Newspaper of Evening Star, September 16, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 16, 1864 Page 1
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?ftaiiw VS. XXIV: WASHINGTON, D. C?. FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 16. 1864. ?*? 3,604 AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY MALL. ????? isi?HsseB im r???? LeCIUABA ArBBTTB. -____?-_,! Etc? Corner tf Sixth street, ?ssv ?' NoHonat mnd Meiropotuan Hotels._ LBA.-?- ?-PTOpTWVr W. ai Cavia?.. LlUlS SSOLLOBY?_ f-iear.B fc.a?. ? .??? ?*?*GG?; m*?__???. G.? !.????" ? rr.meB??..tiff^ 3???*?*\p???\~::.7?..M.S.C1 Director SECOND WEBKTOrgTHEoFALL AND WIN TF.E PEOPLE'S TEMPLE OP AM?SEMENT. BOrsrS LITERALLY PACKED. PRESENTING NIGHTLY lie gre??*?*? c-'.mtin?tio? of GENIUS. NOVELTY AND MERIT ? v?r ?ree?nted toa DISCRIMINATING AND DELIGHTED PUB LIU. PAYING ??? LARGEST SALARI IS EYER KNOWN HISTORY OP THE STAGE. Srsi:*"? r.oe\pen-e,time or Ubor. but elevating jjl .:? enereie? into tbe great object?that of pro ci c Bg AN ENTERTAINMENT WITHOUT A PARALLEL IN THE CHbbTN1C1.ES OF AM?SEMENT. ITS 8UCCE&3 IS AN ESTAJO.] USD PACT. LfcSS ENTERPRISING ? AN A? ? HS ENVY ? G. TUB t'BBss MIAMI IT. Tbe ??hole world tv Ik of the CREAT CANTERIIURY, ?rd ? ?'ream el currency tows into it?* coff-r*. NOLLY ?ISTAINID BY THS PLOPLB, THE CANTERHUBY \~.rrf ? it-- onward course. Like the ?r??t Ship of Mate, IT.? TRIUMPH IS SURE. THE CANTERBURY kaj the Urge? t and beet concentration of -.-eniuj* ever see? er be?rd of. THE MOST SPLENDID BALLETS, THE MOST (?OBGEOCS SPECTACLES, IHE MOST BRILLIANT PANTOMIMES, THE MOST HUMOROUS FARCES, THE MOST EXTRAVAGANT BURLESQUB8, THE MOST DELIGHTFUL BALLADS, THE MOST LAUGHABLE SKETCHES, THE MOST PLEA .-ING SONGS, THE MOST VARIED ENTERTAINMENT; in short, the most NOVEL, ATTRACTIVE. AND ORIGINAL EN TERTAINMENT tbat can a?iIMy be procured by the lavish ex penditure efmoney EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK AN OVERWHELMING BILL OF ATTRACTION, iecludirg many valuable ?dditionsto tbe already MASSIVE ARRAY OF TALENT. Fir?', appearance of the most DAHIN? GYMNAST IN THE WORLD, DARING GYMNAST IN THB WORLD DAR1NO GYMNAST IN THK WORLD. DARING GYMNAST IN THK WORLD, PARING HVMN*8r IN THE W?RLD, DARiAG ?. YMN A.-T IN THK WORLD, MR. JOHN DENIER, MR JOHN DEN I KB, MR. JOHN DKNIER, MR. JOHN DENIER. wbo ??ill perform for the first tini?: here hin peril to? Ftat entitled THE CATARACT ASCENSION. THE CATARACT ASCENSION. THK CATARACT ASCENSION. THE CATARACT ASCENSION. Sereni week cf the brilliant engagement of the Tor paicberean Arti?te? and ENCHANTING BF.AUTIK8. ENCHANTING I'KAlTlK?. ENCHANTING BEAUTIES. CLARA AND .MILLI 8 FOWLER, CLARA AN ? MILLIE FOWLKR, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER. CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER. CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE F?iWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLKR, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, CLARA AND MILLIE FOWLER, wbo?e exqui-lte'ing h?? cn-ated tke nio-t lively ?'?n-jit'.on, the ^pacione Hall being CROWDED NIGHTLY 1 y appreciative and dlacritninsting audience?, and ?boats of applaude and admiration elicite?!. Tbey will bave the honor to ?ppear to-night in an en tirely new and beautiful Swise Billet Dlverti?;.? ment. arranged tppecially for them bv the cele brated Maitre de Ballet, MONS. SX0LLOS8Y. en titled NATHALIE, NAT**ALIK, NATHALIE, THE PRETTY MILKMAID OF SWITZERLAND Nathalie.?._--.Miaa Millie Fowler Alfred, her brother_..Mone. Louis 8*olIoa>-y Other characters bv th? entire FAMOUS COURT OF BEAUTY, composed of the following lsdi??: ELLA WESNER, MARY WESNER, LIZZIE WESNER, MARY CONLSON, LEONORA CRE1D, MAGGIE WILSON. M'LLE VIOLA, in their Terpfichorean eriorts. Second wee? of DKLEUANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD. DELEHANTY AND WARD, the Champion Clog-Dancer? of the World. Alfo.of BILLY EMERFON, BILLY EMERSON. the gre it Song-and-Dance Man and original Afri ? Ci ,ure. First time here of the Fnnny Pantomime, THE COOPER??. THK COOPERS. 1 HE COOPERS. Dako, the apprentice-_^_.W. B. Cavanagh Siddei.? th?? cooper.J. J. Dougherty Petro, the lo ver._.J. War.l Calamuie, the doctor._.,J. Redden Minette the cooper? daughter.,MU* MsryGardner Aleo.fir?t repre?entation hereof Charley White's aide-?putting Ethiopian Fare?*, entitled THE BLACK 8H0EMAKBR. A NEW PANTOMIME, A NEW AND BEAUTIFUL HALLET, A NEW FARCE, NEW DANCES. NEW BURLESQUES. NEW SUNOS. NEW EVERYTHING, BY THE GREAT CANTERBURY CONSOLIDATION COMPANY, ?omprlaing the moat CHARMING LADIES and tke moit TALENTED GENTLEMEN on tbe Concert Hall 8toge. Louie?? remember tbe SECOND POPULAR FALL MATINEE POPULAR FALL MATINEE POPULAR FALL MATINEE POPULAS FALL MATINEE takes place on SATURDAY, 8BPTEMHER 17, SATURDAY, SKl'TKMUEH 17, SATURDAY, ?-?BPTEMBKR 17. BATCEDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, wh*n ? grand bill will be presented, expressly ?nited to oar Lady Patrons. PRICES OF ADMISSION. Parquette. Balcony, and Gallery_?,.. 23 cent? OrcBeetr? chair?._.SO cent? Reserved Orchestra ?esta ....73 centa Lower Private B.>xe?, holding nix persons_**?; o > Upper Balcony Boxes......_.-i5 U) tingle aeata in Balcony Box.....$| v0 Private Boxea and Beaeryed Boats can be secured from lu in the morning till 2 p. m. BOOTS AND SHOBB TO SUIT THB TIMES We ?Je bow msnnfacturiog all kinds of BOOTS snd SHOES ar.d c?.u-?tanly ree-ivmg a ?up- agt?**??? ?Iy o? Kan?.?,) ruad?, work r.f every duficrip - ???? tion. ma?? exere*?ir to ord?r. and will bef *BJ_| ?old at a much lower price than ha? been* laBa? beretafore charged In tbie city for much inferior ?? tides. Peraons in want of BOOTS snd SHOES of Eastern or City made work, ?ill always And ? good aasort BMBt in ?tore and at the loweet prices. Give us ? coll. ?Rl'i-TN A BROTHER, q.S-tf_314 Peno, svenne. HILLARD'S LIFEANDCAMPAIGN80FGBN. MrClellen: General McGlellan'? Report; Bar nard'? Review of MrOlellan'a Report; Language of Flower?, colored plate?; ???-?.?? Arden, by Teniiy ?on?. Chri*ter n Index, Eaep ? Fable? in French. _se??3_FRANOK TAYLOR. CHILLS AND PEVERA-SHAKE NO MOIE Go at case to MOORE S DRUGSTORE. 113 P?nn?ylvania avenue. West End, and procare ? boule of Ague Cure and a pack*?- of bia Antidoti. Taoy ?re ?arraute?! to curs. Pn.-.e f?.;?. Bet3-3w LIST OF LETTERS REMAIN INO IN THE WASHINGTON CITY POST OFFICE, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, l??b4. -? OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED IN THE PAPER HAVING THE LARGEST CIRCULATION. ?"#**" free Delivery of Letters by Carriera at the residence? of ?.woers BBBf be secured by observing the following Rules : 1. Direct letter?? plainly to the etreet and camber cf the koTif-*?. 2. Head l??ttere with the writer'? full ad.lre??, in -?"ud:cg street and number, and request answers to be addressed ?'-corcingiy. 3. Letter?, to et ree gern or transient visitor? ?no town or city, who-?- al address may be un known, should bemarktd in lower left hand corner with the word " Transient.*? 4. Pl?<*e the iK'staire stamp on the npper right band corner, and leave apace between the stamp aud direction for post marking without interfering with tbe writing. A request f0r the return of a letter to the writer if unclaimed within thirty day?, or lee??, written or printed, with tbe writer'? full address across the fwft hand end of tbe envelope, face aide, will be complied with at usual prepaid rate of postage, ???able when delivered to writer. - as? LADIL?*??' LIST. Alev.ande<-Sus?n (?ould Annie M Park? r Anna ? Adam? Btsrjet Groce Mari? Pets? M ? LA Anderson Mi-? Green Mary A Plater .Matilda ?? iderson Mary Gitiord Mr?-J R Phillip?? Miss M | Adams Joanna GaesDinnthaE-2 P-oksniff Mal'n Ame? Ann A Green Mary ? ??. rley Mis?81* AngevineKeb'ca Gray Mr? ? L Peter? Louis.-i Allen Eliza J Gold Adeline Ou?? ? Mr? ? ? Alken Anna Grsntield hu? ? < ??? en An_ u . Ashtoii Mrs OH (?leeaoij Miss A Raves Mary A Abbott MraJosB Gautier Alice Ross Miss II Ame? Elizabeth Granni* Mr?F\Y R..1 Anni- E Arnold Gert'de-SGapen Fann'e Ri?-?? Mary E Boyd Sarah <'riffin Mr? E M Ries Mrs Raid Nancy Oarrett RmuiaR K ' Anni?? BelimerC?mil!e Gi Ming?Saml R?-d Mari .1 Brow? Frances Hyatt Reher?*? Rom Madam Brown Elir.ahethHiiogMieS?tnfordRo.-s Moggie Burr 8?rah Y Ilask? Il MrsM 8 Rucker Lucy Boyd Hannah (.' Hill Miss F Reynolds Minnie P. row ? Susan Hicks Elizabeth Rue Mrs M A Bean F. Emma HeiiBon Mary Robertson Betty Brott Susan Harr Addi?- R.?.Igei?? Clara Brown Juliett 11?..Ige?? Ainb'a Bacas M illy flutter Nellie HawTey Lizzie E It???!-??) Moggie Birge Mra C Harris Mr? A Rairden Bridget Butte Mr? L D Hagan Mary Reynior?? Ellen Berry Fanny liaison S.irah J Raymond Marat ? Brink Misa ? A ll?yes Miss Ranelle Winnie Brown Ellen Hall Mrs Geo Rolisoii T.lly Royed Marj C Heart A.ldie Rnberooa Maria Rank? Cat h'ne llo'-rianJAnnieMl'i!, y Catherine Rock? Elizabeth Hilealain Mise Rapenye MiseL Poenstein MrsS HannaN IrabethReamer Mr- WA Beaner MrsFred Honker Aba M Ralm?n Mary A Brown Loui.-a Hei..?,, n Mary L Kan lai Borah A l!oy!e Ella Hudson Margt H.. un? .n Mrs D Baker Rate S Hec?xMaryE Reynold? Sy? A BetzelElizabeth Hunter Hannah Roberta Mary Baker Mollie Harrison Louisa Rvtlir Mrs E A Barnnett Mrs F Harto? Ne.lie Ri-nnoM?- Jennie Baldwin Mrs F HumiltoriMrsJ MSmith Jjilia A Ba?y Mary Harm n M.-iry Smith Sarah Bought?n Emmallanipton SarahFSinitliEiiiitlin? U Balffwin Mar/ H&r? ir gEmnu-'.tSuiith Betty BlakesleeMrsHEH'Ovev Mrs ? ASraith Molile A Barker Mary C Handy Mrs H D Smith Mr- M I? Bellow? Mrs JH Hurley Mrs Win Smith Jennie Bi? hop Sarah Johason Cath'neSmith Ms Poler Mary Johnson Mollie Smith Liz/.i.? Bertrice Lucy Johneon Lucy Smith L'ini'* Bower ? E Jones Mary S!i-<ld N?-tii?? Bunnell MreGW Johnson Louisa Sink BrxabetB 2 Bennett Lizzie JohneouMag'eG Smith Alice Bishop Mollie Jackson Susan S park Sarah A 2 Briecoe Rsctiel Joneg Harriet Starr Mrs C S Ber:an Anna Johuron Mary Starr Mrs M Beatty Buth Jackson Alice Scott Rate 2 BursurAnnJ James C*ry Scull'Louisa Bra?!? r Amelia Johnson Kate Sprigg Ann G Butl<r Jan?- Irvin Mary .1 Snoot* ? it?? Butler Mary A KnottAnn E Snow Mrs :' C Borres Kate ?- .!??> J ?- i: Sn?.w Mr? ???.?-? Burman'thKelUy Win Stevenson Mrs Bowie E D Kea.j.nMi.y Spiagae Minnie Bevan Mary Kee Sbear Maggie. Bradbury Ellen Key Ell?>n Stuart Viola Planchad E KoonesMis*EKB8illlman MrsWS Berry Mary Knauser Burn? Seaves Lizzie BiweraMaryJ RelloggHA Svpherd Eli/ath Bury Margt Kinney Mrs Severence Mrs C Bower? Lu. y A L? a Cath'ne T SpsuMingMiasS Bolen Mise Lewi?. Celia Simpson Mary Bowie Gussie Ly?n?Mi?sFr?n?*Simp->onMrs J ? Baker Annie LawrenceMaryKStantonlIallieM Butler ElizabetliLynch Memay 8 lireinerllen't? Butler L?7/ie Lee Matilda Hattie Chubb Eli/aCW Lewis Jane HeatooJoiephine Clark Mrs A M Leonard Mrs Savage Mary E Cl?rk Mrs MJM L?.ve'??RFlorada8h. i?her l Ellen Cooines Mr? WH Luca? .Mary C S'eward Anna Conte Elizabeth LemmoneMr* E Sullivan Mies M Clark B-rtha 1 esass Edith W Cose Mi^ S C Lau.-e Mary Si-ha-fler F R Chillis K?t<- Lee Bliz* Bheetler Nan.y Callan Mr?CVN Link Sarah A SoperEii/.abethA C? e - Matilda Lehay ne Cath'neSen.lorf Lizzie Crocker.Mrs CW Lane Annie Sannders Marg't Cheney Mrs S A LandwightMrsD II Cobell Virginia Lindsey N'aney Sandereon M M Cam) ell Mar? J Lawlr Mrs ? J Susars Mr? CheHish Katie Lewi? Mrs LtR Spencer Susan Ctaywn Jos'ne La ?!? rfaa? k Mrs SimmouaHe lena Cady Margt J O Sidan Annie CaiM?..? el! Mrs D Langley Id? StPwartMarelina Canoway Susan Limvood Lena Sullivan Mrs Chrii-ta Nellie Lyon 'Ire L A Seling Malinda Chrie.ineJoa'eB Moore Mrs S W 8tanton Mis? M C? Dolen Ellen Mount Sarah ? Seward AnnieL Cathcart AnnieRMa> lea W Stewart R?za L'ostie Sopliia Moore Alice J Towle? Mr- 0 A Condrinllleu .Mitsehe Elen TvlerJane Cox Catherine Mulligan Mary Tanxion Rtrah ('??en a?: Kate Miller Mrs M R Tinney Biiza ('adora July Miller Matti. TbompsonJenn?e Coner? Ann Meredith Mrs S Taylor Mr? A Corsie*? Harriet MiddletonUan'liThompoi Cath'e Clark Maggie Molhorn?liza'thTurnei? Luc? Curtis Mary MaguireAnnieE Tremble Jennv Carter Carrie Mellon Mrs F Taylor Addie F Clark Marian Moran Mary A Thorn p.-? ? Katie Dougherty Mr? Mason Addie M Toite Ann MA Mason Kate -2 Twambly C!a"aA Dunham Nettie Mathew? Ilarr't Thorn peon S J Davis Fannie C Meadnr Mr? AC Taylor Mary Deshon Sarah Miteth Mary Thompson Jos'e Davia Caroline Miller Anni?? ? Thompson Au'ta Doherty Eilen Mclntosh Klla Thomas Ann Dcvitt Bridget Mel.ill Mary Thompson Mr? E Denriani JuliaB McElroyJeimieA C ? Dyre Mr- I. II MaguireMrsThs Thompson E A Daniels Mr? .I?.? McMabon Ann Tri pi??tt Sarah V Daring Mrs GA Mow Mary Tern? r Emily Deas Mary C More Amelia Turner Kmma Drattoa MattieA Mickel f'ath'ue Tyson Mary A Du?enl.ery ? ? Miller Mary Taylor Nan??? Debiib D MartliaMeinburkLi/zie White Mr? K/.ra Don?\?nCath 2 Miller Mr? Hy White Annie DuckerMary 1-1 McAnsllyHan'h Weil Barbara Davi? Elizabeth Magu? re Mr? Wait? Maria Di' kins Mi?- S Mather* ?"?hebe Willis Jane D?? uni so ? I A Murphy Julia Wi.aon Nathsi? | Evans Sollie Mangin Ihate Wilson Miss L Bgan ??.nie Mat' ew< Delia M 2 Edw?rd?MisCol Miller Mr? Jno Weaver Aim Ja? MyerAiiusM Wilkins Carrie Ellsworth Ida MeW.y Mary WittenaurMre ? Bdelin Franii* McSubinMarvE Week? Laura EmereoriMrsGH Macahee.Martha White Isaimll Edward? Minta Miller Mary Well?- Carrie BmersonEvelineMcCauIey Belle Watt< Maria L EnrightJol annaMcCabe Sara'i Wlialey Maggie KsherMrs NewtoaMrsGen Witherby Ama'a Edmonds Lucy Rieholta MaryH Webstar-Minni?? fallen Mary II Nevirr Nelle Wataon Nellie E Ilahertv Mary NorrisMrs J C-2 Warner Annie M Priesa Dorothea NelsonMargtA-JWaahiiigton M'v Faloy Kate Nolte Maria William Lucy Fowler Jennie Nortoi.Mra A ? Wharton Mrs ? finny Mr? Wm Noi magie SalieA Wiilher Mrs J 8 Finch David D Norina'iMrsLA-3Wil|iam? Ellen Ford Mr? T M Nos Hatty Waters Susie FellMraCapt Oasin Julia A WatkinsEnpb'ia Fenwick Jnli? O'Brien Mrs Mat Workman Jennie Fanning Mr? O'Neil Juli? Wetuerby Lizzie Fia>ai??r Angel'eO'Leary Ellen Woodard E A Fisher Lottie Parkin Mrs W??ston Louie M Freelou Dorr?? Po.k Mary Whitman Mrs A Fi zuiaurice A Poser Martha G 3 KoaterMreAil'msPain May Wheeler Mary E Fergufoi'Ella Parker Julia Vatilry Mary FetermanMaryRPoore Mrs?aoT Vanliorn Annie Fobe?Mr? ? A-2 Hiatt Mr? Jno II Young Harriet Grai??'n Cbarl'e Pepper Roae A Young Bertha Gro -meHarrlet Pigott Mrs R J Young Lucy Gant Mary A-2 Parmelee MrnCNYoung Hattic Grady Mrs MLF Pierce Annie F Green Emily_ GENTLEMEN'S 1,1 ST Aebach Anton Alexander G W Ackley Jno W AI'jetAdani Allen Henry E Aiir Mathias Alp?ngh Audw Audereon Hy Ames Milton Ayer- B.'amon Austin Lt H-2 AdamsonOram Abut Cta* '- AcheranUy Allcock Col ? Alien Corpi C ? Anderton J A Anderson W D Allen CaptC Avere Jno E ALhoiee Wm AlfordE Allen Ja? ? An-lerson Wm Alterna? F L Ashton Jacob Aateteoo Wm Abbott Geo C A liston J S Austin W m Abbott Geo W Blair Gev A-2 Buckanon Harv Biown Marcus Birgist Alonzo Barger Henry Byrnes Michael Bell Andrew Barnard Jno J Brooks M J Blair Andrew Baker Jno 8 Bates Otis Bland Allen M Babcock J ao M Bitley Orvil Blair A R Beckler Jno W Bender Dr ? l'oche Aagustas Baker Jos-3 Bain Peter C Bebm AW m E BremingerJL Burliughain Pff Eis'.len Audrew Barrett Jos C Beticber Peter Barnea Augua Boger SergtJno Bla.??chnm ? A Bou'.din Albert Rureth Jno Browne Dr ? ? Bru?h Abner Blia<le'lJM Burke Lt ROS Botar Lt A J RoyleJnoD Busteel lion R BahUrBenJ Berkevheiaer J Byrne Rev 8 Boyer Barton Bailey Jno B Bol???y S Bruce Chas J Baldwin JerL Burgeiaer Satnl BoaeoChas Bran nd Joseph Buekan?ter 8?ml BeekerCbas Beadle J H Bacbo Sliarin-Hn Bern-Ott Cha? BrakweedJai BetftWon 8 f " BurdOaptCH Bishop Ja? Barrougbs Bowen Dr C U BowenJo? Smo..? ?y Boil Bavid J Birke! Jas F R?rker Sauil Bock Dani U Beeson J J b ?ige S?mi Been Dsn vi lie ? ?Hin? John Bra*>s dami L BrewsrDH B#rry Jno Burdiek Tbo? 2 Blur?. fav..l hoard man .1 3 Berry Tno? W Bsldein?t; 5 Hanaell Dr J W Ben?.,a Tho? ? Barrv Edward Bryx-a J?o Barker "3ol ? A Boyi?- ?? * ? rJacoii J ? Bryaa C?l ? li Brown Edw-2 L. Trough Edw Larry _ H Barnes Ellis Brown Elia1? E Faser Elia? G Eridgman J L Biekbrd Jno H Bowen Capt J J Bride?"? J F Itioth Jas itrooas Jos E Barker El_oi.d Barnes Jno Brsdy F ? Bull ? ? Riacket Fred Rennett Ceo W Br< ci s Ceo-3 Barker Geo E Ramarti lieo M Butler Geo Beai (?eo Bnrgee? Geo E Blabla Henry Barlow ? ? Boyer Henry J Knnss H Brown Jaco? Brown Jno-} Bill Dr J H Barnes Jos Rates Mat J F Burns Jno Bora ? Julius Rames tester Reach Latham Bishop Leroy Ballard Thos 2 Eo>d Theo M Burrell Thos J Brirgs ? Hock Thos Butler Thorn Brown Wm L ? ? ye Wm Bovee W R l?lack Wm Boehme Win Bar ne? Walter Be??e Wm W '.'.ro kp Wesley Brown Wm ? ?t nett Wm J Batton Wm B>T>on Lorenzo BendictLt W M Barnes Louia Beni, et Wm W firewer Lorena CBish'.p Wm Bel-r en? L Hlackwurd Hen Bennet Mr Brown Hiram Black MoeeaM HrokslerH ff Brady Borace BroTOiey H M Bjrtt Harvey C Bate? Martin Benjamin Mr Bristow Mr lisden W W Button W L Bryan Wm A Bodle W J ?f-i.ton Wm II B-ixnes W L C Carpenter H Cassidy Henry Cromelien R Camphell Robt Cole Ardrew Corl'vn Abel O ark e Alberili CnmpbelHIirain CwpenterColRB Chick A ? Chapman Dr 3 8 Oavertv R'.bt ? Cowles Alfred Gushing I. -. J W Cook Capt Saml Crane A J CarnpbellJobiiC Crowell 8 Colby A ? C Ihn? James Colyar 8 A Conner B F Cr^egan Jas Coar Sergt Clarke CG Crowtner 1 W Carpenter S ? C?iikeyCh*?G CoburnDrJo? Crandell 8 M Campbell Colin Carter Jefferson Carlisle Seth H ?a;d well Chas <Ormley Capt J Clark Seymour ? Cooper John L Clark Saml A CocnraneJohuTChroiiiiter S ? Colligan J -? Cross Thos Chadbnrn Joe F Clark Temple Clark Cart JW 2 Clayton Tho? E Cuff Jacob Christian Thos Cane Jam?? Carl Thos Craig Gen Jas Cham pi i n Capt CulgerJnoT Cac-1 Irick Clark John II Close Ja? ? Cox Levi Chase Chas Carp* nterChsW Chalk Chas C.vsel C J Cutter C F Cutter Dr Cos David l? Carter D W CoDoverD Ciimruins Tr'dw Collin? ? ? Cohen Edward Croc?er Edw 1 C h aio pi in E ilayett Elbert Curry E J Campbell IM T Al Clark Trimbr.ll Cobarn Win A Crafts Cant W Cox Wr_ H ('?illeiiK.iwrenceCale Capt Wm M Cosse Mark C Critzman Win Coal Mr ConklintrWH Connors Walter Cotton Wra CharubertainEMCoben M J Calighan Wm Conwsy Elwurd Clarry Martin G Ca? ter Wm Carusi F T Clarke Mr Colder Rev Cutler F D Collins Mr Oeohen Woolf Conrad Mar F A Cunningham ? Chenewith Wm Currier Geo Galiia Prospero Cavatiniigh Wm Gushing Gen Cram Peter S 2 Cuirns Wm Church Geo H Cross Bichanl S Col?gete Wm ? Cl?irkoCeo W Calali Robe A Cox WS Caswell Geo A Dpedsal A l?in Dor ? > iy U V Datcher Mr Leniyri Anth'nyDo'lfe-e II C Demonet *Ar Decostt rArth'rLDibson Capt HA Dudley Col ? Davidson Lt A Dubois Chas ? Davis Ca'eb ? Unni David F 4 D^val David II Dencan Dennis Drise.,11 D J DonnohueDirdCByer Jas Davis Eben L D<-e Era^tus A Davis Bdwd J Davis Knock J Davis Ed son Dickere.? E Duval Hairy Dodge ? 8 Daniel?! JameeH D?? Forest Col 0 DemerittJII Dudrow Phil'p ? Dngan Jno DooHng Patrick Dickersen DrJnoDavis Baul Debow JohnW DysonRevRobtH DelavergueJnoADockendotf Robt Dennison II A Daly John Duvall 8 De Lans? Jar?ua Dague S.imuel 2 ll.inniiigtonJa-AOrew D ? Dawson .Ino A Datcher 8 J Davis Jno-2 Davis S W Dickinson JaiyisDodg? ? ? Dague Wm B-3 Dean Wm Deene Wesley Done w o Davi? Wm C Denning Wm Damps ?n Klh'n D? lait John 1'onlon Edwd 2 Dickinson Jno Daris Frank M Dale John A Dalton <tpo Dee James DeiflenderferG'eDell John R Day Gee E li Dean J Davis (it-o Ei Ebfl ing Bey A 2Finer?on Geo II E-?wsrlsCaptJG EitreleAnil Ernois Henry E.-b Levi 2 Bby Ben ? Kvnn? Hebron Edward Mr. Es?n Col J Eddy Hiram EVerly Mich Englehart Lt C 2 Estea Henry G Kr ans Sain Everhait Chris- Emery Henry Kvans ? II tian Evans Hiidson 2 Enalish Zephy EaickCha? Elliott John Erwin W ? EvattEdwM Fari Jno W Eaton W F Elin#sFranr-is Everett Jno W E dlerkin Capt Kdward?G?oP English Joseph WA Eimer Geo Edmunds Jamea Barling W H Fraebing Aug't Farrar Benj Frost Chas Foot Chea W I'ontroy Cor Fester CE Flamant C F F.'irrington D L Foster Dan S F. rris B F French B 2 Fenton Fred French F FrauV-'houser G Ponts G W Fry Gidion Fisher G W Franco G Fries Henry Field Harry Fiske ht H B2 PreemanAIIal- Franklin Milton sted Forsyth N 8 FillehraumCart Finnigan Pat H C Flahavin Pat Frazier Jas P Korest R H 2 Koran Jaa Fowler J B Farren John Poster J F Fowler Joe G Felle? .Tee Fowler .la? M Feltoii J.v ?, Fsrvrell J R falbe? j w b rrank J Foster LL Kreilsnd L Frei Liese Poltz Mich Fleming 8ani Ford Sani Flvnt 8 W Barrar S ? Pahey Th"S F ?nega n ? 11 Folger T C Foster Tho? Fry Capt F II ? i Fitzhugh W A F. nn. r Wm Freeman W P Fitzhugh W H Fischer Wm Fitzhugh Wm ?3 Gregory Geo GyantMal (in'tt n 6m Grinder Mr ?old mith G Gallagher M-2 GeialerGus 2 Calla, her Mr Gran Hermann G-tcli 11 M D Gilb Hiram Gilbert A Coy Galligen Barn d Grannie Rev II RGooddl?O H-i2 Cray Ben] G reme ? F Phillip Garrison A Bab-Goldscheidei J Goodrich Peter eoik Geisel John Golden PJ GilmoreOP GetzingerJno Grant S T (Trattin Chas II Gaynor John S Good 8i)as Gubner Cap J T Ga?e Seth Goodhart Alex Grimes A b Graham Abner Gobi?- Ai G vim? ? Aman Giffoid A W Gorham C J (li-rmun Chas GurleyMO Georgia DC Q Metine J Gemo,ill D.W Graybell J L CriftinDan Gibtions.lJ Gannet David GrovenerJsa Garver Davis Gilbert JJ GaiatDft Gibson Jas W Goodrieb C?j> E Guien Jas G Creenouffk E Grinder John Goo-Irk h LtCol f.reene J 0 2 IK Greene Johny GaiyBevDEHGunoJ D Gleason Frank G i-S Jac- >? Il Green Franklin Gibson Francis ';)iir?. Prank G ove F D G runt Fi ?neis Hunt A I? Harvey Alouzo II ???? Arthur Han en Aug Howhv d A ? I Hasting? A 0 Hutton Alia Hyatt Ahm R Hyre Albt Ileiing Aug Hemenway. Bennet A Hazen Cha? ? ? ?Ulead Che L Hooper Chas U Holden C H II ynea Caleb Hyatt Cha? E Hall Hon C II. u et t Ci.?? <?rubl> 8?ra Gates S G l ? reen 8 8 Gregory S loin'b Greago y Sol Griffin T Greenbam T Cariner T A Coodille W J Graeme Wm Green Wm F Goiton W A Gallagher Wm Gaucher Wm Gardiner W-.n Go'.dricb WM 2 Cenning M D Greenleat Lt WL Greene John Guy Jno SI Gray Jn? 0 tirant John Groves Lt J HallidayGeoO IlovisJnoA Hendee Geo E Hains Ja? T Henry Ceo E Hyde Lt Col J Hubbard G 8 Howe L llaatingsMajGO Hall Myron V Harrington G F Heyden Mark liarns G?.-1-l.-.-rt Hopkins Mr Hall Henry Cons Ceni of Ha verton H 2 Argentine Re Haillock Harry puMic Rosaey Jarme]? Hilton N F Harvey Jaa Huse Philip HobanJas Ilagen Paul Hall Jas Hitt Robt R Heacockjos Hooper, Ri _h llowsey Jas H ardeon A Henderson R G Hide Robt UallRuseel ll.-Fs Saml Hersey Jas W Hilton Ja? Henning Jas Hutton J D Menale? 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Walborn Prank Webb J C Wesborn F O Warren Geo R Wad lei eh G A 5 Wells Geo E Wright Mason Wiser Mark L Wood, Mixon, Chatfield A Whitman O II Walker ? ? Weatcott 8 II West Still man Wood 8i las G WilkinaS A Wallace Thos Woodward ? hoe WilronGA J WilleyG M-2 Wilson G W Wet/.ell Geo__ Wi liasen G W Wileox Geo D Wilson Geo W Wright Jno DH Woods Wm ? WeilJoa White Wm White Ja? White Willis White Israel Worrell Wm ? Wait? J ? Wilbe Wm White Hon J W Wilson Wm ? Wetherell Wm D Wsgley W C Warnock Wm ? Waterbury W M Zellera Jacob Wood J W ? Welch Jas 8 Wood Jno Walab Jaa "3G-25 Young Cbas Zeil ? A-2 Yager Luther ZimmermanCA Zeller Jno Yeatman LtLM Zitsibkl Edw 7. wet zi? Mr York Michael Zock Gneid Zar Wineford Yeater Ardnel - Zeager Harry MISCELLANEOUS -"J. P. M.;"?A. A. J Agt. of Bane's Express Co.; "Linkenaale." It SAYLE8 J. BOWEN. Postmaster. L GEORGE FOBBEST, ATE Quartermaster United States Army, Adjust? Offleer?, Ordnance, Quartermaster's, and Commissary's ACCOUNTS, ??? Tenth street, an 24-lm?_Washington, D. C. J SCHOOL BOOKS. UST RECEIVE D a full and complete stock of SCHOOL BOOKe. which we offer for aale at the lowest prices. Aleo a full stock of school requisite? embracing ... j au_ -rom?, no?.?. ? Slate WM BALLANTVNE. 498 7tb st., bet. D aad E st? Slates, Slate and Lead Pencils", Blank Book? ' Pens, Rubber, Black BoaHjud tionery. Ink Bobber?, Ac, Ac. sepe-lm LOCAI- NEWS. -?? Mbbtjno of thb McClbllab Clttr or thb G???t Wabd.?Tbe President, Mr. Clark, called the meeting to order, truite a ? a ci ber present. Messrs. F. W. Brandenbnry. Kemp P. Seng stack and John McGarvey were nominated and elected members, making above 130 names on tbe roll. Mr. Charles Utermehle was introauced by tbe President, and stated that be was much as tonished :o find the announcement in tbe a? ternoon paper that he was to epeak her ? to-night, bnt having met the President cf this clni. he promised, and would nowlnlflll his promise. He bad often heard that these clnbs in this city were of no nee, because they could do no good, none of their members having a vote; bnt be wonld state that tbey did a great deal of good, for there was not a man among them who conld not influence a vote. He had made np his mind to request all his friends to vote for McClellan, and if they were opposed to bim to prove by argument and appeal to them in the same of their country and of hu manity to vote for McClellan. The question was, would they sit Bull aud let others do the work and tbey .eap tbe benefits. For himself, be has determined to go to New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania and raise hie voice for McClellan. We here having the Execytive always with us know who we Would like, and we would like one who would not **_e away all onr old constitutional rights an d give us New England fashions in the place er rbmn.*.. He had often seen in the Republican press the statement that McClellan, as a general, wa? a failure. Ue pronounced it false, and if he was a ii.ilnre, why was he called upon to take charge of Pope's army, and thus save the Re public lie would not bavefailed iu the great Peninsula campaign nadhe been fully second ed by the Administration Hie career in this war wae unblemished He got nearer Rie li mona than Grant had ever done; and had the Administration carried out its promises, he would have taken Richmond long ago, and the rebellion would have been finished, and peace and plenty would again have smiled npon the land His enemies could Bay nothing against McClellan's private life Tbe speaker bad searn bim in his parlor, and taken him by the hand, and he knew him to be a Christian, p?triot and soldier The Administration had brought charges against bim wbich had most nobly been refuted. Conld all the charges against the Administra tion be as ably refuted? The doctrine enun ciated by the President in his Inaugural brought 1,200 volunteers from this District, when only 2.5i;0 were called for. McClellan was still in favor of that doctrine, and upon that doctrine we will elect bim. [Applause.] We(the Dem ocrats) are willing to concede to the South all their constitutional rights, but we insist upon their returning to the Union. He believed that all the South wanted was for the North to say thie to them, cr if they saw a chance they themselves would offer to return, if they could be guarantied tbat all their right? under the Constitution could be preserved. He gloried in every victory, and no one rejoiced more than he did in the victory at Atlanta and the fall of Mobile. He hoped he was a patriot, and he challenged any man to he more loyal than he was, but he wanted the war to; be carried on in a constitutional manner, and on constitutional principles. \Applause.] A vote of thanks was then unanimously given to Mr. Utermehle. The President then introduced ??Capt. Geary, tbe old War Horse." Capt. Geary commenced by saying he was afraid the reporters were making too great a man of him. He was a McClellan man from the crown of his head to the sole of hi? feet. Before the Convention at Chicago he went into a hole and prayed that Mac might be nomi nated, and since he was nominated he bad come out of hie hole, and intended to stay out of it. He hoped the Democrats wonld not sleep while that ??old cock" (Lincoln) was crowing. Somebody had told bim be was very near the old brick Capitol, but he called all to witness that he bad eaid nothing disloyal, and he claimed as much right under tbe Constitution as Mr. Lincoln to tell a ?? little joke." [Laugh ter.] He had heard a great deal abont the soldier's vote, but he saw something this afternoon that opened his eves, he saw four squadrons of cavalry coming up the Avenue, and when they passed' under ihe flag with McClellan and Pendleton'B name upon it, cheer after cheer arose, and the men could not be restrained He followed them a? far as the other flag at 9th street, and be thought tbey did not even see tbe Lincoln and Johnson flag, for they did not say one word about it. He did not feel like speaking, for his ears weie burning, and he knew that his friend Cerrington was giving him fite at the black Republican meeting, and he would say that the reporter of the Star had misunderstood hie re marks of last night, for he did not intend to call Mr. Carrington a liar, and it such an ex pression escaped him in the heat of debate, he certainly would apologise to Mr. Carrington. Mr. Geary finished by saying that on the 4th of March the hills would reverberrate with acclamations upon the inauguration of George B. McClellan. The meeting then adjourned. Sixth Ward Likcoln and Johnson C_ur.. Last evening, a large and enthusiastic meeting of tbe citizens of the Sixth Ward was held Hi Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, for the pur pose of organizing a Lincoln and Johnson Club. Mr. James H. Clements called the meeting to order, stating the object of the meeting. The matter, be said, had been talked over through out the Ward, aad all seemed m favor of it. It was due by that portion of the city which had been built up in a great measure with money derived from Government, to take a stand for or Against the Government, lt was prepared to organize a club to revive the days before the political persecutions, and erect a flag-staff near the site o? the old one, from which they were driven in 1*-?8 A temporary organization was effected, electing Mr. Clements chairmair. Theodore Haskin secretary, and John H. Peake treasurer, and on calling for monies received for the purchase of a fiag-etaff, ?fco, the following sums were paid over to the treasurer :?From black smith's department, by Mr. Turner. $7?2; en gineer and machinists, by Mr. Haskin, ?37.90; iron founders and boiler makers, by Mr. J. H. Peake, $35; painters, by Mr. John H. Peake, 817.75; plumbers and copper rolling mill, by Mr G. A. Scott, $30.40* clerk's office, by Mr. S. Cross, S14. Total, %WIFA. An election for permanent officers of the club was bad, and the following were elected unanimously : Wm. Dixon, president; James T. Clements, vice president; James C. Dulin, secretary, and John H. Peake, treasurer. Mr. Dixon, on taking tbe chair, returned the thanks for the honor conferred, and stated the object of the club, ae he understood it, was to promote the views and interests of the great Union party by the re-election of the present incumbent of the Presidential chair. Some maintain that by the election of McClellan a speedy termination of the war would ensue. But he believed no such thing He believed that if Mr. Lincoln was re-elected the war wonld be brought to a speedy and successful termination. If McClellan was elected the rebels wonld exert themselves to the utmost in order to prolong the war and thereby induce tbe Government to treat with them, and be be lieved that McClellan would favor and con cede more to them than any Union man would wish to be conceded. He asked if it did not seem singular when our army or navy meets with a reverse that not a word of sympathy is expressed by those who are associated together to defeat the Government. If our soldiers are starving er freezing there is not one word said. Who haa heard a word of rejoicing from them over the fall of Atlanta or the successes of Farragut in Mobile Bay f Mr. Dixon closed by urging unity of action. [Applnuse.l On motion of Mr. Jame? H Clements, an ex ecutive committee was appointed, consisting of Mesera W E Hutchinson, Samuel Turner, Samuel Cross, WlUiam Beron, and W. P. Brown . . The following were appointed ?committee to draft a constitution: Mesar? J.H Clements, Jamee C Dulin, John H Peake, Theodore Haskin, J.H Hilton J" Mr James H Peake moved that a commit tee be appointed to solicit subscriptions iu the shops in the Navy Yard in which no eubscrip. lion? papers had passed Carried; and the fol lowing were appointed: Joseph Martin, join ers; Alexander Talbert, shipwright?; Thomas Cook, ordnance: Amos Reed, laborer?; Samuel Keitbley, wheelright? and blockmakers: Sam'l Cross, navy ?tore: William Dobbins and John Cross, to make collections outside When the sail maker? were called upon, some one remarked that they were all McClellan men. A gentleman remarked that there was one man, Mr. Wm Cowan, who was tree, and he was placed on the committee Mr. Ruff named George Davi? to wait on the wbeelnghts. bat ?orne ose stating that he wm a McClellan man, Bib ? ?me wa? withdrawn Mr. Georg? R Wbbsbb etaued that uwr? were a number of s entlemen outside of the yard who bad formerly been with them ia the old w_l_ ?nd American days. Tbey did not belong to the working claa?, but when watted avers would ?ay tea* they wer? not D?mocrate, Mit they were McClellan men. Some of then bad held office under the Administration, and h.? alluded to one who had made about ?*5,??? off tbe Government who stated that Lincoln wa? not dignifica enough; that he ought to be put into a cage aad exhibited through the conati?-; and he alto said that the nigger? should do seat bach to their masters. This maa, however, d ri co: told an office now- It wonld l?e degra ding for the collectors to solicit from such a person. Mr. Henry Temer suggested that the?,?? charge? should be made cut and sent to the De partment in which he was employed. Mr. WHO!? replied that tbe pcraon allnded lO was not now In the employ of the Government? bnt :hat there were many others of the same kind who the committee shonld lo>k after. Mr. Jceeph Martin expressed the hope tha?: n"aiT1''9 ct ?a?*1 P?*s?n?? should be made public; that he could not keep '.lie name of suctt man a ?ecret. Mr. George R. RnrT stared that there were some men here who were good enough Lin coln men, but when they ?vere called noon by the opposition at their homes they gave liber ally, telliiIf tneir friend?? ?o keep attll, that if t waekatOWn that they were aiding McClellan * :.t y VA?Uld receive no favore iu Washington. Hu ?as in favor of taking money from every one? i- mad?? no diflerencehowthev stood?and si ? ? ??ii g it in a good canse Mr. J. H. Clemente suggested that the Pr?si der: be added to the executive committee :?? wait on the Secretary of the Navy, in reference to purchasing a Hag etatT, partially finished lax tne Navy Yard: which was adopted. He also suggested that the commi", e should make ar rangements for regular meetings, and that en thusiasm should be created and thus give the He to the assertion that the working men were tired of the war, and were willing to make peace upon any terms. They ^tue working? classes) were not tobe gnlled by the cry of ne gro equality. He had lived North and never saw negro equality there or in this city, bol ha had teen it in the South. In the Navy Yard ?C Portsmouth, Va., several years since, a nnmbr of colored men were empio?, ed beeide whit? men. He, the speaker, wrote a paragraph la relation to tbe matter, and it was inserted la. one of the ?apere a? an advertisement, and the >t ?.?? .. ??.<?*. ? was, every boss tried to ferret out the author, but they failed. The chair stated in relation to the Initiation fee that it would do well to fix a sum at th?? meeting in order that all might come prepared at the next meeting, and on motion 'i? conta wae fixed as the amount. Mr W. H. Harmon moved that by a rising vote the mee in g affirm the principle? of the great Union party, ae laid down in tbe plat form, and it was adopted unanimously, the en tire assemblage, over >M rising. Mr. h arm on was here called on fora speech. He remarked that he had seen enough mechan ics and worklngmen affirming the principien wbich would elevate them. He had eeent enonghot slavery in Maryland and be was glad that the incnbns wa? about to be voted, out. He was happy to see so many men com ing out determined to elect the man who re spects these principles. [Applause] If they were carried out the working man would be elevated, but it they failed there was no telling? where a slave oligarchy would place them. The aim of the South was to have their labor performed by their slaves and the white man could scramble lor himself. He bad been in formed tbat a poor white man in North Caro lina was scarcely fit for shark's food and tbey made a living mostly from what they pick ap along shore In fish and game. He was gladi that the power of war was delivering thena from this ircubuc, and he hoped the principles* tbey were fighting for would extend over the entire continent. Mr. Harmon hoped that arrangements wcnl?t be made so that every Marylander could go hi me and vote at the coming election (on the VJth and llth ot October). Th??re were about: 2,??? Maryland votes in ihe District, some oC them at tbe Navy Yard, and as the pay da*r was the l-Jth he hoped arrangements wonld be made that they might be paid previouily ?? ? that there would be noexcuse. Ha made tiusj statement that the executive committee might take the matter in hand Three rousing cheers were given for Grant Sherman and Farragut and the Army and. Navy, and three more for Lincoln, Johnson?. and the l'mon, and the meeting adjourned. AM?SEMENTS. GROVER'S THEATER. Pennsylvania Avenue, near Willard'? Hotel. FRIDAY EVENING, Sept. 1?. Farewell Benefit of tbe beautiful and accompli ried young Actress. MISS JOSEPHINE ORTON. ? i-i.u which occasion the WARREN COME ? Y COMBINATION. .MR. WM. WARREN, MISS JOSEPHINE ORT0N, MK.CHAS. BARRON. MISeBMILY MKSTAYEH? Will appear in two Brilliant Comedie?, snppor:e?t by the Excellent Stock Company. The elegant Standard Comedy entitled SHF STOOPS TO CONQUER. And ? new delightful Comedietta, entitled _ I COULDN'T HELP IT._ FORD*? NKW THEATER. Tenth street, above Pennsylvania avenue. JOHN T. FORD,?..?Proprietor ?nd Manager (Also of Holliday Street Theater, Baltimore.) StBire Manager.-?.?....Mr. John B. Wright Leader of Orchestra....Mr. W. Withers, jr. Treasurer.?~.Mr. ?. Clay Ford THIS EVENING. SEPTEMBER 13, 18*??J, BENEFIT OF MR. FLORENCE, Who will, by perticular request, repeat his enri vitlled impersonation of CAPTAIN ED'ARD CUTTLE, Supported by MRS. W. J. FLORENCE in her ata? en g delineation of "THE NIPPER," in Brough am'? Dramatization of Dickens' DOMBEYAN?SON. Pbices hf ArvirsinB.?Dress Circle, 5/I eent?; Family Circle, ?cents' Menestra Chairs, 75 cents; Private Boxe? fin and fa* Secured ee?ts 25 cent?! extra. Curtain rises at S o'clock._ ODD FELLOWS' HALL. TWO NIGHTS MORE. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. GRAND ??????? ON SATURDAY. AT 3 P. M. 11 AM BIM ER, tbe wonder working prestidigita teur, ?**ho draws crowded house? wherever he eoe?, will give three more of hi? POPULAR SOIREES and GRAND MAGICAL ENTERTAINMENTS, ?s ?bove ?tated. The Hall ?vili be closed this evening. PROFES SOR HAMBUJKR being occupied in decoratine and otherwise making preparation* for tbe recep tion of the President on FRIDAY evening, ota which occasion variouf grand novelties will be in troduced. Admission,*/? cents. Scats can be secured with out extra ?barge, at the Box Office, from 10 a. in.? till 4p. m. Doors open at 7 p. m.; performance comnoeneei at 8 p. m._sep 15 at* VARIETIES! VARIETIES! MUSIC HALL AND THEATER. I Fronting Penn'a avenue and Ninth 8treet.) FIT/SIMMONS Proprietor and Stage Manager. Remember to-night the Greet Show-Every Per fino?All Calliuge Intereeted?Double Bill to ni?; lit?The Great Dram? aud the New Gom panv?Also a full Music Hell 8hew ! FEMALE PICKPOCKET OF WASHINGTON, HIGH AND LOW LIK__ ^.^ ____i Character? bv the Dramatic Company-Over 8iitj Person?*, Men and Women, Depicting Life in thi? city?All the Pretty Dancing Girle ! All the Ethiopian Comedians I WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE] FEMALE PICKPOCKET, For Ladies and Children. ?epli-lw? PIO NICS, EXCURSIONS, ?fcc. NO ? I C I.?The Fourth Gr?nd Ball of th? McCLELLAN SOCIAL CLUB will be given ob MONDAY, September 26, ?t BEATON- HALL, corner of 9th and D street*, for the benefit o., ST. ANN'S IN FANT ASYLUM. ????-Ul A THI COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EX Isting between the undereigned, under that firm of JOHN J. BARNARD A CO., ia thia der dissolved by mutuai consent. John J. Barnard will continue the business st the old stand. Mo. 146 Bridge street. All persone indebted to th? firm will please make prompt payment to him. JOHN J. BARNARD, WM. H. DOUGAL. Georgetown. D. C.. ?Sept. 1 1864._sep???" N ? R ?? _, MANURE. __?_ MANURE. M THE BEST AND CHEAPEST MANURE IN THE UNITED STATES. The undersigned, having ??etraeted for all the Manure at Giesboro Point,, P.O., or? now pi-e ?ared to put on board Tsssels free of expenae to aptain? at low rat??. _,.__ VE88EL8 WANTED. Addresa No. H?l ???????^???4?0?* 0r *? QIEjBjRO POINT ??ftB^rVflfc ? -- gUT.VBi~ 0H11B1| ?. B. DTJTEOW A BEO.," MQQt? WholMBl? Dealer?, an 10-Is?_No. 430 ath street. ? ^EDWARD CLARK, - " LUMBRE DEALER. Virginia avenue, between 9th cad 10th sts., east? Mavy-Yard._ A lore? stock of all kinds ef LUMBER con lUetly on hand ?t loweet market prices. i?T*4-lm*

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