Newspaper of Evening Star, September 14, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 14, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. _ _pjpj-Mtj^BSSBWSBl W. ?. WALLACH. Editer aad Pr??rtet?r. WASHINGTON CITY l WEDNESDAY...SEPTEMBER 1*? **64? aW RRADING MATTBR ON EVRRY PAO?. 811 0CT8ID1 TOR IRT1RR8TING TRLI GRAPHIC AN? OTHRR MATT1B. _ EXTRA. - ? Glorious News fron the Valley. OFFICIAL DISPATCH FROM GIN. SHERIDAN Recunoi*>ance ?a the Winchester Read? Kershaw's Rebel Force Driven en a Ran touarrl Winchester?The -th South t ar etina Regiment Captured. The following despatch has just been re ceived from Gen. Sheridan : NBAS Berry\ ?llk. 7 p. m-, Sept. 13, IMI*? This morning I sent Gen. Getty's division, of 6th corps, with two brigade? of cavalry, to the crossing of the Summit Point and Winchester road, over the Opeqnan Creek. Rhodes', Bamseur's, Gordon's and Whar ton's divisions were found on the west bank. At the same time Generals Wilson and Mack intosh's brigade of cavalry dashed np the Winchester pike, drove tbe rebel cavalry at a run, came in contact with Kershaw's division? charged it, and captured the -th South Caro lina regiment, IG officers and l l.j men, and Ils battle-flag, and Colonel Hennegan, command ing brigade, with a loss of only two men killed and two wounded. Great credit is doe to General Wilson and Mackintosh, 3d New Jer sey and 2d Ohio. Tbe charge was a gallant one. A portion of the 2d Massachusetts Reserve Brigade, made a charge on tbe right of line, and captured an officer and eleven men of Gordon's division of infantry. Our loss in the reconnoissance is very light. P. H. Shbbidah, Major General. Tub Bolt of thb Chicago Platformbrs. The New York correspondent o? the Philadel phia Inquirer says : Tbe Daily News, yon will see, in its Issue of this morning, has this significant paragraph : ??We are happy in being able to state tbat preliminary steps are being taken by the friends of Peace to call a National Convention of the Democracy, to place in nomination candidates for President and Vice President." The "preliminary steps" above referred to are understood to be, first, a correspondence between the Woods here and the Chairman or the Democratic National Committee; the former asking the latter to reconvene the Chicago Con vention, and the latter hogging leave to de cline: second, the consideration ot a call from the party of the second part upon all delegates to that Convention who are in favor of the platform, to assemble in the same city to nomi nate candidates for President and Vice Presi dent; and third, the appointment of a commit tee to wait at once upon Mr. Pendleton to s??e whether he too stands by or repudiates the platform. FROM SHERIDAN'S COMMAND Active Operations Seen Expected. Our correspondent with Gen. Sheridan's army says that although the military situation is at present unchanged, he is of the opinion that there will shortly be a resumption of ac tive operations. Gen. Averill now has pos session of Martinsburg, and a train of cars proceeded from Harper's Ferry to within five miles ot the former place, it is expected that the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad will be opened through to Cumberland by Friday next, as working parties are busily engaged in repairing damagee. Brigadier Gen. Stevenson has issued a very stringent order for the pur pose of pntting a stop to the practice of horse stealing, and tbe trading and trafflcing in 3ov erament horses and mules In his department. He has one officer under arrest on the charge of being engaged In the business of selling con demned horses, and, if found guilty, he will doubtless be severely punished.? Baltimore American. Finabcial?The New York Commercial Ad vertiser ot yesterday evening ?aye: The stock market showed a slight recovery thia morning from the panicky feeling of yes terday. The ?? bears" appear to be satisfied with their achievements of yesterday, and buyer's option were the rule in the transactions at tbe board. Nearly the whole list shows a slight improvement, bat the marks? Is ihr irom steady. Tea money market is without material hange. Brokers find no difficulty In borrow ing on the usual collaterals at 7 per cent. There is very little paper offering for discounts, and very little demand for it, discounters being un u ?ual!y caution."? ander the present unsettled C50!id<t-ioB 'of prices. The rates for business paper con tin n?s as reported yesterday. Gold opened stronger this morning, after yes terday'? extreme decline. Th? ??Nbw Natio?" Cobtiko to Gbibf.?A suit has been commenced against the New Na tion, 'by one of its former associate editors, which promises some rich developments. It seems that the expenses of the pap*r have borne too hard on the ??Pathfinder," and the Eaper has changed handa?Gen. Clnseret new aving control of the former trampet of the ??Radical Democracy,'' (as they delighted to call themselves.) It is said that the claims of editors and employees will more than exhaust all the available funds that "Mariposa" may be able to spare. The Marine Court is ex pected to see ??another sight" la a lew days, when the case of ??Starr vs. New Nation ' comes on for triaL?N. Y. Expreti. ]Tjr The Democratic State Central Commit tee of Maryland will meet at Baltimore on September -?Och, and on the same day the Dem ocratic State Convention will assemble for the purpose of considering the Chicago nomina tion? and selecting an electoral ticket for Pres ident and Vice President of the United States. The Unconditional Union State Executive Committee of Maryland, of which the Hon. H. W. Boffman is chairman, have issued a call for a State convention to meet in Baltimore on the 10th of October to nominate candidates for State officers. _ I'bb8o>al_Ex-?Secretary Cnase, General Sprsgue and wife, Thurlow Weed, Hon. Caleb Cashing. Hon. John S. Carine. Governor Cur tin, of Pennsylvania, aad Bishop Duggan, of CBicago. are at the Astor House. The following Wasbingtonians are registered at the New York hotels ?Hon. A. W. Randall, F. W. Seward, Esq, and lady, Mr?. W. H. Seward, are at the Astor; Judge Wylie and daughter and D. Bryan, at the Everett House; T. Williams, at French's; W. E. Spaldinr, at tbe St. Nicholas; and J. Anderson and wife, at the West Chester House. Park Benjamin. Esq , the well known poet and lecturer, died at his residence in New York city, Monday evening. sW The celebration of the various Turner Associationa of the North and West, called ??Turnfest," is now being held in New York. Among the members of the fraternity present ar? a number from Baltimore and Washing ton. ?VThe Germana of New York are indignant at iSupt. Kennedy, because for some reason or other be would not allow them te baye the p. rforinsnce of Haydn's oratorio of ??The Crea tion'* la Jones' woods. ?/"The veteran Gen. Wool, in a speech to some soldiers a few days ago, advised tnem to flgnt ??to pnt down the rebels In arms as well as to frustrate the schemes of the traitors who had assembled at Chicago." mf~ The mayor of Baltimore nrges upon the councils ol tbat city the neceesitv of giving in creased bounties ir they would fill the city's quota tar Fifty thousand Canadian acres have 1 been planted wim flax tine year against five t he tuend the last year, a result of the cotton ! famine. ?VA man named John < ?ntnn, was arrested ia New York for shooting another young man. His brother got bim off by acknowledging that ? himself was the perpetrator. Lami Sale.?John N. Usiltoa, agent for Christopher Bryan, sold on Tuesday last a ftart of bis farm in Kent county, Md., contala ?g loo aeree, to H M. Kolli-on, S40 per aere. ?? The proprietor? or tie Chicago Time? office have discharged their entire force of printers and put a force of forty young woraea in their place?. aTSTJi-hn M. Broom a. li haa been nominated for re-election tu Congres? ia t.e Chester (Pa.) d latria. as7"Two younz mea were caught in Cincln Ci coati while In tbe act ot passing ?TUO coun terfeit Treaanry notes. ajvCoal oil whisky" i? the name bow given to the Raid that sets mea craxy, in Phila delpbia. s/A Mrs. Ferris, of New York, has had her head split open by aa axe ia the hands of her hasctaad. TKLEGRAPHIO NEW8. HIGHLY IMPORTANT. Th? Draft te Commence ?a the 19th. Alu ant, Sept-13 ?The following telegraphic dispatch from Washington has been received by Gov. ?Seymour : ?Washibotok, Sept. 12,1361.?The draft is ordered to commence in Ohio and. other States, whose quotas have not been filled, upon Mon day, the 19th of September. ??Jab. B. Frt, Provost Marshal Gen'l." Rumored Withdrawal of Gea. Fremont Nbw York, Sept. 13.?It Is said that General Fremont has placed in Gen. Clnseret's hands a letter withdrawing his name from the Pres idential canvass, and giving as his reason for so doing the well-known thesis, that any suc cess on his part would only injure the Union party and assist the Democrats. It is sup. posed that this letter will appear in the New Nation on Saturday next. MAINE STATE ELECTION. The New? Better and Better. Nbw York, Sept. 13.?A special to the Times from Augusta, Maine, says; ?? The Unionists have carried the State by the largest majority ever cast at a gubernatorial election in Maine. ??They have all the Congressional districts by immense majorities, and five-sixths of both : branches of the Legislature." Pobtlahd, Sept. 13.?Fifty-one towns give ? Cony, Union, for Governor, 7,177 majority this year, against 6,483 last year, showing a net ga ? of 684. Hon. Samuel Cony, the present Governor, is ! of course re-elected. The Congressmen elect are Messrs John Lynch, S. Perham, J. G. Blalne, J. H. Bice, and F. A. Pike, Union. ! With the exception of the first-named, all were I members of the last Congress. Tbe first dis trict was then represented by Mr Sweat, dem ocrat, who has been defeated. FROM ELROPE. Nbw York, Sept 14.?The steamship Penn sylvania has arrived from Liverpool, August 31st. Tbe cotton market is dall. Breadstuffs inactive; corn downward; provi sions dull; lard firm. Lobdon, Aug.31.?Console closed at S-a^aSSs?; for money. Lohdon, An?. 31.?The King of Italy had re ceived the Mexican Ambassador, and friendly wishes were exchanged. Union Nomination, Wbst CHH8TBR, Sept. 13?1 p. m.?The Union Convention of this county is in session. Thus far Mr. J. M. Broomall has been nominated for CongreFe, and Dr. Nathan A. Pennypacker and Wm. B. Waddell for the House of Repre sentatives at Harrlsburg. It was also decided to support in tbe conference the Montgomery county nominee for State Senator. Loss of a Steamer. St. Louih, Sept. 13.?The steamer John J. Roe, recently sunk near New Madrid, was valued at ?5t,?(>U. She was insured for *30,(xio. Four men were drowned. The boat had con siderable Government freight aboard. The Patterson Races. Patterson, N. J., Sept. 13?The race of mile beats for all ages was won hy Eagle iu three straight teats. Time: 1:54 X' 1:56; and 1:5-. The following horses participated in the race: Patti, Eagle, Gentle Annie, and S asher. cult. Skirmishing on the Weldon Roilroad. F0RTRB88 Monroe, Sept. 12.? The mail steamer Daniel Webster, from City Point, re ports all quiet, except some skirmlshfrgonthe Weldon railroad ytsterday, whicb, however, did not amount to much. Nominated for Congress. ScrAnton, Pa., Sept. 13.?W. W. Ketcuam, of Wlike 1 barre, was to-day nominated for Con gress by the Union party of the 12th district, Mr. Grow having declined. rr-5=?WA?iHINGT0N ARSRNAL. SJs SKPTKMnKR li, NBL Notice.?The p'reone who hud articles of Cloth ing destroyed at the Arsenal by fire on the 17'h of June last, are notified to apply at the office of Ma Jr-r J. G. Bbmto.n. c u ?iiaiidintr. on BATURDAY, the 17th instant, between the hours of 11 a. in. and 3 p. m._sepU-St* ry^=?COLUMBlA TVPOGRAHICAL SOCIETY. S3 RESOLUTIONS OF REdPEOT. Whereas death has taken from ue a patriarch in the craft, one who, for nearly half a century ae a member of thie Society, performed hie whole duty in hie calling, to his family, hie country, snd him self, who waa endeared, by hie age. hi- kindness, hie social qualiti???, and hia many excellence?, to the printer? of Washington city, and especially t > thi? 8ociety, whose welfare laid eo near his heart, therefore. Resolved, That in the death of Gbobge Cocrr ras. E.-u , we mourn and lament tbe Providence which ha? thus bereaved ua, hut believing that He who doetb all thing? well ha? alii ict-d u? for our good, we bow to tbe Divine behest wbich La?- separated ?? from our friend. Resolved, That we tender to our friend's relatives ? dear fri end's sympathy, the condolence of the So ciety as s unit, tbe -incere heartfelt ?ympatby o a body wbich individually feels the void created by his decease, and mourns the absence of him with whom we have been so long and Intimately associ ated. . . Resolved, That we, as a Society, meet at the Gov ernment Frin ing office at half past nine o'clock on Wednesday morning, to attend, in a body, the obsequies of our lamented brother. Rtsolved. Tbat ? copy of these resolution? he fur nished to the relatives of the deceased, ?nd pub lished in the daily paper? of the e'ty. WM. R. McLEAN, Preiident. J. C. PROOTOR, Bee retar 7._It rr^"LADIR8 OYSTER ANT) DINING SALOON, Lk5 at JO8. SHAFFIELD'S Confectionery, a-te Sixth street, between G and H. Partie?, Faire, Weddings, Balls, Receptions and Entertain n ?-ii'.s furnished at the shortest notice ?nd most reasonable terms. Ice Cresmand Water Ice made by steam power, wholesale and retail, eeplt-lm* G?"~3=-??????????, PLUMB lata AND G ?8 LL3 FITTER*1.?A special meeting of theabove association will be held on WEDNESDAY EVEN ING, at7.?-t o'clock, over Walt's Drug Store, cor ner 7th and Louisiana ?venne. Puntual atten dance is requested of every member. By order of the President. sep 13 2t?_LEWIS ECKELS, Ree. 8eC, iy?"??-?GERMAN RELIEF ASSOCIATION FOR Lk_5 SICK AND WOUNDED 80LDIER3.-The quarterly meeting of the Aseociation will be held on WEDNE8DA\. thel4th inst.,?t 8 o'clock p. m , at the German Hall. 11th etreet. between ? and G st?. Member? and friends of the Association are cordially invited to attend. E. COHEN, ?ep 13 2t*_Corresponding Sesretary. G?-^=? McCLELLAN CLUB OP THE FIRST LL3 WAKD-A meeting of the club will beheld on ?ach evening of this week, at their headquar ters, the Reynold's H uae, corner Penn'a avenue aud l?th et . at7>? o'clock p. m. A punctual atten dance of tbe members is requested. An invitation is extended to all Conservative men who desire to Incorni niembei*. JOHN T. 0. CLARK, Prea't. sep 13 U* TIIOS. Q. LKCKUON. Sec'y. ?SECOND WARD McOLRLLAN CLUB. Ali citizen? of the f?cond Ward who are favorable to the election of George B. McClellan as President and George H, Pendletan as Vice President of the United Ptate?. are respectfully invited to attend an adjourned meeting of the Second Ward McClellan Club, to be held at the German liai!,west side ?.f Uth street we?t. between PaLdG streets n?.rth, WEDNESDAY LVENI?G, 14th in.-t.. at 8 ?'clock. By order. ?ep l ' 2t?_W. J. MILLER ?Secretary. THIRD WARD, ATTENTION ! ie citizens of th? Third Werd are requested to meet on ? KD.N E8DAT EVENING, the H*h inet., at ??? o 'clock, at Tempeiance Hall, for the pur pose of -evislrs means by which the Ward m?y be relieved of the impending draft. TB0MA8 LEWI3. THUS. A.KTBPHBN'S, N. D. LVRNKR. s?p!3-2t JAS. 8KIRNING. PC TO THE PUBLIO rVbereaa we, the Journeymen Shoemaker? of fie eity of Wa??hin?ton,d??eai it no mure than Just and proper tbat we ehouid mak- this statement or ?r posttion in ? rder that tSey may know wbo are the friend and foeef the worktngmau; and when the < ? nununit? and public at large are dealing with tleir fellow-eit:z*.'??. ( their eyes being Opened to ? fact.) tbey will ?perec?ate between the worthy and onwortby. And not known? our liability to law, v.- refrkiu from pub. i ?hing the ?names -f those whodonot give the iraets ta thur me?. No doubt but they tell their cuatoiuera tbat tHey pay the higheat pri?e? forgef-in?? their work don<?. conse quently mede io tbe best manner and by f- e best of workmen. But let common sense jud?eof that: Therefore be it Reselitd, Tbat the names of the flnt-rate em ployers whe have acceded to the demands of their men: be made public,(and they only,? in order tbat merit may meet its reward, ?nd which are*?? follows: John Mills, PecnsjIrani? avenue, between let and 2d *ts. . , _ Mr Wbeatly, bet. 3d and 4.'? st?.. Pa. av. Mr. Richarde, under Brown's Hotel, P?. av. Mr Crews.7tb street, between G and 11. George Wheatly. Capitol Hill. Py order ol tbe society. ??,.?__ sep 13-34*_P. CANE, 8?cretary. rY""^~M?YOR'S OFFICR. _ llJ WA.sniKCTOff, *eot. 10, l*a. Trie followiog placee an? deaignated in the Sixth Ward BAeinod-^for omnibuses: The west side of f>th street east. oetwe?n L St. south ?nd Georgi? a?-nu?; an?t on Georgia aventi", esst "frith street. asp 10 it ItlcnARD WALL.yCH. Mayor. I/FVRR AND AGU* PERM \HANTLY CURED I ,rOR%A.-M*d?roe MARSHA, 403 ? street, will w?rrant to ttt? pulii?: to cure, the Fever ?nd Aa ue permanently in one week'? ti me. A'so other .-empiami?, treated with rreat euc"?i? at No. 403 R street, betwotp uta and Mb at?.' sep U lin LUMBRE 1 LUMBER* LUMRBRlii W? have on ??and alar ?e ?to?sk %>r Building* I uiiib. r, which wo oB?t fir ?.,!?. at t*Ue low??? uie.rstt rates for cash. Al pej-sou-t in want of lumber wtH dw well tor-ulon us r?efore purchasing e:?rwhe*e. HvlLLKT 4 ItRD-iRAVK. ?*? U 6.* Ceree. i?-k st ?ad Ut? <*&. LOST AND FOUND. ?>_r REWARD?Lost. Is the Capitol yesterday, F5 alr?air oToold Mounted GLA3SB3. Th? above reward will be paid if left at 3i9 New York a ?? au?._,_"P"? L~~?flT-On Tue?dav, the 13th instant, a PACK AGE or LETTERS; one of which wss ad nrconrd to Col. ?Dgraha.u. Provost Marshal of th? Diatrict of Columbia. A liberal reward will be given if returned to the ?tar Office._It* L~"OST?B~STOLEN?On Monday, the 12th ins?., a Bar HOR^E, about in year? old. (condemn?>d,) bad a sore in th? front part of his left ear. f s re werd will b* given if Bei? returned to CONRAD POHL. Stall No. 3T,Centre Market. sep u 3t* L~~O'T?On the 13th instant, in the Capitol, or un Maryland avenue, between the Capitol and 7th street, a small diamond black enameled PIN. Ten dollar? will be paid to person leaving the same at the Senate Post Office,._It? TAKEN UP ESTRAY. on Cherry street, be tween Potomac aad High streets (,eorcetown. D C on the 13th instant, a black HORSE, marked M I C " en the left shoulder. The owner is re nested to come forward, prove property.t pay harges and Ukebim away. J. 8ULLl\ AN. sepl4-2t* at W. R. Snow A Co.'s Statile. a? ?a REWARD.?Straved or stolen, from the bBjU ?ubscriber, on the 10th inst.. a red and white COW. I will pay the a?ove reward if she i? returned to my residence, corner of 8th and 0 street. Navy Yard. __???*?_ .---..-. sep ?3-3t__ _DAVID ATKINS. TAKEN UP ?STRAY. on 17th street, near N??r York avenue, a light bay HORSE, with mili tary saddlejani red Manket. It is now at Enrineer stable, on corner of 17th street and New York av. The owner ran get it by proving property and pay ing for this advertisement._sep 13 3t* boardingT q ch FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT-With or without Board, in a private family. Intuire at 448 D street, near 3d street._?ep 13 3t? BOARD?A few yoang gentlemen can be accom modated with BOARD and LOBGINGS, at No. 4*6 14th st. Terms as reasonable as can be af forded._sep13-3t? f^OOD BOARDING WITH PLEASANT ROOMS -T can he had at reasonable rate? at Ho. 95 Wash ington etreet, Gecrgetown. Also, several rooms to Ift._?_sep !3-3t* THREE OR FOUR GENTLEMEN c?n b? ac commodated with pleasant ROOMS and BOARD convenient to the Departments at 130 a month. Table hoarders fan a mouth. Also, a bandsomelv furnished PARLOR.suitable for two or three officers, at No. 370 21st street, between G and II._sep 13-3t? BOARDING?The attention of those who wish spacious and airy ROOMS, well furnished, upon moderate terms, is especially requested. The ad vertiser wishes to give her inmates a pleasant home, and will earnest! y endeavor to provide for their comfort by every means within ner power. A good library in the house. An excellent table is kept, and transient boarders taken. Apply at 393, lflth st., between F and G st?. ??? 13 2t? BOARD AND HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, for families or single persons. House pleasantly located, with spacious grounds; S. W. corner 21st and H sts._sep 12-3t* A PEW TABLE BOARDERS WANTED AT No. 900 E street. Also, anicely FURNISHED ROOM, to gentleman and wife, with board. Meals to suit business._sep 12-lw* F'TRSTCLASSBOARD.wUh FurnisheoTRooms. also. Table, can be obtained at No. 332 6th st., between H and I._sep 9-7t* F~IR8T-OLA88 BOARD, with Furnished Rooms. Also Table Board can he obtained at No. 415 E street, between 8th and 9th. Breakfast from 7 to 9 ; dinner from 3 to 5 sep 3-lra* PERSONAL. IVTOTICB?If this should meet tbe eye of Mr. Iv RARLOW.from Phi.adelphia. be would hear of something to hi* advantage by calling at 171 ? end 18th streets, Washington. F. M. sepl4 3t*_ _ IF Mrs.HARLOLDlS IN WASHINGTON 8?? I will erme forward and get her property, at 336 MaHsacbu>?-tts avenue, as I am cuing to decline housekeeping._ sepl3-2t* ^OTI<?.?All persons are forbid trnsting any person on my account without a written order from myself or my wife, Hsxristta ? Pbppkr. shP7 1w JOHN P. PEPPER. NOTICE-TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. The partnership heretofore existing between Drs M. V. B. Rogan and S. W. Bogan, will be dis solved on Monday, the unii day of September. All persons indebted to the firm will please settle their accounts with Dr. M. V. B. Bogan. M. V. ? ROC?AN, sep 12 lw*_8. W.BOGAN. SUBSTITUTES WANTED FOR ?. S. NAVY FOR ONE YEAR. Wanted immediately ?? Able-bodied SEAMEN, FIREMEN, AND COAL PASSERS. As Firemen?Bounty cash down one vear. ..?.$?? Pay " "_?5178 Total_-... ?.ttna As Seamen?Bounty cash down one year_-.. .$300 Pay - " -?258 Total._.S 558 I want these men at once. Colored Men will be taken if they are Seamen or Firemen. G. H. CASSI DY. 14- 8th street, sep 9 lw* [RepAChron] bet. Pa. av., and C st UNITED STATES SERVICE MAGAZINE.Sep tember, 1R04. Cobtbbts?The Militia: The Invalid?: Malor General W. T. Sherman; The Naval Hospital Es tablishment, Brigadier General Alexander Hay?: Love and Loyalty: Te my Wifeat Partlng.(poetry) Literary Intelligence; Editors Special Department; Official Intelligence. sep M_FRANCK TAYLOR. PROF. J. W. KREIS' DANCING ACADEMY, TSBFSBAROB H_LL,E STBEBT. Day for Ladies. Miss.??. ?nd Master?. WEDNES DAY and SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, from S to ' -j clock. Gentlemen's class MONDAY and WED-i NB8DAY EVENINGS, from 7 to in o'clock.|_ Private instructions given to suit tbe conveni ence of the pupi Is. For terms and other Information, apply at the Hall during the hour? of tuition. sepll) B.M.WA8, 4t_ PROP08ALS will be received at tbe Mayor1? office until 11 o'clock M. on MON DAY, the 19th inst. next, for grading F street north trim ?th to ?ith etreet west, or such portion thereof ag tbe Mayor may direct. No part of tbe appropriation will be paid until UNES A the work is approved by the Commissioners. Finder? will state the price per cubic yard. The cutting and filling will be paid for but once; that which measures most. JAS. W. 8PALDINO, Commies oner 2d Ward. JOHN T. GARNER. Commissioner 3d Ward. WM. DOUGLAS. sepli-7t [Intel.] Commissioner 4th Ward. ^^. S A I) DL ? R ?. ?sA 9bb_C NEW STORE. HS-?? NICHOLS, SHERMAN A CO., Nos. f*a andS? LOUISIANA AVENUE, South of and opposite Pennsylvania avenue, Have JUST OPENED, and now offer for SALE, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, THE MOST EXTENSIVE AND BEST AS80RT ED STOCK or 8ADDLES, BRIDLES, AND HARNESS, Ever exhibited in this city. ALSO, MILITARY EQUIPMENTS, WHIPS, TRUNKS, BAGS. Ac. Jobbers will find it to their interest to examine our stock before purchasing North, as we purpose selling at NEW YORK PRICES. MANUFACTORY, NEWARK, N. J., BRANCH HOUBE, BETTS, NICHOLS A 00., sepiuS.MAW* No. 349 Broadway, N.Y. 369 8EVENTH_STREET. ?^ Bien BED LOUNGES hioh -wmbc. and AwwiHu. GILT FRAME MIRRORS. Just received per schooner Empire twenty differ ent styles BED LOUNGES, which we sr? offering at very low figures. Our stock of GILT IRAME MIRRORS will be found extensive, and in prie? will compare with that of any bous? ia the Unit d State?. Purchasers, remember we are selling our entire stock of FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING GOODS generally 15 per cent, less than any house in th? city. If you are in want ? f good articles at low prices don't forget a?. Call and examine our stock. By so doing you incur no obligation to purchase. We still allow ten per cent, on all bills of #50 and upwards. ?. BONTZ, Successor to Bouts A Griffith, sep 2-tf_ 369 Ser ?nth Street. SUBSTITUTES WANTED TO GO IN THE MARINE CORPS.-Thi? is the most select branch of the United States service. All Marine? have an equal chance for prize money, aad thr?e ?nit? of clothes ? year, which 1? not deducted from their par. Five hundred dollar? paid dowa to go ss Substitutes for enrolled men in the District of Columbia. _ GtO. H. CA8SIDT, Authorised Recrnitin? Agent, 446 8th et., ?ep?? lw* Bep.AQbron) bet. Pa.av.and ? st. ORGANS AND MSLODEONS.-We have this day received five or Mason A Haralin's CAB IN FT ORGANS, of different sii??. Al??, a new assort nient of Prince A Co.'s and Smith'? MELO DEi'NS. W.G METZEROTT. sepj?_cw. l?th street and Pa. avenue. SHOW CASES FOR 8ALB.-Jn?t reoeived ?i*ht elegant COUNTBE SHOW CASES by the b??t maker? in New York Apply UP./. BELLEW A Co , ft 10 7th street, three door? ?outh of Odd Fei low-'HsU. Jye-tf 4 O'CLOCK P. M. GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. Jay Oooke A Ce. furnish the foil?wing quo tations of Government eecnrities : Washin?to?, Sept. 11, ?9?4. Buying. Selling. U. S. 6's Coupon 19S1.H?7 li^ U S. 5-20's.109* Il0v? 7 3-10 Treasury Notes.109)?; iimf One Tear Certificates. 9)\ i*\\ Certificate Checks.So Nrw York?First Board. Coupons, 107??-: 5-20's, ll?tf; Certificates, 9i%\ Oold, 227 *_._ FROM THE PROMT. The Enemy Moving on oar Left. The United States mail steamer John Brooks? which left City Point yesterday at 10 o'clock a. m., arrived here this morning at ? o'clock. She reports that nothing ot importance was transpiring at the front when she left There are fresh Indications, however, that the rebels are moving on our left, either for ag gressive purposes or with a view to prevent a similar surprise to that they received on Fri day night. Since Saturday last their outposts on our left front have been strongly reinforced. Deserters say that Lee'? army has been late ly strengthened by reinforcements from vari ous points, and by a large number of con scripts, dragged, as Grant says, from the cra dle and the grave. These conscripts are the poorest fighting material the Confederacy has yet had, and their officers are compelled to keep a watchful eye upon them, as they seize tbe first opportunity to desert. Hill's corps has reeeived large accession? of conscripts, which accounts for the numerous desertions of late from that corps. REFUGEES FROM RICHMOND. Three refugees from Richmond (Patrick llo ran, Mrs. Margaret Danahan, and Mrs. Mar garet Brennan,) arrived at Col. Ingraham'e office to-day, who were sent to this city from the Army of the Potomac by General Patrick, having come within our lines at City Point. Horan says that he has been employed in a Confederate workshop as an engineer, since tbe breaking oat of the rebellion, bat as the rebels have commenced to torce all such em ployees into tbe military service, he deter mined to make his escape from Richmond, which he accomplished by paying a man three hundred dollars (Confederate money) to pilot him through the rebel lines Into those of ours. There are plenty of men in Richmond, these refuges say, who make a "tat thing" ot it by acting as pilots for parties who desire to ran the blockade. These refugees are aliens, and were released by Col. Ingraham upon taking the oath of fidelity to the United States government. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS New York Stock Market?First Board. [By the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.] BLEW Yobk, Sep. 1-1.?U. S. 1881, coupon 6's, 107).; U. S. 5.30 s, 110*4; Certificate? of Indebt edness, !M'? ; Oold, 225 tf; ?. Y. Central, 125 ?4'; Erie, 1(5; Hudson River, 11S)_; Harlem,?; Readiug, t?O '? ; Michigan Central, l'34tf ; Michi gan Southern, 81; Illinois Central, ????: Cleveland ami Pittsburg-, ? ?? tf: Cleveland and Toledo, 123; Chicago and Uock Island, 10(5 tf; Milwaukie and Prairie du Chien, 60, Pitts burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 107 tf ; Alton and T?na Baute, 54; Chicago and Northwestern, 51 tf: Quicksilver, 81. New York Democratic State Convention. Alba?iy, Sept. li.?The Democratic State Convention met to-day, and was temporarily organized, with M. B. Champlin as chairman. There is a large attendance. After the appointment of sundry committees the Convention took a recess until 4 o'clock. Arrival of Paroled Prisoner?. BA_TiMORB,;Sept.?14.?The flag of truce boat New York, with 360 paroled men and I o officer*, arrived at Annapolis this morning. Among them are ? ? umber o? Mar y landers. Their con dition is a little improved. ? ?1?? ? LOCAL NEWS. Mbbtino i? thb Sbvbkth Ward.?The McClellan and Pendleton men of the Seventh Ward had an adjouraed meeting, (Mr. Wm. H. Thompson in the chair, and Mr. Grinder acting as secretary,) last night, for the purpose of forming a ward campaign association. Dr. Charles Allea, from the committee ap. pointed at a previous meeting, reported a con stitution and by-laws, which were unani mously adopted; and the association then pro ceeded to elect officers. Tbe names of Dr. Allen and Mr. Samuel Taylor were put in nomination for President of the association, and Dr. Allen withdrawing in favor of Mr. Taylor, tbe latter was unani mously elected. Mr. Taylor, in taking the chair, spoke of the purposes for which they were associated, among which was the restoration ->f the land marks established by our forefathers, aad which had been displaced by the Administra, tion ia power. He saw many present with whom be bad politically differed in the past, and he recommended that lor the sake of the good cause tbey should all let by-goaes be by gones, and work together harmoniously. [Ap plause.] The association then proceeded to elect its other officers, as follows.?Col. O.A. Alexander, first vice president; Wm. H. Thompson, sec ond vice president; Peter C. Harvey, treasurer; O. Boswell, secretary; Samuel ?. Amery, re cording secretary. The meeting was then addressed by Capt. J. II. McCntchen, Dr. Allen, and Mr. Thomas B. Florence, after which a call was made for subscribers to the constitution, and quite a number responded by giving their signatures and planking down their dollar subscriptions. ?????????) Recovery op Monbt, Ac Sunday last W. M. Davenport was arrested and sent to jail on suspicion of the robbery of the house of J. Madigan, as reported in the Star ot Monday. Serg't Cronin who made the arrest, -wanted also to arrest Wm. A. G.Jackson, who he suspected to be the principal operator, but he bad left the city. Sergeant Cronin sent offi cer McLlfreeh, to Alexandria yesterday to look after Jackson, and lie caught Jackson in a grog shop in the suburbs of the city. The officer im mediately searched his prisoner and found Madlgan'B gold watch in his pocket, and 8445 -25 concealed in the liningof his vest. The amount stolen from Madigan was about 8550. Jackson was a boarder at Madigan's house, aad knew where Madigan kept his money. Jackson was brought to this city last night, and was sent to jail for courtjby Justice Boswell. Davenport, who was arrested on suspicion, was taken to Alexandria to identify Jackson, and as soon as he saw him be seized him, and before the offi cer could separate them had given Jackson a smart thrashing. The suspicion against Dav enport being removed by the capture of Jack son and the recovery of the property, he was honorably discharged from custody by Justice Bos w e 11 tb is m orn in g. Assault and Battbbv Casbs.?Night be fore last, Joseph Thomas, residing on Van etreet (Island) got into a dispute with his wife and ehe ?trnck him over the head with a brick when be struck her back and used her rather roughly. The wife procured a warrant, and he was arrested by officer Whitmor? who took him before Justice Cnll and he was held to se curity for court. Yesterday afteraoon the notorious Matilda Light, who for some days past has been board ing, as she states, at one of our most respecta ble hotels, went over to Pear Tree alley where she came acroeesome of h-r old acquaintances. They got to words, some of them threatening to bave ber arrested. She determined to give tbem a cause, and'pitched into Mies Caroline Schneeder "a la Hyer," and gave her a beau tiful black eye. Tbe last named procured a warrant for the arrest of Till for aa assault and battery and Mary Jane Taylor one for tbe arrest of Mary Stephens for disorderly con duct on tbe occasion, and they were arrested bv officer Maxwell, and taken before Justice Boswell who committed Till to jail for court, aid committed Mary Stephens to the work house. -Michael Wolf, a teamster in Rabbit's camp, on the Island, yesterday got into a difficulty With Andrew Guesett, the watchman, and struck h'm npon the bead with a stick. He was arrested by officer Weeden, and Justice Boswell held bim to security for court. Obfhahb Court, Judge Pureell.?Yester day, Mrs. Elizabeth Poe was appointed guar dian of Fernando Poe, orphan or George Poe, Jr., and George Cook to the orphans of Ber. nard Cook. The first snd final account of Lucinda Crompton, , administratrix of Emanuel J. Crompton, and second acconntof Wm. Sauter, guardian of orphans of John 0_. Sauter, -were approved and passed. A caveat to the last will and testament of Joureutt" Bev, which was filed on Saturday, bequeathing hiseetate to H. Xelo ws_i, was filed by Salnoa B. Golly. The petitioner allege? that the testator leave? relative? ia Turkey, that tbe alleged will was proonred through fBBud and importunity, aad that the testator wa* not of sound mind when be executed ?neh ' I alleged will. It waa ordered that prooeedings la the case be stayed until Tuesday next, and tbat witnesses be anmmoned in the meantime. Mr. Miller appears for the legatee, and Mr. Detvid ge for the petitioner. (JHUBCH Stktjck BT 1.1 (?htmnu.? During the heavy thunder storm wbich passed over this city on the 10th ultimo, the Baptist church, on 13th street, was struck by lightnme. The fluid passed dewn the spire of the chnrch into tbe cupola tearing away the inner sheeting, and tbrowing several of the planks about t ?ren ty feet distant. From the spire rod the light, nirg passed to the chnrch bell, where It was arrested in its downward course by the striking machinery of the fire? telegraph, and safely conducted by tbe telegraph wires out of the church witbont further damage. Fortunately for the church, the telegraph wires had been introduced on the day before the storm. Had it not been for the timely protection thus af forded, the lightning must have passed down through the chnrch, and in it? course destroyed the fine organ located immediately below the bell. Cutting Affati:.?Last night, abont UK o'clock, a fight occurred near the corner of M end 20th streets, between four men, Wm. H. Thompson,-Stewart,Thos. McKeever, and a soldier, name unknown. The cry of murder ras beard by officers Stincbcomb and Harris, who ran to the spot and arrested Thompson, Stewart, and McKeever, and took them to the First Ward Station-house. McKeever was badly cnt abont the hands and arms, and was stabbed in several places in the back. Dr. Lowiie was called upon and dressed the wounds, and pronounced them to be not dan gerous, thongh severe. Thompson was held to bail for a hearing, and Stewart committed to jail. McKeever was sent to his home. Whisky was the probale canse of the murs, bnt the de tails are not knewn, as no examination was entered upon. Justice Drnry will Investigate the alt "air when tbe witnesses are obtained. Tbmpbranck Mkbtisg.?Last evening an interesting public temperance meeting was held in the Union League building, under the auspices of tbe Good Samaritan Division, No. 1, which was largely attended by delegations from the various divisions, among whom were many soldiers, lady visitors of the divisions, and others. Dnring the evening addresses were delivered by Messrs. F. M. Bradley, R; O. Greene, T. O. Smith, Hall, Hurley and others. The band attached to Finley Hospital, tbe members of wbich belong to the order, was present and performed some flue musie. A number of pieces were sung by some of the la dies, and at tbe conclusion a fine tablean, rep resenting ??the reformed drunkard," was given, a number of ladles taking principal parts. The Funbral op Mb. Gbo. Cochran.?The funeral of the late George Cochran took place this morning from the residence of his son, on E street, between 2d and 3d, and was attended by a numerous assemblage of relatives and ir nds, among whom were some of onr oldest citizens. The service? were conducted by Rev. ?. B. McFalls, of the Assembly's (Presbyte rian) c?urch. after which the cortege proceeded to Glenwood, where the remains were placed in the vault, the Columbia Typographical So ciety, of wbich he was a memb?r, marching in procession. Tbe following gentlemen acted as pall bearers: F. B. Lord, Sr., Michapl Caton, Thomas Donoho, A.F.Cuningham, H. Walker, Wm. Woodward -??? Incbbacing thb Finb.?This morning offi cers Whitemort? and Weeden arrested John Gray and Terranee Finegan, on south F street, near 3d street, for being drunk and disorderly and took them to the Station. Gray, however, proved to be a desperate character, so much so that they had to handcuff, big-iron and gag him. This morning they were brought out tefore Justice Boswell who fined Finegan $?.*. he having made no resistance, and imposed a small fine on Gray, who commenced to swear considerably, and" the Justice very properly increased it to ?? S4. -?? Fourth Ward Station Case.".?David Roach, Johanna Connor, Margaret Shugaree, Daniel Grady, Patrick Kent, violating cow law ; ?3.00 each. Charles Cavanagh, do.: *5. Jno. Garrett, drunk ; g&OQ. Wm. A J. Jack son, grand larceny ; jail for court. Thos. Harvey, disorderly; military. John Crohan, do.: Jas. Crohan, do.; locked np. Patrick Long, selling liquor without license, ?20 5??; Jno. Hen nessey, drunk and disorderly ; dismissed. Wm. Dawson, Archibald Brown, fast riding : military. John ?Drogan, drnnk ; Sti.oo. Port op Georgetown.?Entered?Steamer Fairbanks, Hunter, from New York; Schooner Abbe, Knight, from Boston; Louisa F. Smith, Calb, from Bath. Cleared?Schooners Sarah Catharine, Quell, Patuzent; M. P. Stevens, Reed, Snow Hill; Mechanic, Jones, St. Mary's; Monterey, Harris, Havre-de-Grace; John P. Spedden, Hnbbard, Port Deposite; Longboats Mary Ann, Disney, Accotink; G. Pirate, Beid en, Piscataway; Greyhound, Tuell, Swan Creek. -? On Bail.?Charles A. Cornwell, who was arrested several months since and committed to jail, and wbo was subsequently Indicted for malfeasance in office and abstracting public recorde, was on Monday released from jail, he having given bail in tbe earn of 83,000 for his appearance at court, --?? Thb Treasury Dbpabmbnt Building.? Workmen are actively engaged in repairing tbe corridors of the Treasnry Department Build in g. That portion set apart for the use of the Internal Revenne Bureau has already been completed, and presents a neat and pleasing appearance, -m Returned.?Mr. Lewis Davis, of the Bank ing firm of Lewis Johnson A Co., has returned from an extensive European tour, looking as fine as silk. ?5?" A bill was presented to the United States circnit conrt to-day by Israel Dorsey, colored, claiming to be a citizen of Massachusetts, and asking an injunction to restrain the county court of Alexandria connty from proceeding to hear and determine the case of Graff vs. How ard without examining him as a witness. The parties to the case of Graff* vs. Howard being white, nnder tbe laws of Virginia, Dorsey is not allowed to testify. It is claimed bv Dor eey tbat nnder the Constitution of the United States he has as mnch right to testify in a suit between white men here as in Massachusetts. We are not aware what disposition was made of the case by Judge Underwood.?Alexandria Journal, 12th. ?7? report comes by way of New Orleans that three rebel regiments at Galveston had mutinied and turned the guns of the fort upon the city. The cause of this outbreak was the refusal of the commanding officer to issue floor to tbe men, when there appeared to be abun dance in tbe hands of the commissaries, and when the officers drew regular rations. Gen. Magruder made a flowery speech and bacon and flour were served ont to the men, bot as many of them were Texas Unionists, who had been conscripted, the mutinons spirit was only checked for a time. Good Reasoning.?a consistent peace man asks the Missouri Democrat why tbe democ racy do not insist upon proposing an armistice to the Indians, to the end that the "whole con troversy may be settled on terms alike honor able to both tbe Government and the redskins." ??Plato, thou reasonest well." ?y The young lady pnpils of the Buffalo schools are to receive prizes for the ??best loaves of bread." That's the proper thing f jr tbe girls to get prizes for. A grave old exam iner once asked a female class in chemistry what were the components of a loaf of bread. Tbey gave it np. ?aT'Tbere is not the suchtest doubt, accord ing to the latest account?, that ae soon as, Anstria and Prussia have settled matters in Schleswig-Holstein they intend to take the German diet in hand, and remodel it upon a basis more subservient io their united in terests. ?Sr~Tne Immigration during the past, month has reached tbe extraordinary figure of 2*2,417 souls, as against 16 497 f?ir th?? corresponding month of last year; an increase of (?,WK in iUelf equal to the population ot many thriving towns. tSTA large establishment at Chicago, Illi nois, is devoted to the preparation of fertilising material, by drying the blood, livers, and other waste from the slaughter house.?. The pro duct is sent to New York and Philadelphia for sale. ?STDavid Duff, confidential clerk of Morgan A Sons, bankers, New York, was arrifsted just as be was leaving on the last steamer for Enron?. He had *15,000 of bfs employers? money ia hie possession, without ?aid em ployers' consent.. ty New Orleans paper? are quarreling over Cortinas, ol Mexico. One calls him a brave man end a patriot, aad aaother a murderer, ibief, traitor and illiterate vagabond. f&~James E. Wannel baa been sentenced by the Baltimore criminal court to be bung for the mnrder ot Matbew Taylor lu March last. ?STA petition to the Freneh Senate for the abolition of capital punishment has received 80,00? signatures. irjr> Washington University, St. Louis, ha? been enriched by a donation of ??0.000. tarStreM robberies in New York are-becomlng alarmingly trequeat. ??fir The rebel Gen. Bee. of Sooth Carolina, is dead. te*y Lord Lyon? and soite are on a visit to Canada. ???-Another t-egro insurrection is feared m ta Georgia l9~InsanUy a? on the increase lu St. Lom?. rv-y-lllW BTJILDIN? ASBOOIATION. -??.?e (1< of ?ubrvription f.r ? new BUILIMNU AB* SGOIATION are open at tb? ease? of H ARv'Vy A CtmiNi. No. ?176 7th .treet, .oppo.iu ?**_ eral Post Offle*,> where per?.?? destrona of b?? oouiaassesibera bavean opvortusitr to HotMrrib? Wsea 600 ?her?a er? subscribed, a meeting will fc? called ?rid the association organised, nop u-ti rrs=?SE0OMD WARD BOUNTY FUND. i"t ?meeting of the citi.en? of the Beeond Ward. ????Id at German Hall, on 11th etreet. between F and O str?t?, a resolution was un?nimoua]y pa*?ed to? immediately rai?? a Ward Bounty fund, and that Tour col ectora and four prominent placea of baai ne?aa ahould h? selected for that parpo?*. Th? G??????*---?- ? -V. -. fnn?wL?'".W.*rd *? .??"??? contributi on?; and the bonk ???G -".r^eted. where will be fonala ?_ B_!3 *_G r'__lD?cau volunt-r, entri baU: ?"Ai?-AAt? nr**?' C0T*J? nTW *n* ??**. The draft lu-m. been ordered for Monda- 19th September, th? citizen? of the Ward win ?L? thl necewity for immediate action. "* ?? i : 2..B_M.'_P.-???,_'nt. sep 14 2t* SAM?? W. OWEN. Treaiu-er J. W SPALDINQ, Secretary. ' |7*OR SALE?Six eood WASTE or GARRAOE G CARTS and Harnea?. Aptly to "Ann*u" J. M. YUlNO.Jr A HBO sepJ4-e?23t2_403 J^enn'a av.. near 4>* at. POLITICAL HISTORY OF THE RBBBLLI?i* by Edward McPherson, Clerk of the llon-oof Eepreaeiitativea. Man aDil hi? Relation?; by 9. ? Brittas, M D La Hodde'a Secret 8<?cietiee of Krane?. Hirb+rt Ppencer'a Clarification of th? Sueno.-? United State? Regisier. US!. The Trial; by the author of the"U?ir of B*-I cliffe." Memoir of Mr?. Caroline P.Keith. Missionary o Chiua._[>epl4l FRANCE TAYLOR. TBE SOLDIER'S FRIEND !- Bein? a correct guidato the Soldier, answering almost every inquiry he may have to make with direction? for the Soldier, clearly and explicitly laid down to guide him in all hi? hnaine*? tr?na?ctiona before the Department?.particularly theWar Department; 1 '?aides wb'ch. it contain? other information of th? utmost value to the Soldier. No Soldier ahould b? without It. Bent post paid, to any 8o]dier'a ad dree?, on receipt of 6< cents. Address ?"t fiMQ. Washington City Poat Office. Th? Soldier avant be particu ar in giving his company, regiment, Ac. ?ep 14lw*_ *D0Y8' AND YOUTHS' FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING. We invite p?rente to an inspection of onr large stock of B0Y8' OVERCOATS, ????' JACKETS. BOYS' PANTS. BOYS' VE8T8. BO VS' SHIRTS, UNDERSHIRTS. DRAWERS, it e. which we are selline as low a? goods of like quali ty can be had for in the Northern cities. WALL. STEPHENS A CO , 3-2-2 Pennaylvania avenue, sep 14-lmif [Intel.1 bet.9th and 1 >th at? WOW READY, THE POLITICAL HISTORY or t?* UNITED 8TATES OF AMERICA, Dl RIHli THE GREAT REBELLION. i ROM BOVEMBEB 6, 116". TO -'G I ? 4, 1?64 ; Including a cl?sslfied summary of the '. ?_ ?a lati"n of the Second Sesaion of the Thirty-sixth Con gresa. the Three Seasions of the Thirty e-venth Congre??, the First Session of the Thirty-eitthth Congre??, with the vote? thereon, ?nd the im,por tant Executive. Judicial and Politico Military Facts of that eventful period; together w?th th*?. organization, legialation and general proc-cd'ne? of the Rebel Administration, l?y Hon. Edward McPhirsos, Clerk of the Houso of Representatives of the L'nited State?. Tbe work cont?ine a ?a???G?? of Facts, ar ranged in logical order, or grouped in natural harmony: constituting a most valuable contribu tion to tbe Historical Literature of the country. In all the votes, parties are classified. The Index in thorough, ttoih a< to nani- ? and suit itti.-, giving tbe reader entire command of the con - tents. *48pp.,8yo ? 'aw, sheep; pricef ?; frk? nv u m.. PHILP A SOLOMONS, Publisher?. se 14-eo.w M?tropolit?n Bookatore, 33 j i'a. av ????????e?. For ?nie. a good second hand open CARRIAGE. Price fian. V*ry che?p. ROBT. H. GRAHAM. sep 13-.1t* 409 Pa. av.. T. Young'? oil stand. A THE REVEILLE. FIRST CLASS DINING ROOM AND RE3 TAURANT, Will open WEDNESDAY, B-ptsb?er 14th. At No. 420 Penn. avenue. sep 18-2t? f ARROW A LEWIS, Proprietor*. TWO NEW AND SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD PI ANO FORTES AT PRIVATE SALE.-We of fer at private sale two new and superior Ro-e w- ?? ! Case Seven Octave PIANO FORTES of fine tone and workmanship and from a celebrated manu factory, which will be sold at a rea?-en*ble price. JAS. 0. MoGUIRB ? Oo., sep*i3-6t_Auction and Com. Merchants. CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES. Having taken tbe old-ettabliahed stand of Tho?. Young, 409 Pennsylvania avenue, I shall con tinue to keep a large and varied assortment of fashionable CARRIAGES. Parties in want would do well to call. HOBT. H. GRAHAM, CoachroaW. 409 Pa. av., and 314 I) ?treet. Repairing promptly attended to. ?eg l,V3t* ?QC PAWNBROKER AND Ouf. _.00 LOAN OFFICE. ?_0*> LICENSED BY AUTHORITY. 2S5 MATTIIEW~K. WALSH. 2?** 21?-? C ??????, between 1? than.) llth. ?k Second door from Harvey'? Oyster Saloon. In compliance with the wish of many friend*. I am now prepared to make liberal Caeh ad- /flj\ vanee? on Gold and Silver Watches, Dia-JLWA monda. Jewelry, Pilver-ware, Hardwaro,*af 9M Clothins. and Merchandise of every description in goo4 order, ?-"'"Havine had twelve yearsexperieu-e in buci ni n? in the City, and favornh'y known to many of it? citizens. I am confident that to all who may in trust me with buainees,(which will be strictly confidential) 1 will give satisfaction. Ollice opeu every day (Sunday exceptedj from S'-ven oVloek, A. M. until Nine o'clock p. M._? ? ?-?m MARINI? FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY. Temperance Hall, E street,between 9th and 10th. Prof. Marini b?gs leave to announce to hie patrons and the public in general, that be will resume hi? usual eeuree of instruction ?n TUESDAY, Sept SOth. I DAYS OF TUITION, For Ladies, Misses, and Masters. TUESDAY; THURSDAY a=d FRIDAY, from 3 to 5 p. m. Class for Gentismen, every TUESDAY, THURS DAY and SATURDAY, from 8 to 10 p. m. For further particulars ?ee circnlar? at Muelo Store?, or apply at the Academy durin?? school hours._sep f>-2w* NOTICE. L'NITED STATES 7 3-10 LOAN. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WASHING TON has now on hand, ready for imm?diat? d*'n? ery, a full supply of these new Bond?. Subscribers are requested to present their urtifeatts at ones and receive their Bonds. Tb-se having money to invest simuli not lose sight of the fact that by investing in this Loan tbey not only receive Interest, at the high rate of 7 3-1 per cent., but secure to themselves the very important advantage of obtainine< ?-'- th? ?t?l of three year?, 6 PER CENT. .*-<> YEAR BONDS AT PAR, which are now worth over 1 '2 per cent, premium, aad which after the war muet necessa rily advance to a much higher rate. au 21-tf JjBjw lafe. i'00D%Lf. ,?k HI %TT BINGfNG AND PIANO, *Sr Commences instruction in the above branch?e on MONDAY. Sept. .1th. at hr-r residence, 156 ? st., bit. l-Stb and PKh. north side._???< 2"* J SCHOOL llUoK:-. UST RECEIVED a full and complete etocii of SCHOOL BOOKd. which we offer for eale at tb? lowest price? Aleo a full ?tock of achool re<iuisite< embranee r-late?. Slate and Lead Pencil?. Blnnk Books. Sta tionery, Ink, Pens, Rubber. Bli-ok Board an I Slate Rubber?, ?Ve .Ac. WB BALLANTYNE. m p 5-1 p? ' 498 7th st.. bet. D and E ats^ DENTISTRY-Dr?. LOCK WOOD A MERRILL, Dentists. Room Ho. '2, Washington. Bui ding, corner Pa. av. and 7th ?t.. Ail* operations performed is tbe moet eiiillfol manner. Charge? reasonable. espH-lm pOPARTNE R 3? I ? . T h? undersigned, haTIiTg fri* M* <*m?&& theioFelves under th? naine ???.?'?'G?,??5?? T SMITH A CO., will contine? the UKUOBR?, WINE ana LIQUOR bu.lnen? at tbe ola stand, (occupied for tie last.*tt?j*&X*Bfa*nJ?4 RmUhG? All 7th ?treet, in the national lnteiii ?eueer BuiMing; W? will b?. happy a. all. ti mM ^_?.n,iP friends and the public geu-rnlly. ie-1-iiig preei^^ted low 9'^^}j^? T. 8MITH> THOMAS W. STBCaRT. JOHN T. FOSTER. Washington, Jaly 8 l*>*? 1 he* to return my fincore thenke to ci fri??'*? and tb? public g? nerally^for tbe patr?n??? ?o 'ibe ???\? b??towe4upon me.during tuy butfnf?isc*re?r lore andearneetly eobcit a continuance of Wi? Lmeto?liTnew firm, where tlioy will al??? re ceive the aiost polite aud eoureous arteuuoe. whether tbey purchae? or not ?*?._?___ Please remember the number. SII 7th tttttL now under Gardners 'n?^g?JJ?#e{?urn. ' WsabinctoB, July 8. 18e_L_?epl eei.u CAPTAIN aTRAND. OF TkE "??fpF-'Jf?i HiaLoTeaaad?tploiU. _ByOapt.H. a. wurn ?.8fctf..wt*ISBArtratteB?^lg^E t4twm

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