Newspaper of Evening Star, 9 Eylül 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 9 Eylül 1864 Page 1
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?ltXM #tar. V2?. XXIV. WASHINGTON, D. C FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 9. lcS64. N?. 3.598 V? aaJ??SE-JJ-NTSl CANTERBURY HALL. MUSI? JCANTBBB?RY HALL.I AND BAL L?CABTBBB?BY HALL.{THEATBB LOCIBIABA AVBBVB. _______ .____ Near Comer ef Siseth street. Rear ef Nattonat ama Metropolitan Hotel?. _ _____ w B. CAVAB?roB-eR_n?t ???_? Louis 8soLLOsr-? ? ? -?~f~in_?_!_?? J?ii?i Ear?TA.Musical Director WMMINCBMBNT_OF_THB FALL AND WIN BNTIRILY NEW COMPANY. TBB LEADING ABTI8TBS IN THI PRQFES SION. In eeemenciag another se?s in, the Proprietor would beg mo?', reepi-ctfilly to inform he public of Washington and vicinity tbat N0PAIN8 WILL BB SPABBD ON HI8 PART in catering for the public taste, and tbat h?haa al ready effected engagements with PR0M1NBNT ABTI8TB3, who are will known in the business, and who will be broaght before the public iu RAPID SUCCESSION. To? succ?s? that baa attended tha CANTERBURY, under tbe preesnt management, stands UNBURPASSBn in THB HISrOBY OF THE AMERICAN STAGE. The public can rest assured that no ?tone will be I? ft unturned by th ?-present proprietor, to increase the popu arity and retain the prend title which the establishment has already won, viz : THE MOST POPULAR PLACE OP _-???_.__ AMUSEMENT IN WASHINGTON. where the patrons ean rest assured they will always find COMPORT AND BKSPECTABILITY COM BINED. THE GANTSRBUBY will always have THE BE.?? VOCALISTS. THE BEST ETHIOPEAN COMEDIANS, THE BEST DANCERS and the greatest variety ot performers of any place of amusement in Washington. "COMPARISON 18 THE SUBESr TEST." So compare our programme with tbat of any place of amusement in tin- city, ?nd you will find that THE LONGEST, ??? MOST YABIBD, AND THB MOST ATTBACTIVB of any place of amusement in the city. Maiarin said wisely, "Show ms the man that never laugfcs, and I'll show you a tit companion for th? beast? o f the Sold." ?A HEALTHFUL MIND 19 ALWAYS MIRTH. FUL " were th? last words of Gri oal i. And that Buch is the maxim of our first men now a day? may be seen in the fact of our M rchan4?. Bankers, Bro ker?, Editor? and Artisans, turning asid? from th? turmoil of ?very-day life, to REVIVB THE MIND. BNLIGBTEN THE HEART. BBOUPBBATB THE ENERGIES, BBFBB8H thk BRAIN, AND FEAST THE SOUL. THE GREAT CANTERBURY. EYBBY NIGHT THIS WEEK, Will inaugurate the PALL AND WINTEB SEASON STUPENDOUS COMBINATION. GR^CE. WIT AND BEAUTY. LBA'S NEW OKLEANS COMBINATION, LEA'8 NEW ORLEANS COMBINATION, LEAS NEW ORLEANS COMBINATION, LEA'S NEW ORLEANS COMBINATION, LEA S NBW ORLEANS COMBINATION, LEA'S NEW" ORLEANS COMBINATION, forming the LARGEST COMPANY OF ARTISTES LARGEST COMPANY OF ARTISTE8 LABGB8T COMPANY OF ARTISTES LARGEST COMPANY OF ARTISTBS ever seen in the Capital. NEABLY EVERY PERFORMER A BRIGHT PARTICULAR STAR. Thi? Great DRAMATIC, OPERATIC, PANTOMIMIC, ?nd TERP8ICUOREAN__ COMBINATION, i? composed of the following CONGBB8S OF ARTISTES: First week of the unrivalled Danseueea and En? ?hanting Beauties. Misses CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLEB, CLABA AND MILLIE FOWLEB, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER. CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER. CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLEB, CLABA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, who will have th? honor of appearing in the mag nificent Spanish Ballet Divertisement, arranged by Mons. Szullosy, entitled LA MAJA DB SBYILLA. Isabella, tbe belle of Sevilla?..Mie? Millie Powler Don Bazili??,a Spanish Priest?_ Mon/.. Szolloey Fernando_?-.?-?.Ella Wesner Antoine_.??-Mary Gardner Pablo_.Mis? Viola Felix-.-1--..Mary Coulson DANCES INCIDENTAL: Invitation Grotesque. Miss Milli? Fowler and Baler? de Cadis. M -?es Ella aud Mary Wesner. La Salero, Mis? Clara Fowler. Cachuca et Zapateado, Siisi Millie Fowler, all the characters,and the corps de ballet. THB BOQUET OF BEAUTY, consisting of SiAteen Young Ladies, TO NIGHT. DELEHANTY AND WABD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AN ? WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WABD, Th? acknowledged Champion Clog-Danccre of the Wi?rld. Wim AGNBS SUTHERLAND. AGNES SUTHERLAND, AGNES SUTHERLAND, AGNES SUTHERLAND, AGNES SUTHERLAND, AGNES 8UTHEBLAND, The Scottish Nightingale. The Burnt Cork Brigade i? under the sipervi ?ion of that Prince if Ethiopian Co?ediane, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MCLLIGAN. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN. and embraces the names of some of the best per? sonatore of negro character now performing. MISS 8ALLIB SUN?EBLAND. MISS SALLIB 8UNDEBLAND, MISS S?LLIB SlNDBBLAND. MISS .-ALLIE SUNDEKLaND, The unrivalled Balladist and Operatic Vocalist. BILLY EMEBSON, The great Song ani-Dtnce Maa aud original "ACTIYB BOY " W. ? CAVANA',? The ever-popular Comedian aad ^-.-entric Vocalist J. J. DOUGHERTY, ? ?rsatile Act<?r and l'__*. uiimist. J H.TAYLOR. Negro Comedian and Banjuist. II W. WILLIAMS, Comecian aud Versatile Act r. SIG. HEXB1CO. Herculean Gymnast. JOHN BEBDEN, Negro Comedian and Jig Dancer. BOBERT HALL. Negro Delineator and Comedian. The wh? le forming an OVERWHELMING CONCENTRATION OF TALENT, all of whom will appear in a mat-moth entcrtaiu ment. A LAUGHABLE FARCE. A COMIC PANTOMIME, A CHARMING BALLET, A FUNNY AFTERPIECE, and a pleasing diyertiaament of tONGS, LANCES. ETHIOPIAN ECCENTRICI TIES, Ac , Ac. The first popular FALL MATINEE will take place on SATURDAY AFTEBNOON, SEPTEMBER 10. SATURDAY AFTBRNOON, JsAi'T-.MHKR IO, ATrRDAY AFTBRNOON, tsBPi EMBER lt>, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SEPTEMBER 10, ? ATLRDAY AFTERNOON, rEl'TEMBER 10, 8ATUBDAY AFTERNOON, SEPTEMBER 10, whtna ?pecial inaugural will be presented,ar ranged exprei-s,y for LADIES AND FAMILIES. AAmlsetea ? ?? ????-- _to m Oreh?tra ._ ? ?v?vate Boa??, holding ?ix pereon?___. ? e? Singl? seat?, Parsnette B"xe?. .. 1 00 Ticket? for ?al? at the principal Hotel? and ; tauranta. . _ Door? open at 7 a'dock; Parrbrmsne? ta -snesatgo'?' NOTICE. IMII? STATA..*? 7 3.10 LOAN. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WASHING TON has now on hand, ready for immediate deliv ery, a full supply of the?e new Bond?. Subscribers are requested to present their certificates at Onct and receive their Bonds. Three having money te invest should not lose sight of tbe fact that by investing in this Loan they aot ?nly receive interest, at the high rat? of 7 \ le per cent., but ??mre to themselves th? very important advantage of obtaining, at th? end of t h re? year?. 6 PEB CENT. ??__ TEAR BONDS AT PAR, which aie now worth over 12 percent, preminm. aad which after th? war mu?t n? ??*?? rily ad vane? to a much higher rat?. ftu 24-tf HAMS ABD BBEAKFABTBAOON. ?faroeeri or quality, Ju?t receive 1 and f.,r s*le cheap, by ?ep-J.O-t GEO. G. SMITH A 00.,3ll7Ui?t. LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING? IN THE WASHINGTON CITT POST OFFICE, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER T, 1864. OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED IN THS PAPER HAVING THB LARGEST CIRCULATION. 9W Free Delivery of Letters by Carriers at the residences of owners may be secured by observing tbe following Rules : 1. Direct letters plainly to the street and number of tb? house. 2. Head letters with the writer's full address, in cluding street and number, and request answers to be addressed accordingly. S. Letters to strangers or transient visitors ina town or ?ity, whose special address may be un known, should beraarked in lower left hand corner with the word " Transient." 4. Place the postage stamp on the upper right hand corner, and leave space between the stamp and direction for postmarking without interfering with tbe writing. A request for the return of a letter to the writer if unclaimed within thirty days, or lees, written or firicted, w:' the writer s fell address across the eft hand ? a of the envelope, face side, will be complied w. ? at usual prepaid rate of postage, payable whe_ delivered to writer. Arneld Lizzie Ames Lizzie Allen Mary Arkwrights ? Allen Sallie Adam* C Inris Ball Sarah ? It-ti ? mm* II Bell Mary A Brown Betty Russell Diana Babbitt Beckie Rogers Lucy Roberts Gust'a R"wley Ge rgia R.wlins Geor'aM Robinson Mis S Karabaugh L A Bar-y Rosetta Barke? Mary O Brisco Mrs C Bandy Lizzie Brown Mary Burk Marv LADES' LIST. Adams Sarah Grant Mrs Patterson ? E Andrews Ella C Gary Mary Phillips Mrs J A Anderson Jenny Green Mary V Perry June Allow Mrs 8 W Green HenriettaPort-r Francis Green Mrs Peck Martha G'vrter Mary A Pin Mary Getting? Rachel Queen Mary GillonMary Uuigley Marg't Grannie Mary M Ryan Katie M :? Goldsmith Mrs Ri-gold Lysa ? Adams Mrs L V Garvy Liszie Rhodes Anna Alexander Ilar't Greely Mary Rome Emma Aisqnitb Char'e Gleason Miss B Ris Mr? Brown Mrs J W Garrett Emma RRicks Louisa MB Brown Mary A Oilman Lucy RobinsonMrs DD Brcwrer Alice Giupe Marg't Reinhard Clem'e Bowling Agnes Galbraith Ellen Brown Jennie M Gainer Emily Beale Mrs M P'trGa'.ety Mary Brooke Anna Gray Miss A Bell Kate A Griffig Eli/a Bruce f*u?an ? Glascow Hettie Gardner James Grundy Mrs iiray Mrs Thor'nRobertson C 8 Horrace Anne Richard Rebec A Banm-tauckAd'eliall Miss Reynolds Rosia Bonner Hannah Hu ss-d Ann E Robinson Nettie Belfast JennieV Hurbet Frances Bicley Sarah Bridgham M'y J Huntington ? ? Russell Miss E Bowman Miss Huzsey Amy Raymond Mrs E Bannermsn M Hilderbrink C RobinsSally Bid,lei Mary J Harris Abba C Robson Matilda II ano a Cecelia Roas Mary Howard Annie EReinVurg Annie Heeox Mary E Rennoids Mary Broidback M'y AHerbert Eli/.a Kos- Mary Basket Mary Holcomp MrsCWRob-rtson Sarah Baikev Sarah A Housman Mary Sigstou Mrs Berry Lizzie Handy Mrs II D Simm? Mrs G 0 Unirei Caroline Harris Surah Smith Anna liarkerCatbar'neHi debrand Cin Stone Anna Baxter Harriet Ilassler Mrs B H So?les Eliza ?-C Howie Betty D Harmon Josie Smith Lizzie A Butler Ann Handy Miss S Smitn Maria J Bank heed Mrs Hammon Debhy Shafer Mary V Barnhoase Sally Hogans Letty Squire Emily Bertera Lucy Hall Kitty Starr Jane Bailey Mary Harris Sarah Schott Nancy Bottler Addie F Henry Margaret Smith Ann M Hayes Lucy Smoot Ann ? Howard Cath'ne Shea Hannah Hurbard Maria Shea Anne Burry Mary Ann Horrigan Mrs J Smith Mrs Geo W Bank? sCath'ne ?"Hartman Kliza'hSmith Lavinia E Bratt i. usan Jennings Mag G Smith Caroline Brown Beta Jackson Mary Sprague Marg't Brown Mrs C A Jackson Misi Stumpb Mrs ? ? Ba-r Sosianna EJordan Mrs JobnS<i.iiire Rosa M Batson Nancy Johnson Edi? Siiiims Delilah Itencil Jennie Jacob Madame Sheppberd A ? Butner Cath'rneJackson M arg t Stocton Mary Bowers Mary J Jones Amelia __heckl?_e Mary Butteri ? Ann Jut nson.MrsJ B-JSpencer Mary A Borton Sarah J.nes Ellen ShermanAug'sta Kelt Miss Johnson Marg't Simmons Mary BoarmanMinnaLJohnson Mary C Steady Sarah Bailer Marthn A Jackson Mrs Sturici s Liszie Coons Julia O Johnson Martha Stevens Bells Ch.-st* Elizabeth Jefers Mary ? Shaffer Angelica Conors Ann 3 Ilemont ElizaG2SimpsonAngilica C* ilds FortunaBKelly Lizzie Shields Kate Clark Lucy 31 Klotabucher C Stori Emily CnmberlsndEJ ?King Miss M A Smith Lizzie ?"a*-ill Hanora MKing Mary S Simms Angelina CbaneyEmma King Mrs OF Smith Rebecca Croghan Bell Ke loe* Mrs ? f Sti--k Laura V Christian C MEVKane Molly Smith Catherine Cowling Mrs W KerrMary S^ott Ann M-2 Connolly Mrs Rally Catherine Mary Carroll Louisa Kelly Mary W Bauoders Emily Christian MrsRCKemp A--elia Smith Laura Coleman Mrs ? Kenner Mary E Seward Anna L Col nor Mi's E AKev-s-ev Mrs Spencer Susan Clements MrsRAKames Mrs Bwitzer Mrs 8 Carpenter Sarah Ke..nerThea<'.o'aBpen'*er Lucy Cubali Virginia Knott Emily Tucker Mary V Chsdbnrne M jCLum nellem M Ti'ly Miss 8adle Clark Ma?? e ?e Leech Mrs ?r P Thorn Mrs C ? Connere Annie AJ Colli-s Agnes Lynch Maggie Collins Sallie Llo>a Mrs ? ? Carrington JaneLane Anna Cronan Bridget Lanib Sarah Conerway Liz7.teLin<'aey Mrs E Drnahey Mare't Lonsbc-S Jos'e bunn Grace W Levingitear ME Turton Mary M Dean Catherine Lawery Sarah Thomas Eliza Drake Annie Lyon Miss FrankThompson R-2 DuuefSusann'bFLathrop Millew Tylor Mary J Dines Mary Lange Mrs John Taylor Henrietta Dense Emma FannyETucker Florence Dezztrrett Em'a Lasure MrsEm'yTeainan Harriet Divirg Mary Lee Kate Town MrsCol CU Dorsey Mary E LineTd Mary Turner Oeorgi'a Dr II in Matilda Le? Nancy Simmons Mary A* Am e 2 Larde Anne G Vanhorn Anne DtniheuMissC Lockey Clarissa Vinson Mrs 11 Davidson Bose ALowis Mary Vansant Cora Dyer Jo_>eph'eL2Lancaster Lucy TJpperman ? E Decker Mary Mills MrsGust'vsWyndham Virg'a Dresse'f-'-rah HMorfe ?arriet J Watson Mary E Durand Elue M n*>el Julia Weis Barbette Davis Fanny MeherMary_ _ Wilt Martha M Davis Nannie J Michel .arali Manin Moliie Ward Margaret Morrison Hellen Ward MrsCaptM Miller Virginia Webb Eli/.a Morton Miss H LWeils J-.-ssic A Emmerich Mary Mirlieel Maggie White Julia A Kebard Loaiaa Monroe Jennie Wheel.t Ann Evana Annio McKnight OliviaWilliams Manag Ragen Kllie McDonald Mrs J Willoughby J f E'lit- Maggie A .. Wallace Miss ? Kngish Mrs'/eptMcMahon Marg'tWillard Alice TisherKate M-2 TweselChlnel Tireney Misa ? M Thompson Mary Taylor Annie Trav?s Emma R Tyler Mary C DePiageMrsC Dodgesfra Dovere Mr? Dr? aning Deteey Day Ann Merry Mrs E R Wright Mrs E 2 Webb Jinny F Emm!eh Eliza Krvis Naiicv Eaton Margt. ? e li art hit ?con tarai? Eskildfcon Eliza Madison 8ar.ih M- lvin Annie Ml vu. Ellen Murphy Mrs Wilson Mi-aC ? Woodwortb E Waring Sallie Williams Elley Webate-CharlHfl Web?ter Mr-i EM Wayson Matil'P Wblttlng Susan' Williams Herica Watson Nellie E Wilson Marion Watson Kate A Murp _ Morf.lan Mrs Murtin Sarah Emmer-cnEua'aMiller IHen Frank Mary L Meehan Roso A French Iza Medlar Harriet Ifriirk- MrcJac'bMalloy Malinda Fogg Mrs Matthews Mrs J Frost Caroline J Neusom Sylvia Felerman MaryBNasLCa'herineAWilli-uiRH.-IluE Prisby Sarah Nugent Sarah Walker Alice FnlleTton Mrs J Odea Mrs L Kitzmiuric? AnnOsbom Miss ? Flood Mrs Wm OHutt Grace Fisber Mrs F W Olxioo Anns Foley Elizabeth OllilfMary C F< ster Lucy A Ogborn Laura French Mary Sarah Feister Fanny Payne Mr* L M Griffin Mrs J 8 Pi ling Joanna Orai Mrs ? L Perkins Minnie Gibbs Mrs A Paul Louisa A i.reen Mary J Peckman JnliaA Young Annie Graves ImmaH Patterton Mrc.JBYoung Harriet Gheen Mary ?GENTLEMEN'S LIST A Ankenny A ? Andrews Eld J Abeam? Andw N-2 AU?*ii Cl as Ak*rs Geo W Ashford Craven Anab??l Dr J A Adams Ohne Andrews Geo G AbbottC F Andrews H C Altaian Chas Ande-ron H Allen Columbus Anthony Jas Adams Chihts Allen Israel WilliamsMat'eE W?_bb Annie Werb Hatty Walker Carrie C Willis Jane Wallace Mandy Worley Eva Werell Mrs ? Weston Mary Walker Mrs Young Roxie AiU-B Cha? L Ambler D J Alto'i Bfaj D _ AlexanderG W Bi-cacceantv Capt A Fetbe A C Beaell Abram Bowens A A Buell A liaker A D Bradsbaw A Buckingham B Hellou Brooks Brumbal BM Rolls Chas l'.la-k Chas BurnsC H Briggs Caswell Blase Caleb BurgessChas Beery LtC A BoutunC D Brown Chas Bri seo 0 Dotier C G Itelcher Chas Bradley CD Brown DH l'.yrn?? Denis Rabere D Durnham D 8 Brown DJ lirisbee Eliab Derlison Eli Duel S B?-bcock E J Brand E _ iurr Frank Baker Frank Boeall Fre<1 Ballanger G F Beaumont Geo BtddisvnG U ?urger Geo ?shop Geo Aley Jeromu Arthur J Andersen J S _? BlakeCol H G Brown H M Bagley H N Breakerson HC Broom** U U All rieh Jas Arno.a Jno Alain- Jo.-i ah Al.-y,, W A.i-ii Mortimer Aukay P D Auley P I) Alexander Robt Alb-mson B & A. is ?:: Tat Aked i'hijs Andre wa W H Bills Capt J M Boyoe Jno Reek Jacob V Bel: Jno 8 Bayer. L 2 Briuhara MsjJO Beemer L 0 Boiler J A t?'.m_t.?l John Harn, 11J G . Brcwnini? J N Brady Hon JE Byer Isaac 3 Barnes Lt Barbonr L Brown M J 2 Da.riiitz M P Barry M A Brum-ieU N Uagley RB ifl r Burley R H Hell lljri ? - ? \P _-> a i_ sa* *_ ? * %? ?? BenHmin J M 3 Back SleRplai BerkheimJ Bramer Owen Burton Jas P Baker O 8 Braiy Jobn -lenc.ard P BaiK> Jno 2 Bmder Dr P BaumaunJno Beud?*r f?ter-1 BaiLvy JuB Byrum Col Brad-yJaaY Ruel Jas Barth olow J N Itrestiaban Brick Col Sam Burton J W HrenielLt Itradley Jno R Hru ? Col S D Fblden J?e Br-eison Sam Bickel Jas V Bell 8 Burton Jas P J BowenSamB Barett Jno Rrown ? A Barber JJ Bird Thos R HajleyJos Ku.kley Tiro Barelay J M Bo,d Theo M Barber JA Blunt Win ? Bromley Jno Bru.ii W J BarhnCapt JW Bay ne W H Brysons Jas Buskey J Baker J Brigham J Q Bedford J G Bum? Jno 0 Br?wa Jas Bearne W S Boyer Wm A Bender Wm Bradley W F Baker Dr U F Bennett W H-2 B__?.r-ft W N Barret Geo Burroughs G F Brooke G A BrynerGeo W Brimbleeam H Boyd Jno Boyle Jas Burke Jas F Barnes J W L Bledsoe Dr W-2 Banion Wm Bradshaw WH Larron Wm ChandlierAlbertCutler ? W Crandell M G ?laten Geo F Clark Dr G C Chester Geo Clark G W Carvajal A L Cunningham Cox Andrew Cridger A Cady Chs C ChamberlainCN ?ruit Henry Collins CC Carn.ll Chas Clare 0 Coleman Chas Cove C 8 C< ?fin Chas Casaday Chas Caufman Mani CampBevDrNW Carcpbell ? Clear B L Catherel Robert Carter Capt R Clapp Otis Cernon Hugh Carpenter 8 M CrorTord Henry Cole Saml R Chamberlain Lt ColemanSpencer H S Craig 8 M Covert 8urgJ M Camp S ? GonleyCapt Jno Clapp S O Campion Jas Colman Saml M Cleveland Lt C D Collegan Jas Cook Lt Theo ? Carr Capt CruneC ? Coventry Cspt CB Crotier Chas Cameron John 0 Cook Theo ? Cashman J ? Coch John L Creterler Jes Cnllian John Cormwell Doug Coppenhagen J Crow ley Denis ?oleman J ? Cambie D C-2 Curtin David Cornwall D Cambie D C Carrey DP C. U man Edw Coi.ard Elbert ChelinaE Cantei J ? Casgrove JH Corner J?? Courtne .'.?* Curtin Joan Clark Joseph ?"'.ai k Jus ? Coyle J II Cranston Bsrl 8 Clark J Jr CollierCol ??-.? Clouse Jacob Cochran Capt F Camp John-3 Cook Geo S Cummins JA Cupper Geo S Cox Hennard Cereghino G Crouse Mar Crew G T Conover M C D Draper Alex H 2 Dorrsnce J L De Bel ?raw De lev ie J S DepceAbm D?ble Jona Delter Artemus De Figaniere Daniels Albert ComJC Denses A W Denty John Davenport C DarrO W DsrrahC G Dun Chas Daries Prof 0 Denars Capt E Dorsey John Dunn Jas Denny Joseph Bestem John Doughty JaeR Dibble John J Derrick Edward Dickson J ? Dickini ? A Dicnin J R Douglass Fred A Dunn John Ditton Francis Duke John Depra F Dana Jas Dhv?s Franklin Dow Lorenzo Di.lafT Geo Darraw L ? Dorn Geo M Davis Lee De Ray H W Darraw Louis DelainarternegeDickinson L B Dawuey Hugh De Pu y II W Davidson J B Devreux Jas Duty Jno ? Edson Alfred Elliot Alex Eberling Rev A Ellis David 2 Emet Capt F Elfing F L ???_;??? Geo Ebbetts Geo Sighing G U Elliott Rev G Early Gilbert Fowle A 8 Flagler Albert Fairfall A Foley ? J Flinn C ? Krankhouse C KFitzbugh J C Finley John Devaugbn LevinDowning W Du ? fcee L Dixon Wm. Clington Dr Y O Con ray Thos Corney Jame? Cammack Wm Cole Wm H Clark Wm 0 Cutch Wm Cerk Lt ? Ceman Wm U C^arwin Wm Condon Wm A Copley Hon W H Cutting Wm W Coniley Wm Clifford Wm CroolvCaptWM Campbell Wash CipleyHonWC-2 Culbert Wm Cutting Ma] W Dulvoiee M A Dunneli Ci.lMH Dudley Peter S 2 Delgert ? Dewar ? H DakendorrTR Dungan R H Dyson Bev R H Dupuii Tho? D ri scoi Dan Dickens Sumner DealingCapt S Dunan Capt S H Duncan 8 H Dyer Thoe G Dodge Thos H Doll W B Dews Wm J Dia? Wm Dykeman W R 2 Drurey Walter Dutton W H H W Duncan Lemuel Dougherty W 0 Dean Matthew Dempaey Wm Doty Mr Doors WC SB Eastman ? ? Edwards ? Eiigrem Jas E1I?B Jno J Elliot Jm> Edson J ? Emmi-rich J Eugi'em James Eilt? John ? Ellis John Flaherty John Flemming Ja? Fulmer Jos Furgerson Jesse Famngton J Fitsch Chas Fuller C C Fulmer D FyrTeCol ? ? Flower Geo W Farr Geo Furnace F'klin Fernald Cap G Puller Cap G W Field Mansell Freund U Fabback ? ? Fairchild John Fullalove Jas Field John V r legge Ja? Fisk Cap J L Fuller LF2 Fish Merritt A Gillin Andrew Gray Amas? Gibson Col A A Gross ? Gar.Ine? C M Gregory Chas GlagettChasF GriggsS U (?arden Davi? Gerrill David ?lnrney ? A Gallagher ? ? G ray Gilbert Godden G H Hriffin Capt O Gnexrelinir G G lick II Gilland J ?a Gilson J Guvenator J Griffin Jno S Georga Julius Garber Jacwb Getting Jno II Gul'ck James Griffin Capt J 8 Grcyson Capt J GedneyJ ? Gittmartin Jno Gilchrist J Gutnsm Capt J Gray Lt J G Gouls Cant Jas J Gregory CaptLB Grant Lewis Gaind Lewis Elben Levi Elleadh Lelch Edwards L 3 Evens Robert Elcenter Sergt Evan ? ? Eilet Thomas Enterline W C Edwards W A Elwell W R Freeman PeterE Fielder ? Foster ? S Freeman CpRP 2 Fowler 8am ? Frazier Sam Finegan Tim Furs' A Weinbug FaulkerWH Ployd Wm Forbes W ? Fagan Wm Parish W F Fugett WII Forman W ? Freeman W ? Gisse Mr GilbertACoMS2 Gil? Orson Gilloven Rich"?! Griffith Rev 8 R Grandy S Garner SL Giilpin 8am 1 H Gaarthruise TP Gammel Jacob Grant Sergt WP Gibson Wm Gaoong Wm Griffith WR Oornflo Wm A G lend y Com'? WmM Gulick Wm W JES Haden Dr A D Harrington C Hastings A C Hammuck Dr Hedge Asa Hartum Dani Holler Anthony Haering David Hier M A Hemp David Henson Andw HollowayCptDS Horsman J S HammonCptAR Hodges Hon ? Harris Isaac Henry Albert Harr 8 Hanks AW Hartshorn ? ? H?rtung A HaWkesEG Hodges Col A G Heliin C G limiter ? W Harrison C F nartsC Hau-ellOW Henry Chea Ileany Fred HubliareGS Haswell B Hodges U Hall LtA A Harri? Jno Hartman Jao Hendlen J F Ilinkle J M HadyJasH HowellIO Howard Joe Howard Cpt J M Hollenbucher C Hardwick GP-22 Hudy J O House Chas Hill Chas C Householder C Irberg J 8 HallidayG C 3 nercules G W Hall Geo I?J Jewell W B Iugersoll JohnBJeiTr'ies Dr B F Imerry John IdeL Irveine Jerd Aleee Johnson ASH James A C James C E Jones Conner Johnson D D Jackson Malby Jenkins Henry Jameson J B Johnson Alfred Jenkine John J? n?s Alfred Johnson Adam Junes Adol J Ktox A R Kirk A W King A KuppLt A J KiniballCols Kennedy C A Keys Gen'l SD Kern E II Kulb Edw'd Kan?; Edw d Kennedy Thos Keag Fred er'k Kahlert Fred'k Jameson J H Johnson Rev JR I?ham A E Harrington J S Hanmort J W Hall Bev Jas Jewet John Johnson Jas R Jones John Wm Johnson Perry Jasselyn Robt Jackson Richd Jones Dr S W Jones Saml R Jackson Win Johnson Wm II XL Klinck Capt G K ing J B Kinny Henry Kelch Nicholas KennedyDrHK2 King Peter Kennedy ? H Kernen Jas Kennally Jas Krebbs John L Kennett John Kelly Jno Kelly James M Kelly Jas Kinsley Jacob Kelley Jos Kettler Fred'k 2 K impie J A 2 Kramer Geo Krauft Geo Ketcham G W Kenniston G ? King John 2 Knapp IIonJG 2 King Riifus Kemp Robert Kraft S H 2 Kelly Kennedy Col S 8 Keitty Thos KalbfusTB Kohlseisin Ter etonee Kolieis*e ? King Win Kuhns Wm Kama Wm Kin--'and Capt Knight W J Liner Annte Lsdue Abram Leibold A Leai'erbush A Lewis Areby LieVman Livingston C Larsell Chas Livingston C W Lippe H Lee Cspt C H Little J H Lease A Co Lawrence J H Letzenb?rgBW LontagJno Lee EL Lorin^ ? B Lo??mie Ezra MS la Labounty Geo Lenbrook G H Looming G ? Laitue Geo T Larkine H D Le? H A Lannan H B Limon Harvey Kearney Wm LuckenbackCapt L Loom is A May hew Lohmann L-2 Link Mick Lucas Capt ? ? Law es Peter Langley ? A Ludwig ? Lombard R Legrow R ? L&Mountain ? Lormor ? O I.alley F ? Li n o ir ? Frank l.owe F A LeavenworthColLencyMaJ 8 II Lt-ndergon JR 2 Law reo so n S S LurenceRev J F Lemon Sam Lei Uli?-111 Lewis Jno ? Lerward J D Lynch Jno Luck Isaac LetournonPWV? Long Isaac Land Geo Laskey Wm McCue A McColl Alex Mahew A L Mills Alfred W Merrill A ? Mathews It ? Monne BenJ McNameee ? McOown Bart McCawleyCG McLaughlanCA Metcalf John IcCurdy Dr C L Martin Ja? S Lane LtS C Lambert Sam Lambert ? A Leonard T J Lake W A Lum Win Luiuinus W W Lee W E M McCormick Jno Murphy Lt ? ? McNeil John McNalley Peter McCormick Jas MuBugh Pat McMurdyJohn Mulville Pat McConigal Jno Miller Peter McGlathery.1 Minohen Pat Mclivaine J U Murphy Peter McllughJohn Milne Robt MoNerhennyJnoMcCaun Rnbt Martin Ja? ? McCi Mueller Chas Morgan Jae ? Mitchell Cha? G Murphy John MaitinCM Mead C O Mesier Clarke Miller C Mullican C W ??: ? so n DO Murphy Dan Miles D( cold) Mitchell D W Mumon Dani Morris D MiIgrathD ___ Mscomber E C Meak Bdw McGovern F aiurpny, Mitchell J ? Moran Johu Mahon John Mngoffin Capt Mantford Jae MiddletonCaptR Morrow RC Morris R ? McCormick ? 0 McBride Sol Millard 8am McCraekeu 8am Monroe Spencer McKenn S M Miles Sam A Morrison S H Metcalf Oapt JH Maie Dr 8 H Miller John Murray Thoe G Morton John Murray T C Murray J R MeCurraiekThos Merritt John McConnell ? W Mae'ayJobn Man Thom Moorhead J M Morrison ? ? Miner Joseph Murray ? 2 Moores J C-3 Markier ? S Mitoheil W Musson CaptWA Merton Frank Murphy S MajM Morgan Wm Maxwell Geo Met M A McClay Wm Morey Geo T BJilbnrn M Morey Lt W C McIntyreColGF Meyer Moritz Maloney W J McCormick Geo Meger M W McMaiter Wm Mulini* G?o McGnnigell Mr Maze Wm Meredith M Morse Cspt F ? Meore John MarvingFrankeMcCerd L A MottG McAully Wm Medley ?_? __ Mason Matthias McCulloughW H Middagh Geo M Magnir? Mr Myers WH MuIIkbGD Mills Marsh Mitchell W ? McMelUn LtG F McDonald M Mason Herman Martin ? H MilHvtHS ??"trQ__ Miher Henry Moran Owen ?? Nettle?on AlbertNigh Jno W Nolen Charlar Na?gle Joseph Kevin DRB Neal Mr Neal E L Newmeyer A Noia? y G W Hortou Mason Marshall WS Miller W H Morton W J Nutt ? ? NicbolB Robt ? ye Sam ? ith Thos NeebyWB NaylorG R Nawarro Giova Nutte W Odgerly Austin O'Neil Edwtt Odell Jacob Ow-ns Ja?H O'Berne Maj J O ConnerJ O O'Brien Jno NelBonmedge BrrNicholeonW H ? orten M H Newel Dr W A Nicholson N A 2 O-Q O'Connor Jno O'Neill Jas ?i'H allo ran Jas O'Brien Jas O'Dtd McM OtlipMahlon O'Neell Thos Ormay Wm Quinn Jas ? Quinu Jas Quinn Jno 8 Quieksail S C Palmer A Painter J H PorlettBenjJ Pearsons Jes ? Power A Barth Pandley Joseph A Co Perry ? A Phelpfl C H Parry C H Proctor C 8 Peicival D Pope David Parnelie E E Painter Joseph Philips J Perkins J M C Porter Jas E Petti lohn Jas ? (-.palus Joseph PeughJ C Pruett John Partridge Geo WPayne Robt Palmer G?? D 2 Peek Jno W Peterson Geo ? Patch Jno Park? H W Price H W Py'e Henry Parker Dr H Potter J ? Reynolds A Ramsey Alex Richardson AS Pulmely J ? Pugh J C Porter L ? Porter LtCol Parker L JEt Rilley Hugh Rogers J M Rieredon Jno Roberts QenB S Rutter John Rice ? ? Russell Jno Rabitt Chas F Rariden J S Roberts Chas A Rickaugh J Riterson David ReyerJnoH Reynolds ? Rice Jno S Rice Alex RourkeJno2 Ross Frank Reddelien ? Raies Franklin Rowe Jno M Richards Geo Roll Jacob J Rose Geo W Rauch Dr J H Robey Cap G W Rose Jae G Richardson G H Rank Jno A Richard Henry Rodrick Lewi? Rase Harrie H Rebberson Mr Robinson H Ploeger Louis Pitcher O Wo* Palmer Dr 0 Plane ? J Pelignet Peter Pensine Peter Pywell Robt PolleyRG Prince Robt Piles Sam Paul S ? Porter ? Parson ? ? Parson ? C__ __ Parker W H-2 Plummer W A Purnell Wm Perry Wm Porter W C BeillyM Rose Mr Beiger Moses Roberts M S Rogers N F RichardsonCptN Ringer Obed Reis Peter Runyan Philip Reed R B Riggs Romulus Roades T B-aehThosP BeadingWrn Ribbey Wm B Romson Wm H Radie Wm T Reed Wm Scett Capt A ? Strobel Alois Stevenson Alf Studenroth A Sampson Alf M Sailer Aug Sulivan Andw Steiles Anthony Smith Charle? 8cheflers Chas Sweet Chas H Severance C R 2 Stade Fred Singer F A Scofiela G B ieward Georgs Sheldon G ? Simpson Geo ? Snow George Scott George W Sherman ? ? Simpson G W Bchenck CaptG Stilwell Geo Saaford H ? Sten? Henry ? Seymonre II M Been tu Horace Swan Henry Smith Hsrry Sawyer H II Schute Heinrig S? oville Chas Springer Cha? 8 Smith Charles Sniffen Culver Stevens C ? Sherman C ? Smith Daniel Shillock D G SafferdCapD J Taylor A D Tyler Albert Trodden Adam Thompson O C Tolle? Lt Col C Thompson C Thompson Chas Tucker C U Travis Dr Tilden Hon DB Twine Edwd Tillman Edw Thompson E J Tooker E Thompson E Tucker F M Tilden Frieby Tanner F Tbompcon F A Taylor Geo Urner Henry ? Upham John Vanthorr.e C A Vernon C L ? ? eck Cap D ? 2 Vandusen E A Sullivan Locke Shipley Moses Seymour Myran Supernantt M bhauer M Smith A Scueey Reverend Saeders Bdw ? Sime? Edward Shorter Edw Sheldon Eli Smith Early Sweet E J Smith FII Stafford Francis Schafler Milton2 Sautters Fred Smith Martin L Shuster Mei Stone Major Simons Noah Soniers Philip SheldorrsFolee fctreb Henry H malle > Jas E Spencer Jo? S Stilwell Jos Spencer J D R Sel lar Sergt J S Swingle Robt D Sullivan John Stil Iman S C Stoatard John Stanford 8 ? Simpkins Julius Swick Saml M Skinner Jos Sanders .-'arni Sheppard J E Sealond Steph Simpson James Smith Sergt S ? Sexton J ? Saunders Thos Stimson John M8tead Timothy Senborn J W Btohfer J J 8mithJohn Scott Thos ? Skinker Col J ? Suiter Thos W Schmidt J E Stead J ? Shanks Jacks Swift J C Smith Col J C Shute Isaac Shaw John Smith J ? ? Scott J ? Sprague Jas E Sharp James Shean John R Smith Col L W Shut. Lewis ? ? Tucker Geo ? Tapp Lt (1 E Taylor G W Timms G F Titus Harry Tully H Thwing JH Thomas J H Teeter Bev I Taylor J T Stetson Thos D Sullivan Tim Stewart ThoeW Smith W I Strode William Summerville W Smith Walter Bkelton Wm Smead Wm 2 Smith William Sargent W 8 O Slatting W H Stevenson W W Samders Wm H TebbettsMp Trinco Nath Tyson ? E Taylor Nath Teltows Oscar Town O C Titler O U Tha ? A Tra?ner Pat Taylor Riley Tilden Hon M H Ta?lay Robt Tbadbolt Terry Jno Thompson J A Tyler Dr J D Thomson Jas Tretler Jno Tucker I H Teter Rev I Taylor L J YJ-V Viinborn Geo B Vanarsdale Jno Verohen Geo Van Kirk Jas Vachoice Geo L Varnum J W C ^anhyden H G Vincent R W Van Arnurn J WVogel Victor Van Aben J F Vallance Cp WH Trask R II Taylor Sam Triple? T J Todd W D Tolbert Wm ThomasW(col'd) Tayer Wm Tobin Wm Trainer Wm WilliamsMajUB Walsh Martin Walsh M K Washburn M Weaver L Wells WJB Watson ? C Wallach Philip Wehster Park Wait m an Roger Watkins A T Weidler Amos Ware Henry Wetherell Alf Webles ? A Wood And Winane H K Weatmore Benj Whitney H M Wilkinson BC Williams H A Wells Benj B Well Henry Watson CaptCP Wideman J S Wav Chas A Wilson H C Wells Olark-2 WilloughbyJD Ward R H Wright Chas M Wartmaa Jas Waddy R A W rieht 0 W Walker Cyrus Worster C F Wagner C ? Wagner Cent Worthen Chas Williams Cbas White Chas Willard C C WondsideCS Wilkins Dan Williams D Wright Dan W roe ER Watrouee B A Warren E 8 Wales Capt E Wallace Frank Wilson Bev Fatber-2 Whiting Capt F Williams Lt L H nlstrand F U Walker Capt L Wood Geo A Warwick G T WalbridgeGR Wood H C WaysloffJ ? Wheeler Ray Wilson Jas G W.-t Serg S ? Wertge Jno F Wills Saml WtstonJas Wallace SB Williams MajJE Williams 8amI-2 Wine!.rentier J Wayne Saml H Warren 8eth Watrous 8 B WestcottS White Thos H Waters ? ? Wholtstman T West y Thos H Wood W W Waugh Wm A Wall W Wilson Wm Whitmoer WG Walker Wm Washington Wm Walcott W D-2 WilLner W Wallace Wm WeikeUacob 3 Wilson Jas A Williams J M Warnall J S Wittincham J White Jas W Wood John Walsh Jno J Wells Jno A Wing J ? Wyman J ? Woods Jacob R Ward Jno W White Ja? Wood Lewi? Williams LeBoyWatson Wm WiBslow Loais Wilbe Wm Whittington L Y-as Young H W Young Dr J ? Young M Y Yett Seta Yetter Frank Yeas er Dr G W ? o g?t G Misc?i.L?NKorjs.?Black Eyed Curley; The Spir it of tbe Wave; N. G. of Friendship Lodge. No. 12; F. W. O ; Hawthorne; Box 7639 B. E. P.; D. P. or G.H.; B.?110x1093; U. 8. Military Agency; Mis souri State Agent; Warden of St. Aloysius Hoe gital; Consul General of Saxonia; Stall Assistant ur_eon Kinde; Commanding Blacksmith of Keys ville. lt 8AYLE8 J. BO WEN. Postmaster. ?v_e?-e_r-f^??????????-?? L GEORGE FORREST, ATE Quartermaster United States Army, Adjusts Officers, Ordnance, Quartermaster's, and Commissary's ACOOUHTS, 464 Tenth street, au24-lm* Washington, D. C. JAY C'OOKE A CO., BANKERS, PirTBKBTH Strebt, oppositb U. S. Treasdbt, Receive Subscriptions for the NEW ?7. S. T3-10 LOAN authorized by tbe act of June 90th, 13?4. The note? will be issued under date of August Uth, in denominations of 830, 9100. 9500, 81,000 and 9.5,000, payable to bearer or order, bearing interest at 7 3-10 per centum per annum, payable ?emi-an nually, and will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity into six per cent. Five Twenty Bond?, We bay and sell? GOVERNMENT BONDS of all Issue?. TBBASUBY NOTBB. CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS. And COIN, And pay the highest price for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE CHECKS. Jy27-tf_ N~0TICBT0 BUTLBBS.-A double deck BABGB ?ItOtone-in good order, all ready for use, can be honght on reaeenable term?. Sale to close concern. Apply to Capt. ?Jushman, on board Barge "M. Keaneay,*' at Ship- Yard. Alexandria, Vi.; ?r pkin, at Palmer?? Wharf, foot of 11th Tl??V _-7-"?"*_??_G ? ; ?rto ?1*>WWB A Bijwen, No. 1 King street. Alexen <na Va. au 25-tw* to Mr. Lanipkin, at Palmer'? Wharf, foot of'ilth ?treeW Washington.!) G ; orto Flo wens A Bowen,? No. 1 King ?treet. Alexan?tria Va. au 25-tw* MA N~U .? 'B. ~~ M ?7 S ?B?, _ M A H U R B. TH? BEBT "&5Sj^???VBB IN TH? saeanrniS^^ C^n. aVlo^s? ??? *- ? ?*?? * VESSELS WANTBD. ???aUB^^_d^_Sbti^or *? aoM-tf_JOHN PBTTIBONB A CO. SHOW CASES FOR 8ALB__-J0st received eight elegant OO?NTBB SHOW OASES by th? be.t 5E^WinJ??_L___*._ ***** te P. ?J. BELLE W A Co.. 510 7th etreet, three door?south of Odd Pel lo WS* Bau. iraa-tf - TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE CHICAGO MOMIlf ATION. Gen. McClellan'? Acceptance. LHTTKR OF THB ( OMM ITT-K. NEW York, Sept. e, 1864.?Maj. Gen. Geo. ?. McClellan.?Sit: The undersigned were ap pointed a committee by the National Demo cratic Convention, which met at Chicago on the 29th o? August, to advise you of your unan - imcus nomination by that body as the candi date of the Democratic party for President of the United States; and also to present to you a copy of the proceedings and resolutions of the convention. It gives us great pleasure to perform this duty, and to act as the representatives of tbat convention, whose deliberations were wit nessed by a vast assemblage of citizens, who attended and watched its proceedings with in? tense Interest. Be assured that those for whom we speak were animated with tbe most devoted and prayerful desire for tbe salvation of tbe Amer ican Union, and the preservation of the Con stitution of tbe United States, and that the ac complishment of these objects was the guiding and impelling motive m every mind. As we may be permitted to add, that tbeir purpose to maintain that Union is manifested in their selection as their candidate of one whose life has been devoted to its cause: while it is their earnest hope and confident belief tbat yonr election will restore to our eonntry union, peace and constitutional liberty. We have the honor to be your obedient ser vants. [SlOWBD BY THE COMMITTEE.] THE ACCBPTAWCB. Ora?(;b, N. J., Sept. 8, 1864.?Gentlemen: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter informing me of my nomination, by the Democratic National Convention, re cently assembled at Chicago, as their candi date at the next election for President of the United States. lt is unnecessary for me to say to yon that this nomination comes to me unsought. I am happy to know that when tbe nomination was made, the record of my public life was kept in view. Tbe effect of long and varied service in the army during war and peace bas been to strengthen and nuke indelible in my mind and heart tbe love and reverence for the Union, Constitution, laws, and flag of our country, impressed upon me in early youth. Thtse feelings have thus far guided the course of my life, and must continue to do so to the end. The existence of more than one government over the region which once owned our flag is incompatible with the peace, the power, and the happiness of the people. Tbe preservation of our Union was the sole avowed object for which the war was com menced. It should have been conducted for tbat object only, and in accordance with those principles wbich I took occasion to declare when m active service. Thus conducted, the work of reconciliation would have been easy, and we might have reaped the benefits of our many victories on land and sea Tbe Union was originally formed by the ex ercise of a spirit of conciliation and compro mise. To restore and preserve it the same spirit must prevail in our councils and in the hearts of the people. The re-estahlisbment of the^Union in all Its Integrity is and must con tinue to be tbe indispensable condition in any settlement. So soon as it is clear, or even prob able, that onr present adversaries are ready for peace npon the basis of the Union, we should exhaust all tbe resources of statesmanship practiced by civilized nations and taught by the traditions of the American people, consistent witb the honor and interests of the country, to secure such peace, re-establish the Union, and guarantee for the future the constitutional rights of every State. The Union is the one condition of peace; we ask no more. Let me add what 1 doubt not was, although unexpressed, the sentiment of tbe convention, as it is of tbe people they represent, tbat when any one State is willing to return to tbe Union, it should be received at once, witb a full guar anty of all its constitutional rights. If a frank, earnest, and persistent effort to obtain tbese objects should fail, the responsi bility for ulterior consequences will fall npon those who remain in arms against the Union; but the Union must be preserved at all haz ard?. I could not look in the face of my gallant comrades of tbe army and navy, who have survived so many bloody battles, and tell them that their labors and tbe sacrifice of so many of our slain and wounded brethren had been in vain; that we had abandoned that Union for wbich we had so often periled oar lives. A vast majority"ol our people, whether In the army or navy or at home, would, as I would, hail with unbounded joy the penna. nent restoration of peace, on the basis of the Union, nnder the Constitution, without the e ilusi?n of another drop of blood. But no peace can be permanent withont union. As to tbe other subjects presented In tbe res olutions of the convention, I need only to say that 1 should seek In the Constitution of the United States, and tbe laws framed in accord ance therewith, tbe rule ol my duty and tbe limitation of executive power ; endeavor to re store economy in the public expenditures, re establish the supremacy of law, and, by the operation of a more vigorous nationality, re sume our commanding position among tbe nations of the earth. Tbe condition of our finances, tbe deprecia tion of tbe paper money, and the burden there by imposed on labor and capital, show the necessity of a return to a sound financial sys tem, while the rights of citi__ens and the rights of States, and tbe binding authority of law over President, army, and people, are subjects of not less vital importance iu war than in peace. Believing that the views here expressed are those of the convention and the people you represent, I accept tbe nomination. I realize the weight of tbe responsibility to be borne, should tbe people ratify your choice. Conscious of my own weakness, I can only seek fervently the guidance of the Ruler of the Universe, and, relying on His all-powerful aid, do my best to restore union and peace to a suffering people, and to establish and guard tbeir liberties and rights. I am, gentlemen, very respectfully, your obedient servant, G-bo. B. McClellan. Hon. Horatio Seymour, and others, Com mittee. _ SHERIDAN. The Situation Unchanged?Ambulance Trnin Recaptured. Baltimore, Sept. 8.?The American's spe cial correspondent, in a letter dated headquar ters, in the field, near Berrysville, Virginia, September 7, says : ?? In the hurried account wbich 1 sent of Saturday's engagementat Ber ry ville, I erroneously stated the number of our wounded at 300. From official returns It appears that our loss will not exceed 1U0 seri ously wounded and killed. The enemy's loss was very heavy. They are known to have lost tbree hundred in one brigade, and their to tal loss cannot fall short of 500. The rebel General Humphreys was mortally wounded, but escaped. The decided repulse and defeat of the enemy by frenerai Crook's command re flects great credit on Geni-ral Sheridan. Witb respect to the loss of the ambulance train, itap pears there was a sufficient guard furnished to prevent its capture, if a proper disposition had been made of them. They nave, however, all been recaptured with tbe exception of one. Tbe enemy are believed to be encamped In the vi cinity of Winchester. There has been no change in affairs here since my last dispatch." From New Orleans? Nbw Yobk, Sept s.?There is nothing later from Mobile, via New Orleans. Capt. Jewett, of tbe Metacomet, had exploded a torpedo on the sunken Nashville, partially blowing her to pieces. Another torpedo would soon finish her. Tbe Era says it has highly important intelli gence, but dots not print it, it being contra band. Cairo, Sept. 7.?Arrived, steamer Arthur, from New Orleans, on the 31st ult. The steamers Wbite Cloud and Henry were fired into on tbe-?Mil nit, by a rebel battery above Bay on Sara. Gen. McClellan aad the Presidency, Nbw York, Sept. 8.?Oen. McClellan has resigned his commission in the-army. The committee appointed at Chicago waited npon him to-day at his residence, on 3lst street, at noon. A private conference was held, bnt no official communication has been made public yet His letter of acceptance will probably bo published to-morrow. * * Wisconsin Congressional Nomination. Bacine, Sept. P.?The Republican Conven tion of tbe First District has nominated Gen. Hnrlbnt and E. Paine, ol Port Hudson me mory, for Congress. FROM ARKANSAS. Activity of tke Kn*_sy-Rc?9rted Captar? ef Laien Ganbeats. Cairo, Sept K-RepoTts reached Memphi? last Sunday tbat tbe gunboats Hastings and Naorakeag were csptured below Clarendon, White river, and Capt Rogers, of tbe latter, killed. It is also reported tbat another nun brat, name not given, was sunk at St. charles, snd tbat Duvall's Bluff was threatened by a. considerable force of rebel?. These reporta are confirmed through rebel sources from Helena. A cavalry force, nnder Oen. Mower, left Memphis a lew days since for the Wbite river, and an infantry force is understood to bo em barking for Duvall's Bluff. The Little Rock Democrat contains the par ticulars of a recent raid at Duvall's Muff, on tbe Little Rock railroad. Large quantities of Government hay were burned, otber property destroyed, and some damage to the railroad was inflicted. FROM 1UK SOUTHWEST. Wheeler Trying to Escape. Nashville, Sept. S.-The latest intelligent? from Gen 1 Rosseau is that he is dr?vins; Wheeler, who is trying to get across the Ten nessee. We have captured many prisoners and de sertions are frequent. The railroad between Nashville and Chatta nooga will be in running order to-morrow. VERMONT STATE ELECTION. The Opposition Badly Defeated. Mostfblibb, Sept. ?_Sixty-one towns ci-e> Smitb, for Governor, 12,903 majority; Redheld 4,352. Last rear the same towns gave Smith 11,0.0, and Redfleld 4,230. Smitb gains, on the vote of last year, 1,903, and Redfleld 102. Tbe?i * returns indica'e tbat Smith's (majority will b > from 5,i (Wi to '.j?mi greater than last year. Of the 100 representatives voted for, it Is reported that only s Democrats are elected. Farther From Mexico. Nbw York, Sept. 8.?The steamer Ariel? from New Orleans on the 1st, has arrived. Matair.oras advices state tbat a French force of marines had taken possession of Bagdad, at the mouth of the Rio Grande, and it was re ported that a large force of 1,510 landed farther up the river, where, it is stated, Cortina*? would attack them. Tennesiee Union Stnte Convention. Nashville, Sept. 8.?The Union State Con vention here has adjourned site di-?, it passed resolutions favoring the call of a Staio convention, and the immediate abolition of slavery. IH" All who believe that this is a wbite man's Government?that white men should rule it, and that a white man, no matter bow poor or how low his condition, if he lead a moral life, is as good as any negro in the land-? will vote for McClellan and Pendleton, on the white man's ticket.?Daily Newt, Sept. 6. The News has omitted just one word?we supply it, and thns perfect the paragraph :? All who believe this a white-feather man's Government ?that the white-feather men should rule it, and that a white-feather man, no matter how poor or bow low his condition, if he lead a moral life, is as good a_ any negro in tbe land?will vote for McClellan and Pen dleton. on tbe white-feather man's ticket.? Tribune. _ IJ"?" ? loyal woman has written an able paper on the crisis, in which she protests against kill ing off all the men. She says ?_ do not believe in fighting for the country aad flag to the last man; and it seems to me any man is an idiot who talks such nonsense. What would the country be to me or any other woman if mo ?last man' was gone." AM?SEMENTS. GROVER'S THEATER. Pennsylvania Avenue, nesr Willard's Hotel. Leonard Grover_?.?.Director. C. D. Hese_?_...Acting Manager. 8. H. Verney-?.Stage Menacer. Charlee Koppitz_.Musical Director. THIS (?RIDAT) EVENING. September 9, UM. BIN ?F IT OF MB. WM. WARREN. WARBEN COME DT COMBINATION, MB. WM. WARREN. MR. CHAS. BARBON. MISS JOSEPHINE ORTON. MISS EMILY MBST?YER, The performance will commence with THE B1RIOU8 FAMILY. Mr. Wm. Warren..-as?____.. Amiaadab Sleek. Miss Josephine Orton.. as.Widow Delruaine. Mr. Charles Barron_as. .Capt. Murphy Maguire Miss Emily Mestay?>r. as-.Lady Cream;-, To eonclnde with the new faree of DUNDUCK1RTT _. PICNIC. Mr. Peter Dun.uckertr?-Mr. William Warren. Letitia._- ~-~.Miss J ose phin? Orton, SATURDAY EVENING, SWEETHEART S AND WIVES. AND PARENTS _AMD GUARDIANS._ FORD? NEW THEATER. Tenth street, above Pennsylv ania avenue. JOHN T. FORD,-__. -Proprietor and Manager, (Also of Holliday Street Theater, Baltimore.) Stage Manager??._?Mr. John B. Wright Leader of Orchestra-.-Mr. W. Withers, jr. Treasurer.-.?.Mr. H. Clay Ford BENEFIT OF MRS. W. J. FLOBRNCE. THIS EVENING, SEPTEMBER 9, The Performance will commence with the Irish Comedy of IRISH ASSURANCE AND YANKEE MODESTY. To he followed by the Protean Barletta of THRICE MARRIED. To conclude with (by request, and for the last time) the RETURNED VOLUNTEER._ ODD FELLOWS' HALL. FOR THREE "NIGHTS ONLY. MONDAY, TUESDAYTaND WEDNESDAY, the 12th, 13th, and 14th instant. EXTRA ! EXTRA ! LATEST NEWS. R?, m ember HAMBUJER'S GRAND MAGICAL SOIREE ENTERTAINMENT. It is admitted that HE PERFORMS W0NDER8. You all saw the Bills. Look oat for tbe Hall. Admission, 25 cents; reserved seats. 50 cents. Doors open at 7; performance commence at 8 _sep 8-1 w* VARIETIES 1 VARIETIES! MUSIC HALL AND THEATER. (Fronting Penn'a avenu? and Ninth Street.) FIT-SIMMONS Proprietor and Stage Manager. Inaugurati?m of the Fall Season. Entire new Company. Th? very front and fountain of Mirth. Btars. Male and female Artistes of all kinds. Pret tiest Ladies?Sylphs of Grace. Paragons of Beauty. Mirth in abundance; Laughter in volleys; Grand Theatrical performance ; Brilliant Music Hall Show; New creating Great Excitement; Startling Dramatic History; Terrible and Shameful Crimi nal Acts: Heartless Male and Female Fiend??: Life, Death, Mystery, and Crime; Fitz Simulons' Truth Drama, witnessed by over 811,000 person?, entitled Seventh Street Dressmaker. The Union Martvr Girl; Battle of Pines; View of Richmond in the distance; C. 8. Treasury illuminated; Smithsonian Park at Sunset; View of the Long Bridge: The Burning Woman: The Arrow of Death; Washing ton City, Alexandria, Georgetown, and Navy Yard interested; the Whisky Smugglersof the Potomac; Gambling at Smithsonian Park; Secret Mysteries; Ac: Clerks of the War and Quartermaster's De Sartntent. Capitol, Treasury. Patent Office, Post ffice.Politicisns, end othwrsall interested. Every man, woman and child should see it. Also the Great Music Hall Show. The Comic Singer o? the World. Joe Warner; the Ethiopian Monarch. Billy Worrell; the Premeur Danseuse, Miss Julia Chris tine; the Pretty and Graceful Danseuses, Maggie Vernon and Fanny Farraro. Al?o,the following? artistes: Lethe Chandler. Maria Wells, Annie Gra ham, Annie Elluiore, Master Barry, ChaA McGuire, Wm. Frances, Wm. Harris, and the Star Company. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE, 7TH STREET DRESSMAK1R PLAYJD. Admission?15 and 50 cents; Boxes, ?5, se S-ttt* FIO NICS, EXCURSIONS, &c. NOTI C ?.-TheFourth Grand Ball of tho McCLELLAN SOCIAL CLUB sill be given oa MONDAY. September 21, at SEATON'? HALL, corner of 9th and D streets, for the benefit o fu ST. ANN'S INFANT ASYLUM. sept-til & ? HE FIRST GRAND BALL of the BUTCHER'S ASSOCIATION (of Navy-Yard> to be held a?. ODD FELLOWS' HALL, NAVY-YARD, on MONDAY EVENING, Sept 11,18M. Th? Committee pledge themselves to spar? no pains or expense to make this one of the <r__ pb-asantest Balls of the season. _fl Iec_ian g celebrated String Band has ?eenjt_9 engaged for the r.ccaiion. (*-__? Doors open at 8 o'clock. Dancing to commence ateo elocs. By order of th? Committee of Arraesemsnt?. Floor Managers.-?. Youn*. '? Orrton, J. Hai Ion, G. Orsbon. _ .. _.__.. Ballet Master-J. H. QreoB&el*. sep p-3t* PIC NIC-For the ben*at ef St. Matthew'? lu dir School, will ,'?Trh.-enVvGQn'7 esm Spring, Georgetown, on TUESDAY. Seat, ? 13, commencing at 10 a. ?? and closing at a Aa seasonable hour. |*?'UeA*__*bl!io9 ?>u- umWh si? has been engaged,'*" theeccaston. Omnibus-" ?M will run every half hou r for the conveyance of parti?? to the *?7?G wX tho terminus of tho railroad, cerner of High and Bridge streets. Tiekets of admission to the grounds. Gentle? men, ?eente: ladies, ?? cent? ; children, 15 conw. ??* 6-lw_? S .OWEN, _ ? see?*??r to __ ?? OWR1I A BON, _. ? J_*_?*A"T A** Ratai. il -.Pena, aveno?, between I4th an* MU ?tree??, ? WM-inttea.-t.O. mW?.

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