Newspaper of Evening Star, September 6, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 6, 1864 Page 1
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V2E. XXIV. WASHINGTON, ?). C.? TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6. 1K64 i\2. ?505 pSOPOSALS BOB LOAN TbB-BTJbT Dir-ir ?bst, July ?. *8M. Betiee ia hereby gives that ?ubaeriptioae will b?? tseaived by the Treasurer of the United State?. th? several Anittant Treasurer? and Designated Bepoeitories and by the National Bank? designated BB4 ?.aal ?fled ?a Depositen?* and Financial Asante. ?sr Tressury Note? payabl? tare? reara from August 15,1864, bearing interest at th? SB???? asven and tkree-tentb? per eeut per annum, witb ?STBi annual eoupon? attached, payabl? m lawful ss?n?y. ._ __. These note? will be convertible at ths option er th? holder a? maturity- Into ?is per sent, geld hearing bend?, redeemable after flve and payabl? twenty year? from A'ign?tl5. t?o7. The Note? will be i??ned in th? denomination? of fifty, one hundred. five hnndred. one thousand and five thousand dollar?, and will be ??sued in blank, sjr payabl* to order, a? mar be directed by the sub Mr i bora. All eub'erlptlon m??t be for fifty dollar?, or ?9m? multiple of fiftr dollar?. Duplicate certificate? will be Issued for all depos ite? Th? party depositing must endorse npon the original ?ertiflcate th?denomination of notes re quired, and whether they are to be issued in blank or payable to order When ?o endorsed it must b* left with the officer receiving the deposit, tob? ?jrwsrded to thi? Department. Tb? note? will be transmitted to tbe owner? free Of transportation charges a? soon after the receip of the original Certificat es of Deposit as they can he prepared. Interest will be allowed to Angust 15 on all deposits made prior to that dste. ?nd will be paid by the Department upon receipt ef tho original ??rti fica tes A? tbe note? draw in'ere't from A*irn?t In, per ?On? making deport? <?-i',?p<jn'-ct to that date BBVSl pay the 'nt-rest accrued from date or note ?? date of deposit. Parti??? depositing twenty five thousand dollars and upward? for the?? note? at ai>y one time will he allowed ? commission of one-qoarter of one per Cent . which will be paid by thi? Department npon the receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by the officer with whom the deposit was node. No deduction? for ?ommisaiona mast be made from the deposita. Officer? receiving ??posit? will ?ee that the proper endorsements are made upon the original ??rti Beate?. All officers snthorized to receive deposits are M ?in es ted to give to applicante all desired informa tion, and afford every facility for making gub ?eriptione. W. P. FESSENDBN, fyt?-tf_Secretary of the Treasury. DENTISTRY. ?~_" ~-???2. "* ??"?run? A.r.incisi ?< S2 ?Df,e_*,!? *?* ?Te"*t improvement In ? v. u wll! bare? them In no other ?trie than AS ?]??2'? ?.??? .No- 34a. Pe. avenu?, i ft!? and jstb streets. QRSAL DI8C0YERY IN DEN ?? ? TRY. Tteth Extracted without Pvin wui tht MuhriU of ? ? ._ Oxygen. _*__?_?_?? ?d*1?? ail persons having testa to ex tract to call at Dr. LEWIE'S office,, and have them taken ont by thia new/ and harmless procese. Also sail snd' examine the Doctor's new and im proved method of Inserting Artificial Teeth If hi? teeth ? this new . - - ...between treet?. ?__!____!____, LEWIS, M. P., Dentist. ?G?ETH. ._* ??&S&JL&x?a? Inventor aad Patent?? of the MINERAL PLATS TSSTH, at _*?____?__ tend? personally st his offioo in this)^ t?Xr Many persons eon wear these* teeth who cannot wear other?, aad no person can wear others who cannot wear these. Tenons calling at my office can be accommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire, bat to those who ?re pertieular and wish th? purest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture thai artisti produce, the MINSRAL PLATS will be mer? fully warranted. Boom? In this city-No 338 Pennsylvania avenus ?S?we_,n.9tB *nd ,ot* atr?ete. Alao, 90T Arch st? Philadelphia._ mar4-1y TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BCAPB MAY Y RAILROAD FROM PHI YtALNTT STREET PIER, LROAD FROM PHILADELPHIA FROM YIA WEST JER8BY BAIL OAD. I At, accommodation due at i?j_ g, m. At 10 a. m., express due at l'i p. m. At ? ?, a. m.,eipre??due at 8 p. m. Retnrning. leave Cape May? 4 a. m. express da? at9>. a. m. 11.45 accommodation due at 4?? p. m. B.! ? p. m express daeat 3*_ p. m. Through without ehanse of ears or baggag?. New car?, and everything first -clsss. }e20-8m J.VAN RENSSELAER.gnpt. BALT'MORB AND OHIO RAILROAD On and after Bunday, Jnne 13th, 1864, Dally Trains will be ran between Washington and New York ?nd Washington and the West, as follow? : FOR PHILADELPHIA. NEW TOR' ?*Mm Leave Washiagton at 7.30 a.m., 11.15 a.m., and g ? p. m. daily, except Sunday. On Bob day at 8.30 p. m.ouly._ FOR BALTIMORE AXP PHILADELPHIA. L?ave Washington at j m. daily, except Sua? Vassenger? will not? that tbis train rune as far as Philadelphia only. FOR NEW TORR. Leave Washington daily at 6.30 p. m. . This train is for New York passengers txdusivtly. FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m., 11.13 a.m. ,3 p. rr. . 4.45p. m.. 7.J0 p. m .and8.30 p.m..exceptSan dar. __ Os 8nnday at 7.30 a. m.. 9 p. ?.. and 8.30 p. m, FOR ALL PARTS OF TMtB WEST. Leave Washington at sAO a. m. and3,4.45and 8.90 p m. daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at Sand 8.S) p. tn Tickets sold to all points WE3T, and bagtagt ducked through. FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.3? a. m. and 4.45 p. m. daily, except Sunday. No train for Annapolis on Sunday. Traina leaving Washington at 7.311 a. ra. and l_ffl p. m. go through to New York without change _/ tars. Sleeping ears on and |jn p. m. trains. Berths can be secured until ? p. m. daily at the ticket of toe. After that hour t?ey must be secured of tb? sleeping car condnctor. The first and fifth trams stop at all way points. Tbe 3 p. m. train stop? only at Bladen?burg, Eeltsville. Laurel. Annapolis Junction and Relay House daily, except Sunday. On 8unday it stop? at all way points. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Ps?.?engers will please observe that the S p.m. train run? only as far as Philadelphia daily, tx<-tpt Svnnay On Sunday it runs to .Fainwior?o*Jy. Al?o, that tbe 6.30 p. wi. train takes Ntut York rauengtrt only For further Information, tickets of any kind, *c apply to GEO. 8. ROONTZ, Agent at Wask i_eton,or at the Ticket Office. W P. SMITH, Master of Transportation. L M. C?LE. General Ticket Agent. je 4) tf G SEAT PENNSYLVANIA BOUTS TO THB NOR THWEST AN D SOUTH* ES I. ON AND AND AFTER NOVBMBBR l?TH trmne will leave Baltimore from th? North Cal vert Station a? follows : Fast Mail at-~-9 ? A. M. Harrisburg p. m. Lightning Express-? 41 JO P. M. THB 6 30 A. M. TRAIN FROM WABHINGT0M connects *itb tbe9._?.ia. m. train from Bai timor? for Pittsburg a??? the West, aad for Elmira, Buff ato. Rochester, Dunkirk, Canandojgua, and Ni agara Fall?? and for New York city. THB 7.*20 P. M. TRAIN FROM WABHINGTOB connect? with the 9.3" p. ra. train from Balti more for Blmirsand tho North and Pittsburg and th? West. _ 8LEEPINO CARS T? NIGHT TRAIN8. Soi.mrss' Ticbbtb -t Govbrjmbbt Katbs. ONE THROUGH TRAIN ON BUNDAY. LOW FARB AND QUICK TIME. ?V" r - tickets and any information apply at the office of th? Great Pennsylvania Routs, corner Peen. sv*bu*a*d 6Uatr?et.under Nattenal Hotel. Washington J. N. DUBARRY, * n* Superintendent R. O. R. H. B. 3. W1LKINS, Pus and Ticket Agent, ?or. eth at. and Js?tf Penn. avenu?. ASSISTANT Ql ART K RM ASTER'S 0FFICK, f"m?.I 1XD RlVRB I'RANSPOETATIOS 8??????8TBIIT WHAUr. ** A'Bis??tos.D. C, Angust 20, 1844. CIRCULAR. In accordane* with instruction? from Brigadier ?.enera]ID. H. Rucher, Chief quartermaster. D pptol Vtasbinston I have placed schooners at Tpperand Lo*?}? Ced?r Point?, in the positions SBSuptei by the I?.?ht boats, previous to their de stractiouby thershel?. ? n u" From ?un-et uut? ?unrl?e a light will be ?wnng from each of tbe sch?on*rs. Th?? r?a?on giren by capraio? of veesels, 'bartered and owned l>y th?* roiled States Quartermaster Department, lor nceb? ring in the Peteuioc river at night, was, that they feared that they would run tb-ir ves?el? ?ground it they attempted to ruu post the shoal after uark\ The lamps pKced on the schooners will give a light ?ufrcintlj strong to enable all pihit? topa.-? up and down fije river with s-afety, provided tbey govern them??lv?? by the chart? provided hs? Vnited States Coast Survey. Fr<>m and *fter thi? dste,?? vessel propelled by steam will be allowed to an< ?or, excepting ia Mi?b weather as by running the 1??.?? the vessel ?rearmo might be endsngered. AH maater? of ves?ei? ar? directed to report any neelect on the part of tbe parties on 1>oHrd of the 1 ight Mhooner?, ia not keeping their lights burn mg at all hours of the night. _,__. ..... A ?epv of thi? circular will be Bent posted in tue rilot henee of every Tessei owned and chartered y the Government, plying on the Potnrriv? river. B. 8. ?1.1.?? . aajp-at_Capt. and A.Q. M< ? MB MERCHANT-8 AND ??????.? ALMA PEBSONAL. MADAME AnOLIAB. on impressed Medium, continues toread, witb great safety, to all who arsire it, the Past, Present, and Future, and I? ahle to advirsand counsel with safety on all Important matters, at No. 249 C atreet, between 4*_ and fitj streets. Island? sep 2 fit* LADIE8. ATTENTION-PLAIN 8BWING done with neatne?* aud despatch by Mr*. POLLBR, No. ???? 7th street. Islaua. Particular attention to Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children'? under gar mente. Machine stitching done at five cents per yard^_au 22-Im? M ADAM MARSHA, late from a northern eity, would inform the public that she has taken ap her residence at No. 403 R street, between 9tb aad Fth. Is prepared to read the past and foretell future evanta._su ?? m* C'?ACTION.?To all whom it may Concern.?Ml /persons are hereby cautioned acsinst filling half-pint porter and mineral water Bottles marked with the names of "R. A. Shiun/'and " Amy A Shinn," osali who are found so offending will b? prosecuted to tbe utmost extent of the law "pro viding against the improper use ef trade marks, Ac." I would r' notify mv customers tkat payment willbe.xai '?! for all bottles lost by them after this date. RILEY A. SHINN, Union Bottling Depot. 57 Greene st., Ang 18, 1.S64. [an 19 lm] Georgetown. D. O. PERSON AL.-WM. PRINOB, 381 ? street, oppo ?ite tie Patent Office, is the only one in town who does FLUTING, having three very elegant machines now In operation. Ladies who desire this very fashionable trimming should give him a call. Stamping in all its varieties elegantly done Stamped Goods. Braid and Bilks for sole, au 12-tf FEMALE COMPLAINTS receive partiular stten tion at Dr DARBT'S Office, 492 7th stre-t between D and E. Those in need of s confidential ?d vise r can be suited by calling on him, auf im' PRIVATE COMPLAINTS Are treated, either personally or by letter, st Dr. WOOD'S Office, 4 9*? 7th ?treet. Separate rooms for patients. Of fice open day and night, au film* S. T.?1800.?X. Persons of sedentary habits troubled with weak ne s, lassitude, palpitsUou of the heart, lack o appetite, distress after eating, torpid liver, eon atipation, Ac, deserve to sufTer if they will not try tbe celebrated PLANTATION BITTERS, which are now recommended by the highest medi cal authorities, snd warranted to produce an im mediate beneficial ?Sect. They are exceedingly ?greeable, perfectly pure, sud must snpercede all othertonics where a healthy, gentle stimulant is required. They purify, strengten and invigorate. They create a healthy appetite. They are an antidote to a change of crater and diet. Tbey overcome effects of dissipation and late hours. They strengthen the ?rutera and enliven the mind. They prevent miasmatic and intermittent fevers Thev bsbbbVb? **?" ???????? ?-w? mciattp or the stomach. They cure Dyspepsia and Constipation, They cure Diarrhea, Cholera, and Clouera Morbus. They cure Liver Complaint andBJervoue Head ache. They make the weaK strong, the languid bril lant, and are exhausted nature's great restorer. They are composed of the celebrated Calisaya bark.wiatergreen, sassafras, roots aud herbe, all preserved in perfectly pure St. Croix rum. For particulars, see circulars and testimonials around each bottle. Beware of imposters. Examine every bottle. 8ee that it has D. S. Barnes' signature on our pri vate U.S. Stamp over the cork, with plantation scene, and our firm signature on a fine steel plate ngraving on side label. See that our bottle is net reGlied with spurious and deleterious stun*. We defy any person to match the taste or character of our goods. Any person pretending to soil Plantation Bitters by the gallon ?t in bulk, is an imposten We sell only in our log caliin bottle. Any person imitating this bottle, or selling any other material therein, whether called Plantation Bitters or not, i? a criminal under the U.S. Law, and will be so prosecuted by us. We already bavcoureyeontwo parties re-filling our bottle?, Ac, who will succeed in getting themselves into clo<=>? quarters. The demand for Drake's Plantation Bitters from ladies, clergymen, merchants, Ac, Is perfectly incredible The simple trial of a bottle is the evidence we pre sent of their worth and superiority. They are sold by all respectable druggists, grocer.?, physicians, hotels, saloon?, steamboat? and country stores, P. H. DRAKE A CO., sug2-eo3m '202 BROADWAY. ?. Y. ? ? t ? g y. . UNITED STATES 7 3-10 LOA V THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WASHING TON has now on hand, rtwly for immediate deliV' try, a full supply of these new Bonds. Eubstribcr.t art requested to present thin ctrtij?caits at once and receive their Bonds. These having money to invent should not lose sight of the fact that by investing in this Loan they not only receive interest, at the high rate of 7 3-1" per cent., but secure to themselves the very important advantage of obtaining, at th? end of three years. 6 PER CENT. 5-*50 YEAR BONDS AT PAR, whieh are now worth over li percent. premium, and which after the wer must necessa rily advance to a much higher rate. an 24-tf VOTICETO SCTLERS.-Adoebledeck BARGE iv ?notons?in good order, all ready for use, can be bought ob rensonable terms. Sale to close concern. Apply to Capt. Cushman,on board Barije "M. Kennedy." at Sbip-inrd, Alexandria, Vs.; or Palmer's Wharf, foot ot llth street, Washington, D C rorto Flowen? A Bowen, No. 1 King street. Alexandria Va. au 25-2w? C W . 0 WB N, !?*. successor to B. OWEN A SON. M I TAFT AND NATAL MERCHANT TAILORS, '212 Penn. avenue, between llth and 15th streets, . _Woshingtos. P. C. an l-lra MANURE. __""_, MANURE, MANURE. THB BEST AND CHEAPEST MANURE IN THB UNITED STATES. The undersigned, having contracted for all the ?aannys at Giesboro Point, D. C, ar? now pre parad to put on board vessels free of expenso to Captains at low rates. ?E5SELS WANTED. ?$w9S-v-9L?a 33? B afreet, Waahinston, or to GlKMiOROPoiNT MANCHE WHARF. *n w?_"_JOHN PETTIBONB A CO. tjUOW C?|E8 ?OB BALB.-Just received eight C" elegant COUNTER SHOW CASES by th? Bert makers la? New York Apply te P. J. BELLBW A Ce., ?10 <th street, thr?? doors i^jutb of Odd Fei ? ????7 BBBBB, Jy ?J tf AMUSEMr?NT?S CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC JCANTBRR?BY HALL,?* AND BAL L ?CANTERBURY HALL.<THBATi? Lor?elas? AVBBTOB. ??< t Corner ef Stxtk street. Hear of National tna Metropolitan Hotels Gcobob Lba._?_-_. Proprni"? W E CiVABlOOH _?_____ 8U?re Manarer Loci.? Szollosv-_.Ballet Muser Jeu? EerCTA.~.Musical Director COMMENCEMENT OF THB FALL AND WI? TER 8BASON ENTIRELY NEW COMPANY. THE LEADING ARTISTES IN THB PROFU SION. In commencing another ?caeon. the Proprietor would beg r.ios ?. respectfully to inform be public ?: Washington and vicinity that NO PAINS WILL BE SPABED ON HIS PART in catering 'or the public taste, sijd that he has al ready effect? rt engagement? with PROMINHNT ?.??????3, who arc well koowu in the business, and who will be brought before tbe public in RAPID SUCCESSION. The success that has attended the CANTEBdUBY, under the present management, stands UN8URPAS8B: ?? ??? HIS'OBY OF THE AMERICAN STAGE. The public can test assured that no etoi; ? will bo left urtnr >ed by th ?prenant proprie.or, to inoreas.? the popu anty and retain the proud title which the establishment bee already won, viz : THE MOST POPULAB PLACE OF AMUSEMENT IN WASHINGTON where the patrons can rest assured they will always find COMFORT AND RESPECTABILITY COM BINED. THE OANTfeRBURY will always bave TUE BEST VOCALISTS, THE BEST ETHIOPEAN COMEDIANS. THE BkST DANCERS and the greate't variety of perforrr.ere of any jilace of ?inueeiiioiit in Washington. "COMPARISON IS THE SUREST TEST.'? Bo compare our programme with that of any place ot amusement, in the city sad you will find that ? HE LONGEST, TU E MOST VA RIED, AND THE MOST ATTRACTIVE of ai?y place of amusement in thecity. Mnzarin Raid wisely, "Show me the man that never lauge?, and I'll show you a fit compauion for th- neust." ?? f the field.'' "A HEALTHFUL MIND 18 ALWAYS MIRTH FUL " were the la"t words of Ori ?*! i. And that snch is the m*xim 11 our fir?t tuen now a days may be Rt-en in the fact of our M r.;lian4e. Rankers, Bro her?. Bditors and Artisans, turning asid? from the turmril of ? vpry-day life, to REVIVE THE MIND, ENLIGHTEN THE HEART. RECUHBRATE THE ENERGIES, REFRESH THE BRAIN, AND FEA.^T THE SOUL. THE GREAT CANTERBURY. EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, Will it aueuratathe FALL AND WINTER SEASON STUPENDOUS COMBINATION. GR?CE. WIT AND BEAUTY, LEA'S NRW ORLEANS COMBINATION, LEAS NEW ORLBANS COMBINATION, LFA'S NEW ORLEANS COMBINATION, LEA'S NEW ORLEANS COMBINATION, LEA'S NEW ORLEANS COMBINATION, LEAS NE?*7 ORLEANS COMBINATION, formina the , LARGEST COMPANY OF ARTISTES LARGEST COMPANY OF ARTISTES LaRGEST ? OMPANY OF ARTISTES LARGEST COMPANY OF ARTISTES ever seen in the Capital NEARLY EVERY PERFORMER A BRIGHT 1'AB.rrc-?.-- ?G??, This Great DRAMATIC, OPERATIC. PANTOMIMIC, and TEIU'SICHORIAN COMBINATION, is composed of the following CONG BBSS OF ARTISTES: First week of the unrivalled Daneeuses and En chanting Beantiea. Minee? CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AS ? MILLI ? FOWLBR, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLBR. CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER. CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CIABA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND BIILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, (LARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER. wh? t? ill have the honor nf appearing in the mag niticent Spanish Ballet Diveitisement, arranged by Mons. Szollosy, entitled LA MAJA DE SEVILLA. Isabella, the belle nf Sevilla-..Miss Millie Fowler D->n Bazilin,a Spanish Priest-__,Mon/. S/ollosy 1 - ernaulii-.-?..-?-.Blla Weener Antoine.??-Mary Gsrdner Pablo_._.-.Miss Viola Felix.-?-..-..Mary Coulson DANCES INCIDENTAL: Invitation Grotesque, Mies Millie Fowler and characters. Balero de Cadiz. Misses Ella and Mary Wesner. La Salero, KHasClara Fowler. Cachuca et Zapateado, Mise Millie Fowler, all the characters,and the corps de ballet. THE BOQUET OF BEAUTY, eoncisting of Sixteen Young Ladies, TO NIGHT. DELEHANTY AND WARD, UELEUANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AN? WARD. HELBHANTY AN o WARD, DELEHANTY AND W.4MD, DELEHANTY AND WABD, The acknowledged Champion Clog-Dancers ofthe World. Miss AGNB8 PUTHERLAND. AGNES SDTHEBLAND, AGNES 8UTHHBLAND, AGNES SUTHERLAND, AGNES SUTHERLAND, AGNES SUTHERLAND. The Scottish Nightingale. The Burnt Cork Brigade is under the supervi sion of that Prince of Ethiopian Comedians JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHM MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN. and embraces the names of ?orne of tit ? bent per Bonatan of negro character now performing. MIS8 SALLIB 8UNDEBLAND, MISS SALLIB 8FNDEBLAM?, MISS SALLIB SUNDBBLAND. MISS SALLIE SUNDERLAND. The unrivalled Baiiadist aud Operatic Vooaiiet. BILLY EMERSON, The er.-it 8ong-and-Danc?i Mau ?md original "ACTIVE BOY." W. B. CAVANAGH, ? In- (? -r- popular Comedian and Eccentric Vocalist J. J. DOUGHERTY, Versatile Actor and Pantomimist, JH. TAYLOR, ???.:?. Comedian and BanJdist. II. W. WILLIAMS, Comedian and Versatile Actor. BIG. HEN RICO, Herculean Gymnast. JOHN REDDEN, Negro Comedian and Jig Dancer. ROBERT HALL. Negro Delineator and Comedian. The whole forming an OVERWHELMING CONCENTBATION OF TALENT. all ol whom ? ill appear in a mammoth entertain ment. A LAUGHABLE FARCE. ? COMIC PANTOMIME, A CHARMING BALLET, A FUNNY AFTERPIECE, an?l a pleasing riiiertisenient of 80NGS. DANCES. ETHIOPIAN ECCENTRICI TIES, Ac, Ac. The first popular FAL1 MATINEE will take place on _?__ SATURDAY AFTEBNOON, SEPTEMBER 10, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SBl'TEMBER 10, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, aBPl EMBER I?, SATURDAY AFTEREOON, SEPTEMBER 10, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, rEI'TEMBER 10, 8ATUBDAY AFTERNOON. SEPTEMBER 10, when a special inaugural will bo presented, ar ranged expreuely for ?_J LADIES AND FAMILIES. Admlssloa-?? ???-VW g Orchestra---~-. JO Fvivata Boxe?, holding sia persons-? * *> Single ideate. Parquette Box?*,. 1 00 Tickets for sal? ?* **? principal Hotels end Bee ta.H-_B_t_BB_ . Door, open at 7 ?'?oak; F?rfbrmaoee to *m ic? at S o'otaca. A.MITSKMKNTS. FORD'S riEW THEATER. Tenta ttreet, above Pennsylvania avenue JOHN ? FORD.. Proprietor and Manager (Also of Holliday Street Theater. Baltimore.) Second Week of the Brilliant Engagement of MR. AND MRS. W. J. ELORENCE. THIS EVENING. SEPTEMBER 6. will be prcxt-ntod John Broughams beautiful Drama of IRISH EMIGRANT. Tim O'Krien... .... Mr. W. J. Florence To be followed by the Protean Burlette of TURIOE MARRIED. Carlotta, assuming three other characters, with Sones ana Dane??? .Mrs. W. J. Florence To conclude with the laughable Sketch of tbe RETURNED VOLUNTEER. Bill William?, oi tie D. O. V Mr W. J. Florence ?'ut. or AnnmstON.?Dress circle,**! cent?; Family Circle, 25 cents: Orctietti a chairs, 75 cents; Private boxes, $10 ana $?; 8ecured seats 25 cente eitra Curtain riseBst 8 o 'clock;_ GKUVfcR'S THEATER. Pennsylvania Avenue, near Willard's Hotel. Leonard Grover-?.-....- -.Director. TUESDAY EVENING. SEPTEMBER 6,1304. Secnd night of the Fall and Winter Season. Second night of tbe celebrated WARREN COMEDY COMBINATION. MR. WM. WARREN. MR. CHAS BARRON. MIrfS JOSEPHINE OB.TON.MI8e EMILY MBSTAYEit, Supported by an entirely new and excellent stock Company. 1 he celebrated composer end favorite conductor, CHARLES ???'??G?, will direct the Grand Orchestra, which will be the largest atd rsoet carefully "r?auizeJ musical corps that has ever been employed in tbis theater. The performance will commence with the fa mous Coined?, of THE BABES IN THE WOOD. Jeremiah Bufile .Mr. Wm. Warron Fran? Kuxhton. Mr Charles Barren Lady lilancbe.Miss Josephine Orto'i Mrs. Beetle.:..?. Miss Josephine Orco.? Tobe fiilowec l'y the screaming Farce of the FIKBT NIGHT. Achille._.Mr. Wm. Warren Boh<>_.._Miss Emily Mostayer "vasl???ties' varieties: music hall and theater. (Fronting Penn'a avenue and Ninth Street.) FITZSIMMONS Proprietor and 8te?:e Manager. Inauguration of tbe Fall Season. Entire new Company. The very front and fountain of Mirth. Stars. M.ile and femate Artist??? of all hinds. Pret tiest Ladies?Sylphs of Grace. Paragons of Beauty. Mitth in abundance; Laughter in volleys; Grand Theatrical performance ; Brilliant Music Hall Show; Now cr? atine Or. at Excitement; Startling Dramatic History: Terrible and Shameful Crimi nal acts: Heartless Mailand Female Fiends: Life. Death. Mystery, and Crime; FiU Simmons' Truth Drama. Witnessed hy over 30,060 persons, entitled Beventh Stre< t Dressmaker, The Union Martyr Girl: Battle of Pine^; View of Richmond in the distance; U. S. Treasury illuminated; Smithsonian Park at Sunset; View of the Long Bridge: The WV V., W1?1 no " | lli? ?,a? (IOLI l[I.T[.' . ?. ,?'? ft u.i i.artraent^ Capitol, Treasury, Patent Office. Post OflBce, Politicians, and others all interested. Every man, woman and child should se?? it. Al^o the Great Music Hall Show. The Comic Singer of the World, Joe Warner; the Ethiopian Monarch. Billy Worrell,-the Premenr Danseuse. Miss Julia Chris tina; the Pretty and Graceful Danseuses, Ma? _-i Vernon and Fanny Farraro. Also, the following artistes? Lethe Chandler, Maria Wei!-?, Annie Gra ham, Annie Ellmore, Master Barry. Chas McQuire, Wm. Frances, Wm. Harri?, and the Star Company. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE, TTII STREET DRESSMAKER PLAYED. Admission? _S aud SO cente; Boxes, in, em 5-ilt * PIC NICS, EXCURSIONS, &c. A GRAND 1'IC NIC ?__, of the ?ft JOURNEYMEN BAKER.- ?? DI?Tnio?.?-vih??oL.UMDia, *"?*? to ?? ?riven at BECKBRT'S GARDEN, (Navy Vari.) on WEDNESDAY, Sfil'T. 7TH. IIU.\, A TICKETS. 30 CENTS, admitting a gentleman and ladies. By order of sep6-2t* COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS. FAIRST GRAND PIC NIC of the JOURNEYMEN PLASTERERS' ASSOCIATION, ____ will he trl-ren at the WASHINGTON CITY PARK, _ Seventh street, WEDNESDAY, September 7. The Committee pledge themselves to spare no pains or expense to make it one of the riea?anlest of the season. The celebrated Holy Hill Band ha- been engaged for the occasion Gates open at 3 o'clock. Dancing to commence at 4 o'clock. Tickets, SO Ceuts admitting gentleman ani Ladies._ _sep5-3t* ?. ?- REMEMli?lrTrilE STABS ??, \ / Second Grand Afternoon \ V, ____" \ and Evenine PIC-NIC _____ N, \f S ? A?R l C L D ? V ? will be given at the Wash- * ington City Park, on TUESDAY, September fith, dancing commencinir at 3 o'clock. ??-kets, Fifty Cents: admitting a gentleman and Indies Floor Managers?J. II Ritter. J. Uerkhard, C. McDerniott. G. LeAvis, Ballet Master. sep _-__* ? THE ISLAND SOCIAL CLUB AKE Great pleasure in announcing to their friends and tbe public generally thati they intend giving their THIRD GRAND PIC NIC At the WASHINGTON PARK, Seventh street, O.v THURSDAY, SeptkiiubrS, IStit, The proceeds for the ben-fit of Mr. Wallersford. who Buffered great loss by fire on the 6th day of Tickets 80 Cents; admitting a genti? mun and la di???. By order of Committee. _ pepl-lw* LG EORGE FORREST, ATE Quartermaster United States Army, Adjusts Officers, Ordnance, Quartermaster"!?, and Commissary'? ACCOUNTS, 4M Tenth street, an Cl-lm* Washington, D. C. JAY COOK E A CO., RANKERS, Fifteenth Street, oppositb U. S. Tre?scrt, Receive Subscriptions for the NEW U. S. 7 3-10 LOAN authorized by tbe act of June 3<)tb, 1301. The notes will be issued under date of August 15th, in denominations of 330, 8100. 8500. 81.000 and 8-?,???, payable to bearer or order, bearing interest at 7 3-10 per centum .per auiium, payable semi-an nually, and will be convertible at the option of tbe holder at maturity into six per cent. Five Twenty Bonds. We buy and sell? GOVERNMENT BONDS of ail issues. TREASURY NOTES, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, And COIN, And pay the highest price for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE CHECKS. Jyitt-tf_JAY C00KB A CO. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, that the subscri .? l>er hath obtained from the Orphan??' Conrt of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the personal estate of Patrick Laruer, late of Washington, D.C., de ceased. All persons Laving claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the voucher^ thereof, to the-ubscri ber, on er before the t?th ans of February next ; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. Given under my hand this 6th day of February, A.D. 1X64. au2G-law3w* JOHN H. BU88ELL.Adm'r. SEA KINGS AND NAVAL HEROES. London Allen's LifeorDnndonald,London Di son's Life of Blake, London Shipwreck... and Disasters at Bea. London Live? of British Admirals, London Gilly's Shipwrecks of the JlrKiah Navy. London Neptune's Heroes, London Cooper's Naval Biography Soathey 's Life of Nelson, London Cooper's Naval History* . , . ? Memoir of Admiral Drenton, London Memoirs of Admiral Sir Sidney Bantu, ? vois., Merno?re0of Admiral de Saumarej, ????&*?_**?* Life and Correspondence of Admiral ?amer, j Nicholas' HUtory of the Royal Navy, 2 vol?., Lob ___gf|__; W*T>I H?8t0ry' ^NOr'taYLOR. 1_TAM8 AND BREAK FAbTBACONl of'*? "Beri. "*$ ^^ArrSi??/^n? S LO e ALN E W?, Co?bcil PRocBBDiBoe, Sept. 5.?Board of Aldermen. ?The President (Mr. Brown) being absent, the Vice President ( Mr. Turton) took the chair. AU the members pr?sent except ilei-ere. Morgan, Rapley and Brown The Chair laid before the board a commnni catlon from the Mayor, nominating Jae. ?lull for police magistrate of the Sixth Ward, and Y. A. Boswell lor police magistrate of the Seventh Ward, aud Thomas Oliver for police constable of the Second Ward, vice Joe. Wil liamson, rejected. Referred to committee on police. Also, a communication transmitting a com munication from tbe Board of Water Commis sioners, requesting the Mayor to call the atten tion of Councils to the fact tbat under the opinion of the Corporation Attorney the Water Board had no power to lay water mains until ordered to do eo by laws ef the Corporation, and requesting Councils to cousider the peti Hone now before them, and take such action as they may deem proper. .Referred to committee oil drainage Mr Lloyd presented the petition of NI. Thompson and others Beklag the widening of alley in square ?o. 44D. Referred to commit tee on improvements. Mr. Lloyd, from finance comruittae, reported back bill to copy certain pap??:* and city rec orde: passed. Bill for the payment ?? deficien cy in bounties, being niouey expended by Capt. Sc?eetz, late Provost Marshal of the draft; passed Bill to defray general and contingent expenses for I&64 and 5, reported back with aiuemiments as follows : to appro^riete $2,000 for expenses for burial of out door poor instead ot ??,???: to appropriate S?S,(TJ0 for the ex pense ofthe asylum and poorhouse instead of 8>5,oo0; to strike out the appropriations for the Columbia, Union, Anacostia, and Persever ance Fire companies, and Metropolitan Book ?ni Ladder company, these companies not oeing in existence; appropriating *otH> each lor three firemen of steam fire engines, Instead ?f four: and to add to bill the following appro priaiions, viz: for contingent expenses or the i-ta?ion houses, $5,000; for paying the tax of August lS61,as imposed by Congress, $10,000; for payment of Metropolitan police, 830,45?;; carrying paupers and insane persons to the nlmsbouse and asylum, ?500; and for contingent expenses of the Fire Department, $500; all ot ?which were agreed to, and the bill passed. Also, asked to be discharged from the further consideration of the petitions of Mr. Fltz Sim mons, proprietor of Varieties, and of Mr. Geo. Lea, proprietor ot Canterbury Hall. So or dered. Mr. Lloyd reported a bill authorizing the Water Board to lay water mains along 7th street west, from south E etreet to the Potomac river; on ? street south, from ?th to ? ith streets west; and along 1 Uh street, from ? etreet south to Maryland a venue?amended so as to lay the mains to ? street instead ot to the river. Pnssed. Mr. Utermehle introduced a bill to construct a branch eewer in Square No. 152; and a bill to canee the carriage way on 6th street west, Horn Pennsylvania avenne to New York ave nue, to be graded and paved. Referred to the committee on improvements. Mr. Lloyd, from the Seventh Ward delega tion, reported back, with a favorable recom mendation, the bill to improve the alley in Square No. 435, In the Seventh Ward. Passed. Mr. Pepper, from the committee on improve ments, reported the following, viz: Bill to place a stench trap on the northeast corner of I street north and ?-th street west; bill to can.-e the carriage-way on 6th street weet, from Penn sylvania avenue to New iork avenue, to be graded and paved; to construct a branch sewer in Square No. 152?all of which were passed. Mr. Lloyd moved a reconsideration of the vote whereby the bill to grade and pave the carriage-way on Gthstreet,from Pennsylvania avenue to New York avenue, was passed. Mr Lloyd are???* ?*??? t* -was iu entire vio lation or law to grade and pave out of the Ward fund?, ae it ebonld have been done by the residents on the line of the street. He ar gued that the law of Congress prohibited the former manner ol paving. Mr. Utermehle argued iu favor of the bill, and held that it was perfectly legal and per fectly proper to grade ar.d pave the street, for if a bill was offered to grade and gravel there would be no objection to it Mr. Pepper also argued in favor ot the bill, and claimed, as did Mr. Utermehle, that a bill to grade and gravel the street could not be objected, and why then object to its being paved. The motion to reconsider prevailed, after a long discussion, and Mr. Utermehle moved to put tin- bill upon its passage. Mr. Noyea moved, as an amendment, tbat the bill be postponed for one week, and be made the special order for Monday night, and the motion prevailed. Mr. Turton read a communication trom Mr. J. O. WilEon.of the school trustees, calling at tention to the urgent demand for school rooms in the 1st Ward, and recommending the pur chase of a lot for school purposes. Referred to committee on schools. Mr. Plant, from the Od Ward delegation, re ported back the bill to improve the alley in Square No. 251. Passed. Mr. itermehle, from committee oa police, reported adversely on petition ot Jno. Baker and others for repeal of the pound law, and asked to be discharged from its further con sideration. So ordered. Also reported favor ably opon an act in relation to erection ot privies, and it was passed Mr. Gulick, from committee on claims, re ported adversely npon the petition of Jame? McCarthy for remission of a line, and asked to be discharged f/oin its further consideration. So ordered. Also made a similar report rela tive to the petition of Charles H. M. Wood. So ordered. Mr. Plant, fron committee on lire depart ment, reported favorably upon the nomination of Mr. Thomas Berry as Fire Cum missioner, vice J. J. Peabody resigned, and he was con firmed. Mr. McCathran, irom committee on unfinish ed business, reported back the papers in re gard to payment of outstanding claims against the Central Guardhouse; also, an act fixing the compensation of the Treasurer of Public Schools; also, petition of District volunteers for bounty; also, petition of Lemuel Gaddis and others, proposing to purchase certain proper ty ot the Corporation; all of which were re ferred to appropriate committees. Mr. Gnlick intrcduced a bill to construct a gutter on 3d street east, from ? etreet south to Pennsylvania avenne Passed. Tbe nomination of Charles H. Hurdle as po lice constable o? tbe Third Ward was taken up, and was rejected by the following vote: Yea?Mr. Pepper. Naye?Messrs. Barr, Canfield, Gulick,Lloyd, Lewis, McCathran, Noyes, Plant, Utermehle, and Turton. Mr. Barr introduced a bill to lay a flag-foot way in the Second Ward; and Mr. McCathran one to lay gutters across Pennsylvania avenue on the east and west side of 8th etreet east; both of which were referred. Tne bill of the Board of Common Council to improve F street from Gth to Uth atreets west, was, after much discussion, passed. Mr. Lloyd desiring to amend it so as to com pel the Metropolitan City Railroad Company to grade such portion as would be occupied by the track of their road. The amendment failed and the bill passed. Adjourned. Common Council.?The Board was called to order at the usual hour by tbe President, (Mr. Lloyd;) all the members present except Messrs. Dudley, Peugh, and Skirving. In the absence of the Secretary, Mr. W. H. Pope was elected Secretary pro tern. A communication waa received from the Mayor, announcing his approval of the act making appropriation for the salaries and con tingent and other expenses of the public schools. Also, one inclosing a recommendation from the Survevor, for twelve-foot sewer on ?th street, from R etreet to Boundary, which he eetimates will cost about $10,000. Referred. Alsc, a communication from the Register, in answer to a resolution of the Board, giving a statement of the appropriations made from August 1 to September 5, as follows: General fnad, _ia,50i>.y0: Second Ward $1 426.72; Third Ward, $4,150; Fourth Ward, JMMlCj Fifth Ward, $1,900; Seventh Ward, ?725; -school fund, $62,?P7. Total, $95,290.72. Also, a letter from S. A. Peugh, asking te be excused on account of absence from the city. ? Also, a letter from J. F. Brown, Treasurer Metropolitan Police, giving amounts paid to police force, with amounts due from the city, Georgetown, and tbe county, aa follows:? County, $302 ftt; Georgetwn, 8127.&H; and Wash ington, $3,045 50, per month. Referred. Mr. Lamer announced that his colleague (Mr. Skirving) waa absent on account of sick ness. The following were introduced and referred: By Mr. Lamer?Petition of James Bowen, clerk of the Northern Market for increase of salarv; bill for the improvement of ~:ri etreet, from "Rhode Island avenue to Boundary. Mr. Ferrnsftn, trom trie onmroltre* ou ways snd mesas, reported bui to inen as?? tba salar ies of tbe tax clerk aid book keoB**r ? tu.eoo ?arn. the Major*?* clerk 91,200. physician to tb? te\ loro Bft??s ?* ?-serrer ot tbe Boaro or Trus ties of public s? bools ?MO. (Tbis win increase the ?alar> ol tb? la*t named sxaa?, and the otbeTS 9_W each Rep ] Bill iucreaeiog setenes of the secretai ? e? and treesengeT? ol the turo hoard??the ??creo.rtee av 9:m eacb, tbe messenger of tbe Aldermen 9310, arri messenger toCooocil to 9400 passed. Mr. I.arner. from the improvement? com mittee reported bill to ?apply a deficiency la appropriation for grading aod gravelling ? ?treet fr ?. m C,? b ? 7th ? tree t, and asked to be discharged from the consid?ration of tb? substitute offered by Mr. Moore at tbe last meeting. Mr M core moved to refer tbe bill to a epochal committee, which wo? agreed to by a Tote of H to .1, and Messrs Moore, Tal ber t and Kelly were appoltred. Mr. Wilson, claim? coraroitteeJreported bill for tbe relief ol New m an * Bro, which after some debate na* pa-eeri. Mr. Owen, cenai uimmlttee, reported a bill authorizing the Mayor to employ an engineer to examine the several plans proposed for the improvement of th?- canal and tor making the necessary rnrveys Mr. Wright objected to the amount proposed to be appTOrria'ed <9i 5H)) as being too large, and be w> old be obliged to vote against the bili. Mr. Moore suggested that 91,000 wonld be sufficient, and moved that amount be Inserted. Mr Edmonston understood from an engineer that a plan would shortly be proposed which won In not cost tbe Corporation one cent, and moved tbe bill be laid over; lost. Mr. Moore's amendment was adopted, and the bill passed. Mr. Murene, from tbe special committee to wbom was referred the bills in relation to tbe paid Are department reponed bill amending the act, making the salaries as follows ?Chief engineer, 91,000; engineers of each company, ?MB* foremen, 9.150; tillerman, 8*50; firemen, til lei man, noe tier, __M each; eatra men, flu I eacb, and providing that tbe commlaaionera may locate the apparatus as they deem most ju diciously. Tbe bill was passed witb one vote (Sir. Lar ner) in opposition. Mr. Lamer explained that be thought the committee bad ignored the larger portion ol the city in tbis bill. Mr. I.arner introduced bill to grade and gravel F street, from 3th to 14th Passed. Tbe following bills were received from tbe Aldermen :?Making an appropriation for de ficiency iu the payment of bounties, Ac; passed. To construct a branch sewer in square 452; re ferred. General appropriation bill, wnh amenamente; refeired Tbe bill in relation to licenses was taken up, and being considered by sections, was passed. The bill Axes the rates ot license to sell goods, wares, merchandise, other than hats, cape, boots, ready made clothing, liquors, Ac, as follows :? 95 wben tbe average amount is less than 9200, BIO under 9500, 915 under 91,000, 9u0 under 92,ooo, **3ti nnder 94.000, *:?5 nnder ?6,otX), -in under 89,0oo. 950 under ?12,000, 960 under ?18,000, 875 under 918-000, f.*-5 nnder 925,000, and 9100 when it amounts to or over it. The license to sell liquors in quantities not less than a pint, is fixed as follows :?910 when the amount invested is lese than 91,000, 950 un der 82,<hki, $70 under 94,ono, _vuo under ?6,iw, 990 nnder 99,000, ?101 nifder 912,000, 9110 under 915,000, 8180 under 918 000, 9130 under 920,000, 9140 under 925,noo, and 9150 when the amount is over 925,000. To sell bats, caps, boots, shoes, or ready made clothing, the amount of license Is as fol lows:?^lu when tbe amount invested Is under 9500, $15 under 91,000, 920 under 92,000, 930 under 94,000, *40 under 96,000, 850under $0,000, 960 under ?12,000, 970 under 815,000, 890 nnder 918,000, 90(1 under ?25,000, and 8120 when the amount invested is greater than the last named sum. Mr. Lamer moved to add an additienal sec tion, providing tbat tbe rates be trebled upon the licenses to all persons except the follow ing: Native born citizens, naturalized citizens, those who have declared tbeir intention, and tnose who bare been honorably discharged from the military or naval service of tbe United states. Mr. Lamer explained his amendment, stating that it was to compel all persons to at least to declare their intentions, lie did not think that foreigners should come to tbis country and make tbeir money off the community and leave; and he stated that he knew of several instan ces where parties who have been doing busi ness for years now claim exemption from tho draft on account of alienage. Mr. Moore expressed his doubts as to tbe propriety of tbe amendment. and tbougbt that in tne end it would drive off competition, and possibly it v. ?? id operate against tb? citizens. Mr. "Wright was opposed to the section, and did not consider that tbe Corporation was pos sessed of any power wnereby they could make this distinction. Mr. Pettibone was also opposed to tbe amend ment. Tbe amendment was adopted. The bill to regulate and tax b?tele, taverns, Ac, was postponed to next meeting. Adjourned. ? ? ?>? I FROM THE FRONT. Bbborb PgTBKSBcno, September 4, 18?_ No outward signs betray the movements or intentions of our foe. Some of Early'? men are reported to bave arrived, and the re mainder, it is stated, will soon follow Lee. Tbis continued silence is unusual, and basa world of meaning. Opposite our extreme left a large fort suddenly looms up before our line, and points a battery ef thirty-two pounders towards us. Other points show signs of Uve enemy's activity and industry, telling us in almost express words, that Atlanta may bo abandoned by Hood and taken by Sherman, but Richmond, the rebel metropolis, will never be forsaken by Lee, nor captured by Qrant ; all of which wi.l be more fully known here after. There is little droht workmen are steadily employed in biillo'ng a junction between the Weldon and Soutnside railroads. A place about fifteen miles from Petersburg, and five miles from Reams' Station, is said to be the spot selected for the junction of the two roads. The performance of such a labor is quite easy, when tbe greater portion of a corps could be detmled to build tbe road. Th- is probably one of tbe main reasons for the present quie tude along our extended front. While tbey are attending to this matter, we are steadily progressing in laying tbe City Point railroad, wbich will be soon completed to tbe Yellow House, or Six Mile Station. This will save a vast amount of labor. Mules and men can scarcely stand this constant teaming of fiiicen or twenty milee, over indifferent roads, often made impassable by heavy rains. New men are being drilled in the manual of arms every day. The weather Is favorable for such exercise, being cool and delightful. About sixtv prisoners were sent off to-day, tbe pro duct of small scouting parase, who seldom re turn without a prisoner or two, gathered up during tbeir ride. Owing to tne known un healthy character of this section of country, and the great accession of new men, to whom the soldier's life is unknown, every sanitary precaution is taken to prevent the banefnl effects of malaria, Quinine ie used in liberal quantities, end with apparent success. The sick and wounded are shipped off regularly, so that tbe few patients remaining in tbe different hospitals receive excellent attention. From Chili. New York, Sept. 5. -Advices from Panama state tbat tbe Chilian Cbamber of Deputies have resolved that the Mexican empire onght not to be recognized. Tbe coast traffic of Chi', i has been opened to all nations. A dutv of live per cent Is to be imposed henceforth on the exportation of coffee. , A motion has been passed in favor of aa offensive and defensive agreement between all the South American republics. The United States steamer Wateree arri ved at Valparaiso, July *?l A monitor has been laujr,_aed at Callao, and the steamer Loa is being rapidly converted into an iron-clad. The United States frigate Lan caster is at Callao. Frani ban Francises. Sax Francisco, Sept 3.?The steamer Con stitution sailed from Panama with one million, three hundred and thirty-seen thousand dol lars in gold. Tbe Sanitary Commission remit by the Con stitution eighteen thousand dollars in gold. The fair of the Christian Commission will net at least twenty-five thousand dollars in gold._ Great Meeting to be held in Besten, Boato, Sept. 5.?A great Union demonstra tion, to commemorate Sherman's victory, will take place in Faneuil Hail to-morrow night Uov. Andrew will preside. Death ef a Rebel OfJiccr. BohTOH, Sept 5.?Major Reid __Sad*rs, of the rebel army, died at Fort Warren, on Saturday. He was a eon of George N. Sanders. WhatGkk'lGbabt Sats.?Ina letter to> His father, received last Wednesday, General Grant says that tbe Southern Confederacy eir_ not poseibly recruit their armies, for tbey have airead ? ?-robbed the cradle and tbe grave?' for that purpose. He furthermore reiterates what be said some days ?Ince, mat, but lor the north ern opposition, th? rebellion could be cora pletely equelcbed by the pr?sent campaign,? Cincinnati GateUe._ ?ar* Recent discoveries seem to fasten tbe authorship of the Letters of .Virine on Dr. Jas Wiimot. Letters trom Lord Chatham are* among the proofs.

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