Newspaper of Evening Star, September 2, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 2, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR W. D. WALLACH, ?-lteraad Prssrleter. WASHINGTON CITY : FRIDAY...SEPTEMBER 2, 1M4, ?9-BIADINO MATTER ON EVERY PAO?. BEB OUTSIDE FOR INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. _ OFFICIAL REPORT OF THE CAPITU LATION OF FORT MORGAN. Disgraceful Conduct of the Rebel Officer?. The Navy Department this morning received tbe following interesting dispatches concern ing tne capitulation of Fort Morgan : FLA08H1F Hartkord, West Gulf Blockading Squadron, Mobile Bay, Ang. 23, left!.?Sir : I had tbe nonor, in my dispatoh No. 366, to report to tbe Department that Fort Morgan had snrren deredeon the 23d inst. to the army and navy, though at the time tbat dispatch was written and mailed the ceremony of surrender had not actually taken place. The correspondence preliminary to that event ia herewith lor warded (marked Nos. 1,2, 3, and 4) and tbe Department will perceive that the terms of capitulation were the same as in tbe case of Fort Game?. General Page en deavored to obtain more favorable terms, but without success. I regret to state tbat after the assembling of tbe officers at tbe appointed hour, (0 p. m,) for tbe surrender, outside the fort, it was discovered, on an examination of the interior, that most of tbe guns were spiked, and many of the gun carriages wantonly injured, and arms, ammu nition, provision, Ac, destroyed, and that there was every reason to believe that this had been doae alter tbe wbite flag bad been raised, lt was also discovered tbat (renerai Page aad several of bis officers had no swords to d?lirer up, and, further, that some ot those which were surrendered had been broken. Tbe whole conduct of the officers of Fort Gaines and Fort Morgan presente such a striking contrast m moral principle tbat I can not tail to remark upon it. Colonel Anderson, who commanded the former, finding himself in a position perfectly untenable, and encumbered with a superfluous number of conscripts, many of whom were mere boys, determined to sur render a fort wbich he could not defend, and in tbis determination was supported by all bis officers save one, but from the moment he hoisted tbe white flag he scrupulously kept everything intact, and in that condition deliv ered it over; whilst General Page aud his officers, witb a childish spitef nlness, destroyed tbe guns wbich tbey bad said tbey wonld defend to tbe last, but which they never de fended at all, and threw away or broke those weapons which they bad not the manliess to use against their enemies, for Fort Morgan never fired a gun after the commencement of tbe bombardment, and the advanced pickets of our army were actually on its glacis. As before stated, the ceremony of surrender took place at two p. m , and that same after noon all the garrison were sent to New Orleans in the U S. steamers Tennessee and Bienville, where they arrived safely. Very respectfully your obedient serv't, D G. Farragitt, Rear Admiral. Commanding W. G. B. Sqnadron. Hon. Gideon Welles, Secretary ol the Navy, H ashington. Fort Morgaic, Aug. 23d, 1S61.?Rear ? I mi ral D. G. Farragut. U. S. N.; Alaj. e'en. Gordon Granger, U. S. N., Commanding, dc, rf-c?Gen tlemen: The further tacrinoe of life being un necessary?my sick and wounded suffering and exposed, humanity,demands tbat I ask for terms of capitulation. Very respectfully, Ac, [Signed] R. L?. Page, Brig. Gen. C. S. A. HBADQrARTERS U. S. Forces, Mobile Bay, Aug. 23, l-?4.?General: 1 bave notified Admi ral Farragut of your desire to capitulate. Catil his arrival hostilities will be suspended, when your proposal will be duly considered. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, G. Granger, Maj. Gen. U. s. A. Comd'g. To Brig. Gen. R. L. Page, commanding at Fort Morgan. HXAPQCARTERP, U. S. FORCEO, Mobile Ban, ???. 23, 1W>4.?Brig. Gen. R.L. Pt\ge, Command ing Fort Morgan.?General : In reply to your communication ot tin- date received by Capt. Taylor asking for terms of capitulation, we bare to say that the only terms we can make are: First.?Tbe unconditional surrender of your self and ibe garrison ot Fort Morgan with all of tbe public property within its limits and in the same condition that it is now. Second.?Tbe treatment wbich is in confor mity with the custom of the most civilized na tions towards prisoner? of war. Third.?Private property with the exception of arms will be respected. Very respectfully yonr ob't eerv'ts P. Draytoh, Captain U. S. N. On part A dmiral Farragut, comd'g naval forces R. Arnold, Brig. Gen. U. S. A. On part Gen. Granger, Comd'g U. S. Forces Fort Morgan, Aug. 23, 1S64.? Captain P. DrayUm, U. S. N., Brig. Gcn'l R. Arnold, U. S. _4- a.ting on the part, respectively of Admiral Farraiut and Gen'l Granger.?Gentlemen: Yonr conditions in communication of to-day are ac oepted, but I bave still to request tbat the terms naked witb my sick be granted and in serted in the capitalations. I will be prepared to surrender at 2 o'clock and to embark as soon as possible. Respectfully, Ac, (Signed) R. L. Page, Brigadier General, C. S. A. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS, FROM THE SOL'THWEST. Attempt ef thP Rebel Raiders to Destroy Sherman's RA?road Communications? Rssseau en then' Track with a Large Ferce. Louikvilln, Sept. 1.?Fifteen guerrillas, nnder Billy McOrande, are reported to have thrown an engiue off the track of the Lebanon branch of the railroad to-day, eix miles from New Hay??l Th-y burned tbe express bag gage car, robbed the passengers, and then left in the direction of Bardstown. Jessey's gang of two hundred guerrillas re luraed te-day from a raid to the Oblo river, nnd encamped four miles from New Castle. Th* Inhabitants of that town momentarily ap prehend an attack. Passengers from Nashville say tbat Wheel er, Forrest and Roddy are engaged tearing up the track of the Great Western Railroad be tween Nashville and the Tennessee river. The Nashville TTmnn says that Rosseau has made such a disposition of bis force that these rebel commands cannot injure the railroad, and that Rosseau has gone out to gire Wheeler battle. LATER. Resse?? h?? ? Fight witb the Rebel Raid ers?He Drives them Tbree Miles. Nashville. Sept.l.?A rebel force,estimated at ??,??? strong, with twelve guns, were within 17 miles oi Nashville, on the Murfreesboro' pike, at daylight this morning. Major Gen. Rosseau, with a body of cavalry and infantry, started yesteiday afternoon and met the ene my'? advance early this morning. Sharp skir misbing ensued, with varying success. At the last accounts Rosseau had driven the rebels tbree miles towards Murfreesboro. Messengers from tbe advance report that Wheeler's whole force is between this city and Murfreesboro. There is a considerable force of rebels at Lebanon. Prisoners and some wounded have been sent in trcm Rosseau'? front. FROM THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. Fifteen-inrh Present? for the Rebel?? The latest information from the Army of the Potomac ia tbat Wednesday passed without any changes in the relative position? of the opposing armies which can be of any interest to tbe general reader. The monster fltteen-tnch mortar, mounted on a railroad car, has recently been run up the road opposite to Petersburg, and a few ?hells thrown by It into tbe city. Tbe object of this was to deter the rebel? from firing on our pick ets, and it seems to have been partially eue - cessful. |_ Pbbsowal.?Mr. John Savage has gone to New Orleans, to assume the editorship of the Hew Orleans Da?y Times, the new Union P*P?'? ___ b7 Ex-Representative R. E. Fenton la apo enef as a candidate for Governor of New York by tbe Republican? of that State. EWE colossal statue of the late Prince con sort has been inaugurated by (?ueen Victoria at Perth. \TT The whole number of petroleum refine ries at Pittsburg ia 5H, with a total capacity per week ol 26,000 b?rrela. ?f The oat crop of Iowa, both as regard* quality aad quantity is oae of the best gathered .or years. ?jgroos-l la 32 cents a bushel in Cincinnati, aad 20 la Pittsburg. tur Portland, Maine, 1? taxable for nearly f ?7,< mm ? o o? real and personal estete. EuT Gen. Cutler, of the Army of the Poto mac, ?? in Boston, on furlongh. SV"i renerai Schenck has been renomlnated for Congres? in the 3d Ohio district OFFICIAL WAR BULLETIN. The Surrender of Fort ftlergaa??eaeral Lanby's Official Repart?Sixty Gane ia ?or P*ssessi*n?Lnrge Quantity ef Mate rial secured?NsiBtelligence from Grant, Sherman or Sheridan. Wa8hihc?toh, Sept. 1?10.50 p. m. To Major General Dix, New York: ? This department has just received (le?era] Canby's official report of the surrender of Fort Morgan : ,l New Orlban*. August 21.?Fort Morgan surrendered unconditionally at 2 p. m. on the 23d instant. Ed. B. S. Casbv, "Major Generai." " Nbw Orleans, Angust 24.?By the surren der ot Fort Morgan we have about six hundred prisoners, sixty pieces of artillery, and a large quantity of material. "In the twelve hours preceding the surren der, about three thousand shell were thrown into the fort. ??The citadel at d barracks are entirely de stroyed, and the works generally much injured. M^ny of the guns were spiked, the carriages burned, and much of the ammunition destroyed by the rebels. ""The losses in the army were one man killed and seven wounded. ?Ed. B. S. Cawbt, Major General." Nothing has been received to-day from Gen erals Grant, Sherman or Sheridan. Edwik M. Stahtok, Secretary of War. War Departmbnt, ? Prorost Marshal GeneraVs Office, S Washington, D. C, Aug. 31, ISfH. \ Circular, No. 31.?Deserters from t?e Kenel army are not subject to enrollment or draft, nor are they acceptable as substitutes or re cruits. .Tamkf- B. Fry, Provost Marshal General. IIB" NOTICE.-The Teachers of the- Public UkJ? Schools are requested to call at the Treas urer's Office TO-MORROW (Saturday; MORN ING._lt_ f?V ? NOTICE -Lookout for St. Matthew's Bun \yjf day School Pic-Nic, which takes at Green Springs, Georgetown, on the 13th in?t. Particu lars next week. THE COMMITTEE. eep 2-2t_ rr_=?THB REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING LL5 of the Young Catholic'e Friend 8ociety will beheld at St. Patri ?kV Church, at 5 o'clock p. m. on 8CNDAY, September 4th. Members are re quested to attend, asan election for officers will take place. G.G. 0. SIMMS. Bep2 Ree. Sec. rV_=?SRVENTH WARD EXEMPTION FUND LL3 ASSOCIATION.?The undersigned respect fully notify the citizens ef the ward that at a meeting held on the evening nf the 1st instant an association was formed with the above title. The sum fixed upon to entitle a person to mem bership was one hundred dollars. Any member of the committee is authorized to receive the amount and deposit the same with Johb H. Skmmks, who was appointed Treasurer. The object of this association ie to procure sub stitutes for thoee drafted and held to service, if the fund is sufficient; if not, to divide the amount equally amonget them. This association ie confined to the residents of Seventh Ward. THOS. E LLOYD. Chairman, WM. J. MURfAGH, 0 0. ANDBR80N, FA. BOSWELL, Dr ?. C. CROGGON. WM ? DAVIS. W. J. FOSTBR. WM CAMMACR. J?UN H. BIRD. JOHN B. ELVANS, __>__Committee. G?-=? ISRAELITES < LL2 ISRABLITES* Pews in the 3th street Synagogue can be pro cored Sunday next at 3 o'clock, p. m.. ani every Sunday following at 9 o'clock, a. m., at ite Syna gogue. By Order of the President A. ADLER, Secretary, an31_corner j_ and C at., Island. FRUIT FESTIVAL.-The Ladies of the Methodiet Protestant Church will open ir Festival THIS EVENING, August 30. 13W, at the Union League Boom?, vth atreet, between D and E etreets. and continue the entire week. The Enchanted Tree will be exhibited every even ing during the week. This tree is truly enchant ing. AdSBiaaioB 15 cents; season ticket. 50 cents. The Ladies solicit the patronage of their friends. ?o 3ft-6t*_ MRS. BURR will reopen her School on MON DAY. Sept 26, 391 H street, sep 2-eotoctl* GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, 151 West street. The duties of this institution will be resumed September 5. For circulare ad dresethe principal. eep 2 Im-_M. J. nARROVER. POLITICAL BANNBRS. FLAGS ORNAMENT AL TRANSPARENCIES. EMBLBMS, Ac, painted at theahortest possible notice and in every Tarietyof style, by M. T. PARKER A CO., 59 Louisiana av., between 6th and 7th sta. sep2-lw* TO PRINTERS-A ? OFFICE for sale cheap, comprising a good and full assortment of Type for Book and Job Work. Also, two Presses. The whole valued at 82 400. will be sold on easy terms. Apply to JAS. W. DAVIS, 490 7th street, Room No. 4._sep2-3t* MADAME AHOLIAB, an impressed Medium, continues toread, witn great eafety, to all who desire it, the Past. I'res- !it. and Future, and ieaMe to advise and counsel with safety on all important matters, at No. 349 C Street, between tit and 6th streets. Island.______* PROFESSOR ALEXANDER WOLOW8KI opens a new couree for Piano and Si ? ging by his sim plified method, at hie new reeidence. No. 4t*5 loth street, between Pennsylvania avenue and Este., above J. N. Callen's drug store. Prof. Woloweki receives visitors daily, from 9 to lo a. m., and 2 to 3 p. m.______Bj CIO TO RUSSELL'S BOOKSTORE FOR f SCHOOL BOOKS) All Books sold there as low as any place in th? city. A full supply of all the books in use at the > isitation Academy. Gonzaga College, and Public and other School? on hand, at lowest prices. 535 Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue, under Avenue House._eep 2 St / ? 0 ? ? ? ? N S R8 H IP. The undersigned have formed a co-partnersnip under the firm of R. C. Jehnson A Co.. and having purchased the stock of Hardware of Jos. L 8av age. No. 334 D street, bet. 10th and llth sts, in tend keeping on hand a:large and well selected stock of Hardware. Housekeeper's and Butler's Goods,to which they would respectfully call the Attention of their friends and tbe public general ly. R C JOHNSON. Angust 21,1864. THOS. A C (.ARK, sep 2-6t_S JAS BOTRKE. ROOFING FELT. " ROOFING CEMENT. To Roofers, Tinnere, Slaters, Builders, and others : Having become Agent for one of the largest manufacturers of ROOFING MATERIALS. I oiT?r foi sale FELT AND CEMENT at low prices. The trade liberally dealt with. J. J. SULLIVAN. eepi-lt*_Corner of 3th and the Canal. ORPHANS'COURT. SEPTEMBER 3D. 1?84.? Dim riot or Colombia. Coobtv op Washibq tob. in t?wr In the case of Charles T. Hawkins, Ad ministrator of John Hawkins, deceased, the Administrator aforesaid baa, with the approbation of tbe Orphans' Court of Washington County afore said appo i nted 8 A TURD A Y,tbe 24th day of Septem ter next.for the final settlement and distribution of the personal estate of said deceased, and of the asseta in band, aa far as the same have been col lected and turned into money; when andjwhere all the creditors and heirs of said deceased are nu t i lied to attend, (at the Orphans' Court of Washington County aforesaid.) with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit in eaid deceased's estate: provided a copy of this order be published once a week for three weeka in the Evening Star, previous to the said 24th day of September, 13*4. Test: v Z. 0. R0RBTN8, sep 2-law3w'_ Register of Wills. 369 "Kwi?^alfi"? 369 FURNITURE AND HOCBEKEEPING ARTI CLES. 1TION irf. WE BEG LEAVS TO CAM? THE ATTENTION of the citizens of Washington, and? the public generally, to our large ? and complete assortment of House Furnishing Goods, which we are 'Belling cheaper tha? any other House in the city. Baches Carpeting. Oil Cloth, Matting. Sideboards, Bureaus, Wardrobes. Writing Desks, at d Book Cases, Bedsteads. Mattresses,Hair. Cloth Cane and Wood Seal Chair?, Sofas, Tables, Wash - stands. Lounges : also Tube, Buckets, Broom1?, Basket?, Whisps, Duater-, Basket Chaire. Brushes, Ac., Ac. Call at 389 7th street before you purchase. A discount of louer cent, allowed on all bills over*?? HENRY BONTZ. et y j-6t_Successor to Bout? A Griffith. ?tTtimothy'S hall. The undersigned will osen hi? SCHOOL FOR BOARDING AND DAY PUPILS, st the above named place on TUESDAY, Sept. 13, l&U. He baa, by every liberal outlay,secured the best talent to assist him in the education of young gen tlemen. and has procured a site inferior to nous ia the country for salubrity of climate and beauty of scenery Tbe Hall ie an extensi re series of build ing?, fitted up with every reqelaite for comfort, convenience and health, surrounded by 91 aeree of grouse, affording ample scope for physical exer cise. The following gentlemen constitute the faculty: S. PASSONS. Principal ?nd.. Professor of Mathematica snd Moral Science?. GEO. 8. GRAPE. A.M.. Professor of Natural Science sad Mathematica. _ ,Rev. J. NEWMAN HANK, ?. M. Professor of A?cieot Language? A Moral Science. _ , *??? A. BOMMBRVIBLD BANK. A. M? Professor of Balle? Lettre? sud Ancient Language Rst.H.H BBUNING.A M., ProfessT of German,Spanish aad Mathematics. _Professor of French Languages A M.MBTZ*^V?fPftintlB?MdI>r*wl,,i"? Professor of* Vocal aedInstrumental Mnsls. TSSMB.-BoardiBg pupils_**? per ?mm"of 10 months; weekly boarding pupil. I*5o per year of 10 months;daily pupil? fi*pot- year ?G?> months. including fare to and from the city. For particulars see circular? to be obtained at principal bookstore?, or addre*? ? c ? _ ?_??0?8 OatooavlU?. Baltimore Ooaatv, Maryland. Olrewl areto be had at the Star OrlM?. asp? DA Wim* LOST AND FOUND. LOST?Ob the night of the 26th of August, a METROPOLITAN POLICE ?? DUE, No. 117, Tbe finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at the Second Ward Station._r-ep2-2f L~?9T~O?the 8 o'clock train from Baltimore, a I'ACKAGE.wr.pped in a newspaper .addressed to JAMBS DONALDSON. State Department. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leavinc It at the State Department._ae ? 2-3t ffiTr REWARD.?8trayed or atolen on the J?th 0 * 3 "f August, a light bay COLT. 2 years and 3 months old white st ar in the forehead, front feet turnout. Theabore reearlwill be siven if re turned to Mrs BY ANS, on ??rginia avenue, bet. 1st and 2d streets seP2 3t* .ME TO THB grBSURlBBR;S PREMI8KS, on the 1st insta-1, a white BL LL; two pieces rut out one and one niece cut out the other ear; about 5 years old. The owner isrequested to prove property aad take him away._ ? ? ru? *"GEO PIIILLIPSON, 10th ?t., sep 2 3t*_between G and I. Navy Yard. F ? ? BE WARD.?Strayed or etolen, Sunday V-i-U night, a cbeatnut colored COW, white borne, and wbite tail, and all four of her l?gs white, and white under ber belly. The above re ward will be paid if brought to No. 410 3d street. between A and ? streets north. sep2-31?_ A. 8BYP0LDT. ? OST?On the 31st instant, a small dark gray t MARE, without shoes. Had, when lost, the distemper. A liberal reward will be given by re turning her to the corner of 3d street aud Mass. avenue. Liquor Store._sep 1 2t* L08T-A BLACK POCKET MEMORANDUM BOOK containing papers of no value, except to the owner. The nnder will reeeive the thanks of the owner by leaving it at the Sta: Ofli ce or 492 1 street, between 7th aad 8th._sep l-3t* ?_ C REWARD? Strayed or etolen from the sub ?D?> S'-riber. on the 29th ult., brindle BUFFALO, with wbite face, in calf, with a rope on her neck, and one of her ears split. Above reward will be given at Jackson Alley, between Q and ? streets. sep l-2t*_ JOHN COLLINS. C_Q*r REWARD?Stolen from the subscriber, f-w?l near C arksville. Howard county, Md . Aug. 25th, a black HORSE, with a star in his fore head, about 15 or 16 hands high, with one white hind foot;? years old. I will pay tbe above reward for his recovery. _______? HE7.EKIAH LINTHIOOM. ? | ? RE WARD.?8traved or stolen, on the 26th tCI" ult.. one meuse-colored COW; had two small holes through each born, ana had the use of but three tits. I will give the above reward to any one that will return her. or tell me where she can be found. A. R. LADD, sep 1 3t*_.342 13th street. Island. t_9tr REWARD.?8tolen on the night of the 0-9?J 16th of August a bay 1IOBSE, weishin? Rbout 950, with a small star in his forehead, left bind foot wbite. a scar aboutl.H inches long on his right rump, with a toucb of the heaves. I will pay the above reward for hie recovery. Apply to or address BENJ. Q. CI98BL, Clarksville, How ard county, Md._aep l-3t* CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER'S PREMISES, about the 1-t inst., a red and white COW. wbite stripe down her back, and white under her belly.8 years old. JOHN T. W. DEAN. au 31 3t*_Near Benning's Bridge. TL RBWARD-Strayed or etolen from the sub *? scriber, on the 28th inst., TWO MILCH COWS. One a dark red. a leather belt on her neck, crum pled horns, both ears cropped, and a little split in one of her ears. The other is a large red and white Cow. with similar horns to the other. Both advanced in j e?rs. The above reward will be paid for their return to Mrs. ?. CONNOR, New Jersey avenue, bet, L ?aid New York avenue, or to ED. S0ANLON. cor. 4Mi and ? sts. au 31-3t* BOARDING. TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN MAY FIND i-lca-ant ROOM and BOARD; also, one a small BOOM, at 17 1st street, Georgetown. *ep 2-3t* BOARDING.?The attention of those who wish spacious and airy ROOMS, well furnished, up on mederate terms, i? especially requested. The advertiser wishes to give her inmates a pleasant home, and will earnestly endeavor to provide for their comfort by every means within her power. A good library in the bouse. An excellent table is kept, and transient boarders taken. Apply at 395 isth st., between F and g sta. sep 2-2t? A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN BOARD ins in a pleasant locality by applying at No. 502 I at.. bet 6th and 7th._sep l-3t* BOARD-Nicely furnished ROOMS, single or in suite, with first class BOARD at 301 G street, between 13th and 11th, near the Departments. Ref ereno-s exchanged. au 31-6t* A8INGLE GENTLEMAN can obtain BOARD by applying at No. 7 1st st., Georgetown. _a U?- 3t*_ BOARDING?Elegant ROOMS with BOARD can be secured by application at 439 G st., rear of Patent Office. Also, TABLE BOARDERS cau be taken reasonably. A fine bath room in the house. an 8Q-3t*_ BOARDING FOR LADIE8. at No. 100 E street north, between 12th and 13th streets, io the rear._au g 6t* BOARD AND HAND80MELY FURNISHED ROOMS for families or single persons. House ary. with spacious (rounds. Terms moderate. Apply at S. W. Corner 21st and ? ata., near Penn'a avenue._au 26-9t* TO LIT-? few ROOMS, nicely furnished, with board for gentlemen or gentleman and wife, also excellent board for gentlemen at No. ? 41* st., betreen C aud Louisiana av. au 16 2w* WHITALL 8 AIR-TIGHT FRUIT JARS. Gas Stoves. Putnam's Clothes Wringers. For sale at CG DEN '8 House famishing store, au 31-3t*_219 7th st, near Pa. av. ?'ENTLKMEN 8 FINE SHIRTS; Ladies' and ? Children's Clothing; also fine and plain sew ing, made with neatness and dispatch, and on reasonable terms, at No. 460 Lstreet, west of 12th st_sep l-3t? DR Y G 0 O D 8, DRY G00D8. DRY GOODS. Ladies, remember that goods advance every day. Present prices guaranteed for tbree days. Observe our prices : New fall style Merrimac Prints. 50. worth 60; New Dark Prints, at 42and 45 cents; New fall style Delanes; No. 1 Corsets, $1.75; Balmoral. ?4; Hoop Shirts, 9": Spring, fl .25; Boys' Silk Handkerchiefs, toi Boys' Linen Shirt Bosoms, at 35 cents; 2"0 Dozen Child's Woolen Hose, less than New York whole sale prices; 2"0 Yards Spool Cotton, three for 25 cents. Remember tbe Store. BENJ. NEWMAN, Red Post-Red Post-Red Post' sep 1-31*? 443 "th st.. three doors from G st. (^RAND FALL OPENING. ON THURSDAY Tniorning. Sept. 1st, 1844, at Mad. E. M. HINOK LEY'S Emporium, No. 3"1 Pennsylvania avenue, south side, of new and elegant patterns! from Mad. Demerest) Paris and New York Fashions. The Madame has just returned from New York with the largest aDd most complete assortment of styles ever introduced to this Metropolis. Dress Making in all its branches. Cloaks and Mantilla* made to order. Prize Medal Skirts and Corsets, Skirt El evators. "Mirror of Fashion.''Ac, at 301 Penn sylvania avenue, between 9th aud loth streets, south side. au 31 4t* F RUIT JAR8! FRUIT JAR8M Housekeeper? who wish to put up fresh fruit are invited to examine our SELF SEALING FRUIT JABS, as they have been thoroughly tested, and we can warrant them to keep fruit perfectly. As the fruit requires no sugar and the jars no cement, itiseeonomy for every family to put up all the fruit they want for the winter. ' . WEBB A BEVERIDGE. an 31-Iw*_Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th street. fEXEMPTION CLUB?There is now being J formed a Club for the purpose of procuring Substitutes for men of its number who maybe drafted. Persons leaving SlnO with T. M. MAN SON. Treasurer of the Club. '.'JO 7th street, will be entitled to its benefits. Call at once, for the number is limited._an 30-3t1' BBICK8 FOR8ALE?Manufactured at R. Dodge's ilateThomaa'e) Brick Yard, opposite Washing ton, Virai nia. Always on hand 200,000 merchant able bricks, wbich we will aell at 112.50 per M, de livered on the wharf at Georgetown. Apply at the foot of 15ih st. west and canal au 80 lw? J.O. BBYANT AGO. CARRIAGES. CARRI AG 18. CARRIAGES. On band a very fine assortment of new and sec ond-hand Carriages, consisting in part of Baggies, Rockaway?, Pheatona, Jersey Wagons, Ac. ?c. Carriage repairing of all kinds promptly at tended to. ROBT. ?. GRAHAM, Coacbmaker. an30-3t? 374 D street, and 477 8th street. M 188. M. J. PLATT, AT TH1 N?MEROU8 solicitations of her many friend? and custo mers, has again resumed her DRESS MAKING at her Show Rooms, No. 246 Penn. avenue, between 12th and 13th._ _su27-lw* NOTICE TO SUTLERS.- A doable-deck BARG1 ?1?0 tons?in good order, all ready for use, can be bought on reasonable term?. Sale to close concern. Apply to Capt. Cuehman, on board Barg? M ??-neoy."at8hlp Yard, Alexandria, Va.: or to Mr. Lsmpkin, at Palmer'? Wharf, foot of llth street. Wasbiagton. D O ; orto Flowens A Bowen, No. 1 Rang street, Alexandria Va. su 2S-Jw* PROF. J W. KB1I8' PANCINO AND WALTZING ACADEMY, *U8REBV|JW% B afreet, between 9th and 10th. PKOF. KKEI8 ha? tbe honor of ansouncinc to his friends, patron?, and the public, that he *_L ?.ULr.tWae.t?,-_,inAiM of hi? Profession on _M MONDAY EVENING, September 5, ac ??m\ $,?l?c5v????S??&S?ne,n? *n5 ?>n WEDNB8-UBBBBB DAY AFTERNOON, September 7, at S o'cloch, for ladies, miases, and masters. DAY8 AND HOURS OT TUITION. For Ladles. Misses, and Master?, on WEDNES DAY aad SATURDAY AFTBRN0?N8. from 3 to ? o'cloch. G*Bi1?'3_&'iS,M"?0B MONDAT and WEDNES DAY EVENING?, from 7 to 10 ?'clock. Tb? Hall has been thoroughly renovated by th? Professor, for tb? better accommodation of hi? papila. OireularB cau be had at all the principal musie and book store?, sad st the Hall. Ver fur ther information, apply st the Hell during the hour? of tuition. __________ A BLOODED COLT _ AT ?SITATI SALI. We offer for sale m beautiful BLOODED O0LT, out of "014 Ped?nea;'? a dark chestnut, 4M year? old, UK hand? high, the most sty lieb hone to be found, foil of life aad so tion; very kind ; a aptendld saddle borse, sad also broken to harnees. _._. Apply to WM. L. WALL A OO., Auction and Coc-miaaioB Merchante^ south corner Ps. av. and - - - eg Mmth aide La. 9th et., or at the Horas Basaar, st.. betweea Pth aad-Hhste. 4 O'CLOCK P. ML GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. Jay Cooke A Co. furnish the following quo tations of Go vernment securities : W AsaiiiOToa, Sept. ? 1964. Buying. Selling. U. S. 6's Coupon 1831..lue* US U. S. 5?2(?'?.110 111 7 3-10 Treasury Notes.Ill 112 One Tear Certificates. 93 y.?\ Certificate Checks. 94? New York?FraeT Board. Coupons, 107*; 5-20'a, HO*; Certificates, 93??; Oold, 254J__ ??? DRAFT-OUR QUOTA. Provost Marshal Putnam has nearly com pleted his preparations for tbe draft, which, it Is expected, will take place on Tuesday, al though no official order to tbat effect has been issued as yet. Tbe actual quota of the District of Colombia for 500,000 men is 2,910, which has been reduced by enlistments, representative substitutes, and excess over former calls, 685, leaving 2,225 men yet to be furnished, to which will be added, in case the draft takes place, one hundred per cent., making a grand total of 4,450 names to be drawn from the wheel. The enlistments in the navy and regular army for the last ten days of August have not been received, but they will not reduce these figures materially. Representative substitutes and volunteers may reduce the number some what, as they wUl be received np to the last moment before the draft IMPORTANT ORDER? IN RELATION TO RBBEL DESBRTSRS. Gen. Cirant has issued an order from his headquarters in the field, under date of August 28, which directs that hereafter deserters from tbe Confederate army, who deliver themselves np to the United States, will, on taking an oath tbat they will not again take up arms during the present rebellion, be furnished subsistence and free transportation to their homes, if the same are within the lines of Federal occupa tion. If their homes are not within such lines, they will be furnished subsistence and free transportation to any point in the northern States. All deserters who take the oath of allegiance will, if they desire it, be given employment In the quartermaster's and other departments of the army, and the same remuneration paid them as is given to civilian employes for similar services. Forced military duty, or services endanger ing tbem to capture by the Confederate forces, will not be exacted from snch as give them selves up to the United States military au thorities. In addition to the above, Provost Marshal General Fry has issued an order exempting rebel deserters from the draft, and prohibiting them from being received as substitutes or re cruits. These orders will have the tendency of in creasing desertions from the rebel army, and will cause many to come within our lines who were heretofore deterred from doing so by fear of beine- placed iu the military service of the United States, where they would be exposed to capture and punishment by the Confeder ates, from whom they could expect no mercy. ARRF.ST OF DISLOYAL CITIZENS OF VIR GINIA. Onr troops stationed in Fairfax and London counties, Va., having been greatly molested of late by bushwhackers, it has been determined to put a stop to it by arresting the disloyal citizens of the neighborhood, many of whom are believed to be connected with these rebel gangs. Yesterday 32 warm rebel sympa thizers, residing in the counties above named, were brought to this city and committed to the Old Capitol to await an investigation. Among the number were two who bear the title of "Reverend." They were all brought to the city on horseback and in wagons, and as tbey were nearly all dressed in "grey" or "home spun" it was difficult to tell them from the genuine "Johnnies." Twenty-two horses, picked up in Virginia by our troops, the own ers of which are unknown, bnt are supposed to belong to the bushwhackers, were sent in with these disloyal men, and were placed in the Government stables for the present. ON A LBAVB OF ABSENCE. Capt. J. T. Potts, commanding officer of the military detectives and patrols at tbe head quarters ot the Military District of Washing ton, left the city for the North this morn ins;, on a fifteen days' leave of absence. Lieut W. H. Tyrrell, of the Veteran Reserve Corps, will have charge of tbe office during Capt. Pott's absence. _._ RELEASED. Thirty more of the sixty rebel sympathizers and suspicious characters arrested in London county, Va., a week or two ago, were released from the Old Capitol yesterday upon their pa role of honor, not to do anything injurious or detrimental to the United States Government. RKUBL OFFICERS. Lieut. J. H. Franklin, of the 28th Virginia, and Lieut. It. M. Hammer, of the 56th Vir ginia, who were captured by a portion of the Army of tbe Potomac, and sent to Point Look out, were transferred to thus city yesterday, and committed to the Old Capitol. 9?G The Democrats of New York held a mass meeting in the City Hall Park on Wednesday evening, to ratify the nomination of George B. McClellan by the Chicago Convention. Ac cording to the New York press Tammany Hall was illuminated, several hundred guns were fired, a brilliant pyrotechnic display provided, and unnsual inducements offered to persuade the people to come out, but as far as numbers were concerned, the gathering was not a suc cess. Hon. James Brooks, A. Oakey Hall and Judge Daly were the leading speakers, fol lowed by a host of lesser lights. TELEQRAPHIO NEWS FROM EUROPE. American Difficulties with Egypt Ad justed?Order Relative to American Ves sels. Halifax, Sept. -2.?The steamehip Hecla, l.-om Liverpool Aug. 23d, and Qaeenatown on the 24th, has arrived. The difficulties between the Egyptian Gov ernment and the United States Government has been satisfactorily adjusted. An electioneering riot had occurred at Ge neva, Switzerland, but bad subsided. The United States frigate Niagara had ar rived in the Tagus. Tbe British Customs have Issued an order tbat no ships of either of the American belli gerents sball be allowed to enter any English ports lor the purpose of being dismantled and sold. Lohdob, August 23.?Consols closed at 83#a 89 for money. Lobdon, Angnst 24.?Consols closed at --7ea 80 for money. American stocks.?Illinois Central shares, 45XB44X discount; Erie shares, 41a42. Arrived from Baltimore, the Amelia at Liv erpool, _ NEW YORK STOCK LIST. [By the People'? Line?Office 511 Ninth street] Naw Yobk, Sep. 2?U. S. 1TT1, coupon 6*s, KCX; U. S. 5.???, 110\; Certificates of Indebt edness, ea S; Gold, 852; ?. Y. Central, 129;?; Erie, 109; Hudson River, 1*5\; Harlem,?; Reading, 133 ? ; Michigan Central, 134 ? ; Michi gan Southern, 84 V; Illinois Central, 123?; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 111 ? ; Cleveland and Toledo, 126; Chicago and Rock Island, 109 ? ; Milwaukle and Prairie do Ghlea,63; Pitt?, burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago. 114; Alton and Tena Haute, 55: Chicago and Northwestern, 54; Quic-eNver, 821?\ LOCAL NEWS. f Sbvbnth Ward Exemption Fund Asso ci atiok?A nnmber of the citizen? ot the 7th Ward assembled at Island Hall last evening for the purpose of taking measures in relation to the coming draft Mr. John H. Sommes called the meeting to order, and on his motion Mr. Crosby S Noves was elected chairman, and Mr. Wm. J. Murtagh secretary. Tbe chair read the call for the meeting and made some remarks explanatory of the condition of the Ward quote, urging, that in view of the short time intervening before the draft, that prompt and active measures should be taken. Mr. Sommes stated that, from th? best infor mation he could obtain, the city's quota re maining to be filled wonld amount to 2,200. The entire credit thus tar would not amount to more than 600 or 70?. The Ward quota was 332?60 of which had been furnished, leaving a balano? of 271. This nnmber be thought would be reduced to 250. _??_ Mr. R. F. Bartle nrgad the importance of dif ferent suggestion?, ia order that the beat mode might be adopted Mr. Thomas E. Lloyd addressed the meeting at some length, calling attention to the meas ures that had been adopted in other placea to meet the draft, and concluded by movine that a committee of ten be appointed to organise an Exemption Fund Association. After some debate by various gentlemen pre?? ent the following committee were elected : Messrs. T. E. Lloyd, on airmen, W. J, Kar tagh, O. O. Anderson, ?. ?. Hoswell, Dr. R O. Croggon. Wm. S. Davis, W. J. Foster, Wm. Cammack, John H. Bird, J. R. El van?. On motion ot Mr. Barde, Mr. J. H. Semmes "sras elected treasurer and ex-officio member ot tbe committee. Mr. O. C. Anderson moved that the member ship fee be fixed at S100. After some debate as to the propriety of leaving tbe matter with the committee, th? motion was adopted. Mr. Lloyd moved that the committee be di? rected to notify the citizens ot the ward, through tbe papers, ot the formation of tbe association; wbich was carried. It was moved and carried that none but resi dents of the ward should be admitted into the association. The Chair said it bad better be understood bow this money was to be appropriated, whether in buying substitutes for those drafted, ordistribnted pro rata amongst them, according to the plan adopted in Georgetown and at the City Hall meeting. Mr Semmes moved tbat tbe money be di vi tied pro rate, amongst those drafted and held to service The motion was carried, but sub sequently Mr. Semmes moved its reconsidera tions, as in case only a small number were drafted and beld it might be expedient to buy substitutes for those drafted and divide the surplus should there be any amongst tbe sub scribers. Tbe motion to reconsider was carried, and, on motion ot Mr. George White, it was voted to leave the matter with the committee; the understanding being in accordance with the suggestion ef Mr. Semmes, that in case the committee should find Umore advantageous to the subscribers te pay for substitutes for those dratted they were authorized to do so. On motion of Mr. Semmes, the meeting ad journed to Wednesday evening next at eight o'clock._ A Bogus Marbiaob.?Yesterday, Marshall Barnes, colored, who, it appears, has been for some time past hunting up contrabands to run them in as substitutes, picked up one John Dor? sey, an old darkey about 40 years of age, ema ciated and broken down, and took him to his boarding-house, on 13th street, between C and 1), and left him there for safe-keeping. Dorsey is evidently a simpleton, for at the justice's of fice to-day he had not the remotest idea of an oatb, and did not know what a Bible was. Su san Rollins, a sharp looking colored woman, no doubt discovered this fact yesterday, and, as Horsey says, she made overtures of mar riage to him, with the intention, as is believed, of running Dorsey in as a substitute to-day, and then pocketing bis bounty money. Tbe marriage was consummated, one Gar rett Mason, an almost white individual, who sports white pants and Test, faultless linen, various articles of jewelry, and is dressed a la fop generally, performing the ceremony, aud charging *? therefor. Tbe affair came to the knowledge of detectives McDevitt and Clar voe, and they, together with officer Simonds, of the sth precinct, arrested the parties, and took them before Justice Miller for a hearing tbis morning, wben the above facts were eli cited. Harriet Brooks, (colored,) who lives in the same bouse with Susan Rollins, testified to tbe fact of the pretended marriage, and that Ma son performed what purported to be the mar riage service, and charged Dorsey ?5 for his labor. Dorsey stated tbat when Susan Rollins pro posed marriage to bim, ne thought she was only joking, but told her be was old and un well, and wanted some one to take care of him, but still thought it was a joke until the marriage was done and the preacher was paid After tbe marriage a cake was cut and some liquor was drank, but Dorsey was subsequent ly debarred tbe joys of married life by his spouse, consequently tbe complaint. J nstice Miller held Mason in $l,(MHi and Susan in $5U!> for their appearance at court. Fourth Ward Station Casks.?Peter Tay lor, throwing stones; tduSB. Milton Slater, fighting: dismissed. Samuel Walteon, do ; do. John Clarke, indecent exposure ; do. Peter Taylor, assault ana oattery; jail. Pat'k Kelly, drunk and disorderly; and Mary Herley, do.: workbonse. John Collins, drunk; dismissed. John A. Fauberscbmidt, attempting to pass counterfeit money: for hearing. John Galla gher, sleeping in street; dismissed. T. J. West, disorderly; ?3.5S. Kate Williams, street walk ing; ?3 SB. Richard Mack, suspicion of lar ceny; dismissed. Jeremiah Foley, malicious mischief; bail for bearing. J. C. Duhamel, profanity; for bearing. William O'Donnell, assanitand battery with intent to kill: bail for bearing. James Kelly, disorderly; locked up. Jacob Cohen, do : do. John O. Little, assault with intent to kill; jail for court. Jacob West, auspicious character; military. John Burns, 'trunk and disorderly; $2.58. Clara Adams, street walking: *5 .>-. Elizabeth Johnson, do.: do. Edwin S. Perry, associating with colored prostitutes; military. Dewitt Lee, do.: do. Laura Coleman, s'reet walking; 95.58. John W. Donaldson, Thomas Woolan, Martin Marr, Timothy Marr, John Murray, sleeping in street; dismissed. John B. Murray, prolanity: ?5.5S. Broken Up.?Last night Sergeant Milstead, With Officers Pierce, L. D. Milstead, Gordon and Crump, made a descent on the well known bouse No. 335 ? street south, Capitol Hill, and arrested tbe following inmates: Carrie Wil liams, Anna Jones, Margaret Elliott, Emily Hamilton, Kate St. Clair, Jane Beers, Ella Ale, Sarah Robertson and Anna Gallagher, who were taken to the Fifth Ward Station, along with James Dunbar, Walter Sheets, Aaron Dale, James Garlin, Chas. Morgan, Isaiah Moere and John Godwin. When the police entered the house business was very brisk, and quite a flutter was created; some of tbose who bad retired being aroused so suddenly that tbey dressed with difficulty. Tbe whole party were kept at tbe station h-use all night, and tbis morning Justice Fer guson fined Ann Gallagher (who proved to be tbe manager of the house) aio, and the other girls to each, and dismissed the men with a lecture. The Sergeant took possession of the keys of the bonse, and will turn them over to the Superintendent of Police, and it is proba ble that tbe alleged proprietor, Mena Berrin ger, of Hocker's Division, will be sent to court. Rumpus atColumbia Gardbh.?Last nigbt a discussion commenced among some of the visitors at Columbia Garden, on 12th street, near Ohio avenue, as to tbe merits of Lincoln and McClellan and the arguments assumed the knock down character. A soldier, name unknown, who spoke for McClellan was knocked down. A citizen went to pick him up, and he in turn was knocked down by Robt. Cross. Policeman Parker and Mills were called upon to preserve the peace. Parker Eeized Cross, and the latter drew a revolver, which tbe officer managed to secure. The vis itors of both sexes were thrown into confusion for a snort while, and an evaeuation ot the premises was about to follow, wben Cross was secured and taken to the Second Ward Station. Tbis morning when tbe case was called tor bearing by J nstice Clayton, Cross asked tbat it be set tor trial at 5 o'clock this afternoon, and gave bail for his appearance at that time, when he will be prepared with witnesses for defence. Assault ani> Battbry.?Yesterday morn ing, a crowd of persons chased a colored boy named Peter Taylor, from the Center Market, and one man catching h4m, beat him severely, for bitting a little girl with a large stone, and, as the crowd supposed, breaking her leg. Ser geant Cronin found the little girl, and to hi? surprise it was his own daughter. She was very badly hurt, but her leg was not broken. The sight of the suffering child inflamed the anger of the crowd, and to prevent a new breach of tbe peace the Sergeant had to leave his child with the crowd and hurry the pris oner before Justice Giberson, who sent him to jail for conrt. Fatal Accident.?Yesterday afternoon about 6 o'clock, a man named Thos. Graylicb, attempted to get on the cars at the Depot as they were being shifted from one track to an other, and slipped off falling on the track, and was ran over, the wheels passing over both thighs crashing them awfully. He was taken up and carried to the Sanitary Hospital, North Capitol street, where notwithstanding every attention was paid to him, he died in about three hours. The deceased was an Irishman and probably resided in Georgetown, and was about 30 years of age. _ Ikqubsts.?This morning, Coroner Wood ward held inquests over the bodies of two of the soldiers drowned in the Potomac last Mon day night, as is supposed, while attempting to desert their commands by swimming the river. The inquest was held below Edes' mills, and tbe jury returned verdicts in accordance with the facts. The names of the soldiers have not been as certained; but upon one of them was found a piece ot paper, which had apon it ? James Dnpper, No. 426 south 7th street." From the street designated the card prohibir refers to Philadelphia. ah Exbxptioh Fuhd.?By the announcement of the Seventh Ward Committee elsewhere it will be seen that the exemption fund plan adopted in that Ward has some features spe cially faromble to the subscribers. If the num ber drafted and held to service ia email, sub stitutes will be procured for them aad the bal ance of the money distributed amongst the subscribers, and if the amoant shall be insuf ficient to procure substitutes for all drafted, it will be distributed pro rata amongst the lucky ones who draw prises in the wheel of fortuna. ? Con??tt?t? vor Court.?Last night, John O. Little was arrested tor assaulting a colored servant in Mrs. Werner's restaurant, Penn sylvania avenue, near 6th street, and knocking him on tbe bead with a bottle. He was taken before Justice Giberson by officer Lynch, and committed to jail for court. ?tt???t t? Pam au Ai.Ttr.Bn Noti.? Yeeterday afternoon, a maa named Johu A. Tauberechmidt weft to Bailey's lampstore, 7th street,opposite the Fost Office, and after makiag some purchases, offered a *50 note in payment Officer Frazier, of the Fourth Ward, bsAag present examined tbe .note, and found it to be a M note altered to a *5V? Tauberschmidt wan arrested, and Justice Giberson held him to bail for further hearing. -.f.?. Mad Do??This mornin?*, quite an excite ment was created un 4th street near I, by a dog, evidently suffering with hydrophobia, which galloped about foaming at the mouth, and snapping at men and animais tbat passed, lt is not known if any animal was bitten; but dogs in that neighborhood should be secured. The rabid animal was killed by officer Crown. -?? Marbiaob Licbbbbs.?During the month just passed, the Clerk of the Court issued 142 licences to marry, of which 42 were to black couples, one of them being to a man who only knew his intended wife's name was Annie. RbalEstatb.?Messrs. McGnire A Co. sold four lots of ground near the old Glass Houee. averaging about two cents per square foot. Thev were purchased by Johu Berry and H. C. Wilson. --? Affairs, ih Gborobtowk.?a waiting Final Commitment.?Yeeterday, Coroner Woodward held en inquest at Providence Hospital, in view of tbe body of James Walter Boyle, who was shot by Ephraim Phillips, atjDoyle's Re?, taurant, last Wednesday, as stated in tbe Star. The jury returned a verdict of death from a shot fired from a pistol in the hands of Ephraim Fhilflps. Justice l?uckey, the examining magis trate, will send the case to court as soon as the Coroner returns to him a list of the witnesses. Found Drotrned.?Yesterday aman was found drowned and fastened among the rocks in the river above the Foundry. A detective at tached to Major Littler's office got a boat and towed the body to the shore, and notified tbe coroner tc bold an inqnest. The body was naked, and a snit of clothes were fastened npon the shoulders. The supposition is that the deceased was one of a party who attempted to desert some days ago, some of whom were drowned. The attempt to swim the Potomac, in order to deeert, baa caused tbe drowning of a dozen men within a few weeks, and of those who succeeded in reaching the Maryland ? here, very few If any have been able to escape Major Littler's patrol in that direction. From memoranda found in the clothing, deceased was supposed to be a native of Maine. Picked I p.?Yesterday, two men swam the river from the Virginia to the Maryland shore, above the aqueduct. They had their clothes on their backs when they started, but in the stream, their packs were disarranged, and they bad to cast them off or drown. When tbey reached tbe shore, Provost Marshal Lit tler's patrol picked them np in their nude con dition, one of them having only a pair of boots. For decency sake the patrol applied to the Provost Marshal's office for something to hide their nakedness, and they were furnished with a pair of blankets. With these wrapped around tbem, a la Indian, they were marched through the town to Forrest Hall. Upon being asked if they had any money, one replied that he had six hundred dollars when he started, but lost it with his pants. Upon being furnished with a pair of pants. Adjutant Davis noticed the fellow slide his hand quickly into the pocket and then appear to be careless of his loss. The Adjutant slipped his band into the same pocket and drew out ?600 in greenbacks. The fellow must have saved it by swimming with it in bis mouth or his boots. They are doubt less of the numerous crowd of bounty jumpers at Camp Taylor, and will not soon jump another bounty. ?_ FOR SALE-One of the beet Rnd nee Prince A Co. MBLODEONS, by a gentleman who leaves tfce city, and ie to be seen st Pr?f. Ales. Wolow? ski's rooms. No. 4f*.> loth street, between Pean, avenue and E street, above J. ?.Callan's Drug Btore^_sep J-3t G??? OUT FOR THB GRAND PIO-NIQ j on MONDAY, the 5th of September, SEVENTH STREET PARK, to be given by OSAOl TRIBE No. 6, I. O. R. M. The Committee pledge themselvrs that no pains will be spared to make this the mo&t pleasant Pic rue of the season Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a Gentleman sad Ladies. rommittee. A. LaweonA J. Cawood. W. C. Weiden, Ckae. Hager, Jos. Pullings, John Meyer, J. H. Hunting ton._sep 2-lt* 316 F STREET. CROCKERY, 9 ?i ? LASS. AND TIN WARS, CUTLERY AND FANCY GOODS. COAL OIL AND COAL OIL LAMPS. I offer all of the ebove articlee of ?roods, which embrace the beet assortment ever offered to th* Washington public; at G? per cent lower than they can he purchased elsewhere in the city. Call and seeforyouretlvee. J. R. FOLEY, scp2 lm? 316 F et. nc-th. bet. 1 th and 11th. SEA KINGS AND NAVAL HBR0E8. London Allen's Life of Dundonald, London Dixon's Life of Blake, London Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea. London Lives of British Admirals, London Gilly's Shipwrecks of the Britieh Nsvy, Lend?? Neptone'e Heroes, London Cooper's Naval Biography Souther's Life of Nelson, London Cooper's Naval History Memoir of Admiral Brenton, London Memoirs of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith, I vole., London M?moire of Admiral de Saumarez. : vola.. Londou Life and Correspondence of Admiral Napier, ? vole., London Nicholas'Hietory of the Royal Navy, 2 vols., Lon don Brenton'e Naval History, 2 vols.. London sep 2_FRANCK TAYLOR. OfvQ SEVENTH STREET. ^fiQ high BED LOUNGES mou Awitibg. and awbibc. GILT FRAME MIRRORS. Just received per schooner Empire tsenty differ ent styles BED LOUNGSS, which we are offering at very low figures. Our stock of GILT FRAMB MIRRORS will be found extensile, snd in price will compare with that of any bouse in the Cm t -d States. Purchasers, remember we are selling our entire stock of FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING GOODS generally 15 per cent, less than any house in the city. If you are io want t f good articlee at low prices don't forget us. Call and examine our stock. By so doing you incur no Obligation to pu rebase. We ?.till allow ten per cent, on all bills of 551 snd upwards. H. BONTZ Successor to Buntx A Griffita, sep 2-tf_369 Seventh Street. CLOTHING AND CLOTHING MATBRIAL8. NAVY DSIARTMBXT, I'.crbau or Pbovisions ahi> Ci.othihg, September 1, 18?4. Separate Proposal ?, sealed and endorsad '"Pro posais for Navy Clothing, sud Clothing Mate rials," will be received at this bureau until two o'clock p. m , on the .Mb day of October next, for furnishing and delivering (on receiving thirty days'notice) st the United States Navy Yards at Cksrlestown, Mies., and Brook 1> n, N. Y., in euch uumbere and quantities and at such timee as may be epecilied by tbe chief of this bureau or by the commandant? of tbe said Navy Yards, respective ly, the nnmbere and quantities of the different ar ticlee, and at the placee specified in the following liet.viz: Cbarlestown. Brooklyn. Pea Jackets..S.00O 7,??? Round Jackets.?.. 2 000 3.f>? Blue Cloth Trowsers, pairs.S.0"o 5,000 Blue Satinet Troweere, " ....8.000 UJ?<0 Canvas Duck Trowsers. " _3 00? 6.0X1 Barn8ley8hi-e1ing Frocks.5.0.4) 8 WO Blu.? Flannel Overehirte.6,tiT0 1'1,00<J Blue Flannel'OO 18,000 Blue Flannel Drawers, pairs-12 000 18.000 Blue Satinet, yarde. fti.OOO !? ,'> -> Blue Flannel, " .?0.?"0 ???,??? Blue Nankin, " .6,000 10.000 Calf-akin Laced Shoes, paira .. .lO.uW Kip skin 8bo?e..IO,?? 15JKO Woollen So ska.IMP Blankets.^.^,.. ?,??-? li.OOO Mattresses (with one co^syBsw each).~.-,^.??7?_?_ ??<?_ Black Silk Handkerchiefs. WSB ?__> Boo's. paira..-.t,oM rFr*.n Offers may be made for one or more artiere?, s_ tbe option of th? bidder, end in esse more trau oil article is contained in this offer, tbe chief of ta* bureau will have the right to accept one or more of the articlee contained in such offer and reject the remainder. TA? price must be uniform and of fers must embrace all of any one or mortarticlts de liverable at all the stations For the deecription of articles in the above Let. bidders are referred to tbe earn piss at the said nsvy yards, and to the advertisement of thie bureau da ted July 8. 186S, and for information M to the aw? and regulations ' in ramphlet for? ) res*rdine" con tracts to the officers of tbe several commandants of nav's yards and navy agent?. The department reserves the right to relect say proposal not coneidsred advantageous to th? Gov ernment. - , ?. .?.._._. Blank forme of proposals may he obtained on ap plication to th? navy acent at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, and st this bureau. sepz-lswlw 367 ?????. 367 J, T. KlBWBLL. RiOBABdHBSBSBSOI. KID WELL A HENDERSON, Ko. 367 D street, Bear Ninth, Franklin Hall Building, ' Would respectfully iaform their friend? and the public that ther are bow receiving their Fai Btock of PAPBRHANG1NG8 sad WUl SOW SHADES, PAPER OUST AIMS, P10T?RB CORDS aad TA83SL8, Ae. AU of tbe latent ?tylessod at the lowest cash pricee. .. - All paper bung in th? efty or eoaatrr byexp? ?mS^lk' ? atreet. .ear "tfT*^"D1a?-aal ?? ?

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