Or Tn* BALTIMORE BARGAIN STORE. 375 Setihth Strfet, Tkrrf Doors Above 1 Street, will commence to run off their stock for a few days at much less than factory prices. The largest and best selected stock of DRY GOODS in the city. 1,500 pieces dark prints from 35 cents up. 4 000 pieces Bleached and Brown Cottons. 1,300 pieces white and colored Flannels, ia every variety. 1,000 pieces dark fall Delaines, 400 pieces Shepherd Plaids, a beautifnl articte, at sn cents. Bleached and brown LINEN TABLE CLOTII, TOWELS. NAPKINS and a general assortment of HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, at less than importation price. CA8SINXTS AND CA8STMERE3, for men and boys' wear, very cheap. Plain, colored and paper CAMBRICS, best quality, at 30 cents. 3,000 dozen Hosiery of all grades, some very good. Ladies' white nose at 35 cents. Heavy ribbed do. at 35 cents. J. & P. Coats' Spools 15 cents. Green A Daniel's. 8tuart's A Clark's Spool Cat. ton, in white, black and colored, 12,'? cents. Smith's best Needles 5 cents a paper. Pest Pins 5 cents a paper. With a great many other bargains too numerous to mention. HOOP SKIRTS. HOOP SKIRTS. at half price,to close. Call Early at the p BALTIMORE BARGAIN STORK LANSBURGH A BRO., 373 Seventh Street, Three Doors above I street. N. B.?.Someenvious peopleswear LANSBURGH A- BRO. steal their goods, or else they couldn't sell so cheap; but that's all a mistake. When we buy (and for cash only) we know how to lay out money to an advantage. au 19 3t* JAY COOKE Ac CO., IIANKERS, Fifteenth Street, oppositb U. S. Treasury, Receive Subscriptions for the NEW U. S. T3-10 LOAN authorized by the act of June 3i)th, 1364. The notes will be issued under date of August 15th, in denominations of 950, 9100, 9500, 91,000 and 95,000, payable to bearer or order, bearing interest at 7 3-10 per centum per annum, payable semi-an nually, and will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity into six per cent. Five Twenty Bonds. We buy and sell? GOVERNMENT BONDS ofallis-mea, TREASURY NOTE8, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, And COIN, And pay the highest price for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE CHECKS. Jy 27-tf JAY COOKE A CO. Lightning rods.-lightning rods The undersigned is prepared to furnish LIGHTNING ROUS, with platina-tipped points, at the shortest and most reasonable terms. Also, BELL-HANGING done in the most approved style. Work done in the country at city prices. 0. SCHNEIDER, au 13-lm* '37irenn, av., Washington, D. C. rpHBBTBAH ENGINE INDICATORTb^Paol X Rtillman; Capt. Walker's Netes on 8crew Propulsion, Ward's Steam for the Million, Portnine ot%the Steam Engine, London. Nain A Brown on the Marine Steam Engine, King on the Steam Engine. Goraonon the Marine 8team Engine, London, Isherwood's Engineering Precedents; 2 vol7 Bourne's Catechism of the SU-am Engine; New Edition. ? Hoblin on the Steam Engine, London, Rankine on the Steam Engine, London. Jjr 16 FRANGK TAYLOR. IMPROVE TOUR SYE 'sight by the nse of the eel-' abrated Pbbblb and Paaisoorio Bfbotaolis,uni versally acknowledged as the best for Strhotb xhi?qa*bPsunvtio the impaired Eyesight, scientifically and correctly suited, by FRANKLIN A CO., Opticians. 344 Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 12th and 13th its., and 388 Pennsylvania avenue, under the National. FIELD GLAS8E8, OPERA GLASSES. MICRO SCOPES, THERMOMETERS, STEREOSCOPES, PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS. cXrTES DB VISITS, Ac.^in a great variety, and at the lowest prices, C. W. BOTELER. jno. w. botblsr C. W. BOTELER fc SON, IMPORTERS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IK CHINA, GLASS AND CROCKERY WARE. TABLE CUTLERY, SILVER-PLATED WARE, BRITANNIA WARE, BLOCK TIN GOODS, TIN CHAMBER SETS, COAL OIL LAMPS. JAPANNED WAITERS, DOOR MATT8, FEATHER DUSTERS, BRUSHES, WOOD WARE, AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES GENERALLY. SW HOUSES, HOTELS, AND STEAMBOATS VU&NISHED AT SHORT NOTICE. 318 IRON HALL, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. I7-eo6m between 9th and loth sta FOR SALE-An aNo.l, pair of MULES, match very closelv, the same sue. about 5 years old. Bold only because the owner has no further use for them. Can be seen at the Three Tun's 8tables, 3d street east, botween M and N streets, near Wil llams A Jolly's wharf. au 16 5t* LYMAN S pA8T]J55!r8EALINe FRUIT JAB; We particularly invite the attention of those in tending to put up ffuit to examine LYMAN'S 8ELP SEALING FRUIT JARS. Simple in con struction. they are mora easily sealed or opened than any now in use. Samples of berries and fruit put up in these Jara last year, can be seen at our store. Full directions accompany each Jar, for putting up all kinds of fruit, berries, Ac., Ac. C. W. BOTELER A SON. Housefurnishing Store, au 15-fit 31t> Penn. av., between9th and iota. CHOW CA8E8 FOR SALE.?Just received eight 0 elegant COUNTER SHOW CASES by the best makers in New York. Apply te P. J. BELLEW A Co., 510 7th street, three doors south of Odd Fel lowe' Hall. )ya tf THE NSW YORK NEWSPAPERS FORWARD 1 ED FROM NEW YORK DAILY, at greatly reduoed prioes.?Terms, for one year, (payable in advance:) For the Herald, S7, instead of $10; Tribune, S7; Times, fr; World, *7; Dally News, 17: Evening Post, $0; Evening Express, $6.80. Address A. JOYCE, No. 63 west 36th street. New York. au 6-3m \TIMWB Of BATTLE FIELD. July 11th, near v Fort Stevens. 7th street road, to be had of J. GOLDIN A CO., Photographers, No. 4 Penn. ave nue,^between 8th and 9th streets, Market Spaoe. EpROM LONDON.?The A. B. 0. of Skirmishing. A Gen. Lovell an Outposts, Patrols, Ac. Man ual of Position Drill. Milton's Company Maneu Vuiton^ Lifht Drill. Yates on Strategy With Map*. Robertson's Catechism of the Field Sxerrfae, Tka Infantry Manual. Col. Boraa' 9?**Wons and Answers on Artillery. Sinnott's ffiht Infantry D*ty. Binnott's Military Oate * ??' FRANCS TAYLOR.

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