Newspaper of Evening Star, September 13, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 13, 1864 Page 2
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THB EVENING STAR W. D. WALL VI H. Editer BBd Proprietor. WASHINGTON CITY : TIESDAY...?EFTFMBER 13t 1?64. ?W READING MATTER ON EVERY FAOl. B? OUTSIDE FOB INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTES. _ THE MAIKf ELECTION. Sweat. Democrat, Badly Beaten?Union Majority probably 20.000. The following telegram was received at m idnigbt lust night from Portland : Htm W. II. Seward : Lynch, Union, elected representative to Congres? (last year represented by Sweat, de mocrat) fiy large majority?probably 1,500. Ia seventy towns Republican gain i>57. Probable administration majority in State, 20,000. Obo. Costly Exfbrimsnt.?It is said that John C. Fremont is minus 5250,000 by the expenses of his little experiment in rnnning as a Presi dentini candidate. One item *f this ?urn is the money sunk in rnnning hie paper, the New Nation. PKESONAt?The following Washingtonians are registered at New York hotel? :?H. Wil lard, ?. ?- Oorman, W. Halliday and J. M. Carlisle at the Astor; G. Yon Grabow, at the Clarendon; L'apt. Shillinglaw, at the Everett; L. Openheimer, W. H. Bennett, at the St. Nich olas; A. S. Brady, at the St. Denis; Dr. C. A. Niche Is, at Union Place. Park Benjamin, Esq., is lying dtngerouslv ill at bis residence in New York city, with ?light hope? of recovering. ST* Third Assistant Postmaster (renerai Zevely has arrived in New York, and is making arrangements to put Into operation the rail way poet office system on the through line between New York and Washington. The arrange ments may possibly be completed this week. Two of the railway post office car? are now in Jersey City._ S7*A new military commission, with Col. Q, H. Pierson, 5th Mass., as president, has been organized ia Baltimore. The first case to be tried is that of Rich'd Thompson for trading, trafficking and holding Intercourse with the enemy. The old commission, of which Col. Haaley is president, is stUl engaged witb the trial of Chas. Gooding. Fubthbr PROX Mobgah's Dbkbat.? The following additional dispatch relative to the deleat of Morgan, hae been received by Gov. Johnson, of Tennessee: Bull's Oat, Sept. 6? To Gov. Johnson .?AH Morgan's papers fell into my hands and show his forces to bave exceeded 1,MK). His dead exceeds 75. His command fled in great con fusion after bis death. I pursued them S miles, but the chivalry use the spurs wi'h more vigor then the sabre. 1 will forward all his papers. Alvan C. Gili.em. Valla:? DioiiAM's Opikiok. ? Vallando ham, immediately alter reading McClell&n's letter, telegraphed to a political friend here, a All hope is lost," aad withdrew his nam* from the canvass. The War in the Democratic lamp. The New "York News, in yesterday's issue, reiterates its determination t? oppose McClel lan, and devotee several articles to the denun ciation of his letter of acceptance. The News says: The platform i? the subject placed at issue in a Democratic nomination, rather than the men. To pretend that the nominee is such in hie own person even though he should repudiate every principle he has been selected to represent, is an outrage upon common sense. To reject the platform is therefore a practical rejection ot the nomination. If tbe repudiation of it all make the candidate cease to be the standard bearer of the party, how can he be supposed to continue such tfter he has repudiated even a part? The State-rights doctrine that demands every true and faithful Democrat to raise his voice against a war for the subjugation of sov ereign Sta'es, is recognized, practically, in the enunciation of principles laid down by the Chicago Convention; bat is on the other "hand direcly repudiated in General McClellan'e avowal of his determination, if elected, to com pel the sovereignties of the South to submit to hi? will by force of arms The man nominated to represent its prin ciples is therefore no longer the nominee ot the Chicago Convention. Standing, as he does, before the conntry, to all intente and pur poses an independent candidate, he has there lore no claim on the support of the Democracy as auch. General McClellan's voice is for war. Prin ciple, feelitg, censistency, every suggestion of patriotism, statesmanship and self respect for bids us therefore from giving him our support. Four years more of such bloodshed aad de struction Be mea aad gods never before wit nessed, having been made an issue of bis elec tion, we feel bound to resist it with the must eaergetic opposition. * * ? * Such things may do for men-worshippers, but not for a great party whose principles are as eternal as tbe seated hills, for they are founded on the trae and only bise on which a republic can stand, and in repudiating tbe platform on which be was nominateli, the candidate for President proposed at Chicago baa forfeited all right? offered him by that nom ination, and party fealty demands that the Con vention r?assemble and that a candidate for the Democratic party be nominated who will, when elected, carry it? principles and Its meas ure? into effect. Failing to do this, the chosen guardians prov ing faithless to theirtrust, the people will take the matter in band and call a convention of their own. As long as Gen. McClellan was the candidate of tbe party, it? members were pledged to bis support. He cannot repudiate the principle without at the same time repudi ating the nomination, and this he has done; and, in supporting a war of subjugation, he occupies tbe same ground with John C. Fre mont and Abraham Lincoln. ? ? *J Wben Gen. McClellan was nominated, not withstanding his acting as the tool of the Ad ministration in making, if not in initiating ar bitary arrests, our support of the nominee was strong and decided, when he repudiated the platform of his party, upon which he was nom inated, we repudiated him. In this we have carried out our pledge of principle long since givea to the public. * ? 9 * Mr. Linrolu is for war, so is Gen. McClel lan. Mr. Lincoln makes it a war ofsubjuga tioa, so does Gen. McClellan. Mr. Lincoln stands npon tbe platform of hi- party, so does not Gen. McClellan. vv hat is there then, for men wbo believe, as do the great mass of the Democracy, that the only way to save the country is to be found in the Peace Platform, to choose between the candidates' Wnen two evils are thus presented; to prefer to stand aside and choose neither. The News also publishes a number of com? manicatiOBS approving its course. One corres pondent say?: ?? Five hundred thousand Peace Men will not vote the Democratic ticket. The ?'Courier de? Etats Unie," following the Dally ??News," repudiates McClellan. It re view? hie letter and come? to the conclusion ? 'ha? be has alienated with one fell stroke all those Democrats wbo believe that the continua tion of tbe war will bring greater disasters on the United State?, than any heretofore experi enced." The editor then continues : "The peace party were willing to make con cessions in older to maintain the harmony in in? Democratic ranks, but they must not be asked to sacrifice their belief. Gen. McClellan bas gore witb bag and baggage into the camp of the War Democrats, tbat bastard party which prom?tes to this land all the evils of tbe Republican Administration, without hav ing it? logica_ Fiwancial.?The New York Post of Tues day evening ?ays: The sensation rumors that Mr. Fessenden has decided to place anoher Governmeot loan on the market immediately are without founda tion. We are authorized to say that at present eo_n'w ,onn Win b? offered, .v ..C1"10'01 *old i?H thi? morning lower than It baa been since the 25th of June, five day? after the gold bill waa ?igaed by the Pre?. dent. * Gold opened at 22e and sold dowo to HSV, afterwards reaching to 217? and closing at ?!7Ji. Exchange is dull at io9 for specie. Th? loan market is active at 7 per cent. Tbe sppreheBSioB of difficulty in meeting the pay meet? on account of the new loan, and the scarcity ol greenback? in consequence of the draiB to tbe W?t ??t the moving of the crops, are the principal canses to which tb? activity is ascribed. It 1? alio rumored that a new Government loan will be almoat immediately pat oa the market. This false ramor has basa Industriously circulated by tbe bears. The Commercial Advertiser say?: The stock market opened with a very unset tled feeling, induced partially by the siroug downward tendency of the gold market, and partially by the temporary stringency of money oopnected with the first payment?? on acoonnt of the new lean. The >? bears'' seized the op portority for throwing large amount? of stock upon the market in excess of what the " bolls" were prepared to carry, and the re*olt was a decline of S*3% npoa railroads. Government? hardly hold the improvement of Saturday. There Is bo direct authority aa yet for the report that the Secretar? of the Treasury has determined to accept subscriptions to the Ten forty bonds one-half in Certificate? of Indebt edness and one-half in greenbacks. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Flew V?rk Stock Market?First Board. [By ino People'? Line?Offloe 611 Nlntn street,.] Naw Tobb, Sep. 13.?U. S. 198L oobdob ?'?, 1U7?,; ?- S. 5.70s, HO?,; Certificate? of Indebu edneee, ?4*; Gold, ?3; N. Y. ?Centr%L \-2S%, Ene, 1*9%; HadaoB River, 114 li; Harlem,?? Readiag, 127%?. Michigan Central, 133 Michi gan Southern, 78Jf; Illinois Central, l?**?; Cleveland and Pittsburg, in?'?, Cleveland and Toledo, Uty; Chi ago aad Rock Island, 105 li; Milwaukle and Prairie dn Chten, ??, Pitts burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, loe*' ; ait?n and Tena Haate, 51; Chicago and Northwestern, i9\; Quicksilver, 7?,<,. MAIKE STATE ELECTION. A Glorioas Union Triumph?The Onber? naurial and all the t ?agressienal Can didates Elected. Augusta. Mb., Sept. 12, 1*04. Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War: The loyal Union party has carried Maine by ? ? Tery large majority, re-electing Gov. Cony, i carrying every Congressional district, and ; electing four-fifth.?! of both branches ot the Le gislature. J. G. Hi.mnk, Chairman U. S. C. [SBCOHD DISPATCH.] Pobtlasd, Mb, Sept. 12?Today the regu j lar electioB took place for Governor, Repre ? sen tat i ves in Congress, members ot the State 1 Legislature, etc. The returns so far received show that Sam'l Cony (LTnion,) for Governor, received 2,371 I votes;Howard, (Democrat,) 1,760. Cony'sgain ' is 2P5. Seven towns give Cony 3,992; Howard, 1.950. Last year Bradbury received 3.26s j cony's gain, 376. [THIRD DISrATCH.] PORTtAND, Sept. 12, 9 p. m.?Thirty-nine ? towns give Cony 14,748; Howard, 9,159. The , same towns last year, Cony, 15,096; Bradbury, i 10,231. Saco gives Cony 676; Howard, 3!>l. Ban gor. Cony, 1,668; Howard, 751; last year, Cony, 1,731; Bradbury, 862. [FOURTH DISPATCH.] Portlahd, Sept. 12.?Thirteen towns heard from give Cony 2,788 majority. His net gain is 390. The returns come in very ?lowly to-night, owing to a very severe storm. [PIFTH DISPATCH.] Portlabd, Sept. 12, 10 p. m.?Fifty-one towns give Cony 7,177 majority this year, against 6,493 last year, showing a net gain of 684. Angusta gives Cony 414 majority in six wards. FROM TUE SOUTHWEST. LoriBViLLB, Sept. 12.?The upward train from Bardstown this morning was captured by guerrillas under Magrnder, who destroyed the locomotive, burned a car, and robbed the passengers. The Journal says the following despatches have been received at Gen. Ros seau's headquarters in Nashville : Mt RFBEBsnop.o, Sept. 8.?Maj. B. A. Polk, A. A. G.: Col. Thomas Jordao, 9th Pennsylvania ! cavalry, with 230 men, attacked and routed tbe ! rebel Dibnell's brigade, near Ready ville, yes j terday, killing and wounding many, and cap turing 130 prisoners. Our loss one killed, five - wounded and four missing. To-day the rail road is torn up at Bed Bucker, damage tridui g. ' The bridge over Stewart's Creek, the only one injured by Wheeler, is rebuilt. H. P. Vab Clbvb, Brig. Gen. MrrtFRBEPBOKO, Sept. 10.?Maj. B. H. Polk, A. A. G., Nashville ? The road is in good order 1 from here to Chattanooga. Trains left this morning with mails for the army at Atlanta. ' The rebels are retreating by way of McMinn vllle. H. P. Va? Clbvb. Brig. Gen. A Pnlaskl despatch, September 9th, says Gen. Rosseau has concentrated all the torce of ? Steadman and Granger wi h his own. Sher \ man has re-established communication via i Nashville and Chattanooga railroad. Repairs ! on the Tennessee and Alabama railroad will ? be completed on Monday. Wheeler, in the ag gregate, has destroyed only eix miles of the track. Two hundred and forty car Piade of subsietence were received in Atlanta on Friday ; last._ From Cairo. j Cai bo, Sept. 12?A fire broke out at 2 o'clock this morning, the total loss from which will probably reach $2M>,GO0; insurance is about ; *4ii,i*ju. The steamer John J. Roe, bound for New Or leans with a battalion of the 2d Missouri cav ! airy, sunk in thirty leet of water above New ! Madrid. No lives were lost. All the horses ? on board were drowned. Sheridan. Baltimore, Sept. 12.?The American's spe cial, from Harper's Ferry, to-day, says there has been no change in the military situation since the last dispatch. Working parties commenced work on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad this morning, and it 1? expected that the road will be working through by Friday. ?COLUMBIA TYPOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY _ A Meeting ?f this Society ?ill be held ???3 iTu??il.ivi EVENING, to make arrangements for the funeral of our late telluw member, ? COCI1 KAN, Eeq., from his late reaideace, south aide of ? atreet north, between 2d and 3d ate. w?at, to morrow, at M o'clock a vs. It_J.C. PROCTOR. R. S. ry-5=?ATTSNTION, PLUMBERS AND GAB '?_5 FITTERi*.?A special meeting oftheabove aaeociation will be bell on WEDNBSDAY BVKN 1NG, at 1% o'clock. over Wait's Drug 8tore, cor ner 7th and Louisiana avenue. Punctual atten dance ia requested of every member. By order of tbe Preaident. aep 13 2t*_LEWIS ECKEL8, Ree. Bec, fY*"5=?GERMAN RKI.IEr ASSOCIATION FOR Us_3 8I0K AND WOUND1D SOLDI ERS.-The quarterly meeting of the Aaeociation will be hell on WEDNESDAY, the 14th inst.,at 8 o'clock p. m , at the German Hall. 11 th atreet, between ? an 1 G ata. Members and frienda of tbe Aaeociation are cordially invited to attend. K. C JHBN, ?ep 13 2t*_Corresponding Secretary. irS,B McCLELLAN CLUB OF THE FIRST J_-i WARD?A meeting of tbe club will be hell on-ach evening of thia w- a. at their headquar ter?, the Reynold's House, corner Penna avenus and 18th ?t., at7>i o'clock p. m. A punctual atten dane? of the member* ia requested. An invitation ia exten'led to all Consm-ntive men who desire to become number*. JOHN T. 0. CLARK, Prea't. ?eg 13 4r_THO.S. Q. LECKKON.Sec'y. ry-3=>?ECOND WARD McCLBLLAN CL?B. Lk_*5 All citizene of the Second Ward who are tt vi rub:- to the election of George B. McClellan as President and George H, Pendletan a? Yice President of the United States, are respectfully invited to attend an adjourned meeting of the Second Ward McClellan Clnb, to be held at the German Hall, west aide ?if Uth street weat.between F and G etreets north, WEDNESDAY EVENIftG, 14th Inst.. at ? o'clock. By order. aep 13 it*_W. J. MILLER, S?cretary. FIRST WARD IN THE FIELD. _G?? adjourned meeting of all persons liable to ti ? drart. in the First Ward, will be held on WED NESDAY EVENING, September 14. at 7S o'clock. - ? '.he Meaa House, corner -?-t and V street?, when the committee appointed at oar last meeting will report. It ia expected that all who are interested will be j.resent as we are confident of relieving the ward if the citizens will come out promptly and make the effort. By order. It? _JOHN PRITCHARD, Prea't. THIRD WARD, ATTENTION ! _ je citisen? of th? Third Ward are requeated to meet on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the n?h inst , at 7>? o'clock, at Temperance Hall, for the pur pose of ieviaicg meana by which the Ward may be relieved of the impending draft. THOMAS LEWIS. THUS. ASTEPt?ENS, N. D. LARNBR. **pl3-2t_JAS. SKIKNING. 'TO ?H ? ? ij'B L'I G. t hereaa w?, th? Journeymen Shoemakers of the city of Washington,deem it no more toan lust and proper that we ahon:d make this atatement or sa POHtion in crder that tftey may know who are the friend and fo??f the workingman; and when the community and public at large are dealing with their fellow citisene, (their eyes being opened to a fact,) they will appreciate between the worthy and unworthy. And not knowing our liability to law, w? refrain from pub iabitjg the names ?f thoae who done* give the wages to their men. No doubt but they tell their customers that they pay the highest prices forgetting their work dona, conse quently made in the beat manner and by the beat of workmen. But let common cense judge ofthat : Therefore be it Rtsolied, That we publish the name? of the first rate employers wb? nave acceded to the demanda of their men; be made public, (and they only.) in order that merit may meet its reward, and which are as followe r John Mills, Pennsylvania avenne, between 1st and 2d ate. . . _? ?. Mr. Wbeat'y, bet. 31 and i'_- ata.. Pa av. Mr. Richard?, un 1er Brown's Hotel, Pa. av. Mr. Crews,7th atreet, between G and U. George Wheatly, Capitol Hill. By order of the ?ociety. _.?_ - . sep 13-3t*_F. CAM!, Beeretary. rv-SF? JOURNEYMAN STONI CUTT?R8.-A L 5*? Regular Meeting of the Association will be nVTdon TUESDAY EVENING. September IS, at the Shepherd Hall, 7th atreet and La. avenue, at 7? o dock. JAS. GUILD, President. Basavo. Ellis, See._sep n-at? fV-^?FOURTH WARD McCLELLAN OL?B. IL *? There will be an adjourned meeting of tbe Club ob TUE8D A Y, the 13th i net.. at 8 o 'clock p. to., at Parke.'a Building, Pa. av.. between ritti and 7th uta. All favoring tbe election of Gen. McClel lan are invited to attend. F A. KL0PFB3. President. SAM'L 8. BRBRBT0N,8?e. sepH-tt* KF TUKCe&IINO DRAFT, SECOND WARD AROUSED. Anailournedmeetinge'theeltixenaoftheWard, will beheld ob T?B8DAY EVENING, at7*i o'clk, at German Hall, Uth attest, near F ?treet. for the purpoee of eevisuigmaana to fill the War? Quota. Lverv man liable to d? aft and all good eititen* of ?Ee<W*y1*re#jpen ^??, f?Sl.r?.but? liberally to the fund. J.Bl ??KLLB1RR ereald?nt JA8 W. PPAULDING.8ec?*U*: ?eo??-tt? rv~S=?THB HEXT EBOULAR MESTINO OF held on TCISDAY ?IXT, the Uth i a ?tant at t o'clock p. m. ' ?epiott ?-T. MORdKLL. Secretary. LOST AND FOUND. <S> ? ? REWARD.-Strsvsd or stolen, from th. f J tf a"bacrib.r. on th. 10th inat., a red aad white COW. I will psy the a?ove reward if eh. is retarne?! to ta? residence, corner of 8th and C Bt.r.t^VTYW<1 _PAT? ATEllfB, ??? FIN UP BSTRAV, on ITth street, noar Na?r York avenue, a light bav U0R-*R, with mili Mr aaddlejand res blanket. It ia now at Engineer stable, on corner of '7th street and N?-w York av. The owner ran get it by proving propertr and ? iy ing for this advertisement._sep ?J at* ? C~BBWARD~---8tolen er strayed, on the <?th f? inat.,a?1ark brown MILCH 00W. with a large white e?ot on her forehead, and a white spot on each aide of her bead; also a ?rhite spot between her fore lega. The abov? reward will be paid by returning her to HBNBRY McARD-.B, It* No^4fv> Maryland avenue. F r RBWARD? Lo<?t. en the 12th instant, between f?) the Baltimore Depot and the Navy Yard. BOX BACON,mar?ed Jones & Co The above re ward will be paid to any person giving informi tion to G H. GADDI8 4 BRO? Navy Yard, or to J0NB8 A CO., corner of D and 8th street? west, where tke same can bs found._It* f s A BaTWaakD.? LOST' LOST.'? Between f?? the Capitol and Eastern Branch, a morocco POCKET-BOOK, coatatning a key of safe, some memoranda valuable only to the owner and a small amount of currency. For return of same to thie office, the above reward will be given. aep 10 eo.1t_ OP RKWARD?Strayed away on the l?t i net, a mO red and white COW, about ten years old; have eight or ten red spots on her left Ride; twelve or fourteen red spots on her right; two holes mid way her horn?; her head and neck htve much the appearance of a steer: was seen at 14th and Boani rr st?. Will give the above rewarl for her re covery. JOHN G. STAFFORD. ?ep 10 St*_369 4>? ?t., near ? at.. Island. RKWARD.?Strayed or stolen from the market, between 7th and 9th streets, Penn sylvania avenue, on the 8th inat.,a brown roan MARE, amali size, probably between 14 and 15 hand? high, thick set. lark busby tail snd mane, a 'arge wnite spot in forehead, about 9 year? old, not gated, trot ? briskly; bad en harness and halter. Any one will receive the above reward ou the delivery of the mare and harness to TH03. B. B1NS0N, Firat Tollgate on Baltimore Pike, sep 1> 3t*_Washington, D. 0. TRE8PA88B8-NOTICB -Several COWS and one HORSB. branded "condemned."have been found trespassing upon the ground? of the George town College. The owners are requested to prove property, pay charge?, aud take them awtxy; aad notice Is hereby given that all persons hereafter committing any trespass by willfully bre.tking down or injuring the fences belonging to the land? of the College, or by entering any of their enclosed lands with their cows, horses, or other animals, will be prosecuted to the utmost extent of the law. By order of the President. aul7-eolm BOABDING. FUBNI8HBD ROOMS FOR RBNT-With or without Board, in a private family. Inquire at 448 D street, near 3d street._ sop 13?St"' BOARD?A few young gentlemen can be accom modated with BOARD and LOBGINGS. at No. 4*6 nth at. Terms as reasonable as can be af forded ._sepl.3-3t* C^OOD BOARDING WITH PLEA8ANT ROOMS ? can be had at reasonable rate? at No. 95 Wash ington street, Georgetown. Also, several rooms to let._sep 13-St? THREE OR FOUR GBNTLBMEN can be ac commodated with pleasant ROOMS and BOARD convenient to the Departments at ?30 a i;.?.nth. Tabls hoarders fa) a ???/t? Alno, a handsomely furnished PARLOR. saRsenle for two or three officer?, at No. 300 21st?treet, corner ofG._Bep 13-3t* BOARDING?The atteniV-kin of those who wish spacione and airy ROO.WS, well furnished, upon moderate terms, is especially requested. The ad vertiser wishes to give her inmate? a pleasant horse, and will earnestly endeavor to provide for their comfort by every means within ber power. A good library in the house. An excellent tibie iekept. and transient boarders taken. Apply at 39G?, 18th st., between Fand G s'a, aep 13 2t* BOABD AND HAND80MBLY ?URNISIIKD ROOMS, for families or single persons. House pleasantly located, with spacious grounds; S. W. corner 21nt and H sta._sep 12 3t* A FEW TABLE BOARDERS WANTED AT No.SOO E street. Also, anicely PORNI?HED BOOM, to gentleman and wife, with board. Meals to soit business._sepH-lw* FIRST CLASS BOARD. with FtirnUhT-.l Rr7o"nT7. also. Table, can be obtained at No. 3?V? 6th st., between II and I._sep9-7t* fp?R8T^GLA88 BOARD, with Furnished Roemfl. Also Table Board can be obtained at No. 415 E street, between 8th and 9th. Breakfast from 7 to 9 ; dinner from 3 to 5 sep 3-lm* PERSONAL. IF EMMA TRIPLETT (colored) will call at No. 398 21st street, near I, she will confer a favor. It?_|_ IF Mrs. HARROLD 18 IN WASHINGTON BHE will c?.me forward and get ber prop??rty, at 336 Massachusetts avenue, a? I am going to decline housekeeping. sep 13-2t* NOTICE.?All persons are forbid trusting any person on my account without a written order from myaelf or my wife, Bbnribtta ? 1'bppkk. ?ep7-lw_JOHN P. PEPPER. STEAMER XMPIRB HAS ARRIVED. Con signees will please attend to the reception of their good? at once. The steamer .-ails for New York1 Wednesday, the 14th Instant, at 9 a. m, Has good accommodations f?r carrying horse?. ?ep 12 2t_MORGAN A RHINEHART. ????????TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. II The partnership heretofore existing between Dr? M. V. ?. Bogan and 8. W. Bogan, will be di? solved on Monday, the 19th day of September. All person? indebted to the firm will please settle their accounts with Dr. M. V. B. Bogan. M. V. ?. BOGAN, sepl2-lw* S. W.BOOAN. ? LACK SILKS, We invite attention to our large stock ot BLACK BILKS, which we are selling for le?? than we can replace them. We bave aleo a full stock of HEAVY PLAIN SILKB in brown, green, blue, purple and other color?, which we are Belling cheap. JOS J MAY ft CO., sep 12-2t Igg Pa. av.. bet. 9th and 10th st?. TOS. J. MAY ft CO.. Whoi.kuai.b .?.??? Rbtail Dbalkrs. IK FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS. We oiler to the Trade at New York prices, a large stock of? Hamilton, Pacific and Mancheater Fall De Laines, Meniniack, Pacil.c, gpragu??, and other make? of Fall Piints, 7 8, 3 4 and 4-4 Bleached Shirtings, 4-4, 6-4,6-4,10-4 Bleached Sheetings, Brown Bbjrtings and Sheetings, Brown and Bleached Canton Flannel?, All wool Twilled and Plain Flannel-, in * hit^. rod, blue and gray 3. 3. MAY ft CO., 308 Penn avenue, sep 12-2t_between 9th and 1th sta. STATIONERY AND BNG BAVIN?. ?'MONOGRAMS'' in colore, on Note Paper and Envelopes. SEALS, STAMPS, Ac , Ac. At DBMP8BY ft O'TOOLBS, sep 10-eo2t Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and li)th sts. SUBSTITUTES WANTED FOR ?. S. NAVY FOR ONB YBAR. Wanted Immediately ?O Able-bodied 8EAMBN, FIREMEN. AND COAL PAS8ER8. A? Firemen?Bounty caah down one year-?SKD Pay " ** -?178 Total,_,_.~...?573 As Seamen? Bounty cash down one year?>.. .8900 Pay " ." .??68 Total.\VA I w.nt these men at once. Colored Men will be taken if they are Seamen or Firemen. G. H. CA8SIDY. 44H 8th street. sep9 lw* [RepftChron] bst. Pa. av., and Cat ITMTED STATB8 8BRVICK MAGAZINE,Sep J tember, i8?'?4. COBTRBTS.-The Militia; Tbe Invalids: Maior General W. T. Sherman; The Naval Hospital Es tablishment; Brigadier General Alexander Hay?; Love and Loyalty: To my Wife at Parting, (poetry) Literary Intelligence; Editora Special Department; Official Intelligence. sep 10_FRANCK TAYLOR PROPOSALS will be received at th. Mayor's office until 11 o'clock M. on MONDAY, th. 19th inet. next, f r grading F street north frim ?th to 14th street west, or euch portion thereof aa the Mayor may direct. No part of the appropriation will be paid until tbe work ia approved by the Commissioners. Bidder? will atare tb. price p- r cubic yard. The rutting and filling will be paid for but once; that which measure? moat. ?IAS. W. BPALDING. Commis* ?Ber 2d Ward. JOHN T. G ARNB'l. Commlaainner3d Ward. .?.?. ,w * . WH. DOUGLAS. _ aeplQ-7t [Intel,* Oommlwiloner 4th Ward. IMPORTED HAVANA 8EGARS-J 0 BACHER. f<> Pennsylvania avenue beg? to recom mend te bla fr?en?? and consumer? hi? well assort ed stock of Imported Havana segare, ?aaVeMd by himself tn his recent vUit in New York?sassy lw* ORGANS AND MBL0DB0N8 -Ws have this ?Jay rpcejved five of Mason ft Hamtin'sOAB INET ORGANS, of different sises. Also, a n?w assortment of Prince A Co.?sand Smith's MELO ???ONB. W.G M1TZ1BOTT. sep?_cor. 11th street and Pa. avenue, SUBSTITUTE* WANTED TO GO IN THB MAR'NB CHRP?.-Tbia is th? most select branch of tbe Doited States nervio.. All M,rinea have so eqval ch.nce fer prise money, aad three sui*sof clothes a year, which I. not d*dset.d from their pav. Five hundred dollar? pa'd do*? to go ss Substitutes for enrolled men in the District of Columbia _ Gl-O. H. CA8SIDY, Authorised Recruiting Agent, 446 Bth st., sep'J lw* EcpftCbronl bet. Pg.srSBd D at. 4 O'CLOCK P. M. GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. Jay Cooks <fc Co. furnish the followiag quo tations of Oovernment securities : Wasbibgtob, Sept. 13, 1864. Buying. SeUing TJ. 8. fi's Coupon 1881.107 KB U. S. 5-2<?'?.109?4 110*; 73-10 Treasury Notes.Ill 112 One Year Certificate?. *1\ 9\\ Certificate Checks.95 Naw Yobk?Fibst Hoard. Coupons, 107 & ; 5-20'?, lin ? : CerUficates, '..',; Gold, ???._ FROM TUB FRONT. Tbe mail steamer Daniel Webster, Captain Charles Leering, from City Point, arrived here this morning at a quarter past nine o'clock, an bonr behind her usual time, having been de layed by the rough weather on the bay. She brought up the army mails and about 40 dis charged soldiers. Tbe Websterbrings no news but reports all quiet up to 10 o'clock yesterday morning, with tbe exception of an occasional artillery duel, since the engagement of Friday night last. In that fight we captured 90 prisoners, and billed a considerable number of the enemy. Our own loss was only 15 killed, wounded aud missing, including three officers. We still hold tbe skirmish line captured from them ou Friday night, and the enemy has shown no disposition to make another contest for it. Fight rebel deserters from Hill's corps came up on the Webster. The recent order of General Grant, offering protection to desert rs from the rebel army, end promising to furnish them with employment out of the reach of tbe Con federate authorities, has had a desirable effect, and squads of them come in daily. The rebel officers experience great difficulty in keeping their men upon picket posts, for they generally embrace this opportunity to desert. _ AN IMPORTANT ORDER. General orders No. 254, issued from the Ad jutant General's office, War Department, under date of September 12, direct that deserters from the United States troops arriving in Washing ton, who report themselves as belonging to any particular regiment, and are sent to it, shall be permanently assigned to the regiments of which they thus report themselves members. Deserters now in the prisons of the District, or who may hereafter arrive, whose regiments are unknown, shall be sent immediately to the front, with instructions to the commanding generals of the army to employ them at work upou the trenches. FOR TRIAL BY COURT-MARTIAL. Timothy Hurley, James Dowling, Henry A. Soon, Henry Mullen, Martin Gibson, Floran fine Bormany, and George Rock, all of the 15th New York Engineers, were to-day sent to Brig. Gen. Patrick, Provost Marshal General of the Army of the Potomac, to be tried by court martial for desertion. RETIRED FROM ACTIVE 8ERVIC?. Gen. George D. Ramsay, Chief of the Ord nance Bureau, has been, by direction of Presi dent Lincoln, retired from active service, and his name placed npon the retired list of officers, according to the r.inb to which he belongs, to date from September 12, 1861. CU1EI' OF ??? ORDNANCK BUREAU. Major Alexander B. Dyer, of the regular army, yesterday entered upon his duties as Chief of the Ordnance Bureau, in place of Gen. Ramsay, who has been retired from ac tive service and placed upou the retired list of officers. Pkbsonal.- Secretary Seward returned to this city yesterday evening, in the six o'clock train, from a visit to his home at Auburn, New York. Assistant Secretary of State Fred. Seward, and Mr. Webster, Chief Clerk of tbe State De partment, are both absent from the city, on a visit to New York. Tub Coitbbhbad Bolt.?-a dispatch from New York says : Yet another Democratic journal has struck the McClellan flag. I refer to the Courrier des Etats Unis, the recognized organ of the French population here. The Courrier is a paper of large influence, and its disaffection will tell severely against the "Yeung Napoleon..4' The list of the seceding journals in this city now stands thus: 1. Daily News: 2. Metropolitan Record: 3. Freeman's Journal; 1. Courrier de? Etats Unis. Great anxiety is manifested by the General's friends to know what course the Chicago Times (the most powerful of the copperhead organs ont West) intends to pursue. It is apprehended that it, too, will switch off with tbe "Peace" Democracy. The publication of McClellan's letter of acceptance, in its issue of Friday last, without a solitary word of commendation, is looked upon as ominous. There are strange rumors afloat about Tam many Hall concerning the position of Mr. Feu illeton. It 1? said that be, too, is threatening to bolt the nomination 1b fact, if not in lorm; that is to say, he is preparing a letter pinmply en dorsing the platform, and accepting it, pure and simple, as the only acceptable exposition of tbe principles and policy of tbe Democratic party. Meanwhile tbe two Woods (Ben. and Fer nando) are as bnsy as bees, engineering a pub lic meeting to back up the position assumed by the Daily News, throwing McClellan over board, and placing in the field some other can didate more coogenial to their tastes. So yon will see there is music in the air. Pbizb Fight at Wbbhawkbw?.VeCabe and Keefe the Contestants?Keefe the Victor by a Foul Blow ?At daylight this morning a fight came oil on the Weehawken Heights on the exact spot made memorable by the contest between King and Wood some years ago, between two voung aspirant? for pugilistic honors, named McOabe and Keefe. Both of the pugilists hail from the 18th Ward, and are known in that locality for their prow ess in Tarions impromptu fights, but had never before stripped in tbe fistic ring. The contest was for ?"--'io aside, and the belligerents were well matched in regard to weight and size. Quite an assemblage of sports gathered around tbe ring this morning, and quite a sum of mon ey changed bands ob the result Owing to the threatened interference of the "Jersey Blues" (the police) tbe crowd was not so large as an ticipated by the friends of the pugilists. As soon as morning dawned the ring was pitched in true P. R. style, on the spot indicated above, and when it became lignt enough to commence operations the umpire, referee, and seconds were selected. All being in readiness for the contest McOabe "shied bis castor' into the ring, quickly fol lowed by himself, and soon after by Keete. Without much time being lost in preliminaries the fight began, and 7 rounds were fought in the space of -25 minutes, when in the latter round McCabe dealt Keefe a foul blow, which was eo declared by the referee, and Keefe was pronounced the victor. Neither of the pugilists were badly punished, and it Is rumored that another contest will be soon resorted to for the purpose of testing the relative merits of the heiligen nts. The principals and witnesses returned to the city without molestation. Tbe money will be given np to Keefo at a well known sporting house on Third Avenue, where the preliminaries for another match will be no doubt arranged,?N. Y. Express, 12fA. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS, FROM GBN'L GRANT'S ARM V. [Dispatch to Phila. Inquirer.] Nbab Pbtbbbbobu, Va, Sept. 10.?The crack of tbe picket'? rifle, which for many days past has scarcely been heard at any por tion of onr line, is again growing familiar. The rebel entrenched picket line makes an abutment ot some 100 yards ia length, and that dl-tance has been considerably further ad vanced, eo that the adjacent portions of their line on either side this abutment extended along tbe crest of a hill. From this position the rebel pickets could look composedly down and watch our movements and operations in our own intrenchments. They have been allowed to occupy this crest withou t molestation ever since our line was first established there. Gen. Mott, someday? ago, came to the con clusion that so good a post of observation ought to be wrested from them. Last night he determined to carry the plan into effect, and Gen. De Treanbriand, com maadiag th* First Brigade of his division, was entrusted with the management of the movement. Dividing the force into two columns, he ad vanced each of them by the flank from two different points, stri king the Rebel line at the extreme ends of the abutting section that waa to be taken. Each colarne filed along the rifle-pit? aatll the two met, aad closing in npon the Rebel pickets took them all prisoners before they? ai pected that anything waa wrong Our men, after taking the Rebel rifle pita, im mediately turned them, witb the face to war J? tbe?nemy, and to-night they will, doubtless, be connected with, and made part aad parcel of oar own line. Tbe Rebel Lieutenant captured ?aid that had they beeaexpectlug an attack they could hare resisted three lines of battle, which is, no doubt, the tru th, and tbe officers engaged In the move meat deserve great credit for the seoreoy aad rapidity with which it waa executed. FROM MEXICO. Revers?e sf the Fremi h m Mexico. NBW Yobk Sept. 13?The steamer Roano??? from Havana on the ?3th his arri ved, with dates from the City of Mexico to the ?29th ultimo, and Vera Cms to the 1st. General Mejla entered Victoria city, ana was joined by troops from Tampico, under General "irupin. It was reported In Vera Cruz that deaerai Castagny defeated a party of J auraist s near Saltillo, losing;, amongst others, bis chief of artillery. Mejia is said to be marching on Matamores. Various skirmishes are reported, in which the French are usually victorions. No reliance can be placed in these reports. The Mexican vessels Librader and Mexi cano, have been captured off Mazanello. It is reported that the Russian fleet in the Pacific have been ordered to rendezvous at Acapnlco and sainte the new Mexican flag. The Spaniards are not making any more headway in St. Domingo than the French in Mexico. They suffer severely from sickness. FROM EUROPE. The l>uno-,.errr?iin Question? Lcnd.n Times ?a the Fight in Mobile Ray. New Yobk, Sept. 12.?The America, from Southampton on the 3lst, has arrived. The Frankfort stock mariiet was glutted with American securities and parcels oy the last steamer, sold at two per cent, reductldn. Up to the present time, the conference on Danish affairs is occupied solely with the ter ritorial question. The Prussia Zeitung says ?here will be no withdrawal of troops from Jutland before a definite conclusion of peace. The return of all the Prussian troops from the duchies is, therefore, far less to be expected. Arrests continue in Trieste, and in Venetia, the police have discovered arms, ammunitions, &c. The London Times say?, the news from America, though Indecisive, continues to be roost interesting. The vigor with which this year's campaign has been conducted appears to spread like a conflagration over the vast theatre of operations, and the struggle Is sus tained beyond precedent at each point of in terest. Astonishing as it is, it seems thnt Gen. Grant's efforts are not yet exhausted. No num ber of reverses seem sufficient to check this pertinacions General. Speaking of the doings of the ram Tennessee, the Times says : ??The ram Tennessee is said to have engaged the whole Federal fleet, which consisted of 18 frigates and monitors, for an hour and a half, surrendering at last only when disabled in her rudder, and in danger of being rnn down by the ??combined movement." If this be true, it Is one of the most gallant actions of the war, and we shall look with great interest for a descrip tion of the vessel which could achieve such a result. The account of the loss on both sides makes the action appear still more extraordi nary." _ Vermont Election. BCRLi??TOir, Vt., Sept. l?.?Returns of ITI towns foot up for Smith, Union, 26,2Id: Red field, 10,371. The same towns, in 1S63, gave Smith, ?23 50C; Redfleld, 14,016. Smith will not have lar from 2I,C00 majority in the State. Re turns from 230 towns show the election of 213 Unica and 20 Democratic representatives The Senate is unanimously Union. Rebels at Month of Red River. St. Loos, Sept. 13.?An officers' despatch baat, which arrived at Cairo yesterday, re ports 1,500 rebels concentrated at the mouth of the Red river. Governor Bigler for Congress. Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 13th.?tiovemor Wni. Bigler has been nominated for Congress, in Clearfleld County. Anniversary Celebration? Baltimore, Sept. 12.?The city to-day was eav with flags in celebration of the anniversa ry "of the battle of Baltimore. LOCAL NEWS. Gettino his Db8BRT8.?This morning. Jus tice Thompson was called upon to try a case against Albert Gillikin, who resides in that rart ot the Second Ward known as "Hooker's Division," and was charged with keeping a bawdy house. The witnesses were all young women. Catharine Long testified tbat she went to Gil liken'a house in May last: her first appearance in any house of dissipation. She received gentlemen's company there, and paid Gilliken and his wife bed money besides her regular board. She left there about the last ol July. Anna Baldwin testified that she had beeH to this house with a gentleman. Paid Gilliken's wife for the use of a room, and Gil liken was present when it was paid. She paid a dollar for the room. Jennie Richards testi fied that she went therelast Saturday night with a lriend; bad a room and paid a dollar for it; and also paid twenty-five cents for two drinks. Nora Brown testified that she staid there three days with a friend. Had a room, and received a gentleman there, but did not pay bed money. There were other young wo men in the house who received gentlemen's company as she did. Gilliken knew the pur? pose for which tbe room was used. In view of the testimony, Justice Thompson ordered Gilliken to give bail for court in the sum of 8M/0. Justice Thompson also fined Gilliken 820 for selling liquor to soldiers; ?25 for selling liquor on Sunday, and ???? for selling liquor without license. National Democratic Association.? This associatiOB had another meeting at Par ker's Hall last night. Mr.Goddard. of George town, was In the chair, and Mr. Fliun acted as secretary. The meeting was addressed by Messrs. J. H. McCutcben, Tom Florence, and others. In the course of bis remarks, he (Florence) said some persons had told bim? thank God there were not many?they would as soon have Lincoln as McClel lan. He did not think such words were the re sult of del iberate and prayerful reflection. He wonld eay to those recusants who told him they preferred Lincoln to McClellan to go home and prayerfully and tearfully consider the snb.ject For himself, he was for peace .' [Ap plause.] He would do more for peace thin most cf them. And being for peace he was for George B. McClellan and the Union! [Ap plause] He could tell the association and such recusants, that while he mourned their errors, and trusted tbey would see them in time, yet they could not split the Democratic party. Some other speeches were made, and it was also announced tbat Mr. Ancona, Representa tive in Congress from Pennsylvania, would be here on Wednesday night, and would frank several thousand documents for distribution. Fraternal Visit.?Last evening, Union Lodge, No. 11, (Odd Fellows') paid a frater nal visit to Beacon Lodge, No. 15, at the Lodge room in the hall on ?th street Tbe visitors Assembled at their Lodge room at the Navy Yard, and in full regalia marched up, being accompanied by a band of music, and on en tering the room, they were introduced by Mar shal George Brown, the Noble Grand, H. C. Stier, receiving them in a neat address. Be sides the visiting Lodge, were were a number of other visitors present, among them the fol lowing made speeches : Messrs. Emmons, of Del.; Slater, of N. J.; Boswell, Webb, and Watts, of Md ; Messrs. Martin, Brown, and Tnrner, of Union Lodge; Colledge, of Beacon, and others, also made addresses. The com pany, before separating, which they were loth to do, they having spent a very pleasant time, partook of an oyster snpper, served up in the supper room on the main floor, there being no intoxicating beverages on the table, excellent coffee being substituted therefor. Thb Firb Department.?The Board of Fire Commissioners, at their meeting last evening, settled the claims of the varions companies under the old organization, and they now have a clear track. Edward H. Sipe and Charles Merrill were appointed extra-men in the third district (hook and ladder) in place of W. H. Folk and Wm. S. Scott, who have enlisted since their appointment. Jas. B. Tait, Frank Lewis, Conrad Kaufman, Jas. Martin, Frank Parsons and Joseph Platz were appointed su pernumeraries in the fourth district (Colum bia). Thus all the officers and men, with the exception of engineers, have been appointed. Dkath ov ? Prihtbr.? Yesterday, Mr. George Cochran, an old printer, well and fa vorably known by the craft and citizens gen erally, departed this life In the roth year of bis age. Mr. C. was the father of Geo. W. Coch ran, Esq., and had been a member of the Typo graphical Society tor nearly fifty years, haying joined it in 1818. He has been in ill health tor a long time past, but ? ? to about & year ago he was occasionally at the case. The Typograph ical Society meet to-night to make arrange ments for the funeral. Labobbt or CLOTHiHo.?Last night, Mr. S. A. H. Marks, jr., residing on 7th street east, between E and Q streets, (Nary Yard,) was robbed of a quantity of clothing by the servant girl, Eliza Banks, colored, and this morning she was arrested by .?Sergeant Clark, who re covered all the goods, and she was taken before Justice Cull, who committed Iter to jail. Mrs Celestla ? lag, a soldier's wife, residing Dear tbe Engineer camp, bad her house robbed some time between 19 o'clock last night aad ? o'clock this morning, of about ?30 worth of clothing. ? ??????-?Saturday morning last, the dwelling of Mr. ?. ? Voss was entered by thieves daring the absence ot the family. The thieves touched nothing bat the money in the house, about sixty or seventy dollars. There is no doe to the thieye? as yet discovered. ArrAiBB IB Gbobobtowv_The Canal ?Th? ne* ? from the weetern division? of the oaaal is cheering. Th? repairs are progressing ran idly, and it U hoped that the empty boat? wblch are lylag at Georgetown, abont fifty tg number, will be able to go through to Cumber land before the cloee of this week, aud that next week tbe coal trade will be reopened, and all the docks be as noisy as ever, with the busy heavers employed in receiving the cargoes for shipment at the wharves. Up to this date tbe arrivals by the cinti were an even dozen. Of these, three were rafts bringing iron from Cabin John bridge! six were boats laden with wood from points within twenty miles of town ; two boats laden with grain and flour, and one with hay, all from landings within forty.five miles of town In the same time there were twenly-one de partures, three of these boats venturing to try to pass through to Cumberland ; the others were bound for nearer landing?. Of these five only carried cargoes, principal ly dry goods, groceries, lumber and fertilisers. The reoumption of trade through to Cumber land will restore to Georgetown the appear ance of life which was visible just before th? rebel raid whica suspended the trade by thi? route. The Market Matter and Lujht Butter ?Mr Clements the Market Master, had another difficulty about light butter this morning. De termined that those who sell print butter by the pound, shall deliver a pound for the price went around to weight the prints. An old geni tleman, named W. M. Stewart, interfered to prevent Mr. Clements from taking the butter Mr. Clements had him arrested, and fined *.?.? I ? for his conduct. ( Headquarters Military District of Washington, Prorost MarshaVs O fice, Washington, D. C., Sept. 12, 1661. General Orders, No. 4. Information having been received at these Headquarters, that many persons engaged in tbe Clothing and Furnishing businesa in this District, have frequently ?old citizen?' clothe, to enlisted men, upon the men exhibiting cer tificates ol discharge from the United States service ; and as such discharges have, in most cases, proved to be spurious and forged or be longing to tome other person than the one present ing it. It is therefore Ordered, That so much of General Order No. 3, issued from these Headquarters, that relates to the sale of clothing to enlisted men, is so amended as to prohibit the sale of clothing to any enliated man upon discharge papers that he may present, until said papers have been examined and a special permit obtained freni these Headquarters. Any violation or evasion of this Order, will be promptly and severely punished, and the offenders subjected to the full penalty attached to the disobedience of this and other existing orders relating thereto. By command of Col. M. N. Wisbwbll, Military Gov'r. T. Ihgbabam, Colonel and Provost Marshal eep 13-Gt TO HACKMEN. Por ??le. a good second hand open CARRIAGE. Price S2S0. Vtry cheap. ROUT. II. GRAHAM, tep 13 3t* 409 Pa. av., J. Young's oli stand. HOGSHEADS AND CRATES.?One hundred Hos-sheads and Crat.i fille?! with straw, for SalebyC. W. BOTELER A 80N ..31??(Iron Hall,! Penn.-ilvsnia Avenue, between 9th and 10th et sep 13-eo3t_ A THE REVEILLE. FIRST CLASS DINING ROOM AND RK8 TAURANT, Will open . _ WEDNESDAY . Sr.'.'iivisKu lu n. At No 420 Penn. av.-nue. sep 13 2t* FARROW fc LEWIS. Propriet'irs. TWO NEW AND SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD PI ANO FORTES AT PRIVATE SALB.-Weof fer at private sale two new and sunerior Rosewood Case Seven Octave PIANO FORTES of fine tone and workmanship and from a celebrated m uri factory, which will be sold at a rea?#n*ble price. JAS. 0. McGUIRB A Oo , sep 13-fit Auction and Com. Merchants, CARRIAGES CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES." Having taken tbe old-established stand of Thofj. Young. 409 Pennsylvania avenue, I shall con tinue to beep a lar?e and varied assortment nf fashionable CARRIAGES. Parties in want would co well to call. ROBT. H. GRAnAM.CoachmaVer. 409 Pa. av., and 374 D ?tree*. Repairing promptly attended to. sep 13-3t* OQC PAWNBROKER AND OQ?. ??? LOAM orpicE. _5o?3 LICENSED BY~AUTHORITY. ISS MATTHEW-!.. WALSH. StU 2??."? C Strkst, between 1 th and 11th, Second door from Harvey's Oyster Saloon. In compliance with the wish of many friend*. I am now prepared to make liberal Cash ad- /4K vanees on Gold and 8ilver Watches, Di?iwl roonds. Jewelry, Silverware, Hardware,*?? BJ Clothiag, and Merchandise of every description ia good order, ?9**Havinr had twelve years experience in busi ness in the City, and favorably knewn to min? of its citizens, I am confident that to all who may in tru-t me with business,(which will he strictly confidentisl ) I will give satisfaction. Office open every day (Sunday excepted) from Seven o'cloek, A. M. until Nine o'clock r. m._sep 13 3m FALL ANDWINTER~ DRE8S GOODS. FRENCH MERINORS. All Wool Reps and Empress CLOTH. All Wool Plain MO?S8ELAIN3. Saxony Plaid and Striped GOODS. ?? pieci-s of vi-ry choice styles of Fall and Win ter DEL A INS, at 55 cents per yard, decidedly th cheapest goods in the market. 500 pieces excellent quality of Fall PRINTS f. 45 cents. Fall eteck of French Opera FLANNELS, inali colors. JOS. J. MAT A CO., sep 12-2t 30* Pa. av?.,between ?th and 10th?_ MARINI* FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY. Temperance Hall, E street,between 9tb and 10th. Prof. Marini begs leave to announce to his patrons and the public in general, that he will resume his usnal course of instruction en TUESDAY, Sept 20th. DAY8 OF TUITION. For Ladles, Misses, sud Masters, TUESDAY. THURSDAY and FRIDAY, from 3 to 6 p. m. Class for Gentlemen, every TUESDAY, TH?R3 DAY and SATURDAY, from 8 to 10 p. m. For further particulars see circulars at Music. Stores, or apply at the Academy during school hours. sep5-2w* a ???a. _ POLITICAL BANNERS. FLAGS. ORNAMENT AL TRANSPARENCIES, EMBLEMS, Ac, painted at the shortest possible notice and in every variety of style, by M. T. PARKER A CO., *9 Louisiana av.. between 6th and 7th sta. sep2-lw* - ?? . MRS. GOODALL, ?fc Krfw T-vhT ot _wJ_E ????? 8INGING AND PIANO, ^g* Commences instruction in the above bran he? on MONDAY, Sept. .'?th. at her residence, 156 ? st., bet. 13th and 19th. north aide._asp 3 j~* J SCHOOL BOORS. UST RECEIVED a fnll and complete stock or SCHOOL BOOK?. which we offer for sale at the lowest prices. Also a full stock of school requisites embracing Slates, Slate and Lead Pencils, Blank Books. Sta tionery, Ink, Pens, Rubber. Black Board and Slate Rubbers, Ac, Ac. WM BALLANTYNB. tep ?Vim_498 7th et.. bet. D and E sU. DENTISTRY-Drs. LOCKWOOD A MERRILL. Dentists, Room No. 8. Wa?bington. Bui ding, corner Pa. av. and 7th et. All! operations performed in tbe most skillful manner. Charges reasonable._sepS-lm* | ADIE8'WATER PROOF CLOAKS LADIES' WATER PROOF CLOTH CLOAKS AND CIRCULARS. A full assortment, extra in style, site, finish, and fullness, just received at MAXW.tL,g Cloak and tansy 8tore, sep7-6t_3i?* Pennsylvaniasvenne. FOR BAU). A pair of very stylish, spirited match BAY UOR8K8.perhaps the best pair in Washington. The owner has no further use for them, as be intends Uavingthecity. Also, one SADDLE HORSE, (sorrel,) seven year? old. These horses warranted perfectly sound and gen tle, aud sold for bo fault. Also, one COWPBB. nearly new. used but for a few days; and also one BUGGY, suitable for a physician. These car riages were made expressly forth? present owner. To be seen at Nos. 288 and 290 E street, between 14th and lath sta._sep71W LIGHTNING ROD8.-LIGHTNING ?ODS The undersigned is prepared to furnish and put up LIGHTNING ROD8, with platina tipped points, at the shortest and meet reason ableteras. Also. BELL-HANGING done in tas meat approved styl?. . Work done in tb? ceantry at ?fJ?fD'iR, an la-lm? 8T1 Penn av.. Washington, P. C rpiDWARDCLABK. tUMB,B DwAL1B. Virginia avenue, between 9th sad 10th ete.,east. A large .toek of al/kind. tfjfi"*** C?m' staatly on hand at lowest market prices. sep? lm*_-> NOTICE TO 8UTL1R8.-Adoable-deck ? ABO ? _im toni-in good order, aU reedr /?",?_? cgnbebongbtoa reasonableuterms. 8*??to?lose concern Apply to Cast. Cushman. on board Barg? "iTSeBB.Sr? at 8hV Yard. A>*^&tTA l?b to Mr Palmar?? Whari. *?2r0iw* street. wSCagW D 0 ; orto Flow???* *??' Ho. 1 King street. Alexandrie Ta. an ~?-i~ _ 316 F STRUT. jeO ATtV TIN WARi. C?TLBBY ANDFANOV 0OO08 COAL OIL AND COAL OIL LAMPS I offer all of the sbovTarticle?of ??*?? **<* embrace tbe best assortssent ?,/erln^7tbaa the? Washington public; at 10per ???? ^t? can he porchased slsew here ia th? city Call aad see for ? our?tl?e?. _ R P0LHT ?epMa.? 516 F ?*. a?rtb. bet. loth ?al Uth.

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