Newspaper of Evening Star, September 3, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 3, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR W.D.WALLACH Editor and Proprlefr. WASHINGTOI? CITY: SATDRDAT.<..:L?gfTEMBER 3, 1?6?. W RXADINO MATTER ON EVERY PAU". BIB OUTSIDE FOR IWTBBE8TING TILE GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER_ extra: IMPORTANT FROM THE VALLEY. The Enemy Fall Back ta Winchester - Averill has a Victory ?ver Vaughn's t'nvnlry, nnd Captures Prisoners, Battle Flag? ned t nttle?Sheridan With Hi* Whale Army in Pursuit. The following dispatch was received at the War Department last night : "The enemy are on the move down the val ley, failing back towards Wincheeter. "Averill attacked and drove Vaughn's cav alry from some point north of Bunker Hill, to within six miles of Winchester, when his ad vance was stopped by a division of infantry. "Averill captured twenty wagons, two battle-flags, a number of prisoners, and a herd of cattle. He moved towards Berry ville. "General Sheridan moved last night with his whole army in pursuit. Official War Bulletin?. Onr For?es in Possession of Atlanta. A Battle nt Eastpeiat?Hood's Army Cat ia Two?The Rebel General Hnrde? Re? parted killed ? Important Reduction ia the Drnft?Highly Cheering View of the Situation?Early Overthrow ol the Rebel, lien Anticipnted. FIRST BCLLBTia. Wabhihgtok, Sept. 2_? p. m. Major Gen. Dix, New York : This Department has received intelligence tins evening that General Sherman's advance entered Atlanta about noon to-day. Tbe particulars have not yet been received, but telegraphic communication during the sight with Atlanta direct is expected. It is ascertained, with reasonable certainty, that the naval and other credits required by the aet of Congress will amount to about 200,fJC0, including New York, which has not yet been reported to the Department; ao that the President's call of July 1? is practically reduced to three hundred thousand men to meet and take the place of? 1st. The new enlistments in the navy. 2d. The casualties of battle, sickness, pris, oners, and desertion; and 3d. The hundred day troops, and all others going out by expiration of service this fall. One hundred thonsand new troops, prompt ly furnished, is all that General Grant asks for tbe capture of Richmond, and to give a fib.? ishing blow to the rebel armies yet In the field. The residue of the call would be adequate for garrisons in forts and cities, and to guard all tue lines of communication and supplies, free the conntry from guerrillas, give security to trade, protect commerce and travel, and estab lish peace, order, and tronquility m every State. Edwiw M. Stabtos, Secretary of War. [8KC0HD BTJL-BTIH.J Washihotob, September 2, 1015 p, m. Major Gen. Dix, New York : The following telegram from Major General Slocnm, dated this day in Atlana, and just re ceived, confirms the capture of that city: ?'General Sherman has taken Atlanta. The 20th corps occupies the city. The main army i? on the main road near Kastpoint. A battle was fought near that point, in which General Sherman was successful. Particulars not known. H. W. Sloctjm, Major General." An unofficial report states that in the battle fought near Eastpoint, by Maj. Gen. Sherman with Hood, the rebel army was cut in two, with very heavy loss to the enemy, and that Gen. Hardee was killed. Our loss not known. L&wiw M. Staktob, Secretary of War. The Entrance into Atlanta. Nasbvitlb. Sept. 3.?General Sherman's advance entered Atlanta this forenoon at 11 o'clock. Tbe whole Federal force will enter to-day. Early Rumors. PaiLADBLrHiA, Sept. 2.? The Philadelphia Evening Telegraph has just received a dispatch from a source of the highest credit, dated Ma rietta, Ga , stating that our advance guard en tered Atlanta this morning. Lovibvillb, Sept. 2.?Brig. Gen. E wing, commanding tbe Western District of Kentucky, has just received a telegram from the Iront, an nouncing that Gen. Sherman's advance guard entered Atlanta at 9 o'clock this morning. No further particulars. "A Goes Party Word."?The New York Journal of Commerce, (Dem,) urges the adop tion by the Democracy of the "Union" metto to train under in the Presidential canvass. It says the word Union "is a good party word, and the conservative press of the country made an error m allowing the radical ticket to be headed in that way." Ah ! PsaeoBA?.?General Mende and members of bis staff were at Wlllard's yeeterday. Also, Dr. Thomas W. Evans, of Pari?, France, the ? celebrated American dentist of tbat city. Gen. Hunter is also here. The name of B. Bruznal, Envoy ExtroTdi nary and Minister Plenipotentiary, (it is stated from Mexico) is registered at Willard's; also that ol T. Elbe, Secretary of Legation. ?~" The ?Province of New York," as it ia ecclesiastically styled, over which the new Catholic Arctibistirp roles, comprises eight Zpisropal Feee?those of New York, Brooklvn, Hartford, Portland, Burlington, Albany, Buf falo, and Newark. It extends geograpnicaily over New England, New York and New Jer sey. ???"Gen. Carriagton has been appointed to superintend the draft in Indiana. ?_~ The people of Cincinnati want an armory. ?VThe Berks county, Pa, democracy have renominated Hon. S. E. Ancona for Congress. _*v John Morrissey is dealing in bounty bonds at ?aratoga, to tf? amount of 890,000. aVIsabelra ot Spain stl'l ref asee to recognize the Kingdom of Italy. G?-??COLUMBIA TYPOGHAPHIOAL SOCIETY UsJt A8t?tt j Meeting of the Society will bo hold THI3 AY EMM?, at o o'clock, in the Council Chamber. City ? all. [It'l J. C. V ROCTOTt. R. ? 'THBNIW /SKI S \I.K H 1 Ulivi, ?,.p?? COLUMBIA TYPOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY t: 1L_I C?pltol ?tree, between ? and O etroote, Kev Jases Fox, p-st >v, will bo oponed for pable worship TO M'lRIO^.-.-'inday,; ?Sept. 4, at ? a. m._The public are in ? it. d._It* rrlJr?WAEGH CHAP*]/, CORNER OF THIRD 11 J? street ?aet and A ?tre-t north, Oh pi toi HflX Pr<-achia?r Tu MoBR'JW (Sunday) at 11 o'clock a. m and 7>i p. m. by the Rev. 3. D. Kbowlbs, late of tbe Ba-t Maine Conference. It* ^RELIGIOUS N?TICl.^f""tbe regula _ weekly meeting of the Society of Friends, forDivine worship at their hon??, I street, be tween Uth and 19th, Samoki. M. JaBBbT. of 5?3S_t eoa ntT. "Ve.. Is?xpected to be present T0 MOBBOW. (Sabbath) at 11 o'clock, if frS=-AJTBWriOrI, 'OCRSBYMKV SHOT LIJJLi MAKKR8.?You aro requested to attend a meeting of the Society at Mr. BBOB'fl BostaUraut, on list , between 6th and 7th. Bo punctual, as bn-inees o?i-portmc?; ?? before th? meetin?. By order of the Secretory. Honr-g o'clock, ?ep j St* money secured. Inquire as it? nrg?-KOTIOB.?The next rega'ar mtetinn of th? LL3 Tin Plate and Sheet Iron Worker? A.Jo" eia ion will be held st Sbeserd'e H ill. corn?? 7th and La.av.,0? TuESDAYRVBNINd. ethlnet at g o'clock. Paaetual attendane? Ib requested* ?? business of importane? will bo brought before the meeting. By order _ ?op3 ?? J AM K8 B. MATTINGL Y, Bee. 8oc. Irte? NOTICE -Lookout f>r St. Matthew'? Sun \XS day School Pic-Nic. which takes at Gre?? Springs, Georgetown, ?*n the 11th in?t. Particu lar? next week. THE COMMITTEE. sep Vzt_ ? *_??_. 1EGUL?R~M0NTHLY MEETING ?uof. a? T,on.n* c*th?He'e Friend Society will - irrefnlV P?_".ck ? 0h?"ch. at 5 o'clock p. m. ??JE?JL?JL'.!!X9U>mh?* ,*th Members are rs ?Y?-?_!*tUn<1' ***? ?*??1?? for ?iffleere will !*???";_0?ceiS?e8oc KeTr Festtval. TRIE BTBN INO, "au?ait S? 1& at the ????? league too?., ?>tn street,,hiUS_ Hand ? street? .ani conti du? the eotire wW?k The Bneh?nt?Mi ?t?? wlil bo exhibitedeverv *????' in? daring th-week. Thi, tro? i. WyeaehVat tna Ad.issso?ill, eont. ; seaoon t?ak*V ? ?.to Th? Codies eolicit the patronage of their trient!' a? *>-?%? OFFICIAL. Abbahax LiBCOLB, President of the United States of America, To a? whom it may concern. Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited to me that Fbbbahdo db la Cubbta has been appointed Consul of the Mexican Republic, at Philadelphia, I do hereby recognize him as such, and declare him free to exercise and enjoy such Iunctions,powers, and privileges, as are allowed to Consuls by the law of nations, or by the laws of the United States, and existing treaty stipulations between the Government of Mexico and the United States. In testimony whereol, I have caused these Letters to be made Patent, and the Seal of the United Statas to be hereunto affixed. Given under m ? hand at the City of Wash ington, the 1st day of September, A. D. fi. e ] 1864. and of the Independence of the United States of America, the S9th. Abraham LihooC*. By tbe President: F. W. Skwaf.d, Acting Secretary of State. fyg? EXEMPTION CLUB?There i? now being LkJ3? formed s Club for the purpose of procuring Substitutes for men of its number who may be dri.ft.-i. Persons leaving S Lowith T. M. HAN aoN. Treasurer ef the c'ub. ??? 7th ntreet, will be entitled toite benefits. Call at orne, for the nun)beri? liBnte_|__ sep 3-3t rr^-PUBLIC SCH00L8-2D DI3TRIC? ? Lkj? Parient.? and guardians living in the 2d Dis trict (3d and ?th Ward?) are requested to observe th?t one of the undersigned will be at each of the sr.bool rooms In the District on the several morn ings of the first week of th. session, between the hours of A and 9 o'clock, for the purpose of grant ins permits, makins transfers. Ac, where they will please apply,and no where the. M. H. MILLES, W. .T. RHBBS. _sep3-3t_O. 0. WIGHT. i lift ?UgBBTH WARD EXEMPTION FUND IL3 ASSOCIATION.?The undersigned reapect ful?y notify tb? citizens ef the ward that at a meeting held on the evening of the 1st instant an ; asurciation was formed witb the above title. The sum fixed upon to entitle a person to mem bership was one hundred dollars. Any member of the committee is authorized to receive the amount and deposit tbe same with Johx II. Semmes, who was appointed Treasurer. The object of this association is to procure sub stitutes for tlioae drafted and held to service, if tbe fund is sufficient; if not, to divide the amount eqnally amongst them. This association is confined to the residents of Seventh Ward. THOS. ^^.f-???, O 0. ANDERSON, P.A. BOSWELL, Dr. R.O.CROGGON, WM. 8. DAVIS. W. J. FOSTER. WM OAMMACK, J?UN H. BIRD. JOBN R. ELVANP, sep 2 Committee. HAMS AND BREAKFAST BACON, of a superi or quality, Just received and for sale cheap, by _sep3eo3t GEO. T. SMITH A CO..;511 7th at. CHEESE? Now opening, the most choice lot of CHEESE for families ever shown in this mar ket. se ? 3 tag (?EQ. T. SMITH A CO.. SII 7th st. fcjOAP?The attention of Families, Hotels, and e 7 Restaurants, is called Ito a large lotoftnesbove article, of a superior quslitv. at a very low price. eep3-eo3t PEO. T. SMITH A Co., 511 7th st. SPANISH OLIVIS-Of a very superiorgfuality, ?5 Just opened, and for sale by GEO. ? SMITH A CO.. ?e? 3 eo.1t_511 Seventh street. FRENCH PICKLES?Of every description Also, CAPERS aud FRENCH MUSTARD f..r sale by GEO. T. SMITH A CO., sep3eo3t_ 611 Seventh street. ?_PICBD SALMON-? very superior lot iuat O opened and for sale by GEO. T. SMITH A CO., gep3-eo3t_811 7th ?treet. (CHAMPIGNONS AND PETIT P0I3-Now ar > riving and for sale by GEO. T. SMITH A CO.. eep3 eo3t_Importers. 511 7th street. YARMOUTH BLOATERS-A choice lot Just re ceived and for sale cheap by GEO. T. 8MITH A CO., aep3 eo3t_ 511 7th street. BOLOGNE SAUSAGE?A choice article for fam ilies and connoisseurs. GEO. T. 8MTTH A CO., ?ep 3 eo3t_511 7th street. BORROMEO COLLEGE, Pikenville. Baltimore county. Md., opens its ninth session on the 2d Monday of September For the terms or other in formation address Rev. E. Q. S. WALDRON, Principal._sep.3-lm* CHILLS AND FEVERS-SHAKE NO MOEB. Go at once to MOORES DRUG810RE. 113 Pennsylvania avenue. West End, and procare a bottle of Ague Cure and a package of his Antidote. ? her are warranted to eure. Price sep3-2w COFFEE-We unhesitatingly ear that our OOF f BES cannot be excelled; and as we would ?ay of <?at At. r>. whi.-Vy ?p ?.-u ask la convince you of tbat fact ia to taste it. GBO. T. 8MITH A CO , sep __#____511 7th street. SCHOOL BOOKS AND STATIONERY, Wholesale aud Retail, at ROBERTS' B00K8T0RE, sep3 31* No. 33T 7th Bt., between ? andL. FOR SALE?At HOWARDS Stable, ?n G street, between 6th and 7th sta., a large, fine _B_. _ BAY HORSK. nearly IT b-nds hi*rU, young jLSHl and guaranteed to be porfectly sonnd;-^*" works well in harness, A carriage will be sold with him if desired._sep 3-3t* ? EDWARD CLARK, LUMBER DBALER. Yirginia avenu?, between 9th and 10th sts., east, Navy-Yard. A large stock of all kinds of LUMBER eon? atantly on band at lowaat market prices. rep 3 lm^_ TV] E~W STORE : i\ NEW GOODS ! LOW PRICES ! Just received. Fresh Goods of every description, purchased exclusively for cash, at the lowest prices, which we offer at a small advance. Pleas? given?a rail. GEO. T. SMITH A CO., sep3-eo3t_ 8117th street. TWO WROrOHT IROB DOORS, TWO WROl'GHT IRON FRAMES, ONE LARGE VAULT LOCK. The above were taken out ef tbe old Bank of Columbia, and will b? sold cheap for cash. Par ties wishing to inspect the above will apply at '206 Bridge street, between Market and Frederick sts., Georgetown. Sep 3 3teo* ?___BJ_U MRS. GOODALL, BCSSpBI Teacher of ????? SINGING AND PIANO, _ Commences instruction in the above branches on MONDAY, Sept. 5th, at ber residence, 156 ? st., bet. l?th and 19th, north side._________*"* (~REKN AMD BLACK TEAS.-We especially In 1 vite the attention of tbe lovers of the above article te examine our stock before purchasing as we think our teas are seldom, if ever, equalled in this market. GEO. T. 8MITII A CO.. Importera and dealers in fine Family StpS-eo3t_Oro.'eries, 511 7th street. B~?S3'ALE, HIBBERTP BARCLAY. PERKINS A CO. and GUINNESS'3 BRO. 8T0UT, all of which are genuine, and very desirable for Families and Hospitals, being highly recommended for Invalide by our most eminent physicians. For sale by GEO. T. SMITH A 00.. Importer? of Wines, Brandie? and Cigars. sep 3-eo3t [Intelligencer A Times.]_ A BRASS INSTRUMENTS. NEW Lot, of all kin*?, at lowest prices, from be?t makers. . . Aleo, Accrrdertns, Banjo?, Tamborines, Drums, Fife?, Baste?. Flutes, Violin?, Guitars. Violin Strings. Piano Stools and Covers, New Music and Instruction Rooks. Also, large lot of New and Old Piano?. _. JOHN F. ELLIS, ? 306 Pa. avenue, north side. sepVrt betweea 9th snd lftth ?t?. ?*W ?SINGING OLASABS. IN? PROFESSOR ALEXANDER W0L0W8KIopens ney Hnerlng Clasne? on very reasonable terms. All -boss ledie? and gentlemen who would like to yoiii his oratories and serie? of concert.?, which will be given with Uta pupil?, will enter their numi s at bis reeulence, No. 485 nth street, be tween Pennsylvania avenue and E street above J B. Callan's drug store. First singing class will positively b?gln on September Sth. 18?4. seS-lm jMOPABTNBRSHIP. Ihe undersigned have formed a ei-partneranip um er the firm of R. C. Johnson A Co.. aid having purchased tbeatoc* of Hariware of Jos. L 8*v Ag?. Wo. 324 D street, bet. l'th and llth ate, in tend keeping on hand a large and well selected ?rock oi Hardware, Housekeeper's and Sutler's Goods, to which tbey would respectfully call the attention of their friend*and the public general ly. R_C JOHNSON. Auguet 24,1884. THOS. A CI.A1?K, sep2-6t B.JAS BOURKE. 00F1NG FELT. ROOFING CIMENT. R _ ?o Roof, rs, Tinners, Slaters, Builders, and ere : Having become Agent for one the largest manufacturers of ROOFING MATERIALS, I offer for sale _ FELT AND CEMENT at low price?. The trade liberally dealt with. ?_-,__. J. J. 8ULLIVAN. . Stp2-4t*_Corner of 9th and the Canal. TH?NJIW Y0RK NEWSPAPERS FOBWAKD __- ? -*??? BBW YORK DAILT. a* greatly ??eueau price?.?Term?, for one year, (payable in #??2*:'JreI **? Herald. 87, Instead of SW; ???!? .*7; tim??.?': WorW? ?7; Daily Near?, Aadilinin?rr?5?^ ** Bvening Expresa. 86 W. York ^????, Bo. 62 west 34th street, New ?-, u ft-3m F^?i? fuhll*^h? Kuightajr? of Great Bri Rrit?S?, n_???_* 0omP?n?. Peerage of Great &___?_? S^dT,*** ?,f ar_?"* Britein. BrltUs ts^LWS?&T&'a?'s Peerage of Great Britain? iSdaV. Peers? of the British Empire. Burke'. ??^??.*! aiSST _ ???_PBaBOg'T AYLOlT GENTLKMBN'8 FIMB ?_???G???????"_?4 Children'? Clothing; al*? finn andate a?w leg. made with nestnee? and dUpntcb .?i 7? reasonable terms, at No. 460 Lstreet, ve?t ?risth ?*? sep l-at? LOST AND FOUND. L L08T-Thie day, near the northwest corner of Center Merkel.aJ>leak ?roll mounted PBH CIL The finder will bo liberally rewarded by leaving the san-e at No. 120 Bridge et.. Geor?re town, D. 0._ _,- REWARD.?Got out of aloton Fridav, Sept. imO 2 a liebt roan II0R3 ?, white face, two kiul feet white and hada halter on, between ti,*Ml nix veareold. with condemned mark. Return to porter of Q?nd mhsr>?.. No '?'34. s?p 3-3t? 5 r KfcWAKD ?Lost, on the Navy-Vari, M >n qpO day morniuiT, a small BOX, containing San dry articles-? lace handkerchief, lace collar, b?dy and set of pearl jewelry. The gratefal thanks and above reward will be paid on delivery of the ar ticles at ?. E. ^iITJeVS Grocery, La. av. lt* Q REWABD?Lost, Friday evening?, 21 inst., O between G and fi.on7th street, at the front . F. Di< trich's hat store. No. 4??, one TALK ING (JANE, made of a vine, with round ? lack handle. The finder will ple?*e deliver it np at the above named place and receive the reward. it* ?_~_G_G? BEWARD.?Lost or mislaid, on the '4th of f?? Antruet. a heavy, black Iron-wood GAN'K; narrow ?ilver band around the top, ant white metal plate over the top end. The finder will receive tbe above reward by leaving the cane at northwest cerner of 17th and Pa. avenue, ani no questions asked. It* IOST-Frlday, September 2d. a lady's GOLD j HUNTING WATCH, No. 6,710. Vacherin te Coctan-itine, Geneva; eornewhere oh tOth street or Institute grounds, or near MaryUnd avenu?. A liberei reward will be paid for its return, by RICHARD J. RYON, corner 9th and Dste. sepJ3t*___j_ DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Cor/?iTr or Wisrr iBOTOB, S9.:?I hereby certify tbat John House, of the county aforesaid, brought before me, the eubsor ?ber, one of the Justices of the Peace in and for the said county, this 3d day of Septem ber. A. D. 1864, and made oath in due form of law that on thie 3d day came to the stable asa stray trespassing upon bie enclosure, a grey MARE in harness and top buggy attached. The said Mare is snodali round, and about 5 or 6 years old, 14 hauls high, and paces in harness, trots, and is kind in harness. Given under my hand thie 3d day of September, A D.1884. J. W. BARNAOLO.J.P. N. B?The owner of the above described Horse is requested to prove property, pay charges and take her away. JOHN HOUSE, sep 3-2t*_At the Railroad Stables, 7th st. _ OST?On the night of the 26th of August, a _J METROPOLITAN POLICE BADGE,No.11T, Tbe finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at the Second Ward Station._sep2-2t* LOST?On the 8 o'clock train from Baltimore, a PACK AGE?rapped in a newspaper .addressed to JAMBS DONALDSON, State Department. Tbe fino er will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at theState Department._MpMt f l ~pr~ REWARD.^8trayed or stolen on the 26th <4> I ?> of August, a light bay COLT, a years and 3 months old white st ar in the forehead, front feet turnout. The above reearlwill be given if re turned to Mrs. BYANS, ob Virginia avenue, bet. 1st and 2d streets _sop 2 3t* CAME TO ??? SUBSCRIBER'S PREMI8ES. on the 1st instar t. a white BULL; two pieces cut out one and one niece cut out the other ear; about 5 years old. The owner is requested to prove property end take him away. GEO Plill.LTPSON, lOthst , sep 2 3t*_between G and I. Navy Yard. $11? REWARD.?Strayed or stolen. Sunday *4J)?U nicht, a chestnut colored COW, white herns, and white tail, and ail four of her l*gs white, and white ????t her belly. The above re ward will be paid if brought to No. 410 3d street between A and ? streets north. _ sepi-3t* A. SEYPOLDT. L08T-A BLACK POCKET MEMORANDUM BOOK containing papers of no value, except to the owner. The finder will reeeive the thanks of tbe owner by leaving it at the Star Office or 49;i I street, between 7th and 8th.___"___ mSti REWARD?Stolen from the siil^crilier, ?$??? near C srksville, Howard county. Md , Aug. 25th, a black HORSE, with a star iu his foie head, about 15 or 16 bands high, with one white hind foot; 6 years old. I will pay tue abo va reward for his recovery. _ sepl-3t? HEZEKIAH LINTn/QOM. 111 fi REWARD?Strayed or stolen, on the 26th tu'-Mr ult.. one meuse-colored COW; had two ?mall holes through each horn, ana had the use of butthrre tits. I will give theabove reward to any one that will return her, or tell me where ?he can be ftund. A. R. LADD, sep 1 3t*_54 2 11th street, Island. <_Ofr REWARD.?Stolen on the night of tbe <?>_,.J l?;th of Augnct a bay HORSE, weighing about 960, with a small ?tar in his forehead, left hind foot white, a scar about 2'2' incheslong on hie right rump, with ? touch of the heaves. I will pay the above reward for hi? recovery. Apolyto or address BENJ. G. ClSshL, Ciarksville. How ard county, Md._Bep 1-31* TRESPAS8E8-NOTICE -Several COWS and one HORSE, branded "condemned,"have been fonr.d trespassing upon the grounds of the George town College. The owners are requested to prove property, p?y charge?, and t?ke them away; and notice is hereby given that all persons hereafter committing any trespass by willfully breaking ?iown or injuring the fences belonging to the lands of the College, or by entering any of their enc'osed land? with their Cows, horses, or other animal?, will be prosecuted to the utmost extent of the law. By order of the President. aul7-eolra BOABDINQ. FIRST-CLA88 BOARD, with Furnished Roem?, Also Table Board can be obtained at No. 4 1.1 E street, between 8th and 9th. Breakfast from 7 to 9 ; dinner from 3 to 6._sep 3-lea* TWO OR THEEB GENTLEMEN MAT FIND pleasant ROOM and BOARD; also, one a small BOOM, at 17 1st street, Georgetown. sep 2-3t* BOARDING.?The attention of those who wish spacious and airy ROOMS, well furnished, up on moderate terms, is especially requested. The advertiser wi?hes to give her inmates a pleasant home, and will earnestly endeavor to provide for their comfort by every means within Ber power. A good library in the house. An excellent tabi? i? kept, and transient boarders taken. Apply at 305 18th st., between F and G ?te. sep 2 2t* A PEW GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN BOARD xa ing in a pleasant locality by applying at No. 508 I et , bet 6th and 7th. Bep l-3t* BOARD-Nicely furnished ROOMS, eingle or ia suite, with first cla?e BOARD at 301 G street, between 13th and 14th, near the Departments. Ref - erences exchanged._an 31-6t* BOARDING FOR LADIES, at No. 100 E street north, between 12th and 13th streets, in the rear. _ ? _an XT-6t* TFOABD AND HANDSOMELY FUBNISHBD JL> ROOMS for familier, or single persons. House a;ry. with ?various grounds. Terms moderate. Apply at S. W. Corner 21st and H Bts., near Pean'a avenue._au 26-9t* TO LET?A few B00M8, nicely furnished, with board for gentlemen or gentleman and wife, also excellent hoard for gentlemen at No. til1, st., betreen C and Louisiana av. au 16 2w* OOLITTCAL BANNERS. FLAG8. ORNAMENT JT AL TRANSPARENCIES, EMBLEMS, Ac, painted at the ehortest poHsihl? notice and in every variety of style, by ML? T. PARKER A CO , Si Louisiana av., between ith and 7th sts. sep2-lw* TO PRIHTBB8-An OFFICE for ea'e cheap, comprmng a good and full assortment of Type for Book and Job Work. Al ho, two Presses. The whole valued at S3 40t). will be ?old on easy tenne. Apply to JAS. W. DAVIS, 490 7th street. Room No. 4._sep 2-3t* PROFESSOR ALEXANDER WOLOWSKI opens a new coures for Piano and Singisgby hi? sim plified method, at his new residence. No. 483 ? th street, between Pennsylvania avenue and Este., above J. N. Callan'e drug etore. Prof. Woloweki receives visitors daily, from 9 to 10 a. m., and 2 to 3p.m. sep2-lm GO TO RUSSELL'S BOOKSTORE FOR SCHOOL BOOKS 1 All Books sold there as low ae any place in the city. A full supply of all the books in use at the Visitation Academy, Gonzaga College, and Public and other Schools on band, at lowest prices, ?'ila Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue, under Avenue House._ sep 2 3t QfiQ SEVENTH STREET, Q/JQ OOJ Between land K. ?OV FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTI CLES. WE BEG LEAVE TO CALL THE ATTENTION |of the Citizens of Washington, andf7\ the public generally, to our largeV-A. and complete assortment of House |*0I Furnishing Goods, which we a'e ? l ? 'selling cheaper than any other House in the city. Such as Carpeting. Oil Cloth, Matting, Sideboard*, Bureaos, Wardrobes. Writing Desk?, aid Book 0??e?, Bedsteads. Mattresses. Hair. Cloth Cane and Wood Sea: Chairs, Sofa?, Tables, Wash stand?. Liunges ; also Tubs. 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S. 6s Coupon 1881.???'? 1?H)? U. S. 5-?ti's.109% 111 7 3-If) Treasury Notes.Ill 112 One Year Certificates. 93jf 94 Certificate Checks.*4% New Yobk?Firms Huaro. Coupons, 107%: 5-80's, 110%: Certiflcatee, 93#; Oold, 139%^_ IMPORTANT ARRANGEMENT RELATING TO PRISONERS OF WAR. We have authority for stating that an ar rangement has been entered into between our own and the rebel government whereby the condition of onr prisoners in rebel hands will be materially benefited. Col. Ould, the rebel commissioner of exchange, submitted a prop osition to onr Government, agreeing to relieve all prisoners of war in their hands, in close confinement, and in cells and those in irons, and pnt them upon tbe footing of otber prisoners of war, provided onr Government wonld do the same towards rebel prisoners similarly held by us. Onr Government bas accepted the proposition, and Col. Oald has been notified of the fact. This will be good news to those in the North who have friends in close confinement in rebel dungeons._ FROM THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. General Mende en Leave of Absence?Gen. Park in Command Temporarily. Information from the Army of the Potomac is to the effect that nothing has transpired for some days past. Picket firing is indulged on parts of the line at night, but almost entirely ceases during tbe day. Gen. Meado left tbe front on Thursday eve ning, on a ten day's leave. Gen. Park being being at present the ranking-officer in the army of the Potomac, assumes command on General Meade's absence. A private named Chandler, of battery K, 4th United States artillery, is to be hung to day for desertion. RELEASED. S jiue eight or ten of tbe rebel sympathizers arrested in London and Fairfax counties a day or two ago were released from the Old Capitol this morning npon giving tbeir parole of honor to do nothing injurious to tbe United States Government, and not to furnish the enemy with any information relative to the move ments of our troeps. Mr. A. Kodgere, a Virginia militia officer, who was arrested at tbe same time witb those who were released, refused to give bis parole on the ground that he could not conscientious ly do so, as he had a son in the rebel army, and if tbat son returned home on a visit, and should be pursued by our cavalry in case of tbeir hearing of his return, he would be bound to Inform him of their approach, wbich would be a violation of the parole. Rodgers was re committed to the Old Capitol. REFUGEES LEAVING PETERSBURG. Six Irishmen, reiugees from tue South, ar rived here this mornin? trom City Point,from whence they were sent by Gen. Patrick, hav ing come into our lines from Bichmoud. Sev eral of these men resided at Petersburg, but say tiify were compelled to leave there and go to Hi. bmond, owing to the fact tbat many of the residences in tbe former place bave been near ly demolished by tbe destructive Are poured in from our guns. Col. Ingraham released all of these refugees upon taking the oath of fidel ity to the United States Government. INSPECTED, The clerks attached to the headquarters of the Military District of Washington, were in spected yesterday by Maj. Pelouze, of tbe War Department. Tbe duties of each clerk were in quired into, and their books, papers, and desks were thoroughly examined. The inspection proved ?o be a very satisfactory one. 4 ?I? ? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ?B? Serions Railroad Accident. Baltimorb, Sept. 3.?The train from New York last evening ran off the track near Per rymansvllle. It is reported that five persons were killed and seventeen wounded. The pas sengers did not reach here until after 9 o'clock this morning. No particulars yet. [8ECOBD DIRPATCH.] Baltimore, Sept. 3.?It is now ascertained that no one was killed by the accident on the Philadelphia railroad. Three cars were thrown from tbe track and turned over on tbe side, much shattered. The locomotive and the for ward cars did not go off. The accident was cansed by the opening of a switch. Five offi cers and soldiers and two civilians were more or bss injured, and five others seriously. The accident occurred at three o'clock this morn ing. From Fortress Monroe. Fobtrbsb Mohrob, Sept. 2.?Lieut. Col. Wm. Tamblyn, 1st U. S. volunteers, left here last evening to join his regiment in ihe West, via St. Louis. Col. Tamblyn has been in this department two years as a prominent officer in the signal corps, and more recently Inspector General Shepley's. He leaves many friends. Assistant Secretaries Foz and Watson, ar rived tbis morning from Washington, and lefc immediately for the Army of the Potomac on the steamer Greyhound. Arrivals from City Point report no news. Meeting to Effect a Union of the British Provinces. CnARLOTTBTOWN, PRINCE EDWARD'S Islas?, Sept. 2.?A convention, to effect a Union between the Canadian and other British Provinces, is about to assemble here. Dele gates are in attendance from Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward's Island. NEW YORE STOCK LIST. [By tbe People's Line?Office SU Ninth street.] Niw York, Sep. 3.??. S. 1381, coupon 6's, ?;? \ -, U. S. 5?'()'?, ? io v; Certificates of Indebt edness, 93#; Gold, 241%; ?. Y. Central, 128: Erie, IO-;;; Hudson River, 125%; Harlem,?; Beading, 132; Michigan Central, 131%: Michi gan Southern, 83.1.; Illinois Central, 127%; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 110%; Cleveland and Toledo, 124; Chicago and Bock Island, 108% ; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chlen, 6-3; Pitts burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 110; Alton and Tena Haute, 55; Chicago and Northwestern, 53; Qniohsilver, 82%. New Yerk Markets. New York, Sept. 3 ?Flour fas dull, nominal. ly 25 cents lower; wheat dull, 2a3 cents lower; corn la2 cents lower; whiskey heavy. LOCAL NEWS. PoLiCB Rbpobtb?First Precinct.?Monroe Stewart, suspicion of having stolen property; Geo J. Underwood, do ; dismissed. Second Precinct.?Sophia Williams.drunU and disorderly; dismissed. TAird Precinct? Betsy Glaseo, disorderly; 92.66. Kitty Jammereon, do.; workhouse. Chas. FlasVer, do.; ?3.44. Spencer Lea, do ; dismissed. Wm.Beek, James H. White, Ophe. Ha Ormstead, do.; ftl>44 each. John O'Brian, nuisance; do. John T. Smyth, drunk and dis orderly; ?3.41. Hannah Young, drunk; dis missed. Fanny Warren, street walking; $2.44. Geo. McCallion, drunk; workhouse. Fourth Precinct.?Catherine Hawkins, disor derly ; workhouse. Fifth Precinct.?Daniel Jenkins, fighting;fl. David Pin, do.; dismiaSt?d. Edward Fitzger ald, do.; John Ragon, dp.; Wm. Lee, da. and disorderly : Jno. Hogan, do. and drunk ; G. A. Kicb, do ; Joseph Hutte, disorderly ; $2 eacb. Mary Loretta, disorderly; Robert Cross, do.; 95 each. Sixth Precinct?Lem Colbert, fast riding; P. Miller, forcible entry; dismissed'. John Fugh?. disorderly; ft?. M. Craven, do. and drunk; 95 64. James Barry, do.; 95.64. James Reiser, fraud: for trial. Lewis Smith, assault and bat tery, bail for peace. Tenth Precinct?Wm. Griffith, drunk; dis missed. John W. Gilbert, carrying weapons; 920 50. John White, drunk and disorderly; 810. ?j Poor ??Watcii" ? Dbad.?Shortly after the Metropolitan Police was organised, a fine rat terrier dog was adopted by the Fifth Ward men, who gave him the soubriquet of "Watch," and often when the men were on.their beats he wonld accompany them, and sometimes they wonld take him to some old building, which he wonld quickly clear of rats. In appreciation af his services the men bought him a handsome collar,on which was a silver shield bearing the inscription, "ChamDion rat killer of the Fifth Ward." When the order for shooting unmuz zled dogs was issued, ?Watch" was not for. gotten, and a muzzle was placed over his monJi; but It seems that thia did not save his life, a? a few days since one of the officers of the Fourth Ward tornai ia the collar to the property clerk at the police headquarters, who returned lt yesterday to the Fifth Ward offl era. WHOLBaAL?? Labcbbt?Yesterday officer Denn, Of th? Foortu Ward, arre ted Mary Hammond, colored, upon the charge of stealing from time to time from Mrs. Beveridge, pro prietress of the Waabingtoa House. The pris oner was a servant In the house, but resides on the Island. Officer Donn recovered from the prisoner's residence sufficient to furnish a dwelling, consisting ot beds, furniture, blan kets, trunk? containing female apparel, crook erv, spoons, knives aad forks, a pair of brace lets, pair of lace curtains, red merino cur tail ? aid 11 United States mail bigs. Tbe prisoner has been employed In the Washtng t ? House for ten months past. A small lot of the propf rty recovered was identified as tbe property ot various persons in the house, and ibe mail tags are Government property. Wm. Hammond, the prisoner's hisbaad, was ar rest, d for stealing the mail bags. Justice Bos well, sitting as magistrate ot the Fourth Ward station honse In the ab?en?e of Justice Giber son, committf d the woman to jail for court and ber husband for a bearing. --9?-? . i ???G??t?.?L-?st evening, Coroner Wood ?* ard held an inquest over the body of Thomas Gerlish, who Was run over by the train near the Washington Depot, and the jury tound that h<s death was accidental; tbat he was in liquor, and that in attempting to get on tbe cars he was drawn under the wheels and killed This morning, Coroner Woodward held an inquest over the body of George Dunnlclitf. in Georgetown, a discharged soldier, who was brought to tbe Georgetown station-house last night, with a severe cut on his head, done by a negro, name unknown. It was at first supposed that he had died of intoilcation, fand the coroner, when called, declined to bold an inquest, but, after bearing that deceased had received a blow on the head, be empanrelled a iury and beld an inquest. The jury found that DunniclifTs death was occasioned by the blow received, and from the effect ol liquor. Dunniclifi" is from Philadel phia, aad bis body bas been embalmed by Drs. Brown A Alexander, and will be sent home. A Difficulty at Soldibrs' Rbst.?At the Soldier.'Rest, near the Depot, notwithstand ing tbe excellent arrangements for receiving, forwarding and quartering troops, sometimes temporary disturbances will take place when turbulent men are in transitu. Day before yes terday, a number of the 2d Massachusetts cavalry (re-enlisted men) were in No. I Bar racks, attempted to get ont by overpowering the gnard at the door, Peter Moran, Co. C, ? th V. R. C, and one of them struck him, when he bayoneted him in the side. This exasperated the man's comrades, and a desperate rush was made on Moran, during wbich a pistol was fired, and tbe ball took effect in Moran's abdo men At this juncture, tbe mess room gnard rushed down, and forming in front of the door of the Barracks, succeeded, after four or five bad received bayonet wounds in tbe leg and neck, in securing the ringleaders, four in num ber, who were subsequently sent to the Pro vost Marshal's office, the others back in the Barracks. _ Fourth Ward I?TaTiobCasbs.?Ges. Bow land, threats; jail. George Sprague, drunk and disorderly; military. Nancy Gather, larceny; jail for court. Mary Hammond, do.; do. Mau rice Snllivan, drunk and disorderly; 91. Also, resisting officer; bail for court. Also, riding on the pa venie ut: 92. Also, for indecent language; 95. M. Holland, fighting: workhouse. Pat'k Rodgers, do ; dismissed. John Holloran, as sault and battery, and int-nt to kill; bail for hearing; al.-o,larceny : .1.?. Mary Black,vagran cy; dismissed. W. Johnson, carrying weap ons, 925 64. Jacob West, disorderly; dismissed. John Warner, do. and drunk: workhouse. D. Alwortb, selling liquor to soldiers-, 925. Also, selling without license; 920.5*. John Vernon, disorderly;93. Michael Ryan, do.; 91. Josepa Williams, violating city law; dismissed. ??. Orphans' Court?Judge Purcell.?This morning the will of the late Wm. Kirkland, of Georgetown, which bequeathes his entire es tate, real, personal, and mixed, to his wife as long as sbe remains unmarried, and ia case of her marriage or decease, the children, and nominates the wife executrix, was fully proved and letters testamentary were issued. The first and final accounts of Augustus A. Watts, administrator of Harry Dominess, de ceased ; and John R. Stebbins, administrator ot John Stewart, deceased, of Marvin J. Me Clery, administrator d.h. ? of James McClery, deceased, were approved and passed. Letters of admmist ation on the estate of Isaac Beers were issued to B. F. Beers and Isaac Beers, Jr. Police Appointments.?On Thursday last, the following police appointments were made by the Commissioners:?George W. Kin oh. sth precint, vice B. I. Nicholson, dismissed: Wm. fc>. Lewis, 10th precinct, vice John H. Barker, resigned: Augustus Brown, 3d precinct, vice James W. Howard, dismissed. All patrolmen are selected for trial sixty days before tbey are commissioned. At a for mer meeting George A. Parkhurst, vice Thos. Purcell, 4th precinct, dismissed; John H. Bar ker, vice M. Healey, 6th precinct, dismissed; John M. Holbrook, vice Daniel Doneughey, 7th precinct, dismissed, were selected. Subse quently, Mr. Barker was appointed to a better position nnder the Government, and resigned. Charge of Seduction ?Last evening, of ficer Harrison arrested a young man named John Acton on the charge of seducing Miss Gates nnder a promise of marriage, and re fusing to support tbe child, and he was taken before Justice Cnll. Acton, it appears, had teen paying his addresses for some time, and before the birth of the child be was arrested, but was released on promising to provide for its support, which he failed to do. Yesterday he said that he would not marry the girl, and wonld rot in jail first, and refused to give se curity for the support of the child, and in de fault was sent to jail. Diati i? THB Station House.?Last night a man named Geo. Dunn i cl i tie was carried to the s ation bouse, Georgetown, supposed to be suffering with mania a-potu. Doctor Richie was called to attend him; but the remedies were unavailing, and the man died about 4% o'clock this morning. It appeared that the de ceased received a severe blow on the head a day or two since, bnt the doctor thought that of itself was not sufficient to cause death; bnt with tbe excessive drinking of intoxicating liquors, itmicht have resulted fatally. Coroner Woodward will hold an inquest. An Assault.?Yesterday afternoon a man named Solomon Kosenfleld became disorderly in the Depot, and he was arrested by Officer Clements and taken before Justice Ferguson, who imposed a fine ol S?2.5s upon him. He, however, refused to pay it, and, taming to the prosecuting witness, (Myers Jaco by,) struck and kicked him, when tbe justice committed him to jail for an assault and battery. M.I. ? ^ ? ? ? ... ?T'A singular phenomenon occurred recent ly on the line of the Atlantic and Great Wes tern railway, near Wooster, Ohio All at once the embankment and track disappeared in the most mysterious manner. Upon examination it was found that about 8 hundred feet of the road had been snnk. and was continuing to sink, while into the Cavity formed, black mud and heavy streams of water gushed from be low. Witb the water were thrown up a num ber of eyeless fish, still living. The "sink" is one of great depth, and considerable difficulty will be experienced in filling it. ST" A gentleman in New Jersey recently en listed a substitute,' for" which he paid 9300. Wben they parted the recruit promised to write at the first opportunity. The gentleman was some time alterwards a little surprised at receiving a letter from hie man, dated Quebec, informing bim that his money had enabled the substitute and his wife to set up a corner gro cery, and they were doing well; and if his pa tron would give him a call, he should have a drink gratis. Herr?n? Fisheries ?Our Eastern fisher men are reaping a good harvest this season. A correspondent, writing from Lubec, says that Herring are plenty and fatter than for a num ber of years. It usually takes tour hogsheads of fish to make one barrel of oil. This season it requires but a little over one hogshead. Tbe oil, which three years ago sold for 99 per bar rel, now sells readily for 910, and herring which last year commanded 25 cents per box, sow sell for ?? cents.?Portland Advertiser. G?*? The Peekskill Democrat gays that one day last week three sharks, the largest meas uring over five-feat in length, were captured -in the Hudson river, near Underhiil's Point, Westcbester county. Tbey were of the cani bai tribe, regular man eaters, and there are probablv more of tbe same sort raiding up and down the river, seeking whom they may de ?o?? _? ? .. ?erThe Chicago papers report the great tun nel at tbat city, reaching out into the lake, as having already progressed about 310 feet from the shore, and as going steadily forward at the rate of nine feet per day. tar An exchange any? that Thomas Harrison, of New Egypt, New Jersey, baa discovered, through an English advertisement, that he is heir to an estate of over six million dollars. ITA man named Headington, in Cincinnati, has tbe singular idiosyncracy of desiring to be considered a murderer. He Is harmless, and never attempts to hurt any one. sj_r~There was a report at Little Rock, Ark., a few days ago, that the rebel Gen'l sterling Price had died at {he house of Mr. Payne? in Ark arid phi?, of dyeaaMkry. ?? ***' _D~ The demand for turnip seed in Massa ohusetts this year fs unprecedented. One firm In Springfield bas sold 8100 worth in a day. BflTThe salary ot the Governor General of India, the highest office in the gift of (he British Crown, La 9300,000 per annum. *&? Wertem *dltor sum? up Ute peculiari ties of a ^temporary as follower ??He is too lazy to earn a meal, and too mean tv? enjoy one. He wae never generous but once, anrf tint was when he gave the Itch to an apprentice boy; so much for his goodness of heart. Of hie indus try, he says the public may judge, when he states that the only time be ever worked, was when he mistook castor oil for honey. ?WThe Richmond papers say that the Irish trave-diggers who have been getting 8f? p?r day have struck fur higher wages A raaa c .?n ? die in Richmond for less than a ?itx* unless the doctor deadhead* him. ?y Persian cotton ie much used in Russia. FMH?S??S1 ?ANCIKG ACADEMY AND I ?OTHER ELM, ANT ACCOMPLI?!!- *e_ _ MKNT8.-AfSRMBL? ROOM. C?ioaEwteL Gtorgetown. D. C Mr. J. K. GOODAI.L resp^ctfnllv announce?^? tbe Families and Schools of Georgetown that he will resume bis duties at the abuve Room on SAT URDAY next, September 10. punctually, at 3 p. m.. for Master?. Mi?-es, snd Young Ladie?, Term?! fur term of twelve week? (every Saturday, S.S. A I ' ia- - f r Gentlemen will commence the -am.? ?*a n:nt.?tSp in. Terms per term. Sin. Punctuality is respectfully requested._nvp i 1er? ? ? JAS. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH E STREET Rl TWBKN 19THAND20THSTBKKTS WEST. On iUURBDAY ArTsBNOO.V, Sept. I5ih. at d o'c ock.on toe p-cn ise?, by virtue ot a doe?m 0{ theOrphai e'Court, dat d J u ? >?-1 '. M, confirme i by tbe Supreme Ci-uri July '->> h i8t?4, 1 ?h?u ...?| p?rt oi lot No 2 in Square No. 122, fronting ahoet ot) fet-t on North ? ?tie t, betweeu l>Uh ani -??uh st ee's. au 1? runiiiDg buck 9G fe?t < l- inches, t<> eritliOr witn th?? improvements on?i?tin* of* two S ory frame Dwelling house (No. si 14 I containing loor room?. Terms cash. Cost of conveyance to be paid by the purchaser. M. F. MORRIS, Guardian. HepS-'od .1. ?J Mrftl'IBK .v rn . \-j ?.-? ? V JA?. U. MOUUIKB A CO., Auctioneers. DESIRABLE DWELLING HOUSE. WITH LAKGB LOT ON ? STREET, BETWEEN 4?? AND ??? STREETS WB3T On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. Sept. S, at S o'clock, on the premise?, we shall sell a desirable LOT, fronting an feet on ? street north, between 4th and 5th et ret-1? west, and running back I'm foot to a S" foot alley improved by a desirable throe story Brisk Dwelling Hone-, with back building. No. 510, containing in all ?-leven rooms, with a frame stable on the rear of the lot. Terms: or? third in cash,the remainder in eia snd twelve months, with interest, secured by a died of trust on the premise?. All conveyance and revenue etamps at the cost of the purchaser. __ _ at ? 3-d_J C. McGUIRE A 00. Aneto. FOR SALE-One of the best ani new Prince A Co MELODEONS. by a gentleman who leaves tbe city, and is to be seen at Prof. Alex. Wolow? ski's rooms. No. 4>."> loth street, between P?_o. avenue and E street, above J. N. Cailan - Drug Store._ _ .-??? 2-31 316 F STREET. 9 CROCKERY, GLASS. AND TIN WARB, CUTLERY AND FANCY GOODS COAL OIL AND COAL OIL LAMPS. I offer all of the above articles of goods, which embrace the beet assortment ever offered to the Washington public;at 10per cent lower than they can he purchased elsewhere in the city. Cali and see for > ourselves. J. R. FOLEY, sep 2- lm* 316 F st. north. bet. 1 th and 11th. ^EA KINGS AND NAVAL HEROES. London i-? Allen's Life of Dundonald, London Di von"- Life of Blake, London Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea. London Live? of British Admirals, London Gilly's Shipwrecks of the British Navy, London Neptune'? Heroes, London Cooper'? Naval Biography Southey's Life of Nelson, London Cooper's Naval History Memoir of Admiral Rrenton, London Memoirs of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith, 2 vola., London Memoirs of Admiral de Saumarez, 2 vole., London Life and Correspondence of Admiral Napier, 2 vols.. London Nicholas' History of the Royal Navy, 2 vols., Lon don Brcnton's Naval History, 2 vole.. London sep"2_FRANOK TAYLOR. Of?Q SEVENTH STREET. S6Q high BED LOUNGES rrroH AWVIHG. and AWNIBe. GILT FRAME MIRRORS. Just received per schooner Empire twenty dur?r ent styles BED LOUNGES, which we are offering at very low figures. Our Btock of GILT TRAME MIRRORS will be found extensive, and in price will compare with tbat of any house in the Unit ? States. Purchasers, remember we are selling our entire stock of FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING GOODS generally 15 per cent, less than any bouse in the city. If you are in want ? f good article? at low prices don't forget us. Call and examine our stock. By so doing you incur no obligation to purchase. We ??till allow ten per cent, on all hill? of $51 and upwards. ?. BONTZ, Successor to Boutz A Griffith, sep 2-tf_369 Seventh Street. 0 PARTNERSHIP c The undersigned, having this dny! themselves under the name and style of G KO. T. SMITH A CO., will continue the GROCERY, WINK and LIQUOR business at the old stand, ? occupied for the l?st three year? by Oeorj;e T. Smith.) ?11 7th street, in the national Intelli gencer Building. Wo will he happy at all times to see our friends and the public generally, feeling assured that we can give them good Goods at un precedented low price? for Ca'h. GBORGE ?. 8????, THOMAS W. STBUaRT. JOHN ?. FOSTER. Washington, JulyS 1864. I beg to return my sincere thanks to my friends and tbe public gtnerally for the patronage so libe rally beetowedupon me during my bueineee career here, and earnestly solicit a continuance of the ?ame to the new firm, where they will always re ceive the most polite and cour;eous attention, whether they purchase or not Please remember the number, nil 7th street, now under Gardner's Photograph Gallery GEORGE ? SMITH. Washington, July 8. 1S64._aep I ooim 367 D *???? 367 J. T. Kidwell. RichabdHindirsob. KIDWELL A HENDERSON, No. 36T D street, near Ninth, Franklin Hall Building, Would respectfully inform their friends and the public that tbey are now receiving their Fai Btock of PAPBRHANGINGS and WINDOW SHADES. PAPER CURTAINS, PICTURE CORDS and TASSELS, Ac. All of the latest styles and at tbe lowest cash prices. All paper hung in the city or country by expe rienced workman, at ebort notice. Remember the place. No. 367 D street, near 9th, entrance on D ?treet. 36T_[an 29 lm]_36? JAY COOKS A CO.? BANKERS, HAYE THIS DAT. REMOVED TO THEIR NEW OFFICE. FIFTEENTH 8TBEET. NEAR G. OPPOSITE UNITED BTATBS TBEA8URY. aug 1-tf FURN ITURE. FURNITURE. FURNITURE. % We have now in store and are daily receiving thelargestand best assorted stock of CABINET WABE ever offered to the citiien? of Washington andt Georgetown, which we pledge ou reel ve? to ?ell on as reasonable term? as any houae eouth of New York. It is un necessary to particularise ar ticles, as our etock embraces every cenceivabls artie'e to be found in a ftret-ela?? Ilons?furni?hing establishment. BOTELER A WIL1.SON. 318 Pa. ave., bet. 9th and 10th eta. an 24-eodtocl [Con. TJnion.l_ A BLOODED COLT AT PRIVATE SALE. We offer for ?ale a beautiful BLOODED COLT, out of "Old Defiance;" a dark cheatnut, 4>i vears old. Ins? bands high, the most ety lieh horse to be found, full of life and ac ? tion; very kind; a splendid saddle horse, and also broken to harnees. Apply to WM. L. WALL A CO., Auction and Commissio? Merchante, eouth corner Pa. av and 9th st., or at the Horse Bazaar, 09 south eide La. ?v., between 9th and 1th et?._ au 2? 6t BEIOKS FORSALB-Mannfactured at R Dodge ? ilateThomas'a) Rricfc Yard, opposite Washing ton, Virginia. Always on band ??.O*) merchant able brick?, which we will sell at $!J.?V> per M, de livered on the wharf at Georgetown. Apply at the foot of 16th et. west and canal ??-_ au 30lw*_J. 0. BBYANT A 00. ? NOTICE. 0 GEORGE MOCUE, youngest son of the now deceased William McCue, Provision Merchant in Glasgow, and all others having inurett in the trust estate of said WilHnm McCue. A? action of Moltiplepoinding and Exoneration has been raised before the Court of Beedos in Sc< tlard Vy James Houston, Grocer in Renfrew, and others, the Trustees of the eald William SfcOue. against Mr. Anna Stewart or McCue, some time residing ia Bothwell, now in Glasgow, aal other?, and Is at present in dependence before Lord Kinloch, for tbe purpose of deter m i ein ? the respective rights and lutereste of the beneficiane under and by virtue of trnet di ?position and ?ettle ment by th? said William MeCue dated the Stet day of March 1852, of which notice ie hereby given in terms of an Interlocutor by Lord Ki*lo*h, dated ?th July, IBM, wherebv notice of the de pendence ef thie process wss appointed to oe inserted once weekly for three weeks in the New York Herald and Washington Star, for the infor mation of all parties .having interest in the funi "?G b'#MACOBO^HFJbV!W. 8., Edinburgh, and TOWERS CLARK. ltOBRRTON ? KOS*. vVhU TERS. Glasgow, Agenta for the Trustees, au tf lawSw

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