Newspaper of Evening Star, September 13, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 13, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR O F Y I G I AL: . War Deoarfmsat, Adju??wt Generar* Ojies, 1 ?Va. Wir-*;"_>. ?7-, Sept. 12, 18o4. , The following officer?, having b*en reponed at the headquarters of the army for the offen ce? hereinafter ?pecifled, are hereby notified that ?hey will stand dismissed the service of the Uat'ed States, unless, within fifteen days from this dale, they appear before tbe Military Commission, in session in thh? city, of which Brig Oen. John 4J. Caldwell. United States volunteers, Is president, and make satisfactory ?lefence to the charges against them : Orvts coi.ardicc before tke enemy, and alisene: without leave. First Lieutenant W. H. Uillepeie, 11th West Virginia volunteers. First Lieutenant L. B. Sterhene, 2.1 WestVir linia cav-ilry. _ __ Second Lieutenant V. J. "Martin, 31 West Vir ginia cavalry. Vrnnkmness ondu'y and abifnr' toithantltmstt. Baca?? Lieutenant Joseph L. Ambrose, 10th West Vtrgiaia volunteers. Absence wi'hout hare an<i conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman. First Lient?-naut J. P.Conley, 10th West Vir ginia vuluuu-eis. ?Disobedience of orders and abaca?- BB*B*B?Bflaee ?ifice July 18, 188?. First Llenrenant J. J. Met?lico?,-d West Vir |iuta cavalry. Aberri.' fr- ' ' '' ' ' ?'?' ? toktloi ?: .?' r di? ?. re ittm at First Lieuteuau: F. ? Waldo, Util Ohio ca Lteutenant Thomas G. Palmer, lPt Michigan voi un teere. Por being in the City of Washington without au thtrrity, and failing to report at heatlqw.rtcrs Military District of Washington under arre.!', as m derer*. L'entenant Louis Manges, adjutant 96tll Pennsylvania volunteers. f?ssaci without lease. FirstLientenHiit Wilson U- Keilly,'-.Ist Penn sylvania cavalry. Major P. E. Holcomb. 'st Texas cavalry. First Lieutenant S. B. Holcomb, 1st Texas cavalry. Second L'entenant Charles J. Carlin, I 51st New York volunteers. Captain Samuel Barry, 67 th Penn?ylyanli yolunteers. First Lieutenant Joseph Green, 67th Penn sylvania volunteers. Captain John F. McCreary. 13cth Pennsyl vania volunteers. First Lieutenant Samuel J. Yarger, I3Eth Pennsylvania volunteers. Captain H. Follett, i?th New York heavy ar tilery. Surgeon Samuel A. Sabine, 9th New York heavy artillery. Ct.aplaiu Warham Mudge, 9th New York heavy artillery. Viral Lieutenant J. R. HoiT, t?th New York heavy artillery. l? irst Lieutenant George Pidge, 1 th New _ork heavy artillery. First Lieutenant William J.Parish, 9th New York heavy ar'illery. Second Lieutenant John Tiff, 9lh New York heavy artillery Second Lieutenant Samuel W. Lape, 9'h New York heavy artillery. Second Lieu enaut John M. Capito, 3d West Virginia cavalry. Absence without iestsH since April 14, 1981. Cbainaiu Lavid Truman, 1st Virginia veteran cavalry. E. I>, Assistant Adjutant General. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, } Washington, Sept. U), IBM. \ Tbe fcllowu g named offlcen, having been reponed to tb* headquarters ot the army for the offences hereinafter specified, are hereby notified that, unless, within fifteen days from this date, 'hey appear before the military com mission in session in this city, of which Briga dier General Cadwell, L'nited States volun teers, is president, and make satisfactory de fence to the charges against them, they will be recommended lor dismissal from the service of the United States: For absence without leave, disobedience ef orden, and neglect of duty. First Lieutenant Horace L. Pike, 1st United States artillery. For absence without leave, Capt If. H. Veech, Commissary of Subsist ence of volunteers. First Lieut. Edmund Peadleton, 3d United States artillery. For failing to report at Annapolis, Md., as ordered. Captain W. H. French, Commissary of Sub sistence of volunteers. For being in this city without authority, and failing to report at headquarters Military District of Washington, as ordered, when arrested by the pa trol. Major J. H. G- Barker, additional paymaster United States Army. E. D. TOW IT 9 BSD, Assistant Adjutant General. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, Sept. 12, ls6t. Lieutenant James H. Crawford, 2d battalion Veteran Reserve Corps, charged with offences, and heretofore published, is exempt from being dismissed the service of the United States, tbe Military Commission instituted by Special Or ders, No. 53, series of 1883? from th? War Ue panment, having reported that satisfactory de fence Las been made in his case. E D. Townsbxd, Assistant Adjutant General. OVVIO 1 AL?? ff ar Dtpartment, Adjutant ????taG* OMce, Washington, March 17,1S*34. ?) AH applications for leaves of absence or per? xaleeloa to visit Washington must be addressee to Major General Halleck, Chief of staff, and must specify the business for which the officer desires th? permission Telegrams address direct to the Secretary of War on this subject will receive no attention. Bt order of th? Secretary ef War : E. V Towbsbb?, Assistant Adjutant Gen?jraJ 367 D 8?EKT* 367 J. T. KlDWBLL. RlCHABP HlXDERSOB. KIDWELL A HENDERSON, No. 36? D street, near Ninth, Franklin Hall Building, Would respectfully inform their friends and the public that they are now receiving their Fai Stock of PAPBRHANGINGS and WINDOW SHADES. PAPBRCCRTAINS.PICTDRB CORDS and TA83EL8, Ac. All of the latest style? and at tbe lowest cash prie?--. All paper hung in the city or country by expe rienced short notice. j_err.eml er the plaee. No. 307 D street, near ?tb, entrance on D street. 367 [an 29 1m] 307 FURNITURE. FURNITURE. FURNITURE. % We have now in store and are daily receiving the largest ami best assorted ?tock of CABINET WARE ever offered to tbe citicene of Washington and Georgetown, which we pledge ourael-e?. to sell on as reasonable terras as any bon?? south of New York. It is unnecessary to particularize ar tici??, as our stock embraces every conceivable artie'e to be found ina flret-claes II .'iKefuroishiug establishment. BOTELBR A WILLSON. llB Pa. ave., bet. 9th end luth st?. an 24-eodtoel (Con. Union.] ??-- II f'AR?EN fcEEDS: ll GARDEN SEBDSI Juft received, fresh and genuine, T?RM P. RAIISI1. CUCUMBER, ___ CABBAGE, KALE. Also. CLOVBB AND ???????. J. P. BARTHOLOW. 5."??? 7th st., between Penn av. and Canal, au M M?I_Washington, D. C. (IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS AND OTHERS W? invite the attention of ? ^person?? who ar? in want of It'USi TlRlorHOCi-iiKBlPING GOODS to call and esamia? cur large and extensire aasertment, Which w? are prepared to offer .. . AT GREAT BARGAINS, Beetee? making it an important item in the selec tion of . .. FURNITURE end other ??G8???????? GO0D8, __*_?_#***? ta?a_J_B*_r_? kno**o establish ment of McGKK'.ORfc 7.IMMEKM4N, No. .VipSe-enth atreet, betw-en an 26 ?olm Lomaiana av. and D st , oast aide FURNI M A88BY COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALB AND PORTBR. I am bow recel vie g larga quantities of DRAUGHT ALB and PORTER from this celebrated brewery, which I am prepared to faraisb on ihort notice to all person? who favor me with their orders. Orders giva, to my driver? will be promptly at tended to. I Goo?, delivered in all part*of Washington sad ??oryetown.fre? of charge. RILBV ?. 8HINN, Agent. Union Bottling Dtpot, *T Green street __ ?*-**_Georgetown. ? 0. j^LBVELAMTS HINTS TO RIFLEMEN. London *"d *n*We" 0n M?k?^. i*rt 3; Instruction of Musketry: London T^f?t ?r?? ??__???.?,?* iHr Firin*: i?**?. Jaeon ? Rine rraetie?, London Rusk's Riti? and how to oae it; London Willard'? Manu?! of Target Practice 7? fRANCK TAYLOR EDUCATIONAL. COLUMBIAN COLLEGE, D. O ?Tb? ???Sion of tbsPr.psr.ton Department op??? WEDNES DAY, Sept. 14, of the College, WEDNESDAY, Sept V 18*4 For catalogo??? or further informa tion apply to G. W. SAMSON, D D , ?ep ? eo4t*_Prr?aid?nt. BORROMEO COLLEGE. PikesviHe, Baltimore county. Md.. opens ita ninth aeaaioD on th. 2d Monday ?t Sep'ember For th? term? uff other tu tor mation aodresa Rev. E. Q. 8. WALDKON, Principal._sep3 Im* fGEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. 151 ? Went etreet. Tke duti.s of this institution will be re uined September 5. For eircuiars a i dreaath. principal. _ _ ___ sep 2 m" _M. J. HARRQVBR. ?^?T, TIMOTHY'S HALL. The urd?r*isn*>d will open hi? SCHOOL FOR BOARDING AND DAY PIPIL8, at the above named pia??? on TCKS*?AY. R-pt H. I?l|. l?e I a.?*. b> avrri liiieral outlay, secure 1 the be?t talent to a"M?t him in trie education uf young gen tVm? u . and has pr? ?cured a site ? ? feri?, r to none in the c-untry for ?-alobriry of eli ??? e .od beauty of ?? n. ry Tte H?ll is an ?iterisi ve ? t^. of build ing? fi? ted up with every requ'site f>r conf-? t?* c, .vea i'i <??? and ? ??alth, sat ounded h y 3 ? acres if gr? urd. aT..rd'n g ampie ?rope for phy-ical exer cise The following gentlemen constitute tbe fl<5UlE.PARSONS. Prinipaland Pi-.fe?-? r of Mathematica nui Moral Sciences. G KO. S. ?RAP ?. A M.. Pro:Vi-s??r <.f Natural Science and Mathematica. Rev. J. NEWMAN HANK, A.M. Profesor ? f A rtenl Lari? ..iifes A Moral 8<M?ace. R*v A POMMERKIKLD HANK A M.. Professor of Belles Lettres and Ancient Language ? ? I! PRUNING. A M . Prof? seer ol Vrerinan.S(j*uiHk \n\ Matbersatle?, Professor of Fr?noh Languages Professor of Painting and Drawing. A. M. MET/., Keq. Hn.fessor of Vocal and Instrumental Music. TERM- ?Hoardi. g pup-l? $?>> per year of 10 months; weekly boarding pupil?? fist per year of I1? ? . ? ' h -; daily pi: p'l- ??? 1 " per year of Id months. including fare U and from the city. For particulars se? circolar? t'> be obtained at principal bookstores, or ?ddre?? E PARSONS, Catonsville. BaltimoreCountv. Maryland. Circular? to be had at the Star Office. se? 2 DA Wim*_ TO PARKNTS AND TEACHERS OF QEOR'.K 1 TOWN.-A full assortment of SCHOOL BuOKS constantly on hand, st -?"> High street. sep2 9t_ BOARDING AND DAY SEMINARY TOR YOUNG LADIES, Corner Prospec and Frederick streets, Oenrire t..wn,D C. Mrs. Gen. T. T. WHEELER, Prin cipal. The duties of this institution will bo re sumed on Monday. Sept. 12._an 23 2w ?vi- ""female school. Ivi ?S.MARIA C M<?C0RMICK late of Alexan dria Va., having removed her school te Cam bridge. Md , is prepared to receive f?ur or five girle as boarding pupils, in her family Their ii teliec'ual, domestic ai.-l moral training will re ceive b?-r most assidnousca???. Her S'icjess. whilo for years engaged in Alexandria, in educating girls, is well known to all old resident? of that t??n. Parents in this vicinity wh? desire further !n f? rmatio?. concerni? g tbe advantait",'of h?r school are re-pert fully r-ferred to Lewis McKenzie, Esq., of Alexandria. Va .or W. D. W attach. Editor of th?? Wi?i-bington Star. Her terms for board, tu ition . A c . are moderate Cambridge: Md. where'he has recently loea*e1 ber school, ie one o* the hes'thi?et and mont d-? lightful villages in the Union, and has about it no attribute whatever except mieti as a prudent ani s< bei tous parent will approve in selecting a local ity in which to bave a daughter thoroughly edu cated and t ained for futur?? usefulness. Tbe fall term of her school commence? on the first Monda? o' 8?pteo>ber._ _aa36-dliu AIRS. BURR will r??aea aer School on MOS Ivl PAY, Sept.'Jr.', g9J H street, su ? 2-eotoctt ' 'IHE LMON FEMALE ACADEMY.?The ?G ? teenth annual session of this institution will commeice on the 5th of September, 1*5*54. Circo lars < btslraed at the Academy, corner 14th street and New York avenue. au 16 eo2m* ? BOOK VILLE ACADEMY. " Sessinp commences Sept. 5th. Entire expense for 2J weeks, filo. Circulars at Star Office,or ad dress R. K. BURNS. Principal, au ? eo2m* Brookville, Montgomery co., Md, rr-EAMSTERS WANTED. Chief Quartermaster's Office, Depot of Washington,! Washington, D. C, Aug. 18. 18?4. ( Wanted, at once, five hundred ???0 to ou? thon aasd ? i,k?i, Teamsters, each capableof driving with ?ingle line and managing six mule t?ams. To such wi'O are competent to perform the duty, tbe pay per month will be thirty five 135) dollars, with one ratio? per day, and hospital privileges, inclnding tbe beet medical attevdance when sick. Men experienced as Wagon Masters will receive ?ucb positions, upon bringingto thia point twenty five (25; good Teamsters. Apply to Captain CHARLES ?. TOMPKINS, A. Q. M. U. 8. ?., corner of Twenty-second aud G streets, Waehington. B.C. fl RD0K?,R Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, SU )8-21t Depot of Washington PIANOS.?We have Just received eight ?ut? o S.einway ? Son'? Piano? all et T^e??3 different sizea and styl?e, which we oB'errTTryfT for eale at factory nricea. These Pianos are some what higher in price than others, but their ai> fieriority ia apparent to all, after a careful exam n.tion. We have also on nand a largeassortment of other makers. Ma*on A Hamlin*? Cabinet Or gans, Prince'? Melodeon?. at Music Store of W. G. METZEROTT, au 13 Cor. nth et. and Pa. ?venue. JOSEPH REYNOLDS A 00, PLUMBERS, GAS, AND BTEAM F'TTMBS, No. ?00 Nibtb Btbbbt, near ?venue. Have Jnat received, and will constantly Seey ..?, ?and, the largest and best assortm.nt in the city of Chandeliers, Brackets, Drop Lights, Portables Glass Globe?, mica and other Shades, and all arti ale? In this line, from the beet establishments in New York, Philadelphia, Ac., which will be sold on the most reasonable terms. Also, RANGES. FURNACES, and Fire-Board Stoves. We are prepared to furnish Us beat RANGE in aae anywhere, on very reasonable terms. Hotels Restaurants, 'c. are invited to call. We do all kinds of GA8 and BTEAM Attingi promptly ?nd cheap, as also everything in the PLUMBING line in tbe most satisfactory manner Call and aee our Bathing Tube, Fountains Water Closet?, Waeh-atande, Baaina. Ac, Ac, at No. 300 Ninth street, near Pennsylvania ?venue, the larges?? establishment in the cltr. fe 2-eotf WASHINGTON CITY SAVINGS BANK, lacear?'rated March ?5t?, I?*64. EDWAkD SIMMs. President and Treasurer DWARD CLARK, Vice President and Secretary Directors. WM. P. DOLE, TUOS. J. GARDNER, J. J COOMBS, ,8. V. NILES, JOHN R. EL VANS. This Bank ie now open for the receipt ? G deposits, at tbe ?..?.? Banking House, No. ?8 Louisiana av enus, under Simnis' new building. EDWARD CLARK, Secretary. EDWARD CLARK A CO., HANKERS, At tbe Saving? Bank, No. **5 Leniniana svenne Dealer? in EXCHANGE, GOLD AND 8?LVER. AND GEN ERAL BANKING BUSINESS. EDWARD CLARK, lyls-lm_JOHN R. ELVANS IMPROVE TOUR 1YB Isigbt by the um of th? eel? _ ebrated Pbbbls and Periscopio Spectacles, uni vereally acknowledged ss the best for Strbnuth BB1BB ABB ?????????? th. Impaired Eyesight, scientifically and correctly snited, by FRANKLIN A CO , Opt ciane 844 PennsYlvani? svenne, bet. 12th and Uth st?., and SS* Pennsylvania ?venae, under the National FIELD GLASSES, OPERA GLASSES, MICRO SCOPES. THERMOMETERS. STEREOSCOPES. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS. CARTES DE VISITE. Ac, in a Brest variety,'and at the lowest price?. Je8_ ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY, OFFICI ?14 PA. AVENUE, Washington, D. ? GREAT EASTERN, NORTHERN. AND WEST EKN EXPRESS FORWARDERS. MERCHANDISE, MOiNEY, JEWELRY, VALD ABLES, NOTES. STOCKS, BONDS. Ac. Forwarded with 8APETY AND DISPATCH to al) ?ccMSRibl. tectiona of the country. This Company has agencies in th. Principal Railway Town, in th* NOftTH, EA8T, WEST, AND NORTHWEST, Its principal offices are WASHINGTON. D. C. NEW YORK, B08T0? PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE, CUT. CIANATI, ST. LOUIS, L0U18 VILLE, LEXINGTON. Goonection? are made at New York aad Boston with line, forwarding to the CANADAS and th? BRITISH PROVINCES and other steamship lin? to LIVERPOOL. SOUTHAMPTON and HAVRE and thence by European expresses to all prominent eom moroial towns in Great Britain and tke Conti Collection of NOTES, DRAFTS,and RILLS mads Bt all accese i b 1? psr U of th? United 8t?tes. CIT./KSSlANfffl?TART 1 MERCHANT TAILOR, MLttropolitan Hotel, (Um Brown's,) _ _ Sbii Pennnsylvaniajkv.nae. - UmV-_Sygggg; .0. CAUCUS8ES OF l*?t>0, by M. H al stead Preaident Lincoln's Administration, by II. J. Raymond Giddiug's History of tbe Rebellion, its Authors and Causes Owen a Wiongs of Slavery and Rights of Emau? Cltisky'enpolitical Text Book Adereaeee Hal Mee??ges of tbe President? of the United States. 4 vola Jnnkin's Political F?il?"ie? Debate? between Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Douglas ?reel,?* Political Text Hook Wells Campaign Ilaad Book Mirror of Modern Democracy Farrar'a War ?nd its Conse.uences _??|7 FRANCK TAYLOR. THE NBW YORK NEWSPAPERS EORWAtD ML? ?rum NEW YOEK DAILY, st greatly rMsced pn?*e.-Terme, for ose year, 'payable in ?rtTi?*<?*:,?Foi;tae "?raid. $7. instead of $11; Tribune. $7; ?????. $;; World, f.7; Daily News F7j Evening Post. f'J; Evening Expresa, fi M ?-?* ?? ?OWE, N0.6J west 3?tb street. NeW ?0G'?_,_ ._u 5-3m SW . OWEN, , ? - ?l?^??*0? to ME. OWEN A SON, Aar aso Na vai M EUCH ?? ? TAI L?RS 818 Penn. ?Tenu?, between l-th.ani l.ith atre??, ? Wtehmgtoa, D. C. an Mm PBOrOSALS. PROPOSALS FOR WOOD AND COAL. Orfici Hoosb or RspegssB-riTivge, U. B.,1 ?men ? w_dB11GToMi D Q- Sspt. 7, ISSI. 1 Sealed Tripos-la will be revived at this office until IS o'clock m on the ?^tb September. UM, for forniaiii-g for the aae of tbe House of Repreaen t.titee ?r th? U? i'ed States. Ici) tons . 2. - o lbs.) be-t u.itinx re Cnmpauy'e No. 1 or large B*g WHITE AJH COAL, or ofa quality equally g-iod. & O.rds Baker's PINE WOOL?. ?0 Cords te*t seas ?ned H TCRiJRV WOOD. 6 Cord?? Heat seasoned OAK WOOD. Th? whole to be put sway in th? vanite of ths Capitol, under the mreetion of the Chief Engineer, to whom application may be made for information, _k c The ?hole to be delivered by the 1st November next Bonds for the f.ithful execution of the eoatra:t W Bida lor Coal and Wood will be considered eepa rate'y ED WAR? BJOPHBRS >N. sepl lw Clerk House Representative?!, U. 3. PROPOSALS FOR HAY. ??- Depot Ccmmi*sarynf SiAsisttirs.-?W Ost.? Wa.-hinglon.htp*. 9. IS?;*. \ Sealed Proposals in duplicate, f .r on? hundred (Uhi) tons of goo ? ?Boreha"tab's HAY, will b? re ceive-* at tbisi fficenntil THURSDAY, the Hi day of September. ?'64. Proposal? ran?,: be endorsol "I'roi ?<???!? for U.y,"an'i none will be entertained ml--- they fully comply with all tbe reituireineuts of thi? advertisement Bi< ?lern mu'-t give the'r names in full, and each rin-i.>1 n.iist be accompanied by an oatti of alle giance, aad a guaranty. ?.ia-neu by not le?s than two responsible persons, that if a contract is award???! to tbi- p-rty or parties proposing, the con trat ?.. i'l ???* ac.-epte-' a?? ! e it rei into,and good an?1 rufllcisat security furnished for the execution of the contract as pr>p'?s--d. The right to reject any and all propo als tba* may be male under t*-is adv? riiseu ent is reserved by tbe Government, if. in ita opinion, the public interest require. It proposals are matte by a firm, the names of all tbe parties must appear, ?>r the indivi Inai who s ?ned the bid will he held responsible for the ful lilTin? nt of the entrad, if his ? oposal is accepted, an<l will be required to furnish the above specified gua-anty. Tbe ? m ai form ofeuaranty must accompany each pr? posai. a_d parties to whom awards are made n.nst he prepar. d to execute contracts at once, and to a-ive bon^R equal in amount to one half tbe sum to be rec-ived on ttie contract, signed by the con tractor ?nd both <'f bis guarantors. ^ati^?faetoGv evidence of the loyalty and solvency of each bidder and pe's>n offered m security will be require?!. Tbe responsibility of the guarantors must I e shown by the official eisn^ture of theclerk of tbe nearest di?trictcourt, or of the United States Dir trict Attorney. If any bidder t? whom an award may be made re fuses to en*er into vontract asreeablv with the terms of tbia advertisement, or who, alter signing the contract or bond, flball neglect orrefuse to ex ecute t*Se same within the titre prescribed, as well in quality as in quanti'y. then the Commissary staM have the rifcht to supplvsuch deficiency by purr-base in op?n market.charging suehdelinquent nidr'er or contractor with the advance paid over the 1 id or contract Prr posali from disloyal parties will not b'1 con sidered, nor will awards be ma'*e to any person or persons who have heretofore failed to fulfil their atrre? ments or contracts with tl.e (?uvernmeut. Bidders must h? pres-nt at the opening of their bids to respond to their names. The Hay to he delivered either in Washington or Alexandria, i bales, properly secured, free of all cost of transportation or handling. All Hav eortrac'ed for nnder thisadve tisemsnt will lie r'jridh inspected, and such as does not prove of ? good merchantable quality will be re Jec'ed. The Day will be paid for in auch funds as the Government may hive on hand to disburse upon 'be completion of the contract, or as s-ion thereafter as tbe proper officer ?ball be in funis. Delivery ?>f the Hay to commence within Alteen lisi day? from th?? nate of the contract, and to bo Compi? ted by the 1st day ot November, 18f>4 Propesala must be addressed to the undersigned. G. BELL. >ep li'-en 6t_Lieut. Col, and C. 8. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Hotife of Reprtsen'nt'ves. United State*, i Clerk's Qfiee. August 29. 13?I.S Sealed Proposals will be received at this office until FRIDAY', t"e30th day of September, ISfil, at 13 o'clock m.. for furnishing each of the following classes of (stationery for the use of the House of Representatives of the l'nited ftates, vi_ ; l?o reams white Quarto Post Paper, extra super fine, faint lined 100 reams white Commercial Note Paper, extra su perfine, faint li led 25 reams wbit? Commercial Note Paper, extra ?uperline, coaro- ruled on all sidis 3^ reams white C mmercial Note Paper, extra su perline, plain 50 reams white Foolscap Paper, extra superfine, faint lined 25 reams Legal Cap Paper, extra superine, faint lined 1<> reams Flat Cap Paper, plain 1.'??? reams thin Manilla Paper 8u<? reams Manilla Paper, 12x19 inches, weighing 11 pounds per ream, v-ry tough and smooth 810 reams Manilla Paper, 19x24 inches, weighing 22 pounds per ream, hat, very smooth and toueh 2X) reams Manilla Paper, 27x37 inches, weighing 42 pounds per ream, fiat, very smooth ana tough 75.WO white Thick Adhesive Envelopes, 57_x37; inches 80.0C?J white Thi?-k Adhesive Envelopes, 53_t3'? inches 20,100 white Thick Adhesive Envelopes, 8Vx3\ inches I5,0mi white Thisk Adhesive Envelope?. 87?x37; inches ?,??? funcv Note Envelopes ???? buff Adhesive Bnvelopes,7.Jt'x3,i inches 1 gross Congress Tic Envelopes ibi) boxes Steel Pens, various kinds yi gross 4-inch Flat Inkstands 12 dosen Inkstands, various kinds io dozen bottles best Black Ink, quarts, pints and half pints 3 dozen beet Mue Ink, qnarts and pints l'i do/.? d Rubber Pencil?, long aud short 3<lozt-n Gold Mounted Pencils, various kinds d gross Black Lead Pencils. Kaber's, octagon and roani!, No.2 *_ gross Faber's Carrcin?? and Blue Pencils 8 grot's Penholders, various kinds Idosen Rubber Penholders,different size? ? dozen bottles Mucilage, small size 10 dozen packs Visiting Cards 75 spools Pink Tape 25 lis best Scarlet Sealing Wax 6 dozen Diaries, for M6f<. various kinds 0dozen Memorandum?, various kind? 2 dozen Portfolios 12 dozen Paper Folders 3 di zen Rubber Rulers 2 dozen Paperweights. 12 dozen Penwipers 25 dozen Pocket Knives, two, three, four and <-ix blades; stae, ]>earl, shell, aud ivory handle.s 1 dozen 9 inch Shears 6 lbs Erasing Robber I gross Rubber Bands and Rings 31?? skins Parchment. 16x22 inches j dozen Sponge Cups 1 dozen Punches. In the supply of goods, contractors will be rig idly required to furnish atticles fully equal to sample. Proposals must be accoiipanied by the names a the sureties intended to be ottered. As required by law, preference will be given to the productions of American industry, if equally cheap and of as good quality ; and all persons mak ing proposals to supply anv class of articles will state whether the same are the manufacture of the United States. The artices are to be delivered free of any charge for carriage, at the office of the Clerk of the Hou<e of Representati ves, on or before the 15th day of November ???? Esch proposal to be endorsed "Proposals for Stationery for the House of Representatives of the United States," and addressed to the undersigned. Sufficient specimens of each class of articles pro ? posed tor must accompany the preposai, marked with tbe name of the bidder. The person effe'ing to furnish any class of arti elee at the lowest price, quality considered, shall receive a Contract for tbe same, on executing a bond withtwo ormore sureties, satisfactory to the CKrk of the House oi Repr?sentatives, for the performance ?if the same, under a fonditure of twice the contract price in case of failure, which bond must be filed in the office of the said Clerk within ten days after the proposals bave been opened and the result declared. EDWARD McPHERSON, Clerk of the House of Representatives tf the United States._au 3'-law4t MEDICAL PURVBTOR*? OFFICE. W-SBiBOTOB, D. 0., Jane IS, 1364 All dealers in this city and Georgetown, whs wish to sell to tbe Medical Purveying Department, ar? requested to send te this office, on tb? MONDAY of ?acb week, a sealed list of the articles they may b? prepared te furnish, at short notice, with th? ?rice of eaeh attached to the same. C. 8UTHBRLAND, Je 15-tf_Burg. U. ?. ?.. Medical Purveyor. ?<EA KINGS AND NAVAL HEROES. London ?v- Allen'? kiteot Dundon-Id, London Dixon's Life of Make, London Shipwreck s and Disasters at Sea, London Lives of British Admirals, London Gilly's Shipwrecks of the British Navy, London Neptune's Heroes, London Cooper's Naval Biography Bouthey's Life ofNe'son, London Cooper's Naval History Memoir of Admiral Brenton, London Memoirs of Admiral Sir Sidney 8mitn, 2 vole,, London Memoirs of Admiral de Saumarez, 2 vols.. Loa Ion Life and Correspondence of Admiral Napier, ? vols . 1 ondi ? Nivbol?-' History of ?he Royal Navy, 2 vols., Lon don Brenton* Naval Hi.iiory.2 vols.. London se ? 2_FRANOK T AYLOR. THI8ISTOGIVE NOTICE, that tbe subscri ber hath obtain?'.( from the Orphans'Court of Wrsshingtoncounty, in the District of Columbia, letters of a.nitni-trn?ioa on the personal estate of Patrick Larner, late of Washington, D. 0., de ceases. All persons having claims against the ?aid deceased, are hershy warned to exbibit the ?ame, with kbe vouchers thereof, to the subscri ber, on or before the oth uav of February next : they may'otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit ? ? aaid estate, .??JyS,..und,'r B3y hanii tbis 5th day of February, AD. lew. au :6-l?w3w_?_JOHN H. RUeSELL^dm/r. THIS IS TO GITE NOTICE,"?at the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphan?' Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letter? testamentary on the personal estate of Jame?? C'.rrieo. Ute of Washingten County, D. C . deceased. All person? having claim? against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber. on or before the ??? day of Au?ust next; thev may otherwise by taw be excluded from all benefit ef the said e? tate. Gives under my hand this23d day of Bug . 1*M ant?-law3W_SUSANNAH CARRICO. ' B^LIA*D*_^V^f2ll8*I'a-'r*? Sabserl. ber ka* THRsB FIRST GLASS > ** > ??_. BILLIARD TABLES, nearly d^s. ^ IB which be will itiepose of very !<>w. G*?__-*!G Inquire at ths Billiard room, corner L?-J??X llta etreet and Pennsylvaniaavsna?. Je H-tf PBOFOSAJaS,_ PROPOSALS FOR HARNESS IRONS. Obbbabo? OrrioB, Was Dbfabtkeey, ' W?SHI?OtOS. Sept. 1, I1t>4. S Proposais will be i.ceived by this Department until 8aTCRDAY, th. 17th day of September. at4o'cl ck p. nt , for the delivery at th. Spring field Armory. Mseaachoeeit*. Watervliet, Frank fort or New York Arsenal?, of 6 '?? single set? of Wrought Iron Work, for United States Artillery B an?-sa Tbe H rnees Irons ere to be packed in well made boxea containing twelve single sets each, being an a?s rtment for 4 wheel and 8 lead horses-and ?ach twelve sets m> packed, wili consist of tbe following pieces : 3 pairs long Hames.complete 3 pairs short flames, complete 6 paire medium llames, complete 48Trace Clips with 1 * Rivets 4double Loops or Eves 12 Saddle loops ( beut for caot'e) 14 Trace Eye? 24 long Cbaiijs, with toggle? 4 Bn-ast Hooks 21 eg Guards, with 10 rivets 6 Saddle Loops, atraight, for riding saddle Pom mel Tbef-e Harness Irons are to conform strictly in fattern and weight to 'he model sets ti be ????? at his offire and at the Springtie d Armory; are to be sum. thi) finished; ar?< to fill the standard araagss and each piece is to be mada of the size and kind ot iron preserioed in the official bill of iron, copies of which can b? obtained at this office, at the New York Agency, and at the hpringdeld Arm? ry. A'ltbe irons are to be well Japanned?the japan to be of the best quality, aud well bnked on Tney are te be subject to inspection at tbe factory where made, b, fore and after japanning. Th?? Haines are to be marked with the m?.* s, the size, and toe letter? U. S. A. The Utter let ere one fourth of an inch aigh. All tbepieces are to be put up in proper bundles, properly labelled, and each box is to be carefully pacKed, as prescribed by tbe Iospector. The packing box to be paid for ?t the Inspector's valu ation. Deliveries are to be made at tho rate of not less than sixty seta per day, commencing on tbe ist day of ?ictober, Itsfr*. next. Failure to deliver at the specified time will sub ject the contractor to a forfeiture of the ?amber he may fail to deliver st that time. No bids will be considered except from parti?? actually er gaged in the manufac'ure of tnis or similar kinds rf iron work, and whi can briug ample evidence that they have in their own shops all tbe machinery and appliances for turning out the full amount of work specified per day. GUARANTEE. The bidder will be required to accompany his proposition with a guaranty signed by two respon sible persons, that, in case his bid be accepted, he will at once execute the contract for tbe*same with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract to deliver the article-* pro posed in conformity with the terms of thle adver tisement; and in case the said bidtlor should fail t<? enter into the contract, they to make good the dif ference between the offer ofsaid bidder and the next responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. The resp?>nsibility of the guarantor? must be shown by the official certificate of the Clerk of the nearest District Court, or of the United States District Attorney. Bond? in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract, signed by the contractor and both of his fuarantflrs, will be required of the ?.uccessftil oid er or bidders upon signing the contract. FORM OF GUARANTEE. We, the undersigned, residents of -, in the county of-, aud State of-, hereby. Jointly and severally, covenant with the United States, and guarantee, in case the foregoing bid of - -be accepted, that he or they will at once exe cute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, ina sum equal to the amount of tbe contract, to furnish the articles proposed, in conformity to the terms of this advertisement, dated Sept. 1, iSo4, under which the bid was made. and in case the said-shall fail to enter into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the difference between the offer of the snid and the next lowest responsible bidder.or the per son to whom the contract may be awarded. ? Given under our hand? and seal? this-day of-, 186?. Witness: [Seal.l [Seal.1 To this guaranty must be appended the official certificete above mentioned. Forma of bide can be obtained at any of the above-named arsenals. Proposals not made out on this form will not be received. Bide will be received for the entire number or any ?-rt thereof, and bidders will etate the arsen al at whi h they can deliver, and the number of sets at each, if for more than one. Tbe Department reserves the right to reject any or all the bide, if deemed unsatisfactory on any account. Proposal? will be addressed to "Brigadier Gen eral George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington, D. C." and will be endorsed "Proposals for Harness Irons." GEORGE D. RAMSAY. ep 1-eotd Brig. Gen., Chief of Ordnance. PROPOSALS FOR FORAGE. CHIBE QCABTBSMA?TBB'SOrriOB, t Wabbisutob Db pot, Deo. 8, MM. { Sealed Propesala are invited by the undersigned for supplyiugth. U. 8. Quartermaster's De partment, ?t Washington. D. 0., Baltimore, Md. Alexandria, and Fort Monroe, Va., or either of these places, with Hay, Corn, Oate and Strsw. Bids will b? received for the delivery ?G ?,?? bushel? of corn or o?t? and 50 tons of hay or straw, and upwards. Bidder? must state at which of the above-named points they propose to make deliveries, and th. rate? at which they will make deliveries thereat. the quantity ef each article proposed to bedeliv ?red, the time when said deli verle? shall be com menced, and when to be completed. Theprioe muet be written out ia words on the bid?. Com to be np in good stout sacks, of ?boni two bushel? each. Oats in like eacke of about thre? oushelseach. The sacks to be furnished without extra ebarge to th? Govenment. Tke hay and straw to be securely baled. Tbe particular kind or description ? oats, eorn hay or straw proposed to be delivered most be itated in the proposal?. All tbe article* offered under the bid? herein In vited will be subject to a rigid in?pec ion by the Government Inspector before being accepted. Contracts will be awarded from time to time to tbe lowest responsible bidder, a? the interest of the Government may require and payment will b? made when the whole amout contracted for shall have bee? 'tlivered and accepted. The bidaer will be required to ??company hie proposai? with a guaranty, signed by two respon sible persons that in case his bid ie accepted be ot they win within ten day? thereafter, execute th? contract for the same, with good and euffloient sureties in ? sum equal to the amount of the con tract, to deliver tbe forage proposed in con form; ? - with the terms of this advertietnent: and in cas? the said bidder should fail to enter int. the eon tract, they to make good th. diff?rence betweei. the offer of ?ait! bidder and the next loweet respon sible biddc , or the person to whom th. contra??* may be awarded. Tne respon?ibilUy c-f the ?ruarantors mnst b. shown by the official certificate of a U. 8. District Attorney, Collector of Customs or any other officer under the United State? Government or responsi ble person known to thia office. All bidders will be duly notified of the accept ance or rejection of their proposals Tbe full name and P. 0., address of each bldde? muet be legibly written in the proposal. Proposal? must be addressed to Brig. C Rucker, Cp'ef ?>epot Quartermaster, Washington, D.O.. and should be plainly marked "Proposal? for Forage." bonds, in a sum eqaal to the ?mount of toe oou tract, signed by the contractor and both >f hi? ?uarantor?, will be required of the success a? Eld er or bidders upon signing the contract. Klar ?t form? of bids, guarantee?, and bonds, may be obtained upon application at this Office FORM OF PROPOSAL, (Town, County ?nd State) (Date) 1, the hereby propose to furnisa and deliver to ?be United States, at the Quarter master's repartaient at -, agreeably to the term? of your advertieement Inviting proposal? for forage, dated Washington Depot, Dee. ?f, ig?;?. the following articles, vis : -bushels of Corn,in seek?, at-per! e? M pound? ? bushel? of Oate, in sacks, ?t ? per bushel of 32 pounds ? tons of B?led Hay, at ? per ton of I.Dfjfi pounds ? tons of Baled Btr?w, at ? per ton of i,l)f> pound?. Delivery to commence on or before the-day of -, ????, ?nd to be completed on or before the -day of-. 1H&-, and pledge myself to enter into a written contract with tne United States. with good and approved securities, within the ?pace of ten day? after being notified that my bid has been accepted Your ob??dient servant. Brigadier General D. H. Rdobbb General Depot Quartermaster, Washington. D.O. GUARANTY. undersigned, residents of -, ia tn? County of-, ?md State of-, hereby, Jointly and severally, covenant with the United Siate? and guarantee in case th? foregoing bid of be accepted, tbat be or they will, within ten days after the acceptance of said bid, execute the con tract for the sams with good and sufficient sure ties, in a sum equal to the ?mount of th? contract. to furnish the forag? proposed in conformity to the terms of advertisement dated Decembers, 18?3 under which the bid was made, and, in cut the said- shall fail to enter into a contract at ?foresaid, we guarantee to make good the differ .nee between the offer by said-?nd the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be ?warded. Witness, Given under our hands and seal? this ?-day of ?? .186?. iSeal.l . (?Real J ? hereby certify th?;, to Ihe beat of myknowl edge and belief, th? abo ? e-n?med guarantor? are good and sufficient as sureties for the ?mount for which they offer to be security.-, To be certified by the united Stetes District At torcer, Collector of Cuit?me, or any other oJSoer ander the United States Government, or r.epon ?ibis person known to this office. mvm dee f-tf Brigadier General and Q. M. ?."( CHIEF QCARTERMABTER'8 OFFICE, DsroBTor Washihoto?, Washington, D. C. January 4,1864. All dealera in Drugs, Hardware, Lumber, Leather. Once Furniture. Harness, aad 8ad<!iery, so? re quested to, send to this onice, on MONDAY ef sash week, ? sealed proposal or list, ?a duplicate, of th. artici?? they are prepared to furnish to th i a Depot st short notice, wits the price of each marked in piala agues, so that, in ease the exigencies of the service require it, the article or ?rtioles eas be obtain??? with out del ay, and at tbe loweet price._m . Dealera wishing to sell to thia Depot will be re quired to furnish the list punctually ?very Monday morning. d. H. kUCRER, Brigadier (general and Obl.f Quartermaster, Ja8-tf Depot of WsskhBgton, COMPANION TO THB REBELLION RE00RI?), containing Official Reports, Narrative? and State Papere, both National and Re*el, which were not published in the resularsftsTtu?B-of the Rebel lion Record. 1 yol. avo.. wiuSo*rtita. IF FIANCA TAYLOR* LAND SALES. ? ? THB PRESIDENT OP THR UNITED STATES. FOR THB SALB OF TALU ABLELANDS IN THB LATE W1NNRBAGO INDI IN RESERVATION IN MINNESOTA. Inpursuaaeeoflaw. I, ABRAHAM LINCOLN. President of the United. 8tatea of America, do hereby declare and make known that public sales will be held in the aider mentioned Land Office, in the St ite of Minnesota, at the periods herein after designated, te *jt: At the Land Office at St Peter, ?ommencing on MON DAY, the fifth day of December next, for the disposal of the public lands comprised in tue late reserve for the Winnebago Indian?, above men tion^, and situated in the following parts of townships, wt ich will be soil at the appraised vaine of tbe land? and the improvements thereon, viz: North tf the bast Itn and wet cf the i/at principal mrrtdian. InVwnship lr6. range .4.15 381 Ufi acro?. In township K<7, range 24-. ??-, 5.?? 44 In township ?. ?>, range 2.*>.~-.?.li 251.3? In township 107. range 25.i7'^"} In township l< S, ritnge 25.-?. 27, M A schedule particularly f escribing the ??a???;? nal tracts, with the appraised value per acre, will be open for inspection at the District Land Offices in Mnnesota , .,, . The otTerins of the above lands will be com menced on the day appointed, and w ill proceed, in the order d?signated in the ab ?ve-meutioned schedule, and con?ecutivel? by townships, as here in advertised, until the whole shall have been offered, and the sale thus closed ; but thesa'e shall not be k*?j?ft open loucer than two weeks and no private entry of any of tb? lands will bead mitted nntil after the expiration of the two weeks Giver u der my band, it 1 icltyof Was' t. ? this ; 1 dsy of August. An io 1) mini one thousand eight hundreuaud sixty-four. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the President : J08. 8. WILSON, Acting Commissioner of the Cenerai Land Office. NOTICE TO ACTUAL BONA FIDESETTLBR9 PRE BMPTORB. Tn the third section of the act of Congress, ap rroved 21st of February, 18ti.'l. Statutes, volume I., page 65R, opening to sale the Winnebago Reserva tion. it is stipulated that before any person shall be entitled to enter any portion of the said lands, by pre emption or oth?rwi?e, previous to their exposure to sale to the highest bidder at public outery. he shall become an actual bona - file settler thereon, and shall conform t<? all the regulations now provided by law in cases of pre emption, ai-d shall pay, within the term of one year from the date of the settlement, the full at praised value of the lands and the improvements thereon. Now. in order that all such bona-fide, actual settlements may be secured to the several pro em ptors, NOTICE IS HEREBY GTVBN, that they most come forward and file their affida vite, designating the particular tracts on which they may be actually settled, giving the date of such actual settlement, and, before the expiration of one year from such date, the several pre-emption claims must be established before the Register and Receiver, accordili? to the requirements of the pre-emption laws, and rail payment made thereon, according to the full affixed, appraised value of the lunrtsand improvements thereon. Ist. In all such cases where tbe year may not elapse before the commencement of the publie sale, inch bona tide aitnal settlements may and are hereby ordered to be excluded from the public sale 2d. In a'l pre-emption cases in which the year may expire before the commencement of the pub lie sale the parties must estabtish and pay up tor their claims, otherwise all tracts ia this class will be offered to the highest bi Ider, under the forego ing proclamation, yet with the stipulation that at such public fale the price must not beforale?s sum than for the appraised velue. _ JOS. S WILSON. au 30-lawl3?v Acting Commissioner. \ ) [JJ*G,> I il. \ ?pLOTHING AND CLOTHING MATERIALS. Navy Dipartmkxt, Bureau of Provisions ani? Clothis September 1, la;.. Separate Proposals, sealed and endorsed "Pro posti? for Navy Clothing, and Clothing Mate rials,'1 wi 1 be received at this bureau until two o'clock p. m , on the 12th day of October next, for furnishing and delivering (ou receiving thirty da>s'notice) at the United 8tute3 Navy Yard? at Ct arle?town. Mass., and Brooklyn, N. Y.. in such numbers snd quantities and at euch times as may be specilied by tbe chief of this ^bureau or by the comman lants of the said Navy Yards, respective ly, the numbers and quantities of the different ar ticles, and at the places specified in the following list, viz: Charlestowu. Brooklvn. Pea Jackets..3 006 7JMS Round Jackets._.. a ooi 3, >n Blue Cloth Trowsers, pairs_3.imi ?,,??? Blue8at?net Tnwsers, '* _8,?ou tZJWO Canvas Duck trowsers. " _3 ?.O? 5,0 0 Barnsley 8heeting Frocks.6,uO 8 0 fl Blue P'lannel Overshirts.8JJQ0 ]i?,i*>0 Blue Flaunel Undershirts.12,"?o 18/mO Blue Flannel Drawers, pairs_12,04? 18,000 Blue Satinet, yards.__ ..00,000 V?flu? Blue Flannel, " .SU.u'O 100,ih ? Blue Nankin, " .BjOOO ??,?? Calf skin Laced Shoes, 15,ft<0 Rip skin 8ho?s..??,??? lS.Oufj Woollen So?ks.10,00? 15,000 Blarketa.8,0* ? 12,0?'?" Mattresses (with on? cover for each)._..SjQ?O S.0O0 Black Silk Handkerchiefs.??? 0 g.<?*i Boo's pairs.. 4,0-10 ?,??? OfTers rnav be made for one or more articles, at the option of the bidder, and in case more than one article is contained in this offer, the chief of th? bureau will have the right to accept one or more of tbe articles contained in such offer and reject the remainder. The priit must be uniform, and of ftTSWiusttmhiactallofanyoneor more artici:* ?e livirabU. at all the stations For the description of articles in the above list, bidders are referred to the samples at the said navy yards, and to the advertisement of this bureau da ted July 8.1863, and for information as to the laws and regulations ? in pamphlet form 1 regarding con tracts, to the officers of the several commandants of navy yards snd navy a?rente. The department reserves the right to refect any proposal not considered advantageous to the Gov ernment. Blank forms of proposals may be obtained on ap plication to the navy agent at Boston, New "fork, or Philadelphia, and at this bureau. sep 2 law?; w IMPORTANT TO BUTLERS SUTLERS WILL FIND II. A. DOWNING tt LO.'S CONCENTRATED CLAM TO Bl A MOST VALUARLE ARTICLE TO THEIR TRADE, It sells very rapidly, and Is th? most economical article .,f disi for the officer's mess. It is prepare. In one minute, and makes a most delicious Soup or Chowder. It is highly recommended by Arm Surgeons. The profits are large. H. A. DOWNING A CO., Manufacturers of Concentrated Food No. Ill East 18th st., New York. For sale by BARROUR & SSMMES. Sole Agents, 6i Louisiana Avenue, ?e 3-ly Washington, D. 0 ? A I t H II A > <? I > ? S . A great variety of ENTIRELY NEW STYLES Adapted to PARLORS, DINING ROOMS, HALLS, AHO CHAMBERS, Also. ?.' OO YARDS CANTON MATTINGS. l,dOO YARDS FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, Oar Mattings are unrivalled in this city, compri lag in part tbe fameus Gowqua brand for parlo Oil Clothe from 3 to 12 feet wide, adapted to dici room?, ball?, Ac. Ale?? WINDOW 8HADE8, BRASS CORNICES, PARLOR MATS. Paper hang by skillful workmen, and all orde promptly attended to. Give as a call aad sa from 10 to ? per cent. RIFFLB A FALCONER'S No. 348 7th street, between I street and apg-ee_Maas, avenu?, CLARIFIED CIDER 1 CLARIFIED CIDER 11 I bave just received per schooners "George A. Adams'" and "J . W.." from Boston a large supply of pure MasaachusettsCLARIFIEDCIDKR.whicb 1 oiier for sale at the lowest market price, in Quan tities to suit purchasers Hotel, sutlers, and all others in want of a prime article of Cider ars invited to call and ex amine this before purchasing elsewhere. R1LKY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, 07 Green st., _Georgetown, D. C. MARLBOROUGH'S DISPATCHB3, Edited by Cenerai Murray 3 vols.,London. Dispatches of Lord Nelson. 7 vols., London. Official Di'patchea of the War of 1S:2. Memoirs and Correspondence of Sir Thos. Picton, S vole., London. Col. Eraser's Letters during the Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns, London. Sir Charles Napier's Life aud Official Correspon dence, 2 vols Life and Letters of Admiral de Sauiuaret, 2 vois., London. Diary end Dispatches of Gen. Sir Robert Wi'soa, 2 vole.. London. Sir W. Sidney Smith's Life aud Dispatches. 3 yola., London. CollingwooU'B Public and Pri?at?i Letters with a memoir, 2 vols.. London. Wellington's Dispatche?, London. Confederate Official Reports of Battles. General Modellane Report. Barnard tt, Barry's Report. au 18_FRANCK TAYLOR. ORPHANS'COURT. SEPTEMBER 3D. 1364. Distriot or Columbia, Coosty o? WAsiusa tob. to wi': In tbe case of Charles ? Hawkins, _ 1 mliiistraior of John Hawkins, deceased, the Administrator aforesaid has, with the approbation of the Orphans' Court of Washington Couuty afore said,appointed eATURD.Vk .thejttri??.*! oi S-ptem ber next,for tbe final settlement and distribution of tbe personal estate of said deceased, aad uf the ?ts in band, as far as the same have baeu col lecUd and turned into money; when and.where all the creditors and heirs of sai? deceased are notified to attend, (at the Orphan?' Court of Washington County aforesaid.) with their claims properly vouched, or they may othei wise by law heexelud.?d from all benefit in said deceased's estate: provided a copy of this order be published -?nee a week for three weeks in the Evening Star, previous to the aaldT24th day of September, IB*.. .^.?, sep 2-law3w*_Register of Wills. MAP Of RICHMOND AND SURROUNDING ?osntry.showiBi rebsl fortieeation;j5oeenti, Ja FRANC* TAYLOR. ?JOHNSON. BALTIMORE D' LOOK HOSPITAL OFFICE NO. 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ??????? THE ONLY PHYSICIAN ADVERTISING Has discovered the most Certain. Speed? ? ?? Effectual Remedy ia th. world for ?"*P?",I*, ?? DI8BA8B? OF IMPRUDBNOB Relief in ?fis Honre/ Ne Trifling/ Persons Rained by Ignorant Pretead.ra. or fct Deadly Poison. Mercury, should apply immediately, A CURE WARRANTED OR NO CHARGE IN FROM ONE TO ? WO DA YS. We.fcneas of tbe Back, Involuntary Diaehars??. Btrieturea, Affections of the Kidneys and Biada??' Impoteecy, General Debility, Nervousness, Bw? Fepay, Languor. Low Spirits, Confusion of Ideas Palpitation of th. Ile.rt. Timidity, Trembling* Dimness of Kigrit or Giddine??. Disease of the ? ?ad Thrn*t, No?., or Skin, AfTe?tione of th. Liv.r' Lungs, Stornasti or Bowel.?th?,?? Terrible Disor ders ?rising frnm 8olitary Habits of Youth?th? ??a??? and solitary praetiees more fatal to their victims than tbe song of Syrens t,, the mariners.?, blighting their most brilliant hopes or an lcipation?, rendering marriage, Ac, impose! YOUNG MEN Eepselally.who bave bee?.?ne the vierlT? if Soil laryi ie?,that dreadful and destructive habit which annually ?weep? to an ontim. 1* ?rave thouaandaof You n? MenofthemoKtexal?e4tal?.ntand brilliant Intellect, who mieht otherwise have ?nlra-rsd lis tening Senate with the tbnn 1er? ?f ?loq.ieno? or waV-ed to extacy th. living lyre, may call wit? fall confidence TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Tbese are ?wr? of tb? sad and melane holy effects produced by early habits of yonth, vi? ? of the Back and Limbe. Pain m the Head Dima??* of Sight. Los? of Muscular P..??.r Palp't-,:ion of the Heart. Dispepsia. Nervosa Irritai?.,?;y ?? raciemtiit of G.e Digestive r" ?uo.;i.. .a, {j^?^r^ Debility.Hvmptoraa of Consumption, Ae. Mestai ?TT.?Tbe fearful efUct?. on th. ralnd ar? mnrh to he dreaded? of Memory. C.nrusioD of Ideas. Depression of Spirits Bvil Foreboding?, Aversion t?> Society. Self distrust, Loro of Soli tude. Timidity, Ac MARRIAGE Married Persons, or young ro?n contemplati?!? marriage, aware of Phreioat Weakn-s?, Organfe D??bility, Wasting of the Organ?. D*formitie?, Ac, should apply immediately. He who planes himself nnder_ the car. of Dr. J. may religiously confide in his honor aa a gen tleman, and confidently rely upon his skill as . Physician. ORGANIC WEAKNESS, 1MPOTSNCY IM ? IDI MJNT8 TO MARRIAGE By Dr. Johnston's marvelous treatment. Weak ness of the Organs ie speedily cared, and full vigoi restwred. Thousand? of tbe most nervou?, debili tated and impotent, who had hist all hops, hav? been immediately relieved All impediments to marriage. Physical or MentftJ Disqualifications, Lo?? of Procreative Power, N?r voni Irritability. Tremblings, and Weakness, ei Exhaustion of the most fearful kind, ?peedilv cured. ML MBinQm Member of the Royal Coll?e* of Burgeon?, Loa don, Graduate from one of tbe meat smlaent Col legee in the United States, ?nd th. greater part o! whose life has been apent (a the hospitals of Lou don, Paris,Philadelphia and effected some of the most astonishing cure? that were ever known; many troubled with ringing in the head ae 1 ?are when asleep .great alarmed ?t sudden aonnd?, bashfulne??, with fr?quent blushing, attended sometime? with derangement of mind, were cured immediately. YOUNG MEN who hsv? fnjnred themselves by a certain praetle? Indulged in when alone?. habit frequently learned from evil companions, or at ?chool, the effecta of which are nightly felt, even when asleep, ?nd. If not cured, renders marriage imT?o?s'ble, an4 de stroy? both mind and body, should apply inane di ?tely. What a pity that ? yenng man, th? hope of hi? country ?nd darling of bis purent*, should be snatched from all the prospects and enjoyments ef life by the consequence of deviation from the path of nature end indulgin. in a certain secret habit Such persons mnst. before contemplatine MARRIAGE reflect that a sound mind and body ?re th? noel necessary requisites to promote connubial a appi ness indeed. Without these the Journey tkroagk life becomes ? weary pilgrimage, the pr.sp.ct hourly darkens to the view: the mind becomse shadowed with despair ?nd filled with ihe treiac eboly reflection? that the happiness of another li blighted with onr own. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When tbe misguided and imprudent votary 0! pleasure find? he ha? imbibed the seeds of this palo? nil disease, it often happens that an ill-timed senei of sham? or dread of discovery deters hi m from ap Siring to those wbe, from education and reepe?t?? 11 ity can ?lone befriend him. He fails into the hand? of Ignorant ?nd designing pretendere, who, incapable of curing, filch hia pecuniary anbetane?, keep him trifling month after month, or aa long as the smallest fee can be obtained, and in despair leave him with mined health to sign over hie gali ln?> disappointment; or, by tbe use of that deadly poiflon. Merc.ry, hasten the constitutional symp tom? of this terrible disease, such as Affections of the Hesd, Thront. Nose, Skin, etc., progressing with frightful rapidity until death puts an end to hia dreadfnl sufferings by sending bim to that na discovered country from ?whose bourn? bo tr?y?le retorna. OFFICE ? SOUTH FREDERICK STREET, left hand side going from Baltimore street, ?few doors from the corner. Fail not to observe name and number. 8?w""No letters received unless post-paid snd con taining a stamp to be uned on the repiy. Perseas writing should state age, and ?end portion ot ?0 vertisement describing symptom?. The Dr.'s Diploma hangs in hie O?.'t. INDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. The many thoussnd cured at this ?etabhshmeat within the last twenty years, ?nd the numerosi Important Surgical Operations performed by Dr. Johnston, witnessed by the reportereof "TheSun" and many other papers, notices of which have ap r?ared again ana again before the public,besides is standing a? a gentleman of character andre Bponsibility, is a sufficient guarantee to th. f flicted. SKIN DISEASES SPEEDILY CURED J??-ly_ SECRET DI8EA8ESI SECRET DI8BAPB8 S A M A R IT A N'S GI FT SAMARITAN'S GIFT/ THB MOST CERTAIN REMEDY BVBB ?BE? ?"?>?, A Positiv. Cur?" for GONORHOSA, GLEET, STRICTURES, alt Contains no Mineral, no Balsam, no Mercury. Only Ten Fill* to be Taken to Effect a Gmrt They are entirely vegetable, having no amell bc? any an pleasant taste, aud will n?t. in ?my wey lu je r. the stomach or bowel? of the most delicate. Cures in from two to four day?, and recent caser in "twenty-four hour?." Prepared by a graduata of the University of Pennsylvania, on. of th? mort eminent Doctors and Chemists of the present da; BO EXPOSURE, BO TROUBLE, HO CBAHOE WH ATETE?. Let those who have de?paired of getting cure?: or who have been gorged with Balsam Gopavi?, ?* Mercury, try the SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Sent by mail in a plain envelope. Price?Male paokages, l? Female J3 BLOOD! BLOOD II BLOODM SCROFULA, OLCARa, SORES, 8POTZ TEXTERS, SCALES, BOILS, SYPHILIS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, die SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICE IB offered the publlo as a positive ?sure. SYPHILIS OR VENEREAL DI8?ABB8. the SA MARITAN'8 ROOT AND HERB JUICE, is to? most potent, certain and effectual remedy ?v?y prescribed; it reach?? and eradicates sverv partiel? of the venereal poison, so that the cure Is t boron g s and permanent. Take then of this purifying reme dy and be healed, and do not transmit to your pos terity that for which you may reseat in after years DO hOTDE.SPAIBI Although yon may be pronnnnced lnsuraAl?. th) SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERBJTJI0B8 will remove every veatige of impurities from ths system. ?s well as ?11 the b?d effects of Mercury. FEMALES! FEMALES! I In many affections with which numbers of Fe male? eulTer, r e ROOT AND HERB J LI OES I? moat happily .d&pted, in Ulcerated Uterus, iu White?, in bearing down. Falling ?f the W.mb Debility, ?nd for ?Il complaints incident to th? sex. Sent by expr-.-a. Price Si ? bottle, or ? botti? for ?W. SAMARITANO CHANCRE WASH. Price 28 cents. Full dlrectlona. DESMOND A CO., Box 1?1 Philadelphia Fon Office. Sold by 8. CAL VEUT FORD, corner ef Uth an? Pa. avenue. HENRY COOK, Alexandria,_mayg-tf COS? FIDENTIAL. OUNG MEN who have injured themselves ht certain secret habits which unfit them for business, pleasure, or the duties of married life; also middle aged or old men ho, from the follies of youth or other causes, fe??' a debility in advance or thei; years, before placing themselves under the U-eat ment of any one, should first read "THESEORE. FRIEND.'r Married Ladies will learn something of importance bv perusing "The Secret Friend." Sent to any addre??. In a sealed envelop* oe r? ceiptofTwertv five Cents. Addjresa Da. CHAS, A. STEWART A OO., ?ialB-lF T~_Beaton. Mas?. TBIESEMAR-Protected by Royal Letters Pat? ent of England, and ???cured by the seal? of th. Ecole de Pharmacie de Paris, and th. Imperi?! College of Medicine, Vieun?. Trianmar No. 1 is the effectuai remedy for Relax ?tioD, Spermatorrhoea, and Exhaaeti.n of th?Sys tem. Triesmar No. 2 has entirely superseded the nauseous nee of Copsjri?, Cub-be. Ae. Triesmar No. 5 is the infallible jlemedy for all Impuri ties and Secondary BymptomaT thus obviating the ?asso. mercury and all t.the?deieteri?.m ^rediente. Bach preparation is In the form of a most ????"**?. ?ble Losange. SecureCfrom effeetsof cDmats?na changes of atmosphere, in tin <?*??**,?* ?W^acs^or four ?3 cases in one for 19. and m ?^??????,???? saving *9. Divided in separate doses M ?dmiale? ????,?^ ?VTbVsld^^^?BD.No. ?JOF^,, Corner lltk atreet. iu?j??^? -APPiNK?a OR M1SER? i-THAT IH THE orjSSf/OA'-ThV?roprietor?eith?',PARI? e A ^CABINET OF WONDERS, ANATOMY, ?ad MEDIANE''havedetermined-r.gsjdl.issof ex S?oIssBe. free, (for the benefit of suffering tnnianity.) four of their must iaatraettv?, and in teresting Lecture, on Marriage and its laeiffie? t?ona Nervoua Debility. Prematnre D?clin?. Ia ?Mge'tion. Weakness. Depression, or laurea?? et Physiology and Nature's Law Thee. Invalaabl? iociur?? ??t? been the mean* of enlj?fhtfnin? ??d saving thousanda.and will be forwarded rr?? oaths receipt of four stamps, by address!??; ?^F? Parisian Cetbin'l of Aneaomv meed dedtetns, ?** jroaVdwarj New York _to L3-lr_ TiSH W?NQ. TH? ti???? CHINKS? ,hF3H.DYMeONOfiRH?A,GLBEJ, 'BSC. OS ? bOX ?BILL FEST??? * 0n**T: ?^^jr'InarredisoU ?re pursi? ?eajtsbl?. ? ? TtV'n S?ant to th. Us?, ha* no ^.?*0/???_ may b. carried in the vest !>'>*** "f0*11 ?*$ i? detection. CH-enlars free Pricefla bo*:,,1*01*? j?J JOHN J. KROMBR.*u?.'K?'t<\e?-j^P?1,*"?!*?? SheeL3utet?PhiUP.'pbi?r*cd In WaAhiu^ton by . 0. FOBB. B96 J?ennsylTsn a avenue Sent by ?aasJJ I? t-eeii

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