Newspaper of Evening Star, September 15, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 15, 1864 Page 1
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A?ii?ifJi piti V??. XXIV." WASHINGTON. D, C. THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 15. 1864. N2. 3.603. paopoBALB _r_oB loar, ??? a?tjit Dar a s-r Birr, ?rary SV, IBM. ??tie? li hereby give? that aabaariptlea? wiU be revived by th? Treaea/?? ?- *?? V*LM****; the Nttrtl Aaslitast Treasurer? a?d a***^**?**1?? Deposi tori?? aad by tb? National Bask? designate?? a?4 ?-eli?ed sa Depositarie?and Financial Ageate. lw Treasury Note? p*rebl? three year? from Asguit U, 1H64. bearing lat?r??t at th? rat? ef ??v?n and three- tenth? per cent, per annum, with aeeni annual coupon* attached, payable ia lawful Btniy. TbeMB0tMw!IlbeeoBy*rtibl? at the optioa of tb? beldar At soatarity. into aix per eent. geld heariag bend?, redeemable after fir? and p-yabl? twenty y?ar? from August 15, 13C7. Th? Not?? will he lH?u?d in tb? denomination? of Sfty. oa? hundred. Uve hundred, one thousand and ?ve thousand dollar?, aad will he issued in blank, or pavable to order, as may be directed by tbe ?ub ?eribers. All ?abicrlptioB msat b? for fifty dollar?, or pom? ?.nUiple ?' fifty dollar?. Da ?Heat? certificate? will b? issued for all depoa It?? The party depo?iting muet endorse upon the griginal certificate tbe denomination of sotee re paired, aad whether they are to be issued in blank or payable to order. When eo endorsed itmuet be left with the offieer receiving the deposit, tobe forwarded to thia Department. The note? will he transmitted to the owner? free of transportation charge? aa noon a?*Vr the receip of the original Cer:iScatf?cf Dep-seit as they can be prepared. Interest will be allowed to ?..ft* ?-*- IS on all deposit? made prier to that da ?? , an I ?IH b? paid by the Department upon rr-ei^t of the origina' certi Beat?*?. Aa tbe ante? draw !nter??rt from Angn?t te, ?er sen? making d?po?r?? snh^?en<?Bt te ?ha? dat?? must p?v tl.e interest accr a ed from date of Bute to date of deposit. Parties depositing tw'rttyflTe thousand dollar? and upwards for these note? at any one time will be allowed acommle?5eon of one-quarter of one per oent.. which will be paid by this Department upon receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by ???er witb whom th? deposit was made. No ??erfuer.oB? for ?omntiaejeB? must be made from -ehe Bjpoaita. Oft ?er? receiving deposit? will see that the proper endorse ents are made apon the original ?srtifieatea. _1) officer? authorized to receive deposita ar? ?quested to give to applicants all desire 1 informa tion, aad afford every facility for making sub scriptions. W. P. FBSSBNDBN, jy 26 tf Beeretary of the Treasury. DENTISTBY. DENTISTRY-Drs. LOCK WOOD A MERRILL, Dentista, Room ito. -2, Washington. Eni ditg. corner Pa. av. aud 7th ?t. All ?peratioDS performed in tbe most skillfur manner. Charges reasonable._sep 8-1 m" Qs-JLAL DISCO VSR Y_IN DENTISTBY. ?*?*? Extracted witktutpvw? with tkt Mukrttt tf I would adylM ail per*oT? havfag teeth te ?a __A ? .t11 *x ?? CiWIB- olio?, and have them taken out by this new) aad harm leu process Aleo ?all and examine tbe Doctor's new and Im proved method of Inserting Artificial Teeth. If you onee ?ee the great Improvement in hU teeth you will bayethem in no other styl? than this new ff.t t?'p?_'*t???. No. 849. Pa. ??????, between 12th and IK. itreet?. noTia_B. B. LBWIB, M. P., Dentist. ?G??????. . _* ?-V-.?8'.11 D i_the Inventor ?nd PatwKee of the MINERAL PLATB TEETH, at tend? personally at hi? office in this, ?ity Many peraoB? can wear theseC teeth who cannot wear other?, aad bo person can wear other? who cannot wear these. Persone esilia? at my office eau beaeoommedated With any ?tyl? and price of Teeth they may desire, hat to those who ar? partloular and wlah th? purest, ?leanest, strongest, and most perfect dentar? that art aao produce, the MINERAL PLATB will be mer? ru?y warranted. Boom? Ib this city?No 338 Pennsylvania avena? betweeu 9th and 10th street?. Also, 90? Arch rt? Philadelphia._ mar4-ly T^VELERS* DIRECTORY. ? CAPE MAT. Y BAILBOAD FROM PHILADELPHIA PROM WALNUT STREET PIEB, | YIA WEST JERSEY BAIL OAD. At ? a. rn., accommodation due at HoU ?. m. At H) a. m., expresa due at 13. p. m. e At 4S a. rn, express due at 8 p. m. Betarsiag, leave Cape May? ? am e ? press due at 9 S a. m. 11.46 accommodation due at 4). p. m. I. !" p. m exprese due at ?X p. m. Through withoat change of ears or baggage. New ear?, and everything firat-elaes. a?,-.?* ??20-3m J.YAN RBN8SBLAER, Snpt. flALTi.??RE ABU? OHIO RAILROAD On and after Bnnday, June 19th, 1884, Daily Trains will b? run betweea Washington and New York and Washington and the West, aa follow? : FOB PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7.30 s. m .11.15 b. m., sad A? p. m daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at 8.30 p. m. only, _ ._ ? __.__. TOR BAL TIMORE AND PHILADELPHIA. Leave Washington at 3 pm. daily, except Bua? *Va.ssengers will note that this train runa aa fag a? Philadelphia only. FOB NEW YORE. Leave Washington daily at 6.39 p. m. . This iros?? isfor New York passengers exclusively. FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 6.30a. m., 11.IS a. m.,3p. m.. 4.45p. m , 7 ? p. m . and 8.-T' p va..except ?a? 0- Sunday at 7 ..?m a. m., s p. m., and 8.30 p. m, FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at6.30 a.m.aad3,4.45and8-B m daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at 3 and 8.30 p. m Ticket? aold to all points WB8T, and barrati ducked through FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m. aud 4.46 p. m. daily, except 8unday. No train for A ot.? polis on Sunday. Train? leaving Washington at 7.9? a. m. and 6.30 p.m. go through to New York without change ft/ ears. Bleeping ear? on 6 3hand8.S" p. m. train?. Berth? ean be ??cured until 5 p. m. daily at the ticket of fice After that hour they muet be secured of the ?leeping ear conductor. The first and fifth train? stop at ail way point?. The 3 p. m. train ?tops only at Bladensbnrg, Beltsville. Laurel. Annapolis Junction and Belay House daily, except Sunday. On Sunday it ?to?? at all way points. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Passenger? will please observe that the 3 p.m. train rusa only as far as Philadelphia daily, except Sunday. On Sunday it rune to Baltimor? only. Aleo, that the 6.30?. m. train takes New York passengers For further Information, tick?*? of any kind, A?., apply to GEO. 8. ROONTZ, Agent at Wash ington, or at tb? Ticket Office W P. SMITH, Master of Traniportatlon. L. M. COLE. GeneraTTicket Agent. le 20-tf G BEAT PENNSYLVANIA ROUTE TOTBB NORTHWEST AND SOOTH**&T. ON AND AND AFTE? NOYBMBBB 1??? trains will leave Baltimor? from th? North Gal vert Btatiun aa follow? : East Mail at-~-J ? A. M. HagrUbnrg Accommodation-3.00 P. M. Lrghtain? Bipro?-9J0 p. n, THB b.30 A. M. TBAIN PROM WASHINGTON connects with th?9.S0 a. m. train from Baltimor? for Pittsburg and the Weet.and forEl mira, Buff alo, Boeh??t?r, DuBkirk^MaBdaigu?. aad Ni agara Fall?, and for New York eity. THE 7.SO P. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connect? with the 9.3? p. m. traja from Balti more for Binaire and tb? North and Pittsbare and th? We?t. _ **" SLEEPING CABS 0N NIGHT TBAIN8. S0LD1SS8' TlCSBTS AT GOTSBS-IBT RatbB. ONE THROUGH TBAIN ON SUNDAY. LOW F ABB AND QUICK TIMB. ?VFot tieketa and any information apply at th? oft?? of th? Great Pennsylvania Boute, corner Penn. aveaae and 6thatreet, ander National Hotel, Washington, 'j. N. DUBABBY, Superintendent ? 0. ?. ?. ,-. w B. J. WILKINS. . ._??? ?** Tlek?t Agent, aor. ?th at. and ________Pena, avenu?, ASSISTANT QLAKTER_lA8TBR'ii OFFICE Fobao? ABnBivaaTaANsp?BT?.T?.os ?'?1?? 8i.hi Whih?, WashiBOTOS.D. C., August S. 1864. CIRCULAR. la accordance with instructions from Brigadier General D. H. Racker, Chief Quartermaster, l?* pei ot Washington, I bave placed schooner? at CpiM-raad Lower Cedar Point?, in the positions occupied by the light boats, previous t-j their de struction by tae rebels. Prom sunxet until sunrise a light will beawang from ?ach of the schooners. The reason giren by captains of vessel?, chartered and owoes by the Lni.ed State? Q_s.rtenraster Department, for aceheriDg in the P.tomec river at night, waa. that they feared that they would run tht-ir vessel? *f7onj J t?*>T attempted to raa past the ?boal* after dark. Tbe larvps placed on the achoonere will give a li^ht ?unieiutly strong to enable all pilots U> pa,'? up and down the river with safety, provided they govern themielves by the chart? provided bv United States Coast Survey. From and after this date,ne vessel propelled hy ?team will be allowed to anchor, excepting ia such weather as by running the loss of th? vessel or carso might be endangered. All master? of vessel? are directed to report aay ??fleet oa the part of the parties oa board ?f the light *eboon*r?, in not keeping their light? buru iug at all hours of the night. A copy of this circular will be ketit po?ted in the pilot hoii?o of ivery,ve?eel owned and chartered bv the Government, plving on the Potomac ?ve ?. ri, ALLBN. sl*?ZII Cap'., and A.Q. M PERSONAL. ?ADIS8, ATTENTION-PLAIN SEWING done * with neatness, and despatch by Mrs. POLLBR, No. ?**0 7th street. Island. Particular attention to Ladies. GeoMemen, and Children's under gar monte. Machine stitching done at five oiuts per yard._a___-_B_ MADAM Marsha, late from a northern eity, wanld inform the publie that ehe haa taken ?p her reeidence at No. 403 ? atreet, between 9th aad 1 th. 1? prepared to read the past and foietell future events. au 22-Ini* CCAUTION.-To a? whom it may C>ncern.?h\\ -" Ptrso-a are hereby cautioned against filling half-pint porter and mineral water Bottles marked with tb? names of'R. A. Shinn'' and "Amy A t-binn," as all who are found so offending will be ? roseen ted to the utmost extent of the law ''pro viding against the improper use of trade marks, Ae " I would also notify my cuetomer? that payment will be?xacted for all bottle? lost by them after thiadate. RILEY A. 8HINN. Union Bottling Depot, 87 Greene ?t., An? 18. ?*',-? (au Wlml Georgetown, D. 0. S. T.?1800.?X. Persona of sedentary habit? troubled with week B? a, lassitude, palpitation of the heart, lack o appetite, distress after eating, torpid liver, con stipation, Ac, deserve to suffer if tbey will not try tbe celebrated PLANTATION BITTERS which are bow recommended by the highest medi cal authorities, and warranted to produee an im mediate beneficial effect. Tbey are exceedingly agreeable, perfectly pure, aud must supercede all other tonics where a healthy, gentle Stimulantia reo uired. Tbey purify, strengten and invigorate. They create a healthy appetite. They are an antidote to a change of water and diet. Tbey overcome effects of dissipation and late hours. Tbey atrengtben the system and enliven the mind. They prevent miasmatic and intermittent fevers They purify the breath and acidity of th? stomach. They cure Dyspepsia and Constipation, They eure Diarrhea, Cholera, and Cholera Morbus. They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Head ache. They make tb? weak atrong, the languid bril iant, and are exhausted nature's great reatorer. Tbey are composed of the celebrated Calisaya bark, winter green, sassafras, roots and berba, all preserved in perfectly pure St. Croix rum. For particulars, see circulara aud testimonials around each bottle. Beware of imposter?. Examine every bottle. Bee that it has D. S. Barnes' signature on our pri vate U.S. Stamp over the cork, with plantation scene, aud our firm signature on a fine steel plate ngraving on aide label. See that our bottle is not refilled witb spurioua and deleterious stuff. We defy any persos to match the taste or character of our goods. Any person pretending to sell Plantation Bitters by the gallon or in bulk, is an impostori We sell only in our log cabin bottle. Any person imitating this bottle, or selling any other material therein, whether called Plantation Bitter? or not, is a criminal under the U. B. Law, and will be eo prosecuted by us. We already have our eye on two parties re-filling our bottles, Ac, who will succeed in getting themselves into close quarters. The demand for Drake's Plantation Bitters from ladies, clergymen, merchants, Ac, Is perfectly incredible The simple trial of a bottle is the evidence we pre sent of their worth and superiority. They are sold by all respectable druggists, grocers, physicians, hotels, saloons, steamboats and country stores. P. H. DRAKE A CO., aug2 eo3m 202 BROADWAY, N. Y. C. W. BOTELER. JNO. W. BOTBLBB C. W. BOTELER A SON, IMPOBTBRS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IB OHINA, GLA88 AND CROCKERY WARE, TABLE CUTLERY, SILVER-PLATED WARE, BRITANNIA WABE, BLOCK TIN GOODS, TIN CHAMBER SBTS, COAL OIL LAMPS. JAPANNED WAITERS, DOOR MATTS, VEATHBB DUSTERS, BRUSHES, WOOD WABB, AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES GENERALLY. \YT H0C8ES, HOTELS, AND STEAMBOATS f URNI8HED AT BHOBT NOTICE. 318 IRON HALL, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 17-?o6m_between 9th and loth at? 367 D 8?"T* ~867 J. T. KinwBLL. RiobabdHbbbsrsob. KIDWELL A HENBER80N, No. 367 D atreet, near Ninth, Franklin Hall Building, Would respectfully inform their frienda and the publie that they are now receiving their Pal Stoch of PAPBRHANGING8 and WINDOW SHADES, PAPER CCRT AINS, PICTURE COBDS and TASdSLS, Ae. All of tbe latest styles and at tbe lowest cash price?. All paper hung in the city or country by expe rienced workman, at short notice. Remember the place, No. 367 D atreet, near 9th, entrance on D street. _(an ? lm]_367 C2 ABDEN SEEDS I -_??.-? I GARDEN SEEDS! Jn?-t received, fresh and genuine, TURNIP, ?ADI8H?UCUMBEB, CABBAGE, KALE. Aleo, CLOVER AND TIMOTHY. __?,_ i. P. BARTHOLOW, 548 7th st., between Penn av. and Canal, an 29 ?o6t_Washington, P. 0. BOOTS AND SHOES ___ ?T SUIT THB TIMES. We ?J? now manufacturing all Binda of BOOTS and SHOES, and eonstaol? receiving a sup- _w_f_b? f'ly ot Eastern made work of every ?escrip- _*?? ion made expressly to order, and will beg ?Ml ?old at a much lower price than has been w?Bs? heretefore charged in this eity for mueh inferior aitiele*. Person? in want of BOOTS and SHOES of Eastern or City made work, will always find a good aaaort ment in ?tore and at the lowest prices. Give us a call. ?????-?? A BROTHER, ap ft-tf_314 Penn. avenu?. HILLABD'SLIFEANDCAMPAIONBOPQBN. McClellan; General McCMlan'e Report; Bar nard's Review of McClellan'? Report; Language of Flowers, colored plates: Enoch Arden, by Tenny son, Ohri-ter'a Index; Beep'? Fables in French. ?eg 8 IB AMOK TAYLOR. AM?SEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSI? ICANTERBURY HALL./ AND HAL L ?CANTERBURY HALL. < THEATER LonisiABA AvsauB, Near Corner ef Sixth street. Hear of National and Metropolitan Hotels, GseBOB L*U-__?...____...-Proprietor W. V. Cavabadqb.-Stage Manager Loris PzQLLObT-.....__. Ballet Master Jena EsicrA..Musical Director SECOND WEEK OK THB FALL AND WIN TER SEASON. THE PEOPLE'S TEMPLE OF AMUSEMENT. HOUSES LITERALLY PACKED. PRESENTING NIGHTLY Ue greatest combination of GENIUS, NOVELTY AND MERIT ever prestnted toa DISCRIMINATING AND DELIGHTBD PUB LIC. PAYING THB LARGEST SALARIES EYER KNOWN in the HISTORY OF THB STAGE, Sparing no expense, time or labor, but-elevating all ite energies into the great object?that of pro ducing AN ENTERTAINMENT WITHOUT A PARALLEL IN THE CHRONICLE8 OF AMUSEMENT. ITS SUCO ESS IS AN ESTABLISHBD FACT. LESS ENTEBPBI8ING MANAGBRSBNYY IT. THB PBBSB PRAISE IT. The whole world talk of the GREAT CANTERBURY, and a stream of currency flow? into its coffers. NOBLY 8U8TAINED BY THE PEOPLE, 1?? CANTERBURY pursues its onward course. Like the great Ship of State, ITS TRIUMPH IS 8URE. THE CANTERBURY bas the largest and best concentration of genius ever eee? er heard of. THE MOST SPLENDID BALLETS, THE MOST GORGEOUS SPECTACLES, THE MOST BRILLIANT PANTOMIMES, THE MOST HUMOROUS FARCES, THE MOST EXTRAVAGANT BURLESQUES. THE MOST DELIGHTFUL BALLADS, THE MOST LAUGHABLE SKETCHES, THE MOST PLEASING SONGS, THE MOST VARIED ENTERTAINMENT; in short, the roost NOVEL, ATTRACTIVE, AND ORIGINAL EN TERTAINMENT that can possibly be procured by the lavish ex penditure of money EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK AN OVERWHELMING BILL OF ATTRACTION, Including many valuable additions to the already MASSIVE ARRAY OF TALENT. First appearance of the most DARING GYMNAST IN THE WORLD, DARING GYMNAST IN THE WORLD, MR. JOHN DENIER, MR. JOHN DENIER, MB. JOHN DENIER, MR. JOHN DENIER, who will perform for tbe first time here his peril ous Feat entitled the cataract ascension, the cataract ascension. the cataract ascension. the cataract ascension. Becond week of the brilliant engagement of the Terpsicherean Artistes and ENCHANTING BEAUTIES, ENCHANTING BEAUTIES, ENCHANTING BEAUTIES, Misses CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CI.ARA AND MILLIE FOWLER. CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER. CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, GLABA AND MILLIE FOWLER. GLABA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CUABA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, whose exquisite dancing has created the most lively sensation, the spactoue Ila!! being CROWDED NIGHTLY by appreciative and discriminating audiences, and shout? of applause and admiration elicited. They will have tbe honor to appear to ui -ht In an en tirely new and beautiful 8wis? Billet Divertise ment. arranged especially for them by tin' cele brated Maitre de Ballet, MONS. SZ0LL08SY, en titled NATHALIE. NATHALIK, NATHALIE, THE PRETTY MILKMAID OF SWITZERLAND Nathalie?.?_..Mies Millie Fowler Alfred, her brother.Mom. Louis Szolloesy Other character? by the entire FAMOUS COURT OF BEAUTY. composed of the following ladies: ELLA WESNER, MARY WESNER, LIZZIE WESNER, MARY COULSON, LEONORA CRBBD, MAGGIE WILSON, M'LLB VIOLA, in their Terpsichorean efforts. Becond week of DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, tbe Champion Clog-Dancers of Ue World. Also, of BILLY EMERSON, BILLY EMERSON, the great Song and-Dance Man and original Afri can Cure. First time bere of the Funny Pantomime, THE OOOPER3. THE COOPERS. THB COOPBRS. Dako, tbe apprentice-?_-W. B. Cavanach Bidder??, the cooper.J. J. Doughertv Petro, the lover._?_.....J Ward Calamuie, th? doctor._^_-j. Redden Minette.the cooper's daughter-Mis.?? MaryQardner Also, first representation hereof Charley WhUe's side-splitting Ethiopian Farce, entitled THB BLACK 8H0BMAKBB. A NBW PANTOMIME, A NBW AND BEAUTIFUL BALLET, A NEW FABCE, NEW DASCES, NEW BUBLESQUE8, NBW SONGS, NEW EVERYTHING, BY THE GREAT CANTERBURY CONSOLIDATION COMPANY. comprising the most CHARMING LADIES and the most TALBNTBD GENTLBMBN on the Concert Hall Stage Ladies, remember tbe BECOND POPULAS FALL MATINEE POPULAR FALL MATINEE POPULAR FALL MATINEE POPULAR FALL MATINBB takes place on SATURDAY, BBPTBMBBB IT, SATURDAY, SBPTBMBBR 17, SATURDAY, t-BPTEMBER IT SATDBDAY, BBPTBMBBB IT, when ? grand bill will be presented, expressly suited to our L?dy P?trens. PBICES OF ADMISSION Parquette, Balcony, and Gallery-??^ ae -en:? Orcbeetr? chairs.-.~~~ SO cents Re*erved Orche-tr? *eat?.. . ....-_ 75 cent? Lower Pr?vete B?xes, holding six persons_S*5 s? Upper Balcony Boxes... -.^^. ?5 no Single ?e?t? in Balcony Box.. ???????.?...... Si 00 Private Boxe? and R???eryed Seat? can be seeured from lu in th? morning till 2 p. m. AMUSEMENTS. FORD'? NEW THEATER. Tenth street, above Pennsylvania avenue. JOHN T. FORD...... Proprietor and Manager (Also of Holliday Street Theater. Baltimore.) Stag? Manager.Mr. John B. Wright Leader of Orchestra. Mr W. Wither?, Jr. Treasurer...?^.Mr. H. Clay Ford THI8 EVENING. SEPTEMBBR 1C. Tbe performance will commence with the Military Drama of th? DE8BRTER, OR MILITARY EXECUTION. Te conclude with C. W. Taylor's Trotean Come dietta of A LBBSON FOR HUSBANDS. FBIDAY, BENEFIT OF MRS. FLORBNCB. Pbices of Aumissiob.?Drees Circle, 51 cent?; Family Circle, V> cent?; Orchestra Chair?, 75 cent?; Private Boxen $1 > and *ti; 8> cu red seat? 2b ceuts extra. Curtain rise? at s o'clock. GROVER'S THEATER. Pennsylvania Avenue, near Willard'? Hotel. THURSDAY EVENING. Bept. 15. Laut Night but two of the brilliantly successful engagement of the WARREN COMEDY COMBINATION. MR. WM. WARREN, MISS JOSEPHINE ORTON, MR. CHA8 BARRON. MISS EMILY M ESTAYER. Last time positively of the beautiful Comedy of THB RIVAL9. Tbe excellent performance of which on Monday evening laat, occasioned almost innumerable re quest? for if? repetition_ OOD FELLOWS' HALL. TWO NIGHTS MORE. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. GRAND MATINEE ON SATURDAY, AT 3 P. M. I1AMBUJEB, tbe wonder-working prestidigita teur, ??ho drawa crowded houses wherever he goes, will give three more of his POPULAR 80IREBS and GRAND MAGICAL ENTERTAINMENTS, as above stated. The Hall will be tlosed this evening. PROFES SOR HAMBUJKIt beine occupied in decorating and otherwise making preparations for the recep tion of the President on FRIDAY evening, on which oecaeion various grand novelties will be in troduced. Admission, f/i cents Seat? can be secured with out extra charge, at the Box Office, from 10 a. in., till 4 p. m. Door? open at 7 p. m.: p?rformance commences at 8 p. m._aep 15 3t* ""varieties: varieties; music hall and theater. (Fronting Penn'a avenue and Ninth Btreet.) FIT/SIMMONS Proprietor and Stage Manager. Remember to -night the Great Show?Every Per sen?All Callinge Interested?Double Bill to night?The Gr??at Drama and the New Com pany?Also a full Music Hall Shew ! FEMALE PICKPOCKET OF WASHINGTON, HIGH AND LOW LIFE IN THE CAPITAL CITY ! Characters bv the Dramatic Company?Over 8ixty Persons, Men and Women, Depicting Life in this city?All the Pretty Dancing Girls ! All the Ethiopian Comedian? ! WEDNEBDAY AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE FEMALE PICKPOCKET, For Ladies and Children. eep 12-lw* PIO NICS, EXCURSIONS, &c. A DEMEMBER THE HERO OF SUMTER! ??? ANDERBON BOY8 IN THE FIELD, AGAIN.-TBE MEMBERS OP" THE AN __ _ DKR80N CLUB take great {pleasure in announc ing to their friends and the public in general, that tbey intend giving their eleventh grand Ball, at the Temperance Hall. E etreet. bet. 9th and 10th etreet on Wednesday, Oct. Gth 18S4. For particu lars ???jri^fii^iir^a^i^rtjsj'njienu._sep U-tt" 1.* OR ENJOYMENT 1 go to the THIBD GRAND PIC-NIC cf the AWKWARD CLUB. Wbich will be given at the Washington 7th street, on THUR8DAY.SEPT. 15th, 1864 If eman's Celebrated String Band has been en gaged for the oecaeion. No disreputable persons allowed on tbe ground?. Committee of Arrangements. R. King, J. Homes, A. Bishop, W. Sheets. C. Fletcher, Ballet Master._sep 12 it* NO ? I C B.-The FeurU Grand Bull of the McOLELLAN SOCIAL CLUB will be given on MONDAY', September 2t>. at SEATON'8 HALL, orner of 9th and D street*, for the benefit ofl_ ST. ANN'S INFANT ASYLUM. sep9-til26* ? Park, A LGEORGB FORREST, ATE Quartermaster United States Army, Adjusts Officers, Ordnance, Quartermaster's. and Commissary *b ACCOUNTS, 4?34 Tenth street, an 24-lm*_Washington, D. C. JAY COOKE A CO., HAWKERS, Fifteekth Stehet, opposite U. S. Treasury, Receive Subscriptions for the NEW ti. S. 13.10 LOAN authorized by the act of June 30th, 1&54. Tbe notes will be issued under date of August lith, in denominations of 950, 9100. 9500, 91,000 and 9*3,000, payable to bearer or order, bearing interest at 7 3 10 per centum per annum, payable semian nually, and will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity into six per cent. Five* Twenty Bonds. We bay and sell? GOVERNMENT BONDS of all issues. TRBA8URY NOTES, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS. And COIN, And pay the highest price for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE CHBCKS. Jy27-tf_JAY COOKE A CO. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORB Ex isting between tbe undersigned, under the firm of JOHN J. BABNARD A CO., is this day dissolved by mutual consent. John J. Barnard will continue the business at the old stand. No. 146 Bridge street. All persona indebted to Ue firm will please make prompt payment to him. WM. H. DOUGAL. G eorgeto wn, D. C., Sept. 1,1864. sep 5 2? M A ? Vft U R B, _ MANURE. THB BEST AI^nCHBA^STtMANURB IN THB The undersigned, having contrasted for all th? Manure at Giesboro Point, D. 0? are now pre pared to put on board vessels free of expense to Captains at low rates, . VESSELS WANTBD. Address No. 3S0 ? strest, Washington, or to GIESBORO POINT MANURE WHART\ * l0 anlO-tf_???? PBTTIBONB A 00. ORDONNANCE DB ?AVALBBIB.Svols. Paris Instruction pour la Voltige Militaire. Paris. Ecole du Cavalier a Pied. Paris. Ecole Du Cavalier a Cheval. Paris. Ecole du Peloton a Pied-a-Cheval. Paris. Biblioth?que complete dee sous, Officers et Brig adiers de Cavalerie. Paria. Instruction Sur le Travail Individuel dan? la Cavalerie, le Fir du Fusil et du Piatolet. Paris. Ainelee'a Cavalry Manual. London. Nolan on Cavalry Hornee. Roemer's History and Management of Cavalry. au 30_FRANCK TAYLOR. THIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICE, That U? subscri ber bas obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington county, in Ue District of Columbia, letters of administration W. ?., on the personal est?t? of ?F.B. Crsmpton.lateot Washington city, D. 0., debased. All per*one having claim?against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the ssme, with the vouchers thereof, t? the subscri ber, on or before the 23d day of August next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit ofthe said estate. Given under my hand thi? 23d day of August, 1864. t?n? law3w] JOB BDWIS ORAMPTON. LIMBI LIMBI LIMB J-I ?m now jirspsjred to d?Uvsr freah burned POTOMAC LIMB, pre _... .-?,--??- Flam? Kiln, without eoraiag m ?""??? p> OAWLBaLaH. Btna 1 9 ??? Tra.Be. and Roek 0 LlmsKilB, ? reek Bridge. CBILL8 AND FBVERS-SIIAKB NO MORE - Go ?t one? to MOORE'S DRUGSTORE, 113 Pennsylvania avenue, West Bnd, and procare a bottle of Ague Cure and a package of hie Antidote. They are warranted to cure. Price *2.&'. sep3-3w TELEGRAPH IO NEWS. FROM NEW ORLEANS. Large Majority for the New Louisiana C?B ?ifiatteav? Lo?? of a Steamer at Sea Land-slide Bear Baton Rouge. Caibo, Sept. 14.?Tbe steamer Luminary, from New Orleans on the ?tb inst. has arrived. The Luminary was fined twenty-five hundred dollars by Oeneral Dana, at Vickaburg, for landing at other than mili'&ry poets, on the previous trip. Official returns of the elections In the par ishes of New Orleans, on the 5th instant, gave a majority of 3,875 for the new constitation. The vote was 5,443. The steamship Creole sailed for New York on the 7th instant. The steamer M. W. OUlam, from New Or li-ai s lor Matamores, laden with lumber aad thirty eight passengera, foundered on tbe let inatant, one hundred and twenty miles aonth f ast of f-abiue Paas. t; he is a total loss. The passengers sustained themselves fifty hours on a raft, when they were rescued by the United States steamer Circassian. There was an extensive alide, embracing a quarter ol a mile of the levee, ten miles above Baton Bouge, aome days ago. Provisions are firm, stocks light. The salea of sugar the past week were 40U hogsheads; Louisiana and Cuba, 23a~4 cents, fair to full ? lair. The new negro regiments organizing in Mem phis are filling up rapidly. Cruise to the Texan Coaat. Caibo, Sept. 14.?The steamer Circassian re turned to New Orleans on tne 6th from a cruise to the Texan coast, on the Bio Grande. She supplied about thirty of our blockaders with provisions, and brought a f*>w sick and dis charged men, bound North. The gunboat Aarora was the only vessel on duty at tbe month of tbe Bio Grande. The French haye nearly eeventy vessels at that point. The Freneb admiral, when in formed of the capture of Fort Morgan, pro nounced Admiral Farragut tbe naval hero of the age. The troops at 'Santa Brasca and the crews of tbe blockading fleet are in good health. Blockade running is expected to begin aoon on tbe Texan coast, and our navy are on the alert. Overland Stage Line te California. Atchibon, Kanpap, Sept. 11.? The overland stage line is to be immedia'ely reopened to Cal ifornia. Ben Halliday, proprietor of the line, leaves here next Monday, accompanied by Warren Leland, Esq., of New York, Superin tendent George T. Otis, and a large party of employees, to put tbe route in running order. Hostilities on tbe part of the Indiana have en tirely ceased along the whole line to Folsom, California. - ?te m ? LOCAL *?EWS. Meeting at Pabkbb'b Hall?a Call that was not Responded to.?There was a meeting at Parker's Hall last night in answer to the fol lowing call published in tbe Constitutional Union : ?? *Give us back our old Commander G?The Sol diers of tbe Army and Sailors ot the Navy, w hether discharged or in the service, wounded or sick in the hospitals, who are in favor of the election of General George ?. McClellan, the hero of Antietam and humane Commander of the Army of the Potomac, are reqaested to meet at the Hall of the National Democratic Associ ation, Pennsylvania avenue, near Sixth atreet, on "Wednesday evening, September 14, to deter mine such action as may be proper to secure effective action in the Presidential campaign." This call was answered by tbe soldiers and sailors to whom it was addressed, to the num ber of four, two soldiers and two sailors. The Association was present.however, in very good force, and the exercises went on despite the disappointment as to the attendance of the guests especially invited. Mr. John Purdy presided, and Mr. William Flinn acted as Secretary. Marens Durali. Thomas Grady, and John W. Bell were proposed and elected members. Justice Clayton read extracts from a letter which he announced was frem a gentleman who was formerly a colonel and had served under Gen. McClellan. The writer felt sure there was a strong McClellan feeling among the soldiers, and the majority were against this Administration, "who, like vultures, were growing sick on the carcasses of the soldiers." Justice Clayton then said that, in the absence of another speaker, be would say a few words. He understood some one bad said it was Clay ton first and Florence next one night, and cice versa the next night. Mr. Tom Florence.?"The Star said so." Clayton.?" Well, the ?Star ia good author ity." Florence (advancing to the stand j?? ?If you will allow me a moment"? Clayton.?>?Oh, now, you commenced tbe other night; it's my turn to-night." Mr. Florence said he simply desired to state that this meeting was called especially tor the sailors and soldiers. He had bad conversa tion with many of both arms of the service officers and privates?who were with tbe asso ciation, but leared to own the fact openly. A few days ago (said Mr. F.) a vote was taken in a company near the city, and that all to a man voted for McUlellan, and the result has beeu that they have been put on double duty ever ein ce. So it would be with any who would attend these meetings. They would be put upon double duty. But the speaker waa sat isfied McClellan wonld be elected and would be our next President. [Applause.] Justice Clayton here pronounced Mr. Tom Florence " a brick," and proceeded to make a speech upon the financ?e. He argued that the party in power bad driven gold and ail ver ont ot use, and given the people nothing but abia El?stere- Gold It was said bad gone up as igh as 291 on one day. This is a fallacy. Gold never rises or falle. It is intrinsically always the same thing, It is not trae that gold has risen or fallen ; but the currency of the government has depreciated ; and the deprecia tion was owing to a want of confidence in the government. The depreciation is not, that the government is not able to meet demands upon it ; for it la ; tbe present debt was merely a drop In tbe bucket for this great country ; but it was because of a want of confidence in the adminietration. The fear is that under pre sent management the government will be over thrown. There as no telling what raid Lea may next make and then gold will run up again. As aoon as McClellan was nominated gold fell. Why .' Doee he control it { No ! but it was tbe magic ia his name; (applause) it is the confidence in him, that he will ua bach a metallic currency, or make our paper equal to it. (Renewed applause.) Mr. Schmidt aaid hia frentGlayton bad made a goot speech, unt when a person shpeaks of money, it remiate him he has a duty to perform. He wonld state that he had received ia the aggregate $556.70 toward tbe celebration fund. Hon. S. E. Ancona, o? Pa , who Mr. Florence announced was here for the purpose of frank- j lng Democratic documents, was called upon | lor a speech. He said that it was a well known fact in politic? that as Pennsylvania goes In October so she will go in November, and as Pennsylvania goes eo goes the Union. (Ap plause.] While he had no doubt what the home vote would be, he had aome anxiety as to the vote of the army. He therefore urged all to go to work earnestly. Visit tbe hospitals and aeek ont all entitled to a vote, ?nd urge upon them the necessity of casting a Democratic vote. rApplauae.1 Place before these soldier's Mel lellan's letter of acceptance, and that will be platform enough for all of them, and there is no question wher? they will cast their bal lot if permitted to vote according to their own convictiona. Tne apeaker claimed that there wae no schiam among the Democracy of Penn sylvania. They all accepted McClellan, and to a man wonld vote for him. [Appiana?.} Oapt. W. J. Geary wee now called to the stand Be ?aid he had many friend? appeal to him, aa to whether he was going to wore witb a party he had formerly fought against. He (Geary) replied no; but he waa going to work iortheConetitution and Union. [Applause] He was going m lor a man under whom he had fought eleven battle?; and a man who, if elected, would be Preaident, aad not a checker of Treasury note?. [Applause.] He (Mr. G.) acknowledged that at one time be had called th? Democrat? copperheads, but th? Republi can rcostera had stolen hie thunder. [Applause aud langhter.] After the Mexican war, heithe the speaker) met Abraham Lincoln aad W. P. Mangana on the avenue, and they shook hands witb each other, aad offered each other con gratulations on what they considered a triumph of tbe conservative principles of the Whig par ty. He fought then against the Democratic party. Had fought them since he waa II, and he believed before be was born he had done so; riaughter;] but he new came to the party and ?aid Democrat? take me in. [Applause.] Be WM BO copperhead, bat was agaioet any ?p? Uai attempted to depriY? htm o? bis rigate as BB American eltiasa. r Appinnse 1 It hehnd a voice thai eouid be. heard at the White bouse, he would tell Mr. Ian cola tfca? the Democrats are coming, and win make him ? ? ate in his boot?. [Applause.] Tne speaker here enargvd that by the division of the state ei V n ?in.a. thi? administran >n had jnsttfted and heir me adv?cale? oi seee? sion [Applaus?, ? [At ibi? point some one ia the hick nail uttered ?? expression whichsonnded very like ?You're a liar." It created seme little commotio?, aad eiies cf ??pnthim oat," weie otter???, hat the excitement was allayed by .the announcement Uat it was a drunken man who had attempted to say "londer, louder") The speaker con tinned, and said if any one in office here dared to call him ;i Copperhead he wonld tell hia flatly he wins a liar. [Applao*e ] The speaker ?aid he bad that day met the District Attorney, and he understood from bim Uat he (the D A w?s going to make a speech at Union Leagoe Hall to-night, and pitch into Uespeaker. WeU, be (Geary) wanted Ue first dig at bim, [ap plause,] and he would commence now. He and the District Attorney were both Whig?, and the speaker introduced the Dis trict Attorney at a barbecue near Bladensburg. Time rolled around, aud Uey became Know Nothings. [The speaker here turned to Jus? tice Clayton and remarked, ?? Doctor, you and 1 were both also of that breed of pap?."] [Great laughter J When he first came here hi? friend Ned was a Whig. Well, the Whig party did tot win mnch, and his (ri?*nd did not know what to oo. The speaker advised blmtoatick to the pn*-iy. Hie friend, tbe District Attorney, replied, "Hill, I am afraid it's a losing busi ness." Well, his friend stuck up his shingle as a lawyer, and like his (th?* speaker's) other friend, W barton, he got about one care each court, and tbat was always a case that did not pay. [Laughter : Well, Ue Know Nothing party came up, and the speaker wae applied to, and eome one ?aid, ? the t-peaker pointed sig nificantly at Dr. Clayton, which act created renewed laughter,) do yon want to become a member of the consecrated order. [Laughter] 1 said ??ldo," and 1 was taken in, and waa asked to pat my hand on a cross and swear. I could not do that, but when a magistrate wae culled I swore. Well, my friend Ned was there. Ton remember it. Doctor, (to Clayton.) Judge Clayton here got np from his seat, and some one called out, "Don't run away, Judge." The latter replied philosophically Uat he ?nly wanted a drink of water, and alter imbibing, he again eat down, amid much merriment. Tbe speaker continued by saying Uat when he joined tbe K. N. Lodge, he knew nothing about it, but he soon took all the degrees, and Carrington and Clayton took as many degrees as he did. [Laughter and applanse.J Then tbe Union party came np and met where Can terbury now is, and I went there, and the first man I saw was my friend, Ue District Attor ney, and he was speaking against Ue Dem Jack?, and Lam Cooper beat him at Uat game. I Laughter.] Walter Lenox, too, always gave bis (the speaker's) friend a hard rub also. Mr. Geary said he hoped McClellan would be elected, so that he could open Ue Bastile and let Lenox out, for a better man or a purer pa triot never lived. [Applause.] The District Attorney then went to Ue Bell and Everett party, and Judge, you were there too, (to Clay? ton, causing laughter,) and thence to Ue wig wam. Then came the division of plunder, and Ue District Attorney got his share. [ Applaaae.] .Capt. G. concluded by remarking that he ex pected the District Attorney would pitch Into him, and, if he did, all he asked was Ue use of this ball on tbe succeeding night for a reply. When Mr. Carrington said tbe other night Uat McClellan, by accepting Ue nomination, in sulted the living and the dead, he knew be was a liar. [Applause.] McClellan did not insult any one but the pheasant- tail roosters who are trying to break up the Government, and such men as Somner, Wilson A Co. ? Ap plause.] Three cheers were then given for McClellan and Ue association adjonrned. Policb K.BPORT8?First Precinct.?Jas. Flar lty, larceny; for a hearing. Second I'recinct?Mary Rom, disorderly; S3. John William Hase, asbault and battery; die missed. Tkbr? Precinct?Robo Veeney, W. M. Stew art, disorderly; S2 41. Louisa Johnson, George Thomas, do.; M 44. John W. Gross, do ; $3.56. Levi Dover and Lloyd Brown, do.; dismissed. Edward Bruver, nuisance: Hannah Young. drunk; dismissed. Fourth Precinct.?Jas. Hurdle, Jo?. Parrie, drunk and disorderly; Wm Long; disorderly; S'2. Peter Buckley, drank: dismissed. Sixth Precinct ? Ja?. McNemara, drunk; die missed. Jas. A. Blundran, keeping a dog un licensed: 58 cent? cost?. John Sullivan, drunk; b?2. Eliza Glover, keeping a dog unlicensed; dismissed. Tenth Precinct?Jos. Thomas, assault and battery; jail for conrt. Matilda Light, do . do. Michael Wolf, do ; bail for court Sam'l Tay lor, disorderly; S4. Mary Stephens, do.; 98. Susan Fearson. do.; dismissed. Samuel John son, do.- ?3. Mary Butler, drunk and disor derly; 9A.M. Martha Curtis, do ; workhouse. John Gray, do.; ??15.94. Terence Finnegan. do., ?3 GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. -? A RgsOLt-Tio?* making an appropriation to lar a flagway ?cross Congress etreet. Re<olved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the sum of twenty-flv? dollar?, or so much thereof ss mar neeea?ary. be, ?nd the same is 1 erebv appropriated, to lay ? flagway aero??? CoLgroRs street, on the south line of Beali street. Approved Sept. 3d, 1S64. An Obuivamcb providing for Ue appointment of a Harbor Master, and for other purposes. Be it ordained by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the Corporation ef Georgetown^ Tbat immeaiately after the adoption of 11 is ordinance, and annually hereafter on the first Monday In January, Ue two Boards of the Corporation, in joint convention shsll appoint? suitable person tobe Harbor Master of the Port of Georgetown ; who, after having first taken an oath, or affirmation, ani ?riven Bond, with two sufficient eureties tobe approved by the Mayor, in tbe sum of four-thousand dollars, faithfully aud impartially to perform the duties of hi? otti ce, ehall bave authority, and is hereby r???) lired to super ihtend and enforce the execution of al law? of the District of Columbia, and of all laws, rules, and leeulatiors of tne Corporation of Georgetown, which have be, ? adopte i: or wbich may hereafter be enacted, ?nd declared for cleaning Ue docks and wharves of the Port of Georgetown, f r pre venting nuisances at tbe wharves, or in the dock?, aforesaid, and for r?gul?t In ? and stationing all ?hips or vessel? in tne stream of th? river, or at t? e wharves, within the boundaries of thi- said Corporation. it shall be his duty to remove from time to tins? ?bips and vessels, in crder to make room for otters, or to admit the river craft to pass in a?d out of Ue docks, and to compel Ue mas'ers and captains of ehipe and vessels to ?ccoramolate each otter, bo that ship? and vessels arriving from sea ?ball, for ? entitled to berths next to the wharves, until they have unloaded their cargo??: and for that purpose such ships or vessels as sre loading as all be removed, and tak? in their cargoes over and aero?? the decks of the ?bips or vessels It ing nearest to Ue wharves. Section 2. And be it further ordained. That it ?hall be the duty of tbe Harbor Master to atien?' to the unloading and delivery of all ballast which may be discharged within the limits of this Cor poration. He shall require tha* the aarae be Drought on shore, and laid at s me place where it will not obstruct navigation, nor be washed or roll into the channel of the river. And when ballast bas been discharged according to his direction fiom any ship or vessel, ne shall give to the com mander thereof a certificate that hi? ballast has been duly unladen from on board his vessel: and any commander of ? ship or vessel who ?ball land or ca't overboard ?ny ballast otheraise than ac cordirgto the direction of the Harbor Master, ?nd thus fail to receive the certificate, ?hall forfeit acd p.?y the mm of one hundred dollars, to be re covered as fine? usually ar? under the laws of this Beet ion 3. And be it further ordained. That it sh?ll be the duty of the Harbor Master to receive and collect from the master, captain, owner, or con ? >gn*e of each and every vee?el (except thoee ot let* thsn fifty ???? register)arriving in Ue port of Georgetown, a harbor fee, the amount of which ?hall be in proportion to the registered tonnage of tbe vessel from wbich s?id fee ia collected, as fol low?, vi?: from vessels of net less than fifty nor mure than one hundred and fifty tone register, a ka bor fr ? ef one dollar and fifty cent?; from ves sels of more than one hundred and fifty and not more than three hundred tons register, a harbor fee of two c? 1.are and fifty eente; from all vessel* of between three hundred ton? ?nd five hundred tons r. gisier, ? harbor fee of three doll; rs and fifty cents; aad from all vessels of five hundred ton? register and over, a harbor fee of four dollare ?nd fifty cete: sad he shall also collect ?nd r?eei ve from Ue commander of every ehip or v?niel from which ballast may be discharged, a ballast fee of one dollar and twenty-five cents : Provided, that the above fcarbor fee shsll not be collected from the sante vessel for Usa one voyage in in any one month. Section 4. And be it further ordained. That if any master or captain of any ?hip or vessel t>h?il refuse er neglect to comply wiU the direction? of the Harbor Master in matters within the Jurisdletion of his o ?See, or any person whosoever ahull obstruct or prevent the said Harbor Master in the execution ef his duties, such master, or captain, or oUer person, i-ha'l, for ??eh and every offene?, severally forfeit and p?y any enta not leas th?n thirty ?lellare tor more thsn fifty doll?r?. to be *"f*roTeretLl:B other forfeiture? ?re recovered by the i?we of tms Corporation. ?nd from whiob he ? the ? the? fre*?Vd"t?i??ggi e-ate ?mounf received,Y??ra.?g one-fourth thereof as aia own, shall deposit the refraining three fourths with Ue Clers of the Corporation, who shall place the asme to tie e?ea i : of tbe Ha'bor fund, to b? appropriated a? 'his C? rccration msy from time to time determine gee 6. And ht it further ordained. That the H* bor Master aball reeeive ia compensation for bis services, in addition to one fourth the.feeeeoi.ert ed ae provided iu tro? .Vh section ol this ordinance, a salary of thirty three dolUrs and thirty-three oenta per nanuta, tobe pai I by the ulirkoi the ?e cep1 ion of hi? inottlily report a?d eh?rged to the B?rborfnnd. lApprored 8e?t. V>,\9U.

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