Newspaper of Evening Star, August 29, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 29, 1864 Page 2
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= THE evening stab. W. P. WiiUCH, mtwwd frtprirtwr. WASHINGTON CITY : MONDATm?? ,...AC?C?* a?? 1864. ? ? READING MATTXB ON ETEBY PAGE. BEE OUTSIDE FOE IETEBE8T1NG TELJS OEAPIUO ASP OTHBB MATTEB. #0*1 MORGAN 0UBF.SSn>EESD, NOT BVAOD ? ATED. Dispatches received in Washington from be. tore Atlanta, state thai Atlanta papers of the fi7th announce that Fort Morgan surrendered to onr forces with all its garrison, (Including Gen. Patge,) guns, munitions of war, Sec. FROM THJE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. ?* Troops on Thursday and Ul5'-*"he Rebels fear another Attack ?The Losses on Both Sidesln Thursday's Fight?Results of the Retention ei the Weldon Road. [Correspondence of Associated Press. J A letter received from the Army of the Poto mac, a a ted yesterday, says all was quiet ex cepting the usual picket firing in front of the Ninth Corps. The firing on our right on Thursday and Friday was occasioned by a movement of troops from one position to an cther,which the enemy evidently did not under fctand, and were perhaps, fearful that it meant another attack on the right at Ream's Station, on the Weldon railroad. Our total lo3s in the fight of Thursday will not, it said, exceed two thousand, while that thoS^d?*?* supposed to be about fire ?.^e f J*1* bold about 4 miles ef the Weldon railroad, and the portion abandoned by the 2d .wa8i effectually destroyed. Deserters D in ye?t?rciay say that Gen. A. P. Hill a ?orps, two divisions of Longstreet's Je? Legion were the ? ?p en?a**d on Thursday. They also ?tate that sinee the Weldon Railroad fell into *?*<??ced to six and ^ 10 eight dollars a pound in Richmond, and their officers declare that the road must be re captured at all hazards. FROM HEW ORLEANS. F#.^t ? Mobile?Guer tured B#? Friseners Cap. tJAffie, Aug. 29.?The steamer McGin, from on ^e 22d, h"? arrived newsfrom the fleet in Mobile bay is /Tm /fJt? valuable by the announcement of the j&ij or i* ort morgan. ?uhe^fftm'iIja5ca8ter was flred into fifteen miles below Natchez, on the 13th, bv a Ken ?L"tlllery. Three shots strnck the boat, but nobody was injured. The batterv waa supported by 500 cavaly. Qen. Brayman, snumaD Natchez, has sent a force in pur The steamers Check and Atlantic reported 2X^??b?Lther^?,S npthe Yazo? rivefThave ofcottwi a lcksburS? With a good cargo A large number of rebel prisoners arrived at \ icksburg recently. They were captured fif teen miles below Millikens Bend. EUROPEAN NEWS. The London Times on American Affairs* Yo?K? The steamer New x ork from Southampton on the 17th, arrived this morning. The steamers Europa and Marathon arrived ?nrK01i the i&tlu and tne Belgian on the lrtth. Ihe Ltndon Times expresses its astonishment at the manner in which federal bonds are ab sorbed at h rankfort, adding that each succes sive fall Is regarded by existing bond holders with gratification. Instead ol desiring levies, it believes the campaign will continue, unless the danger to Washington is so irreat as to de mand the entire main body of Grant's armv to defend It. J The capture of Richmond is the test of the ability ot the North to make a permanent im pression on the Confederacy. The Confederate loan advance two per cent, on the reception of the intelligence of Grant's repulse before Petersburg?77a79. A powerful three tunneled steamer waa an chored off Foyres, Ireland, on the I3th, and sailed again snddeuly in the evening. Stie is supposed to be a blockade runner. A warlike party, with one of the Alabama's lieutenants, landed, and it is believed she is to carry an im mense supply of clothing to the Confederates. Consols S8,Va89jtf. The pirate Florida destroyed the ship Imfl can, off Brazil, bound from New York to Cal ifornia, and took several thousand dollar* from ner. _ NEW TORE STOCK LIST. (By the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.l 1S8L coupon ?'s, U. S. 5.20 s, 11IX; Certificates of Indebt edness, 85; Gold, 24J*j N. ?. Central, 12hu i^,109^LHa^?n River, 120^; Harlem.-; 8Reading, 133\; Michigan Central, 131k; Michi n Southern, S5#; Illinois Central, 128 a,T*Iai*l *?dF*"sburg, 110*; Cleveland and Toledo, 127*; Chicago and Rock Island, no*; Mllwankle and Prairie dn Chlen, 62, Pitts burg, Fort Wayneand Chicago, u l \; Alton and Jn" n 831 Uhica^? "oi Northwestern, 53\; Quicksilver, 82*. FROM CP RIVER. The Movements of the Rebel Raiders? Another Big Panic at llagerstown?The Shepherdstown-The Rebels Shell Williumspert. [Special Correspondence of the Evening Star.] Bagbbstowit, Saturday morning, August 27,?Editor atar: The usual "weekly scare' took place here yesterday, which caused a general stampede of those who feared another vjait from the dreaded rebels. On Thursday evening, about dark, three companies of the 1st Virginia Union cavalry, who were on duty at Falling Waters, were at tacked by about an equal number of rebel cavalrymen. Onr men held their ground for some time, but the attacking party having re ceived reinforcements In the meantime, our cavalrymen withdrew to Wllliamsport. Darkness having set in by this time, the rebels made no farther demonstration during the night, but early Friday morning they ad vanced a heavy skirmish line to the Virginia 1118 Potomac river, immediately oppo site Wllliamsport. The town at this time was held by one regiment of cavalry belonging to General Averill's command. Skirmishing across the river immediately ensued, which was kept up wltn much vim, but "nobody hurt" until about 10 o'clock, when the main lore* ol the rebels, consisting of one brigade of cavairy, numbering perhaps four thousand men, withdrew from opposite Willlamsport and moved np the river shore towards McCoy's r erry, some two miles above. Before doing eo, however, they planted a battery on Lem on's Hilk near the toll-gate on the Martins SBfB which completely commanded William* port. From this battery they threw a number of shells into the town Three bouses werestruck, but no damage worthy of note was done. Mr Wilson, correspondent of the New York Herald, had his horse disabled by the explosion of a shell. Fortunately most of the shells fired lrcnn this battery exploded In the air; other wise the damage to property might have been serioa*. After arriving at McCoy's Ferry the rebel command halted, and some eight or ten of them crossed the river, but soon returned without accomplishing any thing. From MoCoy 's they moved np to Cherry Run, on the Potomac, about thirteen miles from Hagers town, and a short distance from Cle&rsprtn* Here they made a feint as tf to crass the river, which th?*y did not do, however. After leav ing Cherry Ran they again moved on up the river, but nothing has been beard of them since, and at the present time (7 o'clock a. m ) it is not known here whether they have crossed the river or not. Military men here do not be lieve that it is the lnttBtton ot the rebela to Invade Maryland at this point, and It Is thought that this force is only making a feint in this direction to divsrt attention from other points. Had the rebels seen fit to cross the river they eould have done so either at McCoy's Ferry or Cherry Run, without opposition, as the fords are not guarded farther up than Williams port While the skirmishing waa going on across the river. Gen. Averill's forces, whloh had been encamped near Saarpabnrg, reached the rebel eatreaehmeata on Mohier's farm, two miles from Hageratown, on the Willlamsport turnpike, four aulas from the latter place, where they were drawn up in line of battle, and remained, the greater portion ot the day. These entrenchments were erected last sammer by the rebate on their retreat after the battle of A&ut*l?'o'ck>cJ<. afterthe rebels had with drawn from opposite Wllllamport, General Averlil and his staff rode Into Hagerstowo, aad established his headquarters at the Wash ington Hoase, where he remained until 4 o'clock la the afternoon, when he again re sumed his saddle, aad moved up the old Na tional turnpike in the direction of Cherry Baa. . ^ While Ooa. Averiu was at Hageretownbe waa visited bv Gen. Casta*, Whi'^rar eux rounded on Thandaynear Shepheretown by Breckinridge'a tntaatry, hat who succeeded <a cutting his way out, aad rsailiins Maryland In safety with his cemnaad, having wowed the river at Sh#pherdstown. Theee two dis tinguished cavalry oticon spent some time la Consultation, after which Gen. Custar ret a mod to the point at which his command w&s en. camped. About 11 o'clock Thursday night it was first whispered around on the streets of this town that the rebels had made their appearanoe at Falling Waters, and the news spread rapidly. About an hour afterwards tnose who had re tired for the night were aroused bjr the tread of horses, cows and sheep, which wen being hur riedly driven off the farmers of Washington county for safety. The rear wa? brought up by a large string of four-horse wagons loaded with wheat that bad already been thrashed, but which the millers had refused to receive, owing to the anticipated rebel invasion. The confusion and excitement occasioned by this grand skedaddle at the dead hour of the night can be better imagined than described. In the morning, shortly after the merchants had opened their stores and were ready to transact business, a portion oi (Jen. A verdl's wagon train came dashing up the Sharpsburg turnpike pell mell, and was driven through the town at a rapid rate, taking the road lead ing to (Gettysburg. Post Uuartermaster Wray, who had his office on north Potomac street, ot this town, "pulled stakes" and despatched his trains in the same direction as that taken by Averill's. Rumors now flew thick and fast, and some of the boys who are fond of the "ske daddle excitement," circulated the report that e J"e kad succeeded in crossing the river At William sport, and were marching on Hageratown. The stores were then immedi ately closed, and the Union citizens were to be seen rnshing wildly around with carpet bags in hand, eager to obtain some means oi con veyance to getoutof town. Omnibuses, stages, carriages, buggies and wagons were soon on the road to Pennsylvania, all loaded down with live freight. la almost less time than it takes to write this paragraph the town was left in the possession of a few Union cavalry men and several newspaper correspondents. Lpon Gen. Averill reaching Hagerstown he despatched a courier after his train, which was overtaken at X^eitereburg and brought back. This was a source of great encouragement to tne skedaddlers, and many of those who left in the morning returned in the course of the day. I regret to say that apart of General Averill's command is in a bad state of discipline, aad the farmers of this county complain that they have buffered as much by the depredations or these men as by those of the rebels. Some of the officers appear to have no control of the men, or if they nave they neglect to exercise it. Since General Averill has been encamped at Sharps burg he has been industriously engaged in reorganizing his command, and a better state of affairs can now be looked for. There is no better fighting material in tbe Union army than in General Averill's command, and during the past six months his men have seen very rough service, of whieh their clothing and worn shoes bear evidence. They are all now, however, being furnished with new clothing, remounted and equipped, and a portion of them have been supplied with Sharp's seven-shooter carbines. There Is a fine opening up th<s way for sev eral military detectives, as there are a number ef men lurking around in this county who claim to be Government scouts, but who are in fact a body of horse-thieves. Hardly a niebt passes but that our citizens and farmers lose a number of horses. FROM SHERIDAN'S COMMAND. The Enemy Make an Attack on his Centre ?It is easily repnlsed with Loss to the Enemy. [Special Correspondence of the Evening Star.] i rkdebtck. Md., August 27.?Considerable cannonading was heard here yesterday after, noon from the direction of the position cccupied by General Sheridan. I learn from passengers from Harper's Ferry that it was occasioned by a weak attack of the enemy on General Sheri dan's center, which was easily repulsed by swinging our left wing around on their flank, th a loss to the enemy ot one hundred and lifty killed, and about an equal number in priso ners. This morning the enemy appear to be retir ing from General Sheridan's front, in tbe di rection of Smithfield. This may be occasioned by our successes in front ot Richmond necessi tating the withdrawal ot Early's troops to that point to hold Grant in check, or It may be for the purpose of attempting to cross the river, either higher up or lower down. Should they attempt this, however, they will be promptly met, as there are a sufficient number of Union troops in Maryland guarding the river fords to hold them in check. For the past few days our city has been swarming with Union relugees from the west ern part of Washington county; but as the rebels have made no serious attempt to cross the river, many of them are making prepara tions to return home. Our citizens do not seem to be alarmed in the least by the wild reports constantly in circulation, and business Is coin* on briskly. 6 6 The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company engaFed in reconstructing the water tanks and replacing; the otber property ile stroyed at the Monocacy Junction by the rebels during their recent visit to this place. SHERMAN. Important Movements Reported. Lottisvillb, Aug. 27.?An officer from the^8 that Sherman was moving the bulk of his army to a position on the Macon and Georgia railroad, in the rear of Hood's forces Heavy skirmishing was going on. There were no casualties on our side. The Inaction Abont Over. [Correspondence of the Cincinnati Gazette.) If the rebels should conclude to resign their cherished city to the Federal troops, the opin ion prevails that it will be only to make a more desperate and decided stand at the village of Eastpert, some six miles south of their pres ent location. At this place the junction is formed between the Macon and Montgomery railroads, and it is supposed much more for midable works, both military and artificial, are located. The city of Atlanta merely is clearly of little importance in the eyes of the Com manding General as a desirable military posi tion. Had the object been solely to take that place, the matter would have been concluded long ago, for there has not been a day in the past four weeks when our army could not have occupied it by one of the most simple move ments known to military men. But Sherman does not want Atlanta unless he can also re ceive Hood's whole army within his lines as prisoners of war. Hood well understands our commander's main object. He therefore racks his already almost exhausted brain for new Slans which may assist him in warding off the nai blow until the latest possible moment, and evidently believes that by presenting a bold front 8nd assuming a defiant attitude he will deceive even Sherman, the man who can see far into and divine the intentions of a wily, subtile foe. Reported Crossing of Rebels into Mary land. [Cerrespondence Philadelphia Inquirer.] Harrisbcbg, August 27.?The Governor re ceived a despatch from General Couch this morning, laconically announcing that "our signal corps reports the rebels as having crossed the Potomac into Maryland this morn ing." No particulars were given, and It was believed that if the enemy had crossed it was by the ford at Sheppardstown, where there was some heavy skirmishing all day yesterday. The numbers and purposes of the enemy in Maryland are not yet known here, bnt their crossing at Sheppardstown with some men presage an advance eastward. AN ADJOURNED MEETING OF THE ?LTrusties of the Public Schools on TU?8I>AY NEXT, the 30th iast., ax a 0*91001 p. n, an *-3* R. T. M0RS1LL, See. FB8TIVAL.-The Ladies of the LK3. Methodist Protestant Chnrch will hold a H, ttTehi^a v? of said Church, eomm?nc inf * i ' V?4' continue dur JPJWViP V*!*?* Booms, 9th St., between D and E sta The ladies ?olioit the pat ronage of the public. Admission u cents: season tickets accents, admitting a lady and gentleman, Jb or rrS=?81?.000 KXESIPTION EUND.-PETER Uof 'j BAOON, Enq., having kindly consented to act as Receiver and Treasurer of a fund for pro tection against the coming draft, for a number of gentlemen, limited to one nundred. at $ 100 each. ???Vh F th? I*?*-can clU ?"?? store! corner 7th and Pennsylvania avenne, and deposit the amount, thereby securing to themselves all 58c*l>in? the draft. Substitutes will be provided for each man draws, as their names appear upon the book in rotation, without any partiality. _F"r ?n/information concerning tbe above clnb. !!!?'?.?or Mr BAOON will be glad to give sura information soar be repaired. Rep and Chron. lw.. and 8. Chron. It. au tt-lw* [Yg=?NOTIOB TOTAX-PAYBRS?Collsotos's Lk3 Off job. ??/? Hall, Anguat II, Igttt.?The ra?fiZr*Slotih\'"T ^ ?>een Axed at one ce5. * on tbe one huadred dollars. n^Vn t1i i^W * Sfjeooat of 10 per cent, is allowed a' ?a 1 iw?n ?E before the last Jar of w!J* *ka**ment therein named -iil-?-- taxes on property ?! ? r*nw*1 purpoMsnntH all snob au l& eotw Collector. OFFICE, Jane l*JS 29. IBM.?This office having keen bmmm SSfSKV;; /^ABDBN SEEDS I ?* 3n>t received, fresh aad gsaalaef,N w' jLaduh, 8t ALE. *i~P.*E*A*MTHOLOW. 898rthSt.,between Peas. av. and Oaaal. Alee, CLOTH AND TIMOTRT. in. av. in oaaal. Washing tea, D. 0. OFFICIAL W^r Department, Adjutant QeneraTt Office, ) Washington, D. O ? Augutt 29, 13R4. ( Fiiat Lieutenant Alonzo Eaton, liuartermas. ter 2d Iowa roltinteera, chared with ofTen^^x and heretofore published, is exempt from being dismissed thegervice of the United StatM, the Military Commission instituted by *pe tat Orders, No. 53. series of is?3, from the War Department, having reported that satisfactory defense has been made in his case. E. t>. Townpkno, Assistant Adjntant General. War Department, Adjutant GeneraVi Office, \ Washington, D. C? August 29, 1*^64. J The following officers, having been reported at the headquarters of the army for the offences hereinafter specified, are hereby notified that they will stand dismissed the service of the United States, unless, within flfteea days from this date, they appear before the Military Commission, in session in this city, of which Brig. Gen. John (J. Caldwell, United States volunteers, Is president, and make satisfactory defence to the charges against them: Disobedience of orders in failing to report before the Rnard for the Examination of Sick- Officers, at Cincinnati. Chaplain G. H. Pilcher, 11th Illinois cav alry. Absence without leare. Lieutenant H. C. Lacey, 2d New York artil lery. E. D. Towmsknd, Assistant Adjutant General. LOST AND FOUND. Taken up.-a cow. an4 calf about u days old. lays on the property of Mr. 81 1'HEN OASEY, on9th street, between N and 0. <V. "" - ^ LOST?On Saturday afternoon, on a streetcar, a POCKKT DIARY. containing a number of Srivate papers, of no use to any one but the un ersigned. Also, a number of passes, and If* in money. The finder may retain the money if he will return the diary and other contents to O. K. HARRIS, au 29-2t Reporter, "Star Offige.'' I08T?On the 36th Inst., in (nine down D at , u from 4th to 7th, and down 7th street towards the Navy Yard, a black leather-covered MEMO RANDUM BOOK, containing pedlar's license and bills. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at the Star Office. It* BEWARD.?Strayed awav laBt Wednesday. <|pfl a dark red COW, with a star in her forehead, and white spot on both hips. The above rew ard will be given if brought to No. 2''th street, bet. L and M sts. (au29 2t*) J. CARROLL. CJC REWARD.?Strayed or stolen from the *&?> subscriber, Aug. 28th, one light bay MARE COLT, ihree years old; had a sear on laft hind leg, and white face. J. B. HOLLIWjE. au 29-2t Corner 5th and P streets. TAKEN DP ESTRAY on Monday the 8th of August, a DUN MARE, about 15 hands high, with black mane and tail. If the owner does not come forward, prove property, pay charges, and tak* her away before the 1st day of September, she will be sold to pay expenses. H. WILLIAMS. an 29-3t ? 186 Frederick st . Georgetown. 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Navy Yard, a POCKET BOOK, containing a small amount of money, which the owner can have by proving property and payins for this advertisement. Ap ply at the corner of 11th and K streets,Navy Ynrd. au 27 3t* GEORGE M. NORTON. LOST?Thursday night, the Z5th inst.. a large DIARY, containing valuable papers, of nouse to any one but the owner. In the Diary was a large envelope addressed to Jas. F. Beazell. #5 reward and no ouegtions asked if returned to KILBURN & WELLS, 490 9th st. an 26-3f C REWARD?Lost on the night of the'*2d inst., at or about Hancock's restaurant, on Penn sylvania avenue, a large CARBUNCLE SETTING to a ring. Th? above reward (its full value.) will be paid on its return to the BAR KEEPER f.t Han cock "a. au 26-3t* QQn REWARD.?Stolen, a dark bay (JANA OOU DIAN U. S. HOKSB. pony build, small sue, white spot on the left side under tbe saddle girth, heavy mane and foretop. Address C. T. DORSETT, at Kendall Green Park, Washington, D. C. ana-Ct* TAKEN UP E8TRAY-0n the night of the loth of Jane, one red, white faced horned COW, and on the 22d of June, one black and white BUF FALO. and on the 23d of August, one red and white BUFFALO, with si it in right oar, &n<i ono ro&no BUFFALO. The owners will please come forward, property. unii t?k.. th.-m awtvy. C. F. iFAMILTON, back of tlie I'iney Branch Race track, D. C. au2S 3t? 108T ! LOST ! LOST Broke loose from the a Tbr? e Tun Stables, Ang. 2f!th, one large brown COLT, four years old, some white in his face. Five dollars will be paid for his delivery at the above stables, on 3d street east, between M and N. au 2.1 6t* K.H.LAMBELL. tj^OUND?Some valuable PAPERS, belonging to I- Anthony C inton. lie can have them by pay ing charges, at the Seventh Ward Station House, on Hi street south. an z+ 1 w* SUBSTITUTES. ^G E N T8 FOR THE QUOTA OF THE DISTRICT. SUBSTITUTES! SUBSTITUTES 1 N. H. MILLER A CO., No. 511 Ninth street west, near Pennsylvania av. 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Jay Cooke & Co. furnish the following quo tations of Government securities: WASHINGTON, Aug. 29, 1S64. Buying. Selling. U. S. 6's Coupon 1SS1 lii9X U. S. 5-2*' 8,???%?????????????**?? 111 11 J 7 3-10 Treasury Note* 110 111 One Year Certificates 91 % 95 Certificate Checks 90 >* New Yobk?Fibst Boabd. Coupons, 199; 5-20's, 111*; Certificates, 94 \ Gold, 214. Official War Bulletin. CONFIRMATION OF THE SURREN DER OF FORT MORGAN. The Enemy Retreating from Shenandoah Valley Toward Richmond?Gen. Sher man Makes a Successful Movement to Occupy the Rebel Lines of Sapply. War Department, WASHINGTON, D. C? August 29, 1=61. To Major General Z>ix, New Fork : The capture of Fort Morgan is fully con firmed by despatches from Generals Grant and Sherman, who derive their information from Richmond and Mobile papers. It appears, from General Grant's despatch to the President, just received, that Fort Mor gan was surrendered: City Point, August 29.?.4. Lincoln, /Vest dent United States: Since my dispatch of this morning I have received the Richmond Senti nel of the 27th. It contains the following dis patch ; " From Mobile. ??The report of the surrender of Fort Mor gan was most unexpected, and we await an explanation of so unfortunate an occurrence.'' The press of Mobile is hopeful, and confident of their ability to bold the city. U. S. Grant, Lieut. General. The latest intelligence from the Shenandoah Valley represeents that a large part of the rebel force there has been withdrawn towards Richmond. The latest reports from Gen. Sherman repre sent that thus far his recent movement to oc cupy the rebel lines of supply has been sue cessful. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. ASSIGNED TO DUTY ON PROVOST MARSHAL GENERAL FRY'S STAFF. Colonel N. L. Jeffries, late Acting Assistant Provost Marshal of Maryland and Delaware, has been assigned to duty on the staff of Pro vost Marshal General Fry, thereby releving Colonel Geo. D. Haggles, A. A. D."and A. A. General, who, it is understood, had been as signed to inspection duty. Captain Theodore McMurtrle, late of Colonel Weiswell's staff, has been assinened to duty in General Fry's office, relieving First Lieutenant C. H. Brown, ol the 57th New York volunteers, whose term of service is about to expire. FOR FORT DELAWARE. The following named prisoners (enlisted men) will be sent to Fort Delaware to serve out their terms of sentence bv Court Martial for various offences: John J. Skinner, 3d Pennsyl. vania cavalry; Isaac W. tiuimby, 2<ith Illinois Keuben Hagary,14-*th Pennsylvania; and Amos E. Singley, 3d Delawarp. These men have been confined in the Old Capitol for sometime past. SAFETY OF GEN. CUSTAR'S COMMAND. Gen. Custar's command, which whs sur rounded on Thursday near Shepherdstown by Breckinridge's infantry, has cut its way out, and safely reached a point in Maryland where it will be able to keep a watchful eye on the movents of the rebel raiding parties. The men of this command are all well mounted and equipped, and are In excellent fighting trim. RECRUITING CONTRARY TO ORDERS. Michael T. Hannigan was to-day committed to the Old Capitol, upon the charge of recruit ing in the District of Columbia contrary to Order*. lfnanl|r?ii, it appears, bad rrcruttf?fl a negro man in this District, and attempted to run him off to New York. THE DRAFT PROVOST MARSnALSHIP. Capt. J. C. Putnam, Provost Marshal of the District of Columbia, returned to this city last week from a two month's leave of absece, and resumed the duties of his office, thereby re lieving Col. Poole, who has been acting pro vost marshal during Capt. Putnam's absence. ARRIVAL OF WOUNDED. The hospital steamer State of Maine, arrived here yesterday from City Point with three hundred wounded, one hundred of which were stretcher case*. Among the wounded brought up on this steamer were thirty-nine officers. FROM THE UPPER POTOMAC. A Reconnoissance on Friday?The Enemy Driven?Capture of Prisoners?A Recon noissance on Saturday?The Enemy Re tiring? Gen'l Sheridan Advancing. [Correspondence of the Baltimore American. Headquarters Middle Military Divis ion, August 27, 9 a. m.?Yesterday (Friday) afternoon at five o'clock General Crook moved out Colonel Well's brigade, of Thoburn's di vision, from the left of our line, to reconnoitre the enemy's position and ascertain if he had anv force of importance stationed in his front. Our men advanced in line of battle, with a heavy skirmish line thrown out in front, and soon became engaged with the enemy's line of skirmishers, who rapidly retreated on their re serves, who were stationed a short distance in rear of their skirmish line. Our men advanced boldlv and rapidly, until they came within five hundred yards of the enemy's line drawn up to receive them, and who opened a heavy fire of muskety, which lasted for nearly twenty min utes, when the enemy broke and ran under cover of a battery of artillery which they had in the meantime brought up and stationed in front of the works in exactly the same position where they had their battery last Thursday wh^n we made a similar reconnoissance. After the enemy had broken and retreated, which they did in great disorder, some of them throwing down their arms to expedite their es cape, Col. Lowell, of the 2d Massachusetts, dashed in with a regiment of cavalry, and, charging across an open field killed and wound ed quite a number, and succeeded in capturing 09 prisoners, amongst them one Lientenant Colonel and Ave other officers of lesser grade. As soon as the enemy had retired under cov er of bis artillery, in close proximity to his earthworks, which extend across the Charles town road, their battery opened on our line with great fury, thundering away very rapid ly, but with no effect whatevey, as they fired at random, and most of their shells fell short or exploded over the heads of our men. Col. Wella having obtained the information desired and accomplished the ohiect of the re connoissance, quietly withdrew his command, taking off bis killed and wounded, which will not exceed 100. The 5th New York heavy artillery, at present serving as infantry, were conspicuous for their gallantry. If they had not been recaUed they would have charged clear ap to the enemy's earthworks. Among the wounded I regret to announce Major Caspar Urban,abrave and distinguished officer. He was struck on the shoulder by a spent ball. After our men had been recalled the enemy continued to shell us with their battery, and were replied to by battery B, 5th U. S. artille ry, commanded by Capt. Dupont. The artil lery duel lasted about half an hour, when the enemy's battery was withdrawn. Some corn stacks, situated in the rear of the enemy's skirmish line, and behind which they hare been in the habit of secreting themselves, were set on fire by the explosion of one of our shells and burned to the ground. A reconnoissance now in progress on the left has developed the fact that the enemy have withdrawn their forces in our imme diate front, and evacuated their earthworks. It is rumored they are moving in the direction ?f fnforaaUoiT"was received here yesterday evening that Gen. Averill had a spirited fight at Williamsport, with two regiments of rebel cavalry and some infantry, who had attempt ?>d to cross at that place. During the early part of the engagement Averill sent to Cutter for assistance, but af terwards sent him word that he had sufficient force and had driven back the enemy. You may look for the immediate resumption of active operations la this Department, and, unless I am very much mistaken, we will have the long looked-for battle early in the coming week. General Sheridan Advannag?The Whole in Motion?The Enemy Retiring. Halltoww. Sundav, August ?th, 8 a. * ? Oar force?i are moving out from Halltown, ftpn ail along our lines the ??advaaoe" has been It may be, that before the setting of to-day's sua we will have added oae more battle to the list Of sanguinary engagements fought for the preservation of onrglortous Union. R. L. S. NBW York, August ?A dispatch from Caymlry Headqaarurs, dated Saturday night, BtatM that no rebels have yet crossed the Poto mac. and all is quiet a Shepherdatowu, Wil liamaport, and Hagerstown. A Harper ? Ferry dispatch to the Herald, dated Saturday, state* that a careful recon uoiaeance made that morning developed the fact that the rebels had withdrawn trom our front during the preceding night. Uur cavalry pushed on and occupied Charlestown without meeting any enemy. The opinion prevails that Grant's recent movement* hare necessitated the recalling of Early to Richmond, while some conjecture that he intends crossing Into Maryland at Shepherdstown or Wilhameport. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. What the Rebel Papers Admit?Their Losses of Generals in the Fight on the Weldon Road?Retaliation at Charles ton?Attempt to Liberate Rebel Prlson> era Summarily Punished. Foktbuss Mokkok, August 2?.?Elght<?en men, supposed to be deserters from Grant's army, were picked up yesterday near Ports month, Va., and sent up the James river to day to General Patrick, Provost Marshal of the Army of the Potomac. Yesterday's Richmond papers admit the loss of five of their Generals?four killed and one wounded?on tho Weldon ratlroad. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Harring ton arrived this morning on the revenue cut ter Northerner from Washington. Colonel Dent and Mrs. General Grant ar rived on the Baltimore mall steamer Georgi anna Capt. Pearson and Mrs. Grant left im mediately for City Point. The Savanna"h News says two or three par ties of aliens have been captnred while at tempting to escape to the enemy at Pulaski, and many more have gone to Carolina to avoid Governor Brown's enrolling officers. The rebel Gen. W. G. Lewis is wounded. The U. S. transport steamer Fnlton arrived this p. m. from Hilton Head. Among her pas sengers are Capt. John H. Moore, chief Quar termaster of that place, and Lieut. Van Win kle, of Gen. Hatch's staff. The Fnlton left Hilton Head on the 26th inst., at 4 p. m. She reports that the Crescent City, convoyed by the gnnboat Admiral, with 6(10 rebel officers to be placed under flre at Charleston, had ar rived. When off Cape Romain she was run on shore, and one rebel officer Is reported to have escaped. The captain and second mate of the Crescent City are implicated in the attempt to liberate the 600 rebel officers, and when the Fulton left Hilton Head they were being tried for their lives before a court-martial. There Is no late news from the front. Great Fail in Gold. New York, Aug. W.?Gold since the board, 242. LOCAL NEWS. Highway Robreby.?About 11 o'clock last Bight Wm. Powers was arrested by Officer Cook, of the Fourth Ward, upon a charge of s'ealing a pocket-book and ?5S from Peter Gallagher. It appeared that Mr. Gallagher, who is a discharged soldier, went to the Sol dier's Rest to see some friend9 of the 9th Massachusetts volunteers, who were on their way home. He sat down on a door step and lell asleep. When he awoke he discov ered that his money was gone, and Pow ers and several others were standing by him. Powers had his pocket-book and 87?the other money was gone. Powers wa3 arrested and turned over to Officer Cook. Powers said he was a soldier of the 43d N. Y. vols., who was sent to the Dry Tortugas for attempting to shoot an officer at Hagerstown after the battle of Antietam, and he has served his time. He declared that he only took the money to save it for Gallagher, although he had only seen him once before. Justice Giberson sent the pris oner to jail for court. Died in the Almshouse.?The man who was taken suddenly ill in the street Friday night, and was carried to the Third Ward sta tion, and from thence to the almshouse, with out being able to give his name, died a few minutes after bis arrival at the Asylum. He was identified as Nathan Hammond, a well known citizen of Washington, au old member of the Typographical Society, and respectably connected. He had been in the army as a Ser geant of the 1st D. C. volunteers, but was dis charged for disability. Although every one at the station house knew him well when in neaitD* Or was eu uiiau^ca m uio oppeaiaiitc that no one of them recognized him. His iden tity was discovered by papers upon bis person after his arrival at the almshouse. Death is the Station Hocpb.?Last night, a woman named Mary A. Travers applied at the Fourth Ward station for lodging about 9 o'clock. She complained of having the dropsy, and asked the officer In charge of the station to get her a permit to the poorhouse. Tne officer showed her to the lodger's room, where she re mained all night without complaining. This morning, at 5 o'clock, Bhe appeared to be as well as she wtis last night, but asked to remain until the Mayor's office opened. At ? o clock the officer returned to the room, and sne was lying dead on the floor. She came to this city irom Philadelphia, following her hu9bandt who is a soldier in the army. Medical Students who desire to have a practical knowledge of their profession, and who would wish to become resident students of a good hospital, should pay some attention to the advertisement of Providence Hospital in another column. WANTED-A No. 1 ICE CREAM MAKER. Ap ply at JOS. SHAFFIELD'S Confectionery, 3*6 Sixth st., between G and II. au29 it" WANTED?A good COOK for a restaurant. Ap ply immediately at 298 E st., bet. 13th and Itth st. | an 29 2t* | C. W. CAMPBELL. A YOUNG- FRENCHWOMAN, who has been in this country but a few months, wants a SIT UATION as child's nurse. Apply at 238 Pennsyl vania avenue, or at 420 M st. au 29 3t* C^ENTLBMEN CAN OBTAIN GOOD BOARD I and pleasant front room by applying at No. **1 Market street, between 3d and 4th, Georgetown. Terms moderate. au 29-3t* MISS TAYLOR expects to reopen herSchool for Girls and little Boys on MONDAY, Sept. 5th, in the session room of the 1st Presbyterian Church, on st. Entrance at the north sate. au29-eo4t* TI1E MIBSES KOONES' SEMINARY, Wash ington City, 450 D street. The exercises of this Seminary will be resumed on the 5th of Sep tember, 1864. au 29-3t* MRS. JENSEN'8 SEMINARY FOR BOYS will reopen on MONDAY, September 5. 1864, at her residence, 3sl 3d street, between E and D streets. au 29-4t-* WILL BE SOLD ON THUR8DAY. the 1st of September next, at Wall & Co.'s Bazaar, two sorrel HORSES, to satisfy livery expenses, unless called for by the owner. au 29-St* D. T. GLADMON fc CO. Boarding and day seminary for YOUNG LADIES, Comer Prospect and Frederick streets, George town, D.O. Mrs. Gen. T. T. WHEELER, Prin cipal. The duties of this institution will lie re sumed on Monday. Sept. 12. au 29 2w f < ON'/AG A COLLEGE. \T F,bet. 9th and loth sts.. Will commence the First Session of the scholas tic year 1864-65, on MONDAY, Sept. 5th. The terms are the same for the Classical and English Departments. viz : 815 per session of 11 weeks [an 29-3t*J B. F. WlGET. 8. J. Pres't. .A BLOODED e?tT AT REIT ATE SALE. We offer for sale a beautiful BLOODED COLT, out of "Old Defiance;" a dark chestnut, 4H ( years old, 15% bands high, the most sty lish horse to be found, full of life and ac-' tion; very kind; a splendid saddle horBe, and also broken to harness. Apply to WM. L. WALL St CO., Auction and Commission Merchants, south corner Pa. av. and 9th st., or at the Horse Bazaar, 98 south side La. av., between 9th and l"th sts. au 2>-6t "N T ']BR NAL REVENUE. I Uhitbd States Assessor's_0KriOK,| No. 46t* Seventh Street. By decision of Commissioner of Internal Rev enue, all owners of coaches, wagons, hacks, drays, carts, omnibuses and the like engaged in the transportation of property or passengers for hire shall pay a tax of two-and a half per cent, upon their gross receipts, and are required to make re turn thereof to the Assistant Assessor or to the Assessor's Office on or before the 10th of each and every month, under a penalty for neglect of ten per cent additional. P. M. PBAR80N, au 29-3t Assessor for the Dist. of Col. Dry goods i ' DRY GOODS! All purchasers of Dry Goods, to justify them selves. should call at the cheap store of JTJLI93 SYCBL.421 Seventh street, between G and Hets, I have on hand a heavy stoek of bleached and nn* bleached Cottons which are offered at lees than New York wholesale prices. ALL DRB88 GOODS, to close, are sold regardless to cost. Calicoes (light or dark) three cents less per yard than last week '? prices. On hand a large asaortmea'of OAB8IHKR13 and FLANNELS, all colors and qualities. BLACK SILKS and many other goods. CRASH, extra fine 25 cents per yard. FANCY GOODS - WHALEBONE CORSETTS, ? U6 toSS. < : ? ?< HOOP SKIRTS, be?t and cheapest in the city. Hosiery. Handkerchiefs, A c.,in great variety. All goods warranted as represented, an ?-?t? ?2 AND FOR SALI?Apply at the first house fro* O the Baetera Branch Bridge. aa Ha* 5 O'CLOCK P. M. THK BATTLE OF THURSDAY. Th? latest accounts from the front ase to the effect that the result of the fighting on Thursday on the Weldon road was most dis astrous to the rebels. The previous reports ol their terrible losses in men are fully confirmed. The ret'l dead lay three or four deep all over the field, and the scene is said to hare been more ghastly than on any other battle-field of the war of the same extent. As our men foujsht for the most part behind defences, which though flight, afforded some protection. the loss on our side was not a third of the rebel loss. that Hancock's withdrawal on the nignt of the battle was in accordance with previous orders from Gen. Grant, and not compulsory from the rebels. Hancock had been ordered after executing the work of de struction of the railroad assigr.ed to him to fall back upon the5th corps, in the meantime the rebels made their attack attack and after the fighting ?t the day, Hancock carried out th? order to lall back. It is reported by the boat this morning that we lose but eight kuns, and that these were lost in consequence of the sndden fall or rain ren dering it impossible to drag them o? the heavy ground after the horses were shot. They were, however, spiked and otherwise disabled, pre vious to being abandoned. Our loss in prisoners is mnch less than was at first supposed, as large numbers of the miss ing who strangled away have since come in. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. TUI CHICAGO CONVENTION. Chicago, Aug. 20.?The New York delega tion held a final meeting this morning, and after a brief consultation a note was taken as to who should be the choice of the delegation for the Presidency, with the following result: McCIel lau 53, scattering 13. The vote of the Ohio delegation yesterday stood for McClellan 16; against 26. The vote of the Missouri delegation was as follows: For McClellan, 13 : scattering, 0. Neither Ohio nor Missouri will vote as a unit. Indiana Is 1e for McClellan; 0 against him. Illinois is 22 tor McClellan; 10 against him. It is notexpected that more than a temporary organization and the appointment of the usual committees will be effected to-day. A majority ot both the delegations from Ken tucky are said to be for McClellan. As yet little or no difference of opinion is manifested as to the character of the platform. An armistice, convention of the States, and the adoption of every means consistent with Chris tianity and civilization to bring about a per manent and honorable peace, seem to be the points generally agreed upon by all delega tions. Vallandigham is understood to iiave pledged to the candidate of the Convention, whoever he may be, and this is reported >0 be the posi tion of Fernando Wood. Wood is said to bold the position that he will support the nominee of the convention unless another convention is called and a peace de mocrat nominated. The section of the ampitheater set apart for ladles and gentlemen was filled to overfiowing, and an immense outside attendance. The portion of the auditorium without seats, where the people were densely packed, gave way at eleven o'clock, and numbers were pre cipitated to the ground, a distance of ten feet. Nobody was seriously injured, and good humor prevailed over the accident. Gov. Seymour. Vallandigham, Richardson, and other prominent men were received with cheers and music as they entered the building. Found on my placb, a young hay MARK; on the ni^'ht of the 28th. Any person firoving property an'I raying charge* can receive ler. JOHN W. McCLELLEN, au 29-:it" Fort Totten, D. C. 188 M. LEWIS'S SOI!OOI. FOR GIRLS.-The duties of this school will hi-resume! MON DAY, September 5, 1864, at 449 yth street. au 29-St* 367 ?8TRBET, 367 J. T. Kidwkll. Richard IIindkrso*. KIDWELL & HENDERSON, No. 367 D street, near Ninth, Franklin Usll Building, Would respectfully inform their friends and the public that they are now receiving their Fal Stock -* rAr"nHANGINGS and WiniWW cnADES, PAPER CURTAINS, PICTURE CORDS and TASSELS, Ac. All of the latest styles and at the lowest cash prices. All paper hung in the city or country by expe rienced workman, at short notice. Remember the place. No. 3t>7 D street, near 9th, entrance on D street. 367 [au 29- lm] 307 B Y WM. L. WALL & CO., Aucts. At the Horse Bazaar, 9? La. avenue. HORSES, CARRIAGES AND HARNESS AT AUC TION. On TUESDAY MORNING, 3"th inst., at Bazaar, about? THIRTY HORSES. Also? An assortment of Carriages, Bugtfies, Express and Sutlers' Wagous. Also? New and second-hand Single and Double Harness. au 29 W. lTWALL CO.. Aucts. JJY THOS. DOWLING, Auctioneer; Georgetown, FURNITURE, HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS, A c.. AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY MORNING, August .Slst, at 10 o'clock, I will sell, at my Auction Store. No. 17 4 Bridge street, a general assortment of Household and Kitchen Furniture, consistiugof Parlor Chairs and Solas Bureaus, Bedsteads, and Mattresses Feather Beds ami Bedding Cook, Parlor, and other Stoves Refrigeiator, Crockery and Glass Ware And many articles not mentioned. au 29-3t THOS. DOWLING, Auct. B Y W. B. LEWIS It Co., Auctioneers. LARGE LOT OF PAWNBROKER'S GOODS AT AUCTION. THURSDAY, September 1st. at 9>? o'clock, at store No. 30 7 Penn. avenue, we shall sell a large stock of a Pawnbroker, embracing 00 fine GoTd and Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Rings, Sets of Jewelry, Ac Also, lot of Men and Women's Clotbine, Shoes, Pry Goods, Books, Musical In struments, Platfd Ware, with a large variety of other goods. At private sale, a splendid Re-ewood r-octaye PIANO, one of the best in the city. W. B. LEWIS A CO.. nu 2* fChron.] Auctioneers. Assistant yuartermaster's opfice, Fobagk and River Transportation Skvekth 8trkrt Wharf, Washington, D. C., Augast 25,13<>4. CIRCULAR. In accordance with instructions from Brigadier General D. H. Rucker, Chief Quartermaster, De pot of Washington. I have placed schooners at Upper and Lower Cedar Poiuts, in the positions occupied by the light boats, previous to their de struction by the rebels. From sunset until sunrise a light will be awing from each of the schooners. The reason given by captains of vessels, chartered and owned by the United States Quartermaster Department, for anchoring in the Potomac river at night, was, that they feared that they would run their Teasels aground if they attempted to run past the shoals after dark. The lamps placed on the schooners will give alight sufficintly strong to enable all pilots to pass up and down the river with safety, provided they govern themselves by the charts provided by United States Coast Surrey. From and after this vessel propelled by steam will be allowed to anchor, excepting la suoh weather as by running the loss of the vesael or cargo might be endangered. All masters of vessels are directed to report any neglect on the part of the parties on board of the light schooners, in not keeping their lights burn ing at all hours of the night A copy of this circular will be kept posted In the pilot house of every vessel owned and chartered by the Government, plying on the Potomac river, E. S. ALLEN, au 29 22t Capt. and A.Q. M NOTICE. UNITED STATES 7 3-10 LOAN. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WASHING TON has now on hand, rraiiy for immediate d?liv~ try, a full tupply of these new Bonds, buhstribtrs are reque.'tid to pment their certificates at once and receive their Ponds. These having money to invest should not lose s3ght of the faet that by investing in this Loan they not anly receive Interest, at the high rate of 7 3-10 per cent., but secure to themselves the very important advantage of obtaining, at the end of three years. 6 PER CENT. 5-20 YEAR BONDS AT PAR, whieh are now worth over 12 percent, premium, and which after the war must neressa rily advance to a mnch higher rate. au 84-tf it# - & Street, Between 6tk and 7lA, North Side. 'Theo'iw'ofthe^Mlhwro'and Washington stage line is at the above elaoe. Also, attached to tk? ?a?? plaog i? ? fine RM TaPBAMT. *r ?-!? RODS.? famish thplstiss asrsysTiu: iiinEsasra as ffK au ft-la* 971 Peea. av., Wuhisates, 9.0.

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