Newspaper of Evening Star, September 6, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 6, 1864 Page 2
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THE EYENING STAR. W. ?. WALLACH, Editer and Pr?prJetar. WASHINGTON CITY: TIESDAY?..SEPTEMBER 6,______ WW BJJADIHG MATTBB ON SYS&Y PAGI. BU OUTBID- FOB ?????-????? TIL ?BAPBIO AND OTHJB MATTI*._ EXTRA. FROM EAST TENNESSEE. John Morgan Killed?His Gnntp nt Green ville Surprised and Defeated ? Morgan's Staff Captured. Knoxvillb, Tenn., Sept 5.?The following official telegraph from General Gillen was received early thia evening: Ball's GAr, Tenn., August 4.?To General Hilton : I surprised, defeated, and killed John Horgan at Greenville this morning. The killed atre scattered for miles, and have not yet been counted, but will probably number 50 to 100, And about 75 prisoners. Among those captured were Morgan's staff. "With one piece of artillery and caisson. Tbe enemy's force outnumbered mine, but the surprise was complete. (Signed,) AL va n C. Gillbn. The Defeat and Death ef John Morgan?? Gleriens I nion Victory. [Special Despatch to the Star.] Cincinnati, Sept. 5.?The Commercial has received a dispatch, dated Knoxville. 5th, embracing an official report from Gen. Gillen, Bull's Gap, 4th, announcing the surprise and defeat of John Morgan at Greenville. John Morgan was killed and his staff cap. tnred; from fifty to one hundred rebels killed, and seventy prisoners taken; one gun also captured. FROM THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. -a> Our own nnd the Rebel Picket? Friendly_ Rebel Pickets Refuse te believe in the Fi 11 of Atlanta?The Fnemy Saluted by ? Terrific Fire in Honor ef the Fnil of Atlanta. I Correspondence Associated Press.] HBAtHJUABTBBfl ARMY OP THB POTOMAC, {Sept. l, evening?Tbe rebel pickets refuse to believe that Atlanta haa fallen. They have become very friendly, aad ap proach close to our lines with passes from their officers for th? parp?se of trading ap parently, bnt all having their pockets filled ?with Jeff. Davis' proclamations offering pro tection to deserters. They hope to largely re duce our ranks by this new move. They purchase all tbe ediblee they can get from our men, giving"greenbacksor tobacco in exchange, large supplies of which they teem to have on hand. Gen. Gibbon has been temporarily assigned to the command of the l-th corps. Col. Smith of the 1st Delaware, a brave and capable officer, is in command of Gibbon's ?li vit ion of the 2d corps. fc-i'TEMUBK -??List night, a do at p o'clock, cur batteries along the entire line opened, and saluted the enemy witn a terrific fire for an Hour, in honor of the fall o? Atlanta. The en emy's guns replied sharply, and the air was fill, d with bursting shells. This morning not a shot ia beard. W. D. McGkboor. MheiLE AND ATLANTA. Official Recognition of Victory?Order from the President?Grand National Sa? late to be Fired?Recommendation of Thanksgiving to the "Giver of All Vic tory"?Nattanal Salute ef One Hundred Gans. Wab Dbtartsibnt, > Washington, Sept. 5?11 a. m. $ Major General Dix, New Fork : The President has issued the following re commendation and orders in relation to the recent successe? of the United States forces at IdObile and Atlanta. L?win M. Stanton, Secretary of War. By the President. ExBCUTIVB MANSION, > Washington, September 3, 1561. j? The signal success that Divine Providence bas recently vouchsafed to the operations of the United States fleet and army in the harbor of Mobile, and the reduction of Fort Powell, l'ort Gaines, and Fort Morgan, and the glori ous achievements of the army nnder Major fljeneral Sherman, in the State of Georgia, re sulting in the capture of the city of Atlanta, CBll for devout acknowledgment to the Su preme Being, in whose hands are the d?sunies of nations. It is therefore requested that on next Sunday, la all places of public worship in the United States, thanksgiving be offered to Him for His eaercy in preserviag onr national existence ?gains* the Insurgent rebels who so long have been waging a cmel war against the Govern ment of the United States for its overthrow; ?nd eleo, that prayer be made for the Divine ?trotectlon of our brave soldiers and their leaders ? the field, who have so often and so gallantly perilled their live? in battling with tbe enemy, and for blessing and comfori Uova the Father of Mercies to the sick, wounded, and prisoners, and ? ; the orphans and widows of those wbe liave fallen in the service of their country: and that He will continue to upheld the Govern ment of the United States agaiast all the efforts of the public enemies and secret toes. An? i'Ha? Lincoln. Thanks t? the _rmT and Navy for the Vic ?Jrt In Mebile Bay. ?*_*? Mansion, September 3, laol. Tita national thanks are tendered by the President to Admiral Farragut and Major General Canby, tor the skill and harmony -with which the recent operations in Mobile liarbor and against Fort Powell, Fort Gaines and Fort Morgan were planned and carried iuto execution. Aleo, to Admiral Farraguc and Major General Granger, under whose im mediate command tbey were conducted, and to the gallant commanders on sea and land, and to the sailors and soldiers engaged in the operations, for their energy and courage, ?which, nnder tbe blessinsr of Providence, have been crowned with brilliant success, and have 'wan for them toe applause and thanks of the nation. Abraham Lincoln. Thanks to Gen'l Sherman nnd his Army. ELxbxttivb Mansion, Sept. 3, 1861. The national thanks are tendered by the Pres ident to Major Gen'l Wm. T. Sherman, nnd the ?reliant officer? and soldiers of his command before Atlanta, for the distingnlsh*-d ability, courage and perseverance displayed in the campaign iu Georgia, which, under Divine a ?vor baa resulted in the capture of the city of Atlanta. The marches, battles, ?sieges, and otbeT military operations that have signalized this campaign most render it famous in the annals of wai, and bava entitled those who ? v. ,? particip?t? therein to the applause and thanks of the nation. Adba.ha* Lincoln. National Salutes Ordered. Washington Citv, Sept. 3, ln6i. .?'??First?that on Monday, the 5th day o? lUM7^?-""""''" ___V_!_? ?our ?? Vi o'clock, noon, ???re ???1 ?* G1?0 a salute of one hundred gun?, at the Arsenal an3 Navy "Yard at Washington, and on Tuesday, the 6th of September, or on the day after the receipt ot this order, at each Arsenal and Navy Yard in the United States, for the recent brilliant achievements of the fleet and land forces of the United Stares in the haTbor of Mobile, and an tbe reduction of Fort Powell, Fort Gaines, and Fort Morgan. The Secretary o? War and the Secretary of the Nary will Issue the necessary directions a their respective departments for the execu tion ef this order. Second?That on Wednesday, the 7th day of September, commencing at the hour of twelve o'clock, noon, there shall be fired at the Arsen al at Washington, and at New York, Boston, ?Jphiladelpbia. BalUmore, Pittsburg, Newport, 3Cv and St. Louis; and at New Orleans, Mo llile! Pensacela, Hilton Head, and Newbern. the day after the receipt ot this order,a salute, ?for the brilliant achievements of the army wader cammand of Major General Sherman, ?a the State of Georgia, and the capture of At tife' Secretary of War will issue directions for the execution of this order Abraham Lincoln. Rain Steraa Wear Cia ? iuua? ?. CTinciBHATi. Sept. ?.-Durlng the storms ?j?n?dajand SuVday morning, about5, inefcea oTraia fell. Nearly all the railroad, eajartag bere were damaged by the washing **?{?* tue trecke aal bridges. The damage has been repaired and trains will run again to-day. ?G7* Large number* of convilescent soldiers are daily returned to duty from the hospitals ta the eastern States. Tbb Nbw Oath to Jcbobb ib M abtlabd. In tbe Criminal Court of Baltimore yesterdsy Geo. P. Frick, Eaq. a petit juror was commit ted for contempt for refusing to submit to the following oath ; which was tbe one prescribed lor jurors by the Legislature of Maryland, viz: ?I do swear that I will true allegiance bear to the United Stated, aad support the constitution and laws thereof, anv law or or dinance of any State to the contrary notwith standing; and that I will duly execute all laws of the State of Maryland punIshing trea son or other offenses against the State of Mary land or against the United States, and I swear this without any mental reservation or qualifi cation, so help me God." After the oath had been read to him. Mr. Frick desired to read the oath himself, which he did, and then informed the judge that ne could not subscribe to it. The iudge told him that the oath was one prescribed by tne Legislature of Maryland, to be taken by all jurors, and that he was sorry to be com pelled to commit him for contempt of court Mr. Frick remarked tbat be was also very sorry, but he could not subscribe to it. Tbe sheriff was then ordered to take charge of Mr. Frick, and he was taken to the sheriff's office. Mr. F. is the only member of the jury who de clined subscribing to the oath. After an ab sence of half an hour, Mr. Frick returned to the court-room in charge of the sheriff, when he asked Judge Bond if the oath was only binding on him as a jnrior. Judge B. handed him the act of Assembly, and after reading it attentively, he said he was satisfied to sub scribe to it as a juror, which he did, and took his seat among the petit jurors, who a few mo ments t hereafter were discharged for the term. Fihakciax.?The New York Commercial Advertiser ot yesterday evening saye: Money is in active demand from stock bro kers, but there is no difficulty in getting all tbat is wanted at 7 per cent. Commercial pa per ia dull. The high ratea have reduced tbe amo'in : offering, and at present the indications appear to favor easier rates. The stock market is decidedly dull. Gov ernments are weak and a shade lower, not wltbstendiag the confirmation of news of the fall ot Atlanta Sixes of '31 declined -t, aud Five-twenties %. Certificates are better, and with small sales advanced *_. Tbe gold market is unexpectedly firm. The price opened at 239*i, and at half-past ten touched '242 jf, re ceding at noon to 211 if. There is acorsiderable demand for customs, which sustains tbe market against the news from At lanta. Tbe Express says : There is no marked change in the position of tbe money market, and at seven per cent, the supply of capital is equal to the wants of the brokers. The speculative temper of the share market was rather tame this morning, and there was a further settling down in the prices at the first board. There was very little disposition to operite either way, altbough there was more d lanosi Mon to sell than buy. After the call stili lower prices were made, with a very dull market. Governments were steady, but without much activity on the gold bonds. The debt certifi cates continue in demand, with a rise of '?, per cent. Ecbofkan Officers for Gbw. Grant.? Letters from Brussels state that Col. Charras bas left that city for America. His destination is said to be t be headquarters of the Federal army commanded by Grant.?London Star, August 98. aVThe Albany Knickerbocker is jubilant over tue return of autumn, and describes Sept. 2d ?as beautiful as a woman." mW Senator H. S. Lane and ex-Governor Wright are earnestly advocating the Union caute in Indiana. 9W Rev. Father Guth, a venerable and be loved priest of Albany, N. Y., is dead at the ag*3 of 62. ?X7" Gen. McNeil is in command of South west Missouri. ?S?" ''Gambolingon the green" is now defined "betting on the turi." ?y A lovely woman and a fine cigar are worthy the lips of a gentleman. sas*" One pound of cheese contains as much nutriment as two pounds of flesh. G?^_=???? SECOND WARD EXEMPTION OLUB LLaC will be open, at H. CLAY STEWART'S, corner ?G 12thand II streets,till 12m. of WEDNES DAY, the7th inst , unless the drait begins at an earlier hour. After the time mentioned no further subscriptions will be received._it* rp^_p?? ATION AL BUILDING ASSOCIATION. }.J? The annusi meeting of the stockholders uf this Association, for the election of officer? for tlieentuing year, will be held at the Secretary's office. No. 520 7th street west, on TUESDAY EVENING, Sept. 6, at 7!i o'clock. sep? *tt_T. M. HANSON, Secretary. FRUIT FESTIVAL?.?The bodies of the 9TU STREET METHODIST PROTEST AT CHUROH will continue their Festival at the Union League Rooms, 9th street, between D and E F+reets THIS (Monday) and TO MORROW (Tues day) EVENING. Grateful for the patronage already bestowed by their friends, they respect fnlly solicit a continnance of the same, sep _____ G?^=? ATTENTION. JOURNEYMEN SHOE Lk_3 MAKERS.?Yau are requested to attend a meeting of the Society at Mr. BECK'S Restaurant, on D at , between 6th and 7th. lie punctual, as bnMness of importance is before the meeting. By order of the Secretary. Hour?8o'cloek. sep 3-3t* ry^=? PUBLIC 8CHOOL8-2D DI8TRI0T. 'J^3 Parents and guardians living in the 2d Dis trict (3d aud 4th Wards) are requested to observe th'.t one of the undersigned will be at each of the school rooms in the District on the several morn ing? of the first week of the session, between the bourn of 8 and 9 o'clock, for the purpose of grant ins permits, making transfers, Ac, where they will please apply.and no ichert ??,__ MILL1B f-epJ St ? i BwSm. A J Tf*E^V.\ KMPTION CLUB?There is now u9in? \XS formed s Club for tbe purpose of procuring ?iibstitutes for men of its number who may be drafted. Persons leaving $l't) with T. M. HAN SON.Treasurer *f the club, 520 7th street, will be entitled to Its benefits. Call at once, for the number is limited. sep 3-3t PIC-NIC? For tbe benefit ef St. Matthew s Sun day School, will be held at Green SpriDg, Georgetown, on TUESDAY, Sept. 13, commencing at 10a. m. and closingata seasonable hour. Excellent cotillion mu-_ sic bas been engaged for tbe occasion. Omnibus ses will run every half hour for thf* conveyance of parties to the Spring from the terminus of the ri.ilroad, cerner of High and Bridge streets. Tickets of admission to the ?rounds: Gentle men,Scents: ladies, 25 cents; children, 15 cents. ?ep6-Iw_ I TOR SALE?A fine harne?? MARE, very fast; 1 al-o the BUGGY ani HARNESS. Address Box 4 S tar Office._sep 5 3t* HORSE FOR SALE, Suitable for Family Carriage. Prie? Apply at BRADT'S GALLERY, 3?2 Penna avenue._asp 5-3t* FOR SALB?A pair nf BLACK H0RSE8, fine size and style, suitable for carriage or sut ler's team. Piice e_*?i. Persons wishing to pur f has- will do well to call at the Livery Stable of JAMES H. 8HREVE, Jr., 7th street, between ? and I, Washington, D C._Bep 5-2t* XJkj B. TURNER'8 LIVERY STABLE, on 7th ? ? . street, between ? and I, where per- ? sons can be accommodated with Hacks, Buggies snd Saddle Horses on reasonable-* terms. He is also buying and selling stock, and persons in the trade will do well to call, se 5-lm* 1V0TICE.?I would respectfully inform the nub 1* lie that having dispose! of my stock of Hard ware tn Messrs..R. C. Johnson A Co.. I earnestly request all persons who have accounts standing on my Books to call at once and settle. My accounts will be left for a short time witb the above named firm, who are authorized to settle tbe same. JOS. L SAVAGE. sep ?Mg_324 D St., bet 10th and llth. SCHOOL BOOKS. UST RECEIVED a full and complete stock of SCHOOL BOOKS, Which we offer for sale at the lowest prices Also a full stock of school requisites embracing Slates, Slate and Lead Pencils, Blank Books, Sta tionery. Ink, Pens, Rubber. Black Board and Slate Rubbers, Ac, Ac. WM BALLANTYNE. sepC-im_49B7th st.. bet. D and E sta. ?*?? COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EX isting between the undersis-ned, under the firm of JOHN J- BARNARD ,v CO., is this day dissolved by mutuai consent John J. Barnard will crntinue tbe business at the eld ta id. No. 14? Bridge street. All person? indebted to the firm will please make prompt psym? nt to him. V JOHN J. BERNARD, WM IT. DOUGAL. Georgetown. P. C. Sept. 1.13ol._sep5_w CHTLL8 AND FEVERS-SHAKE NO MORE - Go at once to MGOKE'S DRUGS I ORE, 113 Pennsylvania avenue. West End, an 1 procure a bottle of Ague Cure and ? packag?? of bis Antidote. They are warranted to oure. Prie fj.frV eep 3-2w S 6 HOb L BOOKS MB STATIONERY. Wholesale and Retap?t., RO0KgT0RR _aep 3-at* No. 337_7th st.. Wtsrawa ? ansi li. F" ORBALE- At HOWARD'S 8t ib?e, ?? G etreet. tetween?tb and 7th sta., a large, finejeo^ HAY I?0RSK, nearly 17 hands high, young 7^S_ and guaranteed to be perfectly sound?T~_*_?_ work? well in harness. A c?rriage will be sold with him if desire*._sep 3-St? _ "VAEM?UTH BLOATERS-A Choice lot Just r? I ^vedandforsalecbsa^by^^^^ sepaeost_511 7tb street. BOLOGN B S AUSAGE-A chote? article for fata lit?s and connois'-nrs. . ' ? , _. GEO. T. BMITH A CO., sep S Mg_ft! nth street. COFPBB.-We unhesitatingly say that oar OOF FBBh cannot bs excelled. ?? ' as we would Bay of our M. D. Whisky, all we ask to convince you of tbat fact is to taste it. GBO. T. SMITH A CO., _i*pJ_eo*t_^_all 7th -treat. _ POLITICAL BANNBPS. FLAGS. ORNAMENT AL TRANSPARBNCIK3. EMBLEMS, Ac. painted at the shortest poseibl? notice sad in every variety of style, by M. T. PARKER A CO., ?* Louisiana ?t., betweea 6th and 7th sta. sspMw* LOST AND FOUND. A?r BBWARD?Lo?t a few davs ?ine?, a ?mall ?_?.> GOLD LOGBET, eonta nina likeness and lock of hair. Tbe above reward will be said ob re turning it to BO Wig. DbKRAFT A Oo . Claim Agent?, 474 7th street._ ______* _OA REWABD.?Lost near 3d street and Penn F?_.1" eylvania avenue, an old black POCKET BOOK, containing near 11?. with sutler passes aeroa* the Potomac. T?e above reward will be paid by returning it to SMITH BROTH ERS_corner 8d ?tieet and Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, P. O._sep 6-3t? LOOK!-850 BBW ABD !-Strayed or stolen from the promises of the subscriber, August 25, 864, one brown HORSE, four years old last spring, one wbite hind foot, and ?tar in forehead; hair rubbed out of hin tail a place the size of your band. Any one returning tne said horse to the undersigned will receive the abo y* reward. DAVID O053. eep S-3t* ? street south, near New Jersey av. D?BTBICT Of COLUMBIA, Cofstt op Wash iXGToy. To-irii: I hereby certify that W. A. Newman of the City of Washington, D. C, he* brought before me, tbe undersigned, one ofthe JnRtiree ofthe Peace in and for the County of Washington, this first day of September, 1364, as estray. trpspa^sing upon tbe Capitol ground?, a Light BAT HORSE. Colt, surposed to be three vear? old. with black mane and tail, star on tore bead, without ?hoe? _ THOS. J. WILLIAMS.,. P. The owner ofthe above described HOBSB, Colt, is requested to prove propetty, pay charges, and take him awav. WM. A. NEWMAN, sep 6-St*_Chief Capitol Police. FOUND?This Monday morning, a WATCH, whieh the owner can have by proving prop ?G and paying charges. Inquire at the Star ce. sep 5-3t* WAS HIBED ON PBIDAY, Sept. j. about 6 o'clock p. m.. for two hours, by an officer railing himself B. B. Andereon. Battery O, let N. Y. artillery, a BLACK HOUSB. 15 hand? high, 4 wbite leg?, white face,and glase eye. with military ?addle and bridle. Anything cencerning the horse will be left with K. CRUIT & SON, Georgetown. sep 5 St*_ e_fr BE W ABD.?Got out of a lot on Friday, Sept. <??) 2. a light roan HOBSB, white face, two hind feet white and hada halter on, between five and ?ix years old, with condemned mark. Return to corner of G and Irtth ?tu., No. ___*. B?p3-3t* L0ST-Friday__8eptember 2d, a lady's GOLD HUNTING WATCH, No. 676,10, Vacherin A Contattine, Geneva; somewhere on 10th street or Institute ground?, or near Maryland avenue. A liberal reward will be paid for its return, by BICHABD J. BYON, corner 9th and D sts. sep 3-at*_ TRE8PAS8E8-NOTICB-Several COWS and one HOBSB, branded -'condemned,' have been found trespassing upon the grounds ofthe George town College. The owners are requested to prove property, pay charges, and take them away; and notice is hereby given that all person? hereafter committing any trespass by -willfully breaking down or Injuring the fences belonging to the land? of the College, or by entering any of their enclosed land? with their cows, horses, or other animals, will be prosecuted to the utmost extent ofthe law. By order of the President. auI7-eolm BOARDING. _nOOD BOARDING WITH PLEASANT ROOMS " ? can be had at reasonable rate? at No. 95 Wash Inston street, Georgetown. Also, several rooms to let._'sepS-lwq TWO MEOHANICS can be accommodated with good ROOM and BOARD by immediate appli cation at 394 11th street, between ? and Mass. av. Also, a few TABLE BOABDBRS sep5 3t* TO OFFICEBS. CLERKS IN THB DBPART MENTS, AND OTHERS.-Good BOARD and pleasant ROOMS can be had, from $25 to $31 per month, by applying at No. 300 21et street, between G and ?._sep 5 2t~ FIR8T-CLAB8 BOARD, with Furnished Rooms, Also Table Board can be obtained at No. 11 ?'< E street, between 8th and 9th. Breakfast from 7 to 9 ; dinner from 3 to 5_eep 3-lm* BOARD?Nicely furnished ROOMS, single or in suite, with first class BOARD at 301 G street, between 13th and 14th, near the Department?. Ref - erercps exchanged._an3I-6t* BOARD AND HANDSOMELY FUBNISUBD ROOMS for families or single persons. House airy, with spacious grounds. Terms moderate Apply at S. W. Corner 21st and H ets., near Pean'a avenue._au 26-12t* TO LBT?A few BOOMS, nicely furnished, with board for gentlemen or gentleman and wife, also excellent board for gentlemen at No. 6 4'j st., betreen C and Louisiana av. an 16-Zw* PERSONAL. TO THE PUBLIO.-The public are hereby warned not to trust my wife, Jobanna Krake, as I will not pa a any debts of her contracting after this date. fsep6-3t?J HENRY KRAKB. INFORMATION WANTED OF MABGARET AN ACKER, who left Richmond, Va., seme time ago. Also, of THOMAS COLLIN. Any informa tion concerningthem will be thankfully received by Mre. AN AC KER, at John Kaieer's, on High str?>et, between 1st and 2d streets, Georgetown. D. C. sep 5-lw* C^l^rtiV^^r?"^-?-??_ ?nnt Choice lot of CHBESB for families ever shown In this mar sep 3 eo3t GEO. T. SMITH & CO.. 511 7th st. CJOAP?The attention of Families, Hotel?, and ? Restaurants, ia called Ito a large lotof theabove article, of a superior quality, at a very low price. aep3-eo3t GBO. T. SMITH te Co., 511 7th st. SPANISH OLIV18-Of a very superior quality, IC just opened, and for ?ale by GEO. T. SMITH & CO., sep 3eo3t_ 511 Seventh street. FRENCH PICK LES?Of every description. Also. CAPERS and FBENCH MUSTARD foreste by GEO. ? SMITH & CO., asp 3-eo3t_511 Seventh street. S PICBD 8ALMON?A very superior lot met opened and for sale by GEO. T. SMITH A CO.. sep3-eo8t_511 7th ?treet. ___________________ MRS. GOODALL, ??3_?| Ti-ai'hiT of ???? EINGING AND PIANO, Commences instruction in the above branches on MONDAY, Sept. 5th, at her residence, 156 K st., bet. 18th and 19th, north side. _ sep3 2w? A BRASS INSTRUMENTS, NEW Lot, of all kind?, at lowest prices, from best makers. Also, Accord?ons, Banjo?, Tamborines. Drum?, Fifes, Buglee. Flutes, Violins, Guitars. Violin 8triogs, Piano Stools and Covers, New Music and Instruction Books. Also, large lot of New and Old Pianos. JOHN F. BLLIS. 306 Pa. avenne, north side, sep 3-3t between 9th and 10th sts. JN EW SINGING CLA88ES. PROFESSOR ALEXANDER WOLOWSKI opens new Singing Classes on very reasonable terms. All those ladies and gentlemen who would like to join his oratories and series of concerts, which will be given with bis pupils, will enter their names at his residence, No. 4?5 loth street, be tween Pennsylvania avenue and E etreet, above J. N.Callan's drug store. First singing class will positively begin on Bcptember 8th, 1804. se3-lm /^OPABTNERSHIP. The undersigned have formed a co-partnersnip under the firm of R. C. Johnsonit, Co.. ami having purchased the stock of Hardware of Jos. L. Sav age. No. 324 D street, bet. 10th and 11th sts, in tend keeping ou hand a llarge and well selected stock of Hardware, Housekeeper's and Sutler's Good?, to which they would respectfully call the attention of their friends and the public general ly. R C JOHNSON. August 24.1884. THOS. A. CLARK, sep 2-6t_E.JAS. BOURKE. ROOFING FELT. ROOFING CEMENT. To Roofers, Tinners, Slaters, Builders, and others : Having become Agent for one the largest manufacturers of ROOFING MATERIALS, I offer for sale FELT AND CEMENT at low price?. The trade liberally dealt with. J. J. SULLIVAN. sep8-4t*_Corner of 9th and the Canal. PROFESSOR ALBXANDBR WOLOWSKI opens a new course for Pianoand Singing by hn sim plified method, at his new residence. No. 49? 10th street, between Pennsylvania avenue and Este., above J. N. Callan'? drug ?tore Prof. Woloweki receives visitor? daily, from 9 to 10 a. m., and 2 to S p. m._eep 2-lm 0_*0 SEVENTH STRBET, Q?Q OO?J Between I and ?. 0\}\3 FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTI CLB8. ?TION '__ irti WE BEG LEAVE TO CALL THB ATTBHTJON ofthe citizen? of Washington, and| the public generally, to oar large and complete assortment of House Furnishing Goods, which we are , Belling cheaper than any other House in the city. Such as Carpeting, Oil Cloth, Matting, Sideboards, Bureaus. Wardrobes, Writing Desk?, and Book Cases, Bedstead?, Mattresses .Hair. Cloth Cane and Wood Seat Chairs, Sofas, Tables. Wash stands. Lounges : also Tub?. Buckets, Broom?, Baskets, Whieps, Dusters, Basket Chaira, Brushes, Ac,Ac. Call at 369 7tb etreet before you purchase. A discount of lu per cent, allowed on all bill? over ?80 HBNBY B0NT7, ?*p2 6t_Buccesgor to ____? A Griffith. T>WABD CLABK. ^^ ..^ Virginia avenue, between 9th and 10th sts., east, Wavy-Tard. A large stock of all kind? of LUMBBB con stantly on hand at lowest market prices. ?ep 3 lm* TWO WBOUGHT IBOH BOOBS. TWO WBOCGHT IBON FRAMES, ONB LABGB VAULT LOCK. The above were taken out ?f the old Bank of Columbia, and will be ?oldcheap for ?uh Par tite wishing to inspect the above will apply at ?06 Bridge etreet, between Market and Frederick ats? Georgetown _s?p 3 3too? ASSfALB, BIBBBBTS BARCLAY. ?BBKINS A CO, ?nd GUINNESS* BRO. 8T0UT. all of whieh are genuine, and yerv desirable for Familie? and Heepitale, being highly recpmrnenled for Invalid. By our ^g^ffi^ *or Importare of Wine?. BranJies and Cigar*. sepS-soSt l Intelligencer A Times, 1_ STAMPING AND 1MBBOIDBRI?G d-aee with neatness and dispatch, and at the loweet pric-a?, at 431 Massachusetts avenue, Bear the Northern Liberty Market. aa?i lm? S O'CLOCK P. M. ?????????? SECURITIES. lay Cooke A Go. famish the folle win? quo? talons of Government securities : Wabhib?tob, Sept. G. is?4. Buying. Selling US. 6's Coupon 1361.107 IM US.5-2?'s.10P)_ 110* 7 ?-10 Treasury Notes.IIP 111 tytj Year Certificate?.93s," 01',' ?jrtificate Checks.93 Nbw Yobk?First Board. Ooupons, 107).; 5-20's, 110; Certiflcates, 91; (old, 241 %J_ ?ARTICULARS OF THE REDUCTION Of FORT ' MORGAN. The following in relation to tbe bombard ment of Fort Morgan was received at tne Va vv Department this morning : Flao-Ship Habtfokd, Mobile Bau, Aug. 2X Jon. Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Na. y .?Sir : have the honor to Inform the Department hat on the evening of the 21st tust. Gen. Oran ger informed me that his batteries would be readv to open on Fort Morgan at daylight the next morning. I accordingly gave directions for the monitors and tbe vessels with suitable guns to move up and be ready to open upon it ?with the army. I bad previously landed four 9 inch gnns and placed them in battery nnder the com mand of Lient. H. B. Tyson, of the Hartford, and manned them with crews taken from the Hartford, Brooklyn, Richmond, and Lacka waria, in conjunction with the batteries of the army. At daylight, on the 22d, the bombard ment began from the shore batteries, the moni tors and ships inside the bar and outside, and a more magnificent fire I think has rarely been nept up for twenty? four hours. At T-30 p. m., the Citadel took fire, and the general ordered the near batteries to redouble their fire. At 6 this morning an explosion took place in the Fort, and at 6:30 the white flag was displayed on the fort. I immediately sent Fleet Capt. Drayton to meet Oen. Oranger to arrange tbe terms for the surrender of the fort. These were that the fort, its garrison, and all public property should ba surrendered unconditionally, at 2 o'clock to-day to the army and navy forces of the United States. These terms were agreed to bv Brig.-Oen. Bich'd L. Page, formerly a commander in tbe navy. I shall send the garrison, officers and men at once to New Orleans. Very respectfully, yonr obedient servant, D. O. F abba ? ?t, Rear Admiral. SUPPLIES TO PRISONERS OF WAR. ? recent circular of the Commissary Gen eral of Prisoners direct* that in the future no supplies of any kind will be famished to pri soners of war by their relatives or friends, ex cept in cases of luness, when near relatives wUl be permitted to e 'id them Huch articles of food as maybe appr_>ed by the surgeon in charge o? the hospital to whose care they will in all cases be addressed. Necessary clothing may also be furnished by near relatives te destitute prisoners, subject to the approval of the commanding otfieer of the post where they are confined. Outer garments must be of gray or durk mixed color, and of inferior quality. Only one suit of outer-cloth ing and a change of luider-clotblng will be al lowed. Sutlers of military prisons w?i be permitted to sell to pri=oners the following ar ticles : Writing materials, postage stamps, to bacco, cigars, pipes, matches, combs, soap, tooth-brushes, clothes-b ushes, scissors, thread and needles, handkerchi-fs, towels and pocket looking-glasses. Tbis order does not, however, prohibit pris oners of war from receiving clothing or other articles not contraband, from their relatives or friends residing beyond our lines, when for warded by flag-of-truce boat, or any t.ther authorized channel, so <om as prisoners of war held at Richmond and ofV"*r Southern prf-ons are permitted to receive the same articles in the same manner from their lriends and rei.:ives in the loyal States. FROM THE FRONT. The mail steamer John Brooks arrived here this morning at ? o'clock, from City Point. She brings no news, bnt reports that Sunday night our batteries wit?in range of the enemy fired a salute in honor of our victory at Atlanta. The same night, about twelve o'clock, heavy cannonading commenced in front of the l?th and ?th. corps, and continued ior about two hours. The cause or tuie cannonatili?*: woe not known at City Point yesterday morning at io o'clock, but it was supposed to have been brought on by the firing oi our salute, which no doubt waked up the rebel artillerists. The Brook? brought ? ? battery C, of the 1st New York, numbering 11 men, under command of Capt. Barnes, and battery C, of the 1st Mas sachusetts, S7 men, commanded by Capt. Mar tin. These batteries were both in the late fight on the Weldon railroad, and did excellent exe cution. Fifteen deserters from the rebel army were brought up on the Breoks, and eent to Col. Ingrabam to be disposed. INDIAN DESERTERS. To-day two Indians of the Pequait tribe, named Chas. Big Fire and Blodjett Sundown, were received at the Provost Marshal's office, as deserters from the 12th Massachusetts regi ment. They were arrested at Great Falls, but from their statement it would appear that they strolled off from Camp Distribution, having been sent tnere from Boston. They were picked up in New York by a sub stitute broker, who took them to Massachu setts and run them in as substitutes, paying them ?50 each. When at the Provost Marshal's office, these Indians created considerable mirth among the officers by the odd answers they gave in reply to inquiries propounded to them during their examination. Some difficulty was experienced by the examining offiearwhen he asked them their age, height, and place of enlistment, in order to make out their descrip tive lists, as they did not appear to understand the questions put to them. They appeared to be greatly pleased at the idea of creating so much mlrtb, and they laughed as heartily as the bystanders. They were committed to For rest Hall to be returned to their regiments. SUP TOSED REBEL SPY. James McQueen, who was arrested at the Point of Rocks on the l&th of last month, as a supposed rebel spy, arrived here this morning from the Provost Marshal's office at Harper's Ferry, and was committed to tbe Old Capitol. McQueen formerly belopged to the Confeder ate service, but came within our lines and re presented himself as a deserter, and was re leased npon taking the oath of allegiance to tbe United States Government, and promising to go North and there remain until the close of the present rebellion. Notwithstanding this, he attempted to cross the river into Virginia, but was caught in tbe act of doing so. DRUMMED OUT OF SERVICE. Thomas Fox, late of company C, 119th Penn sylvania volunteers, who was drummed out of the military service of the United States, after having his head shaved and paraded in front of his regiment, for misbehavior before the enemy and desertion, arrived here to-day from Harper's Ferrv.undee guard, on his way out of the limite of tue Mimile Miittary TH-ris ion, in obedience to the orders of tbe Major General commanding. ENLISTMENTS IN THE NAVY. In the effort to fill tbe quotas of towns an undue proportion of landsmen has beeD en listed in the navy, and, to remedy the evil, an order has been issued restricting the propor tion hereafter to 15 pericent.of the whole ??t? ber of enlistments. Tbis course has buen ren dered necessary to prevent the accumulation of a large surplus of unserviceable r?crun,3. Seamen, ordinary seamen, firemen, fee., are still wanted. CLOSING OF ??? FREK MILITARY ACAD EMY. The Free Military Academy, for th? instruc tion of applicants for the commana of colored troops, instituted at Philadelphia, Pa., will be closed on Sept. is, 1364. ??? . ? . ? ????__.,, m. ?? ? RBLBASBD.?The filtoen rebel deserters brought bere this morning from the Army of the Potomac in the steam?.* Jobn Broos.3, were released by Col. Ingrabm upon taking the oath. They were furnished with transportation as far North as Philadelphia. These deserters represented Alabama, North Carolina, and Florida regiments, and several of th in were Irishmen wbo eaid they had either to enlist in the Confederate service or starve. ?9" General Butler left town this morning for Bermuda Hundred. It is said before his departure be gave instruction i to his legal ad viser to commerce an action for slander, or Ubel, against th? proprietors of a certain morn ing paper which has of late been making a tree use of his name, as if for partis a ? affect.? N. Y> Uor. Part. Inquirer, 5th. Ysbbont Eburnos.?Vermont holds her State election to-day for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, three Representatives in Congress, and both branches or her State Legislature._|_? rnr M. Romero, Mexican Min star to th? United States, has addressed a I ?tter to th? New York Press denying that prudent Ju?, erez has fled from Meaico to this co_ ?try. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ___?>___? Glorious Nm from Sherman's army. The Enemy's Less ia the Late Battle aear Atlanta 3,04)0 in Killed and Weanded? Sherman Captures -?,000 Prisoner?, In cluding ? Brigadier Genernl?He nls? rapture* ? Lurge Anieant el Army Vlate riel ? Our Arm- in Full Pessessien ef Atlanta?Wheeler's Raid on Sherman'? f emmnnirations a Templete Failure? Tbe Rebel General Mnsklll Killed in ? Skirmish. _ _ Nashville. Sept. G_Qeueral Rosseau tele graphs from Spring Hill late Saturday night that Wheeler's foroe was across Duck river, and had joined Roddy, and that the t wo were retreating towards Florence. General Rosseau pronounces the raid to be a complete failure. General Kelley, reported mortally wounded, died at Franklin yesterday. Gen. Haskell is also reported killed in a skirmish. Considerable damage has been done to the railroad. A large torc?is employed, who will soon again have it in running order. The damage done by the rebels to tli Chat? tanooga railroad being rapidly repaired. One bridge only ha~ oeen destroyed, namely, that over Stewart's Creek, fifty feet long. Ool. Spaulding was not captured, as re ported. He is safe with his command. Capt. Price, of the luth Tennessee, was killed on Friday. Tbe news from Sherman's army to-day, re porte the enemy's loss at three thousand killed acd wounded. We captured two thonsand prisoners, among them a Brigadier General?name not given. A large amount o? army material was cap tured. Tbe army is in full possession of Atlanta. The river is four feet, and is risii _,?. FROM GENERAL SHERIDAN'S ARMY. Advance of the Union Army?A Severe Fight near Berryville nnd the Rebels Defented?Onr Army Encamped on the Field. [Dispatch to Philadelphia Inquirer.] Harpbr's Fbrrv, Sept. 4.?Yesterday Gen , eral Sheridan still continued his advance on varions roads from Charlestown towards Ber ryville. At daylight Col. Divine's brigade of Averill's division of cavalry, now under the command of Lieut. Col Nichols, of the nth New York, met with a force of the enemy, nine huu dred strong, just beyond Berrvville, on the Ashby Gap pike, and a spirited skirmish, last ing altogether some t^-o hours, ensued. Our loss was not over twerty, and the affair ended with the retreat of the enemy. Later in the day our Infantry advanced to Berryville, General Crooks being in the advance. It had been decided to halt there for the night, and about five P. M. the One-hundred and-twenty-third Ohio ivas advanced as a picket on the Winchester pike, ana the twenty third Ohio on Ashby Gup pike. They had hardly been posted when they were attacked in heavy force by the enemy, and forced back ? pon the main force of Crook on the double quick. This gave General Crook bnt little time to form his line lor an engagement, but exerting himself to the utmost be managed to get his two divisions into lin?* before the enemy came up, the Second Division being formed nmier Are of muske:ry and artillery on the left of the pike, and the First Division ?Taor bnrn's) on the right. At first, the enemy, in conseqnence of his surprise of our forces, succeeded in driving our entire line back some distance, but den ial Sheridan, who was on the ground, and Oen. Crooks, soon got troops in hand, held ::em steady, and taking advantage of a mo mentary lull on the part of the rebels, charged ,viem,and in turn drove them back to their ? riginal position. That the enemy made nothing by l?g move of Is st night is evident from the fact that, we cap ti red many prisoners, and occupied the .'eld after the action. This morning nothing t ccurred but some little skirmishing, the enemy having evidently fallen back. NEW YORK STOCK LIST. fH- the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.] ? aw York, Sep. 6?U. S. 188-, coupon ?'?, 107)i; U. S. 5.Wa, lio*; Certificates of Ind*bt edaeee, 94; Gold, 21??; ?. Y. Central, lv:-? ? : Erie, 107; Hudson River, 1??#; Harlem,?; Reading, 131X; Michigan Central, 134 ,'; Michi gan Southern, ???-, Illinois Central, 126 ? ; Cleveland and Pittsburg, lio V; Cleveland and Toieao, ?*>; ?unic??u ___, __.__ x_i__h 1(i-v Milwankle and Prairie du Chien, ?51; " Pitts burg, Fort WayneandChicago, li* _; Alton and Tena Haute, 54; Chicago and Northwestern, 5l>_; (?-icaailver. r>2#. ? ?o?? > - LOCAL NEWS. A Sillv Procebdino.?It will be seen that Mr. Tom Florence smarting under the snub bing he received at the hands of the Belmont management at the Chicago Convention, made a eilly exhibition of himself at the meeting of the Democratic Association last night. He finds fault that the Mar according to its usual custom of photographing with literal accuracy and spirit the doings at all pnblic meetings, political or otherwise, so photographed the proceedings at tbe late meeting? of the Demo cratic Association. With the same literal fidelity with whii-h we have heretofore pictured all the doings, kinks snd eccentricities of the Wigwam folks, the Bell A Everett crowd, the Dem. Jack, crewd, and the bifurcated new Republican association with its radical and conservative wings, we have set forth the doings of tbe revived Demo cratic association, and furnished a record to which the Democracy jf the city itself has been obliged to refer a uen wishing to get an accurate idea of the nature of the association's proceedings; for the stereotype ?-large and respectable meeting" reporta of Mr. Florence's own paper give no more Idea of what really transpires at these meetings than they do of the meetings of the Young Men's Christian As sociation. Mr. Florence seems disposed to revive the silly war ot the Dem. Jack. Association upon the reporters of the press, and which resulted, it will be remembered, in making that Associa tion the langhin? stock and by-word of the country. It should be said to tbe credit of the old Wigwam crowd, the Bell and F.vsrett crowd and various other political organiza tions that have heretofore existed here that they never made war upon reporters, bat always bore the newspaper settings-forth of their do ings with perfect good humor and philosophic composure, recognizing the fact that all such organizations must comprehend a number of eccentric characters who are bound to figure quite largely iu proceedings, but for whose kinks,wrinkles and id.osyncracies the associa tion with which they have quasi connection need not hold themselves particularly or sensi tively responsible. We commend the sensible example of the political o^ganizatioa3 men tie ned to Mr. Florence and his association. No Draft Yet.?Much to the chagrin of the non-exempts it was announced last night tbat the draft in this city was to be en tered upon to-day, commencing wi'h the let Ward. TLe employees ot the draft Provost Marshal's ofhee (Cant. Putnam) were ordered to beia roadineeer ?nd consequently John J. Adams, Esq., and his efficient corps of assistante re mained np last night and devoted the time until I'J o'clock, midnight, to the preparations of the books, papers, cards, Ac, ready to cora ni0''? ce operations this morning. The dratt was to have taken place in the frame building corner of I?th and I streets, and in anticipation of it the room was partially c-1 e e red of Its desk3 and furniture, and the t-?ei ka temporarily located in the mess room, hi ck of the fron* office. The cards were in ieadiness to be placed in the box, which was. also at hand, aud Mr. Thomas C. Burns, the 1 lind man, who drew the names from the box in .^ngnst, 1^63, was also in attendance, ready to perform bis part. No orders, however.came to'commence oper ations, and consequently, the officers will have to patiently await lurther orders upon the sub ject. Mr. F. W. Blackford, the Commissioner, is ready to proceed at a moment's notice, having ordere? the perfecting of all arrangements to that erd. Later?Up to half-past three to-day Capt. Putnam had received no order directing him to proceed with the draft. While awaiting this order, Capt. Putnam is making exertions to Teiii.ce the existing deficiency, and f lese exert.ois, in co-operation with those being made i>^ tae city authorities, will, it is hoped, supply *ih*? city's quota without a resort to the dratt hex._ TubC/"- vary Baptist Cn~?on.?The eer en.^yol laying the corner-stoee of the Oal varv Bapt'.vt Church, which was to havetaken plu. - this afternoon, has been postponed, on ivcojntri the weather, until further notice. Beeide* Um periodicals of the Baptist Church, uvmn-hoek, Ac, and a copy of the Emancipa ti* .?? Proclamation, the following, presented by Ctwrles H Morse. Esq., of Maes., aratone ?vaci-d In 'he stone when laid : Washington .?ent. 1783; ruaseachasetts Pi_? Tree ahilling, t.f ?2-, Massachusetts cei.v and half cent, 1787; New York tent, Nova L ??a?, 17SS; Franklin Link cent, ?78?, (first United ?states cent;! Nova Constellatir>, ?United States" cents, 1783 aad 178.V, "Virginia half penp.y, 1773; Connecticut cent, 173?, New Jersey cent, 1W7; Vermont cent, PW? Ro*a ?Axierlcana, 17?; M*rM?a Washington ptoce; silver Cob mon,.- ?_,_ EfSvEbtb??. N. Y., ir?; Wash ?V^ir? al; one and two ?eat piece?, ???.?. ?" a ???? ? PBKeOBAL.?GOT.^Curtln, 01 r?a.u Astor Houee, New \ork M. Barbos,, ?I 'Y lian Minister, and ?. ? an Limber_, aJS?' M trister, are at the Clarendon. Honft?** JohBson, the Queen's special messent^f, ??_ dispatches to Lord Lyons, is at the Ever??? House._ Atlabta abd Mobilb ? One hundred gnu* were fired yesterday at It o'clock, at the Ar senal and Navy-Yard, In this city, and auoo* of the forte round about, in pursuance of ths President's order, and in honor of our recen victorie? at Atlanta and Mobile. ??????? i? GBOBO.KTOWH _r.inkt ITeajtCa and .Short Measures.?The new market master, Mr. L. t'lemi-nts. has entered upon tbe dis charge of his official duties after a fashion tb?: will make him acceptable to tbe house keepers, but will uot make bim very popular with that class of dealers who use light weights aad short measures. Th?' market master confisca ted a quantity of better belonging to a man named Miles who bad offered it for sale tn the market this mo.nlng. Some of the lamp?, cloths and all, weighed th?* exact weight, but clotbs off fell short. Mr. Miles had the market master arrested for feloniously taking the but ter. Justice Buckey decide! thru Mr. Clements had compiled with the law. and aftsr compii mentlng the market master dismissed the case When butter is offered for sale at ?J cents per pound, the purchasers ought to receive rood weight. The market master declared that he ?will attend to all such cases. ?? Prison Delivery?This morning, one hundred and nineteen strmrglers, deserters and bounty jumpers, were dispatched from Forrest Hall by Major Littler, under a strong guard, to re port to Col. Wells at Alexandria, tobe dis posed o?. Notwithstanding the large number of prisoners sent away, they are not missed longer than a day, tbeir places are so speedily filled by others of the same sort. Port of Georgetown.?Cleared?Sehr. Alexenia, Ruark, Havre-de-Grace; S. J. Hoyt, Cranmer, Philadelphia: Maria .lane, Saper, New York M. Washington, Sempkius. Vienna: M. Anna, Dongherty, Baltimore; ? Jane, Moulding, de.; ?. E. Ballard, Williams, Accomac; Hebe, Price, Port Deposit; Malta, Beades, Annames sex: Salile, Skinner, Nanjemoy: Maryland, SterllDg, Baltimore; Henry A. Wise, Franklin, Nanjemoy; Clara, Gal lows ?, Havre-de-Grace; M- B. Bramwell. Davay, New York; E. Cor nelius, Wright, Baltimore: steamer Baltimore, Lawis, New York: sloop .T S. Williams, Wood ruff, Baltimore; boats Nanjemoy, Mclniosh. Naniemoy; Pioneer, Salem?n, do.; M. Cath erine, Harns, do.; E. Adel, Mann, Bryans port: W. G. Brawner, Frisbte, Sandy Point Rising Sun, Oillroy, Nanjemoy. Allegany; Bagan, Qccoquan. (1RBAT BARG.VIK-On* "f the tine?t ?nine? I Prince A Co.'a MEL0DE0N8 for sale v. rv cheap bv a gentleman, and i, to be seen at Prof. Wolowski*B rooms. No. ??? P'th street, ?bove ??. avenue._sep o .It COLUMBIAN COLLEGE. D. C ?The aeneiun of the Pr?parntory Department u_ni \\ KDNE3 DAY, 8ept. 14: of th? Collide. WEDNESDAY, r-'ept. 28, lSf>4. Fer catalogues or further informa tion apply to G. W. SAMSON, D. D., 6ep6eo4t*_Pn*sident._ liY'WM. B. LEWIS A CO., Airtioupers. THURSDAY, Sept. 8th, at '.?- oMock at our Store. No. 307 Penusylvani? svenne, we ?Wll s.11 .<*, good lot ot second hand Furniture, snch m Feather Beds and Bedding. Bureau?. Bedstesda, Sofa?.ChairG. Looking-glaise?, Ac. Also, several gf od Watches, three Colt Revolvers. Table Cut lery, lot assorted Dry Goods, Spool Cotton, Ac. A sep 6-2t_ WM. B.LEWIS A CO.. Aucts. ?> Y B?TELE R A W?L80X, Auctioneer?. OfFICB U. 8. CAfl?OL EtTFMSIO*??. { Wash'sotO!?, D. 0., Septembers, 1*)?4.\ On SATURDAY. October lit, commeneiBg at 10 a. m., the following variegated and plain Mar ble will be sold at public auction, on the ground* north of the United States Capitol : ion blocks Tennessee Marble. IjQOO feet (cubic) of remnants an. 12 piece? Potomac Marble. Con cubic feet Venr.ent Green Serpentine. 8 Column Shaft? ,.io:. ._. ?,l?0 cubic feet remnants Italian Ma-ble. At the same time will he sold a large lot o. Doors. Shutters, and Building Material?, of va rious kinds. _ . Bv order nf the Secretary of the Interior. CLEMENT L WK8T, sep6 did_General Superintendent. A CLOSING OUT SALE . . S A Preliminary move toward closing busi ness, tbe undersigned will offer, for a limited pe riod, their entire stock of DRY GOODS and GR? CERIES at much reduced prices for cash. At the expiration of th" said period, the balance of the stock, together with the property belonging to the timi, will be ottered and sold at public auction. A. F. OFFUTT A CO.. No. 163 and 16.*. Bridge ?treet, ______*?___Georgetown, P.C? MARIN I'8 FA8in0r*ABLI DANCING ACADEMY. "Tr*7"?r*^-HblL E streit,between9th aud 10th. fror. Manor bei?? ????t? io auumim- m m? ?ra patrons and the public in general, that he w"l?S2S!He h*i nsual course of instruction on TUESDAY, Sept 20th. DAYS OF TUITION, For Ladle?, Mi3?es. and Masters. TUESDAY. THURSDAY and FRIDAY, from 3 to fi p. m. Class for Gentlemen, every TUE8DAY THURS DAY and 8ATUBDA Y, from 8 to 10 p. ra. For further particulars see circulars. sep 5 2w*_ a ."in A IM USICAL CIRCULAR. O MR. AND MRS. J. P. CAULFIELD. Take this method of informing their friends snd tbe public generally, that tr<-y have just ar rived in the Federal Metropolis after s pro fessional residence of tbree years in E-arnpe, - _ and tbat they are about to open a school for in st ruction in vocal and instrumental music, on the ?!an of the celebrated Mnsical Academics of Loa on and other European cities. Particular attention vrill be given to the in struction of ladies in vceal music by Mr?. Caulfleld whose experience in the best Schools in London and Paris, renders her eminently qualified to im part knowledge in its highest perfection, in an art so essential to female aeee-Bpltsnaieat. Mr. Caulfleld will giveinst:ii?tion.i to ladies and fentlemen privately or clas?*.?; in vocal iano. and the Organ, in which branches he has had great experience botn in Europe and America, and in which it will be hi? aim to render bis pupils preficient. finished performers. They will also teach schelars at their ewn homes ?tdesired. For terms, Ac, please apply to Mr. CAULFIELD, at his residence. 462 M street, bet. 12th?nd:sth.orat Mr. Ellis'Music Sture, Penn sylvania avenue._sep 5-esat* G????G.???-TER GENERALS OFFICeT First DSvibiob, _ Washington Gitv, August 31,1*11. HORSES. HORSES, B-ORSt8. Horses suitable forPavalrv a-nl Artillery service will be purchased a?-Glesboro' Depot, ta open mar ket, till October 1. lfitU. Horses will be delivered to Captain L. I.owry Moore, A. Q. M., and be subjected to the u*ual. Government inspection before be i ng accepted. Price of Cavalry Horse?. $175 each. Price of Artillery Horse?. 9?? eacb. Payment will be made for six (6? and more. JAMES A BKIN, Colonel First Division, sep3-lm___?_________j____ General's Off.cs. 316 F STREET. CROCKERY. GLASS. AND TIN WA3E. CUTLERY AND FANCT G0OI?3 COAL OIL AND COAL OIL LAP.P8. I oi?er all of the sbove articles of _?_?1?, which embrace tbe beet assortmeut ever obere* t>j the Washington public;at l" per cent lower t^a/_ they can be purchased elaewbere in the cil y. Call and see for yourselves. sep Mm* 316 F st. north, bet, lot'?arid lHh. 369 SEVENTH_BTREET~ *" gjgg atea BED L0UNG1?> U4G? aw mho. end AwsriB^ GI?T FRAME MIRRjlRS. Just received per schooner Emuretweati *?*? , ont styles * r' BED LOUNGER which we are ?Hering at s-ary low figures Onr stock of GILT FRAB/.E MIRROR? will be found extensiva, and in price w.u c??B.i-ar? with tbat of any bou?-? in tb?Unit?d crfateV Bt?eCor"*?" Mme"lW wa ?*? 8???^?oar' entire FURNITURE an:jj housekeeping eoaDS generally I_ per ce/.it. le^ than aayho-ae/, ?n ?,, city. If you are \a want ? ? good articb-V? i* lo J price? d^nt forget ns. Can w,u ex7__??_ ?*UT stuck By so d-iDg yeu incur no eia? ?SSi-ftl purcha*?*?. ^?.iganon t? We still allow ten per cent, on all b*/ i- of sso .B? up w aids. fi jm. ? o f a> ? ana Successor to Boat '. I lirirSth JH?1L__l?___8_l*_f_?l_S__?^_ 367 D 8?ET 3?7 3. T. KIDWKW. ?lOr.ABBHBBBEBBOE. No. 36T D ??^??aw^fartfe Fraaklla Rt? ,1if ??iirV h^?V?TAIN8, PICTURE COEDS All paper bung F a the citg or countrr brer.? nencedwerkniai? , ?t short notice f T **9*' Bemember tb ? ?Uc,, ?o. 3?t' D t . 9th, ?ntraaee ?b? d street. sweet, near 36T (tu ? lml_ 36T BBfftlr/'0RBAIn^?aw,I,i_ke!e,*a ?***? ?odge'a 1 vitJ.a0?as'e Brick Yard, opposite vTeibin?? ???!_ J'r.'Dia. Always on hand a?oiio mir*!.i?f able br?.eka, which we wrtl ?ell at $12fm G? M ?V" livere-d ?? tbe wbarf at Georgetown ?S-?/?? tk. *??? of 15th st, west and eaaaf 9*r mX *" . hnaaiw _-__jL_?^J_1__>nt a co. S?AD__5^,li_if?S.*??"'^6^_ii

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