Newspaper of Evening Star, August 25, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 25, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ? ? VET." Yet." What doe* it mean Upon yon soldier's faded coat P Hi* han4 is bard and rongh and brown, I see a scar a one hid throat. Hi* aye* seem loot id* far off still. His close chut month is grim. *' Mother what meant that little word, Upon a *leete bo worn and dim*" It mean*, my child, that rugged, hand Ha* wielded mu*ket lone and Well; Ha* lent the iron thunder home. And tuned the sen* of screeching shell. It mean*?that steady. slaanch and true He fairly won that ragged ecar, H bile yon and I sat safe at home, A nd read the news aboat the war. What wonder if the mouth is grim, That said so many awift ''good bye's;'' Life's common words are idle bregth, Beside th. sw earnest battle cries. What wond er if tne gate is dim. And yonder stranger lingers yet? Tfee eye that ban looked straight at Death. Hia image iray not soon forget. And this ia what it means, to earn The title "veteran," on a coat: Tomarch through Hood and field, or lie W?re rebel rifle* sweep the moat; To serve the guns in rifle pits; To sleep beneath the silent sky; To dream of home and wake to war; To see acomrade drop and die. To bear and heed the fearful song,. Which whistling Minnie bullets sing; To faint and fall, and longing lie For one cold draught from rocky spring; And this my child, is what it ?ays. That little word of letters three; Uo clasp bis hand and give him thanks. For battles fought for you and me. ?A. Y. Ledger. A Singular Exhibition in London. A new exhibition in London, called the "An hropoglossos," is thus described by the Times. ? The room in St. James's Hall, long enlivened i y Christy's Minstrels is now devoted to a ingular exhibition, bearing for its title the (dd word, Anthropoglossos. Entering the com the spectator finds "his attention attract ed by a large waxen head, bearing no slight resemblance to the late M. Jullien, with some, thisg like a silver fhnnel stack into Its month. This head does not stand on a pedestal, but is sustained by gilded chains suspended from the ceiling. At the first glance it mlgbt be taken for a very idealized "A untSilly," but on closer Inspection the spectator will perceive below the bast a small glass case containing some sort of mechanical apparatus. To an aperture in this case the exhibitor applies a key, and after a winding-up process has been duly ac complished, a pair of little bellows are seen to work, and the sound of a human voice, sing, ing the musle and words of a song, quite as dis tinctly as any flesh and blood vocalists, issues lrom the mouth of the head. Six songs, termi nating with ??God save the Clueen," consti tute the entire entertainment. Two other heads, likewise with funnels in their mouths, may be observed at the back of the room, but these are not yet bronght into active operation. When their musical education is complete we may possibly be favored with duets and trios. "Ii we remember right it was Alexander the Great who played the lyre with such wonder ful skill as to elicit from his father the remark that the performance was too good for the future king. In the same manner, notwith standing the assurance that the loss of "Polly Perkins " and the fascination of the "dark girl drossed in blue," are celebrated "by means of the nicest %nd most exquisitely constructed mechanism," we cannot help remarking that the artieulation is almost too unexceptionable for a machine. There is nothing wooden or metallic, or squeaky or hitchy, in the whole performance, but the lyric effusions go off as glibly as though some artist of the Music Halls were singing them through one of those pipes that form a communication between the princi pal's parlor and the clerk's room In a mer chant's counting-house. Hence we fear wick ed Pyrrhonists will arise who will doubt the connection between the winding-up of the machine and the utterance of the melodies. Of course they will be altogether wrong, but the presence of a voice decidedly human would have incalculably Increased the facil ity of refuting them. ?? However, the skeptic and the believer will both agree that the exhibition is extremely in genious. The bead is not large enough to con tain any human performer, nor does it comma nicate in any visible manner with any remote sonrce of sound. There it hangs in chains, in a state of defiant insulation, and if you will not believe that its voice proceeds from the little bellows, it ch allenges you to point out an other origin. ?'To most persons of the present generation the " Anthropoglossos" will, we think, be an absolute novelty, but the old among us will, perhaps, recollect that at a time when tne name of Madame Tussaud was unknown in London there was, on the southern side of Fleet street, a collection of wax figures, osten sibly belonging to one Mrs. Salmon. In one of the rooms of the edifice that contained this collection was the so-called "Invisible Girl;" a small suspended box, from which is sued a voice that answered questions and sang songs. Whether the old " Invisible Girl" was similar in principle to the "Anthropoglossos" we cannotsay." ?7* An English mechanic has invented a cooking range with some new features. The upper bar of the lire-grate is increased in breadth, and placed in an angnlar position, so as to direct the air downwards upon the fire, thereby producing more perfect combustion. The increased heat, instead of being carried up the fines or chimney, which is the case where there is a close door in front of the fire, is thrown ontwards, by which simple ar rangement a strong roasting fire is obtained, and at the Fame time the oven, boiler, and hob-plate are heated in a superior manner. A 10-inch fire is Baid to be capable of roasting a joint of meat, and a 12-inch fire of roasting two joints. It is also found that the fire bars last longer than usual, one or two sets, which have been In constant use for upwards of five years, being still almost as perfect as when first applied The effects produced by this very simple change of form are certainly worth in quiring Into. . Female Compositors.?1The Council Bluffs Konpareil announces that having been desert ed by the printer boys, who have "gone to the wars," It nas "enlisted" about half a dozen of the best looking girls in town, and is now ?'training up" a corps of compositors not sub ject to the draft. The jubilant editor adds: Come on, now, with your "calls" and your ?'conscription," Father Abraham, we are ready for yon; take all the soldiers you want, only leave us our pressman. And ye, peregrina ting printers of the masculine persuasion, don't come this way; we want none of yon; every case is taken; we have all the force we need. Blessed be crinoline! Verily wae the head of the great showman level when be ottered, as by inspiration, his immortal toast: "Femail woman, you are a good egg!"?Multum in hoops ! A Spider Captures a Snake ?The Orleans < N. Y.) Republican says Hon. Lorenzo Bur rows discovered, one day last week, in an unoccupied store of his at Albion, a snake one foot in height in the coil of a spider's web. The snake bad been drawn up from*he floor about halt' his height, and the little spider was above working the tackle by which he intend ed to wholly suspend him, and that by the neck, where he had coiled his web. The snake straggled in vain to escape, and was only re leased by the carelessness of a man who went to see the contest, which was witnessed by hundreds of people during the d;iy. ^?Westminister Abbey la to have & monu ment erected to the memory of Thackarey. ?"Oov. Andrew, of Massachusetts, will be a candidate for re-nomination and re-election. M ABBEY COLLINS * CO.'9 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE AND PORTER. I am now receiving large quantities of DRAUGHT ALU and PORTER from tbia celebrated brewery, whiob I am prepared to furnish on short notice to all persona who favor me with their orders. * Orders given to my drivers will be promptly at tended to. Goods delivered In all parte of Washington and Georgetown, free of charge. RILEY A. 8HINN, Agent, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green atreet p5-tf Georgetown, D. 0. STO THE CITIZENS OP W ASUING-CJtt TON AND VICINITY. Wfu We invite the attention of citizen* ?HI District, who wiah to purchase CHINA, CROCKERY.GLASS WARE.CUTLERY,or PLA TED WARE, to our stock, which ia very complete in every da?>artment, and at lower prices than the same claai of goods can be purchaaed in Northern cities. WEBB A BEVERIDGE, au 17-lw* Odd Fellows' Hall.7th street. RMEia.lUTO?S coo ATCutfn IT 008TI We wonld call the attention of the pab- mmm lie to our stock of REFRIGERATORS ?3 and WATER COOLERS, which we ar?M closing out at prime cost We advise all in aaeat of the abeve article# to five as a call and be sure of a bargain. U. BONTZ. Successor to Bontx & Griffith, an S-Jtw 369 7th atreet. near I. PIANOS.?W? have Jnst received eightm^roo S'einway Sc Son's Pianos all of different sites and styles, which we offerfiTTn I ,l factory prices. These Maaos are some what higher in price than other!, bnt their su perior ty is apparent to all, after a careful exam inatioa. We have also on hand a largeassortinent of other makers Ma?on A Hamlin's Cabinet Or gans, Prince's Melodeon*. at Moale Store of Co.Mt.^Telae. PROPOSALS. pBOPOSALS. Navy DbpartmiST. I But- (iv of Yard? and Dtckj, % Sealed Proposals for eich class separately en dorsed Proposals for Class No. (name the class) for the NaTy Yard at (name the yard)."will be re ceived at this office until the 19th of September nJ*t, at 1 o'clock, p m., at which honr theopenin* j .. ".'da "ill be commenced, for furnishing ana delivering, at the several Navy Yards natnea the materials and articles embraced in printed sahed ?j?Ji which with fall instructions, will be fur nished on application, and sent by mail, if so re queated, to persons desiring to offer to contract for Any or all of the classes named therein, by the commandants of the several Navy Yards, for the classes for the yards under their command, or by the Navy Agent nearest thereto, or by the Bureau for any or all of the yards. To prevent confasion and mistakes in sealing the offers, no bid will be received which contains elates f?. r mors than one yard in one envelope; nor any bid which is not perfect and complete in itself according to the forms of offer and guaranty, and each individual of a firm mast sign the bid and contract. Bidders are hereby cautioned and particularly notified that their offers must be in the form here inafter prescribed, and be mailed in timetorea^h their destination before the time expirss for re ceiving them; no bid will be considered which > ball be received after the period stated, and no allowance will be made for failures of tlie mail J'j?11? ii accomP&nied by a certified copy of the bidder s license. y' To guard against offers being opened before the time appointed, bidders are requested to endorse on the envelope, above the address, and draw a line under the endorsement, thus: ? Proposals for Clasa No. (name the class) for the Navy Yard at(name the yard.)'' To the Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks, Washington. D.C. ? Instructions and forms of offer, with copies of he laws bearing on the subject, will be furnished by commandants of yards, navy agents, and the Bureau, on application to all or either of them. PORTSMOUTH, N. H. Class No. L Bricks; class No. 2, Stone; class No. 5. Oak and Hard Wood; class No. 6, White Pine. Spruce. Juniper, and Cypress; cUrs No. 7, Lime Hair, and Plaster; class No r Cement; class No 9. Gravel and Sand: class No. 9la, Moulding and Fire Sand and fire Clay, class No. 10,Slate: class No. 11, Iron. Iron Nails, and Spikes; class No. 12. Steel; class No. 13. Pig Iron; class No. 14. Files glass No. 13. Paints. Oift, and Glass; class No. 16 f0h,J? Chandlery; class No. 17, Hardware; class No 18. Stationery; class No. 19, Fire Wood; class No. ? ' IlST^?<1 Straw; class No. 21, Provender; class No. 22. Charcoal; class No. 23, Belting. Packing and Hose; class No. 24. Sperm and Lubricating Oils; class No. 25, Iron Castings; class No 2-? Augurs; class No. 27. Anthracite Coal: class No.29* Bituminous Cumberland Coal; class No. 31, Copper and Composition Nails; class No. 32. Machinery and Tools; class A, Cement Paint. BOSTON. Class No. 1, Bricks; class No. 2, Stone: class fn 5, Oak and Hard Wood: clas^to 6, White Pinei Spnice, Juniper, and Cyrei* clas* No. 7, Lime, Ilair and Plas ter; class No 8, Cement: class No 9,.Gravel and Sand, class No. 934, Moulding and Fire Sand and Fire Clay; class No. 11. Iren, Iron Spikes and Nails: class No. 12, Steel: class No 13, Pig Iron: class No. 14, Files: class No. 15, Paints, Oils and Glass; class No. 16. Ship Chandlery; class ??- JZ' Sard^rei, class N". 18. Stationery- class No. 19, Fire Wood; class No. 20. Hay and Straw class No. 21. Provender; class No. 22, Oharcoal: class No. 23, Belting, Packing and Hose; class No 24, Sperm and Lubricating Oils; class No. 25. Iron Castings; class No. 26, Augers; class No. 27, An thracite Ooal; class No. 29, Bitaminous Cumber land Coal; class No. 31, Semi-Bituminous, Broad Top Coal, and Pictou; class No. 32, Machinery and Tools; class A. New Joiner Shop; claw B. II. B Smith a Patent Boring and Mortising Machine. NEW YORK. Claw No. 1, Bricks;-class No 2, 8ton<* class No. 2H, Stone: class No. 4, Yellow Pine Lumber: class No. 5. Oak and Hard Wood: class No. 6, White Pine, Spruce. Juniper and Cypress; class No. 7, Lime, Hair and Plaster; class No 8, Cement- class Gravel and Sand; class No. 9*, Moulding and Fire Sand and Fire Clay; class No. in. Slate; Kviofit i Iri0D' Ir0? Spikes, and Nails: class r-?: ?' ? V-.13' P'if. Iron; class No. 14, v. fi Cqu-b iv>,' Oils and Glass; class No. 16, Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hardware class No. 18. Stationery; class No. 20, Hay and Straw; class No. 21, Provender; class No. 22 Char coal; class No. 23. Belting, backing. andlloHe' class No 24. Sperm and Lubricating Oilsjclass No' &>. Iron Works. Piping, Ac.; class No. 26, Augers: class No. 27, Anthracite Coal; class No. 30, Serai-' Bitumirous Broad. Ton Coal; class No. 31. Coo per and Composition Nails; class A, Fire Truck, " ? , PHILADELPHIA. CImm No. 1, Bricks; class No 2, Stone; class No 4, lellow PineTimber; class No. 5, Oak and Hani Wood; class No. 6, White Pine, 8pruce. Juniper and Cypress; class No. 7, Lime, faair, and Planter' class No 9, Gravel and Sand; class No. 11, Iron' Iron Spikes, and Nails . class. No. 12. Steel ; class No. 14. I iles: class No. 15, Paints. Oils, and Glas-i class No. 16,Ship Chandlery, class No. 17, Hard ware ; class No. 18. Stationery, class No. 19, Fire wood; claps No. 2(j. Hay and Straw; class No 21 Provender; class No. 22. Charcoal; class No" z\ Belting, Packing, and Hose; clasa. fco. 24. Sperm and Lubricating Oils; class No. 26. Augers class No. 27. Anthracite Coal; classNo. 30, Semi-Bitu minous, Broad Tep Coal; class No. 32. Machinery and Tools; class A, Bilge Water Indicators; class B, Spark Arresters; clas^ C. Pitch-house. NAVAL ASYLUM, Class No. 1. Clothing; class No. 2, Hats, Boots, Shoes,&c.; class No. 3. Provisions; class No 4 Groceries; clas* No. 5, Dry Goods; clasa No.'c, Bread, &c : class No 7, Tobacco, class No 8 Coal: class No. 9. Paints. Oils. Glass, Ac.; class r,0!.11, Lumber; class No. 12, Firewood; class tc' p,rounder; class No 14, Miscellaneous; class No. 15, Hardware; class No. 16, Stationery. WASHINGTON. i ?VX??pSL-?irieki cla'N8 stone; class No. 4 Yellow Pine Lumber; class No. 5. Oak and Hard ? 488 No. 6, White Pine. Spruce, JuniDer a? Cypress; classNo. 7, Lime, Hair, and Plaster' clbuk V ?- Ce"}?nKclass No. 9, Grave! and Sand; class No. 9'z, Moulding and Fire Sand and I'ire Clay; class No UIron, Iron Nails, and Spikes; class No. 12, Steel: clasa No. 13, Pig Iron class i?" tr I'8'D^'ass ^?- Paints, Oils, and Glass class No. 16. Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hard ware; class No. 18. Stationery; class No 19. Fire wood; class No. 20. Hay and Straw; class N? 21 Powder; class No 22. Charcoal; class No. 23, Belt 'n*' Jacking, and llose; class No. 23, Sperm and Lubricating Oils; class No. 27. Anthracite Coal, class No. 2D, Bituminous Cumberland Coal? cl?s? No. 32. Machinery and Tools. ueriaDU ^ai, class ? , ? .NORFOLK. ClassNo. 1. Bricks- class No. 3. Yellow Pine Timber: class No 4. Yellow Pine Lumber; class No. 5, Oak and Hard Wood: class No. 6. White t Spriace, Juniper- and Cypress; class No. 7, Lime. Hair and Plaster: class No. 8. Ce.nent; class No |9 a. Moulding and Fire sand and Fire Clay-class No 10, Slate: class No. 11, Iron. Iron Spikes and Nails; class No. 12, Steel; class No. 13, Pig Iron ? v Sf' $J?- Paints, Oils- and Mass, class No 16. Ship Chandlery; class No 17 Hardware;class No *18 Stationery; class No 19 firewood; claaa No. 20, Ilay and Straw; class No' 21. Provender: class No. 22, Charcoal: class Nn 2^' Belting Packing and Hose; class No. 24. Sperm and Lubricating Oil: class No. 26. Auirers- class Nn 97 j??^racite Coal; class No 29.. Bitaminous, Cum Tn 9?, ' class No. Si. Semi- Bituminous Broad Jop Coal Lump; class No. 31, Copper and Compo clas?A sishe^Glazed^' Mttchine^ and T^ls; PENSACOLA. FLORIDA. Class No. 16, Ship Chandlery; class No. 17 Hard ware; class No. 18. Stationery; class No. 19' Fire wood; class No. 2". Hay and Straw; class *No 21 Provender; clas* No. 24, Sperm and Lubrical'in* Oils; class No 26. Augers; cla^s No. 27. Anthra cite Coal, class No 29, Bituminous Cumberland Coal; class No. 32, Machinery and Tools . au 24-W4W ' IV?sonDlAD YET" A Noyel- C. Jeaffre The I.ngoldsby Legends, new edition, 2 vols EBeecher Traimn* of ^h?l*ren. By Catherine By^Robert Ilfle Chren.11" Ri'ht?< lighter1"*1 Heart8, By th# author of the " Lamp From Cape Cod to Dixie Seven Stories with Basement and Attic Collins' > oyage down the Amoor Hand Book for Travelers in Europe W estminster Review for July. W oman's Philosophy of Woman. ,_*u FRANCK TAYLOR. ^EAMSIERS WANTED" Chisf Quartermaster's Offire, Depot 0/ Wa .^ntton I a * Wa*h}nnton, D. C., Auk. 18, K!. 'J . w*n,t?<ij*tonce, five hundred (50o? to one thou ?and (1,000) Teamsters, each capable of driviue with single line and managing six male tsams. 1 o such who are competent to perform the duty, the pay per month will be thirty five (35) dollars, with one ration per day, and hospital privileges' including the best medical attendance when sick' ?i,^h^S^rienced as Wagon Masters will receive flve< ^got^Ve ambers l?thi8 point tweQly" .APPU V? Captain CHARLES H. TOMPKIN8. to ??- A-< Cfrner of Twenty-second and G streets, Washington, D 0. ? . " D. n. RUCKER, .. Br"-c" WroVoI.?^av<i ge^hji'r street, opposite Patent Office and STAMPING. FLUTING. AND _ , PINKING DONE we are the only persons in town who make the business an exclusive one. Constantly receiving and making up new patterns for Braid and Silk .Embroidery. New and elegant patterns received ?if lT 0 ,??' ?ands, Pantaletts, Cape-t, chauls. Slippers, Pin Cushions, See. au 12-tf ^RTILLEBY HORSES WANTED AT ONC*~ Chibf Quartermastbr'b Oppici, ) WiSHINOTOS DbpoT.S nnnora Washington, July 29,18?4. \ RrfrPir.'oJ? nil table for artillery service will be SSIn mlrlot ? by the undersigned, in fif?111 i1** until September 1, 1864, in M on? hundred and eigktfdol n al' each animal to be subjected accepted ^""^nt inspection before being Horses to be deli vered to. and inspected by CaDt Chief QnarterniM??r. T l-iVH Depot of Washington I YMAN S PATENT _ .. , 8ELr S1ALINO FRUIT JAR tending'to'nuV J invite the attention of thofe in sklf IxaLino FRuir jAR5mn??ne .Lf 1WAN'a rh^^n^In^0- o^i up iD the,e Jlkr" np all kinds of fru*t?b?rr?^T for Putting 0. W.B0TftYB48Ofr 31?Penn. . 2 ? - -i. PROPOSALS. pROPVSALS FOB HOC B. brncn DlPOT Conif 188ART of Subsistence J Wasbinbtom, August 18, WtH. | Bealbd Pbopobalb are invited until August 24th, at 12 o'clock m., for furnishing the Sub sistence Department with TW? THOUSAND(3,000) BARRELS Of ILOUB. The proposals will be for what it known at this Depot mNoi.1,3 and 3, and bids will be entertained for any quantity lew than the whole. Bids must be in duplicate, and for eaeh grade oa separate sheets of paper. The delivery of the Flour to commence within Ave dayp from the opening of the bidi, and in such Suantities, daily, as the Government may direct; elivered at the Government warehouse in George *t*be wharves or railsoad depot in Wash ington, D. 0. The delivery of all Flour awarded to be eom Dids within twent>r ^Ti from the opening of the Payment will be made in certificates of indebt edness, or such other funds as the Government may have for disbursement. The usual Government inspection will be made Just before the Flour is received, and none will he accepted which is not fresh ground, and made from wheat ground in the vicinity where manu factured, unless of a very superior quality. The Flour to be delivered in new oak barrels, head lined. An oath of aHegiance must accompany the bid of each bidder who has not the oath on file in this office, and no bid will be entertained from parties who have previously failed to comply with bids, or from bidders not present to respond. Government reserves the right to reject any bid for any cause. Bids to be addressed to the undersigned, at No. 233 G street, endorsed " Proposals for Flour ?? ? 8.0. GREENE, an l/-5t Captain and 0. S. V. PRQP03ALS FOR HATS, CAPS, 8HOES, DRY GOODS, SEWING MATERIALS,Ac. Headquarters Department of Washington,) Office of Chief Quartermaster, > Washington, August 6, 1364. \ ? Jtii'^Proposals 7in received at this office nn.t.M, further notice for furnishing the following rhildrf ?* 4V?? n contraband men, women, and children m this Department: p?r?eai1.? Jrusset. Ac.,) and other serviceable wtar8 ?nd Shoes for men, women, and childrena' Chip, Felt, and Woollen Hats and Cloth Caps. _ j rfvy' Ginghams, Calicoes, Blauket9. a^d other WooUon and Cotton goods. Hukory Stripe (for Shirts.) Bedticking, Un bleached Muslin, Woolen Socks, ant Burlaps. Spool Cotton, Black and White. Linen Thread. s,"P?nder Buttons, large Buttons for Coats. White Porcehain Buttons, Yarn, Needles, and other Sewing Materials and 'Trimmings Samples should be sent with each bid, at the ex pense of the party forwarding the same, bid 0 allegiance should accompany each No verbal proposition will be entertained, but every bid or modification of the same must be in writing. Purchases will be made, from time to time, asthe goods are needed, under contract or otherwise, as the interests of the service may require. Good security win be required for the faithful fulfilment of any contract male under this adver tisement. Proposals shonld be sealed, and addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed " Proposals for furnish ing Dry foods," Ac. ELIAS M. GREENE, Lieut. Cofc and Chief Quartermaster, au 8-10t Department of Washington. J>ROPOBALS FOR WOOD" ' HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF WASHINGTON Of/'cs or Chief Qcabtbrmastbb, ' Nos. 334, 536, 53S* and 540 Fourteenth St., Near New Yofk avenue, ppnnna., a- .Wa?hingten, Augusts, 1864. LS a? invited for furnishing Wood te ifipd TvJXIt aroon.d the Forts hereinafter spec the v^r?nTtP&rfHPK owning Wood or Wood lands in w ,y of the ?ame, vis: ?othe Potomac?Forts Sumner, Mansfield, Rn?I at 0nS} Reno, Kearney, De k? yn?iieTon8\8,0CUSk Totten, 81emmer, Bun Katt^li o Thayer and Lincoln, and ron. Sneade- Kimball, Parrott, and Came ??,?f^^Bn?ch Potomac?Forts Greble, Ai8?7d6r' Stanton, Baker, Davis, Dupont, ner ?a^an> aQd Batteries Ricketts and Wag 1f P?t0mac-Forts Marcy, Ethan Allen. 0. F. Smith, Bennett, De Kalb, Corcoran, Hagerty. Albany"^' Whlpple' Cas8? ^illinghast, Craig an I ??Pn?P?)?,B ?re ?ls2 inyited for furnishing Wood to Point Lookout, 8t. Mary's county, Maryland, InH t? 9fv^ry DeP?t. Giesboro Point, Maryland, and to the Camp of Dismounted Cavalry, in the K?,ty; Jlso. for furnishing and delivering P?'?,48 ,orl. th? bankH ?f the Potomac 6he%'pSafe"nbd0hOio 0anil?d ?D th? bKUk* of th# wii1 ^'8? b,? ??ceived for cutting and cord \ Tto Pt?.lnt8 within the limits of the w n ?f ,WMlnn*ton M m?y be designated c!nJf Quartermaster. Full information office P? 81Ten on aPPli?ation to this Proposals will be received under this advertise ment for Wood anywhere within the limits of the Department of Washington for supply ol troops in said Department. ' toPwit? Wil1 ^ maJe 'n tlie following manner, 1. For Wood standing, (price per cord ) 2. For Wood felled by the United States engi neers or otherwise, (price per cord.) 3. For >Vood cut and corded on the ground. Proposals must specify the locality, kind, quan tity and quality of the Wood, and its distance from the nearest fort, camp or station for troops. JKach bidder must attach his full name and pest office address t9 his bid, and the names of all nar bid8 in in the proposal must appear in the .Prop.0"4!8 from disloyal parties will not be con sidered, and an oath of allegiance must accompa ny each proposition. Bids will be opened from time te time, and con tracts or purchase made as the Wood may be re quired. The right ia reserved to accept all or any part of a o id? No verbal propositions will be entertained, but every bid, or modification of the same, must be in writing. Proposals should be endorsed "Proposals for Wood," and addressed to ELIAS M. GREENS, Lieut, Colenel and Chief Quartermaster, au 8-lot Departmeat of Washington. PROPOSALS FOR WOOD AND COAL, Hr.,? tj Natt Department, August 15,1864. . Sealed Proposals endorsed " Proposals for Wood and Coa1." will be received at the D^part 1'^o'clock;p.m., of WEDNESDAY, the 24th instant, for furnishing 200 cords best Oak l^f *' ^ tons White Ash F'urnace Coal [?.2l i The wood to be delivered in front ?Li^,Rep,\rtme^Hp,1-led fo/ inspection and me as urement-the coal delivered at the building, and also subject to inspection. The whole to bede o'j by ?f October next. Bids will be received for either the wood or coal. Beparately. The Department reserves to itself the right to reject all bids it deemed exdfeasive as to cost au-15-td SPRING DEBILITY! LANGUOR, LASSITUDE. AND THAT LOW STATE OF THE SYSTEM eculiar to the 8PRING TIME OF YEAR, are immediately relieved by the PERUVIAN SYRUP, rotected Solution of PROTOXIDE OF IRON. THE PERUVIAN SYRUP supplies the blood with its vital principle, or LIFE ELEMENT, IRON, Infusing 8tr*ngth Vigob and Nkw Lite into al parts of the system. One of the most Distinguished Jurist in New England writes to a friend as follows : " I have tried the PERUVIAN SYRUP, and the result fully sustains your prediction. It has made a saw man of me; infused into my system new TiF?r and energy; I am no longer tremulous and sebilitated as when you last saw me, but stronger heartier, and with larger capacity for labor, men tal and physical, than at any time during the last five years." An eminent Divine of Boston says; " I have been using tbe PERUVIAN SYRUP for some time past; it gives me hiw viooa, buotahoy Of SPIRITS, ILAST10ITT Of MOSCLB." Pamphlets free. J. P. DINSMORE, No. 491 Broadway, New Yora, COUGHS! COLDS! CONSUMPTION! WISTAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY One or the Oldest and Most Reliable Hhv?. dibs in the World fob Covnhs, Colds, Whoomng Cough, Bronchitis, Din. culm of Breathing, Asthma, Hoarstnes?, Sort Throat, Croup, and every Affection of THE THROAT, LUNGS AND 0H1ST. Wistar'a Balsam of Wild Cherry does not Dry uu a Congh and leave the seeds of Consumption in the 3f impurities?086118 Cle*n8eB L^g? of None genuine unless signed "I. BUTTS." on wrapper. ' "ta? BEDDING'S RUSSIA SALVE!! A REAL PAIN EXTRACTOR. FORTY YBARS' EXPER EN01 Has fully established the superiority ef this 8*1 v? over all other healing remedies. It reduces thi most angry looking 8weUings and Inflamations ?? If by Magic; .heals Old Sobbs, Wodnds, Bums Scalds, Ac., in a surprisingly short time. Only SS cents * Box. The above are old and well established Remedies For Bale by ' J. P. Dibbmobe, 491 Broadway, New York 8-w* c?-18 Ta-sA IMPROVE TOUR uvw- n, - -wMight by the use of the etl?0*B| ?brated Pebble and PfBisoono Speotaolbb nnl. Tarsally acknowledged as the best for bblo abb Pbbbbbvibo the impaired lyosiaSt 944 Pennsylvani PROPOSALS. } pBOPOSALS FOB LUMBER. w G"?**al's Omor, WABHWgtow Citt, August 18,1864.. nntn 5*Tr1?DA&v 7?" b? ?CeiTe<1 *t iu!s office Until e AT UKUA i, A Uf ust 27.18d4 At I2n Vln/?ir u for delivery to Briber 0?n^l D^H Rqc "r' C# ??.gr^- mMter Dep9t ef Washington. D O ! Lun?ber,?vii*lng quantitie8 *nd descriptions of 'TnKSS Common Callia**> W,CIS toei?^t lonitne Comm?n 0nlIin??. ?-4. from 100 U?tol6 ^t'lon*"16 Oommon Callin*9' 8-4. from 180,000 feet White Pine Tongued and Grooved , Floorjnp, 4-4, rrom 12 to 16 feet long. 50,000 feet Hemlock Scantling, 3x4,12 feet Ion* .W frt Hemlock Scantling, 3x4,14 feet long' *P^:9C!r '*1 Hemlock Scantling, 3x4,16 ieet Ion* ?o,000 feet Hemlock 8cantling, 3x4,18 feet Ion* 5?'2i2 Scantling, 3x4. 24 feet Ion*' Hemlock Joist, 3x5,16 feet long. 25,?cn feet Hemlock Joist, 3x6,12 feet Ion*. ?2t SelD oc? ^oi,t'3*6-16 feet 'f>nK. X'rtS fl!f Sfmi v i?!8t'3x3<12 feet ,0T1?r. fSti ? ml.oc? J??8t? 3*8,16 feet Ion*. cl*l Hemlock Joist, 3x8, 20 feet Ion*. 28,00'' feet Hemlock Joist, 3x9 and l?i, 12 fe.?t long. <5.000 feet Hemlock Joist,3x9 and 10, H feet Ion*. f ! tP#nf'ock Joisi, 3x9 and 10,16 fe?t long. 28,0"^ feet Hemlock Joist, 3x9 and feet long. fiO/00 feet Hemlock Joist. 3x9 and in, 14 feet long. 8(t^up feet White Pine Timber, 4x6, from 16 to 40 teet long. 80,000 feet White Pine Timber, 6x6, from 16 to 41 ieet 1 op*. 80,000 feet White Pine Timber, 8x3, from 16 to 40 ieet lone. 25,000 feetWhite Pine Selects. 3-8. 3<5.0?X) feet White Pine Selects, 4-4, for coffin lum ber. not lesB than 13 inches and upwards, dressed two gidep. ?x>,orO feet 4-4 White Pine Selects, not less than 13 mchea and upwards. 80.000 feet 8-8 inch White Pine Selects, wide. 200,000 feet 6 4inch White Pine Selects, lno.eoo feet8 inch White Pine Selects. 80.000 feet 1-2 inch White Pine Siding. 2^0,ooo No. 1 White Pine Shingles; 18 in. 250,000 Plastering Laths. Samples of Shingles and Laths proposed for will .be required. All the above described to be good merchantable Lumber, subject to the inspection of an inspector appointed on the pRrt of the Government. All of the Lumber to be delivered within twenty* five (25) days from date of contract. The ability of the bidder to fill the contract, should it be awarded to him. must be guaranteed by two responsible persons, who se signatures must be appended to the guaraniy. The full name and post ofiice address of each bidder must be legibly written in the proposal. Bonds in a sum equal to half of the amount of the contract, signed by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will be required of the success ful bidder, upon signing the contract. The right to reject any or all bids that may be deemed too high is reserved by the Quartermaster General. , . , Proposals must be plainly endorsed on the en velope "Proposals for Lumber." and addressed to Brigadier General D. H. RUCKJEIi, Chief Quarter master, Washington Depot. By order of the Quartermaster General. J. J. DANA, Colonel, Q. M. D. [Phila. Press, Inquirer, and North American copy.] aul9-lot J>R0P0SAL8 FOR COAL AND WOOD. Tbbasttry Department, Aug. 18, 1864. Proposals will be received for the delivery, for the nse of the Department, of abont 800 tons of best quality WHITE ASH ANTHRACITE COAL, 12,240 lbs..] furnace size. Baltimore Company's coal preferred -and for about 356 tons LUf KEN'S VALLEY RED ASH. egg size. All to be weighed at the Treasury scales. To bo delivered at the Treasury Building any time before the 3'ith Sep tember, at whatever points designated. Also, for about 20 cords best quality PINE WO#D, to be deMvered at such time as may be re quired, and corded an l measured upon the prem ises. Bids will be received until MONDAY, the 29th instant, addressed to the General Superintendent of the Building, under an envelope addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, and be con sidered binding for two weekR after that dav, the Department reserving the right to reject all or any portion of the bids received. lau 16-12t pBOPOSALS I 0 R I OR A Gl. OHjnjr Qcabthkm ism's Orrioa. 1 Wash moron Difot, Deo. 8, 1863. f proposals are invited by the undersigned ior supplying the U. 8. Quartermaster's De W"hington. D. 0., Baltimore. Md.. *n.d Monroe, Va., or eitker of laceg with Hay, Corn, Oats and Straw. Bids will be received for the delivery of fl.000 bushels of corn or oats and 80 tons of hay or straw, and upwards. Bidders must state at which of the above-named points they propose to make deliveries, and the rates at which they will make deliveries thereat, the quantity ef each article proposed to be deliv ered, the time when said deliveries shall be com menced, and when to he completed. bids pric# must be written out in words on the Corn to be np in good stout sacks, of about two bushels each. Oats in like sacks of about three oushels each. The sacks to be furnished without extra charge to the Govenment. The hav and straw to be securely baled. The particular kind or description tt oats, corn h.&y. 9r, "It** proposed to he delivered most be stated in the proposals. All the articles offered under the bids herein In vited will be subject to a rigid inspection by the Government Inspector before being accepted. Contracts will be awarded from time to time to the lowest responsible bidder, as the interest of the Government may require and payment will be made when the whole amout contracted for shall have beea "<*livered and accepted. Tbebidaer wili be required to accompany his proposals with a guaranty, signed by two respon sible persons that in case his bid is accepted he or they will, within ten days thereafter, execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract, to deliver the forage proposed in conformity with the terms of this advertisment: and in ease the said bidder should fail to enter inte the con tract, they to inake food the difference between the offer of said bidder and the next lowest respon sible bidd?., or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors must he shown by the official certificate of a D. 8. District Attorney, Collector of Customs or any other officer under the United States Government or responsi ble person known to this office. All bidders will be duly notified of the accept ance or rejection of their proposals. The full name and P. O., address of eaeh bidder must be legibly written in the proposal. Proposals must be addressed to Brig. Gen. D. H. Rucker, Ch{ef Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. C., and should be plainly marked "Proposals for Forage." Bonds, in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract, signed by the contractor and both, ?f his guarantors, will be required of the succesril bid der or bidders upon signing the contract. Blar.? forms of bids, guarantees, and bonds,xmay be obtained upon application at this Office. FORM OF PROPOSAL. (Town, County and State) ?? {Date) ?? ________ IJHM snb85rl]^r, do hereby propose to furnish and deliver to +he United States, at the Quarter master s r apartment at , agreeably to the terms or your advertisement invitin* proposals for forage dated Washington Depot, Deo. 8,18M, the following articles, via: ? bushels of Corn, in saojis, at ? per bushel ef 86 pounds bushels of Oats, in sacks, at per bushel of 33 pounds tons of Baled Hay, at per ton of 2,000 pounds ? tons of Baled Straw, at per ton of 8.00O pounds. Delivery to commence on or before the day of , 186?, and to be completed on or before the day of , 186?, and pledge myself to enter into a written contract with the United States with good and approved securities, within the space of ten days after being notified that my bid has been accepted. Your obedient servant. Brigadier General D. H. Ruoxin. General Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. O. ? GUARANTY. . We. the undersigned, residents of , In the County of , and 8tate of , hereby, Jointly and severally, covenant with the United States, and guarantee in case the foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or they will, within ten days after the acceptance 9f said bid, execute the con tract for the Bame with good and sufficient sura ties, in a sum equal to the amount of thtf contraot, to furnish the forage proposed in conformity to the terms of advertisement dated December 8,1863, under which the bid was made, and, in case the said shall fail to enter into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the differ ence between the offer by said and the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. Witness, Given under our hands and seals this ?7^ day of -,188-. I Seal. 1 [Seal.] I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowl edge and belief, the above-named guarantors are good and sufficient as sureties for the amount for which they offer to be security To be certified by the United States District At torney, Collector of Customs, or any other officer under the United States Government, or respon se Person known to this office. BUCR dee 9-tf Brigadier General and q'. M. CHIEF QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, _ TJ Daroar or Was hi no tor Washington, D. C., January 4,1864 week, a sealed proposal or list, is duplicate, of the articles they are prepared to furnish to this Depot at short notice, with the price of eaeh marked in plain figures, so that, in case the exigencies of the service require it, the article or articles can be obtained without delay, and at the lowest pri<?7 Dealers wishing to sell to this Depot will he re quired to furnish the lint punctually every Mondav morning. D. H. RUCKER, T |\f EDICAL PURVEYOR'S OFFICE, 1T1 . Wabhiboto*, D. 0.. June lfl. lMi All dealers in this city and (Georgetown who wtah to sell to the Medical Purveying*DepT?tm?nt^5 requested to send ta this office, on the MONDA'YoT each week, a sealed list of the articles they may be i?u.? 8?t?. u. a. 1.: KSJ PIANOS?Wehave received this day,4Pianos efSteinway 4 Sons, and 8 of Haini Brothers, also, Mveral Melodeons, which examine our assortment. W. G. MBT^BBOTT. ft? ?orncrllth and Pa. avenu LAND SALES. By thj PR*siSiNT<l#A TBI UNITED 8TATB8. In pursuance of law, I, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, President of the United State* of America, do here by declare and make known that public sale* will be held at the undermentioned Laud Offices in the State of Minnesota, at the periods hereinafta designated, to wit: At the Land Office at MINNSAPOLI3, commen cing on Monday, the fifth dar of 8ept??mker next, for the disposal of the public lands within the fol owing townshi ps and parts of townships. Tit : North of tht bast lint and west of thtfifth principa _ meriiian. The SE .V and the W X of section 5; the N X of section 19 of township 116: sections 19 and 21: the N % of section 23; sections 27, 29, 31, and 33, of town ship 117, of range 25. Sections l, 3.5, 7,9.11,13,15, and 17; the NE ^ of ange 26. factions 13, 5 7, 9. 11, IS, 15. and 17; the N X of e* J'on 19, the N X of section 21, and the N X of ?'f tion 23. oftownshipllS; theS X of section 19. the ' t.' 21 ? the ii Xof section 23, and sections fnd ?f township 117; the 8 X SB ?ai ge27 ? Bect'0D 31* of township 118, of S ctionsl , 3, 5,9,11, and 13; the N X of section 15, r! JJU?; S?ctl?.nB 1. 3.5. 7, 9. 11. 13. 15, 17, 19. ranged' &D<* ^own8^'P 11^. oi" l^8T?ti7niV ?if bi? sections v 5.7,9. ii, ??i2!*."of SsiiViv'lir'.Vyj; %? Sections 1.3, 5, 7, 9, 11,13,15,17, 19, 21. 23, and 25, ?f towship 11<, and sections 25, 27 . 29, 31, 33. and 35, of townshi p 118, of range 31 Sections 1,3, 6,7, 9,11,13. 15, and 17, of township 117; and sections 25,27, 29,31,33, and 35, ef township 118, of range 32. Sections 1, 3,B, 7, 9,11,13,15,and 17;theN>$of section 19; the N X of section 21; the N X of section 23, of township 117; sections 25 , 27 , 29, 31. 33, and 35, of township 118, of range 33. Sections l, 3, 5,7,9,11,13,15.17. 19, 21, and 23; the N X of section 27 and section 29, of township 117; sec tions 25, 27 , 29 . 31, 33. and 35, of township 118, o range 34. Township 116; sections 1. 3,5,7, 9,11,13, 15,17.19, 21, 23, 25. 27, and 29, of section 31; the N X of section 31; the N X of section 33, and the N X of section 35. of township 117, of range 35. Township 116: sections 1, 3, 5, 7, 9,11,13.15,17,19, 21. 23, 25, 27, and 29. of township 117, of range 36. Township 116 and 117; sections 19, 21, 23 , 25, 27, 29, 31. 33, and 35. of township 118, of range 37. Townt>hi? 1 1$, 117, and 118; sections 6, 8,18, Si, and 22; the 8 X, &E and the 8W of auction 24; sec tions 26. 23, 29,30 , 31, 32, 33, and 34, of township 119, of range 33. At the Land Office at ST. CLOUD, commencing on Monday, the fifteenth day of August next, for the disposal of the public lauds within the follow ing parts of townships, viz : North of the base line and west of tht fifth principal meridian. Sections 7 and 17; the N X of section 19, and the N X of section 21, of townshipl21, of range 28. Sections 1, 3, 5, 7. 9,11, 13,15, and 17: the N X of section 19. the N X of section 21, and the N X of section 23, of township 121; sections 31,33, and 35,'-of tewnship 122, of range 29. Sections 1.3, 5,7, 9, 11, 13, 15, and 17; the N X of section 19, the N X of section 21, and the N X of section 23, of township 121; sections 29,31,33, and 35, of township 122, of range 30, Sections 1, 3, 5, 7, 9,11,13,15, and 17; and the N X o section 23, of township 121; sections 19 and 21; the 8 X of section 23; sections 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, and 35, of township 122, of range 31. Sections 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. 11, IS. 15, and 17, of town ship 121; the 8 X of section 13; the 8 X of section 15; the 8 X of section 17; sections 19, 21,23, 25,27,29,31. 33, and 35. of township 122, of range 32. Bections 1, 3, 5 J, 9, 11,13,15, and 17, of township 121: the S X of section 13; the S X of section 15; the 8 X of section 17: sections 19,21,23,25.27 , 29,31,33, and 35, of township 122, of range 33. Sections 1, 3, 5, 7, 9,11, 13. 15, and 17, of township 121; sections 19, 21, 23, 25 , 27, 29, 31, 33, and 35. of township 122. of range 34. Sections 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. 11. 13,15, and 17, of township 121; sections 25, 27,31, 33, and 35, of township 122, of rartge 35. Sections 1, 3 5,7, 9, 11, IS, and 15; the N X of sec tion 17, of township 121; section 7; the W H of sec tion 15; sections 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27. 29, 31,33, and 35, of township 122. of range 36. .The E X, tbe'NW '4, and the N X SW >4, of sec tion 1, of township 121; sections 1, 3, 5, 7,9,11,13, 15, 17,21,23,25, 27, and 35, of township 122; sections 7, 17, 19 , 21, 27 , 29,31, 33, and 35, of township 12& of ran?fe37. The E X NE X, of section 1, of township 121; sec tions 1 and 11, of township 122; the W X of section 1; sections 3, 5, 7, 9. 11. 13. 15. 17. 23, and 25; the N X of section 27, and section 35. of township 123; sec tions 13,14,15,19, 29, 31, and 33, ot township 124,of range 38. Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, military, and otlier purposes, together with selec tions of swamp lands filed in your office by the Surveyor General, will be excluded from the sale. The offering of the above lands will be com menced on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which they are advertised, until the whole shall have been offered, and the sale thus closed; but the sale shall not be kept open longer than two weeks and no private entry of any of the lands will be admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington this 18th day of April, anno Domini one thousand' eight hundred and sixty-four. D D , ABRAHAM LINCOLN. 1 By the President: I J. M. EDMUNDS, Commissioner of the General Land Office. notice to actual settlers. All bona fide actual settlements under existing law s, subsisting prior to and up to the date of this pioclaniation. w ill be recognized; and all such set tiers are hereby called upon to come forward and establish and enter their claims with the Register and Receiver before the day fixed in the foregoing for the commencement of the public sale. J. M. EDMU.NDS, Commissioner. Note.?Under the regulations of the Department, as heretofore and now existing, no payment can be made for advertising proclamations, exoept to such publishers as are specifically authorized by the Com missioner of the General Land Office. Je4-lawi2w IVf ARLBOROUGHS DISPATCHES, Edited by tT- ^ener?l Murray. 3 vols., London. JJis patches of'Lord Nelson. 7 vols., London. Official Dispatches of the War of 18i2 Memoirs and Correspondence of Sir Thos. Picton. 2 vols., London. 1 Col. Frazer's Letters during the Peninsular and Waterloo Campjugns, London. Bir Charles Napier's Life and Official Corresnon dence, 2 vols. * Life and Letters of Admiral de Saumarez, 2 fols . London. Diary and Dispatches of Gen. Sir Robert Wilson 2 vols. .London. ' Sir W. Sidney Smith's Life and Dispatches, 2 vors., London. Collingwood's Public and Private Letters with a memoir, 2 vols., London. Wellington's Dispatches, London. Confederate Official Reports of Battles. General McClellan's Report. Barnard &, Barry's Report. au 18 FRANCK TAYLOR. Adams express company, OFFICE 614 PA. AVENUE, Washington, 1). ft GREAT BABTERN, NORTHERN, AND WEST ERN EXPRESS FORWARDERS. MERCHANDISE, MONEY, JEWELRY, VALO ABLES, NOTES, STOCKS, BONDS. Ac., Forwarded with SAFETY AND DISPATCH to all accessible sections of the country. This Company has agencies in the Principal Railway Towns in the NORTH, EAST, WEST, AND NORTHWEST. Its principal offices are WASHINGTON. D. 0., NEW YORK, BOSTON PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE. CIN CINNATI, ST. LOUIS, LOUifl VILLE, LEXINGTON. Connections are made at New York and Boston, with lines forwarding to the CAN ADAS and th? BRITI8H PROVINCES and other steamship lin? to LIVERPOOL, SOUTHAMPTON and HAVRE aud thence by European expresses to all prominent commercial towns in Great Britain and the Conti nent. Collection of NOTES, DRAFTS, and BILLS mads at all accessible parts of the United States. C. O.DUNN, Agent, deJS WashiD?r>q. D O. FAPERHAiieinei, A treat variety of ENTIRELY NSW STYLES Adapted to PARL0RSi)1NINa. BOOMS, HALLS, AMD CHAMBERS. Alio, f/?0 YABDB CANTON MATTINGB, 1,1)00 YARBS FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, Onr Mattings are unrivalled in this city, comprl lng in part the famous Oowqua brand for parlo Oil Cloths from S to 12 feet wide, adapted to diui rooms, halls, &c. Also? WINDOW SHADES, BRASS CORNICES, PARLOB MATS, Paper hung by skillful workmen, and all ord# promptly attended to. Give ns a call and aa from 10 to 20 per cent. BIFFLB <fc FALCONER'S No. 348 7th street, between I street and an 23-eo Mass. arenas. PERKINS, STERNE <ft Co., 180 BMadWETi n. Y.j EXCLUSIVE DEALERS III OALIFORNIA WINS. W? guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PURE, Wot Ml* by all flrit class Grooers and Drmggista everywhere. mElUm* CLAEIF1.D CIDER, ?????? I have Just received ?er schooners "George 8. Adams" and "J. W.." from Boston a large iupdIt of pure MassachusettsOLARIFIBDGIDER.which I oner for sale at the lowest market price, in Quan tities to suit purchasers Hotel keepers, sutlers, and all others in want of a prime article 01 Cider are invited to eall and ex- 1 amine this before purchaM^njyrisewhere. Union Bottling Depot, ST Gretn^t., _ Georgetown. D. o. II -W '""??"-??"VMfiS'i*?.. p.. I?OOK HOSPITAL. * OFFICE NO. T SOUTH FR1DIRIOK STRBBTa THE ONLY PHYSICIAN ADVERTISING lu discOTared fh# B?oat Certain, Bpaady, m4 kfTectaal Remeay In the world for DISEASES Of IMPRUDENO*. Relief in Sia Hourt f No Trifling / Person* Rained by Ignorant Pretenders. or hm Deadly Paiaon, Mercury, should apply * immediately. A CUMM WARRANTED OR NO OBAROB IN FROM ONE TO TWO DA YS. Weakness of the Back, Involuntary Discharge*, Strictures, Affection* of the Kidney* and Eladaa** Impotency, General Debility, Nervousness, Dya? pepey, Languor, Low Spirits, Confusion of Ideaa. Palpitation of the Heart, Timidity, Trembliaf, Dimness of Sight or GiddineM, Disease of the Heaa, Throat, Nose, or Skin, Affections af the Liver, Lungs, Stomach or Bowele?these Terrible Disor ders arising from Solitary Habits of Youth?tha eresiT and solitary practices more fatal to their victims than the sons of Syrens to the marinersef BlyMus, blighting their most brilliant hopes or anticipations, rendering marriage, Ae., impoagf ble. TO UNO MEN Especially, who have become the'vlatlina of Soli tary vice.that dreadfhl and destructive habit which annually sweeps to an untimely grave thousands of Young Men of the most exalted talent and brilliant intellect.who might otherwise have entranced 11* tening Senates with the thunders ef sloquenoe or waked to extacy the lirtrg lyre, may oall with fall confidence . TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. These are some of the sad and melancholy effecta produced by earl_y_habit?_of youth, vis: Weaki of the Back'and Limbs. Pain in the Head. Dimn? of Sight. Less of Mnscular Power. Palpitation of the Heart, Dyspepsia, Nervous Irritability. Ea rangement of the Digestive functions. General Debility.Symptoms of Consumption, A4 MasTALiTr.-The fearful elects on the mind ar? much to be dreaded?Loss of Memory. Confusiaa of Ideas Depression of Spirits Rvll foreboding*. Aversion to Society. Pelf distrust. Loya of Boll* tude.Timidity.&c^^^ Married Pertons, or yonn* n^n contemplating marriage, aware of Physical Debility, Vastina of the Organs, Deformities, Ac., should apply immediately. , ? He who places himself under the car# or dt. J, may religiously confide in his h"n?[ tleman.and confidently rely upon his skill as a Physician. ORGANIC WEAKNESS, IMPOTENCY IMPEDI UKU M3NTS TO>!ARRIAGE By Dr. Johnston's marvelous treatment, wean nese of the Organs is speedily cured, and nill viroi restored. Thousands of the most nervous, a?t>Ul? tated and impotent, who had loat all hope, hava been immediately relieved. All impediments to marriage. Physical or Mental Disqualifications, Loss of Procreative Power, Her vons Irritability, Tremblinirs, and Weakness, af Exhaustion of the moat fearful kind, speedily cured. DK. JOHNSON Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Loo? don. Graduate from one of the most eminent Col leges in the United States, and the greater part cf whose life has been spent in the hospitals of Lon* don, Paris,Philadelphia and elsewhere,has effected some of the most astonishing cures that were ever known; many troubled with ringing in the head aad ears when asleep.*reat alarm?d at sudden sounds, t>ashfulness1 with frequent blushing, attended sometimes with derangement ef mind, were cured immediately. * YOU NO MEN who have Injured themselves by a certain practlea Indulged in when alone?a habit frequently learned from evil companions, or at school, the effecta of which are nightly felt, even whea asleep, and, it not cured, renders marriage Impossible, and de stroys both mind and bedy, should apply infmedl* ately. What a pify that a rating man, tha bona of hii country and darling of nis parents, should be snatched from all toe prospects and enjoyments af life by the consequence of deviation from the path of nature and indulging in a certain secret habit. Such persons must, before contemplating MARRIAGE reflect that a sound mind and bodr are tha moat necessary requisites to promote connubial happl ness indeed. Without these the Journey through life becomes a weary pilgrimage; the arespaot hourly darkens to the view: the mind become* shadowed with despair and filled with the melan* eboly reflections that the happiness of another Ifl blighted with our own. DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. When the misguided and Imprudent votary Of Rleasure finds he has imbibed the seeds of this pain* il disease, it often happens that an ill-timed senaa of shame or dread of discovery deters him from ap plying to those who, from education and respecta bility can alone befriend him. He falls into tha hands of Ignorant and designing pretenders, who, incapable of curing, filch his pecuniary substance, keep him trilling month after month, or as long ag the smallest fee can be obtained, and in despair leave him with ruined health to sigb over his gall ing disappointment; or, by the use of that deadly poison. Mercury, hasten the constitutional irymp toms of this terrible disease, such as Affections of the Head, Throat, Nose, Skin, etc., progressing with fr!ghtful rapidity until death puts an end to his dreadful sufferings by sending him to that ao> discovered country from Whose bourne no travel* returns. OFFICE 7 SOUTH FREDERICK STREET, left hand side going from Baltimore street, a few doors from the corner. Vail not to observe nam* and number. ?&~No letter* received unless pest-paid and eon? taining a stamp to be used on the r jpiy. Persona writing should state age, and send portion ot ad vertisement describing symptoms, Tha Dr.'s Diploma Hants in his OgUe. INDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. The many thousand cured at this establishmanl within the last twenty years, and the numerooa important Snrgical Operations performed by Dr. Johnston, witnessed by the reportersof "The Bun'' and many other papers, notices of which have ap peared again and again before the public, hesideg his standing as a gentleman of oharacter and re syomobility, ia a sufficient guarantee ta tha f? SKIN DISEASES SPEEDILY CURED JaZMy gECRET DISEASES I SECRET DI8EASEB SAMARITAN'B GIFT SAMARITAN'S GIFT/ THE MOST CERTAIN REMEDY EVEE USED "Yes, A Positive Cure" for OONORHfEA, GLEET, STRICTURES, Contains no Mineral, no Balsam, no Mercury, Only Ten Pills to be Taken to Effect m Curt They are entirely vegetable, having no smell not any unpleasant taste, and will not in any way in jure the etomach or bowels of the most delicate. Cures in from two to four days, and reeent caseg in "twenty-four hours." Prepared by a gradnata of the University of Pennsylvania, one ofthe moat eminent Doctors and Chemists of the present day. go KXPOSUBK. HO TROHBLI, HO OHAHOB WHATIVIB, Let those who have despaired of getting cured, or who have been gorged with Balsam Copavia, ?r Mercury, try the SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Sent by mail in a plain envelope. Price?Male packages, 92. Female N. BLOOD I BLOOD I! BLOOD 11 SCROFULA, ULCARS, SORES, SPOTS IETTERS, SCALES, BOILS, STPHILIE OR VENEREAL DISEASES, ??. SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUlOB Is offered the publio aa a positive aura. 6k PHILIS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, tha SA MARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICE, la tha J- -M -? -a? ? * and permanent. Take then of this purifying retna dy and be healed, and do not transmit to your poa terity that for which you may repent in after yearg DO NOT DESPAIR| Although you may be pronounced incurable, tha SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICES will remove every vestige of impurities from tk? system, as well as all the bad effecta of Meroury. FEMALES! FEMALES 11 In many affections with which numbers of Fa males suffer, the ROOT AND HERB JUICES la most happily adapted, in Ulcerated Uterus, ia Whites, in bearing down. Falling ef the Wemh Debility, and for all complaints incident to the sex. ^ Sent by express. Price f 1 a bottle, or ? bottle* ?r SAMARITAN '8 CHANCRE WASH. Price 26 cents. Pull directions. DESMOND A CO., Box 141 Philadelphia Pogt Office. Sold by B. CALVERT FORD, corner af 11th aad Pa. avenue. HENRY COOK. Alexandria. mayS-tt Y CONFIDENTIAL. OUNG MEN who have injured themaelvaa by certain secret habits which unfit them for business, pleasure, or the duties of married life; alse middle aged or old men ho, from the follies of youth or other causes, ft,..? debility in advance of their years, before placing themselves under the treat ment of anr one, should first read "THE SECRET FRIEND." Married Ladies will learn something of importance by perusing "The Secret Friend." Sent to any address, in a sealed envelope oa ra ceipt of Ten Cents. Address __ . __ V Dl. CHAS. A. STEWART A CO., de 14-ly Boston, Maaa. SIA n CABINET OF WONDERS, AN ATOM YTaad MEDICINE," have determined?regardless of ex pense-- to issue,free,(for the benefit of Buffering nnmanitv ? fnnp nf tnaip m/\at J r_ ?. ""1. * * icmimi? i/eciine, id digefction, Weakness, Depression, or ifnor&nse of Physiology &n4 Nature's Law Thaaa invaluable lectures nave been the means of en lightening and saving thousands,and will be forwarded free on tha ? receipt of four atampa, by addressing Stcritar? arttAan Cabxntt uf Anatom* mnd Mtdieint, ?6j readway.New York iu li-ly TI8H WANG, THE GREAT CHINESE REMEDY for QONORRHCEA, GLEET. Etc. Ohb Box will riiroaH a Cosh.? Ingredients are purely vegetable. It tg _ kpleasant to tha taste, has no bad odor, and ? ?>? carried in tha vast pocket without fear of detection. Circulars free. Priceflabox. Sold br JOHN J. EROMER, successor to S. C. Upham,40S Chestnut st.,PhilaPelphia, and in Washington br B. O. FORD, 996 Pannsrlvania avenue. Sent by lail | la a-eolr BOOTS AND SH0E3 T0 SUIT THE TIMES. We aJe now manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and constanly receiving a sap f'ly of Eastern made work of every descrip ion. maide expressly to order, and will ber sold at a much lower price than has beea * heretofore charged in this city for much inferior MPanoni in want of BOOTS and SHOES of Eastern or City made work, will always find a good assort ment in store and at the lowest prices. Give us a call. AKIFrIN A BROTHEB, ap5-tf 314 Penn.avenna. HE MERCHANT'S AND BANKER'S ALMA Baa, MM Er Smith Ha

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