Newspaper of Evening Star, August 25, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 25, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W. D. WALLACH, EdlMrtad Prtprl?t?r> WASHINGTON CITY: THURSDAY..... AUGUST 'J9, 1094. BEADING MATTER ON EVERY PAG1. SEX OUTSIDE FOR INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC AND OTIIEB MATTER. EXTRA. from the army or the potomac. Kt Engagement Since Sunday?Enemy Falling Back?Warren Advancing His Lines?He Drive* the Rebel* Before Him ?Rebel and Unien Lasses. [Correspondence Associated Press.> HBADvUAKTEEP AB5IT OF THB POTOMACf Augnst 23, 1:61.?No engagement has taken place since Sunday. As was stated in yes. terday's dispatch, the enemy has fallen back to their lines, two miles from Petersburg, where they are seen busily erecting strong works, similar to those we first encountered on onr arrival here. They are laboring night and day, with a large number of men, as though they were afraid of an attack before they get them completed. Their main line runs near, and west of the Lead works, to the Southside road, which is strongly defended. Their picket fine extends nearly a mile south of their works, with vi dettes thrown oat near the Davis house. 'Richmond papers acknowledge a heavy loss in officers and men on Sunday morning, but claim that they have taken three thousand prisoners. Our losses in the 5th corps foot up as fol lows : Killed?officers, 17; men, 132. Woun ded- officers, t-J : men, 761. Missing?officers, <9; men, 2,^53. In the Ninth Corps the casualties are about three hundred, which will make a total loss of four thousand two hundred and in these commands kince Thursday last. No doubt many reported missing will yet turn up, as some of our men have a bad habit, after a little reverse, of strangling to the rear. Of this loss General Crawford's division sustains the greatest proportion, he having lost about two thousand prisoners. Col. Tilden, who was missing after the ac tion of Fridav, is safe. He was taken prisoner and with others conveyed to Petersburg, but during the excitement of loading them on the cars be managed to elude the vigilance of the guard and ran into some busbes, where he lay concealed until chance gave him an opportu nity to get away, and he came into our lines on Monday, uninjured. Art?C8T 24.?General Warren advanced his line over a mile along the railroad toward Petersburg yesterday, the rebel pickets falling bar k before his skirmishers. The 1st division of the 2d corps were engaged yesterday all day in tearing up and burning the railroad as ftr as Ream's Station and be. yond, a distance of about three miles, while that portion over which the 5th advanced was also completely destroyed. Ail is quiet on the lines this morning, except tn*' usual picket firing. Nine deserters came in last night, and also a number of contrabands. Most of the former express their willingness to take the oath of allegiance. Financial.?The New York Commercial Advertiser of yesterday evening says: The stock market continues heavy and de pressed. In the absence of buyers for a rise, the "b*>ars ' Have stepped tn and are driving everything before them. One large firm is "bearing'* vigorously some of the principal stocks. Peace rumors are used freely in aid of the downward movement, and apparently with good effect. The present pressure to re alize is to a considerable extent attributable to a Ifrgermount of buyers' options,contracted 15 and 30 days ago, now falling due. The buy ers are unable to carry the stocks coming intd .their hands, and are therefore pressing them for sale. At the same time they are attempting to cover their loss by sellers' options, a good proportion of which appear in the stock lists. Yhe whole movement of stocks, however, at present is decidedly feeble. Some of the lead ing spirits on 'Change are absent, and there will be no general activity until they return to take initiative. If the generally expressed opinion of the street may be relied upon, there will be a stock campaign on a grand scale in September, nothing political or financial oc curring to prevent. This morning there was rather more spirit in the market, the downward movement of the last few days having brought buyers into the market. Large lots of some of the leading shares were thrown on the market by the ?'bears," but without materially weakening prices. Upon the whole, the movement of prices was upward. The sales were unusu ally large. Governments continue to move upward. It is understood that large foreign orders are on the market,waiting a favorable opportunity for execution, and this keeps up tne strength of prices. Coupon 6's of '-1 have advanced ?4', in sympathy with the high prices of Five-twen ties. Certificates closed at 95',, at which S100, 000 was sold. Five-twenties closed firm at 1133{, an advance of X- Ten-forties were in demand and improved %. The sales of bonds were not large. The Express says: The peac?- rumors were revived in financial circles to-day,and had a very depressing influ ence for 'he time being on geld, stocks, produce and merchandise. There is a general desire for peace in the region of Wall street, and a great many people believe it is coming, but they do not know how they can get itTIt was reported at the Gold and Stock Exchange that the Georgia Legislature had proclaimed for peace, and bad called upon Sherman for protection and also that commissioners had arrived. Tne report also gained credence in some quarters that Alabama and North Carolina were also represented in Washington. The trnth of these reports nobody could vouch for, but specu lators are very credulous at present, and for the moment are inclined to believe almost any thing. Military and civil Government in Alexandria.?Petitions are circulating in Alexandria and beyond the limits for signa tures, addressed to Military Governor Slough, asking for the substitution of the military for the civil power, as at Norfolk. Should the prayer be granted, Governor Pierpont will, as a consequence, be superceded in his functions, and the State Government in that portion of the territory of V irginla over which he pre sides abolished. The Alexandria Journal, the official paper; strongly condemns the movement, and says that some of the petitioners are men of no standing, while others are squatters and known disloyalists. The Journal says: Upon a careful examination of the names of these signers, we find that out of fifty-seven, six only are taxpayers, many of them are no toriously disloyal, and many more are mere squatters, and will leave onr city and the so called restored government of Virginia to its fate as soon as the Army of the Potomac arrives in a position where they can relocate in its vi cin:ty. In conclusion, we would only say, as a part of the record, that the movement becoming known to President Lincoln, he addressed a communication at once to General Slough, no tifying him that the military should not inter fere with the civil power except where mili tary necessity imperatively demanded it; toat the people were nojudges where that necessity should arise; that it was competent lor the military commander alone te determine that, and that the sole responsibility would be upon him. As there is not even the pretence of mili tary necessity iu this case?as the State govern ment is heartily co-operating with the General Government in suppressing the rebellion?the responsibility w as a little too great for any military commander to take upon his shoul ders, so the whole matter drops to the ground. Morris Phillips, who for many years has been connected with the Home Journal, and was for a short time owner of the Knicker bocker Magazine, has succeeded Mr. Hollister as a partner of Mr. Willis in the proprietor ship and editorship of the Home Journal. ?y The Emperor of Abyssinia has offered his hand, heart and part of his throne to (4ueen Vic. of England. She refnsed, and the British Ambassador at Abyssinia was imprisoned on account of the refasal. ^"Mexico is to receive a considerable addi tion to its population by emigration from Ger many. tfy Twelve hundred acres of timber land, on the Machias river, were burnt over during the late drought. KTTwo hundred thonsand Pales have been added to the population of Siberia by the Rus sian Goverment. Randolph county, N. C-, was the only one that gave a majority for Holden for Gov ernor at the late election in that State. . MT The Union League Club have presented Admiral Far rag ut with a sword. ?BTTbe.hop crop about Cooperstown, N. Y., Will be an average one. The New York Democrats will meet in State Convention at Albany on September 14. 9TFrederic Robson, the gnat English actor ff burlesque, is dead. FROM TIIE UPPER POTOMAC. Peaitien ?( General Sheridan?The Rekeli held !? Check?The Pcttmac att Crossed ?Slight Skirmishing. [Correspondence Baltimore American.] Harper's Ferry, August -24.?The excite ment here, resulting from the skirmish and cannonading of Sunday, haa completely abated, and everything is as quiet and tranquil as though thera were no enemy within fifty miles ol this place. When Gen. Sheridan fell back to Halltown, he made bis last retrograde movement, and if the enemy are inclined to advanceany farther, they will have to fight Sheridan on ground of his own choice, and where it will be impossi ble for them to either turn his flanks or inter fere with his base of supply. ' I There was some slight skirmishing in front of Crook's command at daylight yesterday morning, which lasted for about an hour and then ceased almost entirely, leaving ns in blissful quietness for the remainder of the day, disturbed only by an occasional shot as are minder that there was really a force of the en emy in onr front. The strength of the rebel command has been variously estimated, but I think it does not ex ceed flfiy thousand. From reliable information received yesterday from'parties who have just left the rebel .lines, it appears that Early's corps has received large reinforcements, near ly all his brigades and divisions having been doubled by recruits and detachments sent to reinforce them, and in addition two divisions of Longstreet's corps, under Pickets, with the whole of Fltzhugh Lee's cavaU*y are known to have arrived. I do not think it is the intention of the rebels to attempt an invasion of either Maryland or Pennsylvania?they are too well informed of the preparations made for their reception should they embark in so foolhardy an enter prise as to attempt anything so palpably sui cidal. They will be perfectly content if they can succeed in keeping Sheridan out of the Vallev until tbey have succeeded in harvest ing and sending to their rear the crops of wheat, corn, Ac., of which their starving Con federacy stands so much in need. Beconnoitering parties sent out yesterday at different points along the line found '.he enemy in force, and prepared to resist an attack. It is a matter of conjecture whether similar parties sent out to day would find ihem In force. Picket firing commenced in front of the Sixth Corps this morning, but up to the time of clos ing this despatch, 1 p. m., it has not amounted to anything serious. B. L. S. Hall Town, Va., Aug. 21.?Nothing ?f any especial importance has occurred during the past twenty-four hours along our front. A slight scattering fire has been kept up at inter vals on different portions of our line of skir mishers, but no movement of definite result has taken place. Our troops, by dint of con stant exertion, have contrived to render onr naturally strong position one of impregnabil ity, and the works erected by the Army of Western Virginia will long exist as a monu ment of untiring industry. Our forces are said to be in possession of Shepardstown, and I see no reason for doubt ing it, as a large train of wagons could be seen proceeding in that direction this morning. 1 have late and reliable advices from Qen. Av erill, who reports that no movement has yet been made by the enemy to cross the Potomac in force, and that his command still hold pos session of the upper fords, which are baing carefully watched. Advices from the moun tains state that a heavy rain had fallen there, and that it will probably have the effect of making the Potomac unfordable. But as yet no indications of any unusual rise exist in thi3 locality. A thousand little signs, only discernable to an adept, tend to prove that General Sheridan intends to assume the offensive. Everything now seems to show that the enemy in t e Vau l?y are falling back on Bichmotid, evidently the result of the recent successful operations in front of Petersburg. The contemplated counter movement is doubtless deemed a failure, and a recall has been sounded. Jbis will explain much of the mystification regarding operations of this part of "our forces. We were to amuse Early while the real key movement was executed by Warren on the Weldon railroad. Doubtless tbe faBing back of General Sberidan on Halltown was only a seductive snare to allure the rebel General en and keep him engaged. No other Items ot interest exist in this imme diate neighborhood. The Ferry is fearfully crowded by army wagons, officials, orderlies, guards, sutlers, and hangers-on generally. Yes terday a large number ot disloyal citizens from Berry ville and Cbarlestown were sent downon tbp train, and to-day a squad of rebel prisoners of war departed under a strong guard. Forrester. From James River. [Correspondence New York Herald.J Gen. Butler's Headquarters, Aug. 22, 7 a. m.?Diligent inquiry enables me to state that the number of rebel troops opposed to us in the late operations at and in front of Deep Bottom, on the north bank of the James river, amounted to 14,000 men. They were made ?p of Major Gen. Fields' division, consisting of five brigades; Major Gen. Mahone's division, three brigadeb of Wilcox's division, one brigade ol Bushrod Johnson's division, Wade Hamp ton's cavalry, and a few reserved militia de fending Chapm's Bluff. It is not improper to state that it has finally been determined that the forces lately oper ating at Deep Bottom can, in the new phase of military affairs that has precipitated itself in cident to our holding the Weldon railroad, be of more service to the cause elsewhere. Con sequently they were withdrawn on the night of the 20th Inst., and new dispositions made of them to suit new and important complications, which will be made apparent in good time. The Stamp Tax.?Frequent errors are re ported in connection with the new stamp tax. Stamps are now required on all bank checks, drafts or orders for money drawn on banks or trust companies. Also on all money drawn on individuals or other corporations exceeding 810 in amount. Beceipts for the payment of any sum of money or for the payment of any debt due, exceeding 820, not being for the sat isfaction of any mortgage or judgment on de cree of any court, and a receipt for the delivery of any property must bear a two cent stamp.? Phila. Ledger. Cotton vs. Saltpetre.?The friends of gun cotton are pressing its advantages over gun powder very actively. Its weight is only one sixth of that of gunpowder. It produces no smoke; it dees not foul; it does not heat. With but one-fourth the weight of a gunpowder charge, it gives eqnal initial velocity, and in shells one-third of the weight produces double the explosive force. The damp and exposure do not alter its qualities. ?^"The workingmen of Chicago have had a meeting for the purpose of forming, a "labor party," who shall always be united in favor ol laboring men. WSy Mr. and Mrs. Brewer, of Wavne county, Ky., have twenty-two children. This is, per haps, the most extensive brewery In the west. ( fy*5=? WATER REGISTRAR'8 OFFICE, June UJ? 29, 1864.? This office having been necessa sarilr closed for several dars during the present month, the time for receipt of water rents is ex tended to the Slst August, after which date the water will be shut off from all premises of which the water rent is unpaid. No further notice will be given. RANDOLPH COYL1, Jy 30-d Water Registrar. FOR BALI ? A lot of FRAMES, SASH and BLINDS, in by 12 and 10 by It. Inquire at No. 185 6th street, between N and 0. au 25 3t* IT*OR BALE?A HACK, with horses, harness, s Ac., Ac., in good order. Apply to No. 511 H street, near 7th. au 25 3t* EfDMUND KTRKE'S NEW HOOK-"Down in JTj Tennessee," by the author of "Among tne Pines,"Ac. Price $1 .H* Por?aleby PHILP A SOLOMONS, au 25-St 332 Pennsylvania avenue. 1 EN ERAL ORDERS, WAR DEPARTMENT^? * The General Orders of the War Department for 1?CI. '62 and '63. Two volumes : price ?10. For sale by PHILP A 80LOMONS. au S5 Ot 332 Pennsylvania avenue. FOR SALE?A sorrel MARE, 14 handslinch;5 years old; sound in every respect, and JCV uncommonly irentle; the handsomest crea- T2 ture of her sei in the District; suitable for a lad or a young lady. Can be seen at MITCHEL'S Stables, for 5 or 6 days, corner of 13th and K sts., Washington, P. C. au K-2t* A FIN*. NEARLY THOROUGH-BRED BAY HORSE AT PRIVATE SALE.-Weft*. offcr for sale a fine, nearly thorough bred BAY nORSK. admirably adapted for mili-"^-* tary purposes, 16 hands high, full of life and ac tion, from the best stock. 6,l? years old, and per fectly sonnd; seasoned and hardened, will carry any weight, and perfectly gentle: would make a splendid general officer's horse. Apply to W. L. WALL A CO., Auction and Commission Merchants, au 2fi td South cor. Pa. av. and 9th st. J^JSNDAL GBEEN VINEYARD GRAP1S. LEAVE YOUR ORDERB AND SEE SAMPLES, AT z. D. OILMAN'S DRUG BTOBI. au 2S-tf under Metropolitan Hotel. ??Haw YORK frBWSPAPERS FORWARD BD FROM NBW YORK DAILY, at greatly reduced prieea.?Tarns, for one year. (payable la *?! th? Herald, 97, Instead of *10; Tribnne, *7; Times. $7; World, J7: Daily News, ffj. Bvenin* Post, *>? Bvening Express, fa JO. Address A. JOYCE, Me. 63 wait 34th street. New York. to 5 3m WudgHM.WISftaSfb.... the lowest cash prices, at the root ?( 15th st. w* and Canal. au w' pgOPOBALI I 0 B L 0 A. II . TmMASWBT D?PA*Tirt**. July t5,1864. Notice is hereby giren that subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer of the United States, the several Assistant Treasurers and Designated Depositories and br the National Banks designated ?nd qualified as Depositories and Financial Agents, for Treasury Ho tee payable three years fr0*? August 15,1864, bearing interest at the rate seven and three-tenths per cent, per annum, wita semi annual coupons attached, payable in lawtu money. .. * These notes will be convertible at the option oi the holder at maturity, into six per cent, g?.4 bearing bends, redeemable after fire and payable twenty years from Ausrust15,1367. The Notes will be issued in the denominations oT fifty, one hnndred. fire hundred, one thousand and fire thousand dollars, and will be issued^ or payable to order, aa may be directed by the ?ub 'Ci!uesubscription must be for fiftr dollars, or J'. i-?j '?? ?? ites. The party depositing must endorse upon^the original certificate the denomination ofnotesre quired, and whether they ate to be issued in blank or parable to order. When so endorsed it must be left with the officer receiring the deposit, to be forwarded to this Department. The notes will be transmitted to the of transportation charges as soon after the receip of the original Certificates of Deposit as they can b Interest* will be allowed to August IB on all deposits made prior to that date and will be paid by the Department upon receipt of the orig oa certificates. _ . .... As the notes draw interact from August 15, per sons making deposits subsequent must pay the interest accrued from date of note to date of deposit. . .. ? Parties depositing twenty-fire thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission of one-quarter of one per cent., which will be paid by this Department upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by the officer wiU? whom the deposit was made. No deductions for commissions must be made tr the deposits. .. Offieers receiring deposits will see that tne proper endorsements are made upon th e origina certificates. All officers authori?ed to reeeire deposits are requested to gire to applicants all desired informa tion, and afford erery faciHty for making sub scriptions. W.P. FMMD1I, jy 26-tf Secretary of the Treasury^ LOST AND FOUND. REWARD-Lost, on Monday evening, O&t) August 24. 1864. on the Avenue, between sth and llth streets. ONE HUNDRED AN D T \\ O DOLLAB8, in Government money. The above will be paid if loft at this office. il LOST?About one month ago, a red COW. with white face. A handsome reward will be paid to nnv person that returns the above to MAttttA KET MARKS,corner 12th and E streets. Navy ? ard Hill. _? REWARD?Strayed or stolen, a bay HORjJE two small cuts on his right breast The iov? reward will be paid if returned at JOHN 11AYNA. on F street, near the Canal Bridge. Is land. il? Found trespassing on my premises-a large light colored COW, which the owner can hive by proving l*operty T^k^VJBR11 au 25-3t* 21th street, First Ward. I OST?On 15th street west, a commission and Li discharge papers with other papers or T. n. WHITEHOUSE, late captain of Co.K,22d Maine vols. The finder will be rewarded by leaving t&em at BOLTER'S. 428 Pa. avenue, between 4^ and 6th sts. au 25'3t I OST ' LOST ! LOST Broke loose from the ^ Three Tun Stables, Aug. 25th, one large bro wn COLT, four years old, some white in his face. Fire dollars wil! be paid for his delivery at the abo^o stablf s, on 3d street east, between ManoN. au 25 6t* K. II. LAMHr.Lii. _ ffiQA REWAKD.?Stolen, a dark bay CANA (joU DIAN U. 8. HOR81. pony build, small size, white spot on the left side under tie saddh tirth, heavy mane anil for6top. Address U. i. DOR8ETT, at Kendall Green Park, Washington. D O. an 43-ox CT" REWARD.?Strayed away on the 3d of Au gust a small dark brindle COW, with whits hind teet, white belly, white on the end of her toll, .?l ? ro? '??5"i^ifeArt M(.CATUKON, au 25-3t* Cth st.. bet. E and G, Nary-Yard. ITOUND?Some valuable PAPERS,belonging to f Anthony Clinton. He can have them by pay ing charges, at the 8eventh Ward 8tation House, on ty% street south. au 24-iw OST-On Tuesday, the 23d instant, a dark bay STALLION, about ten years old; hasaknot under his throat. He was attached to cart num bered 3:s3 W. C. $5 reward will be paid if returned. JAMES F. ROLLINS, in alley between Mass ave nue snd L street and 13th and 14th sts. au 24 LUST?Last week, a gold LOCKET, (containing an ambrotype,) with a watch k*y attached The finder, by leaving it at the Star office, will receive a suitable reward. au is-s* OST?On Menday, August 22.1864. BAJ M ARK, in foal, about 8 years old. S5 reward will be given if she is returned to ANNA MONTEQR1FFS, corner 10th and Md. ave.. Island. an 23 31? I \I8APPEARED. SUNDAY E VENING, th e21st IJ inst., from his residence. No. 393 i th street, HARRY MORRIS, aged ?) >ears Had on a blue blouse light pant* and Test. Any information west. ?rr tJTRAYED, on Saturday,the 20th J"B^4imVF8 f") small PI&S, two months old, two BARRO? a and one SOW. The sow and one barrow were split on the ear; 3 barrows whi^e and the sow snorkled. By giving information to P. J. UAIj l.AGH AN, at the Washington Brewery, the finder will be liberally rewarded. au ? ?TRAYED OR STOLEN-From the subscriber ^ on the 22d inst., a large, rangy bay HORSE, sixteen bands high, good condition, very promi nent in chest, very little lame in near hind leg. 10 years old, long switch tail. Any person giving information about the above h^rs^e re"jf 3t* No 31 north A strea't, Capitol'Hill. ffl? ? f\ RE WARD-St rayed away on the 12th inst., $ 1 0 one tlea-bitten GREY MARE, about 16 hands high, good size, pigeon toed, white mane, and good tail, 12 or 14 years old, with a lump on Sight shoulder from the collar jhe abore reward ?will be paid by leaving her at J AS H. B11R?\ E3 Livery Stable. 7th street, h^^^VtONE,6 au23-3t* Bandy Borings.Montgomery Oo. Md. <3? " l\ REWARD ?Lost in this city on Saturday $;>() afternoon, a BLACK MOROCCO POCKKT BOOK, containing a certain sum of money. ? so ever will leave it at this office shall receive the above reward. au 19-lw $5' flhov<? SUBSTITUTES. GENTS FOR THE QUOTA OF THE DISTRICT. SUBSTITUTES! SUBSTITUTES I N. n. MILLER & CO., No. 511 Ninth street west, near Pennsylvania ar. (2M TWENTY-FIVE men for the army, as REP RESENTATIVES for those liable to the DRAFT, AT THE MOST REASONABLE PRICES N. B?Runners liberally dealt with. Exemption paptrs prepared, with dispatch, by N. H. MILLER, an 6-3w* Justice of the Peace. SUBSTITUTES.? Substitutes bought and sold. Enrolled citizens bad better apply at 1&3 I st., between 2?th and 21st, before engaging a sub. elsewhere. Will be furnished at the cheapest rates. jy 26-lm* ST AMPIN GAN DEM BROIDERING <done with neatness and dispatch, and at the lowest prices, at 431 Massachusetts avenue, near the Northern Liberty Market. au 24-1m* IGEORG1 FORREST, -iATE Quartermaster United States Army, Adjusts Officers, Ordnance, Quartermaator's, and Commissary's ACCOUNTS, 464 Tenth street, au24-lm* Washington, D. C. J^YSPEPSIA AND FITS, Ascrkoi'kk for these distressing complaints is now made known in a Treatise on Foreign and Na-_ tive Herbal Preparations published by Dr. O. Phalps Brown. The prescription was furnished him in such a providential manner,that he rannot conscientiously refuse to make it known, as it has cured everybody who has used it. never having failed in a single case. It is equally sure incases of Fits as of Dvspepsia; and the ingredients may be found in any drug store. 8ent free to all on the xeceipt of five centsto pre pay postage. Thiswork, of 4H octavo pages, beautifully illustrated also treats on Consumption, Bronchitis. A tama. Gen eral Debility, and gives the best known Herbal Remedies for their_positive and permanent cure. Address Dr. O. PHBLPS BROWN, No. 1?? Grand Street, Jersey City, Mew Jersey, au 24 W QRAPES ! GRAPES I! GRAPES !! 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Co. furnish the following quo tations of Government ucnrlties: WABHISgtof. An*. 25, 1?64. Buying. Selling. U. S. 6's Coupon 18?1 109 llu U. 8.5-20's 112 in 7 3-10 Treasury Notes 110 111 One Year Certificates 05 Certificate Checks 95 # Nbw York-Jirst Board. Coupons, 109#; 5-20's, 112 *': Certificates, 91%: Gold, 854 FROM CITY POINT. . The mail steamer Johu Brooks, Capt. Ben der, arrived at the Sixth street wharf at six o'clock this morning from City Point at 10 a. m. yesterday, with the mails and passengers, among the latter being several hundred men from New Orleans, belorging to the several regiments of the 19th corps. She reports that at last accounts all was quiet in front of Warren, who holds an im pregnable position on the railroad, but the en emy are laboriously entrenching themselves in his front, as if believing that our advance in that direction is intended to go beyond the Weldon road, are much puzzled how to pro ceed to recover the road by which almost all their troops and supplies were procured from the South. The indications are that the Rebels will receive another astonisher very shortly. Twenty-six deserters who came over to our lines on Tuesday night were brought upon the Brooks. They took the oath as soon as they reached our lines and expressed themselves as highly gratified with the change. Tney tell the same story of the dissatisfaction of the Con federate soldiers, and repeat the assertions that the desertions would be much more numerous if it was not that the men are made to believe that they will be put in onr army as soon as they reach onr lines. The evening before the Brooks left (Tuesday) 454) more prisoners were brought to City Point, captured on the Weldon Road. PROPOSALS FOR FLOUR. Bids were opened to-day at noon at the office Eepot Commissary of Subsistence, for the fur nishing to Government of two thousand bar rels of flour. The following is a list of bidders and the rates offered: John A. Green, 1,(100 barrels at $13.23; 1,0C0 at SI3.25: 1,000 at ?13 30; 1,000 Jit S 13.35; and 1,000 at 813.40. William H. Edes, 400 at 813.15, and 200 at 813.25. George W. Linville, 200 at 813.25; 300 at 813.18; 500 at 813.63. I). L. Shoemaker & Bro, 1,000 at 813.15. G. W. Mears, 3,000 at 813.38; 3,000 at 813.48 1,000 at 813.60. Thos. H. Donohue, 1,000 at 813.45: 1,300 at 813.47; 1,500 at 813.50. Rowland & Ervine, 2,000 at 8I3.3J: 2,000 at 813.4s; 2,000 at 813.60. A. Ross Ray & Bro., 1,000 at 813.00; 1,000 at 813.10; 1,000 at 813.20. The lowest bidders, it will be perceived, ara Messrs. A. Ross Ray & Bro. The proposals were opened and taken under consideration, but no award made. THE ATTACK OF MOSBY ON TUB STOCKADE AT ANNANDALE. No further particulars of the raid of Mosby on Annandale yesterday had been received up to noon to-day. save that we had one sergeant of the 16th New York cavalry and two men captured. The demand for surrender was made three times by Mosby, each demand being preceded by shots from his artillery. The de mand was obstinately refused, and finally the rebs were forced to retire. UNDER SENTENCE. Lieut. Wm. Thompson, 2d Maryland volun teers: privates Fred. Huntt, company I, Pth U. S. infantry; Simeon Van Stierberg and Rich'd Ilaynes, 20th New York volunteers, under sen tence of court-martial, were committed to the Old Capitol to-day. CHANGE IN THE ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT. It is stated that General Ramsay is to be retired from the command of the Ordnance Bureau, and Major Dyer placed in charge? with Captain Benton as his assistant. Captain Balch is to be put in charge of onr Arsenal. ARRIVAL OF WOUNDED. The steamer State of Maine, Capt. Borden, arrivrd from City Point at 10 o'clock to-day, with 305 wounded, mostly serious cases, from Warren's corps, but as soon as she touched the wharf she was ordered to Alexandria. BBDBL nS^HBTERS. Twenty-six deserters from the rebel army reached here this morning from the front, and after taking the oath of allegiance were fur nished with transportation North. PRISONERS. Sixty citizens of Loudon county, arrested for disloyalty and other offenses, reached here last evening and were committed to the Old Capi tol by order of the Provost Marshal. PRISONER OF WAR. Lieutenant McCheever, 20th'Georgia regi ment, a prisoner of war, was before the Pro vost Marshal last evening, and was by his order committed to the Old Capitol. Appointed Commissioner.?Judge A. S. Johnson, of New lork, has been appointed Commissioner, on the part of the United States, to settle the claims of the Hndson Bay and Puget's Sound Agricultural Society. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS FROM MEMPHIS. Forrest's Raid into that City?Patients in Hospitals Fired Upon?The Rebels Whipped in a Fight?They are Forced to Abandon their Captures. Cairo, Aug. 34.?The Bulletin says the rebel force that entered Memphis on Sunday morn ing, consisted of nine regiments of cavalry and four guns, under Forrest in person. Only half of the command entered the city, the re mainder stopping outside to prevent their re treat being cut off. They captured about 250 prisoners, mostly 100 days' men, many of yvhom escaped, and others were murdered. The rebels fired on the patients in the hos pitals and shot several sick soldiers, and cap tured others Those who were unable to keep up with the cavalry were killed. But for the prompt action of the feth Iowa regiment the prisoners in tlie Irving prison might have been released and the Bulletin office sacked. The rebels suddenly left the city, about six o'clock, followed by a considerable force of our troops, and a fight occurred near the lanes, lasting two hours, in which they were severely punished and driven off. It was here that Colonels Starr and Kendrick were wounded, in coming through the .lanes. The rebels cap tured two guns and a section of the 7th Wis consin battery, and a number of one hundred day men; but were obliged to abandon the guns in their retreat. After the retreat Forrest sent a flag of truee, asking an exchange of prisoners, which was denied. Lieut. Harrington, 3d U. S. artillery, was killed. Major Lassing, 4th colored artillery, and Lieut. Kinsey, a member of Gen. Wash burne's staff, were captured. When last heard from?at 7 o'clock Monday morning?the rebels were eiuhi miles beyond Nounean Peak, in full retreat, Col. Winslow's cavalry pursuing The 3d Illinois cavalry passed through Cairo to-day, en route to Springfield to be mustered out. Forty of its members were captured at Memphis on Sunday, atnong them Lieut. Col. Duncan and Major O'Connor. LATEST FROM MOBILE BAY. Operations of onr Forces?Gen. Granger Approaching fort Morgan. Nkw Orlbawf, Aug. 16, via Cairo, Aug 23 ? The land forceB under Gen. Granger are with in 300 yards of Fort Morgan, and a general as sault is expected in a few ('ays. The fleet is fully prepared, including the ram Tennessee. Fort Morgan continues silent. There I s seven leet of water up to Mobile. The Tennessee has been folly repaired, and had fired a shot at Fort Morgan, which re mained mysteriously silent. Two ol the monitors are expected to ascend the bay to Mobile. The Tennessee will accom pany them. The rebel report of an assault and slaughter of our troops is nntrne. Cotton is doll. Gold, 257#. Exchange on New York, three days' sight, # per cent, pre mium. NEW YORE STOCK LIST. [By the People's Line?Office Sll Ninth street.] Nbw York, Aug 25.?U. & 1881, coupon 6's, 109*; U. S 5.?Os, 112X; Certificates of Indebt edness, 95#; Gold, 255; N. Y. Central, 129; Erie, 109^; Hudson River, 127#; Harlem, ?; Beading, 133#-, Michigan Central,'31, Michi gan Southern, 84if; Illinois Central, 138*; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 110#: Cleveland and Toledo, 127; Ohioago and Rock Island, 1103#; Milwankis. and Prairie da Ohlen, 63#;' Pitts burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 111#; Alton and Tena Hante, 66; <7hicago and North western, {^^Quicksilver, 81#. r From Harass. Niw YO?? Aug. 25?The steamer Liberty, from Havana on the 80th, has arrived. The importation of Coch in Chinese into Cuba has been granted. A meeting has been held at Havana to peti tion the Crown for representation in the Cortes. . The blockade runners Dcmbigh and Susana Were at Havana. Business dull. A Blackade Runner. Halifax, Aug. 25.?The blockade runner Constance sailed yesterday, it is reported for Wilmington. She was chased by a Federal gunboat and ran into Ketch harbor last night. She however, left this morning, hngging the shore. LOCAL NEWS. Capk ok Grand Labcbnt?Last night, about o'clock. Officers Pendal and Fuss, of the Fonrth Ward, arrested Wm. John Brooks and James Brown for disorderly conduct, at No. It) Marble Alley, which is kept by Nellie Matthews. Nellie is not at home just now, being on a visit to the springs for health and recreation, and the honse and business is in charge of Nellie Hill. Brown and Brooks were cntting at each other with knives, as if deter mined to take life, to satisfy a dispute they had abont money. Ab?ut the time of their arrest Officer Bonn arrested Stephen Conner, a sol dier of the loth Pennsylvania volunteers, for being drunk. It subsequently appeared at the station-house that Conner had been robbed, and the two disorderly men, Brown and Brooks, were held for trial on tnat charge also. Nellie Hill testified that the prisoners went to the honse in the morning, and were talking to gether?a kind of "blind talk.She heard them talking about going through the house and going down into the girls' stockings for money, Conner was lying in the yard drunk, and the prisoners went into the yard and took his money out of his pocket and counted it out. It was a little over ten dollars. They boasted of having been at the Park to a pic-nlc, and took a Butchman's money, and the police were not sharp enough to catch him. One boasted that ne bad been through Washington three times, and was going through again. Conner testified that he had been with the prisoners two or three days, and gave his watch to Brown. He had twenty-five or twenty-six dollars when he laid down in the yard, ana the money was taken from him. Wtien the prisoners were taken to the station-house they were searched. Conner's watch was fonnd on Brown. Six hundred dollars, In hundred and fifty-dollar notes, were found folded up in tin foil, resembling a package of fine-cut tobacco, and ?115 in small notes of every denomination, twisted up in strings and small lumps, giving considerable trouble to untwist them, were found loose, in Rrown's pocket- The prisoners were sent to jail for court, and Conner was turned over to the military, by Justice Giber - son. Tub Pbocebpb op Fines.?Under the last act of Congress, providing that the proceeds of the fines levied and collected by the Criminal Court, with the fines levied by Justices of .the Peace for selling liquor to soldiers, &c., shall be paid into the treasury ef the Corporation of Washington and Georgetown, and the Levy Court for the benefit of the school funds, the Marshal of the Bistrict has paid over the amount received by the conn, $5,523,10 Washington receiving one-half and George town and the County one-fourth each. The first magistrate who has thus complied with th? law is Mr. Reaver, of Georgetown, who, a few mornings ago, handed over to the Mayor $60 as the Corporation's share of the fines imposed by him since approval of the act. There is doubtless considerable money in the hands of the justices, whose proper course is to make the division ajid pay over to the proper officers, Fourth Ward Station Cabb*.?Fanny Hopewell, grand larceny; bail for court. Patrick O'Bonnell, assault and battery; dis missed. L. Turner, do.; jail for court. John O'Bonnell, grand larceny; dismissed. Wm. John Brcoks, disorderly; dismissed. James J. Brown, grand larceny; jail for court. Wm. J. Brooks, do.; do. Stephen Connor, drunk; mil itary. Itenry Edmond, do.; dismissed. Mrs. Julia Connor, assault; do. Baniel Rooney, drunk; dismissed. Julius Wallace, disorderly; $2.58 Wm. Norris, do.; $2 58. Richard Wil son, do.; $2 5S. Wm. Phillips, do.; $2.59. Morris Hartnett, disloyalty; military. Thos. Jarboe. drunk; $l.Sa. Cornelius Huerlig, sleep ing in the street; dismissed. Thomas Reagan, do.; do. Sic k.?Yesterday the police of the 5th Ward found a colored man lying in a dying state in a gravel bank on 2d street east, and took him to the station house, and summoned Boctors McKim and McCoy, who have rendered every assistance in their power.- He was still living this morning but will not last long. The general impression seems to be that he is a con traband, and becoming sick his comp anions got tired of him and threw him out. Statbobthb thbbmombtbb.?At Frank lin & Co.'s, opticians, No. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, the theimometar stood to-day at 1 o'clock, 67 in the shade, and 95 in the sun. Affairs wQvojiqktow.?Closing a Ranche. This morning, Wm. Fowler, the proprietor of a well known ranche, was arrested by the mil itary and was taken before Justice Buckey, by order of Major Littler, to be tried for selling liquor to soldiers. Major Littler himself pros ecuted the case, and the proof being positive, the justice ordered Fowler to pay $21.22 fine and costs. Fowler paid cheerfully, and was about leaving the office with the remark, "I be lieve I'll go and take a drink," when Maj. Littler remarked. "You'll take a drink at Forrest Hall," and Immediately turned him over to a guard, who carried him to the prison. Fowler's house and stock is now in charge of a guard. The charges against him are selling liquor to soldiers, and selling citizens' clothing to sol diers. The police, who are much gratified with this disposition ofjthe case, gave the ranche an awful name. A soldier named Kelly, a wit ness against Fowler, declares that he was robbed of S32S injthat house. The ran che will hardly be opened by Fowler while Major Littler is provost marshal of Georgetown. A Deserter from Motby't Men.?This morning, patrolman Brill arrested a man named William Boyle, who was loitering abont the boats in the canal. Boyle claimed to be a deserter from Mosby, and says he has been with him two years. He deserted a few weeks a?ro, and has been until within a few days hiding in the woods. His story is plausible, but it is sus pected that he is a bounty jumper. He was immediately turned over to the military. 1'ort of Georgetoicn.?Cleared?Schooner A. B. Haze, Wisher, Philadelphia; S. Scranton, Hur vev, Pocomoke; Problem. Tyler, \ ienna; Kate, O'Brian, Md. Point: M. P. Ivay, Segar, Mn iemoy; J.Walker. Braxton, Pocomoke; Mar tha Ann, Medlv, Baltimore; S. P. Hawes, Mar son, New York; Albert Thomas, \ an Brunt, do.; John Hamilton, Barber, Mattawoman; Catharine Jane, Cox, Nanjemoy; Jno. H. Jones, Fisher, Camden; Butterfly, Hubbard, Balti more; Pearl, Taylor, Commons terry. Sloops Industry, Simmons, Chickamuxen; Eagle, Faunce, St. Mary's; T. Burley, Crosby, Acco mac; Memento, Lomax, St. Mary s; Long boat Greyhound, Tuell, Swan Creek. ?y Enormous buckles have come Into lash ion with the Paris belles. Some measure in engTh several inches, and of course enormous ly^widef waistbands are req aired to accompany them. These waistbands are fashioned of siIlk, and made to fit the figure very I'^ea short stay; small strips of whalebone are in^er between the silk and lining. 10-A communication printed in the New York Post, respecting pri vate iBsand asy lumi , is attracting a good deal of attention. The writer charges that some of them are mere hmiJU in which a man incarcerates his daughter or wife when he prefers to have nis aaugu?-? v daughters imprison their aged mother fn order to enjoy the larger part of her income. *7-Tha beautiful Empress of Austria is said dangerous, CPBt^' be determined to dls c^X'w.SiW O.'^p. in ?r T5. von.: j?. as milk Is exceedingly n?Kn wm ? verely P??^ed* wh0 was imprisoned in 0T Bora ?n^? 'funy maltreating an adopt - <"?* >? S!i',???Wa?crtyln ??.???? b.a.u,ln toxication. t gt j0hn's, Newfound The weather at fc . Wisb we had land, Is reported to be very coi "?rAUeftue ???p'? a?'lre w M b> General BebHity^^^^, ?-?TBiRflML. iUOOMBOl TO H F ' CiTMB^HANTDTAni* , , I) ^ .0. ,c?nb? A'do! fVct^ ?W\ 0 BPQAK R?H1 ffTpT LYMAN'S PATEET SELF SEALING J\R^ We particularly invite the attention nf those intending to put up fruit to examine LYMiN'A SELF 8EALING JAR. Fruit put op in these Jars require no sugar. simple in construction, they are more easily sealed or opened than inr mr now in use. 8ample*ofberries nad fruit put up in thesejari last year, can be seen at our store. Full direction* for putting up all kinds of fruit ran he had gratu itouslv. Prices for Lyman's Self 8ealing Jars are Pints, *2.5": quarts, #?: H gallon si^es. M.fiO per dozen. 0 W.BOTELERA SON. 318(Iron Hall) Penn. avenue, au 2.">-3t [Chron.l bet. 9th and loth st*. /COLLECTOR'S OFFICE, Vy UllTBD !*TATK& IxtKRNAI RK .KS.CF, District of Columbia. Washington, August 25,ISM. By and with the authority vested in me by Sec. ?S of the United S'ates Internal Revenue, ?? An act to provide Internal Revenue Jo support the Gov ernment and to pay interest npon the Public Debt," approved June 28. I-<$4. for the non-pay meat of License. I have caused to be seized one Bay Horse, the property of Adam Orinder, whirh I shall re 11 to the highest bidder on the 6th day of September, 18?">4. at in o'clock a. m .at the auction market of W. L. Wall ft Co., on Louisiana avenue, between 9th and l??th streets west, unless t!^ amount of said License, with the penalties pre scribed bv said law with the expenses of distrain, advertisement, Ac., are paid on or before aaid time of sale. L. CLEl'H AN K. Collector. H. C. FOWLKR an 23-2t Deputy Acting Collector. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. No. 626 corner 7th and D streets north. B A GOOD TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON SIXTn STREET. BETWEEN G AND 11 STREETS NORTH. AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 31st inst., at ?; o'clock p. m.. we shall sell, in front of the premises, part of Lot '5. in square t';5. with the improvements, consisting of a TWO STORY FRAME H018E. containing seven good roems, also a good alley back of the lot. Auy one wishing to purchase a residence will do well to attend the sal.'. Terms : One-half cash, balance IB three an I s t months, secured by a deed of trust on the i>rem ises. ? . ., All convevnBcingan<l revenue stamps at the cost ' fanhl5Pd fC'M'r'GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. gY W. L. WALL A CO , Aucts. U. B. MARSHAL'S SALE OF PRIZE 8CHOONJR AND LONGBOAT AND CARGO. In virtue of two warrants of sale issued from ttie Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the District of Columbia, and to m* di rected, I will sell for cash, at the Bazaar of Wm. L. Wall A Co , on Louisiana avenue, between 9th and 10th street*, on WEDNESDAY, the 31st day of August inst., commencing at lo o'clock a. n?., the following goods an! chattels being the cargo of the longboat J. II. D. Smoot. viz: I bbis. Pop, 2bbls.Cider, 1 keg Butter, 2bbls.Flour, % bbl. Mackrel, 1 Bedstead, an t 1 bbl. Crackers, 4 Chair*, 1 bbl. Cakes, At 4 o'clock p. m.. on the same day, I shall se'1, at the foot offith street wharf, the schooner "COW PKRTHWAITE." her Tackle. Apparel and Fur niture. ALSO At the same time, the longboat "J. H. D. SMOOT.'' Both vessels now lying at the foot of 6th street wharf, on the Potomac river. WARD II. LAMON, U. 8. Marshal. D C. an 25-d per WM. L. WALL A CO.Aucts. [Chronicle. 1 PROPOSALS FOR EMPTY B \RRELS AND BOXES. Offia L'.vot Commissary of Subsistence,I Washington, August 2.">. lf'64. S Sealed proposals in duplicate are invited until the 27th inst., at 12 o'clock M., for the purchase of all the empty BARRELS and BOXES the Subsii tence Department may have to dispose of at this Depot, including all within the ancient limits of the District of Colombia. Bids will be made as follows, viz : Flour barrels, pork or beef barrels, coffee or su gar barrels, bean, or rice, or salt barrels, vinega' or whisky barrels or kegs, bacon barrels or casks, bacon boxes, hai d bread boxes, tea chests, candle ard foap boxes ; and to bid will be considered which does not embrace all the articles which may accumulate at the different Depots within the lim its above stated. ..... A contract will be entered into with the highest responsible bidder, and a bond, with good ana suf ficient security required, for the faithful p?rform ance of the contrset. The officer in charge of the Commissary Station or Depot is to l e the judge as to the quality and condition of the articles, anl what articles come ULder the different clashes ; th? contractor to take the articles away from each Station or Depot at his own risk and expense, and as often as hesbail be notified by the officer in charge to remove them. Payments will be required every ten days, Or often as the Government may direct. Each bidder must be present to respond to his bid, and the right is reserved to reject any hid for any cause. Proposals to be endorsed "Proposals for Empty Barrels and Boxes.'" and addressed to the under siened. at 223 G street. S C. GREEN E. an 25 2t Captain and C. S. > . NOTICE. UNITED STATES T 3.10 LOAM. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WASHING TON has now on hand, ready for immediate deliv ery, a full supply of these new Bonds. ? ubscribers arerequesttd to present their certificates at once anl receive their Bonds. Those having money to invest should not lose sight of the fact that by investing in this Loan they not only receive interest, at the high rate of 7 3-10 per cent., but secure to themselves the very important advantage of obtaining, at the end of three years, 6 PER CENTt 5-80 YEAR BON D3 AT PAR, which are now worth over 13 percent, premium, and which after the war must neces-a rily advance to a much higher rate. an 24-tf T*11? NEW STORE 1 . , NOT TO BE BEATEN. Ladies' Remember that we always have what we advertise. Summer Dress Goods at 10 per cent, less than cost. Detains. Alpacas. Flannels, Shirtings, Linen, Sheeting. Pillow Ca>? Cotton, at cheap prices._ B ocps. Hoop Skirts, Balmorals $4.50, Oor. sets $ 1.7.'. Towels 3n cents, I.inen Shirt Bosoms 3") , cents. Ladie> Hose2.r>cen'>,Child'ens Wollen Hose 25 cents. Boys Silk Handkerchief), 2.-, cents. Linen Tape 3.S cents a dozen. Skirt Braids 15 cents. 200 4 vards Spool Cctton 3 for 25 cents. Our old stock of J Domestic Goods at lesf?than New York prices. Remember the New Store, Red Post. Red i Post. Bed Po-t BENJ. NEWMAN, au ^3-3t' 443 7th street, near G ft. JAY COOKE Ic CO., BANKERS, HAVE THIS DAY. REMOYED TO THEIR NEW OFFICE. FIFTEENTH STREET. NEAR G. OPPOSITE UNITED STATES TREASURY. aug 1-tf For salk at w. r. snow a co's wh \kf. No. 107 Water street, Georgetown, D. C . at reduced prices, the following lotsof WHITE PINK LUMBER viz: 6,60:1 feet 1l{ inch Tongue and Grove Fioerin^ 7,oro '' yt ? Faced Boards 6eC " Culls 4,700 " 1 inch Faced Tongue and Grove Floerins 3,0 0 *' 1 " Faced Boaids 90,' 00 Pickets, for fencing. Also, 40*1 barrels CEMENT. au_19-lw W. R. SNOW a. CO BU T T E R ' ~ ? CHEESE! EGOS! D. E. DUTBOW A BRO., Wholesale Dealers, an 10-lm No. 450 8th street^ f 1GMTNING RODS.-LIGHTNING RODS- r Li The undersigned is prepared to furnisH ?' LIGHTNING RODS, with platTna-tipped pointi, at the shortest and most reasonable terms. Also. BULL-HANGING done in the most appro Ted 8tyl?? Work done in the country at city prices. a ? , . 0. SCHNEIDER. f an 18-lm* 271 Penn. av? Washington. D. C. F NOTICE.?The copartnership heretofore exist > jng between M. K. Walsh and John Pells, Pawnbrokers, under the name and firm of M. K WALSH A CO., is this day diaaolved by mutus consent. August 18, 1864. au 19 6t* M. K. WAL8H A CO r IMMEDIATE CURE OF CERTAIN MALADIES assuming a terrible aspect, by personal;* con sulting Dr. H. A. BARROW,of New York Pro prietor of Triesemar. Ac., Aprofessional duties k requiring his presence at Waskiagtoa (or a few I d*ys. He may be accordingly co'suited at the Kb- ' bitt House, Fstreet, between 13th and 14th. until J September 3d, ai.d no longer, as his numerous ea- Jk gagements renders it impossible t? prolong hW W stay. f A judicious supervision and inspection of dia eases ari.-ing from imprudences, enablea the prar- j , titioner, experienced in those ?pecialitien,to adopt prompt and unerring means to remove the Might, ?nd purif* the tainted system, which if allowed to take its course unchecked, assumes forms fearful to contemplate, therefor*, th se unfortunately com pelled to appear in the social circle with a system saturated with disease, or enfeebled by perverted habits, are exhorted to avail themselves of Dr. Bar row's opportune visit. Honrs of consultation at Ebbitt House, from Ii , till 2, abd from 4 until 6, unless by special appoint ment. au20-t?ep3. TRIESEMAR?Protected by Royal Letters Fat- a ?at of Englaad, and secured by the seals of to* p Boole de Pharmacia de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine. Vienna Triesmar No. 1 is the effectual remedy for Belai ation. Spermatorrhoea, and Exhaustion of the 8y? tern. Triesmar No. J has entirely sup*rsede4 tbs oauaeoas use of Copavia. Oubebs. Ac. Triesmar No. t is the infallible remedy for all (aspurities aad Secondary Symptoms thus obviating the aseof mercury and all other deleterious incredients Each preparation is in the forta of a most U"T able Loxenge Secured from efftietaof climate a? changes of atmosphere, in tin euaee. at >S eacb.o' fonr Is eaaoa tn oae for %9. andlTk? caaes. tko? savin* 99. Divided Ins* pa rate io*ea as admial* V &e., Wholesale and retail by Dr. BARROW. No. ?91 Bleecker street. New York. To he had alao of 8. Q. FORD, 990 Fa. av*. , ^ corner Ilth straat mart-f _ * PPLICATION8 FOR TH1 POSITION Qf Resident S'ndent at Frovtdaaoe *rsai*V' he received nntil Reptemher let. All application!

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