Newspaper of Evening Star, September 15, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 15, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR M ?.quit? aad Fly Bite?? It ?? difficult to ?ay anything new ahont ?"? q nitres, bntthey have visited ?*?"*?"?; ?rormoua flocks daring ?*?*?*** SSa?2 demand a paaalsg noUoe, and we heve so doubt that our readers would be yeryflad to see them dfc?mi?ed with only one. With the exception of tbe chad fliea which invade the ? bores of Lake Ontario in June and July, and which sometimes cover the decks of ?team boat? to tne depth of ?even or eight inch??? in a few ??omenti?, we have neverseen moremultitndin eas ?wsrms of insects on the wing out of town _?ay 8 aten Island for int-tance?while in town iBey have gradually become a perfect nui sance Tbe sting of the mnequito, too, for som?? reason or other, ?eems to be unusually acrimoBioustbls season,while tlies,spidera,and ?ertain other InseC?, have acquired a sort of bite that produces very great triflammationat tender! with much pain, aad when upon the eyelids, the lips, or any tender part, oftea prove? exceedingly dangerous. In explanation rf thia latter phenomenon, it is ?aid the'animal? dving of di?ease are not Ban d ?nffl iently d?ep in the earh; that the flies Ac. get atanr* d-your the d?-caving ?les-. ai d m h: te the poison- ns mitter of th? dtset"; that ti ey communi e te it to the ?pi-lers wh > devour th?m ('hue makinsr their bite un usually viraient, at ?_??? ) a? well M to all other crea tures they allrht apon. Be the cinse what it ir av. the number of persons suffering from ? ?eh ills, at present, is snrprls'ngly large In this city, and some of'hem h a v* been laid up inanruisb fordev?, ao ou- knowledge, through the iratrumen'Bllty o euch an apparently in? ?Igniflcant clrcnroeta? c*. If the wound be soui'ic-d at once end treated serioaa'y, the Btl-'hievona aymptoms soon disanpear. Ft? ? per?n", however, c nst 1er a moequitj stinga ?eider hit?, or a fly bi'?, a mai'ef of much u on ent and tnecon f quent neglect leads toan aggravated disorder. -?Foewnr^ed is fore armed", however, and it would be just as well for onr readers to be on their guard and act ac cordingly??*. Y. Sunday Times. ? na Mary la ? ? (Jolobizatioh Socibtt.? Tbe Maryland Colonization Society appears to he at a ?tand still For the first time in many year? there will be no fall expedition dis pa rhe.1 to tbe Maryland colony in Africa the ?resen* season. Tb? fine ship which belongs to the Society?the Mary Caroline Stevens? whicb has been moored at Jackson's wharf. Fell's Point, for aome months, is offered for ?ale, snd from present indications it is likely a purchaser for her will be found. As matters bow ?tand the gentlemen composing the Mary land Colony of Liberia are left to depend npon their own resources, wbicb, it te aaid, they are tally competent to do.?Baltimore Sun. BVThe latest ??mode" In regard to dessert at fashionable tables of Paris is to serve tbe fruit, ?till growing, In pots. Pear?, cherries, peach es, grapes, plnms, Hg?, nectarines, Ac, are placed on tbe table growing on dwarfed espal ier?, the pots eianding on silver sockets, or on traya. Strawberries thus growing are easily obiaiaed. A pot containing a strawberry p'ant in full bearing la placed before each gsect. Of/FlC 1 AL?. Btadquarters Military District of Washington, ) Provost Marshal's Office, Washington, D. C , Sept. 12, 1661. > General Orders, No. 4. information having been received at these Headquarters, that many persona eneaged m the Clothing and Furnishing bueiness in this District, have frequently aold citizens' clothes te enllated men, upon the men exhibiting cer tificates ot discharge from the United States ?ervice ; and as auch discharges have, in most ?ases, proved to be spurious and forged or be longing to some other person than the one present ing it. 11 is therefore Ordered, That so m neh of General Order No. 3, issued from these Headquarters, that relates to the aale of clothing to enlisted men, ia so amended as to prohibit the sale of clothing to aay enlisted man upon discharge papers that he may preaent, until said papers have been ei?mined and a special permit obtained frem tbeae Headquarters. Any violation or evasion of this Order, will b? promptly and aeverely punished, and the offenders subjected to the full penalty attached to the disobedience of this and other existing orders relating thereto. By command of Col. ?. ?. Wibbwbll, Military Gov'r. T.Ibobab ax, Colonel and Provost Marshal sep 13-? t Adjutant Gtneral't OMu, I Washington, Mtwoh 17,18*M. J All application? for leave? of absence or per miaeioa to visit Washington must be addressed lo Major General Halleck, Chief of Staff, and out specify the basine?? for which the officer desire? the permission. Telegrams addressed direct to th? Secretary of War on this subject Will receive no attention. By cider ot the Secretary ef War: ?. I) Towbsbbd, Assistant Adjutant General SPRING DEBILITY! LANGUOR, LASSITUDE. ABS THAT LOW BTATB OF THE SYSTEM ??aliar to the SPRING TIME OF TEAS, ar? immediately relieved by the PERUVIAN 8YBTJP, rote?ted Solution of PROTOXIDE OP IRON. THF. PERUVIAN SYRUP ?applies the blood with it? vital principle, or LIPE ELEMENT, IRON, lafuiing Btbbiotb Vieoa and Niw Lin Into al parta of tbe ayatem. On? of th? moat Distinguished Jurist In New Baglacd write? to a friend as follows : " I have tried the PERUVIAN eVRDP. and tb? resalt fully suetaina your prediction. It baa mad? a asw max of me; infuaed into my ?y-tem new yigor and energy; I am no longer trematone and ??hi li ta ted as when yon la?t saw me, but atronger, heartier, and with larger capacity for labor, men asi snd physical, than at any time during th? last ? v? years." Aa eminent Divine of Boston aaya: *' I havsbeen using the PERUVIAN 8TBUP for leat time pa?t ; it givea me saw vieoa, MUM of ariaiTS, slabtioitt of moscl? " _ Pamphlets free. J. ? DIN3M0RB. No. 491 Broadway. New York. toiwHs: LULUS: I?SISIMPTI?.I! WISTAR S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY Osa er tbb Olbbbt abo Moat Bbliablb Rim?? BIBB IB TB? WO ? LU FOB Coughs. Colds, Whoopxnt Cougk, Bronekitis, Diffi culty of Breathing, Asthma, Hoarseness, Sort Throat, Ooup, and every Affection of TBE THROAT. LUNGS AND CHEST. Wiatar'a Balaam of Wild Cherry doe? not Dry up a Cough and leave tb? s?ed? of Consomption in th? ratean, but laomi it, aad cleanses tne Langs of 1 un puri tie?. Bone genuin? anlese signet "I. BUTTS." on tb? wrapper. K-DUI.IU'S RUSSIA SALVE:: A REAL PAIN MJTTBACTOB. P0BTT YEARS' EXPBB BNOB Has fully established the superiority of thia Salve ever all other healing remedies. It redaeea th? mont angry looking Swellings and Inflamationa aa tf by Magic; heala Old Soase, Wonsos, Bt7BB8, Scald?, Ac, in a surprisingly abort time. On i ? 25 cents a Box. Th? above ar? old and util established Remedie?. Por Sale by ?. P, Dibbbori, 491 Broadway, New York, .'W Fowls A Co., It? Tremont ?t.. Boatea, my SI BAWSm_and by all Druggist?. FUBN ITURE. FURNITURE. FURNITURE. % ?__5_ bay? now in ?tor? aad are daily receiving _!V_H*"eelw,_.b?et assorted atosk of CABINET "?_?"* ***** owed to tbe citizeua of Washington and Osorgetown which we pl?.lft-e ourselviu to pell on an rea?..mble Uno? as any houMaouth of Hew To??*? ."?"""????????ryto particularize ar tici.?. ?? our ?tock embraces ever> cenceivnMe arti?'? to b? found in a Errt-class Uousefarniihing ?stablUhment BOTELEB A WILLS* >N. * Bg??*?. ave., bet. Vth und luta *??> ?a 34-eodtocl [Cod. Union.) ,v,ia *' M AS81Y COLLINS A CO.'* PHILADELPHIA DBAUGHT ALB AND POETES. I am no w receiving large ?aantitiea of DRAUGHT ALB and PORTER from thia celebrated brewery, which I am prepared to furaiah oa abort notlc? to all person? who favor m? with their orders. Orders given to my drivers will be promptly at tends? to. Good* deli verri inali parts of Washington and Georgetown,free of charge. RILBY A. BHINN, Agent. Cato* Bottling Depot, 5? Green atreet . ?%.?___._,_ Georgetown. ?. O. ^TAMPING AND EMBROIDERING done with G? neatness and linpateh. and tt the lowest nriecs lt_2! MEUT*" aT-no'? a"?^th? Nochera Li Deny *i arasi. aniM-lm? ?rmftJlOet TATLOB EDUCATIONAL. COLOMBIAN COLLEGE. O. 0 -_"f lt a*aaioB 01 tbe Prvparatory Department ???? WEDNES DAY. rVpt. 14, e. tbe Collet?. VBDNBSDAY. Sept ?,1864. Foreat?Jofew or farther inlorma tio? ??ply to ?j, w. SAMSON, D. D., sop ??-Ss**_President. CGkROBlEO COLLEGE, Pikervitle, Baitinsor? D eounty, Md., open? ita ninth Bes?ten o? the 24 Mondsy of September For the terms or other in foi-nation add re?? Rev. E. Q. 8. WALDRON, Principal._?op-Mm* (?EORGET?WN FEMALE SEMINARY, 1?1 ? West street. Tke duties of this institution will be resumed Beptember 5. For circular? Ad eres? the principal. _ _.^_____ ee?2 lmr _M. J. HARROVER. CT, TIMOTHY'S HALL. The undersigned will open bis SCHOOL FOR BOARDING AND DAY PUPILS, ?t the above piare on T?B8DAY. ?Sept. 13, 18*4. Heb??, by a ver> liberal outlay, secured the best talent to ??"??t him in tbe education of young gen tlemen, and has procured a ?ite inferior to none in tbe country for celebrity of climate and beeutv of ?c-nery The Hall i? an satsas? ve eerie? of build ing?, fitted np with every requ.?ite for oo-nfe t, convenience end health, surrounded by 3> acre? of gr?.und affording ample scope for physical eier nse The following gentlemen constitute the f*<ral? PAR80N8. Priniipal ?nd Professor off Mathemstie* and Moral Sciences GEO. S. GRAPE. A. M., Professor of Natural Science and Mathematics. Rev. J. NEWMAN HANR, A.M. Professor <>f A ci?nt Lang laites A Moral Scienee. R?t. i BOMMERKIUO UANK. A M? ProfesaoT of Belles Lettres and Ancient Language Bot.H H BRUNING. A M., * Professer of German, Bpanisk and Mathematics. Professor of French Language?. Professor of Paintmt ?nd Drawing. A. M. METZ, Keq.. Professor of Vocal ?nd Instrumental Music. TERM".-Boarding pupila fati per year of 10 montha; weekly boarding pupils f ?Kl per year of ??> months-daily pupils mi per year of 10 month?. including fare to ?nd from the city. For particulars eee circular? to be obtained at principal bookstore?, or addre??? E PARSONS, Oatonsville. BaltimoreOountv. Maryland. Circulars to be had at the Star Office. ?ep2 DA Wim*_ TO PARENTS AND TEACHERS OF GEOROE TOWN.-A full assortment of SCHOOL BOOKS constanti??* on hand, ?t -? High street, sep 2 9t*_ BOARDING AND DAY SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES, Corner Prospect and Frederick streets, George town, D C. Mr?. Gen. ?. T. WHEELER, Prin cipal. The duties of this institution will be re sume.] on Monday. Sept. 12._an 29 2w ?? FEMALE SCHOOL. ITlRB. MARIA C. McCORMICK, late of Alexan dria. V?., h?ving removed her school to Cam bridge, Md., 1? prepared to receive four or five ?irla ?? boarding pupila, in her family. Their intellectual, domestic ?nd moral training will re ceive her most ?Rsidnouacare. Her eucsese, while for years engaged in Aleiandri?, in educating girl?, is well known to all old residents of that town. Parent? in thie vicinity who deeire further in? formation concerning the ad vantages of ber school sre respectfully referred to Lewis McKenzie, Esq., of Alexandria, V? .or W. D. Wallach. Editor of the Washington Star. Her terms for board, tu ition, A c . ?re moderate. Cambridge, Md. where ?he has recently located her school, i? one of the bealtbi-et and most de lightful villages in the Union, ?nd has abeut it no attribute whatever except such as a pTudent and solu-:tou? parent will approve in selecting a local ity in which to have a daughter thoroughly edu cated and trained for future usefulness. The fall term of her school commences on the flrat Monday of September._an 26 dim BS. BURR will reopen her School on MON' DAY. Sept. 26, 391 H street. Bep 2-eotoctl* THE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY.-The fif teenth annual session of this institution will on the 5th of September, IS&t, Oireu lar? obtained at the Academy, corner 14th street and New York avenue._au lfl-eo2m* BBOOKVILLB~ACAD?MY. Session commences Sept. 5th. Entire expense for 21 weeks, 1110. Circular? at rUar Office, or ad dress R. K. BURNS, Principal, su 6 eo2m* Brook ville, Montgomery co., Md. m^m^mmmmmmm??mmmmmmim?smmmm?ii^e^^mm^m^m^m ryiAMSTERS WANTED. Chief Quartermaster's Office, Depot of Washington, ? Wonhington, D. C, Aug. 18. 1864. { Wanted, ?t once, five hundred (6U0> to one thou sand (l.OOu) Teamsters, each capable of driving with ?ingle line ?nd m?n?gmg six mule teams. To such who are competent to perform the duty, tbe pay per month will be thirty five (SS)dollars, with one ration per day, and hospital privileges, including tbe beet medical attendance when sick. Men experienced as Wagon Masters will receive such positions, upon bringing to this point twenty five (25) good Teamsters. Apply to Captain CHARLES H. TOMPKINS, A. Q. M. TJ. 8. ?., corner of Twenty-second and Q street?, Washington, D.O. _ _ ____ ? __. D. H. RUCKER, Brig. Gen. and Chief ?Quartermaster, ?n 18-nt_Depot of Washington. IMPORTANT TO ~~ HOUSEKEEPERS AND OTHERS We invite the attention of all Ser?ons who are in want of OCSEKEBPING GOODS to call ?nd examine our large and extensive assortment, wbich we are prepared to offer AT GREAT BARGAINS, thereby making it an important item in the selec tion of FURNITURE and other HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, slways to be found at the well known establish ment of McGREOOR A ZIMMERMAN, No. 530Seventh street, between ?u 26-eolm Louisiana ?v. ?nd D st , east side. M ?? FURNI PIAN08.?We have Juet received eight m ?re o Bieinway A Son's Pianos all of the**? different sites and style?, which we offer" ||||| for aale at factory price?. These Pianos are some what higher in price than other?, bnt their su fieriority ie apparent to all, after asareful exam nation. We have also on hand a largeaeaortment of other maker?. Hvon & Hamlin'e Cabinet Or gans, Prince'? Melodeon?. at Munlc Store of W. G. MBTZBROTT, _?uM_Cor, llth st. ?nd P?. ?venue. J 0B MF H REYNOLDS ?. 00, PLUMBERS, GAB, AND BTEAM F.'TTERS, No. 800 NiflTB Btbbbt, near avenue, ?Uve Just received, and will constantly keep on Band, the largest ?nd beet assortment in the oity of Ohosdeliers, Brockets,Drop Lights, Portables, Glase Globea, mica ?nd other Shales, ?nd ?11 arti elea in this line, from the beet establishments In New York, Philadelphia. Ac, which will be sold on the mont reasonable term?. Also, RANGES. FURNACES, ?nd Fire-Board Stoves. We ?re prepared to furnish tke best BANGE In nee anywhere, on very reasonable terms. Hotels, Restaurante, A.c.. ?re. inviu-d to call. We do all kinds of GAB and BTEAM fittings romptlv and cheap, as also everything in the LIMBING line in the most satisfactory manner. Call and aee oar Bathing Tubs, fountains Water Closets, Waah-staads, B?sins, Ac, Ac, ?t No. 400 Ninth street, near Pennsylvania avenne, the largest OBtablishmont la the elty._ffo 8-ootf IMPROVE TOUR EYE-. _ _ ?sight by the us? of the eel?? ?brated Pbbblb and PBBisoorie Spbotaoli8, uni versally ?eknewledged as th? best for Stbbbotb BBIBO abb Pbbsbbvieo the impaired Eyesight, scientifically and correctly suited, by FRANKLIN ft OO , Optician?. 844 Pennsylvania ?venne,bet. Uta and 13th its,, and SSS Pennsylvania ?venae, ander the National. FIELD GLASSES, OPERA GLA88K8. MICRO 8COPES,, THERMOMETERS, 8TBRBO8COPB8, PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS. CARTES DB VISITE. Ae.. In a arreat variety, aad at the lowest prices. J?8 _ I A DAMS EXPRESS COMPANY, _ OFFICI ?14 PA. AVENUE, Washington, D. tf, GREAT EASTERN, NORTHERN. AND WEST ERN EXPKE8B_F0BWABbEBS. MERCHANDISE. MONEY. JEWELRY. VALU ABLE8, NOTES, 8T0CK8, BONDS, Ao., Forwarded with SAFETY AND DISPATCH to all accessible sections of the country. This Componi has agencies in the Principal Railway Towns in th? NORTH. BAST. WEST, AND NORTHWEST _ Its principal offices are WASHINGTON, D. 0., NEW YOBK, BOSTOI? PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE., GIN 0INNA?I, ST. LOUIS, L0U?8 VILLE. LEXINGTON. Connection? are made at New York and Boston, with lines forwarding to the CANADA8 and th? BRITISH PROVINCES ?nd other steasashlp lins to LIVERPOOL, SOUTHAMPTON ?nd HAVRE ?nd thence by Eu rope an expresses to ?11 prominent commercial towns In Great Britain aad tao Conti MBB. Collection of NOTES, DRAFTS, and BILLBmads ?t all ?cceeeibls parts of the United states. 0. O. DUNN, Agent, dofJ _Wsahi??*?i?'?-t.B. O. F 3. *???^*^**>* t?-ITf Cl rlTE?^AS?JtlLlTARY MERCHANT TAILOR, EUtrofoHsan Hotel, (Ute Brown's,) SOB Pennnaylvanla avenae. - deeS?? Washington, .0. _ C1AUCCFSE8 OF 1??60. by M. Halstead / President Lincoln's Administration,by H. J. Raymond (Jidding's Hi*tory of the Rebellion, its Author? sod Canres Owen's Wrong? of Slavery and Bights of Bmanci pstion Clusky'e Political Text Book Ada-gases and Mes*ages'ol the President? of the United State?. 4 vols Junk in'? Political F??l?v*ie? 1'eba'es between Mr. Lincoln ?nd Mr. Douglas fire-fly's Political Test Book H>11V Campaign Hand Book Mirror cf Modern Democracy Parrar'? War ?nd M? Consequences _._._,_ - Eg__FRANCK TAYLOR. ? HE NEW YORK NEWSPAPERS FOBWAHD . BD PROM NBW YORK DAILY, ?t greatly reduced prices.?Terms, for one ye?r, 'payable in ?.ojsaee:? Por the Herald, $?, inatead of SI?; Jrtbone, 87; Time?, $7; World, $7; Dally News, Vi . ?vening.Peat, fi?; Eveninr Express, fejO. Addrese A.^OYOE. No. 02 west 3fith street. New ?ork. y a-am CLl??tliAND 8-,UINT8 TOBIFLEMBN. LonooS ABswers on Muaketry. port a; Instruction of Musketry: London Thackeray's Manual of Rifle Firing- Lomlon Jacob'? Rifle Practice; London *' **,on<1on? Bosk'? BJflf ?nd hew to use it; London Willard's Manuel of Target Practice 7 9 FBANOK TAYLOB _FBOrOSALB?_ V-IEOPOBAL8 FOB WOOD AND OOAL, " OPPICB Hope? ?? BaP?B8BBTATtTB8,TJ.8.,l v WAsniBeTOB, D. C, 8?pt. 7, 1364. % Sealed Propoaala will b? received at thi? office until 13 o'clock M. on tbe 30th September. iH->4, tot farniabing for the nee of tbe House of Repr?sen tativ?? ofth? United State?. 360 tone (2.m? lbs.) be?t Baltimore Company'? No. 1 or large E?g WH1TE ASH COAL, or of a quality equally good. 5? Oorde Baker's PINE WOOD. *0 Cord? beet ?ea?>n?d HICROBY WOOD. ftn Oord? beet aeasoned OAR WOOD. The whole to be put away in the vanita of the Capitol, nnder the direction of the Chief Engineer, to whom applieation may be made for information, Ae. The whole to be delivered by the let November next Bonde for the faithful execution ef the contrait will required. _-..,. .. Bi?i? for Coal and Wood will b*> eon'idered gepa rate'y EDWAR? MoPHBRSJN, pep9 lw Clerk Hou?e Representative?, U. g. PROPOSALS FOR HAY. Office Dtrot Commvsaryof Buhtisttnct.WZ Gst ? Washington, ?evt. 9, 1864. \ Pealed Proposals, in duplicate, for one hunlred ilOli) tonnof itood merchantable ? ?? , will be re cede* at this Office until THURSDAY, the ?2d day of September. It*?. Propoeal? must be endora?d "Propoi-al.? forH?y."and none will be entertained unless ihep fully comply with all tue requirementa of this? advertisement. Bieder? mimt give the-'r name? ia full, and each propoFal must be accompanied by an oath of alle fiance. and a guarant>. siifned bv not lese than wo responsible persons, that if a contract is awarded to the pirty or parties proposing, the con tract will be acce pted and ent?red into,and good snd ?>ufrici?int ?ecurity furnished for the execution of the contract as proposed. The right to reject any and all proposals that may be mate under tais adv?rti?en;ent ?? reserved by the Government, if, in its opinion, the public interest require. If propoaala are made by a firm, the names of all the parties must app?>ar, or tbe individual who ?.tiiied the bid will be held reaponaible for the ful fillment of the contract, if his proposal la accepted, and will be required to furnish the above specified guaranty. Tbe ii-ii al form of guaranty must accompany each proposal, and parties to whom award? are made muet be prepared to execute contract? at once, and to give bonds equal in amount to one half tbe sum to be received on the contract, signed by the con tractor and both of his guarantor?. fcac'ifactory evidence of the loyalty and solvency of eaeh bidder and person offered as security will be required. The responsibility of the guarantors roust be shown by the official aign?ture of the clerk ef the n?ar. st district court, or of the United States District Attorney. If any bidder to whom an award may be made re fuaes to enter into contract agreeablv with the terms of thia advertisement, or who, after signing th? contract or bond, sball neglect or refuse to ex ecute the same within the time prescribed, as well in quality a? in quantity, then the Commissary shall have the right to supply such deficiency by purchase inop?n market, charging such delinquent nidder or contractor with the advance paid over the bid or contract. Proposal? from disloyal parties will aot be con sidered, nor will award? be made to any person or person? who have heretofore failed to fulfil their agreement? or contracts with the Government. Bidder? mu?t be present at tbe opening of their bid? to respond to their names. The Hay to be delivered either in Washington or Alexandria, in bales, properly secured, free of all cost of transportation or handling. All Hay contracted for under this ad ve. tise aient will be rigidi, inspected, and euch as does not prove of a good merchantable quality will be re jected. The Hay will be paid for in such fnnds as the Government may have on hand to disburse upon the completion of the contract, or as soon thereafter as the proper officer shall be in funds. Delivery of the Hay to commence within fifteen (Is) days from the date of the contract, and to be completed by the 1st day of November, 1864. PropoBala must be addressed to the undersigned. G. BELL, ?ep l"-eo6t_Lieut. Col, and C. 8. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. House of Representatives, United States, > Clerk's Qffite. August 29. ISAM Sealed Proposals will be received at this office 100 reama white Quarto Post Paper, extra auper fine, faint lined 100 reams white Commercial Not? Paper, extra su perfine, faint lined 25 reama white Commercial Note Paper, extra superfine, coarse ruled en all ?ides ID ream? while Commercial Note Paper, extra superfine, plain 50 ream? white Foolscap Paper, extra superfine. faint lined 25 reame Legal Cap Paper, extra superfine, faint lined 10 reams Flat Cap Paper, plain 150 reama thin Manilla Paper ?." reams Manilla Paper, 12x19 inches, weighing 11 pounds per ream, very tough and ?mooth 8 0 reama Manilla Paper, 19x24 inches, weighing 22 pounds per ream, flat, very ?mooth and tough 200 reams Manilla Paper, 27x37 inches, weighing 42 pound? per ream, flat, very smooth and tough 75.G?0 white Thick Adhesive Envelopes. 57?x3!_. inches 80.000 white Thick Adhesive Envelopes, bXxi'i inchea 20,rtXi white Thick Adhesive Envelope?, 8p_t__ inches 15,000 white Thi:k Adhesive Envelope?. 87ix3~? inches 8,000 fancy Note Envelope? 100,000 buff Adhesive Bnvelopae,7Vx3,i? inches 1 gross Congre?? Tie Envelopes 250 boxea 8teel Pens, various kinds i2 gross 4-inch Flat Inkstands 12 ilocen Inkatanda, various kind? 10 dozen bottles best Black Ink, quarts, piuta and half pints 3 dozen best l'.lue Ink, quarts and pints 15 dozen Rubber Pencils, long and short 3dozen Gold Mount? 1 Pencils, various kinds 6 gross IMack: Lead Pencils. Faber'a, octagon and roani. No.2 J? gross Faber's Carmine and Blue Pencils 8 gross Penholders, various kinds 6 dozen Bubber Penholders, different size? 6 dozen bottles Mucilage, small size 10 dozen packe Vieitiug Cards 75 spools Pink Tape 25 lbs best Scarlet Sealing Wax 6 dozen Diaries, for 1865, various kind? 5dozen Memorandums, various kinds 2dozen Portfolios 12 dozen Paper Folders 3 dozen Bubber Bulers 2 dozen Paperweights. 12 dozen Penwipers 25 dozen Pocket Eni ves, two, three, four and six blade?; stag, pearl, shell, and ivory handles 1 dozen 9 inch Shear?. 5 lbs Erasing Bubber d gross Bubber Banda and Binge 3<>o skins Parchment, 16x22 inches 2 dozen Sponge Cupa 1 dozen punches. In the supply of good?, contractor? will be rig idly required to furniah article? fully equal to ?ample. ,. .. Proposals must be accompanied by the names o the sureties intended to be offered. A? required by law, preference will be given to the production? of American industry, if equally cheap and of aa good quality ; and all persons mak ing proposals to supply any class of articles will state whether the same are the manufacture of the United States. The articles are to be delivered free of any charge for carriage, at the office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives, ?u or before the 15th day of November. 1864. Each proposal to be endorsed "Proposals fnr Stationery for the Honee of Representatives of the United States," and addressed to the undersigned. Sufficient specimens of each class of articles pro posed for must accompany the pr?posai, marked witb tbe name of the bidder. The person offering to furnish any clasa of arti cles at the lowest price, quality considered, shall receive a contract for the ?ame. on executing a bond with two or more suretiea, satisfactory to the Clerk of the House of Representative?, for the Performance of the same, under a forfeiture of wice the contract price in case of failure, which bond muet be filed in the office of the said Clerk witbin ten days after th? proposals have been opened and the result declared. P EDWARD MoPHERSON, Clerk of the House of Representatives tf the United States._._au 3Maw4t MEDICAL PURVETOB'S OFFICE, WABBIBOTOB. P. 0., June 11, UM. All dealer?la this eity aad Georgetown, whe wish to aell to the Medical Purveying Department-ar? requested to ?sod t? this ornee, oa th? MONDAY of ?ach week, a sealed li?t of the article? they may be prepared te furnish, at short notice, with the Brie? of eaeh attached to the same. O. SUTHERLAND. J? la-tf Burg. U. ?. ?.. Medical Purveyor. WEA KINGS AND NAVAL HEROES. London KJ Allen'? Life of Dundonald, London Dixon's Life of Blake, London Shipwrecks and Disaster? at Bea, London Lives of British Admiral?, London G illy ? Shipwrecks of the British Navy, London Neptune'a Heroes, London Cooper'? Naval Biography Boutbey'? Life of Nelson, London Cooper a Naval Hiatory Memoir of Admiral Brenton, London Memoirs of Admiral Sir Sidney Siaith, 2 vole., London M?moire of Admiral de Baumarez, 2 voi?., London Life and Correspondence of Admiral Napier, 3 vole.. London Nichela?' Hiatory of the Boyal Havy, 2 vols., Lon don Brenton? Naval History, 2 vole., London ?ep2_ FRANCK TAYLOR. THIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICE, that the subscri ber hath obtained from the Orphan?' Court of Washington eoun<ty. in the Diatrict of Columbia, letters of alminintratioa on tbe personal estate of PStetea Lar-ner, 1st? of Washington, D.O., de ceased. All persona having claima againat the ?aid dec<;a?ed, are hereby warned to?_hikitth? ?ame, with the voucher? tnereof. to tbe subscri ber, on or before the 6th any of February next : tbey may otherwiee by law be excluded from all benefit of ?aid estate. ?<^Te-S.undftr my band th?e eth d?T of February, A.D. lao4. anl6-iaw3w? JOHN H. BU88ELL, Adm'r. THIS IS TO GITE NOTICE. That the aubacrl ber ha? obtained from tb? Orphana' Court of ? Washington County, in tbe Diatrict of Columbia, ! lettera testamentary on the peraonal estate of ; Jamea Carrico, late of Washington County, D. O., i d*.cf*_Jed All person? having claim? against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit th? ?ame, with the vouchers thereof, to the aubacriber, ? opi?r before th?23d day of Auguat nest: thev may otherwiee bylaw be excluded from all benefit ef the ?aid ??tat?. Given under my hand this 21d day of Aug.. 1864. auBi-UWw"_SUSANNAH CARSICO. BILLIARD TABLES FOB BALE.-Tha Babaeri? ber ha? THRhB FIRST CLABS ? t ^ MILLIARD TABLES, nearly new, A ?*? whieh he wit! dispos? of very lew. Wl^f Inqpira at tb? Billiard room, ?ont* -L______X lite ?treet and Feaasy lvaaia a venae, le H-tf FIWPOSALS. [i *PB0P08AL8 FOB HABNE88 IRONS. OBDBaBO? OrriOB, WAB DgrABf BMT. I WABBiBeTOR, Sept. 1, IBM. 1 Proposa)? will be leceived by this Department until 3ATUBDAY. th? 17th day of September, at i o cl ick p. m .forth? delivery at th? Spring field Armory, Mae?acbu?eite. Watervliet, Frank fort or New York Arsenals, of 6.noo single ?eta of Wrought Iron Work, for United State? Artillery na-nees. Tbe Harn?aa Irene are to he packed in well made boxea containing twelve single set? each, being an assortment for 4 wheel and 8 lead bore??; and ?aob twelve sets ?o paaked, wili conaiet of the following piece? : 3 psira long Hame?,eompl?te 3 paira abort Harnee, complete ? pair? medium Hames, complete 48Trace Clips with M Rivets 4double Loop? or Eves 12 Saddle l<?ope(bent for can tie) J4 Trace Eye? 24 long Chains, with togglea 4 Breast Hooks 2les Gaard?, with 1? rivet? 6 Saddle.Loop?, atr&ight, for riding saddle Pom mel These Harness Irons are to conform strictly in pattern and weight to the model set? V> be wen at thin office anil at the Springfield Armory; are to be smoothly flnichrd; are to fill the standard guage* and each piece is to be made of the size aad kind Of iron prescribed in the official bill of iron, copie? of which can be obtained at this office, at the New York Agency, aad at the Springrield Armory. ?? the iron? are to be well Japanned?the Japan to be of the best quality, and well baked on. They are te be subject to it ?pectiou at tbe factory where infide, before and afttr Japanning. The Hames are to be marked with the maker's name, tbe size, and tbe lettera U S. A. The Utter let'ers one-fourth of an inch high. All the pieces are to be put up in proper bundle?, properly labelled, ?nd each box is to be carefully packed, a? prescribed by the Inspector. The packing-box to be paid for at the Inspector's valu aticn. Deliveries are to be made at the rate of not less than sixty sets per day, commencing on the ist day of October, 1864. next. Failure to deliver at the specified time will sub ject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that time. No bid? will be considered except from partie? actually ecgaged in the manufacture of this or similar kinds cf iron work, and who can bring ample evidence that they have in their own ?hops all the machinery and appliances for turning out the full amount of work specified per day. GUARANTEE. The bidder will be required to accompany his proposition with a guaranty signed by two respon sible persons, that, in case his bid be accepte.) he will at once execute the contract for the?sam? witb good and sufficient sureties, in a aum equal to the amount of tbe contract to deliver tho articles pro ?osed in conformity with the terms of this adver isement; and in case the ?aid bidder should fail to enter into the contract, they to make good the dif ference between the offer of aaid bidder and the next responsible bidder, or the person to whom tbe contract may be awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors must be shown by the official certificate of the Clerk of the nearest District Court, or of the United States District Attorney. Bonds in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract, signed by the contractor and both of his guarantor?, will be required of the ?uccessfe? bid er or bidders upon signing the contract. FORM OF GUARANTEB. We, the undersigned, residents of-, In the county of-, and State of-, hereby. Jointly and eeverally, covenant with the United States, and guarantee, in case the foregoing bid of -be accepted, that he or they will at once exe cute the contract for the aame, with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to furnish the articles proposed, in conformity to the terms of this advertisement, dated Sept. 1,1864, under which the bid was made, and in case the ?aid-shall fail to enter into a contract a? aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the difference between the offer of the ?aid - and the next lowest responsible bidder.or the per son to whom the contract may be awarded. > Given under our bands and seals } thia-day of-, 186?, Witness: [Seal.l [Seal.] To this guaranty must be appended the official certificate above mentioned. Forms of bids can be obtained at any of the above-named arsenals. Pro posale not made out on this form will not be received. Bids will be received for the entire number or any part thereof; and bidders will state the arsen al at which they can deliver, and tbe number of sets at each, if for more than one. The Department reaerves the right to reject any or all tbe bids, if deemed unsatisfactory on any account. Proposal? will b? addressed te "Brigadier Gen eral George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington, D. C..*'and will be endorsed "Proposals for Harness Irons." GEORGE D. RAMSAY. ep 1-eotd Brig. Gen., Chief of Ordnance. PROPOSALS BOB POBAGB. OBiir Qoabtbbmabtbb? ??????, 1 Wabbibotob Dbfot, Dee. 8,1868. f Sealed Propoaala are Invited by th? undersigned for aupplying the U. B. Quartermaster'? De partment, at Washington, D. 0., Baltimore. Md.. Alexandria, and Port Monroe, Va., or either of the?? Pi????, with Hay. Cora, Oats and Straw. Bide will be received for the delivery of 6,000 bushel? of corn or oats and M tons of hay or straw, and upward?. Bidders muet ?tate at which of the above-named pointa they propose to make deliveries, and the rate? at which tbey will make deliveries thereat, the quantity ef ?ach article propoaed to be deliv ered, the time when aaid deliveries shall b? com menced, and when to a? completed. < The prie? must be written out ia word? oa th? bids. Cora to be ap ia good stout aacka. of about two bushels each. Oat? in like aacka of about tare? Dnahel? each. The aacka to be furnished without extra charge to th? Govenment Th? hay aad straw to be securely baled. The particular kind or description ? oat?, corn. hay er atraw propoaed to b? delivered meat b? stated in the propoaala. All the articles offered ander th? bid? herein In vited will be subject to a rigid Inspection by th? Government Inspector before being accepted. Contract? will be awarded from time to time to the lowest responsible bidder, as the interest of the Government may require and payment will be made when the whole amout contracted for ahall have been *alivered and accepted. Thebidaer wili be required to Moompaoy hi? propoaala with a guaranty, signed by two respon sible persona that in case bia bid i? accepted be or they will, within ten days thereafter, execute th? contract for tbe aame. witb good and sufficient sureties in a aum equal to tbe amount of the eon tract, to deliver the forage proposed in conformity with the terms of this advertisment: ana in cae? the aaid bidder should fail to enter inte the con tract, they to make good the difference between the offer of ?aid bidder and the next lowest respon sible bidd?., or the person to whom th? eontraet may be awarded. The responsibility cf th? guarantors mast b? shown by the official certificate of a U. 8. District Attorney, Collector of Customs or any other ofltoer ander tb? United State? Government or rasp?n?i? ble person known to this office. All bidders will be duly notified of the accept ance or rejection of their proposal?. The full name and P.O., address of each bidder must be legibly written in th? proposai. Proposals must be addressed to Br ig. Geo. D. H. Bucker, Cb'ef Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D.O., and ehould be plainly marked "Proposa!? for Forage." ._._._. ?_,_.-. Bond?, in a rum equal to the amount of the con tract, signed by the contractor and both ef hi? guarantor?, will be required of the successasi bid der or bidders upon signing the contrae!;. forms of bide, guarantee?, and bonds, may be obtained npon application at this Office. POBM OF PROPOSAL. (Towb, County and State) (Date) I, the en bee ri ber,do hereby propose to furnish and deliver to ?he United States, at the Quarter master'a Department at -, agreeably to th? term? of your advertisement Inviting proposal? for forage, dated Washington Depot. Deo. 8,1M3. the following articles, vi? : -bushels of Corn, la sack?, at-per buthel ef 56 pounds -bushel? oi Oata, la saeks, at-aer buahel of 32 pounds -tona of Baled Hag. at ? per ton of 1-000 pounde -tona of Baled Straw, at ? per ton of 1,000 pounds. Deli ? ery to commence on or before tb?-day of -, 186?, and to be completed en or before the -day of-, 186?, and pledge myself to enter into a written contract with the united State?, with good and approved securities, within the ?pace often days after being notified that my bid has been aceepted. Your o bedien t ?er van t, Brigadier General D. H. BuOBBB. General Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. O? GUARANTY. We, the undersigned, residente of-,1a the County of-, and State of-, hereby. Jointly and eeverally, covenant with the United state?, and guarantee ia ease th? foregoing bid of ?? be accepted, that he or they will, within ten day? after tbe acceptance of aaid bid, execute the con tract for the same with good and aufficient sure ties, in a ?um equal to the amount of the contract, to furnish the forage propoaed in conformity to tbe terms of advertisement dated Becember 8,1863, ander which the bid waa made, and, ia ease th? said ? shall fail to enter into a contract aa aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the differ ence between the offer by said-ana the next lowest responsible bidder, or th? person to whom the contract may be awarded. Witness, Given ander oar hands and seal? thu ?? day ot _.180-. [Seal.] ... lSeal.1 1 hereby eertify thet, to th? heat ef my knowl edge and belief, the above-named guarantor? ar? gwod and sufficient as sureties for th? amount for which they offer to be security. ?-. To be certified by the United State? Diatrict At torney, Collector of Custom?, or any other offloer under tb? United States Government, or reipoa ?ibi? ?ereoa known te this ????. EU0KO de? ?tf Brigadier General and Q. M. HIEP QUABTEBMABTBB'8 OFFICE, G" Daroa* e* wABBiaetoB.I Washington, D. C, January 4,UM. \ SB ??-aera In Drugs, Hardware .Lumber, Leather. Office Furniture, Harueaa, aad Saddlery, are re cuestad to aend to tai? office, on MONDAY of eaeh week, ? aealed proposal or list, ?a duplicate, ot th? articles they are prepared to furnish te this Depot al short notipe, with ta? prie? of ?ach marked ia piala flgur??, ao that, ia case th? exigencies of th? servi?? require it, th? article or articlea can b? obtain?? without delay, aad at th? lowest prioe. Dealers wishing to a?U to thia Depot will be re ?B^dtofaraiA th.lkrl ?^?^??^?*???' Brigadier General aad Chief Quartermaster. Jat-tf De sot of Washington. COMPANION TO THE REBELLION RECORB, ? containing Official-Reports, and State Papers.1>otb Nation?IanABebeR which wer* not published In the regular JaaW? of the Rebel lion Record, l yol. 8yo., ??tl^e^ritit?^ IF PEANO* TAYLOR, LAJ?D 8ALBS. ? II!fO,> ?04. I ? THB PRBSIDKNT OP THB UNITBD STATES, FOB THB BALI10? ~?^ ?SLE LANDS IN THI LATE W1NNBBAGO INDIAN RESERVATION IN MINNESOTA. InpursaaaceofUw. 1, ABRAHAM LINOOLN, Preaident of the United 8tate? of America, do hereby declare ?nd make known tbat public ?alee will be held in the under mentioned Land Office, in tbe State of Minnesota, at the periods herein after deaigrated, to wit: At the Land Office ?t 8t Peter, eommencing on MON DA*?, the fifth d?y of December next, for the ? ispotai of the publ'c lands coropn?ed iatne 1st? reserve for the Winneb?go Indian?, above men tioatd, and eituated in the following parta of townships wl ich will be ?old at the appraised vaine of the lands and the improvements thereon, via: North uf the bate Km and west of the s/fi maW*?al meridian. In t? wnahip Pfi. range 24.15 .184.M acre?. In township H 7, range 24??- ~?. 6.4?*? 44 In township K*4, range 26-IS 254.31 In towni-bip 107. ranee 25.17,<Vr*? 71 In township I? 8. range**???. 277.rtl A schedule particularly e escribing the indi vid ual trac??, with the appraised value p-r arre, will be open for Inspection at the District Land Office? in M laneaota The offe-ring of the above land? will be com menced on the day appointe?!, and will proceed. In the order designated in the ab ve mentioned ?chedu'e, and con??????]tivelv by township?, a? here in advertised, until the whole shall have been offered, and the ?ale thus cl??sed ; but thesa'e ?ball n? t be kept open looker than two week?, and no private entry of any of the lands will bead mined until after the expiration of the two week?. Given under my hand, at the city of Washing ton, this 23d day of August. Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty-foar, ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the President: J08. 8. WILSON, Acting Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO ACTUAL BONA FIDE SETTLBRS PRE-BMPTORS. In the third section of the act of Congre??, ap proved 21st of February, 186.*. Statutes, volarne U, page i'*?a, opening to sale the Winnebago Reserva Mon, it ?? stipulated that before any person shall be entitled to enter ?ny portion of the ??id lands, by pre eruption or otherwise, previous to their exposure to sale to the highest bidder at public outcry, he shall become an actual bona-fide aettler thereon, and ?ball conform to all the regulations now provided by law ?n cases of pre emption, aad shall pay, within the terra of one year from tbe date of the settlement, the full a j.-..raised value of the lands and the improvement? thereon. Now. in order tbat all such hona-flde, actual settlement? may be secured to the several pro em ptors, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that they must come forward and file their affida vite, designating the particular tracts on which tbey may he actually settled, giving the date of such actual settlement, and, before the expiration of one year from euch date .the several pre-emption claim? must be eatablished before the Register and Receiver, according to tbe requirements of the pre-emption laws, and full -payment mode thereon, according to tbe full affixed, appraised value of the land? and improvements thereon. 1st. In all euch cases where the year may not elapse before tbe commencement of the public ?ale, such bona fide actual settlement? ma? and are hereby ordered to be excluded from the publia bbbb_s_ 2d. In all pre-emption cases in which the year may expire before the commencement of the pub lic ?ale the parties must eitabtish and pay up for their claim?, otherwise all tracts in this class will be offered to the highest bidder, under theferego ing proclamation, yet with tbe fltipulation that at such public ?ale the price must not be for a less ?um than for the appraised value. JOS. 8 WILSON, au30-lawl3w Acting Commissioner. CLOTHING AND CLOTHING MATERIALS. Navy Department, lU-HEAC Or PBOV16IOS8 AHI? QlOTHII September I, 1804. Separate Proposals, nealel and endorsed "Pro posals for Navy Clothing, and Clothing Mate rials," will be received at this bureau until two o'clock p. m , on tbe 12th day of October aext, for furnishing and delivering (on receiving thirty days'notice! at the United State.- Navy Yard? at Ckarlestown, Mae?., and Brooklyn. N. Y., in such numbers and quantities and at euch times as may be specified by tbe chief of this bureau or by the commandants of the said Navy Yards, respective ly, the numbers and quantities of the different ar ticles, and ?t the places specified in the following list, viz : Charlestown. Brooklyn. Pea Jackets.3.0nn 7.ooe Bound Jacket?._2 <JU0 S.onn Blue Cloth Troweere, pairs.3.0? 5,00t> Blue Satinet Troweere, " _?,.*?" 12,000 Canvas Duek Troweere. " _3 co ? 5,0 0 Barnsley Sheeting Frocks.?,??? 8 O?0 Blue Flannel Overehirts.6,(>oo ??,??? Blue Flannel Undershirts.12,'*O0 18,ono Blue Flannel Drawers, pairs_12 OOO 18,000 Blue Satinet, yards_.-fl.1,000 100,0? ?<> Blue Flannel, " .50,0c0 100,00 Blue Nasikin, " .d,?? 10,000 Calf akin Laced Shoes, pairs_lO.inJO 15,oo0 Kip skin Shoea.10,0*' 15,OfO Woollen Books..10,000 15,000 Blankets._.8,0(0 12,0*0 Mattresses (with one cover for each)._....fiiMO 8.000 Black Silk Handkerchiefs.BfVo 8.000 Boots, pairs.4,0? 4LjO)0 Offers may be made for one or more articles, at the option of th? bidder, and in ease more than one article ie contained in this offer, the chief of th?? bureau will have the right to accept one or more of tbe articles contained in such oner and reject the remainder. The prut must be uniform, and of fers must embiace all of any ont o r more articles de liverable at all the stations For the description of article? in the above list, bidders are referred t" the samples at the said navy yards, and to the advertisement of this bureau da ted July 8,18(53, and for informati?.? as to the laws and regulations (in pamphlet form >regarding con tracts, to the officers of the several commandants cf navy yards snd navy ?gent?. The department reserves the right to relect ?By proposal not considered advantageous to the ?ov trnment. Blank forms of proposals may be obtained on ap plication to the navy agent ?t Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, and at this bureau. sep2-l?w4w WMPORTANT TO SUTLERS BUTLERS WILL FIND H. A. DOWNING ?fc CO. S CONCENTRATED CLAM TO Bl A MOST VALUABLE ARTICLE TO THEIR TRADE, It sells very rapidly, and is the most economical article of diet for the officer's mess. It is prepared In one minate, and makes a most delicious Soup or Obowder. It 1? highly recommended by Arm Burgeons. The profits are l?rgo. H. A. DOWNING A CO., Manufacturers of Concentrated Food No. Ill Esst 18th st.. New York. For sale by ? ARBOUR A BEMME8, Bole Agents, 68 Louisiana Avenue, B? S-ly Washington, D. O ???????p??p??. A great variety of ENTIRELY NEW STYLES Adapted to FABL DINING ????8. HALLS, ABD CHAMBERS. Also. ?.WO YARDS CANTON MATTINGS, 1,800 YARDS FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, Onr Mattings ore unrivalled in this city, compri Ing in -sort the famous Gowqu? brand for parlo Oil Cloths from S to 12 feet wide, s4?pt?d to dial rooms, halls, Ao. Also? WINDOW SHADES, BRASS CORNICES, PARLOR MATS, Paper hang by skillful workmen, ?nd all orde promptly attended to. Give as a call and s? from 10 to 90 per eent. SIFFLE A FALCONER'S No. 34?? 7th street, between I street sad apO-eo_Mass, ?venae, CLARIFIED CIDER I _. ,__ CLARIFIED CIDER! I I have lust received per schooners "George 8. Adams" and "J. W..M from Boston a large supply of pure Massachusetts CL Ah* IKIED CIDER.which 1 offer for sole at tbe lowest market price, in quan tities to suit purchasers Hotel keepers, entiers, and all others in want of? prime article of Cider are invited to call and ex amine this before pur ?basing elsewhere. BILET A 8HINN, Union Bottling Depot, 87 Green at., _Georgetown, P. 0. MARLEOROUOHS DISPATCHES, Edited by General Murray. 3 vola., London. Dispatches of Lord Nelson. 7 vole., London. Official Dispatches of the War of 18.2. Memoirs and Correspondence of Sir Thoe. Picten, 8 vols., London. Col. Frszer's Letter? during the Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns, London. . Sir Charlee Napier's Life and Official Correspon dence, 2 vole. ? Life and Letters of Admiral de 8aumarez, 2 vols., London. Diary snd Dispatches of Gen. Sir Robert Wilson. 2 vols.. London. Sir W. Sidney Smith's Life and Dispatches. S vole.. London. . .-_ Collingwood'a Public and Private Letters with ? memolr,2 vole., London. Wellington'? Dispatcher, London. gonfederate Official Reporta of Bottles. eneraJ McClellan's Report. Barnard A Barry's Report. -?-?? an 18_FRANCK TAYLOR. ORPHANB'OOURT. SEPTEMBER 3D. l*J?4. Dibtbiot or Columbia, Coobtt or Wasbibo tob. to wit: In the case of Charles ?. Hawkins, Ad ministrator of John Hawkins, deceased, tbe Administrator aforesaid hoe, with the approbation of the Orphane'Courtof Washington County afore saidappointedSATURDAY,theI4th?la| of fteptom ber next.for the final settlement and distribution of the personal estate of said deceased, and of tho assets in hand, as far as the same have been col lected and turned into money; when and*where all the creditors and heir? of said deceased are notili ed to attend, (at the Orphans'Court of Washington County aforesaid,) with their claims properly vouched, or they msy otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit in said deceased'? estate: provided a eopy of this order be published once a week for three weeks in the Evening Star, previous to the said 24th day of September, 18A4. _?__TM_ Test: Z. C. ROBBTNS, sep 2-law3w* _Begister of Wills. MAP OF RICHMOND AND SURROUNDING eooatry. showiae G?b^_:|?_^?^?S^'gS1**,? D" ?/??????. BALTIMOBB ._??* "OWITA?, OFFICE HO. T SOUTH FREDERICK 8TRBBT1 7ZZ ??L? rulSlQUN advertim^ ?as discovered ta? mort CrT-ain. Sseeay, MB Effectuai R*aivdy la the ?orld foi ^ DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE Rettef in Sim Hours/ No tVigtag/ Perser? Rained by Ignorant Pretendere, of _rg Deadly P?i?on, Mereurv. ahould apply Immediately. A CUBE WARRANTED OR NO ?????? IN FROM ONE TO ? WO Da Ta. _ Weakness of the Back Involuntary Mm? Btrictur-s, Affectinn? of the Kidney? and Bledae? I m potency. Genera] Debility, Nervousness, DrO* fep?y. Languor, Low Spirits, Confusion of Idea?. alpitation of tbe Heart. Timidity, TrembUna. DlmneasofSignt or Giddiness. Di?ase of the Head. Throat, Nose, or Skin. Affection* of the Liver, Lue??. 8 to ni ae h or Bowel?? these Terrible Disor ders arising frem Solitary Habit? of Vonth-tke eseasT and solitary practice? more fatal to their victim? than the ?one of flyrena to the marinera ef Blv??u?. blighting their most brilliant hop?? 01 anticipation?, rendering marriage, Ac, lmpo?aV bl?. YOUNG MEN Baseeially, who bave became the vieti m? of Soil ten I n s Senapa with the t^nnl-r? ef eloqnence or waked to extacy the living lyre, may call with fall confidence TAKE PARTaCULAR NOTICE. The?? are some of tbe ?ad and ra?lancttely effaeM preduced by early habit? of youth, na Weakness of the Back and Limbe. Pain in the Head Dimnees of 8i?vht. Lo?? of Muscular Power. Palpitation of the Heart, Dyspepela. N?-rvous Irritability De rangement of tne Digestive Function?, General Debility. Symptome of Consumption, Ae Mbstilitt.?The fearful effect? on the mind ar? much to be dreaded?Lo?? of Memory. Co ? fu ?loa of Idea?, Depression of Spirit? Evil Forebodings. Aversion to Society, Self dietruet, Loy? of Boll? tude. Timidity, Ac MARRIAGE Married Persons, or yoang men contemplating marriage, aware of Physical Weakness, Organi? Debility, Wasting of the Organ?, Defermitie?, Ac, ahould apply immediately. He who places himself under the ear? of Dr. J. may religiously confide in bis henor as a gen tleman, and confidently rely upon his ?kill eg a Physician. OBGANIO WEAKNESS, IMPOTBNCY IMPflBI MBNTS To\lARRIAGB By Dr. Johnston'? marvelous treatment. Weak? nes? of the Organ? is epeedily cured, and full rigor restored. Thousands of the mo?t nervona, debili tated and impotent, who had loat ail hope, bav? been immediately relieved. All impediment? to marriage. Physical or Mental Disqualifications, Loss of Procreative Power. Ner vous Irritability, Trembling?, and Weakness, e? Exhaustion of the most fearful kind, speedily eured. __ DK. JOHNSON Member of the Royal College of Surgeon?, Lob? don, Graduate from one of the meat eminent Col leges in the United State?, and th? greater part of whose life ha? been ?pent in the hospital? of Lon don. Pari?,Philadelphia and ?l?ewb?r?,ha? effected aome of the moat astonishing cures that were ever known; many troubled witb ringing in the head aad ears when asleep.great alarm*?; at ?ndden sonnd?, ba?hfulne??x with frequent blushing, attended sometimes with derangement ?f mind, were eured immediately. YOUNG MEN wbo bave Injured them?elve? by a certain ? raerle? Indulged in when alone?s habit frequently learned from evil companion?, or at achool, th? effects o? which are nightly felt, ?ven when asleep, and, if not cured, rendere marriage Impossible, and de si roye both mind and body, should apply l-rimedi ately. What a pity that a yenng man, th? hop? of hit country and darling of nia parent?, ahould bs snatched from all the prospects and enjaymenta of life by the consequence of deviation from the path of nature and indulging in a certain a?er?t habit. Such persons must, before contemplatine MARRIAGE reflect that ? sound mind and body are the moti necessary requisites to promote oonnublal happl ness indeed. Without these the Journey through life become? a weary pilgrimage; the nreapeet hourly darkena to the view- the mind become? ahadowed with despair and filled witb tbe melan choly reflections that the happiness of another U blighted with our own. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When tbe misguided and imprudent votary ot Rleasure find? he has imbibed the seeds of thia pain* il disease, it often happens that an ill-timed hdh of ?bam? or dread of disce very deter? kirn from ap plying to those whe. from education and respecta bility can alone befriend him. He falla lato the banda of ignorant and designing pretendere, who, Incapable of curing, filch hia pecuniary subitanee, keep him trifling month after montb, or aa wag a? the smallest fee can be obtained, and in despair leave him with mined health to eigr? over hia gall ing disappointment; or, by the um of that deadly poison. Mercury, hasten tbe constitutional Symp tom? of thin terrible dises??, auch as Affectiona of the Head, Throat, Nose, Skin, et?., progressing with frightful rapidity anti) death ant? an end to his dreadful suffering? by ?ending him to that un discovered country from Whose bourn? ao tra vaia, return?. OFFICE 7 SOUTH FREDERICK STREET, left hand side going from Baltimore atreet, a few door? from the corner. Pail not to observe nam? and number. ?/"No letter? received unies? pest-paid and eoa? taining a ?tamp to be used on the reply. Persona writing ahould atate age, and aend portion ot ad vertisement deacribing symptoms, The Dr's Diploma hangs ta kit Qffitt, INDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. The many thousand cured at thia eatabliekmeat within the last twenty years, aud the numerous important Surgical Operation? performed by Dr. Johnston, witnessed by the reporteraof "Th?BuaH and many other papers, notice? of which have ap reared again ana again before the public,koaid?? ia standing as a gentleman of character aad re aponsibiiity. Se a sufficient gu?rante? to the f flicted. SKIN DISEASES SPEEDILY CUBED Ja?-ly ECKET DI8BABEBI SECRET DI8BA8B6 S ???????? ? '? GIFT SAMARITAN'S GIFTI THB MOST CERTAIN BEMEDT BVBB CBBB 'Tfee, A Positiv? Curs" for T??????Ga, GLEET, SittlVTURBS, tit Contain? ao Mineral, ao Balsam, ao Mercury. Onlm Ton Pills to be Taken to *ffeot a Curt Tbey are entirely vegetable, having no smell aos any unpleasant taste, aud will net in any way la? Jure the stomach or bowels of the moat delicate. Curea in from two to four days, and recent ne??? in "twenty-four hour?." Prepared by a gradu?t? of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the moat eminent Doctora and Chemist? of the present day, Bo ixfosubi. bo txoublb. bo obaboi wbatbvib, Let those who have despaired of getting cured, or who have been gorged with Balaam Oopavia, er Mercury, try the SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Bent by mail In a plain envelop?. Price?Male packagea, fa. Female SS. BLOOD I BI.00D1I BLOOD 11 SCROFULA, ULC*RA, SORBS, SPOTS TETTERS, SCALES, BOILS, SYPHILIS OR VENERE AL DISEASES, eta. SAMARITAN'S BOOT AND HERB JUICE I? offered th? pubi io a? a posi ti ve cure. SYPHILIS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, th? SA MARITAN'S BOOT AND HERB JUICE, ia th? moat poteDt, certain and effectual remedy ever prescribed; it reaches and eradiceteeevery partici?. of the venereal that the cure la thorough and permanent. Take then of thia purifying reme dy aad be healed, and do not transmit to year pos terity that for which yon may repent la after paar? BO NOT DESPAIR I Although you may be pronounced tneurjble, th? SAMARITAN'S BOOT AND HBBBJTJIOBS will remove every veetige of impurities from the system, as well as all the bad effect? of Mercury. FEMALES I PBMALBS 11 In many affection? with which number? of Fe male? Buffer, t a ROOT AND HEBB JUICES ll moat happily adapted, in Ulcerated Uteru?, 1? White?, in bearing down. Falling ef the W?mb Debility, and for all complaint? incident to thaaeg. Sent by express. Price f 1 ? botti?, or ? bottle? ?0G*'?????1?????0???0?? WA8H. Price 2? cents. Full direction?. _ DBBMONB A 00.. Box 1*1 Philadelphia Port Office. Bold by B. OALVEBT FORD. corner ef 11th aad Pa. avenue. HEN BY COOK. Alexandria._mayt-tf Y CONFIDENTIAL. , _ OUNG MEN who have injured themselves by certain aecret habit? which nnfit them for business. pleasure, or the dutiea of married life; ale? middle aged or old men ho, from the follie? ef youtn or other cauaea, feel a debility in advance of tkeir year?, before placing themaelv?? under the treat ment of any one, ehould flret read "THE BEGEBT FRIEND.,f Married Ladie? will l?r?*rn ?omethin* of importance by peruaing"The Secret Friend." Sent to any addree?, in a seal???? envelope oa re C?iptofTw?rty ave Cents. A?MrJJ? d?i4-ly P?'0HAB* A 8T'Wtffot aja?.., TBIESEMAB-Proteeted by Boyal Letter? Pat ent of England, and secured by the seala of th? Bcol? de Pharmacie de Paria, aad th? Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. Triesmar No. 1 ia the effectual remedy (or Keiat ation, Spermatorrhoea, and Exhauetien of the Sys tem. Triesmar No. J has entirely auperaeda? the nauseous use of Copavia, Cubebe, Ao. Triesmar No. 9 i? the infallible remedy for all Impurities and Secondary Symptoms, thus obviating the nee or mercury and alfother deleteri?, ua ingredient?. Bach preparation ia in the form of a moet *grM able Lotenge. Secured from effect* of climate an? changea of atmosphere, In tin case*. ? W eaca, or fourfecaeea in on? for ?.and in *^*f?A.?iV saving?. Divided in separate doses a? adminis tered by Valpeau, eallemande.JMfeiV,w_f'l-4 Dr BARBOW,Mo. IS* Bleecker etreet. New York. ?_ _ To be had aleo of 8. 0. FORD? No. 8??^"????' ftorner nth ?treet. _mar? Gm__ -APPINE&8 OB MISERY 1-THAT IB THE OOiSTlONr-The proprietors of tbe "????? -lAN^CABINET OF W?N?ER-S, AN ATOMY, w? MEDICINE." have deUrminrd?regardless of ?? lene?-to -seu?Tfre?v(for the benefit of suffering Rma-ity.lfoar of their most instructive and la ta?rifeir Lectures oa Marriage and Ita qualince tfone Servoua Debility. Premature Decline, la di ?resti on. Weakness. Depression, or Ignorasse 01 Ph>aiolojry and Natures Law ? h?*?? invaluable lecture? have been the means of eu lightening and saving tbouBands.aad will be forwarded fre? oa ts? receipt of four stamps, by a-ldresslns Sterttary Parisian Cabinet tf Anatom* and Medicine, kbl Bread way. N?w York_XnJ*}L? TIBHWANG, THE GREAT CH1*M?* REMEDY M GONOr\KH?A,?LEEl. Eu. Oa? Box will miro? a Ctva?. Ingredient? ar? purely re?, table. It U pleasant to tbe taste, ha* no bad odor, ana may be carried in the vsat pocket without fear of detection. Circular? fre?. Pricefl a box. Bo Id by JOHN J. RBOMBR,e??je?!^rto8.^Upbam,40?3 Ohestnnt at.,PbiUP*>ehla. and in Washington by 8. 0. POJaP, 8?6 PeetBarlTaBU evenne. Sent bp

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