Newspaper of Evening Star, August 22, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 22, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ^ ? AMUSSMINT9 TO NIOHT1 j ? OW) F*llow*' Hall.?Elllnger and Foote's exhibition will commence to-night at Odd Fel lows' Hall, and will be continued throughout the week. Com. Foote and his sister, Miss Eliza Nestel, and Col. Small, who are claimed to be the three smallest people in the world, "will appear in conjunction with Miss M. C. Ellinger, vocalist and pianist, and Messrs. Franklin, Smi-h and Brooks, balladists and musicians. The proceeds of the entertainment to night ?will be devoted to the benefit of St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum. Varieties.?Fitzsimmons revives the play ol ? Uncle Tom's Cabin." The cast of charac ters is a good one, and the play will be pro traced witfc proper costumes, scenery and ap pointments. Among the performers are Lettie Chandler, Fannie Mf*v, Maggie Vernon, Isa bella Graham, Annie Ellmore, Harry Francis, Hob Hall, and others. There will also be a concert ball entertainment. Cantebbcrv.?A number of new acts, songs, dances and burlesques, are announced for the present week at Canterbury Hall. Sallie Sun ciertand. Agnes Sutherland, Mulligan, West, ijrillianiP, and all of the old favorites remain. A grand floral divertisement, arranged by Mons. Ssollosy, and entitled the "Garden of Pleasure,-' will be performed to-night; as will also a new burlesqne entitled ?>The Youth who Never Saw a Woman." Pic-Nics.?Another of those delightful pic nics w hich the Odd Fellows' fraternity know so well how to get up and conduct, will be given this afternoon and evening at Beckert's Garden, near the Navy Yard. This pic-nic will be under the special control of Metropolis lx>dge, and all desiring to participate may be assured of much enjoyment. At Loeffler's Oarden the Young United Club also give a pic-nic this afternoon and evening, and It will no doubt we well attended. A Colored Preacher Sent to Jafl on a Cuakoe of Grand Larceny.?Saturday af ternoon Dan'l A. Watts, a colored preacher, was brought to this city from Baltimore, and delivered to Superintendent Webb to be ex amined on a charge of stealing over 8300 from Sam'l Payne, col, who lives on New York avenue, between 3d and tth streets. Yesterday the case was heard before Justice Miller, when it appeared in the evidence that Watts has been In the habit of stopping at Payne's bouse when in this city, and was there a few days before and up to the day upon which the robbery was discovered?last Monday. There were two colored soldiers who Watts claimed were his nephews. He visited them, and on Saturday they visited him by appoint ment, at Payne's house. Sunday night, Watts went to a room, not intended for his occu. pancyi ?n Payne's house, and the money stolen was in this room, in a pocket-book and a purse., Which were placed in a box or drawer. Lato at night Pavne heard someone walking in that room, and went to ascertain who was there anil what was the matter, but seeing Watts in the Tocm, he suspected nothing wrong,and returned to his bed. The next morning It was discov ered that the money was gone. Watts told JSlrs. Payne that he had borrowed 81.50 from a neighbor to go to Baltimore, not having the money. He also asked Payne for a bottle 3f liquor to take with him, pretending to be ua well. Payne got the liquer and paid for it. A colored detective was informed of the circum stances conuectfd with the robbery, and was despatched to Baltimore to arrest Watts lor aiding deserters to escape, who urrested him and one of the deserters, the other escaped. "When Watts was searched in* Raltimore, he had on his person a new suit of clothes, a silver watch, and ?103 in money, he had also purchased a pair of pants lor the deserter. There he stated that he had owned the clothes for sometime, and the watch since May last, which was shown to be false. After hearing the evidence, Justice Miller de manded ?500 bail for Watts appearance at the criminal court, and in default sent him to jail. The Metropolitan Detectives were not notified. Of the robbery until after the arrest and the party was sent here for trial. Had they been notified when the robbery was discovered, the character of the evidence might have been more satisfactory. Police Reports?Second Precinct.?John (Gordon, stealing; military. John Monahan, drunk;do. Amanda (Jolison, disorderly; gl.5>. Henry Willlce, do.; S3. Lewis Johnson, do.; do James Harrison, do; 85. Washington Holmes, do.; do. Henry Halley, denerter; military. Andrew S. Love, Alotzo Besson and D.J. Burkley, rioting and fighting; dis missed. John Gatley, shooting; for court. Third J'recinct.?Taylor Hunt, stealing fruit; dismissed. Pat Canon, drunk; do. Gej. Mc (Jallion, do ; do. K. Lee, sleeping in street; do. Adolphire Stallion, assault; do. Wm. Young, highway robbery; jail for hearing. John Tur vey, do.; do. Albert Sesler, Robert Kenney, ilenry Jones, drunk and disorderlv: military. Fourth Precinct.?Robert Fleet, Harriet Rig Efy, and Washington Hurdle, disorderly ; 82 each. Oeorge Jones, drunk*, 81.60. John Drury and Pat. Clancy, grand larct ny ; jail lor court. Annie Long, drunk and dhtorderly; workhouse Barney Ooodwin, assault and battery ; bail for per.ce Fif'h I'recinct.?Wm. Bradford, disorderly; 82. Rebecca Weaver, do ; 81.58. Geo. Young, do.; SI. Fanny Western, do.; 82. Sam'l Buck, do , #5. Jara^s Garvin, drunk; Thomas Flinn, larceny, dismissed. Pat'k Ooedwin, assault and battery; jail for court. Margaret Hudson, larc-eny; dismissed. R. Nolan, W. E. Miller, drunk; 82 each. Harriet Heibert, Ann Linrisey, vagrants; do. John Kenny, drunk; Albert "Hickman, G. W. Garner, Alonzo Ton nett, R. Ban-gar, R. Talbot, sleeping in street; g > each. F. Rah, violating an ordinance; ?1.59. 'Sixth Precinct.?Emma Williams, suspicious Character; workhouse. Caroline Williams, disorderly; dismissed. E. Kymai and Luther Roberts, assault and battery; bail for court. Moses Delbz, W. H Miller, and Jame3 Coon, lighting; military. Washington Lee, disor orderly; workhouse. W. Grove, gambling; 85.71 Geo. Boston, do.; dismissed. Wm. Turner, keeping a gambling house; 810.71. C. Flame ster and Henry Clark, gambling; So.71 each. Tenth Precinct?Elizabeth Riley, grand lar ceny; jail lor court. Debby Hastnett, disorder ly; Mary Brown, drunk and disorderly; Mar tha Curtis, disorderly; 81. Patrick Mullingeff, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Jos.Coffins, suspected of desertion; military. John Wil liams, profanity; 81. John Johnson, larceny; lor trial. Thk Price ofGas in Philadelphia.?The price of gas is to be raised in Pailadelphia on the 1st of fc>epteiaber, 1SC4, to 83 per thousand cubic feet. Two years ago it was only 82, be ing an increase of fifty per cent The coal there, in the shed at the gas works, costs less than 810 per long ton?a contract for 100,000 tons having been made last spring. In Wash ington the average price of gas, as fixed by Congress In 1-62, is only per thousand feet, though coal, we learn, costs, in the shed, about SI4 per ton. In New York the price of gas furnished to the street lamps is to be raised on the same day to 850 per ainutn fo reach lamp. It has heretofore been only 825, which Is about the cost in Washington. The consumers here can congratulate them selves upon cheap light, at least, gas being seventeen per cent, lest than at the commence ment of the war. The company appealed to Congress last session to allow them to charge 83, but were unsuccessful, aad as a conse quence failed to pay any dividend in January ind July, and the stock, which was worth, lour years ago, 825 per share in gold, is now offered at $}ls in currency, and. no purchasers. It would appear that, in common justice, the company should not be required to furnish gas a', an actual loti, under a compulsory law of Congress. Oamblers Arrested.?Stnday moiaing about 4 o'clock, officers liarhaogh and Renne ker, of the Third Ward, made a descent upon a house kept by Wm. Turner, in the square bounded by 9th and 10th, and M and N streets north, and captured the proprietor and Wm. Oroves, Henry Clark, and C. Flamester, who were passing the night in gambling, and Geo. Boston, who was sitting in Uie room asleep. The stakes npon the table did not amount to a large sum. but the gamblen were evidently very mnch interested in the contest for it, as the officers came upon them before It could be re moved. They were taken before Justice Glb trson, who dismissed Boston, fined Turner Si0.71, and each of other, f.5.71. The arrest, aay have a good effect in that locality. Fofbth Ward Station Cabbs?Maurice Sullivan, creating giso. Henry liegg, wagon unlicensed; dismissed. Wm. v right, having a stolen; jaii tor hearing. Brid get Mulqnii), threats; bail tor peace. Also, furnishing liquor to soldieri; dismissed. John >itzgsrald, selling liquor unlicensed: 820.71. ? m. Parker, assault and battery, intent to kill; J?il for court. John Goggin, drunk; 81.5K J. i^enny, do. and disorderly 82 58. Dan'l Doa cugbey, do.; dismissed. M Hays, drunk; 81.50. Jas Kenney, do.; #1 5i?. David Harris, do.; C-iii'ar M *eu)y artl J am ?s Geary, disorderly; two to Scsday Kxccr8ion?.?We are 1? learu lhat Mr. J. B. Hutchinson, ku-hm p 01 in** "Washington and Alexandria trr te M?rJy Company, aas signified, in a let fcat* his regret at the unfortu Sunday n?wtoccurred down the river last no boat of tt?? Riven directions that on the a-wu-".c?tnPany can again be chartered ^fcen reuuir*Hi KXc<,ptJl* a mi,'"""y necessity fhat this inform ilh,> O overt ment. We hope conununit* ?. lon ?? Keying to the enti!re ^ ?Alex. Ji.umaf, Aug. 20<*. 'iS regiment Ohio fi!Udredda>' men'> ander avenu?. thi? ? olooel llaines, passed down the r^me home, their , !!U'Gu<Ki at tJi SLin Xuen"*91" Camp Meeting Carrespaadeace. Camp MLmtiho, Shiplby's Woods, Attic* Ablkdbl (Jo , Md.p An*.21. 1*64.?Editor Star: As many of the Star's readers hare friends here, I have 110 doubt that It will be fratifying to them to knew what is going on. The camp is on the same ground used last year, and near it there are two fine springs,and the plaoe is easy of access to the railroad, there being a fine road from Jessnp's Cut of about fire miles, and an other road not so good from Hanover Switch about three miies. Our company lrorn McKendreeChapel num be-ing about forty, which has already been in creased by additional arrivals and wbich we expect will be much larger before the meeting is aver?arrived on the ground about teno'cl'li on Friday morning sate and sound?and in a short time we had our Sibley tents erected and flj;ed for a comfortable stay until next Friday, when the meeting is to close. The meeting is very respectable in the num ber and size ol the tents on the ground, many of them being very large, and as wood is a more natural production of the soil than cotton, which is so enormously high, the former mate rial is used to a great extent. There are over sixty tents in the circle, but as we have not yet b;*n blessed with a bright day, we have but little idea as to how our village under the can opy of heaven will look in the sunlight, which we hope will soon dawn upon us. Rev. E. P. Phelps, Presiding Elder of Wash ington District, is here, and presiding over the meeting. I have been for several years at camp meetings under different presiding elders, but I never saw a man better fitted for the position than he, and I am satisfied that, with such a presiding officer, good order will pre vail. The following ministers are on the platform Revs. T. T. Wjsong, in charge or th?> circuit of Elkridge Landing; N. J. B.Morgan, P. E of Baltimore district; John Thrush, of McKen dree; Clem, Liargent, McDaniel, Knowles, Swope, Loan, and Shreck. On Friday the sound of the hammer and ax was beard continually, but in the evening we topped off our manual labor and exercises at the tents with a very spirited prayer and ex perience meeting. Yesterday parsed in social intercourse, and in the afternoon a prayer meeting was held. At 7,^ o'clock the horn was blown, for the first time, at the stand?the sig nal lor preaching?and notwithstanding the darkness of the woods and seats, and a mist falling at the time, a good sized congregation assembled The exercises were opened by Rev. John Thrush, who gave out the familiar hymn ?'Come Holy Spirit, Heavenly dove," the sing ing of which gave evidence that the congrega tion were ready for the exercises; and offered a fervent prayer well suited to the opening of a camp-meeting. He then preached lrom the words "Grow in grace," (2d Peter, 3d chap, and pert of the ISth verse,) dwelling on the doctrine of works, aud arguing that the inevit able law of grace was growth, without which the Christian must die a spiritual death. The sermon was listened to with marked attention, and without doubt it had its effect on the audi ence. Mr. Shreck closed with a fervent exor tation. which closed the day's services, all re tiring quietly to rest There was none of that rowdyism which usually takes place the night preceding the Sabbath. The Sabbath opened gloomy and unpropi tlous, the sun still being behind the clouds; but despite the appearances, at an early hour large numbers in wagons and on horse-back soon found their way to the ground, and the trains from Baltimore and Washington brought out a number, but not near as many as would have come had the day been bright. A light shower of rain falling about nine o'clock, the services at the stand were dispensed with, and in lieu thereof a prayer meeting was held in the large tent from Baltimore City Station. At 11 o'clock, the rain having ceased, the horn was again blown at the stand, and a iar*e con gregation assembled, and a sermon was preached by Rev. E. P Phelps, on the mercies of God, from Romans, chapter 9th, 15th to l?tb verses, of which it is unnecesiary for me to speak, as your readers well know that he al ways preaches with effect, and on this occasion the attention of the audience was enchained for over one hour, the most perfect stillness prevailing thoughout its delivery. W. \ K, 7th . JJR id band SPECIAL NOTICES. Armkd to the Tebth is a very common expres sion but we think armed to embellish ana pre serve them to h ripe old age is decidedly more ben efi :ial and appropriate?tliis fan only be done by the fragrant Sozodont.for cleansing, beautifying and preserving the teeth, sweetening and purify ing the breath, it has no equal. gold by druggists. au 19-3t Corxs, Bunions, Ingrowing Nails,etc. Persons wishing immediate relief from these troublesome annoyances, should call at Dr. White s rooms. No. 424 l'enn'a av., bet. 43? and6thsts. au 17-tf MARRIED. On the list inst by the Rev W P MABHUE' T. of Fenna.. to Miss EMMA P. HECHISON.of Washington. D. C. DIED, On the morning of the 23d instant. BDWARD MOBGAN. in'ant son of Jamefc H. and Rachel K.. Davis, aged 13 months and 11 days. His funeral will take place from the residence of his grand parents, on G street, between 11th and 12th, ??n the 23d instant, at 4 o elock. The friends of the family are invited to attend without father D InThis city, on the 2id instant, of typhoid fever. FRANCES k., daughter of G. and Thomaiiflt M. fuDeral from the residence of the parents on P St., between nth and loth streets, to-morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock. infant 6on of L Lovell and Susan L. Lawrence, aged 4 months. PIC NICS, EXCURSIONS, Ac. OUNG UNITED IN THE FIELD AGAIN ! W TWELFTH GRAND PIC NIC OF THE young united club will be given at LOEFFI.EB GARDEN, On MONDAY, August 22,18'>4. Tickets, 50 Cents, aAnitting gentleman and ladies. au 20 2> The third grand annual afternoon AND EVENING PIC NIC 0f tLt HUCKSTERS' ASSOCIATION will be held at the WASHINGTON PARK,_7th street, on THURSDAY, 25th of August. ISM. The Association are assured from past espe rience that making known the date of theirJ pic nic is a sufficient guaranty for all theirl friendsto rally around the Park. A splendid has been engaged for the occasion, at great ex pense; so we would invite all pleasure seekers to come to the Park on the occasion. Ka.tin<? Committee?A. Columbus, Pres., J. Keatin,, Sec.; 8. Bhreve. E. Beach. au 80-31 Grand pic nic or Metropolis Lodge, No. 16,1.0.0. F., At BECKERT'S GARDEN. ( near the Navy Y'ard,) On MONDAY, AugcsT 22, 1864. The Committee would respectfully inform the members of theOrder and their friends that, having made every arrangement for their Pic Nie. it will be held as* above stated?commencing at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. , Goed music has been engaged, as well as an experienced caterer to furnish the refreshments and supper.?indeed, everything has been done to make our first effort compare favorably with the Pic Nics heretofore given by any Lodge of our fraternity. , ? . , A season of unalloyed pleasure may be expected, as the best of order will be maintained and no improper persons admitted to the Gardens. Tickets. Fifty Cents; admitting a gentleman and ladies. _ Ezttvttvt Committee. Israel Deming. Jno. M. Bradley, Jno. Falconer, D D.Clark. L.M.Graves. 8. E. Carrington, W m. A. Yates. Geo II King, T H. Robinsuu. floor MoHuxtrs. T. II. Robinson, J. V. Grant, Gee. W. Calvert, L F'. Clements, Lewis Kettler, A. H. Gawler, Win. H. Scott, H. Clay Stevens, F. A. Slier, W. P. Brown. C. T. Huntress, Eli Garrett. J. Vaux. I. Eicheagreen. au 19-3t 486 CHOICE 8TOCK 486 496 INTERIOR ADORNMENTS. 4*6 496 PAPEB HANGINGS. 486 A select and varied * nek of Gilt, Medium and low-priced Paperhangings, Borders, Statues, Cen ?erPieces, Ac. WINDOW SHADES. Buff, Green, Chocolate, Brown and Gilt Window Shades, a variety of patterns; Shade fixtures. Tassels, Ac. PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS. Bilk and Worsted Picture Cord and Tassels, dif ferent sizes and colors, a beautiful assortment; Picture Rings, Nails, Ae. OVAL PICTURE FRAMES. The largest assortment of Oval Frames in the District, warranted to be gilded with gold leaf; also, a variety of Dark Wood Frames, with a va ried stock of small-sited Oval and Cart* de Visite Frames. ENGRAVINGS AND PAINTINGS. A few choice Engravings and Paintings always in store. Orders for Paperhanglng and Window Shades punctually attended to in city orcounty. Terms cash fer goods or labor. ? 4. MARKRITER, . _ . _ . No. 486 Seventh street, it r-tf?l^_ Eight Doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. D T T I Ri C H E 1 S E I D. E. DUTROW A BRO., * G G 81 Wholesale Dealers, au 10-lm No. 430 8th atreet. rr<ENTB I TINTS II TENTS 111 SUTLER'S TBI&l^JIS6AND $$$3,?' of all sites and descriptions, " ?" """ te erter?SiU,?8 * ?0w fiftu makers au3-*w* 639*11th ft., near Riley'e Wharf. WANTS. W^LED~? ??0(1 BARBER at 496 11th Bt., '' between Penn'a a*, and E at. au 22 3t* ant ED?Bi z waiters , at Dubant's^ ^ ^ ^.T*?~.T0 Purchase a small HOUSE, for dr^ Dots'i. El'J'SffiJr" wvg^siisgsSh&ii au 22-2t* to C. avenue. \y ANTED TO RENT-Part of a small House, ?T ?n ? genteel neighborhood. Address Box 4 3, Btar Office. a a 22-lw* WANTED?By a respectable young woman, a SITUATION to do nursing, seamstress, or general housework in a small family Inquire at the corner of 22d and F streets. No. 108. It* ANTED?An intelligent YOUTH, from 14 to 16 years of ace, to attend an offiee. Apply ?tth? office of the Daily Times, 438 D at., near Tenth. * it*_ WANTED?A young GIRL for general home work. Hut very little to do. Must come well recommended. Apply to DEMONGEOT, Human Hair Store, cor. D and loth ats. au 22-3t* WANTED-A COLORED GIRL, from 13 to 15 years old, to take care of a child. Inquire at FRANKLIN & CO., Opticians, No. 244 Pennsyl vania avenue. au 22 2t* WANTED?A SEXTON to attend to the E-?treet Baptist Church. Apply to A.ROTHWELL, No. 368 7th street, or to J. T. GIVEN, No. 4T5 loth atreet. an 22 3t* WANTED?A good COOK, and one GIRL to apsist in kitchen, washer and ironer. Also, one MAN to take care of horses and make himself generally useful. Appl y atthe Pennsylvania House, JJ5T C Btreet, between 4}j and 6th st. au 22-3t* WANTED?At the Government Hospital for the Insane, a LAUNDRYMAN and his wife. , without children, two Women COOKS and sev eral men attendants. au 22-2t [Intel., Rep, and Chron.] WANTED?A man and his wife, without chil dren. wishes to rent a sma'l HOUSE or thr-e unfurnished ROOMS,on the Island, suitable for housekeeping. Please address M. E. M., Star Office, this week. au 22-2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?At the Post Office Eating House, No. 381 F Btreet. a WOMAN PASTRY COOK, one that understands the busi ness. au 20-lw* JsTREETER A CLARKE. (^OOD BARBERS WANTED IMMEDIATELY? T None but first-class, and apply to DEMON GEOT, Human Hair Store, corner of D and loth streets. au 2i>-3t* VITANTED?A reliable person to rent a kitchen ?? and furnish meals for families occupying other apartments; a few rooms being still vacant. Apply at corner of 0 and North Capitol sts., two weeks. au 20-3t* A LADY qualified to give INSTRUCTION IN ENGLISH AND FRENCH, can obtain a pleasant situation in a private family, where she will have the privilege of taking a limited number of pupils. References required. Address or ap ply at 319 9th street, bet. L and M. au 20-tf WANTED?A GIRL, from 12 to 16 years of age, to do the work of two in family, and make herself generally useful. A good home and reas onable wages may be had by applying at. 304 cor ner (f"th and L streets. An Irish Catholic pre ferred. au 2"-2t* ANTED?A thoroughly competent COOK, WASHER and IRONER. The best of re'er ence required. Apply at No. 368 D street, next to the corner of 9th street. au 19-3t^_ __i of Gift w liie cuiuei ui ?iu \\T ANTED?A BOY to t?ke charge of a spvi r ?? horses. Apply at IIARRISON'S L'nion Gii_ Store, under Washington House, near 3d St.. Penn sylvania avenue. au 19-2t* WANTED?By a young married couple, wi*h- I ing to board themselves, two ROOMS, lo cated not f?r from the Treasury; one neatly fur nished, and suitable for sitting and sleeping roim, ; and the other small, and suitable for pantry, &c. Address "O. Z "Star Office. au 19 3t* WANTED TO RENT?By a small family, with out children, a moderate sized neatly fur nished HOUSE of eight or ten rooms, pleasantly located, in Washington. Address "Furnished House^'Star Office. au 18-1 w? / \LD BOTTLES WANTED I ()Ij OLD BOTTLES WANTED! The highest cash price will be paid for? Whole Champagne Bottles, Half do. do. M Pint Porter do. Pint Ale . do. ''""?'?'??laSsn-.'fowK. Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. D. C. N. B.?Any person having large quantities of 01?1 Bottles on hand, can have tbem taken away by notifying me. [au 18-lm] R. A. 8&1NN. WANTED-By MO BO AN &. 11HINEUART. at O street Wharf, 5.000 Tons OKKKJI HOS PITAL AND CAMP BONES, for which the high eat market price will be paid. au l3-eolm 1/ A NTED?All young gentlemen desirous of ?V learning WRITING and BOOK KEEPING thoroughly in three months to call at the CO LUMBIA COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, corner of 7th and Es'reets. Instructions given at all h^irs. Sixty lessons at 40 cents per lesson. ani3 9t WANTED?All who may have any work to do in the Writiag Department, such as the writ ing and reading of letters, copying, translating, keeping accounts, short-hand writing, &c , ac., to call at the Columbia Commercial Academy, at any hour that may be convenient.. au 13 9t ANT E D -."50.000 LADIES to call at PRINCE'S STAMPING AND FLUTING DEPOT, 381 F Btreet, opposite Patent Office and It'aS PJ?Svtng and FLC^pIiNnkING D ONE. We are the onl y persons in town who make the buBinessan exclusive one. and making np new patterns for Braid and Silk Embroidery. New and elegant patterns received weekly for Yokes, Bands, Pantaletts, Capes, Shawls, Slippers, Pip Cushions, Ac. au 12-tf A BTILLERY HORSES WANTED AT ONCE. Chikf Qcartermastm's Ofpicb, J WA3HIN0T0S D?POT,> Washington, July 29,1861. \ HORSES suitable for artillery service will be purchased at this depot, by the undersigned, in onen market, from date until September 1,1364, in lot* of six to fifty, at one hundred and eighty dol larn,'fl8") per animal; each animal to be subjected to the uaual Government inspection before being ^Horses to be delivered to. and inspected by Capt. C H Tompkins, A. Q. M., U.S. A., corner 22d and G streets, Washington, D. C^ Q BU0KBBf Brigadier General, Chief Quartermaster, Jy2!*-23a Depot of Washington. Wants d?second hand furniture. Also, MIRROR8, CARPETS, BEDS. BED DING, anA H0U8EFCRNI8HING GOODS of every description. B. BUCHLY, 428 7th street, je 8 tf between G and H.east Bide. GEORGETOWN ADVER MT3 List of letters remaining in the post OFFICE. GIT-iGETOWN, D. 0., A:-J3T 20,1864. To obtain r* , of these letters, the applicant must call for " auvertised letters," give the date of this list, and pay one cent for advertising. If not called for within one month, they will be eent to the Dead Letter Office. Place the postage stamp on the upper right-hand corner, and leave space between the stamp and dirSGlion for post-marking without interfering With the writing. A request for the return of a letter to the writer, If unclaimed within thirty days or less, written or Srinted with the writer's name, piist office, and tate. across the left-hand emd of envelope, on the face side, will be complied with at th? usual pre Said rate of postage, payable when the letter is elivered to the writer. LADIES' LIST. Ashford Mrs Horn Mr* Augusta Brooks Mrs Fannie G Howard Mrs Jane Bromley Miss Eliza J Jones Jane Burrows Mrs Catherine JenkinB Mrs Helen Bishop Mra Caroline Laury Mrs Margaret A 6rooks Mrs Ann Morland Mrs Wedden onolson Miss Sarah Murray Mrs Isabella 2 Daly Miss Mary Moren Miss Casalnda Doans Miss Eliza Miller Mrs Alice Devine Mist Anie Nonis Miss Alsa Elkin Mrs M Pendleton Miss French Miss Mary E Parker Mrs Ford Mrs Isabella Potter Mrs John W Green Mrs M Parker Mrs Aunie E Gleason Mrs Margaret Roy Mrs Rosa Gossin Miss Martha Ann Ray Miss E Gordon Miss Mary A Runard t Mrs Thomas Gross Miss Helizabeth Saintclair Miss Harriett Garrett Mrs Ellen Sherwood Betsy Gibson Mrs Betsy Turner Mrs Hughes Mrs 8araU Taylor Elizabeth Ilays MrsSeley Worthington Mrs Eliza Heaby Mra Susan Winternight Mrs Kate Hicks Mrs Margaret Ward Sharlot R Hornberry Miss Johanna Washington Misb Euza Hyde Mrs Bell GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Adams Wm Harthap' : J H Putnam J W Atcherson P Hill A James Pollard Henry Adams John R Hall Ignatus Parker Geo D Arthurs John Herelely Mich! PerkinsCapCS Adams Cap G M Hoobuck Peter Perry Charles Adams Chris Henry R H PeckensCapBF Apely Charles Hawkins W B4t Parker A 8 2 Beirne Terence Co Rayner Robt L Brooks Andw HareWmJ Scho2"'4BM Busby John A Kimball 8 B 8tout Wm D 2 Butler John Kettle Mr E 0 Bisson Lemuel Britten John W Lerch Josian 2 Smith Joseph Baker Joseph LoftusJamea Sires J W BowensJohn Leonard J J 2 Smith Henry J Clark William Linthicum Sands Robt P Cary Thomas Measrs J A Co Staats G L Collert Sandy Lewis Mr Julius Schafer Fredk Collins Michl Laukford Raw. Shakenkirk C Chapman F J Lyon Gap A C 2 Todd Robt S Curtis Elsey McKinley Wm ThonurMrJos Crainrieu E McGovern P Uppermau ?as Chaney Aug McCann John Wolfgang W Doreey Michl -Morgan Henry JWhitsel Wm Dissocuay Cap 0 Murphy Ed n Weeks Cap S 2 Ellenworth W P Miller Abram Weaver Cap J A English Saml Neilson Geo Wolf Mr John Eliot Johnson Nash Ephraim Washington H - Evans Daniel Nichols DB2 Who'tonH D Glancy Terence Osbum Wolf George HetorAO O'Brien John Wolfersbercer Hessick Geo PlummerWD4 Aaron R Harrison John Pharo Lemuel Young Moses Haveland J as It HENRY ADBISON. P.M. EORGETO WN CORPORATION STOCK. - VJ Those persons who may be dispoaed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stock, whloh bears an intereat of aix per eent. per annum, payable TOWING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. by the 1 Petomae Tow CoBmy'i boats, "Potomae." "Got. Curtis" aid''Belle Havan." Apply to the Captain* oa board, or to JQ DAVIDSON, my IS- Water atreet. Georgetown. FOB RENT AND SALE). tpoa BENT?F0UB EOOM8. with um of Ktteheri * and Dining room, all fufnished, at 500 IS street. between M and 3d. au22-7t* FfUBNI8HED HOUSE OR PART OF HOUS1 or ROOMS for reat without BOARD, at No. 312 Bridge street, Georgetown. an Xi St? FURNISHED ROOMS FOR K?NT-Pieanantly located on Massachusetts avenue, between 4th and^sth ata. Terms moderate. an. 22-it* IT"OR RENT?Desirable furnished BOOMS in the * best locality in the city, being near the Post and Patent Offices. Call at 449 E street, between 6th and 7th sts. au 21-6t* FOR RENT?ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished. Also,large Front Room suitable for an office. Board to be had in the house. Apply 4S5 E at., between 3d and 4th. It* FOR BALE CHEAP?The good-will and fixtures of a RESTAURANT ; also a Bagatelle Table, corporation and Government Ilcense"p?id. If not sold in three days from data it will be rented to a responsible person. Inquire on the premises, 170 4^ street, (Island). au 22 8t? IfOR SALE?A small HOUSE AND LOT, on 19th street, between K and L street; house two rooms, with small cellar, and has been newly built. For sale also, a small BUILDING LOT adjoining. Anybody desiring to live in a arce, quietneighbor mi V and ??,n>'eni?nt to all the public buildings, will d? well by applying immtdiately next door to P. Hines s Restaurant. au 22 4t* FOR RENT?Two handsomely furnished and very desirable ROOMS Inquire at No. 537>i H street, between 6th and 7th. au 20-3t* Avery nice furnished front room to let. to two respectable gentlemen, at D st., 243, bet. 14th and 15th. au 20-3t* fcJTORE TO LET.?A GOOD STORE, with back ^room attached, lighted with gas. and provided with all necessary fixtures. Apply at 3-)# Fstreet, between 9th and loth. au 2.) 6t* fj^OR SALE?The GOOD-WILL, STOCK AND m t'-^TURES of a restaurant on New Jersey av., Wo. 320 tor particulars apply on the premises. an 2"-3t* _ IVOR RENT-A two story FRAME HOUSE, con A taining five rooms, on New York avenue, be tween 21st and 22d streets, adjoining Government mills For particulars inquire on the premises, au 20-3t" I^OH RENT?A FARM, containing eighty acres, a within one mile of Washington, on the Bla densburg road. New buildings, fruit,&c. Would make a desirable dairy farm having some twenty acres good pasture. Inquire of J. W- VAN HOOK, 55 La. av., bet. 6th and 7th sts. au 2?-3t* Furnished rooms for rent?At No. 225 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Willards' Ho tel. au 19-2w* FOR SALE-DRUG STORE, BRIG ? HOUSE and three BUILDING LOTS. Inquire at No. 455, Mass. avenue, near 6th Bt. au 18-lm* For rent-office and chamber rooms, (furnished,) No. 460, corner F Rnd 15th its., opposite Treasury Building. au 18-lw* FOR RENT-SMALL HOUSE and FURNITURE, No. 328 Virginia avenue, between 6th and 7th sts. Apply 1*?1 C st.south. au 17-eo3t+ A PERSON DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING winhes to sell his entire FURNITURE, at private sale. Apply No. 164 F St., between 18th and 19th sts. au 17 4t* FOR RENT?ROOMS fitted np for Offices, with good light and well ventilated, in the new building just erected on Pa. aTenue, No. 234, one door from corner 13th street. Enquire at STINE MET'/.'S NEW HAT STORE, in same buiLding. au 17-lw FOR RENT?(To Gentlemen,) two PARLORS, or a Chamber and Parlor connected, on the first floor, elevated five feet above the sidewalk in a healthy, pleasant, and central location, a few yards east of Riggs'Bank and the State Depart ment. 2d door from 15th street. No. 460 New York avenue. Also, a first class DWELLING, contain ing ten rooms, kitchen,,attic, and a large cellar, in tbp same location, and possession had on the 1st of October next. au 17-tf t?ORBALE?The FURNITURE and GOOD WILL of a House containing lo rooms. Inquire on P street, two doors from 4)i street near Arsenal Gate. aul5 lw* F HOUSE and out-buildings, on ftk>rth Capitol street, between B and C, No. 394, nearly opposite the Washington Railway, near the Depot House, containing 10 rooms; a vacant lot adjoining; front of 55 by RO. For further particulars inquire of WALL, STEPHENS & CO., No. 322 Pennsylva nia av. au 16 WE OFFER FOR SALE, at a gr<>at bargain. a small FARM, containing about #5 a<-res, well improved with new dwelling and ail necessary out bouses. This property lies about 4 miles from Center Market, on the Benning's Bridge road across Eastern Branch, is in a high and health j situation, with an afcnndauce of wood. Terms made known on application to SWEENY & CO.. Real Bstate Brokers, au 15-lm Corner 7th and l> streets. SALE?The three story BRICK HOUSE and LOT. No. 561 9th street, (Inland,) be tween D and E streets. The house contains nine rooms, and has convenient out-buildings, <icc. Apply to w. D. WALLACH, at the Star Office. au ll-tf FOR SALE?A TRACT OF LAND, mostly wood land, about one mile beyond and north of Rock Creek Church, containing about .'14 acres. CHAS. M. M-AtfTTHEWS, Attorney-at Law, corner Bridge and Congress streets, Georgetown, or corner 3th street ana Penn. avenue, Washington city. au 10-eo6t* ^OSLING HOUSE FOR SALE. The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant intends to reti re from busi ness, and otters his well known house for sale. Any one wishing to engage in a LUCRATIVE BUSINESS can call on the Proprietor, 24 7 Penn sylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th sts. au 8-3w* mAND FOR SALE?Apply at the first house from k? the Eastern Branch Bridge. au 6-lm* FOR SALE-A most excellent FRAME DWEL LING, (or Boarding House.) now and in perfect condition, house 24 by 40, lot 30 by ino feet, fifteen rooms and two good cellars. Immediate possession. Situated on the north side of L street, between 22d and 23d streets, First Ward. Price ?3,5<XJ. Apply on the premises or to MITCHELL 8c, SON, Real Estate Brokers, southeast corner Pennsylva nia avenue and 15th street. aug 314t* Furnished rooms for rent, at 45012th street, east side, between G and H sts. The situation is one of the most desirable in Wash ington^ au2-lm FOR SALE.?The subscriber wishes to sell a FARM, containing about 231 acress, more or less, distant about four miles from Washington, D. C.. over the upper Eastern Branch bridge. A large body of the land iB in good timber, and about forty acres of superior meadow land. Title indis Sutable. Address J. D., Box 3S4, Washington, >. Q. au 1-lm* VALUABLE PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE v IN THE FIRST WARD.?The undersigned will sell all or part of that valuable property upon which be resides, situated on the corner of 15th and K streets, and within one-and-a-half blocks of Lafayette Square, consisting of several handsome BUILDING LOTS, one of them improved b7 a substantial two-story Brick House and back build ing, with good stabling. The above property will be sold low for cash. Enquire of T. DRURY, Wood & Coal dealer, near the War Department, or on the premises. Jy 3"-lm* PERSONAL. Madam godard can be consulted at her residence, 104 East Capitol street, afld 4th street, for the past and future, evenings. au 22-3t* MADAM MARSIIOR, latefrom a northern city, would inform the public that she has taken up her residence at No. 3, K street. Is prepared to read the past and foretell future events. au 22-lm* NOTICE?I hereby deny the charge of Robert Sibley of my leaving his bed and board with out a cause. I can prove I did not leave'him, but he Ifift me. I also deny the charge of taking any thing, except my child; and as for him warning any perBOtt from crediting me on his account, he cannot get credit himself, and I do not want to tor w ?PP?'<OIU(IA SIBIjJ!T. EDUCATIONAL. MISS MAGRUDKR will open, on the 1st of Sep tember, a DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LA DIES. No. 107 West street, between Congress and Washington streets, Georgetown, D. C. Resi dence 111 West street. au 19-2w* /^UMBEBLAND VALLEY INSTITUTE *0 YOUNG GENTLEMEN. Mschaniosbprq. Pa., REV. O. EGE 8c SONS. Terms |20f> per scholastic year. Duties resumed Sept. 1st, Circulars at this oSce, au Id 2w* CJT. MARY'S ACADEMY, FOB YOUNG ?7 LADIES, near Bryanton. Charles County, Md., under the direction of MRS. D. MAJOR and daughters. This institution will commence its next annual session on MONDAY, the 5th of September. Board and tuition in all the English branches, for the scholastic year, $20ft. Vocal and Instrumental Music, French, Draw ing, &c., Ac., form extra charges. au 19-3t* GEORGETOWN ACADEMY, ll for YOUNG LADIES. No. 12^ Bridge st., between Congress and High sts. The annual exercises of this Institution will com mence on MONDAY, the 6th of September next. Circulars can be had at Mr. OrandeH's Book store, Georgetown, or Mr. Joyce's Bookstore, Penn. avenue, near 20th street. Washington, Rev. OLIVER cox, Principal: . KT'Car tickets will be supplied by the Principal to pupils residing in Washington, at half price, an 2-eolm* Military boarding bchool-ob Balti more Bailroad, 14 miles from Philadelphia. Pupils have the benefit* of a home; thorough course in Mathematios, Languages, English, A.C. Number limited. Terms moderate. Received at any time. Fine Library and Apparatus. Address Rev. J. HERVEY BARTON, A.TfcT, Village Green Seminary, Delaware oounty, Pa JY #-Tw* the office of the Fourth Audit within four months from this date. ... an 17-3t C. BTOBB3. Aetlng Anditor. ^?SfssMassfflk. AUCTION SALBS. B Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. At tht Hots* Bazaar, 98 Louisiana av. TVM MILCH COWS AN D C ALY E8 AT AUCTION. n?TRrh?PAY MORNING, Kih in*t at |.i o?Iock?weWill atlhe Bazaar, 10 MUcL Cows Ter?wff*L. WALL Jt CO.. Auets. B T W. L. WALL & GO., Auctioneer*. RUBBER nOSB AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING, August *>tb. we will sell, in front of our Auction Rooms, eommenc ing at 10 o'clock? 425 feet 2i? Three-ply Hoee 300 do. JS do. 8W do. 1^? do. ?9 0 do. Two-ply Hose. Sale positive. Terms cash, au 18 W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. the above 8ale iFpostponed totues ?^YM0RNIKG, 23d inst. 10 o'clock. 22 W. L. \VALL tc CO., Aaets._ JgY THOS. BOWLING, Auctioneer; Georgetown, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS AT AUCTION. * On FRIDAY MORNING. August Iritb, at in o'clock, I will sell, at No. 44 Gay street, between Green and Montgomery. a geueral Hssortmunt.of Household and Kitchen Furniture, consisting o^ Mahogany Parlor Ch;?irs and Sofas Bureaus. Bedsteads, Wasbstsnds, Ac. Cane-seat and other Chairs Feather Beds and Mattresses Carpets, Oilcloth and Matting Refrigerator, Crockery and Glass Wato Walnut Extension Ta'ole Parlor, Cooking and other Stores And many other articles, too numerous ta men tion. Terms ca-h. THOS. DOWI.ING, eu 22 4t Auctioneer. gY JAS. C. McGUIRB & CO., Auctioneers, TRUSTEE'S BALE OT BRICK DWELLING HOU8E AND LOT ON NORTH H, BETWEEN 13TH AND 14Tn STREETS WEST. By virtue of a deed of trust from William IT. Clampittand wife, dated the 23d day of Septem ter, eighteen hundred and fifty eight, and duly re corded in Liber J. A S , No. 161, folios 437,4W.and 4X?, one of the land records for Washington coun ty. District of Columbia. I will sell at public auc tion, on the premises, on WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON. September7th. at 6 o'clock, all that lot or parcel of land in the city of Washington, and Dis trict of Columbia aforesaid, being part of Lots numbered one. twenty-nine, and thirty, n, 29,3>>.) in Square numbered two hundred and fifty,(25rt,) as said Lots and Square are marked, laid down and distii: guished on the plan of said city; beginning for said part at a point on the line of H street north, eight feet four inches(8 feet 1 inches) east of the southwest corner of said lot numbered one. and running 1 hence east sixteen feet eight inches, (16 feet 8 inches,) thence north ninety-two feet, (92 feet.) thenoe we as sixteen feet eight inches. (IC feet 8 inches,)thence south ninety-two feet (92 feet) to the place of beginning, improved by a well built brick nouse with all the modern improve ments. This property lies hist east of the Demenou buildings, and opposite the Presb-yterian Church, and is one of the most desirable residences of its class in the city. Terms : One-half of the purchase money in caih: ?50? of which must be paid down at the time oi sale, the remainder, with interest, inCmonths. A deed will he given and a deed of trust taken to se cure the deferred payment. All conveyances, including revenue stamps, at the cost of the purchaser. Should the terms of sale not be complied with within three days, the Trustee reserves the riaht to re-sell at the risk and expenses of the purcha ser, after giving one week's notice in the National Intelligencer, or other newspaper published in Washington, JNO, D. McPHERSON, Trustee, an 22-d J. C. McGU 1KB <fc Oo.. auc'I. B Y J. C. McGUIRB & Co., Auctioneers. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, August 23,18?4, at 6 o'clock, we ehaU sell, at public sale on the prem ises, the we?t half of Square No. 828, fronting on north M. Boundary, aid 6th streets east, contain ing about 24.S28 square feet, in lota to suit pur chasers. 1 his property is located near Kendall Green. Terms of sale: One-fourth cash; the balance in 6,12 and 18 months Deed given and deed of trust taken to secure the deferred payments. Ali the writings and Government stamps at the cost of tfce purchasers. JOHN E. KENDALL, T. M. HANSON, SAMUEL NOBMENT. Committee of National Building Association. J. C. McGUIRB it CO.. au 3 eofcds I Rep 1 Auctioneers. B X W. L. WALL St CO., Auctioneers. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT AUCTION. I On MONDAY MORN TNG, 23th inst . at 10 o'clock, at the large Double Houses, Nos. 47.'? and 47 7 13th street, between Pennsylvania avenue $nd D street, a large collection of Household Furniture, j in good order, embracing? Mahogany Parlor Sofa, Tete a-tote Arm and Side Chairs and Rockers Brocatelle and Lace Curtains, Shades Marble Center and Pier Tables Gilt Mirror and Paintings Mahogany Whatnot, Bru?els Carpetines Hall Hat Rack, Chairs, Oil Cloth, and Mitting Extension Dining and Side Tables nod Chairs An assortment of Glass and Table Ware Mahogany Bedsteads and Wardrobes Mahogany Marble top Dressing Bureaus? and Washstands Hair and Shuck Mattresses Feather Pillows and Bolsters, Blankets and Sheets Three ply and Ingrain Chamber Carpets, Mat ting, Oilcloth Curtains, and Shades, and Cornices Twenty Cottage Sets, various paterns. in tood order Two large Cook Stoves, and twenty other Stoves An assortment of Kitchen Furniture and Uten sils Terms cash. au20-d W. L. WALL A CO.. Aacts. B Y GREEN St WILLIAMS, Auctioneers EIGHT-HAND80ME AND DESIRABLB BUILD ING LOTS AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 21th instant, at 6 o'clock p. m,, we shall sell, in front of the premises. Lots 17,18, 19, 2 >, 21, 22 . 23, and 21, in Square 475. Lots 17,18, and 19 are handsomely situated on Boundary street, between Cth and 6th streets west, and the remainder a*e on 5th street, between Boundary and north S streets. All person* desirous of pur chasing handsome building lots would do well to attend the sale. Tbis property is near the 7th street railroad depot, and in a part of the city which is being rapidly improved by neat resi dences. Terms of sale: One-third cash; balance in six, twelve and eighteen months, for notes bearing interest. A deed given and deed of trust taken. All conveyance and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. auld-d&ds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aacts. Y JAB. C. McGUIRB A CO.,Auctioneers. B BRICK RESTAURANT BUILDING AND LOT ON K STREET, BETWEEN 19TH AND 20TH STREETS. NEAR THE WE8T MARKET. On WEDNESDAY AFT1RNOON, Aug. 24th, at o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell partof Lot No. 16, in Square No. 86. fronting 18 feet on north K street, between 19th and2>'th streets west, and running back 45 feet, improved by a two-story Brick House, 18x37, containing four rooms, and occupied as a restaurant. Terms: Two-thirds of the purchase money in cash, the remainder in 6 and 12 months, with in terest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at the cost ol tLe pur ch&Ber au 17 d JAMES C. McGUIRK ACQ., Aucts. jgY J. 9. McGUIRE St CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S 8ALE OF* VERY DESIRABLE SLAUGHTER HOUSE PROPERTY. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated December 18th, A. D. 1863, and duly recorded in Libel N. C. T., No. 22, folios 72. ?c., of the L?nd R?cerds of Washington county, D. C., I will ssll at public auction, in frant of the premises, at six o'clock P. M., en WEDNESDAY, the34th day of August A. D., 1864, Lots Nos. 1, 2,3, and 4, in Square No. 658, frontfpg on Georgia avenue, between Half and First streets west, in the city or Washington, to Sether with all the improvements, comfsting of laughter House, Ice House, <kc. Terms of sale: One third in eash; and the re mainder in equal payments in 6 and 12 months, with interest from day of sale, secured by deed of trust. Terms to be Complied within five days from day of sale otherwise the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and cost of the first purchaser after one week's notice. Conveyancing, including stamps, at the purcha ser's expense. * WM. H. WARD.Trustee. au If-ee&ds JAS. C. McGUIRB St CO., Aucts. Q UARTBRMABT.BR GENERAL'S OFFICE First Division, Win b. AUCTION^to SlSSU est bidder, at Giesboro, D. O., on Friday, aUgust sr. ih64. ONI HUNDRED TO ONB HUNDRED AND FIFTY CAVALRY HORSES These horses have been condemned as unfit for the Cavalry service of the Army. For road and farm purposes many good bargains may be had. Horses sold singly. Terms: Cask in united States currency. By order of the Quartermaster General. JAMBS A. BKIN, Colonel In charge First Division, Q. M, D au 8-8t BOARDING. THREE WELL FURNI8HED ROOMS for rent, with board, at No. 41 & E street, between 8th and 9th streets. Also, a few TABLE BOARDERS can be taken. au 20-2t* GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN SPLENDID IT BOARD and LODGING at 50111th st., near Pa. av. au 19-lw* n^O LBT?A few BOOMS, nicely furnished, with A board for gentlemen or gentleman and wife, also excellent board for gentlemen at No. 64S st., betreen C and Louisiana av. au 16-tw* EHR8T CLAS9 BOARDING HOUSE FOR GEX r tlemen. Day boarders taken; also trancient lioarders accommodated. Apply at 133 G street. ket. 19tk and 2?th. __ au A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE (WITHOUT children) can procure Hoard with furnished room in aprinate family, where tkere are no chil dren or other boarders. Reference required Apply at 403,9th etreet, between H and iVtreets! an 15 lw PIA*0 VOR SALE ?A good P* r ?ect ? be?ldYorflO?. Call atNo. 55J second Band tra cer, will. "arcf Vjw" nu, 659 6 >lreetfijife north, and 3d sts. west, au 16 lw* F?BSA?B?1,500 tortg oak and HICKOBY WOOD, seuoned and eorded, near town. Ap ply to BOWIE, DiKRAFFT St &>., 425 M street north. ?u 17-Jt? AUCTION SALES. FUTURE VATS. J. 0. MoWUIRI & CO., Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF~NINE BUILDING LOTS fefeS.V"'" IB1 COE?.H?S On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, An?rt 30. at 6* o clock, on the premise*. by virtue of a deed or trust, dated Mar Ttb, 1837, and duly recorded in SSnTn'vV }jA. folloiJ3 etseq . we shall ?Ui if Lot No ,n ofloare No. SJ8. fronting If) at?L??n 'Ist *treet west. at the corner of south D Lot? ia*?i running back 80 feet, subdivided into 8 Terl5f^hnd Lot ?x30. A?eash,nJlC?la?t t?jU;0,t of the Purchaser. atAthTtuaToT:nJ,?f^ on<ach lot will 6e require* It 27 d H0RA7,1? * GILBBRT. Tmetee. - 17 g a ;LJLMOGCIRB a CO.. l-uets. gT J. C. McGUlRE ACO., AucUoueer.. CHANCERY SALE OF BUILD1NA ixtTK np POSITETHB OLD GLA8B IK)17*J8 0P" On TUESDAY AFTEENOON. Au?at" at six o clock .on the premises, we shall eeil for aooountnf the estate of the late Charles L. Coition Lota Nos. 10,11 and part of 18, in Square S3, tubdWidod into small building lots, fronting respectively on north C and Water street, betw.-en 21st and JM streets wes*. and immediately in front of the old Gins* House. Terms: One-third cash, the remainder in 6.9 and 12 months, with interest from the day of sale, for which notes will be repaired with approved secu rity. On the ratification of the sale oy the Court, and payment in full of the purchase money, the property will be conveyed to the purchasers. If the terms of sale are not complied with in fi v? "ays thereafter, tie trustee* may re-sell the pro perty so in default, at thi and expense of the defaulting purchaser. The cost of conveyances and stamps ta be paid by the purchaser. JAMKS ADAMS. / _ . ? ROBERT COLTMAN, { ?ru,t*M aul7eoAd? J.C.McGCIRB A CO., Auets. BY J. C. MoGUIRB A CO., Auctioneer*. CHANCERY SALE Of VALUABI.l lUVROVRn ? . ANC? unimprovrd property^roved rPnrt rn?Dft,b.r ?iriue ?f * <Jrree of the Supreme * District of Columbia, sitting in equity, passed July 5th. 1864. in a certain canaT wherein Sarah Ann Brown and ethers are com plainants, and Ambrose A. Brown and others ar* defendants, No 221 equity, we shall sell on th* premises, on MONDAY, the 29th day of August commencing with the first named, at 6 o'clock ?' m.: Lot No. 1, in Square No. 5o8, fronting So feJt en north E street, at the corner of Second street west, and running back ltd feet to a 25 f?ot alley. Also. the north part of Lot 33. in Jas C. MoGaire* subdivision of Square No. 624, fronting 15 feet? inches oa Tenth street west, between O and H sts. north, and running back no feet 4 inches to*? foot alley, and improved by a three-story Briok. Dwelling House. Terms : One-half in cash; the remainder in nin* and eighteen months, with interest from the day of sale, to be secured by the bonds or notes of th* purchasers, with a surety or sureties, to be ap proved of by the trustees. Upon the full payment cf the purchase money and interest, the trustees will convey the proper All conveyances and stamps at the cost ofth* purchaser. If the terms of sale are notoomplied with in five days thereafter, the trustees reserve t*e right to resell, on one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser GEO. W. DUVALL " V tr \ . NICHOLAS O. STEPHENS. < Tru"t?? ang-eo&ds JA8. C. McGUIRB A CO.. Ancts. M0GU1R1 A CO., Auctioneers. "? valuable land and mne\ard, near tub insane asvldm On MONDAY AFTERNOON, SepfembS II at'l o clock, on the the premises, by virtue two deeds of trust from Chas.J Uhlman to me.oni dated /r ' ,*'2i.8n<1 recorded in Liber J. A. 8., * !i09i7 ' 4 c" fn,d other dated J anuar* ** duly recorded in Liber J A 8 No 229, folios 503, jko.. I shall fell all that certain piece of Und iyin? a?J ?n the count? i # aforesaid, ana boiog part and parcel of the tract of land known formerly ,m pXrtek? ,?nd Iatt",rly Rosciaska i > 4 J?art or Parcel herein conveyed or in tended so tofbe,being described as follows, namely Koadpt a.white oak tree, being Station No .'i6 of T. Jekyll s survey of the "Kosciusko Place '' ami thence running along said north line of the Good Hope road seventy-seven degrees and fifteen min ute. ea-UN <77 deg. l?min. E.? five perch "s and sixty eight hundredths of a perch (i 6-j 1; 0) to m point marked A and a white marble monument, as shown upon the plat accompanying the deed M7rwDWfwfvme^i0tl^' 4fro?3i Mo'es Kelly and Mary W. Kelly, hn wife, to Charles J. Uhlmann thence running along the first dividing lini JnLD k m p,rcti ?* i"1"'1 flni1 that or the safd ei?t!l ? de? iillini ?nrt thirty minute* ^ L 7a seventy on? percheK (71 perches) to a small monument of white marble set n-efrom "a''1 '"onument run ning south thirty minutes west (8. Odetf 3 in,in W ) se?ent>-nine perches and fortv-hnndredths ef "a perch (79 40 li*j1 per.) to Station No 5ofT Jekyll's rurvey of the "Kosciusko Place:'' thin J from paid Station No. 5 running south fifty ??n ?^rlr>ete8t?n'1 f?fty minutes east <3. 69 del. 40 Bin E.) tothecrossingof a small creek eighteen perches, (18 perches >? tfcence from?,] cros.sf? running soutli fifty-five cegre^s and fortv-five minutes west (8. 55 deg. 45 min. W) fifteen perches h IK,1,,t ?r lntersection with outer angle of road, thence running along the north line of said road south eighty*nine decrees and forty-five minute, west (8 89 deg. 45 miu. VTtw^ tv-two perches(22 perches) to an angle in the bm? thence rnnning along the north liLe of said roSS' south fifty four degrees west fS 54 deg W ) seven teen and one-half perches, <17^ perches) to naln ner angle of the name: thence running aloni/ the eastern line of said toad parallel to anJone ?nd ? half perches from a small creek twentv nini klnc?8r^,??rcheV t0 thLe Of Oxen Run, thence runn n* along the middle and nn thi cours- of said Oxen Run sixteen and oSe-half perches. (IbH p-rche.) or thereabouts?to the cor ner point between this parcel of land now bein* described and the land of W. V H. Brown bl SS three perches in a right line from a large'iK>p?? tree that stands on the property of said Brown, one and one-fourth D*rch? the north bank of said Oxen PRun- thenc^ from the above described corner pofnt rSSJ mng along the dividing line between thi? V?2 eel of land and that ot said W. V . II. Brown north twenty-four degrees and thirty minutes weit (? deg. 30 mm. W) thirty-five perches tS T iariJ locust tree on said line, thence running in right line continuation from said locust tree and with the bearing aforesaid. < N deg. 31 min Witwen ty-four perches(24 perches) to the middleofcreek thence running along and up the bed or middle of said creek, (it being thedividing line between thla parcel and the land of said lirown.) sixty-five perches, (bo perches) or thereabouts, to a point In the bed of said creek opposite to and back three fourtbs of a perch from a marked locust tree that Ktands on the north side of the same; thence run ning from said point through the locust tree last above described north twenty five degrees west(N U o11,XA.perch?s and twenty-hundredths of a perch (C 211-10,1 perches) to a marked walnut tre? inthe be<lofa ravine; thence running from said walnut tree, being a meander line of tha ravine, north ten degrees west (N 10 deg. W) six perches, (t> perches;) thence running oa a meander line as aforesaid, north twenty-four de grees and thirty minutes west, (N,l4de* uiin. 'oil Perc^1Jf8 twenty-hundredths of a perch (6 20-I0O perches) to a young persimmon tree, (marked:) thence rnnning from said persimmon i eo north three perches and twenty hundredths of a perch (3 20-10u perches) to a forked persimmon tree,(marked;) thence running from said last per simmi'B tree north two degrees and forty minute! e?Kt(N.2deg. 40 min. E.) ten perches (10 perches) to the north line of the Good iSope road, pisiins thron-h ? tr?*? that stands on the south side 0? said road and terminatingatapolnt on sail north line of said road sixteen perches (16 perches) from Station No. 35 of T. Jekyll's snrrey of "The KoeciuRko Place," running back from said atatin?? thence from eaid v1-* *? * liieniioiiou north lTne"0f the oSod Hope road no^th seventy-nine degrees and thirty minutes elst i lNr 79 deg. 30 min. W.) thirty-seven k?h?U. andVev?: thirty-tliree and one-half perches,(5" acres, 2 roods, S3)? perches,) be the s&me more or less, as repre sented in the nlat hereinbefore mentioned, togeth er with all aua 6ingalsr improvements, privi leges, hereditament % aid appurtenances to thg ?an.e belonging or in any manner appertaining. This property is finely improved as a Vineyard, with ahont twelve thousand choice Grape Vines, I and will be sold in sub divisions. Terms- One third in cash; the remainder in BiX i and twelve months, with interest, secured by* deed of trust on the premises. I A payment of ten per cent, of the purchase money will be required at the time of sale. Should tne termB of sale not be complied with within ten days after the sale, the Trustee reserve* the right to re-sell the property at the risk andex nenseofthe defaulting purchaser, 00 one week'* notice in the National Intelligencei\ ; ntmc HORACE J - KROBT. Trustee. au9 2awAds J. C. MoGUIRE A Co.. Ancts. RUCTION SALE 0* CONDEMNED HORSES, Wab Dbpaktmeht, Cavilbt BuxiAn, 1 Office <tf Chiif Quartermeuttrj J w.-ii v . D. CAugust 3, 1864.1 *"*i? A Public Auction, to the highest tj 5' the times and places named below, via : ^Reading, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, August 18. l^008*'PennajlTania' THURSDAY, August IS, 1 ^86b4an0,l, Penns> Tn UB8DAY, September temberr8blsft4 PennS5lvania' THURSDAY, 8ep TWO HUNDRED (jwt) CAVALRY H0RSE3. each place. These horses have been condemned as unit fot the cavalry service ef the army. for road and farming purposes, many good bar* gains may be had. Horses sold sintfy. Terms cash, in United States enrrener. JAMES A EEIN. Lt. Col. and Chief Quartremwter au S-tse8 Cavalry Bureaa. ^ALE Of CONDEMNED HORSES AND UULES. Will be told at publis o? wtoNESgi^BViinLii.1" of Terms owh, in ?"Vt i^VIorkV ? gale to commence at 10 o c^ocj^aE^OKEgi Brig- Gen. and Chief Quartermaster. Jy 28-d Depot ?1 Washington. OW1 Na] E. O n ?h a oan, tor tn* last 70 years ia thi?/i? J by mutual consent. The business in 'faturf be conducted by 8AM'L WO WEN stand, 819 Pennsylvania avenue to whom wi* the'latrifirm.m,kde #f ^ irtUi" August 1, ldM, [aal lm] SAH'L W.'OWBV,

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