Newspaper of Evening Star, August 24, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 24, 1864 Page 1
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V?. XXIV. . WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 24. 1864 N*. 3.584. DENTISTRY. GMAL M,09V1?TI? DENTIBTEY, UttM ****** without P9im Wilk tkl JfwkHtt * adviao au S%2? uriii teethtae*. iS^S-fa K?i ts tS5??* prowed methodof Inserting Artificial TeatR. B T<m oim m the (TMt improvementin Mateeth yon will k?T? them in no other stylo than thlanaw and yGamble ene. No. 849, Pa. avenne, between Uth ud llth street*. noTM 8. B. LIWI1, M. P., P?tlt M. LOOM IB, M. D* ?Ventor and of the MINERAL FLAT! 4 tfpd* personally at hi* offlo* in thia eity. Bur persons eu wear the**1 teeth who cannot wear other*, and no person can wear others who aaanot wear thaw. Persona calling at my offloe earn be accommodated with any atyla and price of Teeth they may desire, but to thoaa who are particular and wiah the purest, cleanest, strongest, and moat perfect denture that art can produce, the KINEAAL PLATE will ha mere fully warranted. looms In this eity?No 338 Pennsylvaniaavemu between 9th and 10th streets. Alao, 90T Arab ft, Philadelphia. mar?!y 8. T.?1860.?X. Persons of sedentary habits troubled with weak ne a, lassitude, palpitation of the heart, lack o appetite, distress after eating, torpid liTSr, con stipation, &e.. deserve to suffer if they will not try the celebrated PLANTATION BITTERS, which are now recommended by the highest m?di> eal authorities, and warranted to produee an iw? mtdiais beneficial effect. They are exceedingly agreeable, perfectly pure, and- must supercede all ether tonics where a healthy, gentle stimulant is required. , They parify, strengten and invigorate. They create a healthy appetite. They are an antidote to a change of water and diet. They overcome effects of dissipation and late hours. They strengthen the system and enliven the Kind. They prevent miasmatic and intermittent fevers They purify the breath and acidity of the stomach. They cure Dyspepsia and Constipation, They cure Diarrhea, Cholera, and Cholera Morbus. They eure Liver Complaint and Nervous Head ache. They make the weak strong, the languid bril liant, and are exhausted nature's great restorer. They are composed of the celebrated Calisaya bark, wintergrcen, sassafras, roots and herbs, all preserved in perfectly pure Bt. Croix rum. For particulars, see circulars and testimonials around each bottle. Beware of imposters. Examine every bottle. Bee that it has D. 8. Barnes' signature on our pri vate U. S. Stamp over the cork, with plantation scene, and our firm signature on a fine steel plate cgTaving on side label. See that our bottle is not ?efiUed with spurious and deleterious stuff. We defy >cy person to match the taste or character of our oods. Any person pretending to sell Plantation litters by the gallon or in bulk, is an impostor. Te sell only in our log cabin bottle. Any person mitating this bottle, or selling any other material herein, whether called Plantation Bitters or not, i a criminal under the U.S. Law, and will be so reeecuted by us. We already have our eye on two arties re-filling our bottles, Ac., who will succeed n getting themselves into close quarters. The lemand for Drake's Plantation Bitters from ladies, lergymen, merchants, Ac., is perfectly incredible The simple trial of a bottle is the evidence we pre ?ent of their worth and superiority. They are sold ?y all respectable druggists, grocers, physicians, betels, saloons, steamboats and country stores. P. H. DRAKE A CO., au?2 eo2m 202 BROADWAY, N. Y. Ojfiet of Cemmissiontrsof Imrror*m$nts, t City H*U, Juno a. In compliance with an ordinance of tha Corpo ation. entitled "An act for the removal of offal, taps. Ac.," the public are hereby notified that all Itcben offal will be removed from their respec tve dwellings once a day until the 1st October ext. and all housekeepers are hereby notified to lace vessels sufficient to contain such offal, and a*ily handled, in the rear of their several prem ie*, when accessible to the garbage carts, and %en not accessible in the rear, then at a place ?st convenient. P. R. DoftSETT, F Commissioner Fisst Ward: JA8. W. SPALDING, ' Commissioner 8econd Ward: JOHN T. GARNER, ' Commissioner Third Ward; WM. DOUGLASS. Commissioner Fourth Ward: ? WM. H. HAMILTON, Commissioner Fifth Ward; _ W. A. FLETCHER, Commissioner Sixth Ward; _ JAS. H. BIRCH, ? t> ,Co?missioner Seventh Ward, w. B. All offal of other kinds will be promptly ?moved by notifying tha Commissioners of tha Je 23 lawgm j 08IPH REYNOLDS A CO, 'LUMBERS, GAS, AND &TMAM FITTERS, No. ft00 Nibth Braasr, near avenue. Have Jn*t received and wiU constantly keep on r-w' j9 largest and beat assortment in the eity ? Chandelier*, Bracketa, Drop Light*, Portable*. Us* Globe*, mica and other Shades, and all artl es in thialine, from the bast establishments in *w York, Philadelphia, Ac., whioh will ba aold ? the most reasonable terms. ilso, RANGJEd, FURNACES, and Fire-Board Ve are prepared to tarnish tha best BANGS la ? anywhere, on very reasonable terms. Hotels. 1st*urant*, Ac., are invited to call, we do all kiuda of GAS and SflAM fittings lomptly and cheaj. a* also everything in tha LUaBlHQ line in tha most satisfactory manner. Call and see onr Bathing Tabs, Fountains Water Coaets Wash-stands, Basins, Ac., Aa., at No.600 rTWr*"1, n?*r Pennsylvania avenue, tha large*) etahliahmant in tha eity. fi 8-aotf |MPORTANT TO 8DTL1S8 BUTLIRS WILL FIND H. A. DOWNING * CO.'S OONOMNTMA T M D O It A M "ID BE A MOST VALUABLE ARTICLE TO THEIE TRADE, It sells very rapidly, and u tha most economical article of d'.st for tha oMoer's mess. It ia prepared is one minute, and makes a most delicious Soup or Chowder. It ia highly recommended by Arm Burgeons. The profits are largo, H. A. DOWNING A 00., Manufacturers of Concentrate* Pood No. Ill Saat 18th at.. New York For sale by BARBOCE A BEMME8, Sola Agents 6ft Louisiana Avenue, laHy Washington, p. p Th* new INTERNAL REVENUE LAW, ap 1 proved Jone>>, Wrt4. Poem*; with translation* from the German. By Lucy Hooper. wWgM4, of th* "Centipede." Bp Capt. ^Jaatic Monthly for Augnst. M.nhd^r-?f Llt? Amelia B. Edwards. gt*\ " Bering. By the author of "Guy Livinr Eniott's Manual for Cavalry. Railway Anecdote Book. ? v Training of Children. Collins' Voyage down the Aioar. PRANOK TAYLOR. brsmpbmp** fiJ&A SS i&EH mTlHs ! ?f 1Kb street and Pennsylvania avenne. |o)ft-tr PERSONAL. PERSONAL.?WM. PRINCE, 381 F street, oppo site tbe Patent Office, is the only one in town ?who does FLUTING, having three very elegant machine* now in operation. Ladies who desire this very fashionable trimming should give Dim a call. Stamping in all its varieties elegantly done. ? tamped Goods, Braid and Silks for sale, an 12-tf EMALE COMPLAINTS receive partiular atten tion at Dr. DARBY'S Office, 492 7th street between D and ?. Those in need ef a confidential advisercan be united by calling on him, auS-lm" PRIVATE COMPLAINTS Are treated, either personally or by letter, at Dr. WOOD'S Office, 49& 7th street. Separate rooms for patients. Of flee open day and night. an 8-1 m* Madame aholiab woold respectful ly announce to her friends and the publie generally, that she is now settled permanently in Souse No. 249 C street, between 4)6 and 6th sts.. Island, where she is prepared to read, to all who require it, the Past, Present and Future. Being an impressed medium, she is able to advise ana counsel with safety upon all matters; especially business matters; er in fact, anything of import ance. Ladies 76 cents; Gentlemen f 1.25. Can be Consulted from 8 a. m. until 8 p. m. au 5-2w" f^XTRAOBDMAM^OWXR. Mrs L.SMITH, J2j Clairvoyant ana Test meaium, 259 4th street, a few doors above I street, with the aid of spirits, examines all kinds of diseases, sees your dead and living friends; describes them, gets names; tells character: reads the future. Advice about busi ness. Bitting $2. jy 18-Im* TRAVELERS1 DIRECTORY. CAP! MAT. T RAILROAD FROM PHILADELPHIA FROM WALNUT STREET PIER, V1AWEST JERSEY RAIL-JjfrJElggg^Pjj At s a. m., accommodation dne at 10)f a. m. At 10 a. m., express due at 1% p. m. At 4% a. m., express due at 8 p. m. Returning, leave Cape May? 6 a. m. express due at9H a. m. 11.45 accommodation due at 4)4 p. m. 5.10 p. m. express due at 8* p. m. v Through without change of carl or baggage, T'tt'S "" "'?V^RrF:N6e?L??R. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD* On and after Sunday, June 19th, 1884, Daily Trains will be run between Washington and New Tor* and Washington and the West, as follows: FOR PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7.30 a. m., 11.15 a. m., and 8.30 p. m. daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at 8.30 p. m. only. FOR BALTIMORE AND PHILADELPHIA. Leave Washington at 3 p m. daily, except Sun ^Vassengers will note that this train runs as far as Philadelphia only. FOR NEW TORE. Leave Washington daily at 6.30 p . m. . This train is Jot New York passengers exclusively. FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 6.30a. m.,H.1B a. ra.,3p. m..4.45p. m., 7.20 p. m , and 8.30 p. m.,except Bun \)n Sunday at 7.30 a. ra.,8 p. m., and 8.30 ?. m, FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at6.30 a.m.and3,4.45and8.90 p. na. daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at 3 and 8.30 p. m Tickets sold to all points WEST, and cat gat* checked through. FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m. and 4.45 p. m. daily, except Sunday. No train for Annapolis on Sunday. Trains leaving Washington at 7.90 a. ra. ana 6.9' p.m. go through to New York without change ^Bleeping cars on 6.30 and 8.30 p. m. trains. Berths can be secured until 5 p. m. daily at the ticket of flee. After that hour they must be secured of the sleeping car eonductor. . . The first and fifth trains stop at all way points. The 3 p. m. train stops only at Bladensburg, Beltsville, Laurel. Annapolis Junetion and Relay House daily, except 8unday. On Sunday it stow at all way points. PARTICULAR NOTICE Passengers will please observe that J ?? train runs only as far as Philadelphia daily, Sunday. On8unday it runs to Baltimortonly. Also, that the 6.30 p. m. train takes Ntw York passengers ?fo further information, tickets of any kind. Ac , apply to GEO. 8. KOONTZ, Agent at Wash ington, or at the Ticket Office. ???? g W. P. SMITH, Master of Transportation. L. M. COLE. General Ticket Agent. )e20-u pUAT PENNSYLVANIA ROUTS *0 THS NORTHWEST AND SOUTHWEST. TTnt aNDAND AFTER NOVEMBER 1#TH trails will leave Baltimore from the North Gal t#r? ? ? a. M, Hwrisburg Accommodation? 3.00 P. M. Lightning Express?? ??'-30 P ?. THE 6 30 A. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON "d THE 7.20 P. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with the 9.30 p. m. train from Balti more for Elmira and the North and Pittsburg and the West. BLEEPING CARS 0N NIGHT TRAINS. Boldibbs' Tiokbts at Governmbht Rath. ONE THROUGH TRAIN ON SUNDAY. LOW FAR! AND QUICK TIME. WFor tickets and any information apply at the office of the Great Pennsylvania Route, corner Pens. avenue and 6th street, nnder Rational Hotel, Waskington. J. N-DgBARKY, u ttr'"' "d T"t" A"?' TH1 SUPREME COURT OF THE DISTRICT Of COLUMBIA, holding a District Court of the Urfted States for the said District. To all whom it may concern. greeting: Notice is hereby given, that on the 2d day of Au fust, 18(4, the schooner L. B. Cowperthwaite.tac le and apparel, furniture, Ac., were seised for violatio* of the Revenue Laws by the United States Collector of Customs at Georgetown, D. O., and brought the same into this District for adjudication; and the same are libelled and pros ecuted in this court, in the name of tbe United States, for condemnation; and have been arrested by the marshal for the reasons in tbe libel stated; and that s?i<i cause will stand for trial at the City Hall, in the city of Washington, on the first Mon day of September next, when and where all per sona are warned to appaar to show cause why con demnation should not be decreed, and to inter vene for their interests. _ _ ni?_v Amount 2,1864. R> J? MEIGS, Clerk, an 3-2awtd - J EBB ON THE ATTACK AND DEFENCE OF ont-poits; London. Lendy's Elements of Fortification; London. Sir Howard Douglasson Fortification; London. Vauban's First System, by Thos. Rim be r; Lon don. The Modern 8ystem of Fortification, by Thomas Kimber; London. Field Works, by Thos. Kimber; London. Hyde's Fortification: London. Lendy' Fortification; L^ndo?. Mahan's Field Fortification. '"""raSCK Ti.TL0E. c W. BOTELER. JNO. W. BOTELER c. W. BOTELER A SON, iMPOkTias, IWHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS in CHINA, GLASS AND CROCKERY WARE, TABLE CUTLERY, 8ILVER-PLATED WARE, BRITANNIA WARE, BLOCK TIN GOODS. TIN CHAMBER BETS, COAL OIL LAMPS, JAPANNED WAITERS, DOOR MATTS, FEATHER DUSTERS, BRUSHES, WOOD WARE, AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLE8 GENERALLY. H0U8E3, HOTELS, AND STEAMBOATS FURNISHED AT SHORT NOTICE. 318 IRON HALL, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. 17-eoCm between 9th and loth its THINGS WORTH KNOWING ABOUT HORSES, 1 London; Dadd'a Modern Horse Doetor; Yonatt and Spooner on tbe Horse; Lawrence on theHorse, T [n.lul. V I, Ull.a ?a tha RlirU'l iiorse Doctor; Majaew ? ? agement; Btewart on the Stable; Baneher on Horsemanship; Dadd's Anatomy of the Horse; Yeuatton the Horse; Btvnekenge on the Horse, London; Richardson on the Horse: Cole's American Veterinarian. <}y ?) FRANCK TAYLOR. VIEWS.OF BATTLE FIELD. Julv 11th, near ? Fort Stevens, 7th street road, to be had of J. SS3S?R&AE*sk.ibUft&r Vim* AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MU8I0 I CANTERBURY HALL,I AND HAL LiCANTERBURY HALL. { THEATER LOBJSIAJIA AlIIUI, If tar Corner of Sixth ttrut, Rear of national and MUropoiUan Hotels. Gko*q? Lb a. ?.?- Proprietor. W. E. Cavahaugh__ Stage Manager. EIGHTH WEEK OF SUMMER SEASON. THE MODEL TROUPE IN A SPLENDID BILL THIS WEEK. COMIC, ORIGINAL, MIRTHFUL. ENTERTAINING. "Again we come with magic glee. Prom saddening cares yeur minds to free: To Bwell each heart with gladness now. And drive dark snadowa from your brow." NO DIMINUTION IN ATTENDANCE. EVERYBODY DELIGHTED, ACTUALLY CHARMED. CRITICISM CHALLENGED. The whole strength of THE DRAMATIC, OLIO,and PANTOMIME COMPANY BROUGHT INTO REQUISITION. CHANGE OF DANCES, CHANGE OF OVERTURES, CHANGE OF PANTOMIMES, CHANGE OF FARCES, CHANGE OP SONGS, CHANGE OF BURLESQUES, CHANGS OF BALLETS, CHANGE OF EVERYTHING. EVERY ACT ON THE BILL Carefully selected to suit REFINED AKD DISCRIMINATING AUDIENCS. Second week of AGNE8 SUTHERLAND. AGNES SUTHERLAND, AGNES SUTHERLAND, AGNES SUTHERLAND, AGNES SUTHERLAND, AGNES SUTHERLAND. Who will sing favorite Scotch Ballads. FirBt Week of the Grand Floral Divertisemcnt, Arranged by MONS. LOUIS SZOLLOSY, Entitled, THE GARDEN OP PLEASURE, THE GARDEN OF PLEASURE, THE GARDEN OF PLEA8URE, THE GARDEN OF PLEASURE. DANCES INCIDENTAL: Grand Adaigo, by Misses Ella. Mary,and Lizzie Wesner, and Maggie Wilson. LaCIavelle? ^^.Missps Wilson and Viola. La Pansais^^.. _Miss Lizzie Wesner. La Rose Miss Mary Wesner. La Tulip.. ? Miss Ella Weaner. LaGarlande? By all the Corps de Balet. MISS 8ALLIE SUNDERLAND, MISS SALLIB SUNDERLAND, MISS SALLIE SUNDERLAND. The Queen of Song. The Celebrated Ethiopian Duo, MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN. MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, ?d WKgT WEST, WEST, WEST, WK8T, WEST, In their Negro Peculiarities. DOUGHERTY, DOUGHERTY, DOUGHERTY. TOUAM WILLIAM'S, WILLIAMS, and B8B58: REDDEN, In an entirely m* Burlesque, written by H. W. Williams, entitled the YOUTH WHO NEVER SAW A WOMAN. The Entire Company of COMEDIANS, COMEDIANS, C0MEDIAN8. PANTOMIMT8T8. PANTOMIMI8T8, PAN TOMIMI8T8, NEGRO DELINEATORS, &0? NEGRO DELINEATORS, AC., NEGRO DELINEATORS, AO., IN A TREMENDOUS OLIO NIGHTLY. POPULAR FAMILY MATINEE. POPULAR FAMILY MATINEE, POPULAR FAMILY MATINEE, POPULAR FAMILY MATINEE* POPULAR FAMILY MATINEE, ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTEi SATURDAY AFT iSSSSS: AT 3 O'CLOCK, AT 2 O'CLOCK. AT 2 O'CLOCK. "2 8WI: AT 8 Admlmrioa-. fO W PrfraffiSe*?, holding all yraona. .?. ? ? Tiekiti for aale at the principal Hotel* and Ke? tMmt*. Doere mm#t ?<?!?*; ftrferuMt * MP, MHiktll'dMk, LOCAL NEWS. Board of ALT>brm bn, August 23.?.rfti/oumcd Meeting.? An adjourned meeting of the Board was held last night, all the members present except Messrs. Gulick, Lloyd, Morgan, Pep per and Utermehle. Tne chair, Mr. Brown, laid before the Board a communication from the Mayor, announcing the approval of the bill to grade and gravel K street south, from 4th street east to the canal; bill to take up and relay the gutter on the north aide of K street, between 12th and 13th west; bill tc grade and gravel K street south, from 3d to 7th west, and bill to erect a horse-rack in the Northern Market-house. Also a commanir cation nominating William .T. Herbert, Peter GallantfJobn G. Robinson, William Douglass and Sanrael B. Beyer for inspectors and meas urers of lumber. Referred to committee on po lice. Also a communication enclosing a com munication from the city surveyor, relative to the reassessment of the cost of constructing a sewer in the alley in Square No. 431, to connect with the sewer on Kh street west. The cost is fixed at SL.tK.iO. Referred to committee on im provements Mr. Plant presented a communication from Dr. Thomas Holmes, embalmer, in answer to the communication of Mrs. Bannerman and others complaining of the establishment of said Holmes as a nuisance. He denies that his place can be considered a nuisance. He has been prosecuting this business ever since the begin ning of the war, at different places, and was never before complained of, and he asks a com mittee to investigate the subject, as be is desi rous of obeying the laws, and he never uses his business so as to make it a cause of objec tion. He further says there are a number of other embalming establishments, and all near dwellings, and he believes he has been selected as an object of reprobation through some sinis ter feeling. The communication was referred to the spe cial committee, consisting of Messrs. Noyes, McCathran and Barr, to whom the petition of Mrs. Bannerman was referred. Mr. Barr presented the petition of John L. Brown, and it was referred to the committee of improvements without reading. Mr. Noyes presented the following petition of George Lea: To the Honorable the Board of Aldermen and the Board of Common Council of the City of Washington:?Your petitioner, who is the pro prietor of Canterbury Hall, having read a pe tition published in the proceeding of Councils at their last meeting, from Mr. Fitz Simmons, as proprietor of a music hall known as the Va rieties, asking for an abatement of taxes on the aforesaid Varieties, on account of change of management, begs to offer to your honorable body an objection to such petition, unless others are favored likewise. In the first place, your petitioner has good and sufficient reason for believing that the sale of said Varieties was made in order that the former proprietors might evade the debts of the establishment, and is therefore a sham sale. Your petitioner believes that he can pro duce suitable evidence to substantiate this opinion; therefore, if your honorable body grants the prayer of Mr. Fitz Simmons, your petitioner will claim, injustice to himself, the abatement of a like sum from his taxes, al though he is perfectly willing to pay the de mands of your honorable body, but thinks it nnjust that flesh should be made of one and fish of the other. Respectfully, George Lba. Washington, D. C., Aug. 20,la04. Referred to committee on finance. Mr. Barr, from the committee on police, re ported adversely upon the nomination of Jos. L. Williamson for police constable of the Sec ond Ward; and the nomination was not con firmed. Also, from the same committee, made a similar report upon the nomination of Chas. Hurdle for police constable of the Third Ward. Mr. Lewis desired to know upon what ground the committee asked the rejection of this nomi nation, and the Chair (Mr. Brown) said he also would like to know the ground of objec tion. Mr. Barr stated that when the nominations were first received by the committee they made inquiries as to bow the nomination would suit the people of each ward. It was some time before they could get an expression as to this case officially, and he went among the people of the ward and found scarcely one in favor of this nomination. The ground of objection was a constant neglect of duty, and also that tne nominee kept a restaurant, which took up nearly all his time and attention. Mr. Barr further stated that if he was not much mistaken he thought there was a law prohibiting police constables from engaging m any other business. The Chair stated that the Third Ward dele gation had looked into the matter of the fitness of this officer, and as the Mayor had re-ap pointed him after a trial of one or two years the ward delegation were of the opinion that he onght to be confirmed, and therefore he would call the yeas and nays upon the nomination. Mr. Lewis said before the yeas and nays were c alled be would ask that the further considera tion of the subject be laid over one week. The Chair would unite in their request as there was barely a quorum present Mr. Canfield stated that he was Informed by the Chief of Police that Mr. Hurdle had not performed his duty fully. He was required to report daily and sometimes would not do so for two or three days. Besides he had been as signed to special duty at the Market House and it was his duty to be there at an early hour, whereas it was after 10 or 11 o'clock before he got there. The subject was postponed until next meeting. Mr. Barr, from committee on canals, to which had been referred a large number of sugges tions, relative to cleansing the Washington Canal, introduced a bill authorizing the Mayor to employ an Engineer who shall examine the several plans proposed and report the best one. To carry out the law 81,500 Is appropriated. The bill was read three times and passed. The bills from the Board of Common Council, to set the curbstones and pave the footway ou the west side of 9th street west, from N to O streets north, and the bill to pay for paving the carriageway on 9th street west, from Pennsyl vania avenue to B street north, were referred. The bill from the same Board, for repairing and painting the gutters and roof of the Wash ington Asylum, was pajsed. The Chair asked leave to withdraw ?ertain papers on the files of the Board relative to the erection of a new school house in the northern part of the city, with a view to their reference to the committee on schools in the Board of Common Conncil, who were now considering the matter. Permission was granted. Mr. Plant introduced a resolution authorizing the President of the Board to purchase a new carpet for the Aldermen's Chamber; to have the desks cleaned and varnished, and to fit up the room adjoining the Aldermen's Chamber aa a committee room for the Board, and for the purpose of having cases put up in order that the archives of the Board may be properly filed away and preserved. The resolution was adopted. Mr. Barr, on behalf of the 2d and 31 Ward delegations, to whom had been referred the bill to trim and gravel New York avenne, from 9th to 15th streets west, asked to be discharged from Its further consideration. So ordered, and the bill was laid on the table. Mr. Turton, from the committee on drainage, reported favorably upon the bill authorizing the construction of a sewer in Square No. 190, and it was passed. Mr. Canfield introduced a resolution author izing the secretary to have fifty copies of the journal of the last Councils printed for the use of members of the Board. Adopted. Adjourned. Affairs ih Georgetown.?Highway Rob lery Case.?Yesterday morning, the case of the United States against Daniel O'Brian, James Coleman, Wm. Young, and William Garrett, charged with robbiag a soldier named Owen McGuire, of $200, on the 18th Inst., was taken up for trial by Justice Bnckey. Eight wit nesses were summoned. It was proven that Garrett, Young, and Coleman were with the complainant on that day. The complainant i was very drunk, and was taken by them to a lane west of the College pond, which leads to Johnson's slaughter house. They were seen lying in the grass there with the soldier. No one saw either take the money, but Yonngtold officer Hurdle that Garrett took it, and gave him a portion of It Coleman being with the party is charged with them. Coleman was not present at the trial, but is said to have left the District The bond wbieh be gave for hi? further hearing goes to court, and his security, Wm. Fowler, has gone after him to save him self from the enforcement of the bond. There being no evidence against O'Brian, he was dis missed. Young and Garrett were held to bail in *500 each to appear at court. Arretted.?Chapman Dele, a boy of K years of age, was arrested Monday eVettlng upon the charge of t he robbery of a-soldier named Dan'l W Uey. Several arrests have been made tn this * case, and the officers are trying to secure all 'he parties concerned. Dal? wa? Mot to jailc lor court The parties in this esse are youths ? < ; oa ranging frem 16 to 19 years of age, and the sol dier -was persuaded to a secluded spot, where he was knocked down and robbed. Dale was arrested by the military gnard, and was turned over to the civil authorities by Major Littler. For Trial and Distribution.?Yesterday morn ing 150 men, stragglers, deserters and bounty jumpers, were forwarded from Forrest Hall prison, under guard of a detachment of the Provisional Cavalrv, to Alexandria, Va, to re port to Lieut. Col. Wells, Provost Marshal of Defences South of the Potomac. Port of Georgetown.?Entered?E. Chamberlin, Bristol, from Philadelphia. Schooners Mon terey, Mizell, Havre-de-Grace; Union, Ary, Gardner; Rebecca Knight, Bartlett, New York. Cleared?Schrs. Tropic, Banks, Saulsbury; R. Knight, Bartlett, New York; Elizabeth, Orcutt, Port Deposite; Clara, Galloway, Havre-de Grace; Bursbeba. Galloway, do.: Daughter of Zion, Edwards, St. Mary's: J. Alburta, Took er, New York; J. H. Hoyt, Lyon, New Haven; Express, Kerwell, Hungay river: Union, Smith, New York; W. H. Harrison, Franklin, Mattawoman; Planter. Hopkins, Accomac; Augustus, Adams, Sealord: Charm, Starr, Philadelphia; Morning Light, Roach. Havre de-Grace: Mechanic, Lucas, St. Mary's; Mid dletou, Laundry, Baltimore. Sloops Sea Slip per, Faunce, ; Six Brothers, Hunter, St. Georges; Three Sisters, Johnston, Cherrystone; Ellen Jane, Swann, Glymont; J. Landon, Perry, St. Mary's. Georgbtown Public Schools.?The Board of Guardians is preparing to open the ensuing scholastic year under more favorable auspices than at any time since the establishment of the schools. Among the first acta for the coming year was to increase the salaries of the teachers, -which a more liberal fund, now under its con trol by act of Congress, enables it to do, and by a most praiseworthy and unanimous appropri ation by the Councils for the purpose, the Board has just ordered from Boston, entire sets of new furniture, of the most approved make, for the four old schools, the old break-back desks heretofore used having been there eince long before the oldest pupd rand perhaps teacher) was born. The new schools, opened last year on High street, were thus furnished -when opened. In addition to these improvements, great changes for the better have been made in the school house on Montgomery street. Those -who are in the habit of attending the interesting public exercises there will learn with pleasure that the inconvenient steps, used as a gallery when the building was a church, have been removed and the entire floor levelled, and that the inconvenient, narrow stairway leading to the upper rooms have been removed and an entrance made from an outside portico Into each separate school, so that each school can be approached without passing through and dis turbing the other. The Potcmac water has been brought into each room, in both houses, and the rooms furnished with every desirable facility for personal neatness, to which increased atten tion will hereafter be paid, and the rooms are now being thoroughly cleaned and white washed, so that they will compare favorably with any school room, public or private, in the District, and such an opportunity for receiving the mo6t thorough instruction in useful knowl edge has never before been presented to the people of the Town, which they will no doubt, avail themsplves of by an early application to Mr. C. W. Magee, who will grant permits to those entitled to them, through, which, if the applicant is qualified, they can go directly into the grammar schools, both of which are now supplied with most efficient teachers. Those in the schools at the close of the last tprm. I understand, do not need permits, but if they are not present or otherwise heard from on or before the first Monday (5th) of Septem ber, they are liable to be shut out by new comers. As these schools increase in efficiency do prejudices give way, and they are fast assu ming, in fact have assumed, a position which commands the respect and support of our best citizens, and give hope of the near approach of the time when, as it is now in more favored places, children will be drawn into these schools by reason of their efficiency in impart ing substantial, practical and useful knowl edge. Each house is furnished with a fine melo deon, the property of the schools by private subscription, and Prof. Daniel will continue to teach music the coming year; and the whole establishment is commended to public confi dence and support. It might be well to state that, under a late law of Congress, every one having the care or control ot children of suitable school age is obliged to send them to some school for at least twelve weeks in each year, under a penalty of not over twenty dollars, which will probably make it necessary to open new schools. H. An Exciting Scbnk.?An Officer Cowhidet a Citizen.?A considerable excitement was occa sioned at the ferry steamboat wharf this morn ing as the nine o'clock boat was leavingtheslip, by an assault on the part of Capt. William M. Gwynne, A. D. C., on General Slough's staff, upon the person of Mr. L. Palmer, lately a liquer merchant on King street. Capt. G. used a cowhide in the assault until the contest came to close quarters, when blows ensued, and re sulted in Mr. Palmer's being overpowered. The above is as we have it from an eye witness. We learn that the affair grew out of certain charges which Palmer had preferred against Captain Gwynne, and which charges were brought before a Court of Inquiry, convened at the Captain's request. Mr. Palmer gave in his testimony yesterday, and as we are in formed by one of the officers comprising the Court, failed to substantiate the charges. This morning Capt. G. procured a cowhide and start ed in quest of Mr. P., and finding him on board the boat, about to proceed to Washington, to attend as a witness at a Court Martial, the above scene ensued.?Alexandria Journal, 23d. OBPHAS8' Court, Judge rurcell.?On Satur day the will of the late Isaac Beers was fully proven. The first and final accounts of Andrew God dard, executor of Jane Goldsborough: John T. Mitchell, of Evelyn M. Melville; of Jas. Gor man, administrator of James Gorman, were approved and passed: as was also the balance and distribution of Margaret Lyons, adminis tratrix of Elizabeth Braiden. Patrick McKenna filed a renunciation of his right as one of the executors of Edmnnd Riley t Yesterday morning the will of the late Wm. B. Crampion, bequeathing his estate to his aunt and brother, and letters of administration with the will annexed, were granted to the brother, Job E Crampton. The will of the late Eliza G. Moreland was partially proven and admitted to probate, as far as regards personalty, there being but two witnesses to the same. The will bequeaths her household furniture to her cousin, Martha Waters; her trunk and clothing to her niece, Anna Moreland, of Washington county, Md.; and the remainder of her property to her niece and Jerry Stewart, colored, of Washington, who has been a faithful servant to her. Letters testamentary were issued to Susan nah Carrico on the estate of Jas Carrlco. The first and final account of Geo. W. Hark nees, administrator ot Martha, alias Patsey Hutchins, and ot Asbury Lloyd, administra tor of Hon. John W. Noell, of Missouri, were approved and passed. Second Wabd Station Cases.? John Cohen, Allen Dorsey, Henry Elleut, Samuel Rowe, three cases, hacking on Sunday; dis missed. Allen Dorsey,do.;#1.58. A.Bacchus, James Wiles, creating a nuisance; 02. R. B. Harkell, threats, dismissed. John Cammel, disorderly SI. Sarnl Watson, do.:!SI. DinW Williams, Albert Harvey.H. C. WUliams, L. Whittle sey, M. E. Howe, and Lt.G. W. Fish erman, do.; %'i each. Marcus B. Ferris, drunk, D. J. Masher, do.; *2. John Crazier, in decent exposure; #2. Eliza Brown, Harriet Lee, Mary L. Savoy, Jane Hompton, Mary Holland, Jane Smith, disorderly; 111 each. J. CMalla, do; dismissed. Lizzie Spencer, do.; SI Fred Ellenbrough, violating an ordinance; 8158. John Clark, grand larceny; dismissed. John Denney, drunk; do. John Netson, do.; 91 58 Rich'd Barrel], assault and battery; baiVior peace. D. F. McCarty, disorderly; SI0. Wm.Risley, do.; S2. Eliza Downs, do.; do. Wm. Hiide'brand, assault and battery; St. Riot in Swam poo dl*.?Monday afternoon about 5 p. m., a free fight came off at the corner of Jackson alley and H street. The row oc curred between the Irish residents and itin erant jobbers?umbrella menders, pan patch ers, scissor grinders, A-c-, who are recognised by the Irish residents in that -ricinlty as ? Tink ? Mashed mugs, cut heads, and blackened e8 are numerous, the fight continuing half i hour. The weapons used were atones, shil lahs, fists, &c , and they were used effective v. Officer Howard, of the 4th Ward, arrived n the spot as the battle was subsiding and parsed the crowd. J %T Albion, Mich., beasts ot an oil well 400 t deep. r I !'?;?. ) .VOOI itoOrQ* 1! TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ATLANTA. Successful Raid ?( G?n. Kili>atrtck ?De struction (I Locomotives, Train., Ac. Capture of a Battery and Prisaaers ? McrearBti ?( Wheeler?A Fire la Front and Rear. CiHCiwifATl, Aug 23.?A special to the Qa rette, dated Nashville, says Wheeler struck the Knoxvill^ and Chattanooga railroad be tween Hiawassee and Camden, destroying the communication for the time, bnt doing no serious damage. Gen. Steadman Is driving him to Knoxvllle, where (Jen. (barter baa a fOTce m front. * Aug. -23.?A despatch, dated H?k Creek, East Tennessee, from Oan. Gil lett to Uen. Johnston, says:??? A detachment of my command, under Lieut. Col. Edgton, 14th. Tennessee cavalry, atacked Rodgeravlllo on the morning of the -rid, killing twenty.threa WV,!"1* t??rty-l?Ta rebels, among then Col. walker and several non-commissioned officers. The river is six feet and ahalf on the shoals, and Jailing. Gen. Kilpatrick returned yesterday to Geo. Sherman from an expedition to break the Ma con railroad, which he succeeded lndotagnear Jonetboro, destroying three miles of tnick,twc> trains and locomotives. He encountered tha enemy and had a sharp conflict, dispersing their cavalry and capturing abattery and many prisoners. He destroyed all the guns except one, which he brought in, together with soma priEcners, finding the majority of the latter too much of an incumbrance. Otherwise than this, things have been qnietat Atlanta for soma daj s. FROM CINCINNATI. Mare Facts about a Secret Conspiracy Car. respondence? Significant Meeting Held in Indiana polls. Cincinnati, Augusts.?The morning papers publish lengthy extracts from the Dodd corres pondence, recently captured at Indianapolis. Manuscript copies of Dodd's address to tha grand council is among the papers, from whlcb it appears a grand convention was to be held oa the 1st of July, two days before the meeting of the Democratic mass convention. A spontaneous meeting was held at Indian apolis last night, to take counsel concerning the dangers surrounding the people. Itwas tha largest out-door meeting ever held there. Tha meeting was extremely orderly, thongh thera was a deep feeling against the conspiracy. A resolution was adopted denouncing tha secret order as most mischievous, and calcu lated to bring about a civil war, and deolarinc the charge that the Union party intend to nsa the military power to prevent a fair election % slander on Union men and our brave soldiers. SHERIDAN. Enemy Still near Martlnsbarg?Their De signs not yet Developed?A Rebel Sapply Train Destroyed. Haltimork, August 23.?Intelligence front the Upper Potomac speaks of nothing mora important than slight skirmishing along tha Our forces occupy a strong position. Tha rebels occupy the country in the direction of Martinsburg, but have not crossed the Po tomac. Whether the design of the enemy is to at tempt the invasion of Pennsylvania or tomaka a demonstration towards Washington has not yet been developed A dispatch from Hagerstown, datsd August I 23, says: ! "All quiet to-day along the border, and no fighting in the valley, as far as known. Yes terday our forces destroyed a long rebel sup ply train on the Winchester and Martinsburr turnpike." FROM GRANT'S ARMY. Our Success on the Weldon Railroad. Fortress Monrob, August 22.?The mail steamer Commodore Vanderbilt arrived at 4.3? p. m., from City Point The enemy have beea making a desperate effort to retake the W<U don, N. C., railroad, and have been defeated. Our forces now hold the road, and also have & position the enemy cannot drive them from. The enemy made three desperate charges on. our lines yesterday, and were repulsed eacH time, with very heavy loss. Our loss small. We captured 5<)0 prisoners. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Fortress Monroe, Aug. 22?The steamer Hudson arrived on Saturday last atPensacola, and was ordered to remain in quarantine, hue took her leave last night without notice. Sha had on board 5(H) troops, whose time had ex pired and had re-enlisted, bound to Now YorK on furlough. The court-martial, of which Col. Rand, 4tl? Massachusetts, was president, which has been in session for some weeks past at Norfolk, waa adjourned on Saturday last, and all its mem bers ordered to the front under arrest. AMUSEMENTS. ' FORD'S NEW THEATER. Tenth street, above Pennsylvania avenue. THE SECOND REGULAR SEASON will commence MONDAY EVENING, AUGUST 29, With the very popular comic artistes, MR. AND MRS. W. J.FLORENCE, In a series of performances especially adapted for the earlier part of the season, consisting of Comedy. Eurltfiut, Farce and Vaudeville, Similar to their entertainments at Wailack'a New Theater and the Winter Garden, New York, during the two last summer seasons at those faBhicnable Theaters. W"For particulars see future advertisemtnt. HU 24 01 WASHINGTON THEATER. Eleventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue. ANNOUNCEMENT EXTRAORDINARY. The Publie are respectfully Informed that tha above-named establishment will open on THURSDAY, AUGUST 25 1*64, p?e*es ?ccab,on Wl11 ?? Presented three glorioug DRAMA, COMEDY, AND ETHIOPEAN IV TRAVAGANZA, For purpose of presenting a Grand Comiii mt ntary and Testimonial Benefit to MISS JENNIE G0URL1Y, Late of Grover's Theater. Tendered her by her numerous friends and admirers. Till MAID OF CR0IS3Y, OR, THE C0N8CRIP T'8 RETURN. DANCE MI88 FLORA LI*. THE MOMENTOUS QUESTION. OR, THE POACHER'S DOOM. DANCE ? Mr. T. C. GOURLIY. To conclude with the celebrated Ethiopean Ex travaganza, entitled, -.MIUUVMI JUMBO JUM. Admission.?'Orchestra Chairs, 75 cents: Dmm Boxes'#6Cent8' ?rc^eHtra Boxes, 73 cents; ?rivata Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performance comraeneeg at 8 o'clock precisely. an 24.? J VARIETIES! VARIETIES!! PIT7'mmmt and 9>k strtet. "IISamtzz=^=.~ HOUSES CROWDED NIGHTLY, The great successful moral drama UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, OB LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY. Characters by the GREAT DRAMATIC COMPANY D0UBL1 MU8IC HALL SHOW, ALL THE PRETTY GIBL8, GREAT CENTRAL MUSIC HALL AND THEATER. Loeated on Pennsylvania avenue?Strangers can lee it irom their Hotels?The Palace of Gift. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. Grand Performance of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. .V? *nd 80 ceB*?; Pri**te Boxes, $5. fcU ?j~oZ ODD FELLOW'S HALL. POR ONE WEEK ONLY! COHHIlCllO ON MONDAY BVENING, AtJOOBT Ko. ?BTCBMrOM? FATO?li*eil obSVmoSMPxBJHJS,. [Jnparallelled success! The Greatest Combination or Attraction ever offered ia on* _, Entertainment II The three smallest human beings ia existence. ^ ^ COM. FOOT* and BISTER, not half the size of Gea. Tom Thanh aad wife;) md COL. SMALL, ^ :he Female Character Dancer, a trifle taller thaa Com. Foot*. These Wonders of Nature will be assisted by tha oilowtB^rt-'?-*??',r "f ^imtM ? 1 ^ ^nd Prof. G. H. BROOES, Cards of Admission 2ft Cents Werved Seats 80 Cents. aalf priee in the Evening. ?aned bp John ?. Elli^ p- ??JAT and I, at 4 o'clock.'

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