Newspaper of Evening Star, September 16, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 16, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMC8_M_NTB ??-??T??. 1 ?. ?a??? 1 n iiAT_i?.?Mr. Florence take? a ben efit to ntf-ht, and v. ill personate ??UapiaiaCat tle," in In. ken's ? lA'inbey and Son." Mrs. 1loreuc* as >??>a?-aM Nipper." Ot cmree the fun ?over* will ?lock to Ford's, for fun and iatk-ittr i.??.?? an inseparable conne? tion with the periort.i.iice? of ihe Florence> Mr. Ford lia? a line C.nopanj to support hie stars. H/.xi ? iBK, the Magician's, entertainments are vl :t r;< n pi? asmg character,a fact to which the crcwoe wconmhily visit bim bear ample iesJuEcny. To-i.ight tne performances will be cf su ?specially interesting character for Ham? bujeraui.oui.cee that the President has con sentidlo t?e present. Intensive prep ?rations bave b. en m ?Je for tbe proper c-iebratioti of t;:s evr_1 and BOdoBbtQdd F-Ilows" Hail ??will BC ?"? wdeit. Ge? vtu ? Tiieatbk ? This ?- also h benett?, ?nigh. ber.-, the beamiu I Mi?? lowntat-? Orton b??ig the rec!pi?-nt Golosmua*-? ??rent jom-.iy, ??She Sto? ;.? to Conquer,'' and nuew c un?* ii c'ta. 'I Couldn't ???1? ??," are announced. Mr. Win ?1? arr. n, Mr. Bar.on, Mi-s Me^t-tyer and cthera will Bppearln th? Lading pirts. This a tie tasi right but one of the Warren comedy cotnbinetiou. VAi:"rn!?*.. '.?. -??.er large ero xd witnessed Ti'/sicimou'e s? u.-.iticu drama. "The Female Pickpocket," last night It will be re peated to i.igbi, a? v. ill also a number of acts, ?ongs and -Janets which have elicited much applause the past week. ?Jast?li?urv.-The- funi.*, pantomime of ?'The Cooper?," and tbe Ethiopian farce, "The Black Shoemaker, ? to?:*-tlter with a number of original a? t-?, Ac-, will be prtormed here to night. Millie and Clara Fowler, Denier, the ?gymnast. Hilly Emerson, John Mulligan, and, indeed, all of the company appear. To-mor row alternuon the second fall matinee will be .given. -?>? The Lincoln an > Johnson Club had a crowded and spirited meetingai Union League Hall last night. At 7# o'clock a large and handsome campaign flag, bearing the names of ^Lincoln and Johnson, was flung to the breeze, In the presence of a throng of people, the splen did band connected vruh Finley Hospital, and which was in attendance at tbe same time, dis coursing excellent music. The band also per formed m the hall after the club had re-assem bled. Nine hearty cheers were given as the flag was run out. Tbe club was called to order by the President. Lewis Clephane, Esq., and : a vitatioLS were extended to any who desired to join to come forward and enrol their names, nr.d ever 50 responded. Among them were Hon. J. J. Lewis, Commissioner of internal Ravenne; ?. H. Rollins, Assistant Commis sioner; Elijah Sells, Third Auditor; Mr. Colby. Register o? tne Treasury: J. E. Holmead, War Ten Choate, R. R. Wallach, H. C Fields, Ac, _c. Mr. J. S. Brown stated that the band present were ?11 in favor of tbe continuance of the present Administration in power. They had been applied to and offered a large sum of money to play for the proposed Democratic celebration on the 17th, and had positively refused. [Applause! He therefore moved that they be constitna-d hoiorary members of the association The motion was uranimonsij? adopted, and cheers were giv?-n for IfLe band. The Chair introduced Mr ? C. Carrington as the orator cf th?? evening, ft*"! his appear ance was gieeie.l ?*"itb applause. He preceded ?hi- ekqii-Di remarks by reading resolu tions, which were --iibseqnertlv unanimously iidopted The resolutions ?et forth?1st. That there-es tablishment c: thaauthorit-f of the Government ?jf the I'nueiJ t>lat?e tbTOBgh the- lengtu and bread '.? of us domu.icns. and over all persons find so lent ? iBerem, ia the first and greatest purposed ail preset: ponti! -ulacu.m: *?d, That Abraham I-um ohi baa been r.iade by ih?? logic t? events the truest representativeofthe Union cause; 3d, radoBSteg 'he platform and nomi nees of tb- Calam?n- Convention: ith declares chat the pla;lo:m of th ? Chicago Convention Tecogniz?:-? and affirms IB-a ? ?gut o? eecessicn, and denies tue right ol ihe Government to en force obedience to its laws, and beli- ves that the nominees cf that convention are pledged to an uncoi.Ji'ionil peace? 5th accords due honor to Gea.McCibllaii snd his odi cere and eoldiero >or their eltor's in use early part of the war. but by accepting the Chicago n-rain-i'ion he has made himself the tool of unpatriotic ard de signing men-, 6th regards the ruin and destruc? non of this Republican immediate and hu -railiating peace, and the recognition of the {Southern Confederacy, as the necessary and inevitable coi sequence of *he election of Mc ? "el Iati and P?:idleton; .th endorsee the late letter of Geu Giant, -th expresses admiration of our officer? and soldiers; and tbe ?'th r?solu tion ?? a? icIIjws:?That we commit the cause cf our beloved and bleeding country to the fcoly aiid paternal keeping o? the God of onr lathers. Mr. Carrington said it was a solemn thing 10 live her? in these stirring times. but h-- thanked God we were still making efforts to preserve our country. [Ap plause.] The soldiers are still striking heavy blows ?t tbe rebellion, and tne question pre sented itself, whether we were enlisted in the cause , and wonld follow tneir example and give joy and hope to the country by the elec t-in of our present chief magUt.ate ; the man who van known and acknowledged as the impersonation ol the American Union. [Ap plause.] Or would we aid treason by electing two young men, who are known as in sym pathy with the rebellion. ?Cries of --no" *'no"j. H * :? r one could not kneel at the Democratic alita? and ask pardon 1er having battled against treason. An eld member of the Union party ?going to a Democratic altar for puritkatioti a party ilia: ?.?.?1?t old Buck had brought trea son npou the country : aud a party which ?would now bow to the en? my witnont regard to national honor **as humiliating. Mr Carrington proceeded to argue that ths ?emocraey were practising a fraud upon the counUy, for they had taken a platform and put upon one end ct .t a young sroldier, who was for war; and on the other end a man who, if he had courage ?.* carry out his principles, wonld now be in a gray oulforra. ? .ipplauae. ] There ttej wer?* on the same platform, par *.','*> fratT'im, one cry?ig war and one crying peace [applause.: < ne saying when 1 am Pres ident I will eho?i I ? ion bullets ai secessioa i9ts; theoiher saying when 1 am Vice Pres ident I will shoot s'ce^slon bullets at the Union. The speaker then ?aid that at one time h? honored ana respected McClellan as a sol dier: bnt now be s.i'v nothing in him but the tool and cat's paw of a party that bad lit the flame? of civil war r Appiccare. ! Ile the speak er) argued tbat if tne ticket were elected McClellan wonld not be President: lor he wti? inexj-erieuced in stat?-smanship; but Pendle ???, the wily pedi:; ?.-.n, would control bim; nad he in turn, being a man of not mu'-h ribil Itv, would be contre?.led by WckI, Yallandig? h?m ? Co. Voice._Suppo-e Modellali should die I Mr CarrinVton.?It would be ?ill the earn? '?.-tig, lor he would ne a manoi straw anyhow. : Laughter aud applanse J Air C then pro ceeded to review McClellan'-? leper of accep ' and pronounced it an unmanly effort; for, while it said ?? spit upon your platform, ani abhor vour leaders aud vein principles, tut I Abraham Lincoln so much, ami am eo ambitions ct becoming P?xide?*, that I ac cept tne nomination L se me as you plea-e." Do I do bim Injustice* asked Mr '.! Voice.??No Hit nun a Unie more. ' Mr. C con'-lnued McClellan is w hat Dr. Clayton would call a new ??onteri: a latter day saint [Langhter.J There are ??oo.l Demo crats, but ?Ley are tbe mends and su porters of Mr Lincoln; while those men who controlled the Chicago Convention were of th?? States rights, secession school, which, since the days o? Calhc-ui?, tbey Lave stucK to wuu a psrii nocity worthy of a better cause* Jackson scotched the snake of secession, and It was left (??Abraham Lincoln to kill him dead. G Ap plause ] Jackson was the Moses who had de livered the people; old Abe was the Joshua who would lead them to the happy laud of Canaan, [renewed applause.j and when he blow? the ram's born the wails must tall And will }ou take the horn from him when he is tust gathering wind enoogn for a final and ef fectual blow ? ?Cries of '-No " ??No "] The speaker then argued that the Democratic party haa originated atl tbe wars of this coun try, and i;e reviewed the course of the country since the days ol Taylor,and also reviewed tbe history of the ???ceseton movement. He gave the following ? easons for supporting Mr. Lin coln : First, because he was a Kind, good bearted, generous-tempered man, und aman of peace?. Second, he was ihe embodim-m of the Union causo?, so rej-arded by the rebel?, and foreign nv.ious. Third, lt wo? due to ths loyal ci'izets of tbe Republic, that Abraham Lin coin shot-id be re elected, because .1 th? treat ment of nie {supporters, tbe States rights party everywhere. when he had been I'uirl> elected a? th? President of the United States ' Fourth, it was due to b m, because o? the treatment he bad experienced at the bands of that das.ardly crew of traitor? at the time of and ?nb?equ?>at to his lnaugurstion in the capitato! the nation, and on his way miner Fifth, because for the Ural time tbe qne?iion ot Union or secearioa is aqnarely pre5*_t-d, and Mr. L. I-? ih? Umo? candidate. And clxth, because a change now wonld be disi, .iron;? to our cause [ Appi iu?* ] Among ober oi?j?Mr?.ion? urged again?? Mr. Lincoln, was one taai Le nad -?eiAed und kXnnnclpateo inacy ct ihe ne?-roes ol rebels ?? arms. Who donbt.-d his rlgnt to orine ta*m s? pro|i?t?rtyl Well, Dr. ci*?, tec doet?./apnlnaie ard langb'er' bat lattei ??? t ?ed c?tiier e-ai 7B.->Bt legal writers laid down tu? principle that favBtttm a right, bet Charcelior K-nt aa ? Ur. Isjtcn mufi settle t'*'.t iii^^uonaninctbxRi' ?elve* [I<fiogh?er It wa? nmu-lnr ?? hetr V cClcllaa*? frends talk. Tbey say they will kurl ns from ? wer, ned when asset how, tbey say by .?? f.rDr?. An<l a tr>tn??n-to<vi? Xnrore itoey ?re m;.i?ir | Wh?ie we are augit. ly swelUng cu? rai - w th good ani true ta??u. the prpftber saw more ia sorrow thin in ang t, old Whips go to the Democratic mating down lete. the proceed Inga of which are ao ?raphi cu ly ? _>nr??'d in "b? .V<_r, hurt be would take occasion to compliment the reporter, for he is an artit-t, especially when he reports "mine n b|?eech." if he 'reported him as well, he *!)? nld be s:i?isfled. Mi (' ptDOM ded to say tha. they go down to tLe 11, mocrauc wigwam anil get do*., ou td^ir a? te? uno one relues bis hands mu implores ti i?ivp' m for naving de --? led his Big and tongh* seeossio?: and then ? revprend t-'Ml'tosn, a kind pi horneo,?itfi c judg??, llautbter.) who deals out hw in small doses; be g?d* up and peur? dt 'he oil of coaaolatioat. nr.n o.ey rtf?? up iejUTeBBte?i?Ti <ren rate!, and re\ivifl"<i. [Lsunhter.] This new cou vati; and latter di?? aalnt kneele dnWL tin old ?Voii and ? new r-'r'hing. and rises up a bran new liera ocrai, ?1>?, wed laughter and appttas?.] [Voice.- ?Who Is it 3 ou reter ti?.* 'J Mr C centinn?d : And then some one gets up airi naVarta them, and they ?U.ake hands and are criod trieuc!1?. [Appiana?.] [Voice. ? Who is he reverend ?.entleman?"] [AaotherTOlee? "Ob! I>r. Clayton.'; [ L-?ut;ater.j Woen a 1?* mo: rat it> a ked, sani Mr. O , whr? will be elected, ihey say with a i-hont CreergB ?. McOMiin How do yon know it ? The answer is Fr*d. Schmidt, Dr. Clayton, aud lull Ge..ry say so. (Great laughter and applause.] Mr Carrington concluded with an eloquent p-roraticr, wherein he expresad fall belief that tbelHi?<n candidates would besaecesafaL The speech occupied two hours, and at its concilialo- the club adjourned Thipd Ward Draft Mektino ?Another large meeting of tbe citizens of the Tnird w ira was held at Temperance Hall list nigh? to complete the arrangements for procuring sub Btitutee to till the quota of the ward. Mr. ."V. D Lariei presided,and Mr. L. C. McKeanact ed as secretary. ? Mr. If. D. Lamer, from the committee ap pointed !?? a former meeting to call upon the Provost Marshal and obtain a list of those en rolled in tbe ward, reported that the committee bad waited upon Capt. Putnam, who received them courteously and furnished them witb all the information in bis power. The committee was unable to obtain a list of the names of those enrolled, but the total number was 2, 5-, and the deficiency existing in the ward ia only ?-rroen. ^ Mr. Job Angus from the committee appoint ed to wait on Col Alexander, of the 'id Dis. tnct of Columbia regiment, said that the com mi:-ee had discharged the dntv entrusted to them, and they were informed by Col. Alexan der that they conld obtain a sufficient number ol men from his regiment if the bounty money was forthcoming. Tne committee on collection of funds report, ed that as far as their labors extended they were crowned with sue cess, and that quite a large sum of money had been paid into their bands already, while many gentleman had expressed a willingness to subscribe lib-rally when call? d npon. The following named gen tlemen ol the cemmittee turned over to Mr. Angus, tbe treasurer of the fnad, the amounts eel opposite of their names ?Messrs. McKean and Hart fgUTl BE. Mr.|Steele ?175.00, Mr. Par kerS-100, Mr. McMurrav S125.G0, Mr. Shar letts ?151.0. Several changes were then made ia the col lection committee. Mr. Jonn Ogden was ap pointed in place of A. (v. Hail, absent, and Mr. J. I? sentent in placed Mr. Edward Stier, unable to serve. Capt un Heavers made :t f tatement to :he ef f?tt that he had enlisted thirty-si:, men, for Which the Third Wr:rd hr?d never ^-ecpive-ctauv credit. On motion, a committee of four, consisting of Mr Laraer, Captain Beavers, aud :>vo other g? u lerne ? . was appointed to take the matter in ha:.o aid endeavor to adjust it. At this ?.oint seme referen?;? was made to the ? ><?mp':oii clubs of (te city, ?Ahen Mr. Laraer rema? Reo thai teveral gentlemen who w.-re nu-r.ib?rs of the?e had informed him thit it ibej could withdraw the money they h-.'.l ?epost?ed 'bey would subscribe the amount to th?- club tumi. Mr ? ? sbarre?!? maintained that exemp tica eia be nie detrimental to the i'..terests of ihe District m fi ling her quota in the approaching draft, and tnat they will only benefit those who are draft? d at the first drawing. Mr St? "l?? suggested that If the moinbers of the exeatiptioa clnh3 weiilde.ibscrlbe 980 each, i: would be ml they woui't aakol them. Ot motion of Mr. Johr. f -gden it ara? re?ol\ed that pert-cue. subscribing bv guarantied exemp tion cr their money refunded. The meeting then adjoaxned natii tins eve n:ng __ Dbath of Catt. ?i.atm?am ?Capt. Cl'ip. Lam. who has for abont twenty year? past hud charge of the pyrotechnist's department of tbe Nnvy Yard, died yt-sterday morning at his residence on ? street south, near the Navy Yard, in the 5-th year of his age. Mr. Clap ham entered the service in 1S87. as a gunner, having been appointed from New York, and ; - od at tbe time of his death iecond on the list. Mr Claph m was a highly popular of ficer, and as a citiz-n he was universal!)' re epected, no man in the ward standing higher m the estimation of the community than he. Ile for many years was a member of the East Washington Methodist Church and of Wash ington Naval Lodge o? Masons, of the lafer being a Worsbipfnl Master. Hie lunera! will take place on Saturday afternoon, from the church, and will be attended by the lodge. Mr. C has been suffering with a cancer for a 1 ng time past. On tne receipt of the news ol his death at the yard yesterday work in his department was suspend? d until alter the fu neral, and the laboratory was Iraped in mourn ing. --?. ??-?t??? Fizzlk.?The rneetli-gof the Third Ward Democracy called lor laat night at Tem perance Hall proved to be an other fai lure. At S o'clock, the hour announced for th?* meeting, the onlv individual present was Mr. S. P. Mtcee. " Shortly afterwards Mr. E. F. t?ueen made his appearance, but he only remained a tew moments. The next who entered the hall was Mr. Michael Duffy, who, together with Mr. Moses, took seats in the back part of the rocm, where they were enabled to hear Mr. t.'arringten's excellent speech at the Union League rooms. These two gentlemen remained quietly seated until half?past 6, when they were joined by Mr. Henry Lyons. After wait ing until 9 o'clock, and no other Democrats making their appearance. Mr. Duffy suggested that they had better go home, which was agreed to. During tbe course of the evening one of the gentlemen remarked that he had spent val uable time for three evenings, entrusting his business to tbe care of strangers, in order to be presentatane?? meetings, all of which were ladures, and he was about disgusted with the whole thing. _ Foi'HTH Ward Station Case?*..?Mary J. Hall, disorderly: *?. Thomas MclnTyre. hav ing ? stolen wagon; dismissed. Hosea Stone, urunk. military. Peter O'Hara, do.; *2. Chas Stewart, violating military law; military. C. McDrrmott, assault and battery; bail for peace. Must McLain, drunk and disorderly; dismiss ed. William Mangan, suspicious character-, dismissed. Kit-hard Hunter, concealed weauon; ?at 58 Timothy Martin, do.; dismissed. Jas. HiimiitcE, drunk and disorderly; $3. George Fi'.z^erald, drunk: s-.'. Mathew Enwright, drniik aid disorderly; ?4- John Enwrigbt, do.; do. John Turner, grand larce y: jail for court. Thomas Denning, drunk: dismissed. John Williams, accessory to larceny, do. F. Waid, disorderly; f?3. IfareaTT Johnnies.?Last night officers Johnsen aad Oreer of the third ward, arrested Jno. Dorrothy, Jno. Dower, John McNulty and Jno. Donnelson, for breaking into the cel lar of Jno. Bounty's store, iith street, between D and E and stealing several hundred dollars worth of goods, a few days ago. Several beya are now in jail upou the same charge. ? ither of thoee arrested last night is over H years of age. and all are newsboys. Justice Thompson committed all to jail for a hearing, except D ?? eison; the others admitting that r.n ?Aas not in the parly, but had just been to tbe Chroni cle office to get papers when they met him. Grani? Labobnt.?Yesterday Roundsman Sbeid anea?? d Margaret Water?, colored, for stealing numerous articles of clothing, the Eroperty of Mrs D. A Hall. Marg't Waters' ouse was searched, and a email quantity of tbe goods were recovered and identified, 'con sistii g of silks, -.erineee, articles, Ac. The care was taken before Justice Harn?elo, whe committed her to jail for court. sent t? Cccbt ? Bobo Bind, a colored e??r vant in the house of MinaBertnger, 3o9 D &'., waa arrested for robbing her employer of be j clothing crockery, glass ware, cutlery, Ac. (.???-er Simonds took a search warraut and sf arched the prisoner's bouse, and r?--overei a portion of the goods, valued at abont .*; Justice Clayton ordered her to give bail for court, or in delaolt to be sent to jiUl THBTBBAerjBT Keoimbbt.?The regiraeut, composed of the officer?, clerk?, and employees of tbe Treasury Department, wi I have a p??1 mental drill ibia ?vening. aad a^erward* march down Penaaylvaaia aveaae. --o-? A Ooc.D (toBf-BBCBMSyT ?For th? firs? two en?ka of fall er.d?ng,?? Blerh of the ot r.rt ????-_?-d H? marriage Uvacea, of whick 13 were u ??*?t?? cvup? Tn G-BAirr -T_e citisene of the Fourth War? are ?>-?--' to .?>-?? at Otty Hall t.i??.ut, io eeviae a-.*??*?. to avoid the impending craft _ TfeB Statbh*??? ui the Star oa T_,.rda/ ? v?m pg ????? ?ae 1?*' of pro?w-ffy b* ? ? ? ' H Hoaaiiier 0, r.r. wr.> _.? ?ut>l?? ooly, rot ?h? alangh J?r^?v?sv< e DOLI.1B Jbwblbt ??*t???,43**? ??, ?vonne mar ?Hi.atreet. ?* "A Slight Coli?,'' Coveus.-Few ?re ?ware of thb ii. ??.? nu? of checkin?- ? Cu.-.? or "siuikt ????Win ite Erst etage ; that which iu the beein would >ieid to? mild reni?d?, if nei;;er? .4 8??? attacks the lun?a. "?Brot??*'* Hroncht-il Tr j ches" gire snre anil ?.moat immediate relief Mil? ?t arj (-Cie?ip ?nd soldiers shoa Id have them,?* tbey can be cardad iu the pocket a.? ?) taken ?a occasion requires. an ?>'.- ? in WKEtEk On tl.e niorniuir of tie 15 h instant, after a long ?n? painful illne-? borne with Christian fort tude and bop?, Capt. J< H ? CLAiMl AM. ??r? d ?wear?, I moniti '.nd 11 dai ?. Tie friends of the family are invited to attend ?-is feuerst from the Kot ?*.??.?..:n-r.>3 Methodist J?pi?c< Mw Chnrch, 4th street east, ? Navy Yard.Ion sutordnj aflet ? oon tS* i/th inst at I o'cl.?;?.'<. ( U? tih.ur?? Rich?ond and Ne? Ycrk papers please copy.? sep 5 ?* On the lOth ?1 Aua-ust, GEORGE ALONZO, youpaest son of George and Sarah Mel-tiaiaa. ?ged 11 montila and i.lday??. B: i-f ?a? I is race, Hi? crow? en? ? weu: (ine h?:ter cu Ano all wa? doue cip, ? do WANTS ??VANTEP- A BOT, bs'w en the ??es c?f 15 and ?? 17 vear-, '???od referen?*? renuire-t. Inquire at the cerner cf ***d and G et?._ It* \?*?????-?t a German t-T-rl, ? SITUATION ?v as nurae or t ? attend t?> a fancy store App'.r at ??.?-? F street._U* UfAKTjTD?By a -eepeetsbl? young -fir s .-?IT?? ' ATI >N *? ekswibei inshl 01 to 00 pl*i ? wiug or l'iea-e adiieos Bjx No 36 8 ?r Office_Ban 15 2t* \V' ? ? ? EP- Fro m ? 1.000 tT5^)(H>7 from two vv to four 1 ear? De-d of trust eive?- on valua ble real ?-state. Adores* 8 E. A . Box No. IO,.-?Ur t fl-.ce. __-,. ln-et* WANTED?Bv a lady who understands h-?rb?iei ness. ? SITUATION to work on a r'inger'?' it-win*? M.Hcbine. by the piece, day, or week. Ad dre?*? Box No. 5, Star office._lt* VV ANTED? A white BOY shout 17 year? of ase " to run eri and?. CHAS. L. LOCKWOOD ?fc CO., ?epl6-2f*_334J'enna. av. WANIED-Pya lsdy without family.? FPR NISHBD HOUSE, from ? to 12 room?. Mn?t be near th? street cars. Beet of refer?ncee given. Addref ? or apply ?t ?39 P?. uvanue, between 2let a?4Mi a*t?. _ sep 16-3t* W~ANTED-A SIT?XT?cTn of some kinrt"byan active man of etr'ct temperance hibiin and principle?. Haa beat reference?, ?nd can be relied upon to fulfill regularly ?II duties, or would Invest some capita: in gome safe business. Please ad dregB"A. Z.." at this office._sep 16-2t* BOARD WANTED-For a lady and three chil dren, with a widow lady without much family or other boarder?. She will famish her own room.-?. Two room? and email bed-room re?mired Forty dollars per month will be paid. Plain Board ie all that is required. Address Mrs. DUNCAN, Star office, for a week._ lt* W ANTED TO RENT-? II0?8B wTtbTinT-di?-n "? i aproveniente In a Central location, oorth of Pennsylvania Avenne. Direct J. C. Star Offlci-, stating rent, Ac._sep 18 3t* WANTED-A SMALL HOUSE, furnished or un furnished. Address CAPTAIN R SODOR, Northeast corner 19th and G strict?, stating term?, ace._aep i5-3t* WANTED IMMEDIATBLY-A good second hand RANGE. Alo, two eoe : -'YSTKK 8HUCKERS at the Green Ho ise, No. 31* New .'ersey avenue, the Depot. i 3t* tea ??? WANTBD?A LOAM01TWO MOU '.-.?UH S AMD BOLLABA wanted. The best security will be tiren on improved Rea. Estate. AdclreaaB.H., Kos ?.),'? Post Office. ??? ?Jt* 11? ANTED T?> GO AS A SL'BSTITUTE-O-ie who v? !'ss eerved ttir e ?.ears during th present we.*?. V ill to as ? si'.bMitoe if suitable induce 1 en'?! -?"rred Address, for two days, J ? P., StarOffice ????d-?* ?.nr-ANtBD? A SITUAI ION, by a yeungflroau of busin??? ha? its, in Mime light employment; would like to go with ?sutler or punreyur liavin< ???ine ex i^r:?.-iice, and can ?i ve ??od cit- refe'^nre-; is not rar i'iilar ?bout salar?.. Aiidren'.s " J ? ."' 330 Post Office, Washington, D. C. seni? 3t* ??7 A?TED^BT?wpe^iibi. ?fidv, aSITI'ATION' V? in a Hotel a;- chambermaid, ordi-iin-? room *frk, or -??.??is'.irit cook, or a good seamstress: she is ?leo competent of taking charge of a privat house if requested Gt.od re 'commendation ?riven. As-pi] ?1 No, 30 zd street es.~t, between ? and c, Capitol HH1._ sip if..*??* WANTED~Two WH?l"EliIRLS-^e~asc?i* ?"?7 bermaid, end to assist with the washir.?;: the ?t'.er as waitress; they mu?t be neat and tidy, with fcocd r?-C'-mniendi,tioiis Also, a person to tn^e family washing botne. hy the month, " but competent pcraons need apply, 34t* l?*-tbat., between I aud K, gep 15 Ut* ??G ? ? ? ED?A 81? U?TTT?N~by a giTr dener~a?d ?? fermer He understand? it ii. all its I.ranches, a'd will give the best satisfaction of any otner maneeeVinga si'ustion of th? kind, an'd do his work tfritli lea^ ?.????????, and will s!u??*- a good rocral example to tbo^e who are ...round him. aud teach them the habit? <.f industrr G-ntleman doing bneineos in W?ish!']gt<.n or Baltimore pre ferred. Addret-s C. 8. D , at the Star oftice, l..r one week._sep lg 3t* WANTED - A CHAMBERMAID7? al-^GG two WHITB GIRLS, for gen?-r?l housework. Apply iromodlately at the New York Hotel, c??rner ?.f 7th and ? ats._sep It ?t* WANTBD?A gf.od FOOT LAT?IE. with elide rest, orauiall Engine Lathe, to work by foot power. Addres-D. BAI.LAUF, 414 Seventh st., Washington, P.C._sep II ?ft? YY7ANTED-A SITUATION aa clerk in a whole v ? naie and retail grocery e'ore, by a ?oung man, with good reference.-?; baa been in the business five years. Address " W. H. W.," this Qflice. ?epH-3t* WANTBD TO SENT-An UNPURNI3?TED BOUSE, containing six or eight roo-ve. Must be within >i minutes' w?lk of corn?r 14tb st. and Pa. av. Any one having such ? house for r-?nt will find ft pei man? nt "id responsible tenant by ad dressing "Redgrave," Star offic??._sep 14-,U* FURNISHED H0U8Eb WANTED.-A comfort ably furnished H0U8B, of moderate size, is wanted immediately in this city or Georgetown. Central location preferred. Address Box No. 205 Washington city peat odice^_sep 12 tf COACHMAN WANTED-For a private family. Those who can bring ?atisfaetory testimonial? of character, and competency, n.ay apply between tbeboursof ?0 and l?o'clock, to J. DENT,No.4.>6 l*,th street._sep L>-1 w*_ WANTED?A number of active, honest BOYS, ae messengers in the Independent Telegraph Office. Good wages can be made. Apply at 450 street._ _ _sep 1'i-l-v WANTED?To purchase a substantial modern built BRICK DWELLING, worth about ??.cO?', betweeB 6th and 19th street? and nor h of Pa av. All cash if an object. Address *' A B. C,"Star Office._sepO-lw? SUBSTITUTES AND V0LUNTBBR8 WANT -. ED ?100 MEN wftt?t?d,of all nationallti.s, to go a? volunteers or su'r."*itutt-s, to whom the high est bounty will be .?en on day of enlistment, with choice of ??' andSd regiments D. C. Volun teers. GEO _. CAH8IDY, 446 8th etreet, be tween Penn. avenue and D street. sep 9-lw* jKcp A Chi on 1_ YY ANTED, SECRETARY OF THE SPANISH LEGATION, A FURNISHED HOUSE, near 14th, lMh. or 16th atreet. between II and ?, for fix months from October let. Add resa to Gay street, cerner of Congress, Georgetown, sep9 lw*_ Yy?NTED-Two Hundred COLORED MEN. an 29 O w ??JEORGBTOWN ADV?R'M1> ipply at No 40 Watt-r street. Georgetown. W~-?~?TED-Two fcteady.indu-t.ious B0Y3, one each to !? art- the Harness aud Trunkmaking business. Apply at 500 7th street._an 29 tf LD BOTTLES WANTED I _ OLD BOTTLES WANTEO! The highes' cash price will h?? paid fer? Whole Champagne Bottles, Half do. do. Pint Porter do. Pint Ale do. Pint Ale ?Ingi. Ac,. Ac by RI1.EY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot. Georgetown, D. C. N.B.?Any person having Uri.? qua .titiea of Old Bottle? on hand, can have them taken i??y by notifying me. (su 18-lm] B. A. ShINN tV.'ANTED-" By MORGAN _"l'U INBH ART, at vV ? street Wharf, ft.OOO Tme (?RKEN HOS PITAL AND CAMP BON ES. for which the hlttb eat market price will be paid. _ au 15-eolm ANTE H-HSBOOND HAND rURBITTJRB Al'o, MIRV.ORS, CABPBT?^BBDB. BEO DIMG.e*rt_O?8EFrRN'?UHNQ(rO<'D8of every Jeacription R. BUCHLY, 4?2* 7th atreet, le ?-tf betwe?n G ???? ?. east el?? (*EOBGBTOWN TAXES- An?b?temrni ot ihre' ? per cent, will be all w.-.i on the general t?x of 1814, If paid on or before the 1st of Oetrtber nsit. after ?n ioti time t- e Collector will p-? ?? ?ed. uu-ie" tie law, to prepare lie?? of general, water and srhool tares due, and unp-id. f? radvertisemeat.iu volvirg heavy additi?? al costa. All interested will do w> .1 te irovern th? neelves a-oordlDgly. CHAlf EJ D VALOII eep 16-dtOotl_P_!__?t* THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore ?-?elating be tween "Allliom I" Mat?ew? and Jokn W oinoot. under tbe name of W 8. MATTHEWS A CO.. woe or tbe ITth nit. ?Jiesol?*ed br m.itnal -t.oe?rt. Parties indebte? will p.e???? eall for aettlemeut ? pou William S. Matthew.s. at No 19 Hia-h street. W S MAITHKW8, tv - ? , ??* W* ??OUT. Georgetown, D.O., Sept e. l?H. Tb? besiuesa wi'l be continued by W. 8 Mat thews, under the name of ?r 8. MAi'THBWd A CO., and ?t ta? old stand N<>. 49 High street, where he will be p1 ?ed to serve hi? customer?. evp9t?w4t^_WILLIAM S. MaTi IlBWo C'EOBOFTOWN ?ORPURATION BTOOH I Those persons who may be disp. aed to pur chase OeoreeAown Corporation tA?<asi, ?hieb be*r ?a? ?nt? rest of sis per oeni per eanum. pa>abl *>iar(erly. can obtain eome bv ?pptying to WM 1AI HP. Olerk of naid norporation_?je - dtOl ??OWIBO PBtlSlPTLY ATTEND?? TO. ?y te?, 1 Potumee Tow Cnmpuiv'i boat?. Petomao.' Go?. OertiB'? e>n?9,'Bsn??Have? * kv?ly tut)?? CeT.tains on board, or to at? u Wavtsr ?trtMkt. O-eora?to- ? lMPOBTBDHA-AriAeBQAR8-J 0 BAOHER, 1 r?o. M9*S P.onoyivani? ?vece b?ga to reeem nvaoA t?hAertrioatiOa*?* oe?>*-iaa-rs ht? well a*e?)t c<J44>c? ?M Imp*??? ?????? S???-?, Sele?ta>i by himseif ce hie reot?t visit in Mew Iota, ?ep f lw FOR RENT ANT? SAIA f/OR R?NT-Two ?BfnrDier??d ROOMS. 23d atre, t, ?a-tween ? ana ? etreet._ sep 16-lf ?a_?10RK TO KENT-Betw?en 7th ?ndr?th stress, ?? 400 D*? tret t. inquire on the premise*. ft?-p G ;;? F*OR SAL*, OR RENT-HoumN'o. .lo on *1 ?. , b-t. W.i?.s. --. , >?? A il at Idqu ??? at tb* cor aerator?. (aeaH> tt*]_Mr. CoRNKLT. ROOM"~F??R RENT, unfurnished, ?? seeoni floor. Inquire ut second house from n.rtheast concr 17th and K._S-P 16--it* L'OR is A LB-A BRICK STORE, suitable tor a a confectiouery store Apply at 3 ?s 7th etreet, corner I. _sep H-3t* TWO OR- ? ? RE ? UNFURNIKH KD~ROOMS for ? e t, ?a ? uew three-story liriek Hon*e, to a renperta'.le family. No 27 2 Second at., between Massachusetts avenue and Hate. eeplt? 3t*_ COR BENT-On the Island, two ar Uree ROOMS E tiry c ?nvenient for housekeeping. A sm.ill family ?itUout "Lildrea preferred. Inquire at the ct*r ?Sice. sep tf-ot* heavy troni mierr county, Md, IS mile* from the District an Vi mile??; from the Canal. Apply to WM. KILOOUB. At toraeyat Law. 517 ?th ut._sen 16-lw* COR REXT-That desirable RESIDENCE, N?. 1 3*50, Franklin Row, ? street north, between l?th end 13th -dreeis weet. The house la fa miarte I throughout, aud contains it room?. Posat-asion given lot October Foi t?roia, Ac, apply at Fair fav Cottage, C street toutb. betweeu 21 and 3d rtra^eaat. Capitol Hill._s-p 10-21* EOJJ? RENI-* email furnisuel KOO?i. No. 22 4 ? O at. corner 13th sep 15 2t* E*0B iSALE?Figbty-four (84) aci-n of h G TISI BER LaND. . as ami pice; will cuti OD to 70 corda per acre; situa'..! in Montani GOSLING HOUSE FOR SALE. UOK ???G?A PARLOR AND BEDBOUM on a. the Trst floor, or two b*drouns ou ih? second floor, at 341 g at., bet. 9taaul 10th at-?, sep 15 8t* FOB 8ALE-A nearly new COOKING ?ST?Y E, ..(Fhiladelahia Gai Earner.) In-iuirc at See lcth etreet, between L and M._ sep IS.U* tjV)R RENT?In a private l'aniily. thre- unfur * nishexi ROOM8. suitable for hougeke?. ?'ig. Ai> 1'ly to N... 368 i9th Street, between (j and II street?;_sep 15 3'.? f'f(m RENT-An ?????. aad several hnnT somoly furniphed ROOMS. Apply Immediate ly at 4?-2 iSth street, between E and Y st?? ?ep 15 3t*_ COTICE?the ROOM* at 3.">3 I etreetTbetw?en 1" 1.1th and 14th, opposite Franklin Bquare, so fre quency applied for of late, can now be secureil, if < arly*appli''fttion is male. Bath room in the hinge. Board furnished if desired. -ep l.v.'U" FOR ^ALE-TbeVhole ora part ofLOT~NoT?. of square 1*96, on A. stroet south, between 17th and lfrtb strette east, near Lincoln Hospital, 52 feet front, and 12^ feet deep. Apply at No. 13 Missouri arenue. between 4)2 and t?tn st*. sap 15-3t?_L. GERECKE. ?POB SALE-A HOUSE and LOT on Patriot street. The Hous- is entirely new, and tbe locality pood The purchaser will be warranted against all claims of Hirau Arnold, or other par ties. Apnly at lb. Queen atreet, Alexandria. Va, sep 15 6t*_ BENEDICT & ALBEE. FOB SALE-STOCK and FIXTURES of an old established family Grocery Store doi ne a good butiuess. Reasons for aellin? he vina other busi ness, and ? ?m ut attend to both. Also ? ?"?, i FA KM of leu aerea, on the railroad, 12 min ?a from town and one mile from a station. For further information inquire of J. B. JONES A CO.,coruer of L and 7th street*!._gep 15 6t* FOR REXT-f wo or three unfurnished ROOMS at ??? H street north, between 4th ami 5th. _aep 14-3t*_ FURNISHED ROOMS, with Board, for rent No. ?* 16 ? st-eet, between "th and 9th, O] site the PatentOfli.a. Ciill nul see them, sell 71 ' t~pjR^\LFT-A good-alaed FRAMB HOUSE two *to?. v, containing four room??; also the Lot, 21 l.vfi^. Term?? ea^y. Apply on th? preiaisee, coraet l.-.t ?..? 11, 1-ialiti._Beg 14 I |70lFRE?ST~Kiv.j lar?.. BOOMS either torn? G cd or nnfiirr.i<-h< d, R'iitahle for hou-ekeep;:.^. in a renpectab!.? neighborhood, on tbe Islauu. Inquire et No. ."?it. nth street, near Maryland avenue. Inland. aep It-it* I70R S.A?E-Parioi, B dro. ni. an 1 EtcheaFCS G ? ITU BE Ctrp,-t>. Bedding. Ac, luoatlypew: also, a lady'a Side Saddle. Inquire for L WAtr NER. st-coiid door from the corner of Masi. ave. an'l 1st street_.--p 1 l-iit* COR SALB???? or two BRIOS HOUSES tnree I story. N?> S98 ?nd t.OO ? str.-.-t north, be tween 6th and 7th sts. west. cnr.t.iirnnsr 7 ronm? each, and ?food dry cellars, in ?ood orrler. Will he sold t'leap. Apply to NO 596. neat door. el4 3t" ?70R-REXT-A~r}'>t ??i?>rH^>B->7wdT??tr?eT ? G???????? .loor from lAth street, near the Stste Department, coutuinine Id rooms, besidei kit'-hen, attic ami lar?{e cellar; ?ras and gas tintares all through the hou??, and a ? imp in the yard. Also, in private family, a PARLOR and CHAMBER on the first floor.(furnishid.litio ??t? York avenue, nesr iftth st. sep U-tf_D^ A.^ARDNER. ITORSAI.EAT AP\RGAIX-The STOCK and G HXTURESof M. L. Julihns Fancy Goods Establishment. SiOt? l'a. av. For particulars ar?? ply at th? atore._sep u-Gf STORE TO RENT-A good STORE, eentrallyle cated. lieb ted with ?as and provided with fiv tnrea. Apply at 33."? F street, bet. 9th and 10th stf. Bepl2-tltf_ I^OR RENT-? well furnish-l HOUSE ic the central pint ot i, ?? Ci.y. tontainin?' twenty rooms, partly filled with boarders. Splendid cook ing arrangement??. Inquire at Philadelphia Hou -??, Southeast Cornet *-th and D street. sep 12 5t*_ ( The Proprietor of this popular and we'.l known Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi ness, and offers hie wcll-Bnown house for ??ale. Anv one wishing to engage in a LUCRATIVE BUSINESS <aa call on the Proprietor, -247 Penn aylvania avenue, bet. 12tii and 13th tits. *':-LHw* tfOR RENT-A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY, bavins a. splendid Sky Light. Connected with the Gallery are three convenient Boomi. Inquire on the preHiiseH. No. .540 Pennsylvania avenu?, between 1st and Cl sta . ?G of GREGORY EWNIS. ?88 Fst^_aep l?)-tf IT"OR SALE OR RENT-The larga four-ltoiy G BRICK I WELLING HOUSE. No. 39*9, on tbe north Bide ef north C ftreet. between 3d ^treet west and 4); street, liaving a. front of 2ifeetona lot MO feet deep, with a atable and carriage house building in the rear on an alley, 3) faet wide. PosseasTon of the house can be had in a few days. Apply at 4!K) ? street, to _ KplO-lw?_ JAMES TOWLES. ?~M1E UNDERSIGNED WILL SELL At PR? vate sale a tract of LAND, containing about two buudred and fiftv acres, distant about 4 miles from the Capitol, over Heonin-r'a Bridge; about 5u acres cleared," and 40 in meadow; the balance in unsurpassed timber, mo?tly oak and chestuut. No impro\ ?meut".except a small house. For farther particulars atldrecs Rox 3M, Washington, ?. C or inquire of the subscriber, IK miles northeast of Rennine's Bridge. _,.??_???__ gep6 Im? _E. SHERIFF. I7URN1SHED ROOMf? Sintrie or Hjitea of G ROOMS, suited for the accommodation of offi cers of the army and others: also. PARLORS with fwldinedoor?; all just vacated, at 4 2 ; !5th street, between New York avenue and ?. ? ? .5-eoGt* FURNISHED ROO MS TO RENT, without Board, to ??ntlomen only?34? ? Btreet, near 13th. Inquire of Mrs. A. E STKPHEN30N. an31-tf l?',OR RENT-The lara-eand co:nmodious ROOMS crimpris'ina the secoad, thl^d and fourth sto ries over J. L Kldwell'a new Drug Store on Est., near corner of Pa. av and 14th st., two doom be low Willards* Hotel. ?,_,_. _au29-tf_J0HNL KIDWELL. FOR PENT?A ROOM on 15th etreet. opposite the Treasury Department, adapted to the use of a Banker or Broker, having eonaested with it a very co?omrdi?u? and su b.-taut ??1 vault. In quire of WILLIAM ORME, No. 312 Penn ave., between 1? th and Uth ata._au 27-3w ?'?? fsUBSCRIBER offere at private sale a very I valuable and productive FARM, situated in tie District of Columbia, one mile east of Ben ning'a Bridge, containing sixty acres of excelleul laid weil watered The improvementa, ? large twi?-etory Frame Dwelling, nearly new, with the net tesar y out-buildinga. Persona wishing to pur chase are invited to examine the premises. A very r.'.ioant drive of three milea, over a good road. ,,:S,,0D0?l! ROBERT K. NEVITT. 1.-?R S?LE-DR'rG 8TORE. BRICK HOUSE ?ni 1 Uree BUILDING LOT8. Inquire at No. 454, Mass, avenue, near 6th st._au 18-Im? t'~??R~,SA LE-A three etory and attic BRICK HOleK and outbuildings, on North Capitol strebt, batwwS? ? and C.No. 394, nearly opposite tne WasbiogtoB Rai?way. near the Depot House, conlainina 10 mum?; a vacant lot adjoining; front ot 66 b? 80. For further particulars inquire of WALL. STEPHENS A CO., No. 328 PenuHjlva niaav._an 15 WE OFFER FOR 8ALE, at a en?at bargain a furali FARM containing about 65 acres, well improved with new dwelling and all necessary oat h< uses Thia property lies about 4 milea from Center Market, on the Benning'a Bridge road across Eastern Branch, ia?na high and healthy Situation, with an abundance of wood. Terms _naUekno?*n on applicution to SWEENY A CO .Beai Estate Brokers, an 16- 1m Corner 7th and O atreet?. ?-??? NEW AND SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD PI ANO 10RTB-? AT PHlVATfl 8ALB -We of fer ?t privutesal- two new and superior Rosewood ? a*e S?*ven O ?ave PI?NO FORTES of fine tone and work tranship and from a celebrated manu factory, which will be solo at area?*n?ble price. _ JA8 0 MoOUIRB A Co , aep '3-et _Auct'.on and Com Merchante. ?mwxs^ MRS. OOODALL, WB??faSj reicher of ???? SING'NG AND PI\NO, Oommenoes initruciian in the above branches on MONDAY. Sept. 5th. at her reeideu?, 1S6 ? at., bet. l?th and 19tb, oortb aide. _ _aepS 2e* WJkj B. TURNER _ LIVERY STABLE, on 7th ? ? , rtri et. between H and I, where e*r acuB ran be ? ..?nn. ?att?d with Hacks, Buggic-e "ti"- Saddle 11 s?? on reasonable terms Heia aleo haying and selling etock.atid rartcngifajb? trade will do well to call, aa S Im* FEVER AND- AGUE PEBM tNENTLY CURED KUB.?!.-. -i'vlwi? MaRSHA, 403 ? atreet. will warrant tithe public to ear? tbe Fev?r aad A#ue petraeneiitly In one week's time. A'so other complaii ? tre*Wh* with ereat success at No. 403 ? atreet. belwatn txaana ate. aep Mim' ^PECI ? ?- NOTICE.-AU peraoua havma I ?l n* C^ ageinet Vto Peraeverenc? Fire Compari) re r<? ?teeatori t# present the Mane to th? Preai tent. All nu mt*i> ????* hajeby notified to attend ? #>p-?c??l ao?. uaa ??? TUf R" DA Y, Sept. lsth, at 7? p. aa . a the~? ?ill be annal ?rttlem-nt <?f the affairs of theeoBBrany. All person* who are not pr**ent, or Bieter tirtr Nkiit?? ?t or before aail meeting, wiH, by G?t,'???????. beexaluded from all beetl* of Bairt ????????jn#?'t. By ?i-i?-v i?l theCo*up?uiv. aaee eaM JOHN H. DIOKS'JM, Sea, AUCTION SALES. Tlil8 ?^t???*??our? A*n t?-ttOKROir j?Y J AMES C. McGUIRB A C) . Auctioneers. PTwSrB?Wif,HS?0 ?&V*M ON SOUTH D BE WFti ^T AND ???COND STBUBIS On FRIDAY AFTERNOON ----' - ?-?- -t f o'clock, on the ?ttSZwl\hV^?]^?r\n? No. l*,in sub 1iv,sio; of sqnare Hn\ 99>' fr'oting 2?'icet 1 mcl? onseutb 1) street, between let ?i I 2d streets we??, ood ninnili* b?ck m feet to Tomb M ? slley. improved by a t?..-story frame dwellin* bons?, ci nt^inicgEve rooms and a kitchta Term? i-a-h. ? M|?12-d_J C. McGUIRB ft CO.^Anois Y 3. C. aicGCiRE A CO., Auctioneers. ? PEREMPTORY 8ALB OF TWO HANDSOME BUILDING LOT-jO.V 9Tfl tT.. BET. M AND ? STS.NiiRTH. OrFBIDAY AFTSBNOON.Bept leth.atAoVlk, on the premises, we ?hall ee'.l two very desirable building LoL, frost?ng each 1!?'- ie<-t on the ?ve.-.t sideof?th etreet. Uetwe-n Mani Iff streets, ?ad running hac? KM feet 9 in? hes to &SB foot ?lley. Ter.ns : One-ha'f in cash: the remainder 5 and 12 mouths, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises Conveyances and revenue stani rs at the cost of the r>u.-el.as6r. ?tonEM_JAS. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Ancts. ? V*. L. WALL ft. CO.. Auctioneers. At the Horse Bazasr, Ut* La. av . bet. ?tliA Ith. SALE OF HORSES, CARRIAGES. HARNESS. Ou SATURDAY MORNING 17th, com menting at ten o'clock, we will s^il at tue Bazaar and Repository, No. 9??* Louisiana avenue, be tween 9th and H'tb street?, comprising about? FIFTY HOB8B8, Includ ng some valuable Harnes? and SaddU Uor.-es. lull description at e?te. Also, A large assortment of desirable Family Carriage?, Gerniantown, Rockaway?, Top and No Top Bug eie?. Osrriaires. suitable for Hacks,large Wagons, suitable for Sutler's Wagons, E -.pre-- Wagons, Carts, Ac. Also, New and Second-hand Double and Single Harness, Saddles and Bridles, Ac eeplf. WM. L. WALL ft CO.. Aucts. ? Y GREEN ?Se WILLIAMS Auctioneers. AUCTION SALE OF FIVE SMALL FRAME TIN BMENTS. ON SD STREET, BBTWBEN MIS SOURI AND PENNSYLVANIA AVENUES, TO BE KEMOVEI). On TUESDAY, the 2i?th inst , we ehs'.l SeH, in front of the pr??mi????, at S o'clock, p. m,. five small frame tenements, ta be re?Tov??d,elrust?*d en Third street west, between Missouri aad Pennsylvania avenues. Terms cash, sep 16 d GREEN & WILLIAMS. Auct?. ? Y JAS. C. McGUIRB ft CO., Auctioneers. TWO VINE BUILDING LOTS ON NBW VORK AVENUE, BETWEEN 4TII AND ?TH 8T3.. AND TWO LOTS ON OREGON STREET, ^T PUBLIC SALE. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. September 23d, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell th?ea->t half of Lot ?o. 6. in squ&re 514. frontina 33 feet 5 in ches on the north side of New York avenue, be tween 4th and 5th street? west, running back to? .'?o foot Stilar, to be divided into two building l>>ts. Immediate! ? after we shall sell Lots 3? and 36. in subdivision of square No. 448. fronting each 24 feet on Oregon street, and running back 1<?5 feet to a 1-? foot alley. Titile perfect. Term? cash. sep led J. C. McCUIRE ft CO.. Aucts. ? Y *. O. MCGUIRB ?V CO., Auctioneers. u. S. MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of S writ of fleri facias, issued from the cltrk's office of the Supreme Court ol District of Columbi?, and to me directed, I will sell at public Bale, for caen, in front of W. L. Wall ft Ce.'s Ba zaar, on Louisiana avenue, between 9th and l'th streets, in the city ol Washington. D. C. on SAT URDAY, the 24th lay of September inst.,15*4, com mencing a*. 1" o'clock ?. m.: 1 Duun Horse, 1 Bay Horse, ?e'zoil and levied upon a? the property of John C. Hszleton. and will be sr-ld to satisfy judicial? No. 1,12."?, in favor ot" Isaac Alexander WARD H. LAMON. sepl5-d _V 8. Marshal D. C. Y JAS. C. McGUIRE ?Je CO.,Auctioneers. ? ???',???? SALE OK VALUABLE VACANT LOTS. Cn THURSDAY AFTERNOON, S-pt. ?th, a?. lvlfps>t four oV< .:k, < n ta?? premises, bv virtue ??i a U'-cree of tbe Supreme Court <?f tn?* I'ist-ict of Columbia, mode ina cause , No. 93 in eq.iity) wbereio Julius M G rang?-r is c<>mplain'.nt, and Adt-le D'iu-il?s and other? ?ire d -fendante, pasee?! May 6'o, HS4, we shsil sell a naif of BqnSWS N?>, .*>S1 di? ided Into ???-a'rRble B'iil li:.g Lots, fronting r. specti'vely on north I street. New Jersey avenue, ?nd l?t street west, ?11 ha? ing fine alley ftaeflities in the ?ear Tiii - Fquiire is located on the hiifh ground north of the C:<.p,t i, in the h?rnen, ? att vicinitr of St. si oysins Chnrch and t ?? National Pri,itisg Office. and is in every l?spect desirable f-r private resi dences. Terms : One third cash; the remainder ia ?? and 9 months, v. ith interfist, secured to the satist'.iction ofthetr : tees; on the tat;hciiti..n <-f the sales by the court ?cd pa> ment of the purchase money, the trustees will convey the property in fee to the pur ?baser?. ? If the terms of sale are not compiled with it? fivt? days after the sal??, th? Trustee? may re-sell the property ??> iu deiitult at tbe risk and e ??.? use of tbe purchaser, on one week'? notice in the Na tional Intelligencer. Conveyances and revenue stamps at the coat of the purchaser. W. D DAVIDGE. *.-,?.,,,??., THOS J ri9HBU.<_Tru?tes? ?-?'????-?oAd? J.C. McGUIRB ft 00.. Auct* ? THREE HOLDING L0T8 ON NORTH ? ST., BETWEEN aoTH ?.ND'21 ST STREETS WEST. AND ALL OF SQUARE. No. 9*, AT PUBLIC SALE. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, Seit 24th, ?t5 ?'clock, on the premises, we shall sell ?11 of Lot, No. 19. ?nd the west half of Lot No. 20, in 8<in?re No 78. fronting teirether tJOJest on the south ?-14? of ? atr????t, between 2f?th and 21st streets west, ?n-l running back li? feet ii inch to a 20 feet allev, to be sold as three lots of 20 feet Irons eaeh. Immediately after: We shall sell the whole of Squsre No. OS, bound??d by New Hampshire avenue, 21st street west, on>l north ? streets. Title perfect. Terms: One-third in cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed eftrust on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at the cost o( the pur chaser. sep 15 J JAS. C. MoGUIRE &C0., Aacts. Y GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Auctioneer?. No 526 7th street, corner D north, l.AKGE SALE ' F NE???LYNEW HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN Fi RNITLRE.OF THE BEST b'AKE. AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 2lst instant, at 1?? o'clock a m , we siali sell, at tbe residence of a gentle man declining housekeeping, on ? orti ? street, between 9th ani Kith ?tree's west. ?|l?rge ??? scrtmen* of nearly new furniture, consisting in part of? One veiy fine Fren-.h Plate Mirror V ahogar-) Sofas, Castor, ?nd S'de Obairs BobdOsk Sideb ard with Etegere and Gls-s lia k Ma ble top, ?"entre and Side Table? Silver Plated Coffee and Tea Sets Fine assortment of Ecgravinge Thiee ply ?i i other Carpets But , aus, Btdstearis, Waehstands, Ac. Nearly new Cook and other Btovee China. Glas? and Crockery War? With many otLer article* too numerous toenu merate 1 erms coeh sep 15 d GRBEN ft WILLIAMS. Anot?. |>Y W. L. WALL ft CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEES" SALE OfT"hOUSE AND LOT IN THE SEVENTH WABD. By virtue of a deed of trust to the ?ubicriber?, dated the 17th day of august, 1801, and recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 203, folios t?57. et seq.. one of the Land Record?, ftc, we eh. '1 offer at public auction on WEDNESDAY, the 21st day cf September, at 4 o'clock, p.m., in front of tue premis-s,all of Lot numbered seven, (7.) of sub-division of Square numbered four hundred and thirteen, (413.1 of tbe plan of the City of Washington, with the improve ments tbereon, consisting of a two story rrame House. This property ie situated en eouth G et., betwi-en 8th and 9th streets west. The Lot has a width of twenty-four (24) fe-t.. ten (101 inches, aad a depth of one hundred and twenty four feet, eight (?> ?nches to an alley Terrosof sale: One half cash, tbe residue in six and twtlve months, the purchaser giving his not?? for the deferred payments, satisfactorilr endorsed and bearirg interest from the day of sale, and se cutelby ??Teed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing at the ocst of the purchaser. If the tern*? of saleare not complied with, within five days from tbe day of sale, tbe Trustees -weerve tbe right to re-sell the ?aid property ? p?? and cost of the defaulting purchaser, on giving one weeks not ice by two insertion? in some newspaper in the City ot Washington. ,????.? , EDWARD C. CABRlNGION,(-rustees< ASBURf LLOYD. _..?T.W k'tm au27-2aw3wAds WM. L. WALL ft CO.. Ancts mj.O, MOGUIRE ft CO., Anotioaeers. NOTICE -VALUABLB~~BUILDING LOT ON NOBTH ? *TR_B'i\BETWEEN ??0T1I AND ?18T STREETS, AT'PUBLIC AUCTION Will be eoid at puHic auction on MONDA Y, the 19lh dav of September 41, o cIocK, on the ?remises the following desirable piece or parcel of ground. 1> ing. situate sad being c ? north R street 83 l???t9 inches east ct 'te lOteT^cUon with 21stBtreet west, thence north 7'? feet ^to ?n ?lley, tbence west 20 .Wt.thenoe south 6 feet 9 n chee, thence west20 feet these??-etB?4 '??^?**? ?bes. thence east40 feet to the begi?mng. being Lot ?.?.?. in must? No. 76, containing two thou sand six hundred ?nd eighty?!!v? sfuor? net,or Tbe title belleTed tob? undoubted. Terme: One-kslfca,h; the b*lanceinthr?ee?iual instalment?, payable reepeetirely in ?^ and U menthe, with intere??:, the deferred psyment? to be secured by deed ?.i uuat on the premise?. at??"'*^"??IM * CO.. Auct?. QUABTBRMASTBR GENBKAL'S OFFICE. FlB?T DlVIrilOH. Wabbikqtob CitTj AagustSI, 1AM. BOB8BS, HORSE8. rfOR??B8. Bor????suitable fur ' avalry and Artillery se-vice will be purchased ?tGieoboro* Depot, i ? open mar ket. llllOctubtr 1.18?4. Horses will be delivered to Captain L. Lowry Moore, A Q. M , and be subiected io the u uti Gevrrntreet inspection be'ere bs4tvg accpt* !. Price of Cavalry Horses, ffff. eaeh. Pslce of Artillery Horse?, f tffleaoh. Payment will be made for afxigi ??SV-J**?*. JftMES A EKIN. ColoBvel First WvUtJ??*.. sep 3 1m Qaartermaster G'*eera.'* 0*ce AUCTION SALES. FI'Tllh* ?Ava. ?? JAB. 0. ????1 ? 00., Auetloaeere. 111BEK DFSIBABLi:-BUILDING LOTS ON Bl-i'DB ISLAM' A \ KM Uh. BETWEEN |<TU AND I ..TU ?TBELT? AT l'I ?LIC SALE On WkDMtM?AY AFTERNOON. Septetnb?? it, at fH o'clock, on r-? rre-ni?ee. -e shall tell lo*s "P.?' '?_*;," and ' T."in su?>d.'?i?ion of lota ia Square No ?li. L. t*"h" and ' T" ?/renting each BI teet.ani! Lot 'P ' IsS f?-et. on Rti?xle Island ave nue )?ft?Aern ??tu a r.-. rth streete we-et, Tit'.e'eerlect. Terme. One third in eaeh: th? remainder ia three and nir.e months, with interest, e-ecarei by deed c f treat on the ?remises. A ??ymciit of f 26 on each lot will he reenired Bt the time oi tale. Conveyances and stamps at the pa v.mer'a coat sei'8 d j. o. MoGUIBE A CO.. Anota eJKrttlmmi&S* S?TTwiLL TA?E PLACE TUk^DAY, ?ert.t?th,same hour ?"_J C MeGUIKE A Co , Auct'a DY GREEN A WILLlAMsT?uetioneer.. *J f?o. 5?6, corner of 7th and D streets. TWO-STORY RRTCK HOC8E WTTH BASE WENT AND STORK ROOM AT TH1 COBNEE OF POCIITH ANI? NORTH ? STRUTS. AT (?? TT'Kf DAY. tbe 20th iaatant. washall seil in front of the premites, at .rl, o'clock p. ? the fol lowing handsome property, vif ?Part loi J ia fqwere No. 5 5. bavmir a front of 16 feet, byTs if*at de?-p. to a wide alley, with the improvement?? which are a ??o<*d two story brick house, with baa? ment, contai?.ina good rooms, one of which baa tren occupied aa a grocery atore for mao? year?. Tlis prrperty is handsomely located at the corner of 1th and north N s reets. Terms : Two-thiros cash; the balance In si? a*? twelve montha, secured by a deel of truat on the promises. All conveyancing and revenue starna? at th* ?*t of the purotai-ei GRKEN A WILLIAMS. sepl.'. d Auctioneers. Y GRKEN ft WILLIAMS. Auctioneera. N?. ?S2G corner 7th and D street* north. ? THREE-STORY BBIOK HOUSE AND LOT. Off THF ISLAhD. AT ACCilON On WiDNLt-DAY.the list inst*nt, a? five and a half o'clock p. m.. we sha'l ?ell In front of the premises, north half of Lot 19. in Suuar.? 964. tbe improvements, which constat of a good t ? rae atory Brick House, containing ten rooms aid larga halls. Thia property ha? a front of 24 leet ?n I .Uh street, between south ? and C streets, rnnning back is feet in inches to an alley, and baa ab>o a side alley. Possession ti ven soon after tbe sale. Terms: One hall cash: balance in l? and L.' months, for notes bearing internat. A deed gireu and a deed ot truat taken. All conveyances and revenae stamp? at the eo-t of tbe purchaser. Tille indisputable. aep 16 eoAds GBEEN ft WILLIAMS. Aucti. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, AueUoneara. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ES TATE By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Ooart ti the District of Columbia, dated on the .'1st day of May. A. D. H-64, paeted in a certain cauae'No. ? 3?n> ?ending in said Court between Joseph R. Cassiti. Trustee, complainant, atd John Williams, defen dant, th?? undersigned trustee will, ob WEDNBS DAY. the?lst day of "September, A D 18t"4, at 6 o'clock p. m.. in frort of the premises, nroct^et W? resell all that lot < f ground attuate in the City of Washington and Distriti of Columbia, kn >wn aud designated as lot uum>?ere?l 1??, iu Square nuin beied?. Alen, ihe "ast 7 feet* inches front of lot numbered 15, in ?aid squa????. together with the in y rovemtnt-on said lut and part of lot. ?MMUlattng r f s [arare tbr?r> story bri tb rtwet;?ng house, wit li bach btnldine. ( b'inc a nritton of tee real i^'^te ?1 the late Coat: I'd ira fttepheu 0 ?ssin > The priuertv i? siu?ti? on north ? -treet, b?? tweeaSBtb and */7th streets v.e t, flr? iiting r.7 feet and 8 inches on ? atree ,*.ud erttn-iiLtr hark with that uni '("-rr. width <;7 reeto inches ? Fwfeet 1" in ches o a public all? y. The terns of sal>- are : On? third c?s ? .of ?rh:. b the purchaser wil' be r. quired ti? nj down at the time of suie fi?',) tb? balase? to t>- paid In two f'lual in-tallments nt ? aad I". months from the c'a, of sale; sa'?l balenee to 1> ?r in'.rest froaa the day of sa'e. ??nd th* there f to be ? cured by fbe bonds of the purchaser?)* purchasers, With In ret y to be approved by the Tructee. If th" teins of sal?? be ? >t cow oiled ?with with*, ? fiv??'.a>?i from the da> of sal., the Trustee re fervea the right to re sell ihe property at th? risk and cost of the <!efaulting pnrcbaaer. by *dver tining such resale three timea in some one or i.iore daily news-papers publishel in the City of Wash ington. All conveyances and etumps at the coat of the purchaser. R H. LASKKY, Trustee. -ep 12 itaw&d? 1 GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aatfa. ? Y JAS. O. MCGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY BALE 0FSM\LL 8?>L'ARE OE GROUND IN THE NORTHERN PARE Of THE SECOND WARD. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Sept. 5 o'clock, on the premises, we shal for secount of the "United Evangelical tier man Congregation," Square north of Square 27? bonndisd by 12th street west, Vermont avenue and north Q street, and containing 3,4G0 square feet of gr. nod. Terms: oae-third in cash, the remainder in si ? and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyance and revenue stampa at the cost of the purchaser, .sep 3o-d J 0. McGUIRE ft CO. Aucts. ? Y J. O. McGUIRE ft CO.. Auctioneer*. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON D PTBEET NORTH, BETWEEN ?B/ELFTH AND THIRTEENTH Sl'F.EBrS WEST, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, September 2.M. at I o clock, ob the premises, we .hall sal! parta of Lots Nos. 11 and 12. in Stillare ho 2s?3, fronting 21 feet on north D ?tieet, betwe.-n 12th aud 13th ats. west, mming back fi3 f? et 4,j inches toa 23 feet paved ali y. improved by a bnc* building two hi_I? stories, occupied as a wholesale win? and liquor store. Te^ms: One-hall cash; the remainder in .T.?.?. and 12 montha, with interest,secured by a ?leed of trust on the prf mises. ? tld indisputable. Co-t of conveyancing and stamps to bo p%ii | the purchaaer. sepl?) ? J.C. McGUIRE A 00., Aucts. ? Y J. 0. MoGUIRE ft 00., Auctioneera. VALUARLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON 10TH ?TREET WEfT, NEARLY OPPOSITE FORD'S TH KATER. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. September 2>th, at 5" clock, on tbe premises, we shall sell. Lot No. ?3. in scuare No. 347, fronting-51 feet on I'tb street west, between E and F streets? north, nearly opposite Ford's Theater, and running back 1 >> feet. 1 ich; together with tbe improvements, con aletingof ?nold faabioned Brick Dwelling House. Terms: One-half in cash; the remainder in ti months, with interest, s. cured by a deed of truat on the premiaea, ? Conveyances and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchast ? . J. C. M' GUIRE A CO., sep 13-d_Auctioneers. ? Y J. C. McOUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF -MAIL FRAMB ??G8? AND LOT NEAR THF. LONG RRIDGB, AND BRICK HOUSE AND LOT NEAR THE ARSENAL. Oa MONDAY AFTERNOON, September 19th, >--i. at ??> e'cloek. on tbe premises, we ahall sell tarto I Lot No. 3, in square No. 2t8. fr-jBting on Maryland avenu.?, between 13'h and 13)* ata., and improved by a small F?ame Honte. At C ? o'clock, rn the premises, we shall sell Lot No. 3. in square No. BOA, fronting 27 feet 6 incoe?? on ? street, near ?? street, and running back 122 feet to a wide ?'?ley. and improved with a three Btory Brick Dwelling House, containing seven rooms, with cellar; also, a brick stable on the rear of the lot. Terms: One-half cash ; the remainder in six months, witb interest. Conveyance? and sti'irps at the cost of the pur chasers. sen 13-1 JAS. C. M.GUIBE A CO . Aocts. IV BOTELER A Vi IL80N, Auctioneers. OpfiC? U. 8. Caiiioi. Fxtfvsiok. i WaSBlB-TOB, D O.. 8*ptember3. IrtSI.?, On SATURDAY, October 1st. co nj menci ug at 10 a. m., the following v&riegated and plain Mar ble will be sold at public auction, on the ground? north of tbe United States Capitol : 1? blocks Tennessee Marbl?. 1,0 it feet (cubic) of r. muants do. 12 pieces Potomac Marble. ih:?: cubic feet Verment Green Serpent me. ?Column Shafts ,.*?-.r vi 2,(?. 0 cubic feet reninnnts Italian Marble At the same time will be sold a large lot of Doors. Shutters, and Building Materials, ot va Brorder of th? Secretary of the Interior. J3> traer CLEMENT L WEST. % ep6dt?l_G? nera! Superintendent. f?3ALB OF CONDEMMED MULES. CHIEF QrAIlTFRMAsTBB'.l ?????, t Dkpot or Wabbirqtom, { W>sn'BCT0B. D. C, September S, 1*34. f Will l>e sold at public auction, at the Oorraia. near the Observatory, in the city of Wy>hingto_i, on WEDHESDAY, September SI, ???4, aT?y? ?G MULES, condemned as unfit for public service. Terms?Cash, in Government funda. Sale to commence at 1" o'clock a m. D U. R?CKER, Brig. Gen'! and Chief Oaartermaater, aepS-td_Depot of Washington. QUARTERMASTER GENERAL'S OFFICE. _ i ? K.-T Divisi.'?*, WasuikctoK. D.C.. Sea-ember 2. l?ie. "Win be Bold at PUBLIC AUCTION, to the high est bidder, at tbe time and placea named below, viz: York. Fs., Thursday.Sept. 15. F64. Altoona, Pa., Thursday. Sept. ?. M64? Lebanon, Pa., Thursday. Sept. >9? if??4? TWO HUNDRED CAVALRY H0R8E8 AT BACH Theeeheree? ?a?? heee^eeeieme^ as un? t for th? Cavalry servie? of tb? ?""??.,- -,^ ^_.? for road and farm ?urpoee? BU-dT 4G0?4 bargaaa? may be baa. ?SS t?W?-*- TSBffrSfciii. C? Oael First ElvieioB, Q. M. Genia OtBee eep 3? t?-th_ -~" CLOSING OUT SALE . S A preliminary move toward closing busi? p?-?? the undersigned will offer, for a limitad pe riod their entire etock of DEY GOODS aud GEO Cl'RIES at much reduced price? for ee*h. At th? exriratioD of the said period, tbe balance of the ?took, tocether with the rrt party belonging to the Arm. will be offered and sold at ?abile aaotten A. #. OFFUTP ft GO.. No. 163 aavd IAS Bride? a*teat_ st[. 5-li.t"________^__ Gaerg?fwi ???HOW CApES FOR SALE -Jeat reoel??? e ?u ?> cr.rJit Ot CNTE31 SHeW OASES by the a- , maktrsin New Ter*. Apfly ta P. S. BELLI Wl ?are? . 3 Co .510 7th etreet. Urea dearaaoath B^OwdFjl lew?* Ball. If???

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