Newspaper of Evening Star, September 17, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 17, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMCbEMBNT? ??-?????. .XBurn?.?A good bill of ?#ng. dance -nd E'htipian eccentricpy to-night Aleo tne antbn lm?? of ?? The Cooper*" and tbe xarce of he ?? black ??'it-M-maker." IlABinrjBH eri???? another and ? hit magical atei Un, ment at Cid ?>llaw?? Hall to-nighu ?o s?? him. if y? ? would be pleasantly mvsti ed. FOBr>eTHBATBB??' Ireland as it wae," and i? ??Yankee lion -eke*?p??r," two ex-*?e?1inily ? using plavs are aunouncedby the Florences t frigni GnovBB's Thbatbb?The Warr-n Comedy omblnauuo -ri??? their farewell penormance ?-night, and" Paul Pry," and ?? Poor Pilli ? odd." are announced as the plays. Vabibtibh?" The Female Pickpocket of ?Vaehington." snd a variety of act?, ?ones and ? tances, at the Varieties. m Thibd Wahu DRAFT Mkkti.m; ?An a.i 'onmed meeting of tbe citizens of the Third Ward was held at Temperance Hall last night. ? ?? the -.m-...?e ut devisiug luriUei - meai.b io 1.11 the quota uf tne ward in th.? coining draft. ? he meeting v.a- a large one, and a Bande?me rum of money was raised towards procuring volunteers. Mr N. D Larner presided, and .Mr .1. S Hollingshead acted as secretary. After the chairman had called the meeting to order, he aeked lor the reports of committees. Mr. J. F. Mudd, trom the collation commit tee, reported that he had collected ??*% '?-od re ceived eubecrlptions lor Jl-3 Mr. Parker, fiom the same committ?-e. re ported thftt he had received subscriptions for 9MBB. and had collected ?W-- in cash. Mr. Z. Hunt, collection committee, reported that be had met with poor success durinz the ?lay from the fact ihat he had been operating in that portion ot the ward occupied by the poorer classes. Many of whom he called upon ?were nnable to obtain their pay before Satur day, but be succeeded In getting ?101. Mr. G - E. Sbarretta, on behalf of himself and Mr. John Meigs, ot the same committee, said that they also visited a portion of the ward ?where the poor people lived, and that they did not expect to get much, but their efforts were crowned with success, aud they obtained ?110. Mr. sbarretta remarked that these people were willing to give what they could, and if these who were able would do as well, the ward could be cleared ot ?draft. Ten thousand dol lars was all that was wanted, and if that sum could not be raised in the ward the citizen? ?ought to be drafted. Many of tbe women with whom be conversed said it was disgraceful that some of tbe men did not subscribe, and tbey expressed a determination to send their ?husbands to the meeting. Mr. George H Gaasidy here arose and said that he was not subject to draft iu the ward, bnt he had ?50 to contribute. Mr. C. handed tbe money ever to the treasurer, and was greeted with load applause. Mr. Job Angus announced that he was re? S nested to put down the names of Mr. J. P. art bolo w and Thomas and John Baker for TH each, and that he had received ??lo from a gentleman of tbe Fourth ward, and ??M from another of tne Third. Mr. ? D. Lnrner said tbat two gentlemen had given bim ih?-ir named tor s??.'"? each, and another for BaV Tbe cbair ein:? ? tbat as far as reported those who were exempt from the draft subscribed more liberally tbe others. Tbis ought not ?he, remarked the sp? aker, and the 9??,???.? which ?would clear the ward ma.-t be rai.--d, or the draft must certainly take place. The Third ward wonld l-e the ia?t drawn, and they would perhaps have until Wednesday to raise the necessary sum. Tlie quota ot trie ward wa?* much lower than any oth^r, and for the reedit of the ward they ?'.??p?>1 get tne..? men. Those who ** ere lia.? ?.- to the draft ought to help their...-l?. ? s, however, by subscribing. The chair in vit il gentlemen to come forward and subscribe, when the following gentlemen respouded : G. A. lieuily, #-?0; B. Loeh, f*?*i0: Henry Windsor,*}-'?'-} for bimself and f?L> 1er his brother, who hi not subject to the draft,- G. "VT. Brown, Bit* s. A Tow-rs, B*9] L. R. Fech t.r, ?15; C. F. Wood, BbBj J- Anandale, ?2?, Meeers. Hoover, Ilice aad .loues, ?90 each; T. M. Adams, S*1, 1 Prott, ????; Mr. Preston, ft?; B. M. Belt, *??">: O. F. Medili, -siti; C. Steward, BBBj W. H. Wood, #6; H. Sanderson, ?*?.'?; .Jacob Tabler, ?IO; E- C. ?Lord, ?'??, Robert Clarkson, .??lo; Jesee Topp, SB*); J. Colkleeser, ? IO. Mr. G. U. Cassidy presented to the chairman of the meeting a c-ertincate from Captain Put nam, showing that he (Cassidv) had enlisted three men into the L'nr.ed States service, and ? laced tbt-m to tbe credit ot the Third Ward. 'pen the chairman making the tact known to the meeting, Mr. Cassidv was greeted with loud applause, amid cries of " You are a brick." S Mr. ? ?. Britain, of the Hanson Exemption ub, entered the room and announced to tbe meeting tbat their club had just passed a reso lution allowing any member who desired todo soto withdraw his ????? and place it in the ward funds to fill the quota??. He had * I'.?? in ihe club, which the Third Ward could have if the meeting thougbt they could raise enough money to clear the ward. The Cbair 'Mr. Larner) stated that If they could not raise moaey enough to exempt, all che moneys tbat bad been subscribed would be returned. The announcement of Mr. Britain ?wonld bring in SKa? from Mr. Char If ? Kloman and Bit?) from Mr. Monroe, both of whom were members ot toe Hanson club. Several gentlemen of the Hanson club here Arose and transferred their ???? to tbe ward fund. Mr. G. Sbarretta was glad to see the exemp tion men open their eyes and put their money In tbe proper channel. That fund had been detrimental to the interests of the city, and had atopped enlistments, fora? long ae gentlemen had their money in the clnbs tbey felt secure. At this point some one in the back part of the room sang ont, ??Are you a member '" [Loud laughter J Mr sbarrett*.? ?No, sir; and I am glad of it." [Renewed laugbter.] Mr. Sharretts then moved that a vote of thanks be tendered to the Hanson club; which was agreed to. Mr. J. S. Hollingshead said that he under stood that the resolution passed by tbe Han son Club made it obligatory upon its members to withdraw their money before the draft. Therelore those v. ho had it there would draw it on to-morrow, (today) as that would be the labt day they would have. Mr. G. Sbarrette suggested that some ol :he gentlemen pregni should lay the matter before ihe members ot tbe club and get them to con tribute their money to th- Ward fuud. Mr. J G Gibeou .-aid that he was a member of tbe Bacon Clot?, and was willing to give bis SU??. As that club was to bold a meeting for the purpose ot considering a resolution similar to that passed by tbe Hansou Club, a commit tee ought to t?e appointed to wait on the club. Mr. Sbarretta moved that a committee be ap pointed io wait on the members of the Hanson and Bacon clubs and solicit them to contri bute. The chair appointed Mr. Job Angus on part of tbe Bauson club and Meeers. J. G. Gibeou and li. Johnson on part ol the ? icon club. Mr. Gideon ?.?.??.?-? here anuounced that be wa? not subject to dratt having been drawn at the former dratt, but as the Third Ward was to be the banner waved he would contribute ?25 It wa? iher announced that the amount re ceived up io the present time, hy cash aad col lectloi.s, was about ??,???. Alter tbe transaction of some other business ot no importance the meeting, adjourned until lo-night, FiktbWaih? * ? bmi? t i on Mbbtib;? ?Last ? venlng tbe eltlnsa?ol tbe FiUb Ward held a i.eeUng ?t Lang ley's Hall, corner of 3d street M.d Penne?, ivaina avenue, to take raea*ure? to .-void the im pending drat* whi.-h was attended, uiihougb, not by a large number, by represen tative? from ev? ry portion of the war I. The meen ?.- was called to order by Mr C. I. ?Canfleld, and Mr . G. F. Gulick was called to the chair, and K. B. l-'ergusou appointed Sec retary - Mr. Gulick on taking the cbair remark?d that it was bett-r to commence lit? than never. He had bat little do? ??t if the citizens stirred them .* elve? to Mllng the quota tbat h postponement ct the draft iu tbe ward would be made tor a ew day?. He had bad au interview with the Provoet Moraba?, sul was informad tttat tbe quota ot ?he ward would bee.ime'hing l-*ss than '?o men, and from tu? conversa ???? with mit olfloer, he belewd tha? every fa. iutv would be ahown, and bud no don m but that th-y w juld ?eceive un-u tor thirty d-ivs, ev?-n after tbe drafted ?eu were sent to camp Mr. W. H. Lus ic??? *aid ir th=? Government conld b?? peri-uaoeu to m?. ? th? ward a few days' grace there was but liule don tu bat tbat tbe ward <AU?ld come out right aud he sut;, ?????ted that a commute*? be a,?????- d to ask ?hat the draft b*? postponed fort-udtys. If toe drat ? commented imuiedia eiv it would be Ui?ncult lo ? albe au) ?uoa-y fjr a bounty fand. G?' r Can lein moved that a OTSBltsaw he ap ? oil tea tu eut/g e? w.ys an i means ta AU me ?inotaot tn* *ari Cairud, ?u<l ?t??-??re ? ?? fleld, J?hn Hits, W. H. Eu? ice, H. ?. Kerl? Aod John Boline w.Te appointe ?. Alter a mio t cu snliaiou tne com?nlttee r?* tnrned, an?i, broagh Mr. Hua, r-ported two proposti ion??: First, the appo>n m??nt of col ieotor? to solicit snr?Bcripim?.?? for ? bona y lnnd; and eec nd 'he appointment of a ??t? mlttee to w-nit on ?>>- ?viHri,r n ? a??* hin lo ?or?? a poetp.i. m?n? of the draft or ten diy>, pr. malng ?? u- every endeavor to rei?? he men in ?ha 'lue. ti.iu pi, p.?mon? W??? ???lirpteri Mr. Jihi ? ?? was elected tr*a*ire-of the fund. Mr HI ? rrnv^d that ?nbarripti ?ob h? re ?relved lm e^?-?e?v. and h- p- ,?.^d tl b< ooe cf ten -o r is? one thousand d dive fAu r?anse. ' ? v The Chair ?-'a ed tha? he was like hu friand, Mr. Hits, ex-rnpt, having alreadv fnrnished a enbatmiu-, bit be wished teeeethedraf' averu ed, and -would he The seooud one on Mr. Hitze piumoni ion [Applause.] Mr t's? flelrt and eeveral r?th?r? sn*-??cribed twen'y didlarseuch; theeuh*crip?io?ii?amoant l r to nt-ar three buadred dollars in the conree of th?? evening? A lougd'ecueeiou ensaed as to ?hebtet course to ?*? pureued. dnnng wfil h It wa? et^ted ttiat there wer? a number of person? H th? servie? who had not heen credited to th?? ward, one pentleman Mr Rerle, staMagthat he nad fur bished ?h" name? of forty euch. Mr.CarroH moved the appointment of %??? roittee of three? in each precinct, to ??certain the name* of ?-neh persons IB th* servio?? who have not been credtted. Carried: and Messrs. E. E. Purnes. James Lynch, and(!. I Canfi?l 1, I stprecinot, Joseph Carroll. D. W. Garst, An drew McKenna. Mr Clayton moved a committee be appointed to wait on the Provost Marshal Clen-ral and ask a postponement of the draft for ten d*ye. Carried, and Messrs. B. B. French, Nathan Sargent, and O. F. Oullck were appoluted. The committee were instructed to report this evening at 7% o'clock. The following collectors were appointed to wait on the citizens of the Ward, it being un derstood that they will commence work im mediately, and canvass the entire Ward, if possible, today: First Precint?John It >bns. Joseph Platz, Renjamin Ferguson, E. E. Barnes, B. F Beers. Second Precinct?Theo dore Burns, D. W. Garst, W. Nottingham, J H. Baker, John Donn. The meeting adjourned to this evening at 1 . o'clock. -Ms ForRTTi Ward Statiok casb??.?s ?phla Merntr, indecent language; ft83 K^ht. Kaut rer. ?irurk ard disorderly; *2 5?*. c ?Inmola Webb. a?snnlt and battery;" hail for peace. (1. Caton, grand larceny; bail for hearing. Thoe. C. l? ? ? s, fus?picion ot larceay; jail for hearing. Anna Douglas? rtrnnlc and disorderly; work boose. Peter O'Htira. drunk, dismissed. J. M. Smith, A. C Smith, witneasee; military. George Fresse, assault and b <ttery?twe cases; bail for peace. James Wade, do; dismissed. George S'eele, do , hall for peace. Rjbt. Kauf ner, drunk; workhouse Edward Stereos, J. B. Stewart, Wm. A. Simmons, James Dalton, bousebreaking; jail for court. Frank Lavier, .-odomy: bi-il for court. Elizabeth Miller, street walking: workhouse. HouPBnBBARBBS. ? Between eleven and twelve o'lock last night, a sqnad of men entered the bouse of Mr. George Tompkins, on H street, between 6th and 9th east, and one, named Edward Stevens, being caught, told who his comrades were, and officers Eckloff, Lewis, and Morris, of the Fourth Ward, arrested J. ? Stewart, Wm A. Simmons, and James Dal ton. They were all sent to jail for court. A few sights before five men entered the same honse, stole Mrs.Thompson's dress, watch, ?fcc, and even went to her bedside and tried to steal the rings from her fingers. They escaped with out being Identified. Thb Billiard Salgo? Kbbpbbp? Last evening a number of billiard saloon keepers had a consultation at Lorch's in reference to the bill now before the City Councils to in crease the rate of taxes on billiard tables. Toothing special was done at this meeting, ex cept to determine on calling another meeting. They allege that the passage ot the bill would operate unjustly on them, as, while their prices have not been increase.1, they pay a heavy Oovernment license besides trom three to four times as much as formerly for every ar ticle pertaining to the game. Another Umor Fr. a? ? Tbe Ohio and Mas 3acbu-etts State Military Ag.-ncit-s will raise the national ensign on the corner of Sevecth street and Pennsylvania avenue, this after i:oon at 5 o'clock Gov. Cha?e, Gov. Andrew, the Hons. .1. B. Pierce, of Miss , - Riddle, of Ohio, BDd others have been invited to be present. While tbe citiz??ns of Ohio snd Mas? -ai l.n-i-t ? are particnlarlv reqnested to be present, all frieuds of the T'nion are invited. Pbkhstlvakia ok thb Avbxck ?Colonel Wan tip's regiment of heavy artillery, number ing i.t'.i ? men, and raised in Pittsburg, Pa , passed up the aven ne reeterdny, on their way to Fort Reno. This is the finest regiment ever recruited in the Keystone State. FikbOrapbs.?From Page's hot-houses we have some fine specimens of black Hamburg grapes. Dei-apt???.?The distinguished and well? known Pianist, Mons. Alexander Wolowski, hae left Washington by this morning's Express, to fulfil a short engagement in New York All those ladles and gentlemen who would like to ent r their names in bis absence tor Piano Fore and Singing Classes, can do so by calling at his residence, 4S5 10th etreet, at Jas. ?. Callana Drug S:ore. t SPECIAL NOTICES. --??? Jewklky' Jr?aki.rv.?Beautiful Gold Plated cius'er ?tone aetts -tnl ivory sette, and Silv?r Pla ted Tea Spoons, at the Dollar Btort-, 43?5 Pa av., near ?S at. It* 8. ?R ?????????? FU^TACBAXT. \<>2 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington. September l'th, HM1 Draktu?.?Ed Star?Sir : I takr? thia method ot informing my friends ??!' the First Ward, in which said War?! I bave lived since 1 first landed in this eountry, that I am ready with my ah^r?? of green back* to help my frienda who are drafted to p-o core substitute*. I hope all peraons who ar? in business or otherwise, who claim alit-nage, no matt-r to what country, will do the same, and they wi'l save many worthy citizens the trouble of carrying a knapaack for the next two or three years. [lt'j albbrt Woodlet. BpibbavObbbiba cab ?iUt.uo.-ur Band'sBps ?ific cures Spermatorrkata, Seminal Weakness, Fm ?oteney, Loss of Power, etc.. speedily and effectually. t* effects are truly magical. A trial of the Speeiflo will convine? the most akeptical of Ita merita. Price 81 a box. Sold by h. 0 ford, coraer llth atreet and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Cook, Alexandria. lao-ly Wabbastbd to Qua? ibSix Da vb -Dr. Godfrey'? Antidote, an English Sp?cifia of elxtyflve rear*' atanding, will cure Gonorrhaa in six days. No change of diet required. Price 91 per bottle. Bold by 8. 0. Ford, corner llth etreet and Pa. avenue, Washington, and Henry Oook.exandrls. lai-'v D.'SBIBBS OT TBB NbRVOOS, 8BBIBAL, ?RI5AST ASnSBX?ALSyTiBS? new and reliable treatment ?in Beporta of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in aealed letter envelopes, free of caarge. Addreaa D. J. Skillin Hougnton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth atreet, Philadelphia, Pa._JeSOSm Coloatb'8 Hobst Soaj? Thia celebrated Toilet Snap, in auch universal demand, ia made from the choicest materiale, la mild and emollient in its nature, fragrantly scent ed, and extremely beneficial in it* action apon the Bkin. For sale by all Druggiata and Fancy Gooda Dealers. _laV-eoly Db. DrroBT'e Bagar-coateu gemale Begulating Pilla are the ?try best in use. They operata iptediiy and tf ''.?>??'.. ani being sugar-toated create no nausea upon tbe most delicate at'.mach A trial o. these Pilla will prova their svreriori'y over all others. Price ?l a box. Sold by B.C. Ford, corner llth etreet and Pa avenue.Wa^hing-Vm,and Heurv ?onk. Alexandria faft-lv 'A S?.io3tCold,' Cocrm,.?Few are aware of the iup' ?G'ance of checking a Cough or -'slight cold"in ita first stage; that which in tbe begin ning would yield toa B?ld remedv. if neglect-.d, aoon attack*tbe lungs. --Brown's Bronchial Tri dits'' give aure and a.most immediate relief. Mil itary Officer? and aold?era ahould have thsra.a? they can be carried in the pocket a.i taken as occasion requires. au 26-Ini MIAJIRIEI?, On the 12 b iratant bv Hev. 8. V. Le-coh, LEO NA?D 8 CHAPMAN of Fr-nMin Co , New York, to MlrS M. TBLINDA THOMPSON of Mont gome t Co . M uyland * f?n the l?th Inpt , by the Rev. Mr. Thrush, SARAH B.NALLYtoFBANCIBS CRUTCHKl'T. both oi th* city. ? ? Hal timore pap< rs please eop>._ ? 01 m m >-??? DIED, Oa iridar av*nlng. leth inst., CLAItA, infant <ii Ugh -i of Juon V. and Margaret A. Ke?U>, aged IH L. ,...tba. Our baby Olara haa left ua now. An?! gon?? to ?1 ?ell above; Wbrr?? Carlin* ? g. la 'mid that throng, She'll abaie ht-r Saviour'a love. ? ?aere v?ry h ?ni lunecd to break A p?r? nt'e ?Jord ? f lo???: '? ??< ugti w?? know nhe a happier far. Ia h??? en???; h m<? ahov- A FkHND. Tb? 11 ienda ard acquai'' aure* of the f?mUr ?re ??.?iirdt?? at'en" the foner??. *t the reeid nee ot '"* larirta 'i F atreet south, betweeu 8tvi a d " b etroetB wc--t. at three o'clock. on Sunday affer ri ? D On tb? 16 ii L-t . MART CEBTBUDB. ag-i one >ear -nd i*v month*, daugtiter of Henry and M?r? t>mitb * CKDCOATIONAL. OMMKTICTAI. COLLKiiK .th and ? stre-ta, oeeoaite foot Uffl?-e Hoar* o' attendance?For tx??e ?iom 9 a. m to J p. ta.; Indie*, 4 to6J< p. m.; gt-nli ?? ? 7 to ?? ? to._??? 15 3t* A LADY having a thorough education la music, ? ?abe? t.. take a frw ? L> 1L8 tor inatnetioe. T**??,'?m??er."U?. Tb?a? ?le-1-.'oua ?il learning call a? 4r?e H th etreet, betweeu 0 atreet and Penoayl vaniaatean?__^_p^p y jt* pjMAl ? COMPLAINTS aad DlaeMea" ariaing ? ?G??JmPlJrlft?'f_,t_.t,,Io,ld r-ceiv?ipeoial at tent.en from Ve. DABBY. 4?* 7th atreet betweeu '?li*? HoBor,k,>1? 9*4 ?clenUllc treatment war? ???tea.__aepU-lm? ???_ ?ALB-?: ? l?x good WkBTu or GAHBAGB liarneea. ????? to v J B Tul)?Q.Jr.*BvO.. _??>* Pann'aav.. n-ar H ?t. HOG8HF.AP8 AKD CRATrS-Oae hn or?>4 Hi>M ? *-'? a?-? Crate* filled wit?? atra? Vor b-ieby C. W liOlKLkRA SuN .. tls( 1.?a 'all ) PrPLSilvaiiia Avatiue, between 9th %md l*H . at ' itallnX WANTS. W AKTE D-? GOOD GIRL, well ree ?nammided f?>r g*nei-a| hoii-e wo*-?, <*-???'tw*?es p*l?I. Inquire a 351 6t h ?.tre-?, ?norner of JH._It* 117 ? NT Kl?-A ?. o1 ?DIM ??.-?? ?? ? BK and "? Inori ?. A|.pi, al No. 4-iO Ne ? V rk av., I .etwee? Lit h and ? ?? ? ?'?._se? 17-a.* ROOM ABI? BOaRD WANTED ?? the ?.tofOe t<>b?-r. i?, ? ?r ?? e fa-nit?.!-" **%9 War*? hj ? ??neleinan. Add *?? ? ?. W, Star Ofttct*. with I rrns._H* UMNTKD-Atlhe ?venie H?iu?,e. Bo ?>l? E 8tr?-t between 12th an I Uth, ????t????? PnUCKBbS m.d one WAITER. None but good Iiaiida need apply _ _a*M> I ?"-'it* WANUH-A PCRCIlARRR;fvroiie half inter est in a Hot??! in thi* city, already est?*? lisbed, and dr. p? ? g"0?? bni-inese. Adlrrs? P. H. L , Washington Peat Office._s??o 17 tt* 117 A ? TEI*-A rPHc ctable middle a-ied WHITB ?" WOMAN 11 take eh aree of h<>ue? ?.ad ma e bers'-lf erne ally ? ?te tul. Reference ** io h??? <???? end moral character retiuired. Addreae BACH i. Un._s??p 17 ut' ll'ANTElv-A aentieman of retired bah te de f? ?-ire? BOARD ?.ni ROOM in tpri'li?- ??'?*? y, in Waahlngtcn or beorgetown. where he cai? have th?? BMW of a Piano, with a view to ?be study and pr.ic ice ?if music Addre?? W. II. H , Star Offic*. eepl7-2t*?_ WANT'D-? ge?tlem?n of refinement. ?Of'he legation,or otherwise! keepia? a hor** ??? ? , . ? %lL or wi'hout servant, may flu? ve?-v ?1 ?irabl?? ACCOMMODATION*-, in a heal ?by, ? r ??? rt? p?rt ??? the city. Enquire >f 3 a. T0PHAB1. ?500 7th St._sep IT-.Ht* WA?T?t? Hv e ? ??-??1>1 -rr??.ng ?tri ?**!?? ' A'ION a? chambermaid, or to do 0u? ???wing or nurse. Please od rese I?or ? ? S6 Star O Hire._ ??-> ?j -f WAMTKD-Froui ?M.000 t > S">.OO0. fro-a two to tour ?.e-irs i>e-d of trust ?ive ? on valua ble real ?-??tate. Address 8 ?. ?., Boa No. 10,8t?r Crii ce._sep l.">-6t* ?????????^? wliite ROG about 17 reare of aje ?* t.-? ran errands CH?\S L. LOCK WOOD A CO., peplii-Ut' '5 24 I'euna. av. IVANTKD-Bya lady without f?mily.?~FITR " ?IPHBD HOUSE, from 8 to 12 rooms. Must be near the street ears. Best of references g?v??n. Address or apply at SO Fa. ??venue, between 2let and BM sts._sep lt*-3t* \V ANTED?A SITUATION of some hind by an ? ? active man of strict temperance habits and principles. Has best references, and can be relied npon to fulfill regularly all duties, or would invest eome capita in some safe business. Please ad dreea'A.Z.," ?t this ogee._sep 16-2t* WANTBD TO RENT-? II0U8B with imdern ?mprovernante in a Central location, north of Pennsylvania Avenne. Direct 3. 0 Star Onice, stating- rent. Ae._sep 18 3t* ?iVANTED?A SMALL HOUSE, furnished or un *? furnished. Address CAPTAIN ft, SODOR, Northeast corner 19th and G Btreets, stating terme, Ac._sep lt?-3t* WANTED IMMBDIATBLT-A good second hand RANGB. Also, two good OVBTBR 8HUCKERS Apply at the Green House, No. 511 New Jersey avenue, near the Depot. sep 15 3t* BjO fififi WANTBD-A LOANOFTWOTnOU f?,???? BAND DOLLARS wanted. The best secarity will be given on improved Real Estate. Address B. II., Box T3J? PoetOflee. sepl?V8t* WANTBD? A SITUATION, by? yeung man of business hstits, in some light employment; would like to go witb ? sutler or purveyor, having some eiperience, and ran give good cit? references; ie not particular about salary. Address? " J. ? ," 33?? Post Office, Washington. D. C. aep 15 3t* WANTKD? By a respectable lady, a SITUATION in a Hotel as chambermaid, or dining room werk, or a.-?-istant cook, or a good seamstress; she is also competent of taking charge of a private bouse if requested. Good reccomm?ndati'?n given. Apply at No, 30 2d street east, b??twei-u ? and C. Capir?,.! Hill._sep 15 3t* WANTED?Two WHITE GIRLS-nt e ae chain bermaid, and to aseistwith the washicg; the other as waitress; tbey must be neat mil tidy, with good recommendations. Also, a person to take family washing home, by the monta. G?, ??na but competent person?? n?-e-t apply, 349 Mth st., between I ani K. sep 15 ."it* \1TANTED-A SITUATION by a aarde?? and ? * firmer. He understands it in all its I.ranchee, acd will ?ive the best sati-faction of any other man seeking a situation of th? kind, and do his work with lees exp-?n?-?. and will nhow a -fool moral example to those who are iiroand him, and teach them the bablta of Industrv. G ntl-m >n doing business in Washington or Baltimore pre ferred. Address C.8. D, at the Star office, for one weik._sep 16-3t* FURNISHED HOUSE WANT?D.-A comf?.rf ably furnished HOU8B, of moderate ni7.e. is want'-d immediately, in thia city or Georgetown. Central location pref?-rr.?d. Address Box Mo. -J??.? Washington city post office._Bej U tf COACH M AN-WANTED-For a private family. Those who can bring eatisfactory testimonials of character, and competency, ?nay acplv between the hours of IU and Uo'cloek, to J. DENT. No. 4.1?6 1 ?th street._sep 12-lw* WANTED TO RENT-? medium sized DiVBL LING, now or any time prior to th? 1st November Address 8. L. Htent, Garden street, near Preston st.. Baltimore City._sep li-eod**w*_ WANTED?A number of active, honest BOYS, as mes-engers in the Independent Telegraph Office. Good wages can be made. Apply at 430 ist h street._ _sep lo-l-v^ WANTED?Two Hundred COLORED MKN. Appi au? tf Apply at No 10 Water street, Georgetown. WANTED?Two ateady, industrious ROTS, ?me each to learn the Harnees and Trunkmahing buelness. Apply at ?'?00 7th street._aa29-tf OLD BOTTLES WANTED I __. OLD B0TTLE8 WANTBD! Tbe higbeet cash price will be paid fer? Whole Champagne Bottle?, Half do. do. Pint Porter do. Pint Ale do. PintAleJngS, Ae,. Ac, by RILEY A. SHINN. Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown^ D C. N. B?Any person having large quantities of Old Bottles on hand, can have them taken away by notifying me. [an 13-lm] R. A. SHINN WANTED-By MORGAN A RHINEHART, at G street Wharf. 5.000 Tone GRBBN HOS PITAL AND CAMP BOMBS, ter, which th? high eat market price will be paid._au H-eolm \\J ANTE D-8BOOND HAND FTJRNITC KB yfr Also, MIRRORS, CABPBTS, BEDS, BBD DING,?ndH0U81PURNI8HING GOO D8 of every deacriptioo. R BUOHLY, 43?*? 7th etreet. )e 8-tf between G and H.eaet side. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MT?? ( ^EOBGBTOWN TAXE8-Anab?tement of threr ? per tout, will be alluwed on the general tax of lSiH. if paid ??? or before the let of October next. after wnieh time the Collector will ? roc ?ed. under tie law. to prepare liete of tenermi, water and ? ?.?.(.'' a ??? ? due. and unpiid. for advertisement, in volving heavy ?dditio al coste. AU i? terested will do well to e-fivern themselves a-cordinglv. CHARLBS D. WELCH. sep IP-dtOcU_Collector. rpiIE PARTNERSHIP heretof??re existing be 1 lw* en *? illiam 8. Mattews and J ..ho W 8moot, under the name of W. S. MATTHEWS A CO.. was on the 17tl? nit. diesolved by mutual consent. Parties indebted will piense call for aettl'-ment npon Wili;nm 8. Matthews, a? No. 49 High street. W. S. MATTHEWS. JOHN W. 8M0JT. Georsetowu. D. 0., Sept 8. 18t>?. Tbe business wi'l be continued by W S Mat thews, under the name of W. S. MATTHEWS A CO., and at the old -t?nl. No. 49 High street, where he will be pleeeed to serve his cuetomers. ?ep 9-2sw4t* WILLIAM 8. MATTHEWS (GEORGETOWN CORPORATION BTOCK7 ' Those persons who may be diepoeed to par ch aee Georgetown Corporation Stock, which bear? an interest of six per cent, per annum, payable quarterly, can obtain sorse by applying to WM DAIRD. Clerk of ?aid Corporation._Je 29-d toi ?pOW?NG PRO.MPTLY ?TTBND??TTOTbVta? I Petomac Tow Company's boat?, "Potomac," "Gov. Curtln" ?nd "Belle Heven." Apply to ths Captains on board, or to JOHN B. DAVIDSON, my 19- Water street. Georgetown. DM!'? A PROP J. W. KREI8' DANCING ACADEMY, Tsmpbbshob Ham., E Stxbbt. Day for Ladle?. Mfese?. and Ma?t?r?, WKDN13 DA!i and SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, '" frosa 3 to 5 o'clock. Gentlemen's close MONDAY and WRD NE8DAY EVeNINGS.from7 to in0'cloek.L_ _ Private inetructione given to salt the conveni ence or the pupila. For terme and other Information, apply at the Hall ''nrir ir tbe houre of tuition. ; eeplO-B.M.WAS. 4t_ C?ARDEN SEEDS ! ??-^ ? GARDEN 8KB D? I J'i?', received, fresh and genuine, TTJRNIP. RADISH, ?U0CMBEB, CABBAGE, KALB. A'*-.. CLOVER AND TIMOTHY. 3. P. BARTHOLOW. S-jr* 7th et., between Pene ?v. and Canal, ?? ? eot* _Washington, D.O. O??^ PAWNBROKBB AND* OQC ??O LOAN Off/ICE. ??3 LICENSED BY~??THORITY. a?-?5 matthbw~b: walsh. a*?s a-i"? C 8TKBBT, between lthand lUh. Second door from Harvey ? Oyster Saloo?. In compliance with the wish of many friend?*, I am now pr-per?*! to make 1?Keral ????? ad? ?gE? vaocee on Gold and Silver Watches, Dia-jL^X nonde. Jewelry, 8Uverwar?, Hardware.O *? Clothing, and Merchandise of every description in goo?? order. BVHavin? bad twelve ye?.rs exp?rience in basi net)? in tbeOlty. and favors ??'y knewu to many of its eiticene, I am confident that to all who may in trust me with business,{which will be etristly cooSdenliaDl will give satisfaction Office opeu every day (Sunday excepted) from Seven o'clock, A. n. until Nine o'clock ?t?, ?. se? 13 3m THE SOLDIER'S, FEIEND ! - Bein? a eo7r?set gu'de to the Soldier, ?newering almost every inquiry he toav have to make with direction? for tbe 8?''dier. clearly ?nd espliciUy laid down to guide him in all his business transaction? befar? the Departments, partii u'ajly the War Department: besides contains other information of the otmoet valu? to th? Soldier. No Seldter ehonld be without it Sent ?*?** ??Id. to ?ny Soldier'? ad? drt??. OB receipt of 5'cents Address Boi 6??'?. Washington Oltv Pest Office The Soldier esast hi parti?? ?r in giving bis company, regiment. Be. s?t H-lw*_' 1MP0BTEDHAVANA8BGAR8-J 0. BACHEE, er.. ?3? PennayIvania ?venue bega te recom mend U bis friersds ai?d coo-mm-m his we4l assort ed atoeJr. ol Imported Havana ?Secara, aeleoted by himf^lfoakusriKeat Tlsitin New le?, sept) lw? FOB RENT AND 8&LK. Two orthp.eecomVob^a'Ble uoojia o an be ?ad whh Board, at No. 321 G et.. WaeUi?*? t ?n.D. C _ s??p |7 ?it* ?TOB RBNT-A w*H ??eUbli-hid r G AN D f?r a ' Or r rygto-e. cor irC ?nd 1W>. et*., Inland Fo? 1-jnher information apply oa tue praraiaev?. a?>p 17 St_ ?TOB RENT-? t?iree story BRICK DWELL ? I>G, containing nia? G?????, Latrob* atove, *"?*. e by.ira.nt in the yard. The bouse i? in non p!? te order. No, ? Missouri avenue, betw?w?n 4> and ?5th streets. Enquire next door. No. ?*. *?? ? ?? -;tf_ C "OTT AOL TO l.KT. coutaininc t??n ro???n*. eel / l??r, piazza, area ail ron art; large lot, wit* atavie trees; lawn in Iront, No *49 ?*? *tr?>*t, ?a t of tke Capitol. : h -?? ? s qiiar ?- j .??'!? of Pennsylvania av., n??w o cupied by Mr. J it. Whe ?1er. Po?*e"?i >n given inimediatelv. Thos?1 deairing a pleassot residenci? can exarnin the premiae*. then ?pelt ta J. G. ADAM8, Agent. No. 3*3 ?th street. Th rd Ward._ _eep |7-3f U*M>BI TO BENT-Between 7th and Gth stri-en, O 400 D r-treet. Inauire on the premise*. sep n-4t*_ F ORS A I, ? OBTrTkNT?Houa? No. -6 ?? ?a at , b-t Mas?, ?v. and a st. Inquire at tb? oor neratore. [sepie ari Mr.O'iRNRLV. ROOM FOR BENT, unfurnished, on second Boor. Inquire at .-?econd house frt?m uorthea?t correr 17th aad K._<<<?? lfr-8t* |<X>R BALI??A BKIOK ST?RE, auitaMe for a ? confectionery ati?re. Apply at 3??"* 7th ?treat. corner I._Bse l-?-3t* TWO OR TURK ? UNFURNISHED ROOMS for rent, in a new three-st ry Brick House, to a reepectable family, No -27-2 Second St., b-tweeu Massachusetts avenue and ? st*._sep U 3t* F**uR RLNT-On the Island, two orthree ROOMS very convenient for housekeeping, A small family without children prefeired. Inquire attha otar Office._sep l??- ?* FOR SALE?Kighty four (31 i acres of heavy TIMBER LaND. cak aad pine; will cut from rVe to 7n cords per acre; Mtua'ed in Montgomery county, Md.. 16 miles from the District and ?miles from the Canal. Apply to WM. KILGOUR. At torney at Law. 517 ?th st._Bep 16-lw* I^OR KBNT-That desirable RESIDENCE, N?. 380, Franklin Bow, ? etreet north, betw. eu 1-th and 13th streets weet, The house ia furnished throughout, and contains 14 rooms. Possession given 1st October. For terme, Ac, apply at Fair fax Cottage, O street aouth, between 2d and 3d streets east. Capitol Hill._sep H-2t* 17OR RENT-? PARLOB AND BEDRbOM~o? the Srst floor, or two bedroom* on the second .loor, at 341 F at., bet. 9taand loth at?, sep IS 3t" f7?B 8ALK-A nearly new COOKING STOVE", (Philadelphia Gas Burner.) Inquire at 34*? liith at rest, between L and M. sep 15 3t* FOR RENT-An OFFICE, end aeveral band soraely furnished ROOMS. Apply immediate ly at 43a 13th street, between I and F ata. tep 15-St?_ rVOTICE? The ROOMS at 333 I atreet, between is 13th and 14th,opposite Franklin Bqnare, ao fre quently applied for of late, can now be secured, if ? ar'?/"application ie made. Bath-room in the house. Board furnigbad if desired._sep 15 St* F?OR BALE?the whole or a part of LOT~No. 3, of aquare 1(>96, on A atreet aouth, between 17th and 18th atreeta east, near Lincoln Hospital, 82 feet front, and 123 feet deep. Apply at No. 13 Missouri avenue, between 41 ? and 6th eta. eep M?_L. GIBECKE. FOB S ALK?A nOC8K and LOT on Patrick atreet. The Houae i* entirely new, and the locality cood The purchaser will be warranted against all claim? of Hiram Arnold, or other par ties. Apply at 163 Queen street, Alexandria. Ya, _ftepi5Gt*_ BENEDICT A ALBEB. FOR SALE-SfO?K and FIXTURES of an old establiahed family Grocery Store doing a good business. Reason* for selling, having other bini nega, and cannot attend to both. Also, a good rABM of 100 acre?, on the railroad, 12 miles from town and one mile from a stati n. For further information inquire of J. B. JONK.- A CO.. corner of L and 7th etreeW._aep 15 6t* ??URN?8HKD ROOMS, with Board, for rent at a No. 411? (1 street, between Sth and 9th, oppo site the Patent Ofliee. Cull and see thein. se U-7t* tpORSA~LE~A good-sited FRAMlH?UaB. tw ? storv, ??<ntaining fonr rooms; also the Lot, 21 liyt?. Terms easy. Apply on the premises, corner 1st and H, I-land._aep 14-lw* 17ORH ALE?Parlor, Bedroom and Kitcln-a FUR NITURE. Carpets. Bedding. Ac, mostly new: al"o,a lady's Side Saddle. Intuir?? for b WAO NEK. second door from tbe corner of Mas*, ave. and 1st street_sep ll-6t? FOR"RENT?A first class HOUSE, 851 G street, second door from 10th atreet, near the State Department, containing 10 rooms,beside*kitcheu, attic and large cellar; gas aud gas fixture* all throuub the houae, and a pump in the vard. Also, in private family, a PARLOR and CHAMBER on the first Hoor. (furnished. 1460 New York avenue, near st. sep le-ti_P. A. GARDNER. FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN?The STOCK and FIXTURES of M. L. Julihn's Fancy Goodn Establishment, B0<> l'a. av. For particulara ap ply at the store._*_____! STORE TO RENT-? good STORE, centrally lo cated, lighted with gaaand provided with fix ture*. A j j 1 ? at 335 F street, bet. 9th and luth sta. *epl2-dtf_ Q08LING HOUSE FOR BALI. The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi ness, and offera hie well-known house for sal*. Any one wishing to engage in a LUCRATI ?? BUSINESS can call on the Proprietor, 247 Penn ?ylvania avenue, bet. 12th and 13th ata. sel2 lw* FOR BENT-? PHOTOGBAPHIC GALLERY having a splendid Sky Light. Connected with the Gallery are three convenient Booms. Inquire on th? premises. No. 540 Pennsylvania avenue, between 1st and 2d sts , or of GREGORY ENNI8, 2*2 G st._aep 10-tf FOR SALE OR RENT-The large four-atory BRICK DWELLING H0?S1, No. 3??*, on the north aide of north C '-treat, between 3d ntreet west and i3i street, having a front of 28 feet on a lot 140 feet deep, with a atable and carriage honse building in the rear on an alley, 3" feet wide. PoBseasion of the houae can be had in a few day?. Apply at 490 H atreet, to seplO-lw*_JAME8 TOWLE8. THE UNDERSIGNED WILL SILL AT PRI? vat? aale a tract of LAND, containing about two hundred and fifty acres, distant about 4 milea from tbe Capitol, over Benning'a Bridge; about60 acres cleared A and 45 in meadow; ;h? balance in unsu r passed timber, mostly oak and chestnut. No improvements except a small house. For further particulars addreae Box 3t*4, Washington, D. C. or inquire of the subscriber. V? miles northeast ?f??w?iy'* Dr?d*e?_E. SHERIFF. F'UBNISHED ROOM8- Single or suite* of ROOM8, suited for the accommodation of offi cer? of the army and others: also, PARLORS with felding doors; all just vacated, at 424 16th etreet, between New York avenue and H. sep S-eoiU* FURNISHED ROOMS TO RINT. without Board, to gintlemen only?347 ? atreet, near 13th. Inquire of Mrs. A. E. STEPHEN80N. au31-tf OR RENT-The large and commodious ROO M 8 F com pricing the second, third and fourth sto ries over J . L Kldwell'a new Drug Store, on Est., near corner of Pa. av. and 14th at., two doors be low Willards'Ilotel. __ an 29-tf _JOHN L. KIDWBLL. FOR RENT?A ROOM on 15th etreet, opposite the Treasury Department, adapted to the use of a Banker or Broker, having conneoted with it a very commodious and substantial vault. In quire of WILLIAM ORMB, No. 312 Penn. ave., between loth and llth sts._au 27-3w TUE 8UR8CRIBER offers at private aale a very valuable and productive FARM, situated in the District of Columbia, one mile east of Ban ling'e Bridge, containing sixty acres of excellent land, well watered. The improvements, a large two-story Frame Dwelling, nearly new, with the necessary out?buildings. Persons wishing to pur chase are invited to examine the premiaos. A very pleasant drive of three miles, over a good road, from Washington city. _ anzaenlm* ROBERT K. NEVITT. FOR SALE-DRUG STORE, BR10K HOUSE and three BUILDING LOTti. Inquire at No. 4??, Masa, avenue, near ethjit._auJS-lui* ORBALE?A three" story and attic" BRICK HOUSE and out-buildings, on North Capitol atreet, between ? and 0, No. 394, nearly opposite the Washington Railway, near th? Depot Houae, containing It) room*; a vacant lot adjoining; front of 55 by 80. For further particulara inquire of WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. No. 322 Pennaylva niaav. _an 16 WE OFFER FOR SALE, at a great bargain a email FARM, containing about OR acres, well improved with new dwelling and all necessary out houaee. Thi- property Hea about 4 miles from Center Market, on the Bonning's Brida? road across Eastern Branch, ia in a high and healthy situation, with an abundance of wood. Terma made known on application to SWEENY & CO , Real Batate Broker*, au 15 Im Corner 7th and O atreet*. F TWO NEW AND 8UPEBI0B R08EW00D G? ANO FOBTE8 AT PK1VATE SALE -We of fer at private sale two new anil superior Roiewood la*? 8*ven Octave PIANO FORTES of flue tone ?nd workmanship and from a celebrated manu factory, which will be sold at a rea?en?hle price. JAS. C McGUIRE A Co, sep *3-6t_Auction and Coin^Merohante. ?ijB*Y MRS. GO?DALL, jttf n?%T^ 8INGTNGMANDOpiiN0. ?_* Commences instruction in the above branches on MONDAY, Bept. 5th. at her residence, 166 ? at., bet. 18th and 1Mb. north aide._??? g gg? WB. TURNER'S LIVERY STABLE, on 7th ? etreet,between H and I, where per-1 sons can be accommodated with Harks, BoggiM and Saddle Horeea on rea?onab!e? terma. Jfte i? also baying and selling atook.eud persona in th? trade will do well to call, se 5-lm* FEYEB AND AGU? PERM ?\NBNTLY CURED FOR ?*.-Madame MaRSHA, 403 ? street, will warrant to the public to cure the Fever and Aaue permanently in one week's time. A'eo other complainte treated with great Baoceaa st No. 403 ? atreet, between 9tB and luth st*. gep M Im* PBOIAL NOTIOE.-AU pereoea hsvin ?1 alma against the Peraeverenoe Fire Gnmaeuy ate re quested t? present the aaue to th? President, All mernbe? BJ? hereby notified to attend a ep*oial neeUBgon THUR8DAT Sept. uth, at 7? p m . a ? there ? ill be a final settlement of th? affai .t oi th? company. All persons who are not pre?., ut. or prefer their clalsas at or before said meeting, will, by reaoIutUn, beenluded from all beau;? of ?aid aettlement. S By order af th? Companv. aepSeoaf JOHM H. DICKSON, 8 >' EG ABS ANDe MBLODEON8.-We have tbia a cf MaaonAHamlia'aO differaat aiae?. Alae, a ?0 A Oo.'aaad8mhh'? M WO M1T?1BOTT. . Uth street aa4 r?. ?real O day received five of Mason ?fc Beasi?*? 0AB INBTOBGBN8, of differaat aiae*. Alee, a new ?Morte-entof PrncoA Oo.'aaad8mhh'a M .- ? AUCTION SALB8? -wdhm i 1 ? ?? '?* > HKitK DAY?. ? Y J C McrOClRB A CO , A?etiou??er??. H"W?^*iltB TaTnTINGS, 8? ? 1*1*1 KLB ???i; f ? PlfHK.*? A\D WAlTKKt?. AMD ??t?????^??.11**^^** *T AUCTION. o'c\ ?o iiiA? ?0>????0. St-e-enib-r ?. th. at is iVnMi?rtVJi1''? Ro* l^7 H strv?i,ber.tweee if L^lffi^Stasai ' ?"" '"1 of .-totas. Arm and ffijA ?***??. comprising Tal le*. Chairs. Steve? * R?stete??}?. MsA.i^BssaB?. Orlb?, Djin'.eri? ai.>l P^l?va V?-i,e'i?a Bunl?, A?; A L-SO*"--* Ini ?bet of nne old l'air, tings and Engravings, A lot of-operie-r Sheffield P'??a4 Ware, ompri* 10* ? Waiter?. Wine Coolers, Covered Oveter Di ?be?, round ani orsi, Diebes ? 'hut rovers, Butter Dieb??. SUlt?. Ac A'so, a lot of China and Bohemian GUeewar??. Terme oonh Kepl7-d JA8. C. M-GUI RE A 00.. Anota. ? Y GREEN A WILLIAMS Auctioneer?. Alf'TIOV SALE OF ??? SMALL PR AME TBV EMKNTS ON nil 81 RBFT. BBTWBEN Mil SOjDBI AND PENNSYLVANIA AVENUES. TO BK RKMOVBD On TUESDAY, the ?Kh inst. we -hall sell, in frott of thi ;.r mi-? a, at fi o'clock, p. m.. Uve ernall f?ame ter..-m??i>t?. to be removed, ai ?uated od Third street we-?t, between MUeoari ?nd Pennsylvania Bvenres. Tern?? cosh. sep 16-d GRBBN A WILLIAMS. Auctw. J?Y JA3. G. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. ?TOJ??S* HUlLDIN?TLoTS ON NEW YORK AVENUE, BBTWKB? 4TI1 AND ?TH STS., AN ) TWO LOTS ON OREGON eTRKET, AT PUBLIC S ALK. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. September ad. at .1 o flock, on the preuiieee. we ehall ?ell the east half of Lot No. 6, in square S14. 'renting *1* fed 5 in ches on the north side of New York avenue, be tween 4th and 6th streets west, running back to a W> foot ? 1 -y, to be divided Into two building lots. Immediately after we shall s?ll Lota X2 and 3? In subdivision of Brinare No. 44?t, fronting each 24 feet on Oregon street, and running back 1?5 feet to ? ?? foot alley. Titile perfect. Term? caah sep ifi-d_J. O. McGUIRE A 00.. Ancts. Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers, South corner Penn'a avenue and 9th street. GROCERIES, LIQUORsTciGARS AND TOBAC CO AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY MORNING. Sept. 20th, commen cing at lu o'clock, we will sell, at the Auction Rooms, ?a assortment of Groceries, Ac, compri 8i?r? Id Cheats Te?, Boxea Coffee 2i?li Bexe? Ground Pepper and Kega Mustard Boxes Yellow and Fancy Soaps Oases Whisky. Demilohns Brandy d?.????? Segare, different brands 20 Boxes Navy and other Tobacco 29 Kegs Whit? Lead IV Barrels Molasses fjo Baskets He?sick and Siller'? Ohampagn 2? Barrels Glassware 50 Barrels old Bourbon, Gibeon, Byls, Cincin nati and Rye Whisky Octave? Brandy 1 Barrel Apple Brande ? Barrels Kllklnnlc* Tobacco With a variety of otner good? in the Grocery line. WM.L. WALL ft CO , sep 16 IChronl _ Auctioneers. ? U. S. MARSHAL'S BALE. In virtue of a writ of fieri facia?, ?saued from the clerk's office of theSuprem?*. Court o? District of Columbi?, snd to me directed, I will seil at public sale, for cash, in front of W.L. Wall ft Co.'s IU 7 ?ar. on Louisiana avenue, between 9th and 1 th street?, in the city of Washington. D. C. on 8A G URDA Y. the Jlth day of September Inst..1354, ccm mencins at 1?> o'clock a. tu.? 1 Dunn Horse, I Bey IL.rse, ?e'zed and levied upon as the property of John C. H-zleton, ard will be sed to satiety Jsuttelalg No. 112?, in fsver of lease AlB**aeder WARD H. I.AMOS ?ep 15-d U 8. Marehal D. C. ? Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO..Auctioneers. THREE BUILDING LOT8 ON NORTH ? ST , BETWEEN aoTH AND ?ilST STREETS WEST. AND ALL OF SQUARE. No. ?J?, AT PUBLIC SALE. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Sept 24th. at 5 ?'clock, on the premise?, we ehall sell allot Lot No. 19, and the west half of Lot No. 20, in Square No 78. fronting teirether 6" feet on the south eile of ? etreet. between ?"th and 21st streete west, and running back 117 feet ?? inch to a *' feet ?lley, to be sold ?a three lots of 20 feet front es oh. Immediately after: We ehall sell th? whole of Square No. 9%, bounded by New Hampshire avenue, 2lst street west, and north ? street?. Title perfect. Term? : One third in cash: the remainder in nix and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed eftrust on the premise?. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur chaser. aep 15 d JAS. C. McGUIRB ftCO., Ancts. ? Y GRBBN ft WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. No 026 7th etreet, corner D north. LARGE SALE OF NEARLVNKW HOUSEHOLD AND R1TCHEN FORNITURE.OFTHE BEST WAKE. AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, tue J st instant, at 10 o'clo. k a m., we ehall sell, at the residence of a gentle man declining housekeeping, on corta ? street, between 9th and luth -tree's west, ?|larar? as sortment of nearly new furniture, consistine in p?rtof? One vely fine French Plate Mirror M ?bogan y Sofas, Castor, and 8ide Chaire Solid tek Sideb srd with Etegere and Glass Ba'k Mat ble top, ?**?-ntre and Side Table? 8ilver Plsted Coffee and Te? ?Sete Fine assortment of Ei graving? Three-ply and other Carpets Bureaus, Bedstead?, Weshstande, Ac. Nearly nsw Cook and other stoves China. Gises snd Crockery Ware With many otter articles too numerous toena merats Terme cash. _ sep 15 d GRBBN ft WILLIAMS, Aucts ? Y W. L. WALL ft CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEES 8ALB OF A HOUSE AND LOT IN THE SEVENTH WARD. By virtue of? deed of trust to the subscribers, dated the 17th day of August, 18t>?. and recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 203, folios l?57,et seq.. on? of the Land Records, Ac, we (.hall offer at public auction on WBDNESDAV. the 21st day of September, at 4 o'clock, p. m.,*in front of the preml-s-s, all of Lot numbered seven, (7,1 of sub-division of Square numbered four hundred and thirteen. (413.)of tbe plan Of the City of Washington, with ihe improve ments thereon, consisting of a two story Frame House. This property is situated on south G st., between Mb ami 9th streets west. The Lot hoe a width of twenty-four (24) feet, ten (?0? inches, and a depth of one hundred and twenty four feet, eight ? s ' nubes to an alley Terms of sale: One half cash, the residue in six and twtlve months, the purchaser giving his notes for the deferred payments, latisfactorily endorsed and bearing interest from the day of sale, and tse? cur.? 1 by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. If tke term? of saleare not complied with, within five days from the day of sale, the Trustees mrserve tbe rightto re-sell tbe said property at th? risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, on giving one weeks notice by two insertions in some newspaper iu the City o* Washington.___^?. , EDWARD C. CARRING10N.? Trustee A8BURY LLOYD, ??T.\??. .. au 27 2aw3wftd>? WM. L. WALL A CO.. Ancts Il Y J. 0. MOGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. NOTICE ? VALUABLB~~BUILDING LOT ON NORTH ? bTREET. BETWEEN 'JOTII AND '?1ST STREETS. AT PUBLIC AUCTION. Will be so;d at puVlic auction on MONDAY, the 19th dav of Seplemb? r next ensuing, st 4>? o'clock, on the premises the following desirable piece or ?arcel of ?round, li ing, situate and being on north 'street 83 fe~t 9 meneeeaet of its intersection with 21at street weet, thence north 7?? feet to an alley, thence west 2n feet, thence -outh fi feat 9 in ches, thence west 2" feet, thence south ?? feet 3 in ches, thence east 40 feet to the beginning, being Lot ? >.'.'. In nquare No. 70, contate ing two thou sand eix hundred and eighty-five ei.uare feet, or thereabout? Tbe title believed to be undoubted. Terme. One-half cash; the balance in threeequal instalments, payable respectively in 6. ?) and 11 months, witb interest, the deferred payments to be secured hi deed ? t on the premises. By order of Trustee?. scpG-d J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Au?>te. DT J. 0. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. TRU?TfE'S 8ALE OF IMPROVED PROPERTY MAR L STREET ?????, BETWEEN 6lH AND 7TII 8TREETS WEST. On TBUhSDAY AFTEBNOON, October 6. at S ?'eloe> on the premise?, by virtue of a? deed of truet from Adolph F. Lipphard and wife, dated April 3,1867, and duly recorded in Li"*? J A 8.. No. 191, folios 247, et of tbe Land Records for Vvahbinaton Coun"y D. C ,we shall ?ell part of Lot No. 4. in Sqnar?? No. 44:'. fronting 14 feet.6 inche? in north L etreet, between eta ?Ld 7th streets ?est, and running back 78 feet ? inches. Alee. ? rear portion ot the said Lot No. 4. fretting? it? feet on the 30-fo?t alley, and extending back that width 40 feet im pro*, ?d by a frame.tenement. Terms cash. . .. j? _ . . Cenvf yaucee and revenue atsmps ?t th? cost or Ue porchaetr TOCNG HILLARY C. OFFUTTJ rru*Iet wp 15 eo & d J.C. McGUIRE ? CO. Aucta. A CLOSING OUT SALE . 3 A Preliminary move toward clclng bu-?i? ?-? _j?, .?r-- *_.. limited ?e RO . the expiration of tbe said period, tbe balance of the stock, together with the property belonging to the firm. will?be offered and ^dV?J^hj?e?ac.tAon A. F? OFFl Tr A *JO., No. 163 and 1??"? Bride*? etreet, sepMOt*_Georgetown, U.C. LIGHTNING BODS. - LIGHTNING BA?DS^. The nnderaiepfst,,!.? prepared to *urir:?.b and out up LIGffrHING BOOS, with pUtVri" tipped peinte, ?t the ?hortest and meet r?a?nn able tersas. Also. BELL-HANGING done in the most approved styl?. Werk dons la the country ?t city price? ? M?s. . ??? tr^mlimSSSLo. NO*lC?]yO?VTL???.-Adomhl^do6h b ABOI -lit) tone?in good order, ?II ready f?r ?*?>, ?an b? bought o? reasonable terms. Saie to ol ??e coBC-ern. Apply to0?art. Owibmaa. ?? H?>anl ??^?? "M Keoneoy ''?tghip Yard Al-xnndria. Va.; *r Paline^?? Wharf, fo?? or ?i?h <. .yd * at 2M2S? A?OTlOBf SALKS. li h A ?T JAB. 0. MoGUIRBA 00.. Auctions?. iBFE DESIRABLE BUILDING ??1?4 nar hlli'OB 181 AN ? AVENUE. BBTWBBn ??5? AND ???? 8?????8 AT Pt Bl.icI Bai ? R On WgDNSSDAY AFTERNOON, ?\?G??.? 14, at f.S o'clock, on the premi???*, we shall ?-ti lota 'P." "?."and "T." in enMi?lai0e ef iot* ?? Square No 211. Lots "b and ' T" fren'.in* eich a leet.acd Lot "'P" |?S f'et, on Rhode Inland are n?e hf?w-?n 14th and Uth streets weet. Title perf? ct. 1 ertra One third in cash : th? remainder In three ard nil e months, with iatsreat, aeeured by deed of trust on the premiaea. A payment of ?? on each lot will be repaired at the time (frale. Conveyances and *tamp* at the purchaser'? eoet. ???-i J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auct?. ????? AB<-V1 8AiE WILL TAKE PLACE on TUESDAY, Sent. Joth. same hour. _ ?'Plan_J. O McGUIRB A Co., Anafe. Rr G R?? ? A WILLIAMS. AeetioeeerB. ?* No. 4B?. oorner of 7th and D atreet?. ????7?????????~?0??1? WITH BASE Iiiinmam^ BOOM, AT THB CORNEE AUCTION ND N0RTil ? STREETS. AT On TOE?PAT, th? jnth lartant. we shall *?!! la front of the premlee*. at SW o'clock p. rn the fol lowing handsome property, vit ?Part l>t I ia equate No. d 2, having a front of le feet by 7S teal deep to a wide alley, with th. improvementa which are a good two-etorv brink house, with ha? ment, containing good rooms, one ?r which ha? been occupied aa a grocery atore fer many year? Tua prop? rt y i* handsomely located at the oorner of 4th a? .1 north ? e'reeta. Tenne : Two-thirds rash; tbe balance in all aid twelve montha, aeeured by a deel of truat on tk? promisee AM conveyancing and revenu? stamp? at tbe eost ot the purcfcaaei GREEN A WILLIAMS. aep lft-d_Auctioneer?. ? ? GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer?. No. 626 corner 7th and D atreet? north, TH BEE STORY BBIoiTnOUSE AND LOT. ON ?_ -.?J"1* ISLAND. AT AUCTION On WEDNEnDAY.thelletlnetaut, at (iva and a half o'clock p. ?a., we aha'l sell, tn front o'th* premises, north half of Lot 19, la Square M4. with the improveniente, which consist of a good ?hrea atory Brick Houce, containing ten room? a? d large halla. This property ha* a front of 94 feet en ltth etreet, between aouth ? and C Btreet*. running back 1'5 feet l?1 inches to au alley, and baa also a aide alley. Possession given aoon after the aale. Taima r One half cash: balance in ? and ? montha, fer note* bearing intereat. A deed gives and a deed of truat taken. Ail conveyances and revenu- stampa at th? ?eat of tb? purchaser. Title indisputable. sep lfi eodrds GBEEN A WILLIAMS. AuoU. ? Y JAS. 0. Mo?UIRB A CO., Auctioneers, PEREMPTORY BALE OF SMALL SOU ARB OP GROUND TNTHB NORTHERN PART uF THE 8EC0ND WARD. On TCE8DAT AFTERNOON. Sept. ? o'clock, on th? premises, we ahall for account ?G the "United Evangelical (?arman Congregati ??." Square north of Square ?S, bounded by Uth ?treat we*?. Vermont avenue and north Q Btreet, and containing 3.460 square feet of ground. Terme: one-third in cash,the remainder in ??? and twelve month?, With interest, secured by? deed of trust on the premiaea. All conveyance and revenue stamp? st tbe cost ef tbe purchaser. _ sep 10-d J 0. McGUIRE A 00. Anot?. ? Y ?1. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneera. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON ? STREET ?????, BETWEEN TWELFTH AND THIRTEENTH ?????G8 WEBT, AT PUBLIC A ?" ? 'T 1 (?W On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, September _M. at 5o'clock, on the premise*, we ?hall sell parts of Lota No?. 11 ard 12 in Square No. 2?3. fronting 21 feet on north D street, between 12th and 13th et?. west. Turning back S? f. et 4V inches to a V feet paved al-? y. improved bv a brie? bui Ming two high atories, occupied aa a wholesale win? and liquor store re-'m? One -halt" ea*h; the remainder in 3, ?, ?, and 12 montha. with interest,aeeured by a deed or trnst en the prrmise*. ? tie indispntable. Cost of conveyancing and ata nips to be paid | ^BejMd1**"? J. 0. McGUIRB ft 00.. Aueta. ? Y J. 0. MoGLIRE A CO., Auctioneer?, VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON 10TB ??TREET WEST, NEARLY OPPOSITE FORD'S THKATKR. _ On TUEBDAY AFTERNOON. September rth. at 5 o'clock, on tbe premiaea, we snail Bell, Los No. IS. in square No. 347, fronting ? feet oaiah etreet west, between E ana F atreet-? north, neatly opposite Ford's Theater, and runniug back 1? feet, 1 inch; together with the improvements, con sitting of an old faahioned Brick Dwelling Houae. Terms: One half in ca*>h; th? remainder ia * months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premiaea. Conveyance* and revenue stamp* at the cost or tbe purchaser. J. C. McGUIRB A CO., aep 13-d_ Auctioneera. IF Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SAL?~~0F 8MALL FRAMB HOUSE AND LOT NEAR THE LONG RRIDGB. AND BRICK HOUSE AND LOT NEAR TH? AESENAL. On MONDAT AFTERNOON. September 19th. 1S64, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell part ol Lot No. 3, in square No. 26a. fronting on Maryland avenue, between 13th and 13S ata., and improved by a amali Frame Houae. At s1 - o'clock, on the premise*, we ahall aell Lot No. 3, in square No. S04, fronting 27 feet 6 inch?? on ? street, near 4V? street, and running back 13 feet to a wide alley, and improved with a three story Brick Dwelling House, containing seven rooms, with cellar ; also, a brick stable on th? rear of tbe lot. Termi; One-half cash; th? remainder ia six months, with interest. Conveyance? and stamps st the cost of tb.0 pur chasers. sep 13-d JAS. 0. McGUIBB A 00.. ABcts. ? ? J. C. MOGUIRE A 00., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTT. Under and by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, Bitting ia equity, passed July ftth, 1864, in a certain can?, wherein Sarah Ann Brown and ?there ar? com Slainants. and Ambrose A. Brown and others ar? ?'fendants. No. 321 equity, we shall sell on tb? ?iremisea, on WEDNESDAY the 21st day *f Sept ember, commencing with the first named, st ? o'clock p. m.. Lot No. 1, in Square No. 568, fronting 80 feet ?n north E street, at the corner of Second street weat, and running back loo feet to a 25 feot alley. Also, the north part of Lot 33. in Jas C. McGuire'? subdivision of Square No. 624. fronting 15 feet 7 inchea on First atreet west, between G and H ate, north, and running baek 130 feet 4 inches toas? foot alley, and improved by a three-story Brick Dwelling Houae. .... Terma : One-half in cash: the remainder in nine and eighteen months, with interest from the day of sale, to be secured by the bonde or note* of th? purchasers, with a surety or sureties, to be ap proved of by the trustees. Upon tbe full payment cf the pnrcha*e monee and interest, tbe trustees will convey th? proper? "AD conveyances and stamps at the cost ofth ?urcbaser. If the terma of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter, the traste?? reserva the right to resell, on one week's notice, at th? risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser GEO. W. D?VALL / Tm*_? NICHOLAS C. 8TEPHEN8. \ "??**?? au.<J?-eoAde J. 0. McGUIRE A CO.. Aast?. ? Y BOTELER A WILSON, Auctioneers Offici C. S. Catitol Estessio Washington, D. 0., S-ptamber3. 1.S64 On SATURDAY, October 1st, commencing at 10 a. m., the following variegated and ? ?in Mar ble will be ??.Id at public auction, on th? grounds north of tbe United State* Capitol : 11 bio? ka Tennessee Marble. 1,0t? feet ( cubic) of remuante ao. 12 pieces Potomac Marble. 6""1 cubic feet Vermont Green Serpentine. ?Column Shafta . _. ,."0?.,... S.O 0 cubic feet remnants Italian Marbe. At the same time will be sold a large lot ef Doora. Shutttra, and Building Materiale, of va rious kinds. _ - . Dy order of the ?*>#&& fc*?ftfc, sepidtd General Superintendent. ? ?ALE OF CONDEMNED M?L18. CH - QCARTSRMASTBB?8 OtfTlOM, DkPOT Or WA8BIIQT05, Wa-hiBOTOH.D. C September 6, 1*64 Will be sold at public auction, at the Corrai?, near the Observatory, in the city of Washington, on WEDNESDAY, September 21,1864. a tot of MULES, condemned as unfit for public aervice. Term-?Cash, in Government funds Sale to commence at 10 o'clock a ju. D H. RCOKEB, Brig. Gen'lsnd Ohief Carter master sepS-td_? Depot of Washington QUARTERMASTER GENERAL'S Offici, _ First Dividios, WiruiK ,t< N. D. O.. He? ember 2, iati Will be sold at PUBLIO AUCTION, to th? high est bidder, at the time and place? named below, vii: _ York. Pa. Thursday. Sspt 15. )'64, Altoona Pa., Thursday, Sept. a, 18*4, Lebanon, Pa . Tburaday. Sept. f?. 1864, TWO HUNDRED CAVALRY HORSES AT BAOS _____ ' PLACE. Theseherses have been condemned aa aatt Car the Cavalry aerviee of the Aran?, lor road aad farmpurpoeeamaaT *oo& bargain* may b? had Horaea aolrd singly. _ Term?: CashiatTalted ^MBai^Sfel? Colea?! Flrat ?ivialon. a?? a???? <**' ?epStsth ______ QUARTERBIA|?R ???? ? OFFICE, Hf.rseeauUable for Cavnlry and Artillery a???ioa aUib?7??chM*l atGi?aboro'B*pot.inopen mar *ti$mmtt*UX?a^ te Captvl. L. Wrv MooreA Q. M . and he aubl*etad to the u Miai ?Bavern-ent inspection be'ore being acMpUd. Pri?i* of Cavalry Horae*. 8171 eaeh. pyio? of Arttller> Horaea, 1180 each. Fuyaient ? :H be maae f?-r aia |6 and more. r^ JAMBS A EKfN. Ovlonel First Division, sep ct '?_Q?art?riuaBtef G-neraUa OWoe. ': ?1BLBI LIMBI LIBLBl-I ant bu.? i?rep*r^ M .? de?vei freak buraad POTOM \ ; G1??. uw. ?erad fro? my new Flesse EH?, whent enrslan (? oeataet with th? fnel.

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