Newspaper of Evening Star, September 9, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 9, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMO8SM1NT8 TO-NIGHT. Gnovea'e Th?atir.-??. Wm. Warren, al ways hippy in bis selections, appears to ? gbt as "Aminldab Sleek," in the '?Serious _ amily." Tbe play Is an old one, but it is always accept able, especially wben in tbe hands of good actors, such as Warren and those who support him. The new farce of ? Dunduckerty's Pie Nic" will conclude tbe entertainment Ford's thsatbb.?Mrs. W. J. Florence is announced as a beneficiare to-night. ..Irish asearan ce and Yankee Modesty." and the pro I an burletta, " Thrice Married," are the plays :> nnoonced. As Mrs. Florence is a general fa vorite bere, and as she is deservedly so, there ?tan be no doubt but that there will be a large crowd in attendance. Mrs. Florence deserves s. good benefit. Let her have it Varieties??*The Seventh street Dressma ker" will be performed to-night again. Fitz Ciminone promises his patrons sensation plays, and there cannot be a doubt but that he gives them. But In addition to the "sensation" there U a good bill of song, dance and Ethiopian ec centricity. Canterbury.?Millie and Clara Fowler, Delehanty and v\ ard, anda large number of ether well known performers are now at Can terbury, and it is an established fact that they do all in their power to please the public. The hall is worth visiting, and the bill for to-night is a good one Union Camtakin Okoahization? G???? of Vnion Men for the Sake of the Union?Bifurcation Healed up.?in pursuance witb a call addressed to "All citi/ene of Washington who profess to ho the friends of the (lovernment and theUnion and who are willing to lend a helping hand towards the election of Abraham Lincoln for President and Andrew Johnson for Vic? Pres ident of tbe United States," there was a large and spirited meeting at Union League Hall, 9th street, last night. Mr. Lewis clephane called tbe meeting to order, and on bis motion Mr. Z. Richards was appointed President pro tern. Mr. Richards, on taking tbe cbair, said tbey came together not as partisans, but as Uncon ditional Union men, laboring for the perpetuity of the Government. [Cries of --Good !" ??That's it!"] They came together not as whige or loco locos, or republicans or abolitionists, and surely not as democrats, [laughter, and cries of "No!" ??No!"] but as T'nion men, willing to work together for the perpetuity of the Union with out "ifs" or "buts." [Applause.] Mr. John B. Elvans was elected secretary 2>ro tern. On motion of Mr. J. T. Clements, a commit tee of five, composed of Messrs. J. T. Clem ents, B. B. French, T. B. Brown, Lewis Cle pbane, and Dr. Schmidt (Charles F. Schmidt, not F. Schmidt) were appointed to prepare a constitution and by-laws. While tbe committee were out Mr. James A. Wise rose to a personal explanation. He wished it distinctly understood that he was ?ot the James A. Wise who was a delegate to the late Chicago Convention. [Laughter.] That James A. Wise was a worthy_young lad, a talented young lawyer of the Washington bar He (the speaker) had been mistaken for tbat James A. Wise, and Judge Bates bad cbarged bim thai day witb being a loco foco, supposing tbat be was the James A. Wise delegate to the Democratic convention. [Great laughter.} He wanted it to be understood that the other Wise was not James A. Wise, dele Sate to tbe Chicago convention that nominated Ir. Lincoln, but James A. Wise, delegate to tbe late Chicago convention, sou ot William Wise, late jailor, a loco foco, appointed jailor because he wa? a bondsman on Marshal La mon's bond. fLaugher, and cries of, "Go it, Wise."] District Attorney Carnngton proceeded to ad dress the meeting in forcible style, lie be lieved the election of Lincoln necessary to the salvation of the country. He did not wish to say anything personal against Gen. McClellan. He bad defended and eulogized bim at the war meeting in front of tbe Capitol, but when Geo. _B. McClellan planted himself upon the plat lorm of Vallandi^ham. Wood, A Co., he forfeit ed all claim to the confidence and respect of tbe American people. Gen'l Carnngton beresuspendedhisremarks In consequence of the return of tbe committee, who reported a Constitution and by-laws for a .Lincoln and Johnson club, the members of Which should pledge themselves to support and abide by the platform of principles laid down by tbe National Union Convention, held in Baltimore, June 1*2. 1864. Tbe constitution and by-laws were unani mously adopted, and a resolution was made to go into the election of officers. Mr. Clephace said they should first come forward and sign tbeir names to tbe roll. Mr. Wise moved tbat subscribers who have not tbe ready money be privileged to pay their 81 subscription within the present month Mr. Elvans said tbat those not paying should put their names on tickets deposited I" the bat. Mr. Wise waited it understood that he had his dollar with him. A large number of persons now gathered about the desk and tb- secretary had a busy time of it for a season receiving names and greenbacks. Among tbe subscribers were the following gentlemen, ?presenting, it will be seen, various ?olitical parties and divisions of parties, viz: #wis Clephane, John R. Elvans, J. T. Clem ents, ?. ? French, O. E. Daily, Z. Richards, Samuel A. Pearson, Ed. Lycett. Wm. F. Ray mond. T. B. Brown, Charles F. Schmidt, (not F. Schmidt of Parker's ball renown,) Dr. Wm. .Boyd, Jas. A. Wise, 7th street, (delegate to Chicago Convention No. 1, not delegate to Chicago Convention No. 2,) Geo. ?. Plant G. H. Larcombe, Win. P. Sbedd, Henry Janaev, Jtt- T. Parker, "G. R. Welsh and wife, 82," Dr. Alfred Thomas, U. S. A , Gen. E. C. Carring ton, R. B. Dietrich, Daniel R. Goodloe. On the ballot for President of tbe Associa tion, Mr. Lewis Clephane received 30 votes, Mr. _eo. H. Plant 16. scattering 3. Mr. Clephane said he would have preferred tbat some otber gentleman had been elected. There was much w ork to be done, and little time- to do it in, but be would promise to do all possible to promote the interests of the repre sentative they had. He trusted they would .have not only tbe co-operation of all present, but of every friend of Mr. Lincoln in Wash ington. It was known to them that Mr. Lin coln was not bis choice, bot Mr. Lincoln bad been nominated by tbe Union Convention by an almost unanimous voice, and it became him (the speaker) as it became every one of them, to stand by that nomination, and do what they could to elect Abraham Lincoln. [Great ap plause.; He regarded ev.ry man who stood aloof to be as great an enemy of the country as are those wbo go for George B. McClellan. [Crie-? of "Good !" " That's so!" " Let's heal np the bifurcation !"] It might be thought by some tbat an organi sation in tbis city would effect nothing, but be could tell them, and those who live here know, tbat tbe Influence tbat goes out from bere is felt all over tbe country. They had here now a class of men it was their special doty to en courage and sustain?the brave men who are lighting the battles of the country. We should make them feel that we sustain them. [Ap plause] The names of B. B. French, Z. Richards, D. R. Goodlee. and Jos. A. Wise were put in nom ination for 1st Vice President. Messrs. French, Richards, and Goodloe declined. Mr Wise also decliued. He had been Presi dent, be said, of one clnb, Clay Club No. 1, and broke it up because be was not aristocratic enough to suit the upper-ten-dom. [Uproar ious laughter.] Mr. Plant was then elected first vice presi dent; D. R. Goodloe, second vice president; J T. Clements, Jr. recording secretary ; Z. Jacbards, corresponding secretary-, J. R. El 1 ans, treasurer ; and Messrs. B. B. French, G. 3.. Sbarrette, and T. B. Brown, executive com mit tee. Mr. Clephane said it was necessary to take -tops to secure a club room. It was important that they should bave night meetings. He bad seen the Hon. Thomas Corwin that day, who was with them heart and soul, and lie bad promised to address them next week. Mr. Wise moved to meet regularly Thurs day nights. Mr. W. proceeded to "pitch in" miscellaneously, and cbarged upon tbe Quar termaster's Department that lt was full of Mc Clellan men. The friends of Lincoln were left out in tbe cold while his enemies were ta ken into his bosom On motion it was resolved to meet on Satur day night. Mr. Elvans said there was no ignoring the fact that they must draw lines. [Applause] lie took it that every man who held office should be required to give his active co-operation. |Great applause.] He suggested tbat tbey would need a Mar bearing the name of their <andldates. Were tbe committee authorized to set one 7 On motion of Mr. Richards, the committee Was so authorized Mr. Clephane said be was happy to announce that their (irr m an fellow-citliens were ahead of them, and had already procured a splendid .lag to stretch across tbe" avenue. A Voice_That's an offset to Parker. Hall I Messrs. Wise. Elvans and Richarde were ap pointed a committee to procure rooms. Mr. Carrlngton cald be wished to submit his views mort* et length at some mere boj table oc casion, butdesired now to submit some resolu tions with a few observations. Mr. Lincoln ____! ___? h" flr*1 ana b*1?1 choice. If he were defeated 11 wonld be considered through the whole civilized world as a faul stab to liberty. Mr. Lincoln bad been denounced as a mon ^r, the author of this cruel war, devastating (he country; but he knew tbat a kinder, more tender-hearted man did not live than Abra i am Lincoln, in bis official and personal transactions with the President he knew mat bishesrt leaned always to the side of mercy. Mr. Lin<*oln. he argued, was really the only peace candidate, and tbernly hope of * per manent peace was In electing him. [Applause 1 ?l#Ct McClellan, and they would nave only a hollow armistice, advantageous only te the rebels, aad we would be plunged again into a civil war yet more horrible than the pre?*.?: one Elect Mr. Lincoln, and in two years we shall be a free, united, happy republic? [Ap plause.l Semethingbad beep said about office holding. For tbe first time in a Presidential campaign he was an office bolder himself, and he felt the embarrassment of bis position. Should he sav a w ord in favor of George B. McClellan, the Democrats would say be was attempting to curry favor with them, and If Mr. Richards here arose and said there was not much to say in behalf ot McClellan, for h>* learned that a despatch had just been read _t tbe Democratic club-room from Augnst Bel mont stating that McClellan had accepted the Chicago nomination, platform and all! Mr Carrington, (resuming )?" Then he has insulted tbe living and the dead. He bas in sulted the memories of the honored d**ad who have fallen on the field, and he has insulted the living by asserrlng that the reb**l soldiers are better and braver than they!" [Loud ap plause.] Mr. Carrington proceded at some length in a fervent style of eloquence, and closed by of fering the following preamble and resolutions, wbich were unanimously adopted : Whereas tbe loyal citizens in the District of Columbia deem it due to the friends of Mr. Lincoln throughout the country, that they should know in what estlmatiou he is held by the people with whom he bas resided for th? last three and a half years, and to the friends of the Federal Union to know how the eitizens ot the Federal metropolis stand in reference to the great questions of the day; therefore, _f?r-*oIrr...Tbat the friends of the Union in this city who Intend to support the re-election of Abraham Lincoln, the Union candidate tor tbe Presidency, assemble en masse at this hall, on next Thursday evening, the 15th instant, at r< o'clock, to give some formal expression of thair unswerving devotion to the cause of the Fede ral Union, and their unabated confidence in the integrity, patriotism, fidelity, and ability of the present Chief Executive Magistrate of the Union. Dr. Thomas, U. S. ?., made some remarks of an encouraging character, in which he claimed that New York city even would pile up a ma jority for Abraham Lincoln, in consequence of the change of feeling there amongst the re spectable portion of the community in conse quence of the terrible riots incited by the cop perheads. Remarks were made by Wm. S Morse, an invalid soldier, who laid down 810 towards buying a flair- and by Jas. G. Jobnson, an emplcyee of tbe Quartermaster _ Department, who cbarged that tbat Department was full ot secessionists. The meeting adjourned witb three big cheers for Lincoln and Johnson. Ml-ll-ll in t?? Fifth Ward.?A meeting of the "National Democratic Association" was held last evening at tbe corner of Pennsyl vania avenue and 3d street (Capitol Hill), Mr. ? Van Riswick In tbe cbair, and B. F. Beers secretary. Mr. Dodge, from the committee on the con stitution, reported the constitution of the old Fifth Ward association, and moved that the name of the association be "The McClellan National Democratic Association of the Fifth Ward." He moved this to take the sense of the meeting, and remarked that it made no dif ference whether the word McClellan was used cr not, for he was their standard-bearer, and tbey were bis. The vote was taken on the amendment, aud it was lost. Tbe constitution was adopted, and the meet ing took a recess, during which over forty per pors signed tbe constitution, among them Mr. Castell, W. A. Mulloy, James Smoot and Jas. Foy. Nominations being in order, Thompson Van Riswick was nominated and elected president. Messrs. Meade, Castell, Thornley and others were nominated for vice president and de clined, and for a time it looked doubtful as to whether a vice president would be obtained. Mr. A. Dodge was however elected. Thomas Wells was elected -d Vice Presi dent, B. F. Beers Secretary, and John W. Mead Treasurer. Mr. Dodge remarked that he was sorry so many gentlemen bad declined the high and hon orable offices, for any office from a janitor up in the Democratic party was an honorable one. This did not speak well for them, but after the 1th of March next they would all be running after offices, ? Laughter.] Dr. Allen, of the 7th Ward, was here intro duced, and he proceeded to address the Asso ciation for abont an hour andahalf. He spoke of tbe Administration as having borne down upon tbe people the heel of despotism and he was glad to see that they intended to submit no longer. The Union Leaguers who were meet ing in their secret chambers, denied tbe right of free speech, while tbey In fact were plotting treason, standing in fact, in the way of restor ing the Union, and yet they called all opposed to them in principle, disloyal. G A voice?They lie like blazes.] He alluded to the several tickets, the abo lition Lincoln and Johnson, the split-off, abortion Fremont and John Cocbrane, and the Democratic McClellan and Pendleton, stating that Cocbrane was formerly a Demo crat, but had left tbe party for the loaves and ftp be?. He however was at Chicago, fawning around, but be was treated as he deserved to be?as a renegade. Others had also left them, (the Democrats), among them Brady and Dick inson, of New York, and had gone over to abo litionism, proving more rabid than any. They were corrupt men, and the party was better off" without tbem. The speaker closed by giv ing a description of the convention at Chicago, and referred to Buchansn, wbo was cbarged witb tbe war, remarking that time wonld come when he (Buchanan) would be respected for his course, and the name of Lincoln detested. Col. Florence was called on, and madeja speech eulogizing McClellan and endorsing the platform. Messrs. G. Callagban, Foy and Meade were appointed a committee on music. Tbe meeting adjourned to Tuesday night next. -??? Dancing Academy.?By tbe announcement of Prof. Marini elsewhere, it will be seen that tbis accomplished teacher of the graceful art of dancing will open his classes on Tuesday, September 20, at Temperance Hall. Prof. Marini has abigb reputation in th's commu nity as a teacher, he having the faculty of com municating instruction with much facility; and bis pupils thus make good proficiency, as shown by their performances at the pleasing exhibitions and soirees given from time to time. We commend his school to the attention of parents und others. -_? Visit to I'rovrksor Wolowski'? Rooms.? A visit to tbe rooms ot the celebrated performer and teacher of music will convince the most skeptical of bis wonderful power, not only to make music, but to impart the ability to others. His eystem is natural, simple sensible; and be goes into the work of his profession witb all the enthusiasm of a true artist. We witnessed the performance of a lad not more than eleven v* ars of age, whose musical talent as devel open by Professor Wolowski shou'd establish tbe fame ot any teacher. Professor's rooms are 4S_ Kith street, above Penn'a avenue. SPECIAL JVQTIOE8. New and Si.vrtiriKD ??t???? fob Piaso-forts ami 81 Nu is ?.? Professor Alexander Wolowski hss opened Ladies' and Oentl??raen'r> Afternoon and Kvening Ringing Class?e ou the most liberal term -. By Professor Wolowski's new method, a person having only a sliabt knowledge of music will be en abled Tn a very short time to ex?cute on the piano operatic snd ?-las'ical music with rare perfection. As to the vocal part, he arrivesat mostextraordin* ry results, renders the voice nowerful; and enables the singer to vocalize with facility snd accuracy. All those wbo would like to become tine singers or excellent performers will enter tbeir names at his residence. No. 4**i.~> T?*nth street, above Penn sylvania avenue. Reception hours are from lo to 11 a. m. an<l 6 to 7 p. m. sep 9 1m CoRBS. Bunions, Inverted Nails, and other die enters 0t the feet, when-neglected injure the gen ersi sveem by preventing the body from taking that natural exercise so condecir? to health. To all afflicted with the-e terrible evils we would re commend an early call at Dr. White's office, No. 424 Penn'a av., bet. 4H and 6th sts. Who would suffer torment from disordered feet when asure remedy is so near at band, snd can be effected without pain. Office open from 8 a m. to 8 p. m. sep 7-tf _ "A Slight Com," Cocons.?Few are aware of tbe importance of checking a Ooagh or "slight cold"in its first stage; that wbich in the begin ning would yield toa mild remedy, if neglected, soon attacks the lungs. "Brown's Bronchial Tro ches" gire sure andaimost immediate relief. Mil itary Officers and soldiers should have them, as tbey can be carried in the pocket and taken as occasion requires._ an 26-lin A Nbw Pbkicub roa tu r abpkbbchisr. Phalon's "Night Blooming Oereue." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon's "Night Blooming Oereus." Photon'* "NlghTBloo-tin? Cereu? " Phalon's "N ightBleomiag Oereus. ' Phalon's "MightBloonsingOereufl." Phalon's " Night-looming Oereus." A most exquisit?., delicate and fragrant perfume distilled from th?? rare and beautiful flower from which it take? its name. Manufactured only bv Ph-lob A 8oa. ? V. BBWABB O? i.liDBTBBreiTS. Ass pos Pw?? ob's?Tai-b no Otbbb. is 16 _n_ Bold by druggists generally. Co-ears'? Hobbi Soap. Tkieeeiebrated Toilet .?nap in snob malversai d??-_nd, is ui_tf fron. ' ti?- choicest materials is mild and emo'lient in it? usi-?-?., fragrantly scent si, and ertre-iely n-neUeis' in ts ection npon ths u^ j^rj4lsbTsllBrirgl*i?'?ar'' *? ?ne y flood e Pealsr?. JO_>-eolr ???-??? ( UreiB'B) ? aie Dr?. Fifty Centt a Box. Boxes Urger than Dyes that eeU for $1. Natural, durable, beautiful. Warranted to please Thi? ar ticle has been thoroughly tested by Dr. Chiltob, of New York, and Prof?. Booth and Garrett. of Philadelphia, who pronounce it free from all poi sonous ingredient?, and the material composing it will not injure the most delicate hair. Sold by Druggist? and Fancy Goods dealers everywhere. Jorb J. Krombb, Sole Proprietor, 4 03 Chestnut Street. Philadelphia. Pa. Dr.UBKBBNBBS ClJRBD. The Inehriate may now bid defiance to the tempt ing cup Dr. Zane's antidote for strong drink ie a certain cure for drunkenness. It creates a dis like for strong drink, and can be administered without the knowl??dge ofthe patient. Descriptive circulars sent to any address. For rale by all respectable Druggist? in the United State? and Canada?. Price f 1 per box, or packages of six boxes for f:< Johb J. Krombb, Wholesale Agent, 403 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Pa. Da. Rand's Smcific. Theoldest and most reliable medicine for the cureef Spermatorh?a, Seminal Weakness. Los? of Power, Ac. This medicine haa stood the test of over thirty years, and has always proved a success L'r. Rand's Specific is exhibited in the form of pills, made up entirely of substances that have a specific effect upon the generative organs. Most persons associate the idea of operations upon the bowels from taking any kind of pill?. The Spec i fi.? of Dr. Rand is not intended as an evacuating medi cine. Its medical virtues are expended entirely npon the impaired generative organs. 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DTB IB TBB WOBLD ?Never Fades or Washes Out.?Upbam'a Hair Dye, 80 cent? a box. The beet in use. Try it. Sold by 8. O Ford, corner 11th ?treetand Penn. avenue, Washington; and Henry Cook, Alexandria. ae-lv MARRIED, On Thursday, September R, IBM. by Rev. J. W, Cornelius. JOHN R CLARK B, of Baltimore Md., to Miss ALICE GRIFFITH, of Washington, D.O. ?a esp?ffm* -- DIED, On the 8th instant, JOHN THOMAS, son of Al fred C. and Mary Ellen Belt,aged2 years,:)months and 19 days. The friends and relatives of the family are in vited to attend his funeral on 8unday at 3 o'clock, on 18th street. No. 37 7. Dearest Johnny theu hast left u?. We thy less most deeply feel, Bnt 'tis God that hath bereft us, He can all onr sorrows heal. * On the Oth instant, DANNIE, ag?d 16 months, infant son of William and Annie Dougherty. His funeral will take place from the resilience of his grnndfather. ? O'Brien, No. 1^1 0 street south, to-morrow (Saturday) at 3 o'clock. The friends of the family are invited to attend. * In Alexandria, Va., on tbe 19th of August, CHARLES PBBPLET. youngest son of Geo. T. and Margaret J. Baldwin, aged one year and one day. WANTS. WANTED?An assistant female COOK, and colored BOY to open oysters. Inquire at the Delmonico Restaurant, 501 11th st. sep9-3t* WANTED??" BOY, to run errands and make himself generally useful, at H. REBINT'Z KY, Merchant Tailor, corner yth and D. It* WANTED?A gocd~GTRL to do charaberwork and assist in dining room. Apply at 562 Pa. av. _sep9-3t* BOARD WANTED-A gentleman, wife, small child and nurse girl want permanent BOARD in a quiet family, where there are few or no boarders. Address Howard. Btar office. ?_______* WANTBD?To parchase a substantial modern built BRICK DWELLING, worth about ?d,???, between 6th and 15th streets and north of Pa. sv. All cash if an object. Address " A. B. 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Address Mies J., No. 5?0 Virginia avenue._?ep 7-3t* TWO WHITE WOMEN, one to cook, wash and iron, ene as chambermaid and waitress. Must come well recommended. Apply at southwest cor. nerof 21th and M sta, weit._sep 7 3t* AMONTBLY N?RSB. American, or*? rears' experience, who will be disengaged 15th of this month, wishes to make a few more engage ments Best of reference? can be given. Address "Blus?n.'' Star Office, one week._sep 6-lw* ttCnn BOUNTY FOR ONE YEAR.-Wanted f???? VOLUNTEERS (white) for one year. Applr to A. WAT80N, 474 east side nth street. between E and F, at 1 and 5 p, m. au 3l-3w* WANTED?Two Hundred COLORED MEN. Appi au 2i? tf Apply at No 40 Water street, Georgetown. WANTED?Two steady, industrious BOYS, one each to learn the Harness and Trunkuiaking _________ Applr at 500 7th ?treet. ______ O^ifBOTTLES WANTBD I _________ OLD BOTTLES WANTED! The highest eaeh pries will be paid for? Whole Ohampague Bottle?, Half do. do. Pint Porter do. Pint Ale do. PiutAl.Jug.^Ac^Aei(b&iN Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown, D. 0. N. B.?Any person having large quantities of Old Bottle? on hand, can have them taken away by notifying me. [an ___________ B. A. __________ WANTED-By MORGAN A RHINEHART, at G etreet Wharf, 5,000 Ton? GRBBN HOS PITAL AND CAMP BONES, for which the high est market price will be paid._au 13-eolm WA ? ? ? D-8B00ND HAND FORNITURE Also. MIRRORS, CARPBT8, B1D8, BED DING, ami H0U8BFURNISHING GOODS of every description B. BUOHLY, 43P 7th Btreet, _?___> between Gaud H.sastsld?. GEORGETOWN ADVEBVMTS tFASHIONABLE DANCING ACADBMY AND 1 OTHER ELEGANT ACCOMPLISH MBNT8.-ASSEMBLY BOOM, Union Hotel, Georgetown, D. 0. _ Mr. ?I. K. GOOD ALL respectfully announce? to the Familie? and School? ot Georgetown that he will resume hi? dntie? at the above Boom on 8AT L'RDAY next September 10. punctually,at 3 p. a., for Master?. Mise??, and Young Ladies. Terme, for term ef twelve week? (every Saturday, $S. A Olas? fur Gentlemen will commence tbe ?ame eve ning. at8p. m Terme per term, $10. Punctuality is respectfully requested.______________ /TbQBG ETOWN COBPOBATION STOCK. - "? Those persons ?ho may be disposed to pur ?baae Georgetown Corporation Stock, which bears an Interest of sia per eent. per annum, payable auarterlr. can obtain ?on?? by applying to WM. DA1BD. dlerk ofsaid Corporation, j? ?-dtM '?"OWING PRO.MPTLT ATTENDED TO. by the I Peto mae Tow Com pan yje hosts. "Potomac," "???? Ocrtin" and "Bell? Haven " Apply to the b. Davidson. my is- Water street, Georgetown. <__ F A F FOB BENT AND SJ-LB. 'URMSHID ROOMS TO LIT at 443 F street, between5i h and 6th._sep 9-?* URNT8U__r_iPARTMENTa for gentlemen, wltboot board, at 41 g 9th st., ?or. of H. It* A LARGE 8IZKD FBONT ROOM, well fornisti, ed. to one or two gentlemen, at No. 12 Mis *? ,ri_avenne, near Clarendon Hotel. sep 9 -t* FOR 8?LB?A first-class RESTAURANT. Sold only because tbe owner is about to leave the city. Address Box 2 Star Office._sep 9 It FOR RENT-Part of a three-story BRICK ??? SE to a small, respectable fami'.y only. Apply on L street, between 13th and 14th. Reter etces required._It* FOUR FTRNIfHEli ROOMS, Chambers, and Parlor, for rent, at No. 424 ? street, between Uh and 9th. Also, two FRAMB HOUSES for sal??. _sep 9-lw* ffOR SALE-A STORE, with Fivtures, ?uitablo foranykind of business. Apply at No. 5?1 Maryland av., bet. 9th and lfUh, opposite the Rail road Depot._sep 9 3t* ?^ORSALE?The 8TOCK and FIXTURES of a neat little Fruit and Provision Store now doing a good business. Enquire lf*l Sixth street, cor ner of ?. _sep9-3t? tlOR-RBNT^Two large, handsomely F?R N 1 SUED ROOMS, one ou first floor and one on second floor. Apply at 13** Q street, between 21st and _2d streets. ___ _sep9 6t* FOR SALB-Valuable IMPROVED PROPERTY on II st. north, between 3d and 4th sts., containing a two story frame Bouse, wits a cellar. Will be sold cheapforcash, orexchanged for coun try property. Inquire on the premises. sep9-3t* FORTRENT-A n-w three story frame HOUSE, with six rooms in it, sitaated on 23d st., near 1. ar-out one square from the clrc'e. Kor terms arpi> to josBPH libbby, lep 7-3t*_No. 27 WaUr st., Georgetown. UNIR SALB-A LOT fronting on ? street^between ? 4th and ,5th streets, and extending back to Massachusetts avenu? ]30 feet, and is the best lo cality for buil : ine in this part of the city. Can be had at a reasonable price Apply at 604 H street north._sep9-lw* TWO VALUABLE FARMS NEAR THB CITY FOR SALB. A FARM of 2on Acres, one mile from the Navy Yard Bridge, adjoining "Good Hope," with com fortable dwelling, in a grove of beautiful forest trees, a large Barn. Stabling. Granery, Oorn houfie, Ice-house, Ae.. Ac. It is well watered, and supplied with an abundance of all kinds of Fruit, and thirty acres of good Meadow Land on Oxen Branch. It is within twenty minutes walk of the city paseenger cars at the Navy Yard. It will be sold in one body or in lots to suit purchasers. Also, a FARM of 9?? Acres, part of "Pomona,' the estate of the late Darius Clagstt, fronting on 7th streikt road, five miles from the city, and run ning back to Rock Creek, on which there isa good meadow. This farm was highly improved by its late owner. There are some beautiful buil ling sites, convenient to never-failing springs, and it is well supplied with wood. This land will be sold a bargain, and immediate possession may be had of both farms. For particulars as to the latter place, apply to Mr. John B. Clagett. adjoining the premises; and as to both, to the subscriber at "Nonsuch,''two miles from the Navy Yard Bridge, on the Marl boro' road, sep 9 3t*_THEODORE MOSHER. FOR RENT-Three FURNISHED ROO AS. at 4?5 lath street .between g and H._sep s-3t* rTIHRSB -VfTJBNISH?Si ROOMS FOItRENT 1 suitable for housekeeping. Apply 420 ? st. north, bet. 9th and 10th sts._sep 8-3t* APRIVATE FAMILY have one ROOM which they would rent to a gentleman, furnished, s ithont board. Inquire at 201 4th st. s 8-3t* F~~OR RB?T-Two three-story BRICK HOUSES, with gas and water. Apply to B. UAYB-, cor ner 4th etreet west and H etreet north, sep 8 3t* FIjR??SIIED ROOMS at No. 4is7nth street, be tweenG and H. Also, an U?FURM8HKD HOUSB_for_rent._sep8-3t* IP ?R RENT-Three G? FURNISH ED ROOMS in G a respectable family, atf a moderate rent, to a rood tenant, near the Treasury Department. In quire at the Btar Office._s<*p 8-.It* MARKET STANDS FOR SALE?Now occupied by Marshall A Co. for butter, they about en tering in another business. Call corner 1st etreet and Indiana avenue. sep*i-4t*_BLITZ A CO. F?R RBNT-FRAME DWELLING; ten rooms, kitchen, and cellar, stabling for two horses, and other ort buildings, two acres of ground sttsched, situated on 7tu street roa 1, one mile north of railroad terminus. For terms in quire^sAJirjiVt??Hv_gate._sepS-.?* FOR 8ALB? A neat BRICK HOUSfl. contain ingsix (6) well arranged rooms, situated on V th street north, between O and ? streets west. Immer inte possession given. Apply to ALEX. DUEHAY, on Vermont avenue, between M and ? streets._ssp8-3t* FOR RBNT-A three story BRICK HOU8B, ful ly-furnished. For further particulars, apply on the promises, 113 West st., Georgetown, sep 7 it* |_^L'R?T8HED RO0S1S FOR RENT, at 439 H st. m? Gentlemen preferred. Good board in the im mediate neighborhood._sep7-3t* F-URNI8HBD ROOMS without Board, maybeob tained, separately or in suites, by applying at No. 339 F st., bet. 9th and 10th sta._sep 7-3t* F" 'OR SALB. A GREAT BARGAIN-The FIX TURES of Oak Hall Clothing Store, No. 464 7th street. .sep7-5t] J.BRUCB&OO. FOR RENT.-Two neatly FURNISHED ROOMS lor rent, on the first floor, a parlor and bed room, at No. 425 llth street, between G and H streets, west side._eep 7-3t* FOR RENT -A large FRAMB HOUSE, contain ing eleven rooms, en Maine avenue,(Island,) between 34 and t% streets. Possession given im mediately. Apply to J. M. YOUNG A BRO., 403 Penn. avenue, near 4). street._sep 7-eo3t* FOR RENT^?Will be for rent on the first day of October next the large four story BRICK HOI SE, containing 13 rooms, situated on the east side of G : street, near Indianaavenue, and adjoin ing the residence of Lawyer Fendali. Aleo, for rent, and possession given on the first of October, the new two-story BRICK on 12th st . near E. a few doors above the avenue, containing 6 rooms, with a large store room attached. Also, the GOOD WILL and LEASE of the dwel ling and warerooms. No. 444 F etreet, between Sth and 6th. Possession on the 15th September. Apply to WM. J. DONOHOO. 419 Penn av,south side, near 3d Btreet._sep 7-3t* FOR BALB-Beveral SHANTIES, on leased ground, on 2!st street, between F and G. In quire of GEORGE H. BAER, corner 14th street and Rhode Island svenne._sep8-lw* RARB CHANCE.?A furnished three-story BRIOK HOUSE for rent, within one square of Willard?' Hotel For further particulars in fluire of WM. H. FANNING, No. 504 Hth st E8p6-lw*_ FOR 8ALE OR RENT?A large three story frame HOUSE, juft completed, situated on llth st., between M and ? streets For further particulars apply on the premises, or of J. W. REED, No. 2.6 llth street, between O and ? sts._sep6-5tw THE UNDERSIGNED WILL SELL AT PRI vate salea tract of LAND, containing about two hundred and fifty acres, distant about 4 miles from the Capitol, over Benning's Bridge; about 50 acres cleared,, and 45 in meadow; the balance in unsurpassed timber, mostly oak and chestnut. No improvements, except a small house. For further particulars address Box 394, Washington, D. C or inquire of the subscriber, 1;, miles northeast of Benning's Bridge. _, __._,_,___ sep6-lmr_B. SHERIFF. FRAMB HOUSE FOR RBNT, consisting of seven rooms, No. 226 6th etreet, between M and N. Apply to J. T. VARNBLL, No. 39 Center Mar ket._sep 5-4f FURNISHED ROOMS ?Single or suites of ROOMS, suited for the accommodation of offi - cersof the army and others: also, PABLORSwith folding doors; all just vacated, at 434 15th street, between New York avenue and H. sep 5-eo3t* F~~?R"RBNT?A Iargeand well arranged HOUSE on I Rtreet, between JOth and 2'st sts. Apply to JAS.C"MrGUIRB A CO., Auction and Com mission Merchants._sep 3-6t ?BURNISHED ROOMS TO RBNT.without Board, to gtntlenien only?347 ? street, near 13th. Inquire of Mrs. ?. ?. 8TEPHEN80N. an 31-tf ???? BENT?The Iargeand commodious ROOMS I comprising the second, third and fourth sto ries over J. L aidwell's new Drng atore on B st., near corner of Pa. av. and 14th st., two doors be low Willards' Hotel. ____, _ au29-tf _JOHN L. ? ID WELL. FOR RENT?A ROOM on 15th etreet, opposite the Treasury Department, adapted to tne use of a Banker or Broker, having connested with it a very commodious and substantial vault. In quire of WILLIAM ORMB, No. 312 Penn ave., between 10th and llth sts._ an 27-3w TRI BTJB8CRIBBR offers at private sale a very valuable snd productive FARM, situated in tbe Dii-trict of Columbia, one mile east of Ben ning's Bridge, containing sixty acres of excellent land, well watered. The improvements, a large two-story Frame Dwelling, nearly new, with the necessary out-buildings. Persons wishing to pur chase are invited to examine the premises. A very pleasant drive of three miles, over a good road. From Washington city. au 28-eolm*_ROBERT K^NBVITT. 7?0R ?ALK-DRCG 8TORE, BRIOK HOUSE and _1 three BUILDING LOTS. Inquire atNo. 454, M ass, avenue, near 6th st._an 18-lm* F" OR-SALE?A three story and attic BRICK HOUSE and out-buildings, on North Capitol Btreet, between ? and 0, No. 394, nearly opposite tne Washington Railway, near the Depot House, containing 10 rooms; a vacant lot adjoining; front of 66 by 80. For farther partisti??* inquire of WALL, 8TBPHEN8 A CO.. No. 3*J_ I'ennsylva niaav._an 16 WB OFFER FOR 8ALB. at a great bargain, a small FARM, containing about40 seres, well Improved with new dwelling and all necessary out houses. This property lies about 4 miles from Center Market, on the Benning's Bridge road across Eastern Branch, is in a high and healthy situation, with en abundance of wood. Terms made known on application to 8WEBNYA CO . Real Sitate Brokers, an 15-lm_Corner 7th and ? streets. FOR BALB-The three-story BRIOK HOUSE and LOT. No. 561 9th street, (Island.) be tween D and ? streets. The house contains nine rooms, and has convenient outbuildings, Ae. Apply to W. D. WALLACH, at the Star 0?ce. au ll-tf_?_ S^OBLING HOU8B FOB BALE. The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Ilotel and lteitaurant intends to retire from busi ness, s-d offers his well known boues for rale. Any one wishing to engage in a LUCRATIVI BUSINESS ca" call on the Proprietor, 247 Penn sylvania ?venue, between 12th and 13th sts. au?ftw' AUCTION SALES. Fer ?U-er Ancti?B Balea ?ee 4th page. THIS AFTKatWOOrf AW ? TO-MORROW tyc IAMBS C. McGUIBB A CO., Auctioneer?. *XTf n&T&S^??? OF~BUILDING LOTS FOB ?- t?-??^? ??-?_* JOHN'S CHURCH. ? i?iTJiM1)A.? AFTBRNOON. September ?th. at __H?_____ ?**???-??, by order of the Vestry ?, fronttna respectively on 12th end and nerth ? and 8 st? ; the whole ? 5? twn flne Gilding lot?, each Square No. 276, frontir 13tb sts. west an" subdivided Into with access to a public alley. Plats msy be obtained of the Auctioneers or on the premises at tbe time of sale. Terms: One-third in cask; the remainder ? and 13 months, with interest, secured by adeed of trust on the premises Cost of conveyances and stamp? to be paid by th? purchaser. au29d JAS. C. McGUIBB A CO.,Aucts. THE ABOVE SALB IS POSTPONED IN consequence of inclement weather until FRIDAY AFTERNOON, September 9th, at I o'clock. sep7 d J. C MoGUIRB A CO.. Aucts. ? Y J. C. McGUIBB A CO., Auctioneer?. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF HOUSEHOLD F?RMTIR1. On SATURDAY MORNING, September 10th. at 10 o'clock. In front of the Auction Booms, of Ja?. C. McGuire A Co., I shall sell, a ?mall lot of Household Furniture, belonging to the estate of the late William Dillow, and comprising? Bedsteads and Bedding, Chairs, Tables, Carpets, Cooking Stove? and Kitchen Utensils. JOHN B. TURTON. Adm'r de bonis non. pep7-d_J. O. MoGUIRB A CO.. Aucts. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. No. 5_6 corner 7th and D streets north. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Ac., AT AUCTION. OnSATLRDAY.the Wth inst., at 10 o'clock, a. m., we ?ball sell, at our Auction Rooms, viz : One Rep Covered Parlor Suite, coneieting ef Sofa?, Easy and Side Chairs, Haircloth Sofas, Chairs, and Rockers. One Handsome Walnut Chamber Sett, coneieting of French Bedstead, Dressing Bureau. Waeh Btsnd, with Mart le-top, Wardrobes, Chair?, and Rocker. Painted Chamber 8ett. Cottage Bedsteads, Wardrobe?. Washstands, Tables. Chairs, Desk?, and other Furniture, Hair, Husk, and other Mattresses, Feathers, Pillows, Boletera, Brussels and Three-ply Carpet?, Cooking Radiator, and other Stoves. And many other articles which we deem unneces sary to enumerate. Terms cash, as tbe goods are k ?ocked off. sep8d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auct?. ? Y W. L. WALL Se CO. Auctioneers. At the Horse Bazaar, 9> La. av. nORSES, CARRIAGES. AND HARNESS, AT AUCTION. On 8ATURDAY MORNING, nth instant, we will sell, at the Bazaar, at 10 o'clock, FIFTY HORSES, Embracing, Harnes?, Saddle, and Draught Horses. ALSO. A large assortment of Family Carriages, Ger mantowne, Rockaways. Top and No-Top Bugeies, Express Wagon?, and Wagens suitable for Sutlers, Carts, Ac, it. so Single, and Double Harness, Ac, Ac. Terms cash, sep8 d_W. L. WALL A CO., Auct?. ? Y JAS. C. MCGUIRB A CO.. Auctioneers. HANDSOME FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD BFPECTS. On SATURDAY MORNING. September 10th. at 10 o'clock, in front ofthe Auction Room?, we ?hall sell the Furniture and Effect? of a family declining housekeeping, comprising? Excellent Rosewood Case Pianoforte, Handsome Suit of Rosewood Parlor Furniture, finished in Haircloth, Marble top Center and Pier Table? Walnut Whatnot, Work Table, Brussels and Three-ply Carpets, Oilcloth and Mat ting, Very superior full Marble-top Dressing Bureaus ana Waehstands, Handsome Jenny Llnd Bedsteads, Superior Curled Hair Mattress's, Bolsters and Pillows, Husk Mattresses. Large and handsome French China Dinner Set, Dining Tah'e, Sideboard, Chairs, Superior China and Glassware, Cooking and other Stoves. Kitchen Utensils. sep8d JAS. C. McGUIRB A CO, Aucts. ? Y JAS. C. MoGUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. CARRIAGE, COUPEE. SINGLE AND DOUBLE HARNESS AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING, September 10th, at 11 o'clock, in front ofthe Auction Rooms, we shall sell One large Family Carriage, One Single Horse Coup?e, Single and Double Harness. Terms cash. eep8-d JA8. C. McGUIRE A CO . Ancts. ? Y C. ?. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers VALUABLE LOT AT AUCTION AND A BARE CHANCE FOR INVESTMENT. We will sell on SATURDAY, September 10, at 5 p. m., on the premises. Lot No. 21, in Square No. 197. This property fronts 25 feet on 15th street north, between L and M streets, running back 73 feet to an alley. Sale without reserve. Terms: cash. sep 8 tt*_ C. B. L. CROWN, Aucts. |PY WM. B. LBWIS A CO., Auctioneers. BUTLER'S STOCK, HATS. BOOTS AND SHOES, AC, AT AUCTION. SATURDAY, September 10, at 9>_ o'clock, at Store. No. 307 Pennsylvania avenue, we shall sell Furniture, Groceries. Felt Hat?, Roots and 8hoes, lot Dry Goods, three fine Revolving Pistols, 8ett ofEpauletts, Gold Bullion, two Gold Watches, several Silver do. sep 9-lt_WM. B. LBWIS A CO., Auctg. DY GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE AT __, AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the Hth instant, we shall eeU at in o'clock a. m.. at the late residence of George Hercus, deceased. No. 573 Maryland avenue, be tween 9th ami 10th streets, Island, a good assort ment of Furniture, viz : Mahogany Sofas, Chairs and Tables, Large Looking Glass, Sideboard, Chamber Sete, consisting of Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wash stands, Ac ? Ac, nair and other Mattresses, Bedding and Carpets, Dining Boom Furnitare. such as Crockery and Glassware, Chairs, Tables, Knives and Forks, Ac. Ac, Kitchen Utensils, consisting of large Cooking Stove and Fixtures, and many other articles which we deem unnecessary to enumerate. Terms cash. sep 9-d_GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. A LOTION SALE OF CONDEHNED HORSES. Quartermaster General's Office, 1st Division,? Washington City, September 8. UM. \ Will be sold at public auction, to the highe-t bidder, at Giesboro, D. 0_ on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1361. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY CAVALRY HORSES. These horses have been condemned as unfit for tbe cavalry service of tbe army. For road and farming purposes many good bar gains may be bad. Horses ??old singly. Sale to commence at 10 a.m. Terms cabh in United States currency. By order of the Quarterma-ter General. ______ JAMES A. EKIN, se 9-i".t Col. in charge 1st Div. Q. M. G. O. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. SBVBNTH STBBET?MPROVED ?RUPERT Y AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, the 13th instant, at 6*_ o'clock p. m., immediately after the ?ale on the west side of Seventh street, we shall Bell tae.dwelling house directly opposite, situated on part of Lot No ?, in Square ?52, now vacant, being on the east Bide of Seventh street, above 1 Btreet. The house may be bo improved as to accommodate store and dwelling. Ths lot is 23 feet front and 134 feet deep with alley privilege. Immediate possession given. Term?; One-half cash, balance in 6months,with interest. Conveyance at cost of purchaser. seps-d__G BE Eri A WILLIAMB, Auct?. DY JAB. O. McGUIBB A OO., Auctioneer?. THREE DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON RTIODB ISLAND AVENUB.BBTWBBN 14TH AND 15TH 8TBBET8. AT PUBLIC SALB. On WEDNESDAY AFTBBNOON, September 14, at t>y% o'clock, on the premieee. we shall sell Lota "P." "B,"and'-8."in?ulidivisionoflotsin 8quare No. 211, Lots "R" and "8" fronting ?ach 20 feet, and Lot "P"18ii feet, on Rhode Island ave nue, between 11th and 15th streets west. Title perfect. Terms: Ob? third in cash; the remainder in three and nine month?, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. A payment of $25 on each lot will be required at the time of sale. __ , Conveyances and stamps at the purchaser ? cost. sep8-d J. 0. McGUIBB A CO.. Auct?. W BOTELER A WIL80N, Auctioneers. _Or-riOB U. ?_0_er_H. Extksbiob. I Washington, D. O., Septembers. 1881 On SATURDAY, October 1st, commencing at 10 a. m., the following variegated and plain Mar ble will be sold at public auction, on the ground? north of tne United States Capitol : V* bloi ks Tennessee Marhle. 11300 feet (cubic) of remnants ao. 11 pieces Potomac Marble. 60(i cubic feet Verment Green Serpentin?. 8 Column Shaft? ,,-0?_- ?,? 2,0 0 cubic feet remnants Italian Marble At tbe ?erne time will be sold a large lot of Doors. Shutter?, and Building Material, of va r?en? kinds. _.. - . , By ord.r of the SecreU^Mh. ffffife eepe-dtd_General Supwintendent. S ALB OF CONDEMNED MULB8. Cbibv Q?ABTBBBistaa's Ornea, Dbpot ox W-SHiaoTos, ,) Vervi ?* ii*-juiaV|Vj. Washisotos. D. C, 8ept?mber 5,1864. Will be sold at pnblic auction, at the Corr?is near the Obwr-atory. in the city of WashingtoB. on WEDHE8DAY. September 21, 1864. aloTof MULES, condemned as unfit for public service. Terme?Oash, in Government f .?nie Sale to commente at 10 o'clock a. m. DU. RUCKBB, Brig. Gen'l and Chief Quartermaster, S?P B-td Depot Of Washington. \v ? TURNER'S LIVBRY STABLE, oa 7th ?treat, between ? and I, wher? per , son? can be acconiinodated with Hack?, Buggies sad Saddle Horses on reasonable' , terme. He is also baying and ?ellins stock, ana person?in the trade will do well to call, ?e 6-lm AUCTION SAL E8. FOTCRK i? AT ?. ? ?Y THOS. DOWLINO^u?tion??T;Qeorf%to-fm. TWO 'BAMBTH^8J8TAAN_D_LOT8IB Q.OBOB On MONDAY AFTBBNOON.September ittk at ? o'clock ? m? I will ?ell in front of the premi??? ob Water street, between High and Potomac st?.. two Frame Hou?e? and _ots. Term? at ?ale. All conveyancing and e'amp? at th? cost of the purchaser Title perfect. ?epS-dAds THOS. HOWLING.Auct. Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auct.; Georgetown. BOAT. SEINE ???G???? AT AUCTION. On MONDAY AFTBRNOON Hept. 5 o'clk p. m.. I will sell, st the Fish Wharf, Georgetown, one Boat, Seine and Oars. Terms cash. ?ggj _TH08. DOWLING. Auct. ?BY THOMA8 DOWLING, Auct.; Georgetown. TBUSTEE'S BALE ??~ FRAME DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT, NO. li* 18T BTREET. By virtue of a deed of tru?t, dated the 30th day rf January, 18M, aud duly recorded in Liber J A. 8., Bo 149, folios 64. 65, and ?6. one of the land record? for Washington county, District of Co lumbia. I will sell at public sale, on the premise?, on MONDAY. September 12th. at 4 o'clock p. m., the Frame Dwelling House and Lot in George town, D. C, known as tbe west half of Lot No. 83, in Beatty A Hawkins addition to Georgetown. Terms: cash. All conveyance?, including revenue stamps, at tbe cost of the purchaser. Terme to he complied with within three days from day of sale, otherwise tbe trustee reserve? the right to resell at the risk and coat of the flrtt purchaser, after one week's notice. JNO. M BELT. Truste?. sepfid_THOMAS DOWLING. Auct. DY J. C. McGUIBB A CO., Auctioneer?. V-??-?1-- ?* "-DING* LOT ON ? STRBBT. ??FLICB8NALEH AND 1??" 8TS? W18T' A* On MONDAY AFTERNOON. Sept. 12th. st 5 O clock, on the premises, we aliali ?ell Lot? No?. 7 and ?. in Davidson's subdivision of Square Ho. 367. fronting each 34 feet 6inche? on north ? street, between 9th snd 10th streets west, running baok IB) feet to a wide public alley Also, Lots I and K, in Wilson A Callan'? subdi vision of same square, fronting 26 feet on a 3" foot alley, in the interior of ?aid square, and runnina? tack 95 feet. ? Title indisputable. Terms: One third cash; the remainder in3 and ? months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at tbe coat of the pur chaser?. eep 7 JA8. 0. McGUIBB A CO.. Aucts B~ Y J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer?. NOTICE-VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH ? STREET, I1ETWBEN 20?? AND -1ST STREETS, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. Will be ?old at pufclie auction on MONDAY, ths 19th dav of September next ensuing, at 4^ o'clock, on the premises, the following desirable piece or ?arcel of ground, lying, situate and being on north I street 83 fe?t 9 men?s east of its intersection with 21st etreet west, thence north 70 feet to an alley, thence west 20 feet,thence south 5 feet 9 in ches, thence west 3" feet, thence south (4 feet S in ches, thence east 40 feet to the beginning, being Lot No. 9, in square No. 76, containing two thou sand six hundred and eighty-five square feet, or thereabouts. The title believed to be undoubted. Terms: One-half cash; th? balance in three equal instalments, payable respectively in 6, 9 and 11 months, with interest, the deferred payment? to be secured by deed of trust on the premieee. By order of Trustee?. ?sepG-d_J. 0. MoGUIRB A CO., Aucts. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer? B1 DESIRABLE IMPROVED PROPBBTY AT AUC TION. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, September 13tb. at ? o'clock, in front of the premise?, we will sell, that desirable Brick House and Lot, situated on Seventh street west, between I and ? streets north, being tbe south part of Lot 12, in8quare427. The lot is ?"feet front bv 7?? feet deep, improved by a three story Brick Store and Dwelling. The store is 2" by 6?' feet, fitted up in modern style, and has been occupied for several years past as a dry goods store. The dwelling part contains five rooms pleasant aud well arranged. There is also a good, dry cellar under the ?tore, making altogether, one of the most desirable in vestments in the northern part of the city. Tbeheuaeis No. 371, on the west side ofthe street. Title ptrfect. Term? cash. Conveyancing at eo?t of purchaser. sep6d GBBBN A WILLIAMS. Auct?. ? Y J. C. MCGUIRE A Co., Auctioneers. EXECUTORS SALE OU FOUR'EEN DESIRA BLB BUILDING LOTS ON 1?TH STREET WEST. BETWEEN O AN DR STREETS NORTH. Cn TUESDAY AFTERNOON, September 13. at 4.'- o'clock, on tbe premieee. we shall sell fourteen desirable Ruildiag Lote, in subdivision of Square No. 179, fronting about 10 feet each on 16th etreet west, between Q and R street? north, and running baek 110 feet to a public alley. These lots are finely located, on high ground, and within a short distance of the 14th street pas senger railroad. Terms : One-third in eash; the remainder in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on tbe premieee. Conveyances at the coat of the purchaser. A payment of _35 on each lot will be required at the time of sale. __ JOHN B. TUBTON, Bxeeator. cep6d J.C. McGUIRE A CO., As?te. ? Y JAS. 0. McGUIBB A CO., Auctioneer?. DESIRABLE DWELLING HOU8EL WITH LARGB LOT ON ? STREET, BETWEEN 4TH AND ?TH 8TBBET8 WEST: On THURSDAY AFTBRNOON. Sept. 8, at 5 o'clock, on th? premise?_w? shall sell a desirable LOT, fronting 30 feet on ? street north. between 4th and 5th streets west, and running back 150 feet to a 3? foot alley improved by a desirable thre? ?tory Brick Dwelling House, with back building. No. 910, containing in all eleven rooms, with a frame ?table on the rear ofthe lot. Terms: one-third in cash, the remainder tn ?ix and twelve month?, with interest, secured bye deed of trust on the premises. All conveyance and revenue stamps at the cost of the pnrcbaser. eep 3-d J. 0. McGUIRE A 00. Aucts. ? Y i. O. McGUIBB A CO., Auctioneer?. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NOBTH I. BE TWEEN FOURTBBNTH AND FIFTEENTH STREETS WE8T, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 14th day of September next, 1864,1 shall seil, in front of the premise?, at 6 o clock p. m., by virtue of a decree of the Or phan?' Court dated the 12th day of May, 1363, rati hed and confirmed by th? Supreme Court of the District of Columbia on the 18th day of May. 18t>3, the following described handsome, building lot, viz: Lot numi eredjfour (4) in Square numbered two hundred and eighteen. 121?. i it having a front of 42 feet 7 inches on north I, between Uth and 15th streets west, running back with a side alley to a 30 feet alley, 142 feet 7 inches. Terms: One half cash; balance in six months,the Sorchaser to give note for tbe deferred payment, earing interest from the day of aale, and secure! to th? estisfaction of the Guardian. All conveyancing, including reveuue stamp?, at the cost ofthe purchaser. Title perfect. Mr?. ELIZA ANN DRAIN. Guardian. sep 3d J. O. McGUIBB A CO., Auets. aUARTBRMASTER GENERAL'S OFFIOB, Fib-t Division, Washikoton. D.0..8ep*emb'?r2,1364. Will be sold at PUBLIO AUCTION, te the high est bidder, at the time and places named belowt York, Pa., Thursday,8ept. 15,1-64. Altoona, Pa., Thursday, Sept. 22,1864. Lebanon, Pa., Thursday, Sept. 29.1364, TWO HUNDRED CAVALRY HORSES AT BACH PLACE. __ These horses have been condemned a? unfit for the Cavalry service ofthe Army. _________ ? . for road and farm purposes maar good bargains Iloreee sold singly. _*_?__ ???. Terms: Cash inVnlted 8^?g?^,,. Colonel First Bivieion, <*. M. Gen'Is Office. sepStgtth_ SALB OB CONDEMNED QUARTEBMABTBB _ STORES. BUGGIES. Ao.,*.. Chief Quartermaster'sOffice, Depot ofWashingtonA Washington, D. C, September 1, V6i. \ Will be sold st public auction, at Government Warehouse, situated on the sanare between ? and F and Twentieth and Twenty-first streets, ia the city of Washington, on WEDNESDAY, September 14,1864, at 11 o'clock a.m., a lot of Quartermas ter's stores, condemned as unfit for use, viz : Axes. Carpenters' Tools, Brushes. Bridle?. Nose Bag?, Buckets, Saddle Blanket?. Stable Brooms, Portable Forges, Grindstones, Blacksmith?' Tools, llameas. Lanterne. Scrap Leather. 8tove Pipe, lupe. Stoves Saddle?. Scales, Whip?, Horse Shoe?, and a large lot of old Iren, Ac,, Ac. Will be sold ?n sane day, ?t root of Nineteenth street, near Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, immedi ately after the completion of the sale above re ferred to, a number of __, Ambulances, Boggie?,Carnage?, Army Wagons. Spring Wagons, Cart?, and Medical Wagon?. Successful biddere will be required to remove the st? res within five (d ' days from the date of sale. Terms cash, in Government funds. _ D. H. BUCKBB. ___ Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster. sep 2 ______ Depot of Washington^ A UCTION 8ALB OP CONDEMNED HORSES. Wab Dbfabtmbbt,?Tvaibt Boas-e, J _ Wtof Chief Quartermaster, ) win __. ,JTtUhtntton. D. ?., augusti. ???I bidder, at the tines and place? **!5????*?' _-"._ Reading, Penn^vauia.THDBSDAT, August 18. Altoena, Pennsylvanie, ?HTJBSDAY, August ?, lj________t Lebanon, Pennsylvania, TH?B8DAY. September 1,ff?rlaaB?h Femjseylrenia, TH?R8DAY. Bep *|W0 HUNDBBD (-00) OATAIAT HORSBB. a? ?*Th???e1ioVe?? have been condemned as aalt far ths e?saUT eetriee ef thearmy. For road ?*_ f*rnua_ purpose*, many geo? bar gains may b? bad. fe_a,_?lWj.uu.rffi?s Lt. Col. aad Chief Qoartremeeter, aae-tae? _ eavalry LXBHil UUBI .LIMB -I am now prepared to deliver fresh buraed POTOMAO LIMB, pr^ 8. D. CASTLBMAB, Btne Lira? Ella. bTbbB Pa. ?t. aad Rock Creek Bridge.

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