Newspaper of Evening Star, September 8, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 8, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR GRANT. Aengstreet Protecting the Daavllle Rail read. , , _ [Correspondence of the Cbroulcle.J Nbab FaTBBBBuae, S?pt. ?, 7 a. nv?Tues day afternoon, a body of ?W colored troops w/ere coming from City Point, and had to croes tbe Prince George Court-House road, when they became visible to in* rebel gunner?. Two 3_-pounder? opened upon these men. This was the eignal for general outbreak, and iu lees man five minutes' time the front, occupied by Hancock and Birney, was abl?se. iWore the ? o.ored troops passed this point, two ot the nnmber were severely wounded. A battery la front of the 2d division of tue 2d corps made some excellent practice. Almost every shot frena these guns exploded In the embrasures of lb? rebel work?. Tbe remnant of the 7th Indiana regiment of volunteers leaves Here for home to-morrow. The sommander of thi? regiment, Col. drover, wa- captured in the Wilderness.and was among the Union officers placed under Are at Charles ten At orsi he was believed to have been ?lain. Yeeterday morning he returned to his eommand just in time to go home with it. This regiment formerly belonged to the-id brigade of the 4th division, 5th corps, but was lately transferred to General Bragg'e brigade. The officers and men were greatly attached to their old command. Last night most ofthe officers ef the 2d brigade assembled at the camp of the 7tb indiana to bid them farewell, prior to their departure in the miming. Rain is again falling. The past two or three day? have been uncomfortably warm, and a slight shower would not be objected to. When it fill? tbe trenches with water, the men find it very oncomfortable. Ixnigstreet's corps just ?ame from tbe valley, and moved on to the Danville railroad last night. Deserters came in and said great excitement existed in Petersburg yesterday, "nd tbat great fears were enter tained for this road. lOugstreet commands all the troops cent to protect the Danville road. _R. H. McBbidb. ?Crniore Fact isPhymolooy, ifTrub.?a Memphis paper relates the following account of a remarkable phenomenon: Wonders never cease! and the greatest ever heard ot in these modern times has inst come to our knowledge from entirely reliable au thority It fu 11 y disproves the wisdom of Solo mon when be proclaimed that "there was noth ing new under the son." The facts, as related to us. are: "About two weeks ago, the wife of ? market gardener, residing at Eagle Point, in this city, gave birth to twins, which Instead of being provided witb the head and features of ? the human form divine,'' had each th? head and neck of a snake.' Below the head and sboolrlers the children were of natural and eeitiely form?from the shoulders up, they pre sented' the horrible shape and characteristics of tbe r-erpent! Immediately after their birth, ? consultation of physicians was held, at which lt was very properly decide*! to bleed tbe monster to death, which was accordmglv one. What disposition was made of the bodies we have not learned. The cause as signed fer this iu???.? natunc is, that several months ago, shortly after the woman became entient', her husband playfully threw a snake's head into her face, which so frightened her that the ??-?u? assumed the horrible shape into which they were brought into the world. A SrooBPTiOB.?The "Universe" calls the aient.on of tbe Irish population to a practice existing in New York, of publishing with Irish death r or ices the part of Ireland from whi? h tbe eceas ?<'. came. The Irish being emigrants and settled in all parts of this country, have relatives and friends in all part?*, and thou sands of them have the same name. An Irish death advertisement, therefore, which does not contain the particular connty and the parish of the deceased, is greatly deficient. In fact, such an advertisement is of no value whateverout. side tbe immediate circle of the dead person. It eavs: ??We earnestly urge on Irish people hereto ebeerve the New York custom in their death advertisements. No extra expense ia incurred by doing so. Respect for the feelings ol friends, reepe t for the dead, and respect for the green ?Id I-land of the Saints, and in this thing re ligion is largely concerned) require the obser vance of it. An incomplete death advertise ment is unworthy even of a dog. Everything tbat is personal when the grave is at hand should be fully intelligible." Ninv Frebch Ibon-Clads.?A Toulon let ter of the 54th of June says: "Experiments have been made here dnrlng the lest few daye with a new kind of iron-clad gucboats, with improvements which enable them to move ata rapid rate on land as well as on water. These ?mall vessels sit very low in the water, and have on the decken iron-clad shelter pierced wi'hsix portholes and eighteen embrasures. As they pan be taken to pieces in af?w hours and divided into eighteen blocks- including the tbe engine, these gunboats could, if required, engage in a naval combat off the coast of Prov ence with a speed of eight knote, then be taken to pieces, and having been carried away by the railway be readv to fight again off tbe coasts of the .Atlantic in thirty.six hours, after crossing the whole or France. If this new engine of war had existed during the Italian campaign, Mantua and Peachiera might have been cap tured almost without a blow,and Venice might Bave Been a miniature iron-clad fleet naviga ting her lagoons." ? BssxtrAL ?RBAMEBTS.?A few days ago a liti'.- airi bad a bunch of artificialgrapee given to fcer. After amusing herself with the toy,she gave ?it to a playmate of ner own age, who presently picked a grape off th? bnnch, and sucked it. The next day she was a corpse. An eminent physician who analyzed tbe plaything deposed that ten of the grapes yielded three grain? ot arsenic of copper?a deadly poison? and that each vine leaf on the bnnch contained enough to kill a child. Another child's cup board, in which its toys were kept, was lined with green paper. Tbe poor little thing sick ened and died, obviously from the effects of poison mysteriously imbibed. Dr. I-etberby analyzed the paper-hanging of the cupboard, and found that a piece of it only six inches square contained nearly thirteen grains of the deadly compound, enough to kill two grown up persons.?London Inquirer. Impobtast t? Coal ??~???e?.?.?The United States Circuit Conrt at Philadelphia, bave decided that the weight of a ton of coal is 2,210 pounds instead of-,boo pounds. Tbejudge ruled that a company of grocers might as well meet and agree to reduce the number of ounces in a pound, and make tbe emaller number the standard of a pound for their customers, as for coal dealers to agree that the weight of a ton aball be2,0()0 pounds, and furnish that amount to their customers. OFFICIAL. War Department, Adjutant Sonerai?? im**, > Washington, March 17, lbM. I All applications for leave? of absence or per B-seloa to visit Washington muat be addressed to Major General Uaileck, Chief of Staff, and must specify tbe business fox which the officer desire? the permission. Telegrama addressed direct to the Secretary of War on this subject will tecei ve no attention. Bj order o? the Secretary ef War: E. D TOWBBHBD, Assistant Adjutant General. ORPHANS' COURT. A?O?8T ?OTQ, 1*6.? DifTBicT or Columbia, Wabhibqtob Cooarr, To wit:?In the case of Joseph Shelton, Adminis trator of Mary Shelton, deceaeedt the Adminis trator aforesaid has. witb the approbation of the Orphan?'Court of Washington Connty aforesaid, appointed Saturday,the Uth day of September next, for the final settlement and distribution ofthe per sonal eatate of ?aid deceased, and of th? asset? ia hand, a? far aa th? ?am? have been collected and tamed into money: when and where all the credi tors and heir? of aaid deceased are notified to at tend, (at the Orphan?' Court of Washington Conn ty aforesaid,) with their claim? properly vouched, or tbey niay otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit in ?aid deceased'a estate : provided a copy of this order be published once a week for three fresan in the Evening Star, previous to the said ML day.of September, IBS*. Teet: Z. C. BOBBINS, an g law_w*_Register of Will?. ???? IS TO GIVE NOTICE. Tbat the ?ubeeri bt r has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington Connty, ia the District of Columbia, lettor? testamentary on the personal estate _of rat??,? W?l_r?Ctof Columbi?; ration w. A,, onth??...?. I npton.l.teolW^h^r^ .W?-?tlV.,B?^Hw"M??n?t tbe ?aid ertale. tit ven.nnder_my hand this _w day of Aue WM nn_?-law3W_B?8AN?ggjg ABBICO ' a BU Ir? T0v ?lVE NOTICE, That the.a h.or ? I ber has obtained from the Orphans* 5_5 l'e Washington eounty. in the Distri?Tof CoV_mhi?f tature o? adminieti-ation ?? ? c_-_??.Columbi, estate of ff. ?. Cremi ' D C ,d?H*ae?d. Ali ?_____?__ the aaid deceased,are hereby warned to exhibit the name, with the voneher? thereof, to the subhcri ber, on or before the 23d day of Augnet next; thev may otherwise by law be excluded from ail benefit of the ?aid ??tate. Given under my band thi? Z?d day of Aurait _____ it.aU ________ JOB BDWIN CBAMPTON. B1LL1ABD TABLES FOB SALB.-Tb? BubeexT her hue THRBB FIBST CLASS ! ? ? ULLIA?D_TABLB8. nearly new,-~~ which a? wru dispos? of very lew. Inquire at the Billiard room, ?orner 1 rut atr?t and >?a\aaylvania avenue. ia u-tf CLEVELAND'S HINTS TOBIFLBBLBH London??*00* and ??"????1 ? Instruction of Mu-hetrv; London Thackeray'? hLvnaal ef Bid? Finn*? LanA??. Jaeob's Bin? Preeti??: London ^' 1????*' Busk _ Bine and h?w to as? it; London Willard a Maaaal ef Target ?ra,ti te * FM FsUBOK TAYLOB EDUCATIONAL. ? 4~M)LUMBIAN OOLLRGB. D. C?Tke session of V tke Preparatory Department open? WEDNES DAY, ?^??G?G; of the College. WEDNESDAY, Sept 38,1M4. fer catalogues or further informa tion apply to G. W. SAMSON, D. D., Mp*-eo4t* _ Preaideat. ORR?MEO COLLEGE, Pikesville, Baltimore 1 ?onnty. Md., opens its ninth session on the 3d Monday of September For tbe terms or other in formation address Rev. E. Q. 8. WALDBON, Principal._te? Vim* G GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, ldl * West street. The duties of this institution will be resumed September 6. for circulars ad dress th? principal. S0?B1bb*_M. J. HARRQVER. CT, TIMOTHY'S HALL. The undersigned will open his SCHOOL FOR BOARDING AND DAY P?PIL8. at the above named place on TUESDAY. 8ept. W. 18*4. He has, by every liberal outlay,secured the best talent to assist him in tbe education of young gen tlemen, and has procured a site inferior to none ia the country for salubrity of climate and beauty of scenery. Tbe Hall is an extensive series of build ings, fitted np with every requisite for comfort, convenience and health, surrounded by 3? acres of around-affording ample scope for physical exer rise. The following gentlemen constitute the f*enlEr PARSONS. Prinuipaland Professor of Mathematics and Moral Sciences GEO. 8. GRAPE, A.M., Professor of Natural Science and Mathematica. Rev. J.NEWMAN HANK. A M. Professor of Ancient Languages A Moral Science. Rev. A 80MMERFIELD HANK. A. M., Professor of Belles Lettres and Ancient Language Rev.H.H BRUNING, A.M. Professer of (term_n,8panish and Mathematics. Professor of French Languages. Professor of Painting and Drawing. A.M. METZ. Esq.. Professor of Vocal and Instrumental Muiic TERM?.?Boarding pupils S30' per year of 10 months; weekly boarding pupils |UK) per year of 10 months; daily pHpils MOO per year of 10 months. including fare to ard from the city. For particulars see circulars, to be obtained at principal bookstores, or address E PAB80NS. Catonsville. BaltimoreOountv, Maryland. Circulars to be had at the 8tar Office. sep 2 DA Wim*_ TO ? ARRUTE AND TEACHER8 OF GEORGE TOWN.-A full assortment of SCHOOL BOOKS constantly on hand, at _5 High street. sep 2 9t^_ (VI IS.- M. LEWIS'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS -The l'l duties of this school will be resumed MON DAY, September 5,18S4, at 449 9th Btreet. au29- 8t*_ BOARDING AND DAY SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES, Corner Prospect ani Frederick Ptreets. George town, D. C. Mrs. Gen. T. T. WHEELER, Prin cipal. The ?lutiea of this institution will be re sumed on Monday. Sept. 12._an 29 2w ?_T. VINCENT'S SCHOOL, ?7 Cornernf Wh and G streets. UNDER THE CHARGE OF THR SISTERS OF CHARITY. The duties of this school will be resumed on TH URSDA Y, 8ept. 1st, 1864. The Sisters in charge will devote themselves to the advancement of their pupils in all the branches of an English education, ana will pay strict regard to the moral training of all placed under their care. In consequence of the advance of prices the Sisters are compelled to increase their rates of t uition._aa27-2? M FEMALE SCHOOL. R8. MARIA C. McCUKMICK, late ef Alexan dria, Va., having removed her school to Cam bridge, Md.. is prepared to receive four or five pirle. as boarding pupils, in her family. Their inU-Hectual, domestic and moral training will re ceive ber most assiduous care. Her suc-css, whilo for years engaged in Alexandria, in educating girls, is well known to all old residents of that town. Parents in this vicinity whe desire further in formation concerning the advantages of her school are respectfully referred to Lewis McKenzie, Esq., of Alexandria, Va .or W. D. Wallach, Editor of th? Washington Star Her terms for board, tu ition, Ac .are moderate Cambridge, Md. where she has recently located her school, is one of the healthiest and most de lightful villages in the Union, and has about it no attribute whatever except such a?? a prudent and solicitous parent will approve in selecting a local ity in v> !ch to have a daughter thoroughly edu cated and trained for future usefulness. The fall term of her school commences on the t rst Mo nd a y O? Se ? te m ber._an 26 dim MILITARY BOARDING BOHOOL-On Balti more Railroad, IS miles from Philadelphia. Pupils have the benefits of a home; thorough Bourse in Mathematies, Languages, English. Ac. Number limited. Terms moderate. Received at any time. Fine Library and Apparatus. Address Rev. J. HERVBY BARTON, A. M? Village Greea Seminary. Delaware county. Pa iv 9-7w* ?pEAMSTERS WANTED. Chief Quartermaster's Office, Depot of Washington.? Washington, D. C, Aug. 18. 1864. { Wanted, at once, fire hundred (500? to one thou sand < 1,UXJ) Teamsters, each capable of driving with single line and managing six mule teams. To such who are competent to perform the duty, the pay per month will be thirty five (35) dollars, with one ration per dav, and hospital privileges, including the best medical atter dance when sick. Men experienced as Wagon Masters will receive such positions, npon bringing to this point twenty five (26) good Teamsters. Apply to Captain CHARLES ?. TOMPKINS, A. Q. M. U. 8. ?., corner of Twenty-second and Q streets. Washington. D.C. ___ BUCKKB Brig. Gen. snd Chief Quartermaster, an 18-Zlt_Depot of Washington. PIANOS.?We have lust received eight m >re o 8tein?ay A 8on's Pianos all of t'i?#ri differ?-lit sixes and et>lee, which we oirerf^ggfj for sale at factory prices. These Pianos are seme what higher in price than others, but their su periority is apparent to all, after a?ar?*ful exam ination. We have also on band a largeassortnmnt of other makers. Mason A Hamlin ? Cabinet Or gane, Prince's Melodeons. at Music Store of W. G. METZEROTT. _au 18_Cor, llth st. and Pa. avenue. JOSEPH REYNOLDS ? 00, PLUMBERS, GAS, AND STEAM FITTERS, No. 600 Niara Btsbst, near avenue. Have just received, and will constantly keep on band, the largest and beet assortment in the city of Chandeliers, Brackefs.Drop Lights, Portables, Glass Globes, miea and other Shades, and all arti Oles in this line, from the best establishments in Ne? York, Philadelphia, Ac, which will be sold on the most reasonable terms. Also, RANGES, f CRN ACES, and fire-Board Stove?. We are prepared to furnish the best RANGE in use anywhere, on very reasonable terms. Hotels, Restaurants, Ao., are invited to call. We do all kinds of GAS and STEAM fittings promptly and cheap, as also everything in th? PLUMBING line in the most satisfactory manner. Call and see our Bathing Tubs, fountains Water Closets. Wash-stands, Basins, Ac, Ac,at No.60T Ninth street, near Pennsylvania ayenue, the largest satabliahment In the city._f? 2-eotf WASHINGTON CITY 8AVING8 BANK. InoespoaiTSD M-bch8th, l?64. EDWARD SIMMS, President and Treasurer. PWARD CLARK, Vice President and Secretary. Directors. WM. P. DOLE, THOS. J. GARDNER, J. J. OOOMB8, 8. V. NILES, JOHN R. ELVAN8. ? This Bank is now open for the receipt of deposits, at the sew Banking House, No. 58 Louisiana av* enue. under Bimms' new building ' EDWABD GLARE. Secretary. EDWARD CLARK A CO., BANKERS. At the Savings Bank, No. 08 Louisiana avenue Dealer? in RXCHANGE, GOLD AND BIL.V1R, AND GEN RRAL BANKING BU_1NK__. EDWARD CLARK, jyBUm_JOHN E. EL VANS IMPROVE YOUR EYE _ ?eight by th? nee of the cel ebrated Pbbblb and Pnsieoone Spbot_o_b_, uni versaily acknowledged as the best for 8tbbbots nino A>s Pbbbbbvibo tbe impaired Eyesight. scientifically and correetly raited, by FRANKLIN A CO., Opticians, il44 Pennsylvania avenue, bet. llth and 13th ata., and leg Pennsylvania avenue, under the National. FIELD GLA88E8, OPERA GLASSES, MICRO BCOPE8, THERMOMETERS, STEREOSCOPES, PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS, C ARTES DR VISITE, Ac, in a gT?at variety, and at th? lowest prioea. Jes_ ADAME EXPRESS COMPANY, OFFICE 614 PA. AVENUE, _ Washington, D. 9, gma^Vn8?1^r?^5Iwa_d?S! wmt MERCHANDISE. MONEY, JEWELRY, YALU ARLES. NOTE8, STOCKS, BONDS, ??.. Forwarded ?ith SAFETY AND DISPATCH to all a-ceseibl? sections of the country. This Company has agencies in th? Principal Rai 1 way Towns in tk? MATH. RAST. WEST; ANB N?RTHWR-TT Ite principal office? are WASHINGTON, D. C. NEW YORK, BOSTON PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE! CIN C1MNATI__8T. LOUIS, LOU__ VILL-U LEXINGTON. Oennections are made at New York and Boston. ?1th lines forwarding to the GANADAS and th? BRITISH PROVINCES and other steamship lin. to LIVERPOOL, SOUTHAMPTON and HAVRE and thence by European expresses to all prominent oommeroial towns in Great Britain and th? Conti * Collection of NOTES, DRAFTS, and BILLS made Ot all accessible ?aits of tbe United states. C. C DUNN. Agent, daM _Washloe?^. D. Q. RDONNANCR DE CAVALERIE.Svola. Paris. Instruction pour la Voltige Militaire. Pa:is. Ecole du Cavalier a Pied Paris. Soole Du Cavalier a Cheval. Paris. Ecole du Peloton a Pied-a-Cheval. Pari?. Biblioth?que complete dee sous, Officers et Brig adiers de Cavalerie. Paris. __.,._.. Instiuctien Pur le Travail Individuel dsns la Cavalerie, le Fir du Fusil et du Pistolet. Paris. Ainslee's Cavalry Manual. Lendon. Nolan on Cavalry Homes. _~ g?.,. ?? mas,..? ?>??t????????t?: "????Petoa? H*t*l, (Ut? Brown's.) iff. _i_,m. ??? '???__?1t_????t??_?. " ?*?_Washington, . 0. Ci KEEN AND BLACK TEA8 -We ea_>eciallvin i S ft! *"??0? _ the lover?" "the aooye artiele te examine onr stock before*_i we think our tea? are seldom Jf ?^ e?__?f_Sto thi. marh.t. GEO ? ?????'?^T, * Importer? and dealer? in fine family M ? S-eo? Groceries, i 11 7th atre-t. FBDTO?AI?. pBCPOBALS IOBHABNB88 IRONS. ????a??? Ornes, Wab ???a?t-???t,? WABBiaoreB, Sept. I, W??. S Proposal? will b? r??eived by this Department until SATURDAY, the 17th day or September, at 4 o'clock p. m., for the delivery at th? Spring field Armory, Massachusetts, Watervliet, Frank fort or New York Arsenal?, of ?,??? ?ingle ??te of Wrought Iron Work, for United State? Artillery Harnes?. The Harnea? Irons are to be peeked in well made box?? containing twelve ?ingle set??ash, being an assortment for 4 wheel and 8 lead horeee; aad ?ach twelve seta to peeked, will eonsiat ofthe following pieces ; 3 psire long Hamee .complete 8 pairs short Hamee, complete g pairs medium Haines, rom p?ete ?ioTraee Cupe with U i Rivet? 4 double Loops or Eye? 12 Saddle loop? (bent for eantle) 14 Trace Eye? 24 long Chain?, with toggles 4 Breast Hook? 2Leg Guards, with W rivet? ? Saddle Loops, straight, for riding saddle Pom mel The?? Harness Irons are to contorni strictly in ?iattern and weight to the model sets to be seen at his office and at the Springfield Armory; are to be smoothly finished ; are to fill the standard gaages, and each pieee ie to be made of the size and kind ot iron prescribed in the official Bill of iron, cepie? of which can be obtained at this office, at the New York Agency, and at the Springfield Armory. _-.__?_ _ __ All the iron? are to be well Japanned?the japan to be of the best quality, and well baked on. They are te be subject to inspection at the factory where made, before and after japanning. The Hamee are to be marked with the maker's name, the site, and the letter? U. S. A. The latter leti er? one-fourth of an inch high. All the piece? are to be put ? ? in proper bundle?. properly labelled, and each box is to be carefully packed, as prescribed by the Inspector. The packing-box to be paid for at the Inspector's valu ation. Deliveries are to be made at the rate of not less than sixty ?ets per day, eemmencing on the 1st day of October, i864_ next. Failure to deliver at the specified time will ?ob ject the contractor to s forfeiture of the ?ambir he may fail to deliver at that time. No bid? will be considered except from partie? actually et gaged in tbe manufacture of this or ?imilar kinds cf iron work, and who can bring ample evidence that they have in their own shops all the machinery and appliances for taming out the full ameunt of work specified per day. GUABANTEE. The bidder will be required to accompany his proposition witb a guaranty signed by two respon sible persons, that, in case bis bid be accepted, he will at once execute the contract for the*_ame with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of tbe contract to deliver the articles pro posed in conformity with the terms of this adver tisement: and in case the said bidder should fail to enter into the contract, they to make good the dif ference between the offer i>f said bidder and the next responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. The responsibility cf the guarantors must be shown by the officiai certificate of the Clerk of the nearest District Court, .or of the United States District Attorney. Bonds in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract, signed by the contractor and both of his ?uarantir?, will be required of the successful bid er or bidders upon signing the contract. FORM OF GUABANTEB. We, the undersigned, resident? of -, in the county of-. and State of-, hereby, jointly and severally, covenant with the United States, and guarantee, in case the foregoing bid of ?? -be accepted, that he or they will at once exe cute the contract for the ?ame, witb good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to furnish the articlee proposed, in conformity to the terms of this advertisement, dated Sept. 1,16_4, under which the bid was made, and in case the ?aid-shall fail to enter into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the difference between the offer of the said ?? and the next lowest responsible bidder, or the per son to whom the contract may be awarded. ! Given under our hands and seal? thie-day of-, 1S6?. Witness: [Seal.l [Baal.] To thie guaranty mnst be appended the official Certificate above mentioned. Forms of bid? can be obtained at any of the above-named arsenals. Proposal? not made out on this form will not be received. Bid? will be receive?! for the entire nnmber or any part tbereof;and bidders will state the arsen al at which they can deliver, and the number of sets at eaeh, if for more than one. The Department reserves the right to reject an or all the bids, if deemed unsatisfactory ou a:.y account. Proposals will be addressed t? "Brigadier Gen eral George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington, D. C." and will be endorsed "Proposals for Harnes? Irons." GEORGE D. RAMSAY, ep 1-eotd Brig. Gen., Chief of Ordnance. PROPOSALS FOR IOBAGB. OBIBrQUABTBBHAB-TBB'BOFrTOB, I W-Bhibotob Darov. Deo. 8, l*?. f Beaied Proposals are Invited by the undersigned for supplying the U. S. Quartermaster'? De partment, at Washington. D. 0.. Baltimore, Md.. Alexandria, and Fort Monroe, Vs., or either of these places, with Hay, Corn, Oat? and Straw. Bids will be received for the delivery of 5,0? bushels of corn or oats and SO tone of hay or straw, and upward?. Bidder? must Btate at which of the above-named points they propose to malte deliveries, and the ratee at which tneywiil make deliveries thereat, the quantity ef each article proposed to be deliv ered, the time when ?aid deliveries ?hall b? com menced, and when to be completed. The price must b? written out io word? on th? bid?. Corn to be up in good stout saoke, of about two bushels each. Oats in like sacks of about tare? oushels each, The sack? to be furnished without extra charge to the Govenment. The hay and straw to be securely baled. The particular kind or deseription ? oats, corn, bay or straw proposed to be delivered most b? stated in the proposal?. All the article? offered under the bid? herein in vited will be subject to a rigid inspection by th? Government Inspector before being accepted. Contracts will be awarded from time to time to the lowest responsible bidder, a? the interest of tbe Government may require and payment will be made when the whole amout contracted for ?hall have bee? 4vlivered and accepted. Tbe bidaer will be required to accompany his proposal? with a guaranty, signed by two respon sible persona that in case hi? bia is accepted he or they wilt, within ten day? thereafter, execut? the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties in a ?um equal to the amount of the con tract, to deliver the forage proposed in eonformity with the terms of thin advertiement: and in case the eaid bidder should fail to enter lut? the con tract, they to make good the difference between the offer of ?aid bidder and the next lowest respen Bible biddc., or th? person te whom th? eontrsct mar be awarded. Tne responsibility of the guarantor? must b? shown by the official certificate of a U. S. District Attorney, Collector of Custom? or any other officer under tbe United State? Government or responsi ble person known to thi? office. All biddere will be duly notified of the accept ance or rejection of their proposal?, The full name and P. O., address of each bidder mu?t be legibly written in ths proposal. Proposal? must be addressed to Brig. G*o. D. H. Bucker, Ck:ef Depot Quartermaster, Washington. D.O., and -hould be plainly marked" Pro saeaii for Forage." Bond?, in a sum equal to the amount of tbe con tract, signed by the contractor and both vf hi? guarantor?, will be required of the ?uoceBS^al bid der or bidder? upon signing the contract. Blar t form? of bids, guarantee?, and bonde, may be obtained npon application at this Oslo?. FOBM OF PBOPOBAL. (Town. County and State) (Date) I. the subscriber, do hereby propose to furnish and deliver to ? he United States, at the Quarter master'? ?' ? part nient at -, agreeably to the term? of your advertisement inviting proposals for forage, dated Washington Depot. Dee. 8,186., the following articles, vis : ? bushel s of Corn, in sack?, at ? per buche) e? ?? pound? -bushels of Oats, in saeks, at ? per bushel of 92 pound? -tone of Ba'ed Hsy, at - P?r ton o? 1,000 pounds tone of Baled Straw, at ? per ton of 1,00 iveivy to commence on or before the?day of -, iSe?, and to be completed en or before the -day of-, 186?, and pledge myself to enter into a written contract with the United Statee, with good and approved securities, within the apace of ten days after beine notified that my bid has been accepted. Tour obedient ?errant, Brigadier General D.H. Rdokbb. General Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. C. GUARANTY. W?, th? undersigned, resident? of-, In th? County of-, and State of-, hereby, jointly and severally, eovenant with th? United States, and guarantee in ease the foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or they wiO, within ten days after the acceptance of ?aid bid, execute the con tract for the earn? with good and sufficient sure ties, in s ?um equal to the amount of the contract, to furnish the forage proposed in eonformity to the terms of advertisement dated December 8,1363, under whieh the bid was made, and, in ease ths said-shall fail to enter into a contract as afore?aid, we gu?rante? to make good the differ ence between the offer by said-and the next lowest responsible bidder, or th? person to whoa the contract may be awarded. Witness, Given under our hands snd seals thi? ? day of -,18*-. [Seal.l [Seal.] I hereby certify that, to the beat of my knowl edge aud belief, the above-named guarantor? ar? good and sufficient aa sureties for the amount for whieh tbey offer to be ?ecurity. -?, To be certified by the United State? District At torney, Collector of Customs, or any other oflieer nnder the United State? Government, or respoa ? ibis peraon known te this office D. H. RUCKBB, dee B-tf Brigadier General and Q. M. CHJLIff QUART IBM APT ??? Of FIOB. I _. ?___ Dbpobt er W?taiaaTOH,} Washington. D. C, January 4,1854. \ AU ?ealmai Dtu*b, Hardware, Lumber, Leather. Omo? Furniture. Hi?ese, and Saddlery, are re ?ueated to ?end to this office, on MONDAY of ?ees week a sealed proposal or list, in duplicate, ot the article* tbey are prepared to fumine to this Depot at abort notice, with th? prioe of each marked in plain figure?, so that, ? ease the exigenciee ofthe servie? require it, the article or articlee can be obtained without delay, and at the lowest price. Dealer? wiiAingto nU to this Depot ?Ulte re gSBSfrSB inali.. ^^ev^^nda, Brigadier General and Ohi?f Quartermaster. ?????tf_Depot of Wae-ingtoa. *_/ containing Official B?4poi ?naisx pot Delfvei COMPANION TO TH ?_/ containing Official ?State Paper?, both Hatte BotpubUsbei la th? regni, Uon_>eeord. lvol,*vo.,wi tv PBOFOSAL8. 1 OP 08 A L ._ ? ivy Dbfabtmbst, Eurtou ef Yards and Docks. August 22. WM . Sealed Proposals for each class separately ?n Icrsed" Proposals fer 0 ass No. .name the class' or the Navy Yard at < name the yard )." will be re ceived at this office until the 19 h ot Sep em**er next, at 1 e'eleck.p m., at which hoar the opening of the bids will be commenced, for furnishing ana delivering, at the seysral Navy Yards named the materiale and articles embraced in pria ed sabe-1 ul?s, which with fall instructions, will be fur nished on application, and sent by mail, if so re quested, to persons desiring to offerto contract for any or all of the classes named there'o, br the commandants of the ?everal Navy Yards, for the classes for the yards und-r their command, or by the Navy Agent nearest thereto, cr by the Bureau for any or ail of the yards. To prevent confuti ? and mistakes in sealing the offers, no bid will be received which contains classes _?y mor? than one yard in one envelope; nor any bid which is not perfect and complete in itself according to the forms of offer and guaranty, and eaeh individual of a firm mast sign the bid and contract. Bidders are hereby cautioned and particularly notified that their offers must be in tbe fora? here inafter prescribed, and be mailed in time to reach t> eir destination b-b>re the time expir? * for re ceiving them; no bid will be considered which shall be received after the period stated, and no allowance will bo made for failures of the mail. All offers nust be accompanied by a certified copy of the bidder's license. To guard sgainst offers being opened before the time appointed, bidders are requested to endorse on tbe envelope, abeve the address, and draws line under the endorsement, thus: ?' Proposal" for Class No. (same the class) ! * the Navy ^ard at (name the yard.)'' To the Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks, Washington, D. C. Instructions and forms of offer, with copies of he laws bearing on the subject, will be furnished by commendante of yards, navy agents, and the Bureau, on application to all or either of them, PORTSVOUTH.N.H. Class No. 1. Bricks; class No. 5, Stone; class No. 5. Oak and Hard Woed; class No. 6, White Pine, Sprnce. Juniper, and Cypress; claiie No. 7, Lime, Hair, and Plaster; class No 8, Cement; class No. 9. Gravel and Sand; class No. O?a, Moulding and Fire Sand and Fire Clay; class No. 10,Slate: class No. 11, Iron. Iron Nails, and Spikes; class No 12, Steel; class No. 13. Pig Iron; class No. 14, File?; class No. 15. Paints, Oils, and Glass; class No. 16, Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hardware; class No. 18. Stationery; class No. 19, Fire Wood; class No. 20, Hay and Straw; ciass No. 21, Provender; class No. 22, Charcoal; class No. 23, Belting, I'ackirig, and Hose; class No. 24. Sperm and uubri _ting Oils; class No 25. Iron Castings; class No. 2^, Augnrs: class No. 27. Anthracite Coal: class No.2i), Bituminons Cumberland Coal; class No.31. Copper and Composition Nails; class No. 32, Machinery and Tools, class A. Cement Paint. BOSTON. Class No. 1, Bricks; class No. 2.8tone; class No. 6,Oak and Hard Wood; class No. ?, White Pine, 8pruce. Juniper, and Cyress; clsss No. 7, Limo, Hair and Plafi ter; class No S, Cement; elass No. 9. Gravel and Sand; class No. S>?, Moulding and Fire Sand and Fite Clayj class No. 11. Iren. Iron Spikes and Nails; class No. 12, Steel; class ?o IS, Pig Iron; class No. 14, Files; class No. 18, Paints, ??? and -lass; class No. 16. Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hardware; class No. 18. Stationery; cla-'S No. 19, Fire Wood; class No. 20, Hay and Straw; class No. 21, Provender; class No. 22, Charcoal; class No. 23, Belting, Packing and Hose; class No. it. Sperm and Lubricating Oils; class No. \_ Iron CastiDgs; class No. 26, Augers; class No. 27, An thracite Coal; elise No. 29, Bituminous Cumber land Coal; class No. 3->, Semi-Bituminous, liroad Top Coal, and Pictou; class No. 32, Machinery ani Tools; clae? A.New Jo?Der Shop; cla's B, U. B. Smith's Patent Boring and Mortuing Machine. NEW YORK. Class No. 1, Bricks; class No 2. Stone; class No. S9__,Stone; class No. 4. Yellow Pine Lumber: cla-s No. 5 O? k and Hard Wood; class No. rt. White Pine, Spruce, Juniper and Cypress; class No. 7, G Lime, heir and Plaster; class No 8, Cement; class No. S?. Giavel and Sand: class Ne. PH, Moulding and V re ?.and and Fire Clay; class No. lo, Slate; class No. li. Iron. Iron Spikes, and Nails; class No. I__, Steel; class No. 13. Pi? Iron; class No. 14, Files; -lasi- No. 15, Paints, Oils and Glass; class No. if, Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hardware; class No. H. Stationery; class No. 2*. Hay and Straw . class No. 21, Provender; class No. 22, Char coal: class No. 23, Belting. Packing, and Hose; class No. 24. Sperm and Lubricating Oils; class No. 25, Iron Works. Piping, Ac ; class No. 29, Augers; class ? o. 27, Anthracite Coal; class No, 30. Semi Bituminous Broad Top Coal; class No. 3!. Cop per and Composition Nails; class A, Fire Truck, PHILADELPHIA. Class No. 1, Brick-.; else? No 2, Stone; class No. 4, Yellow Pine Timber; elass No. 5. Oak an 1 Hard Wood; class No. e^Wnite Pine, 8_>rnce. Juniper, ar:d Cypress; c'assNo.7, Lime,Hair,?nd Plaster; class No 9. Gravel and Sand; clas* No. 11, Iron, Iron 8|iikes, snd Nails ; class No. 12. Steel ; clasa No. 14. Files; class No. IB, Paints. Oil*, and Glass; class No. 16, Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hard ware ; class No. 18, Stationery: cla?s No. 19, Fire wood ; cla. s No. 2o, Hay and Straw; class No. 2!, Provender; class No. 32, Charcoal: class No. 2., Belting, Packing, and Hose; class No. 21, Sperm and Lubricating Oils; class No. 26, Angers; class No. ?7, Anthracite Coal; class No. .?, S"mi-Bitu minous, Broad Tep Coal; class No. 32, Machinery and Tools; class A, Bilge Wat=*r Indicators; class B, 8park Arresters; classC, Pitch-nouse. NAVAL ASYLUM, Class No. 1. Clofhing; class No. 2, Hats, Boots, Shoes, Ac; class No. 3, Provision.); class No. 4, Groceries; clas-. No. 5, Dry Goods; cl-??8 No. 6, Bread, Ac ; class No 7, Tobacco, class No. 8, Coal; class No. y. Paints. Oils. Glass, <__c;ela?*s No. 11, Lumber; class No. 12. Firewood; class No. 13. Provender; class No. 14. Miscellaneous; class No. 15, Hardware; class No. 16, Stationery. WASHINGTON. Class No. 1. Bricks: class No. 2, Stone; class No. 4 Yellow Pine Lumber; els?? No. 5, Oak and Hard Wood; class No. 6. White Pine, Bpruce, Juniper, and Cypress; c?aos No. 7. Lime, Huir, aud Plaster; class No. 8 Cement; class No. 9, Gravel and 8and; class No. 9'j, Moulding and Fire Sand and Fire Clay; class No. 11. Iron, Iron Nails, and Spikes; class No. 12, Steel; class No. 13, Pig-iron; class No. 14. Files, class No. 15, Paints, Oils, and Glass; clsss No. 16. Ship Chandlery; elass No. 17, Hard ware; class No. 13, Stationery; class No 19. Kir? wood; ciass No. 20. Hay and Straw; class N??.2l, Powder; class No 22. Charcoal; class No. 23, Belt ing. Packing, and Hose; class No. 23, Sperm and Lubricating Oil?: clasa No. 27, Anthracite Coal; claesNo.2?, Pituminou? Cumberland Coal; class No. 32, Machinery and Tools. NORFOLK. Class No. 1. Bricks; class Ne. 3. Yellow Pine Timber; class No. 4, Yellow Pi_? Lumber: class No. 5, Oak and Hard Wood; clvss No. 6, White Pine, Spruce, Juniper and Cypress; class No.7. Lime. Hair and Plaster: class ?o. ti. Cement; class No |0.2, Moulding ani Fire sand ani Fire Clay-class No 10, Slat?; class No. 11, Iron. Iron Spikes snd Nails: class No. 12, Steel; class No. 13, Pig Iron; clafsNoH. Files; class No. 15. Paints, Oils and Glass; class No lfi. Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hardware;class No 19, Stationery; class No. 19, Firewood; cIsfs No. 211, Hay and 8tra*v- classi No. 21. Provender; class No. 22, Charcoal; class N,o. 23, Belting. Packing and Hose; class No. 24, Sperm, ana Lubricating Oil: class No. 26. Auser?; class No. 27, Anthracite Coal .class No. ?9. Bituminons, Cum berland Coal ; class No. SB. 8en?i- Bituminons Broad Top Coal. Lump; class No. 31, Copper and Compo sition Nails: class No. 32, Machinery and Tools; class A, Sashes, Glazed. PENSACOLA.FLORIDA. Class No. 16, Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hard ware; class No. 18, Btationeiy; class No. 19, Fire wood; class No. 2o. Hay and Straw; class No. 21, Provender; ?las? No. 24, Sperm and Lubricating Oils; class No 26, Augers; class No. 27, Anthra cite Coal; els.HH No. 29, Bituminous Cumberland Coal; class No. 32, Machinery and Tools. au 24 W4W_ MEDICAL PURVEYOR ? OFFICE. W_8hikqto?. D. C, June U, 1S64. All dealers in thia city and Georgetown, who wish to sell to the Medical Purveying Department, are requested to send te this office, on the MONDAY of each week, a sealed list of the articles they may be prepared to furnish, st short notice, with tht price of each sttached to the same. 0. SUTHERLAND. JeW tf Burg. D. ?. ?.. Medical Purveyor. C. W. BOTELER. JNO. W. BOTSLER V. VV. BOTELER Ac SONT, 1MP0HTBBS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN CHINA, GLASS AND CROCKERY WARE, TABLE CUTLERY, SILVER-PLATED WARE, BRITANNIA WABE, BLOCK TIN GOOD8. TIN CHAMBER BETS, COAL OIL LAMPS, JAPANNED WAITER8, DOOR MATT3. FEATHER DUSTERS, BRUSHES, WOOD WARE, AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES GENERALLY. 9W HOUSES, HOTELS, AND STEAMBOATS FURNISHED AT SHORT NOTICE. 318 IRON HALL, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. 17-eo_n_between 9th and KHh sta BOOTS AND SHOES ?T SUIT THB TIMES. We aie now manufacturing all kinds of BO? ?G8 and SHOES, and constanly receiving a sap pi y of Eastern mad? work of every ??scrip-, tion, made expressly to order, and will be! soldat a much lower price than has been _ heretofore charged in this city for much inferior articles. Persona in want of BOOTH and SHOES of Eastern or City-made work, will always find a good assort ment in store and at the lowest prices. Give usa call. ?RIFrIN A BROTHER, ap 5-tf_314 Penn. avenue. 1VIC D_ El. A Novel. By J. C. Jeaffr? 11 son. The Ingoia by Legends, new edition, 2 vole. Religious Training of Children. By Catherine E Beecher. Wrong of Slavery &ud Right of Emancipation. By Robert Dale Owen. Haunted Hearts. By the author of tbe " Lamp lighter.? Seven Stories with Basement and Attic. Collins' Voyage down the Amoor. Hand Book for Travelers in Europe. Westminster Review for July. Woman's Philosophy of Woman. _._.__ au 23 FRANCK TAYLOR. t BU*. TH FBOM PARI8.-Tlie Knightage of Great Bri tain. Houbs of Common?. Peerage of Great Britain. Baronetage of Great Britain. British Almanac and Companion for 1864. The BUtea rnan's Year Book, 18?. Dod'a Peerage of Great Britain, 1_?4. Burke'a General Armory. Leb nett. Peerage of Great Britein. Lodge's Peerage ofthoBrtta Empir,. Burke^u^aed^nu. W BRICKS I BRICKS I BRICKS I ?????T??? SIZE, on hand and for sale tbe lowest caah ?rie??, at th? foot of lathwt. w and Canal. ?* LAND SALES. ? ? THB PRESIDENT OP THB UNITBO 8TATBS. FOB THE SALE OF VALU A8LBLANDS IN THB LATE WINNEBAGO INDIAN RESERVATION IN MINNESOTA. in punt?an?? ?f?aw. 1, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, President of the United 8tat?s of America, do hereby declare and make known tbat public sal?? will be held in the under-mentioned Land OfBo?, in the State of Minnesota, at the period? herein afttr designated, to wit: At tbe Land Office at St Peter, commencing on MONDAY, the fifth day of December next, for th? disposal of the public lands comprised m tne Ute reserve for th? Winnebago Indians, above men tioned, and situated in tbe following part? of townships, which will be sold at the appraised value of the lande and the improvements thereon, viz: North of the base line and west of the fifth principal meridian. In tc wnship If?, range 24.l?,384.96 acr??. In township ie7, range 24-?.405.44 In township 106. range 25.??-15 2*4.34 In township 107, range 2A.-? ? .17,649.71 li. township MB, range 26-. 277.81 ? schedule particularly describing the individ ua- tracts, with the apprsised value per acre, will bi open for inspection at the District Land Offices ii. Minnesota. he offering of the above land? will be com m? -iced on the day appointed, and will proceed, in ti.,.? order designated in tbe above-mentioned schedule, and consecutively by tawnshipe. a? here in advertised, until the whole ?hall nave been offered, nnd the sale thus closed; but the ?a'e shall not be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lands will be ad mitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given nnder my hand, at the city of Washing ton, thi? 23d day of August. Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty four. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the President : J08. 8. WILSON, Acting Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICB TO ACTUAL BONA FIDE SETTLERS PRE-EMPT?R8. In the third section of the act of Congee?, ap proved 21st of February, 1863. Statute?, volume \i, rage 658, opening to ?ale the Winnebago Reserva non, it i? stipulated that before any person shall be entitled to enter any portion of the paid land-, by pre eruption or otherwine, previous to their exposure to sale to the highest bidder at public outcry, he shall become an actual bona- fide settler thereon, aud shall conform to all the regulations now provided by law in cases of pre emption, and ?hall pay, within the terra of one year from the date of the settlement, the full appraised value of the land? and the improvements thereon. Now. in order that all such bona-fide, actual settlements may ba secured to the several pre emptors, NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN. tbat they must come forward and file their affida vits, designating the particular tract? on which they may he actually Bottled, giving the date of such actual settlement, and. before the expiration of one year from such date, the several pre-emption claims must be established before tbe Register and Receiver, according to the requirements of the pre-emption laws, and fuil payment made thereon, according to the full affixed, appraised value of the lands and improvements thereon. 1st. In all such case?? where the year may not elapae before the commencement of the public sale, snch bona fide actual settlements may and are hereby ordered to be excluded from the publie sale. 2d. In bJ] pre-emption ca-es in which the year may expire before the commencement of the pub lic sale the parties must eetabti^h and pay up for their claims, otherwise all tracts in this class will be offered to the highest bidder, under the forego ing proclamation, yet with tbe stipulation that at such public sale the price must not be for a less sum than for the appraised value. JOS. I WILSON. su30-lawl3w Acting Commissioner. _ CLOTHING AND CLOTHING MATERIALS. Navv Dbpartmk.vt, Bureau of Paovisioss and Ci.othirg, September 1, l_i>4. Separate Proposals, sealed and endorsed "Pro poses for Navy Clothing, and Clothing Mate rials," will be received at this bureau until two o'clock p. m , on the 12th day of October next, for furnishing and delivering (on receiving thirty days'notice? at the United States Navy Yard? at Charlef-town, Mass., and Brooklyn. N. ?., in euch nuiiibt-rs and quantities and at such times a? may be specified by the chief of this ^bureau or by the commandants of the ?aid Navy Yard?, respective ly, the numbers and quantities of the different ar ticl?-s. and at the places specified in the following list, viz : Charlestown. Brooklyn. Pea Jacket?.3,000 7,008 Round Jackets._. 2 floo 3,??? Blue Cloth Trowsers, pair?.3,?i0 5,000 Blue Satinet 7-owsers, " _8,0?0 12,.?"0 Canvas Dock trowsers, " _3.000 8,0*) Bainsley Blieeting Frocks_5,<m0 8?>?0 Blue Flannel Overshirts .6,000 lO^OOO? Blue Flannel Undershirts.13,000 18,000 Blue Flinnel Dr?wer?, pairs... 12,0?? 18,001) Blue Shtinot, yards._. .?/?.0?0 100,0 O Blue Flannel, " .50.i>0 100,000 Blue Handeln, " .5,0?? 10,000 Calf Bkin Laced Shoes, pairs_10,000 15, > 0 Kip fkin Shoes.10^-0 15,'VO Woollen So:ks.10,000 15,n00 Blarkets. 8,0(0 12,0<?0 MaUresses (with one covi? for each ).,. _. __*) 8,000 Black Silk Handkerchiefs.?F?) ?,??? Boo's. pair?.4,0"> S/> 0 Offers p av he made for one or more article?!, at the option of tbe bidder, and in ea?e moro than one article is contained in thi? offer, tbe chief of ths bureau uill have the right to accept one or more of the articles contained in such offer and re.eet the remainder. The priie must be uniform, and of fers mi'??? em' tact alt of any ene o r more articles de liverahle at a'i the -talloni For the description of articles in the above list, bidder? are referred to the samples at the said navy yards, and to the advertisement of this bureau da ted July 8. 1?S?S3, and for information as ?? the ?awe and regulations ? in pamphlet form'regarding con tracts, to the officers of tbe several commandant? of navy yards and navy agent?. The department reserves the right to relect any proposal not considered advantageous to the (??? trnment. Blank forms of proposals may be obtained on ap plication to tie navy agent at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, and at this bureau. sep2-law4w MMPOBTANT TO SUTLERS BUTLBBS WILL FIND 11. A. DOWNING At CO.'S CONCENTRATED CLAM TO BB A MOST VALUABLB ABTIOLH TO THEIB TRADB, It Belle very rapidly, and ie the most economical article ef diet for the officer? mess. It ia prepared in one minute, and makes a most delicione Soup or Chowder. It is highly recommended by Arm Surgeons. The profit? are large. ?. A. DOWNING A 00., Manufacturers of Concentrated Food No. Ill Bast 18th et., New York. For Bale by BARBOUB A SEMMES, Bole Agent?, ?6? Louisiana Avenue, ?e 1- ly Washington, D. O k Al E R H A naines. A great variety of BNTIRELY NEW STYLES Adapted to PARLORS, DINING ROOMS, HALLS. ABD CHAMBERS, Also, e.WOYABDS CANTON MATTINGS, 1,000 YABDS FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, Our Mattings are unrivalled in this city, eompri Lug in part the fame n s G owqua brand for parlo Oil Clothe from S to 12 feet wide, adapted to dini rooms, hall?, Ac. Alee? WINDOW SHADES, BRASS CORNICES, PABLOS MAT8, Paper hung by skillful workmen, and all orde promptly attended to. Give us a call and sa from 10 to JO per cent. BIPPLB A PALCONEB? No. 3487th Btreet, between I street and apa-??_Mass, avenus. CLARIFIED CIDEB I ? ' CLARIFIED CIDBBll I have just ?eeeived per schooners "George 8. Adams"and "J. W..'' from Boston a large supply of pure MaseachusetteOLARlFIEDCIDER.which I offer for sale at the lowest market price, in quan titiee to suit purchasers Hotel keepers, sutlers, and all other, in want of a prime article of Cider are invited to call and ex amine this before purchasingelsewhere. RILEY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, 37 Green st., _Georgetown, D. C. MARLBOROCQR S DISPATCH*?, Edited by General Murray. 3 void.,London. Dispatches of Lord Nelson. 7 vois., London. Official Di?patches of the War of 1S12. Memoirs ana Correspondence of Sir The?. Plcton, $ vols London. Col. Frazer'e Letters during the Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns, London. Sir Charles Napier's Life and Official Correspon dence, 2 vols Life and Lettere of Admiral de Saumurez, 2 vols., London. Diary and Dispatches of Gen. Sir Robert Wilsoa, 2 vols.. London. Sir W. Sidney Smith's Life and Dispatches, S Vols,, London. _ . . Cellingwood's Public and Private Letters with a memoir, S vols., London. Wellington's Diepatchee, London. Confederate Official Reports of Battle?. General McClellan'e Report. Barnard A Barry', ??g^ggr TAYLOR. OBPHANS'COUBT. SEPTEMBRE 3D. 1864.? District or Columbia, Codmtt or WAsaiao VOB, to wit: In th? case of Charles I Hawkins, Ad niluistra'or of John Hawkins, deceased, the Administrator aforesaid has. with the approbation ofthe Orphans' Courtof Washington County afore aaid.eppointed 8ATURDAY,the24th day of 8'itrt?m? her next.for the final settlement and distribution of the personal estate of said deceased, and of the assets in hand, as far as the same have been col lected and turned into money; when andhvbere all the creditor? and heirs of said deceased are notified to attend, (at the Orphans' Court of Washington County aforesaid,) with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise bylaw be excluded from all benefit iu ?aid deceased's estate: provided a copy of thi? order be published once a week for three weeks in the Evening Star, previous to ths aaid 24th dsy of September, 18M. ?___,?.__._. Test: T..C. BOBBINS, sep2-law3w?_Register of WIIIb. MAP Of RICHMOND AND BUBBOUNDINO ?aoBnwry, ?bowing rebei^rtJAyU^^aeaW. O*mmmkt?e?wem ~' _ LOOK HOSPITAL. OFFICE NO. T SOUTH FREDERICS -TESETI THE ONLT PBTS1CIAN ADV9RTI9ijfJ Ma* discovered the moat Certain. Speedy. Ml Bfeet-al Remedy Ib the world for ar~^7' ??? DISEASES OF IMPBUD5*fm rS'_? ****""' tfoT^fiintf Tenone Ruined b?; tgnorent Pretenders, flf tu Deadly nelson. Mercury, should apply " immediately. A CURE WARRANTED OR NO OU ARG M IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. Weakness of tbe Back, Involuntary DlssharMg, Strictures. Affections of the Kidney* and Bladder Impoteney, General Debility, Nervousness, Dre Dimness ? Throat, l-,.,?? ,-? .?, -..r Lungs, Stomach or Bowels?these Terrible Disor anticipations, rendering marriage. Ae., im____ ble. ??r YOUNG MEN Especially, who have beeooie the vietimi of Soli tary Vlce.that dreadfnl and destructive habit whi__ annually sweeps to an untimely grave thousand?of Yonne Men of the mo?t exalted talentami brilliant intellect, who might otherwise ha?-? entranced Hj. teninir Senates with the thunders ef ?Inqueues or was ed to extacy the living lyre, may eall with fnfl confidence TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. These are some of the sad and melancholy sffeete produced by early habits of youth, rii Weakn^M of the Back and Limbs, Pain in the Head Dimne?? of Slsht. Loss of Muscular Power. Palpltationof the Heart, Dyspepsia. Nervous Irritability p*_ ran_.e:nent of the Digestive Functions, General Debility, Symptoms of Consumption, Ae. M ?utility.?The fearful e Stets on the mind am much to be dreaded?Loss of Memory Confaste? of Mea?. Depression of Spirits. Evil Forebodings, Aversion te Society. Self-distrust, Lovs of Boll? tad?. Timidity. *_ARRU0B Mamtd Fersons, or young men contemn I Atlug marriage^aware of Physical Weakness, Organi? Debility, Wasting of the Organa, -?fermiti?!, Ac, should apply immediately. He who places himself under the ears of Dr. J, may religiously confide in hia honor aa a gen tle maa; and oonfidently rely upon hia skill ss a Physician. ORGANIC WEAKNESS, TMPOTBNCY IMPEDI MENTS TO MARRIAGE By Dr. Johnston's marvelous treatment, Weak? ness of the Organs is speedily cured, and full vtgot restored Thousands of the most nervous, debllV tat ed and Impotent, who had lost all hope, have been immediately relieved. All impediments to marriage, Physica? or Mental Disqnsiif-cations, Loss of Procreative Power, Ner vous Irritability, Tremblings, and Weakness, eg Exhausrl-n of the most fearful kind, speedily cured. DilJOT?NSOt* Member of the Royal College of Surgeon?, Loa? don, (. rad nate from one of the most ?minent Col leges ?n the United States, and th? greater part of whose life has been spent in the hospitals of Lon? don. Paris,Philad?slphis and elsewhere.has effected some of the most astonishing cures that were ever known; many troubled witb ringing in the head aud esrs when a?*!eep,great alarmed at sudden sound?. ba*hfulne*sl with frequent blushing, attended sometimes with derangement ef mind, were cured immediately. YOUNG MEN who bave Injured themselves by a certain praetloe indulged ia when alone?a habit frequently learned from evil companions, or at school, the effects ol which are nightly felt, even whea asleep, and, if not eared, readers marriage Impossible, and de stroys both mind and bedy, should applv imluedV atelv. What a p< ythatayeusg man, the Bone of "n'a country and darling of nie parents, ?botili be snatched from all the prospects and enjoyments et life by the consequence of deviation from the path of nature and indulging in a certain secret habit? Such persens must, before contemplating MARRIAGE reflect tbat a sound mind and body ?re the most necessary requisites to promote connubial happl ness indeed. Without xheae the Journey through life become? a weary pilgrimage; the prespecj hourly darkens to the vt?w: the mind become?. shadowed with despair and filled witb the melso? eholy rebections that the happiness of another la blighted with our own. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the misguided and Imprudent votary of pleasure finds he has imbibed the seeds of this pain? ful disease. It often happens that an ill-timed sen?) of shame Of dread of discovery deters him from ap* plying to th?.se who, from education and rasp?ete? bility can alone befriend him. He falls iato th? hands of ignorant and designing pretenders, who, incapable of curing, filch his pecuniary substance? keep him trifling month after month, or as long aft the smallest fee ean be obtained, and in despair leave him with ruined health to sigt? over his ?rail ing dissppointment; or, by the use of that deadly poison. Mercury, basten the constitutional symp toms of this terrible disease, such as Affections of tbe Head. Throat, Nose, 8kin, ete., progressing with frightfal rapidity antil death puts an end to his dreadful sufferings by sending him to that un? discovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns. OFFICE 7 SOUTH FREDKRWK STREET, left hand side going from Baltimore street, a few doors from the corner. Fail not to observe name and number. *_ "No letters received unless pest-paid and eon? taining a stamp to be used on the repiy. Persona writing should state age, and send portion ot ad? vertisement describing symptoms. The Dr.'s Diploma hanes in his Office, INDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. The many thousand oured at tbis establishment within the last twenty years, and tbe numerous important Surgical Operations performed by Dr. Johnston, witnessed by the reportersof "The Han'' snd many other papers, notices of which have ap peared again ana again before the publie, beside? nie standing as a gentleman of character andre sponsibility, is a at?Scient guarantee to the f flic ted. SKIN DISEASES 8PEEDILT CURED Ja29-ly _ S ECKET DISE Asi- I BECRET DI8BA8E8 BAMARITAN'B GIFT SAMARITAN'S GIFT! THB MOST CERTAIN REMEDY EVEB USED _Kk A Positive Cure" for GONORHOJA, GLEET, Si UIC TURES, sie Contains no Mineral, no Balsam, no Mercury. Only Ton Pills to be Taken to Effect a CM*? Tbey are entirely vegetable, having no smell no? any unpleasant taste, and will net in any way in jure the stomach oi bowels of the most delicate. C?res in from two to four days, and recent ca in "twenty-four hours." Prepared by a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the moat eminent Doctor? and Chemists of the present day. no BZFoeoas. ko trooblb, so on ?n.b wbatbvbs. Let those who have despaired of getting cur??. or who have been gorged with Balsam Oops via. OS Mercury.try the SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Bent by mail in a plain envelope. Prioe?Male packages, $2. Female 99, BLOOD I BLOOD II BLOOD II SCROFULA, ULCMRO, SORES, SPOT? TETTERS, SCALES, BOILS, SYPHILIS ?R VENEREAL DISEASES, etc SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICE laoffered the publia as a positive eure. SYPHILIS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, the SA MARITAN 8 BOOT AND HERB JUICE, ia th? most potent, certain and effectual remedy eyes prescribed; it reaches and eradicates every partida of tbe venereal poison, bo that the our? is thorough and permanent, Take then cf this purifying reme dy and be healed, and do not transmit to your pos terity that for which vou may repent in after year? BO NOT DE? ? AIR I Although you may bt pronounced Incurable, the .SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB J?.0E8 will remove every vestige of impurities from tke system, as well aa all the bad effects of Mercury FEMALES! FEMALES 11 In many affections with which numbers of Fe males suffer, t -e ROOT AND HERD JUICES la most happily tdapkd, in Ulcerated Uterus, la Whites, in bearing down. Falling ef the Wemb Debility, and for all complaints incident to tbe sag. Sent by express. Price $1 a bottle, or I botti?? for li. SAMARITAN _ CHANCRE WASH. Pri?e __p cents. Full directions. DESMOND A CO., Box ldl Philadelphia Port Office. Sold by 8. CALVEKT FORI?, correr ef Uth and Pa. avenue. HENRY COOK, Alexandria._mayd-tf Y CONFIDENTIAL. __ OUNG MEN who have injured tkemeelvM by oertain secret habits which unfit them for business, pleasure, or the duties of married life; alee middle aged or old men ho, from th? follies of youth or other causee, feel a debility in advance of their years, before plr tag themselv?? under the treat ment of any ont, .hould first read "THE SECRET FRIEND." Married Ladies will learn ?omethiae of importance by perusing "The Secret Friend." Bent to any address, in a sealed envelope on fw? oeiptofTweety five Cents. Address ?14 iy *?'0HAfl?A- flT1 WjgSA %?*? TRIE8EMAR? Protected by Royal Letters Pat? ent ot -ligias ?. and secured by the seals of the Ecole de Pharmacie de Paria, and th? Imperial College of Medicine. Vienna. _.___.: Trieemar No. 1 is the effectual remedy for Relax? ation. Spermatorrhoea, and Kx-austienofthe Sys tem, Triesmar No. 2 baa entirely aupers??ded th? nauseous use of Copar?a, Cubebe. Ao. Trieemar No. S is the infallible remedy for all Im purl tie? ana Secondary Symptoms thus obviating tb? use of mercury and all other deleterious ingrediente. Each preparation is in the form of a moat agi able Losenge. Secured from effects of climate ? ebanf es of atmosphere, in tin $_ each, or four |3 ease? in one for 99, and in VS eases, toss saving f9, Divided in separate doe?? a? adminie tered by Valpean, Ballemande, ????, ?*?._*?. _ Wholesale and retail by Dr. BARROW, No. 194 Bleecker street. New York. ?on ?. ----- To be had aleo of 8. 0. FOBD, No. ????Wl?? eornw llth street. _?art-fax? SAPPINE88 QUEST -TCABI m e*n^??M%ne*Ue*AtoT the .bens?* of suffering umanityj fear of their mort instrueMye nsMlia teresting Lectures on Marriage and ite ?ualiflee t?on?. F?rvou? Debility, ? rematore Define, in digestion. Wwskue??. Depression, or ignorane? of Physiology and Nature'? Law These Invaluable lectures have been th? mean? of enllghiMlne an* saving thou sands,and will be forwarded free on the receipt of four ?temp?, by addressing Secretar? P_rm_n Cabinet of Anatomy and MUietne, *?? Broadway .New York_B_g-_ T1SH WANG. THE GREAT CHINESE REMEDY for HONOR RH?A,GLEET. EU. Obs Box will<>__- A O-bb ? Ingrediente are purely vegetable. It If pleasant to th? taste, has no bed odor, so* may be carried in the vest pocket without toot of Jeteetion. Circulara free. Prieefiabox. ?old by OHN J. K10MSR, successor to 8.0 ?Bham.409 Chestnut st.,Philapeiphia, aad In Waal.Ington by B. 0. FOBD. 9*6 freaD-y-'ania ??eiae ??**? Kail 1* Hwy

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