Newspaper of Evening Star, August 30, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 30, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUS1MBNT8 T0-KI9HT. Tlliwobi; and Footb's flee exhibltioM con tinues to attract crowded bouses, and the most fastidious a* to entertainment* of a proper character cannot but be delleh?d with Com. Foote, Col. Small, Miss Eliza Nestel, iand the artistic vocalists and musicians. Gne tnem a call to-nlgtt. Ford's i heateb.?The fall season was suc cessfully inaugurated at Ford s last night. The Florences were brilliant as ?J?r been, and made the house resound with laugh ter. To- n ight again will be performed, "Handy Andy." " Mischievous Annie, and the "Re. turned Volunteer." The Florences are sup ported by a good company. Camtkkki'bt.?Manager Lea has many new and attractive features this week, anc. the bill is made up of melodious songs, graceful dances, beautiful ballets, interesting pantomime, and amusing and laughter-provoking Ethiopian ac*s, by some of the best performers in the con cert ball business. Fktit Festival.?'Th* ladies of the Metho dist I'rotestant Church will commence a fruit festival to-niglit, at the Union League Room?, on 9th street. The festival will continue during the week. Meetinc. op the Untbubifibd Dbmocka CV?They art Waiting for the Platform?An Ex 7 Ion on Upon the Topic of Kinky Hair.?A meet ing of the Nat .onal Democratic association was held lasimght at Parker's Hall, Pennsylvania av?-nue. In the absence of the regular officers of the Association, Mr. Thomas Thornley was called to the chair, and Mr ^am'l Brereton act ed as secretary After the election of some 20 new members, Mr. It. Adams, on behalf of the decoration committee, announced that their new flag had arrived in town, and would be thrown to the breeze at 9 o'clock to-morrow (this) evening, if the nomination wat heard of at that time. Mr. Adams hoped that a large crowd of persons -would be in attendance to give three hearty cheers on the occasion. Mr. Fred Smith then made a statement in re lation to tbe committee appointed two weeks ago to make preparations to celebrate the rati fication of the Constitution of the United States, and proposed to ratify tbe nominees of the Chi cago Convention at me same time. Mr. Smith, before taking his seat, desired to congratulate his Democratic friends at the bright prospects that had arisen in the horizon. It would not be long, said the speaker, before they would lay Abe Lincoln in a grave from which be would never resurrect. The Democrats would then look closely into the actions of Lincoln and all under him, and see why our citizens had been buried in living tombs, see why our people had been taken from their homes and firesides and buried in Fort Lafayette, see why our happiness was taken away from us, and our blessed country thrown into confusion. Then a man could come here jingling some thing in his pocket, but now it was "green backs"?all greenbacks. [Applause.] He did not know who the nominee would be. he had his preference, but would support any man who was plat ed upon tbe platform of the Chicago Convention. Mr. W. H. Hope expressed himself as highly pleased with the remarks of his friend Smith, and said that here in the shades of the White House there were men who were bold enough to come forward and denounce bad acts. [Ap plause.] Six months ago Republicans who would nave voted for Mi. Lincoln would now vote to defeat him. He (the speaker) had met a gentleman on the avenne, who came here from Massachusetts for the purpose of re en listing men, whotold him (Mr. H.) that is some of the regiments he had visited there was hardly a man who would vote for Lincoln. Mr. Hope concluded by saying he thought he knew who the nominee of the Convention would be?he was not his choice?but Geo. B McClellan would be the man. [Loud ap plause.] Mr. J. E. Norris said the great assemblage at Chicago would speak the sentiments of an outraged people. The nominee would be an honesL, upright American, whoever he was, and he would be elected President of the United States, and sweep from the land the stench that had filled it for the iast four years. So sure as the election took place, those who voted for McClellan would see the handwriting on the wall to "hand over the power of tbe Government." [Applause.] Be fore a week has passed a new era will come round. Instead of the firing of cannon at the Patent Office, the cannon from Maine to Cali fornia would speak out and announce us free. [Applause 1 If he (Mr. N.) knew the platform he would feel at liberty to speak. The plat form to suit him was the Constitution, peace, and the harmonious Union ol the States. Mr. J. T. Eniiis was next called upon, who made a few remarks in relation to who the nominees would be, and urged upon the asso ciation the necessity and importance of work ing day and night toelect them. The campaign would be short and decisive, but it was neces sary for all to put a shoulder to the wheel. They should circulate documents, and every member should devote a portion of his time to sending them away. Upon the conclusion of Mr. Ennis's remarks, Mr. T. G. Clayton arose and said he desired to read an article from the New York Herald, in regard to our prisoners r.t Andersonville, in the State of Georgia. After Mr. Clayton hai finished reading the article he introduced the following resolutions: Krsolved, In the opinion of thi3 association it is the duty of the present Administration to take immediate steps to exchange our impris or #d and suffering fellow-citizens who are held a? prisoners of war by the Confederates, and who are dying at the rate of aoti per day at only ?i>e prison. Resolved, That humanity and Christianity alike demand of this Administration, as they /faave the power to do, at once to relieve our brethren now in bondage, and again restore them to liberty. A proposition was made to postpone the con sideration of the resolutions until after the Chicago Convention. Some discussion ensued, when Mr. J. I) Lakenan excitedly rushed upon the stand, and said, "Too much importance had been given to the curly head" Mr. Lakenan was interrupted by cries of "set down," "dry up," &o. After the turmoil had subsided Mr. Lake man again proceeded t>y remarking he recog nized in this government the equality of no one wh j had curly hair. This association ig nored the right of "a negro? Here Mr. Likeman was again interrupted by most of the members starting towards the door for the purpose of leaving. He endeav ored to explain himself, but owing to the con tinued shouts of laughter it was impossible to hear what he had to say, and Mr, Lakeman rather abruptly left the stand. Tbe association then adjourned with the un derstanding that the consideration of the reso lutions should be postponed until anotner meeting. A Compi k atbhGoosb Case ?Several days since Mr. Benjamin Berkely, of the Sixth Ward, lost several geese by a number of women in the neighborhood making a raid on them, and a colored woman in Mr. B.'s em ploy followed the raiders and demanded them, but they pommeled her soundly, and she was compelled to fall back gooseless. Mr. B. then went himself and recoveied two of the geese. Mrs. Ready subsequently complained to Mr Berkely that the geese belonged to her and she wished him to let the geese out, as she was cer tain that tho^e belonging to her wonld waddle hone. Mr. Berkely refused to comply with this request, hut told her to identify the goose, to bring the case up for judicial action. Miss Catharire Ready was arrested on the charge of stealing the goose, by officer Brennan, and the i ase wss heard on Monday morniag by Jus tice Cull. A large number of neighbors being in attendance as well as one of the geese in dis pute Mrs. Ready testified that she was cer tain tbe goose belonged to her. She asked that it should be placed on the floor where she knew that it would waddle, and a peculiar waddle differing from any ordinary goose, by which waddle the could identify it, and also by a crocked neck with which it was born and car ried tbrough its gosling days. Mr. Berkely ^'as equally certain that the goose was his, and testified to its being minus a toe, and also ^ the fact, but at this jane ? J^colore<1 wom&n and Mrs. Ready got ifi Tt,? UR8 11x11 threatened to come to was in her, she flew upon the Squire s desk where, with two or three awkward flan? nJ her wings sent the justice gpapers flyinJ^yeS which way. He prompUy dismissed*he ca2? and ordered the office to be cleared, goose and ail. Tai Wobk Commenced?The ground ha* been broken preparatory to the erection of the ? oiiiemplated additional wing of the Navy iw. j)*:trr.ent. This Department was formerly but t-? o st..ries high, but with the increase of busi ngs*. it was found necessary to add a new story on it, and now the accommodations are IiODd to be so limited that it is necessary to erect an additional wing on the south of t?ie present structure, which will be two stories huh, and c< nt&Lu tlx rooms and a hall on each ?tory. _ Pil'IRHAM.IS'^, WtN'OW SHADE", At.? Kid well A. Henderson, at w: D street, near&h, have jns? received then fall stock of paper hanging*. window shade*-, picture frames, tas sels, Ac , Ac , and Uiey will sell them cheaply Those desiring to refurnish their houses for the full season, will do well to call nponthem. A Rack TbAt k ?Some of the residents of 3d street east, near %'lrginta avenue, are complain ilk that ot.e or two persons nse the pavements in that locality for the purpose of trying the ?pteo vi their nags. Aft AIRS IV Qborobtowh.? TV Draft. ?The near approach o 1 the time for the drafting wheel to be Mt In motion has vpd those who are anxious to escape to organize insurance clubs to obtain substitutes. Major Addison has put a plan into operation which has become quite popular. The way is for citlaens of the town to deposit in the Bank of (Jommerce the sum of one hundred dollars each* and the whole amount is to be divided among those who draw the service priz*. Great activity is displayed by the citizens subject to the draft to make the amount as large as possible, in order even at exorbitant rates. Port of Georgetown.?Cleared?Schrs Eclipse, Keetery, Havre-de-grace; Kite, Hooper, Hoop er's Island; Gen. Banks, Kyder, New York; J. J.audry, Perry. Maryland Point; A*. A Ban dell, Cranmer, Mass.; J. A Parsons, Leere, N. Y ; Unenburse, Peaburn, New Haven; Bake man. Yonng, Chesapeake City; D. P. Hickman, Hsjrin, Elkton; Constitution. Murdock, Mar low Bav; F. Barron, Madison, Bait.; H. Cast tff, Alhro, N. Y. Sloops M. ?ndrew. Pate, Pa trxant: G. "Washington, Beatty, St. Mary's; Ellen Jane, Swan, Mattawoman; Louisa, Mann, do.; E. Adel, Mann, Bryan's Point. iHroETAKT to Pi i.otb.?Oapt. E. S. Allen, onr excellent Quartermaster at the 6th street wharf station, has issued an important notice to pilots, as will be seen by reference to our advertising co'umns. Schooners have been placed at upper and lower Cedar Points, in the positions occupied by the light boats pre vious to their destruction by the rebels. Lights will be kept burning on these schooners from sunset to sunrise. Grand Larceny.?On Saturday, some of the officers at the Marine Barracks discovered that some of the mess money was missing, and one of them, Lieut. N. Nokes, missed a breast pin valued at S15. Suspicion fell on Wm.Kel lon, a colored boy employed there, and he was arrested by officer H. Harrison, and the pin was found on him. He was taken before Jus tice Cull, who committed him to jail. Molded Collars, of Gray's patent, deserve the attention of all who would have a neat and well fitt ing collar. They are for sale by Wall, Stephens & Co., 334 Pennsylvania avenue, and by dealers in furnishing goods generally. These collars are made in every style, fit comfortably and neatly to the neck, and have smooth and evenly finished edges. SPECIAL. NOTICES. "A Slight Cold," Coughs.?Few are aware of tbe importance of checking a Conjrh or "slight toW'in its first stage ; that which in the begin ning would yield to a mild remedy, if neglected, soon attacks the lungs. "Brown's Hronrkml Tro cAm" give sure and a, most immediate relief. Mil itary Officers and soldier* should have them, as tbev can be carried in the pocket and taken as occasion requires. au 26-lm Corns, Bunions, Ingrowing Nails,etc. Persons wishing immediate relief from these troublesome annoyances, should call at Dr. White's rooms, No. Penn'a av., bet. 4>? and 6th sts. au 17-tf Do vou c?lor your whiskers and moustache? If so.nsethe "Japanese Hair Stain." No hair dye In the wo: Id equal to it. Only one preparation. It colors a natural black or brown. Only SO cents sbox. 8. O. Ford, ?2 eo3m 290 Pa. avenue. Sole Ag Colgate's Honkt Soap. This celebrated Toilet Soap, in such universal demand, is made from the choicest materials, is mild and emollient in its nature, fragrantly scent ed, and extremely beneficial in its action upon the skin. For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers. Ja25-eclr SlCOKBT DISKA6K3. Onmar nan's Gift is the raoht certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever discovered. Cures in two to four days, and recent cases in twenty-four hours Nomneral no balsam, no mercury. Only t9n pills to be taken. It is tbe soldier's hope, and * friend to those who do not want to be exposed. Male packages, S2; female, $3. Sam it nan's Root and Herb Juices? Apositive and permanent cure for Syphilis,Scrofula,Ulcers, 8orea Spots, Tetters, Ac. Price #1, or six bottles for 9fi Bold by 8. 0. Ford. Bee advertisement. mi ThbohkapistaSd best H Aim Drs istir Wobld ?jVrt-fr Fade* or Wash's Chit.?Dpham e Hair Dye, 80 cents a box. The best in use. Try it. Bold by P. C Ford,corncr 11th street and Penn. avenue, Washington; and Henry Cook, Alexandria. a6-lv Nxavous Debility. Bixiral Wsaksbbs. etc.. Can Be Cured by one who has really eared himself and hundreds of others, and will tell yon nothing bnt the truth. Address, witn stamp, lOVilB H. Tiavu. mar 1 Lock Box. Boston. Mass, MARRIED, On the 25th ic.=tant. at the Church of the Eoipn any, by the Bev. Dr. Hall, JOHNSON 1'. THOM AS. of Baltimore, to Mis- REBECCA E. MILLS, ?au?ht? r ot Capt. John Mills, of Washington. * DIED, On 3nth inst., MICHAEL ANDREW TALTY, aged 1 year, 6 uionths, and 10 days. His funeral will take place from the residence of his parent*,, corner 13% and D streets, to-iuorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. Tbe triends of the family are invited to attend. * On the ?nh Inst., at 1 o'clock a. m., after a short but painful illness, Mrs MARY Mcl>ONALD, in the 46th year of her age. May she rest in peace. Her funeral will take place to-morrow at 3 o'clock The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend, at the corner of 16th and M streets. * JJIC.HLY IMPORTANT TO THE LADIES. LAN8BURGH & BRO , OP THR BALTIMORE BARGAIN STORK. 375 StVESTH Strkkt, Three Doors above 1 street, will commence to run off their stock for a few days at much less than factory -prices. The largest and best selected stock of DRY GOODS in tbe city. 1,500 pieces Dark Prints, from :i5 csnts up. 4,000 pieces Bleached and Brown Cottons. 1 ,i!00 pieces white and colored Flannels, in every variety. 1.000 pieces dark fall Delaines. 400 pieces Shepherd Plaids, a beautiful artisle st 50 cents. Bleached and brown LINEN TABLE CLOTH, TOWELS, NAPKINS, and a seneral assortment of HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. at less than importation price. CASSINETS AND CAS8IMERK3. for men and boys' wear, very cheap, Piain, colored and paper CAMBRICS. best quality, at 30 cents. 3,000 dozen Hosiery of all grades, iom? very good. Ladies' white Hose at 25 cents. Heavy ribbed do. at 35 cents. J. A P. Coats' Spools 15 cents. Green A Daniel's, Stuart's St Clark's Spool Cot ton. in white, black and colored, 12'* cents. Smith's best Needles 5 cents a paper. Best Pins 6 cents a paper. With a <;reatmany other bargain*Vjo nnmerou to mention. | IIOOP BKIRTS. HOOP SKIRTS, ' at half price, to close. Call Early at the BALTIMORE BARGAIN STORE. LANSBURGH A BRO , 375 Seventh street, Three Doors above I atreet. N. B ?Some envious people cwear LANSBURGH A BRO. steal thesr goods, or else they couldn't sell fco cheap; bnt that's all a mistake. When we buy (and for cash only) we know how to lay out monty to an advantage. au 17-3t* NOTICE. I SITED STATES 7 3.10 LOAN. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WASHING* TON has now on hand, reatly for immediate dtliv e?y. a full supply of these new Bonds, f-vbscribtrs art requesttd to present their certificates at once and receive their Bonds. having money to invest shonld not lose aJght of the fact that by investing in this Loan tWy not enly receive interest, at the high rats of 7 3-1C per cent., but secure to themselves the very Important advantage of obtaining, at the end of ?bree years. ? PER C1NT. 5-20 YEAR BONDS AT PAR, which are now worth over 13 percent, premium, and wh>ch after the war must necessa rily advance to a much higher rate. a?J4-tf Washington bavihgs bank, ^?'?oearoaaTiB Mason 8tb, 'bS4. Dmn mWMHs, President and Treasurer. 0LAHK, Vie* President and Secretary, u u _ Diascroas. J-i COOMBB ' JWA tf/KDN *?. This^Banki BlVa118-' *IL*8' at the ^Vankftg ???,' of deposits, ?one. under Bimmf' ne "b?iM?i?8 W"U"*T* EDWAKD OLAJi*, Secretary. vJVSiliqggiSBSS-. WANTS. w ( ^OUK V.' busi] A W WOMAN to wwk by the month.. _1I_Inguire at the Ebbit Bonne. au 3^-3t* W ^?T,KD~^ r**pectabl# GIRL between 13*mi drew BiiiVn ?i aof ton,'l? u*ht chamberwork. Ad artM Bo* wo- 1- Star Offloe. au 3" 3t* ?9* to the House and Bigri * business. Apply to aujn 2t* 0. T. BOWEW. SI La. av. WA?rfX5?~57 * r*M>eetable woman a SITU A IT_. 1 IYrl al! Chambermaid, in a private family. Has no objection to go to the country. Address Box Ho. 3, Star office. It* DOABD ANTED? By a ^en tlemnn and wife ir respectable private familv in Georgetown Address, stating locality, terms." Ac., " S. 1. 0.," P O. Box 1.165, Washington, p. Q. an 3Q-2t* ANTED?A WOMAN (white) to cook. Alto .. ?p,1'!to ^af"h dishes and make beds. Apply theGoslirglionae, No. 249 Pa avenue. b.'.wwn Igth and 13rh streets. aa gu-tf A ^?&<3H?IIMA.N.wi',heB to obtain a SITUA f*- T*V.. ** through jD-door servant, or to travel ?jj u? It' Understands his business Age 35. Address W. P.. Star Office. Washington. D. C. It* -??. WANTED?Ooe that nnderstands her business and is willing to Wash and Iron, may apply at 417 13th street, near G Becom mendations required. au 3">-2t* %R7 ANTED by a respectable young girl, a situa *T tion to conk, wash, and iron for a private family, or chambermaid. Apply at No 297.4th street, between G and II streets. It * 11/ ANTED by a gentleman ami wife, permanent vv board in a private family (preferrea) in the vicinity of street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Address A M^, Star Office. au 3d- !* W AN TED-SIX C ABPINT**S,IMM?DIAM? - -n7,\ A,PplytoALKXANLi K k>uiO,EY,Jack SonHall. alley, between 4 j and 31, and Pen""i vania avenue and C street. auSO 2t* 1M ANTED-A BITUATI0N~b7 a you ok wom*i i a* v,"*mk*rjiiaid arid Se&rnhtres*. l'lea*e to npplv at No. 350 6th street, bet. H and I. Plea*' call for two days. M 3d WANTED-A MAN with hi* wTf?, to take charge of a Farm near the city. He must App,Jr to georok & THOMAS PABKEB St Co., 343 and 345 Pennsyl vania avenue. au go-3t GOOD PENMAN AND ACCOUNT A N T~7otT versant with the English. French and tterman correspondence,and bookkeeping by double en try, is Wwant of employment. Inquire at 853 Penna, av, It* f competent CUT TKR AND FITTER, one who thoroughly un derstands the business, to goto Alexandria. Va Mnfn?na? ,".f"rm*'icn apply to J. FELLHKI MBR, 53?H 7th street, Washington. Wholesale Millinery Store. au 30-3t' FUBNISIIED HOUSE WANTED.?Wanted~a small and comlortably furnished Hcnse, con taining hi or ei*ht rooms. One within a half mile of the intersection of 14th street and New York avenue preferred. Afldross Box 205, Wash ingtup city Post Office. ? an jj-tit A br at m J^BLJl V(nfNO GIRL wishesTSTT L ATION in a private family as chambermaid fr^nFn?D ??w,n,t- *ntl would assist in washing and las?n?fce *?S* V rec"",mended from her last place. Can he seen by calling at 340 4th st for two days, between F and G. au d0-2t* \\ OOD CHOPPEBS" WANTED.?Any man who -Will getup a gang of fifty choppers will be appointed superintendent of them, and will re ceive a iP?l*r>-of fifty dollars per month and Toard. Apply to A\ . BBAM ALL, 519,12tli street, opposita the Kirk wood H ouse. au ;t(T j ? * A NTED?BOAKD and well furnished ROOM ? ? in ? private family, not too far from the De partments, by a young married couplo from Cin cinnati, Ohio, iv ho would like the pleasure of ol it a home as long as it is agreeable to all pa, ties. Comfort, neatness, and pleasant localitv re quired. Address R. G. P., Washington City, stat lngJterBns, &c. It* WANTKD-Two Hundred COLORED MEN r* at No 40 Water street, Georgetown. 1V A NT E D~aT W ETN r*BSE, either white ?.r V* *"?*ore<l. Apply at No 4 17 12th street, bet, Kew lork avenue and I Rtreet. aii2U-3t* VET ANTED?Two steady. induetrion% ROYS, one v v each to learn the Harness and Trunkmakinjr business Apply at 500 7th street. au 29 tf 117ANTED? A NoTTlCE CRRAM MAKKR Ai7 P'7 J'JS. 8HAFFIELD'S Confectionery, i*i\th st., between G and H. au 29 2t* ANTED A good COOK f<?r a restaurant Ai* ?? ply immediately at 298 E ^t.. bet. 'Sth' sti 1 st- _|au 29 2t*] C. W\ CAMPBELL A ^ RENCHM OMAN, who has been in r-7TTAMCOanu^T.^Tlt afew nionths. wants a SIT LA riON as child's nurse. Apply at 23" Penu-<vi vania avenne, or at 420 M st. au 29-3t* \Jk/ ANTED? A young MAN for clerk-iiTji 3ro ?? ocryand/Variety Store. One having some esperiecce in business preferred. ^au S9 3t* JAS. DALY. No. 3Sh L st. WANTED-A LADY as SALESWOMAN who oT has been engaged in a Dry Good or Fancy Store and well acquainted with the business A gO"d salary paid and the best reference required ? o. , .o 8- M METBNBERG, ' an ?-3t 48 Market Space, bet, 7th and nth sts WANTED-Good MILLINERS will arply immediately at MME. PBINCE. 22 MARKET SPACE. She insures competent hands the highest wa^es paid in \>a&biLgtoD au WANTED-A White WOMAN as Cook. Apply at liROWN S Restaurant, corner Pennsylva nia av? and 13th street. au 27 3t" WANTED?A GOOD COOK,at 380 E st? bet. 1< th and llth sts. Good wages will be Kiven. &u lV-3t* ANTED?A middle aged WOMAN to uke " c?re of a house Inquire immediately at No. 421 13th ft., bet. G and H. au 27-3t* WANTED?TWO GIRLS t? do housework Good wages paid,at Mrs. L. KOHN'S board ing house. No. 305 D st., between 12th and 13th ***? au 27-3t* WANTED?By a yoang gentleman in the War Department, permanent BOARD and ROOM, in a strii tly private and religious family, in the central part of Washington. Best of reference Address at onceARochester.^Star fcffice. aaZ7-ht* 11,7 ANTED?By a gent'emsn aDd wife wishing to board themselves, two ROOMS situated near the Treasury?ene furnished switable for asitting and sleeping room and the other small, suitable for kitchen. Ac Gas ^tove will beused. Address r^o. '-i V7. StarJJfhce. au 27 3t* \\T ANTED?Every Lady in the District to know ? ? that I ha\ e received a new and beautiful ma chine, and am now prepared to Flute goods twelve inches in width, and<1e^pf than any other tstiblis\ vient in the country. As this was what was wanted by the Ladies, we can now do FLUTING! FLUTING! superior to any done in the larse cities. Only place in town. LADIES STAMPING DEPOT, 381 F at., oppo. Patent Oftiee. au 27 if WANTED-By MORGAN A RHINEHART7"*t G street Wharf, 5,000 Tons GREEN HOS FITAL AND CAMP kONES, for which the high est market price will be paid. au 13-eolm W A N T E D ? 5O OOO LADIES"t(Tc?li~at PRINCE'S f'r '.JlPING AND FLUTING 1>*.P0T, 381 oppesite Patent Office and get their Stamping, FLUTING. AND PINKING DONE, we are the only persons in town who make the business an exclusive one. Constantly receiving and making up new pattern! for Braid and Silk Embroidery. New and elegant patterns received RWw I K -r Yok^?' Pantaletts, Capes, Shawls, Slippers, Pin Cushions. Aa. au 12-tf WA N T E D?SECOND HAND FURNITURE" Also. MIBBOB8, CABPET8, BEDS. BBD D1NG, an<i HOUSEFUkNISHING feoODS of every description. B. BUCHLY, 428 7th street J?8-tf between Gand H,east Bide, GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS I^HE DBAFT IN GEORGETOWN, D. C. Mayor's Office, Georgetmtn D. C , Aug. 27,18 >4. Those citizens of the town who are subject to the approaching draft to furnish soldiers for our army, and who desire to avoid that service, are in vited to join in the following self insuring scheme: Everv citizen who !? liable to be drafted can de posit the sum of One Hundred Dollars in the Bank of Commerce. The whole sum so deposited will constitute a fund for the exclusive benefit of those of thedepositors who mar be drafted The scheme will work thu?: Should there he one hundred depositors, for instance, and only twenty of them be drafted, eighty would be protected from service bv paying one huudted dollars each, while the whole ten thousand dollars wo i d be distributed in sums of five hundred dollars eac^ lo the twenty who were dratted. With that 'hey could obtain substitutes or keep the money and go into Bervice. at their own option. Of courae the real result will be so v .ried from the one h re given as an illnstra ion an to make it more or less beneficial to the drafted parties ; but there is this absolute c. " <inty about it: that every drafted man will get tue whole of his money back, with the almost equal certainty of nore than double that sum, and a probability of his re ceiving a sua of notl*B* than five hnndreddoVars, In this scheme there can he no juggling, no pre cedence of favorite individnals, or tricks played off upon the unsuspecting. There will he but two well ascertained parties: those who escape the draft and lose their hundred dollars, and those who are drafted and get all the money depoai'-ed by the whole association fchould this scheme fail o'a faverablereS 'lt, or work any particular hardship to one of tin de positors. the subscriber has in view an adjunctive eeheme w^irh will afford the necessary relief with out any additional costs to the association. For any further information apply to au 27 'w HBNKT ADDISON, Mayor. I^EOBGETOWN CORPORATION STOCK. W Thf se persons who may bo disposed to par ehase Georgetown Corporation Stock, whieh heart an interest of sis per cent, per annum, payable 3Q,\Iie,.rl^,c,k? obtain somo bv applying to V'M. LAIRD, Clerk of said Corporation. .by tk* 'Prttutr.a Am>i ttttfcs Oar tains on boor 1, or to _ JOHN B. DAVIDSON, myl?- water stre*t. Georget" wt. rpoWINQ PBOMPTL* ATTHNDBD TO. 1 Peton ac Tow Company's boats. "Prttj "Gcv. Cartln'' and "BellsHam." Anii , I0BTMN8 BOta.-lIQHTSINO BOW,, L tW Botfl. .with and put up -v?^ tinned'rx> i?ts, at the shortest and most'reason atotewe. Atoo, BELL,-HANGING done in the most approved sfvle. au V-im' 271 Tenn av.. Washington, P. C. Co! Ii1 , n?, IlllM FOB RKNT AMD 3ALB. I?URNI8ELBD ROOMS TO BUNT. ?tlow rate, ?T_ at the corner of L and 3th st. aa 39-3t FOR RKNT"?-A lirje uddwir?bl?FD8Kl8|f FRONT ROOM in the second story. Apply at 379 3d street, between D and E north. an3)-3t ROOMS FOR RKNT, and a Dining Room and Kitchen. Al?n, foreale, a rich Medalion vel vet Carpet and Plimton Bedstsad. Apply 37 3 Pennsylvania avenue. an 3'? 3t FOR RENT?Two UNFURNISHED ROO?ti. suitable for housekeeping. A so. oae FUR NISHED FRONT ROOM, for gentlemen._ Inquire at second houM from Dortheast corner 17th and II streets. an !tQ-3t? BRIi K STABLE FOR RENT?At 346 K street, in Franklin Row. It has three stalls and car riage house. Will be rented at the low price of per month. Also, a FRAME STABLE. with thr?# stalls, at f4 per month. Apply after 5 p. m. It* l/OR RENT?Three FURNISHED RED ROOMH r and one PARLOK, and for Bile two FRAME HOUSES. fonr ro? ms * ? 'i a Kitchen each: and &no me I10R.?E and BUGGY, Call at 424 E a*.. IJet. fith and Vth streets north. aa 3''-3c Ij*OR RENT?Par' of a STORE ROOM, suitaMe fur Ciothing. Shoe, or Provision. at No. 4 J New Yc?rk avpnue, between 14th and Ifitn. Ai&o, one third *tt?ry front ROOM, fnrni*hed or nn?j?r nished, with or without BOARD, on L ?troj*t,, No. 634 benreen 14th and 15th^ ^ 3t A* RARE CHANCB~Tlie goodwill ini firturei of a RESTAURANT/or sale. Tnthou e onn taina eleven rooms, kII of which is |)-iv??.e. "tie CHUsfr for sell ing is the proprietor wishes ?<> retire from business. Apply at the Columbia House.L street, near the Haiti nance depot. aa gtolw LTOR RKNT?Two unfu-nished ROOMS', reliable r for h? usekeeping. on 17th streat,bet. R and L, three doors from L st., new hou*e_. aa 29-3t* 1?hr RENT?Three anfarnished ROOMS upon one floor. Apply to Dr. DONALDSON. No. 273 Pa. ave., bet. llthand 12th sts. au 29 3t* l/OR RENT? A Furnished PARLOR and Oil AM F BER on the first ftoor. in a private family. In quire at 44?* D street, near 3d street. an29-2t _ Am arret" stand for sale no. in Northern Liberty for sale. Apply at 47h<ta. street. Room a I!* and 11, at lMk. ftk. au29 3t__ l/OR SALE-iT naat little GROCERY STORE, F doing a good business Inqaire in the store, 194 6th street, coriwr of N west. ?m ?-Jt*_ l/OR SALE?The whole or part of the 8T0CK F AND FIXTURES of a Photograph Gtllery for sale. Gallery for reat ifdesited. Addresa Hy po, Georgetown.DC. HOUSE FOR RENT, containing 8 rooms on the corner of Second and H streets north. ?a? all through. Apply on lb*,.Pr?niises. au TP 3t* MICHAEL KEN NELLY. ri^o l*T?A weatly furnished FRONT ROOM 1 with BOARD. A few table boilers ta*>>n at a mode ate rate, at No. 352 >rth street, between L and M aujajt* STORE TO L*T-Gas lighted. oentra'iy located, provided with all fixtures. and with a back room attached. Apply at 335 F street. between 9th and 1< th. a"*9'" F"<Ott RENT-A FURNISHED ROOM, pleasantly located for gent emen, on 17tn street, between K and L streets within a few minute*'walk of the War Department, first house from R st. au i/oR RENT?The larae and commodious ROOMS 1 comprising the second, third and fourth sto ries over J I, Xldweiys new Drug Store on E st., nuar corner of Pa. av and 14th St., two doors be l?au^Ktfrd8' "?lel'_ JOHN L. KIDWELL. t^ARM FOR SALE.-Ninety acres of good Farm irg Land, six miles from Washington, over tlie Nut) V'srd liriog*. near the cross roads les'l iig from Washington to Piscataway. and from Upper Marlboro to Alexandria For further p.?r ticu'ars address M . Star Office. au 2<-lw* W ILL BUY TWO YEARS' LEASE Ot' a HOUSE, contains 4 rooms, five door from the War Department?244 G street?the be-1 legation for a Uaker. restaurant or eating saloon. Rent ?4l p< r month. Possession given immediate ly. Inqnire at 27 2 Pa. av.,Shoe Store, an 29 .{t frOR"S ALE?1The-GOOD-WILL of house 26 Br id t-f Ftreet. Georgetown, opposite Cruit a Livery S,able: a thr?*e >ears and t^n months lease, 7 rnom^ and a good store and cellar. The whole will be f-old for SI o. ??'or particul*rs, on the premises, for Vi ILLIAM MIEhS au 29 2t' fi* URN I SHED HOUSE FOR RENT?Containing lo room.-1. No. 74 Missouri aveaue. near ^31 itreet. 1 n^uire uu the premises. au 2T-3t* W?EVEF\" WELL furnished, PLEASANT ? P.otiMS FOR RENT at a moderate rate, with a p> i t at>- tamily, Appl> at 41 *i tith St., between^E ni d G sts. J"L ? A STORE FOR RENT. AN1? 1T^ GOODWILL A AM) FIXTURES FOR MLK-OnC str-et, between 1st and New Jerseys*, clo^efo the Depot. Apply to Mr. STEPPARD. on the prem sis. UU *7"lit* ? ITOR SALE-FIVE ACRES OROUND HOUSE r 4 dozen FRUIT TRFES. etc.. beyond 8oldi?rs? Home about five miles from the city. Pricecheap. Apply at Mr. CIIAMPL1.N, Quartermaster Store house. G and 22d^st reets: a" 27-->t ? .''OR RENT?A ROOM on 15th ftreet. opposi*.9 r tbe Treasury Department adapted to the usd of a Banker or Broker, having connected with it & very commodious and substantial vault. In quire of WILLIAM ORME.No. 312 Penn are.. I otween 1' th and 11th pta.^_ au^27-3w I70RSALE ANbTEA^B. A NUMBER0? VERY L desirable BUILDING LOTS, beautifully loca ted in the ea-tern part of the city, not more than ten minutes walV from the Oaptol Eor tern?~ ap t>ly to M. BALDWIN, corner east Capitol and lirth streets. au '?7 A-*N F.WLY FURMbllKD Oil AMBER. r2d floor,) /% without Biard in a private dwelling house, will be rented to a satisfactory tenant, at a mod erate rent, gas included; location pleasant and une?ceptioni?b'e, near the Departments and above 17fh street. References exchanged. Address"At vertii-er,'' l ock I5n\ 3i5, Cit>^PostJ)fKce. au 27 3t* A^RECHANCE^TheGOOD \VILL*ndFIX TURES of two of the t> st stores iutheeity; suitable for clothing or nho?- business. Apply at J. H. SMITH'S. No 4>><> 7th si. au 25-tf FOR RENT-" it out BO A R *?>. t j ;;e sirable FnroMied RuOMq K- -rences r" Suired. AppU a 1 '*0 ith str> et, bet<rnen E and ndians avenue. au^^lw^^ THE SI K8CRIBER offers at priTite shI- * vert valuable and productive F AR d . situ-it- ' the District t f Columbia, one mile m*' ?>f t. i nirg's Bridge, coptaining sixiy acres of "*.r?vU land,well watered. The in?p; overuents, h l.r^e two-story Frame Dwelling. ne?rly new, with tlie necessary out-buildings. Pei-?us wishing to pur chase arc invited to examine the premises. A very ple*?ant drive of three miles, over a good road, from Wsshii gton city. au I5-eolm ROBFRT K. NE^ITT^ L^OR SALE^A BRICK HOUSE, on D street, near F 13th, No. 27, Apply No. 37 Louisiaua avenue. au 24-lw* |50R?RENT?A DOUSE in Georgetown. No. 42 F Gay street. Possession given immediately. Inquire of SOLOMON STOVER. Wood and Coal Yard .corner 21st and I stg.. Washington. a2tlw* I7dR SALE -An excellent and nearly n-w r FRAME I10U8E. situated on West street, (ieorgetown. Apply to THOMAS DOWLING, Auctioneer, No^l7 4 Bridge street. an 24 6t* IBurnished rooms for rent?without board. Boaraing house in the neighborhood where meals are served. Reference required. Apply at No. 3-jo New York avenae, between 9th , ana loth streets. ?a 24-lw* I |70R"8ALE? A most excellent FRAME HOUSE, ' F situated on south L street, between 2'st and j 22d, containing 12 rooms. Sain, and immediate possession giveu. Apply to [1TCHELL fc SON, Real Estate Brokers, south east corner of lSth^t. and Pa. av^ au 23-lQt* I7URNI8IIED ROOMS FOR RENT-At No. 225 F Pennsylvania avenae, opposite Willards' Ho tel. au 19-2w* I TOR SALE-DRUG STORE, BRICK HOUSE and 4 three BUILDING LOTS. Inquire atNo. 455, Mass. avenue, near 6th st. au 18-1'U* F~^OlTRENT?(To Gentlemen,) two PARLORS, or a Chamber and Parlor connected, oil the first floor, elevated five feet above the sidewalk in a healthy, pleasant, and central location, a few yards east of Riggs' Bank and the State Depart ment. 2d door from 15th .street. No. 4HO New York avenue. Also, a first class DWELLING, contain ing ten rooms, kitchen, attic, and a large cellar, in the same location, and possession had on the 1st of October next. an 17-tf FOR SALE?A three story and attic RR1UK HOUSE and out-buildings, on North Capitol Street, between B and C, No. 3'J4. nearly opposite the Washingti a Railway, near the Depot House containing 10 rooms; a vaeint lot adjoining; frout of S6 by 80. For further particulars 1u<i'iire of WALL, STEPHENS &. CD., No. 322 Pe iusylva niaav. au 16 rE OFFER FOR SALE, ?t a great bargain, a small FARM, containing aoout #3 acres, well improved with new dwelling sniall necessarj out bouses. This- property lies about 4 miles fro.a Center Market, on tn Be^ning's Bridge rmd across Eastern Branch, is'na hi^b aad healthy situation, with an abundance of wood. Terms made known on application to SWEENY &, CO.. Heal Estate Brokers, au 15-lm Corner 7th and i> streets. 1jM3R BALE?The three -toi:7~LUlCK~ROU8ti 1 and 10T. No. 5f?l 9th street, (Island,) be tween D and E streets. The house contains nine rooms, and has convenient out-buildings, A.C. Apply to w. D. WALLACH, at the Star Office. aujLtf P)R SALE?A TRACT OF LAND, mostly wood land, about one mile beyond and north of Rock Creek Church, containing about 34 a<5r;i. CHA9. M. MATTHEWS,, corner RrHg"? and OongTess streets. Georgetown, or corner 3th Btrettsnd Penn. avenue, Washington city, an 10- eo^t* QOBLINO HOUSE FOR 8A I.E. The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi ness, and offers his well known house JpTtM. Any one wishing to engage 5n a TiUORATIva BUSINESS eau call on the Proprietor. 24 7 Penn sylvania avenue, between 13th and 13th sts. au 8-4w* FURNllHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 450 lJtk street, east side, between & and H ata. The situation is one of tbe moat desirable in ^vasti inst-n. w*1" F>OR SALE.?The subset.ber wishes to seU a i" ARM, eootaining about 26" acress, more or lees, distant ab? at four mi es from Wasningtan, D. C., over tbe upper Eastern Branch bridn. A large body of the land is in good timber, nndnbout forty acres of superior meadow ]Md. Title indis rtable. Address J. !>., Bo* 384, ??rt?in?ton. 0. au I-ire* VALUABLE PROPERTY AT PKIVATBBALE ? 1M THE FIRST WARD.?The undersitu^d will sell all or part of that valuable property up- ? which he resides, situated on the corner of^i,th and K streets, ana within one-nnd-n-balf block# of Lafavette Square, consisting of several handscirx BUILDING LOTS, one of them improved by a substantial two-story Brio* Honse and baa* b?iM ing, with good stabling. The above p-op?rt?~-:;i be s?>ld low for cash. Enquire of T. DRC11, Wood h Coal dealer, near tVe War Department, or on Um promiM*. ir H-ln* W] AUCTION SALES. rm? Arnarwow awptu.mohkww P? J. 0. McttCIKI A CO., Aaetloneen, CHANCERY 8 A LB OlHijuiLlHNG L0T8 OP POSITE TDK OLD GLA88 HOUSE On TUESDAY AFTEaNOON. Augusta), at nix o'cloek.oa ihe premises, we*h?ll sell for aecoun* of the estate of tne late Charles L. Coltman, Lot* Noli 10, 11, and part of 18. id Square !?, ?aMi?i l?d Into small building lot*, ironting respectively en north C and Wat?*r street. between Slat una nd streets wmi, and immediately in front of the old Glass HoU"?. . . . , . , . ? Term*: One third rash; theremainder in 6. ? and 12 month*, with interest from the day of sale, for which notes will b? required with approved secu rity On the ratification of the sale bv the Court, and payment in full of the purchase money, the property will be eonveyed t? the purchaser*. Ifthe term* of *ale are not complied with in five day* thereafter, the trusteee may re sell the pro perty so in default, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purebaser. . The c?st of conveyances and sts.mps to he yai'1 by the purchaper. JAMFS ADAM*. ( Trustee ROBERT COLTMAN, S Tru,te*s aul^eoAd s J.C. MoGUIRB A CO.. Anct*. j^Y 6B1IN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING*LOT ON THE N AVY VAHD AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, the 3 th inst., at 6 o'clock p m., we shall sell in front of the premises Lot 5 in Square 882 This property front* 4u feet 7% inches on south M street and i* between 6th and 7ih *ts. east, rnaaiDg back 129 Twet 11 lobes to a3>t-foot fcller. Terma : One half Cfiih; balisce in aix month*, for note bearing interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyances and revenue stamps at the cost ol the purchaser. an2?-<i GREEK A W1LLIAMD, A net*. ?y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF~NIN?.BUILDING LOTS ON 1ST STREET WEST, AT THE CORNER OF SOUTH D STREET. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. August 30, at 6K o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust, dated May 7th, 1857, and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8. No. 133. folios 23 et esq., we *hall sell ail of Lot No ff, in Square No. S33, fronting 140 feet db First street west, at the corner of sonth D street, and rsnniag back SO feet, subdivided into C Lot* 15xh<>, and ooe Lot 2rtx8D. Terms raj-h. Conveyances at the coat of the purchaser. A cash pavmeut off2" oaeach lot will be required at the time o^f ssje^^o ^ GILBERT, Trustee. Jy27 d J. 0. MjGUIRE A CO., Aucte. gY J. C. McGUIRE A Co., Auctioneers. On TUESDAY AFTKiNOON. August 28,1W, at S o'clock, we eba>l sell, at public sale on the prem ise*. the west half of Squa-e No. 838. fronting on north M. Boandarvt aid flth streets east, contain ing about 24..H2A equare feet. in lots to suit pur chasers. lliis property is located near Kendall brren. T*rro* of salw: On??-foiirth cash: the balance in A, 12 and 18 months Deed given and deed of trust taken to seoure the deferred payments. Al! the writings and Government stamps at the cost ofth.p?ch*?rs.J0HN g KRND T. M. HANSON, SAMUEL NORMKNT. Committee of National Builrt'ne Association. J.C. M.;GUlRE k CO., au 3-ettAds IRep.] Auctioneers. r^TUK ABJYE SALK WILL TAKE PLACE at the Auction Rooms of Jas. C. McGuire on 7 UESDAY AFTERNOON. Augunt 3 th, same Lour JOHN E. KENDALL. T. M HAN ON. SAMUEi NORMKNT. Committee of National Building Association, au 24 4 J. 0. McGUlRB A CO.. Auct.s. Y TH0S-. DOWLING. Auctioneer; Georgetown, FURNITURE, HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS, A c.. AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY MORNING, August31st, at lo o'clock. I will sell, at my Auction Store. No. 174 Bridge street, a general assortment of Household and Kitchen Furniture, conaistingof Parlor * hairs and Sofas Bureau*. Bedsteads, and Mattresses Feather Beds an<l Bedding Cook, Parlor, acd other Shoves Refrigerator, Crockery and (ilass Ware And ninny articles not mentioned. au i9 St TflOS. DOWLING, Auct. |JY W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. U fc. MARSHAL'S SAL* OF PRIZE SCHOONER AND LONGBOAT AND CARGO. In virtue of two war rants ol sale issued fro-n the Clerk '<? Olfire of the District C"urt of the United Stales for the District of Columbia, and to ni" di rec'erl. I will sell for cash, at the Bazaar of Wm. L. Wall A Co , r.a Louisiana avenue, between 9th and loth street?, on WKDN BSD AY. the 31st day of Augustinst. rommencingat 1" o'clock a. in., the following fcuods and chattels being the cargo eJ the longboat J. H. D.Smoot, viz: 2 bbl*. Pop, 2bbls Cider, 1 keg Butter, 2 bbls. Flour, Vt bbl. Mackrel, 1 Bedstead, aui 1 bbl. Crackers, 4 Chairs, 1 bbl. Cakes, ? AI.SO At 4 o'clock p. m.. on the same day. I shall se'l, at the foot of 6th street wharf, the schooner *'COW PKRTHWA1TE,'' her Tackle, Apparel and Fur Biture. ALPO At the same time, the longboat "J. n D. SMOOT."' Both vessels now lying atthefootof 6th street wharf^ou the Potomac river. WARD H. LAMON, U. 8. Marshal, D. C. au 25-d per WM. L. WALL A CO , Aucts. | Chronicle! B B Y J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY Under ami by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting in equity, passed July 6th, 1864, in a certain cause, wherein Sarah Ann Brown and fathers are com plainants. and Ai&brose A. Brown and others are defendants. No. 221 equity, we shall sell on the premi es, on WEDNESDAY the 2Nt day ofS"i> trmber. commencing with the flrut named, at G o'clock p. m.: Lot No. I, in Square No. 568, fronting 30 feet en north E street, at the corner of Second street we?t, and running back 100 feet to a i't feot alley. Also, the north part of Lot33, in Jas C. McGuire'? subdivision of Square No. 624. fronting 15 feet 7 inches oa First street west, between G and H sts, north, and running back 130 feet 4 inches to a 20 foot alley, and improved by a three-story Brick Dwelling House. Terms : One-half in cash; the remainder in nine and eighteen months, with interest from the day of sale, to be secured by the bonds or notes of the purchasers, with a surety or sureties, to be ap proved of by the trustees. Upr.n the full payment cf the purchase money and interest, the trustees will convey the proper ty. All conveyances and stamps at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter, the trustees reserve the right to resell, on one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. GEO. W. DUVALL. NICHOLAS C. 8TEPHBNS. \ Trustees ?q 30-eo&dfl J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. gY W. B. LEWIS A Co., Auctioneers. LARGE LOT OF PAWNBROKER'S GOODS AT AUCTION. THURSDAY, September 1st. at 9*. o'clock, at store No. 307 Penn. avenue, we ?hall s?-ll a large stock of a Pawnbroker, embracing 5" fine Gold and Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Rings, Sets of Jewelry, Ac Also, lot of Men and Women's Clothing, Shoes, Fry Goods, Books, Musical In struments, Plated Ware, w ith a large variety of other goods. At private sale, a splendid Resewood 7-octave PIANO, one of the best in the city. W. B. LEWIS A CO., au 29 [Chron.] Auctioneers. |^Y JAMES C. McGCIRE A CO., Auctioneers. EXTENSIVE BALE OF BUILDING LOTS FOR ACCOUNT OF ST JOHN'S CIIURCH. On 1UESDAY AFTBHNOON. September 6th. at 6o'clock,on the premises by i.rder of the Vestry of St. John's Church, we shall soil the whole of Square No. 276, fronting respectively on 12th and lSibsts.wfst and north R and S sts ; the whole subdivided into fifty t?i fine building lots, each with access to a public alley Plats may be obtained of the Auctioneers or on the premises at the time of *nle. Terms : One-third in cash; the remainder 6 and 12 mr.Dths, with interest, secured bv a deed of trust on the premises Co^t of conveyances and stampsto be paid by the pnrchaser, auifii-d JA8. C. McGUIRE A CO^. Aucts. ^AL> OF CONDEMNED QUARTERMASTER'S O fcTOh rtS. CKitf Quarter mayn't Qjfire, Watkinttoa Dtpc:, I WASHrsuTOM. D. C., Aug. 27 18?S4 t Will be fold at publli auction, at Government Warehouse Ne. 5. New York avenue, between Hth and 19tb stree's. Washington city, D C on TUES DAY, September 6th, 1B64, at 11 o'clock a. ra . a let of Quartermaster's Stores, condemned aa unfit for use or issue, viz: A large lot of Stoves and 8fnve Pip?, Boilers, Ovens. Old Iron. Carpenter's T*oU. Desks, Chairs, Bcales, Shovels, Grindstone*. Hardware, Brooms. Buckets, Paxs, Old Copper. Brushes, Ac.. A c. Successful bidders will be required to remove the etores within live days from xli<- <ia<e of sale. Terms cash. In Government t'tjadi. V II HI UKKn, Brig. Gen. and Chief Qo?rtermaster, an V. -9t D?pot ?f Washington. FF1CE DEPOT COM'Y OF SUBSISTENCE. W A5HIKGT0S . D. C. Auguet i6. IS'M. Will be sold at PnWlic Auction on MONDAY, {?. p ? mber5thvl864, at 11 o'clock a. m., at the 6th street Wharf, Washington, J>. 0., the following pnblic propert), in gaod condition, viz : One Thousand (1,0 0) Beef Hides, salted. Fifty-two ?61? Beef Hides, dry. Lleven (11) Sheep Skins. It -mi - Cash in Government funds 8. C. GREENE, an 77-6t Captain and C. 8. V, DISSOLUTION Of COPARTNERSHIP.?Tke Copartnership existing between EDWART* GWKKVumI SAM'L W OWEN, in the MiliUry and Na,?l Merebant Tailoring, under the firm of ?< ? WEN A SON. for the last SO years, is this dav * mi lual conssnt. The business In future will be Conducted by SAM'L W. OWEN, at their old ?tand. 812 Pennsylvania avenue, to whom pny mept* will be made ef all outstanding debts due j[t&H,lAli C?I'lml BAM'L W.'OWM._ RE,BI0iEATO& ' AT COS^I AT POST I We we?u eaU the attepttonof t hepa b ? lie to our s'.ook of KEFKIGERaTO*S and WATER COOLERS. wWek *? are| NMim cstst jr!n? es?t We advise all I In auea* of tIt a%?ve articles to give us a ?? P?gt\. l?Mv W m I. AUCTION SAiiES, FUTURE BATS. T GBE'SN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. B BEAUTIFUL FABM OR^ COCNTRYBBAT AT On WBLNE8DAY. tb? loth inst., w? shall Mil, at fi o'clock p. tn., on the premises, that beautiful pisee or pareel o? land attached to the former ret icence of H W. Blnnt. Km . near Tetnallytown, ahont i no m.d ?. half mile* from Oforgrtow*, on the Roek*iUe T"rnpike road. Thia '.and adloiaa the ImiJs cf Moe*rs Loughborough and Carter, anrfMra.A J.Lyle. Thin vale presents a rare opportunity to a gen tienan wiabiug a tfne country Srat. theneiahbnrl ing eocietv being tne very beat. and possessing ail the advaotar^a of proximity to town and ma set. #. beautiful, commanding a prospect of irom twelve to seventy miles, of the moat pic turesque and romantic ecenery. The soil is Wind, and *ell adapted to the calture of a vegetable gar den, the most of it having & beautiful southeast exposure. The land, Thicb contain* abont twen ty-fcye acres is *u?<ep'itile of divis.on into threw or nsore lot<, each of which contain beautifnl building Bite*, and will be aold in *?*arate lot*, if desired, We reapcrtrtilly invitse tbe attention of peraona wi?aine to purchase a hands-jme site for a t riVate residence, and the public in ceneral toth,ssale, as t present!) *er? rare inducements, and the sale will be well worthy of their atter.tioa. Terms: One half <*?h; balance in aix ir.onthe, for note bearing interest. A deed eiveu and a deed ?>f trust taken Title indisputable. an :4-'l GRJRN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. B BANP<OMB BUILDING LOT ON NORTH H STK'IBl, BKTWEEN luTH. AND I1TII STRiKTS WRgr. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Augu?t 31. at 6^. o'clock, on the premises, we ahall etll a '?rT desiratle Building Lot, on the north aide of H street north, between P'th and 11th straeU west, fronting 3.1 feet 4 imhes and running back 108 feet, with the privilege of a five foot alley rcapinx into l?th street. This Lot is finely located, in an unexceptional!# neighborhood, Vor a private residence. and the Male should command the attention of persona seeking tine building sites. Tt rroi One-balf cash, the ramaind >v in six and tw elvo months, with intere?t. secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances aad stamp* at the cortof the pur cbaser. tu'/ti-d J AS. C. McGUIRE A 00., Auots. Y J AS* C. McGSTSRK A CO.. Auctioneers. B Y J. C. MeGUlRl A CO., AncUonoor*. PEREMPTORY 8ALK Of LOT CORNER OP NORTH G STREEI ANDBLBVENffJi STREKT BAFT Cn WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON* August 31st, at 6 o'clock, on the precise*, we rball aetl Lot No. 1. in Square 9.*>9, fronting Co feet 0"i north G street, at the corner of 11th street east, fj?a running back : 7," feet. Terms cash. j Cost of conveyance* to be piid by the purchaser, au 23-d J . C. McGUITCK & CO.. Aucta. 6 Y GREEN A- WILLIAMS. Auctkineera. No. 5'iti corner 7th and D streets north. A GOOD TWO STORY FRAMB HOUSE AND LOT ON S1XTFI STREET, RKTWEKNG AND II STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 31st inst.. at 6 o'clock p. ni., we shall sell, in front of tho premises, part of Lot 16. in square 4?5. tbe improvements, consisting of a TWO 8T?KY FRAME HOUSE, containing Bevcn good roams, also a good alley back of the lot. Any ono wishing to parcha^e a residence will do veil to attend the sale. Terms : One half cash, balance m three and s:r moothn, secured by a deed of tTust on the prem ises. All conveyancing ani revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser, an y. d GBMN_&W ILLIAM3-. Aucta. | ^ Y J AS. C. McGUiKE .V CO., Auctioneers FURNITURE AN^ HOUSEHOLD EPFE^TS OF A FAMILY DSCLTNINU HOUSE.vEKITNO (tv THURSDAY MORNING, September 1. at K> o'clock, at 1H4 F street, next to the .orner of 19th street, we shall -*11 tbe Furniture nd Effectaof * family declining honseiteeping, co-nprising? Mahogany Parlor Furniture, finisLed in Plua'a aad IIair Clcth Walnut Whatnotaand Fancy Tables Marble-top Center Table. Corner Stand Rush and Cane-Reat Chairs Brussels tad Ingrain Carpets, Oil Cloth Gilt Window Shades Rags Two Extension Dining Tables Mahotrauy. Walnut and Painted Cottage I urcitnr* Mattresses. Bolbters, and Pillows Cooking and other Stoves Together with the unual RiBortment of Kitchen Utensils. TermR ca^K. tu i5-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Ancta. JAB. C. McGUIRE & CO.,Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SA1.K 0F~?I\ BUILDTNG LOTS c?N 7Tn AND *?T1I STRKET8, BETWEEN R AND S STRKETS NORTH. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, September 1. at 5 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell parts of Lota Nob. 3 xnd 12. in 8quare No. 419, subdivided into three Lots fronting feet each on 7th street, between R and S streets north, and running back loo feet, and three Lots of a similar size immedi ately in the rear and fronting on 8th street. Terms: One-third incash.the remainder in fi and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamp* at the cost of the pur chaser. an 2n d JAMES C. McGUIRE ACO., Aucta. B Y JA8 C. McGUIRE A; CO., Auctioneers. B SMALL BRICK HOUSE AND LOT ON MARY LAND AY., BETWEEN 4.'* AND toTH 8T3. , AT ADCTION. Ou THURSDAY EVENING. Sept. 1st, at six o'clock, on the premises, weshall sell part of I*ot T, in subdivision of Lots 7,3. 10 and 11, in Square No. 492, fronting 15 feet on Maryland avenue, bet. 4}i and streets, running back 145 feet to a wide Sublie alley, and Improved-by a two-story brick welling now occupied as a Bakery. Terms: casn; balance in G and 12 montli?, with interest, secured by ofdeed of trust on the premises. Convyancinj at the cost of the purchaser. tn 2.1-dti J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. No. 62ti corner 7th and D streets north. AUCTION SALE OF P~VRT LOT 13. TN SQUARE ?*70, ON SIXTH STREET. BETWEKN A AND B STREET* SOUTH, having HJ feet front. 1?2 feet deep to an alley. On THURSDAY, the 1st of September next, at 6 o'clock p. m., we shall sell the above d?Bcribed property without reserve. T- rms of sale : One half cash, balance in six and twelve months, secured by a deed of trrst on tht premises. Ail conveyancing and stamps at the cost of the purchaser. au 2>i-d GRE1N A WILLIAMS. Anets. JJY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers TWO STORY FRAME "HOUSE. ST ABLE, AND CARRIAGE HOUSE, AND LOT, OS THE ISLAND. AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, the 2d of September, at 6 o'clock p. m.. we shall sell, in front of the premises, south of one third part of Lot 26, in Square .V23. having a front 15 feet2"3' inches, on 3-1 etrewt west, between F and G stnets south, running back 100 feet to an ailey, with the improvement*, which is an follows: A good two-storv Frame House, with a good Stable for five horses: also. Carriage House for two hacks, with good Ilay Loft, suitable for any hackman purpose. Terms made known on the day of sale. All conveyance and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. an 2f?-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, A acts. J>Y JA8. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE'S SALE Of" BRICK DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH H. BETWEKN 13TH AND 14TH STREETS WEST. By virtue of a deed of trust from William n. Clampittand wife.datel the 23d day of Septem ter, eighteen huLdred and fifty eight, and duly re corded in Liber J . A. S , No. 161. folios 437, 438. and 439, one of the land records for Washington coun ty. District of Culumlia. I will sell at public auc tion, on the premises, on WEDNESDAY AFTKB NOON, 8eptember7th, at 6 o'clock, all that lot or parcel of land in the city of Washington, and Dis trict of Columbia aforesaid, being part of Lot* ; numbered one, twenty-nine, and thirtv,'1,29,30.) 1 in Square numbered two hundred and fifty, (230,> as said Lots and Sauare are marked, laid down and distinguished on the plan of said city; beginning lor Baid part at a point oa the line of H street north, eight feet four inches e- fee. i inches) eaat of the southwtst corner of said lo* numbered one. and running ihence oaat sixteen feet?Ight inches, (IS teet8 inches.) thence n< rtb ninety-two feet, (92 feet.) thence wess sixteen feet eijcku inched. (16 feet S inches,) thence seutb rinety-two feet (92 feet > to the place of be?i nninir, improved by a well built brick house with all the modern imjrove neuts. This property lies just ea?t of the Demenon buildings, and opposite the Pr> sbvterian Church, and is one of the most desirable residences of its class in the city. T-rms: Ore-half of the purchase mon?y in cash: f5pn of which must be paid down at the time of Bale, tbe remainder, with interest, in 6 months. A. deed will be given and a deed of trost taken to m cur? the deferred payment. All conveyances, including revenue stamps, at the coat of the purchaser. Should the terms ?f sale not b? complied with within three days, the Trusteo reserves the rit'ht to re-sell at the risk and expenses of the parcba ser, after giving one week's notice in the Rational Intelligencer, or other newspaper published In Washington, jno. d. Mcpherson, Tmste*. _tu22-d J.C. McGUlBBAOO.,Anf. RUCTION BALE 01 CONBKMNID HOMES. Was DmiTHin. Gatalbt Btnuis, / w:it V , Wa*Arnxum. JJTt.. A viYi11 be*?Jd ft* Pnbhc Auetlon, to the highest at the times and places nam?1J>*!?w. via: Reading, Pennsylvania, THUBSDAT, inguat 18, 1564. ^^Altoona, Ponn?ylvani??THinWDAY, Auguct 25, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, THUBSDAT, September 1 'Hartisburg, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, Sep. UTW0 HUNDRED (100) OAVALEY H0K8HB, at e*ThesehoraesJjave keencoadenined as anit Cor ?MTn#4 ?ar* Lt. Col. and Chief Quartremaeter, ,n B-toeB Cavalry Rreaa DYETBBIHABY SURG BON. B. J. B. MsKAY,Member of the Boni T College, Bdirbnrgh. Ail Diseases ef the |\, H*ree trea'vl in the moat acientifie^man- >? ler Charge moderate Also, Boraea bought and aold on eommlaeioa. Ofllce at J. O. i'o ward's, etc?tsWtWWSU Md WjWrt. ington,

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