Newspaper of Evening Star, August 30, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 30, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR TI.B AfFaIR AT aHJUVDaLB Auooht V). s<H ? Edt'or Aitr: Tins in >ralag. ?jO T>h. i * at*i ruias, under Mosoy. tn t 'e a aa a into Ai i>aunaie aud taptured otirp>..k t-, tt-fu maot- ti d* Oi ii <-<a iou on the sma'l lotren "ft menu- called Kort .S^hii*iJi*r, wtw*re there wu par 01 t' e l-t battalion (91 tn-Mi) or 6 ft X-'tf York volunteer cavalry The rebel* ope: e.l Slln.g caLiiie'^r >>>o( into thrt tort; ?h?n i)Ph) p.iit lu a flat of true* detntud'ng tin immrniHi* >-urr?-uder of tbe f?rt and all those lunde ihe ab?'?s Captain Schawl irr, rjimpiiw O. iKtb l*ew York cavalry, who wa? in c >m n>*i d "'Jit word tack to "s-bell itd r?s d?1," be * t uld not surrender. Mofbv then fired several morw shot*; then sent anob-r fla^ of truce, "Col. Mosby d> mauds a ?urrender at oi ?*, and ibat h ? will treat the iddh kiudy." Optain Mickle, compmy It, repii-d to tn* iue-se yer. mid a-k-d nitn'wha*. h" :tn* btck w itb that rag ngam lor, and 'bat if be seui ai other me?>*cDyer be would shoot bun aown. Mi ?h) liked tlie reply, and siltl *? }?> ?t for the "Yai.k tf,' and left. The renels fired abmi thirty sboU trotn the cannon, which rfi I oat liule execution, except in killing en** ao'se, t-friti* vp several tents.and three ottls p issiug throupb >w e'ser'p sutler store, to tfifHhrm ot bif i lerbs, A ? , while our boys were iti the best ol spirit*. ea*er for tbeir *d vance, and for ?h iu to coroe within punshotraage rhereoels lo*t oi.e officer and several rn-n The ba'aaoe oi >lie r>Kirrei t at Fill* (/Imrcli b*ari- g the brine, six ml'ts off, e'arted, under com nand ol (Major Hurton, Htid chased tne ira rri.iis ten irihs but toiild net catch them, as they bad tv o hours the s art Ii I- to t-e remembered, when they Rent in lb- ir flMjr <>f truce for oar snrren<1-r. advuieed their lines and ba'tery. When tb-y found tne little rwnd of Spartni> r*jee'ed their insolent a* mai d to surr-i der, they screa tied aad burlea I ke m> bihiiv fiends from Hell, and ran all au tn d the flattie, bat did not dare to come w triti. the rat ge of our large guns Mo by cviiPfqQentl picked up hi*deal and w< ni n?d ai d mane tracks hick 'O bis Itirki ie Jil'Cf or dn?a dis-ippoliib-d man or fiend. It ?v a.- r.ear this piae on the Hra ldi'tc road Wbi b rnns through the darkest, densest woods ai d toreeii* t> Imie, where Stuart took list >ear several sutlers and a partlon ot "Sco:t s 9?? " We need m> re men oat hereto pro'ecttbe de fei ces ?>i Wa>bngtoa. We have a I ir*e ex pans* of territory for only two broken rei;i. n eiit? of ra? a'ry 'o pick*t and pretect. Toe Tink I" bard aud onerons for th-* pi?or men ai d tiorses, and tbey are woruout witbiatigue work. Tub (TniCAru> (.'o,>v*?iu*.? rue Chicago Port of Fricay says : ?? Yes'erd ?y th^re was no difficulty in count ii f up fpr Met lellan ote hundred aud suty n?t \oUmjii the first ballot, beine fit teen in ire votes than the required two thirds Unless tbeie be siime r>reak. now to'ailv unexpectel, there will net be e\en the f rinalry of aballo', nr d he will be nominated by aocKma'l >n. T i-* iiuminatioii ir conenleied as fi*ed. Tbo?e vi.) anticipated s rile and division in the Oonv^n ti< n, ? ither npou platform or candidates, ap dwmt-d to disappoiutineiit. Th?*re will b< no taction. The man who propo?es t? di-turi r.he bar monv of the party and thereby endanger it* mcce*?, whether the attempt be in id>? o;>en ly or ?overtly, will not be tolerated i*I-*n wlo cry pea>e, and teen to proluce war in the l??moiratlc party, wilt rei-elv- no countenance from the <*i>nveuti< n. The jcreat^s- opuositiou to McOieilaD is from Ohio, Connection , and Indiana, *>nt tbe food sense of tb- delegies will eventn'IIv induce tbeiu t > sun nit t > tb-? fr \ era) wish of the whole par^v. We never saw a more united or dfermined bodv of m??n th?n those who compose this Oo?i v-ntion." Tbe Po?.t says rb^t the pla'form willcrn'iin the fiillowmK poiQts, and be adopted uutut monslv: 1 The invlolatili'y of the Constitution. II. The maintenance of the Uuton in all its terr-totial integrity. III. Peace at the earliest practicab'e mo-n^n'; this peace to be sou zht by off^rs?l. To trea'.'or a return to allegiance by those now in rebel lion 2 A contention of theSta'es to consider the grievances and complaints of my or all the States, ar.d to settle all disputel questions either b> amendments to tbe Constitution or o terwise. 3. Fending these negotiations an armistlresuspendinir bostilitl-9. t. Theavii'i of that ior.vention to be ratified aud earned iuto ? fleet in good faith IV. A rejection ot theae to be followed bv a vipor"ns execution ot tne p .|icy enunci ated iu the Crittenden reflation, passed by Ompre^s in ynlv, 1.-61. Of KC l&L. Wat Ueparmeni, iOjiuuf?< tJeneraFt OjAc*, i 4f?rca 17. i^ivj j AU applications for leave* ot inssuk? or per. miMlos to visit Wasbibgtub must t>e i>tdivssec Ic Major Heneral Halleck Cbief of Staff, and must ?ircifi the business for which the .lffi -et desires >he permlssinL Telegram* artdr-ss^c direct the Se retary of War or tb?s tablet wil' r*cetwn no a'tent'on. By crdsr of the Secretary it War. ?5. 1? T<iwii*aw?, As.-is ant Adiutant ifensral pROPHMLj FOB L O A N 7~ TiiBSfUar Dkpibtmist. Jnly IS. l?4. Notice is Uftrtij give-- th(*r ?ut>?i;nption'< "ill be rerei?ed hy the Treasurer of the noitnd rttatws. the -evernl A?-i?t)?nt Trenmrem snrt Oeii^imTed Depusitorie* n- i) hy the N at'olin' lt*n'l>"1e?ienat??1 and qualified as neposit<ir{s<> and Vinxtirial Agents for Treasury Notes payable three rears from Auarnst ifl, i:^?4, beariuit interest at the rate jf ?even and three r?iiths per rent por inno n. with ?emi anoual enuponx attached, payable in lawful tt-ney These notes will he convertible at the optioe of the bolder a' matu ity into si* per cent ?old b^**irnf h?n-1s. redemnable nf?er Ave and ptyable twenty yeaef fr.?m AiigustlA. I'WT, The Ni>te? will be i?<niMd in ?he denominations of flfty o?e htindr-?d. five bundreil. one thousand and five thousand di>II*rs and will ha issued in blank, ?r pavable to order, as may be directed by the sub scribers All subscription raast be for Gfty dollars, or lone mnltiole o* fifty dollars. Duplicate certificates will he issuer! for all depos ites The party depositinv must end"r*e npuu the certificate thedenomiuation notes re quired, and whether they are to be issued in blank or pavahl to order When so endors-d it must be left with the "(fl.-er r?cei?ine the deposit, to he forwarded to this Department Tbe notv? will be transmitted to the owners fre* Of transportation eharses as soon atter the receipt of the or-yin*l Certificate* of Deposit a* they can b? prepared. Interest will be allowed to august IS on all deposits made prior to that dat". and will be paid by tne Department upon receipt of the original certificate* As tbe notes dr*? interest from August IS, per sons naSing deposits suhveqn'Dt to that -late mast pay the interest accrued from date ol note to date of deposit Partie* depositing twentj five thousand dollar* ?od upwards for these notes at auy one time will be a'lowed a commission of one- quarter of one per Cent . wsich will he paid by this Department upon the receipt of a hill for the amount, certified to by the nflleer witb whom the deposit was made No deduction* for on to mis* ions must be made from the deposit* Ofleers receiving deposit* will see that the proper endorsements are made upon tbe original Certificate*. AH ofltrer* authorized to receive deposits are re*nested to ?ive to applicants all desire I informs tion, and afford every facility for making sub scriptions. W. P. F?88fcN|)IN, iy Secretary of tbe Treasury. 369 "v??TH_8Tii?r 369 CARPETS. OIL CL0TH8, FCRN1TCK* DOrg?rCRNI8IMNO GOODS, CtlLKKY. PLA TKD C A8TOR8. 8POON8.4.C. Pifty pieces lu^rain Rag and Hemp Oaruets, wbirh we are offering at macn less than preseut pric? s. some as I w a* SS cents per yard. In Ku mi tare and llou efnrnisbingliood* we ean defy rouiPeiiti' n inr stork of Cut'ery and Plated Ware we are ?f ferinK at extrwirdina'v ii*r^*iu?. Persons in want of Houk f rumhia* Qo ids wi'l fli d it e?.cid*dly t<i their interest to *ive us a call, a* all of our stock w,k yiirch*se<l previous to tt>e last advanc-s. which e> abl s us t-> otfsrgreater iu doe? Kent# than *n< hon*? in thi* city. A liseount of sn per c*nt a> owed on all bills ofand upwards RKNRY BONTZ. Uuccessor*o H ut* A Orifflth, an IS-I t 7th street, near I. 01il'^ANI*, COURT. Angus- l>. (ail ?Disiaicr ? >r Co oMBta, s HI ?'iTOS Coua j v. to ion : In the ca-e ?f Vir#>uia tnlstead, mwnirix of Stomas MiU'ead. decca-eil. the executri-a afire ? * d >KtfiSMtn . the approbation of tSe Orehfi*' < our of Vi eWhingtoD Couniv afo'esai I app .'nt <\ Tu-sday the eth ?!*? of 8 ptemb-r next, for the Ana1 ?ettlemeut nd distr butiou of th-< jpersoiiil estate ?( -aid deeeaie d, and of the s?*vts lu hau-1, lar as the came have been collected and tnru *4 icu wuuey; when aud where a'I tbe cr*4itors \ri | Viirsi fHain stsased are rot'fl *dto attend (atihe 0?j>hai.e C? art ef Washington Oo nty afore->a d,l with their rUima properly vouch d, or they ? ?era,w b> law be excluded fr<>D all heu-tit i i *?' deceased "a estate: providM a copy of tlis published once * we k for thi?e w -?k< in l?e iv niD| s'ar previous to tbe a^id fith day of fetfterober lftt? Test-/. C BOBBINS a . >7 law.'iw* Re^i?>rof Wills. I ?LKVSI,AND 9 IIINT* TORirLBVKt. ^ Qac?ttons and *n>wera on Muskwtry. p*rt t. Lfli'1"' it. I - ?tmetio? ot Musketry: London Thachrr*?"s Manial nf KiHe firipe; London J.e. V R;i:e I'rwt e,. I "? fee* '? HI#- awJ k"? t? ??e H) L<>u<1en. Vitlard's Maauel of Tarcet Pr?iti?? ?' >y 8 'BancCtatloe, AUCTION fcAim ri fi ki |jv j. o. Mogcibba co Aeetk Ti.? fTKBSSA- Rn Va1.? XB' * L^vD| n?D mn>Yarf), nkab tub in**ne *Y,, , , n? MUMijI At l lKN'MN Bpl*J?.^L? nv t^o o'clock ?.r. the tie p eaiises hy vir? . , deed-of ti n?t from ? ha*.' Uh in*" to ""j ^ ? l>. . .-mh-r 3 . i.?S ?n l re. or<i. d In ?? h*r J ? * "' No \T>. foiio*7 stl,ViKTr J % S N<? Si pircefo' land .Ti ? and "it"tK J1.* o*rt I1?i?5 ot Wast ii gton. aforesaid en J b'"1 V , , Jr .-ii rarcel ..f the tract of laud tr",.! . <1?t..rV " aid l?t ^rly as Th- Kogonmo Place." the part or pare the. em Cu veyai or in {?oiled to to herein* described a- Ml-*- nam y: rnmnifti'i'i* on th" north line of th ? Oojjd llpe Hoad at * w it? ?ak tree bei?? 8Ut<na ?*-> ,* of T J*kyll's survey tit the Koscius o PI tee, and thence miming along * M north line of th- (]o >1 liiipefOKi; seventy ?even degree* a'> ? tt t-en min utes east N . (77 dee 1 min B ) five p-'ch->* an I aixt y eig* * hundredths of a per*h < A" * 0 t. * point marked A and a whit* warble mermmeat, ns shown upon the plat nceoinp-nying th* deel hereinhefi-re mentioned, from Moeea K?'lv * ?1 Var> W. Kelly, hi wfe, to Oha'leB '. Uhl-nano, thence running a ong the firs dividing line he twt'rii thl? p rc-l of land and that oftn- *vl M'-sea Kelly south ?ix d ge e* ao I tni-tv tnioiit-it east (i t> deg 9? mm B.? seventy on? perenes (71 prrces?to a small mnnume t of wni*e marble set upon said line: thence 'rom -aid monument f"''1'" inug south tnirty minutes west ft. Odea -t tub w.i seventy ni. e perchea and forty-hood ed , 8 ,,,* ierch.794' 1 <? P-r itofatiou No 5?fT Je*ills survey of the ?' KneHiisko Place. th ? Iron, -aid Station .N" 5 running nine degrees ??nd f rty mjnn es jtst S -?W'W. 4f. min K ) totfteerossingof a nat'l creek eighteen parch. *.< 1* perch, s); th-oce froin "all C ?*8L"* runii' a M*ufh fifty fi*e Hr"i '?rtv ? " loinn'eB we*t 'B tSmin. W ) .f ee-p-n-hts (15 perch-*) to tr<e point it inter eation wi h out r *1 e e if ro?d; the.ue? tunui- g <tlon? the north line o1 B?-d r.,ad noufi eighty nin? .deiree" and for y Pve roinute? weft S m9 de?. V> mm W tw n tv-two p.r?heeC.>? perches'to an angle in ?h --anie: tlin ce rum in* alonu the nor b lineorgtid road, K. rith t!ft? f.iqr dp?Te?B weht ' S ?r>4 de* t?D and one-halt perches,, I7}? perches! t a>i in net *nt:le ? f th -ame th^n-e raomns t'on; r'.e eastern lineofsa'd 'oad ptr^lle to and one ?nt 4 half oetches Trom a small creek twenty Mm perches (k? perches i to th?- m drtle if Own Run. thence 'inn'nt: alon?r the midl'e an up th? conree ?-f said Oxen Run sixteen and uo' h*lf pt.,cr,pi (li>K p-'rcb?s> or tue c>r per pi'int b* twfi'D this p-r-el of l?no n'?w hemg desc'tb d and'he l#tid or \V V H Hrown. ??eio< t> reo pt-rc'-es in a ritr t from a lane*- p-ip'ar tree tha' stands on the property of said Brown, one and one-f- urth p ri:he? from the n< rth har k of s?i I l/t-n Kur'; thence from 1he above d-scrih.'d c??r ier point run nii-K a'onu the divdinte line between this p^r. eel of Und and ihat of s?id W. V II K-own. n-rth tweiit> fcur d?-tjr^es and thir'j minnt.'S ?- t. dt< ,hi> min. ? thirty-five perch?? to a la'tre locus' tr*e on said ine. the<'<v? run"i >t? i > ri^ht * continuation f;om saw locust tr e - d with tlie bearine aforesaid ( N <u d>'? { min W t*^-i t\ four O' rchesii'4 perches! t,? tb" mid ll? ..f : tite"Ce rnnnin* a'oni/ and op 'l e bed t mid 'le of said cre? k . (it hei njf the dividing lin * bitw en this parcel d the land of -aid Hro*o ' si?tv-fl?e perches .rtft perches' or thereabout-., to point In the d of said creek opp s'te t and h"*l? t re* f< urtl s of a p* rch from a marke ' loenst 'e? tint a*hi as on the n-?rt'' s>de of th? -i*'n-; ttie run nil )t from said point through the locust, tr-i Ia-'t ah.jve described n..rth twen > fine i?*?re-s w-n* I V 2S .ire six percheaand twenty hundredths of a* perch (6 2 1" perchemtoa marked walnut tr-e in the bed of a ravine; thence rHn<>in? .'r in-aid wnlntlt tree, being a iiiean.'er line of the I rwine, north ten dearie* west (N I' d g. I W) six perches, |6 perches;) then e >unniu? on a irea'o?r line as afor said mirh twent? f ur 'e ' trees ai d thirty m n t?g west iN t W.3 min, W ) 6ve peiche* and twen' y-hnndrrdtha ?? & pen:h ?6 ** perches) to a voii? t pers nnn 'o tr-e, (marked;) the.sCe rnm.iri? fr<< n raid ntr-imraon treef.o'tb three perclie- and tw-nty of a p -rcb t3'i" 1" P rches t a "or e-- ?,<? ai u mm tri-e. i marked;) the" -e ru n'lie f'rou "ai 1 la ' p *r siinin ? tree north two de? e-a a>id forty m>nut a rast.N jd-e. Ml min. R I 'en p?t Qea(|.i o rc^es) lothen rtl. line of tne Go > t II p. r a', pa--ing t rough a syramore tre that a anas on tn- soot i aide of r??d r art ar.d trr'nioatinifa a point-.o s?i4 north lii.e ..fsaid roa''-ix'een p rch" li pe'"h?i>, from Station No 35 of T Je* vfl's surv y of ' P e Kn c u<ko elace,' mnuirir back from sa'd ttt'i"n; tbence from f?i?i po>nt rnnni. * ?1-us 'he ^f r? nie ti nrd nor h line of thettnod lf..p-road nor'S sevei ty n ne degrees and thirty i^inutes east i N. 79 (leg 3 mr.K Ithirt se?en p r n ty fi e hundredth* of ap rch *77A lO'pe clie?>to theplseeot t e*ir.ning. all of said rna??? being mugmt c ) cot.taifii* fifty acre-. tw? rood ?. and ? hir'v-three snd o e hal p rcbo- .(i'WRf. ^rreids, 53/2 I1 s.) the ?ante m-re or le->s. ?? r pre *s-i-ted in the plat bereinh f.>re mentiou-d. t nr-'h er with all a- a singular t'i<? impro ein nts p-ivi leges. h< red'.t men'-, a d atpurleuanc.** to the hame I'tlonain* or n am mann- rapper'a n ng Itisp opeit> is finely improve 1 aa a Vinevarl, with al'OU' twelve '' o.-saoo choice firape Viaea, and will he >old in ?'nh d visions T-rros: One thi d in-is'-; I he emainder ii ?il and tw-ive mon^h-. with interest, s-cured by a de-f of trust j,n -he pr niiNeB A p?jnin.t ot ten p rc n' . of the purchase taoiey will be . eqnir- d at 1 he time of sa'e 8) onld tbe i?rni? of -ale uoi be cooipliea with wit> 'I. t n days at r t e s t - fhe Tru-*?i r-serres the ri|jht t? re ?. 11 'he pr perty ai the r.ak aod -t peu-t i f the defaulting p'lr^f.aa*'*. on im? w-e'i't notice in the National Iotel'igencer\ liOHACKJ >???? T,Trustee. an P-?*wA ds J 0. MnQTiaB* 0"-. Anew. j^rW. L WAl.L & CO., Auctioneers. TKr^TEES' >? ALB "F t IHTSK AND LOT IN TH B SB V Kf TH WAKO Ry xir'ue . f ad-ed o' trust to the subscr hort. dat?d the )7th day oi Antrust, Wi, an I reco d -d in Liber J. A B., No W"t, folios ?7 e? seq . one if?fc? 1 and b> cor'1 s. Ar r we shil I o Vr a* p' b'ie iiictj ?n on \V BDNESDA V tre 2|st day of Heot mher, at S o'clock, p. in., in front of the p-?mis s all <?f l?ot nnmhered f-v n. (7. of subdivision of Sriare nurolered four hundred and 'hirt.*eu 1411 1 o? tie plan of the Citi of Washin. t u wi'h th improve meots there-n consi-tine o' a two *t"?rv '"T1? House TV'is property i situated H * he'wi-en 8th and 9'h streets west. The Lot has a. width of twenty-f-ur>.*4) f'P'.'en' O inches..a'?d a dep h of one hnnd rrd and twenty four f-et, eight (8) ticbes to an alley , ... Terii'ftof s?le: One half ca-,h. the resid-if in si* and tw Ive mouth*, the purchaser giving h-s not -i f? rthe deferred pavmen's. atisfattorily ?ndorsol ai d hesrit a interest fror? ih?da< of s*le, and se cure-' by a deed of trust on 'he premise* All c uveyanc ng a' the c stol the pnrchas r If the terir s ? f sa'e ar not compli '? 1 with. within five days from t*e dai ..fsa'e th* Trustees r s-r.- t t?e "ghtto re sell the sait prop r y *t ty r -x an^ C'S' of the defaulting purchaser, on Kivinsr'.nt m^eVs notice hy two insertions in Home oewap^per intheCifTO* Washiillfton _ KpW*RD T CAHRINOTON.IXrasW, ASBTHV' LL<?VI). \ an 71 law" w A .is WM. I, WALL k CO ? A.-ts m j, c. McGCIHB 4 CO., AucUoneera. TRUSTEV'8 PALE OK VRRY DBSIR\BLK hLAl ?H. BRUtllTSB PRO 'BKTV. u By virtue it a ueed ?if tr ??, date?i December Wo, A D 1st3. and unly recorded in Libel N O P., No. toliofl 7? Ac., of the Ljnl R csrdi of Washingion e?uut>, D O.. I will s-H at puMic auction, in front of he prerrises at six ?' lo-K r. W.,en WKI'NBSDAY, the 3 8t day of August A. D .18?. Lots No* I, 2,3. and 4, in Pquar? No tNi. fronting on (Jeorgiaavenue, between U*lf*n 1 First streets w. nt. in the city of Washington, t > Kether with all the iinproveineuts, con-isting or Slaughter House. Ice House, 4c Term* of sale ; Oi e third in jaflh: and tb ? r? ma<n<'er in equal payments in 6 and U mouth*, ? ith interest from day of ^ale, secured by deed of ^Terma to be Complied within five days f-oo day of sa'e otherwise the Tru- ee reserves the rigit to resell at the risk and cor.t of the first purchaser after one week's not:ce . , Conve\ancin(, including stamps, at the purcha ser's expense. WM H W%RD Trus ee. an 17-eeA ds JA8. 0. McGUlBK ft CO.. Anct^ OV JAB. C. McGl IRK H. CO., AuctiooeerB. CHANCBHV ?>aLK OK VArANT i.OTB. On HEoNatiDAY aKTKBNOON . Septa ?bar 14, at 6 o'clock, on ihe prem.sen, "y virtue ?if a decr>!t? of the Circuit Court of tho Diatrict ol Columbia, dated Mat loth ?85{. made in a certain cause wherein Wm. Bird et al. are coinplainauts and II. B. Marnman, trustee of Z Hazel, deceased is deHndan*. No.'tv, I shall s*ll the follow ing described vacaf t Lots, via : The ea-t half-f Lot 3. iu Square <28. Tronting 24 feet M mcb ou Bast Capitol atreet. between 1st and ifn streets east, running back 75 teet to a wide pu't ^Lotll* In Square 7S?, fronting 49 f-et 2^? inches on north B strees, between 2d and 3d streets east, running back 13* teet 3,'a inches to a 3>-foot *)ley Parts of Lots 3 and ?. lu Square 7S4, fronting on Karyland avenue between 3d aud 4th sta. I ot No 14. iu Square No. 817. fronting t5o feet on 6tb st'eet e-s'. at the corner of north B street,ant running back 7t> feet ou north B tt. 1 ertns : One thhd cash, the remainder in six and twelve months with Interest, to he aecured hy t>e bonds of the purchase., witn approve 1 seen n!f the terms of .ale are not complied with in fiv* da?s thereafter. ?he rustee r.-serve< the right to resell the property so in default on one we?? a publico tice. at the link and eipeuse ol the de ?aiil lug pure' aser . . . Co^t i?f coDve)aocfR sod 8ta?opM t* pai I ny the parehaser. VF ALTBR 3. COX . Trust e. guC3-eoftds J. C. BcOUlMlft W., Amts. JAY (OOKB k. CO., BANKERS, HAVE THIS DAY, BKMOVBD TO TBB1B NEW OFKIC*, FUTBBSTU rTBKET. NBAR G, OPPOBlTi L'NITED BTATLtJ TttEASDRY. ang i-tf _________ M ASBBY COLLINS * CO.T? PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALB AND PORTER. I am bow receiving large quantitioewf DKAUGHfr ALB and POBTKB fromthle eelebra'ed Krewery, Whieb I alb prepared to fu-?isb ou ?h?rt notice to all pt ratios wb'i favor me with their orders. Or erag ven to my drivers will be promptly at tended ft> Got,, s delivered mall parts?f Washington and Georgetown,free of charae. RILBV a 8HINN. Ak-tt Cm tea Hotmn* Dffot. it u'ri-ti. ; -7.. Ge.?rgtrt4iwu, D O. ^ 'IIOW f AKK* KOR I'ALB ?J uat fe.*ei ved eitfht I e egmit flul'NI RB ifilO* t,v the be-t u .iirMKf-e-*' rk Xpnlt t-f j kkLL?W,A Co 5V" 7ft afreet, threa doore sooth oft Ml Bel low's'Hall. lyiltf proposal^ pitOPOfAlD FOR t-T^TIONBBY. H-rVSttf Rcpr-xtn o: r*X tTni'nt # c/e a'.? ? *?<??'?'? ii ? > Sealed Pr mi*? a ? II !??* re'eiv ' * til* ? R '?* unt i KI< 11> % . i e (uth <1** of t ?p'-' oher. ?*>' ir I: ? Vsi ck m . for tii'n-xh'iig ea'h if th* f dlo*rnig cl "I dttti nt*r> f>'r "n* "f h<? !l " hfp'H'llrSi I til e u ni'? I t k'ea v * ." I io r hui? wii' i* 'iuurt' Po-t P*i?' , et i? ?ti?er line. i?iut!? ?-il i lt'KHi: s ?? it- < 11 nwi cia' * ote P AP>T, 6Xtr* au pirnn? taint Ii el J5 f?-Tjni ? ite t'umnieri'iil N t? raper, e-^r^ *u perile co-ir- r-ilet ?d* 1 aidta 3 r-THi'" abite C muia cat " 'le r?p?r, tex'r* su.erEti". pi tlu i'rrnin ite foolscap Pap*r, eiT^ Superfine, taint I ti?l KreaneL ga* Cap Pi?p?r, et-ra *\<jp;rine, f?iut lit ed _ . . i 1 ream- Hut Op Paoer i?Uio ?ft r *n.n tho. M hi a >'*P -r jju reams M??? il? a i'a|er. Ux'9 inches, w-ighin* 11 i o i (Ik p"* r>* k ii, f ryto*igh*H*uo.iti 0 o ream* Mm ilia I'iP'f l9*'? in -h?i, weiu nn< 't p uiiiik [)?? r ream, Uat, very Mii-iolh aid l? > (I JKK' r?am? M 'nil'i Pap* r, 27\'17 'u'hea w-lghi ?; ?2 rouiuin p*-r renin, fla', very mnout'i an 1 i "fl.ii(| *<?!'? Thick Adhe*ive Bit???!??p -a. 5^t>\ ? ? a #1 iti Thick Adhesive Envelopes, axix hi jl cl'e* jii. 0 white Thick Adhesive E vrlopen, Bixf,' inches 15 in aliite Thi k Adhesive Kuvflup w, 8'?x3.\'v inchea ft, ** "at c ^ ote Knveb pes ; In ,'it mff Adhesive B>.v -lop inches ! i g-naa t'ongr ?k Ti'r Krivel pe* Ifc' hi jrii'iiil fitKr. Tkri''d? kiuilt Js g'oss ' ii Ch Flat Ink" tnl< ]?d?a ii Infce'anda v '?iiiuf kind* j ?!? y?i' bo 'Us he?t Bl?c- I in,quarts, pints an! h.l uiiif & d\7?n b rt I?ik . quart* in 1 pint? oi z l R hl-er Pencil* long a ? snort 3 lozen Gold Mounted Pencils. varinu*kinda t jt'? 't Biac>- l.t-ai Pencil* h* ie.'n, nct??uu and r? > i'u f <? }.'? e' Fh ei 1a Carii iii<? and Blue Pencils r ^ri>M> I km ? Inert, *ariou? ki? ?l-? 6 n z n Kubb r Prnhoider? different Hizel 6 fl< n 11 ttl< k Muciiae -mull mze 1 doreu tmct-n Vi i'iiicGirJs 7p Njio. Ic I'm T"?i-e 'it- lrti I . st 7<CMrU't 8cnl'?iir Wix fi <li y.eo I?i->nef. fo<- 181'. various kin^fl Sdoaen raminras, various kiuUH 'i d* l."*l I'o:Tfolio* | 12nozeii Pxiier (-'? Id-rs , 3 ?' zt-i Hul'b?r Mu'ers , i rnji ii l'i> p< r? eitf> In. i lido/.en I'enr. ip r<? j IS di 7h?. Pocket Kuivrg, ??\ three, fonrtnl r'x 1I*<1*: Rtn< petrl, tihfll ?u<i ivory htiudie'S 1 d? zen 9 iin'h ?h?*?'ii ft lbs Kr??ing Knbb"* f kti'hs Rubber 11-in'ln a?d Rinit HI B'.tUiH i?a rtimeiit, lox?i iutbes J 2 dnzei t-poi v CupM 1 ] i'iiz- n I ii t ? io h 1 ii b ?op|ily ..f aoo S?. coi tr'ict^r'i w:llh? rig idly to turn nil a t cits4 tut jr eqml to ?!?. I'roi o"?'b uiii'-t b i ?oco np-tn <? 1 b? thu n i:iie-i of tbe xuri ties in'eiicl-"! t ? o Ter? 1. _ , A* re, uir> d In l?w, or'-'ernuc* ?ill !>?? g'v n tl h j o'*uct'o-s of ft"erin?n in in?'rv. i' 1 cb'ai-?ii of v (food o'ln'i'y ; hii I *11 per ons ii i - Hit pr p< fulHo flup11 v mil" c'a-i* of *r'icl s -vill ft ate whether the p?ni? ar<- the maiiutaciure ot the i I7i 11? <1 t*tateH Th? art|t e-i i-e t? be de'ivered f -e of *ny fl ur^f ti r c?rri-nT". nt the office of 'heOlerk ?f 'he liono1 f KfpfrM'ti 4i? s.ouor b'fore tbtj tilth d?* ot >ovember i8;i B cb pio^O'itl t > ve ^udnrned " Proo >?>tl? Tir Pti.tiom r- t. r'hi R oise o"It-'ure-'enta'i e? fthe 1 ITi it.i! Sr?te-," ?n 1 adi!r??n,'d ?n the un 1 signed Puff c lit ?n-cirnei'S f-nc c'h^R n' a *i le-> pro p' ?ed t -r muct ii o?mptny the p. ?po-*l, m irke I ?lth the Uh ne o' lb'* '-i'l t r. 'i h? t fr? n f (f# in* to ur ish anv cl?.a* or arti < li 8 aT the Inwii t price, qua it* coli-ii lerr-1. Hh i I receive a enntrac' f?i trie i?m?. on ex-cutin* % bi'i)1 w th two or more ?ur-tit-a iia'i?fa':t<iry to tlie CI ' k of the II oi** of K pr?-i nt-ttive . f ir t ?eif rtn tii'-e of tie n% ? e. mi ? *r a fo f i'nr-?of ?rtce the contricT pri in cewnf raiIn re w^ii-h boi d nui-t be filed in the offi e of t>in ^a"! 01 "?k witt in ten d?>< alter >h proo sa'o have been opened and the re*\.lt <tec'a * t. KD* 4KT> M.iPHBHSOV, Clerk of the Hou?e of K"pret?eutativ-8 ? f the ri i'e.l S'ati * an I -tawlt Rij r OS A L d t o K o O \ Aoeer's OFfir*. / WiSHIXiTOM. August ?/> I'MI \ ^-aled froposul-. wil b^ r-c-"ivel at th'xotijt ur4il WK|iN |i -11 a Y ?"p*eitib-r 7'h, Hil, at It o'clock M.. for the ileli v rv ? tb? ') '-Inan ??? V tr ?. ii thie city, of trie fuliow-ng ai/.eaaol *iud< of coil, viz : for Ordnance Foundry. 3/> *? huahe's f Charcoal. do do Go i9H) ioiik el Authrac'e E<Coal K"r Ordnance Foundry, W tons of Cuiiih-rlanl C< al. For 0rdnat.ce Fnifine, 230 tons of Carnhsrl* >d Coal For Ordnsn *?* Steamer Ral'imure, 1,20o ton< of Auth i ai-i e 0 al I steamer size). 11 e above Co-1 to be of the heat qu .litr and HLl'j.ctto iotp- ctioii before acceptance. A11 ? 'the Oi a' to be "c-l i v r1I by 'he !?>' dm of N'nien:' er. I^^. fre- o* e* per se to tne (j ,v rn n ?? t. Proposala mils be a't lie-wed tiS. I* KK ?>V\. N&' y A*#nt Waahintfton, l>. 0. a i !?! lot piiOPOfeAl.c> FOH Vloou. QKADyCAKTEKd DkI'AHTMBNT OP W *rtltt!?(;TOS. Orr tea of Cum' ijc?i??*HviAsrKK, Koa .534. 3.10. ii I" and ?? ??? "-.or '-..t ^t.. Near N'-w Vork ??^nue. WashiiiKtoti. Aiiicuat * I'M Pi!OPC)gALS are iiiti'et t>? r furm-iii>V ioi| re the lioop-> , u and ?runu,l the tor1* he'ei naft?r ?p *c itied.troni paitieaowniiiK Wood or Wood laoi* ia the t iri ity of tt>e ranie in : North ot'be I'.iioninc?e'lirt^ cmnner. M*iiariei<?. Itaymd. fiminoor. Oain-t* R no. Kearu y. He Hun-y Ftevei.a. PlociTn. Toiteii. Sle ji-ner. Run Ver tt|i| Mntnji Th.tyvr md l^incoln ao'l Iintterie8 Sneade Kimball. Parrot , and Oura* ron. tn?t i.f Biatern Branch Potomac?Porta Orehle. On rioil, Snyder Stanton. Haker. Ilivia, f> iienit MeiKH. Mah&n, and bttterirP hickettc and Watr ilouti of Potomac Forti .Marcy, ICttiaD Allen, 0 I7. tuiitB, Reiiiiett 1 'e Kulb (lotfi'irio. Il i^-t ty, Woodbury, Whipple, Casa. rilliogna't. Craic and Altiaby. Hro|ioHala are alNo for furniatiiuc Wood to point Lookout, St. Marv'* county ^lary|<u,j to the Cavalrv l? pot. Oitahoro Po'iit, M-t'yUud ann tr f Itiauiouuted Cava' the aain< vicinity; alno I"-r'"urni-hini: and del v-r>n^ Wood lit point* un the haeWtf of the Potomac 11? er. acc-Bri to boa'a. &i d on tLe hunkw of the Cheuaje-ako and Ohio Cantl. Bidi? <vill al?o be recei veil for euttiil* and cii'd in* Uvi.a ai ani'h Pointu within the limit* of the Depar'nieiit ot W?8hiiii?ton aa m^y be 'le?-?tuat"d by the Chief Oii? t, rmuRter Ful' ?nfnrinat on on this point will be given on application to thi? office t'roposaln will be re*eiv?d und r Una a'tvart'ne raeni tor Wood anywhere wifiin th? Ii mtaoi t.fie liepar'nieiit ot Wasbiug'on fr-r -supplv ot tr-iop iu ?aid Department Pri'pceala will he made io the following manner, to wit: 1. For Wood standing,i price per c-ird ? 2. For Wo. d feili d by the Doited .States enfii neers or < Th?r?n?e. ( price per cord ? 3 I1 or Wood cut and corned on the ground Propopala must ap>-c fy the loc lity. *i ?d q-iau tity aud quality of the Wood aii't it- lia'ance t'rotn the neartat fort, camp or Htatj in 'or troopa Each bidder mu-t attai b hia full nam- and p-iat office adirem to hi* itd, and the nainen n all uar ties interested in the propoaal mnut appear in toe bid. Propoaal* from dixtoya' partiei ?i I not be mu aidered , aud an oath ot allegiance must account* t) each p'Orositii-n Via* wilt he np.-nel from tiiu" to time, aud eou trac's or purcbaae made aa tne Wood may be re quired. The right is reserved to accept all or au> p*rt of a bid. No verbal proportion* will be eut?rtaiued. hui eveiy hid, or miriilication of the same, mmt he in arih ig. Mropo?aU sbou d be endorsed " Proposals for Wood." and addresaed to BI.1AS M H' KKN I, Lieut. Colonel and Ohi, f :^uart?r ua-'t^r, Auft-I6t I)? pnrtine?t o Waahington. T'OIS 18 TO GIVE KOriCK. Tl at the subscrl I ber ba* ob'aiu?-d I'rmu the t.lrpha -a' Court of Waahington Coun4>, in the Di*tnctof Oolumoia, letters teatauientary on the pernonal ei?t?te of J*nie*C rrico, late of Waahingi-n Coai.ty. I). 0., deceased. All person* having claima ag*in?t trie aait deceased, are hereby w.rned to exhibit the aame, with the vouchers thereof, to the anhacriher, on or befi-re theztd da? of Auen>t next"; t.h<?? may otherwise bylaw be excluded from *11 benefit of the ?aid et tate, ?iv?n under my band thia ?td day of *us . l?M4. au "4-lawSw* PO^ANNAa CAKHIOO. ? UIS 18 TO GIVE MOTIOH, That the nubacn " oer has obtaii'Hil ftoin the ttrphana' Court of Washiugtoii countv, in the Diatrict of Colmuhia. letters of adminia ration W. A., on the personal estate ot W.B, Cr*-..pton latent Wa-hiugton citv It C . deceaaed. All per ona having claiiiK against tb? aaid deceased,are hereby warned to exhibit the -ame. with the v -nchera tbereot. to the *ut?aoei ber, on or before the V3 I day of Suv iat next.: ?hi*y may otherwise hy law be exc luded t>oin all henetlt of the aaid estate. ?liven nnder mv hand t.hia "<d day of Viguat, JHM Iau2l lawSw] JOB BDWIN OHA>IPTON. rrillS IST0 GIV'B NOI1CB t^at the aubicri I I er hath obtained from thii Orpi ain OuTt m W* sliii,gtoii county, in the liiatri'-t of G ilum^ia, let tern of a ni'tii tl a'loa on trie per?.>Uitl estate of trick Lariier. late of Washington, I). 0 , d? ceaard. All persons having cairn* aguin?t the ?aiu d?c; ased, are hereh, wari ei to the H-?uie. with be vouch, r* t lersof *?i thesuh**ri ker, on or before the ijth ay ?f F hruarvoext; thej >i at otherwise by lau bo exclud d froni all beu? fit of aa'd en'ate. ven uuder my ban 1 th a"th day of Pehrmry, Aau' (** JOHN II. Kr8?BLL. Adm'r. B DTT1RI a r i C n B B 8 B I BGG SI n B. D0TRO# A BR<? . Wbolesate Deal" s, an lu-l"i N l >A" nh ?'r^t - Mitrirrn/U ?? Haiti ilm? B'own't.) 10 Piavna _W" lust feoeivad eight j re ?> h eina'al A ?t.VPiaM- ?' ^jMSM d fttrent ?iz a and atylea. * ? ic fi r -ale al tac'orv pncea Theae PUa?s are ***e what higher in ihan o'.i?ra, ,ut their sa perior.ty ia appan n' U' al?. ^ft?r a care ol exani in? ioo ' We al-oon, a d k Ur<-aa*errttn nt o other makers ?? ^ **' *a-". Pr nce'a iUlodeon^at^Moa^ta^jf^ au u Co . l.tu at. and Pa aveoae. PROPOSALS. pp0PO8A>L8 , Navy Dkpaiitm*st. I r 'd t' *a*df anil i'mJcs. M?l i Sealed /r po?*W for each class sep?r it ly en d r" ?l . j?r pai a1-" t<>r 0 as* ^o. nam-i t >e c as* ? ? l" .0 Kav> Yard at. loams the yard i," will b? ce C',T *.1 at thi- i.ttu-e until t ie 19 h of S'-p ?n? er ' *" j{t a lo?l-ck,p m , at wh e'1 h ?ur tbe?p?uimj jt th*- M<1? w'It b? c mmenoed f*T 'urninhin< aud livcrit *. at the s -v ral N#vr he p.?t4-rml? and srtcle? embraced in prin el . te?, which with f 1 instructions, will he fur nished ?>" application, a d wut hy mail. if ?o re quc^te'1. t" p-r-ons deoiri g to off-r to cont act for a> ? or all ? f the classes u?- med there , b- the em,n.wi?i.'f o ti e everal Navy Yardn. the i l(rt'?f"rtlip n lUumi r t>i ir comma t>T theN?vy *? nt ueare-t thereto, r by the Bureau f, r siit or a'l of the yards T? pr- ot.f ci n and mis nkesi'i ?eali'* the (Per*, no >H *ill be rec-ived which contain* (.'g.Fni f r m r than o-e ysrd in one ?-nvel pe;n<ir Bi y hid ?hi h i4 not porf? t and complete iu i self i ptififf to the fo (TMofotfer ani su ? rant ? and each inuiviiiuhl of a tirm must si^u ttie bid auJ (oi t act. Bi-'dere are h?-r?*bv c*uMoned and particular'y ii iiitiid that their offer* must bj m t> e t r u here uia t. r .-re^eri ied . aud he n viled in time to 'each t' eir lertinxtiou before ih'i time expir * tor re c? i viu* them; iio hid will he consider.-d wlieh ?).a'l l-e received aftt?r the per''id ?t*te I and no ? ll< * *nce will he uia-le for failures of the mail. Alt off r(i i, list tie accompanied by a certified copy of the bidder'* ii"* tine. To enant ?tain*t offe/s beins opened before ths ?ita-'awp"tr ted. bidders are requested 'o en o se 1 oii~1 ?* VhVe'ope ah- ve the ?d're<ss. ani draw a lit>e onrti r the eono'aeiuent. tbua: * I r> pi.fklc for Cla*s No. name the class) for the N'fv* Yard at ( u?me the > ?ri.)" 1 o the C' ief of the Dttrtau of Y? rds and Doc"' a, Wept in It ton. D 0. Instructions aud forms of offer, with copies of b law* beaiin? "n the nubject will be furni?hed t > roinm ridsnil* of >a-ds,iisvy Mnents. ?n 1 the Uuif^u, ud application to all or pitber of them. PORTSMOUTH.?. H. Cl*?s No ) tricks; cI?h-? No. <, St me; elasq No. .'.OhK ani Hard Wood; clan- Nn.6, White Pine, f pi U'-e. Juniper, nnd C? press; cla->8 No. 7 Lime, loii,aiid I'lavter; cla-s No S Cement; class No. P (3 a*el and Sand; class No. U}j, Moulding and ? lie fsnd and FireClay; class No. Ululate: class >o ?! Iron tr-n Nails, and SpiKe<; clvss No 12, jtit-1, r'sss No. 13. I' g Iron: class No li. Kite?; i-Ih'h No IS, i aints. Oil-?, ai d GUss; class No. 16, ^hip Chaiidlerj ; cIsssNo 17. Hardware; class vo l?. Mat ioi-.ery ; class No 19. Kire Wo d; cla-S No. lln> snd Straw; c a*s No 21. P'-oyeuder; class No 2 Chaftial; ?* ass ^o 23. Belting, I'ackirg, mil Hose; c'a.-s No. Z4,-WP-rqp.and Lnbri ^atmic (? Ir. fl?8s No 26 lr.n Cnst'*i-i: c'a.-si N<?. 2 , Ammr*: ? No 27. Auth'aeite Coalj diss No. B. l.iMlioii.OUsriiri'herlj.tid Coal class No .11. Copper and Con p sition N?i s; cIhrs No. 32, Machinery and Tools; class Aruent Paint. BOsTtiN. Cls?s No. 1, Bricks; class > o. 2, Stone; class No. 6. Oak aid Hard W.,od; cla^s No. 6. White fine. Fpr c-e. ,'uniper, and C>ress; clis^ No: 7. Liine, llair snd I'las ter; class No K. Cein -nr; class No M. ?? l ive) and San I; olase No 9^?. M uldinK ani ?'ire rx d snd hire Clay; class No II lr??n. Iron Sp V ei- ai d Hails; elasi. No. 12. Steet; cla-s f-o H, I'iri I? mi, claM No. 11, Files; c1a?s No 15, Paints. i?i 9 ?i d Itlasn; ctasn No. k, Siiip Jhaidler*, cla-s No 7. flirdwHie; class No. 18 Stationary; cla^s No 'P. Hre Wood; <*las? No. 2?. H-iy ?nd Stra ? ; class No 21. Pio^e der; cla^s No Z2. Charcoal; cla s No i3. B-'ltin* Packi e ano Hose' class No 24. Hp rm and Lubricating Oils; class No. 25. Iron Cmu'ii kr; c. assNo.iti. A igers; elms No. 27. Ao tlna iti- vi *:; cl oa No T*. Bitnm nous Cumuer 14 ii Coal: class No 3', femi Bituminous. Broad 1>p I'<m . and Pi?-tou; class No. .12. M vhiner* an 1 Too's; ^"hhs A. *?w loiier Shop; cla<s rt. H. B. cinithV Patent Biting and Mortising Machine. NEW YORK. Clft*s No 1, Bricks; clas^ No 2. Stone; class No. 25. Mone-class No 4, Yellow Pine Lumber; cla-s >n 5 tKk au'i Hard Wood, clsss No. t>. White Pine. Spruce Juniper at d Oypress; cla-is Nfi 7, l.ime. lUir snd Plaster; o'ass No 8. Cement; class N". 9, tJra?el and Sand: class N". Moulding aid Kiie hand and Fire Clay; class No l'\ Slate; clns- No |i, IroD, Iron spikes, aud nails; class N<- Steel; No. t3 Pijr Iron: c'*s- No. 14. Kili-s; i-lh^s No. 15, Paints Oils aud O'as-i; dais N . 16 Ship Chandlery; class No 17, Hardware; ciat.< No M Statl:-ni-ry class No. ?"<>, Hut aua f'trsw, i-lass No 21, Provpnder; class No. 21. Cnsr ctml; rla?a No 23. B?ltini? P-tc.kini;, and (I<ise; clns- No 24 Sperm and Lubricating Oils;e|?s No. 55. I on W orks Piping A c ; claRi No. 2r, Autrers; rln k > o 27. Ant hi acite Coal: c a?s N ? 30 B^mi Bituminous Broad Ti p Coal; class No. 3I.Cop r and Composition Na'ls; clans A, Fire Truck, 4? PHILADELPHIA. fla"H ve 1. Bricks cla-s No 2 *Cone; elas? No. 4. ^eliow Pine Timber; class No 5. Oak and Hani N->. 'i. Files; ? la?s No 15, Paints, O Is, a'id Class; els k N->. ifi.Ship rhwndlery; c'.a-s No 17. H-rd w?re ; linns No. IS pia'ioDt-ry: class No. 19, Kire w o^;c!?>s No 2t>. Hsy afd Straw; cl*?s No. 2i, I i.vfi.d.r; class No CharcoHl; class No. 23, B'lt nu, Psekiti*. an<1 Hum , cl*a* No 24, 8pe >n ? n'' Lu ricatinj: Oil?; cla'fl No 2>i A<ii?ers; cla^s No 7. Anthracite Coal; c'a8J No. 30.8-ni 'i tu iiiii o'-p. Brosd TxpCoal; class N.?, V!. Mschine y hiid 'I nls; c'ats A. Biljje Wafer Indicators; cla^ B.Svark Arrtster*; clas-iC Pi ch ooase. NAVAL ASYLUM, C'as? N'o 1 C'o'.hiug; clas? No. 2. Hat*. Bio's, h?oeh ftc ; cIkSi No. 3, Proyisions; class No. i. iit?n-erle?, class No 5, Dry ds; class No. 6, Br# an, A c : c ass No 7, Toha'c-j, class No. H, ? OK I; class No, 9. Paints, Oils. 01*?s, &c;cl<ir,s No i| l.utnbrr; ctas? No li. "i ?? wood; class No i:|. Provender; class No 11, Mi *etl ?ueoiis; class No. 15, Ilardwaie; class No. 1?, itationery. W ASHING TON flap. No 1 Bricks, class No. 2, Stone; cla^s No. 4 Yellow I iu* l-umber: cl"?s (V?? 5. Oak and H-ird W oi?d; c'a-is > o 6 White Pine Spruce, Juniper, u../l l>. -1 .. -? ? :? ** r * cl?ss No 12. Steel; class No. 13, Pi< Ir.,o; cla^s No. 14 Fil s. cla>s No. is. Paints, Oils, an I Class: class No. I>? Ship Ch*ndl>T?; clsss Vo i7 Hara ware-i lass No. 18 St?tioi eii- <-la?s No 19 K>re wi <>d; c]ns? do. 20 Hay ?r d fitra*; class N*.2', fiiwiur; rlasv No 22. Cliarcoal; c'ass No. *Z3, Belt ii'U Packiiiu. aud Hose; class No. J3, Sperm ?nd Lilt rir?.tin^ Oil?; class No. 27. Anthracite Coal; r :ih? No. 2'. Bitiiminoiis rutnherlaud Coal; cla^s No 32. Machinery ?nd Totils. NORfOLK. Class No. !. Bricks; class No 3. Ye low Pine T ? niher; c'asi-ft o. 4, Sell, w Pine Lnmber: cI&ns No 6. Oak and Uard Wood; c ass !*<o ti White Ptne.Se ui-e. Juniper and Cypress; cla?s N ? 7 I ime llair and Plaster; ? la^a No Cement; c.itss No Jo1 . Mouluii u ati' Kiresaud and FireCUy ;i'la*s f o li, Slste: i-lass No. '1, Iron Iron Spikes sud Nails elaasNo. |J Steel; clas? No 13, Pi* Iron; cla ? No |4, Kile^; class No. In Pai t-. Oils an! (i asr; ? ls<s N o lr> Ship rhandieri; class No 17, H srit Ware; clai-s No 18. Stationery; c'ai? No. 9 I iu-w i'd ; c'ass No. 2n, Hay snd ?4t,riw, class No. 21, Pr- yelid-?r;_e:*ss No. 22. Chsrc-ial; cla-s N >. 2t, I'elt it' h . I acl ill it and Hoih*; clas? No. 24 Sper n an 1 L Hricatin? Oil: el-is* N-?. 2*?. *n "ws; class No. ?t, ? ntlra it-C'-al c'ass No. 29 Ritmninous. Cum h. i lai"' i <>al:claS' No.3 .8 mi Bituminous Brna I Top'^i-al Lump; clans No 3'. Conner anil Co-npo ?i toi Nai's; >-l?;? No Si, Machinery and Tools; < la?' A . fas* es. Olazed. PKN3ACOLA FLORIDA. Class No i i. hbip Cbaiidl-r?; cla?s No 17,Hirl ?*?e. ?-lass No. 13, H' -ti?n-ry; c a?? No 19 Pire ?n> d; c'?Rs No 2", Hay and straw; i-l?n No 21. 1'nv-nder. class No X4. Snerro and Luhrica ine 4?ils; rlass No i*. Autr rs: clss* No 27, Anthra cite Coal; c'ass No 29 Bituminous C>mberland toal; cia-s No. 32, Machinery and Tools, au i4-*4w JOglPH HBYMOLD8 ft OO. aLDMHKKfi, 04S. AND sTKaM f'TTBB/l, du. ?Oti Niitb Braaat, near aveuue, Uai?Juali?uwt?il and will <ub>Muli| a??p on ?aud, the largest and be^L<ugWtuj*ui (o tne ait* ,f Chandeliers, Brackets, IW^alA*htv Portables +la*s Globes, d-'cs aud oflst pum. and all arti '.??a in this line, from tbe best mtablishments it New York, Philadelphia, Ac., whlefc will *?e aot<i <n the most reasonable terms. Also. RANG CP. rCRNACBB. and fire-Boar Stofss We are yrepareO to rurnlsa tne heal HANGS it ise anywhere on very reasonable terms Hot?li %estauranta, Ac., are luvited to eall. We do all kinds nf GAS and AT BAM fitting jrompth Aud -.heap, aa also eyerrthiun in thi "LCMBtNG line in tna moat satisfactory mauuer Call and see onr Battalnc Tabs, Poantains Wate Jl..sets, Wash-stands. Basins, An., *?.. at No Jit: * nth atrMit.n?ar PsnnaTlyaniaavenue, tbelar|fe? ?stabliahmast in the city. fs 2-eotf I MPOBTANT TO 0 0 T Ii I h s ACTLBRh WILL KIND H A-. INiW%l%N * CO.'B OO* v 8 NTBsTBO CLAM sq BB A tfOtn VALUABLB ART1CLB TO THB1B TRADB. tt sella very rapidly, and Is the moateooaomtea article nfdln tor the ollloer's meea It la prepared ?n one minute.and makes a most delicious Son p o? Ckowdet It la ni?6ly recommanded by Arm itartmoi Tbe prohts are large H. A. DOWNING A OO.. Manufacturers of Concentrated Food No. Ill Bast 18th at.. New Vor* for aale BABROHR A mBMMBI*. *ole A?enta. 61 Louisiana Arenue. aa |-l) Washington, D. 0 |>1ANUB.- Wr fia?e reCel.cO thia U|, I i-i.^l ft ?fStem??> A o?'u?, aiiii A _>1 ^smn brotber? ?lM>.aAv?ral Melisieoua, which jBDBk wc o*er for sale at the l-'weni ractory " Ry i prH-rs -Miysra' a*?nod b*n<4 PUno? upon -asy terms A? Piauoaare adeaueiug in ^rioe. we qftfii* par sons in search nf a eehaht# I xirameuu t<) call a?4 sisniipenar aeaortm-nt W. G MKT/.B1>TT, 1*31 aoraar i itb and Pa. arena '1 His IS TO GiVK NOTICB, That thesubacri m be has ol-txiueu from ttie irphans' Court of i Washin?ton couui) . in the Distriai of tiolu ubis. I letters oi sdmiuis'rition on the pers u?l estate of ; Jotepb Vpynotd-.Ist^ of ' asbinyton county. D, C..dec ns>d All persons basins claims a<tin-t ' tbe ssi ' deo iwieil *re ereby Warded oexhibit ' thes me, with yoitcbers thereof. t?? the subscri ber. t>n or betore the ?? th day ? f 'nlv navt; they mai othei -'se b> law, bs ?T -luded frwia alI baoe Btf of t^e s id estate Given ntidey p.y hand tBis fli'tB ?f Jill*, MA4. Tsst: Z. ROrtitlNH. anl-'aw4w* Re?i?f*r of Wilis. CCOMPANION T?J T1IB JLJtBBLLlON RBOOHD, ; coutaimaa <MRoiaV and tjtate Papers. N>?h Natfr?nal and J|i WiO|fiInb Vera a?4 pobllsblKf In *he *he *Mwt|. lion Baoerd. 1 vol. Sro.. sitt^*^ tf rRANOrf ATLO*. PROPOSALS. P*ofo>'ili> rom iohiii, 0? ft QussTBanaeTBa a urrioi, ( Daror b?a 8, IMS. ) >'? iu?i*?Kl by tbe undersigned lor *up>|yiug th? D S Quartermaster's D* .>axtm?uit. *1 Wa?hiugt..o D 0.. Baltimore Md.. iWiimlris end fort M<>ur<>?. Va., or ?itb*r of 'beat places with Hsy Oura, Oats and rttraw. Bt<la ?ill received tor the J?iiT?r| of |j)( usbels ?if corn or oat* and S1 toos o'hay or straw, and uowtriln Bidders mast etat* at wbicb of ttie ?oT?'DUM< point* the* propose to make deliveries, ao4 the f?t?? ?t which >ft?i will mtkr deliveries tk?rMt, tb? qiulitt -f t?ch article pruyvwd to b?4?liT j ?r?d . the time whuti uid imh veries shall b? com menced. and when to he ^nnplet?.d. Tbe price must h* written out In words on the bid* Guru to to op i& <uva stout ngu of about two bushels each. Oate in like sacksofaboot tbree oushel* each The s?ck? to be fnrtii^hnd without extra charge to the Qi><HDm?ot Tbe bat and straw to be securely baled Tbe particular kind or description >f oats, oorn, c?y or straw proposed to be delivered moat be lUtttd in the prnponxln All ttie artic.W*e offered under ttie bid* hereto In cited will be subject to * rigid inspec ioo by th? Gufcroaicttt Inspector before t>eiug accepted Contract* will be awarded front time to time to the lowest responsible bidder, ax the interest of the Government may regnire and paymen will b# made when the wbufe emout contracted for aball have bee? liivered aud accepted Tbe biduer wi|i be required to eaoompany fan proposals with a guaraofy signed by two respon sible persons tbat in ca*e his bid is accepted hr or they wiH within teo days thereafter, execute th# oootract for the same witb good and sufficient sureties in a sum equal to tbe amount of tbe con tract, to deliver the forage proposed io conformity with the terms of this td vertisment: and in casa tbe said bidder should fail to enter lot* the ena tract tbey to make good the difference be'wesa the offer of sai^ bidder and tbe next lowest respon ?ible biddt , or the person to whom tha contract - may be awarded I Toe respon?ihlliC| of the guarantors mast t>a shown by the official certificate of a U. 8 District Attorney, Col lector of Customs or an ? other officer under the United 8tat*-s Government or respond ble person known to this office. All bidders will be duly ootiBed of tbe accept ance or rejection of their proposals The full nauie and P.O., address of each bidder must be legibly written in tbe proposal Proposals must be addressed to Brii 0?n, D. H. Sucker. CV'ef I<epot Quartermaster, Washington. D.C.and sbonlrf he plain it marked "Proposal* for Forage " Honda, in a sura equal to tBe amount of tba con tract, signed b> tbe contractor ?nJ botb >f bia guarantors. will he required of the iitcceit a) bij ler or bidders npou signing tbe contract. Bla? < forms othlds, jrn*riint?>es. and bonds, nay beobtained nnon ?ppticst>nn ?t this Office form of f KurosAi. (Town. County and diate) - 1 Onte > ?? ?? i, tfco subscriooi an oereoy propose to farniab aud deliver U- ?'be United at the Quarter master's T tpartment at , agreeably to tb? terms of yonr advertiHeuieut in?<tina propo^alr for forage, dated Washington Depot. Dec 8. IAU tbe following articlns. via : ? hnsbels of Corn, in sacka. at per ba~b?) at 6h pounds ? bnsbela of Oata. in sacks, at per bnabel of 33 pounds ? tons of Baled Du, at per ton of S.UOt pounds ? tone of Baled 8tr*?. at per ton of 1^K> pounds. Delivery to coiunwuo* on or oefcre the day 01 , l>yl?, and to b? completed wn or bafore tb? day of . IH(- , aud plxdae m^se4t' to entei Into a written contract with thf f.nited States witb food and approved securities, within th* apace of ten 4ay* aftar being notified that my bid baa been accepted Your ohadient servant. Brigadier General D. H. Kooaaa General Depot Quartermaster, Washington. D. 0. GtAhAMTV W?, the undersigned, resideuts of ,1b lit County of , and dtate of , bereby, Jointly and severally, cuveuant witb the United States aud guarantee in canp tbe foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or tbey will, within ten day* after the acceptance of iaid bid, execute tbe cob tract for tbe taui> with good and sufficient sure tins, in a sum equal to thn muount of the contract to furnish the forage proposed in conformity t< the terms of advertisement dated P?-csmh?r8,1885 under which tbe bid was made. and. in :??? th* ?aid shall fait to enter into a contract a* aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the liffer enee between tbe offer by said and the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to vhoor tbe contract rriav be awaHed Witness. Riven under oar hands and seals this ? day oi ??*- , I 1 fierebt certify tut, to t*e bestol my knowi edge and belief, the above named guarantor* ar? gwod and sufficient as Kureties for tbe amount for which they offer to be security. ___ To be certified by the Un'tea Utiles District At torney, C??lle?tor of Custouiti, or any other office! auder the Tn'tad Piates Oo*?ruca?nt. or raspon sihle peraou kuo*i) t? this office D. B.H?CR1%, dec 9-t* Br:ga<)ier General and v). M Cail9 QUABTlRMAtiTBK'b 101 T Daroiv or #4ohh?to?,/ C..tauuart 4.1*44 \ AU dealerMn Drugs. Hardware, i.uuibw, Lutbei. Office furniture, H?rnw? and 8?ddler> . are re queutfd to send to tbieoffice. on MoNDAVofeaak week, a sealed proposal or list, m, of tb* articles tbey are prepared to furuisb t? this Depot at short notice, witb 'be price of each marked in plaii> 9guree. so that, in ca*e+he exigencies of the servie* require it. the article ->r articles cat he obtaioa* without delay, and at tb? lowest price Dealers wishing to sell to this Depot will o? re qnired to funs<sh *he !i?t pnnatuaily every Monday mortiua D H itHCKItK, Brigadior General nnt Chief Uuartermaster, ht-tf Depot of^Washington. MBDICAL PURVEYOR S opkicji, WatiuiMorus, l>. C., June It, ISO*. All demerain this city aud (reorgetowu, wbe wiik to sell to the Medical Purveying Department, art, requested to sen^ U> this office, ou tbe MONDAY of h week, a sealed list of tbe articles they may b? prepared ?o 'nrnish, at ehort notice, witb th* eric# of eaeh attached to the same .. _ ? ? c attthbrland. Burg. U. B. A., Medical Purveyor. !\1 AKLBOKOUGH 8 DIXPATCH?8, Iditad bp j 1 ". Oeneral Mtirrny .t vols., London. Dispat -ht-s of Lord Ncl^i.n ' . London. Ofbcial Dispat-c* e? of 'be War of 18 2. Memoirh sou Correspondenceol Sir Thos. Plctin. 2 vo ?. L?. don. Col. Praxer's Letters during the Peninsular and waterl o Campaigns, L01 dou. tir Charles ^ap er's t ife and Official Correspon dence. ie vols Life arid Letters of Admiral de Saumarez, 2 vols . Loodou. Disry *nd Di?p*tches of Oen. 8ir Robert Wilsoa 2 vols.. Londou 8tr W Sidney Smith's Lire and Dispatches, 2 v?-tv., I opo- n Col ling woo V Public and Private Letters with a ffiimii'r.u Is.. London. Wellington's I'ispatchea, London. Confe eratel ffic al R ports of Battles. General McClelun's Rep<irt. Barnard A Barry's Report, au I? FRANCE TAVLOR, ADAM8 BXPKJKdb OOMPaMt. OH IflC* *14 PA. A V kMlil, Wnshmnon. b t GREAT EASTERN, NORTHS KM, AND WE81 CRN EXPR^Sf FORWARDERS. M ERCll Aft UioA, ?UN K\ jS%4Lnf, VALL ABLK8. NOTEf> dTOCR-. BoNDb. 4c. rorwar-led with 8AKfcTV AND DI8PATC0 to at trcssiblc sections of the country This Ooujpan* ? ?ai* agencies in the Priucipal Railway Towoe in lb NORTH. EAST. WgST AND NORTffWERT Its prioeipal offices are WABU1NUI0N DC NEW YORK. tflMTOO PHILADELPHIA BALTIMORE, CIN CINNATI. 8T LOrib. LOUfg VTLLit, LBXINfiTON. yenuectious are made at New York and lluitoi witn liu?? forwarding to the CAN ADA8 aud th> HKITlSIl PROVINCE!? and other steamship lin to LI v RJt POOL. aorTH AMPT-ijt %nd H AVRI end tbenre by Knroyvan ex presses to all prorainen ??iinioercla' 'own* 'n Gre*f P?;t?ip and tbe Oont-' ?tent Collection of N'*TKh, ilHAf Tk,tuu HlLLh mad* at all arcessihl* pa.'ts of the United O C DI'NN. Agent. de? Washle?^',t>. D O FAPERHANHIKHI. A great variety of ENTIRELY NHW 8TYLEB Adapted to PARLORS. DINING KOOMh, HALL8. aud CHAMBERS Aiao, ? .^80 VARDb CANTON MATTINGS, 1^?0? Y ARB* FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, 'Jnr Mattings are unrivalled in this rrlty, compri lug in part tbe famens Gowqna brand for parlo Oil Cloths from 3 to 12 feet wid^. adapted to dlni rooms, halls. Yc Alse WINDOW 8HADE8 BR A Cg CORNICES. PARLOR MATS, Paper bang by enllfui workmen, and all orda prompUy attended to Give us a nail and ca from 1U to Ei per cent RIPPLE A FALCONRK'8 Mo. 349 7th fltreet, between 1 street and ?ptS-ew _ Maaa. avenng, ^IMPROVE YOUR EYE-, w?*aiaht c. the use of the oel- U.r ?brated Pgaet kaud Pgaisoofie 8r?0T?0Lgc uni vernally acknewlsdged as the b?*t for Sruagra ?aiao ana Pbbhbbvisu the impaired Eyeaight acientiftcally and correctly suited, bp FRANKLIN ft 00.? Opt'cians I M44 Peonsvlvania avetrne, bet. )Jth and 13th at*., and 3*f! Pen.ayivanU atsnu. under the Naboaai FIEI.D GLASSES, OPERA GLA88E8. MICRO 8C0PEK THERMOMETERS. 8TERe68COPS8. PHOTOGRAPH ALRrw8.CARTBP DE VISITEi Ac., In % great variety, and at tha lowaat prises. Jell r?LAEIFIEI> CIDER \~ Vs , , CLARIF1BD CIDIRit I have JU?t ?.e<*lyea p^r hcijo(.ners 'George 8. Adams" aud "?J ^ ttom Boston a large nipply , of our* Maeww hus?*ttsCLAM PIEDCIDEB.which ; I cfler for sale at the lowest mirket price, in euaa- 1 titles to sn>t purchasers I Hotel keepers, sutlers, and all others in wantof a ' prime article o' fl-.der *re invited to call and eg. amine thi* before purcha-mg elsewhere _ , ? , RILEY A 8BINN. rnion Bottling Depot, *1 Ons-n st.. 1 Georgetown. D 0. AUDUBON'S BIED8 0F NORTH AMERIOA*, l? dvalvoia.. roya' octavo of text, and omm magalboeat folio r - ome of yUtas, ' aixs V by <0 |yifP?p <blDdifif. far aoyv nut -? I? ??? FRANCE TA7U0I* I)*' i0BNB0 ^ALTIMOBB LOO* HMFITU. OVVIOB HO. T fOUTB VEIDBBICB ftTBBBT| THE UNl/T PHYSICIAN A D f? ft TIAINQ 1m discovered tbe most Cert*lo. *a?edy, twiPKrntNoa. Rtlief in Sia Unurt' N? TVi*?j/ Persons Ruined by Irn"r*nt Preteedera. or kf Deadly Peteoa. Mereurv. ebonM apply A CURE WARRANTED OH NO CUAEOB IN FROM ONE TO TWO OA YS. W?tknMK of tbe Back. Involuntary Dischargee, Strictures. A flections of the Kidney* and PI ad da. , Impot?aey. General Debility, Hervonsneee. Dyp? Dfppv^TSor, Low Spirit*. Confiiainfc of tdeafl, r* pitatioc of tbe Heart, Timidity. Trembling, Dimness of Si jht or Giddinees, I>im %?? of the H?ed, Throat, Noae, or Skin. Affection* nf the Liter, Lunge. Btomaeh or Rowele?these Terrible Disor der* arising from Solitary Habits of Vooth?the PirfRfT ar?d aolitxry practice* m'?re fatal to tkeir victim" than the song of Syren* if, trie Ti*rin*r*ef Blv*?n*. h'lghtin* their most brilliant hopes ot anticipations, rendering marriage Ae , impoeai bla. TOUNG MEN Kapec<*lly, who bare become the victims of Soli tary Vice.that rfreadfol and destructive habit wbJaft snrna'lv ?w?fp? to an nntim?t? gr??e rho.i*audaof Tooiig Men of the most eiai'ed ta'ent *od *rillfaut intellect, who m'ght otherwise h??-?iifr*nced 1 <? tenlng ?Ptat?* with the thonders ?' 'loqnenee of w?*ed ?" eitary tbe living lyre. na? *all ?ith fail confidence TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. These are some of the and and uielauchol> effects prfdof^pd by earl? hshit* of yonth ?i* : Weahneag of the Pack and Limbs. Pain in the B'a?t. Dirnneag of 8l?>ht, Los* of Muscular Po*er Palpitation of the Heart. Pyspeps'a. N#rto?i? Irritability. Be r*D?;ement of tbe Digestive Fnnett.ya, Genera) Debility, (Symptoms of L'onwmptn.ii A c itt ?The fearf'il eflret? on tbe intod arc mnch to be drwaded?I.oes of M-rai.r> Oonfnsioa o' I leas. Depreasion of Spirits Bv?| /or*bo41n*a. Arsminii to Society, Self-distrust, Lope of Boll A version tndo. Timidity, *'MARRIAOR Mamtd Persons, or young m?n <wnterap!atfna marriage, aware of Physical Vnkow", Organig Dehility , Wanting of tbe Organs. D**'nrmitie?. <ko., should apply immediately. . __ He wV? p!*f?s bimself und?t the ear? of W. *, may religiously confide in bis honor as ft gen tleman, and confidently rely upon bis skill afl A Physician. ORGANIC WBAKNBK8. IMPf?TBNCY IMPBDI luJNTS TO MARRIAHl By Dr. JohnstonV marvelon* treatment, Weaa ne*x of the Organs is apeediiv cured, and foil *WfOf restored Thousands of the most nervous. debili tated and impotent, who had lout a" bope. UTI been immediately relieved . - All impedimenta to marriage. Physical or sl<M?tAI Disqaalifirations. Loss of ProwaHfi- Power. W?r fut Trrit?ibility. Trembling* aud Weakness, ?? Btbaastion of tbe moat fearful kind, gpoadily onred. Member of tbe Royal College of 8ur*?on?, Lon* don. Graduate from one of the ?n.>st eminent Col lege* in the United 8taten anM th? <r?ater part o? wbone lif?- has been spent in the hospitals of Lon don. Paris,Philadelpniaand el*ewhere.haseflwetw some of the mosi astonisbiug cure? ?bat were e?er known; many troubled with ringing 'u the head ts<1 e*n? when asleep great nerTo?iene-?s,be alarms at ?nddeo sounds, bashfulnee*. w'tb freauenl blnshing, attended ?om?tlme? w<th terantfemeat ^f mind, were cured immed<ate'y YOUNG MEN who have injured themselTes by a oertaia praotlM indulged in when aioee?a habit frevaeutly lettroed from e?il companions, or at school, the effects ot which are nightly felt, even whew asleep, and, if not cured, renders marriage 'mpw^Ms, an4 1e atroTS both mind and body. sbotiM appl* im'tnedi ately. What ? pity that a yating man tne sooe of Bia conD'rj and darling of his yar>-Qt*. ?noald be snatched from all the prospects aud enjoyments ef life by the consequence of deviation *r??>n tbe path of oatnre and indulging in a certain ?e<-r?t kahlt ?nch persons maat. before cnDtsaslitlna MAURI AU E reflect that a sonnd mind and body are the aofl nec?n?ary requisites t/. promote eonnibta) bap pi nese indeed Without tbe*? tbe louraev through life becomea a weary pilgrimage. ?be arwapect hourly darkens to the vi?w: the min4 beenru?e shadowed with denpair and flll**d w*th tbe melan ebo'y reflections that the happinees n? another U blighted with our own. DISEASES of imprudence. W ben tbe misguided and imwrui?ut votary Of pleasure Gud? be has imbibe J the e~?u -if this pain* fuI dieease it often happeus that ?n Ml timed aeuao of xbame or dread of discovery deter* biin from ap plying to those wha, from education ?ud respecta bility cau alone befriend bim. He (alls iato the hands of ignorant and desiyaing pr-texders. who, incapable of curing, filch bis oe<-ui>iary sahstauee, keep him trifling month after month, or as long aC the smallest fee can he ohiainwd, and io deepalf leave him with ruined health to ?igt over his gall ing disappointment: or, bv the use ?f that deadly riieon. Mercery. hasten toe constitutional eymp >me of tbis terrible disease, anch %? * Section* of tbe Head. Throat, Nose, Skin, ?t? pr igreesinf witb frightful rapidity nntil death pnts an end to his dreadful suffering* by sending ??"" to that un discovered country from Who?# bourne eo travsla returns. OFFICE ? SOVTB FREDERICK STREET, left hand aide going from Baltimore ?tre?t, a few door* from the corner FaM not tr> n^wrn aamc and number. VN'n letters received antes* pnsi paid and eon* taining a stamp to be used on the r?-pit Pereona writing should state age, and "end nortion ot ad ver*isement describing symptom* Dr.'t Diploma kitn?.? t* ??: IN DORSE VENT VF THt ^RESg. Tbe many thousand cured at tbin vatahlishmMl within tbe last twenty year*. *ui rh* nunerutg important Surgical Operations performed by Dr Jobnstoa. witnessed by the reporter* nf The Hun" and many other uapera. notices of wHici? have ap Csared a^aio ana again h-tore the puhlie, tosidoe is standing as a geutlemar* of "baracter and re apoosihllity. ia a iuffl"ient gnaeanta# te the f dieted SKIN DISEASES SPEEDILY VFRKD j*2s?iy OBCRBT DI8BA8CSI 8BCRBT UI8BA8BS 11 i|H?BlTAN'|i iill'T SAMARITAN> 1IFTI THB M08T CKRTaIN KRMRMV |VBH U81V '?Yes, A Positive Cure" foi OVNoHHOfA SLEET. A ? MW TV HBB, 4? Contains no Mineral, no Balaam, an Mercury. Ten Pilii tr> h* Tak'+ ?t> Eff'.et a CWJ Tfrny am entirely ?egetaOie. u?* ii-a Oo ainell ao} any unpleasant taete and a>ill u-1 n any way ia tnre the etouiacb or bowels of 'be uiost delicate Cure* in rr?in two to four days, and recent easea m "twenty-four honra * Prepared by a graduate of the Cuiveraity of Peuuxyl vania. one of the inort smiu?-n? Doctors aud Chemists of the present day. eo girortnaa. ?o THunai a. ??fl??i?? writitii, ?bo?e who have despaired if getting eared, or who have been gorged witb Ka'sam Oopavla. ?? Mercery, try the ?, .. SAMAtlTANf *I*T. Sent oy tnall In a plain envelope Price? Male packages. *a F?m?'e U BbOUill BLGUD ?' MiiOOD It iiCRoF LA, Ctf' *>, ooaAo sPOTt te nhKS, scales boilj, sYrmna OH VENEREAL DISEASES Ao BAMAMlt aN'8 MOOT aNI> HE Hh JOICB is oflerefl tBe fttBllt M a yutlllte Mri o> HHlLle OR V ?n KKK AL UIcIavKz the CA jJAKITAN? RiiOT \ NI DKRPjriCB ii U) most poteuj certain and sffectna! remedy ?ve? prescribed: it reaches and ?ra<ii< atesevery partiols if the venereal that the on re is thorough tnd permanent Take then of this purifying recna dy and he healed, and do not transmit to your pna ter'tv *?>?t f??r which rou may repent's after year! tH> NOT ORSPAIHi ^ lUbtigM lut may be pronounced mcuisbit, tkl SAMARITAN'? ROOT \ N P q BR H J UICBS will remove every vestig? of iinpnr'tine from the *vgtem, as wall as all the bad effect, n* Mercury KlhMLUI "" *AjaAi.?0lr in utauy adecUoaft alia amen uuuik?n of r? males miflet ?.he ROOT AND IlKKf JU1CB8 1P most la^pih adapted in FUeCated Uterus la J; bearing town rVlin* ?' tb? Wamb a i 2 ? 4n nr ?'l complaints inrid-nt ?o tbe aea. ?en? ??v -gpreaa Price or ? bottlaa for f? CaMahITAM -ft uhAhUM WAHH ?Ji<ll directions i??.* *** Philadelphia POT Sold Oy o. tSALVKRT flthD. eornei ef 11 111 aflt t*a avenue HENRV CuuK. Atexanarla. _ a?ay?-tf Y CONFIDENTIAL. jLNm MKN who have injured taeouelvee iertain secret habit* which unfit thaui for kuiaeM, pleasure, or the datiee of married Ufa, alae middle tged or old men .ho, from tb? foUiee nf youth ol . ithef causes fe? . a debility io ad vanoe nf their years, before placing themselves under the treat ment of any one, should first read THI 8BCBBY KRIBND ' Married f*adiea will leara somethia? of imptirtance by perusing "Tbe Secret friend." Pent to any addresa, in ? *ea'e<! envelope oa r*1 cele* of''en Centa Addres* Ha CHAS * BTBWAHt h CO., de U-lf Bwetoa, MaM. 0*UU**Vtr-lHAT IS THE SiP*P .?J be proerieWra of the "PARI OF w*5n DBK8, AN ATOMY, and Mi.DK INK. have determinad--r*Mardleee of ea ... . ... m m. _ .. . * ? m ? _ ------- wwwvi wiuei?r??ar'iim w ueuee? to leeue, free, i for the heneot jf ?u lie ring aumauity.i four of their moet instructive and la (eresiiug l.ecturea ol Marriaae aud ite iiuaiiSea tions Servooa Debility Premature Decline, la ligestiou, Weaknee*. Depression, or 'gnorauee of Physiology and Nature's Law Tbeea invaluable lectures have been the mean* ot enlightening and aaving thousauds.and will be forwarded free on the receipt of font stamps, by addreeelaa S?tr*tat\ Pi??m* Clttmti *f Anato*m* mm4 Mtaieima, S6fl Broadway.New York la U-lr TiSU WAM6, THE tiKMAT CHINESE ,ut.**-U\f>? OONfHxRH(EA.(iLhb7, Eu Oha Ho? win e*a*->Kji a Ocaa ? ' Ingredient* arc pureiy vegetable, (t la _ pieaaaut U? the taste, ha* UO had odor, aa4 uiai Oe carried m the 'est uocket without feat of dotation Cirular* free Pncefiabua Sold by JOHN 3 KROMBR. sikcceseor to 8 0 Paham,?e% Cheetnut at., PbilapeVbia and <a Washington by 0. 0. ?0RD. *9* Peanev'van?a avenue Beat ha mall _Ja_i-eoiy BUO'Io A Mi bMUha T? bUll1 TUB TIM Si. We ale n-^w manufacturi ng aM r.indaof BOOTS ai d 81IOB8 and constant r e 'lviugasup ply of Ba tern n-ade woih (>f*v?rj d/-crip-BII lion ma?* ei press'? to order and * It KsrHI so d si a much lower iri e than ha* heen Mb heret?fore ? barged in tbia city tor mucb inferior article*. _ _ _ ... ,_ . Person* in went of BOOTS an i SHOKS of Baatera or 0i' y insde work. will a I ? ay? fiud a good aaaurt m -nt in store and at tbe low -et Pri"t" -V.'ii48 call. UR1K' IN A BKOTlllB, ap!Mf 3M Pean. ar nae. TBV MBB0HANT> HAlBBB* *lma ?m, ISM BrSnlth Bomses ?i b. ____ aan.Mse wyo? f]U?0? TATt#?

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