Newspaper of Evening Star, August 31, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 31, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUB1M1KT8 TO NIGHT. UABTrnKBCRT? The comic ?*??01?'11*?,??: e? Mone. De Chalamean," the ballet ?g?g? of Scotland," songs oy Agnes SntnerJ*na; dances by the Wesner Sisters and others^ana? line budget of Ethiopian *ccen?ri,cK\7 neniar the order of exercises to-night at this popular resort. Ellibom A Footb's great moral ??lbiti??; at Odd Fellows' Hall, continues to attract crowds. To-night there will *?e* "J? quartettes, and trios, and ?*7.???TStOoS music, besides fairy plays and *"<"????: Toote, Miss Eliza Nestel, and CoL8JJ JM .mallest people m fbe world.?J??/'?? he their money's worth of fun and pleasure. ????'a TniiTiB ? The Florences will ap. rar#Rto-n?htBa?fin i? three amusing plays. Brougham's drama, "The Irish Emigrant; the Protean farce of "The YoungActress;" and the burletta of the "Irish Mormon. They will be supported by a splendid company of male and female performers, and visitors will be most agreesbly entertained. Fbuit Festival ?The festival of the ladies of the Methodist Protestant Church opened last nig?f at I nion League Rooms. There was ? good art? ml mi ce, and the ladies in attendance did all in their power to please their visitors. ??G8???8 OF PlULIC SCHOOLS.?An ad jeurned meeting of the Board of Trustees of Public Schools was held yesterday afternoon in the Alderman's Chamber, City Hall, Mayor Wallach in tbe chair. Mr. Miller, from tbe committee on text books, reported in favor of the adoption of Hilliard's Reader in place of those now in use, and their introduction into all the public schools of this city. Also, that the new edition of "Losslng's His tory ot the United States" be substituted in the place of Uuackenboss &ud the "First Lessons," now in use. That "Lippincott's Pronouncing Gaxetteer of the World" be placed as a book of reference on the desks of the several grammar school teachers. Tbat "Mason's Mannal of Gymnastic Exer cises" be placed on the desk of every teacher, and that the daily practice of some of the phys ical exercises there recommended and exem plified be encouraged and promoted by every proper means. That the "Song Garden,'* by Lowell Mason, be substituted as the text book of vocal music for the "Concordia" in the intermediate schools; and that the "Nightingale," by W. O. and H S. Perkins, be substituted for the "Golden Wroatb" in the secondary schools. The committee also believe that a better op? portnnitv would be afforded for testing the practical utility of certain maps, apparatus and articles of school furniture, sought to be introduced if an opportunity were afforded, to place such articles for a time in some school for that purpose, and therefore propose the adoption of the following resolution : Resolved, That the committee on Text-Books he authorized to introduce into any appro priate school such maps, apparatus and school turni ture as the proprietors or inven tors may seek to introduce, for the purpose of fully testing the practical utility of the same. Tbe report was adopted with the exception of that part proposing a change in music books, which subject was reterred to the committee on vocal music. Mr Miller stated that the books now In use had been literally sung out, and the children wanted something new, while Mr. Wight. Mr. Hitz and others held that it was better to learn a few pie.. - s well tnau to ramble over several books and not at least get a proper education into the elements of music. Ou motion of Mr. Miller, it was jif solved, That the Oommittee on Text-Books be authorized to make all necessary arrange ments lor the introduction of "Lippincott's Pronouncing Gazetteer" and of " Mason's Manual of Gymnastic exercises" into the re spective schools. In viewol the opening o? the schools on Mon day next, Mr. Wilson proposed the following for the government ol teachers as to the open ing. The circular was adopted and 1U0 copies were oraered to be printed : To the Teachers of the Public Sclwols .?At the opening ol tbe public schools, on the 5th of September next, the following regulations will be observed: 1st. All pupils whose names were on the rolls at tbe close of the preceding year will be considered as continuing their connection with tbe schools, and be admitted without tickets, provided they present themselves, or are repre sented by their parents or friends, by noon on the first day ot tbe session. '2d. In all other cases pupils will be required to obtain tickets prior to their admission to the schools. 3d. In all cases where transfers are made, the names of the pupils transferred must be entered on tbe roll ot the school from which they are transferred, and transfer tickets, signed by the teaoher and approved by a trustee, must be given to ;he pnpils. 4th. The permanent roll cannot be made up until after the end of the fourth day of the ses sion, and then it should be made up m accord ance with the directions laid down in the Man ual, page <>"?? section S. 5tb. Hilliard's Readers have been substituted for Parker and Watson's, and all pupils hav ing books of the latter series, suitable for use In tbe schoolb to which they belong, will be permitted to exchange the same for a new book of the series to be used, by paying the following amounts : Jr'er "Hilliard's Sixth Reader," twenty-five Cents; "Hilliard's Fifth Reader," twenty cents, "Hilliard's Intermediate Reader," eighteen cents; "Hilliard's Fourth Reader," sixteen cents; "Hilliard's Third Primary Reader," fifteen cents; "Hilliard's Second Primary Reader," twelve cents; "Hilliard's First Pri mary Reader," six cents. 6th. Mr. Wm. Hallantyne is the authorized agent for tbe exchange of the Readers, and teachers should order from him the number of books required tor their respective schools. 7th. The duty of superintending the ex change devolves npon the teachers, and they are requested to take care that the old books exchanged are not too much torn and defaced, but In such a condition as to be actually fit for use in the schools during the year, as other? wie, no exchange is to be made. 8th. AH pupils having no books of tbe series need the last year, suitable for use in the school which they attend, will be required to pur chaee n*w ones at the regular retail prices. The time for exchange will continue from the 5th to the 30th of September. A resolution -? a* adopted authorizing the purchase of 70 copies of the manual of gym nastics for the uae of the schools. G ???? ? CocHciLB.?In obedience to a c-Ul of the Mayor, the Georgetown Councils assembled last night in the custom-house. in tbe Board of Aldermen, the President Sr. Cox) read a communication from Wm. ird, Clerk ot the Corporation, asking au thority to distribute money now in his hands lor school purposes, according to the acts of Congress approved May 21, 1^62, and June 25, 1-ftt. In accordance with the request, Mr. Cox presented a resolution delegating power to the Clerk to distribute money appropriated for school purposes, and to carry out the acts of Congress m relation to public schools. Passed. A resolution was passed authorizing the Clerk of the Corporation to pay to the George town Gas Light Company the amount of the Government tax of 20 per cent per 1,000 feet, as added to their monthly bill for gas furnished ?he corporation. The President laid before the board a com munication irom the Mayor asking an appro priation of 8100 for each policeman of the town, to enable them to enter into a scheme to avoid tbe draft. Laid over. Mr. Cox also laid before the Board a com munication from the Corporation Clerk, m relation to the collection of market rents, and kuggesting the abolishing of tbe monthly rents and affixing in its stead a price or license, as the Boards of Aldermen and Common Council may deem expedient. A memorial from the butchers and others now occupying certain stands in the Ware house, now used as a market house, was re ceived, in which they decline to pay the snm of fio rent per bench per month, as per ordi ^?utJw^ "*.* Uorpora'ion, but expressing a 2L? ^^^v"'/0'occuPylh8 the said Ware fSSl XfmLV? tb?ncht!?? ? understood be SS?M?r commissioners and A message was received from the Board of Common Council, proposing that wbeu the two Boards adjourn it be until next Fridav evening. Agreed to. Ir"?' The Council r?solution making an annroon ation to repair a part of High street, near Road street, was concurred In; and the Board ad journed. Common Council.?The President laid before the Board the receipts and expenditures of the poor and workhouse for the quarter ending June Si.-th, Wil; the bills of John Oldueld ? Bro. for repair of pumps; the Mayor's com niBBication recommending the appropriation of f iro for each of the Georgetown policemen, toennble them to join tbe association to insure agaiBst the draft: r communication from the Clerk of the Corporation, relative to the rents of market stand-, and suggesting a plan for the collection of the rents hereafter; a commuaica tioa of the S reel Commissioner, relative to th obstruction of tne drainage of certain streets by ?he ftre*? railway. Mr. I'e? k, frem the marke', committee, re Eorted bills for the drainage of the new mar et, and for ad\*rii?ine:. Mr. Shoemaker presented a communication of W. C Smith, Street Commissioner, relative to the paving of Huh street. Mr. Clemen's presented a communication from toe Georgetown butchers, who deoliae lee payment of the assessed rent per moatb, fio for stands in the temporary market, and proposing to paytROO which was agreed upon by themselves and the market commiUeevnll which were properly referred. Mr. Peck, from the harbor committee report ed an ordinance creating the oAae of Harbor Master, and defining the duties. Mr. Edmonston offered a resolution request ing the trustees of the poor and workhouse, to inform this board, if Mr. Joseph Walker and family, or any other family not authorised by law, be permitted to reside at the poor house, and if so, why I Mr. Shoemaker offered a resolution appro priating si,500 to complete the paving of High street to Road street. Mr. Davi offered a resolution appropriating ?25 for a flag footway across Congress street at Beali; all which were adopted. Mr Davis, moved that when the board ad journs, it shall be till Friday next, at 7# o'clk, p. m., passed The Aldermen's bills regulating the distribu tion of tbe School fund, and appropriating for the paymer t of cet tain gas bills were concurred in, and the board adjonrned. Sbcobd Ward Station Casse.?Jim John eon, pick-pocket ; jail for court. Mny Mc Glaughlin, drnnk and disorderly ; dismissed. Capt. S Dana, assault and battery; bail for court. Herman Ros^man, threats; bail for peace. Anna Grady,assault; dismissed. Mrs. Cannano, disorderly; *1.58. Sullivan Stacy, passing counterfeit money; dismissed. G. B. Golding, bogus detective; military. John Cou ?in. drunk: dismissed. Henry Graham, fight ing; locked up. Hugh Green, do ; do. James Gorman, drunk; dismissed. William May, fighting ; 12.00. S. J. Brown, do ; dismissed Thomas McKeever, drunk ; &2.(>o. Den nis Cranin and Jeiry Moonan ; disorderly. CharlesBurke, do and drunk; ?2.00. John H. Doyle, grand larceny ; jaU for court FatricB Green, vagrant: workhouse. T. Suy der, disorderly; JMlf? Donald St. Glair, drunk and disorderly; *1. Geo. Cox, suspicious char acter, sent to Superintendent Webb. William Carr, drunk; dismissed. A. ?brame, disor derly; ?3. John Ryan, drunk; dismissed. Chs. Brownley, bounty jumper; military. George White, vagrant; held in custody. H. Williams, drunk and disorderly; 81? A. Hart, for safe keeping; dismissed. Geo. Rose, drunk and disorderly; 82. Philip Mahady, disorderly; 85. Benna Price, fighting; dismissed. Susanna Johnson, do.; 82. Ellen Stephenson, do.; dis missed. --?? ?p? Draft is Gbobobtowk.?Those sub ject to dralt in our neighboring city of George town, would do well to note the advertisement of Mayor Addison, who proposes a plan where by, by a small payment, parties may b? in sured against military service. The scheme is a good and safe one. Comuodobb Foots and his sister, Colonel Small and the entire suite, will, by special in vitation, visit the St. Ann's Infant Asylum, corner nf 21th and K, near Circle, on Friday, at .'} o'clock p. m. T*e friends of this charitable institution are invited to attend. See adver tisement. _ Gbabd Opbkiko?Madame E. M. Hinckly will open her full fashions to-morrow morning at No 301 Penn'a avenue. The fashions are from Madame Demorest's New York Empo rium. See advertisement elsewhere. Attektiow is called to the announcement of a meeting on Thursday night, at Island Hall, for the purpose of taking measures to fill th?1 quota of the Ward. It is desirable that there should be a large attendance. Exemption Ffnd ?a meeting will b^ held in the Common Council Chamber, City Hall, to-night, for the purpose of getting up'a fund for protection against the draft. All interested should attend. -? ? ?- ? SPECIAL NOTICES. Jbwri.rv ? Jkwklrt.?Beautiful <;old-Plat?-i Jewelry in every variety, both ladies and gentle men's wear, for cnly ene dolUr. at the Dollar Store, 43!? Pa. ave., near 4'a st. It* Kaoim'8 (Uph?b'b) Hair Dtk. Fifty Cents a Bor. Boxes larger than Dyes that sell Ibi il. Netterai, durable, btautiful. Warranted to please. This ar ticle has been thoroughly tested by. Dr. OniLTOB, of New York, and Profs. Booth and Garrett, of Philadelphia, who pronounce it free from all poi sonous ingredients, and the material composiug ?t will not injure the most delicate hair. Sold by Druggists and Fancy Good* dealers everywhere, JohS J. KROMBX.Sole Proprietor, 4?3 Chestnut Street. Philadelphia, p?. DKCKKIBSH8S ?'G???. The inebriate ? ?ay now bid defiance to the tempt ing cup. Dr. Zsne's antidote for strong drink is a certain curs for drunkenness. It creates a dis like for strong drink, and can be administered without tbe knowledge of the patient. Descriptive circulars sent to anyaddres*. For sale by all respectable Druggists in the United States and Ganadas. Price $1 per box, or packages of six boxes for io. J '? J. Kromir, Wholesale Agent, 403 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Pa. Da. Raid's Bracino. The oldest and most reliable medicine for the cureef Sperniatorhtea. Seminal Weakness, Loss of Power, Sec. This medicine bas stood tbe test of over thirty years, and has always proved a success. Er. Rand's Sp?cifie is exhibited in the form of pills, made up entirely of substances that have a specific effect upon the generative organs. Most persons associate the idea of operations upon the bowels from taking any kind of pills. The8pecifie of Dr. Rand is not intended as an evacuating medi cine. Its medical virtues are expended entirely upon the impaired generative organs. The pilbj are not unpleasant to tbe taste, and many persons masticate them with impunity before swallowing them; which plan we would always recommend,as affording the speediest way to get the effect of the remedy. Price 91 per box, or six boxes for $5. Sold by Druggists everywhere. JOHN J. KSOMSB, Wholesa!? Agent, 403 Chestnut street, au31-eoly Philadelphia, Pa. THBOBBAF-B8TASD BBUT HAIS DYM IS TBS WOSLD ?Never Fades or Washes Out.?Upbam's Hair Dye, b cents s box. The best in use. Try it. Sold by P. O Tord,corner 11 th street and Penn. avenue, Washington; and Henry Cook, Alexandria. ?6-1t _ NiaVOUB DSBILITV, BBMIBAL v7lAXBBSS. etc.. Can Be Cured by one who has really cured himself and hundreds of others, snd will tell you nothing but the irvi*. Address, wit ? stamp, lDviuH. TsAvsa, mar S Loek Box. Boston. Mass. MARRIED, -OutheSOthinst , by the Kev. J. G. Henning, O SORCI t. TIMMS to JENNIE E. CAT9R, all of this city. No cards On the 20th of August, in Washington, byjthe EeT.T.,B McPalls Lieut. J.Il HROUGH. T. R. C , to Miss ANN IE SMITH, of Richmond, V?. * On Tuesday evening, the Soth inst.. at Fletcher ShWVm.'JiT,K,*T? J?me?G. Banning. Mr GEOKUH F TIMMS to Miss JSNNIE E. CAf?R, all of Wa-ihir-i'ton city. * l Washington papers please publish ] * ? ? ? - ????, In this city, on the morning of list Ansraai ? ? Nil MARIA PEGU, in the ?th year???*" ?? Her fanerai will take place to-morrow Sent lit at.Wcloch, p. m., from her late residence 11th' street east, between ? and O south. The friends and acquaintances of the family are invited to at tend. * At half past one. on the morning of thovief nf Au.ust, 18M, JOHBI CONNOR, in the Wth,ear of Image. * " "l Hie friends and acquaintances are resDectfnllv invited to attend hi? funeral to morrow th? 1 t ?> September, at 3 o'clock, from bis residence nVa C street. Island, between 4^ and 6th sts. * On the 30th instant, Mrs. SARAH ? ??r- ?# John Young, in the 61st year of her age " Her funeral will take place on Thursday.the tat at 2 ?'eleck P.m,, from the residence of her son' m law, R. H Graham, Maryland avenue and 7th street, Island. ? On the 30th of August, of typhoid fever MRU ISABELLA, wife ol Chas. W. M??r?an, in th?sbS year of her age, form? r!y of Leeeburg, y? Funeral at 1" o'clock Thursday morning.' ? On Wednesday, Aug.31st. 8AMCEL MeO t*i? son of 8aml. I. and Sarah A. Arnold, seed ?'???? 11 months and 8 days. ' ? a ? Teari? h u nei al will take place from residence of narent? No. ?46 7th st. ea<tf. to-morrow (Thursday I Au"' 1st. friends of the family are invited to attend") On the Soth inst. HARRY WATERS, infant son of Samuel B. and Virlinda P. Day, ageu' Wmwthe _ 1? TK1NSPLANTBD. Beside life's path a Mower grew. More beauteous to the night Than asurt, clouds of sunset hue Or pearly star* of night. a 1 V* ?*oh tinT leaf unfold? a^* ? ?????ower gem? ?wS?JS a1? h twia'* ^/?ar?l?lfnA fc??? ** ??? -tsr A?oa.rai^;?^^bttd InGeqrgetowa, on the aath i-.? ? awn ? the 17th ?el? 3'v7 ???1?^ M of Christopher and l.o????"1? ' ?"? thint His funeral will take ^??V?tZ; after WANTS. WArfn???_r? ???ANT (white! to cook and (^?to1.;:^^? ?t no. *ggj|g" W ?.-?G?^?~-T ? t?a?* woman. ? SITUATION ??Jfflcei."k_7Ml,erM,?iro??'? Addre" C-lt??' W S?rnu?' * respectable young siri, astri ?!;..?? e m ?i cook, washer and ironer in a private family. Address " ? ." Star Office. lt?_ VITANTED-BTONE MASONS, on sea trail at vVnv*??^?11. *??? Apply to JOHN C AM? ERON. or WISE ft CALL A HAN. an SI eoSt* t?^Oft S9.F5?? *?R <>*B YSAR.-Wantwd f?*WVOLUNTEERS (?hite) for one year. ApplytoA. WATSON. 174 east side 11th street, between E and f. at 1 and 5 p.m._an 31???* \B7 ANTED-A good DINING ROOM SERVANT. j One who understands his business. None other need apply?Herndon House, corner 9th and Este. Also a good Washer and Ironer. auM ___* A RESPECTABLE GIRL wishes a 8ITCATI0N as plain cook, washer and ironer.or chamber maid. Apply at 387 6th st., bet. G and H. su 31-2t*_ BBfANTED-Two good CANVASSERS. Pay by vv the week, or commissions given. Apply st 490 7th street, Rr om Nn. 4. Also, a good, active - 9jli_ii001L!r*f5? W?H be given._au 31 -3t*_ \IJ ANTED-A SITUATION as cbiH'e nurse ai<J ?_? seamstress, by a voung girl. Can bring good reference if required. Address Box 15, Star Of fice._it* WANTED IN GEORGETOWN-Two white WOMEN?one to cook, wash and iron, the otber to nurse. None but competent ones need apply. References required. No. 90 West street, Georgetown._an W_?t_* WANTED?By a young woman, a SITUATION in a small family as chambermaid, and to assist in washing and ironine, and make herself generally useful. Apply at No. 501 12th street, between ? and F streets. _au 31 2t* ^ANTBD-A WOMAN to wash by tbJmonth. Inquire at the Ebbit House. au 3 ' * w WANTED?A respectable GIRL between 13 and 15 years of age to do lightchamberwork. Ad drese Box No. 1. Star Offloe._au Tt-St* WANTED?A BOY to learn the House and Sign Painting business. Apply to an30-2t*_O. T. BOWEN. 51 La. av. BOARD WANTED?By a gentleman and wife in a respectable private family in Georgetown Address, stating locality, terms. Ac., " S. J. 0.," P. O. Box 1.165, Washington. P. 0. an 3fl-2t* WANTED?A WOMAN (white) to cook. Also one to wash dishes and make beds. Apply at the Gosling House, No. 249 Pa. avenue, between 12th and 13th streets._au3'>-tf COOK WANTED?One that understands her business and is willing to Wash and Iron, may apply at 417 13th street, near G. Recom mendations required._an 3)-2t* WANTED by a gentleman and wife, permanent board in a private family ? preferred) in the vicinity of ??!. street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Address A M.. Star Office._au 3?i-3t? WANTED-8IX CARPENTERS. IMMEMATB ly. Apply to ALEXANDER WORLEY, Jack sonila 1. alley, between 4,'2and3d, and Pennsyl vania avenue and C street._ au3M2t* WANTED-A MAN "with his WIF__,_totake <harse of a F*rm near thecitr. ne must come well recommended Apply to GEORGE ft THOMAS PARKER ft Co., 34? and 345 Pennsyl vania avenue_ an fW-3t DRESSMAKER WANTED-A coinpotenVc?Tf TER AND FITTER one who thoroughly un derstands tbe business, to goto Alexandria. Va. For further information apply to J. FELLI!EI MER, SS**; 7th street, Washington, Wholesale Millinery Store._ au30-3t F'URNISHBD HOU8B WANTBD?.?Wanted, s small and comfortably furnished House, enn tainirg mx or Tooms. One within a half mile of the intersection of 14th street and New York avenue preferred. Address Box 305, Was'i ington city Post Office._au 30-0t A~RE8 ? EC TABL11 YOUNG GTRL wishes a BIT? UATION in a private family as chamhermai?' and plain sewing, and would assist in wa?hinx ar-t ironing. Can come well recommended from h< r last piace. Can be seen by calling; at J40 4th st for two days, between E and G. au .*?o-?t* WOOD CHOPPERS WAWTBD.-Any man who will get up a gang <if fifty chopp-rs will be appointed euperintendent of them, ani will re cciye a salary of fifty dollars per month *?? board. Apply to W. RRAMALL, 519,12th sheet, opposite the Kirkwood House. au3?-lw* VV ? ? TED?Two" Hundred COLORE T> MEN". vv Apply at No 40 Water street, Georgetown, au 9 tf_ _ 6 SR/AHTBB-A WET NURS?T??ther white or vv colored. Apply at No. 417 12th street, bet New York avenue and I street. au29-3t* WANTED?Two steady, indsrtrious each to learn the Harness and Trunkmaking business. Apply at_500 7tji street. au V9-1f' ??????? FSSNOHWOMAN, who has been In thtscountry but a few month?, wants a SIT UATION as child's nurse. Apply at 23M nP_risv[. vsnia svenne, or at 4'JO M st. au 29 3t* 1X7 ANTED-A young if AN fer clerk in a Ciro? vv eery and Variety Store. One having some experience in business preferred, an ? 3t?_JAS. DALY, No. 3??? L st. WANTED?A LADY as SALBSWOMAN who has been engaged ina Dry Good or Fancy Stor<?, aod well acquainted with the. business A good salary paid and the best reference required. 8. M. BtBYBNBERG, an?-3t 4 S Market Space, bet. 7t a and nth sts. \l>ANTED-Good " MILLINERS will apply immediately at MMB. PRINCE. 32 MARKST SPACE. She insures competent bands the highest wages paid in Washington._au 29 ,'it_ WANTBD?Bv a young gentleman in ?he War Department, permanent BOARD and ROOM, in a strictly privale and religious family, in the central part of Washington. K?st of reference. Address at once,' Rochester."Star f>ffi"<-. au27-6t* w 'ANTED-Every Lady in the District to kDOw that I have received a new aud beautiful ma chine, and am now prepared to Flute goods twelve inches in width, and deeper than any othfr fst'iolifh inent in the country. As this was what was wanted by tbe Ladies, we can now do 7 FLUTING! FLUTING! superior to any done in the large cities. Only place in town. LADIE8 STAMPING DEPOT, 3*1 Fat., oppjK PatentLOfficeJ_an27-if WANT?D-By MORGAN A RH1NEHART. at G street Wharf, 5,000 Tous GREEN UOS PITAL AND CAMP BONES, for which the buh est market price will be paid^_au 13-eolm O_LD~B0tTLES~WA?TET>? OLD R0TTLB3 WANTED! BThe hiebest cash price will be paid for? Whole Cham pagne Bottles, Half do. do. Pint Porter do. Pint Ale do. Pint Ale Jug?. Ac^ RI LEV A. SII INN. Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. D. C. N. B.?Any person having large quaitities of Old Bottles on hand, can bava them tak"n away by notifying me._[au 18-lm} R. A. ShINN. WANT I D? 50.000 LADIES to call at PRINCE'S BTA'U'ING AND FLUTING DEPOT, 381 Bstrcr ? oppesite Patent Office and fet their ? ? ? ? T s; G , FLUTING, AM 1> __ ? __ _, PINKING DONE. We are the only persons in town who make the businessan exclusive one. Constantly receiving and making up new patterns for Braid and Siisi Embroidery. New and elegant patterns received weekly for Yokes, Bands, Pantaletts, Capes, Shawls, Slippers, Pin Cushions, An._au 12-tf_ \ij A? * ? D-^8B0?ND HAND- FURNITURB Yv Also, MIRRORS. CARPETS. BEDS, BUD DING, and H0U8BFURNI8H1NG GOODS of every description. R. BUCHLY, 4SB 7th street, le 8-tf between G and H. east side.. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS rfMlE DRAFT IN GEORGETOWN, D. C._ Mayor's O?ee. Geortetwn. D. C , Aug. 27,1>U.4. Those citizen? of the town who are subject to the approaching0raft to furnish soldier? for our army, end who desire to avoid that service, are in vited to join in the following seif insuring scheme : Every citizen who is liable to be drafted can de posit the sum of One Hundred Dollars in the B?nk of Commerce. The whole som so deposited will constitute a fund for the etc! isive benefit of those of thedepositors wbn may he drafted The scheme will work thus : Should there be one hundred depositors, for instance, and only twenty of them be drafted, eighty wool?' be protected from service by paying one hundred dollars each, while the whole ten thousand dollars would be distributed in sumsoffive hundred dollars each to the twenty who were dra'ted. With that they could obtain substitutes or keep the mouey and go into service, at their own option. Of course the real result will be so varied from the one here given as an illustration as to make it more or less beneficial te the drafted parties ; but there is this absolute certainty about it: that every drafted man will g?? ? whole of his money back, with the almost equal certainty of more than deuble that sum, and a probability of his re ceiving a suns of notb ss than five hundred do'Jars. In this achem?; there can be no juggling, no pre cedence of favorite individuals, or truks played off upon the unsuspecting. There will te* but two well ascertained parties: those who escapo the draft and lose their hundred dollars, an! these who are drafted and get all t?e money deposited by the whole association. _ rhould tbis scheme fail of a faverable result, or work any particular hardship to one of the de positare, the subscriber has in view an adjunctive ssbeme which will afford the necessary relief with ont any additional cost? to the association. For any further information apply to an 27 lw HEN BY ADDI80N, Maypr^ G GEORGETOWN CORPORATION STOCK. t Those persons who may be disposed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stook, which bears an interest of six per cent, per annum, psrsple Quarterly, can obtain some oy applying to WM. LAIRD, Clerk of said Corporation. je _9-dtSl ?pOWINO PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, by the I P?tense Tow Company'? boat?, "Potomac-." "Gov. Curtin" and "Belle Haven,"' Apply to the Captains on board, or to JOHN E. DAVID80N, ?>y IS-_Water ?treat. Georgetown. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, that the subscri ber bath obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington county, In the District of Columbia, letters of alministratioB on the personal estate of Patrick Earner, late of Washington, D. 0., de ceased. All persona having claims againxt the ?aid deceased, are hereby warned to nxhi-it the ?ame, with the vouchers thereof, to thesnb*?eri ber, on or before tae 6th Say of February ne*t : they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. . Given under my hand this flth day of February, ah?. ISM. aaX6law3w* JOHN II. RUSSELL, ????. FOB SENT AND SAJ.E. FURNI8HED ROOMS TO Riff T, without Board to g?ntlemen only?347 ? street, near 13th. Inquire of Mrs. ?. ?. 8TIPHINBON. anai-tf_ FOR RENT IN GEOROIT?WN-Two FUR HI8HKD ROOMS for gentlemen only. Apply at No. OQWestjitreet, Georgetown._an 31-St* ?G??? ?*??-? comfortable two-story BRICK HOUSE, in a pleasant neighborhood, and con veuient to the Washington and Georgetown Rai' road.__Jan 31-3t*1_Georgetowp. ? ?. fTOR RENT-The WAREHOUSE in rear of store ? SI? 7th st., and back of the Avenue House Entrance bytbe alley from D St. JNO. OGDEN, ?n 31 3t^_*_?19 7th street. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.^wTtFol without beard, pleasantly situated ou 21st street, between G and II, east side. ????.????,? BOART>ER8 wanted._. au 3l-3t? FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT, at low rate, at the corner of 1? and 8th st. au *>3t* fpOR RENT-A large and desirable P?RNI8HED Sm FRONT ROOM in the second story. Apply at 379 3d street, between D and E north, au S>-3t* RvOMB FOR RENT, and a Dining Room and Kitchen. Also, for sale, a rich Medall?n Vel vet Carpet and Plimton Bedstead. Apply 3T3 Pennsy.Taniajivenue._au 3'3t* I?oR rent-Two unfurnished rooms, ?tdt?d,'3,idI,> for housekeeping. A -o. one FUIi M8I1ED FRONT ROOM, for gentlemen. Inquire at second house from northeatt corner 17th and ? streets.____au Sg-gt* FORRENT-Three FURNISHED BID ROOMS ttrt,"S?aDi PARLOB. and for sale two FRAME 0 .?,.,?? ?Pnr rofmsand a kitchen each; and alse one HORSE and BUGGY, Call at 424 ? st.. b?t. ?*_ ?ndJ>th_Btreete north. au 3>-3t* FOR RENT-Part of a 8TORB ROOM, suitable for Clothing. Sime, or Provision, at No. 452 ~ew.York avenue, hetween 14tb and 16th. Also, one third story front ROOM, furnished or unfur n^pf'd. with or without BOARD, on L street. No. 034 between Bthaod ?th._au :*) 3t* A BAM CHANCI-The good-will and"filttnr?e . ofa RESTAURANT for sale. Thshousecon taies eleven looms, all of which is private The cause for ?ell i eg is the proprietor wishes to retire from husmees. Apply at the Columbia House.C Street, near the Baltimore depot._au 3?-lw* FOR SALE-? fine LOT, with HOUSE. Tris lot is situated at the intersection of Maryland av enue RD() t street, fronting 58>i feet, and running hack 13SX fett, with side alley 15 feet and back alley 30 feet. The house is two-etory, containing two rooms and shed attached Fer further in formation apply to DANIEL KELLY, corner of Md. avenue and F st., between 12th and 13th sts.. Cap: toi H ill._au 30-3t? FOR RENT?Two unfurnished ROOMS, suitable for housekeeping, on 17th street, bet. ? ani L, thr^e doors from L st., new house. au 2;<-3t* FOR-RS?T?Tbree unfurnished ROOMS upon one fleor. Apply to Dr. DONALDSON, No. 875 Pa. ave., bet, nth and 12th sts. au 23 3t*^ 17?? 8ALB?The whole or part ofthe8TOCK AND FIXTURES of a Photograph G*ll?ry for sale. Gallery for rent if desire?!. Address II y po^Georgetown. D C._au 2?? 3t* HOTJ8I FOR RINT. containing 8 roomsorTthe corner of Sec- nd and ? streets north. Gasali through. Apply on the premises. anag-St?_ MICHAEL KENNILLY. ??? Llt-A neatly furnished FRONT ROOM 1 with HOARD A few table boarders taki-o at a moderate rate, at No. 35210th street, between L and M_ an 28-St? STORE TO LIT?Gas Hthted, eentratly located, provided with all fixtures, and with a bvk room attHched. Apply at 335 F street between i?th and 1< th._sn29-tf FOR BENT-A FURNISHED ROOM, pleasantly located for gentlemen, on 17th street, between ? and L streets, within a few minutes' walfc of the War Department, first hoiiM from K st. au 2?>-3t* ^' ORRE N T-ThT?argeand^^mm^diouTR?OMS comprising the second, third and fourth sto ries over J. L Kidwell's new Drug Store on Est., near corner of Pa. av. and 14th st., two doors be li w Willards'Hotel. au 20-tf _J0HN L KIDWELL^ ?71ARM FOR SALE.?NinetyacreBofiiood Farm ing Land, six uiilea from Washington, over ihe Navy Ysrd bridge, ?-jar the cros.-i road?* lead io?; from Washington to I'i-cataway, and from T'pper .Marlboro to Alesami ria. For further par ticulars address H. M'., Star Office. au'ii-lw* C? ai\(\ WIMi BUT TWG YEARS7 MASK O? O*""" a HOUSE, contains (rooms, five do r fi om the War Department?244 G street?the best location for ? baker, restaurant or eating saloon. Kent ?li per month. Possession ??ven immediate ly^ Inquire at 27 2 Pa. av.,Shoe 3'.ore, au 2'* U* f|H>B RENT?A ROOM on 15th street, opposite the Treasury Department, adapted to tbe us? of a Banker or Broker, havina connected with it a very commodious and substantial vault. In quire of WILLIAM ORME, No. 313 Pena ave., between G th and llth sts. _ au 27-3? A^MtE CH?NC?^Th? GOOD WILL sudf IX TURES <t two of th< best stores in the city; suitable ter clothing or sho? business. Apply at J.H. S MI TII'S. No.4?iQ7th st._au 25-tf "?TORRENT?Without BOARD, to gentlemen,de G sirable Furnished RuOMS. Reference? r<? quired. Apply at 4U0 4th street, between E and Indiana avenue._au 25 lw* COB BALI?A most excellent FRAME HOUSE, G situated on south L street, between 21st and 22d, containing 12 rooms. Will be sold a great bar gum, and Immediate possession given. Apply to MITCHELL ?- SON, Real Esu'e Brokers, south east corner of 16th st. and Pa. av._au 23-lot* Ij?JRNIBHID ROOMS F?R~RSNT-At ?o 223 M. Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Willards' Ho tel._ _an 19-2w? I^OR SALE-DRUG STORE, BRICK HOUSE and 1 three BUILDING LOTS. Iuquire atNo. 454, Maes, avenue, near Oth st. au 18-lm* P~ 'OR BALE?A threiTetory and attic BRICK IIOFBE and out-buildings, on North Capitol street, between. ? and C. No. 394 , ?early opposite the Washington Railway, nenr the Depot House, containing ?? rooms; a vacant lot adjoining; front of 55 by s). For further particulars inquire of WALL, STEPHENS & CO., No. 322 Pennsylva niaav._su 16 WE OFFER FOR SALE, at a great barsaluT? small FARM, containing about 65 acres, well improved with new dwelling and all necessary ont housse. This property lies about 4 miles from Center Market, on the Benning's Bridge road ?cross Eastern Branch, is in a high andnealthy situation, with an abundance of wood. Terms made known od application to SWEENY A CO., Real Estate Brokers, an 18 lm_Corner 7th and ? streets. ?/OR SALE-The three story BRICK HOUSE G and LOT. No. ?61 9th street, (Island,) be tween D and E streets. The house contains nine rooms, and has convenient out-buildings, Ac. Apply to W. D, WALLACH, at the StarOffice. anll-tf _ jnOSLING ?0U8E FOR SALE. The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi ness, SLd otfers his well-known house for sale. Any one wishing to engage in a LUCRATIVE BUSINESS can call on the Proprietor. 247 Penn sylvania avenue, between 12th and 13tu sts. au ? 4?'_ FURNISHED ROOMS FOR KENT, at 4?0 12th street, east side, between G and H sts. The situation is one of the most desirable in Wash in gh >n. _an2-lm F~OR SALE.?The subscriber wishes to sell s FARM, containing about 25-? acress, more or less, distant sbwut four miles from Washington, D. Cover the upper Eastern Branch bridge. A large body of the land is in good timber, and abo ?it forty acres of superior meadow land. Tit!e indis putable. Addre-s J. D., Box 3*4. Washington, D.O._au 1-lin* \rALUAHLE PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE IN THE FIRST WARD.?The undersigned will sell all or part ofthat valuable property upon which he resides, situated on the corner of i?.tb and ? streets, and within one-and-a-half blocks of Lafayette Square, consisting of several handsome BUILDING LOTS, one of them improved by a substantial two-story Brick House and bask build ing, with good ftabiing. The above property will be sold low for cash. Enquire of T. DRURY, Wool A Coal dealer, near the War Department, or on the premises. JySj0-Im* JAY CUORE fe CO., BANKERS, FiFTEENTn Strbbt, OPPOSITE C S. Trhasitrt, Receive Subscriptions for the NEW U. S. ? 3-10 LOAN authorized b> the act of June SOtb, 1361. The notes will be issued under date of Augnst 15th, in denominations of g.'??. 9100, ?500, $1,000 and $5,000, payable to bearer or order, be? ring interest at 7 3-10 per centum per annum, pay?>?le semi-an oually. and will be convertible at the option of thi holder st maturity into six per cent. Fire Xventy Bonds. We buy and sell? GOVERNMENT BONDS of all isRues, TREASURY N0TI8, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, And COIN, And pay the highest price for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATI CHECKS. Jy27-tf JAY COOKI A CO. FUKNITUKE. FURNITURE. FURNITURE. h We have now in store and are daily receiving the largest and best assorted stock of CABINET WAKE ever offered to tbe citizens of Washington and Georgetown, which we pledge ourselves to seil on aa reasonable terms as any house south of New York. It is unnecessary to r-rtioularize ar ticles, as our stock embraces ev-ry conceivable article to be found ina first-class 11 isefurnt?hiag establishment BOTBLIR A WILLSON, 31$ Pa. ave.i bet. 9th und 10th sts. an 2leodtoc.I \ Con. Uuion.l _ LIGHTNING RODS.-LIGHTNING B0D3. The undersigned is prepared to furnish ?nd put up LIGHTNING RODS, with platina tipped points, at the shortest and most reason able terms. Also, BILL-HANGING done in the mest approved style. Work done in the country at city prices. O.SOHNIIUIR, ? an 18-lm? 271 Penn. av., Washington. P- 0? REFINED SUGABS.-This day received, V? barrels Lovering A Co.'s Crashed, Powdered, and 8>ft Crashed Sugars. _au23-?t_BINJ. BIALL. LIMI I UMII LIMI l-?"am now prepared to deliver fresh borne? POTOMAC LIMI, pre? Eared from my new Flame Klin, without coming ? enatset with tastasi. ? _ _ ? __?. ?. OAJTLIMAN, Itaa Lime KHa. ?ta &.?,a?a ferait* Briaca, AUCTION SALES. THIS ArgKRWOOW AWP TO-MORROW DT W. L. WALL A CO., Ancts. U. e. MARSHAL'S SALB OF PRIZB80HOONBR AND LONGBOAT AND CARGO W In virtue of two warrants of sale iasaed from the Clerk 'e Of Ace of the District Court of the United States for the District ef Columbia, and to m- di rected, I will sell for cash,at the Bazaar of Wm L. Wall A e* . on Louisiana avenue, between Qth and 10th streets, on WEDNE8DAY, the 31st day of August inst.. ;ommencingat 1" o'clock a. m., the following goods and chattels being the cargo af the longboat J.H.D.Smoot, vii: 2 bbls. Pop, 2 bbls. Cider, Ike* Butter, 2 bbls. Flour, X bbl. Maekxet, 1 Bedstead, an I 1 bbl. Crackers, 4 Chairs, 1 bbl. Cakes, ^^ At 4 o'clock p. ro.. on -the same day, I shall sen, ?J th* foot of 6th street wharf, the schooner "COW PERTHVYAITE,'' her Tackle, Apparel and fur Biture. ALSO p*t ?i* same time, the longboat " J. ?. D, SMOOT." Both vessels now lying at the foot of 6th street wharf, oo the Potomac nv*r. ,,WAhDB. LAMON, U. 8. Marshal. D. C. an 25-d per WM. L. WALL A CO , AuCts. _[Chronical_ jgY J. C. McGCIRB ftCoTTAuc?oneere. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VERY DESIRABLE SLAUGU TER HO?8B PROPERTY Bv vir?ueofadeed oi trust, dated December 13th, A D.l?3. and only recorded in Libex N. CT., ge. 22, folios 72 Ac, of the Land Rscerds of Washington ceunty, D C. I will seH at public auction, m freut of the premise?, at six o'clock ? M., en WEDNESDAY. the31stdayof August A. Lots Nos. 1, 2,3. and 4, in 8quareNo. 658, fronting on Georgia avenue, between Half and First street? west, city of Washington, to gether witv all the improvements, consisting of Slaughter House. Ice Uonse, Ac. Terms of sale: Oi e third in cash; and the re rca'nder in equal payments in 6 and 12 months, with interest from day of saie, secured by deed of trust. Terms to be complied withia five days from day ofeH'e otherwise the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and cost of the first purchaser after one week'a notice. Convey auclng, including stamps, at tbe purcha ser's expense. WM. H. WARD.Trustoe. aul7-e*Ade JAS. O. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts? ? Y GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. BEAUTIFUL FARM OR COUNTRY SEAT AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 30th inst., we shall sell, at ? o'clock p. m.. on tb? premises, that beautiful piece or parcel of land attached to the former res idence of H. W. Blunt. Esq .near Tennallytown, about one and a half miles from Georgetown, on the Roekville Turnpike road. Tbi? land adjoins the lands of Messrs Loughborough and Carter, and Mr?. A. J. Lyle. This sale pres.-n,s a rare opportunity to a gen tleman wishing a tine country seat, the neighbor! ing society beiuir the very best, and possessing ?11 the advantages ?>? proximity to town and ma set. Tho view ia?beautiful, commanding a prospect of from twelve to seventy miles, of the most pic turesque and romantic scenery. The soil is kind, and well adapted to the cultur of a vegetable gar den, tbe most of it having a eautiful southeast exposure. Tbe land, which contains about twen ty-five acres, is snsceptible of division into three or more lots, each of which contain beautiful building sites, and will be soli in separate lots, if desired, We respectfully invite the attention of persons wi?-hine to purchase a handsome Fite for a private residence, and the public in ?ener/il to this sale, as it presents very rare inducements, and the sale will te well worthy of their attentio.i. Terms: One-halt ?ash; balance ?n six months, for note bearing interest. A deed eiven and a deed ef trust taken. Title indisputable. au 24-d GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Auct*. ? Y JAS. C. McGUIRE ft CO.. Auctioneers. HANDSOME BUILDING LOT ON NORTH* H STREET. BETWEEN loTH AND 11T1I STREETS WEST. Ou WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, August 31, at fiS o'clock, on the premises, we shall ?ell a very d?sirai la Building Lot, on the north side of II Mreet north,between 1'ith ani 11th street- west, fronting 3.? fe.-t 1 inches and running back V'S feet, with the privilege of a '-ite foot alley running into 1 th street. This Lot is finely located, in an unexceptionable neighborhood, for a private residence, and the -ale should command the attention of persons seeking fine building sites. T'tm?: Oue-balf'ash; the remainder in six and twel ? e months, with interest, secure?! by a deed of trust on the prt mise?. Conveyance? ;i>-.d stamps at the cost of the pur ? an 2rt-'d JAS. C. MCGUIRE A CO., Aucts?. ? Y J. C. MoGUIRS A CO., Auctioneer?. PEREMPTORY SALE OF LOT CORNER OF NORTH G MREET ANDBLKVENTH STREET BAST. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, August 31st, at ? o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lot No. 1. in Square 95U, fronting M feet on north G street, at the corner of 11th street east, and running back 75 feet. Terms cash. Cost ?f conveyances to be paid by the purchaser, au 23 d J.C. McGUIRE A CO., Auct?. ? Y GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneer?. No. 5.ti corner 7th and D streets north. A GOOD TWO STORY FRAMB HOUSE AND LOT ON SIXTH STREET. BETWEEN G AND H STREETS NuRTII, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 31st inst., at > o'clock p. m., we shall sell, in front of the premises, part of Lot la, in square 486, with the improvements, consisting of * TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE, containing seven good roems, also a good alley back of the lot. Any one wishing to purchase s residence will do well to attend the pale. Terms : Une-balf cash, balance in three and six months, secured by a deed of trust on the prem ises. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. au 25 d GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Aucts. ? Y W. ?. LEWIS ft Co., Auctioneers. LARGE LOT OF PAWNBROKER'S GOODS AT AUCTION. THURSDAY, September 1st. at 9? o'clock, at store No. 307 Penn. avenue, we ehall sell a large stock of a Pawnbroker, embracing 60 fine Gold and Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Rings. Sets of Jewelry, ftc Also, lot of Men and Women'? Clothing, i*hoes, Bry Goods, Books, Musical In struments. Platfd Ware, with a large variety of other g'ods. At private sale, a 'plendid Resewood "-octave PIANO on- of tbe best in the city. W.B.LEWIS ft 00.. au 29 [Chron.l Auetioneers. ? Y JAS. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS OF A FAMILY DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING. On THURSDAY MORNING, September 1. at 10 o'clock, at lf?4 F street^next to the corner of 19th street, we shall sell the Furniture and Effects of a family declining housekeeping, comprising? Mahogany Parlor Furniture, finished in Plush and HairCloth Walnut Whatnot? and Fancy Tables Marble-top Center Table. Cerner Stand Bush and Cane-teat Chaire Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oil Cloth Gilt Window Shades, Rugs Two Extension Dining Tables Mahogany.Walnut and Painted Cottage Furniture Mattresses Bolsters, and Pillows Cooking and other Stoves Together with tbe usual assortment of Kitchen Utensils. Terms cash. au -0-d J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Aucts. ? Y WM. L. WALL ft CO., Aucts. At the Horse Bazaar, 0- Ls. evenne. SALE OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, &C. AT AUC TION. On THURSDAY MORNING, September I, com mencingat 1'? o'clock, we will sell, at our Bazaar, and Repository, comprising about? TWENTY FIVE HORSES. Full description at sale. Also? An assortment of Carriages. Top and No-top Bug gies, Sutlers' Wagons, Rockaways, German towns, Harness, Ac. au 31 It W. L. WALL A CO.. Aucts. ? Y GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. AUCTION SALE OF LOT OF GROUND. On TUESDAY, tbe 6th instant, at 6 o'clock p.m.. we shall sell, in front of the premises, part of Lot No. 9, in Square 523, having a front of 83 feet 1> inches on New Jersey avenue, between north M and ? sts. This lot is very handsomely situated, having an east front, in a commanding position. Term : Half cash; balance in 6 and 12 months, fer rotes bearing interest. All conveyance, stamps, ftc . at cost of purcha ser. Twenty dollari will be required when the prop erty is knocked off. Title indisputable. _ au 31d GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Aucts. ? Y GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Auctioneer?. No, 5?6, corner of 7th and D streets. HOUSESOLD FURNITURE. Ac., AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY, the 3d of September, at ?oo'clk a. n. . we shall sell atour Auction rooms, viz : One Rep Covered Parlor Suite, consisting of So fas, Eat y and Side Chairs, Haircloth Sofas, Chairs and Rockers One handsome Walnut Chamber ?sett, consisting of French i;?ds'.ead. Dressing Bureau, Wash tard. with marble top, Wardrobes, Chairs and Bocker . _ _ Painted Chamber Sett Cottage Bedsteads, Wardrobe?. Washstand? Tables Chairs, Desks and other t urniture Hair. Husk and other Mattresses Feathers, Pillows, Bolsters Brussels snd Three-ply CarpeU Cooking. Radiator and other Stoves And many other articles which we deem unneces sary to enumerate. _?..- ??. . __ Terms cash, as the goods are knocked off. au sud OREEN ft WILLIAMS, Aneto. URNI IIMPORTANT TO AND OTHERS _ W#> invite the attention of all ?"?^?"?"uarabne who are in want of FURNI TUREurHOSSEKBBPING GOOD8 to call and examine our large and extensive assortment, which we are prepared to offer /AT GRBAT BARGAINS, thereby making it an important item in the sale?? tionof FURNITURE end other H0UgBKEBpIN<} GOODS, always to be found st the well known establish meni;of McGREGOR ? ZIMMERMANN No. 630 Seventh street, between an 26-eolm Louisiana av and Dst .east side. ?f AF OF RICHMOND AND SUBRO??d??? AUCTION SALES, FUTURS DATS. D Y JAS. 0. McGUIRB A CO.. An,ti PEREMPTORY SALE ????? BUILDING ?/)t? ON 7?? AND -?? 8TRBST8. BETWEEN R AND S 8TREBTS NORTH. " On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, September 1 at? o'clock, en the premise?, we shall sell parts of Lata Nos. t and IX. in Square No. 419. subdivided into three Lota fronting 20 feet each on 7th street, between R and S streets north, and running baok ino fret, ani three Lots of a similar site Immedi? at*1y in tbe rear and fronting on 8th street. Terms: One-third in cash, the remainder in r, and 12 moni hs. with interest, secured by a deed of trust ODthe premises. .Conveyances and stamps at the cost of tbe per? chaser. ___? 25-d_JAMES C. McGUIRB AOO.. Aucts. g Y JAS. O. MoGUIBS A CO., Auctioneer?. 8>i'ii.nIVvCKBS2r,8??ND LOT ON MABT AT AUCTION TWK1N 4'? AND 6TH aT8?? On THI-B8DAY EVENING. Sept. 1st, st six o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell part of Lot T. in subdivision of Lota 7, 8. in and 11 in Square No. 492. fronting IS feet on Maryland avenue b#t 4 ' .? and 6th streets, running back 145 feet to ? wide Sublic alley, and improved by a two-story Uriah welling now occupied as a Bakery. Terms : #1.00? cash; balance in ? and 12 months, with interest, secured by ardeed of trust oath? premises. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. au23 dts J. C. Mod 1'IRB ft CO., Auct?. Y W. It. WALL A CO., Auctioneer?. Southwest corner Pa. avenue and 9th at. DT THOMAS BOWLING, Auct'r; Georgetows. GROCERIES. LTQUOBsT PLATFORM 80ALSS, SOORE FIXTURES, Ac. Ac, AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY M.'RNING, 8ept. 2d. at 10 o'clock, I will sell at the corner of Montgomery and Dun barton streets, a general assortment of Grocer i ee. Liquors, Platform Scales, Store Fixtnres, Ac, Ac. Terms cash. anan _TH03. DOWLINQ. Anct'r. ? BLACKSMITH 8 TOOLSj BELL0W8, Ac. A?., n ?__,_,_AT AUCTION On SATURDAY MORNINO. 3d September, at M ? . ? ?we W|U ?ell, in front of the Auction Rosaaa, lots of Blacksmith's Tools, Ac, comprising? ???' Bellows, 3 Anvils, 2 set* Stocks. Dies an* Taps 1 Patent Axle Setter 1 cast-iron Swedge Block 1 cast iron Mandrill Sledges, Fullers' Tongs And a general assortment of Tools, large and small; all that is requisite in a well ordered akep of the kind. Terms, cash. au 30 WM. L. WALL A CO., Aacta. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anctioseera TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE, STABLE. AN? CARRIAGE HOU8B, AND LOT, ON TUB ISLAND. AT AUCTION. On FRI DAY, the 2d of September, at 6 o'clock p. m., we shall sell, in front of tbe premises, south of one third part of Lot 26, in Sq'.a'e 5H. having s front of 22 feet in inches, on 3d st. west, between F and G streets south, running bark UM feet to an alley, with the improvements, which is as follow?: A good two-story Frame House, with a good Stable for five horse.; also. Carriage HouRe for two hack?, with good Hay Loft, suitable for any backman purpose. Terms made known on tbe day of sale. All conveyance and revenue stamps at the cost ef the purchaser. an ?d GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Aucts. ? Y JAMES C. McGUIRB ft CO., Auctioneer?. EXTENSIVE SALE OF BUILDING LOTS FOB ACCOUNT OE ST. JOHN'S 0II?KCH On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Beptemb-r ?th. at 6 o'clock,on the premises by order of the Vestry if St. Jobas Cburch.we shall sell the whole of Square No. 27?. fronting respectively on 12th end 13'h sts. west and north R and S sts ; tbe whole sublivided into fifty twe fine building lots, each with access to a public alley. P.ats may be obtained of the Auctioneers or on the premises? at the time of sale. Terms : One-third in cash; the remainder fi and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises Cost of conveyances end stamps to be paid by tk? purchaser. au.!i-d JAS. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Aucts. ? Y JAS. C. McGUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE O* BRICK DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH H. BETWEEN 13TH AND 14TH STREETS WBST. Bv virtue of a deed of trust from William H. Clampittaud wife, dated the 23d day of Septem ber, eighteen hundred and fifty eight, and duly re curded in Liber J. A. S., No. loi, folios 437, 438,and 4.?9, one of the land records for Washington coun ty. District of Columbia, I will sell at public auc tion, on the premises, on WEDNE8DAY AFTER NOON, September7th, at 6 o'clock, all that lot or parcel of land in the city of Washington, and Dis trict of Columbia aforesaid. )>eing part of Lots numbered one. twenty-nine, and thirty, ft, 29,30,) in Square numbered two hundred and fifty, (250.) as said Lots and Square are marked, laid down ans distinguished on the plan of said city; beginning tor said part at a point on the line of H street north, eight feet four inchests feet 4 inches least of the southwest corner of said lot numbered one. and running thence aast sixteen feet eight inches, (l*i teeth inches,) thence north ninety-two feet? (92 feet. ) thence weas sixteen feet eight inches. ? ?? feet 8 inches,) thence south ninety-two feet (97, feet) to the place of beginning, improved by a well built brick boute with all the modern improve ments. This property lies just east of the D?menos, buildings, and opposite the Presbyterian Church, and is one of the most desirable residences of its class in tbe city. Terms : One-half of the purchase money in cash: ?.v>> of which must be paid down at the time oc s ile, tbe remainder, with interest, in Smonta?. A deed will be given and a deed of trust taken tose cure the deferred payment. All conveyances, including revenue stamps, at the cost of the purchaser. Should the terms of sale not be complied with within three days, the Trustee reserves th? ri ?ht to re-sell at the risk anil expenses of the purcha ser, a: .er giving one week's notice in the National Intelligencer, or other newspaper published in Washington, JNO. D. McPIIBRSON, Trustee. an 22 d_J.O. McGUIRB A PP., Anets. CALB Of CONDEMNED QUARTERMASTER'S ? STORES. Chief Quartermasttr',s Offici, Washington Depot, I WASHIHOTOB. D. C, Aug. 27.1864.1 Will be rold at ?ubili auction, at Government Warehouse ??. 5. New York avenue, between 18th aDd i9th streets, Washington city, D. 0 on TUES DAY, September 6th, 1864, at 11 o'clock a. m., a let of Quartermaster's Stores, condemned as unfit for use or issue, viz : A large lot of Stoves and Stove Pipe. Boiler?, Ovens. Old Iron. Carpenter'? Teols, Desk?, Chairs, Scales. Shovels, Grindstones. Hardware, Brooms. Buckets, Pans, Old Copper. Brushes, ftc*. Ac Successful bidders will be required to remov? the stores within five days from the date of sale. Terms cash, in Government funds. D ? RUCKBB, Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster. sn27-9t_Depot of Washington. OFF1CB DEPOT COM'Y OF BUB8I8TBNCB. Washington. D. C. August 26.1364. Will be sold at Public Auction on MONDAT, September 5th, 1864, at 11 o'clock a. m., at the 6th street Wharf, Washington, D- C. the following public property, in good condition, viz : One Thousand (1,0-0) Beef Hides, salted. Fifty two 152) Beef Bides, dry. Eleven ( 11 ).Sheep Skins. Terms : Cash in Government funds _ 8. C GREENE. an 27-6t_Captain andQ. 8. ?. OFFICE DEPOT COM'RY OF SUBSISTING*. Washington, D. 0,, August 29. 1864. GOVERNMENT SALB. EMPTY BARRELS, BMPTY BARRBLB. Will be sold st public auction, at 6th street Wbarf Washington, D. 0., on the 5th day of Sep tember, 1864. at 11 o'clock a. m . the following empty Barrels, more or less : 4>0Pork Barrels, 2,483 Flour Barrels. 894 Coffee Barrel?. 266 Molasses Barrels, 135 Whisky Barrels. , ?32 Promiscuous Rarreis, 43 Bam Tierces. 856 Vin:gar Keg?. Also. - Iarse lot of Staves and Reading?. Terms: Cash, in Government fund?. AL purchase? to be removed m teo?sy? after Bale. O. C. QBBINS, au SMS_ Captain and C. 8. T. A CCTION SALE Of CONDEMNED HORSES. Was Dip.RTMBKT, Bubia?, 1 QMce of Chief (?uartermaster, I ?.? _ . Washington, D. C, August 3, 1864.1 , Will be sold at Public Auction, to the highest bidder, at the times and places named below, via: Reading, Pennsylvania. THURSDAY, August If, 1S64. Altoona, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY. August U. 1864. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY. September 1,1864. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY. Ben? temberd. 1S64. _ TWO HUNDRED (100) CAVALRY HORSES, at each place. _ These horses have been condemned as sn8t for the cavalry service ef tbe arm y. For road and farming purposes, many good bar gains may be had. Horses sold singly. Terms cash, in united State? currency. JAME8 A ERIN, Lt. Col. and Chief Quartremaater, ?u S-tseS_ ._Cavalry Bur??. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP -Th? Copartoexa?in exjstiu* betweea EDWARS OWKN andB?'t W.oW-fN. in the Mil, tar, an? ? "trai Menfcant Tailoring, under tbe arm U E OWEN ftTJON.for the last 20 years, is tbis day by mutual consent. The business In future wiB be conducted by SAM'L W.0WBN, at their eia stand,U19 Pennsylvaaia avenue, to whoa pay ments will be made ef all outstanding debts dae tbe late Bras. E OWEN. _ Angast-ttise?. [anllm] SAM'L W. OWBN. REfBIG.lRATORS, ?????_ WATER GQ0LER8, AT COSTI AT costr We would call the attention of thepab- - lie to our ?took of RRFRIGBRATOBB and WATER COOLERS, which, we are ? closing out at prime cost We advise ?ill in quest of tbe abeve article? to giva us s*_* call and be sure of s bargain H BON??, Successor to Sont? ft Grill th, an S-tw SftB Tth ?treet. near I. DYETBBINARY 8?BGR0N. R- J. B. McKAY, Member of the Royal Y. ?. College, Edinburgh. AU Diseases ?rtbe, Harae treated in the moat scienti flc aa nor. Charges moderate. Also, Bor? bought and sold on commission. Oic# ??? 9? Howard'?, a street, betweea ffch sad *h, Wash Ington. ss 5 im

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