Newspaper of Evening Star, September 14, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 14, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AM?8BM1NT8 ??-??T??. VABTKTiBe.-?'The Female Piclrpo??' ? Washington, or High and Low Life In the? Cap itol," ia announced for to-night again at mr. Fits Simmon's hall. The play is of a purely sensational character. The songs and dances by tbe rest of the company are exceedingly at tractive, as all will acknowledge who witness them. CANTBRnrRV? Mr. Leadeserves great credit for fiTiiir the public so flue a concert hall en. tertalnment a? he nightly does. He always endeavors to secure the beet and most promi nent performers in song, dance and Ethiopian eccentricity, and his success is great. The bill for tonight is one replete with fun and interest. Fobd'p ??eat?.p ?The beautiful drama of ??Shandy McGuire," and the comedy of "Irish Assurance aid Yank??e Modesty," are an nounced for to nigut The Florences will, of course, assume the principal characters, but they will be well sustained by all the members ?g Mr. Ford's fine company. ??Shandy Mc Guire" is an interesting plav. and It is in good hands. Geover'b Theater.???The School for Scandal,"' is the play here. The cast is a splendid one, and embrace? Mr. Wm. Warren, Miss .lofephtte Orton, Mr. Chirles Barron, Mies Emily M estay er, and other prominent performers* Mr. Warren himself is amusing as he wits in former years, and keeps his audiences in a continued good humor. Hamiic iBR'?? last magical entertainment is announced for touight. The past two nights he has had crowded bouses, and has pleasant ly mystified his audience each night. The last opportunity oi seeing him ia now offered. Pic Nies?At Beckert's Garden, Navy Yard, and at Washington Park, 7th street, there will be pic nies this afternoon and eve ning. Either will be worth attending. SB?, on?? Ward Draft Meeting.?Pursuant to adjournment the citizens of the Second Ward met in Germania Hall, 1 Ith etreet, near F, for the pnrposeof completing arrangements for completely filling the ward's quota and avoid the draft. The meeting was called to order by the Pres ident, Mr. JR. Barr. Mr. S. A. Peugh, from the committee to pre pare and report a plan of operation, reported that tbey bad waited upon the Provost Mar shal. Gen. Fry, by whom they were kindly re ceived, and who answered them promptly upon all matters ot which they inquired. The deficiency in ihe ward's quota Is 173. General Fry inlormed the committee that what they designed to do should be done very quickly, as by their active efforts to fill tbe quota a brief delay of the draft might be obtained in the Dis trict. By the books at the Provost Marshal General's office, tbe committee learned tbat during ten days the enlistments to the creditor the entire District were only ten. The committee suggested the selection of a Treasurer: a committee to solicit contribu tions, and Messrs. Blanchard and Mohun's store as a depository, for those wno desire to contribute and may uot be called upon by the collectors. Mr. Spalding moved the appointment of four collectors, two for each Precinct, which was agreed to. The meeting selected Messrs. W. Spalding and .1. H. Sessford for the pre cinct ,-cjiitti of H street, and Messrs. J. W. Tucker aud W. S. Roose lor the precinct north of H street. Mr. Loose moved that the names of all con tributors be published in two daily papers of ihe ci'j ; passed. lUr. Spalding; moved that the following places be designated as deposi tories for voluntary contributions. Col. S. W. Owen's store, Pennsylvania Avenue, between 11th and 15th streets. H. ?Jlay Stewart, corner of II and ritti streets; Blanchard ?c Mohun's, corner of Uth and Pensylvania Avenue: Michael Green's, corner 13th and L streets, which was agreed to. Capt G. McClellan moved that all persons; liable to enrolment be requested to contribute not lese than ten dollars each ; agreed to. The election of Treasurer being in order Col. S. W. Owens was unanimously elected. Mr. Boose inquired if the committee bad acted upon the request of the last meeting and proposed a resolution relative to an in crease of bounty by the City councils. Mr. f-palding replied that the committee in? tended to bring that?matter before the councils ; but tbe resolution would be prepared before Friday night next, and the ward delegates could have it before the next meeting of the councils. Mr Ko se said he was anxious to have tbe resolution before the council as early as pos sible, as by tbe subject being up in the coun cils tbe facts would go out to the country, and correct tbe false notion that had spread among the people relative to the condition of tbe city. Manv ?-opposed Wellington to be a God for saken city; bnt when the facts are clearly stated the country would see tbat it is not God forsaken, but Government forsaken. Mr Spalding remarked that the city author ities, with the Mayor, had done all in their power to enable the city to fill its quota with out a draft, and the blame does not rest with them, if anywhere. Mr. Loose replied that he did not mean to rest censure upon the city authorities, but just the reverse. He wanted tbe country to know what bad been done, and that would remove all censure from tbe city authorities. Mr. Spalding moved tbat the collectors be requested to enter upon their duties immedi ately. Agreed to. ?* On motion of Mr. Roose, it was ordered that the names of collectors and the depositors be published dally. By common consent a collection to pay lor advertising was taken np. Mr. Peugh remarked that two precincts of Montgomery county, Maryland, had contracted lth a substitute broker to fill their quotas for $12,010. In two weeks they raised 89,000, and tbe balance Is now well nigh made up. If this can be done in county precincts we eurely have hopfs of success in this city. On motion of Mr. Spaulding, it was ordered tbat the collectors be constituted a committee to prepare the necessary books for themselves and the depositories, and be entrusted with the advertising provided for. Mr Boose moved that the ward delegates be requested to invite the sister wards or the city to co operate with the Second Ward in this effort to relieve the city or the draft. Agreed to. Tbe advertising contribution amounted to a considerable pile, and the collectors reported the sum subscribed on the spot :o be *?23??. The meeting then adjourned until Friday next at :,', o'clock p. m. Trustees of Puhlic ScnooLS.?The regu lar monthly meeting of tbe Board of Trustees of Public Schools, was held last night in the Aldermen's Chamber, City Hall, Mayor Wal lach in the chair. The applications of Miss Susan O. Snelling, and of Miss Salue F. Stone for tea^ hersbip, were presented and referred to committee on examination. Mr. Wight, from the committee on vocal musi?, reported the time at which instruction shall lie given in vocal music iu the several schools. * Mr. Tustin, from the special committee to inquire into tbe manner in which the recent written examinations were conducted in the grammar and intermediate schools, and whether any teacher had obtained any knowl edge whatever or the nature or the printed lists and questions prior to the time designated for the examination, and if so, through whom, Ac, made a report. Mr. Wilson, upon whose metion the committee was appointed, stated to :he committee, at a meeting held by them, that rumor had gained currency tending greatly to injure the reputation or one or th?j teachers of tbe public schools, it having been alleged that from a knowledge of the questions to be used, ae had been enabled to prepare the pupils of his school lor tbe recent written ex amination. Mr. Wilson further stated be bad been informed tbat a person employed at the ?affice at which they were Erinted had declared to another teacher that he ad seen, and consequently bada knowledge of the questions ?. Ilude.? to. Several gentlemen present at the committee meeting, who were ?upposed to know something of ta9 matter, ad mitted a want of knowledge of the face, and disclaimed any Intention of injuring the re putation or feelings of their associates in what they had said.f? he teacher referred to denied ail knowledge ^. the questions natii the day of examination. The committee also find that a copy cf the questions was placed in the hands of a teacher by one of the pupila, but no im proper use was made or it. The committee come to th? conclusion that the examinations wer? conducted in accordance with the ru lee laid down by the Board. Mr Wilson announced that the new boos? recently adopted by the Board, could b* ob tained or Mr Hallanty ne in a ??reek or ten daya at the following prices: (the corresponding old books also to be given in exchange): Kerls new ?Comprehensive Grammar,4??cents; Kerl'? new Elementary Grammar, '?5 ceut??; Lossing' Common School History, HH cents; ?Leasing* Primary History, 63 cents; introductory price of the Song Garden, book secondino exchange 67 cents. The report of 7. Richard?, E?q., director of trie Teachers Institute the pant year, wa* pre ?tented by Mr. Wilson. Mr H. reports the In umate a decided sue ese. Mr. Potter, author ora new system of pen manship, who has been instructing the teach ers lately in order to secure uniformity in writing, we? invited to and addressed the board relative to bis sy?v-m, and reported tltat a few more day? would complete his Ubcirs among tbe teachers. On motion of Mr. Murtagh, a re?olution was ?idopted requesting tbe esttblishmeat of two additional primary schools in the Fourth Dis trict. Adjourned until Tuesday, the '?7th. Addbbbs ob Sbcrbtabt Sbwabd to thb Libcolb san J0HB80H AssociATioB.?Secre tary Seward made the following address to the Lincoln and Johnson Association, who called npon him last evening: Fellow-citizens: I understand that yon are tbe Lincoln and Johnson Association of the District of Columbia, j Voicee?'? W? are."] Well, I inquire because it is well when people meet that each party know exactly who the other party are. I'll tell you, therefore, who 1 am. I am a citizen who is in favor of the same ticket j ou support?Lincoln and Johnson. I am lor them becanse tbey are the candidates of the Union wbich we are fighting for. We have found it necessary to fight for thit cause; and when I am obliged to fight for a cause I am the lain man whe will go to the polls and vote aeainst it. Fellow-citizens: In aspeech I made recently, at Auburn, I said there should be no draft, be cause the army is being reinforced by 5.000 to 1(>,( <<0 volunteers per day. The people of Au burn understood me, and cleared their district of the draft by volunteering. Patriotic men in Philadelphia write me that they understood me to say that there will be no draft, and there fore they stop volunteering. I avail myself, therefore, of this occasion to correct their mis take by saying tbat as faith can only show it self by works, so tho draft will surely come if we do not volnntepr, and so prevent it. I hopa that point is settled row. Fellow-citizens, the democracy at Chicago, after waiting six we-ks io see w&e'her tbe war for the Fnion was io succeed or fail, finally concluded that it wonld fail, and therefore they went in for a nomination and platform to make the failure a sure thing bv a cessation of hostilities?an abandonment of the contest. At Baltimore, on the contrary, we determined that there should be no euch thing as failure, and therefore we went in to save tne Union by bat tle to tbe last, and Sherman and Farragut have knocked the bottom out of the Chicago nomi nations. [Cheers ] The elections in Vermont and Maine prove that the Baltimore nominations are staunch and sound. The issue is thus squarely made up?McClellan and disunion, or Lincoln and Union. Have you any doubt of the result on that issue.' [No, no.] Nor do I have any doubt. M?ny thanks, my friends, for thia vis it. Good bye. Flag Raisihg?Quite a crowd assembled yesterday afternoon to witness the hoisting of the large national flag across Pennsylvania avenue, at the junction of 9th street, bearing on its folds the names of Lincoln and Johnson, respectively for the Presidency and Vice Presidency. It was hailed with cheers, and speeches were made. Tbe crowd, animated by the Inspiring strains of a band of music, marched to the President's House to p&y their respects to Mr. Lincoln. He appeared and addressed them briefly, suggesting that it was the cause, the principle of equality and Union, and not the man, that they were honoring. The President was cheered. The crowd then pro ceeded to call on Mr. Seward, at his residence in F street, and he also addressed them in a few remarks, encouraging the friends of the Union candidates to perseverance in view of an early triumph over rebellion. He appre ciated and thanked the multitude for the honor of this call. Mr. Seward's utterances were also warmly applauded. Revival.?The revival at the McKendree Chapel, on Massachusetts avenue, is still in progress, and the interest is on the inc.ease there being nightly a number of person? at the altar for prayer. Twenty-five or thii'y per sons have already united with the church. The minister, Rev. John Thrush, and tne mem? t?eiship are aided by ministers and members from other charges. At Ryland Chapel an interesting protracted meeting is in progress. Last night the services were conducted by the Rev. Mr. Lemon, pas tor of the church, and the Piesiding Elder of the District, Rev. Mr. Pbelps. Quite a num ber went forward to the altar. -"?? Sad Accident.?On Sunday evening Mr. Samuel T. Larcnm, the estimable general deli very clerk in our city Poet Office, being abo ut to depart for New York, to accompany his family to this city, took a seat on the front of the mail wagon at the office door. He had gained that position buta moment, when the horses sud denly started and threw Mr. L. forward to the ground, falling heavily on his head. He was severely injured and wholly unconscious. He? t E3TATB?James C McGuire A Co? sold on Monday 7* acres of land near Good Hope Tavern, known as Uhlmann's vineyard, to Moses Kelly, for ?*4.5?>0. A lot, of ~?4 acres, adjoining the above, to M. Landner for $!i75. Lots numbered ? and 0, in Square 307, on ? street, between Ninth and Tenth streets west, at 25 cents per foot. -? Thb Lincoln and Johnson Club had a spirited meeting last night at Union League Hall. They received an accession of forty nine persons t? the membership. Mr. Van Ri per, of New Jersey, delivered a patriotic ad drees; and Mr. Morse was called npon and sang an original song dedicated to Maine, which was loudly cheered, and Mr. Morse was Invited to ?' do so some more." -m Second Ward Station Casba.?Alber Gutekunst, selling liquor to soldiers: S20. Also selling liqnor on Sunday; ?25. Also, selling liquor unlicensed: f20. Also, keeping a bawdy house; bail for court. Wm. Young, desertion; military. Albert Farrell. do.; James Daniels, G. W. Irving and Hammill Mason, drunk; ?1.5E each. Mary Nuttrell, vagrancy; dis missed. Lost Chi ld.?Monday afternoon, officer Gor man was placed in charge of a little girl named Margaret Welsh, who had strayed from her home, by a lady who found her roaming the streets, and the officer, after considerable diffi culty, ascertained tbat she resided in the Northern Liberties, and restored her to her guardian. Personal.?M. O. Roberts, New York, and George Francis Train, Nebraska, are at Wil lards' Hotel. SPKCIAXi NOTICES. ???? m New and Simplified Method for Pianoforti and BiBGisr;.?Profesaor Alexander Wolowski has opened Ladies' and Gentlemen's Afternoon and Evenine Sin sing Classes on the most liberal terms. By Professor Wolowski'? new method, ? person h (tying only a eliacht knowledge of music will be en abled in a very abort time to exeeat? on the piano operatic and clavical mualc wi*h rare perfection. A ? *? , v.. ...... ?__* l. ~ - - ?- - .....,.? .-..Ta--J:?? hie residence. ?o. 4*s> Tenth etreet, ?bove Pei ?ylvnnia avtnue. Reception hours are from l? 11 a. m. an?! 6 to 7 p. m. sep9-li CoBXS^Bunione, Inverted Nail?, and otter dis orders m the feet, when neglected injare the gen eralsyetm by preventing the body from taking that natural exercise so conducive to heal? h. To all afllic?ed with the*e terrible evil? we would re commend an early ca'l at Dr. White's offlce. No. 424 Penn'aav., bet. 4% and 6th sts. Who would sutler torment from disordered fe<?t when ?sure remedy is so near at hand, and can be effected without pain. Office open from 8 a m. to 8 p. m. ?ep"-tf_ 8B0BBT DISEASES. i? mar nan's Gift Ie the most certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever discovered. Cures in two to four days, ?nd receutcases in twenty-four hour? No m nera! no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pilla to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, ?nd ?, friend to those who do not want to be exposed. Male p?ck?ges, #2; female, ?J3. Samaritan's Root and Herb Juices? A positive and permanent eure for Syphilis,Scrofula,ulcer?, S?>ree Spot?. Tetter?. Ao. Prie? ?fi, or six bottle? for 98 Sold bv 8. 0. Ford. 8e? advertisement. ml DB. DuroBT'B Su^ar-coaled remai? Begul?tin? Pill? ?re the very best in use. They operate svtidily and tff-riivtly. and being sugar-coated create no nausea upon the most delicate stomach. A trial o. the?? Pills will prove their superiority over ?11 others. Price Al ? box. gold by S. 0. Ford, corner llth street and Pa.?venue.Washington,?no Henry Cook. Alexandria ? i??-ly DI8BA8B8 OF G?? NiavoCS, BlNIBAL, ?RIHABT abd Sexual 8t^tems?new and reliable treatment ?in Reports of tbe Howard Association?Sent by mail in sealed letter envel?se?, free of charge. Addreae D. 3. Bkillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, P?. _ le 30 am COLOATB'B HOBST SOAP. Thi? celebrated Toilet Soap, in such universal demand, is made from the choicest materials, is mild and emollient in its nature, fragrantly scent ed, ?nd extremely beneficia! in its action upon th? skin. For sals by all Druggist? ?al Fancy Good? Dealers. _??sMe**-- imUm*?l* THB CHEAPEST ABD ? BUT ?AltM Mm TEE WOBLS ->> rr Fades or Washes Out -???a?'? Hair Dye, ?0 oei ts a box. The beat in USBf" Try It. Sold by ?. O Ford.oorner llth afreet ?nd Penn. ?venue. Wash ogton; and Henry Cook, Alexandria. ??VW _ Do too color your whiskers ?nd mouatachef If ao, nee the "Japanese Huir Stain." No h?ir dy? In the world e<iuai toit. Only on? preparation. It color? ? naturai black or brown. Only fiO cent? ? bOX. g Q toSLD e*?**_ggfj Pa. ?venu?. Bol? Ag ' MARRIED, TllOMPSON.^Penn.1:1* U K Oo1? "M*3 .M On tbe 8th inst., by the R?v. Mr Finekal Mr flI'i1F^?p??ft?KLMd MiM ??"????? 8AM,both of this city. ? - t-~ ? DIED, MICHAEL CHRI8TOPHKR. son of Patrick Thomas ?nd Julia Corcoran, died Sept. Uth ared 1 ?ear and 8 tnontha. ????>?? Hi? funeral will take pise? ?t SK o'clock. Bea temi, er lits. .? On tbe '-th inst., MARY EDWARD KNIGHT, u fant UMiKhUr ot Joseph T. sud Margaret A T. a?itcheli.?sedH?e?re.6mo?th?andr2da>? ? _WANTS._ WANTED-A CIUM BEE MATH; alao, two WHITE GIRLS, for general housework. Apply intn?e?tiately ?t th? New York Hotel, corner of 7th aad E ?te._aep 14 3t* WANTED? A~jrood FOOT LATHE, with elide rest, orameli Engine Lathe, to work by foot power. Add reas D. BALLACK, ?14 Seventh ?t., Washington, DC._ sep U-3t? WANTED-A SITUATION a* clerk in a whole sale and retail grocery s'ore, by a toung man. witb good references; ba* been in the business five years. Address "W. H. W.." thiaOfflc?. ?epU 3f WANTED TO RENT-An UNFURNISHED HOUSE, containing six or eight roo t s. Must he within ?? minutes' walk of corn?r 14th at. and Pa. av. Any one having such a bouse for rut will find a pei man? nt and responsible tenant by ad dressing" Red grave," 8tar office._?ep 14-3f 117?NTBD^-A81 TUAT??N of some kind by aa tv active man of strict temperance habit? and principles. Ha? best references, and can be relied upon to falfil regularly all duties, or would invest some capital in aome sa'e business. Plea?? ad <! r< h |* A. ?. ? atthi? office^_It* \17 ANTBD-Two ROOMS for ? furnis?.d. State term? and particulars. Ad dress "LEWIS." at this office._?ep 13 3t' VVANT1D-A NURSE. A?ply at No. 440 13th ? ? etreet, betweeu E and F streets. R^commea datifns required._ _aep 13 -t* \*JAWt%D?A MAsi to attend to a stationary ?v entine Situation permanent. Apply at onte to BALDWIN BROTH BBS. corner 1st and D street?._sep 13-2t* \\7 ANTED? To bnv. for cash, a small brick or ? ? frame DWELLING, within five squares of tbe corner of 14th and E s'.reets. Address 5. A. C, C?ty Post Office._ ?ep 13 it* WANTED?Bv a ladr of several ye?rs' experi ence a SITUATION on a sewing machine. Understands at-oe fitting or "atiey work. Address A. H .StarOffice._sep g 3t? WANTED?Bv a widow woman, with a boy nine year?, a SITUATION in a respectable fam ily as cook or waitress. Addriss Box 43, Star Of fice^_sep 13 3t* WANT?.D-A lady wishes EMPLOYMENT in writing. Will do copying f r lawyers, or writing of any kind that she can tike home. Ad dress"E.P.M.," through the p->wtoffice, se 13-3t* WANTED?At the Avenue House, No. 342 E street, between 1-tb and 13th. two OYSTER SHUCKEHSard one WAITER. None hut good hands need apply._sep 13 3t* \VANTEiTlMMEDTATRLY-A good OYSTER 11 SHUCK ER at TUIEME'S Bestaurant, Pa. av., betweeu titb and 7th afreets, Navy-Yard. sep 13 3t*_ WANTED? A young msrried c*nple desire to obtain FURNISHED APARTMENTS, Say two or three rooms and kitchen, suitable for housekeeping. Stating terms and location ad dress C. ?. ?.. at this office. _sep iS 3t* WANTED?A good set of ROOMS or a small home unfurnished, tor a ?mall fa-nily, In the vicinity of 6tb st- and ? v av. A good and steady tenant can be obtained by addressing R and S. G , Post Office._?ep 13 St? WANTED?The undersigned, a young man of 26, desire? a POSITION ina wholesale ani retail Grocery busine?*. Would furnish f?,???? or ??,d''0, for which he would expect a portion of the profits of the busies ?. Ad.lress J. ?. ? , 330 Delaware avenue, pep 13 3t* _Washington. D 0 WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Three journeymen CARPENTERS. None bat good hand? need apply at TURTON A LOWRY, on 12th st., above tbe Kirkwtod House^_sep 12 3t ?**0SEHT?A email Furnished HOUSE.or suite of Rooms with convenience for houae-ke*piii?. Must be in a respectable neighborhood. Address "Wat this office, stating term?. Ac._Sepl23t? WANTED-A respectable white GIRL for gen Tal housework:. No washing. A poly, cor ner Carroll Place, 1st and A etreets. Capitol Hill, sep 12 3t?_ WANTED-A so.i.l CARRIAGE WOOD WORK ER at WAITER A NE'KER'? C?rria?e Factory. 346 D street, between iitb and loth. sep 12 St*_ tpUBNItnBD HOUSE WANTED.?An officer with a untali family desires to rent for oue t car, a moderate sized well furnished House. Ad dress stating particulars, location. Ac, Colonel, Star Office._sep 12 3t* WANTED?Bv a voune mini of business quali fications, a SITUA ??0?. Is not particular what kind of bufine??. Is willing to make himself useful. Address Mr.Marshall, 47!) Jth street. sep 12 .'it*_ fpUBNISHED HOUSE WANTED?A comfort ably furnished HOUSE, of moderate size, is wanted immediately inthlecityor Georgetown. Central location preferred. Address Box No. ?iO.? Washington city post office._sep 12 tf COAOBM-AN WAV*?-??For a private family. Those who can bring satinfactory testimonials of character, and competency, may appi ? between the hour?of io and 12o'clock, to J. DEMT.No. 4.">t? ltth street._nep 12-lw? WANTKD-To purchases com'ortable DWEL LING HOUSE, containing about ten rooms, with modern improvement situated in a good and healhy location. Address "A. B." immediately through city post office, or app'y to J. C. Mc GUIBE'8 Auction Rooms._?ep 12-3t? W~ANT?D?A number of active, honest BOYS, as messenger in the Independent Telegraph Office. Good wages can be made. Apply at 400 15th street._ __sep I'-lw WANTED?To purchase a substantial modern built BRICK DWELLING, worth about $5,000, between 6th and 15th street? andnor'hof Pa. av. All cash if an object. Address " A. B. 0.,'Star Office. _8ep9-lw? SUBSTITUTES AND VOLUNTEBRg WANT ED.-100 MEN wanted, of all nationalities, to go ss volnnteera or substitutes, to whom the high est bounty will be given on day of enlistment, with choice of 1st and id regiments D. C. Volun teer?. GEO. H. CA88IDY, 446 8th street, be tween Penn. avenue and D street. sep9-lw*^ |Rep AChron]_ VBT ANTED, SECRETARY OF THE SPANISH LEGATION, A FURNISHED HOUSE, near llth.lsth, or 16th street, between ? and T. for six months fron) October let. Address to Gay etreet, cerner of Congress, Georgetown, ?ep.-lw*_ WANTED TO ADOPT A CHILD FROM ITS BIRTH?By a family without children. Ad dress, for ??? week, stating where the child may be seen, Mrs. CHAS. M. THOMAS, City Post Office. _sep8 6t* WANTED?Two Hnndred COLORED MEN. Appi ?u29 tf ply at No. 40 Water street, Georgetown. WANTED?Two steady, Industrious BOYS, one each to learn the Harness and Trunkmaking business. Apply at 300 7th street._au-9-tf 0~~LD BOTTLES WANTED!_ OLD B0TTLE8 WANTBD! The highest cash price will he paid for? Whole Champagne Bottles, Half do. do. Pint Porter do. Pint Ale do. Pint Ale Jug?, Ac,. Ac,by RILEY A. SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown, D. C. N. B.?Any person having large quantities of Old Bottles on band, can have tbem taken away by notifying me. [an 18-lm) R. A. BHINN. WANTED-By MORGAN A RHINEHART, at G etreet Wharf, ?.000 Tons GREEN HOS PITAL AND CAMP BONB8, for which the high eet market price will be paid._an 13-eolm WA ? ? E D-8E00ND HAND FURNITURE Also. MIRB0R8, CARPBT8, BEDS. BED DING, and H0U8EFURNT8HING GOODS of every description. B. BUCHLY, 4S* 7th street, 5e 8-tf between G and H. east aide. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS ?"?? PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing be tween William S. Mattewa and John W Smoot. under the name of W.S.MATTHEWS A CO., was on the 17th ult. dissolved by mutual consent. Parties indebteo will please call for settlement upon William S. Matthews, at No. 49 High street. W. B. MATTHEWS, ^ - o . J?IIN w- SMOJT. Georgetown, D. C, Sept 8,18^1. Tbe business wi'l be continued by W. S Mat thews, under the name of W. S. MATTHEWS A CO., and at th* old stand. No. 49 Uis'& atreet. where be will be pleased to serve his custonners sep9-2aw4t* WILLIAM 3. MATTHEWS. {GEORGETOWN CORPORATION 8T00K. VI Those person? who may be disposed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stock, v?dea bears an interest of six per eent. per annum, payable quarterly, can obtain some by applying to WM, DAIRD, Clerk of ?aid Corporation. Je 29-dtOl 316 F 8TREET. ?? CROCKERY, GLASS. AND __ TIN WARB. CUTLERY AND FANCY GOODS. COAL OIL AND COAL OIL LAMPS. I offer all of the above articles of goods, which embrsee the beet assortment ever offered to the Washington public; at lo per ceni lower than they can be purchased elsewhere in ths city Call and see for yourselves. ?ep2-lm? 316 F st. north, bet l'ith and ll'th. A CLOSING OUT 8ALXT 8 A Preliminary move toward closing busi ness, the nnderaigned will offer, for a limited re riod. their entire stock of DRY GOODS and GRO CERIES at much reduced prices for cash. At the expiration of the said period, tbe balance of the ?tock. together with the property belonging to the Aim, will be offered and sold at public auction. A. F. OFFUTT A CO., No. 163 and 16? Bridge street, sepS-KH* Georgetown, P.O. IVOTICETO 8UTI.iR8.-Adouble deck BARGB ?? ? mi tone? in good order, all ready for use, can be bought ob reasonable terms. Bale to close cone?.-. Apply to Capt. Gushman.on board Barge "M. ?????-y.''et Ship Yard. Alexandria, VbT?Y to Mr. Lamekin, at Palmer'? Wharf, foot of 11th ?treat/Washington. DO ; or to Fldwena A Boweu, No. 1 King ?treet. Alexandria Va. an 85-2w* rp EDWARD CLARK. ___.____,_. I . . LUMBBB DEALER. YirginI* avenue, between 9th aad 10th ?ta., east. Navy-Yard. A large stock of all kind? ef LUMBER con stantly ob band at lowest market price?. ?ep 3 lm* YMPOBTEDHAVANABBGARS-J C. BACHBB. 1 No. ?36 Pennsylvania avenue, betta to reoom ?uend U hi? friend? and consumers his well assort ed stock ot Imported Havana 8???G?, selected by himself en hi? recetit vUlt in New York, sept lw* U AND FOB BA LB-Appi y at tie first ho.?? frost to th? BasUrn Braaoh Bridge J ea t-la" FOB RENT AND 3 ILK. FOR RI ? ?-Two o r three unfurnished lOJMS, _at 60S northj _ ?ep It Zt? FOR BBNT-sTHOUSI. oonta ning ?it rooms, rei traily lora'ed. Apply ?t the nffies of the P*jj*_yimes.No.339 D at., near 10th st. It? ?BURNISHED ROOM8. with Board, for rent st No. 416 O st eot, between 8th sad 9th. oppo eite the Patent Offi ae. Call aad ???? them, ae U-7t* POR SAI.?- A good eised FRAME HOUSE, two atorv, containing four room?; also the Lot. It by 62. Terme easy. Apply on the ?remises, corner latand H. Island. _sep'4-lw* FOR RENT-Five large BOOMS, either furuiah ed or unfurnished, suitable for housekeeping, in a respectable neighborhood, on tbe lalaai. at No. ST ? llth etreet, near Maryland ?venue. Island._?epli-St* FOR SALB? Parlor, Bedroom, and Kib-lienFUR NITURE Carpets, Bedding, Ac, mostly new; siso,a lady's Side Saddle. In?iuire for L ?TAO? MR. second door from tse corner of Mas*, ave. and 1st street_sep U-6f FOR SAI ?-One or two BRIOK HOUSES tar?e ?tory. No. B98 and 60O ? s'reet north, be tween ftth gnd 7th ets. west, containing 7 ror?m? each, and good dry cellars, in gond order. Will he ?old cheap. Apply to No 39t>, next d?>or. all-It* II" OR RENT?A fi-st cass BOOM, ?133 O etreet. ? second door from l.ith etreet, near the State Department, containing 10 rooms, besides kitchen, attic and large cellar; gaa and gas fixture.? all through the bonee. and a primp in the * ard. Alio, In private faniilv. a PARLOR and CflAMBER on the first floor,(furnished,>460 New York avenue, near )6tb st. _sep_U1tf_D. A. GARDXER. FOR RENT-On? ?vatly furnished front ROOM, Ne. SIB I street, between lf?th ?nd zoth. wash? ington, P.C._sep ??21 ORF TO RENT-Between 7th end Gth streets, ?v? 400 D street. Inquire on the premises, sep 13-3t*_ ___ FOR SALE AT A BABGAI\-The STOCK ?nd FIXTURES of M. L. Jnlihn? F?ncy Goods Establishment, 206 Pa. av. For particulars ap ply at the store._ sep 136t* A GENUINE BUSINESS FOR SALsV^Rudder forth's DINING SALOON, sold only on ?c count of sickness, doing an excellent business. Apply on the premise? 14th street, between G ana New York Are., Washington. D.? sep 13 3t* FOR RENT-A BOARDING HOUSE, in no? of the best locstione in the city; s partof the fur niture for sals. The house is now filled with regu lar and good ptying boarder?. Apply between the hours of 10 a. m. and three p. m., at 517i7thst., between Pa. ave., and H st._sep H-3t? 1j*OR 8ALE.-A BRICK STORE-ROOM, with lease of ground. In a good locality, now doing a good btif-iness, with the stock of Groceries, is of fered on good term?. A email BRICK HOUSE, with large lot, near the corner of 7th street, and on G street. A fine three story BRICK, on 13th street, be tween L ?nd Massachusetts avenue, new. well fin ished, brick carri age-house and stable, fruits aud flowers in yard. Ac. A TIN SHOP, doing a fine business, with all the tool? and fixtures, for sa'e reasonably. A STORE on 7th street for eale. A splendid HOUSE, new, large lot, fruits, Ac, on Capitol Hill, in ? fine neighborhood, at a bar ^HOTEL PROPERTT.-We offer the elegant Cas paris Hotel for sale, including furniture, bowling alley, billiard tables, saloon and stock, ?t a great bargain. This house contains forty rooms, and ie doing a large business; has water, gas, and every modern convenience. "OR RENT.-A large FRAME HOU8R. -n Cap itol Hill, with IS rooms. For terms, Ac . call at HALLS Real Estate Agency, late Hal! ? Eaton, corner of 7th and F streets._sep 13-3t* FCRNIbHED ROOMS?At 373 Penn avenue House in new bands, renovated, Ac. Por sale, a Velvet Carpet and Plimton Bedstead. Hep !2-3t* I.'OR RENT-The ST?R?, with Fixtures, No. 400 Massachusetts avenue, near lUth street, well located, and suitable for almost any kind of busi nesBj_Apply on the premises._sep 12 3t* STORE "TORBNT?A good 8T0RE, centrally lo cated, lighted with ?ras snd provided with fix tutes. Aiiplv at 335 F street, bet. 9th and lot h sts. repi2-dtf_ APRIVATE Fanilv has two neatlv Furnished BOOMS for rent, (without board) to gentle men onlv. Apply at 360 llth etreet.between L end M^_Sep 12 3t* t'Oit RENT?A new BRICK HO USI. containing 5 rooms, situated on the corner of (?th and A streets, Capitol Hill one square from the street cars. Apply at J. BROWN'S Restaurant, on the corner of 13th an* Penn. avenge._sep l2-3t* I;??R~R~ENT3\ well fur?^hed HOUSE in the central part of the Ci'.y. containing twenty rooms, partly tilled with boarders. Bplendid cook ing arrangement?. Inquire at Philadelphia House, Southeast Corner Mh and D etreet. sep 12 it*_ ?pOBLING HOUSE FOR BALE. The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant intende to retire from busi ness, and offers his well-known house for sale. Any one wishing to engage in a LUCRATIVI BUSINES8 can call on the Proprietor, ?47 Penn sylvania avenue, bet. 12th and 13th BBS. __ sel2 lw* FM)iTRENT^\?PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY, having a splendid Sky Light. Connected with the Gallery are three convenient R?>oms. Inquire on the premise?. No. 540 Pennevlvania avenue, between 1st and 2d ate , or of GREGORY ENNI8, 2??>2 F st._ gep l"-tf F*OR SALI OR RENT-The large four-etory BRICK DWELLING IIOUSB, No. 3??*, on the north side of north C -treet, between 3d street west and t'a street. h?vlne a front of 28 feet on a lot HO feet deep, with a stable ?nd carriage houre building in the rear on an alley, 3) feet wide. Possession of the house can be hud in a few days. Apply at 4??0 H street, to _, , sep 10-1 w* _JAMES TOWLE3. F_0UR_FrjRNI8HED ROOMS, Chambers, and Parlor, for rent, at No. 424 ? street, between 8th and 9th. ALso, two FRAME HOUSES for sale._nep9-iw FOB R1NT ? Two large, handsomely FUR NISHED ROOMS, one on first floor and one on second floor. Apply at 13** G street, between 2lst and 22d streets._sep 9 6t* F?()R SALE?A LOT fronting on ? etreet,between 41,*: ?nd ,5th street?, and extending back to Massachus^*'R ?venue 13" feet, and ii the beat lo cality for bui.' ' 'i*1* ?n this part of the city. Can be had at a reasonai/Ie price Apply ?t 604 ? street north._ _sep 9-lw* FOR SAL?-Several 8UAN 11*8-- on leased ground. ?>n 21st etreet, between F a***1. G. In quire of GEORGI H. RAER, corner 14th strict ?nd Rhode Island avenue._aep6-lw* G????? UNDERSIGNED WILL SELL AT PRI J. vate gale a tract of LAND, containing ?bout two hundred and flftr acres, distant about 4 miles from the Capitol, over Benning's Bridge; about SO acre? cleared,I and 45 in meadow; the balance in unsurpassed timber, mostly oak and chestnut. No improvement?,except a small house. For further particular? address Box 3*?4, Washington, D. 0.. or inquire of the subscriber, l'? miles northeast of Benning'? Bridge. ?????,rt, . sep6-lm*_E. SnBBIFF. FURNISHED ROOMS TO RINT. without Board, to gfntlemen only?347 ? street, near 13th. Inquire of Mr?. ?. ?. 8TEPHBN30N. aa 31-tf FOR BENT-The large and commodious ROOMS com prising the second, third ?nd fourth sto ries over J. L Ktdwell's new Drug Store on E at., near corner of Pa. av. and 14th st., two doors be? low Willsrds'Hotel. an29-tf_JOHNL. KIDWBLL. L,v0R RENT?A ROOM on 15th street, opposite 1 tbe Treasury Department, adapted to the us? of a Banker or Broker, having conneated with it a very commodious and substantial vault. In quire of WILLIAM ORME, No. 312 Penn ave., between loth and llth ats._au 27-3w THE SUBSCRIBER offer? at private saie a very valuable and productive t ARM, situated in the District of Columbia, one mile east of Ben ning's Bridge, containing sixty acre? of excellent land, well watered. The improvements, a large two-story Frame Dwelling, nearly new, with the necessary out-buildings. Pereon? wishing to pur chase are invited to examine the premise?. A very pleasant drive of three mile?, over s good road, from Washington city. an M-eolm*_ROBERT K. NEVITT. FOR SALE-DRUG STORE, BRIOK HOUSE and three BUILDING LOTS. Inquire at No. 4 5 5, Mass, avenue, near 6th at._su I8-Im* FOR SALE?A three story snd attic BRIOK HOUSE and out-buildings, on North Capitol street, between ? and 0, No. 394, nearly ? ? posi te the Washington Railway, near the Depot House. containing lu room?; ? vacant lot adjoining; front of ?V by 80. For further particulars inquire of WALL, SIEPHEN8 A CO., No. 3*22 Pennsylva niaav._an 16 WE OPFER FOR SALI, at ? great bargain. ? small FARM, containing about 06 acres, well improved with new dwelling and ?11 necessary out ht.uses. Thi? property lies about 4 miles from Center Market, on the Benning's Bridge road aero?? Eastern Branch, is in a high and iiealthy situation, with an abundance of wood. Term? made known on application to SWEENY A CO., Be?l Estate Brokers, ?n 15-Im_Corner 7th and 1) street?. TO THOSE IN WANT OF A GOOD COOKING STOVE?Call at our store and examine the ARBITER. E. U AH. I. GREGORY, 321 Penn?. avenue. Call and see the portable RANGES, MONITOR and BELL. We win warrant them to bake well E. H. A H. I. GREGORY, 321 Penn? avenue. THI ARBITER COOK STOVE. The ?rest fuel "t?G?, c* ??? * ?. I GREGORY. sep8-bt_svi Pennsylvania avenue. SPECIAL NOTICE.-All persons hav.n* claims against the Perseverance Fire Company are re quested t? present the same to the President. All members sore hereby notified to attend ? special meeting on THURSDAY, Sept. loth, at 7? p. m . k? there will be a final settlement ot the affair? of the company. AH persona who are not present, or prefer their claim a at or before said meeting, wili.byreeolutien, be excluded from ?11 benhtsof ?aid settlement. By order of the Compan v. sepS-eoM*_JOHN H. DICKSON. Sei. BUTT IBI I~~~ 0 HIIS El D. B. DTJTBOW A BBO., * G ? 8I ? _ Waoleeal? Deal??. ?a 10-lm_No. 4*0 8th street. '?nOWINw PBOMPTLY ATTINDID TO. by the 1 Petomao Tow Companyje boat?, "Potomac,*' "Gov. Curtin" ?nd " Belle Havsa." Apply tette Captala? ob board. or to ' *,pir m ***? ?Ora B. DAVIDSON, ?vi??_Water atrs?t.Qsorgetewn. WB. T?BNBR-8 LIVERY STABLE, on 7th ? ?Awt,TE?tween H and I, where per-, sons can be accommodated with Hacks, Buggies ?nd Saddle Horses on reasonable < term?. H? is also buying sad selling stock, ?nd posons in the trade will do well to call, se ?Vim* AUCTION SALIOS. Xtttn aXETBTHWOOW AMP TO-MORROW ? Y J?? C. Mo?UIBB A 00., Auctioneer?. n-SF-^XSJ BALbT?f VACANT LOT8. ??* *.SI,.Nk8DAY AFTERNOON. September 14. ?r *b- riti' ?.Vhe premi???, by virtue of a decree Sited ?-G'&?0"?;!0' the Die1nct of Columbi?, ? ??-?t??? BVrd- S a1? V* complainant? and H. fcr.nrt-i7l"at?' &?nte' .of ? n?*el. neceased, is defendant No. 886. equity, I ahaU??U the foltow iBg described vacant Lot?, vis ? louow The east part of Lot B, in Square 7_?. Lot 8. in Square 753, fronting on 21 street east running back to a 30 foot alley. , * Part? of Lot? 3 and ?, in Square 784, fronting on Maryland avenue between id and ith at?. Lot No. 14. in Squar? No. 8o7, fronting60 feet on 6th street east, at the corner of north ? street,and running back 7? feet on north B ?t. Terme: One-third cash; the remainder in six ?nd twelve months, with interest, to be secured by the bonds of the purchaser, with approved secu rity. If the term? of ?ale ?re not complied with in five days thereafter, the 'rustee reserve? the right to resell the property so in default, on one week'? public m tire, at the risk aad expense of tbe de faulting purchaser. Cost of conveyances and stamps te be paid by the purchaser. WALTER 8. COX. Trustee. au 23-eoA d?_J. C. McQCIRE A CO.. Aucts. I?Y J. O. MoGUlRB A CO., Auctioneers VALUABLE BUILDING"LOT ON NORTH I BE TWBKN FOURTEENTH AND FIFTEENTH STREETS W K8T, AT AUCTION On WEDNESDAY, the 14th day of September next, IBM, I shallsell. In front of the premises, at 6." c'?."i P- ni . by virtue of a decree of the Or phan?' Court dated the 12th dsyof Mar, 186.1. rati fied and confirmed bv the Supreme dourt of the District of Colombia on the nth day of May, 1863, the following described handsome build ng lot, vi?: Lot numbered four (4) in Square numbered two hundred and eighteen,(21e*,) itbavinga front of 42 feet 7 inches on north I, between Uth and 15th streets west, running back with a side alley to a 3(1 feet alley. 11. feet 7 inches. Terms: One half cash; balance in six months, the purchaser to (five note for the deferred payment, bearing interest from the day of sale, and secured to tb? satisfaction of th? Guardian. All conveyancing, including revenue stamps, at the cost of the purchaser. Title perfect. Mrs. ELIZA ANN DRAIN, Guardian. sep 3d_J.C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auct?. DY JA8. 0. McGUIRB A 00., Auctioneers. THREE DESIRABLE-BUILDING LOTS ON RHODE ISLAND AVENUE, BETWEEN 14TU AND 1.?G? STREETS. AT PUBLIC SALE. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, September 14, at 5Vi o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lots "P," "8," and "T," in subdivision of lots in Square No 211, Lote"B" and "T" fronting each 20 feet, and Lot "P" 181? feet, on Rhode Island ave nue, between Uth and 15th etreets west. Title perfect. Terms: One third in cash; the remainder in three ?nd nine months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. A payment of f 25 on each lot will be required at tbe time of sale. Conveyances and stamps at the purchaser ?cost. Bep8-d_J. O. McGUIRE A CO , Aucts. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. IIOCSEHOCLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, the 15th instant, we shall sell at the residence of a gentleman declining house keeping, at 10 o'clock a. m., at No. 3SS, north aide of North 0. between 3d and 4>. streets, an excel lent assortment of Furniture, viz : Walnut Sofa. Castor Rocking and Parlor Chelre, Walnut Extension an?! atber Tables and Stands. Mahogany Dressing and other Bureaus, Center and other Tables, Oak and other Cottage Chamber Sets. Wardrobes Cane Seat Chairs and Rockers, Double and Si r._-!?? Crttase Bedsteads, Hair. Cotton, ?nd other Mattresses, Feather Bolsters and Pillows, Beldinx, Carpet'. Rugs and Oilcloth, and WinOw Blinds. Chandeliers, G?e Burners, snd Fi xtur -s. Crockerv and Glasswar?, Cooking. Rrdiat'rs. and other 8tovps. Refrigerator, and many other articles which we deem unnecessary to enumerate. Terms cash. _sep 12 d_ GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auct?. t? Y j7c. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. GREAT AND PEREMPTORY SALE OF DRY GOODS. On WEDNESDAY MORNING. 8eptamber 14, conjuienr-iiig at 1? o'clock each day. and contin uing daily at that hour until the whole is dis posed of, we ?hall sell the entire stock of Dry Goods, Hosiery. Ac, at the store. No. 371 7th street, between I and ? sta. We name in part Bleached and Brown Cottons, Calicoes, Spool Cottons. Umbrella?. Parasols. Table Linens. Napkins. li ess Goods, Merinos. Balmorals. Towels. Ginghams, Delaines, Clothe, Caseimeres. Cassinete, Vesting*. Cloak?. Shawls, Hosiery, Glove?, Veils. NeekTies, Hoop Skirts. Ae., Ac, Black and Fancy Silks, Linen and Cotton 8heetinga, Crash, Ac , Ac, Ac. . The whole comprising the largest lot of Dry Goods that has been offered at public sale iu this city in many years. The attention of the trade is respectfully called to the above sale, fa? the owner is about to remove from the city.) The entire stock will be sold to the highest bidder. Terms cash. J. C. McGUIRB A CO. sep 13-3t_Auctioneers^ X?OTIOlO?LTTOf CONDEMNED H0B8B8. Quartermaster General's Office, 1st Division I Washington City, September 8.1864. S Will be sold at public auction, to the highest bidder, at Gieshoro.D. ?.,??_m_ THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1864._ ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY CAVALRY HORSES. These horses have been condemned as unfit for the cavalry service of the army. For road and farming purposes many good bar gains may be bad. Horse? sold singly. Sale to commence at 10 a.m. Teras cash in United States currency. By order of the Quartermaster General. JAMES A. EKIN, -e 9-Ct Col. in charge 1st Div. Q. M. G. 0. ? Y WM. B. L?W?S 4 CO?? Auctioneers. ? To morrow. THURSDAY, at 9>_ o'clock, at our Store, No. 307 Pennsylvania avenue, we ?hall sell the Furniture of a family removing, consisting of Bureaus. Sofas, Chair?, Bedsteads, Feather Bads, Mattresses, Beddings,8toves, Ac. ALSO 10 pairs Blanket, lot of Dry Goods. Shoes, Gum Blatkets. Ac , Ac. sep 14-lt_WM. B. LEWIS A CO., Aucts. Y W. L. WALL A OO. Auctioneers. At the Horse Bazaar, 98 La. av. AUCTION SALE OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, Ac, On THURSDAY MORNING, 15th instant, at 10 o'clock, we will sell, at the Bazaar, about? TUIBTY HORSES, Amon? whicn ._"G?*G? . ,f tmn<jirq SIX FIR8?-?I?TE TEBrt HORSES; ALSO. A Large Stock of Wagon?, Carriages, Bug?ies, Germantowns, Rockawaye, Ac ALSO Set Double and SiDgle Harness, Saddle and Bridles. Terms cash. sepl4-d_W. L. WALL A CO.. Auct?. f > Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer?. NOTICE- VALUABLE"-BUILDING LOT ON NORTH ? STREET, BETWEEN 20TH AND 21ST STREETS, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. Will be sold at public auction on MONDAT, th? 19th day of September next ensuing, at 4'. o'clock, on the premises, the following desirable piece or Santi of ground, hing, situate and being on nortb [ street ?3 fe?t 9 menee east of ita intersection with Slat street west, thence north 7" feet to an alley, thence west 20 feet,thence south 5 feet 9 in ches, thence west 2?? feet, thence south 61 feet 3 in ches, thence east 40 feet to the beginning, being Lot No. 9. In square No. 76. containing two thou sand six hundred and eighty-five square feet, or thereabout?. The title believed to be undoubted. Terms : One-half cash; the balance in three equal instalments, payable respectively in 6, 9 and 11 month?, witb interest, the deferred payment? to be secured by deed of trust on the premises. By order of Trustees. t-epG-d_J. O. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. a UARTERMASTER GENERAL'S OFFICE. First Division, Washington Oitv, Augusts), 18>4. HORSES, HORSE8, HORSES. suitable for Cavalry and Artillery service will be purchased st Giesboro'Depot,inopen mar ket, till October 1,1864. Horse? will be delivered to Captiin L. Lowry Mr-ore, A. Q. M., and be subjected to the usual Government inspection before being accepted. Price of Cavalry Horses, ??175 each. Price of Artillery Horses, f ISO each. Payment will be made for six (6) and more. JAMES A. EKIN, Colonel First Division, sep 3-Im Qpartcrniaster General's Office. (???????? ? 8 ? I P. Tbe undersigned h?ve formed a eo partnersnip under the firm of R. C JeansonA Co.. and having purchased the stock of Hardware of Jo?. L ???? age. No. 324 D street, bet. loth and Uth ?ts, in tend keeping on hand a.large and well selected stock of Hardware, Housekeeper'? and Sailer's Goods, to which they would respectfully cell the attention ot their friend? ??d the puWlc general ly. R G. JOHPiBOfv. Aoeuat24,1864. WfjQwV?u ?ep 2-6t _ B. JAS. BOuRKB. FROM ? ? RI i.-The Knightage of Great Bri tain. House of Commons. Peerage of Great Britain. Baronetage of Great Britain. British Almanao and Companion for 1884. Tb? States man'? Tear Book, 1864. Dod'e Peerage o? Great Britain, 1364. Bnrke's General Armory. Leh net t'? Peerage of Great Britain. Lodge'? Pe Tage of the British Empire. Burke"? Authorised Arau. aa? _TMaXOK TAYLO?T NO V* BT. A Novel. By J. c. Jeaffre SOD ? The Ingoldeby Legend?, new edition, J vol? IteUgiou? TraiBing of Children. ByCatherla? ?G?^a??^?1!1* Ei?ht0f *??????????. HauBted Heart?. By th? author of th? '? Lamp lighter." - d???? ??-"?" wi?s*_i_?eiBent aad Attic Collina' Voyage down tbe Amoor Hand Book for Traveler? In Bnro'pe. Wests?, net er Re Vie w for J aly. Woman'? Philosophy of Wos-an. _._.__ aa 1 FRANCK TAYLOB. AUCTION 8ALB8. FUTtTRBt DAT?? ?T 3 A3. C. McGUIBIA 00., Auction?.?. HOU.'E AND LOT ON NORTH ISTRBBT BI TWIEN 19TH AND 20TH8TRKBT8 WBer On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, Sept. UthT?t C o'clock, on tne premises, by virtue of a decrse or the Orpbana'Cenrt, dated JaneiL^t. I8M. en Ox??ed by tbe Supreme C? ?rt July Mb ISM, I S%?11 Sell part ot Lot No I. in Square No. 1?, fronting about 00 feet on North E street. b?tw??a 19th ?ad tntfe street?, ?ad ruDoivg b?.k 97 fest Pli inch??. '.-. g- ther with the improvements ronaisting of? ?? ? ? ory Frame Dwelling house (No. 214) containing four rooms. Terms caah. Coat of conveyance to be paid by the pnrehftssr. M. F. MORR<a. Guardian. _sep3-eod J. O. McGUIRE A OP.. A sebi Rf JAMES C. McGUIRB A CJ.. Auctioneer?. HUIJL&wWLrJl? HOUSE ON ????? D IB WEST F1RST AND SECOND STREETS On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Pentember l.tb. at k'L \m ? ! ??AS premise?, we shall a-!t part of lot ?,.' 'f'?. subdivision of square No. ft?*./, fronting ? ,1.4 ,Dch on "?nth D ?treet. between 1st snd 2d ?treets ?est. and runnin? back IM feet to a pub lie alley, improve?! by a t.o-story frame dwelling bouse, containing five room? and a kitche?. Term? cask. . Bvpl???_J O. McGUIRE A 00.. Au*?i ?? J. C. McGUIRE ACO., Auctioneer?. PEREMPTORY 8tLE OF TWO ???G????? BUILDING LOTS ON 9TH ST . BRT. M AND ? STS NORTH. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON.Sept. 16th.at6o'elk, on the premises, we ?hall sell two very deeirabl* bnilding Lots, fronting each l?)1.? feet on the west, side of 9th street, between Maud ? utreeta. ?nd running back 1SR feet 9 ir che? to s 3(1 foot ?Hey. Terms: One-half In cash; the remaleder ? and 12 months, with interest,secured by ?deed of trust on tbe premise? Conveyance? and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. sep 12 d JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auct?. ? Y J. 0. McGUIRB A CO., Auctioneer?, CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVE! AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY Under ?nd by virtue of ? decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, aittiug ia equity, passed July (th, 1964, in ?certain esue?, wherein Sarah Ann Brown ?ad ?there are eon Slainants.and Ambrose A. Brown and other? ar? efendanta. No. 221 equity, we ?hall sell on the premises, on WEDNESDAY, the 2Nt day of Sep tember, commencing with the first named, at i o'clock p. m.: Lot No. 1, in Square No. 56*8, fronting 10 feet ?a north E street, at the corner of Second street west, ?nd running back 100 feet to a 26 foot alley. Alno, the northpartof Lot33,in Jas C. M.tGuirew subdivision of Equrre No. 624. fronting IS feet 7 lache? ?>? First street wert, between ? and ? sts. north, ?.nd runninf back 130 feet 4 inches to a ? foot alley, and improved by ? throe story Brick Dwelling Hone*. Terms : One half la caah: the remainder in nine ?nd eighteen montha. with interest from the day of sale, to be secured by the bonds or not?? of the purchasers, with ? Bursty or sureties, to be ?p proved of by the trustees. Upon the full payment cf the purchase money snd interest, the trustee? will convey the proper All conveyances snd stamps ?t the cost o**th ??urchaaer. If tbe terme of s?le are not compiled with in five days thereafter, the trust?e? reeerve the right to resell, on one week'? notice, st th? risk and expanse of the defaulting purchaser. OBO. W. DUVALL (Trust??? NICHOLAS O. STEPHENS, ? |rus?ee*' an .'?n-en&ds J. O. McGUIRB A CO.. Aue*? ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ES TATB Ry virtue of s decree of the Supreme Court ?G the Diatrict of Columbia, dated on the 2latdav of May. A. D. P64, passed *n a certain c?use.No. 1.8 ?i> ?ending in said Court between Jcsonli R. Cassi ?, ruste??, complainant, aiid John Williams. ?I??fe-i f*anr, the undersigned trustee will, on WBDNES DAY.the2lst da> of September, A D I'M, at ? o'clock p. m. in front of the premioe-t, proceel to res 11 all tbat lot < f ground situate in the City of Wash'ngton and District of Columbia, kn >wn aul designated as lot numbered 1??. in 8qna*e num bered 5. Aleo, the east 7 feet 8 inches front of lot numbered 15, >n said square, together with tbe im provements on said lot and partof lot. ennsivting of a large thr*e story brick dwelling house, with back building, (beinga portion of the real estate of 'he late Commodore Stephen Casein ) The property is si*u?te on north ? street, be tween ?tb and ?Tth streets we-t. fronting??* feet and 8 inches on ? ?tree*, and extending b*ck with that uuiiorm width (W feet8 inches) Infest in in ches io a public alley. ?.?_- w , , ,., . Tbe term? of eale are : One th?rl cas??, (of ?vbich tbe purchaser will be required to pay down at the time of sale SV>0;) the balance to b? paid in t?vo equal installments at 6 ?nd 12 month? from th.? da> of sale; said baiane?1 to bear interest from the day of sale, and the payment thereof to be -.?cured by the bonds of the purchaser or purchasers, with ! turety t.? be approved by the Trustee. If the terms of sale be not complied with within ? fiv? day? from the day of sal??, the Trustee re ? ierve? the right to re sell the property at the ri?k and cost of the defaulting purchaser, by adver tising such resale three times in some one or more daily newspapers published in tke City of Wash ington. All conveyances and stamps st the coat of the purchaser. R H. LASKEY, Truste?. sep 12 itawAds] GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auct?. ? Y JAS. O. MoGUIBB A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORYSALE OF SMALL BOUARE OP GROUND IN THE NORTHERN PART OF THB SECOND WARD. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Sept. J"th,?t S o'clock, on the premises, we ehall for account of the "United Evangelical German Congregati in," Square north of Square 278. bounded by 12th etreet west, Vermont ?venue ?nd north Q etreet, aad containing 3,460 square feet of ground. Terms: one-third in cash, th? remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by? deed of trust on the premises. AH conveyance and revenue stamp? at the cost <><* the purchaser. sen 10-d J 0. Met*?. clRl ?, pp. Ancts. ?T ?J. 0. MoGUIRi ACO., Auctloneeri VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON D ??HKE.T NORTH, BETWEEN TWELFTH AND THIRTEENTH STREETS WEST.AT PUBLIO AUCTION. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, September Bat. at 5 o'clock, oa the premises, we ?hall fell parts of Lots No?. 11 and 12. in Square No. ?MB, fronting 21 feet on north D etreet, between 12th and nth st?. west. Turning back 83 f-e? 4** >???*??. ?* * 28 feet paved all-y, improved by ?brie*, building two high storie?, occupied a? ? wholesale wine ?nd liquor store. Term?: One-half cash; the remainder in 3,?t, 0. and 12 months, with interest, secured by ?deed of trust on the premises. ? tie indisputable. Cost of conveyancing and stamps ta be paid by the purchaser. eepiod J. 0. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. ? Y J. 0. McGUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON 10TH STREET WEST, NEARLY OPPOSITE FOBD'S THBATBR. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, September 2'tb. ?too clock, on tbe premises, we shall aell, Lot No. 13. in Sfiuare No. 347, fronting V feet on 1 Ot street west, between E and F streets north, nearly T.T.uvb?'?-?? ?ori ? ? neater, and running back 10 feet 1 inch' together with the improvements, con siMingof an old fa*b?on?? Brick Dwelling House. Terms: One-half in cash; the remit" **r ,n ? months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust en the premises. Conveyances ?nd revenne stamp? at the cost of the purchaser. J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. sep 13 d_ Auctioneera. ? Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE 01* SMALL FRAMI HOUSE AND LOT NEAR THE LONG BRIDGE, ANDbRICK HOUSE AND LOT NEAR THE ? K8 ? ? A I O? MONDAY AFTIRNOON, September 19th. 1864, at 5 o'clock, on the premi-e?. we shall esll part of Lot No. 3, in square No, 2>"S. fr ?ting on Maryland avenue, between 13th and 1'?? sts., snd improved by a small F?ame House. At b^i o'clock, on the premise?, we shall 8?11 Lot No. 3, in square No. 904, fronting 27 feetfl inches on ? etreet, near 4S street, and running back is feet to S wide alley, ?nd improved with ? three s'ory Brick Dwelling House, containing eevea rooms, with cellar; also, ? brick stable on the rear ofthelot. ._ " " M , M , . Terms: One half cash; the remainder in sis month?, with intereat. Conveyance? and etatrp? at the cost of the pur est"": d_JA8. C. McGUIRB A 00 , Aucts. pY liOTELER A WILSON, Auctioneers. Office U. 8. Capitol Extebsiob. / Washixgtos, D. 0., 8-ptember3.186?.?, On SATURDAY, October 1st, commenei?g ?t On SATUintai.ucMOfr in, commenciBg 10 a. m., the following variegated and plain Mar ble will be ncrt will be sold at public auction, on the grounds rth ?'f tne United State? Capitol : ine Mo? ks Tennessee Marble. 1 ?TO feet < cubic) o? remnants so. 12 piece? Potomac Marble. 6.x? cubic feet Verment Green Serpentine. 8 Column Shaft? do. SOU cubic feet remnants Italian Marb'e At tbe same time will b? sold ? large lot ?f Doom. Shutters, and Building Materials, of va rious kind?. By order of the Secretary of tbe Interior. OLEMBNT L. WEBT, sep6dtd_Gener?! Superintendent. ?3ALB OF CONDEMNED MTJLB3. Chief QcartermasTEr's Office, \ Depot or Wasbibcto?/. ?j __ Washibotob. D. C. September 6.1*64? f Will be sold ?t public auction,, ntsr the Obaervatory, in the city ?f VVsshingto?, on WEDHB8DAY, September21, W64,?w*.of MULES, . condemned as unfit for public service. Terms?Cash, in Government?11**? Sale to commene? ?t 10 o'ejo<*s ?fCKm Briar Gcs ? e>na ?bief Wear ter m as tar, sep 5-td ~1*SS of Washiagtoa. r?*UARTBBMA8T*B GENERAL'S OFFICE, iiumiBJ?? Fibst Divuioa, ^ Washibotob. D.O.. Sep?embsr2, as??. Will be sold ?t PUBLIO AUCTION, to th? high est bidder, at tbe time ?ad places named below. T York. Fa., Thursday. Sept. 1*. vu. Altoona, ???? ??ttrea>y? Sept, 22. 19?4. Leben on, P?., Thursday, Sep t. S9.1864, TWO HDNBRBD CAVALRY HORSES AT IA0H These horee? have been condemned a? unfit fee tte Cavalry servies of the Army. . . __.?. for road and farra parp?se? men r good bargains may be bad, Horses ?old singly. Terms: Cash in United 8ut4g?2rA*',,|T?Ij Colonsl First Division. Q. M. Gents Office. BBvi-BS

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