Newspaper of Evening Star, September 2, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 2, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS AMUSEMENTS ??-??T??. Ellisubk A Footb's troupe of dwarf?, mu sicians, and vocalists, limit their entertaiu -nents here to to-nlgbt, and to-morrow after - aoon aad night. Odd Fellow?' Hall will no loubt be crowded on these two occasions. On o-morrow nignt Commodore Foote will take ? benefit, wben be will distribute a pletore of imself. by way of a remembrance, to each id y pr?sent, A visit to the Hall to-night will j*e well repaid Fobd's Theater.?Mr. W. J. Florence takes :. benefit to-iiigbu and his popularity with all ? heater goers in this city will ne doubt insure him a full bouse. The bill is the comedietta ot ? ?The Irish Lion," tbe protean burletta of the ??Young Actress," and the laughable piece of ?Lord Flamgan." The bill is one of the most arousing that could be offered. Cabtbrbury was well filled again last night with a gay and happy crowd. The bill per formed was one of the best of the season. West, Mulligan, Emmerson, and Williams are among the best Ethiopians on the stage, while the siegers and dancing cannot be excelled any ?where in a concert ball. Another good night to-night. Fbuit Festival.?Do not forget the delight ful Fair and Festival at the Union League Rooms, under the auspices of tbe ladies of 9th street Methodist Protestant Church. -m ? Mbrtthg of the Hemocbatic Association.? New Converts taken in?Captain Win. J. Geary on the anxious bench?dipt. Henry A. Scheets,ez Provost Marshal, token in?He is an Egyptian Brick?The more you tighten him the bigger he acts?Mr. Geary fa fator of allowing the Eleventh hour disciples the run of the Kitchen. Tbe National Democratic Association held an adjourned meeting last night. The meeting -was sailed for" o'clock at which hour it was proposed to Hinz out their campaigu flag. Tbe nnterrifled did not come to time, and it was nearly 7l< before a sufficient crowd was in at tendance to warrant tbe calling of the delega tion to order. J. F. Hallday presided, and James S. Holland acted as Secretary. As soon a? the temporary organization had been effected a motion was made tbat those in attendance adjourn to tbe street for the pur pose of seeing the flag flung to the breeze. The crowd started, but before one half of them conld get down street a cheer was beard, and it was found tbat tbe banner was floating. Tbree cheers were given as soon as it appeared. The flag is a large and handsome one, and bears the names of McClellan and Pendleton. It is suspended over tbe middle of Pennsylvania aye one, between the Metropolitan Hotel and the rooms of the Association. As soon as tbe flag was tlnng ont all present Teassembled in tbe ball, and belated members began to come in until a tolerable audience was In attendance. Messrs. John F. Pica, Richard A. Cronin. W. M Lloyd, H C. Mudd, H. Polkinhorn, Sr., H.Polkinborn, Jr. John W. Curtain, John H. Russell, John P. Hammond, and Cap:. Wm. J. Geary were proposed and elected members. The name of the latter was proposed by J astice Clayton, and as soon as be had been elected he was called upon for a speech, and after some hesitation be appeared upon the stand. He said it was tbe first time that he had stood upon a Democratic platform, f Ap plause.) He bad done all things in politics consistent with honesty and truth, and had heretotore done all be could to beat the Demo cratic party ; and had stood shoulder to shoul der with the members of the old Whig party. He wanted one thing understood, that as against tbe Republican Administration he was for George B. McClellan. [Applause.] At Noveml>er he bad a vote, and was bound to sock it in for McClellan. [Applause.] He (the speaker) did not preach treason, and Would do nothing against tbe best interests of the Government, but he would say to the Chronicle man that the ides of November were coming; and tbey would follow tbe ides ot March; and it would be a damn big march for tbe Chrouicie's party. [Applause.] He was here to night to salute tbe flag of his country, a flag for whieb be had smelt gunpowder ou tbe battle field. He bad pledged bimself to fight for the constituted authorities of tbe gov ernment, and bad risked bis life for tbat and tbe flag, but not to save any d?d nigger. [Ap plause.] Capt (?eary said he had read an ar ticle in tbe Chronicle about Little Mac. He wished the writer had stood witb him (the speaker) on tbe tbe banks of tbeCbickahominy when McClellan prayed lor but two hours of daylight wben be would have been in the In trenebmentsof Richmond. [Applause.] Geo. ?. McClellan bad at tbis day more honesty of purpose and devotion to the constitution than any rooster who walks around tbe country. f Laughter and applause.J In conclusion he urged alito work bard and secure a victory in November, and -ani the speaker) when Little Mac rides under this flag to the White House, maybe I wont boiler, aud maybe I wont take a big drink. [Applause] Tbree cheers were then given tor Little Mae. Justice Clayton here took the stand, and urged upon all tbe laithful to contribute of their means, in order tbat tbe celebration on tbe 17th mstant might be got up in a proper manner. R. S. Davis, Esq., was called upon lor a speech, but excused himself on account of a sore throat. Messrs Fred. Ellenbrook. Jas. S. Piper, J. Caldwell, and Jobo H. Tucker, were proposed and elected members. On motion ot Mr. Schmidt, the finance com mittee was authorized to appoint ward com mittees to m&ke collections lor tbe celebration on -he 17th inst Some one proposed the name of Capt. Henry A. Scheetz tor membership, and at the same time proposed three cheers for him, which were faintly given. Mr. J. D. Lakeuan said whenever he saw one witb a character like Capt. Scheetz, who "would come out t>eldly and avow his princi ples he should ba honored. Capt. Scheetz was a martyr to 'he Lincoln dynasty. [Applause ] He (Mr. Lakeuan ) was astonished at Capt. S.'s moral courage. IN has asserted bis indepen dence, as an independen? man, against this pretended monarchy. [Applause.] Captain Scheetz is like an Eeyptian brick, the more you presa it the larger it gets. [Laughter and ap plause ] Captan Scheets was here called upon for a speech, bnt did not respond. The name of R. M. A. Fenwick was proposed, the propeser announcing tbat Mr. F. was a deputy provost marshal. [Cheers] Mr James Maguire said this thing of electing members by wholesale ought to be stopped until they come up and pay tbeir fees. Tbe Cbair (Mr. Hal nay) said lt was pre sumed all who had been elected would pay tbeir fees, und en tbat account they should not fctop electing members. [A number of newly elected members came forward and shelled out greenbacks] Meesrs. Thomas Altemos, John E. Neale, Henry H Dudley. Edward Trimble, Wm. C. Harvey, Georg.? T. Finnagan, Edward Smith, Charle? P. Gautier, and Jos. Kidwell, were elected members. The following were announced as the ward committees to collect moneys for tbe 17th of September celebration, viz:?First ward, Wm. Ihrer and Terrene? Drnry; Second ward, J. S. Clark, Jeo. Hoover; Third ward, Jno. H. Thompson, James Stone; Fourth ward, S. A. Ranev, - Courtney; Fifth ward, T. Thorn ley, Jno. O'Meara; Sixth ward, T. A. Toison, James Boaseau: Seventh ward, P. Harvey and John Wise. Tne committee was authorized to appoint four from Georgetown. On motion of Mr. Ennis, the endorsement by tbe Association of tbe nomination? at Cbicago waa ordered to be placed npon tbe minutes. Capt. Geary said he wished to give the As sociation a little advice. He bad heard some ihing about new members and latter-day taints. He hoped nothing more would be heard about tnem. Tbey should get all in that tbey could, even if they came from beyond the Allegh-nles. [Applause.] It mattered not what a man's antecedents were; if be was a good McClellan man be was entitled to fnll fellowship. [Applause.J Tbe Association then transacted some routine business and sojourned. Albxabdbia ArPAiBS.? To be Executed.? ?Sergeant E. Conley, Co. B, 19tb regiment, ? eteran Reserves, bas been found guilty, upon trial before a court-martial in this city, of the charges of a violation of the 23d Article of War, and aiding soldiers to desert, and has been sentenced to be abot to death witb musketry. Tbe sentence bas been approved by tbe Presi dent, and to-morrow morning, at nine o'clock, the criminal will pay the forfeit of hi? crime on tbe same spot where private Thompson ?was executed a few months since. The troop? in this city and the vicinity are, we under stand, ordered to witness tbe execution Deserters Or er hauled.? Captain Nickerson, of the mortar achooner, night before last hauled ?up a euspicions looking craft, and arrested three men on board, who, npon examination before Colonel Welles, turned out to be two deserter?, and tbe tbe third an individual who has for some time been engaged In aiding the eecape of deserters. Tbey were promptly ?'housed," and Cspt. Nickerson has taken charge ot the ?loop ? Ale?. Journal, Sept. lit. Abritbd?Prof. Alex. Woloweki, th? emi nent plauiat and vocali?, and whose new sys tem of instruction in einging and piano forte since his arrival from Europe baa met with j.'eat success In our metropolis, baa arrived from bis professional tour throng*, tbe United {States, aad opena a new class of piano and singing at hia new residence, No. 185 Tentb stxsst, betweea Pennsylvania avenue and E -treat, above J. N. Callan'? drug atore. We Art? no doubt of Prof. Wolowski'a success, asad blsauraeroue friends will be glad to bbbbW of his return among cs. Wi BB-BB our readers to tbe house oa let street, third house aboye L. __?__? bargus *' RsaiOVAL OP a Oavalbt abd abtillbbt Dbpot?The depot for bones for the cavalry and artillery, and for wagons, has bee? moved from the First Ward, iti Ulis city, to GHesboro' Point, by order of the Q,tt*rtermaster Generai. This removal will be a savtrg to the Govern ment, at the same time that it will give our dtizene the more free use of the streets and avenues. The immense corrals in the First Ward will be done away with, and horses and wagons brought here will be taken at once to Giesboro'. An immense amount of money will be saved by the change. As a matter of course, a large portion or the horseshoeing, saddle and harness making and repairing, will be trans ferred to Giesboro', which, by the way, is get ting to be so mucb of a place as to require, in connection with the Insane Asylum and the race-couree, the advantages of railroad com munication or ferry facilities from the foot of 6th street. --? Fotjbth Ward Station Ca?*b8.?Mena Be renger, disorderly; *i Cornelius Edwards, drunk; SI. Thos. Duff, do ; do. Mary Kane and Robert Carrol, disorderly; ?2 each. John Kelly, ?ruck; SI 58. Eliza Smith, disorderly; ft. Jane Hopkins, do ; S4. James Washing ton, do.; do. Annie Wilson, disorderly; S3. Robert Cross, do.; for hearing. John Travers, dismissed Lizzie Berkeley, drunk and disor derly; S2. 8PKCIAL NOTICES. -.?. Kronib's (Upham's) Hair Dts. Fifty Cents a Box, Boxes larger than Dyes that sell for ?1. Natural, dwable, beautiful. Warranted to please. This ar ticle has been thoroughly tested by Dr. Cbiltob, of New York, and Profs. Booth and Garrett, of Philadelphia, who pronounce it free from all poi sonous ingredients, and the material composing it will not injure tbe most delicate hair. Suld by Druggists and Fancy Go?de dealers everywhere. Jorh J. RROMBB.Sole Proprietor, 40.1 Cheetnut Street. _ Philadelphia. Pa. DRDNKBNtiHSS CCKBD. The inebriate may now bid defiance to the tempt ing cup. Dr. Zane's antidote for strong drink is ? certain cure for drunkenness. It creates a die like for strong drink, and can be administered without the knowledge of the patient. Descriptive circulare sent to any address. For sale by all respectable Druggists in the United States and Canadas. Price $1 per box, or packages of e< ? boxes for SB Jona J. Krohkr, Wholesale Agent.403 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Ps. DB. RAND'o SpkCIf.'C. Tteoidestand most reliable medicine for the cure ef Spermatorhoea. Seminal Weakness. Lose of Power, Ac. This medicine has stood the t*-st of over thirty years, and has always proved a success. Lr. Rand's Specific is exhibited in the form of pille, made up entirely of eubstances that have a specific effect upon the generative organs. Most persons aeeociate the idea of operations upon th>> bowels from taking any kind of pille. The Specific of Dr. Rand is not intended as an tvacuatmg medi cine. Its medical virtues are expended entirely upon the impaired generative organs. The pille are not unpleasant to tbe taste, and many persons masticate them with impunity before swallowing them; which plan we would always recommend,as affording thi? speediest way to get the effect of the remedy. Price SI per box, or six boxes for $5. Sold by DruggUts everywhere. John J. Kbombb, Wholesale Agent, 403 Chestnut street. au 31-eoly Philadelphia, Pa. "A Si.tGHT Cold," Cori.H.-*.?Few are aware of the importance of checking a Cough or "slifht eoid"ia its first stage; that which in the begin ning would yield toa mild remedy, if neglected, soon attacks the lungs. "Brown's Bronrhial Tro ches" give sure andaimost immediate relief. Mil Mary Officers and soldiers should have them, as they can be carried in the pocket and taken as occasion requires. au 2*5-Im CoRRS, Bunions, Ingrowing Nails,etc. Persons wishing immediate relief from these troublesome annoyances, should call at Dr. White's rooms, No. 424 Perm's av., bet. AK and 6th sts. au 17 tf Do TOO calor your whiskers and moustache? If so, use the "Japanese Hair Stain." No hair dye In the world equal toit. Only one preparation. It colors a natural black or brown. Only 60 canta ? box. 8. C. Ford, ?2 eoSm_3<?0 F?, avenue. Sole Ag A Saw FiaruBB wo* thb Babbkbbobiip. Photon's "Night Blooming Oereue." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phaltm's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon's "NighT?leoming Gereue.? Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." A most exquisite, delicate and fragrant perfume distilled from the rare and beautiful flower from which it takee its name. Manufactured only by Phalob A Sos, ?. Y. bbwabx or oodbvbbfsitb. Ase ros Pbaloh's?Tars bo Otrbb. ie 16-3m Sold by druggists generally. COLOATI'B HOBBT SOAP This celebrated Toilet Soap, in such universal demand, ia made from the choicest materiale. Is mild and emollient in ite nature, fragrantly scent ed, and extremely beneficial in its action upon the skin. For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers. _JatS-eoly rJBCBRT DI?BASBS. benstaritan's Gift ie the moet certain, safe and effectuai remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever discovered. Cures in two to four days, and recent cases in twenty-four hours No m neral no balsam, no mereury. Only ten pille to be taken. It ie the eoldier'e hope, and ?, friend to those who do not want to be expoeed. Male packages, S3; female, S3. Samaritan's Root and Herb Juices?A positive and permanent eure for Syphilie.Scrofula.Ulcere.Soree Spots, Tetters, Ac. Price SI, or six bottles for SI Bold by B. O. Ford. 8ee advertisement, me BrsBMATORBBiBA oar BB COBSB.?Dr Rand'? Spe cific eures Spermatorrkcea, Seminal Weakness, Im ?oten?y, Loss of Power, etc.. speedily and effectually. ts effects are truly magical. A trial of the Specific will convince the most skeptical of its merits. Price SI ? box. Bold by fe.C. Ford, corser 11th Btreet and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook, Alexandria. la 6-1 y DISBASIA Or THB NlBVOUS, SXMIBAL, TJbIBABT AHdSbxcal8tstbb8?new and reliable treatment ?in Reports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Add rese D. J. Bkillin Hough ton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth Btreet, Philadelphia, Pa. _ Je30 3m DB. De post'? Sugar-coated Female Regulating Fille are the very best in usi. They operate speedily and effectively, snd beine sugar-coated create no nausea upon the moet delicate stomach. A trial o? these Pille will prove their superiority over all others. Pricefl a box. Bold by S.O. Ford, corner Uth street and Pa. avenue,Washington,and Henry Oook. Alexandria laS-ly Wabbabtbb to curb ib Six Dats.? Dr. Godfrey's Antidote, an English Specific of sixty-five years' standing, will cure Gonorrhata in six days. No ehange of diet required. Price Si per bottle. Bold by 8. O. Ford, corner Utb street and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook. Alexandria. Ja ?-ly Tbbcrbafb?t abd bbbtHaib Dr ? ibtbb Woblb ?Never Fades or Washes Out.?Upham'a Hair Dye, ?0 cents s box. Tbe beet in use. Try it. Bold by ?. 0 Ford, corner llth street sad Penn. avenue, Washington; sad Henry Cook, Alexandria. ae-lv _ NBBVOCS DbBILITT, 8BMIBAL WbAKBBSB. etc.. Caw Be Cured by one who has really oured himself and hundred? of ethers, sud will tell you nothing but the imi?. Address, witn stamp, BOW ABB H. TbAVBB, marl DAW.ly_Lock Box. Boston. Mass. DIED, On the morning of September 1, 8USIE K. IN GLE, daughter of the fate Joseph Ingle, of this city Her funeral will teke place from the residence ef D. W. Middleton, Esq.x on Capitol Hill, this (Friday) afternoon at 4 e 'cio?*. On the morning of tbe 3d instant. ELLA DANB. only daughter of D.D. and M. L. Clark, aged 10 months and 21 days. Her funeral will take place at the residence of her parents, No. 414 12th street, between I and K, on to-morrow, (Saturday) the 3d instant, at 10 o'clock ?. m. * At Lancaster, Fairfield county. Ohio. WILLIAM C Rl IT, aged (^ years, a native of Paiagton, Dev onehlre, England. * fft-0 THB CITIZENS OK WASHING-C_BS fm/ T0N AND_VICINirY. ? II ^(f We invite the attention of citiiene 1 olthe District, whe wish to purchase GHINa, CFOCKERY.GLAS* WARS. CUTLERY, or FLA' TED WARE, to our stock, which ie very complete in every department, sod at lower priese the? the uro? class of goods can b? purchased in Northern cities. WKBli ft HKVBRtDQ?, ?B3? IQVif Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th street. W . 0 WS R. . w ? v successor to_ B. OWEN A SON. Militabt abd Bavai. MERCHANT TAI LOS S.__ ?w pa?. ?ViASs^o!- ?*!izsr? ^?S from my new Flame Sila, without oomiag G****? wjtt?_??*?1??? .Sta. Lim? RU.. M $m Th. -T. ??i Bock Or??. Bri4ge, WANTS. W????? TO RENT-Part ot a P?RNISHBD HOUSE seitab le for a amali familr. Address Box 4? 8tar Office._ ?ep j at* WANTED?A~WET N?R8R, either white or colored. Apply at No. 417 12th ?treet, bet. New York avenue and I ?treet_ *** WANTED^?i WBITB_OIRL as Nnrae. Mnst come well recostmended. Apply at No. 446 13th ?t., bet. E and F street?._eep 2-2t? A TOUNO MAN wishes to get eomekind~?7EM PLOY ? EN ? Has been in tbe sutler basi ne s two ?ears. Address A. B. 0., Star Office. ?ep2 3t*_ BY A YOUNG MARRIED COUPLE. ?W or before the 1st ol October, a unall HO CHE, er room? snltaV.e for housek.epiug. Address Boas. 8Ur office._ _??P_?'3tI_ A WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION ~AS A Cook and Paltry making. Can get ref rence from her last place. She can be seen at 523 llth street, bet. Band 0._lt* WANTED- AgooTBREAD BAKER, to work as second band. Inqnire at 49?? llth street, between Pa. avenue and E street, or corner 4H and L streets. Island._ sep2-3t* Yir~ANTED-Bytwo reepecteble women 8ITUA vv TION8 as cook?, waah?rs. and ireners ina small priyate family. Inquire at No. f*0 G street, ? ear 23d._lt* WANTED?By a genteel 8outbern family, com posed of four grown persons, a emali FUR NISHED HOUSE, r.r Furnished Apartments, with facilities for cooking. Rent mast be moderate, and situation conv-nientto the Convent, Address "Georgia.''StarOffice^_sep2 3t* WAr^TED TO EXCHANGE-? row ?G????? HOC8E8. situated i na first-clfis.? manufac turing town of l5.on<i inhabitants, near a lar?e city, and in the immediate vicinity of extensive ir in and glass manufactories. Will exchange for im proved real estete in or near this city. Addrpgs f Real Estate," Star office._sep2 3t* WANTED?A respectable German GIRL todo general housework. Apply at No. 2G2 7th e.t.. bet. L and M._ eep l-3t* OYSTER 8HUCKER WANTED, at the Orienta Restaurant, corner7th street and Mass. ave. sepjvft*_A.C0PPE8, Proprietor. WANTED?By a respectable middle aged wo man. aSITUATION ss housekeeper or seam stress, in a respectable private family. Call at 322 G street, between 12th and 1.1th. _sep l-2t* FIRFTr?LA88~BARB~ER~ WANTED IMMEDI ATELY?Good wages siven. Also, a WIG MAKKR At DKMONGEOT'S Human Hair Store corner D and loth streets._sep 1 3t* WANTED?A GIRL as nurse and seamstress. No one need apply who eannot do plain sew in? well. _ References required. Apply at No. 143 Washington street, Georgetown, above Dun barton street._sep l-2t* W~A?TED-A SERVANT (white) to eo?kand do general housework, at No. 134, High st., Georgetown._ an 31-3t* sSt^?i?i BOUNTY FOR ONE YEAR.-Wanted ?30UU V0LUNTEEB8 fwhite) for one year. Apply to A. WATSON, 474 east side llth street, between ? and F. at 1 and 5 p, m. au 31 3w* WANTED-Two good CANVASSERS. Pay by the week, or commissions given. Apply at 490 7th street. Room No. 4. Also, a good, active BOY. Good wages will_be^iven._au3l-3t* WANTED-8T0NE MASON8, on sea wall at Washington Arsenal. Apply to JOHN CAM EBON, or WI8E A CALLAHAN. an 31 -co3t* WANTED-By MORGAN A RHINEHART, at G street Wharf, ."?,000 Tons GREEN HOS PITAL AND CAMP BONES, for which the high est market price will be paid. au 13-eolm W~ANTET)? IN GEORGETOWN- Two-white WOMEN?one to cook, wash and iron, the other to nurse. None but competent ones need npply. Reference? required. No. 90 West street, Georgetown._an SI 3t* WANT?D-A WOMAN (white) to cook. Also one to wash dishes and make beds. Apply at the Gosling House, No. 249 Pa. avenue, between I2ih and 13'h streets._*_______ FURNISHED HOUSE WANTBD.-Wnnted. a small and comfortably furnished House, con tainiLff MX or ei*ht rooms. One within a half mile of the intersection of 14th street aud New York avemie preferred. Address Box 20"), Wash ington city Post Office^_au 30-fit WOOD CHOPPERS WANTE~D.-Any man who will get up a gany of fifty choppers will be appointed superintendent of them, and will re ceive a salary of fifty dollars per month and board. Apply to W. BRAMALL, 519,12th ?treet, opposite the Kirkwood House._au Se-ter* W~ANTED-Two Hundred COLORED MEN. Apply at No. 40 Water street, Georgetown. _au 29 tf______^ WANTED?Two steady, industrious BOY8, one each to learn the Harnees and Trunkmaking business. Apply at 500 7th street. au29-tf WANTED?By a young gentleman in theWar Department, permanent BOARD and ROOM, in a strictly private and religions family, in the central part of Washinston. Best of reference. Address at once,"Rochester,"Star efflce. an27-6t* WANTED?Every Lady in the District to know tbat I have received a new and beautiful ma chine, and am now prepared to Flute goods twelve inches in width, and dcper than any other establish ment in the country. As this was what was wanted by the Ladies, we can now do FLUTING! FLUTING! superior to any done in the lare-e cities. Only place in town. LADIES STAMPING DEPOT. 3?1 F st., oppo. Patent Office_aa27-tf OLD BOTTLES WANTED ! ____ OLD B0TTLE8 WANTED! The high??t cash price will be paid for? Whole Cham pagne Bottles. Half do. do. Pint Porter ao. Pint Ale do. Pint Ale Juge, Ac,. Ac,by_ RILEY A. SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. D. C. N. B.? Any person having large quantities of Old Bottles on hand, can have tbem taken away by notifying me. [an 18-1ml_R. A. 8HINN. WA ? ? E D- 50.000 LADIES to call at PRINCE'S STAMPING AND FLUTING DEPOT. 381 F street, oppesite Patent Office and et their TAMPING, FLUKING, AND PINKING DON!. We are the only persons in town who make the business an exclusive one. Constantly receiving and making up new patterns for Braid and Silk Embroidery. New and elegant patterns received weekly for Yokes, Bands, Pantaletts, Capes, Shawls, Slippers, Pin Cushions. Ao. an 12-tf ANT 1 D?8EOOND HAND FURNITURE Aleo. MIRRORS, CARPETS, BEDS, BED DING, and HOU8EFURNI8HINGGOOD8ofevery description. R. BUOHLY, 42s* 7th street. le 3-tf between G and H.east side. w GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS THE ?RAFT IN GEORGETOWN, D. C. Mayor's Office, Georgetown. D. C , Aus. 27. Ufi. Those citizen? of the town who are subject to the approaching draft to furnish soldiers for our army, and who desire to avoid that service, are in vited to join in the following self-insuring scheme : Every citizen who is liable to be drafted can de posit the sum of One Hundred Dollars in the Bank of Commerce. The whole sum so deposited will constitute a fund for the exclusive benefit of those of thedepositors who may be drafted The scheme will work tbu? : Should there be one hundred depositors, for instance, and only twenty of them be drafted, eighty would be protected from service by paying one hundred dollars each, while the whole ten thousand dollars would be distributed in sums of fire hundred dollars each to the twenty who were drafted. With that they could obtain substitutes or keep tbe money and go into service, at their own option. Of course the real result will be so varied from tbe one here given as an illustration as to make it more or less beneficial to the drafted parties ; but there is this absolute certainty about it: that every drafted man will get tbe whole of his money back, with the almost equal certainty of more than double that sum, and a probability of his re ceiving acuna of not less than five hundred do'lars. In this scheme there ean be no juggling, no pre cedence of favorite individuals, or tricks played otT upon tbe unsuspecting. There will be but two well ascertained parties : those who escape the draft and lose their hundred dollars, and those who are draftee and get all tbe money deposited by the whole association. Should this scheme fail o'a faverableresult, or work any particular hardship to one of thede positors. the subscriber has in view an adpunctive scheme which will afford the necessary relief with out any additional costa to the association. For any further information apply to au27-lw _________ ____________ Mayor. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION 8TO0K. Those persona who may be disposed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stock, which bears an interest of six per eent. per annum, payable quarterly, ean obtain some by applying to WM. DAIRD. Clerk of said Corporation. __________ rpoWING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, by th? 1 Petomae Tow Company*? bosta, "Potomac," "Got. Ourtin" and "Belle Haven." Apply to the Captains on board, er to JOHN B. DAVIDSON, my M-_Water ?treat. Georgetown L GEORGE F0RRE8T, ATE Quartermaster United State? Army, Adjust? Officer?, Ordnance, Quartermaster's, and Commissary's ACCOUNTS, 464 Tenth street, an 24-lm*_Washington, D. ?. CVARDEN HEEDS ! ~~ IB GARDEN SEEDS I Just received, fresh and genuine, TURNIP. RADISH. CUCUMBER, CABBAGE, KALE. Also, CLOVER AND TIMOTHY, ajeo, v_v _ p BARTHOLOW. 5587th at., between Pen? av. and Canal, su ?-eoe* _Washington, P. c. ?-rtftMsa arsir, w: wSm wblah he will diano?? . _. __ iBouir? st th? Billiard room, eornar ? ?w ??. Vflgb? ?toset and Pe-uuvlraaia avenu?. le U-tf S "TAMPING AND IMBBOIDjIMlie dens with neatness and die?steh, and at th? lowest eric??, at 4SI Massachusetts avenue, near the Northern Liberty Market,_sa 84-lm? ? BREIEN* N?W TpPOGJUtraiCjLL WA? MAP OF TH1 SOUTHERN STATES, with ? OaronotesVof the great BeMllea:JOeaats. ieM rei HO? ?INBII. FRANCE TATI* __? AND FOR SALB-Apply at the first house fron ? the Eastern Branch Bridge M a-Ist* I vo& RENT ANP 8ALEL I7OR RENT-? large, bandeoroely furniihed and a. .T?" d*eirable KKONT ROOM. IoquireatNo. 53'. ** H etreet, between 6th and 7th ate, sep i-3t* tfUa NI*,HK? ROOMS FOB ???G. WITHOUT 1 Boa ? Reference required. Apply at No. 3 20 New .Ta av.. bet. 9ta aad l"th sis, sep 2-lw* FCR1??S7*SB ROOM, ?uitable for one or two gentlomen. *-t4'{l 12th street, bstween H et. ano Sew York av* ?p?? see 2-3t* TO REN T-Ha?rfsa ^?elr FU?R ISHB D ROO M S I with use ?GKitchen, 33? Get., bet. 12th and 13th ste. _ svp 2-3t* F "OR RKNT-An ?xcellent" BRICrT HOUSE, on Washington etreet. Geor?ptt??wn. Inquire of G?OROE II. VAhNELL, No. 3I Market Space, Georgetown. _*______ F-OR SALE-A two story BRICK HOU?'? on 1st strfet. third house above L. Immediate pos sef-sieu given. Gas, water and barn. Callandeee. Rare bargain._sep 2 .*?_ FOR R?NT-A well furnished HOUdB, coU: taining sixteen rooms, at No. 74 Missouri avenue, n*ar 3d s'reet. Possession given imme diately. Inquire on the premises._eep 2 3t" FURNISHED ROOM FOR RENT-Ou the first floor, luth street, between L and M, No. 35 ? Suitable for one or two gentlemen. References required. sep 2 3t* F?RJALE?Two email HOUSES and LOTS sit uaUd on 7th etreet east, between ? and C streets south, for Kale cheap For particulars inquire of A. G. PUMPHRBY, No. 651 7th street east._**#___* A"No. l~CB_N?E ?The old established and well known CENTRAL BOWLING 8ALOON, in excellent coBdition, and doing a good business, is offered for sale. Inquire at tbe Saloon, Pa. av., between 10th and 11th sts._sep 2 3t* FOR RENT-SECOND STORY of Brick House, containing three unfurnished rooms, in a re spectable neighborhood, suitable for a snia'l fami ly; price ?20 per month. Address "?. ?. ? ," City Post Office. _sep 2 2t* tfOR SALE-The FIXTURES of a Steamed Oyster Saloon, everything new and in good order, Boiler, Iron Bars. Counter, and one very large Transpa-ency Sign. Inquire at the Dew Drep, 493 Uth street._sep2 3t* THB GOOD WILL AND FIXTURES OF A RESTAURANT FOR SALB-The house con tains five rooms, kitchen and cellar. The cause for selling is the proprietor wishes to change his business. Apply to 44 East Market 8pace, George town. D.C._sep 2-4t" RARE CHANCE.-A fine BRICK HOUSE tar sale, containing eight rooms, with bath room and cellar, in a respectable neighborhood. Loca tion healthy. Situated on 0th etreet, between M and N, No. ?03. Inquire on the premises, pos session given when sold. Price, fire thousand dol lars, part on time; or four thousand live hundred dollars, all cash._sep2 3t DWELLING UO?S1C FOR SALE-? DW?T?T ING HOUSE, contaiuing nine rooms, having a frrnt of 28 feet, by a depth of 33 feet, with a lot extending back W9 feet to an alley; situate! on ? street south. Capitol Hill, near New Jersey ave. Also, a vacant LOT on 2d street west, between Band F streets north. ? C TOWl,B. sep 2-3t*_Office of Register of Deeds. F>OR RENT-? three atory,modern built BRIOK DWBLLING, on Virginia avenue, (Island) within one minute walk of the 7th etreet city ra.l G FOR SALE-Two story BRICK HOUSE, on C street, between 11th and 12th, with immediate possession. Inquiro of J. F. HALIDAY, Real Estate Broker, 515 Eleventh st , -outh of Pa. avenue, sep 2-lw F~~OR SALE-? good BUSINESS, warranted to pay from fifty to sixty dollars net a week. For particulars inquire at 44;? 7th st. sep l-3t* F_0R RENT?Two or three ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished, (for gentlemen only,) at No. 220 New York avenue._sep 1 3t* COMFORTABLE FURNISHED ROOMS on sec J ond lloor at No. l.iK street, one door below 8th street, by theNorthern Market. sep 1-1 w" FOR RENT-? desirable ?eeond story FRONT ROOM, furnished, suitable for one or two gen tlemen. Referesce required. Apply at No. 426 ? at., bet. 13th und Uth sts._sep l-3t* FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT, without Board to gintlemen only?347 ? street, near 13th. Inquire of Mrs. ?. ?. 8TEPHEN8ON. auSI-tf FOR RENT IN GEORGETOWN-Two FUR NISHED ROOMS for gentlnmen only. Aoply at No. 90 West street, Georgetown. au 31-3t* F^OR RENT-? comfortable two-story BRICK HOUSE, in a pleasant neighborhood, and con venient to tbe Washington and Georgetown Rail road._[au 31-3t*l_Georgetown, D C. ?VOR RENT-Tbe WAREHOUSE in rear of store ? 519 7th st, and back of the Avenue House. Entrance by tbe alley from D St. JNO. OGDEN, an 81 St*_019 7th street. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, with or without board, pleasantly situated on 21st street, between G and H, east side. Also, TABLE BOARDERS wanted._au 31-3t* RO?M8 FOR RENT, and a Dining Room and Kitchen. Also, for ?ale, a rich Medall?n Vel vet Carpet and Plimton Bedstead. Apply 3T3 Pennsylvania avenue;_au 3? fit* ABABB CHANCE ?The good-will and fixtures of a RESTAURANT for sale. The hou?e con tains eleven rooms, all of which is private. Tbe cause for selling ie the proprietor wishes to retire from businees. Apply at the Columbia House, C Btreet, near the Baltimore depot._au 3?'-lw* STORETO LET?Gas lighted, centrally located, provided with all fixtures, and with a back room attached. Apply at 335 F street, between 9th and Mb._an29-tf l^OR" RENT-The large and commodious ROOMS ? comprising the second, third and fourth sto ries over J. L Kldwell's new Drug Store- on E st., near corner of Pa. av. and 14th st., two doors be low Willard?' Hotel, au 29-tf_JOHNL. KIDWBLL. I T'A RM FOR SALE.-Ninety acres of good Farm ing Land, six miles from Washington, over the Navy Yard bridge, near the cross roads lead ing from Washington to Piscataway, and from Upper Marlboro to Alexandria. For further par ticulars address ?. M.. Star Office. au 2i>-lw* F ?OR RENT?A ROOM on 15th ?treet, opposite the Treasury Department, adapted to the use of a Banker or Broker, having onnested with it a very commodious and substantial vault. In quire of WILLIAM ORME, No. 312 Penn ave., between P'th and Uth ete._an 27-3w A-RARE CHANCE?The GOOD WILL and FIX TURES ?>f two of the best store.s in the city: suitable fer clothing or shoe business. Apply at J. H. BMITH'S, No. 400 7th st._au 25-tf FOR BALS?A most excellent FRAME HOUSE, situated on south L street, between 2!.st and 22d, containing 12 rooms. Will be sold a great bar gain, and immediate possession given. Apply to MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, south east corner of lfith st. and Pa. av._au 23-10t* FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RE?T-At No. 225 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Willard?' Ho tel. _an 19-2w* Fr?0R SALE-DRUG STORE. BRICK HOUSE and 1 three BUILDING LOTS. Inquire at No. 45*, Mass, avenue, near 6th st._au 18-Im* FOR SALE?A three story and attic BRICK HOUSE and outbuildings, on North Capitol etreet, between ? and C, No. 394, nearly opposite the Washington Railway, near the Depot House, containing ?? rooms; a vacant lot adjoining; front of 85 by 80. For further particulars inquire of WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. No. 322 Pennsylva niaav._an 16 WE OFFER FOR 8ALB, at a great bars ai n. a email ? ARM. containing about 05 acres, well improved with new dwelling and all necessary ont housee. This property lies about 4 miles from Center Market, on the Benmng's Bridge road across Eastern Branch, is in a high andnealthy situation, with an abundance of wood. Terms made known on application to SWEENY A CO, Real Estate Brokers, an 15-1m_Corner 7th and i> streets. FOR SALE-The three-story BRICK HOUSE and LOT. No. 561 9th street, (Island.) be tween D and E streets. The house contains nine rooms, and has convenient out-buildings, Ac. Apply to W. D. WALLACH, at the Star Onice, auj l? tf_ i^ OBLINO HOUSE FOR BALE. The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi ness, and offers his well-known house for sale. Any one wishing to engage in a LUCRATIVE BUSINESS can call on the Proprietor, 24? Penn sylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th sts. an 8 4w* CURNI?HED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 450 13th F etreet. east side, between G and H ate. The ?Stuntion ie one of the moat desirable in Wash ington. au2-lm JAY COOKE A CO., BANKERS, FirTKBHTB STBBBT, OPPOaiTH U. S. Trhasdry, Receive Subscriptions for the NEW U. S. 73.10 LOAN authorized by the act of June 30th, 1364. The notes will be issued under date of August Uth, in denominations of 950, 9100, 9500,91,000 and 95,000, payable to bearer or order, bearing interest at 7 3-10 per centum per annum, payable serai-an nually, and will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity into six per cent. Fivs Twsnty Bonds. We buy and sell? GOVERNMENT BONDS of all issues. TREASURY NOTBB. CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, And COIN, And pay the highest price for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATS CHECKS. Jy27-tf_JAY COOKS A 00. LIGHTNING RODS.-LIGHTNING RODS. The undersigned ia prepared to furnish and put up LIGHTNING RODS, with platina tipped peints, at the shortest and most reason able terms. Also, BELL HANGING done in the asoetapproved style. Work done ie the country at city prices. 0. SCHNEIDER, ?n 18-lm* 2T1 Penn. av., Washington. D. 0. 1BBOLUT10M OF OOPARTNERSHIP.-Tk? Oopartnereh ? exiating between EDWARB OWEN and BAM't W OWBM, la th? Military and S?*_~M?r0,i.__ J*?10*1?1?. under tbe frm of ?. OWSH.A 89N.for the last ? ye- rs, is tale dar by mutual consent. The business in future will be conducted bp SAMT? W. OWEN, at thai-old stand,819 Pens ?ylvania avenue, to whom pay meats will be sad? ef all outstanding debts duo ttl?W*. taul-lml ?.?-V.'OWBN. REFINEE BCGARB.-Thia day received, 1? barrels Lovering 4 Co ? Crashed, Powdered, and Soft Crashed Bugare. ___._ aaS-ft BSNJ. BSALL. AUCTION SALB8. THIE AFTERPUKfW 4WBTft.MOSRO^. ?T GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers " Tci>RRl?A?TaF^r1f.H0.,i,8T?? "ABLE, AND On FRI DAY the 2d of September, at 6 o'clock p. m we shall *ell, in front ol the premise?, south of ?,?? <<*,??G1 of.L?t **?> in Naaasa?, having a front ? f 22 feet in inch?? on 3d et. west, betw",.n ? and ?streets south, running back inn reetto an a ley, with the improvements, wbich is as follows A eood two stery Frame House. wi?h a food Stable tor fire horw-a; _jso. Carriage House f..r two hacks with good Hay Loft, suitable for any hackman purpose. Terms made known on th? day of sale. an conveyance and revenue stampe at the cost of tbe purchaser _au26d GREEN A WILLIAMS.Ancta. ? Y WM. L. WALL A CO . Auctioneera. ?* At tue Horse Baz7*r,9* La. av. AWI?nIfilW ^r?ILF?P_?~^I>R4??I1T "0RSK8 TION M1W Y0UK TRUCK AT ACC .???? ??G??>? Y MORNING. 3d inst.. st 10 o'elk, at the Bazaar, we will pell? A pair of Excellent Northern Draught Horses. A New fork Truck. A Covered Wagon. Set? Double Harnees Two Open Barouches. Pair of Horses and Harness. A BAY PONY, FIVE YEARS OLD. Brought from Salt Lake City. A splendid riding animal for a Lady or Boy. In fine condition and stylish appearance. Fifty other Horses. Carriages, Germantown, Top, aud No Top Bug gies, Ac, fee Terms cash. aepl-2t_W. L. WALL A CO.. Ancta.^ DI JAS. C. MoGUIRB A CO., Auctioneer?. THIRTEEN WATCHES AT PUBLIC SALE. On 8ATUBDA V MORNING.Sept. 3. at 10 o'clock, in front of the Auction Rooms, we shall sell,for account of whom it may concern, and without re serve, THIRTEEN SILVER HUNTING AND OPEN-FACE WATCHES. Terms, cash. an31-d_J C. McGUIRE A CO. Aucts. ? Y W. L. WALLA CO., Auctioneers. Southwest corner Pa. avenue and 9th at. ? BLACKSMITH'S TOOLS, BELLOWS, Ac. Ac, AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING, 3d September, at 10 o'cteek, we will sell, in front of the Auction Rooms, lots of Blacksmith'? Tools, Ac, comprising? Pair Bellows, 3 Anvils, 2 seta Stocks. Diea and Taps 1 Patent Axle Setter 1 cast iron Swedge Block 1 cast iron Mandrill Bledges, Fullers' Toogs And a general assortment of Tools, large and small; all that is requisite in a well ordered shop of the kind. Terms, cash._ , __, au 3n WM. L. WALL A CO.. Aucte. Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. At the Horse Bazaar, 93 Louisiana av. GBEAT SALE OF FINEHORSES. CARRIAGES, WAGONS AND OTHER VEHICLES AT AUC TION. On SATURDAY MORNING, 3d inst., at in o'clock, we will sell, at the Bazaar, 50 FINE SADDLE AND HARNESS HORSES. Carriages, German town Top and No Top Buggies, Express Wagon, Sets Single aud Double Harness, Ac, Ac, Ac. Terms cash. an 31_W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. BY W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneer?. At the Horse Bazaar, '.?SLa.av ,bet.9thAl0th. A PAIR NORTHERN DRAUGHT HORSE?, WAGON, AND NEW YORK TRUCK AT AUC TION. On 8ATURDaY MORNING, 3d instant, at 19 o'clock, at tbe Bazaar, we will sell? A pair of excellent Northern Draught Horse??, A New York Truck, A Covered Wason. gets Double Harness. Terms cash. an 31 W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer?. No. 526, corner of 7th and D streets. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE-Ac. AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY, tbe 3d of September, at 10 o elk a. in . we sball sell at our Auction rooms, viz : One Rep Covered Parlor Suite, consisting of So fas. Eaxy and Side Chairs, Haircloth Sofas, Chairs and Rockers One handsome Walnut Chamber Sett, consisting of French Bedstead. Dressing Bureau, Wash stand, with marble top. Wardrobes,Chairsand Rocker Painted Chamber Sett Cottage Bedsteads, Wardrobes. Washotands Tables, Cbairs, Desks and other Furniture nair. Husk and other Mattresees Feathers, Pillows, Bolsters Brussels and Three-ply Carpets Cooking, Radiator and otber Stoves And many other articles which we deem unneces sary to enumerate. Terms cash, as tbe good? ar" knocked off. auSl-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. ? BAY MARE, ROCK AWAY CARRIAGE, AND HARNESS. On SATURDAY next, the 3d instant, we shall sell, at the Horse Market, f>th street, below the Avenue, at in o'clock a m.. a fine Bay Mare, which is perfectly gentle and swift, with a goo I Rock away or Famiiy Carriage, and Harness. Sold for no fault, the owner having no further use for them. GREEN A WILLIAMS, hep 2_Auctioneers. BY W. L. WALL A CO.? Auctioneer*. At the Horse Bazaar, 93 La. av? A PAIR NORTHERN DRAUGHT HOR8ES. WAGON, AND NEW YORK TRUCK AT AUC TION. On SATURDAY MORNING, 3d instant, at 10 o'clock, at tb? Bazaar, we will ?ell? A pair of excellent Northern Draught Horses, to each a pair of Horses' Harness, A New York Truck, A Covered Wagon, Sets Double Harness. Two Open Barouches, and an Open Family Ba rouche, Pair tf Horses and Harness, Two goed Carts snd Sets Harness. A BAY PONY. FIVE YEARS OLD, Brought from Salt Lake City. A splendid riding animal for a Lady or Iljy; in fine condition aud st>lish appearsnee. A HALF BRED IRON-GRAY IIOR8E. lC>i band? high, between six and seven years old; a g?od fami.y horse; perfectly sound. Fifty other Horses. Carriages, Genrantown, Top, and No Top Bug gies, Ac, Ac Terms cash. _ _ __,___.-_____ sep 2_W. L. WALL A CO., Ancta. L'ALE OF CONDEMNED QUARTERMASTER'S ? fcTORES, BUGGIES. Ac, ac. Chief Quartermaster's Office, Depot of Washington. I Washington, D. C, September 1,1364. \ Will be sold at public auction, at Government Warehouse, situated on the sanare between E and F, and Twentieth and Twenty-first streets, in the city of Washington, on WEDNESDAY. September 11,1864, at 11 o'clock a.m., a lot of Quartermas ter's Stores, condemned as unfit for use, viz .? Axes, Carpenter?' Tools, Brushes. Bridle?, Nose Bags, Buckets, Saddle Blankets, Stable Brooms, Portable Forges, Grindstones, Blacksmiths' Tools, Harness, Lanterns Scrap Leather. 8tove Pipe, Repe Stoves. Saddles. Scales, Whips, Horse Shoe!, ano alargo lot of old Iron, Ac, Ac ALSO. Will be sold on same day, at foot of Nineteenth street near Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, immedi ately after the completion of the sale above re ferred to, a number of Ambulsnces, Buggies, Carnages, Army Wagons, Spring Wag? ns. Carts, and Medical Wagons. Successful bidders will be required to remove the Stores within five (5? days from the date of sale. Terms cash, in Government fu?d^?CKER Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, sep 2 12t_Depot of Washington. |> Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer?. CHANCERY SALE OF VACANT LOTS. On WEDNA8DAY AFTERNOON, September 14, ate o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a decree of tbe Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, dated May lUth, 1853, made in a certain eau-e wherein Wm. Bird et al. are complainants and U. R. Marryman, trustee of Z. Hazel, deceased, is defendant No. 836, equity, I shall ?ell the follow ing described vacant Lots, via : The east half of Lot 3. in Square 723, fronting 24 feet % inch on East Capitol street, between 1st and 2d streets east, running back 75 feet to a wide pub lic alle?. , _ Lot 12. in Square 758, fronting 49 feet 2>_ inches on north ? street, between 2d and 3d streets east, runniDg back 136 feet Sii inches to a 30-foot Parts of Lots 3and 4. in Square 784, fronting on Maryland avenue between Sd and 4th sts. Lot No. 14, in Square No. 867. fronting 60 feet on 6th street east, atthe corner of north ? street,and runningback 75 feet on north ? st. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder m six and twelve months, with interest, to be secured by the bonds of the purchaser, witb approved secu If'the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter, tbe -rustee reserve? the right to resell the property so in defanlt. on one wee* s public notice, at the risk and expense of the fle faulling purchaser. . . _... _. Cost of conveyances and stamps te be paia By the purchaser. WALTBR S. COX. Traete?. au23-eoAda J. C. McQDIRE A CO., Ancta. ? IMPORTANT TOiiijii>iin A HOUSEKEEPERS U_L AND OTHER3 M We invite the attention of all ? ?G? per ?one who are in want of F URN I? TUREor HOUSEKEEPING GOODS to call and examine our large and extensive aasertmeut, wbich we are prepared to offer AT GREAT BARGAIN8, thereby making it au important item in the selec ti0Bef FURNITURE and otber HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, always to be fonnd st the well known establish ment of McGREGOR A ZIMMERMAN, No. 530Seventh ?treet, between an _______ Louisiana av and Pat , east aide. D VETERINARY SURGEON. . _, A J.B. McKAY, Member of the Royal V. 8. College, Edinburgh. AU Disease* of tbe ~ He*rse treated ia the moat scientific man ner Charges moderate. Also, Bones' bought snd sold on came issi ? ?. Office at J 0. Howard'?, Q?treat, between ?th aad 7th, Wash. lagtea. aaf-iss AUCTION SALES. FUTURS ????. DT JAMBE C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctions?*?, v-"XTEN8IVB SALS OF~BUILDING LOTS FOB * ACCOUNT OF 8T. JOHN'S CHUKCH 0_? TUESDAY 6 o'cV>c*,on tne ?1"?????? by order of th? Vestry rfSt ^*?hn's Church, we ?hall sell tfee whois ?(* Square Vo- -"*? fronting respectively on 12th ?ad 13'b ste. w.?at and north R and S st? ; the whole subdiTirted in,o fifty twe fine building lots, esch with access U' ? BMH !?_1__, , _, Piate may be obtained of the auctioneers or on the premi??* at the time of aale. Term? : One tbi r<i in cash; tbe remainder 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises . ., . __ Cet of conveyances and stamps to be paid by the purchaser. an89-d JA8. C. SJcGUIRE A CO ,Auott ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. AUCTION SALE OF LOT OF GROUND. OnTUESBAY.theeth instant, at ? o'clock p.m., we shall sell, in frost of tbe part of Lot No 9, in Sqnare 523. having a front or 83 feet M inches on New Jersey avenue, between north it and ? st?, Tbis lot is very handsomely situated, having an east front, in a commanding position. Term- Half cash; balance in 6 and 12 montar fer notes bearing interest. All conveyance, stamps. Ac . at cost of purcha ser. Twenty dollari will be required when th? prop erty is knocked otf Title indisputable. ?nil ? GREEN A WILLIAMS, Anct?. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. HANDSOME BUILDING LOTS AT TH1 COR NER OF 1ST STREET EAST AND NORTH D STUFET CAPITOL HILL. AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY,the7th instant, we shall sell in front of tbe premia??, at 5 o'clock p.m..all of lot No. 16 and half Lot No. 1?, in Square No.714. This property fronts 75 feet on 1st street, running back about 9? feet, and will be dirided in two buildinir lots if desired, it isa handsome loca tion, perfectly graded and paved in fr-nt. Per sons wishing to purchaoe a handsome and elevated building site will do well to attend the sale. Terms at ?ale. Hep Id GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucte. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. E BEAUTIFUL FARM OR COUNTRY 8BAT AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the30tb in?t., we *?all sell. at 6 o'clock p. in., on the premine?, that beautiful piece or parcel of land attached to the former r?a gence of H W. Blunt. Esq .near TenDallytown, about one and a half miles from Georgetown, eu tbe Roekville Turnpike road. This land adloina the land? of Messrs. Loughborough and Carter. and Mrs. A. J. Lyle. This sale presents a rare opportunity to a gen tleman wishing a fine country aeat, the neighbor! ing society being the very best, and possessing all tbe advantage? of proximity to towa and ma set. Tbe view is beautiful, commanding a prospect of from tweive to seventy mile?, of the most pie turesque and romantic eeenery. The soil is kind, and well adapted to the culture of a vegetatile gar den, the moht of it having a beautiful southeast exposure. The lend, which contain? about twen ty-five acres, is susceptible of division into three or more lots, each of which contain beautiful building sites, and will be sold in separate lots, if desired, We reapectfully invite the attention of person? wishing to purchase a handsome site for a private residence, and the public in cenerai to this sale, as it pr?teurs ver/ rare inducements, and the sale will be well worthy of their attention. Terms: One-half cash; balance in six rr.onths, for note bearing interest. A deed ?riven and a deed e-f trust taken. Title indisputable. au 24 d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. ?J&TTIIE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED UNTIL WEDNESDAY, the 7th of Septemher. instant, same hour, when it wi 1 positively tak? place. sep Id GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucte ? Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. .RUSTBE'S SALE OF BRICK DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH II. BETWEEN 13TH AND 14?? STREETS WEST. By virtue of a deed of trust from William H. Clampittand wife, dated the 23d day of Septena - ter, eighteen hundred and fift? eight, and duly re corded in Liber J. A. 8 , No. 161,folios 437, 438.and 439. one of the land records for Washinston coun ty. District of Columbia. I will sell at public auc tion, on the premises, on WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON, September 7th. at 6 o'clock, all that lot or parcel of land in the city of Washington, and Dis trict of Columbia aforesaid, being part of Lot? numbered one. twenty-nine, and thirtv, ?, 29. w.) in 8qua*e numbered two hundred and fifty, 1280,1 as said Lots and Square are marked, laid down and distir guished on the plan of said city; beginning tor said part at a poiDt oi the line of ? street north, eight feet four inchests feet 4 inches) east of the southwest corner of said lotnumbered one. and running whence east sixteen feet eight inches, (lSleetiJ inches.) thence north ninety-two feet, (92 feet ) thence wess sixteen feet eight incbea. ( 16 feet 8 inches,)thence south ninety-two feet (9! feet) to the place of beginning, improved by a well built brick bouse with all the modern improve ments. This property lie? Just east of the D?menos, buildings, and opposite th? Presbyterian Churek, and is one of the most desirable residences of ita class in the city. Terms: One-half of the purchase money in cash: fsrjoef which must be paid down at toe time of sale, tbe remainder, with interest, in ?months, A deed will be given and a deed of trust taken to se cure tbe deferred payment. All conveyances, including revenue stamps, at the cost of the purchaser. Should the terms ef sale not be complied witb within three days, the Trustee reserves the right to re-sell at tbe risk and expense? of the purcha ser, after giving one week's notice in the National Intelligencer, or other newspaper published in 'Washington, JNO. D. MePnBRSON, Trustee. an22-d_J.O. MOGUIRB A CO., Aaetg. IF Y W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE 0F~X~H0U8B AND LOT IN THE SEVENTH WARD. By virtue of a deed oftru.-.t to the subscribers, dated tbe 17th day of August, I860, and recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 203, folios 167. et seq.. on? of the Land Records, Ac. we shall oiler at public auction on WEDNESDAY, the 21st day of September, at 4 o'clock, p. m., in front of the premis s, all of Lot numbered seven, (7,) of Fub division of Square numbered four hundred and thirteen. (413.) of the plan of the City of Washington, with the improve ments thereon, consisting of a two story Frame House. Tbis property is situated rn south G st., between 8th and 9th streets we>-t. The Lot has a width of twenty-four (24) feet. teni'O) inches, and a depihof one hundred and twenty four feet, eight (8) inches to au alley Terms of sale: One half cash, tbe residue in six and twelve months, the purchaser giving his n<.-tes for the deferred payments, e-atisfaclorily endorsed and bearing interest from the day of sale, aud se cure! by a aeed of trust on the premises. ? All conveyancing at the ccst of the purchaser. If the terms of saleare not complied with, within five days from the day of sale, the Trustees reserve the right to re-sell the said property at th? risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, on ?riving one weeks notice try two insertions in some newspaper in the City of Washington. EDWARD 0. CARRINGTON.r Tr? ._ ASBURY LLOYD, jxrasBBBa, an 27 WM. L. WALL A CO.. Aucts. SALE OF CONDEMNED VlUARTERMASf RR'S STORES. Chief Quartermaster's Office, Washington Depot, I Washihotob. D. C, Aug. 27 1864. t Will be sold at nubili auction, at Government Warehouse Ne. 5. New York avenue, between 18th and 19th streets, Washington city, D C on TUES DAY, September 6th, 1864, at 11 o'clock a. m . a lot of Quartermaster's Store?, condemned as unlit for use or issue, vii : A large lot of Stoves and Stove Pipe. Boilers, Ovens. Old Iron. Carpenter'? T.-ols, Desks, Chairs, Scales. Shovels, Grindstones. Hardware, Brooms. Buckets, Pans, Old Copper, Brushes, Ac. Ac. 41 Successful bidders will be required to remove tbe stores within live days from the date of sale. Terme cash, in Government f^nd?-noK-R Brig. Gen. and Chief Quar'ermaater, an S7-9t_e_Depot ?f Washington. 0~~FF_CK DEPOT COM'Y OF 8UB8I3TENC1, W.shinotoh. D. C. Ausaet .6. MM Will be sold at Pnblic Auction on MONDAY, September 6th. 1864, at 11 o'clock a. m., at the 6th street Wharf, Washington, D C., the following public prop-rty, in geud condition._|iz : On? Thousand (1.0 0? Beef H des,?Jalted. Fifty two (d?) Beef flidea, dry. Eleven (11 ?Sheep Skins. Terms : Cash in Government funds 8. 0 GREENE, au 27-6t_Captain and C. 8. V. FFICE DEPOT COM'RY OF SUBSISTENCE, WsSBrnejOB. D C . Augusts?, ?8<M. GOVERNMENT SALE. EMPTY BARRELS. EMPTY BARRELS. Will be sold st publie auction, at 6th street Wbarf Washington. D. C. on the 5th dar of Sep tember. 1864. at 11 o'clock a. m., th? following empty Barrels, more or lees : 4,5'0 Pork B?rrela, 2,483 Flour Barrels. 894 Coffee Barrels. 266 Molasses Barrels. 135 Whisky Barrels. 532 Promiscuous Barrels. 43 Ham Tierces. 856 Vinegar Reas. Also, a lare? lot of Staves and Headings. Terms: Cash, in Government funds. Ah purchases to be removed in tea days aite sale. 8. C. GREENE, au 3C-St _Canteij^ndJ^S. ?? A UCTION SALE OF CONDEMNED HORSES. Was DBPABTirBBT, Cavalbt Buaa-o, J __. Office of Chief Quartermaster, > win ? ,***h*neton. D. C Au'ustJ 1*1.1 WiU be sold at Public Auction, to the highest bidder, at the time? and place? namedlbelow. tIb : Reading, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, August 18, J__XJe-4 Altoons, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY. August 30, 1864 Lebanon, Pennsylvanie, THDR8D AY, September 1 11164 Harriebnrg, Penneylvanis, THURSDAY. Sep *TWO HOT?**? (??) CAVALRY HOMM, at e^a??1e?bo'rse? h?ve been condemned as unSt for the cavalry ??t?????? the army. For road and farming purposes, many good bar "Hor#kw.hinV T^r^ ?ash, inlDnited States enrrency. Termsc-= JAMES A ERIN. Lt. Col. and Chief Qcartremaster. ans-taae_____Cava-trr " WATER COOLERS^ ^ ^ ? and WATER COOLERS, wbieh we aref ?losing out at prime ooat. WeadvteaeUl in quest of the ateive article? to f{? " ?<?? call aad b? sor? of a bargain U BONTZ, ceil ?? B ' Bas?es??" te Boat? A Grieta. as s-tw """ 88? 7th ?traft, asar L

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