Newspaper of Evening Star, September 5, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 5, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUeiMIlfT8 TO-NIGHT Obovbb's Tbbstbb ? Thia popular resort ??rill be reopeued to nigfct with the warre? comedy combination and a splendia stoca company, ? oropoeed of a large number ot tne old and popular actors and actresses wno bave heretofore delighted large audience? at our theaters. The opening entertainment win be tbe comedy of .?The Heir at Law ?nd the acreaming"farce of ?'Seeing Warren." The cai>t is an sdmiratile one. Fobd's Tbbatbb.?Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Flor race enter npon tbe aecond week of their en eagemen . and will to-night give ns Power's Srama, " Bom to Good Luck," the protean farce ot " Thrice Married " and the farce of tbe "YenBe* Housekeeper." Inali of these play? the Florences assume, of course, the principal snd most amu-iug characters, and the laughter loving community cannot do bet ter than call npon them. ?a?t???????.?Manager Lea commences his fall ?east ? witb a powtrlul company, he baying combined hi- New Orleans company with the principal p-rtormers at Canterbury. Among the new names announced are Clara and Millie Fowler, tbe noted dansueees, and Delahanty and Ward, famous clog dancers, and others ?srbo have heretofore delighted the patrons of Canterbury. The bill lor to-night is a splendid one. Red Un'B Pic ???.?This afternoon and evening, Osage Tribe, No. 6, I. O. R. M. will give a pic nie at 7th street Park. The tickets sure cheap, and tbe enjeymeut will no doubt be great. Go and see. Mubpbb.?Saturday night, between - and 9 O'clock, a soldier, named Patrick Mallery. of the Y. R C, was found dead in tbe alley be tween l*2th and 13th streets west and M aud If assacbueet'B svenne. Upon examining tbe body a weuud, apparently Inflicted with a knife, was discovered in the back, penetrating to tbe lungs, which probably caused instant death. From papers found upon him he ap pears to have belonged to company D, 18th regiment V. K. C , Savage Switch, Maryland. He had upon him a ladies pocket-book and 6S5v in postal currency and notes. Tbe jury returned a verdict that deceased came to his death by a etab witb a knife or otber sharp in ?trament in the bands of a person named Bill ?supposed to be Wm. Lambert Lambert has not been arreated, nor is there any evidence to show that Lambert bad any angry words with deceased The proprietress of the house where deceased was found?Isabella Taylor, colored ?ha* been arrested. It was subsequently ascertained tbat deceased was very poor, and comee from the city of New York, and has a wife and four children. Thb Public Sohoolb or uiis city will recpea to-day for the scholastic year 1963-'?J5. We ?inderstand tbat tbe number of pupils asking admission is greater tban at any previous year. This is owing partly to the increase of popu lation, but in a great measure to tbe tact that our schools bave been brought up to so high a standard of excellence that many who hereto fore had tbeir children and wards educated at private scbools now select the public schools as affording equal advantages. The applica tions in each district are very large, and in some of the districts new scbools could be ad vantageously organized, had tbe trustees the means to do all ibey would wish. Inali the schools the old pupils bave the preference, and then the fraisiers, and afterward?, if any seats are vacant, new scholars are admitted in order. The trustees have considerable labor before them tor a few days at least. In prompt compliance with the invitation of Mr. Jobn Sees ford, treasurer, the teachers ap peared at his office on Saturday morning, and were paid off. FocbthWird Station Cask.-.?William Hammond, having Government property: dismissed. Edward Fitzgerald, interfering With efficerb ; do. Eleanor Foley. forcible en try ; bail for court. Maurice Sullivan, inde cent; ?.'?. Ab?oiom Brown, suspic? ! Sous character; dismissed. Harriet Stlnckel, . drunk and disorderly; do. John Turner, ! throwing stones : S8. ' John Foy, drunk : *??.'. Alexander Baser, do.; 92. Jacob Devisher, disorderly: military. AlexanderO'Neil, drank and disorderly; *_? Sarah O'Neil, do ; SI. Maurice Fiyun nnd Timothy Sollivan, throw ing atenei?; locked up. John Turner, disor derly; bail for peace. James Frank, violating city law; *5 Timo'by Conner, drunk; for trial. M. Smith, deserter: military. John Jfonahac, drunk and disorderly : for trial. Strom. Gavb.? Saturday, a man nnmed Nelson Burlingham was arrested by officer Anderson, of the first precinct, upon the com plaint of Dr. ?? hols, of the Insane Asylum, that BurliuKbam and a man named Wiisan sad been inducing patients to elope from the Asylum, lu uroer tbat they might take them to New York to enter the army as substitutes. One patient who was let out upon the farm that morning had not been heard from. It is a custom to allow those w bo are getting weli to sro ont to work on tbe farm, which is of great advantage ? them. Burlingham was sent to abe Provost Marshal, and Wilson was arrested Dj the military Shootibc. Abbaic?Last night, about half past ten o'clock, a white man walked down llth street witb a mulatto girl, and getting as far as the notorious den near llth street bridge, his companion asked him to walk In. When about to entervhe rauche, tbe lover of the dam sel came up and fired a pistol at tbe intruder, tbe ball taking effect tn bis hand. The police ?rre*ted all the inmates of the boose, but the Tight one was not among them. The white man did no: give bis name, nor did be appear anxious to say much abont it. His lose ( phys ical) at most will be only a finger. Sbbiocs Ac< idbht.?Yesterday, about :? o'clock, p. m., Mr. Fred'k Styne had his leg broken while standing on thefront platform of ? ?treet car passing in the North Capitol gate. Some one had placed a large pole on the plat form, the end projecting somedi*taoce. Pass ing in the gate the end of tbe pole struck tbe gate, and bent around natii It came in con a :t -with Mr. Styne's legs, breaking one of them. ?Sanitary cffiVer Cramp obtained a carriage and conveyed the injured man to bis home, cornerPtb and O streets. Secobd Ward Statios Oasss.?William Turen, drank: Sl._o. Joseph Travars, do.; %.>. jBenrdkt Randall, do.; 92. Eleanor Keeler, disorderly; ?**2. Isabella Taylor, accessory to murder; for trial. Mary F. Fenny, disorderly; S_. Sarah Tbompson, Lizie Howard, fighting; {"athaiii-e Roach, do.; *2 each. Levi Johnson, carrying weapons; J. C. Johnson, drank; 93. C. S. Drake, do. and disorderly; ?.'. Thos. Summers, disorderly; dismissed. -??? At thi Wbobo Houhb.?About 2 o'clock Sunday morning, tbe cry of ? watch" attracted the attention of officer Parkburst, who fal lowed np to erb, near ? street, where he found a man eligbtly intoxicated, and who had been trying to enter a bouse through the front win dow. Tbe officer arrested bim and took him to the station-bouse. Third Ward. Justice Thompson fined him S3 for being drank and disorderly _ Fibb.?Yesterday morning, two two-story frame bouses, on -?ist street, between ? at.dC 8tree*e, were discovered to be on fire, and not withstanding tbe fire companies, police, and neigt bors were promptly oa tbe spot, owing to the diffi u!ty in getting water they were entirely destroyed. Tbey were owned by Mess.-- Sullivan and W. Oranfleld. wbo^e loss to over twelve hundred dollars. Attentiob M called to the advertisement of 31 horse intet by R. Cruit A Son. * SPKOIAXi^NOTIOKS. "A Slight Colo.' Oodqbs.?Few are aware of th? importane? of checking a Cough or "slitht told" in it? Hret ?tage; that wbich in tb? begin ning wonld yield toa mild remedy, if neglected, boob attack? the lung?. "Brown's Bronchial Tro tifi" give eure arnia most immediste relief. Uil t?ry Officer* and soldiers should have thstn.a? they cao be carried in the pocket and taken as occasion reqnirea. an 26-lm Cous 3, Bunion?, Ingrowing Nail?,ote. Persons Wishing immediate relief from these troublesome annoyance?, should call at Dr. White's rooms. No. 434 Penna av., bet. 4 , and 6th ate. au 17- tf DO von color your whisker? and moastaeb?? If Bo, use the "Japanese Hair Stain." No hair dy? In the world eqnai toit. Only one pr?par?t ion lt color? a natural black or brown. Only SO centi ? bOX. B. O. ?OBD, ex ooSbs_?to Pa. svenne. Sole A? A Nbw Paaraaa ros m ?a??????????. Phaltm't "Night Blooming Qtous." Phalon's "Night Blooming C?reas." Phalon's "Night Blooming Peres?." Phalon's "Night Blooming Coreas." G ha ion t "Night Blooming Corona.' Phmlons "Night Blooming Cerea?." Phoion'e "NightBloomiag Coreas." _r,A?? _S* ?ESf-P*! ?elicaTe sa* fragrant perfuuie ?lati.?ed from the r?r? and beautiful flower from Which It take? its n?me Max? u facture only by Pu A LOB A SOB, N. T. ?BW4SB OP COFBTBBrBITS. __ ._ Aea ?OB PBALOB'8-TABB BO OTBBB. ? 1?-?hn _Sold by druggist? generally. Coloatb'b Hobst Soar. Thle celebrated Toilet Soap. In neh ealvereal ??BBoad, I? made from th? ehciooet material?, is mild ?od emollient in it? sature, fragrantly scent ed, exd extremely beoelHal is ite action a boo the Bkia For so!? by all Druggists and fancy ?foods Dealers. ?aS-eelr Rao-Baa (Ur-A-'g) Hain Dvs. ?Vis Cani? ? Best, Bosta larger than Dyes that sell for f 1. Saturai. durable, beautiful. Warranted to plea-? This ar ticle has been tao-oughly tasted by Dr. Obilvob. of New York, and Profs. Booth and Garrett.of Philadelphia, who pronounce it free from all poi sonoue ingredient?, and the material composing if will not injure the most delicate hair. Bold by Druggists and laucy Goods dealers everywhere. Job?? J, Kaonxa, Sole Proprietor, 403 Cheetaut .Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Dbuvksbsbss Cosa?. The inebriate may now bid defiance to the tempt ing cup. Dr. Zane'e antidote for strong drink ie a certain cure for druukennees. It creates a die like for strong drink, and can be administered without the knowledge of the pat'ent. Descriptive circular? eent to any address. For sale by all respectable Druggist? in the United States aad Canada?. Price $1 per box, or packages of six boxes for $5 Jons J. Kkombb. Wholesale Agent, 403 Chestnut etreet, _ Philadelphia, Ph. Da. Rabd'o Brpciiic. Theoldeetnnd most reliable medicine for the cureofSpermatorhoea. Seminal Weakness, Loss of Power, Ac. This medicine has stood the test of over thirty years, and has always proved a ?access Dr. Band'? Specific it exhibited iu the form of pills, made up entirely of substances tb??t have a sp?cifie effect upon the generative organs. Most persons associate the idea of operations upon the bowels from taking any kind of pille. The 8peciflc of Dr. Read is not intended as an evacuating medi cine. Its medical virtues are expended entirely upon the impaired generative organe. The pilla are not unpleasant to tbe taste, and many persons masticate tbem with' mpunity before swallowing them; which plan we would always recommend,as affording the speediest way to get the effect of the remedy. Price 91 per box, or six boxee for *3. Bold by Druggist? everywhere. Jobb J. Kbobkb, Wholesale Agent, BOJ Oheetnnt street. an .';l-ecIt_Philadelphia. Ps. 8B0BB? DlSBiHBS. Samaritan's Gift Is the moet certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever dieeovered. Ouree m two to four days. and recent cases in twenty-four hour? No m nera! no balsam, no mercury. Only tan pills to be taken. It ie the soldier's hope, and a friend to those who do not want to be exposed. Male packages, 92; female, 93. Samnr?io?'i Root and Herb Juiees?Avoeitlrsj and rermanert cure for Syphilis,Scrofola.I leer?, Sore? pote. Tetters, Ae. Price 91, or eix bottles for 90 Sold by S, 0. Ford. Baa ar1 ?arti aero en". ml Br ?BMAToasHiK. osa ss Ocaso.?Dr Band'? Spe cific eures Spermatorrhoea, Seminal Weakntss, fm ?oten?y, Loss of Poieer. etc..speedily and effectually. ta effect? are truly magical. A trial of the S peciflc will convince the most skeptical of ita merits. Price 91a box. Sold by a. 0. Ford, corner 11th etreet and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Oook, Alexandria. tat-lw DiPBASBeor thb Nfuvous, Sbmibal, Ubibabt AanSBXCALST-aTBBs? new and reliable treatment ?in Report? of the Howard Association?Bent by mail in ?ealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. Skillin Uougnton, Howard Anno tation. No. 3 8ontb Ninth etreet, Philadelphia, Pa._ le 30 Ma Da. Dcr-OBT'e Female Regulating Pills are the very best in ust. They operate speedily and effectively. and being sugar-coated create no causea upon the moet delicate stomach. A trial o? these Pille ?rill prove their raperiorifv over all others. Pries91 abox. Bold by8.0. Ford, corner Uth etreet and Pa.avenue.Washington,ana Henry Oook, Alexandria lae-lw Wabbabtbo to Ocaa ? s Six Dats . -Dr. Godfrey's Antidota, an Bnglleh Sp?cifie of sixty-five year?' ?tandina, will cure Gonorrhaa in six days. No change of diet required. Prie? 91 per bottle. Sold by 8. O. ford, corner 11th etreet and Pa. avenue, Washington, and HenryOook. Alexandria tae-ly THBCHSAPB-T ?*"? BBBTHaIBDVB IBTBS WOBLD ?Never Fades or Washes Out ? Upbam'? Hair Dyo A) cents a box. The best in use. Try it. Sold by S. O Ford, corner lltb street and Penn. avenue, Washington; and Henry Cook. Alexandria. ? 6-lv_ Nsbvoub Dbbility, Hbm.sal Wsaxhbsb. etc.. Can Be Cured by one who has really eured him?elf and bann red? of ?there, and will tell you nothing but the frais. Address, witn stamp, Bdwabb h. Tbavpb. mar S Lock Box. Boston. Maj?. DIED, On the ?th Instant, ANN MAGUIRB. in the 2 th y ar of her age. Ber funeral will take place to-morrow at 2 o'clock, i o m the residence of Mr. Plana-an. .?.'?0 Uth ?.treet betw en ? and C streets. The friends of tbe family are respectfully invited to attend. ' In Georae own. D C. on S ?nday, the 4th inst. SIDNEY SMITH WATTS, a? d 69y?>ars(a native of Urattan. Weathury Wilts. BngWad. Tbe relatives and friends of the family are re epee'fully Inv'tad to att-nd the inneral this ? Mon day) a'tevnoon. Sept f?th at half past four o'clock, from biniate residence, 164 High street. George town He died in full hopes of a blissful immortality teyond the ?rrsvs. [New York and Phils, papers p?cese copy. | * On the 3d inet., EDDY, beloved eon of Bo'-t. H. and EUi-n M. Psillipe, aged lS months and ??day* Mv Eddy, Oh, t-weereot Eddv, Though forced with thee to perl. Thou never will feel or know The ?rief that wrun?r my heart. Funeral will take plaee on sf end ay, at 3 o'clock ? m. from the resideuce of hie parent*, ?60 !>th street. * On the3dinr.tsnt.of d:etheria. MARY ELIZA RETI1 youngest child of Benjamin and Martini E. f ^ are, aged 16months.7 days. Lovely Bab?, thon ha?t left ne. We ley loss most deeply feel, Bnt tin God tbat ha? bereft us. He can all our sorrows heal. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS LISTOF LETTERS BBVAINING IN THE POST OFFICB. GEORGETOWN. D. 0., SapTBMBkR 3, 1964, To obtain any of these letters, the applicant ?inst eall for " aavcrtibed lettere." give the date of this liht. and pay one cent for advertising. If not called for within one, they wiJl be eent to the Dead Letter Office. Place the postage ?tampon the upper right-hand eorner, and leave epaco between the ?lamp and direction for poat-uiarking without interfering with the writing. A reeaest for the return of s lutter to the writer, if unclaimed within thirty davi? or te?.?, written or printed with tbe writer'* uanie. post office, and state. acrosM the left-hand end of envelope, on the face Side, will be complied with at the u?ual pre Sitid rate of postage, payable when the Iettar is eliveied to tLo writer. LADIES' LIST. Anderson Mary L 2 Luna-son Mn Bniila A Andt-ntou Margaret Lucas Mrs Elicatela Butler Mr? A'oert L McKeneu Miss Juli? Casban Mr? Mary 2 Minntz Misa Emily Carii Mr? Sarah McKebv Mrs Eli/.? Cartwriebt Maria Martin Mie? Catty Col-man Maria Northrno Mi?s8ai h .1 Chandler Mrs Louisa Bogen Mrs Mary F Copp Mrs Jane 2 Norton Mrs Michael Cai ter Mr? John Nolan Mrs Charles Cornell Mrs Elisa Payne Mis? Emma C aldwcll Miss Elizabeth Peunev Miss H?tt y E Devine Mr? Bmi-y V Paul Mis? A Dona Miss Marg't Ann Bobert? Mie? FA Dunn Mis- Maggie Bob-rt? Mi?-. Ellen V Delarau Mr? Lorina Ba* Mr? Elizabeth Faritar Mary Bhew Mrs Sai uh ? Grave? Mr? C R Bimmnnds Mi? Mary A Hall Mi?* Mary ? Starvders Mr? Elir.a'h A ? me.-. Mi?* M?ria Taylor Ms Bally Hurmlier Mrs L Thomas Mi?? Jenny IL-i-r* Mi?e Elira Tborrip? n Mi?-< S L Hard Mr? Either Tenison Mre Jarusia 2 Dyde Mr? B.<il Thurston Mr? Harriet Johnaou Mi-.- Maria Thompson Mi ? G Jink? nn Mi?? Eber Wilson Mr?. Jennie JonceCaro'ine Weh?ter Mr? Francis Jone? Mrs Col A A Williams Mr? Bliss Johnbon Mr* Aunie Whe'ler Mr? Eliza Kennedy Mre Catharine Walker Mre Cordelia GENTLEMEN '? L18T. AddisonBsvT Franklin G W Murphv D F.2 Adams Bam'U Ficher G Muster liei.) Auehurn Henry Geaslin Sam'12 Nelson Hack Anelv Cha- Georaon aam'IP Poosaan Geo Brown Philip Gibbi? J ? Norton F H Bach Max Galpin Jo-??h Neid m.-si A Bryant Alison Hodgkin Wm O BrienTerencB I'.ii'1-rJa? Howell Theo B OehornJnoW Calboun CaptW Holden Capt 8 Pearce Allen Collburt Bandy Hudleeon M Plummer W D Clark-oil Mr Hanlon John Ptillipe Bobt 8 Cline Michl J Hall Ignatius Rupperecht W * aten Ja? A Hari'aud Geo W Severson ThosU Chambers John Hawkins C 2 Smith Soilae Cile Jno ? Joyce Georse BhaokeeJaaR Crank George Jatnson Capt F Bul? ?van Jerry Cafcidv Daniel John? u ? flmith Joseph Davis Wm II Kim? t BtewartGL Dougherty W KelseyWmJ Bhroeder Aug't Da?WH KingWWent TeasenJohn Done'son RoVt Lawrence 8amT Thorne Job W DuvallRb'hMT LeeBich'd H Wilson Thos M Davenpo? t J as __fF>i0C?_k> * S ' SS A a Davie FM 2 M ill er W W-odall A atael Adam MeAdanv f ? Wilson David B?Ge Mill? Wm Walling; Mr Braslte-B McBride M Whita <W D M F*ri>y Tbo? Merrick Hon Wa?eer Jno ? Fore? I ???<? ? Judge We ? dean an U M FindleyJauT McCarthy D* Will Wri It_HBNBY ADBIBON.P.M. ('BOBGKTOWN OOBPOBATION STOCK. - ? TBoae person? who may b? dl?p<?aed to pur abase Georgetown Corporation Btock, whieh bears an iuttreet of eix per eent. per annum, payable iuartorly. can obtain eonse by applying to WM A1BD. Clerk of aaid Corporation Je ?JB-dtOl ?POWING PROMPTLY ATTBNDBD TO. by the 1 Petoanae Tow Company'? boats, Potomac." "Gov. Curtin" and Bell? Havea ' Appi? to th? Captata? on board, er to W JOHN B. DAVIDSON, Bjsj li- Watar atr?wt GeorawtAwa STAMPING ABB BMBBOIDBRING done with i* neatnee? and d ?> p?t. h, aud at th? l ?weat price?, at 4 31 MaMachusette avenue, near the Northern Liberty Markst. sa U im* _WANTS._ WANTBD? A good NURSE. Apply4 03 Catre?*, near 3d. eep 5 st* lVAI*TJ|0~B'??eung woman, a 81 OU ATION J__* aa Chamb?rmoid or Nnr??. Apply at Pio. 104 ?4th ?treet. bet. L ?nd M ?treet?. J?*_ WANTBD IMMsfniATBLT-A fir* clae? Bn J_" gjwbOOOK Apply at 415 E street, betwen 8tb and oto. Good reference? required, it* TLSJ ? ? ? ? D? a?? m?T f B??8 B. or part of a hi?a? *T faruisled or imfn ni'hil. io th- geeond *r.Vi, hdd'ee?. ?'?tins location and term?. "OS.? cer.' Georgetown P.O. eep S .U* WANTED- Hy sa ?experienced Groc-rv Cleric, a SITUATION in a Wh? lesole and Re'ai I Grocery Store, or anv other kind of e-nployment. Addres? Box 4 "tar Office sep5 3t* WANTRU- By a young lean. ?SITUATION in some Wholesale or Retail Rasine?? in th?? city. Ceo ???? the best of reference, address "A.B." 8 ?r Office._eep 5 3t* Vy ANTED-A middle -sued WOMAN to ?0 sen ?v eral bon?? work two mile? from the eity Ap p'y at the office of the Ucittd States Hotel. Pena ayivania avenue. sep 5-?t* ???JANTBD?R? a respectable young woman, a *w SITUATION to do general hoasework in ? private family. Applv at 537 Maryland avenu?, between eth ?nd 7?h. Good references given, lt* TWO RE8PBCTARLE~GIRL8 "Wish SITUA TI0N8 s? Chambermaids or Cooks in private families. Apply immediately at Box No, i0 8'er Office. _ ______It* WANTKD-By ayouogwoman.a SITUATION a? chambermaid and to assi?t in washing aod ironing. Good r?f?renc?e e-iven. Apply at No. S9 Briose st., Georgetown, D. C._lt_ TWO CARPBNTBR8 WANTED-To g->od hands I will pay hied? price and steady employment Inquire of J. J. BALL, ?' street, between M and N st., Island, Carpenter and Joiner. sep S-3t* AMONTBLY NURBS". American, of xTTeore' experience, who will be di?engased '6th of this month, wishes to make a few more engage ments Best of reference? can be given. Address '?Si'fon.'' 8tar Office, one week._sep 6-lw* WANTBD-A SITUATION as outeidYrlerk or bn?lness man for som? house in the city. ????ti? factory reference as to character. Bmploier can j?dgeof capability. Address Box ?29, P. O ?. ?.?The advertiser is a young man. a g'iod penman ?nd acconntant._s?p 6-_t* Xl/ANTED-? GERMAN GIRL P?R~A^UR8B. *v Mustcome well recommended. Appi rat-2."? 1 I street, between 17th and l?th sts ?epS 2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY -A steady MAI to work at Bill Posting. Inquire at Bill Posting Office, No. 324 Pennsylvania avenue. sep 3-2t*_ L. M0\LHY. WANTKD-A BOY or YOUNG MAN. basinet* like and write a good hand. Inquire at No. 511 9th street, near Penn. avenue. ?. ?. MILL1H, _sep3-.1t*_Justice of theJPesee. WANTED One white singe FARM HAND. or two young 1>0GS(6 or 3 months 'of large and Aeree breed for farm purposes Ad dress Box 2?T Post Onice, or apply at this office, ?ep.t 3t* _ WANTED-To adopt by a family without chil dren, a MALE INFANT, from it? birth. Ad dreseMre CIIA3. ?. ?????*. Post Office for one week, statins where the chill mav be aren. sep.;-8t*_ W ANTED-A SITUATION in a Grocery Steve, on or ne?r I'enns)lvania avenue, for a youth pi-teen years of sge. Be?* of reference givt-n. Adores* Dr. CHARLES A. WELLS, Blftden?h.irg Prince George Count?, Md. sep3 it* WANTED IMMEDT*TELY~A~~COACHM*V, CHILD'S NURSS!, ftr>d WOMAN ?o cook. wa?h, and iron. Apply to K. F PAOE. Aneti >n and Commission Merch?nt, 502 7th et .ander <*<ld Fellows? Hall._ ?ep i TOTA NTSD TO BKNT?Part at a ?G???ISHBD ?? HOUSE.?nitab le for a small family. Adilr??? P.ov 4w8tar Office._sep ? 3t* W ANTED-A WET NURSE, either white or colored. Apply at No. 417 13th street, bet New York avenue ?nd I street. sep -' St* I>V~A YOUNG M ARRISI) COUPLE, en or be?.re ? ? the 1st ot October, a ?mail HOUSB, or rooms MiitaMe lor houhek? eping. Address Boaz 8Ur office._sepi^f AVliINIi MAN wirihes to get somekind of EM PLOYMENT. Ils? been in the sailer busi ne?Btwo ?enrs. Addre?? A. B. C, Star Olii ce. FRp^ 3C_ TTOA?TSD-A good P.RBAD RARER, to work a* vw second hand. Inqnire at 4*9 llth street, between Pa. avenue Hnd E street, or corner4H *nd L streets. Island._t-ep ? 3t* ""Li/ANTED? Ry a _-<??1??>1 Sntktbera family. c.,rn __? po*ed of four grown person?, a s-nall FUR NISHED HOUSE. or Furni-htd Apertmeot?, with faciliti.? for cooking Rent lnnst be moilerate, snd ?itna'ion cony-nient to the Convent, ia ? Georgetown. Address "Georgia." Star office sep 2 .Hf_ WANTED TO BXCHANGE-A row of BRICK HOUSES, situated ina aratela?? manufac turing town of 15,1?? inhabitants, near a large city, and in the immediate vicinity of extensive ir ?? and glas? manufactories Will exchange for im proved real e?t- te in or near thin city. A4dre?s ? Real Estate _ Star office._sepl-St* TfSTANTirD-STONl MASONS, on sea wall at vv Washington Arsenal. Apply to JonN 0 *VM EBON, or WISE A CALLAHAN._au 81 eott?^ WANTED- By MORGAN A RUINEHART, at G street Wharf, 5.000 Tons GRBBN HOS PITAL AND CAMP B0NS8, for wbich th^h'gh est market price will be paid._ an 13? olm <??G???G BOUNTY FOR ON B YB?R^Wanted t?t)lfU Y0LUNTBER8 (white) for one year. Apply To A. WATSON. 4 74 east side llth ?treet, between ? and F at 1 and 5 p. m._an ,11-,'w* WANTED?A WOMAN (white) to cook. Al?o one to wash di.?hes an-l make be^n. Apply at the GofliosHoose, No. 249 Pa. avenu", between 12ib and 13*h streets. suS'-tf F URNISnBD H0U8S WANTBD.-Wsnted, s amali and comfortably furnished Houne, con tainiig fix or ei?bt rooms. Oi, ? within a half mile of the intersection of llth street and New York avenue preferred. Address Box 20?"?, Wash ington city Post Office. _ au 30-tit w rOOD CHOPPERS WANTBD.-Any man who will get up a gang of fifty choppers will be apiointtd superintendent of them, anil will re ceive a salar? of 6fty dollars per month and board. Apply to W ?RAM ALL. 519,12th street. oppo?it? the Kirkwood House. an .t<-lw* w o ANTED?Two Hnndred COLORED MSN. Apply at No 40 Water street, Georgetown. _____t_j____ WANTED?Two steady indo?t'ious ROTS, one each to learn the Harnees and Trunkmaking business. Apply at ?00 7th ?treet._an ^9 tf WANTED?Bvery Lad> in the District to know tbat I bave received a new and beautiful ma chine, and am now prepared to Flute goods twelve inches In width, and deeper than any other estihhsh inent in the country. As this was what was wanted bv the Ladies, we can now do 7 FLUTING! FLUTING! superior to any done in the large cities. Only place in town. LADIES STAMPING DEPOT, 5**1 F Bt.. oppa. Patent Office;_a?_7 tf LD BOTTLES WANTED I ____ OT.D BOTTLES WANTBD! The highest esfb ?>--',co will he paid for? Wholo Cuampagne Bottles, 1I-": do. do. Pint Porter do Pint Ale do. Pint Ale JuS..iAc^CAbyiiiNN Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown, D C. N.B.-Any pereon baring large quaotitie? of Old Bottle? on hand, can have them .taken a?ay by notifying me. _________*_]_R. A. SPINN. WANTED- 50.000 LADIES to call at PRINCE'S STAMPING AND ULUTING DEPOT, 391 t street, opposite Patent Office and get their ?t?????{??????_ AND PINklNG DONS We are the only pera?nsin town who make th? bnsinessan exclusive one. Constantly receiving and making up new pattarne for Braid and Silk Embroidery. New and elegant patterns received weekly for Yokes, Bends, Pantaletts, Capes, Shawls, Slippers. Pin Cushions. Ae an 12-tf WANTS D-8B00ND HAND VUBNITURN Also MIRI<ORS_CARPET8, BBDS. BED DING, and HOTJ8BFUBN18HINGGOOD8 of every description, R BUOHLY, 42* 7tb ?treet. je 8- tf between 0 and ?. east si J* le rithe TO THB CITIZENS OF WASHING TON AND VICINITY. We invite th? attention of citizens 1 c^the DiHtrict wh w;sh to purchase CHINA, CROCKERY GLAS- WARS,CUTLERY or L\ TED WARS, to our stock, wbicb is very compute in every departnient. and at lower prices 'hau the same class of goods can be purchased in Northern Cities. WKRR ? BKVBHIDGB, an 3110t*if Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th street. M AB8XY COLLINS A CO.'ft PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALB AVB PORTIB. I an now receiving lor se quanti tiee of DRAUGHT ALI and PORTER from thi? celebrated brewery wbiob I am prepared to furaiah 00 short notice to all persons who favor me with their orders Orders given to my driver? will be promptly at tended to. Goods delivered in all parts ef Washington ?nd Georgetown,free of charge. UH KV A. SHINN, Ageat Daten Bottling Depot, ft7 Green ?treet ys-tf_ _Georgetown. D. O. UITI R? _._-__ _._,_.. C H ? ? 8 El D. E. DUTBOW A BRO., * Q Q 6A Wholesale Dealer?, aa 10 lm No. ISO 8th street. ? TETSBINARY 8U KO BON. jL J. ?. ? ? a ? , Member of tbe Royal V. 8. College Edmbergh. All Disease? of the Hors? treated in the moat scientific man ner Charge? moderate. Also, Horse?' boaght and ?old on ommiHaion. OSes at J. 0. Howard*?, Oatreet, betwoon ?th aad 7th, Wssh lngtoa._,_au 8-1? FRUIT JABSl ""; F R ? I ? J A R 8 I ! Housekeeper? who *i?b to put up fresh fruit are invited to examine our ???.? SEALING FRUIT JABS, as they bave leen thoroughly tested, and w* can warrant thea t keep fruit perfectly. As tbe f-ulf require? ? ? snear and tbe Jar? no cement, it is economy for erery family to put up all ths fruit they want f. r tb? wlr.ter. W1BB A BBVBRIDGB. an 31 _DbJ*__ouJ Fellawa' Hall. 7th street. CAPTAIN BRAND. OF THB "OBNTlVsDB." Bif ^f? f,?4 ****niu .?_0?????? ?? Wise' ?. bJ., with ESsKsygA tatiof| _?TOB RENT AND 3A.LE. TO BEWT-A larga e*cOed-s*ory ROO 4, far niehed or unfurniehed, ? ith or without heard. Ko._49? 7th.above G._sag ?-at* H?U8BF?B~RENT?Containing ?ix room?, or ?d ?trvet betweeu Maaeachu?etta avena? and ? etr*et north. Inquire tecoud next door. eep6-jt?_' JAB. MULQOINN^ ^,, R AM I H?U8B FOR REH G, con?ietin?- of ?*v_n r ?, m?. No. 2-Jt> 6th afreet, between M and N. Apply ?o J. T. YABNELL, No. 39 Center Mar set._ ______ fc?TABLB *?? BEN G?Cortainiog room! for ?? S h?.r?,e? and two carriages, with water Apely ?tNo.H4 Pennsylvania avenue, isix buildings'. ?ep* P'UKNISHBD ROOMI?-Singte or suitas nf ROOM", ?uited lor the accommodation of offi cer? of th? army and other?: also. PARLORS with talding door?; all tust vacated, at 434 i5h street, between New Yoik avenue and H. sep 5-eo3t* ITOR RENT-Tao l%rge~UNFURNISHED ' BOOMS, comTiunicati? g on the second floor. Al??, ?null ROOMS. To a desirable per?on, tie hnn?? would be rentrd. Apply No. 27 4 ? treet, corner 3d street, sep 5-3t* ARARE OB AHCB.?For anda, the ?vmat and Hxtnren o^a well fitted up 8a LOON, now doing a ?rood ansia?*?. Ten ye*r? lease at a moderate rent. Si n?t be sold iiume? lately. Satiaf*ctory rea?on? given when application ie made. Apply at the Star Office._e?p 5-3t? ^??R BENT~?~TWO STORY UOTJSlT?nTith ?tr?et nenr the corner ? et Inquire of L. CrODFRBT, corner 13th and ? ?t._eep*-?t? FOB BALe-2H-?tory BRICK HOUSE, with Gas ?nd Water, 11 rooms, vood garden, with pump Pobsession given October I. Price, $5 OX). ?SII ?tre-t north. Vtween Rth and 7th. ?ep 1 et* F?OH RENT?A iargeand well arranged H0U8B on I ?tr? et. between 20th and 2 st sts. Aoplv to J?8 O Meo LIRE A CO., Auotion and Com nii-??HD Merchants. BOS_j-_t FOR RBNT-A's^airWRNTSHEr? HOUSE, containing fi va rooms, situated on 10th ?treet north, het Hand E Inquire of LUOLOW, WIL LIAMSA CO., 533 9th etreet, or on the premise?. sep 3_St?_ _J_ FOR BALR-The GOOD WILL. FIXTURES and STOCK of the Grocery Store, 7B8 6tr* ?t.. Island, to a cash purchaser. Battafactory reasons given for saUingout. Apply on the premises, eep 3-3t* F OR RBNT Four furnished BRD ROOM-, tero PARLORS, and a HASBMKNT suitable fir of fice. Apply ?t No. 4'2I Estreet, between 8tU and 9th. north side. Also, two Frame Houses for sale. eep 3-3t*_ FOR RENT-? BRIOK HOUSB, containing ?ix room?, situated or nth ?tree1, between M and N. Aleo, a FRAME UtlUSB, containing I room? situate?] on Virginia av?nue. between ?th and 11 th sts ApplytoD. H A L 1'TM AN\ .". W Uth st . ? ear Pa. a*._ eep fl-it* FOB BENT?A large. baminomely turniehed ?od very desirable PRONT ROOM. Inquire at No. 53J?-1? ? street, between 6th and 7th et?. sea____* FPUBNIBHED BOOMS FOBTRRNT WITHOUT Board. Reference required. Apply at No. 320 New York av.. net. 9tn and Ith sta. Hep 2-lw* A FI RNTSHKD BOOM, suitable for one or two I'll 12th etreet, between ? at. ano New York avenne._se?2-3t'' ?"?'RENT?n?rideomely FURNISHED ROOMS, with use of Kitchen; 338 Get., bet. 12th an ? ISth ete._sep2-.1t" FOR RF.NT-An ?xcellent RRICK BOU BE, on w. fishincton street. Georgetewn. Inquire of GEORGE H. VABNKLL, No. 31 Market Spae?, Georgetown. hep 2 4t* PO R ? A LE?A taro-story BRIO ? IlO?? K on 1st ?treet, third house ewvs L. Immediate pos pension given. Gas,? ater and barn. Callands?e. Rjire bargain._sep fjt* F0R~RF.NT-A well tarnished UOUSF., con taining sixteen rooms, at No. 7 1 Missouri svenne, n-ar 3d sireet. Pi ssession given imme diately Inquire on the pr? mi?es. _sep2 3t" ?7UBNI8HBD ROOM FOB BBNT-On the first G floor. 10th Btreet between L and M, No. 3.?7. Suitable for one or two gentlemen. References required. _ ?ep2:it* ?*???ALB?Two small HOUSES and LOTS stt> uat-d on 7th street east, between rt ?md 0 streets south, for ?ale eh >ap. For particulars inquire of A. G. PTJMPHRBY, No ?? I 7th ?r-e.-t east. _ Be ?*_'"__. ???.'? CHANCE?The old establish?- and well-known CENTRAL BOWLING SALOON, in excel lei-t coi ditiou and doing a good business, iaolfered for naie Inquire at tue Saloon, Pa. ?v., between loth and 11th ?ts. 8.;p2 3t* FOR BALE?The FI XT CB-BofaBte?med Oyster Saloon everything n.w and in good order. Boiler, Iron Bur? Counti-r. and fine very large Transparency Sign. Inquire at the D">? Dr^p, 4*?.1 Uth ?tree!._ ?^?? WOOD WILT, AND F?XTURJ?I OF A RBBTATKaNT FOR SAL ??The house con tain? Gve room?, kitchen and cellar. The cause for selling i* the proprietor wishes to change hie hueiness. Aj.ply to 4 1 Bast Market Space, Oeorge. t?wn,D. C. sep 2-4t* RARE CHANCBT-AT ii?> M?;R'lli'i.-K : ? ?ale, containingei?ht room?, with bath room and cellar, in a respectable neighborhood. Loca ti? ? bealihy. Situated on ?street, between M and ?. No t>03. Inquire ou th? premise*. I'os Besaion given wh?n sold. Price, flve thousand dol larh. part on time; or four thousand five hundred dollarenali_sep2 3t DWELLING HOUSR FOR SALE?A DWELL ING IIuU.SK, containing nine room?, having a fr' nt of 2S feet, h> a depth of 33 feet, with a lot extending back l<^9 feet to an alley; situatel on li street f-outh. Capitol Hill, near New Jersey ave. Also, a vacant LOT on 2d etreet west, between Band F streets north ? O TOW!,E, se ? 2 - 3t* _O ffi ce of Register of Deeds. FOR RKNT-A three-story, modern built BRICK DWELLING, on Vi-?inia avenue, (Island) within one minute walk of the 7th street city ra.l ruad. FOR SALFi-Two story BRICK HOUSE, on 0 street, between 11th and 12th, with immudiate possession Innuire of J. F. H ALIDA Y. Real Estate Riok?r, S1? Eleventh st , buuth of Pa. avenue. sep 2-lw COM PORTA BLB FURNISHED ROOM8~on ??7 ond tloor at No. Id ? street, one door below 8tb etreet, by theNorthern Market. _ sep 1-lw* FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT, without Boari to g? nt'emen only?34 7 ? ?treet, near 13th. Inquire of Mr?. A. E. STKPH_EN80N._au.ll-tf ROOMS FOR RENT, and aDIning Room and Kitchen. AI?o, for ?ale. a rich Medalion Vel vet Carpet and Plimton Bedstead. Apply 373 Pennsylvania averjue._au S'_'it^_ A^BABR CHANCE - The good'-will and fixtures of a BESTaURANT for ?ale. The houee con taiaeeleven loom?, all of which is private. The cause for selliag is the proprietor wi?he* to retire from bneinee?. Apply a1 the Columbia House,0 street, near the Baltimore depot._au 3"-!*'' UTORE TO LBT-G~as~Ttahted, eentra ly located. Is? provided with all fixtures, and with a bvk room attached. Apply at 335 F street between 9th and nth. au 29 tf FOR BENT-Tbe largeand coramodiouh ROOMS comprining the ?a ond, tbiid and fourth sto ries over J. L Kldwell's new Druij atore on E st., near corner of Pa. av. and 14th st., two deor* be low Willards'Hotel, an 28-tf JOBN L KIDWELL. FOR RBNT?A ROOM on 15th street, opposite tne Treasury Department, adapted to the use of a Banker or Broker, having cmneited with it a very commodious and substantial vault. In quire of WILLIAM ????,??. 312 Penn ave., between 10th ani llthjite^_an 27-3w A~RAR?rCH?NCB-Tbe GOOD WILL and PIT.". TURBSoftwoof th? best stores in the city: ?uitable tar clothing or Khoe bunineus. Apply at J.H. SMITH'S. No 460 7th st._au2S-tf ^G,ORSALE?DRl'G STORB, BRICK HOUSE and three BUILDING LOTd. Inquire at No. 444, Mass, avenue, near tith et:_an 8-lm* FOB SALE?A three ?tory and attic BRICK HOUi?B and out-buildings, on North Capitol etreet, between ? a'O O. No. 394, nearly opposite the Washington Railway. n?ar the Depot House containing 10 room?; ? vacant lot adjoining: front of 66 by 80. Kor furtner particulars inquire ol WALL, 81?????8 A CO.. No. 3?'J Penneylva niaav._au 16 E OFFER FOR HALB, at a great bar?ain a small FARM containing about 66 acre?, well Improved with new dwelling and all neceesary o>it This property lies about 4 mile? from Center Market, on the Bennins'? Bridge roui ?croa? Eastern Branch, is 'n a high and health ? situation, with an abundance of wood. Terms made known on applic*ti >n to SWEENY A CO .Real Estate Brokers. an 15-lm_Corner 7th and j streets. FOR BALB-The three story BRIOK HOUSB and LOT. Nf . iSI 9th ?treet, (Island.) be tween D and E ?treet?. The house contains niue room?, and ha? convenient out buildings. Ac. Apply to W. D WALLACH, at theStarOMee. au ?-*f_ /^OBLING HOUSB FOR 8ALB. The Proprietor of thi? popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant iutends to retire from busi miti, and offer? hi? well known houee for ?ale. Any one wi?hiug to engage iu a LUCRATIVI? BUSINESS can call <>u the Proprietor, ?47 Penn sylvanta avenue, between 12th and 13th sts. au li ?w" W ( ?ABORN fcEEDSI F GARDEN BEB DSI Jui-t leif-'ved, iresh and genuine, TUEN IP, RADISH, CDCUMBEB, CABBAGE, KALE. Also. CIOYBB AND TIMOTHY. J. P. BARTHOI.OW ft5*> 7th st., between Pena av. and Ovni, ?? 29 eo-.t_ Wa-hius o .. U C I IGHTNING RODS.-LIGHTNING RODS - _j The ucdersign-? ?? prepared to f?irai?h and put up LIGHTNING RODS, with piatta? tipped p?>intK, at tbe ?hort??tt and mi st reason able terms. A_o. BELL-HANGING done in the Boost approved Htyle. Work done in the country at city prio*?. "? 0 8CHNRIDBR. au ?-lm* 27 1 Penn. ay., Washington. D. 0. (k_0BJBE8 W0BKS.-La Bohemienna.ttc,; Ber C9 trandet Uatron, 2?c : Ja?bet.26c .Ou?tav?III. 260., Le Mariage ?nfautta, a?- Philibert Marta, ??e.; Le pia/ beau lourde la vie, ?5c.;LeViea? Mari, J6C., Le? Oontae d? la Beine de Navarre IM.; La Camaraderie, as?.. Le Moulin deJavelta tte.; Les Malheurs d'an amant heoreau. Me.; La Demod? Ptau?. ?'**.; L? H?ritiers. Me.; aad maay ether?. Jest Imported. Jk?_FRAJOK TAYLOR f^BB?N AND BLACK TBA8.-We eap^ciallyln I vit? the attention of the lovers of th? above article te examine o ir etock befor? parchaeing as we think onr l?a* are ?eidom, if ever, equalled ia this market. G KO ? SMITH A OO, Importare ant dealers in floe Family ???pS-eo.Tt_Proceri? . 5It 7th street S~ AN D FOB 8ALB - A y at the first hen?? from tat l?stern Branch Bridge. aa #- lm * AUCTION SA L ES, ?G?G?? OATS. ? T W. L. WALL A CO . Auctioneers. At tbe florae Bssaar, 99La.av.,bet.tthAltnh. HOBSX8, CARRI AORS WAGONS ANDOTHBB YBHICi.ES AT AUCTION. On TUB8DAY MORNING, dth inrte-t. at ten (''???"??? wiJ*^??' at the Horae Batear, aboat ?t f.neS?ddle??i4 Harne?? Horse?, Gai nage?, Bag US ??M'QarleAc ??? ? ?8ew *0UbTe Terms cash. ?"??*_W. L. WALL ft CO.. Aucts. ??ALE OF OONDBMNED MULBi . " Cbirf Quarvibm.htbb's Ornen ? Dkpov or W.\-i!.b..tii\ ? WA8HIBOTOB. I). C. September 5, is??.. ( Will be sold at public auction, at the Corrai? orar the Observatory, in the city of Washington' on WEDNESDAY, September 21, IG?, a lot ?r MULES, condemned as unfit for public service. Term??Cash, in Government fund? Sale to commence at ? o c <>ck a. m. D H. RUCKER. Brig. Gen'l and Ohief Quartermaster, sep5-td_Depot of Washington.t? DY TH08. DOWLING. Auctioneer; Georgetown, TWO FRAME HOUSBsTnD LOTS IN GEORGE TOWN AT AUUTION. On MONDAY AFTBrtNOON.September 12th, at 5 o'clock p. m., I will ?ell in front of the premise?, on Water street, between High and Potomac sts , two Frame Honte? ?nd Lot?. Tasaos at ?ale. All conveyancing and stamp? st the cost ' f the purchaser Title perfect. sep 3d A? ?_THOS. DOW LI NG. Anct. UT JAS. C. MoGUIRB A CO.. Auctioneer?. CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON STOCK AT ????? TO MAI ? On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, September 7th. at 5 o'clock, at the Auction Room?, we ?hall sell for account of the estate of the late Thomas Smith, in sum? to ?uit? ?I^^ Corporation of Washington Quarterly Six Per Cent-Stock. By order of the administrativ. sepj-dte J. C. McGUIRB A CO , Aucte. ? Y JAS. O. MOGUIRB A CO., Auctioneer?. DESIRABLE DWELLING HOUSE, WITH LA RGB LOT ON ? STREET, BETWEEN 4TH AND STH STREETS WBST: Ok THURSDAY AFTBRNOON. Sept. S. st 5 o'clock, on <he premises^we shall sell a desirable LOT, fronting ?0 feet on ? ?treet north, between 4th and 5th ?treets west, and running back 150 feet to a 3'foot alley improved br a desirable three story Brick Dwelling House, with bock building, No 510 containing in all ?leven rooms, with a frame stable on the rear of the lot. Terms: one-third In cash, the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, sec ? red by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyance and revenue stamps at the coat of the purchaser. ?' ? 3d J C. McGUIRE A CO. Aucte. ? ? J. C. McGUIRB A CO., Auctioneer?. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH I. BE TWEEN IOURTEBNTH AND FIFTEEN TU STREETS WEST. AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the i4th day of September next, !8t>4. I ?hall?ell. in front of the premise?, at G o'clock p. m.. by virtue of adecreeof the Or phans' Ci;urt dated the 12th day of May, 1363. rati fied uni c nfirmed by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia on the lSth day of May. 'S->3, the following described handsome build-ng lot, viz: Lot nnmbered.four 14) in Sjnnre numbered two hundred and eighteen. (21 :,? it having a front of 42fet-t7 inches on north I. between 14th and Mth streets west, running ha-k with a sii ?alley to a 30 feet ailey. Hi fee; 7 inches. Terms: One half cn<-h; balance in si* month-, the purchaser to give note tor the deferred payment, bearing inter-st from the ?lav of sale, and eusure 1 to the eatiffactior: of the G'-ardiin. All conv yarning, including revenue stampe, at the co-, t of tbe purchaser. Title perfect. Mr?. ELIZA ANN DRAIN. Guardian. Pep 3d_J. C. McGUIRE c CO . Aucts. aUARTIRMA8TER GENERAL'S OFFIOB, Ftii-T Divisio.v, Wastuwotox 0 O.. ??p embir?. ???? Will be sold at PCRLIC AUCTION, to the high est bidder, at tbe time and places nain-d below, ria : York Pa . Thur>dhy.Sept 15. 1*'64. Alteon?. Pa.. Thursday, Sept. 22. IS**!, Leb?noo, l'a . Thursday Sept. .9.1?>4, TWO ULNDRBD CAVALRY HORSES AT BACH PLAUB. These horse? have been condemned as unfit for the Cavalry service of the Army. Tor road and farm par posers many good bargains may be bad. Horse? ?old singly. Terms: Cash in United States eurrenev. JAMES A. BKIN Colonel First Division, Q. M. Gen'le Office. sep statt_ |> Y JAMES C. McGUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. EXTENSIVE gAI.E OF BUILDING LOT3 FOR ACCOUNT OP ST. JOnN'8 CIIUKCU On 1 D ESDAY AFTERNOON September, at 6 o clock,on the premises by order of the Vesf-y rf8t. John'.? Church, we shall Hell the whole of Square No. 276, fronting respectively on 12th end 13'b sts. west and north R and S sts ; tbe whole subdivided into fifty twe tine building lots, each with acc?s? to a public alley Plats may b? obtained of the Auctioneers or ou tbe premise? at the time of sale. Term? : One-third in cash; the remainder 6 ?nd 12 month?, with interest, secured br a deed of trust on the premise? Co?t of conveyances and ??tarars to be paid by the purchaser. au*i-d JAS. C. McGCIRB A CO.. Aucte. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneera. AUCTION SALE OP LOT OF GROUND. On TUESDAY,the eth instant, st 6 o'clock p. m.. We ehall sell, in front of the premises, part of Lot No 9, in Square 523. having a front of 83 feet l'i inches on New Jersey aveuue, between north M and ? sts, Thistetis very handsomely situated, having an enst front, in a commanding position. Term?: Half cosh; balance in 6 and 12 months, fer rotes bearirg interest. All conveyance, stamps. Ac . at cost of purcha ser. Twenty dollar? will be required when the prop erty is knocked off Title indisputable. an 31 d GREEN ft WILLIAM3, Aucts. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. HANDSOME BUILDING LOTS AT THB COR NBR OF 14G STREET RASI* AND NORTH D STBBBT CAPITOL HILL. AT AUCTION. Or? WEDNESDAY the 7th in?tant. we shall sell in frontof the premise?, at 6 o'clock p. m.,all of I ot No. '5 an' half Lot No. Id, in 8quare No.724. This propri ty Tonta 75 feet on 1st street, ruoning back about 9 feet, and will be divided in two building lots if dt-eired. It i? a h*nd?omo loca tion, perfectly graded and paved In fr-nt Per rons wishing to purchase a handsome and elevated building ?ite wll <lo well to attend the sole. Terms at sale, sep Id GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucte. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. BEAUTIFUL FARM OR COUNTRY SEAT AT AUCTION. On WEDNE8DAY, the 3otb inst., we shall sell at 5 o'clock p. m , on ine promises, that beautiful piece or parcel oi land auoctaed to the former res ilience of H W. Blunt Eeq .near Tennallytown, about one and a half miles from Georgetown, on tbe RockvUle Turnpike road. This land adioins the lands of Messrs Lougbborough and Garter, nnr? Mrs. A J. Lyle. This sale pre*? nte a rare opportunity to a gen tleman wishing a fine country aeat, the neighbor?1 ins society being the very beat, and possessing all the advantage? of proximity to town and ma ket. The view is beautiful, commanding a prospect of from twelve to seventy miles, of the most pic turesque and romantic aeenery. The soil is kind, ?nd well adapted to the culture of a vegetable gar den, tbe most of It having a beautiful southeast exp"**ure. The land, whicn contain? about twen ty five acre? is susceptible of division Into three or more lots, eacb of which contain beautiful building sites, and will be sold in separate lots, if We respectfully Invite the attention of persons wishing to parchase a handsome site for s private residence, and the public in general to this sale, h - it p.-efen ? ?tt rare inducements, aud the sale will be well worthy of their attention. Terms: One-half cosh; balance in six months, for note bearing interest. A deed given and a n>e<l "f trust taken Title indisputable. au 24-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucte. SSTTHE A ROVE SALE IS POSTPONED UNTIL WEDNESDAY -he 7th of September, instant, same hour, when it wi 1 pcsitive'y take place. sep Id GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneera. ? CHANCERY SALE OF VACANT LOTS. On ???? Nt8DAY AFTERNOON. September 14, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a docres ot the Circuit Court of the Diatrict of Columbia, dated Ma? 10th 1&3, mode in a certain cause v.her?-ii> Wm. Bird et al. ore complainant? and H. B. Marryman, trustee of ? Hazel, deceased, is defendant No. 8?W. equ;tv, I shall sell the follow ing 'tei-cribed vacant Lote, via : The ea*t part ?if Lot 3, in Square 728. Lot 8 in Ba?are 758, fronting on 2d street east, rua. ing back to a 30 foot alley. __ _ P?risol Lots3and ?.1 ? Square7?4, fronting on Marylard avenue between 3d and 4th et?. I ot bo 14, in Square No. 857. fronting 60 feet on Otta et; ette-st. at the corner of north ? street, and running back 7s feet on north B ?t. _ Term?: One-third caeh; the remainder in six and twelve months, with Interest, to be ??cured by tir bonus of tbe purchaser, with approved seca li the terms of sale ars not compiled with in five dajs thereafter, tbe 'ruste? reserve? the right to resell the property so in default, on one wee? ? rubile ? tice, at the risk and expense of the a? raul Ing purchaser. Cost of conveyances and stamps te be paid by the purchaser. - ?nv _ WALTBR 8. COX. Trustee. su 23-eoAds J. C. McGCIRB A CO., Ancta. ^01 DBAD YET. A Novel. ByJ.C. *#_??_?> son. The Iogoldsby Legende, new edition, S vola. Beligiou? Training of Children. By Catherine Wrong of Slavery and Right of Emancipation. By Bolert D?leOwtn. ^ ' Haunted Heart*. By the author of the " Latnp Beven Stories with Basement and Attic ' Ceillns' Voyage d. wn the Amoor. Hand Book tor Traveler? Id Burose. Weetroi osier Bevi w for July Woman ? Philosophy of Woman, au a_FRANCK TAYLOR BILLIARD TABLAS /OR SALS -The MotMon ber k_* THHsB FIRST CLASS ? ? . __ BILLIARD TABLB8. nearly noV, _____________! which hs wril dispose of ver* low. ?T*!^?""? which hs will diipoM of very Inquire at toe Billiard room, es t Uth atrae t ?a Psauwri v?_tU a leu st AUCTION SALES. riTiRK days. ?? J. 0. MoeClBB A_00., ABotimeer?. T5?SII1,8eAf 10P VALUABLE LAND AN? YlNBfARD. NEAR THBINBANB ASYLUM; On MONDAT AFTBRNOON, September It at I o'clock, on the tbe premie??, by virtue of* two dee-l?o! trust from Chae.J Uhiman to tne.onedated December .*i, 1862 end recorded in Liber J a 8.. No. 239, folio?7 ,?c and the ether dated Janaary .V, 1865 and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8., N?. 229. folio? sai, Ac . I ?hall sell all tbat certain piece and parcel o' land lying and situate in the *>uaty of Washington, aforesaid, ana being part and parcel of the tract of land known formerly a? r'Woodstock," ?nd lat'erly a? 'The Ko?cia*ke Place." th? part or parcel herein eooveyed or ia taode<Lso to be,being deecrihed ??follow?, namely: Commencing on the north line of tbe Good Ita?? Road at a wbite oak tree, being Station Ho. M of T. Jekyll'ti survey of the "KoKciae*o Place," aa? thence running along ?aid north line of th? (jood Hope road seventy ?even degree? and fifteen ?ia uteaeaetN . ? 77 de?. G? min. R ? five perch?? aast sixty eight hundredth? of a perch (1 68 I 01 ta a point marked A and a white marble monameut. as shown upon the plat accompanying the deod herembofore mentione.1. from MoSSJ Kelly aad Mary W. Kelly, hi wife, to Charle? J. ChlmanB, thence rnnnin? along the firet dividing line be tween this p.rcel ?,f Und and that of th? said Mose? Kelly, south eix d-gnee and thirty minata? eestfB 6 deg ?? min E.? seventy on? perche? (71 perche?Ito a small monument of white marble ?ot upon said Iine;then?e from ?aid monument rea ning ?outb thirty minute? west 18. Mea 3'mi? W.? seventy nine perches and forty-hand/edths ?*f ? percb (79 40 pepar.) to Station Hn 6 of ? Jekyll's survey of the " Koeciunko Place;" tbeaoe from ?aid Station No. ? running ?Outh fifty nine degree? and forty minuter east 'S ? deg 4? rain B. ) to thecrosef ngof a ?mall creek eight??? parche?,! is perches); thence from said croesiag running ?onth fifty-five regree? and forty ??? minut?e weet (8. 56 deg. 46 min. W) nfteoo perche? ( 16 perch?e) to the point of intereeetion with outer angle of road; thence running along the n?rth line of said road eonth eighty nine degree? eses forty five minuta? west ;8 sideg. 45 min. W/ twen ty-two perche?! 23 perche? I toan angle ta the sesse; thence running along th? north line of ?aid r*ad. south fifty-four degrees -e?t (8 64 deg. W) ?even taen and one-half perche?, ,17* perche?) to ao ia ner angle of the ?ame: thence running along the eastern line of ?aid road parallel to and on? and a half perche? from a small creek twenty ni ae ferchest29 perche?) to the middle ofOxsa Ran? hence running along th? middle and a? the course of said Oxen Run sixteen and on? half perch?e. (??? perche?) or thereabout?, to the cor ner point between thie parcel of land now botan describ? d and ^he land of W. Y. ? Brown, heina three perches ina rlgbt line from a large poplar tree that ?Und? on the property of ?aid Brown, one and one-fourth perche? fresa tbe north bank of said Oxen Bun: theaoo from the above described corner point ran? ning along the dividing line between this par cel of land and that or ?aid W. Y. U Brown, aorah twenty four degrees and thirty minutes etvtiM deg. SO min. Wi thirty five perch?? to a larga locust tree on ?aid line, thence running in right lins continuation from ?aid locnet tree aid with the bearing aforeeaid. (N 24 deg. 31 min W twen ty-four perche?! 24 perches it? the middle of crook: thence running along and np the bed or middle of said creek, (it being the dividing line between this parcel and the land of said Brown.) eixty-Ire perche? (tf perches) or thereabout?, to ?point la the bedof ?aid creek opposite to and back V roet fourths of a perch from a marked locnet tree taat stand? on the north Bide of the ?am?1!,' thence rea ping from said point through the locust tre? last above described north twen'v five degree? we?t ? ? 26 deg. W) six perches and twenty hundredth? ot a perch (G2n-10> percbee) to a marked walnut tree in tbe bed ot a ravine; tbence ranntag fr ira ?aid walnut tree, being a meander line of tha ravine, north ten degreea west (N in deg. W) ?ix perches, (<j perch?e;) thence running ?? a meander line a? aforesaid north twenty f ?r de grees and thirty minut?e west, ? ? 24 deg. 3" mia. W.) five perche? and twenty-hundredth? of a perch (6 20-ioO perches) to a yonog persimmon tre?, (marked;) thonee running from aaid persimi*"? tree north three perche? and twenty hundredth? of a perch (3 20-100 perch?e' to a forked persimmon tree, (marked.) thence running from ?aid la-<t p?w eimmt a tree north two degree? and forty mi net?? east(? 2deg. ?J min. E.) ten per-heei in perch??) to the north line of tbe Good Hope road, passi?? trrough a sycamore tree tbat stands 00 the sosta Hide of ?aid r ad and terminating a*? point on ?aid north line ofsaid road sixteen perche?' 16 perche?, from Station No 33 of T. Jekyll',? survey of 'The Ko ciu?ko Place." running hack from ?aid station; thence from said point running along the aforw niectioned north line of tbeUood Hope road north seventy-nine d?_rrees and thirty minutas ??a*t ( M. B. ) thirty eeren p-r.-he? and so ?of ap-rch(3776 KV* perch?? ining. (all ofsaid can*?? being magnetic.) containing fifty acre?, two rood?, ana 79 deg. A" nun. B. (thirtj? eeren p*r.-he? and seven ty fire hundredths of a p-rch (3776 KV* perche?) ta the pisce of betinning. (all ofsaid can??? beim magnetic.) containing fifty acre?, two rood?, anc thirty three and one half perche?,(?lacre?, ?rood?, 33/2,) ta the eame more or leu, a? repro eented in the plat hereinbefore mentioned, togeth er with all and singular th? improvements, privi lege?, liereditaraente, a' d appurtenance? ta th? same belonging or in any manner apperta'tOag This pioperty ie finely improved as a Vineyard, with ahoat twelve thoueand choice Grape Tinos, and will he sold in anh division?. Term?: One third in caeh: the remainder ia Big and twelve month?, with intareet, eecared by a deed oftruet on the premise?. A payment of ten per cent, of the purchase meaar will be required at the time of nal?. Should tue terme of sale not be complied with witbin ten days after tbe sale, the Truste? reserven the right to re-sell the property at th? risk and ex pense of the defaulting purchaser, ou on? week's notice in the Nati? nal Intelligencer. HORACR J FR0?T, Trustee. ?a 9-2awAds J. C. McGUIRB A Co.. Aaets. Y JAB. 0. McGUIRB A 00., Auctioneer?. ? IBUBTEE'S 8ALE OF BRICK DWBLLIB? HOUSK AND LOT ON NORTH ?. BHT WICaB 13TH AND 14TH BTBBBTSWBST. By virtue of a deed of trust from William ? Clampitt and wife, datad the 23d day of Septaea ter, eighteen huidred and fifty eight, and duly re? corded i ? Liber J. A.S , No. 161 .loi io? 437, 43?. end 439,oneof the land recsBda for Washington coaa tv. District of Columbia, I will ?ell at publie ?ac tion.on tbe premise?, on WEDNESDAY ? FT KB NOON. September 7th, at 6 o'dock, all that tat or fiarcel of land in the city of Washington, and Dta? riet of Columbia aforeeaid. being part of Loaf numbered one, twenty-ni ne, and thirty. 1. 29. St.) in Squa-e numbered two hundred and fifty, (2A9,) a? ?aid Lote and Square are marked, laid down and dietii guished on the plan of said city; begtaotaa lor said part at a point on th? line of ? ?tre?! ? ? : th . eitcht feet four inches (8 feet 4 tache? leas* of the southwf ?t corner of ?aid lot numbered on?. and running tbence east sixteen feet eight inohes, (16teetH incbee.) thence north ninety-two foot, (92 feet ) thence wees sixteen feet eight inches. ( M feet 8 inches,)thence eonth ninety-two feet (IB feet) to the place of beginning, improved by a well bnilt brick house with all the modern improve? mente. This property lies jnrt east of tbe Demenoa buildings, and opposite the Preebytarian Ohureh, and i? one of the most desirable residences of its class in tbe city. _ Terms : Ore-half ?f the purchase money in cash: J50" of which must be paid down at the time of Bale, the remainder, with interest, :u ?months. A deed will be given and a deed of trust taken to se cure the deferred payment. All onvevancee, including rerenue stamp?, at the cost of the purchaser. ., . __ Should the terms ef ?ale not be complied wish within three day?, the Trustee reaervee the right to re-sell at the risk and expense? of the purcha ser, after giving one week's notice in the National Intelligencer, or other newspaper published In Washington, II IIIMIIIII Trustee. an2gd_J^J^GJIMA^CO^Aaeta\_ SALE OF CONDEMNED QIWBTBBMASTE- ? STORES. Chief Quartermaster s Ojies, Washington Depot, I x Washibqtos. D. 0., Aug. 27 ISM.f Will be sold at pubi: auction, at Government Warehouse N?. 5. New Tork avenue, between 18th and 19th Bt.eeta, Washington city, D 0 on TUBS DAY. September 6th, 1864, at 11 o'clock a. m . a lo? of Quartarm aster's S'ores. condemned aa unfit fog use or iseue, vix: A large lot of Stoves and Stove Fipe, Boilers, Ovens. Old Iron. Carpenter's Teole. Desks, Chairs, Scalee, Shovels. Grindetonee, Hardware, Brooms. Buckets, Pan?, Old Copper Brush??, Ae.. Ac Successful bidder? will be required to remove the ?tore* witbin five day? from the data of ?ale. Terms cash. In Government fHndiD<Jf:JJB Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaatar, au27-9t_Depot efWaehingtoa__ ?J?LBT?YCONDBMNED ????????????? ?_? STORES. BUG_?IBS. AC, Ac. Chief Quartermaster's OSes, Depot ofWashinttoa.l UVWMhiD?ton,l). C. September l.Pei. { Will be sold at publio auction, at Government) Warehouse, situated 00 the ?auare between ? aa* F and Twentieth and Twentv-flrst ?treet? ia th? ci't?of WashiWon. on WEDNESDAY fe^ptamber 14 1864. at 11 o'clock a. m., a lot of Quartermas ter's Storee, condemned as unfit for use, vis : Axes Carpenter?'Tools, Braehes. Bridles, Noe? Ba_H Buckets. Saddle Blankets. Stable Broom?, Portable Forge?. Grindstone*. Blacksmiths' Tools, Harnes?, Lanterns. Scrap Leather. Stove Pipe, p*pe Stoves. Saddle?, 8<ales, Whi ps. Horse Shoe j, ana a large lot of old Iron, Ac, Ac. ALuU? Will he ?old on same day, at foot of Nineteeatfe street, near Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, immedi ately after tbe completion of tbe ?.ale abovs re ferred to,a number of _ _ Ambulances, Buggies,Carnages, Army Wagon?, Spring Wagon?, Cart?, and Medical Wagons. Successful liddet ? will be required to remove ' Btores within five (6' days from the data of salo Terme cash, in Government funde. S- H. RLLaKn. brigadier General and Chief Quarter master, sep 2 12t_ Devot ef Washtagtoa__ A UCTIOM BALE OT CON DKM.NED HOBJli. WAS DsrABTMBBT. CAVA LBV ?UBB J ?. | __ Offbeat Chief Quartermaster. > _??, ? . yreuhtngton. D C, August J. lBBd.1 Will be sold at Pnblic Auction, ta the high??* h'dder, at the times and place? named below, via: Reading, Pennsylvania, THUBBDAT, Angas? Eh AUoona, Pennsylvania, T H UR*1^? Augnataa? Ufi, Le ba?o u, Pennsylvania, TH CBBD AT. Beptom hot 1 1864 'Harrisburg. Ponnsylrania. TDUBJIOAT, Bop teTWOr iiUNDRBD (E?) OAYALRT H0R8BB, a? * ? he?rees bave be.n coxidemned aa aalt is. th?> cavt?rv service of tas army._ ?>rVoad and farming purposes, mear good bar gain? may be had. 5or?.ee_sh in^nited State? curreney. Terme caeh. m u J?M?e A __.IN, Lt. Col. and Chief Quartrosaastar. asxt__tf_Cavalry Burean. tt??????? mam, OS SOSTE AMJBUOA, in ivsavola., rovai octavo of text, ssateaa j.rtibcont folle volume of plata?, (eis? If av ? lnoaX>la fins bind tag For eele~o?? eepy only . ^?G?_^_FBABOB TETU3SS_

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