Newspaper of Evening Star, September 13, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 13, 1864 Page 1
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??. XXIV. WASHINGTON, D. C. TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 13. 1864. N*. 3.6O? Tib??tjbv Der a btbbvt . July EL BsM. Betiee i? hereby g\ve? tbst sakeerlptloas will Be reeeivsd by th. Treasurer of the Halted States. the ?sverai AseirUat Treasurers sad D?je1gasted Depositories aidby th.NstloaeJ BankedseigBated sad a.elified as Depo-itnrteaand PtaaseleJ Agents, for Treasury Notes payable thres years fro? August 14,18*4, bearing Interest st th. rat. ef Seven and three tenth? per sent per annum, with semi annual consona attached, payable in lawful ? se?e notes will be convertible at the option of th. holder at maturity Into ell per cent, geld bearing heed?, redeetTjaW? after flv. and payable twenty year? from Angustio. 1867. Tke Note? will be i??ued In the denomination? of iffy, one hundred. Sv? hundrfd. one thousand and five thousand dollar? and will be ??sued in blank, or peT*0lr*to order, as may be directed by the *ub ?erir-ere. All ?ubseriptioB mast b. for fifty dollar?, or ?tome multiple o' fifty dollar?. Duplicate ?ertifleate? will he issued for all depoe Ite* The party depositing nuit endorae opon the ertii.aLcerti?rate thedennminatioD of notes re .nired. and whether they are to be ??sued id blank or payahlf- to order When ?? en.1or???d itrnu?t be left with the offiVer receiving the deposit, tobe forwarded to thi? Department. Tbe note? will be tran?rnltted to the owner? free ef transport?t!??? ??barg??? a* *???n tafln the receip eftbe original Certificat ea of Deposit a? they can be prepared. lu?.ereat will ?ie a'Owed to 4. ????T 15 on all deposit? male pri? r to that tat??, ani will be paiJ by the Department up"?n receipt of the original certificates As the note? d'aw interest from At?rn?t IS, P*?r son? making deposit* ?ub??qa?nt to that 'late aauf-t pay the interest accrued from late of note to dat. of dap?.?it, Partie? dcpoKiting twenty fiv. thousand dollar? and upwards for the?, note? at aby one time will be allowed a commission of one-quarter of one per Cent , which will be paid by this Department upoD ???receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by ???officer with whom the depoait was made No deduction* for eomrainaione murrt be made from ti?? deposits OfBeers receiving depoait? will see that the proper endorsement? are made upon th. original S.rtiflratee. All officer? authorized to receive deposite are ye.nested to give t?> appi icants all desire 1 informa tion, aad afford every facility for making sub scriptions. W. P. FBS8BNDBN, Jy 16-tf Secretary of the Treasury DENTISTRY. ?TURBAL DISOOVb-BY IK DENTI8TBY. Tuth Extracted witxoui pvtm with the MnhriU of 1 would ad vue all persone having teeth to es tract to call at Dr LgWIg'S office. ^mOk. awl bare them taken ont by this new^BBal Aid narml??? proc?s? AI?o call nni^ffff^BP ?xaroice th. Doctor'? new and Im ^tX"LCir proved methi?d of Ineerting Artificial Teeth If yon SSMWBM the great Improvement In hie teetb yrn will baye tbew in no other style than thle new ??t ?*'J>aM?? nn- No. J4 9.Ps. avenae, between IStb ar.rl ittb ?treete ??t??<_? ?. LEWIE, M. P., Dentist MriirjH, . LO'JMIB, at D .the Inventor and falsate? oftbeUl.NgtvAL PLATbTEBTH at ^^AWJUK tei.!? peraonaii) at his office in tbie?BE^^? s:t> \?any per? .c? eaa wear th*e.^f7T7,TTl?rT teets who cannot wear other., and no ' ' ' ' g*r?on ?sao wear other? who sannot wear the... Tersone calling at my office can he accommodated ??nth any style and price of Teeth they may desire, buttothoee w .o .re partici! lar and wt?b the purest, eleanest, ?trouge?t. and most perfect denture that art can produise, the MINERAL PLATB will be mere fully warranted. BVx me in thi? city?No 33?* Pennsylvania avena, between 9th and lotk ?treets. AUo, ?OT Arch ?t,. PhHarietitHia. mar4-iv TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. ? CAPE MAT. Y RAILROAD FROM PHILADELPHIA f/KOM WALNUT STREET PIKR., ??? WE8T J BESET RAIL ?AD. At ? a. m., BceommodatioB due at Iau . m. At 1.? a. m., express da. at 1*4 p. m. At 4*4 a. m.. express due at S p. m. Returning, leave Gape May? Sam expresa due at 9% a. m. 11.46 accommodation due at 4,'? p. m. 6.1" p. m expr?s? due at ?.*< p. m. Through withoat change of cars or baggage. New cars, and everything flrst-cUss. j. ai-.tro_J.VAN RKNPSELAEB.Sup't JBAI ?'????? ANO OHIO RAILROAD On and after Sunday. June 19th, 1864, Daily Train? ail) be run betwee. Washington and N.w York and Washington and th. West, a? follows : FOR PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7 SO a. m., 11.15 a. m., and 1.9? p. m. daily, except Sunday. On 8uanay at 1.30 p. m only. FOR BALTIMORE AND PHILADELPHIA. Leave Washington at 3pm. daily, except Sue day Fa??eDgeitwSll noU that this tram runs te far ss Philadelphia only. FOR NEW YORK. Leave Washington daily at ?5.39 p. m. . This train is for S"W York passengers exclusive*. FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 6.30a. m.,ll.lS a. m.. ?1 p. tu., 4 iSp. m., 7.2? p. m , aad 8.30 p. m.,except Sun day. On Sunday at 7.?ma. m..Jp. m..and 8 30 p. m. FOR ALL PARTS OP THE WEST. Leave Washington at 6.3" a. m. and). 4.45and3.30 .ra. daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at 3 and 8. *' p. m Ticket* ?old to all pointa WBST, and bagtatt eJucktd th'cmth. FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m. and 4.48 p.m. daily, except Sunday. No train for Ann ?poll? on Sunday. Train* leaving Washington at 7.3' a. m. and p. m. so through te New York without change c/re??* Sleeping ear? on 6 .?? and 8.3" p. ra. trains. Berth? ean be eecured until ? p. m. daily at the ticket of fice, after that hour they muet be secured of the sleeping car conductor. Tbe first end fifth trama atop at all way points. The 3 p. m. train etops only at Bladensburg, Seltevflle, Laurel. Annapolis Junction and Relay ???* daily, except Punclay. Os Sunday It etoB? at all way point?. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Passenger? will please observe tbat tke S p.m. train runs only as jar as Philadtlphia daily, except Sunday. On Sunda) it runs to Bnl'.tmortonly. Also, that the 6.30?. wi. Irata takes Sii? York passengers asWs For further Information, ticket? of any kind, Ac .apply to GEO. 8. ROONTZ, Agent at Wash ington,or at the Ticket Office. W. P. SMITH. Ba'ter of Transportation. L M. COLE, Oenerar?Tlcket Agent. Je20-tf G BEAT PBNNSYLYAN1A ROL,?.! TO THB NORTHWEST AN? SO?THWK6T. ASSISTANT QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE. FOBAOB ABD BlVBB lB??KPOBTATIOS 8BVBBTU Btbbbt Whart Washibotos.D. 0.. Augoat 15,1864. CIRCULAR. In accordance with iDR'ruction? from Brigadier Cenerai D. B. Backer, Chief Quartermaster, De sot of Washington. I have placed schooners at Upper aad Lower Cedar Poluta, in the positions occupied by tbe light boats, previous to their de struction by the rebels. From annaet until suarlee a light will be twang from ?ach of the ?choon? re. The reason given by captains of vessel?, chartered and own?, by the Letted State? Department, for ?Axehnring in the Petunia? river at night, was, that they f. ared that they wonld run their vete?is aground if they attemp ed to run pa?t th. shnals aJtsrdark. The lampe placed on the schooner? ?wl.l civ. a light ?ufficintly ?trong to ?sable all pilot? tapase up and down the river with eafety. provided th.y govern themselvee by the charte provided by United State? Coast Survey. I-rom and afi.r this vessel propelled by ?team will be allowed to anchor, excepting in su?b weather a? by nnning the lo?? of the vessel crearlo mi?ht ??.endangered. AH niaeter? of veseei? are directed to report say ?sslert on the part of the partie? on board at the light echoes?r?. ?a not keeping their lights bars ina at all hour? of the nicht. A copy of thia circular will be kept posted In tbe ?lot bouse of every vessel owned and chartered y tb. Government, plying on the Potomac river. _ ??8. ALLSN. an 29 22t_Capt. and A. Q. Ml THB ????????? AND ??????? ALMA BSS.ltsM IrrlhBltkHomaa.jBi.BI. FRANCE TAYUOB { OS AUL? AND AFTER N?VEMBEB I8TB train? will leave Baltimore from the North Cal pert Stati?.? aa follows : Fast Mail at-'.--:-?.? ? A. M. Haxrisburg Accommodation-S.oo p. Jt. Lightning Expresa--?- ? -?? P. M. THB e.SO A. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with the9JW a. m. train from Baltimore for Pittaburg and the W???t .and for Bim ira, Buff ale. Rochaster, Dunkirk, Canandaigua. aad Ni agara Falla, and for New York city. THB T.tfO P. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with the 9.3*1 p. ?n. train from Baiti more for Bl mira snd th. North snd Pittaburs snd th. Wsst. _ 8LBEPING CARS T? NIGHT TRAIN8. BCLDIBSS' TlCXBTS AT OOVBBBBBBT* BATS!. ONE THROUGH TRAIN ON SUNDAY. LOW FARE AND QUICK TIMB. ?*v-Tor tickets snd any information apply at the office of the Great Pennsylvania Boats, ??orner Pena. avenus aad 6th street, under National Hotel, VashkogtoB J. N. DUBABBY, Superintendent ?. ?. B. R ?. 3. WILKIN8, _ Pa*? and Ticket Agent, sor. 6th at and Je f-tf Penn. avena*. PERSONAL. M LADIES, ATTENTION-PLAIN SEWING done with neatiie--. ?tiri despatch by Mrs POLLKK, No. ???? 7tb etreet. Ialanl. Particu \r attention to Lsdiss, Geutlemen, and Childreu'a under gar menta Machine stitching done attive e-?t? per yard._au22-lm* ADAM MAKSHA.late from a northern city, wonld inform the public that ?he ha? taken up ber residence at No 403 ? street, between 9th ?ml 1 tb. le prepared to read the paat and foretell future pesate._au 2? Im* t'AUTION.-To all whom is may Concern.?AU ?? r-iii ? ar. hereby cautioned against filling half pint por er and mineral water Bssttles marked ? ith the names of"R. A. Shinn/' and "Arny A t-hinn.'' a? all who are found so offending will be iro?eented ?o the etmoet extent of the law "pro viding against the improper nee of trade mark?, Ac " I woold also notify mv customers that payment will be ?xaoted for all bottles lost by them after thi? date. RILEY A. SII INN, Union Bottling Depot. AT Oreene st., Aug 18, I8fi4. [au 19 1ml Georgetown, D. 0. AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DATS. 1>Y W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' SALE 0F~A~H0USE AND LOT IN THE SEVENTH WARD. By virtue of a deed of trust to tbe subscribers, dated the 17th day ol August, 186?, and recorded in Liber J .A. 8., No. 20?, folio? seq . on.of the Land K? cords, Ac. we shall offer at public auction on WEDNESDAY the 21st ?lay of September, at 4 o'clock, p. ra., in front of the premis s. all of Lot run bered seven. (7,> of sub division of 8qnare numbered four hundred and thirteen. (413.) of the piar. ,?f the City of Washington with th? improve ments thereon, counting of a two ?tory grame House. This property i? situated en south G st , between 8tb and 9th street? west. The Lot has a wMth of twenty? bur (2s) fee*, tent 'f>i inches, and adep h of ?me hundred and twenty four feet, eight (8> neh??? to an alley Terrr? of sale : One half cash, the residue in six and tw' lve months, the purchaser giving his note? f. r tie deferred payment?, ?atisfactorily endor???! and bearli g interest from the day ?if sale, and se cure ' by a deed of trust on the premise?. All conveyancing at the c st ot the purchaser. If the tern s if ?alear? no* compii.?'! with, within five day? from the da? of sale, the Trustees reserve tbe lightt<> re-sell the_ said prop?rfy at th? risk and cos? ?if tbe defaulting purchaser, on giving one weeks notice by two insertions in some newspaper in th?? Cify o? Wash ington. EDWARD 0. CAKRINGION.f -_?_ A8BTJBY LLOYD, '} Trustees. au 27 JawowAds WM. L WALL A CO., Aucts LOTION SALE OF CONDEMNED HOIldBS. A (?uarierma*'tr Benerml's Ojfic, ist Division I Washiitet-n City. Septembers, 1864. ?, Will be sold at public auction, to the highest bidder. st6ieaboro,D C.,"n THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 15. 1*61, one hundred and ???t? cavalry horses The=e hor?e= have been condemned a< unfit for th*- cavalry servi ?? of the army. For road ard farming purposes many good bar gains may be had. B? rser? sold singly. Sal. to commence at lo a.m. Tern.>? ca?h in Vnitfd States currency. By order of the Quarter mas-ter 0 eaerai, JAMES A. EKIN. ?e 9 6t Col in charge 1st Div. Q. M. O. 0. QUARTERMASTER GENERAL'8 OgglOB, First Division, WASnisnTos. 0. 0.. Pep ember 2, 18o4 Will be sold st PUBLIC AUCTION, to the high est bidder, at the time and places nain d below, vix : York. Pa.. Thursday.Sept. 18, G64, Altoona, Pa.. Thursday, Sept. 22,1864, Lebanon, Pa . Thursday. Sept. 29. i&>4, TWO HUNDRED CAVALRY HORSES AT BACH PLAciE. These horses bave been condemned as unfit for tbe Cavalry service of the Army. For road and farm purposes many good bargains may be had. Horse? sold singly. Terms: Gash in United States currency. JA MKS A. BEIN. Colonel First Division, Q. M. Gen'le Office, sep 3 f?th S. T.?1860.?X. Person? of sedentary habits troubled with weak ae a, lassitude, palpitation of the heart, lack o appetite, distre?? after eating, torpid liver, con ?tipation, Ac, deserre to suffer if they will not try tbe celebrated PLANTATION BITTER3. which are now recommended by the highest medi cal authorities, and warranted tu produce an im mediate beneficial effect. Ttiey are exceedingly agreeable, perfectly pure, and muet supercedeall other tonics where s healthy, gentle stimulant is required. They purify, strengten and invigorate. Tbey create a healthy appetite. They are an antidote to a change of water and diet. They overcome effects of dissipation and late hours. Tbey strengthen tbe system and enliven the mind. They prevent mis.sma4i: ani intermittent fevers They purify the breath and acidity of th. stomach. Tbey cure Dyspepsia and Constipation, They cure Diarrhea, Cholera, and Cholera Morbus. They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Head schs. They make the weak strong, tbe languid bril iant, and are exhausted nature's great restorer. Tbey are composed of the celebrated Calisaya bark.wiatergreen, sassafras, roots and herbs, all preserved in perfectly pure St. Croix rum. For particulars, see circulars and testimonials around each bottle. Beware of imposter?. Examine every bottle. See that it bas D. 8. Barnes' signature on our pri vate U.S. Stamp over the cork, with plantation scene, and our firm signature on a fine steel plate ngraviug on side label. See that our bottle is not refilled with spurious and deleterious stuff. We defy any person to match the taste or character of our goods. Any person pretending to sell Plantation Bitter? by the gallon or in bulk, is an imposteti We sell only in our log cabin bottle. Any person Imitating this bottle, or selling any other material therein, whether called Plantation Bitters or not. is a criminal under the U. 8. Law, and will be so prosecuted by ns. We already have our eye on two parties re-filling our bottles, Ac, who will succeed in getting themselves into close quarters. The demand for Drake'? Plantation Bitter? from lsdiea, clergymen, merchants, Ac, is perfectly incredible The simple trial of a bottle Is the evidence we pre sent of their worth and superiority. They are sold by all respectable druggist?, grocers, physician?, hotel?, saloon?, steamboats and country stores. P. H. DRAKE A CO., au#2-eo3m 202 BROADWAY. N. 7. ?^TAMPINO AND EMBROIDERING don. with ^ neatness and d ??pat.-h, and at the loweat prie??, at 431 Ma-sachu-iet ? avenue. Bear th. Northern Liberty Me k.t. sa .i-im? AM?SEMENTS CANTEKBIKV HALL. MUSIC JCAS?TEKHCRY HAI,Li AND HAL L?CANrUHIKY HALL.!; THEATER LOOISIABS Avssdi, Hear Corner of Etxth street, Rear of National and Mttrovolxtan Hauls. Gioaoi Lba-.-~?.__Proprietor W. E. ""I?"""! . --, . Stag" Manager Louts SroLLObT,-?.._^?.,... Hallet Master J??hn BsrcTA.~..Musical Director SECOND WEEK OP ??? FALL AND WIN TBR SBAi-ON. THE PEOPLE'S TEMPLE OF AMUSEMENT. HOUSES LITERALLY PACKED. PRESENTING NIGHTLY the greatest combi ation of GENIUS, NOYBLTY AND MERIT ever presented toa DISCRIMINATING AND DELIGHTED PUB LIC PAYING THB LARGEST SALARIES BVER KNOWN ? in the HISTORY OF THB STAGB, Sparing no expense, time or labor, but elevating all its energies into the great object?that of pro ducing AN ENTEBTAINMENT WITHOUT A PARALLEL IN THE CHRONICLES OF AMUSEMENT. ITS SUCCESS IS AN ESTABLISHED FACT. LESS ENTBBPBI8ING MANAGERS?NVY IT. THB PBBS8 PRAISE IT. The whole ?orld talk of the GREAT CANTBRRURY, and a stream of currency Howe into its coffers. NOBLY SUSTAINED BY THB PEOPLB, ??? CANTKRRUBY pursues its onward course. Like the great Ship of ITS TRIUMPH IS 8TJRE. THE CANTERBURY has the large't and best concentration of genius ever seen or heard of. THE M08T SPLENDID BALLETS, THE MOST GORGEOUS SPECTACLES, IHB MOST BRILLIANT PANTOMIMES, ??? MOST HUMOROUS FARCES, THE MOST EXTRAVAGANT BURLESQUES. THE MOST DELIGHTFUL BALLADS, THE MOST LAUGHARLE SKETCHES, THE MOST PLEASING S'JNGS, THE MOST VARIED BNTERTAINMENT; in f-bort, the most NOVEL, ATTRACTIVE, AND ORIGINAL EN TERi AiNMiNT that can possibly be procured by the lnviah ex penditure ef money EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK AN OVERWHELMING BILL OF ATTRACTION, including many valuable additions to tbe already MASSIVE ARRAY OF TALBNT. First appearance of the moat DARING GYMNAST IN THE WORLD, DARING GYMNAST IN THB WORLD, DARING GYMNAST IN THE WORLD. DARIN? GYMNAST IN THE WORLD, DARING GYMHae? IN THE W ?RLD, DARING GYMNAST IN THE WORLD, MR. JOHN DENIER, MR. JOHN DENIhR, MR. JOHN DENIER, MB. JOHN DENIER, who w ill perform for the first time here hi- peril eue Feat entitled THE CATARACT ASCENSION. THE CATARACT ASCENSION. THE CATARACT ASCENMON. THE CATARACT ASCENSION. Second week of the brilliant engagement of the Terpsicherean Artistes and ENCHANTING BEATTTIE8. ENCHANTING RBAUTIES, ENCHANTING BEAUTIES, \?f i u ? m m CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA ??? BULLIR FOWLER, CI-ARA AND MILLIE FOWLER. CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER. CLARA AND MILLIE POWLBR, CLARA AM) MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, ri.ARA AND MILLIE FOWLBU. CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, who=e exquisite danripj? has asteaba? the mo-t lively Bi-n-ation, the spacious Hall being CROWDED NIGHTLY by appreciative and discriminating audiences, and shouts of applause and admiration elicited. They will have the honor to appear to night in an en tirely new and beautiful Swiss Bauet Divertine ment. srraTiced fspeciallv for them bv the cele brated Maitre de Ballet, MONS. SZOLLOSBY, en titled NATHALIE, NATHALIE, NATHALIE, THE PRETTY MILKMAIDOF SWITZERLAND Nathalie ?.-.Mies Millie Fowler Alfred, her brother. Mona. Louis Szollossy Other characters bv the entire FAMOUS COURT OF BEAUT?. composed of the following ladies: ELLA WESNER, MARY WESNER, LIZZIE WESNER, MARY COULSON, LEONORACRBBD, MAGGIE WILSON, M'LLB VIOLA, in their Terpsichorean efforts. Second week of DKLEHANTY AND WABD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, the Champion Clog-Dancers of the World. Also, of BILLY EMERSON, BILLY EMERSON, the great Song and-Dance Man and original Afri can Cnre. Firat time here of the Funny Pantomime, THE OOOPBRS. THE COOPERS THB COOPERS. Dako, the appi entice.?_.W. B. Cavana-u Siddens. the cooper.J, J. Dougherty Petro, the lover.^. _ .?_.j. ajard Calamuie, the doctor..-...j. Redden Minette the cooper's daughter .Miss MaryGardner Also, first representation hereof Charley White's side-splitting Ethiopian Farce, entitled tp? black 8hoemakeb. a new pantomime, a new and beautiful ballet, a new fabtje, new das?ces, new burlesques, nbw songs. new evebything. by;the gbeat Canterbury consolidation company, comprising the moat CHARMING LADIES aud the moat TALENTED G i'.N ? I.EM EX ob the Concert Hall Stage. Ladies, remember the 8B0OND POPULAR FALL ???G??1 POPULAR FALL MATINEE POPULAR FALL MATINES POPULAR FALL MATIN'EB tabes place on SATURDAY, 8BPTBMBBR IT, SATURDAY, 8BPTBMBBR IT SATURDAY, rEl'TBMRER IT. BATUBDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, when a grand bill will be presented, expressly suited to our Lady Patrons. FBICE8 OF ADMISSION. Parquette, Balcony, and Gsllery.28 cento Orchestra chairs.-.?- m cents Reset ved Or? ve<tra seats....? 76 cents Lower Priv? '. Boxes, holding six persons_*t? OJ Upper Balcony Boxes.........?_. $;> :*) Simile t-eais in Box.......-.Si do Pi ivate ????? and Reserve?! S*atij can be ?ecured from l? in the morning till 2 p. m. AM?SEMENTS. FORU'B NkW THEATER. Tenth street, above Pennsylvania ao e nue. JOHN ? FORD.. Proprietor and Manager. ? Aleo of il oil id ay Street Theater, Baltimore.) Stage Manager.Mr. John B. Wright L.ader ol Orchestra.,...Mr W Wither?, jr. Treasurer._.Mr. H. Clay Ford THIS EVENING. SEPTEMBER 13. MR. W. J. FLORENCE Will appear, for the first time here. In John Brougham's great drr.matlzatioa of Dicken's world renowned DOM BEY AND SON. Capt. Ed'ard Cuttle._?_ Mr. W. J. Florence 8u?an Nipper?-. __.Mrs. W. J. Florence Pricks op Admissiob.?Drees Circle, fii cent*: Family Circle, 2? cent?; Orchestra Cbair?, 75 cent?; Private Boxe? fin and *..; 8-cured seats 2a cents extra. Curtain rises at 8 o'clock._ (.ROVER'S THEATER. Pennsylvania Avenue, near Willard'? Hotel. Leona'd Grover..?.-~..Director CD Hese_?.-.,. A at i eg Mar>???r. S. H. Verney. ? ? ..Stage Manager. Cbailes Koppitz.??.Musical Director. TUESDAY EVENING. 8ept. 13, 18.34. Last Night but four of the brilliantly eucceesful engagement of the WARBEN COMEDY COMBINATION, MB. WM. WABBEN.MR. CHAS BARBON, MISS J08EPH1NE OKTON, MISS EMILY MBaTAYER, Performance will c>-mineure with the comedy of THE UEIB AT LAW, To conclude with the farce of DUNDUCKBRTY'S PICNIC. Ci es CfDTS; umorea uaiiery, 3?? cenia. No extra rliarg? for ?ecuring sente in advance. VARIETIES! VARIETIES! MUSIC HALL ANDTHEATEB. (Fronting Penn'a avenue and Ninth Street.) FITZS.IMMON8 Proprietor and Stage Manager. Remember tonight the Great Show? Every Per son?All Callings Interested?Double Bill to night?TheGrrat Drama and the New Com pany?Also a full Music Hall Show ! FEMALE PICKPOOKET OF WASHINGTON, HIGH AND LOW LIFE IN THE CAPITAL CITY ! Characters bv the Dramatic Company -Over Sixty Persons, Hen ami Women. Depicting Life in this; city?All ttss Pr.-tty uirlfl ! All the Ethiopian Com??.lian? ! WEDNESDAY AFTERNuON PERFORMVN CE FEMALE PICKPOCKET, For Ladies and Cliildr? n._sep 12 lw* ODD FELLOWS1 HALL. FOR THREE "NIGHTS ONLY. MONDAY, TUESDAY7~AND WEDNESDAY, tbe 12th. 13th, and 1 ith instant. EXTRA! EXTRA! LATJBT NEWS. Remember HAMBUJER'S GRAND MAGICAL SOIREE AND ENTERTAINMENT. It is admitted that HE PERFORMS WONDERS. You all ?aw the Bill?. Look out for the Hall. Admission, 25 cents : reserved seats. 50 cents. Doors open at 7; performance commence at 8 p.m. sep.vlw* A PIO N1CS, EXCURSIONS, Ac. /'RAND PIC-NIC wm . \M AND DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS. M. MARTIN I Pyrotechnist) would very re spectfully announce to hie friends and the public that he will give a grand PICNIC ANC DISPLAY OF FIRE WORKS, at BECKERT'8 GARDEN. (Navy Yard,) On WEDNESDAY, the 14th ?net., commencing at 3 o'clock p. in. Fire-works at 0 o 'clock. TieketeSOcts. admitting a gentleman and ladies. Should tbe weather prove unfavorable, the enter tainment will take place on the first fair evening, aithout further notice._sep 12-2t* F" 0 R ENJOYMENT go to the THIRD GRAND PIC NIC r f the AWKWARD CLUB. Which wiil be given at the Washington Park, 7th street, on THURSDAY,SBPT. l.">th,lS64 Deman's Celebrated string Band has been en gaged for the occasion. No disreputable persons allowed on the grounds. Committee of Arrangements. K. Ring, 3. Il .ire . A. Bishop, W. Sheets. C. Fletcher, Ballet 3Ia?ter._sep 1*4*1 ?^?? INDEPENDENT SOCIALS IN TUB FIELD AGAIN. Tbs members of the INDEPENDENT SO CI LS take great pleasure in announcing to their friends and public that they will give their third GRAND AFTERNOON AND EVENING PIC-NIC at the WASHINGTON PARK, 7T1I STREET. on WEDNESDAY. Sept. 14. lSGi. Committee of Arrangements. B. K. Reed. G. W. Gladraon. C. W. Teuly. 31 W. Le? se. fe. H Stewart, J. W. Healy. ??ep lu 4t*_ IV ? T I C B.-The Fourth Grand Ball ol the le McCLELLAN SOCIAL CLUB will be given on MONDAY. September 2?. at SEATONS HALL, corner of 9th and D street*, for the benefit ofl_ ST. ANN'S INFANT ASYLUM. .sep 9-til 26' A L GEORGE FORREST. ATE Quartermaster United State? Army, Adjusts Officer?, Ordnance, Quartermaster's, and Commissary's ACCOUNTS, 461 Tenth street, au24-lm* Washington, D. C. JAY COOKE A CO., BANKERS, Fifteenth Strket, oppositk U. 8. Trbascet, Receive Subscriptions for the NEW U. S. ?3-10 LOAN authorized by the act of June 90th, 13oi. The notes will be issued under date of August loth, in denominations of 950, f 100, 9500, 91,000 and ??,000, payable to bearer or order, bearing interest at 7 3-10 per centum per annum, payable semi-an nually, and will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity into six per cent. Five Twenty Bonds. We buy and sell? GOVERNMENT BONDS of all issues. TREA8?RY NOTES, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, And COIN. And pay the highest price for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE CHECKS. JygT-tf_JAY COOKE A CO. THB COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EX ietieg between the undersigned, under the firm of JOHN J. BARNARD & CO., ia thia day dissolved by mutual consent John J. Barnard will continue the business at the old stand. No. 140 Bridge etreet. All persons indebted to tbe firm will please make prompt payment to him. JOHN 3. BARNARD, ? ? ?, WM. ?. DOUG .AL. Georgetown. D. C.. Sept. 1,18&4. sep 5 Sw M A N U ? B "? ? r; ? ?. _ , M A N U ? ?. MANU B?l_. THB BEST AND0H|A^8TTMANURE IN THB The undereigned, having contracted for all th. Manure at Giesboro Point, D. 0? are now pre pared to put on board vessels free of expense to Captains at low rates. **""" w VESSELS WANTED. Adttt^ts No. 330 ? etreet, Washington, or to GFsWBORO POINT MANURE WHARF. anltf-IT_JOHN PBTTIBONE A CO. BOOTS AND SHOES To SUIT THB TI MKS. Wa aJe bow manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS snd SHOES, and constanly reoeiving a sup ?ly of Eastern made work of every d?serta ion. made expressly to order, snd will be sold st a much lower eri??, than has beea heretofore charged in this city fer mach "peesoBS io want of BOOTS and SHOES of Easter ? or City m?de work, will always find a good assort ment in store snd at tbe lowest prices. Give ue a ealL GBIFrlN 4 BROTHER, aps-tf 314 Penn. arsa*?. BOOTS Inferior LOCAL IVEWS. Co?ifCiL ????????????, Sept. 13.?Boar.l of Alumnen. ? I'ret-mt luetsre Harr, Cantleld. Gulick, Utermehle, Flaut, McCathran, Rapley, Noyer, Lewie, Lioid und Turton. At ibeof.iei.lBg of the Board the President ai d Vite President were absent, and Mr. Lloyd was calli d tu tbe chair, aad laid before trie Board a communication from the Mayor an nouncing tbe approval ol the following, viz: bill makii'g appropriation to supply a defi ciency in the appropriation to trim and gravel ISth ureet, west from New York Avenue to L street, north ; bill to :a*ie up and relay the gutur on -.he north side ?? ? stree:, south from New Jersey Avenue to 1st street, east; bill making appropriation for a deficiency in the payment of bounties ; bill for the relief of New man end brother, and a joint resolution of au thorization. Also, a communication from the Mayor nom inating Mr. John W. Thompson of the Sixth werd as a member of the Board of Fire Com missioners vice W. E. Hutchinson resigned. Referred to Committee on Fire Department. Aho, a communication, enclosing a commu nication from Wm. L. Hodge, recommending that a charge be made in the grade of 1.31b street, north. Referred to Committee on Im provements. Aleo, transmitting the report of the Intend at of tbe Asylum for the month of August. Re ferred to the committee on Asylum. Mr. I'termehle called up the special order? the bill to cause the carriageway on 6th street west, from Pennsylvania to New York avenue, to be paved. Mr. (Jan held asked if a petitiou accompanied tbe bill. Mr. Uthermeale said bo petition was re quired. Mr. L'termehle proceeded to argue in favor of the bill, and that the act of May G, IBM, clearly empowered the City Council* to grado and pave streets, and to pay for it out of the ward funds, and that the law was passed at tbe request of the Mayor and others, as ordi nances of tbe city heretofore pasted to pave had proven mere nullities. The question is what will tbe Board do with that street. It Is a question to be pondered well, whether it sh ill he left in tbe condition it now is, or give tbe Fourth "Ward its due and the benefit of its finances. Mr. Utermehle then read the opini ? of the Corporation Attorney bearing upon this subject. [The opinion was published in the Afar lately.] Mr. Lloyd called Mr. Turton to the chair and said that his own idea was to save the Copora ticn a large amount of money and prevent an invidious dietinction from being mide. The Mayor had the law of May, 186*1, passed wi h the understanding and belief, that its intention was to have the people living along the line of a stTeet to be paved, to pay for euch paving. No one heretofore supposed that we had au thority to pave the streets and pay the expense out of the ward funds, theretore all interested in the welfare of the city have been endeavor ing to get tbe authority to pave, and change the system of grading, it was illegal to pass an ordinance to pave and have it executed if the ward lunds were to be expended for the im provement, hence permission was granted to pave if the people were taxed for the improve ment, and the only way to carry out the act of 1SG4, Mr. Lloyd believed, would be to get the application of owners of property, assess the cost npon tbe owners living along the line ot the street, put it m the ward fond and draw it out again, and by this means we could get rid of the difficulty that the verbiage of the act of Congress baa got ns into. But at this time the speaker dia uot believe that members would undertake a biU of such magnitude, it has been decided time and again that Warae could not be made to pay lor the paving of the streets. We have tne same law now we have always had, and con sequently there waa nothing giving the Mayor power to pay for paying out of the Ward fnnds. Assuming, however, that the opinion of the Corporation Attorney was correct, the Board should not make invidious distinction of taking from the Ward fnnds to pay for one street while other etreets had been paved by taxation npon owners living along their lines Be concluded that the members of the Board would not pass the bill, as the current ex pense? of tbe Board for the fiscal year would consume all the proceeds of the taxable prop erty. Mr. l'termehle, In return, argued that the question of the legality of the act bad been dis? posed of, and he (Mr. TJ.) believed that th* Corporation Attorney had disposed of tbe question as to a petition being required. Mr. fjtermoble further argued that this question involved another, whether the passage ot the bill would be for tbe general good. He con tended that it would be, and that the etreet must be improved, and put it to gentlemen whet h r they would grant them S 10,000 to grade and gravel the street. Mr. Canrleld said he tor one would Mr. TJtermeble lurthersaid that to show that he had no special interest specially to have 6th street paved, if gentlemen desired it he would include 5th and 4jf streets in the bill. Mr. Lloyd, in reply, contended that the paving of this street was not for the general good, as there were many etreets more travelled than it wa?, and there were dozens of ways whereby Pennsylvania avenue could be reached from New York avenue. Now, if it was proposed to pave 7th etreet from Maryland avenue to the Potomac river, it would be for the general good, tor that street bad to be travelled to reach the steamboat wharf. A number of amendments were offered, and the bill finally passed with an amendment that the improvement should be made at such times as the Mayor chose, by the following vote : Yeas?Messrs. Bar??, Gulick, Lewis, Plant, liapley, Turton and Utermehle. Naye?Messre Canrleld, Lloyd, McCathran and Noyes. Mr. Lloyd, from committee on finance, re ported adversely upon the bill increasing the compensation of members of the Boarde of Al dermen and Common Council, and asked tu be discharged from its further consideration. The board refused to discharge the commit tee, and various amendments were offered, as to make the bill take effect in 1^66, in 1?G3; to strike out all pay and make the services gra tuitous-, to impose a fine of 85 for each absence without cause, <*cc , all of which motions failed except tbe amendment making it read "ISftj;" and the bill was finally laid over until next Mondav night. Mr. Lloyd, from the same committee, re ported back the bill to increase the compensa? tion of weighers of hay, straw, oate. Ac; and upon his motion it was laid upon the table. Mr. Lewis, from the committee on improve ments, reported back the bill to lay a flag foot way In the Second ward, and it was passed. Mr. Uiermehle, from tbe committee on police, reported favorably upon the nomination of W. J. Herbert, Peter dallant, John Gr. Robinson, "Wm. Douglass and Sam'l B. Beyer, as meas urers of lumber, and they were confirmed. Also reported favorably upon the act amenda tory of the act regulating the sale of wood and coal and which allows corders 11 cents per cord, and it was passed. Also reported favor ably opon the nomination of P. A. Boswell as Police Magistrate of the Seventh ward, and of Themas Cliver as Police Constable of the Sec ond ward, and they were confirmed. The nomination of Jame? Cull as Police Magis trate uf the Sixth ward was laid over lor fu fare action. Mr. Oulick, from committee on asylum, re ported back the monthly report of the Inten dent of tne Asylum lor August, and it was or dered to be placed on the files. The following billa were introduced and passi ? ? By Mr. Barr?Bill making appropria tion to inclote the reservation at New York and Massachusetts aveaues, between 10th and Pith streets west; aad bill to repair 14th etreet, from G etreet north to the Boundary. By Mr. Utermehle?Bill to lay water malas ia 6th etreet west, from Maetachueetts avenue to L street north, and along L street north from 6th to 7th etreets west; bill to repair cross gutters at 3d street west and E street north; bill to pay a deficiency for the repair of the bridge on H etreet north, between 1st atreet east and North Capitol street; and bill to coBStract a branch eewer in square No- 454. Mr McCathran introduced a bill to construct a gravel footwalk on 9th street east, between ? aad D streets south, and appropriate? 9100 therefor. ' ? Mr Lewis moved to amend, ?'Provided there are any funda to the credit ot the ward." Mr. McCathran said he thanked the gentle man for his liberality; but if gentlemen from the central ward? who were large property, owners in the Sixth Ward would but pay for improvements in front of their lota, the ward would not be obliged to come begging^ Mr. McCathran then proceeded to argue that th? interior wards bad imposed npon the suburban wards, and that the Sixth, whenever it wanted anything, had to come begging like Lazarus; even when they wanted an appropriation to keep their heads above the mod and water, for whenever God gave them rain tney were almost submerged. Hr. V ? r. L urtasti, replied ana defended th. FoartB Ward at i,*.? ftom .?y mtsntlon to imi ose upon the sorbnrbaa Wards. A coBSiderable discussion ensued, and Baud It Mr. Lewis read th. following stateaeat of tbe rendition of the finances of the nevera; Waide, Bp to July 1st, lr*M : * several Wards. Dr. cr. First.935,*?} 07 Second. 12,89? > Third. fll,n*K 35 Fourth. ?,983 10 Fifth. ... 4.359 54 Sixth ......... 15,067 48 Seventh. 9$,KiI 74 The bill finally patstd Tbe following from the Board of Common (cui . il wer. referred.?Bill increasing ihe sslsry of the Secretarles aad Messengers of ihe t?o Boards; bill authorizing the Mayor tj ?roti, y an Engineer to examiue the ?*? verni list ? 1 >r the 'mprevement of the Washington '?""?:i lull to giade au?J gravei L street south, from New Jereev avenue to 7th s;reet west, till i>. increase ihe salaries of certain odker. ?: f tbe ( orporation bill Anvr.dA'ory of an a:t cj-eaurg apaid lire department: hill relating tu Inende m the city of Washington; and bill to in ? ease the compensatnju ol the Canal Vt mmi?-si?'ner. 1 be renerai appropriation bill for the cur. r?-i!t fi-cal year vas returned from th- Com ? on O uncil. They agr.ed to all (he amend meuts of tbis Board except th t leiattng to the contingent expenses ot the s-ation-nous?? wbicu this Board made ??,????. Tue Boird 01 A;Cerrrien receded from Its amendment, and I t 11] :i=:?'d. Adjourned. ' ,.-,.;; fV,. ??. .7 ?The I> >ir<l m>--tat tbe uan\i boor, and was called to or.1er by the Presiden: Mr l.i? yd. all the membre presemi except ftifssre. t?kirvlng and Ward. A communication wat? received from th.? ?'ayor, announcing his approval of the ait the improvement of F street, Irom 5.B to 14th streets. A 'so, one enclosing the act for the Improve ment of an alley in square IBS, without his .???el? a ture. he. an ?e there is no evidence in his off.? e that a majority of the property holders bave petitioned lor the improvement. Mr stated that it wasirne arisi-.??? ? ?? tbe property holders had nut petitioned for the improvement, but that trie eomml'tee on ire proveniente reported the bill iu part because tie Board of Health had certified mat the im - provement was necessary. The question being, Shall the bill pass, not withstanding the veto of the Mayor .' Tha bill vi a* rejected. Also, a communication from the Register. Elating that since September appropria tions to the amount of *5, 3r%05 have been made, -viz:? From General Fund, ?J-i,3li<; First Ward, ??76??.?5; Second, Third and Fourth "Wards, S;,(O0j Fifth Ward, fCi) The follo wing bills were iu'rodticed and referred: By Mr. Lamer-Bill fur relief of W. D. Wallach; petition of Geonr* and Joseph Mie.-, petition of Louisa Nonr? petition for paving carriageway of ? airee uurth, between 7'h and "th. By Mr EUmoustuu?Petition ot James ?. Kennedy, for refundment of taxes, suggestions for the improvement of the canal, by P. H. Donegau. By Mr. Ferguson?Bill tor I ghtiug the city with gas. Tbe following bills were introduced and P'??ted : By Mr. Wilson?To take up aud relay . u ter at I aud -??d streets. By Mr. Petubone? To 'abe up and relay gutter nu tne w<*st side of l'atti street, from E street to Pennsylvania ave nue. By Mr. Larner?To lay or .ss gutter 011 west side of 4th street. By Mr Peugh -To construct a bridge over the creek on north side II s'reet, between 1st aud *.>d stieets west. The general appropriation bill was reported. with Aldermen's amendments, by th-? commu t?e en ways and means, and they were <*on curred in, with the exception of the amendment appropriating S5,iiK) for contingent expense? of statiou-houses, which was 11011-concurred in. every member voting against it. Mr. Ferguson from the same committee re poned bill to tax billiard tables The rates were fixed as follow?:?For one table Slut) per annum, two 9tSB| three 9UV, lour to six IBBBj over six *4<*?. Mr. Larner otiered the s*me amendment to Uais bill as to the license bill, prov icing tint the rate of license provided iu the foregoing es tions shall be trebled <-u all persons except the following: native-born citizens of the I'nite,! States, naturalized citizens of the United State??, those who have declared their intention to be citizens of the United States, those who have received an honorable discharge from the mil itary or naval service of the I'mvd States Mr Wright proposed a proviso that this be considered in force during the war and no lor.ger. Mr. Moore thought that the Corporation had no power in the premises. Mr. Larner replied that a Congressional en actment prohibited the willing of property to aliens. Mr. Wright suggested that this amendment was made tor the purpose of affecting that class of persons who had claimed exemption on ac count of the draft. Mr. Wrights amendment was lost?yeas J, nays IS. The amendment of Mr. Larner was agreed to?yeas 14, nays 5, and the bill passed. Mr. Ferguson, from the --ame commut?e, re ported bill amending the act of May pith, (?Ml, licensing bowling or ten pin alleys and shuf fle boards by making the lioenee on the former ?30, and on the latter ??5 per annum. Mr. L&ruer offered his amendment in rela tion to unnaturalized citizens, A.c., and Mr. Wright offered his proviso that tbe amendment should remain in force only during th?? war. The latter was rejected, and Mr. L.'s araead m< in adopted and the bill passed. Mr. Larner, from the committee on improve ments, reported bill tor the improvement of nth street, irom Rhode Island avenue to ? etreet, which after a long debate?the delegation of the ??, ? ' ?.d ward where tbe locality le strenu ously opposing it?it wae. laid on the table? yeas 12, nays 7. Also, asked to be discharged from the con sideration of petition for relaying the gutter on the Eouth side o? I street, between 13thand 14?b streets, and of bill to grade and gravel ? street, from 14th to 15th. So ordered. The lollowing bills were reported and pas-ed:?By Mr. Wilson, (ara'nage commit tee;?To construct a br.iiu'ii fewer ia eqnare 45J. By Mr. Kelly (? laimsj?For the relief of Lmil S. Frederlca. By Mi. Stephens (police)? ?Granting pei mission to L. F. Brown to add ? story to ? frame kitchen adjoining a brick. By Mr 'Moore (schools)?Authorizing the Board of Trustees to employ a male teacher for th? male intermediate school in the Third Distri substitute for bill for the erection of a school house in the northern part of the Second Dis trict, which authorizes the purchase of a lot north of New York avenue and west ot 7:h street, and the erection ot a bouse in that lo cality under the supervision oi a committee. Mr. Stephens (police committee) asked to be discharged from the further consideration of the petition of Sheffield In reference to bis -team engine (therebeing nothing in thelaw to prevent him irom using one on his premises) and the communication from Jos. F. Browu, treasurer ot tbe Metropolitan Police, in rela tion to the city's proportion of the expense for the police force. So ordered. Mr. Wright introduced a bill to grade and gravel ? etreet sontb, from 4 ^ street to Water street, which was referred, but subsequently the vote was reconsidered, on motion of Mr. Stephens. Mr. Wright stated that this street adjoined the Arsenal grounds, which the Government were now improving, preparatory to the erec tion of workshops, ?Sec. They had already ex pended over ?40,000 on tbe ground, and prob ably in twelve months over one million wonld be expended. A sea wall had been erected to P etreet, and they were filling up Water street, and it was proposed for the corporation to pay only one-half the expense of grading ? etreet. The bill was passed. Mr. Larner, from improvements committee, reported adversely on the petition o? John Brown for certain improvements, and the com mittee were discharged. The lollowing bills were received from the Aldermen and reierred :?To regulate tbe sale of wood and coal; to canse the carnage way of 6th etreet, from Pennsylvania to New York avenue, to be paved; to copy certain city re cords; to construct a gutter ou 3d street east, from ? street north to Pennsylvania avenue providing for laying water mains. Tbe Conncil bill from the Aldermen, pro viding for enlarging the drop at the cornar of gth and I streets, was received with an amend ment, which was concurred ia. Adjourned. A Family Difficulty.?On Friday, officer Maxwell arrested Mrs. Nancy Doudle, on the charge o? committing an assault and battery en her mother-in-law, Mrs. Ann Doudle. The parties, it appears, reside In an alley in the square between U ano 1 streets and 1* and tith streets, Island, toe latrar residing with tne son, and the young conple got tired of the old woman. The wife ordered the old woman to leave the house, hut she refused ? go, when the accused attempted to enforce her orders by atttcklng her mother-in-law. and the latter au o pitched in, but the young;w??a came out best. The case ????!??? Boswell, ?, bo held Mrs. Nancy Doudle to bail E?? is now out for the old lad?., issued at the instance of the son, charging ber with having used profane and Indecent ? anguags. f_ ????????? TBi Bitim.KS ? Parties engaged ?n carrying goods from Maryland to Virginia, ehonld be sure to comply with the require ment* of the War Department, If they would ?ave themselves a vast deal o? trouble snd de? lor ?r-anirday the guard at the Aouedact bridge took: possession o? a wagon and team belonging to parties near Leesbarg, Va. The ? epou contained dry goods, A.c., valued at ?ear ?3,1*0. It was turned over to M*j Liu tier, Assistant Provost Mirsbal of Gsarge. town, who will retain the property until tne owners beve complied with tbe order* of the I?epaitment.

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