Newspaper of Evening Star, August 27, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 27, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMU8IM1NTB TO-NIGHT EtLmagE a?d Foot?'? great moral axhl >dUon will does' to-night at Odd Fellows'Hall. Their entertainments have been exceedingly popular with all who have witnessed them. It is certainly worth one'a while to see the ?Jiree smallest people in the world, and at the <ame time hear the fine vocal and instrnmen *1 music of Miss El linger, W. D. Franklin, iTof .Brooks and others. (jAMTBRBt RT ?The admirable bill which haa proven so Immensely attractive here the past week will be repeated to-night again, and ias is nsual at the close of the week, there will be a large crowd in attendance. There is abundant attraction here in the way of song, dance and Ethiopian eccentricity. VAjtiBTiie.? Manager Fltzsimmons gives His andienoe "Uncle Tom's Cabin" to-night again in fine style. In addition to the drama, ?hare will be songs, dances and Ethiopian acts. A. Romantic Yocho IjADY.?On the night cf the 19th of this month, a young lady, aged about 18, namfd Henrietta Harding, left her Iiarent's residence, as she states, near Long {ridge, and did not return immediately. It was ascertained that she was in company with a young man named Richard Cenner, on the night she left home, and a warrant was pro cured on which ^he was arrested Thursday night, by Officer Vernon. It was also ascer tained that the girl was at the house of Mrs. Muiray, (board ng house) near the Circle, in the First Ward, and yesterday morning Officer "V ernon found her there and escorted her to the Tenth Precin -t Station, where she met her brother and sister, and the case of abduction was beard by Justice Boswell, who dismissed the young man, and advised Henrietta to re turn home. The girl states that she was not abducted, but left home of her own freewill, because her parents treated her badly, and would not allow her to see her friends, that after she retired to bed she got up, dressfcd her self, and taking her clothes with her two w&tcbes and money, she left the house, and meeting the young man, she asked bim to flna tier a home, and they walked nearly all night, and in the morning they went to Mrs. Murray's, Where they represented themselves as brother and sister, and she was furnished with a room. {She states that be visited her but once while she remained there. The girl at first seemed much opposed to going home, but alter her mother had entreated her for some hours, she left, and it is to be hoped with the determina tion to be a more obedient daughter in future. Center Markkt To-pat.?Beef, best cuts, per pound, 3< c.; next, 5J5c. Salt Beef, 15a20c, Juried Beef, '25c. Veal, 20c. Mutton, best cbops,5 2c. Lamb, per pound, 25c. Fork, fresh, 25c. Fork, corned, 25c. Bacon, hams, uncut. 3<>c.;sliced, 35c., breasts, 25c.: shoulders, 25c. Butter, 55a60c. Chickens,per pair, 8la82. Ducks, per pair, ?1.25. Eggs, per dozen. 3oc. Tomatoes, per peck, 5ic. Pears, per peck, 50a|tl. Cymblins, per dozen, 2oa25e. Cucumbers, 30c. Green Corn, per dozen, &5a40c. Apples, per peck, new, 50; dried, 80c.a*l. Potatoes, Irish fier peck, H>c Sweet potatoes, $1. String teans, per peck, 40c. Peaches, new, per peck, Soafl; dried, per qt., 25c. Cherries, dried, 25c.; Brans, butter, 30c . white, Kial2c. Raddi^hes, bh? ialOc. Befts,l(tc. Onions, per pk., 8U1.25. Cabbage, per head, 20a25c. Lettuce, per head, SalOc. Fish?Rock, large, each,82 50a?3; small, per bb, 5<>a6i'c.; halibut, per lb, 20c.; sea bass, J5c.; blue fish, 13c ; lobster, 12c.; sturgeon, 15c : pike, per bunch,50c.a?I; perch, 50c. Rye, per bushel, 81.75a8'.\ Cornmeal, 82. Shipstnff, 90c.a81.H>. Brown Stuff, 65c. Shorts. 50c. Corn, shelled, S2; in the ear, per barrel, ?10 a?12.50. Oats, p?r bushel, Sla*1.25. Hay, I per cwt. ?1.75h?2. Straw, 81.5<)a82. Clover Hay, 81.25a?l 50 Egg Plants, each. 10c: Can telonpes, I0a25c. Watermelons. 25a50. Dam sons. pk, 75. Plums, per quart, 15a25c. Police Rsportp?Second Precinct.?Jno. W. j Beall. assault and battery; William Wagner j and James Mageee, shooting black birds in j county; dismissed. Chas. R. Severance, steal ing: jail for conrt. Third Precinct.?Edward Nolan, taking a pocket book from a bny. dismissed. Pat gerty, disordi'rH : 11. Hung Deane, druuk; dismissed. Bridget Cosgrove, prostitution; workhouse. Fanny Warren, sleeping in street: dismissed. Benjamin Ogle, disorderly; for trial Fourth Pricinc' ? Jnda Welch, nuisance; 81 50. James Glinn, drunk and disorderly; work bouse. Six'h Precinct.?Thomas Lint'nicuin. violating market rules; ?10 Z&ck Brown and Bro. New ton, swindling. Wm. Elood, disorderly; dis missed. Cornelia (rover y, T^eonard Gig, Ame lia Vanvoraus. Marg't Johnson, Ellen Collins, John Wilson. Frank Moiris, do.; ?5.58 each. Thomas McKeevr, do.; *1.58. Ann Dorsey, do.; workhouse. Henry Martin, drunk: SI 58. Tenth Precinct.? Henry Smith, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Henry ?4t>inn? do ; S3. W. H. Bounsell, profanity; 85. For threats: bail for peace. John Hireen disorderlv; *3 00. -Tane Thompson, drunk: dismissed. William Johns, threats; for hearing. Isaac Mirter, keeping vicious dog: deferred. Peter Ooyle, selling liquor on Sunday; John Boady, drunk; dismissed. John Anderson, deserter; military. Por.T op Gborobtown.?Entered?Steam ship Empire. Dobbins, New York, merchan dise, to District merchants. Cleared?Steam ship Empire. Dobbins, New York: schooner Blooming Youth, Miannon, Nanjemoy; Vol unteer. White, Seal's Island; S. Wright, Con Tad, Chesapeake City: E. Virginia Collier, Sau.sbury; A Tirall, Higgins, Philadelphia G. Powell, Boggs, Accomac; Mechanic, Beacbum, St. Marys: Home, Bunting, Balti more; F. Patterson, Glov*r, Port Deposit; Ij. Day, Blackerson Wilmington; J. P. Speddon, Mitchell, Port Deposit: Ovoca, Mitchell, Balti more; Sarah Allen, Wheeler, Leonardtown; American. Wheeler, St. Marys: M. A: E., Bouker, New York; Georgia, Sweet, Phila delphia; Ridge Wood, Weeks. New York; sloops H. Day. J. Jones, St. Marvs; W J. Hammill, Cheseldine, do.: Frank, Birchrates, Havre-de-Grace; Black Bird, Cheseldine, St. Marys. ^ Personal.?'The Postmaster General has left the seat of Government, on a brief visit to the North. During the absence of Mr. Blair, the Hon. Alexander W. Randall. First Assistant Postmaster General, will be in charge of the department. Major General Butler arrived in the city yesterday morning, and left in the 6>? p. m. train. Hons. Wm. M Evarts, E. Delafield Smith, Isaac Sherman, Wm Curtis Noyes, with Post master Wakeman, of New York, are at Wil lard's. Senator Chandler, Hon. Thaddeus Stevens, A. G. Hodees, of Kentucky, and Judge Tilden, of Ohio, are at the National. Senator Dooiittle is in the city. Rbpisting the Officers.?'Thursday night Jno Roger and Jno. Shadd, two discharged soldiers, went tb Canterbury Hall, where they behaved in a very disorderly manner. Mr. Harrigan, the special officer there, went to quiet them when both turned upon him and stripped bim ?>f hi? coat and shirt to bis skin. Fortunately office's Kellv and Frazier were near, and succeeded in arresting the pair, and locked them op in the 5th Ward station. Yes terday Rogers was fined 810.61, and Shad 85.61 for diaqrderly conduc', and npon Roeers pay. ing the officer for his coat and 'hirt, the case of resisting the officer was dismissed. A Fraternal Visit.?Metropolis Lodg<\ No. 16,1.0.0 F.? will, we learn, pay a fraternal visit to Mechanics' Lodge, of Baltimore, on Jlonday nigt t next, meeting at their hall on 7th s- reet, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon for that purpose. It is expected that a number of uembers of other lodges will join with them, and that the party will be a large one. Secoed Ward Station Cases.?William JIcGuire, selling liquor unlicensed; dismissed. Abner Anstin. assault and disorderly: dis missed. Rober* Wi'son, drunk; do. Lizzie Brown, drnnk and disorderly; 82. Jas. Bnrell, throwing stones; 81.58. Richard Chambers, ?trunk and disorderly; 82. 8PKCIAX, NOTICES. ':ne"oro?lt i*11? beautiful in th? Jewelry fctore. 43* l,,,,: ?o*odout halt' i?k'n? I.rl ZVT" ?The fragrant "the most appro?e<i -iMfr?hi*i?0ne very popular article for tht* tmilit i? ,a mended bj all who h a T!! u ' I'fh\yS'**011" rreseryer of the tH h.7fr'Hl<;"?hf?k,tlll'r"11 ewe?tening the breath, ami arrestirfu thm cf decay. westing the progress Sold by Drugget,. "A gLIOHTToi P.'" CoPCHS.?PPW - the impor'aco of cheeking a CoaiM, or ' rold"in its Brst atsge . that which i? h .'f? mo* would ylrld ?o a mild ,f ue_. soon atiacfcs the lunirs "Brown * firo ,r>|7a/ j>r ' thf*'" eiye sure at><! a most i mediate relief Mill it?ry OfBe?r? and s<>|(ii?-rs ?h?>ild h%?* th?.n they can be oarri ?d in the pocket ?td M occasion reqoir? ". ?u Z6 lm COSKS, Bunlone. In?ro?iujt ^ails.etc. Persona wishing imD<edi.t. relief fr in these troablesume annoyances. shonM csll a1 Dr W hite's room*. No. 4#4 Penn*a a> . bet 4** andrith nts. au ?7-tf Do rou e*lor >uar wl>i?tvi? and nyastfcohe? if TO, use the "Japan-fet- llair dtam." No hair dye ia the world ?qua> 'o it. Only une preparation It colors a natural black or brown. Only .Wcent* a box. 8. o. Kokd, t) ooSm 'i'"i Pa. avenao. Holo kg prnoaxafsi?T ?si? 4?.'t Uiik xiu <0 tii kVoxle ?Htntt >??/??? f Wayit? 'tut -Dpaaia'i Hair Dyo, Hi ooow ? ?'0.e io ase Try It. i^ild he 8 0 Ford, roro?r nth ?? reet and P?nn. imil, Waakingioa; ax-d Uctn Oook, Alexacdris. MARRIED, On the lit* of August, at the Tirat Conrraga tional Methodist Church, by the Rev. Mr. Brown, HODGES HALLET of Chirle. eountr. Md., to AMELIA C. WARDER, of this city. [Alexandria papers please copy.l DIED, On tb.e 26 h inst., THOMAS D. H. WHIT1, aged 88 years, 6 months and lodaye ... , .. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully inTited l? attend hi? funeral from his late residence on 11th street fonth, near the cor ner of F street, on to morrow*, tb# 28tn instant, at 3 o'clock. fBaltimore and Alexandria papers please copy.l On Friday, the i'ith inst., EDWARD 8MITI1, 21 years. His funeral will take place on Sunday, the 23th inst., at 3 p. m.. from No 332 New York avenue, betwe- n 4th and 5th sts. * On the morning of the27'h instant, at l.tminntes to 3 o'clock. Mrs PRICIliLA COsURl^ ES, in the Goth year of her age. Her funeral will take place at 2Ji o'clock on Sun dav. the 28th inst.. from the residence of Mr. J. L. Jeskens, corner of !Uh and L street east, near the Navy Yard gate. Her friends are respectfully in vited to attend. * lOhio papers please copy.] On 27th iast.. LUWEZER ELBERTT, wife of Joseph Duglass Elbertt, in the 35th year of her age. after 1" months illness of consumption/which she bore with christian fortitude . Her funeral will take place on Monday. August 29th,at 3 p. in. from her late residence. E street, between 17th and 18th streets. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. * On the 26th Inst.. CHARLES ALEXAVDER, youngest son of Fanny E. and Robert L. Harris, aged 1 year. 4 months aDd 13 days. * personal" ~ FIRSONAL.?A. A. B0YEN8, year note duly received Friday by your Orderly. Jaokson. and in case you might not be used as utter stranger when you call to settle at the segar store, your Orderly can dispatch for you as well. It* Yery respectfully. PROPRIETRESS. IN FORMATION WANTED OF CLINTON K EN N EDY, by his two brothers, who now work in Welsh's Mill. Water st.,Georgetown, D. C. a25 3t* { ''ACTION.? To all trhom ti may Concern.?All V> persons are hereby cautioned against filling half-pint porter and mineral water Bottles marked with the names of"R. A. Shinn," and "Amy Sc, Shinn," as all who are found so offending will be prosecuted to the Htmost extent of the law "pro viding against the improper use of trade marks, Ac " I would also notify my customers that payment will be txacted for all bottles lost by them after this date. RILEY A. SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, ft 7 Greene St., Aug 18.18M. Iaul9 1m) Georgetown, D. 0. MADAM MARBHA,late from a northern city, would inform the public that she has taken np her residence at No 403 K street, between 9th and 1' th. Is prepared to read the past and foretell future events. au 22-lm* T NOTICE. O GEORGE MoCUE, youngest son of th' noie deceased William Ale Cue, Proration Mm r hint in O fattoip, o/td all others having intirest in the trust estate of said William McCue. An action of Mnltiplepoinding and Exoneration has been raided before the Court of Session in Scotland l<y James Houston. Grocsr in Renfrew, and others, the Trustees of the said William McCue. against Mr. Anna Stewart or McCae, some time residing in Bothwell. now in Glasgow, and others, and is at present in dependence before Lord Kinloch, for the purpose of determining the respective rights and interests of the beneficiaries under and by virtue of trust deposition and settle ment by the said William McCue. dated the 31st day of March 1352, of which notice is hereby given in terms of an Interlocutor by Lord Kinionh, dated 15th July, 1864. wherebv notice of the de pendence of this process was appointed to be inserted once weekly for three weeks in the New York Herald and Washington Star, for the infor mation of all parties having interest in the fund ir medio. R B. MACONOCHIE. W. 8., Edinburgh, and TOWERS CLARK. ROBERTON & R0S8. WRI TERS. Glasgow. Agents for the Trustees. au 13 law^w o FFICE OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OP PC'LtC SCHOOLS. Hall, Washimgto*, D. 0.,/ August 25,1834. \ Sealed Proposals will be received at this office unt|l W BDNJSSDaY, 31st day of August, ls64, at 12 o clock m., for furnishing supplies for the Pub lic Schools of Washington city for the year ending June 3?th, 186">, as per schedules annexed hereto. Proposals must be endorned" Proposals for Fuel," 'Books," "Stationeryor "Furniture and Mis cellaneous Supplies," as the case may be. Propo sals may be made for the whole of th^ Fuel re quired, or for the proportion for any one or more districts. The Fuel to be delivered at the expense of the contractor in such quantities and at such times as may be designated by the Com mittee on supplies. All articles except Fuel to be del: vered at the expense of the contractor, at thii office, or at the several School Houses, as the Committee may elect. As the quantities speci fied in the schedule are only estimates of probable requirements, the right is reserved to require more or accept less, at the option of the Comtnit ti-e. Th?- contract in each case will be awarded to the lowest responsible bona fide bidder, to be de termined by the Committee, The Committee re serve to themselves the right to reject any or all bids, if deemed for the interc-t of the Corporation. Those alone whose offers shall be accepted will be notified. Information may be obtained of John Sessford, treasurer. JONAS B. ELLIS. Chairman Com. on Supplies B. T. P. S. Scbkoci.k A.?Fpe l. Coal?Anthracite, Write Ash?lot tons; to be ap portioned equally in the four school districts Kindling Wood?Mixed Oak and Pine?31 cords; to be apportioned equally in the four school dis tricts SonEnci.B B.?Books. Holy Bible?1 oo/en copies. 8 vo., leather >\ orce-ter's Pronouncing 8peller?2 dozen copies Scholar's Companion?2 dozen copies Parker A Watson's First Reader? 0 dozen copies Second Reader?1 dozen copies Third Reader?3 dozen copies " " Fourth Ri-ader?I dozen copies t^uackenbos' History of United States?1 dozen Copies Shurtlitra Governmental Instructor?1 dozen cop ies American Musical Cla*s Book?1 dozen copies Swan's Spelling Book?4 dozen copies Coilmrn's Mental Arithmetic?4 dozen copies t*?nVi Primary School Spelling Book?8 dozen copies First Lessons in History United States?1 dozen copies Concordia?1 dozen copies Warren's Piimary Geography?4 dozen copies Go den Wreaths?1; dozen copies Parker A Watson's Primer or Word Builder?5 dozen copies Davie*' Primary Arithmetic?3 dozen copies. Re vised edition, 18^3 Davies' Elements of Written Arithmetic and Prac tical Arithmetic?Udozen copies. Revised edi tion lss3 Davies' Practical Arithmetic?1 dozen copies. Re vised edition, 1863 Schedule C ? Stationery. Foolscap Writing Paper-6 reams. Beat quality Note Writing Paper?5reams. Best quality Envelopes, larire, white?1,00 >. Best qualitv Envelopes, letter, white?S.oOO. Best quality Writing Ink (Do veil's )?16u quarts Steel Pens assorted?1>*> gro.-s Lead Pencils?10 dozen Inkstands, plain glass?2 dozen Chalk Crayons, prime quality?gross Potter & Hammond's Writing Books. Nos. 1 to 12 included?1 d^z?ncopies of each Slates. 8 by 1"?1 dozen Slates. 1" by 12?2 dozen Slates, 12 by 14?1 dozen Schedule D.?Fcrstttrk asd Mtscrllakeous Sitpi'LIEs. Three string Brooms?12 dozen ISo. 4 Sweeping Brushes?2 doien No. 3 Pvst Brushes?5 dozen Shuck I)c.or Mats?8 dozen Hemp Door Mats?2 dozen Dust Pans?Sdezen Water Buckets, eedar. unpainted, ireu bound?3 dozen Tumblers, pressed glas-, best qutiity?5 dozen W ater Cups, tin; pi ut? 11 dozen V&'h Busies, tin?4 dozen Earthenware Pitchers, ,'j gal.?2 dofen Coal Shovels?? dozen Coal Hods, 15 inches?1 dozen Coal Hods, Winches? 1 dozen Pokers?1 dozen Table Bells?1 dozen Sponge, medium?6lbs Toweling, linen crash? 2tt1 yards an 26 3t lintel,, Repub. & Chron.l j^RAPES! GR^lIpES!! GRAPES!!! MUSCADINE, DELAWARE. CONCORD, ar.d numerous other varieties, are now being sap plied at the KENDALL GREEN VINEYARD in quantities of ten pounls and upwards, and de livered at ALL PARTS OF THE CITY. To the Rick they are better than medicine; to the well they are the best preservatives of health. Order# for ten pounds and upwards addressed te the undersigned and dropped in the city post office will receive proncpt attention. Price 76 cents per pound, ?u 22jf W. STICKNEY. YSPEP8IA AND FITS. A sfik cchk for 'he*e distressing complaints is now made known in a Treatise on Foreign and Na tive Herbal Preparations published by I)r. O. Phelps Brown. The prescription was furnished him in such a providential manner, that he annot conscientiously refuse to make it known, as it his cured ev?r>boa? who has used it, never having failed in a single case. It is equally sure incases of Fi'-?> as of Dyspepsia; and the ingredients may be found it any drug store. Sent free to all on the receipt t.f five cents to pre pay postage. This work, of 4" octavo pag*s, beautifully illustrated also treat* on Consumption, Bronchiiis, A tim*,G?n eral D-bihtv.and gives the best known Herbal Reuiedie?for their positive and permanent cure. Adr1reh?Dr O. PHELPS BROWN, No. 1ft Gr,nd Street. Jersey City, New Jersey. au!4 3tD.ltW 369 SiVENTH STREET. CARPETS, OIL CL0TH8, FURNITURE. HOU8EFURNISHING GOODS, CUTLERY. PLATED C A8T0R8, 8POON8. Ac. I?*T*?n. R*g and Hemp Carpets, ?rim* at much leat than present In KW?." M 1 " ? cents per yard. defy Houtefumiihing Goods we can fcHnVat^t0^^ Ware we are ?f rerinK ki eatr*ordina-y bargains Undlt*" eci<l,dr? U.ons'furnishiB* Goods wi 1 f-.11 ,h"lr interest to give Ub a call. Ust adrane. s whiph"* pravious to the laPi aaranc> winch e? abW f? n* to offmr ******* in 4ur?mH>U than any house in this city A discount of ien per cent ai'ow?d on all Vills offfr and upwards. HBWRY BnWTZ mu cucceaior to Hoiti jl a?? a?k WANTS. W WANTED?A White WOMAN as Cook. Apply at BROWN'd Restaurant, corner Pennsylva nia av., and 13th street. au V 3t' mft/ANTKD-A GOOD COOK,at 3SO E St., bet. I' thjand 11th ats, Good wages will be given. an gr-3t? W?0Y 12 or 14 years of age. Apply -??, Penna. a?.,between 17thand 18th fets., Billiard Saloon. anZ7-2t* WANTED-A middle aged WOMAN to *? _care of a house Inquire immediately at No. 421 13th Bt.. bet. G and H. a?g St* 117 ANTED?TWO GIRLS to do housework . * * Good wages paid, at Mrs. L. KOHN'S board ing house. No. 305 D st., between lJth and 13th Ptg. ' au 27 3t* WANTED-A BOY or YOUNG MAN. to make himself useful in the office, must write a good hand, and be business like. Enquire No 511 9th street. N.H.MILLER, au 27-2t* Justioe of the Peace. A YOUNG WOMAN WOULD LIK1 TO GO North with a respectable family?to Massa chusetts or Pennsylvania. Address to the city post office. MARY A. CARTER, Washington, D. C. au 27 at" WANTED?Bt a young gentleman in the War Department, permanent BOARD and ROOM, in a strictly priva'e and religious family, in the central part of Washington. Best of reference. Address at once. '?Rochester."Star efflce. auZ7-6t* WANTED?By a gentleman and wife wishing to board themselves, two ROOMS situated near the Treasury?one furnished suitable for a sitting and sleeping room, and the other small, suitable for kitchen, Ac Gas store will be used. Address No. 2*7, Star Office. ati 27 3t* YOUNGMAN, AGED l!?. OF SIX-TEARS experience, would like a SITU ATION as clerk in a country store, or with a sutler; could take charge of a small farm, or would like to travel where he can rerruit health, can furnish thebestof testimonials as to character and respectability. Ad dress, for three days, "A. B. C.," Post Offlce, Washington. It* WANTED?A First Class PAPER HANGER', Immediately Apply at KIDWELL A HEN DERSON, No. 367 D st., near 9th. au 25 2t IITANTED?A YOUNG MAN. of good address, vT to act as clerk: also, two BOYS, to learn the plumbing trade. Apply No. fiO* 12th st. an26-2f* IITANTED?A GOOD COOK, (white woman.) to v* whom liberal wages will be paid. Apply at No. 134 22d, between K and L, north of Penn'a avenue. au 2fi-3t* ANTED?A steady middle-aged MAN accus tomed to the care of horses and driving, Oue who is willing to make himself generally useful. Also, a WOMAN as cook, washer and ironer. Also, a CHAMBERMAID. All white. Gall at the south west corner of 24th and M streets. ail 25 3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY-A YOUNGMAN to take charge of a drug store. Apply at No, 313 Seventh st.. corner L. au 2,~>3t* WANTED?The subscribers want eight or ten CARTS, to haul brick. A. & T. A. RICHARDS, au 25-31* N street south. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A first-class cake and pastry BAKSR. The highest wages and steady employment given. au 25 3t* 8. SIMMONS, 466 Pa. av. A LADY DB8IRB3 A SITUATION A8TEACH er of the English branches for several small children Will teach music if required. Address Mifs K. C. R., Washington, D. C. au 24-4t* ANTED-A WAITER at the Gosling"House. One who nnderstands his business can get $20 per month all year round. Inquire at the Gos ling Restiurant, 247 Penn av: au 24- It* WANTED?A good NURSE to take charge of tiro children. Must be well recommended. Apply on Saturday, the 27th inst., between lo and 4 o'clock,at No. 264 1 street, between 17th and ISth. au 24-4t* WANTED?By a married couple without chil dren. FURNISHED ROOM an l BOARD, or Furnished Room without Board and use of Kitch en. in a private family. References exchanged. Address, stating terms and location, to "Lat'osse," Box 1067. au 23-St* Washington gas light company STOCK WANTED?Persons having this stock for sale will find a purchaser for one or two hundred shares, by addressing Box No. 10 Star Office, giving name and residence, and cash price of stock. au 23 lw* WANTED TO RENT?Part of a small House, in a genteel neighborhood. Address Box -13, Star Office. au 22-lw* W~00D_CHOPPERS W AN TEI Five-hundred WOOD CHOPPERS, to whom the highest wages per cord will be given to go to Maryland to cut over lO.oOu flords of wood to fill Government contract' Quarters, provision, and clothing fur nished on trie ground, if required. Apolv imme diately to Capt. JOHN C. PETTIT. No* 25 street, Washington city,or at L. FEARSON'S, op posite Aqueduct Bridge, Georgetown, D. C. au 23-eo:it* LTD BOTTLES WANTED! OLD BOTTLE8 WANTED! The highest cash price will be paid for? Whole Champagne Bottles, Half do. do. Pint Porter do. Pint Ale do. Pint Ale Juzi, Ac,. Ac., by RILEY A. SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. D C. N. B.?Any person having large quantities of Old Bottles on hand, can have them taken away bv notifying me. (au 18-lm] R. A. SHINN. W~anted^b7morgan aTrhinehart. at G street Wharf. 5,000 Tods GREEN HOS PITAL AND CAMP BONES, for which the high est market price will be paid. au 13-eolm ITS~T Y. D~r,0.000~~LADIES-to call Tt PRINCES BTAMI'ING AND FLUTING DEPOT. 3*1 F street, oi>pesite Patent Office and get their STAMPING, ? FLUTING. AND PINKING DONE. We are the only persons in town who make the business an exclusive one. Constantly receiving and making up new patterns for Braid and Silk Embroidery. New and elegant patterns received weekly for Yokes, Bands, Pantaletts, Cap?s, 8hawls, flippers. Pin Cushions, Ac. au 12-tf Want* d?second hand furniture. Also, MIRHOR8, CARPET8, BEDS, BED DING, and H0U8KFURNISHING GOO D8 of every description. B. BUCHLY.4 28 7th street, Je8-tf between G and H. east side. EDUCATIONAL. fl/l FEMALE SCHOOL. LtJRS. MARIA C. M.:CORMICK,late uf Alexan dria. Va., having remnyed her school to Cam bridge, Md., is prepared to receive four or five girls, as boarding pupils, in her family. Their intellectual, domestic and moral training will re ceive her m< st assiduous care. Her sucse^s, while for years engaged in Alexandria, in educating girls, is well known to all old residents of that town. Parents in this vicinity who desire further in formation concerning the advantages of her school are respectfully referred to Lewis McKenzie, Esq., of Alexandria. Ya .or W. D. Wallach, Editor of the Washington Star. Her terms for board, tu ition, Ac .are moderate. Cambridge. Md. whereshe lias recently located her school, is one o' the healthiest and most de lightful villages in the Union, and hasabout it no attribute whatever except such as a prudent and solicitous pa nt will approve in selecting a local ity in which to have a daughter thoroughly edu cated and trained for future usefulness. The fall term of her school commi nces on the firBt Monday ot September. au .6 dim I EMERSON I NSTITl'TE?Select Classical and j Mathematical school for boys. Fourteenth street, between I and K. The Twelfth Annual Session of this School will begin the first MON DAY in September. For circulars, Ac., address the Principal. CHAS. B. vOCNG. 34? New York avenue. Tuition nr quarter, au25-t>t" AFAYETTE IN8TITUTBA Seledfschool for -i young Ladies and Misses, 367 I street, be tween latn ?iid i4th, will reopen on MONDAY, teptemb^r 5th. Experienced and thorough teachers. Music and French in charge of eminent Profes S?For circulars call at Drug Store corner of land 12th or at the Institute afier September 1st. Misses WILLIAMS A HALSTEAD. an 24 d2tAeo4t* (Chroni ( GEORGETOWN SELECT ENGLISH AND V CLASSICAL ACADEMY FOB YOUNG GENTLEMEN. ROBERT PHI?PS, PitmcirAL. The Second Terra of this Institution will begin on Mondav September 5, I8?4, at the new school bouse, northeast corner of West and Montgomery 6treets, Georgetown, D.C. 1 he number of pupils is strictly limited to twen ty-five. The long experience and success of the Principal warrants him in assuring parents that they will find this school w ell adapted for securiug for their sous a thorough English and Classical education, combined with the advantages of con genial associations and careful moral training. KKFlIihBCEd : Rev. Dr. Pyne. Washington Rev J. II. C Boute Georgetown. Rey. N. P. Tillinghast. Georeeto vn lien'y Addison. Esq., May^r of Georgetown. Major Kurtz U. 8 A , Georgetown. Major Nicholson. U. 8 M. C., Georgetown. Thomas C. Cox, Esq., Georgetown. Henrv D Cooke. Esq., President First National B.-iok. Washington. , _ C. E. Rittenhouse, Esq.. President Bank of Com merce. Georgetown. . The Principal may be seen at 111 Weststreel Georgetown. au Zi 2W M1C8 MAGBUDER will open, onthe 1st of Sep tember, a DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LA DIES No. 107 West street, between Oongre'i and Washington streets, Georgetown, D C Reai oence 111 West st^et. au 19-2w* /CUMBERLAND VALLEY INSTITUTE FO iv YOUNG GENTLBMEN. MkchaKiCsbcku Pa., REV. 0. EGE A SONS. Terms 9200 per scholastic year. Duties resumed Sept. 1st. . . Circulars at this ofllce. an 19 2w C^EOBttETOWN ACADEMY. T FOB YOUNG LADIES. No. 128 Bridge st., between Congress and Hiahsta. The annual exercises of this Institution will com mence on MONDAY, the 6th of 8ep ember next. Circulars can be had at Mr Orandell's Book store, Georgetown, or Mr. Joyce's Bookstore, Penn avenue, near fth street, Washington. . Rev. OLIVER COX Principal. gyCar tickets will be supplied by the Principal to pupils residing in Washington, at half price. an 2-eolm* _ MILITARY BOARDING BCHOOL-On Balti more Railroad, li miles from Philadelphia. Pupils have the benefits of a home; thorough oonrse in Mathematics, Languages, English./tc Bomber limited. Terms moderate Received at FOR BENT AND SALE. I7<URNI8HED HOUSE FOR RENT-Containing r 16 looms. No. T4 Mittouii avenae, mm M itreet. Inquire on the premises. au V-3t SEVERAL WELL FURNI8HED, PLEASANT ROOMS POR Bit NT at a moderate rat*, with a private family. Apply at 416 6th at., between F and G Hts. an 27 It A STORE FOR RENT, AND ITS GOOD WILL AND FIXTURES POR SALE-OnC street, between 1st and New Jersey av., close to the Depot. Apply to Mr. STEPPARD, on the premises. _an ZTJJt^ COR SALE?FIVE ACRES GROUND. HOUSE, r t dozen FRUIT TREES, etc.. beyond Boldiers' Home, about tire miles from the city. Price cheap. Apply at Mr. CHAMPLIX, Quartermaster Store house. G and 22d streets. au 27-3t* FOR RIN*?A ROOM on 15th street, opposite the Treasury Department, adapted to the use of a Banker or Broker, having connected with it a very commodious and substantial vault. In quire of WILLIAM ORME.No. 312 Penn ave.. between loth and 11th sts. au w-3w ^ FOR SALE ANDTEABE. A NUMliEROf VERY desirable BUILDING LOTS, beautifully loca ted in the eastern part of the city, not more than ten minutes walk from the Captol. For terms ap ply to M. BALDWIN, corner east Capitol and lirth streets. au*7-3t? A NEWLY FURNISHED CHAMBER. (2d tloor.) without Board, in a private dwelling house, will be rented to a satisfactory tenant, at a mod erate rent, gas included; location pleasant and unexceptionable, near the Departments and *bove 17?h itreet. References exchanged. Address" Ad vertiser,"* Lock Box 35, City Post Office, an 27 St FOR"RENT-An OFFICE "ROOM, on the first tioor.and two BED ROOMS. Apply at No. 815 F street, between 14th and 15th sts. au " OR SALE?A HUCKSTER'S STAND. Inquire at 176 Bridge st., Georgetown. D. C. _ an 26-2t* FOR" 8ALB-Cheap for cash a TWO STORY BRICK HOUSE, on 1st street. 3d house above LBtreet. Gas and water. Rare bargain. Will be exchanged. Call immediately. an 26-.'ft ttlX DESIRABLE ROOMS POR RENT. SUITA O ble for a small family, at No. 352 11th street, above M. Privilege of thi bathing room inclu ded. au 26-W FOlTlfENT-Four BOOMS, unfurnished, or part furnished, in a three story brick house, about ten minutes' walk north of W1' immediately. at WEBB Sc. BB\ BRIDGE 3 China Store. Odd f ellews Hall, 7th street^ ?.,nTRll,, au28-2t* W. H. SQUIRES. Horrent or lease in an excellent f business location, a two story Brick H0L8E, suitable fnr a i?tore or Dwelling, on 7th street wes., between G and H streets north, east side, next door to J W. plant's. Apply to Mrs. MARGARET AD AMSON, l lth street west, between 8 and T streets north. _ aH DESIRARLE ROOMS WITH BOARD, FOR Gentlemen, at No. 2W north K, between 7th and 8th sts. Table boarders accommodated, au 25 eo 3t* A RARE CHANCE-TheGOOD WILLandPIX j.m. TURKS of two of the best stores in the city ; suitable f?r clothing or shoe business. Apply at J. H. SMITH'S. No. 4HO 7th st. au 25-tf F^OR RENT? Without BOARD, to gentlemen. de sirable Famished ROOMS. Inferences re quired. Apply at 4 00 4th street, between E and Indiana avenue. au 25 lw DESIRABLK FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT at No. 492 E street, between 5th and fith. Furnitore new. Possession given Sept. 1st. Privi lege of the bathinar room. au 25-3t SMALL HOUSE FOR RENT. AND PURNI ture for sale. Apply immediately at 40 9th street west, between II and I. or 434 Penn. avetue. up stairs. au 2.i 3t F^OR RENT?A three storv BRICK HOUSE, with basement, ptrtiallv furnished. on G St., between .'id and 4th sts.. No ?14. Apply to B. WROE, on Massachusetts avenue, or on the prem ises. an25 4t* FOR 8ALE?The GOOD WILL and FIXTURES of a 8egar. Tobacco and Stationery Store. No. ,'553 Maryland av..between 9th and loth sts..Island. A blue show box sits in front of the door. It will make a good stand for most any business. a25-3t* FOITrKNT-A large FRONT PARLOR an I BED BOOM on second tloor, both neatly furnished, together or separate. Parlor may be used as bed room if required; also, privilege of the kitheu. Applv at 2j4 II street, between 19th and20thsts. au 25-3t* THE SUBSCRIBER offers at private sale a very valuable and productive FARM, situated in tbe District of Columbia, one mile east of Ben ring's Bridge, containing sixty acres of excellent lard, well watered. The improvements, a large two-story Frame Dwelling, nearly new. with tae neces.-ary out buildings. Persons wishingto pur chase are invited to examine the premises. A very pleasant drive of three miles, over a good road, from Washington city. ...ri,T au 25-eolnT ROBERT K. NE^ XTT. I/OR RENT?Two large ROOMS' over Hilborn's 1 Segar Store, and adjoining Ham mack's Res taurant. Tbev are on the second floor, and are suitable for offices, as the location is the best ia ^Al'-ho^onenFURNISHED ROOM tbat would suit a single gentleman. Apply on the premises^ ^ HAMMACKf Hammack's, corner 15th st. and Pa. av. This fs a rare chance to secure two of the finest rooms on the avenue. an 2T>-3t* OR SALE?A BRICK HOUSE, on D street, near 13th, No. 270. Apply No. 37 Louisiana avenue. au 24-lw* F^OR RENT?A HOUSE in Georgetown, No. 42 Gay street. Possession given immediately. Inquire of SOLOMON STOVER. Wood and Coal Yard.corner2 lstaud I sts.. Was hin gton. a24-lw* COR""SALE?An excellent and nearly n^w r FRAME I10C8E, situated on West street, Georgetown. Apply to THOMAS DOWI.ING, Auctioneer, No. 174 Bridge street. an 24-6t* URNISIIED ROOMS FOR RE NT-Without board. Boarding house in the neighborhood where meals are served. Reference required. Apply at No. 320 New York avenue, between9th and H'th streets. au 24-lw* WILL BE READY FOR OCCUPANCY BY 1ST September, two newly finished five room HOUSES. Enquire of JOS. PRATIIER, Northern and Centre Market. an 23-5t* Ij^OR SALE?A most excellent >RAME HOUSE, a situated on south L street, between 21st and 22d, containing 12 rooms. Will be sold a great bar gain, and immediate possession given. Apply to MITCHELL ft SON, Real Estate Brokers, south east corner of 18th st. and Pa. av. au 23-lot* FOB RENT?FOUR ROOMS, with use of Kitchen and Dining-room, all furnished, at .">00 E street between 2d and 3d^ au 22-7t* F^Ott RENT?Desirable furnished ROOMS in the best locality in the city, being near tne Post and Patent Offices. Call at 44S K street, between 6th and 7th sts. au 22 6t* I/URNI8HED ROOMS FOR RENT-At No. 225 I Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Willards' Ho tel. au 19-2w* I?OR SALE-DRUG STORK, BRICK HOUSE and three BUILDING LOTS. Inquire atNo. 45S, Mass. avenue, near 'Sth st. au iH-lm* F~~0R~RENT?(To Gentlemen,) two PARLORS. or a Chamber and Parlor connected, on the first floor, elevated five feet above the sidewalk in a healthy, pleasant, and central location, a few yards east of Riggs'Bank and the State Depart ment. 2d door from 15th street. No. 4 00 New York avenue. Also, a first class DWELLING, contain ing ten rooms, kitchen, attic, and a large cellar, in tbe same location, and possession had on the 1st of October next. au 17-tf I^OR SALE?A three story and attic BRICK HOUSE and out-buildings, on North Capitol street, between B and C.No, 394, nearly opposite the Washington Railway, near the Depot House, containing 10 rooms; a vacant lot adjoining; front of 55 by 80. For further particulrrs inquire of WALL, STEPHENS k CO., No. 322 Pennsylva nia >a 16 W E OFFER FOR SALE, at a great bargain a small FARM, containing about 65 acres, well improved with new dwelling and all necessary out houses. This property lies about 4 miles from Center Market, on the Benning's Bridge rovi across Eastern Branch, is in a high and healthy situation, with an abundance of wood. Terms made known on application to , ? SWEENY 4, CO . Real Estate Brokers, au 15 lin Corner 7th and U streets. F^OR BALE?The three story BRICK H0U8E and LUT. No. 561 9th street, (Island,) be tween D and E streets. The house contains nine rooms, and has convenient out-buildines, &c. Apply tc W. D. WALLACH, at the Star Office. au ll-tf rj08LING HOUSE FOR 8ALE. The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi ness aud offers his well Known house for sue. Any one wishing to engage in a LUCRATIVJS BUPIN ESS can call on the Proprietor, 24 7 Penn sylvania avenne, between 12th and loth sta. an V iw" SAND POR SALE?Apply at thefirst house from the Eastern Branch Bridge. au 61m* K-UBNI IIEDROOMS FOR RENT, at 430 13th street, east side, between G and H sts. The situation is one of the most desirable iu Wash in gton^ au2-lm F"OR SALE?The subscriber wishes to sell a FARM, containing about 25' acres*, more or less. diBtant about tour miles from Washington, D. C.. over the upper Esctern Branch bridge. A large body of the land is in good limber, and about forty acres of superior meadow land. Titie mdis put able. Address J. D., Box 3?4, W?shmgton. D. c. au 1-lm* \"Valuable property at private bale IN THE FIRST WARD.?The undersigaed will sell all or part of that valuable property upont which he resides, situated on the corner of 16th and K streets, and within one and-a-half blocks of Lafayette Square, consisting of several haudsome BULLING LOT8, one of them improved by a substantial two-story Brick House and back build ing, with good 'tabling. The above PJ"?P?]!!,tJ!TJJU1 be sold Irw for cash. Enquire of T. DRURY, Wood A Coal dealer, near tbe War Department, or on the premises. jy3'-lm__ ?MTY RAILROAD STOCKS AND BONDS. We have for sale ISO SHARES STOCK and $10,000 MORTGAGE BONDS OP THE WASH INGTON A N I) G EORG ETO WV RAIL BOA? COMPANY. The Bond a bear aix ?*r cent interest, parable annually, and with tb?? oner aMle and desirable inveatment. J AY COOK* a C0 , au 28- Iw Bankerg. l\OTICE.-POE 8ALB-?0?of two. and 1 ^ four horee aeovod hand HARNE8d, Wtood ?eroad hand BADDLEd and BRIDLES, Ap?.y to H. 8. JOHNSTON. No.*73 Penn avenae,between 4H and Mb i- nnnnalto Hatlnna' HoU> W U-lm* REFINE0"8CGAB8.-Tki? day received, 1* burreia Lowering ft. Crashed, Powdered .rfBoJCraahed ???ar?. ||N, BJ6ALI< AUCTION SALES. F#r *thar AHtln Bale* n? first pi|i. B T GREEN * WILLIAMS. Auctioneer#. Mo. 696 comer 7th and D streets north. AUCTION SALS Of PART LOT 13. IN 8QUARB *70. Oil SIXTH STRSKT. BETWEENA AND B STREETS SOUTH, busing 13 feet frost, hi feet deep to as alley. On THURSDAY, the lat of September next, at 6 o'clock p.m.. we shall sell the above described property without r?i?rv?. T?rma of sale : One half cash, balance in sir an 1 twelve months, secured by a deed ot trrst on the premises. Ail conveyancing and stamos at the cost of the pnrchaser. an 26-d ORESN A WILLIAMS. Anct?. B T GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer! "t'on- ins ^VNIUD\ATTlh?ofS;p.??b.'. ?? ? ?"??,? 'i illftofr??t of the .of one third part of Lot 26, in 8auare 5-_!, h'lT'*en front 15 fe?42s, inches, on 3*1 street11 n F and G streets south, running back 1 fe?now.. alley, with the improvements, which isiasf' ' A good two-story Frame House, with a good Stable for live horsfs; also. Carriage House for two na?. as, with good Hay Loft, suitable for any hackma.i purpose. ? Terms made known on the day of sale. All conveyance and revenue stamps at the cost oi thaoP2Prdb"er' GREEN * WILLIAMS. Aucts. B Y J AS. C. McG DIKE A. CO.. Auctioneers. HANDSOME BUILDTNG LOT ON NORTH n STREET, MKT WEEN luTH AND 11TH STREETS WEST. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. August 31. at 6^-i o'clock, on the premises, we ahall sell a very desiratle Building Lot, on the north side of II street north, between inth an! 11th streets west, fronting 33 feet 4 inches and running back 105 feet, with the privilege of a five foot alley running into l(ith street. This Lot is finely located, in an unexceptionable neighborhood, for a private residence, and the sale should command the attention of persoua seeking fine building sites. Termi: One-half cash; the remainder in si* and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur cliaaer. au 26-d JAS.C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. B Y JA8. C. McGUIRE A CO.,Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF8IX BUILDING LOTS ON 7TI1 AND KT11 STREETS, BETWEEN R AND S STRE1TS NORTU. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, September 1, at 5 o'clock,on the premises, we shall sell pa?ts of Lots Nob. 3 and 12. in 8qnare No. 419. subdivided into three Lota fronting 20 feet each on 7th street, between R and S streets north, and running back 100 feet, and three Lota of a similar size immedi ately in the rear and fronting on 8th street. Terms: One-third in cash, the remainder in ft and 12 montba, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premisea. Conveyances and stamps at the cost o( the par chaser. au 25-d JAMBS C. MoGUIRE AGO., Aucts. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. No. 5iiG corner 7thand D streets north. A GOOD TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON SIXTn STREET. BETWEEN G AND II STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 31st inst., at 6 o'clock p. m.,we shall sell, in front of the premises, part of Lot 15. in square t?6, with the improvements, consisting of a TWO 8TOKY FRAME HOF?B. containing seven good roenis, also a good alley back of the lot. Any one wishing to purchase a residence will do well to attend the sale. Terms : One half cash, balance m three and six months, .secured by a deed of trust on the prem ises. All conveyancing an 1 revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaaer. au 25 d GREEN & WILLIAMS. Aucta. |^Y J AS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS OF A FAMILY DrCLTNING HOUSEKEEPING. On THURSDAY MORNING, September 1. at 10 o'clock, at 1<)4 F street, next to the corner of 19th street, we shall sell the Furniture and Effects of a family declining housekeeping, comprising? Mahogany Parlor Furniture, finished in Plush and nair Cloth Walnut Whatnotaand Fancy Tables Marble-top Center Table. Corner Stand Bush and Cane-seat Chairs Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oil Cloth (Jilt Window Shade', Rugs Two Extension Dining Tables Mahogany.Walnut and Painted Cottage Furniture Mattresses. Bolsters, and Pillows Cooking and other Stoves Together with the usual assortment of Kitchen Utensils. Terms cash. aui.5-d J. C. McGUIRE & CO., Aucts. B Y W. L. WALL & CO , Aucta. U. B. MARSHAL'S SALB OF PRIZE 8CIIOONBR AND LONGBOAT AND CARGO. In rirtue of two warrants of aale issued from the Clerk's Of 6ce of the District Court of the United States for the District of Columbia, and to me di rected, I will sell for cash, at the Bazaar of Wm. L. Wall A Ce , on Louisiaaa avenue, between 9th and luth streets, on WEDNESDAY, the 31st day of August inst.. commencing at 1" o'clock a. m., the following goods and chattels being the cargo of the longboat J. H. D.Smoot, viz: 2 bbls. Pop, 2bbls.Cid*r, 1 keg Butter. 2 bbls. Flour, y, bbl. Mackrel, 1 Bedstead, and 1 bbl. Crackers, 4 Chairs, 1 bbl. Cakes, ALSO At 4 o'clock p. m.. on the same day. I shall Bell, at the foot of6th street wharf, the schooner "CO W PERTHWAITE," her Tackle, Apparel and Fur niture. ALSO At the same time, the longboat "J. II. D. SMOOT." Both vessels now lyiny at the foot of 6th street wharf, on the Potomac river. WAHDH. LAMON, U. 8. Marshal, D.O. au 23-d per WM. L. WALL A CO , Aucts. [Chronicle. 1 B Y J. 0. McGUlKB A CO., Auctioneers, CHANCERY 8ALB OF BUILDING LOTS OP POSITE THE OLD GLASS HOUSE On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Augustan, at aix o' the premises, wenhall sell for accountof the estate of the late Charles L. Coltman, Lots Noa. in, 11, and part of 18, in Square 83, subdivided into small building lots, fronting respectively en north C and Water street, between 21st and 22d streets west, and immediately in front of the old Glass Hou?e. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in <5, 9 and 12 months, with interest from the day of sale, for which notes will be required with approved secu rity. On the ratification of the sale by the Court, and payment in full of the purchase money, the property will be conveyed to the purchasers. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter, the trustees may re-sell the pro Serty so in default, at the risk and expense of the efaulting purchaser. The cost of conveyances and stamps to be paid by the purchaser. P JAMES ADAMS. / Trustee ROBERT COLTMAN, \ trustees. au 17 eoA ds J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Aucts, B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VERY' DE8IRABLE SLAUGHTERHOUSE PROPERTY. By virtue of a deed of truat, dated December 18th, A D. 18t3, and auly recorded in Libel N. C. T., No. i2, folios 72. Ac., of the Lrnd Records of Washington county, D. C? I will s?H at public auction, in frent of the premises, at six o'clock P. M., ?u WEDNESDAY, theSlstdayof August A. D., 1S64, Lots Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, in Square No. 553, fronting on Georgia avenue, between Half and First streets west, in the city of Washington, to gether with all the improvements. Consisting of Slaughter House. Ice House, Ac. Terms of sale: Ore-third in cash; and the re mainder in equal payments in 6 and 12 months, with interest from day of sale, secured by deed of trust. Terms to be complied within five days from day of tale otherwise the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and cost of the first purchaser after one week's notice. Ci nvesancing. including stamps, at the purcha ser's expense. WM. H WARD,Trustee. an 17 e?Ads ,TAS. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts* B Y J. C. McGUIRE A Co., Auctioneers. On TCE8DAY AFTERNOON, Augnst 2S, 18S4, at 6o'clock, we aha<l sell, at public sa'e on the prem ises, the west half of 8qnare No. 828. fronting on I north M. Boundary, ai a 5th streets ea?t, contain ing about 11.828 rquare feet, in lots to suit pur chasers. This property is located near Kendall Green. Terms of 6a>: One-fourth cash; the balance in G, 12 and IS months Deed given and deed of trust taken to secure the deferred paymenta. Al the writings and Government stamps at the cost of the P?rchasers.j0HN ^ RK T. M n ANSON SAMUEL NoRMENT, Committee of National Build<nit Association, J. C. McGUIRE A CO., au 3-eoAds I Rep | Auctioneers. WTHK ABOVE SALE WILL TAKB PLACE at the Audi"" Rooms of Jas C. McGuir* on 1 UEeDAY AFTERNOON Augnst 3 th, same hour JOHN E. K ENDALL. T M HAN ON. SAMTTEt. NORMENT. Committee of National Building Asiociation. au 24 4 J. O. McGUIRE A CO . Aucts. GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. BT ?? BEAUTIFUL FARM OR COUNTRY SEAT AT auction. On WELNBSDAY, the 30th inst.. we s?>all sMl, at 6 o'clock p. ro., on the premises, that beautiful fiiece or parcel of land a'tached to the former res rtence of H W. Blunt Esq near Tennallytown, about one?nda half miles from Georgetown, on the RockvlUe Turnpike mad. This land adfoias the lands of Messrs Loughborough and Carter, and Mrs. A 1. Lyle. This sale ?res>-u's a rare opportunity to a gen tleman wishing a fine country a-at, the neighbor, ing society being the very best, and possessing all the advantages of proximity ?o town and ma feet. The view is beautiful, commanding a prospect of from taelve to seventy miles, of the most pic turesque and romantic scenery. The soil is kind, and well adapted to the culture of a vgetable gar den, the most of it having a beautiful southeast exposure. The land, which contain* about twen tj-five acres is susceptible of division into thr-?e or more lota, each of which contain b.autiful building sites, and will be sold in separate lota, if ^^'"reapoetfully inrite the attention of per?ona wishing to purchase a bindsome site for a private residence, aud the public in general to thia aale. as it preeen'n- *er/ rare inducements, and the sale will be well wortbv if tbeir attention. Terms; One-half cash; balance in nix irqnths. for note bearing interest. A deed givae and a dee?i ?f trust taken Title indisputable. an 24-d GREEN * WILLIAM3. AncU. AUCTION SALES. mmi oats. W. L. WALL A CO., Auction**?. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT AUCTION. On MON DA Y MORN 1NG. ?th inat , at 10 o'clock. at the large Double Houaea, Noa. 474 and 47 7 isth street, between Pennsylvania avenue and 9 street, a large collection of Houaehold Furulture, in good order, embracing? Mahogany Parlor Sofa. Tete-a-tete Arm and Side Chair* and Rockers Brocatelle and I.ace Curtain*. Shade* Marble Center and Pier Tables Gilt Mirror and Painting* Mahogany Whatnot. Brussels Carpotmra 11*11 Hat Rack. Chair*. Oil Cloth. and Msttin* Extension DiningandS de TaMaa and Chairs An assortment of Glass and Table W are Mahogany Bedsteads and Wardrobes Mahogany Marble top Dressing Bureaus and Washstands Hair and Shuck Mattresses Feather Pillows and Bolilcri. Blanket# anl Sheets Three ply and Ingrain Chamber Carpets, Mat ting. Oilcloth Curtains, and Shadea, and Cornices Twenty Cottage Sets, various paterns. in to >d order Two large Cook 8tovea. and twenty other Store* An assortment of Kitchen Furniture and Uteu Bi's Terms cash. au20-d W. L. WALL A CO., Auete. I JA8. 0. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers] B - FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS AT PUBLIC AUCTION On MONDAY MORNING-, August ??, at 1> o'clock, at the residence of Woodbury Emory, Esq . N 4 0.1 12th street, between I and K streets north, we shall eell hia furniture and etf*cta, com prising? Mahogany, Hair, Spring. Sofa, Arm and Parlor Chafrs; Etagtres. Marble Top and Card TaMea: Large engmvinc. "Sliakspeareand his friend*;'' Carpets, Oil Clothe, Rugs; Window Curtains and Shades. Lounge, Marble Top Bureaus and Wash'tands, Mahogany and Walnut Bedsteads; Mattre'si s, Bolsters and Pillowa; looking Glasses, Clock, Toilet Sett; Walnut Dining Table. Cane Scat Chairs; Cooking and other Stoyea; Together with a general assortment of Kitchpa Utenaila. Terms, caata. au 24-d J C. McGUIRE A 00. Auct*. |?Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDINcTLOT ON THE NAVY YAKD AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, the 3 th Inet., at * o'clock a. m., we shall sell in front of the premises Lot 5 in Square 392 This property fronts 4n feet 7S inches on south M street and is between 6th and 7th sts. east, running back 129 feet 11 inches to a 30-foot al'er. Terms: One-half cash; balance in six months, for note bearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyances and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. au 24-d GREEN A WILLIAM8, Anet*. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF NINE BUILDING LOTS ON 1ST STREET WEST, AT TUB CORNER OF SOUTH D STREET. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, August *>, at 6* o'clock, on the premise*, by rirtue of a deed of trust, dated May 7th, 1857. and duly recorded ia Liber J. A 8. No. 1.13, folios 22 et seq., we shall sell all of Lot No 6, in Square No. #38, fronting 14* feet on First street west, at th? corner of south D street, and ranning back f 0 feet, subdivided into 8 Lots lfixbo, and one Lot 20x80. Terms cash. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. A cash payment of'#20 on each lot will t>e required at the time of sale. HORATIO N. GILBERT. Trustee. Jy 27 d J. C. MoGUIKE A CO.. AocU. B Y J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF LOT CORNER OP NORTH G STREET ANDELEVENTH STUCK? JB AST On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, August Jlst, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lot No. 1. in Square95H, fronting 5} feet on north G street, at the corner of Uth street east, and running back 75 feet. Terms cash. Cost ?f conveyances to be paid by the purchaser, au2i<i J. C. McGUIRE t CO., Aucts. B Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneer*. SMALL BRICK HOrSE AND LOT ON MARY LAND AV? BETWEEN 4S AND t>TH ST8., AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY EVENING. Sept. 1st, at air o'clock, on the premises, weshall sell part of Lot T, in subdivision of Lots 7, 8, 10 and 11, in Square No. 492. fronting 15 feet on Maryland avenue, bet. 4? and 6th streets, running back 145 feet to a wide Sublic alley, and improved by a two-story brick welling now occupied as a Bakery. Terms: $1,000 cash; balance in 6 and 12 month*, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the promises. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. au23-dts J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts, B Y J. 0. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer*. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY. Under and by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting ia equity, passed July 6th, 1364. in a certain cause, wherein Sarah Ann Brown and fathers are com plainants, and Ambrose A. Brown and others ars defendants No. 221 equity, we shall sell on tha premises.on MONDAY, the 29th day of August, commencing with the first named, at 6 o'clock p. m : Lot No. 1, in Square No. 568, fronting 30 feet on north E street, at the corner of Second street west, and running back 100 feet to a 25 feot alley. Also, the north part of Lot33, in J as. C. McGuire'* subdivision of Squire No. 624. fronting 15 feet 7 inches on Tenth street west, between G and H sta. north, and running back 130 feet 4 inches to a 30 foot alley, and improved by a three-story Brick Dwelling House. Terms : One half in cash; the remainder in nine and eighteen mouths, with interest from the dap of sale, to be secured by the bonds or notes of tha purchasers, with a surety or sureties, to be ap proved of by the trustees. Upon the full payment cf the purchase money and interest, the trustees will convey the proper All conveyances and stamps at the cost of th* purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter, the trustees reserve the right to resell, on one week's notice, at th* risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. GEO W. DUVALL { Tr, NICHOLAS C. STEPHENS. \ lru"?M su6-eo&ds JAS. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auct*. B Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE'S 8ALE OF BRICK DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH H. BETWEEN 13TH AND UTH STREETS WEST. By virtue of a deed of trust from William H. Clampittand wife, dated the 23d day of Septem ter, eighteen hurdred and fifty eight, and duly re corded in LiberJ. A.S , No. 161, folios 417, 438. and 4M9. one of the land records for Washington coun ty. District ofColumbia. I will sell at public auc tion, on the premises, on WEDNESDAY AFTKR NOON, September 7th, at 6 o'clock, all that lot or parcel of land inthe city of Washington, and Dis trict of Columbia aforesaid, being part of Lota numbered one. twenty-nine, and thirty, 'I, 29, 30.) iD Square numbered two hundred and fifty, (W50,t as said Lots and ^juare are a*arked, laid down and disti> guisbed on the plan of said city, beginning tor said part at a point on the line of H street north, eight feet four inches (8 feet i inchest east of the sotithw? st corner of said lot numbered one. and running 'hence east sixteen feet eight inches, (ISteetH inches.) thence north ninety-two feet, (9"-' feet ) thence wess sixteen feet eight inches. 116 feet 8 inches,) thence south ninety-two feet ( feet) to the place of beginning, improved by a well built brick house with all the modern improve ments. This property lies just east of the Demenou buildings, and opposite the Presbyterian Chorea, and is one of the most desirable residences of iU? class in the citv IVrms; Ore-half of the purchase money in cash: RjflOof which must be paid down at thetimeof sale, the remainder, with int-r^st. intimontha, A deed will be given and a deed of trust taken to ae cure tbf deferred payment. All c'invevances, including revenue stamps, at the cost of the purchaser. Should the terms ef sale not be complied wltk within three days, the Trustee rea-rvea th* right to re-sell at the risk and exp-nses of the pnrcna* ser, after giving one week *s notice in the National Intelligencer, or other newspaper published ia Washington JNO, D. McPnERSON, Trustee, au 22 d J^C^ MOGU IKE <fcUO.,Auoie. fclALE OF CONDEMNED QUARTERMASTER'S STORES. Chief Qvar"Tm aster's Qjfiu, Depot of Wasktngie*,/ Washington. D. C.. August 23. 1364. S Wil! be sold at public auction, at 7th street Wharf, in the city of Washington, on TUESDAY, August 3.1 1?64. at 11 o'clock a.m.. a lot of Quar termaster's stores, condemned as unfit for us*, viz: ^A bout 970 bushels of oats, about '9 bushels of Ot rn, paolins buckets, chairs, sbovela. picks, lan terns. scales, stovepipe, brooms, brushes, Ac., Ac , Ac. Also, at the same time and place, will be aoid 34 uo condemned grain -acks Successful bidde s will be required to remove the stores within five days f-oin the date of sale. Terms cash, in Government funds B H. RUCKER. Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster. a-i V.-Tl Depot of Washington. RUCTION SALE OF CONDEMNED HORSES. Was 1>bpartmkst C* valbt Boaiau, J Qfice of Chitf (juai lefmaitir, > . WanhinttoH. D C, 4?(s.m3, 18M.S vj i'l be Bold at Public Auction, to the bighMt bidder, at the times and places named below, via: Reading. Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, Aaguat 14, looi. I8^,t00na' Pennt*ITani,k? THURSDAY, August 2fi, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, TH UBSDAY,September Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, 8t| Two HUNDRED (jno) CAVALRY H0RSS8. at horees have been cond*axaed as aaft for the cavalry serviceuf tbearmy. For road and farming purpose*, many good bar gains may be had. *{n united Sta tea currency. Terms cash, in un. j AMES A EKIN, Lt Col. and Chief Quartremaater, au B-tse* Cavalry Bureau. n VETERINARY SURGEON. LFB- J. B. MjKAY, Member of the Royal Y 8 College Edinburgh. All Diaeaaee of tH?gy Hsrae treated in the moat acienti&c maa- "rm cer Charge* moderate. Alao. Peree*cQ3C bought and arid on commission. Office at J O Rowwd'a, O at rest, hetweea Sth and 7th. Wash ington. aa l-laa

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