Newspaper of Evening Star, September 1, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 1, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMU8IMMTB TO-NIOHT. Ford's Thbatbr.???The Irish Emigrant," "The Young Aetress," and "The Irish Mor mon," will all be perform -d to-night at Ford s. Mr. Florence will appear as ?Tim O'Brien, ?Mr. Camomile,'' and ?Bryan O'Lyea," and Mrs. Florence in a number of characters, and bey will b? mily sustained by an able com 1 any. To- mor row night Mr. Florence takes a benefit. t a? TBB r ? by.?Sal lie Snnderland and Agnes i utlterlard, the sweet singers; John Mulligan, Hilly Emerson, Bob Hall, et al., tbe amusing iltbiops; Si*? or Henrico, the strong man, who j.iays with cannon balls as though tbey were marbles; and a nnmber of other vocalists, . an ere. and arousing individuals will appear to-night in a fine bill. F.i trNOBK A Footh's great moral exhibition, nt Odd >elio*s' Hall, continues to be a source of enjoyment to a large number of visitors who ?iesire to see the unique performances of tbe little peop.e. Com. Foot?, Col. Small, and Miss J-..1/S Neste;. The vocalists and musicians come In for a deserved share of praise. Feri? Fs?tival.?Remember the delightful iruit festivitl now in progress at Union League Rooms, under the auspices of the ladies of the Methodist Protestant Churcb. Thb District Democracy ahd thb Nomi nations at CHICAGO? Our Special Dutch Re porter About ?The National Democratic As sociation held another meeting at Parker's Hall last mght, and the regular officers not having yet returned ircm Chicago, J. D. 4;lark, Esq., was called to tbe chair, and J. F. Halidav, Esq. acted as secretary. The room was well filled,and the crowd at large evinced considerable enthusiasm over the Chicago nom inations, though with most of the leading spirits of the Association (who are of the V loreace-Breckinridge stripe, as opposed to the Belmont. Doue las stripe of the old wings of the Democracy,) th* nomination of McClellan is a pill not altogether pleasant to take. An opportunity was given persons to join, and the following: signed the cons'.itituion, viz: Cleo J. Johnnon, Wm. B. Dyer. Samuel Strong, Tins. E? Waddy, Dr. John B. Blake, John Little. Delias Kearson, James Curtain, Jesse ? Wilson, and Thos. Wright. Mr. John ? Li ? is. amid considerable enthu siasm,read 'be dispatch announcing the nomi nation of McClellan and Pendleton, aud it was followed by applause, and then speakers were called for, and Frederich Schmidt came for ward. They bad bee-art, he said, of ter clorions nomination at Chick-&-go of Shorge Pa Mu clellan for ter Fre?hdency, eut now all that vash neeear> tu ?usure success vash energetic action on 'er part of men who tair tooties know, and, knowing, dare maintain. [Ap plause.] How vas it four years go, and now ish'tnow .' Freemen are not permitted free dom of speech, tbe press ish muzzled, ter churches, eten. had been seized, and now ter ?varry stones cried out against this wiokei gov ernment, who ? out now be called upon to give an account of its domes. [Applause 1 It vash a happy nogeery that they vas here permitted to assemble to discuss questions ot National bo shy Six months ago tbey coot not have helt su>-h meeting without taloger ot imprisonment. Now ail who support not ad ministration are called coppairheads! Vail, we are all ?oppairheads [laughter and ap plause]; ceppate vash better as gxeenbicks, and if copp-iirheads got power we will have something ? j ngle in our pockets. Ter green backs and ter sheenblasters wash nasty sturi. He voot tell'hem leetel story. One man paid him fee of theen blasters in a roll vlsb he put in vaistcoat pocket. At dinner time something Bbmell pad?ver pad. He look at his boots, and he look at ter cat, and he look at ter paby to see what VHth siimeli so bad; ent then he fouu ! it va-h ter roll ot sbeenblasters een his -vaistcoat. that so thunk. [Laughter.J Sheen blaster? vash bad currencv. The country is lull ot shoddy made out sweat of brow of la boring classes. Tbair must be change and the people must exert their richte as free men. If this whs revolutionary then he vash revolutionist. [Applause.1 And ter r'chts of Mates must be maintained. [Applause.] Ter beepels of ter South have right to say bow they will conduct thair own affairs and it tbey will or not have slavery. [Great applause ] Now we prepare ter have meeting on 17th i?ept?mber unt let n? have a pig meeting, let us have snch pig demonstration ?fter heepel as will startle ter monster in ter Vite House unt make him trempie! [Applause.] But first we want som?? muni-h. out though greenbacks isti cot goot mon ?? h u e .-hall be varry glat ter have you coo m up to ter stand and geev us some jreenba ks [Laughter and applause ] Mr. Scbmia* then took Die seat, and," on mo iion, Messrs. Maun, McGuire and Dyer were appointed a committee to confer with Mr. McElbanv relative to procariug the flag of the old Democratic Association. It was announced tbat the flag was not ready to be boisied at 9 o'clock, as proposed, and a motion wat> made to hoist it at I o'clock to-mor Tow 'hi- j afternoon, at which time the names of the candidates will be inscribed upon it. Messrs. Lyon, Thomas, Clark, Morseli and Grimes were appointed a committee to hoist the flag. T. G. Clayon, Esq., after sundry calls had been made, tick the stand, and proceeded to read the resolutions adopted at the Chicago Convention, which was accomplished after a consldeiable effort, those immediately about tbe stand paying some attention, but others in tie back pan ot the nail creating more or less c ?illusion by lond talking and moving about. After resini.e the resolutions, Mr. Clayton t-aid he was here to night to hear the intelli gence ot tbe nomination of George B. Model lar, and George H. Pendleton. The campaign will be a short one, but it will be ?ne ot the most excitable that has ever taken place in the I'nited States. We have to contend with a party in power, terribly powerful in itself, and whlcn bad, in nddition, a large army to back It But we must change the Government, ? tabli?h ? be ngh's ot all the States, and re turn to the original principles upon which the I'nicn was rounded. [Applause] The great men nominated at Chicago would be elected with a powerful majority, and there was no cne found to oppose them in the Democratic ranks except interlopers and latter-day saints, who bad always battled against the Demo cratic party, and came in at the eleventh hour to share the spoils: and when their claims were not recoi uized, again bolted. A voice.??Who were you /or in l-<>01" Another voice.??'Ain't you a latter-day saint."' ? Laughter and applause.] Mr. Clayton continued, (unheedingthe inter ruption,) and said the worus useil against their opponents by the Democracy would be soft, but the arguments would oesiroug, [applause, j and when we come up to the grand meeting on September 17th, let us call out all we can, and bave sucha meeting as will make the Admin istration feel iti power and influence. [Ap plause.] He (the speaker) was an admirer of McClellan, and had studied his history, and he defied the Administration to put its linger cu one act of McClellan that could sustain the charges brought against him He ( McClellan ) had always bad the confidence of tbe Govern ment, and bis report upon the Crimean war was a monument to tbe intelligence of his bead and tbe goodness of his heart. He was superior to any military man in tbe country, and as a statesman be bad no superior. [Ap plause.] In oratori he was chaste, beautiful and pure, and stood as high as an Everett. (Applause.] This Administration will do all in its power to defeat our nominee, of course, ?but let us all work. [Applause.] In conclusion, Mr. Clayton urged the De mocracy to stand firm, and beware of those v. ho would come in at a late hour, for the pur pose of reaping tbe benefits of a new admiuis ' ration. Tbe Democracy desired all the co operation tbey could get. They would let sinners return, but as Henry A. Wise said, tuey could come to the altar only as penitents, and until tbey proved their penitence, should ? ot be allowed to sip at tbe chalice. [Ap i.lause ; Tbe Association then adopted a resolution to have tbe flag raising at 7 o'clock instead of 4, and tbe meeting then adjourned to meet again this evening In size and vim the meeting was a decidedly r time affair compared with the irrepressible ?temonstrations of the uproarious full-blooded l>emocracy of yore TH? WASHIHOTOB EXBMHTIOH A880CIA -n>?.?Last evening, in pursuance to the fol owing notice, a meeting was held at the City lall atd was atu-nded by over one hundred arsone, most ot them being our own citizen? ? '???,??? Exemption Fanti, A'e?ce.?The mem bri? of the Exemption i und will m??et at City lall, witboot tail, iu the Council Chamber, ?Vednesdav evening, Aug. 31, at 8 o'clock, for be purpose of organization and election of fflcers, with a view of extending the number ?t memoes?, as scores and hundreds are daily making applicstion for membership, hence The meeting was called to order by Mr. R. ; Davi?, and a permanent organization was .fleeted by theelectiooof tne fol lo wine officers: ?resident, A Llovd; Vice President, C. I Can aid. Secretary, W H. Pope; and Treasurer, T*he Cna?r stated that the object was well bown, and no speech was needed, but he sug ?eted tbat as Mr. Barron was the principal nover in tbe matter, he give his views; and tat gentleman came forward and remarked tal about a week since be had spokea to some o his acquaintance? upon the plao, and tbey nd Joined him, some twelve or fifteen putting raiuO each, and it was concluded to adver? tu it. He thought he had eried in limiting th number. One of tbe obiects of the meeting ws to decide whether the ? amber should be liiited, and adopt such other regalata?? as ihr should see At He ?t first thought of ma kig an arrangement with the Baak of Wash. ington to reoelre the mosey, but the banking hours were inconvenient for the mechanic, and he bad spoken to Mr. Bacon, who had kiadly consented to act aa treasurer. The plan seemed to take, and already it had gone far beyond hi? most sanguine expectation?, the book now con taining about 160 names, and score?, were ap plying each day. This plan he regarded as perfectly fair. Some gentleman here asked how many were enrolled in the District. Mr. Jenks replied that about one in every seven and a halt would draw a prize. Mr. Hurley said be had understood that eome of the* wards had nearly filled their quotas?the Seventh, Second and Fourth. He also understood tbat there had been enrolled about 19,(NK> names, and tbat the quota of the city would be about 1,5(0, and he asked if tt ?se putting in substitutes did not have them credited to tbe respective wards. Mr. H. moved tbat all tbe signers who have paid be considered members. Adopted. Mr. Bacon stated that 16<i persons hed signed the book. UDd the money, S16,9t?A bad been de posited In tbe Bank of Washington. Mr. B. bad been called upon to act as president and treasurer on the primary organization, and bad done so from a desire to benefit his fellow citizen??be not having any money in the as sociation, not being subject to draft. He had received money from two persons in the coun ty, bnt none from Georgetown. Mr. Pfleffer stated tbat his name was on the books; he was enrolled here aud in Pennsyl vania, aud wished to know if he was drafted in either place whether he wonld be entitled to benefits ! Mr. Hnrly iaid if he intended to stand the draft in Pennsylvania he was not entitled to membership. The treasurer was directed to retnrn Mr. P. his money. Mr. Pope. What was to be done with the enrplns after tbe drafted members was pro Tided for? Tbe obligation was then read, which states tbat tbe signers pledge their sacred honor in case the amount is not sufficient to procure for each dratted man a substitute, a sufficient proportionate amount will be made up by them Mr. Davis suggested that those drafted who would be exempt on examination by the sur geon after the draft be not entitled to benefits. On motion ot Mr Rome, a committee was appointed to d raft resolutions for the govern ment of the association, composed of Messrs. Barron, Roose, Hurley, Elliott, and Holts lander. After a short absence the committee returned and reported tbe following: This Association shall be called the Washing ton City Exemption association. Tbe object of this association sball be to afford mutual aid to the members of the associa tion in procuring substitutes should any of the members be drafted in the approaching draft. Tbat persons enrolled and subject to draft in tbe city of Washington, D. C. may become members of this association by paying tbe treasurer one hundred dollars and signing these articles: ProviiUd, Tbat the association shall not exceed five hundred persons In num ber. Tbat in case of a draft, the funds of this as sociation, after paying tbe necessary incidental expenses, shall be equally distributed among the members of this association who may be dratted for military service, unless they are ex empt from military duty. The officers of this association shall be a president, vice president, treasurer, and secre tary. The president, vice president and secre tary shall constitute a board ot directors to car ry into equitable effect the object of the associa tion. That sbould there be no draft to fill tbe quota of the city before the first day of December, A. D. 1864, each member sball be entitled to receive his one hundred dollars, less bisequit able share of the necessary expenses of this as scciation. The treasurer shall not pay out any moneys of this association except on tbe order of the board of directors, signed by the president, and countersigned by the secretary. Tbat the subscription books of this associa tion shall be closed September 3, 1?64, at 10 p. ro . and tbe treasurer be authorized to print 4W? copies of the names of the members of tbe association for distribution. A gentleman moved that the amount to be paid to each drafted man shall not exceed issu. Several Voices?"Uh no! No limits'." The mover answered, that possibly there would be but few dratted, and in that case tbey would receive more than what was ne cessary. Voices?"They may have my hundred." "Mine too." ??Yes, give them all." The mover remarked, "I am satisfied if the others are," and withdrew his motion. Mr. Hurley offered a vote of thanks to Messrs. T. H. Barron and P. F. Bacon, for their exer tions in the movement, and it was adopted. Mr. Halstead offered a resolution that any member putting In a substitute before the draft be entitled to receive his 9100; which was laid on the table. On motion of Mr. Davis, the meeting ad journed to Tuesday night. -_a? Thk lNTELLio_avcBB of to-day has only nine items taken lrom us wl'hout credit. SPECIAL NOTICES. -?? "A Slight CoLn,'' Coughs.?Few are aware of the importance of checking a Cough or "slight ..ary _. they can be carried occasion requires. Corns, Bunions, Ingrowing Kails,etc. Persons Wishing immediate relief from these troublesome annoyances, should call at Dr. White's room?. No. 424 I'enn'a av . bet. IJ_ and 6th sts. au H -tf Do top c-lor your whiskers and moustache' If so, u.-e the "Japanese Hair Stain." Mo hair dye In the world equal toit. 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Pay by the week, or commissions given. Apply at 4 fio 7th street, Room No, 4. Also, a good, acMve BOY. Good wages will be given._au 31 -3t* WANTED IN GEORGETOWN-Two white WOMEN?one to cook, wash and iron.tb? other to nurRe. None but competent ones need apply. References required. No. 90 West street, Georgetown. _au 31 3t* WANTED-By a young woman, a SITUATION in a small family as chambermaid, and to assist in washing and ironing, and make herself generallyueeful. Apply at No. ?01 12th street, between m and ? streets. an 31 2t* WANTED?A WOMAN to wash by the month. Inquire at the Bbbit House. au 3 >-3t* WANTED?A respectable GIRL between 13 and Ji> years of age to do light chamberwork. Ad dressRox No. 1. Star Office._an 3 >-3t* WANTED?A WOMAN fwhit?) to cook. Also one to wash dishes and make beds. 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New and elegant patterns received weekly for Yokes, Bands, Pantaletts, Capes, 8bawls, Slippers, Pin Cushions, ftp. an 12 tf WA NT ? D-8E00NP HAND FURNITURE Also, MIRRORS. CJP?PET8, BBD8. BED DING, and HOUSEFURN?PflING GOODS of every description. B. BU0Hj?flr, 4 2* 7tb street. ieS-tf between G and H,east side. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MT8 ???? DRAFT IN GEORGETOWN, D. C. Mayor's Office. Gtortetorcn D. C, Aug. 27.18S4. Those citizens of tbe town who are subject to the approaching draft to furnish soldiers for our army, and who desire to avoid that service, are in vited to join in the following self insuring scheme : Every citizen who is liable to he drafted can de posit the sum of One Hundred Dollars in the Bank of Commerce. The whole sum so deposited will constitute a fund for the exclusive benefit of those of the deposi tors who may be drafted The scheme will work thn? : Should there he one hundred depositors, for instance, and only twenty of them be drafted, eighty would he protected from service by paying one hundred dollars eaoh, while tbe whole ten thousand dollars would be distributed in sums of five hundred dollars each to the twenty who were dratted. With that they conld obtain substitutes or keep the money and go into service, at their own option. Of course the real result will he ao varied from tbe one here given as an illustra'ion as to make it more or less beneficial to the drafted parties ; but there is this absolute certainty about it. that every drafted man will get the whole of his money back, with the almost equal certainty of more than double that sum, aad a probability of his re ceiving a sum of not Use than five hundred dollars. In this scheme there ean be no juggling, no pre cedence of favorite individuala, or trirks played off upon tbe ui-suspecting. There will b- but two well ascertained parties : those who escape the draft and lose their hundred dollars, and those who are draft?** and get all the money deposited by tbe whole association. r-hould thi? scheme fail o'a faverableresult, or work any particular hardship to one of the de positors, the subscriber baa in view an al.iunctive s?beme which will afford theneeessarv relief with oet any additional costs to the association. For any further information apply to au 27 lw HEN K Y ADDI80N, Mayor. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION STOCK. Tbose persons who may be disposed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stock, which bears an int? rest of six per eent. per annum, payable quarterly, ean obtain some by applying to WM. DAIRD. Clerk of said Corporation. je29-dt01 TOWING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, bytks 1 Petomae Tow Company's boats, "Potomac." "Gov. Ourtin" and "Belle Haven." Apply to the Cantai as on board, er to 1 iP JOHN B. DAVIDSON, my IS- Water atrset. Georgetown I GEORGE FORBEST, jATE Quartermaster United States Army, Adjusts Officers, Ordnance, Quartermaster's, and Commissary's ACCOUNTS. 404 Tenth street, an 24-lm?_WaahiogtoB. P. 0. BILLIARD TABLES 'OR SALB.-The BUbsori? ber has THRaB FIR8T CLASS > i ?w BILLIARD TABLES, nearly new, 4M A whle?? he will dispose of very lew. ?^?^G Inquire at the Billiard room, ?ornar ? " ?? f lltb wtrse* and Pennsylvania avenan ta M-tf UDUBON'S BIRDS OF NORTH AMERIO A. ? five, vols., rovai mUto or test, sad one i a cent folio volume of p?a???, (aite 27 by 43 "India?. Fer aale?one oopy only _FRANCE TAYLORS STAMPINO AND EMBH0IDJ5RING done with 0 neatness sad dispatch, sud at th? lowest prices, at 4SI MassMhuseUs arena?, near the Northern Liberty Market._an 84-in? pBRmiBN'S NEW TOPOGRAPHICAL WAR Jr MAP OF THB BOUTfREN STATES, with ? Chronology ef the Great Rebellion: m oseta. HU FRANCE TAT? - AUS in FOB RENT AND SALE. FOB SALB-A good BUSINESS, warranted te pay from fifty to si ? ty dollars net s week. For particulars inquire at 4_4g 7th at._??p l-St* FOB BSNT-Two or three BOOMS, furnisbel or unfurnished, < for gentlemen only,) at No. 280 N?w York avenue._aep 1 St* COMPORTABLE FUBNISHBD BOOMS on sec ond floor at No. IS ? street, one door below 8th street, bythcNottbern Market. sep 1-lw* FOB BBNT-A desirable second ?tory FBONT BOOM furnished, suitable for one or two gen tlemen. Befereace required. Apply at No. 426 N st., bet. 13th and 14 th sts._sep l-3t? FUBNISHBD BOOMS TO RBNT. without Board to gtntlemen only?34 7 ? street, near 13th. Inquire of ?1rs. ?. ? BTBPHBNB?N. au31-tf FOR RENT IN GEORGETOWN -Two FCB NI8BED ROOMS for gentlemen only. Apply at No. 90 West street. Georgetown. au 31-3t? FOR RBKT?A comfortable two-story BRICK BOUSE, in a pleasant neighborhood, and con venient to tbe Washington and Georgetown Rai'? road._(au 31-3t*J_Georgetown, D C. ffOR RENT-TbeTWAREH0U3E in rear of store 519 7tb st .and hack of the Avenu? Bouse. Entrance by the alley from D St. JNO. OGDBN, sa Si 3t? 61 9 7 th street. HANDSOMELY FURNfSH?I&ROOMB, with or without board, pleasantly situated on 21st street, between G and B. east side. Also. TABLE BOARHERg wanted_au <l-3t? FURNISHED BOOMS TURENT st low rate, _atthe corner of L and 8th st._an 3"-3t* F~ ?R BBNT-Alarge anddes?rable FURNISHED FBONT ROOM in the second story. Apply at .179 3d street, between D and E north an 3>-3t? ROOMS FOR RENT, and a Dining Room and Kitchen. Also, for ?ale. a rich Medaliou Vel vet Carpet and Plimton Bedstead. Apply 373 Pennsylvania avenue._an 3' 3t* FOR RBNT-Two unfurnished rooms. suitable for housekeeping. Aso, one F?R NISBED FRONT ROOM, for gentlemen. Inquire at second house from northeast corner 17th and ? streets. _an 3?-3t* FORRENT-Tbree FURNISHED BED BOOMS and one PARLOR, and for esle two FRAME BOl'SES, four roimsand a kitchen eacb:and also one HORSE and BUGGY. Call at 424 E st.. bet. 8th and 9th streets north._an3"-3t* F^OR RENT-Par' of a STORE ROOM, suitable for Clothing, Shoe, or Provision, at No. 452 New York avenue, between 14th and isth. Also, one third story front ROOM, furni?h*d or unfur nished, witb or without BOARD, on L street. No. ?34 between 8th and 9th._au 30 3t* ARABS CHANCB ?The good-will and fixtures of a RESTAURANT for sale. Th? house ecn taiaseleven rooms, all of which is private. The cause for selling is tbe proprietor wishes to retire from business. Apply at the Columbia House,C ?treet, near the Baltimore depot._ *<L*'^!r*L FOR 8ALB-A fine LOT, with H0UHS. The lot ia situated at tbe intersection of Maryland av enue and r street, fronting OSS feet and running back 158H feet, with side al'e y 15 feet and back alley 90 feet. Thehoure is two story, containing two rooms and shed attached For further in formation apply to DAN 1 EL KELLY, corner of Md avenue and ? st., between i2th and 13th sts., Capitol Hill._au SO-St? ?TORE TO LBT-Gss lighted, centra ty located, ?^ provided witb nil fixtures, and with a back room attached. Apply at -335 F street between 9th and Nth._su 88-tf FOR BENT-The largeand commodious ROOMS comprising the second, third and fourth sto ries over J.L Kidwell's new Drug Store on Est., near corner of Pa. av. and 14th st., two doors be low W i Hards' Hotel. _au29-tf_ _JOHNL. KIDWELL. FARM FOR SALE.TNlnety acres of ?rood Farm ing Land, six miles from Washington, over the Navy Yard bridge, near the cross roads lead ing from Washington to ? i scat a way. and from Upper Marlboro to Alexandria for further par ticulars address II. M.. Star Office. au W-lw* F~OR RBNT?A ROOM on 15th ?treet, opposite tbe Treasury Department, adapted to the use of a Banker or Broker, having connected with it a very commodious and substantial v*ult. In quire of WILLIAM ORME, No. 312 Peno ave.. between loth and llth ?ta. au 27-3w R?1?K C HAN C B-T he GOO D WIL L and F ? X TURBSoftwoof th? best stores iutheeity; suitable fer clothing or shoe business. Apply at J.B. SMITH'S. No.4t>0 7thst._au 2S-tf TBE SUBSCRIBE ? offers at private sale a very valuable aud productive FARVI, situated in the District of Columbia, one mile east of B?n ning's Bridge, containing sixty acres of excellent land, well watered The improvements, a large two-story Frame Dwelling. nearly new, with tie necessary out- buildings. Persons wishing to pur chase are invited to examine the premises. A very pleasant drive of three miles, over a good road, from Washington city, au?oj-eolm*__J__ROBERT K. NBVITT. OR SALB-Amost excellent FRAME HOUSE, ?ituated on south L street, between 2Ut and 22d, containing 12 rooms. Will be sold a great bar gain, and immediate possession giveo. Apply to MITCHELL A SON, Real Esta'e Brokers, south east cerner of lMh st. and Pa. a v._au 23-tot* FCRNliB^DBOOMS^OlTRENT-At No. '225 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Willards' Bo tel._an 19-2w? FOR SALE-DRUG STORE, BRICK BOUSE and' three BUILDING LOTS. Inquire at No. 4 ?4, Mass, avenue, near Cth st._an i8-lm* FOR-S?LE?A three story and attic BRICK BOUeB and outbuildings, on North Capitol street, between ? and C, No. 394, nearly opposite the Washington Railway, near the Depot Bouse. containing 10 rooms; a vacant lot adjoining; front of 65 by 80. For further particulars inquire of WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. No. 3?S Pennsylva niaHv._au 16 WE OFFEB POR SALB, at a great bar? ai n a small FARM, containing about 65 acres, well improved with new dwelling and all necessary ont houses. Tbis property lies about 4 miles from Center Market, on the Benmng'.s Bridge road across Eastern Branch, is in a hi?h andhealthy situation, with an abundance of wood. Terms made known on application to 8 WEEN Y A CO .Real Estate Brokers. an 15- lm_Corner 7th and O streets. F'OR BALB?The three story BRICK BOUSE and U>T. No. 561 9th street, (Island.) be tween D and E streets. The house contains nine rooms, and has convenient out-buildings, Ac. Apply to W. D. WALLACB, at the Star Office, au ll-tf _ FOB 8ALE-A TBACT OP LAND, mostly woo<T land, about one mile beyond and north of Rock Cre^k Church, containing about 34 acres UHA8. M. MATTHEWS, Attorney-at- Law, corner Bridge and Congress streets, Georgetown, or corner 3th ? trett and Penn. avenue, Washington city, au 10-eo6t* F G OBLINO HOUSE FOR 8ALB. The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi ness, and oflers his well mown house for rale. Any one wishing to engage in a LUCRATIVE BUSIN ES8 can call on the Proprietor. .4 7 Penn sylvania arenne, between 12th and 13th sts. au 8 4w?_ FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 450 12th street, east side, between G and H sta. The situation is one of the most desirable in Wash ington^_;_an2-lm FOR SALE.?The subscriber wishes to sell a FARM, containing about 25" aerees, mor? or less, distant about four miles from Washington, D. C. over the upper Bastero Branch bridge. A large body of tbe land is in good limber, and about forty acre? of superior meadow land. Title indis Sutabl?. Address J. D., Box 384, Washington. . 0. au 1-lm* JAY tUOKE A CO., BANKERS, Fiftkbkth Stbbet. opposits U. 8. Trbasort, Receive Subscriptions for the NEW <J. S. 7 3-10 LOAN authorised by the act of June 30th, 1364. Tbe notes will be issued under date of August 16th, in denominations of ?50, 8100. 9500,91.000 and 95,000, payable to bearer or order, bearing interest at 7 3-10 per centum per annum, payable seml-an nually, and will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity into aix per cent. Five Twenty Bonds. We buy and aell? GOVERNMENT BONDS of all issue?. TBBAS?RY NOTBB. CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, ? . And COIN, And pay the highest price for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE CBEOKS. Jy27-tf_JAY COOKS A CO. /*tWm F ? R ? ? ? U ? E . R\ ft- FURNITURE. PW ?????? FURNITURE. '** We have now in store and are daily receiving tbe largest and best assorted stock of CABINET WARE tejer offered to the citizen? of Washington and Georgetown, which we pledge ouraelvei to sell on as reasonable terms as any hone* south of New York. It is unnecessary to particularise ar ticles, as our atoca embrace? ?very conceivable artie'e to be found in a first-class Ilousefurniehiug establishment. BOTELBR A WILL80N. 319 Pa. ave., bet. 9th and 10th ata. anx4-eodtoci [Con. Union.! _ L1GBTNING RODS.-LIGHTNING RODS - The undersigned 1? prepared to furnish and put up LIGHTNING K0?8, witb platina tipped points, at the ?hortest and roost reason able term?. Also, BELL-HANGING done in the m< st approved styl?. Work dune in the country st city price?. 0. SCHNEI DIR, _, an 18-lm? 871 Penn av., Washington. P. O BFINED 8UGAB8.-This day received, 1? barrels Lowering ft Co.'s Crashed, Powdered, and 8oft Crashed Sugars. ? . . as g-4t . "* BBNJ. BBALL. IMfl LIMBI UMir-Iam nowPRPare-l to deliver freak btrn?d POTOMAO LIMB, pr?? ? without coming sar?<l from my new Fissa? Kiln, Ceontset witi th? fuel. "G ?tua Lime Kiln, Oraak Bridge. D. ? ?MIBJHABY 8UB?rBOK. B. J.B. McKA?, Member of the Boyal ?. ?. College, Edinburgh. AU Disease? ef the _B\__ Herw treated in th? moat scientific men- ??3? per. Charge? moderate. Also, Horase"^?*^ bought and sold on oommiaeion. Office st J. 0. Howard'?, ? street, betweea eth aa? Tth, vTssa Ington._'_________! CAPTAIN BRANDO OF THB "OBNTIPBDB;" .H?? LoTe? *nd Bxploita. By Oapt. H. A. Wie? ^V^^P^B? TATLO?, AUCTION SALES, TH1R AFTKHWOOPl AMP TO.IWORItOW DT JAB. 0. McGUIBR_A CO., AuctieDeers. PEREMPTORY 8ALB OF SIXBUILDTNG LOTS ON 7TH AND *TU 8TRRRT8, BETWEEN ? AND 8 8TRERT8 NORTH. "??? ? On THURSDAY AFTRRNOON, September i,?t ? o'clock.en the premi?ea, we shall sell parta of Lots Nos ! and 12. in Square Ne 419. subdivided into three Lote fronting 20 feet each on 7th atreet. between Rand 8 streets north, and running back loo feet, and three Lots of a similar size immedi ately in the rear and fronting on 8th street. Terms- One-tbiro in cash, the remainder in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. , '?? , .. Conveyances and stamps at the cost o? the pur chaser anzad JAMBS 0. MoG?IRR AC?-, Aueta. I?Y JAS C. MoGUIRR A cfr.. Auctioneers. SMALL BRICK H0?8R~?ND LOT ON MARY LAND AV.. BETWEEN 4', AND 6TH STS , AT AUCTION. Ob THURSDAY EVENING. Sept. 1st, at six 0 clock, on the premises, weshall sell part of Lot T, in subdivision of Lots 7, 8. 10 and 11, in Square No. 492, fronting 15 feet on Maryland avenue, bet. 41.. and 6th streets, running back 145 feet to a wide Sublical'ey. and improved by a two story brick welling now occupied as a Bakery. Terms: pl.ttO cash; balance in 6 and 12 montivs, with interest, secured by aedeed of trust on the premises. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. au23-dta J. C. MoGUIRB A CO.Auct*. DY TH0MA8 D0WLING, Auct'r; Georgetown. GROCERIES, LIQUORS, PLATFORM SCALES. BOOM FIXTURE. Ac. Ac, AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY MORNING. 8?p*.. 2d, at 10 o'clock. 1 will sell at the corner of Montgomery and Dun barton streets, a general assortment of Gr-'ceri-s, Liquors, Platform Scales. 8t<>re Fixtures, Ac , Ac. Terms cash. au 30 TH03. BOWLING. Auct'r. ? Y WM. L. WALL A CO . Auctioneers. At the Horse Bazixr, 9f> La. av. A PAIR NORTHERN DRAUGHT HORSKS, WAGON, AND NEW YORK TRUCK AT AUC TION. On SATURDAY MORNING, 3d inst.. at l? o'clk. at the Bar.aar.we will sell? A pair of Excellent Northern Draught Horses. A New Vork Truck. A Covered Wagon. Sets Double Barness. Two Op?-n Barouches. Pair of Horses and flames?. A BAY PONY, FIVE YEARS OLP. Brought from Salt Lake City. A splendid riding animal for a Lady or Boy, Infine conditi ? ani stylish appearance. Fifty other Horses. Carriages. Germantown, Top, and No Top Bug gies. Ac., Ac. Terms rash. _ sepl-2t W. L WALL A CO., An?ts. ? Y GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. BEAUTIFUL FABM OR COUNTRY 8EAT AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the ?ith inst., we shall sell, at 6o'clock p. m.. on ihe premises, that beautiful niece or parcel of land attached to the former res idence of H W. Blunt. Bnq . near Tenuallytown, about one and a balf mil?? from Geortretowa, on the Rockv?le Turnpike road. This land adjoins the lande of Messrs Lougbborough and Carter, an<t Mrs. A J. Lyle. Tb i ? sale presen?? a rare opportunity to a gen tleman wishing a fine country Seat, the neighbor ing society bein1; the very best, and possessing all the advantages of proximity to town and ma ket. Tbe view is beautiful, commanding a prospect of from twelve to seventy miles, of the most pic turesque and romantic scenery. The soil is kind, and well adapted to the culture of a vegetable gar den, the most of it having a beautiful southeast exposure. The land, whicn contain? about twen ty-five acres is susceptible of division intothr*e ?>r more lots, each of which contain brautiful building sites, and will be sold in separate lots, if desired, We respectfully invite tbe attention of persons wishing to purchase h handsome site for a private residence, and the public in general to this sale, as it prefen's ver? rare inducements, and the sale will he well worthy uf their attention. Terms: One-balr cash; balance in six rronthfl. for note hearing interest. A deed given and a deed-f trust taken Title indisputable. au 24-d GREKN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. S7-TI1K A BOVE SALE IS POSTPONED UNTIL WEDNESDAY, toe 7th of September, InsUat, same hour, when it ?i 1 positively take vlace. sep Id OREEN Ac WILLIAMS. AucLs. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer? AUCTION SALE OP LOT OF GROUND. On TUESDAY, the 6th instant, at 6 o'clock p.m.. we shall sell, in frost of 'be premises, part of Lit No it, in Square E3S, having a front or 83 f?et 1> inched on New Jersey avenue, between north M and ? st?. This lot is very hands ?in el y situated, lia vi n?: an east front, in a commanding position. Terms: Half cash; balance in 6 and 12 months, fer rotes bearii g interest. All conveyance, stamps, kc . at cost of purcha ser. Twenty dollar? will be required when the prop erty is knocked otf Title indisputable. au31 d GREEN ?: WILLIAMS, Aueta. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers No, S4J6, corner of 7th and D streets. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Ac, AT AUC G???. On SATURDAY, tbe 3d of September, at !?? o elk a. m.. we sball sell atour Auction rooms, viz : One Rep Covered I'arlor Miite, consisting of So fas. Kasy and Side Chairs, Haircloth Bofas, Uhairs and Rochers One handsome Walnut Chamber Sett, consisting of French H dsU-ad, Dressing Bureau, Wa?h stand. with marble top, Wardrobes, Chairs and Rocker Painted Chamber 8ett Cottage Bedsteads, Wardrobes. Washstande Tables. Chairs. Desks and other Furniture Hair, Husk and other Mattresses Feathers. Pillows, Bolsters Brussels and Three ply Carpets Cooking, RadiHtor and other Stove? And many other artillas which we deem unneces sary to enumerate. Terms cash, as tbe goods a"e knocked off. au 31 d GREEN & WILLIAMS. Aueta. ? Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OP VACANT LOT8. On WEDNA8DAY AFTERNOON, September 14, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a decree of tbe Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, dated May 10th, I8M, made in a certain cause wherein Wm. Bird et al. ar?? complainants and II. R. Marrynian, trustee of Z. Ha/el. deceased, is defendant. No. 886. equitv, I shall sail the follow ing described vacant Lots, vis : The east half of Lot .1. in Square 728, fronting 21 feet s4 inch on East Capitol street, between 1st and 2d streets east, running back 75 feet to a wide pub lia allei. Lot 12. in Square 753, fronting 49 feet 2>? inches on north ? street, between 2d and 3d streets ea-t, running back 136 feet 31? inches to a 3 ?-foot alley. Parts of Lots 3 and 4, in Square 784. fronting on Maryland avenue between 3d and 4tn ?>ts. Lot No. 14, in Squar?? No. S-u, fronting ni feet on 6th stieet esst, atthe corner of north ? street, and running hack 7i feet on north B ?t. Terras: One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, to be secured by the boude of the purchase!, with approved secu rity. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter, the Tustee reserve* the right to resell tbe property so in default, oa one wee* 's public notice, at the risk and expense of the de faulting purchaser. Cost of conveyances and stamps t* be paid by tLe purchaser. _ WALTER S. COX. Trustee. au23-eoAds J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. *i TT* ?? ? IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS AND OTHERS We invite the attention of all persons who are in want of FURNI TUREorflOU^EKEBPING GOOD3 to call and examine our large and extensive assortment, which we are prepared to offer AT GREAT BARGAIN8, thereby making ic an important item iu the selec tion of FURNITURE and other HOUSEKEEPING ObODS, always to be found at the well known establish ment of McGREOOK A ZIMMERMAN, No. ."?.'io Seventh street, between au 26-eoi m Louisiana av, and D et , east side. ISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP-The Copartnership existing between EDWaRB OWEN and SAM'L W OWEN, iu the Military and Naval Merchant Tailoring, under the firm of ?. OWRN A SON. for the last 20 years, is this dav by mutual consent. The business in future will be conducted by SAM'L W. OWEN, at their old stand, S13 'Pennsylvania avenue, to whom pay ments will be made ef ail outstanding debts due the late firm. R. OWRN, August 1,1864. fanl-lm] SAM'L W. OWRN._ REFRIGERATORS, WATER COOLERS. Al CoST I AT COST I We would call the attention of the pub lie to our stock of REFRIGERATOLE and WATER COOLERS, which we are closing out at prime coat We advise all in quest of the ah?-ve articles to give ua a call and be sure of a bargain U BONTZ, Successor to Bonti A Griffith, anS-*w 369 7th street, near I ORPHANS' COURT, August 16. I86I.-D1STBICT of Columbia, Wash?mutob Cocbtv. to wit: In the case of Virginia Milatead, executrix of Thomas Miletesd. deceased, the executrix afore said has, with the approbation of the Orphans' Oourr of Washington County aforesaid, appoint-d Tuesday the 6tk day of 8"ptemher next, for the final settlement and distribution of the personal ? tate of said deceased, and of the asseta in hand. as far as the same have been collected and turned into money: when and where all the creditor? and heirs of said * eceased are notified to attend < at I he Orphans' Court ef Washington County aforesaid,) with their claims properly vouch?d, or they oiay otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit iu said deceased's estate: provided a copy of this order be published once a week for three weeks in the Evening Star previous to the s id 6th davrsf September, 1864. Test?/. C. BOBBINS. ^ au 17-Iaw3w* Register of Wille. ^?OT BRAD YRT. A Novel. *By J. C. Jeaffre I son. The Ingoldsby Legends, new edition, 2 vole. Religious Training of Children. By Catherine E Bescher. ? /'?.'. Wrong of Slavery and Right of Emancipation. By Robert Dale Owen. *?"JU' Haunted Hearts. Hy the author of the "Lamp lighter.'' . ... _ , Seven Stories with Basement sod Attic Collins' Voyage ?town tbe Aiuoor. Hand Book tor Travelers in Europe. Westminster Beview for July Woman ? Philosophy of Woman. an? FRANCE TAYLOR. AUCTION 5ULB8. ri'TI'HB DATS. DI GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auction?? TW0-8T0RY FRAME H0U8B, 8TABLS. AND CABRIAGB BOUSB. AND LOT, ON TBS ISLAND. AT AUCTION. On FBI DAY. tbe Sd of September, at '< o'clock p. m.. we shall ?ell, in front of the premise?, south of one third part of Lot 25. in Square 5*i, bavins; a front of 22 feet pi inches, on 3d ?t w??t, between F and G streets south, running back 1 >> fer to sa ?!ley, with the improvement*, which is as follow?: A good two ?tory Frame House, wi'h a good Stable for live hors.s. also. Carriage Hon?e for two hack?, with good Bay Loft, suitable for any hackman purpose. Terms made known on the day of sale. ah conveyance and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser au2ed __B_g_B A WILLIAMS. Anct?. HY \ Hw \LL * ?? ' Auctioneer. Southwest corner Pa. avenue ani 9th ?t. BLACKSMITH S^OOLS^^EI LOWS, Ac. Ac. On SATURDAY MORMNO. 3d September, at 1* ? c,,e?_,f wlU K"_ '5 tr<;H\nttbe Auction Room?. lots of Blacksmith'? Tool?, Ac , comprising? Pair Bellows, 3 Anvils, 2 sets Stocks. Die? and Taps 1 Patent Axle Setter 1 cast-iron Swedge Block 1 cast iron Mandrill Bledges, Fullers* Tongs _.___?? And a general assortment of Toon, large and small; all that i? requisite in a well ordered shop Of the kind. Terms, cash. __M y jyALLj.jBQgAgtfB. |> Y JA8. C. MoGUIRB A CO.. Auctioneers. ???????? WATCHES AT PUBLIC 8ALB. On SATURDAY MORNING.Sept. lOoVJack. in front of tbe Auction Rooms, we shall sell, for account of whom it may roncero, a? 1 without re serve. THIRTEEN SILVER UUNTISG AND OPEN-PACE WATCHES. Terms, cash au 31-d__ _J _P^McGUIRE A 00. Anota. YWM. L. WALLA CO., Auctioneera. At the Horse Bazaar,?? Lo-w?rt?s ?jr. GREAT SALE OF FTnFuoRSES. CABRI AG K8, WAGONS AND OTHER YBHI0LE3 AT AUC TION. On SATURDAY MORNING. Sd inst., at I? o'clock, we will sell, at the Bar.aar, SO FINE SADDLE AND HACK H0R8BS. Carriage?. Germautown Top and No Top Buggie?, Express Wagon, Sets Single and Double Harness, Ac, Ac, Ac. Terme cash. _ su 31 W. L. WALL A CO., Auct?. ? ? Y W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneer?. At the Horse Bazaar,'.??La. av , bet. 9th A 10th. A PAIR NORTHERN DRAUGHT BORSE*. WAGON, AND NEW YORK TRUCK AT AUC TION. On SATURDAY MORNING, 3d instant, st 1? o'clock, at tbe Bataar, we will sell ? A pair of excellent Northern Draught Borse?*. A New York Truck. A Covered Wagon. gets Double Harness. Terms cash, an 31 W. L. WALL A CO., Anct?. Y JAMBS C. McGUIBB A CO.. Auctioneera. ? EXTENSIVE SALE OF BUILDING LOT8 FOR ACCOUNT OF ST. JOHN'S CHURCU On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Septemb-r, at 6 o'clock,on the premises by ord?*r of th- Ve?t*y rf8t. John's Church, we shall ?ell the whole of Square No. 276, fronting respectively on 12th ?nd 13' h sts. west and north R and S sts ; tbe whole subdivided into fifty twe fine building lots, each with access to a public alley Plats may be obtained of tbe Auctioneers or on tbe premises at the time of sale. Terms : One-third in cash; the remainder ? and 12 months, with interest, secured bv a deed of trust on ihe premises ,_.?_.__. Cost of conveyances and stamps to be paid by the Pan_9-d * _JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Anct?. |> V JAB. 0. McGUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. IKUSTEE'S BALE OF BRICK DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH H. BETWEEN 13TH AND 14TH STREEl? WaST. By virtue of a deed of trust from William ?. Claropittand wife, dated the 23d day of Septem ler, eighteen hundred and flftv eight, and duly re corded in Liber J. A. S , No. 161. folios 47. its. aod 439. one of tbe land recerds for Washington coun ty District of Columbia. I will sell at public auc tion, on the premises, on WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON, 8eptember7th. at 6 o'clock, all that lot er parcel of land in the city of Washington, and Dis trict of Columbia aforesaid, being part of Lots numbered one. twenty-nine, and thirtv. ?. 29,30,1 in Sellare numbered two hundred and fifty, fSsBkl as said Lots and Square are marked, laid down and disti? guished on tne clan of said city; beginning tor said part at a point oo the line of ? street north, eight feet four inches (8 feet 4 inches) east of the southwest corneg of said lot numbered one. and running thence east sixteen feet *ight inches, (leteete inches.) thence north ninety-two feet, (92 feet ? thence wees sixteen feet eigh' inches ( 16 feet 8 inches,)thence south ninety-two feet (93 feet) to the place of beginning, improved by a weU built brick bouse witb all the modern improve ments. This property lies Just east of the Demenou buildings, and opposite the Presbyterian Church. and is one of the most desirable residences of its class in the city. Trirms :One-half of the purchase money in cash: Jaooef which must be paid down at th? time of sale, tbe remainder, with interest, in ?months. A deed will be given and a deed of trust taken to es cure tbe deferred payment. All conveyances, including revenue stamps, at the cost of the purchaser. Should the terms ef ?ale not be complied with within three days, the Trustee res-rves the right to re-sell at the risk and expenses of tbe purcha ser, after giving one week ? notice in tbe National Intelligencer, or other newspaper published ia Washington _ _ JNO, D. McPHBBSON, Trustee. au22-d J.C. Meo L'I KB ? ?? . adc?. ? Y J. 0. MoGUIRB A 00., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPBRTT Under and by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, ?ittinc in equity, passed July Mb. 1864, in a certain canne, wceiein8arah Ann Brown and ethers are com Slainants. and Ambrose A. Brown and others are ? ?tendants No. 221 equity, we shall sell on ?he premises, on WEDNESDAY the 21st day of Sep tember, commencing with the first named, at 5 o'clock p. m.: Lot No. 1, in Square No. 568, fronting 30 feet ?n north E street, at the corner of Second street west, and running back 1(mi feet to a 25 fent alley. Also the north part of Lot 33. in Jas C. McGuire'? subdivision of Squire No. 624. fronting 15 feet 7 inches on First street west, between G and H sta. north, and running back 130 feet 4 inches toaSn foot alley, and improved by a three-story Briok Dwelling House. Te-ms: One-half ia cash: the remainder In nine and eighteen months, with interest from the dap of sale, to be secured by the bonds or notes of the purchasers, with a surety or sureties, to be ap proved of by the trustees. Upon the full payment rf the purchase money and interest, the trustees will convey the proper ty. All conveyances snd stamps at the cost o' the purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter, the trustees reserve the right to resell, on one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. GEO. W. DUVALL f Tm.tee. NICHOLAS 0. 8TEPHBN8. < ?msteea ?u .Vi-eoA ds J. 0. McGUIBB A CO.. Anct?. ??ALB OF CONDEMNED QU ASTERSI AS fSR'8 ? STORES. Chief Quartermaster's Office, Washington Depot, I WssHIgOTOS. D. C, Aug. 27 1864 t Will be rold at public auction, at Government Warehouse Ne. 6. New York avenue, between l?th and ist h st'ee's Washington city. U C on TUBS DAY. September 6th, 1864, at 11 o'eloek a. m . alot of Quartermaster's Store?, condemned as unfit for use or issue, viz : A large lot of Stoves and Stove Pipe, Boiler?, Ovens. Old Iron. Carpenter'? T-ols. Desks, Chairs, Scales. Shovels, Grindstones. Hardware, Brooms. Backets, Pans, Old Copper Brushes, Ac. Ac. Successful bidders will be required to remove tbe stores within fivedavs from the date of sale. Terms cv>h, in Government funds. D H RUCKBB, Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster. au 27-9V_Depot ot Washington. FFICS DEPOT COM'Y_OF_8UIS8HTENCB Washington, D. C Aij_?? t . ?;. ? ;? * Will be sold a' Public Auction on MONDAY September 5th,l8?4, at 11 o'clock a. m.,at the 6th" streei Wtarf. Washington, D- 0., the following public property, in good condition vie On-Thousand <l,? o) Beef H des, salted Fifty two ???) Beef Hide?, dry. Eleven < II ) Sheep 8kins. Terms : Cash in Government funds. 8. C GREENE. su 27-6t_Captain aud C. 8. V. OFFICE DEPOT COM'RY OF 8UBSI3TENCB. Washimi.tox. D C . August 29. i834. GOVERNMENT SALE. EMPTY BARRELS, EMPTY BARRBLS. Will be sold at public auction, at 6th sireet Wharf Washington. DC.,on the 5th day of Sep tember, 1864. at u o'clock a. m., the following empty Bari els. more or lesa ? 4,r> u Pork Barrel?, 2,483 Flour Barrels. 894 Coffee Barrels, 266 Mol ??see Barrels, 138 Whisky Barrel?. 6.t2 Promiscuous Barrels. 43 Ram Tierces, 856 Vinegar Kegs. Also, a large lot of Staves and Headings. Terms: Cash, in Government funda. Au purchases to be removed in ten ?lava after Pa,e ., ?? ?8? 9: ??? au*'-?t_Captain and 0. Ef. T. Ruction 8alb of oonbemnbd hob?bsT Was Derabtmsbt o atalbt Bobbi?, J 0#c* of Chief Quartermaster, } Will hn??MTtUe,,W#"'.J,-/??? SasWasS, 1864.S m-?I -A..*1 Pub,l<5 Auction, to th? highest Iwn?_tDet,mer ,nd P1??*" B?med below, rib: ^Heading, Pennsylvania. THURSDAY, August lg, Altoona, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY. August 23, 1 1y*Aa0n ' Penns*lT*ni*' ?H ?B8D AT, September t?mbe?f "A* PenB8ylT?ni?' THURSDAY, 8ep eaTh^at1?0"0 iJ00) CiTUET H<>*8M. at ? bese horses bave been condemned sa na?t *?? the cavalry service ef the army ?-??* war For road and farming purposes, many good bar gain? m?y be had. ??*--* war? Horses sold singly. Terms cash, in united States currency .? s ?__? Lt?0o1? *Dd Chief Quartremaster, *p s t^8_ Cavalry Bureas. O 8^_?_eS_Stt?__ ?SS* ?? AM?

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