Newspaper of Evening Star, September 12, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 12, 1864 Page 2
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THB EVENING STAR VT. D V% Al.LA? 11 Edttsr and Proprietor. WABHINtlTON CITY : MONDAT.SEPTEMBER 1?, 1?MU. ?W SEALING MATTEBON EVERY PAOS. 8BB 0UT8IDB FOR INTERESTING TELS GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTES. EXTB4 FROVl THL FRONT. Tl;e Rebel? S???*?*** an'' Positions Seized ? ? ? in Them. [(Correspondence Associated Press] JlE?ryi'AfciKRH Army of the Potomac, Sept. It? ? t u it g h s been kept up quite brisk 'v all day on the c enter and right. The rf b?ls f eem tu bave get their temper ex cited by that surpise cf last nizht, and are de termined to ai n< y our picket? as much as they can. It was tfeSSStb Icdianaand 09th Pennsylva nia cavalrv tha made the charge and took the rebel line of pickets. Lieut. Col. Geo. W. Mickel, commanding the former, was eh?>t ftiroush the hips and died on the field. His h ? y is being embalmed, and will be sent h? me. Our casualties number about 30 altogether. Lieut. Disbrow, ot the SMS Pennsylvania, v?ae badly wounded in the bead. Tbe prisoners captured say they were asleep at tbe time, and that our men were on them ere they bad time to resist. Genera] Patrick, Provost Marshal of the A:my, was to-day presented with a beautiful sword, sasb, spurs, and shoulder straps by the enlisted men of the 20h New York, whose original term of enlistment has expired, and those not re-enlisted are going borne. General P. made a very appropriate speech on the occasion. Brigadier General Engan arrived at the front yesterday, saving almost entirely recovered from the severe wound he received on the CM of June in front of Petersburg, having on that occasion won for him tbe promotion be so well deserved. He will bave a command in the -.'J corps. W. D. McGregor. FROM THE WEST. Reported Death of the Rebel Gen. Price. Cairo, Sept. 11.?There is a report at Little Rock that the rebel Gen. Price died at Arfc adelphia of dyeentery. Toe steamer City of Alton brings Memphis dates of yesterday, and fsew Orleans advices to the 5th Memphis was to be illuminated laet night in honor of the receut victories. The post of rairo has Sees separated from tbe Western Kentucky and attached to thn district of Illinois, undpr General Halbert E. Pai ne. ARRIVAL OF A PRIZE AT ?1EW YORK. A Rebel Pirate Preparing to Leave Wit? mingtou. N. C. New ?'???, Sept 10?A prize steamer, cap turf d on the :>'b, while on a voyage from Wil roirpton to Nt.-san with 3U0 bile.* of cottoa, arrived rere thi* morning, and sailed again, via Long Island Sound, for Boston. The prise -t.'.vmer Georgia arrived at Bjau for?, N. V . on the SIS en route for Boston. It i3 repor'ert at Beaufort that the rebel ."?earner Edith was about te leave Wilmington, heavily mm?.'. on a piratical cruise. OFFII ML WAR Bl'LLETI.X. All ? ?..!' at 'llanta?Nothiug Later from the Sliriiandoah? Recruiting Vigorously ?being On. War Department, ) Waphthoton, bept lt>, ? p. m. ?, Majnr (renerai Dix, kXaw ? ?.ri- .? This department has received dispatches from Gen. Sherman down to 10 o'clock yes terday morning. His array is concentrated at Atlanta, nis trwops in possession, and well. He save: ?? Wilson and Steadman are stirring Wheeler up pretty well, and nope they will make an end of him, as Gillem did of Morgan. The Werther is beautiful, and all things bright." No recent intelligence has been received from Mobile. No iL-ovements are reported from the Shen audoab Valley or in the Army of the Potomac. Recruiting le progressing vigorously in most of the States. EBfWZB M. Stanton. Secretary of War. SHERIDAN. Enemy in force near Winchester?De stroctisn of Rebel Property. New York, Sept. 11 ?A Berrvville despatch, dated the 10th, states that Col. Lowell, with the jd Massachusetts, and two other eavaly regi meate, yesterday destroyed four floar mills. and several other smaller mills, on Occoquan Creek, capturing, besides, several prisoners. A Harper's Ferry despatch of tbe 10th inst. states that tbe rebels are still la force near Winchester and Bunker Hill. All is quiet at the front. THE SPLIT IN THE DEMOCRACY. Effect of Mcflellan's Letter oa Vallan digham?The Peace Mea to Hold a Meet? Colcmrus, Ohio, Sept. 10.?Vallandigham arrived here yesterday, en route to Pennsyl vania to address the people at various places, but meeting McClellan's letter of acceptance, be ? mptly authorized the Democratic chair man in Ohio, to withdraw his name from all appointments in Ohio, and returned home. The peace men are determined to maintain their integrity. 1 hey will soon call a meetiug to determine their course of action. ATLANTA. Little of Value Left by the Enemy. Nashville, Sept. 11.?? dispatch states that Hood left little of value in Attinta, most cf the Government stores and Railroad ma terial having previously been removed to Macon CAPTURK OF A BLOCKADE RTJVNBR. Capt. O. S. Glisron, writing to the Navv De partment from on board the santiago de Cuba, at Hampton Roads, nnder date of September 11, reports that on Sat m day, the loth instant, while on bis way to Hampton Roads for coal, he discovered biack smoke northeast of eist, and immediately gave chase. Abont 1 p. m be neared the smoke sufficiently to discover tbat it was a blockade runner. At 4 ? m. Capt. Oil-son gained on her sufficiently to bring ber within range, wben be fired a shot across ber stern, and she surrendered without resistance. The vessel proved to be the English block ade runner A D. Vance, late. Lord Clyde. She is an iron side wheel steamer, two years old, and very fast. At the time of her capture she bad on board Ilo bales of cotton and some tur pentine, bnt her full cargo cannot be known until she reaches Boston, where she bas been sent. This vessel bas been a very successful block ade raaaer, ano her officers said she was only ciptnred in consequence of the bad coal on board. _ WEALTHY REFUGEES. Vr'vr.lny tw > 1 idies (aliens) arrivai h?re from Ritbmondon their way to Europ*. Tney hid ? ith thi-m several large trunks filled with lidie?' war ng apparel One of them bad up on ber persona large sum of money in gold, and the o?ner had in her possession a draft on a London Bank Bw ????venti thousand pounds. Th?y were released by the military authorities upon giving their parole ot honor todo noth ing itijurleue to the U. S. Government. CON SCRIPT I Mr. Among a batch cf rebel deserters brought here to-day from the Army of the Potomac were some ten or fifteen North Carolinians who report that the Cenfederates are again actively engaged in conscripting men. Some of these men deserted after having been in the service only five day?. TOOK THE OATH. Eight prisoners of war, who reached this city to-day from Gen. Grants army, took the oato Of allegiance, but were committed to the Old Capitol until a decision in their cases can be obtained from Gen. Patrt-k, provest marshal general Army of the Potomac. _ 'To-day, the Twelfth of September, is the anniversary of tbe battle of North Point, and is to be duly celebrated by tbe Baltlmoreans. No Draft ik Obcix.?The quota of all the dlatriota U full, with tbe exception of the 4th, where eleven men sre only wanted, and efforts making to obtain them.?Cecil Whig. 87* A New Orleans letter says that General Banks is coming borne to Massachusetts to ran for tbe United states Senate. BST The capturvd ram Tennessee arrived at New Orleans on the 3lst ultimo. SVHon. Geo. H Pend let?n was serenaded i? Cincinnati, on Monday night. ?Vit is reponed that President Lincoln will coos make a visit to Boston. fcTOn Thursday morning a light frost was observable in e?feral sections of ConneoUoat The Split la the Deaaecratie Party. It was announced by telegraph on Sa'nrday, that the Pew York News, the organ of the peace democracy bad repudiated McOiellan since the promulgation of hie letter of acceptance Th?- Sews in its Saturday's editorial says: "The candidates and the platform ein not ex ist apart I be plat m ra Is the seal?the candi dae is the body. Ttie one may change, decay, p. rub, tie other is immutable and eternal, tor it is principie. The two are th-reforeinsepara? bel?i Ukrli relative positi,,us, for if the man renounce the prm iple, he ceases to be a candi date ot the party th it nominated him. ??Georg* D. Mci?lel an was nominated upon a ? atrcrm that promises au immediate eaasa tion ot iKttiliuee ano a i-ouvention of al the s'atis. Does be stand upon that platform to day I I e dits not. He has reuounced toe ? ?tlorm m his l tur accepting the nomination. itiBaa it tne ori tegr ?m siiould accept tue bride'-property, hut Bot her person. ?. bond like that is null and void The peace party will not couseut to have their principle be trayed ai d tt.en ?o homage to tne b-uayer. 1 ??'/ ?,?,,?,.? all that it, nominated ?u the bond. ?General McClellan, having rejacted the propos tion for a cessation of hostilities and a convention of all the States, declined the Coi cago nomination, and stands b-lore tne people 1 self-nominated, on a platform of his owu crea tion. 1 he democracy must seek a candidate vho vcill s'ano upon the platform, for they caiinot consistently support one who is in col lision with the convention that tendered him ihe non:inHtl? n. It the. platform accorts not with the ?? minee'e con ictions of the riirht, a due respect for the opinions of the assemblage that unanimously adopted it requires that be fhoHld fctv? back totbeconventiou the s ta ?, da-d tl the Democracy. The Demografi j Nitioml Conversion is not dissoiv-d It is ready ? convene at the c&ll ot it? Executive Committee, and, it General idcC eliau caunot abide by tue lesolutious tbrOBgh which the principies of toe party have becu enunciated, let the conventicn ? assemble, and el? her remodel the plat orm <o suit their nominee, or nominate a candidile that will suit the platform " The editor of the Metropolitan Record, Ina letter to the Daily News, sajs: "Metropolitan Record Officf, New York. Sept. 9, 1801? To th' Editor of the New York Newi ? The undesigned takes advautage of thi-, the earliest opportunity he has bad since reading Gen. McClellan'B extraordinary letter ot ac ceptance, to state that be has beea compelled by a strict sense of duty as a journalist, aud in accordance with his principles as a peace dem ooiat, to wiibdraw the support promised in the last number o? the Metropolitan Recerd to tke nominee of the Chicago Convention for President. That promise was made in the be lief that Gen. McClellan would accept the platform up^n whicn be was nominated, and it was giveu on that condition alone. In his opinion this so-called Democratic candidate bus placed himself in a position of direct an tagonism with the principles of the American constitution by declaring his intention to coa tinnethe preset, t ? among war upon sovereign States, aud which has been so prolific in eviis. ?In the course be has thought proper to adopt he ceasrs, strictlv speaking, to be a can didate, as ihe candidate and the platform have biibirto been regarded as inseparable Gen McClellan cannot say that he was unorant of the character of the platiorm before he waa ijomiijattd, as it was adopted the day before the nomination was made. If li ? could not stand ?]" ? that platform, why did he not in foi m he friends in Chicago by telegiaph of that f.MCt in time to prevent the peace delegates from btiig milled.' Can it be possible that this delay was simply a settled purpose to eti ir ip them ? Dtd he and his adviser* suppose that by wail lag several days atter the conven tion adjonreed they would put it out of the power ? f the peace men to correct their mi ? t;ike. M;d thus prevent them from placing au other candidate befara the public .' 4 Gei.erat McClellan says ?I am happay to know that wh? u tbe nomin.Vion was made the rrcoidoi my public life was kept in view.' bat be certainlt cannot be ignorant of the fact that the ?record' of bis 'public life'was the great obstacle to bis nomination in the minds of tbe leace Democracy, and that it was only upon the assurance th at he was in favor of the im mediate cessation of hostilities that they with drew their objections to him as a candidate. I' was their wiah that his ?record' should be kept on' ot tne way, and they believed that he him pelf was not d?sirons of giving it a more ex tended publicity than it had already ootained, hut they never supposed that he would refer to it as a mat er of pride or sa'isfaction Are we to understand by this ill timed reiereoce to his 'iecoi d' that he regards his arrest of the Maryland legislature asa justifiable act, and that it elected he will continue the eystem of arbitrary arrests inaugurated by Abraham Lincoln'and so willingly carried into execu tion by himself. This "record" tells ns that he is the enemy of habeas corpus, and it also informs us in re gard to another very unpleasant fact?particu larly urpleasant to the industrial classes?that he was the first to urge and pr^ss upon the President that most despotic of all despotic measures of tbe present administration, the odious conscription. As be intimates his in tention to carry on the war, tbe public should ui.dei.-tend what that means; that it means re newed conscription, that men shall be forced by tbe strong arm of military power from tbeir homes to wage a war of subjugation against a people who claim the right which we ourselves should be the last to resign, tbe right of self government. "John M?llalt, "Editor of the Metropolitan Record." fY~3=? JOURNEYMAN STONE CUTTER8.-A IL? Begular Meeting of the Association will b?? EeTdon TUESDAY EVENING. September U. at tbe Shepherd 11 ail, 7th street and La. avenue, at o'clock. JAS. GUILD, President. lEatajr 0. Elms, Bag._sep u It* ?FOURTH WARD M CL ELLA V CLUB Trio'e will be an adjourned meeting of tbe Jlub on TUESDAY, the 13th inet..at8 o'clock p. m., at Parker'? Budding. Pa. av., between titn and 7th sts. All favoring the election of Gen. McClel lan are invited to attend. i A. KLOrFEB, President .gAM'L 8 P.KERRTOy.drc_sep 12 it? rv^=?FIftST WARD. ATTENTION.-Allcitizens ij_i? of the First Ward are Invited to atienda meeting on MONDAY EVENING, 8ept. 12th,a; 7.'? o'clock, at the Mechanics' Mess House, corner ?t 21st and F stroets, for the parp?se of devisiug pomp means by which tke ward m*y be relieved of the impending draft. A full attendance of every one liable is org<a,aswe bave ev.-ry assurance that by making the proper efforts we can fill oar quota _ It* 7*0' ?G THE OMINO DRAFT, SECOND WARD AROUSED. An adjourned meetingo the citi rene of th? Ward, will beheld on TUESDAY EVENIVO at 7>, o'cik) at Germer? 11-d!. 11th sfeet, near F street, for the uor pone nf revising means to fill tbe Wart Quota. Everv men liable to d?aft aad all good citizens ..f t ti e Ward are expected to contributi? lib-rally to tbe fund. J. RUMSKLL BARK. President. JAS W. PPAULDINO.Secretary. sepH-it? ry-j=>THE NEXT REGULAR MEETING OF Uo> the Trustees of th* pub ic Schools will he beTl on TUESDAY NEXT, the 13th iuatant, at 5 o'clock p. va. aep 10-st_R. T. MORSKLL. S?cr?tary. ry--y=?MAYOR'S OFFICE. ~ LL7 WASHI50TOH. *ept. 10.1?54. The following places are desigoa'ed in ?he 8-xth Ward as stands for omnibuses: The west side of ?th street taat. between L st south and Georgia avenu??; and on Georgia avenue, east ? t"(Jih atreet sep 10 3t RICHARD WALLACH. Mayor. STEAMER EMPIRE HAS ARRIVED. Coa sign?es will olease attend to the reception of their good?at jtic?. The ?tracer sail? for New York1 Wednesday, tbe iith ??,.-tant, at 9 a.m. Has good ac? 'immollati?:..- fir carrying horses. sep 12 2t_MORGAN & RfltNBHART. NOTIOE-TO ALL WHOM ITMAV CONCERN. The partnership heretofore existing between ? Drs M. V. B. Began and 8. W. B.gan. will -?edit I solved on Monday, the li*th d?? of September All persons indebted to tbe firm will please settle ? their accounts with Dr. M. V. B. Bogan ,. , , M V. Il BOGAN. seplMw?_ g W.BOGAN. S AUCTION CARD. PECI AL ATTENTION Is INVITED TO THE sal?? to morrow afternoon of two very valuabe Biick Houfbs and Lot?; one a superior ????,.?.?,, ftand : both situated on 7th ?treet, near the North ern Msrket Tbe opportunity is an unu'tial ou? to obtain such desiraMe prop.-rty in this most nrosp>-rouB busine s locality. It _GREEN A, WILLIAM8, Aucta. ? LAGE SILKS We invite attention to our large stock of BLACK SILKS. ? hieb we are selling for leas than we can replace them. We have alao a full stock of HEAVY PLAIN SILKB in brown, green, blue, pnreU and other co'ors, which we are selling cheap. JOS. J MAY * CO., aepl2-2t 30? Pa. ay bat. Sth aad lot i ata. OS. J. MAY A CO., J WH0I.KS.U-? am? Bjtail DlaXBBs is FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS. We oder to the Trade at New Tsrk pri?es, m large ?trek of? Hamilton. Pacific aad Manchester Pall De Laine?, Merrlmaek, Pacific, Sprague, and other make? of Fall Pi lets. 7 8 3 4 aad 4-4 Bleached Sbirtiags, 4-4,8 4. s-4, ?? ? Bleached 8heetings, Brown Sbirtiags and Sheetings, Brown and Bleached Oantoa Flannel?. All w?ol Twilled and Plain whit?, r?4 blue aad gray ? J. J. MAT & 00., Sfie) Psbb avena?. m? 12-St between ?tk aad 1 th aw. LOST AND FOUND. LOST-On gatunUi niornine.the IXS instant, a black aud whit* spotted c9fa?al"nPn?r.?UQd berborus. JAMBS O DBA. H? _corner a_aaj aim sta PyT?D?A POOKBT BOUK, containing ? ?um of money, '? I?* street Th? "?nir can hare it bv esiline at JAMBS DEMP3EY'S, ? street, n-ar Ut street._I'* rOI'M>-'i* sad blaek SB1TBR D jG, with G collar and name. Th* owner can ?ret ttte ?no bv pacing forthl? advertisement, provins owner ?hip at S3? Pa ** . be*. 9th and Kith ete. It* A ft REWARD?"trayed away on the 1st inat , a tp?) re<i and white OOW, shoal ten v??r* olii; bave eiiib.' or ten r?! ? ?-it s on her l-fr ??de; twelve or fourteen red *pot?? on her right; two hole? ?aid it ar ber horn?: her be?d and neck h%v? roii-ih the appearance of a ?teer: wa* s-eu at 14th aid Bo in l cover, WU1 *" *??$???p\?*>&'.'?' sep lo 3t* ?09 Ci ?t., near ? st., ?*lan<1.__ ?1 fi REWARD.?Strayed or ?tolas from the I " market, detween 7tb and 9th street-?. Peni? sylvani? ?venne, on the Rth in-t.. h brown man MARK, small sis*, probably between II and i6 hand? hi?b,thick set. 'ark hushy tail ani mane, h 'arge w lite ?pot in forehead, ahout 0 far? ?11, no* ?ated. trots briskly: fcftd <?? htroe??? *nd halter. ??> one will recei??? the abov? reward on the delivery of the mare and hjrae ?*?_,, Fir*>t Tollgate on ?biltimnre Pike, ?pp 18 ."it*_Wa-thingtun, D. C. IOST-On Tuesday nii;ht. the ?th inst., a GOLD j WATCH am? *??? The Roder w? il he Iib-r*.lir rewarded, and no questions asked, by leaving it at the Star Off ce. sep9-3t* BOARDING. BO?RD AND HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, for fattit?ei or sin? e ? ?renn? H..ii-e p!e?*aoily located, with spacious grounds; S. W. corner 21st and H ?te._?op ? If A FEW TABLE BOARDERS WANTED AT No. ?00 E street. Alno a ni'-ely FURNISHED ROOM, to iteotlematj and wife, with board. Mh*i? to suit business._sepH-lw* TAIU.R BOARD-Eight or ten gentlemen can be accommodate?! with good Table Board at 410 Det north, between 6th and 7th st^_sep 9-3t CURST CLASS BOARD with Furnished Booms. V also. Table, can be obtained at No. S?*<l 6'h st., between H and I._sop9-7t* TWOOBTthRES MECHANICS can he see? mo da?ed with good ROOMS and BOARD hyim medine aptlication at 394 llth street, be w-?en ? and Massachusetts avenue; aUo a few Tahle Board ers. _ sep 9 3t* C?OOD BOARDING WITH PLEASANT rToMS F can be had at reasonable rates at ? ?. 9? Wash ington street, (??< rgeiown. Also, several rooms to let._s?p6-lw* fpiRST-CLAfiB BOARD, with Furnished Room?. Aleo Table Board can be obtained at No. 415 E street, botwe?n 8th and 9th. Breakfast from 7 to 9 ; dinner from 3 to S sep 3-lna* PERSONAL?._ NOTICE.?All persons are forbid trusting any person on my account without a writt >o order from m>self or my wife, Bknriktta ? I'sppkb. sep7-lw JOHN P. PEPPER. SUBSTITUTES WANTED FOR C. S NAVV FOR ONE YS*R. Wanted immediately ?0 Able-bodied SEAMEN. * II EM EN, AND CO.v L PASSERS. A- Firemen ?Bounty cash down oni- year...?W Pay " {? _*T78 Total_._ ?- - .?..-.*ii78 As St-auien?l!?unt> citsh down one year_Sw Pay " " .$?oS I ?an? these men at. once Colored ?? ? will be taken if the) are Seani?'ii or Kin-men. O.H CASSI DT. Its ?th street, sei, 9 lw*_|ltep&Ohrou| bet. Pa. av.. and C at IJMTJtD STATES SERVICE H AG AZINS, Sep tember, is*4. CoHTpJTs ?The Militia: The ??t??.1?; Maior ?onerai W. T. She-man; Th.? Naval Hospitil E tablistiment; Brigadier G-meral A exander Hay?; I ?.n>mi<l Loyalty: To my Wifeat Parti ig,( poetry > I iterary Intelligence; Editors Special Department; Offoal Intelligence sep 10 _ _FRANCK TAYLOR PKOPOSAL? will be received at the Mayor's . flice until U o'clock M. ?n MON DA Y, thel^ta inst. next, f r grading ? street north fr >m 6th to ?-ith street weat.or sach portion thereof as the Mavor may direct. No part ?I the appropriation will V>p paid until th?? ?i,rk is approved by the? Commissioners. Hilders will state the price p-r cubic yard. The cutting and filling will be paid for but once: that which measures most. _ JAS. W. 8PALDINO. C'lrnmis> ooi-r ?d Ward. JOHN ? GARNB*. Commissioner 3d Ward. WM. DOCH LAS. ?ep1''-7t [Intel] Commissioner 4th Ward. PROF. J. W. BREIS' DANCING ACADEMY. Tsutksascs Hail.B Stskb?. Bay for Ladies Misses, and Ma?ter?, WEDNE3 DAY and 8AT?RDAY AFTERNOONS, f r? m J to 5 o'clock. ?p??lernen ? c?as- MONDAY and WED NESDAY EVENINGS, from 7 to .? o'clock_ Private instruction? given to euit the conveni ence of tbe pupils. For terms and other Information, apply at the Hall ?taring the hours of tui ion, sep 10 8,M,WA8, 4t _ UNES A !* SAD PL ? It Y NEW STORE jS, .Ml HOLS, SHERMAN A CO., Nos. ?42 and 8? LOUISIANA AVENUE, South of and oppoaite Pennsylvania avenue, nave JCST OPENED, and now offer for SALE, AT WHOLESALE AND RKTAIL, THE MOST KXTBN8IVB AND BEST ASSORT ED STOCK OF SADDLES. BRIDLBS, AND HARNESS. Ever exhibited in this city. AUO, MILITARY EQUIPMENTS, WHIPS, TRUNKS. BAO?. Ac. Jobbers will find it to their interest to examine our stock before purchasing North,ai we purpose selling at NEW YORK PRICES. MANUFACTORY, NEWARK. N. J., BRANCH nOUSB, BETT8, NICH0L8 A CO., eepin 8.MAW* No. S19 Broalway. N. Y. IMPORTED HAVANA 8EQARS-J C. RACHBR, 1 No. SSe Pennsylvania avenue b<?g?. to recom mend to bis friends and consumers his well assort ed stock ??! Imported Havana Segare, selected by bimself m his recent visit in New York. eep9 lw' ORGANS AND MELODEONS -We have thin day received five of Mason ft Batntin'a 0AB I^ET ORGANS, of different sizes. Also, a new assortment of Prince A Co.'sand Smi'h's MELO DE??NS. W.G METZEROTT. sep 9_cor, lltb street and Pa. avenue. F_OB SALE ?A pair of dsrk Srown MULES, one dark nrown MULE, and flve large WOHK IIORSBS ; also three 4-horse Hay Wagon? and eight F?rm or Road Wagon?,. Apply at the Hay Yard, corner ?>f *2d ani ? streets, near the Circle^_(sep9Jt?]_ J. CORCORAN ft CO. SUBSTITUTES WANTED TO GO IN THE MARINE CORPS.-This ia the most select branch of the United States service. All Mtrinea have sn chance for prize money, and thre suits of clo'bes a year, which is not deducted from tnelr psv. Five hundred dollars paid down to go ss Substitutes for enrolled men in ?he District of Columbia. GkO. H. CASSTDY, Authorised Recruiting Agent. 446 Pth St., sep9-lw? IPep.AQhr n.) bet. Ps. sv.and D st. ^'OTICE?The t'irai tn?*r?hip her-toforeexisting I heiween WALTER* ? ARM 4.NN. fn th? CoacU buBinefes, hat, been dissolved r>i mutisi consent WALTER* KARMANN. The undersigned will continue the husinesa st the old stand, No 34? D street, between 9*h and 1' th All claims will be paid and hi Is eolieC^d by us. We respectfully solicit s ?hare of the Public patronage. sep ?-St?_WtLTBRA NECKER. ?\tt??,. SPECIAL NOTICE RUS G??'8 S a Lh OF 8?PERIOR VINEYARD. We call attention to the sale under deed of trust of tijat valuable Vineyard property situated ne*x the Unit?d State? insane Asylum, s plat of whi*h ffii? be seen st our counting room?. TH? Vineysrd was planted by tbe late Charle? J l hlmann, and contains ahout ??? of the choicest description of grape, now in their fourth yesr. and believed tobe the finest collection in thiH country. The sale will take place on Monday, the 12th in stant, at 6 o'clock p. m., on the premises. ?*P?*3t_JO MoGUIRE A CO . Aucts. WELCH'S BEST FAMILY Ff.OTTR^ GROUND. 515.??. Also, bis RSYAL YORK FAIIILY-wsrranted prune whit?? flour?only l'4 25 Whlt?("B">SUGAR.SO o'ents; prime Lt. Brown, 28 rents Good GREEN OOEVRB. M cent?. ** Best S-CGAR CUBED HAMS. S* cents per lb. Jus* receiv?>?J. ?chests Ane IMPERIAL. GUN POWDER. JAPAN. HYSON and BLACK TBA3 Experience baa shown that it ia not well to delay when aech bargain? are offered. OALVIN WITMBR. _ ? ^ 111 Pennsylvania aven'ie aep9 3t*_ ? tween 19th and 9>th str?e??. . , FOR SALB. A pair of v>ry stylish, spirted maMiHAY IlOR?KSpei-bapithe? beat ?air mW&fli imt?n ??)),. ?wrier his no further um for them, w he Intends saving ih? city Al?o, ore SADDIS nOKSE. (sorrel.) seven year? old. The*e hornet warranted perfectly souar) ^ol gen tie. and mid f?r ?o fault. Al o. one COHPfcB. t>? arly new. used but f?.r a few day*, and al-o on? FT'I???". anltaKl^ for ? ?Sysician Th??? e?r riages were made espressi t for tb?? present owner. To be seen at No?. S9S and ??<* ? street. l?-tw.-.-n I4tbaa?r " CV.I I4tb sad Uta ?ta. asa 7 ? ???!?????1 Jspt.B. ?. 1 ??? TATLOB, ???? BRAND, OF THB MOB?TIFBT?B;?? Lowes aad Exploit? By Ospt. B. A. Wise D. *VST.. witb UlaatraUonagti^K d O'OLOOK P. M. ?ovKRJi?ii^T securities. Jay Gooke ? Co. furaish the follewtag qn> tations of Government ?????????? : WasMiHQTO?, Sept. I*, 19*H. Buying. Selling U. S.6'8 Coupon 1981.M* 1*/J u. s. s-* 's.noji ma 7 3 in Treasury Note?.1W* 111.?4 One Year Certificates. S3J? ?1 Certificate Checks. 95 New York?Firm* Board. Coupons, IOS ^ ; 5 20's, 111'^; Certificates, 93','; Gold, -2-23 _ FROM CITY POINT. Tbe V. S. mail steamer Charlaite Vanderbilt, Captain Colmary. arrived here this morning, from City Point. She reports all quiet in front since the affair on Friday night, save a little picket firing. The rebel pickets are not allowed to hold any com munication with our pick ts since the fall of Atlanta. When asked lor papers or news, they will tap their hands on their shoulders, Indi? catiig that their officers prohibited communi ca'ion or exchange of papers. While the Vanderbiit was going down she whs run into by a gunboat, and had her wheel? house slightly injured. The Vanderbilt also brought up ?l rebel de. eerters from Anderson's division, wao came into our lines a day or two ago. These deserters report Anderson's and Mahone's divisions of Hill's corps as tadly cut up. Tney say also that large numbers of tbe rebel troops are now anxious to desert. General Grant's order having undeceived them as to their treatment atter arriving in oar lines. The hospital steamer State ot Maine, Capt. Burden, also arrived this morning, with 300 -iok and wounded officers and soldiers, under charge of Surgeon H. Janes. None of those? are dangerously sick, and the hospitals in the Army of the Potomac are almost drained of patients. The army ts unusually healthy. The State of Maine laid at City Point tor a week before she conld get a load. The hospital steamer Baltic has been at Fortress Monroe a long time, also awaiting a load, and unless a battle should soon take place, it will be some time before she or tbe Connecticut (which tbe State ef Maine met in James river > will need to get up steam. So tbe rebel hopes of great loss to us *rom sickness in front of Petersburg have not been realized. THE REBEL PRISONERS AT POINT LOOK OUT, MARYLAND. At the present time there are about 7,<KX) rebel prisoners confined in the prisoners camp at Point Lookout, Md , two thousand of whom are in the hospitals. They are all privates, but represent every branch of arm in the Con federate service. The camp is in excellent condition, and the prisoners are well provided for, their rations being composed of bread, corn meal, beef, bacon, beans, hominy, rice, sugar, coffee or tea, salt, molasses, potatoes, ?s.a. These prisoners realize quite a revenue from tbe manufacture of fancy ttns, bone rings, and horse hair watch chains, which they dispose of to sutlers and visitors to camp. Une hundred men are detailed each day for duty on the wharf, to load and unload vessels, and every morn ing these working pangs bring down from the camp large quantities of trinkets, which they sell and trade to the boatmen. The3e pri soners appear to be anxious to he placed upon the working g?ings, for then they have an op portunity to trade lor tobacco and other like articles not contraband. Quite a large number have been released recently upon taking the oath of allegiance, and many others would signify their willing ness to do so if it was not for fear of rough treatment at the hands of their fellow prisoners. HOW ENLISTED MEN RETURNED TO DUTY ??????? DISPOSED OF. All men returned to duty with their regi ments in this department, and reported to the headquarters of the Military Department of Washington by the board convened by special orders No. i?77, War Department, Adjutant General's office, will be sent to the Rendezvous of Distribution, andati found fit lor duty in tue fortifications will be sent to Brig. Gen. Hard ing: commanding defences north of the Poto mac. SENTENCES COMMUTED. The sentences of the following named prison? ere, who were sentenced to be shot to death for desertion, have been commuted to punishment at hard labor at the Dry Tortugas ?luring the existing rebellion: John Brogan, '2d New York artillery; Smith H?ten, lt?th Maine; Frank Wbitley and Henry Proddman, !nh New York volunteers. PROM THE WILMINGTON BLOCKADE. The U. S. steamer A. S. Cntney, Captain Mitchell, arrived this morning from off Wil mington at tbe Navy Yard, for repairs, she having been "hogged" during a wind storm off that point. She brings no news from that quarter. _ ORDERED TO THE FIELD. A number of officers and men who have been on detached duty in this city, have been ordered to report to their regiments in the field without delay. Yet Akothkb Tumble ix Gold!?A dis patch received in Washington at 3 p. m. says gold has fallen in New York to 210. Tbe New York Times has the following : "General Fremont has been in town several days, discusslr g the desirability of withdraw ing. His letter is believed to be In the hands of an ex-member of his Staff'. Tbe General lett town by the Fall River boat last evening." Personal.?Secretary Seward and lady were at the Astor House, New York, on Fri day, and left on Saturday for Washington. Co'l. Seward, U. S. ?., was also at the Astor. Princess Salm Salm and Col. G. V. Ruther ford Washington are at tbe St. Nicholas, Quotas Full?All the sub-districts of Cumberland county. Pa,except Millliu, Hope well and Frankford, have filled their quotas under the last call for volunteers. TELEGRAPHIC NE WS Further Tumble ia Oold. New York, Sept. 12.?Gold is now 2'3.i^. REBEL VESSELS AT HALIFAX. Pirate Tallahassee on Another Craise. Halifax, N. S , Sept. U ?The blockade run ner Old Dominion arrived here Saturday night, also, tbe City of Petersburg, with 1,800 bales ot cotton, destined tor England, said to be for the payment of the interest on the rebel loan. They report that the pirate Tallha-isee wa< to leave on a piratical croise >n Tuesday night, also, two more blockade rannera the sam ? night. Tbe Alexandra bow called Mary has arrived here for repairs. FROM MISSOURI. Qaantrill Again Reported Captared. CiKCiNKATi, Sept. 12.?An Indianapolis dis patch to tbe Gazette announces the capture there of Quantrill, tne Missouri guerrilla. He was recognized on the e treet by refugees. LOCAL NEWS. Further Rbluctioh of ont Quota.?The subjoined communication received by Mayor Wallach from the Provost Marshal General's office show? that another very considerable re duction has been allowed from our quota. The 318 allowed on marine enlistments will bring the quota down to 1,152 (not 1,040 as erroneous ly stated) and this deficiency averaging not more than 100 mea te a ward can be readily filled by prompt action on the part of the wards in accordance with the suggestion of the Major lu another column. The communica tion above mentioned is as follows : Wor D pa tnunt, Provost Marshal's Office. Washing to.1, D. C , Spt. 9th, 1361.?Hon. Rich d Wallach, Mayor of Washinglon?Sir : In reply to >our letter of this date, enclosing a verified statement ot 331 Marines who have enlisted into the V S. Marine corps, from April, 1861, to April, 18fi4, I have the honor to state that the Provost Marshal Genetal ha? directed that of this i.omtxT three hundred and eighteen is a proper item of credit, which amount is there fore placed to the account of the District. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, T. H. Dodge, Major V. R. O , in charge ot the Enrollment Bureau. TJKioir Ratification Mbbtieo.?The fiienrts of Lincoln and Johnson assembled in Independence Sqnare, Philadelphia, on Sat urday evening, to taen a at her of several thous and, to ratify the Union nominations Hop. Simon Cameron presided, and r?solutions en dowing Mr. Lincoln's administration aad lav or ne his election wer? adapted. Thb Tebapl'rt Hkioadb I? to be supplied with F.r field rifle?, instead of the old rau?kets of the Fremont purchase they hare had since their organisation. Th? Ssoostv Wart> Draft Meansm.?la response to a cai! published in tbe Star of Sat nresy. ? number of the citixeas of the Second Ward met in Germania Hall and were called toorderby Mr. J. W. fpanldmg. Mr. J. B. Ban- was called to th* chair, aud J. W. Spalding was elected secretary tempo rarily. Mr. Spaltung stated the object of th? me?ting to be to take measur??? to flu the ward's quota of men for the army before the approiching draf . Mr. Spnldlng moved that a committee of fl ve be appointed to prepare a plan of operation, and report at a future meeting. Carried. The Cbair appointed Messrs. J. W.Spinl ?Jin??., ?. O. Stewart, S. A. I'eugh, J. H. Sess ioni end J. W Tuck-r. Mr. Koof-e moved that the committee be in structed to report a resolution reijne,>ua,r, the ward delegation in the City Councils to en? rieavor to cb'am an increase of bounty from the Councils; which was adopted. Those present waa evidently In favor of a plan to fill the quota o? the ward by recrniU or substitutes before the draft, and to this end propose the raising of a bonnty fund. Thawksk?ivi??o kob Victories?.?Th* s?*r vices in all the churches in tht? city ye*>terJay were of a peculiarly interesting, character in cone??<[uenceof the general compliance with the President's recommendation that thanks giving be offered for our recent victories. Proper prayers in conf irmity with the rexom merdaticn of the Chief Magistrate were of fered. In the Episcopal rharche* the prayers appointed by the Bishop were said; and at Dr. Hall's church, after the services had been cou cluded and the concrecation were leaving the church, the organist struck up the "Star span gled Banner." and played it in magnificent stvle In Baltimore most of the churches also ob served the day: but the American states that; ??Some of the Episcopal Clergy, whom we might suppose consider themselves as belong ing rather to the * Church of the Confederate States than to the 'Episcopal Church in the United Stales of America,'na the title page of their altars read," failed to comply with the re quest of their Bishop and the President. Some left town in order to avoid the service.?, Fires.?About 11 o'clock on Saturday mom irg, a fire was discovered in an upper room of Sanderson's Maryland Hotel, Navy Yard, and on opening the room a bedstead and bed was found in a light blaze, and some wood work had caught, but fortunately officers Suelten and Dnvall and the proprietor extinguished the flames before much damage was done. It is thought to have bad its origin In some chil dren playing witn matches In the room. About'2 o'clock yesterday morning, a fire broke out in the carpenter shop in the alley between L and M and ;-th and l?th streets, be longing to John W. Simms. The police of the adjacent beats were soon on the spot and aided the firemen in tearing down the building, and so f revented the flames extending to other pr' .erty. A very heavy storm of rain at the ir._.e prevented the spread of the tire, tor although large coals were carried by the wind a distance from the bnildiug, they were ?ratta? tinguished by the rain. It is supposed to have been the work of an incendiary. Murder.?Saturday night, W.U. Liowewent to the house of Henry Johnson, alias Kichard Anderson, colored, and arrested him as a <la fcprter. Johnson refused to go with Lowe, when some words ensued, and he stepped, back and fired two or three shots from a pistol. One took effect in Johnson's kuee joint, the other between hia navel and right breast. Johnson was taken into his house, and Dr. Finn was called to him, and pronounced the wound in the side mortal. Lowe we.? arrested by officer Qladmon a lew moments after the shooting:, and was confined in the station bouse. John son ?lied about y o'clock Sumtay morning. The coroner held an inquest, and the jury re turned a verdict according to these facts. Tbe verdict also implicates Henry Nicholson, who was with Low?? at the time, but ?S'icho'eoit has not been arrested. We are informed Ltwe was not regularly appointed a det?-ctive, bu? acted as anar-sist?uittooneoi the ITnited State detectives ??<?G?5>t.?Yesterday, the coroner held an inquest in view of the body of a colored woman, nume unknown, who was drowned in the Po tomac near the aqueduct bridge. It appeared from the evidence that ehe attempted to cross the biidge, and was arrested by the guard and placed in the guardhouse. She suddenly mad* an eflort to eecape, and running past the guard either slipped or jumped from the bridge into the river, and was drowned before aid could reach her. The jury returned a verdict a; cording with the evidence, and also tliat de ceased was not of sane miud, and was in des titute circumstances. -.*. Mayor's Office, City Hall, / WAsniwoTOK. D C, Sept. 12th, l-?4. ?, The Quota of the District of Columbia having been materially reduced, I wonld respectfully suggest tbe propriety of the citizens assembling in their respective wards and organizing by tbe appointment of Committees, to solicit con tributions to a fund to obtain recruits. A prop er effort on the part of the citizens will most probably secure tbe entire exemption of Wash ington from a draft under the late call of the President for troops. Very respectfully, * RicnARD Wallach, Mayor. [National Intelligencer and Columbian.] ->?? Kor.BKRv.?Yesterday morning, about seven o'clock, SergeantCronin arrested W.M. Daven port and M Collins, upon suspicion of robbing John Madigan of about ???? and a gold watch. A third party suspected has not yet been arrested. Madigan is a shoemaker, and keeps house on 1th, between (J and ? streets, and the suspected parties, all shoemakers, boarded with him. Collins was dismissed, there being no grounds te suspect him; but Davenport was kept in custody to await a hearing when tbe third party is arrested. -?a? Thb Draft to Go ??.?The committee ap pointed by the Second ward Exemption Club ou Saturday night, to wait upen Provost Mar shall General Fry, with regard to the draft in this city performed that duty this morning and they were informed by Gen. Fry that the club must work quickly, as recruits or substitutes were coming in very slowly, and a draft would certainly have to be ordered. It was stated that for the last ten days but one soldier per day has been recruited here. Criminal Court, Judge Fislier.?The court met this morning, but no business was done other than the assignment and continuing of cases, among them" case of Col. L. C. Baker, charged with illegal imprisonment, &c , wnicb was continued to the next term of the court. The grand jury immediately proctWed to business, and the petit jury were discharged until to-morrow. Agricultural Ex peri:\ieats.?About four acres of tre mall between 12th and 14th streets, heretofore used as a cattle pen. is being plowed up, under the direction of the Commission jr cf Agriculture, (Mr. Newton,) for the purpose cf sowing in wheat of several varieties which 'he department dee-res to experiment with. The ground is well manured for tbe purpose. Flao Kairini. ?We hear that a large and baudsome flag bearing the nimes of olii and Jodn?ou, will be throwu ou?: a. ro is the Avenue, from the Mount Vernon House, (cor ner Ninth street,) to-morrow afternoon. The flag is -26 feet by 40 and cost some 9226. Sk< ??? WardExemptioxClu?.?The Sec ond Warders will do well to note the adver tisement in another column calling another meetlugof tbe Exemption Club at Germania Hall to-morrow night. 'RAND PIC-NIC M AND DISPLAY OF FIRE WORK? A M. MARTIN( Pyrotechnist J would very re spectfully announce to hi? fneiils and thei public that he will five a grand I_ PIC NIC ANC DISPLAY OP FIREWORKd. at BECKERT'SGARDKN. (Navy Yard.) On WEDNESDAY, the lith ioet.. commencing- st 3 o'clock p. m. Fire work.? at 9 o'clock? Tickets SOcte. admitting? gentleman and laiie?. ?Should tbe weather prove unfavorable, theenter tainnient will lake plaee on the first fair evening. mith< ut further notice. ?ep U-ftt* E? 0 R ? ? J 0 \ 51 ? ? Park. en to the THIRD GRAND PIC NIC ? f the _ _ AWKWARD CLUB. Which will be given at the Washington 7th street, on THURSDAY.sePT. 15th. 1*64 Ireman's Celebrated String Band bas been en Sn???*d for the occasion. .... Mo disreputable persons allowed on the grounds. Committee of Axraa???menu. R. Kin?. L H?niM, A. Bishop, W. Skeets. C. Ilejcher, Ballet Master._sep 12 If FALL AMD WINTER DRESS GOODS. FRENCH MERIN0E8. All Wool Reps sud Impress CLOTH. AH Wool Plain M0D8B1LAIN8. Saxony Plaid and Striped GOODS. f 0 pleep? of very choice styles off Fail and Win ter DKL AIN 8. at ? cents per yard, decidedly tb cheapest sends is the market. 600 piec ? excellent quality of Fall PRINTS at V cents. Fall steck of French Opera FLANNEL, 1. inali colore. JOS. J. HAT & 00., asp im 30? Pa. ave, between 9th and 10th. 8TAMPING AND EMBROIDERING done with neatness and <ii?patch, and st the lowest ?ri??*., at AM Massachusetts ?venae, nosr the Northern Liberty Ms bet. sa 24-lai* ? ? ? Aktie O. MeOUTRB ft o., AuttrWtri. fi M ALL DWBM.INO HOD** OH anrJTrf ? ?? TWfclM FAKBT AMD SBOOflD llMaVl On FRtDAT AFTERNOON. September M| at S o'clock, od th? prerni-e?. wt ?halt hi! ?art sfWI Be. U. IB snbrfivnior r f ?iiur? N,, ss.^ fronti?? ?Aiteet 1 inchonssuth D street, between lai ani id street? wee , and running baek u% f..,.t to a puh Mr ?Ile*. Improved by a two ?torv frame avelline h??? t. containing ri ve reosia and ? kitchen. Term? cash. a ? 12-d J C. McQUIRE A 00. ???-g [**Y J.C. McGUIRB A CO.. Auruotj^r.. PEREMPTORY SAI.? ?l TWO ???^.^.???? ?^UL^fl ?????? ??? ?\.???. ? ANO ? STS NORTH Or. ?RIDA ? AFTERNOON. Sept l?th, atSnVlV. a* th* ? emise?. wr .hall ?-il two ? r. deaeratila ^ui Idi tic Lot?, irnatinc e?c" st*a 'e-t no tke w**t siteofith street, betweeu M and ? utre'la. ani tnnr.incbaoK is? feet? ir ches to a*? foot all-? Term? One half In cash: the re uhiii 1er ?. and U oionhh. with intereet. ??cured by ad?ed of trust on '?* premi ?ea Con?e>ancet. and revenue stamps at the eaaTW th?? puicha*?r. t-pl?-d JA3. C.McOriRB A CO.. Auct?. BT. Wi Li ffA,'L * vo ? ?Be***???**? At tbe IIorn? Bniaar. ???* La. ht . het.dth.l loth. AUCTION HAL! OF r??lm'S fARmtQF-l * Ou TUESDAY MORNING. i3th tn,t.?t at tea o .lock, ?-e will ?ell. atth-Hor?? Baaaar?h.??^ 40 GOOD i ADDLE AN ? H ARN r%s ilORSa^ 4 Draught Hortes, 4 CartVand u Beta fart Ha?. nena mad? to trder id New York, au ? n?a-iv new. Also, a large aesortnvrt of Carriaei??, R??e?i. W?eci?s?. Oermantown. Hnrk?w??s fcr Also. Baddies. Bridles, Barnes?, Ac. Terms Cash- .? . ? jiep-lj._WM. L. WALT, A CO.. Ancf?. |>Y GREEN A WILLIAMS Auctioneer?. ' HOUSE?OLLD AND KIT0RF.V ?G????G??? AT ?G TION On THURSDAY, the l.'th instant, we ?halle?! at the r-M-'ence of a gentleman destinine h?.?.?. k?p|>inc. at looYInck ? m.,at*?. 3"?** north ii,> of North C, between 3i and 4W ?treets, an ?no?' lent assortment of Furniture, vie: W?lnut >?ofa. Oa?tor Rockinc and Parlor Chaira, Wall,ut Bitension no ' uthor Tables and ,<?#??,' Msh'tj- ? Dressing and other Bureau9, Cente* ar. t other Table?. Oak and other Cnttece Chamber Si ts. Wardrobes Cane Seat Chair? and Rocker?, Doubl?? and Single Gotta?? Bedheads, Hair. Cotton, and other Mattres???, Feather Bolsters and Pillows. Beidinu, f"arp?t<?. Rugs and Oilcloth, and Window Blinda. Chandeliers. G*a Burnera, and Fixtures, Cro -kery and OlMsware, G< ok inc. ? dialers, and other ??toro?, Refriterstrr, and many other artici*?? which wa deem unnecessary to enumerate. sa^lSV**11' ^BSKW A WILLIAMS. Auct?. ? Y G KEEN A WILLI AM8, Auctioneers. B1 J U I LI II. CHANCBRY SALB OV VALUABLE REAL K3 TATfc By virtue of s der res of the Supremo Gnart ct th? District of Columbia, dated on the 2lst d? ? of Msy. A. D. 18?4. pawed in a certain canse? No. ? 9 c> ? ending in ?aid Court betwen Jc?enh R. ras*ln. raste*, complainant, aid John William?. 4?faa csn?, th-'und.Tsi?rned trustee will, on WEDNB8 CAY. the 2lst day of September, A D IBs?, at j o'clock ? m., in front of tbe premie-es, prnceel to reeMl all that lot ? f g-onnd iiroate in the City of Washington and District of Columbia, kn un ail designated as lot nnml'ered 16, In Square nnm? 1 ered 5. Also, the cast 7 feet ? inerte? o'lot cenibered 15, In said square, tognther with tKe im proveimnt'-,on said lot ami part of lot. eonsl-tlng of a larpo ihr? e ?tnrr brick dwelling house, with buck building.(b'inga oortion of tne r^al fstat? of 'he late Commodore Stephen C'^sin t Th? pri.pert? i" si'u?t.? ''? north R street, be tween iU>?b and ?Tth strei-ta w? t, fe< nting tit feet and 8 ircheaon ? street,and extenling buck with that unitone width i?7 feetU inches) 1 9 feet l1' in cite* .0a public alli'V The terms of aale are :0ne third e??V (of s-bi? h the purchaser vili be n-ontre?! to pay down ??. thn time of sale fl?**':) the balance to b? paid iotvo> e<inal installment? at 6 and 12 rionths fr"tn ?h?? day of fsle; said baiane?? to b-ar in*'>reat from the day of a'e. and th? payuieat there :tt>i be ? cur ? I by the henea of th?? pureha?er or ptirchn^er-, wit 1 Mirety to he approved by th* Trnct<?<?. If the terms of ?al>? be n^t com sii"?! with with! ,i Ev.' days from tbe day of gnl??, the Tr"?r??? r?? rervea the right to re ?pH 'he property n*. the r ?. and cost of the Jetaulting purchaser, by iitver ti*ing such resale tlire- times io some nni> or mo*?? ''aily newspapers published iu ihe Citj of Wasli iniiton. All eonvevsncea and etsmps at th.? coat of the purchaser. R IL LARKKV. Trustee, -ep 12 OawAdsj ORtKN A WILLI AM-t. Aue.-? MPOBTAM TO L A D I ? .". (???? DRY- GOOD-. It i- well worth the trouble to inquire, at the-? }.ig!i ^tate of priors, wherr? DRT OOODS is to he bad reasonable-. I theref-rs invite the public and heads of frvmiliea to examine my stock b-ifore pur. chasins. I h?ve a lnrge i>tock of fast color??? MADDER PRINT.*?, ?t S7 cents ; BLACK .< 1' and upward- : lin?? FRENCH BIBBI NO-J | ? ; C-.lored and blafk ALPACCAS. COB URO CLOTH. Ae.; BALMORAL SKIRTS, BSSI to ilo : Damask TABLE CLOTH ani TABLE DIAPBR . M)dozen HUCKABACK T0WBL8. S"?. ??. and 73 cents, very cheap, from New York su ?timi : Linen CRASH. 25 cent* : Fine unbleached SHIRTING LINEN, better than cotton, 70, 75 and v-. centa ; L1NBN HANDKERCHIEF.-i, s very Urge eto?k; I. A P. Coat-' Cotton. 15<ts. a spoool; Pin??,5 et-, a paper. Al-:o Buibroi Jeries. White floods. Lace and Mus lin Window Curtains, C'T^et-, A?'., &.<?, The latest -tyle of LADIES' CLOtKS, war proot CIRCULARS, SHAWL?, andthou-anis o articles too numerous to mention. Also a very hand.-ome stock of LADIES', CHIL rfteN'S and INFANT'S DRESSES and UNDER CL0TBB8. Ladies' DHE88 FURS are coming in dailv. S. Bt. MKYEN?KRd. 4M Market Space. s9-3t bet. 7th and 8th sts., under Avenne gonae. ?????G? FA8HI0NABLB DANCIN& ACADEMY. Temperance Hall, ? street,between 9th and icth. Prof. Marini begs leave to announce to hia patrona and the public in general, that he will resume hi? usual erarse of instruction on TUBSDAY, Sept *Uh DAYS OF TUITION, For Ladles, Mieaea. and Masters. TUBSDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY, from ? to 3 p. m. Claea for Gentlemen, every TUESDAY, THURS DAY and BATUBDA Y. from S to 10 p. m. For further particulars eee circulara at Mosi Stores. or apply at the Academy during school h o ata._aep 5-2w* POLITICAL BANNERS. FLAGS. ORNAMENT AL TRANSPARENCIES, BMBLBM8, Ac. painted at the shortest possi ble notice and in every variety of style, by M. T. PARKER ? CO , W Louisiana av.. between <ith and 7th sts. sep.'-lw* \V?, THB UNDERSIGNED B0TTLKR8 OV ? the District of Columbia? in meeting, re solved that we have put our bott lngatatlat north ern priced? that is t30 cent? per dozen, twelre i?ot tleato thedoaen?for Porter. Ale. Oid-r and Min eral Water, the same to take effect on Mondar, the I2ib instaut. and to be continued until otherwise aereed ArTM. ?. ? MAACK. CBOWLKY.V COLBMAN. AC?U"?T Ml KLLKK, P. L. KEYSBR, B0B8A OTTO. BALDWIN A LETTCU. EDMOND WVLSH. RILEY a. tHINN Wasbipgton. Sept 3, 1861._sep9-.1t* 1? _ ?1RS. G00DALL. |K_e?9 Teacher of HIBf ? 8INGTNG AND P1%N0, _ Commences instruction in the above branches on MONDAY', Sept. .1th, at her residence, 156 ? st., bet. ISth and 1??. north side._sep3 Jw* 8CH00L B0 ?KS. UST RECEIVED a full and complete stock of SCHOOL BOOKS, which we offer for aale at tbe loweat prices Also a full stock of hchool requisites' embracing Platea. 81ate and Lead Pencil?. Blnrik Hooks, 8tv tionery. Ink, Pens. Rubber. Blac* Boari and Slate Rubbera.Ac.Ao. WM BALLANTWE aep 6-lm_49-7th st.. bet. ? and E *t<. DENTISTRY-Dra. L0CKWOOD A MERRILL. Dentista, Room No. 2 Washington, Bui dirg. corner Pa. av. and 7th a*. All operations performed m the most eMUful manner. Charges reasonable._sep 81m* HILLARD'SLIFKANDCAMPAIGNSOFGRU. McClellan; Georral McClellan's Report; Bar n ara 's Review of McClellan'a Report; Language of Flowers, colored plates; Eno-h \-dcn, by Ten? y e.-? , C h ri-ter'1. Index; Beep's Fable? in French gaj_FRANCK TAYLOR. ? ADIES'WaTBB PROOF CLOAKS. LADIES' WATBR PROOFCLOTH CLOAKS AND CIRCULARS. A full asse rtment. extra in style, size, finish, and fullness, juet received at MAXWELL'S Cloak and Fanay Store, sep7-6t_3v|H Penosylvaniaareuue^ LIGHTNING BODS.-LIGHTNING R0D3 Tbe undersigned is prepared to furnish and put up LIGHTNING R0I?S. with pletina tipped points, at the shortest and moat reanon able torma. Also. BBLL-UANGING done in the moat approved style. . _ Work do?, in the country at^g^DBR. an IS-ltn? 871 Peon av.. Washington. P. ''?_ ? EDWARD OL ABK. mTT??.m ?..,-? . LUMBER DBALRK. Virginia avenue, between 9th aad 10th at?.,***'? Na?y-Ya?d. A large atoek of all kind? ef LUMBER f"?" etautly on hand at lowest market prices. M?pS lm* _ BBICKS FORSALB-Mauufact.ired.tR. Dodge** .lateThomaa'si Brick Yard, eppo"it? Was^i"?" ton, Virginia. Always on hand 2"W.#?' eer?hsi'i able bri'k?. whioh we wiU sell at $;*!' per ?. J" liver? d on the wharf at Georgetown. Apply?11?? f??,t of 1Mb at. west and canal .?_.-? auytw*_ J O. BRYANT A 00__ ?T? BBWABD.- LOST.' LOST!- ??*';'? F I IF the Capitol and Bastare 'traach.s tuer.)? ?? POCKKT BOOK. coatalBia? a k?y ?' ??'*?.?'v* menoranda valuable only to the owner anrt ? | small ?niount of currency. Forretarn of aamuto this effic*. th? %*>?t? toward will b? 4ire**?t sep it) scat

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