Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMCSBMBNT8 TO NIGHT. Caktrrbikv Hail ?Mr. Lea has now at hie ball an amount of talent rarely found m a oncert ball. That tbe company i? appreciated (a proved by the tact that the hall is crowded lightly, and that each performer is the recip .?nt ot much applaud. Clara and Millie Fow er and the rest of the company appear to. d ight. __, GsovBB'e Thbatbb? The warren comedy Dtobinatlou have bad a very successful week, ? ad to-night tbe performance will commence -ith the flue ?iid play of "Sweethearts and Vive?," and end with the comic drama. Parents and Gnardians." Mr. Wrn. Warren ppears in his ?reat part of ??Billy La^kaday," ?a the first nnme.t play, and will be sustained l.y Mise Mestay*r, Miss Orton, and others. Fobd'bThkatkr.?I?>ver'e rich drama, "Ro i y O'More," and t?e protean burletta, ?? Mis ? hlevous Annie," aie announced for to-night Mr. Florences " Rory ?'??t?" is one or the raciest and most amusing delineations, while Mrs. Florence s "Annie Spruce" is also unique in Ita line. All who would enjoy a rare enter tainment should by all means see the Flor enees. Vabibtieb.? Fitz Simmons keeps up the fcensa'ion, and the local drama, ?The Seventh r-treet Dressmaker, or the Union Martyr Girl,-' ie announced for to-night again. There will bea good concert hall bill in addition to the drama. --?? Democratic Association.? What they think about the McClellan Letter?It has a "slight Squinting towards co-rcion"?The Flag Commit tee report?Ahr. Schmidt in hot pursuit of that missing forty dollars. The Democratic Association held another meeting last night, at Parker's Hall. The chairman, Hon. Cbas. Mason having returned called the meeting to order, and Mr. W. Flinn, acted as Secretary. Messrs. J. W. Reynolds, E. S Scaggs, Robt A. Waters, Francis La?aban, Thomas Holden, ?. McCracken, Robert ? ?. Polkinhorn, J. Gro Ter, and S. Witherow, were proposed and elect ed members. Tbe chairman, Mr Mason, said that since he last bad the pleasure ot meeting with the Asso ciation be had been to Chicago. All things bad been conducted harmoniously mere, and the result of of the assembling was known. All of course could not be tully pleased with the re sult, but all true Democrats would support the nominee of the Chicago Convention. He did not propare now to make a speech, but simply ' to state that a harmonious spirit actuated the ?delegation at Chicago, and tue nomination 'would be satisfactory to all friends of good government and peace. [Applause.] [The speaker was here interrupted by a young man, "slightly tight," who advanced upon the stage and appeared to be very enthusiastic for McClellan and peace. The intruder was qui etly taken away and Mr. Mason proceeded ?with his remarks.] He said the Chicago platform was not alto pet her for peace, but it bad tbat which would lead to the attainment of peace, [applause,] and he believed McClellan would ao all in his power to secure an honorable peace. [Re newed applause ] The speaker did not believe the masses North er South were really for war or a division of the Union, but circumstances bad placed the power on both sides in the hands of bad men. All should work honestly against separation and the Union could only be re stored by peace. [Applause.] The only hope ot the country is in the ?Jcuservative party. (Applause.] Military successes may for a While tempt the South to bold cut, but the great object should be to get them back, and the only thing that could cement the Union together was a kindly leeling?war couldnever do it. [Applaude J Without a kiud feeling there could be no unity between the people of the North and >otub, and the peopie must be satisfied that ? hat good feeling really exists. Eternal war must be the result if the present rulers are continued in power. [Applause.] "We can restore the Union, butin doing so we must not undertake to materially change the ?Constitution and Government while the coun try is in the shock of battle, [applause,] for at Buch a time it cannot be done successfully. He believed the Union could be restored by a re turn to the old Constitution, and not make tho abolishing of slavery a condition. The people of tbe South will come back so soon as they leel their rights are safe, f Applause] After they come back a convention of all the States could amend tbe Constitution if necessary. The speaker believed that was the spirit,of Mc Clellan'e letter or acceptance. Ile confessed he ?would have preferred some one else?[Voice.? jFillmore for ineuincej?but he believed Mc Clellan'e cours- would be each as to meet every exigency The letter baa a slight squinting towards future coercion bnt there can be no doubt of McCleilan's intention to bring the ?South back if po.-sible, under the old Constitu tion. The reading of McClellan'e letter of accep tance was here called for, and it was read by j_r. Tom. Florence, who was frequently inter rupted by applause. The "slightly tight ' individual here again mounted the stage. Some one said, "put him cut-" Mr. Florence?Ob. no, don't, pnt him out ; but take him from tbe platform. Justice Clayton took the stand, and eulo gized McClellan aud Pendleton. He ?trie Judge) claimed to be a better Union man than Abraham Lincoln, aud he would be willing to sacrifice his life if tie conld hand the Constitu tion of his country down to his sons as he had received it. [Applause ] While his sympa thies were with the people ot the South, he bad no sympathy whatever with the heresy of secession. lApplaose.] Justice C. then pointed to a picture of Washington back of the plat form, and proposed three cheers for the three Georges?Washington, McClellan and Pendle - lon. The cheers were heartily given. Mr. Miller, from the committee to procure the flag suspended over the avenue, repoi ted that their duties had been attended to, and he bad yet $4 to torn ov.-r to the finance com mittee. Mr. Schmidt hoped the committee would not be discharged until they handed over an amount of ?i0. which the treasurer had given to a member ot the tlag committee. Mr. Miller said he did not know any of the committee had received that money. He asked who bad got it, Mr. Schmidt s_'ed that Mr. Lyon haa. As the money h id been expended for tbe flag raising, Ac, it was suggested ihat the amount be made up by subscription. The " sliptrly tight" individual said he ?would pay tbe whole amount; but alter several dires lu his pocket, ther-* was ne money found, and consequently the amount was raised by contribution Mr. Tom Florence then urged upon all to organize at on? e in their several wards, in order that the Democracy of Washington city might be fully represented on the 17th inst. Association then adjourned. MBBTIHOOP TBB WA8UIBOT0B EXEMPTION FrwD Associ at ios ?A called meeting ot the Washington Exemption Fund Association took place last evening in the Council Chamber, (City Hall,) Mr. Lloyd in the chair. The prints?! lists o? the members of the Association were at band and distributed to those present. Mr II. Ly Ie? moved to strike out the proviso in the third article of the constitution, limiting tbe number ot members to '?.hi, aud insert, "Any man in the city may join the association who is liable to dratt "' Mr. Wailes move \ to lay the motion on the table. Mr. Ly le?, after sir. Wailee bad temporarily ? ithdrawn the motion, stated that his object was to see ail wbo would put in their contribu tions, and also to see something done towards reducing tue quota, and be wanted to see ?. ganr/ations formed in every ward whose ? iject shall be to reduce the quota. He urged that the members of this, aa the parent associ ation, should set tbe example. The contribu, lion of -100 by each person liable to draft, with the Government bounty, would go tar towards lilling the quota, and if tbe Government knew that the wards were at work in the matter, time would be given to fill up the quota. The Mayor, be stated, was doing and bad been doing .11 be could in tbe matter, as any member of the association might know if he went to the Mayor's office: and be instanced a cassia point: A Sergeant in tbe 1st District r?giment, who had received a promise of a Captaincy if ?e raised a sufficient number of men, had gone to work and raised 40 men, who were credited to Pennsylvania. The Mayor bad beard of it, and in consequence of his ac tion the affair was stopped, and the young man was reduced to tbe ranks. Mr. T. H. Barron did not think there were a sufficient number of persons present to act on tbe resolution, and hoped it would lie over xintll a full meeting was obtained. Mr ? F. Hurley (Maryland State Agent) said tbat recent events bad substantiated bis statements made at a previous meeting, and be asked It tbe draft had come off on Monday last where would tbe District hare been I The Mayor, he would say, bad done much, but more might have been done. More had been accomplished in the past tew dsys than there would have been had not a public stir beea gnade of the matter. He was. however, ready to shoulder the responsibility of anything ne bad aaid. 9 It seemed to him tbat the quota can be filled without resorting to a draft, and be believed a .und oi $_s,000 could be raised easily. It had been intimated that the tendency of the opera tions of the associations wa? to discourage en listments, but this was not tbe case. Mr. Wailes renewed bis motion to lay tbe motion of Mr. Lyles on tbe table, and it was carried? aye? til, nays3. Mr. Bacon moved that the printed lists he taken in charge by the secretary for distribu tion among tbe members. Carried. The membera can therefore obtain copies of the listest Mr. Davis'office, opposite tbe City Hall. * . Kx. Merc-ant suggested the appotatmeat o? a eomnrlrtee to wait npon Ute Mayor la refer ence te a further reduction of the quota, aud aid bla in obtaining such reduction. He be lieved, with many others, that the District did not justly owe one Binale man; tbat the quota assigned was excessive, aud he believed the Msyor con id do much towards making this apparent. Under the calls of 1861 sad ???. no qnotas had been assigned, but large numh?rs of men were furnished in excess ef our just proportion. In 1663 the quota was based on the ei rollment on which were large numbers of ? er-ntiS who had no residence here, instead of on the bisis of the census of 18?0, and to this quota wan added the number required under the previous calls, wben there was no quotr assigned to us. Tne quota was, however, sub sequently reduced?the census being taken as a basis. There had been no credits given for the rumber unjustly charged against us for deficiency under calls of 1H61 and 1862, and he believed this matter should be attended to Mr. Lytas stated that the Mayor was at work doing ali he could to reduce the quota, and any action like this wonld be an insult to him. This ai d similar associations was doing much to retard enlistments, and stated tbat with many of the members there was too much sel fishness. Many now were saying to them selves, " Let the draft go on; I don't care; I'm insured;" but this was not the right spirit, and be nrged tbat some means should be adopted to encourage recruiting and putting in of sub stitutes, and the members throughout the dif ferent wards could do much in giving such an impetns to recruiting that the quota wonld soon oe filled. ? A gentleman suggested that Mr. L., who stated that the influence of the association was against enlistments, was in favor of increasing tbe number of members; and he asked if the association Increased, and gradually the whole District became an exemption association, if the War Department would not be prompted to enforce the draft immediately. Mr. Detrick said that the name exemption association was a misnomer,?that none of the members were exempt, and 80 far from dis couraging enlistments it bad given them an impetus. The people in the wards were nurving and making efforts to All tbe quota. Some thing ought to be done towards having names improperly enrolled stricken off, and there were many snch. Transient persons bad been enrolled here, and some wbo were lame, halt, and blind were placed on the list, including one man who had one leg at least a foot shorter than the other. In one room in the Treasury were five persons enrolled not subject to draft, one-third of those in It, and this proportion wonld bold good throughout the Departments. Mr. Merchant moved tbat Messrs. Lloyd, Bacon, and Hurley be appointed a committee to confer with the Mayor in reference to se curing a further reduction of the quota. Car ried. The meeting adjourned snbject to the call of the President Gbntbr Mar k et To-day.?Beef, best cute, ?er pound, 30c; next, 25c. Salt Beef, I5a20c, ?ried Beef, 25c. Veal, 20c. Mutton, best chops,5 2c. Lamb, per pound, 25c. Pork, fresh, 25c. Pork, corned, 25c. Bacon, hams, uncut, :inc: sliced, 35c, breasts, 25c; shoulders, 25c. Butter, 55a65c. _hiekens,per pair, _la*S2. Ducks, per pair, S1.25. Eggs, per dozen. 30c. Tomatoes, per peck, 50c. Pears, per peck, 50af 1. Cymblins, per dozen, 15a25c. Cucumbers, 30c. Oreen Corn, per dozen, 35a40c. Apples, per peck, new, 50; dried, t-Oca.1. Potatoes, Irish per peck, 75c Sweet potatoes, 75. String Beans, per peck, 40c Peaches, new, per peck, 5i??l; dried, per qt, 25c Cherries, dried, 25c; Beans, butter, 30c; white, lOalSe. Raddishee, bh., 5al0c. Beets, 10c Onions, per pk., .lai.25. Cabbage, per head, 20a25c Lettuce, per head, Salte. Fish?Rock, large, each, $2 50a$3; small, per bh, 50a60c: halibut, per lb, 20c; sea bass, 15c; bine fish, 15c; lobster, 12c; sturgeon, 15c pike, per bunch, 50ca_l; perch, 50c Rye, per hnstiel, tl.75a?-. Cornmeal, .2. Ships?nil', 90c.a_1.10. Brown Stuff, 7(ic Shorts, 50c. Corn, shelled, .2.; In the ear, per barrel, $10 a.? 12.30. Oats, per bushel, ?la?1.25. Hay, per cwt., ?1.75a?2. Straw, ?1.50a?2. Clover Hay, $l.-5a. 1 50 Egg Plants, each, 10c; Can te loupes, 6a*_?5c. "Watermelons, 2()al0. Dam sons, pk, 75. Plums, per quart, 15a25c. Alexandria Affairs?Separate Brigades.? It is stated that, in accordance with General Order No. 25!, from the Adjutant General's office, War Department, tbe posts and dis tricts hereafter named have been declared sep arate brigades?The command of the Military Governor of Alexandria: the Military District of Washington; the district of St. Mary's; the cavalry division, Camp Stoneman, and the cavalry brigade. _lm'4i_nf Assessor.?We are pleased to hear of the appointment of onr friend and fellow townsman, Mr. O. C vVhlttlesey, as Assistant Collector ol tbe Internal Revenue tax.?Akx. Journal, 9th. Grand Larceny ?Last night Mary Lee, was arrested by officers Sheid and Taylor, of the Third ward, upon a charge of stealing a large quantity of clothing and jewelry. The prisoner bad been in tbe employ of Mr. John Manklusas a house servant, and the property was stolen during her service there. It was recovered by tbe officers at the bouse of Mary Reynolds, on Mass, avenue, near 9th street. Justice Thompson sent Jier to jail lor court Tbe girl was before the court at the last term for stealing, and narrowly escaped a trip to Albany at that time. Kktected Addresses.?Austin Bundy, col ored, was arrested last night tor threatening tbe life of Martha Johnson, colored. Austin had paid his addresses to Martha, and offered her his band, bnt Martha declined the gener ous offer, and this so irritated Austin that he threatened to '-knock the wind out of her." Fer fear that be would execute his threat, Martha bad htm arrested, and Justice Boswell ordered bim to give bail for peace, and he was locked up in tbe Fourth Ward station bouse to await the offer of ball. -? Oh a I. auk .?Last night, Jno. Horn, a sailor, got. on a bender, and at Middleton _ restaurant, near the Navy-Yard gate, he undertook te teach some sparring lessons to the colored man, James Joyce, who is employed there. Joyce attempted to get out of the way, when Horn gave him a kockdo'ager, shutting up one eye. Officer Harbin arrested him, and took bim be fore Justice Cull, wben be attempted to walk into Joyce a second time; and he was locked up all night and fined $3. Lincoln and Johnson Club.?Thia club will have another meeting to-night at Union League Hall, 0th street. All who favor the election o? Lincoln and Jobnson are requested to be present and ? ni te witb tbe clnb. ? large torn-out of the friends of the Administration is expected. Second Ward Draft Meetiho.?The resi dents of tbe Second Ward liable to draft are requested to meet at Germania Hall, nth st., to-nigbt, for the purpose of devising means to relieve the ward of the draft. See call else where. -I _? ? -? ? SPECIAL NOTICES. -? Jbwblbv?Jewelry and Silver-Plate?! Tea Eprons, something new and beautiful, at the Dol lar Store, 438 Pa. svenne, near 4,S_ st. lt* Washington, D. O., Sept. 10.1364 Editor Star : Will please correct the statement ma'le in his paper of evening before last in regard to the death of Mr. Charles Deitinger. The at tending physicians gave no snch opinion as there is contaiBed as the cause of death. On the con trary, thev decided, as the result of npost mortem examination, that the canse of death was entirely idiorathtes. or, Independent of any external Injury. It* _J. 9. Thomp-jos, M. D. Nbw snd Bimplifibo ?et??? for Pi axo-kortb and Singing.-Professor Alexander Wolowiki has opened Ladies' and Gentlemen'? Afternoon and Kvenine _Mnjri ng Clauses on the most liberal termi. By Professor Wolowfiki's new method, a person havi ng only a slisbt knowledge of music will be en abled in a very short time to execute on the piano operatic and riamicai music wi?h rare perfection. ? ? to the vocal part he arri vesat most extraordina ry results, renders the voice powerful; and enables the singer to vocalize with facility and accuracy. All those who would like to become fine singers or excellent performers will enter their name* at his residence. No. 4?*?5 Tenth street, shore Penn sylvania avenue. Reception hours are from 10 to 11 a. m. and 6 to 7 p. m. eep 9 1 m CoBNS^Bunions, Inverted Nails, and ot*>er dis orders da the feet, when neglected injure the gen eralBffAaSB by preventing the body from taking that natural exercise so conducive to heal.h. To all aiQicted with the*e terrible evils we would re commend an early call at Dr. White's ofllc-?. No. 424 Penn 'a av , bet. 4X and 6th sts. Who would suffer torment from disordered feet when asure remedy is so near at hand, and can be effects! without pain. Office open from 8 a- m. to 8 p. m. sep 7 tf _____ "A Blight Cold," ??????.?Few are aware of the importance of checking a Cough or "slight tald"iu its first stage ; that which In the begin ning would yield toa mild remedy, if neglected, boob attacks the lungs. "Brown's Bronchial Tro dies'' give sure and aimost immediate relief. Mil itary Officers and soldiers should have them, as they can be carried in tbe pocket and taken as occasion resuires. au 36-lm M ARK I ED, On the 6th instant, bv the Rev. ? R. Hewlett. J08BPH C ZW&ot *rook\T_,,**? y.-k. to Miss MART MILLER, daughter of James Miller. Seq., of this city. ? On Thursday svenine, 8th inst., by Rev C C. M'Sdor. Mr. GEORGE LBIUIIT to Miss ANf/ VIRGINIA MILLER, all of this city. - DIED, On the 9th instant, at 9 pm, Mrs. ALIO? L CAPLIN. in the 29th year of her age. the beloved wife of Eugene Caplin, and only daughter of Maty R Gardintr. The fri*nds and relatives are reopectfally in vlted to attend th? funeral from her mntber's re?. 546 Pa. av., to-morrow (Sunday) af teraeoa at J o'clock. * WANTS. GIBL WANT ID??? attend table, do errand? and ckamberwork. Wasted at 1*35 O street, shove 19th._ sesie-tt? COOK WANTED.?A first rat? COOK who i? neat ?host ker work, and will assist in washing. Wanted at 185 Q street, above 19th. B?p 1" 3t? WANTED?A number of active, honest BOTS, as messengers in the Independent Telegraph Office. Good wages can be made. Apply at 450 15th ?treet. _sepjn-1w_ WANTED-A WOMAN, whit?, to wa h dishes and make beds. Apply at tbe GOSLING HOUSB. No. 349 Penn'a avenue, bet, 12th and ? ith eta. _ aep 10 If WANTBD?Two good WAITEB8, only those tbat understand their business, mar apply to day at McMILLBN'S restaurant, Northeaat cerner Pennsylvania av. and Uth st.______ WANTED-A respectable white WOMAN, to cf ok and assiit in washing. Oood referencei required. App'yat 343 3d street, between E and F, after S p. va._sep l"-3t* WANTED?One large BOOM, or two medium eiie ROOMS, for a gentleman, wife and two children, in a respectable, qniet family, with b?ard. Address C. W. MOBBI3, Ordnance Office. set? 10-3t*_ WANTBD-A WET NURSE immediately, with the best of references, for a child six weeks old. One preferred without a child. Apply at T8 ? street, between 21th and 25th streets, Pennsyl vania aven u?;_aep l'i 2t* W "ANTED-A SITUATION a? seamBtress by a young-lady. Haa one ef Singer's best ma chines. Private family preferred. Address MisB MABT M. SANDERSON. seplo-St*_No. 341 7th street. WANTED?Two white GIRLS, one for washin?, and ironing, one for general housework. Those out of a boarding house preferred. Applv at KOHN'S, ?05 south D street, between 12th an! 13tb._sep 10-3t? WANTED?An assistant female COOK, and colored BOY to open oysters. Inquire at the Delmonico Restaurant. 301 11th st. sep 9-3t* WANTED?A good GIRL to do chamberwork and assist in dining room. Apply at 562 Pa. av._t_sep9-3f? BOARD WANTED?A gentleman, wife, small child and nurse girl want permanent BOARD in a quiet family, where there are few or no boarder?. Address Howard, Star office. aepi)-3t* WANTED?To purchase a substantial modern built BRICK DWELLING, worth about ?5,00o, between 6th and 15th street? andnor^hnf Pa. av. All cash if an object. Address " A. B. C.."8tar OrBce._sep !Mw* SUBSTITUTES AND VOLUNTBBRS WANT ED.?100 MEN wanted, of all nationalities, to go as volunteer? or substitutes, to whom the high est bounty will be given on day of enlistment, with choice of 1st and 2d regiment? D. C. Volun teer?. GEO. H. CA88IDY, 446 8th etreet, be tween Penn. avenue and D street. ________ [Bep. A Chion.l_ WAS TED, BV THE SECRETARY OF THE SPANISH LEGATION, A FURNISHED HOUSE, near 14th,l.??th, or 16th street, between ? and T, for six months from October 1st. Address to Guy street, cerner of Congress, Georgetown. aepfMw*_ WANTED?A GIRL to do housework; German preferred. Also, a flue, nearly new Cooking Stove (Gas Burner) for aale. 34? 10th street, between L and M._aep3-3t? WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, competent to take charge of a sett of book?, and attend to the collection of accounts. Address with reference. Box 47 Staroffice._ WANTBD IMMEDIATELY-A first-class ca*e and pastry BAKER, at WM.R. WALLACE'S, 55 High st., Georgetown. To one who can do the required work constant employment and beat of wages will be given._sep S 3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY-? respectable WHITE WOMAN to cook and assist in wash ing. Good references reqnired as to moral char acter and capability. Apply at No. 100 0 street, between 3d and 4'a sts._eep 8-3t* WAWTBD TO ADOPT A C?ILD FROM ITS BIRTn?By a family without children. Ad dress, for one week, stating where the child may be seen, Mrs. CHAS. M. THOMAS, City Post Office._sep 8 6t* A MONTHLY NURSE. American, or?) -ears' experience, who will be disengaged 15th of this month, wishes to make a tew more engage ments. Best of references can be given. Address ??Sisson.'? Star Office, one week._sep fi-lw* S^ftfl BOUNTY FOR ONE YEAR.-Wanted ?3UU VOLUNTEER8 (white) for one year. Apply to A. WATSON, 474 east side Uth etreet, between E and F, at 1 and 5 p. m. au 31-3w* WANTED-Two Hundred COLORED MEN. Appi au 29 tf ply at No, 40 Water street, Georgetown. WANTED?Two steady, industrious BOYS, one each to learn the Harness and Trunkmaking business. Appi y at 500 7th street._au29-tf OLD BOTTLES WANTED I _,__ OLD BOTTLES WANTBD! The highest cash price will be paid fer? Whole Champagne Bottiee. Half do. do. Pint Porter do. Pint Ale do. PintAleJug.,RAc^Ac..bJiiiNN Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown _ D. C. N. B.?Any person having large quantities of Old Bottles on hand, can have them taken away by notifying me. [au 13-lm] R. A. BHINN. WANTED?By MORGAN A RHINEHART, at G street Wharf, 5,000 Tons GRBBN HOS PITAL AND CAMP BONES, for which the high est market price will be paid._au 13-eolm VV ANTE D-8B0OND HAND BUEN ITU BE ? ? Also. MIRRORS, CABPBTS.BBDS, BED DING, and H0TJ8BFUBNI8HING GOODS of every description. B. BUCHLY, 4 2* 7th ?treet, l?8-ff_between G and H.eaat aid?. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS G BOBGBTOWN GOBPOBATION STOCK. - Thoae persona who may be disposed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stock,which bears an interest of eix per cent, per annum, payable quarterly, can obtain eonae by applying to WM, DAIBD, Clark of said Corporation. j?29-dtUl TOWING PBOMPTLY ATTBNDBD TO, by th? P?tomae Tow Company's boats, "Potomac," "Gov. Curtin" and "Belle Haven." Apply to the Captains oa hoard, or to____ _ JOHN B. DAVIDSON, ?ay 18- Water ?treat. Georgetown. Qf-Q SEVENTH 8TBEET. *_fiQ Hioii BED LOUNGES HIGH Awhibo. and awbibc. GILT FRAME MIRRORS. Just received per echooner Empire twenty differ ent styles BED LOUNGES, which we are offering at very low figures. Our stock of GILT IRAMB MIRRORS will be found extensive, and in price will compare with that of any bous? in the Unit'd States. Purchasers, remember we are selling our entire stock of FUBNITURE AND HOUSEKEBPING GOODS generally 15 per cent, lens than any house in the city. If you are in want tf good articles at low prices don't forget us. Call and examine our stock. By so doing you incur no obligation to purchase. We still allow ten per cent, on all bills of ESO and upwards. H. BONTZ, Successor to Bontz A Griffith, sep2-tf_369 Seventh Street. QUABTERMASTER GENERAL'S OFFICE, Fibst Division, Wa^hinotohCitt, Augusts!, ISM. HORDES, HORSES, HORSBS. Horses su i table for Cavalry and Artillery service will be purchased atGiesboro'Depot,inopen mar ket, till October 1,1864. norses will be delivered to Captain L. Lowry Moore, A.Q. M., nnd be subjected to the usual Government inspection be'ore being accepted. Price of Cavalry Horees, $175 each. Price of Artillery Horses, ?18,> each. Payment will be made for six (6> and more. JAMES A EKIN, Colonel First Division, sep5-lm_Quartermaster General's Office. ? 316 F 8TREET. _______ CE?CKB*Y(,LaTs. W AND ? TIN WARB CUTLEBY AND FANCY GOODS COAL OIL AND COAL OIL LAMPS. I offer all of the above articlee of goods, which embrace the best assortment ever offered to the Washington public;at 1mper cent lower than they can be purchased elaewhere in the city. Call and see for yourselves. J. R FOLEY, ?ep.-lm? 316 F st. north, bet 10th and 11th G????????8???. The undersigned, having this day associated themselves under the name and atyle of GEO. T. SMITH A CO., will continue the GROCERY, WINE and LIQUOR business at the old stand, (occupied for the last three years by George T. Smith.) 511 7th street, in the National ?nielli fencer Building. We will be happy at all time? o see our friends and th? publie generally, fooling assured tbat we can give them good Goods at un precedented low prices for Cash. GBOBGB T. SMITH. THOMAS W. 8TB?ABT, _ _ JOHN T. F03TEB. Washington, July ?. 1364. I beg to return my sincere thanks to my friends and th? pnblic generally for the patronage so libe rally bestowed npon me during my business career here, and earnestly solicit a continuance of the same to the new firm, where they will always re ceive the most polite and courteous attention, whether they purchase or not Please remember tbe number. SII 7th street, now under Gardners Photograph Gallery. GEORGE ? SMITH. Washington, July 8. BWB._aepl-eolm NOTICE?I would respectfully inform the pub lic tbat having disposed of ray stock of Hard ware to Messrs. R. O. Johnson A Co.. I earnestly request all persona who h?ve accounts standing on bt Books to call at once and settle. My accounts will be left for a short time witn th? above named firm, who are authorixed to ffu'efee earn?. _ JOS. L. 8AYAGB. soss-tt_324 D ?t.. bet. 10th and Uth. VETERINARY SUBQBON; B- ??. B. MeKAY, Member of th? Boyal V. 8. Coll?gs, Edinburgh. AU Diseases ofthsav.. Hers? treated la th? moat scientific man- ?_2? n?r. Charge? moderst?. Alee, Boreasr_?sa. toaght aad sold ou commission. Oftice at J. 0. Howard'?, 0 ?treet. between ?tb sad rte, Wash lagt?, ??-lat FOB RENT AND SALE. S F FURNISHED ROOMS fOR RENT-Appir at No. 49;? L street._It* FOR SALB OR BXCHANGE-Large LOT and HOU8Boontaining? rooms, aU new. Osa be exchanged for small farm preferably. I" eulre at Btar Office. ___ sep 10-*t* JEVERAL NEAT AND NEWLY FINISHED ~ ROOMS for rent, unfurnished, with privilege of cooking. Aprir at the large frame eottage on ? streetnorth. 3 doors west of 14th st. sep 10 St* FOR REN ?-Two story TRAME HOUSE, con taining four rooms, situated on ? street, be tween 18th and 19th, No. 60. __._ _eep in-3^_ PETER McDONOUGH. FOR RENT-? PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY. having a splendid Sky Light. Connected with the Gallery are three convenient Rooms. Inquire on the premises. No. 540 Pennsvlvanis avenue, between 1st and 2d sts , or of GREGORY EN ? IS, 889 Fjit._sep 10-tf CM>R SALE OR RENT-The large four-story G BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, No. 3**?**. on the north side of north C -treet, between 3d ?treet west and 4H street, having a front of 2-tfeetona lot HO feet deep, with a stable and carriage house building in tne rear on an alley, 3) feet wide. Possession of the houne can be had in a few days. Apply at 4 90 ? street, to __ __. __T _,_ sep tO-lw*__ __J_JAMES T0WLE3 URN 1 SHED ROOMS TOLET at 44- F street, between 5t h and 6th. _sep 9 It* A LARGE "SIZED FRONT ROOM, well furnish? ed, to one or two gentlemen, at No. 19 Mis souri avenue, near Claren-on Hotel. sep 9 2t* FOR SALB-A first-class RESTAURANT. Sold only because tht owner is about to leave the city. Aggress Bix2 Sfar Office. _aep0-2t FOUR FURNISHED ROOMS, Chambers, and Parlor, for rent, at No. 4_4 E street, betwe-n 8th and ?th. Albo, two FRAME HOUSES for sal?*._ _sep 9-lw* ?fUIR SALE-A STORE, with Fixtures. ?uiUble for any kind of business. Apply at No. 551 Maryland av., bet. 9th and 10th, opposite the Rail road Depot._sep 9 3t* FOR SALE-The STOCK and FIXTURES of a neat little Fruit and PrnviMon Store now doing a good business. Enquire 194 Sixth street, cor ner of ?._sap 9 3t? FOR RENT ? Two large, handsomely FUR NISHED ROOMS, one on first floor and one on F?cond floor. Apply at 13** G street, between 21st and 22*1 streets._sep 9 6t* FM)R 8ALE-V?lnaMe IMPROVED PROPERTY on H st. north, between .'id and 4th sts. east, containing a two story frame House, with a cellar. Will be sold cheap for cash, or exchanged for coun try property. Inquire on the premises. sep9-3t* F-OR RENT-? n*w three story frame HOUSE, with six rooms in it, situated on 23d st., near I. about one square from the clrc'e. For terms apply to JOSEPH LIRBEY, sep 9 3t*_No. 27 Water st., Georgetown. ?R SALE?A LOT fronting on ? street.between 4th and 5th streets, and extending back to Massachusetts avenue 130 feet, and is the best lo cality for building in this part of the city. Can be had at a reasonable price Apply at 604 ? street north._sep 9-lw* TWO VALUABLE FARMS NEAR THE CITY FOR SALB. A FARM of 2G0 Acres, one mile from the Navy Yard Bridge, adjoining "Good Hope," with com fertable dwelling, in a grove of beautiful forest trees, a large Barn, Stabling. Granery, Corn house, Ice-honse, Ac, Ac. It is well watered,and supplied with an abundance of all kinds of Fruit, and thirty acres of good Meadow Land on Oxen Branch. It is within twenty minut?e walk of the city passenger cars at the Navy Yard. It will be sold In one body or in lots to suit purchasers. Also, a FARM of 91 Acres, part of "Pomona,' the estate of the late Darius Clagett, fronting on 7th street road,five miles from the city, and run ning back to Rock Creek, on which there isa good meadow. This farm was highly improved by its late owner. There are some b? autiful building sites, convenient to never-failing springs, and it is well supplied with wood. This land will besold a bargain, and immediate possession may be had of both farms. For particulars ss to the latter place, apply to Mr. John B. Clagett, adjoining the premises," and as to both,to the subscriber at "Nonsuch.'two miles from the Navy Yard Bridge, on the Marl boro' road, pep 9 3t*_THEODORE MOSHBR. F OR RENT-Three FURNISHED ROO MS, at 455 12th street, between ? and H. sep *j-3t* THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS FORRENT suitablefor housekeeping. Apply 420 ? st. north, bet. 9th and loth sts._sep 8-3t* APRIVATE FAMILY have one ROOM which they would rent to a gentleman, furnished, V ithout board. Inquire at 961 4th st ? 8-3t* FOR RBNT-Two three-story BRICK HOUSES, witb gas and water. Apply to ?. 1IAYB-J, cor ni? r Uh streetLwestj_.nd IL^n^jiorth._^?'p S 3f.* FURNISHED ROOMS at No. 415 ieth tween G and H. Also, an UNFURNI8HED HOUSE for rent._sep 8-3t* FOR RENT-Three UNFURNISHED ROOMS in a respectable family, atf a moderate rent, to a good tenant near the Treasury Department. In quire at the gtar Office._ sep 8-3t* MARKET STANDS FOR 8ALE?Now occupied by Marsball A Oo. for butter, they about en tering in another businese. Cali corner 1st street and Indiana avenue, sep *j-it*_BLITZ A CO. F~OR RENT-FRAME DWELLING; ten rooms, kitchen, and cellar, stabling for two horses, snd other ort buildings, two acres of ground att-chef, ?ituat-d on 7tn street road, one mile north of railroad terminus. For term? in quire at first tell gate._sep8-3t* FOR SALE?A neat BRICK HOUSE, contain ing six (6) well arranged rooms, situated on ldh etreet north, between O and ? streets west. Immediate possession given. Apply to ALEX. DUBHAY, on Vermont avenue, between M aud ? streets. ._ssp8-3t* FOR RENT-? free-story BRICK HOUSE, ful ly furnished. For further particulars,applyon tbe premises, 113 West st., Georgetown. sep7 St* F~~?R~BALB. A GREAT BARG?TN-Th? FTx" TUBES of Oak Hall Clothing Store, No. 464 7th street. [sep7-6t3 J. BRUCE A CO. F "OR SALB?Several SHANTIES, on leased ground, on 21st street, between F and G. In quire of GEORGB H. BABR, corner llth street and Rhode Island avenue._sepS-lw* A BARB CHANCE.?A furnished three story BRICK HOUSE for rent, within one square of Willards' Hotel For further particulars in quire of WM. H. TANNING, No. 504 Hth st sep6-lw*_ FOR 8ALE OR RBNT?A large three story frame HOUSE, just completed, situated on llth st, between M and ? streets For further particulars apply on the premises, or of J. W. REED, No. 2?6 llth street, between O and ? sta._sep6-5t? THE UNDERSIGNED WILL SELL AT PRI vate salea tract of LAND, containing about two hundred and fifty acres, distant about i miles from the Capitol, over Benning's Bridge; about 60 acres cleared,t and 45 in meadow; the balance in unsurpassed timber, mostly oak and chestnut. No improvement?, except a email house. For farther particulars address Box 384, Washington, D. C or inquire of the subscriber, 1.', miles northeast of Benning's Bridge. sep 6 1m*_E. SHERIFF. FURNISHED ROOMS ?Single or suites of ROOMS, suited for the accommodation of offi cers of the army and others: siso, PARLORS with felding doors; all just vacated, at 4-4 lath street, between New York avenue and H. sep 5-eotit* F^___fBNT?A iargeand well arranged HO?_B on I etreet, between 20th and 2 st sta. Apply to JAS.0 McGUIRE A CO., Auction and Com ?jagen Merchants._sep 3-6t FURNISHED ROOMS TO RBNT, without Board, to gtntleuien only?347 ? street, nesr 13th. Inquire of Mrs. ?. E. 8TEPHEN80N. au 31-tf 1,'OR RENT-The Iargeand commodious ROOMS comprising the second, third and fourth sto ries over J. L Kid weil ? new Drug Store, on Bet., near corner of Pa. av, and 14th st., two deors be low Willards'Hotel. an 29-tf_JOHN L. KIDWELL. FOR RBNT?A ROOM on 15th street, opposite the Treasury Department, adapted to the use of a Banker or Broker, having eonnested with it a very commodious and substantial vault. In quire of WILLIAM ORME, No. 312 Penn ave.. between Hth and llth sts._an 27-3w FOR SALE?DRUG STORE, BRICK HOUSE and three BUILDING LOTS. Inquire at No. 4 5 5, Mass, avenue, near 6th st._au UM m* FOR SALE?A three story and attic BRICK HOUSE and out-buildings, on North Capitol etreet, between ? and C, No. 394, nearly opposite tbe Washington Railway, near th? Depot House, containing U) rooms; a vacant lot adjoining; front Of 56 by 80. For further particulars inquire of WALL, 8TEPHENS A CO., No. 199 Pennsylva niaav._ an 16 WB OFFER FOR SALB, at a great barsaln. a small FARM, containing about 65 acres, well Improved with new dwelling and all necessary out houses. This property lies about 4 miles from Center Market, on the Benning's Bridge road across Eastern Branch, is ta a high and healthy situation, with an abundance of wood. Terms made known on application to SWEENY A CO., Real Estate Brokers, an 15-1 m_Corner 7th and ?J streets. FOR SALE?The three-Rtory BRIOK HOUSE and LOT, No. 8bl 9th street, (Island.) be tween D and E streets. The house contains nine rooms, and has convenient out-buildings, Ac. Apply to W. D. WALLACH, at the Star Offlee. au 11??_ pO-LING HOUSE FOR SALB. The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi ness, and offers his well Known house for sale. Any one wishing to engage in a LUCRATIVE BUSINESS can call on the Proprietor. *_14T Penn sylvania avenue, between 12th snd 13th sts. an ? 5w* _ To TH08B in want of a good cooking STOVE?Call at our store and examine the ARBITER. B. Q AH I. GREGORY. 3*21 Penna, avenue. Call and see the por?bTe RANGES, MONITOR and BBLL. We will warrant taetn to bake well. E. H. A H. I. GREG >RV, 321 Peana avenue. THB ARBITER COOK STOVE The great fuel saver. B. H. A H. I GBBGORY. se?-?-?_391 Pennsylvania aven-e. CHILLS AND FEVERS-SHAKE NO MO UK - Go at once to MOORB _ DRUGSTORE, 113 Pennsylvania avenue. West Bad, aad procare a bottle of Ague Cure and a package of his Antidota. Ther are warranted to euro. Price ?2.50. eep3-2* AUCTION SALK8. _FD TUR g PAYS._ ?* ?. O. McGClRB A 00.. Auctioneer?. ADMINISTRATORS SALE OF HOUSEHOLD ? AiV? ?'0** ef i?* AuetlonG???_?. of Ja?. ^T_%^?T^n^^l_5?i?? *? the ??tat? of the la"e William Pillow, and ??ei?prisin r? B?^etea_e aad B??ddlBs. ??a??G????* Ohair?. Tables, Carpeta. Cooking Stoves and Kitchen utens?li JOHN ?. TUBTON Adui'r de bouu non eep7 d 3. 0. MoGUIRB & CO., Aucts. WWTUE ABOVE SALB IS POSTPONED UNTIL TUESDAY MORNING next. ?ept. 13. same h-?ar. S-p le d_J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auoi?. DY THOS. DOWLING. Auctioneer; Georgetown, TWO FRAME HOUSEeTND LOTS IN GEORGE TOWN AT AUOTION. On MONDAY AFTERNOON. September 12th. at 5 O'clock ? m., I will eel! in front of th" jrensi?"?. on Water street, 1 >< twoan High and Po. .nac sts , two Frame Houses aud Lots. Terms at ?ale. All conveyancing and stamps at tn?j coat ?>f the purchaser Title perfect. aep 3-dA?s_THOS. DOWLING. Auct. DY THOMAS DOWLING, Auct.; Georgetown. BOAT, SEINE ANtToARS AT AUCTION. OnMONDAY AFTERNOON. Sept. i2,atfro'clk ?. m., I will ?ell, at the Fish Wharf, Georgetown, one Boat, 8eine and Oars. Terms cash. sep8 _THOS. BOWLING. Anct. |^Y TH0MA8 DOWLING, Auct.; Georgetown. TRUSTEE'S 8ALE 0F~ FRAME DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT. NO. 25 1ST STREBT By virtue of a deed of trust, dated th-30t?. day of January, 1358, and duly recorded in Liber J A. 8.. No 149, folios 64, 65, and H6, one of tnelanl records for Washington county, District of Co lumbia. I will sell at public sale, on tne premises on MONDAY.September 12th, at 4 o'clock p. ra., the Frame Dwelling House and Lot in George town, D. 0., known as tue west half of Lot No. 33, in Beatty A Hawkins addition to Georgetown. Terms: cash. All conveyancea, including revenue stamps, at tb? cost of the purchaser. Terme to be complied with within three dave from day of sale, otherwise the trustee re?erves the right to resell at the risk and cost of the first purchaser,after one week's notice. JNO. M BBLT, TiURtee. sep6d THOMAS DOWLING, Auct. ? Y J. C. MCGUIBB A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON ? STREET, BETWEEN 9TH AND 10TII 8T3. WE3T, AT PUBLIC SALE. On MONDAY AFTERNOON. Sept. 12th, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, we shall ?ell Lot? Nos. 7 and 9, in Davidson's subdivision of 8quare No. 987, fronting each 24 feet 6 inches on north ? etreet. Between 9th snd Kith streets west, running back 120 feet to a wide public alley. Also,Lots I and K, in Wilson A Callan'? sib li vision of same square, fronting 26 feet on a 3'i foot alley, in the interior of said square,and running t ack 9-5 feet. Title indisputable. Terms: One-third caeh: the remainder in 3 and fi months, witb interest, secured by a deed of traut on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at the coat of the par ch asere. eep7 JAS. C. McGUIRB A CO.. Aucts ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer DESIRABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUC TION. On TUEPDAY AFTERNOON, September 13tb. at 6 o'clock, in front of the premises, we will sell, that desirable Brick House and Lot, ?ituated on Seventh street west, between I and ? streets north, being the south part of Lot 12, in Square 4i7. The lot is 2" feet front by 70 feet deep, ?mprovttd by a three storv Brick fetore and Dwelling. The store is 2n by 6" fret, litted up in meiern style, and ha? been occupied for several years past as a dry goods Btore. The dwelling part contains five rooms pleasant and well arranged. There is also a good, dry cellar nnder the ?tore, making altogether, one of the most desirable in vestments in the northern part ofthe city. Thehenseis No. 371, on the weet side ofthe street. Tit'e pi rfect. Terms cash Conveyancing at cost of purchaser. sep6 d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. ? Y J. C. MOGUIRB A Co., Auctioneers. EXECUIOR? SALE OF FOURTEEN DESIRA BLE BUILDING LOTS ON 16TII STREBT WEST. BETWEEN O AN DR STREETS NORTH. Cn TUESDAY AFTERNOON, September IS at 4J_ o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell fourteen desirable Building Lot?, in subdivision of Square No. 179, fronting about 2?.? feet each on 16th street west, between Q and R streets north, and running back HO feet to a public alley. These lots are finely located, on high ground, and within a short distance of the llth street pas senger railroad. Terms : One-third in cash; the remainder in ? and 12 months, witb interest, secured by a deed of trust on tbe premises. Conveyances at the coat of the purchaser. A payment of Bio on each lot will be required at the time of sale. JOHN B. TURTON, Executor. rep6d _J.C. McGUIRB A CO.. Ancts. ? Y W. ?. LEWIS & 00., Auctioneers. INTERNATIONAL SALOON AND TEN YEARS' LKASE <>? PROPBRTY AT AUCTION. TUESDAY AFTEBNOON. September 13th, at 6 o'clock p. m.. on the premises, no. 445< 7th street, we shall sell the Good will and Furniture of that handsomely furnished saloon?the International? on 7th street, directly opposite the Patent Office. The Fixtures, Ornamenrg. Furniture. Ola? and Crockery Ware, Looking Glasses, Paintings, Cook ing Utensils, all nearly new, and in th? best ord?:r. Together with a Ten-Years' Lease of thi? prem ises. We call the attention of persons looking out for good investment? to the above sale, as offering a rare chance by location and appointments for a splendid business. W. B.LEWIS A CO.. fepH-3t_[Chron]_Auctioneers. DY GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 14th instant, we shall sell at 10 o'clock a. m., at the late residence of George Hercus, deceased. No. 573 Maryland avenue, be tween 9th and 10th s?rsete. Island, a good assort ment of Furniture, viz: Mahogany Sofa?. Chairs and Tables, Large Looking Glass, Sideboard. Chamber 8e*s, consisting of Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wash stands, Ac .Ac, Hair and other Mattresses, Bedding and Carpets, Dining Boom Furniture, auch as Crockerv and Glassware, Chairs, Tables, Knives and Forks, Ac. Ac, Kitchen Utensils, consisting of large Cooking Stove and Fixtures, and many other articles which we deem unnecessary to enumerate. Terms cash. sep 9-d_GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. DY JA8. 0. McGUIBB A CO., Auctioneers. BOUSE AND LOT ???????? ? STRBBT, BB TWJEN 19THAND20THSTBEBTS WEST. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, Sept. 15th. at 6 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a decree of the Orphans' Court, dated June 21st. 1.864, confirmed by the Supreme Court July 5th. 1,964, I shall Bell part of Lot No. 2. in Square No. 122, fronting about 30 feet on North E etreet, between 19th and 2oth streets, and?running back 97 feet n}_ inchea, to gether with the imprOTements coneieting of a two story Frame Dwelling houae ( No, 414 ) containing four room.. Terms cash. Coat of conveyance to be paid by the purchaser. M. F. MORRIS. Guardian. eep 3-?od_J. <J. McGUIBB A CO., Ancts ? Y GREBN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. SEVENTHSTBBETIMPBOVED PROPBBT Y AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, the 13th instant, at 6? o'clock p. m., immediately after the sale on the west side of Seventh strtst. we shall sell tne dwelling house directi y opposite, situated on part of Lot No 6, in Bquare 452, now vacant, being on the east Bide of Seventh street, ?bove I street. The house may be bo improved as to accommodate store and dwelling. Th? lot is 23 feet front and 131 feet deep with alley privilege. Immediate possession given. Terms. One-half cash, balance iu 6 months, with interest. Conveyance at cost of purchaser. scptt-d QBEBNA WILLIAMS. Aucts. ? Y JAB. 0. McGUIBB A CO., Auctioneer?. THREE DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON L)H?DE ISLAND AVENUE. BETWEEN 14TH AND 1??? 8TRBETS AT PUBLIC SALE. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Septemb-r 14, at 5H o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lota "P," "8," and "T." in subdivision of lots in Square No 211. Lots "b" and ???" fronting e*ch 20 feet, and Lot "?" 18K f-et, on Rhode Island ave nue, between llth and 15th streets west. Title perfect. .'"'_. - _> Terme: Oae third in cash: the remainder in three and nine months, with interest, eeoured by deed of trust on the premises. A payment of ?25 on each lot will be require* at tbe time of rale. ______ . , Conveyances and stamps at the purehaeer ?<.?-?;. eep 8-d J. Q. Mo CU IRE A CO . Aueta. BOTELER & WIL80N, Auctioneers. Bv Offiob U. S^Oapiiol Extbnsios.^ I Washikotos, D. U., 8-pt?_ber3. 1S6* . On SATURDAY. Octobvr Ht, commencing at 10 a. m., the following vanegatel and p'ain Mar ble will be sold at public auction, on the grounds north of tne United States Capitol : 101 blocks Tennessee Marble. 1,000 feet (cubic) of remnant? ao. 12 pieces Potomac Marble. 6?'* cubic feet Verment Green Serpentine. 8 Column Shaft? . ,, _i.__,_ 2,0 0 cubic feet remnants Italian?Ma">'e At the same time will be ?old a lar? lot of Doore. Shutters, and Building Material?, of va "nv'nrderof the Secretary of tb? Interior. By oraer oi me oec ??????G1. L WE8Tt SCP6-dtd_General Superintendent. ??ALE OF CONDEMNED MULES. 1 CBisr Quabtbbmastbb's Offici, i Dur-or OF WABUIBGT05?, { WashiBotos. D. C. September 5, 1H64. } Will be seid at pnblic auction, at the Corrai?, scar the Observatory. in the city ot Washington, on WEDHE8DAY. September 2!, 1864, a Tot of MULB8, condemned as unfit for public service. Terms?Cash, in Government funds Sale to commence at 10 o'c'oek a m. D H. RUCKER. Brig. Gen'l and Chief Ojiartermaster, sep6-t?I Depot of Washingtoa. ?_AND FOR 8ALB-Apply at the ftrat houM from ? th? Baste? Branch Bridge J aa ?-lm* AUCTION ?AI-i?. FUTURE OATS. DT J. 0. MCGCIRB A_0O . Aa-u-.neera. TRTSTSB- SALE OF VALUABLB LAND AN? VIN1TARD. NEAR THB INHAN? ASYLUM On MONDAT AFTERNOON, September it. a? a o'clock, on tbe the premises, by virtue of tw? dee?tsof trust from Chss.J Uhiman to me.onedated December 3?'. 1*2 and recorded in Liber J, A 8., No. 319, folio?? .Ac., and the ether dated Jaanary _]1865 and duly recorded in Liber J. A S.. Ns. 229. folios 29*, Ac . ? shall sell all tbat certain pi eoe sud parcel of land lying and situate in the county of Washington, aforesaid, ano being part ana parcel of the tract of land known formerly ae ''Woodstock," and latterly ss 'The Kosciuak? Place." the part or parcel herein conveyed or in tended so to be,being described as follows, namely: ?ommenriBg on the north line of th? Good Hope 5?*d__ a wbite oak tree, being Station No. ? of A- Jekyll's survey of the "Koscinsko Place." and thence running along Mid north line of the Good ?ope road seventy-seven degree? and fifteen mie ntes east ? (77 de*, is min. ? I five perches and ?3? 1* ? *lu_"lre?lths of a perch (1 ?8 l"0>toa __%______ A.a_nd ? wl?ite marble monnaient. __.______?!_- thf pUt accompanying the ietA h?.reiubef,,re mentioned, from Kelly and g*____-_._f_lt wife to Charlee J. Uhlmann. thence running a on? the first dividingline be tween this parcel of land and that of the said Moses Kelly, south six degrees and thirty minutes east ?8 I deg So min ?.) seventy one pe?* m perches) to ? small monument of white marble set uron said line; thence from sail monument run ning south thirty minutes west ? S. (Meg S min W ) seventy nine perches and fortv-hund.edths ef a perch (79 40 I08 per. ) to Station No 5of T. Jekyll's survey of the " Kosciuskn Place;'' thence from ??id Station No. 6 running south fifty nine degrees and forty minutes east 18. 59 deg. 4< min E. ) to thecrossingof a small creek eighteen perches,! 18 perches); thence from said crossing running south fifty-five ? egrees and forty five minutes west 18. S6 deg. 45 mio. W) fifteen perches ( 15 perches) to the point of interaction with outer ang e of road; thence running along the north Ime of said road south eighty nine degree?? and for y-five minutes west. 8 89 deg. 4.'. min. W, twen ty-two perches( .aperches) to an angle in the same; thence running along the north line of slid road, south fifty four degrees west ? 8 1 de* Wiseven teen and one-halt perches, .171, purch?*) to an In ner anele of the same: thence running along the eastern line of said toad paratie? to and one sud a half perches from a small creek twenty-nine perches (? perches, to the middle of Oven Bin thence tunning along the middle and up the course of said Oxen Run sixteen and one halt perches. (16H p?rclies) or thereabouts, to the cor ner point between this psrcel of land now being described snd the land of W V. ? Brown, being three perches in a right line from s large poplar tree that stands on the property of said Brown, one and one-fourth perches from the north bank of said Oxen Run: tbence lrom the above described corner point run ning along the dividing line between thia par cel of land and that ol said W. Y. H. Brown, north twenty four degrees snd thirty minutes wert ( M deg. SO min. W> thirty-five perches to a large lorust tree on said line, tbence running in right line continuation from saia locust tree and with tbe bearing aforesaid. ( ? 24 deg. 3' min. W> twen ty-four perches? 24 perches) to the middle of creek: tnence running along and up the bed or middle of said creek, (it being the dividing line between this parcel and the land of said Brown.) sixty-five perches (65 perches) or thereabouts, to a point in the bed of said creek opposite to and back three fourths of a perch from a marked locust tree that stands on the north side of the same; thence run ning from said point through the locust tree last above described north twen'y five degrees west! ? 25 deg. W) six perches and twenty hundredths of a perch (6*' 10' perches) to a marked walnut tree in the bed of a ravine; thence running from said waleut tree, being a meander line of the ravine, north ten degrees west (N in deg. W) six perches. (6 perches;) thence running oa a meander line as aforesaid north twenty-f'iar de grees and thirty minotsB west. (N M deg.S'i min. W.J dve perches aud twenty-hundredths of a perch (5 2?-1<?" perches) to a young persimmon tree, (marked;) thence running from said persimmon tree north three perches and twenty hundredths of a perch (3 20-10?' perches? to a forne? persimmon tree, (marked;) thence running from said la't per siciuv ? tree north two degrees and forty minutea east (N. 2 deg. 40 min. E.) ten p?r bee (in perches) to the niTth line of the Good ????- ruad, passing t? rough a sycamore tree that s ands ou the south pide of said r ad and terminating? a point on said north line of said road sixteen perches < M perches, from Station No 35 of T. Jekyll's survey of "The Ko-ciusko Place,"runnin* back from said station; thence from said point running ?long the afore mentioned north line of the Good Hope reed north seventy-nine degrees snd thirty i_inutes east ? ? . 79 deg. Si min. ?.) thirty seven ? rche? and seven ty five hundredths of ap"rch 3775 l?vi perches) to tne place of besinning, tall ?n ?aid causes being magnetic.) containing fifty aeree, two roods, and thirty three and one-half perches,(5> acres, 2 roods, S3H perches,) be the same more ?rlese, as repre sented in the plat hereinbefore mentioned, togeth er with all and singular the improvements, privi leges, hereditaments, a-d appurtenances to the same belonging or in any manner apperta;ning. This property is finely improved as a Vineyard, with about twelve thousand choice Grape Vines, and will be sold in snb divisions. Terms: One third in cash; the remainder in sir and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. A payment ot ten per cent, of the purchase money will be required st the time of sale. Should tne terms of sale not be complied with within ten days after tbe sale, the Trustee reserves tbe right to re-sell the property at tbe risk and ex perse of the defaulting purchaser, on one week's notice in the National Intelligencer. HORACE J. PROsT, Trustee. an 9-2awAd? J. 0. McGUIBB A Co.. Anete. ? Y J. 0. MoGUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. NOTICE-VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON NORTH ? ?STREET. BETWEEN SiOTH AND -1ST STREETS, AT PUBLIC AUCTION Will be sold at public auction on MON DAY, the 19tb dav of September next ensuing, at 4,li o'clock, on tbe premises, the following desirable piece or parcel of ground, lying, situate and being on north ? street 83 fe-t9 inches east of its intersectien with 21st street west, thence north 7" feet to an alley, thence west 20 feet,thence south 5 feet 9 in ches, tbence west 2" feet, thence south 6( feet 3 in ches, thence east 40 feet to the beginning, being Lot No. 9. in square No. 78. containing two thou sand six hundred and eighty-five square feet, or thereabouts. The title believed to be undoubted. Terme : One-half cash; the balance in three equal instalments, payable respectively in ?. 9 and II months, with interest, the deferred payments to be secured by deed of trust on the premises. By order of Trustees, sep ?-d J. 0. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. ? ? i. C. McGUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLB BUILDING LOT ON NORTH I, BE TWEEN FOURTBBNTH AND FIFTEENTH STREBTS WE8T. AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 14th day of September next, 1864, I thall sell, in frontof the premises, at d o'clock p. m., by virtue of s decree of the Or E bans' Court dated the 12th day of May, 1863. ratt ed and confirmed by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia on the 13th day of May. 18-, the following described handsome building lot, viz: Lot numberedlfour (4) in Square numbered two bupdredend eighteen ?SJ it having a front of 42 feet 7 inches On north I, between 14th and 15th streets west, running back with a side alley to a 30 feet alley, 142 feet 7 inches. Terms: One half cash ; balance in six months, the purchaser to give note for the deferred payment, bearing interest from the day of sale, and St-curel to the satisfaction of the Guardiau. All conveyancing, including revenue Stampa, at tbe cost of the purchaser. Title perfect. Mrs. ELIZA ANN DRAIN, Guardian. sep 3d_J.C. McGUIRE A CO., Auots. A UOTION BALE OF CONDEMNED HORSES. QuartermasUr Gtntral's OJir?, ist Division,! Washinet:n City, September 8.1864. f Will besold at public auction, to the highe-it bidder, at Giesboro, D. 0., on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1864, ONE HUNDRED AND FI?TY CAVALRY HORSES. These horses have been condemned as unfit for th? cavalry service of the army. For road at>d farming many good bar gains may be had. Horses sold singly. Sale to commence at 10 a.m. Tern.8 cash in Unit*d States currency. By order of the Suar^rmaatJr^?^^ ,e 9 6t_Col, in charge 1st Div. Q. M. Q. O. a~U?RTERMA8TER GENERAL'8 OFFICE, First Di visio?, Washington. D.O.. 8ej>ember2,1844 Will be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION, to the high est bidder, at the time and places nam-d below, V1York. Pa . Thursday,8ept. 16.1*64. Altoona, Pa., Thursday, Sept. 22. 1844. Lebsnon, Pa., Thursday, Sept. _?. 1854. TWO HUNDRED CAVALRY HORSES AT BACH PLAOB. These horses have been condemned aa unfit for the Cavalry service of the Army. for road and farm purposes many good bargains may be had. Horses sold singly. " ? in Uni ted States currency JAMBS A. EKIN Terms. Gash in United States eurrenc Colonel First Bivision, Q. M. Gen'ls Office. sep3t2-th_ 4_ALE OF CONDBMNBD QUARTERMASTER_ ?_? STORES, BUGGIES, Ac, A0. Chief Quartermaster's Office, Depot of Washington,I Washington, D. 0., September 1,1 tS4. I Will be sold at public auction, at Government Warehouse, situated ot? the sanare betweea Band P. and Twentieth snd Twenty-first streets, in the city of Washington, on WEDN ESDAY. September 14, iB6i,at 11 o'clock a.m., a lot of Quartermas ter's Stores, condemned as unfit for use, vii : Axes, Carpenters' Tools, Brashes. Bridles, ?ose Bsgs, Buckets, Saddle Blankets, Stable Brooms. Portable Forges. Grindstones, Blacksmiths' Topis, Harnes?, Lanterns Scrap Leather. ?toT_a?'?e' Repe.8toves Saddles., Whipa.HomeBtaoei. ana s large lot of old Iron^Ac, Ae. vr.-u t.- ___ __ __._-_^V??l.t foot of Nineteenth Will be sold en sane day, ??. ?" n.__, ??,,??,11 street. near Cbesapeake.s^d Ohio 0^*1 immedi ately after the completion of the sale ahovs re ferred to, a number of Anil " - J?uS-eesfu] bijM?? ?? ^ m Stores with!? ?'??f)Te-?me-t funds. Terms cas?.,n wo" D H RUOKRR, RH_r_dier General and Chief Quartermaster, r )_rt Depot ef Washington. sep TMBI LIMBI LIMBI?I am now prepared to 1 j deliver fresh burned POTOMAC LIMB, pre ?red from my new Flam?. KUa, without eomlng _r tm_Ta. av. em? ?oeb Ore?* Bri?*?. WB TCRBBR _ LLVERT 8TABLB, on 7th . street, between H snd I. where per- ?V? sona can be accommodated with ??'J".,'_jC___. Buggies snd Saddle Horses ^,2K__T___k and terms. He is sis? baying ?dejilinf, ? *J*\'___t persons in the trade will de well to cell. ee?vim

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