Newspaper of Evening Star, 17 Eylül 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 17 Eylül 1864 Page 4
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THB jTgngg ?STAB, ?'ADKLE-" Lsv t eight iB srapty lag ?at t?7 *e*h I found e lock of hair. ? lt had a seeat of Rowland "seil. And oh I *twa* loe? and fslr Adele I . .. And ?hi tweleagaiid fair. Yes so rei t thos? were plsss?nt ti me*. Ibta eve?y d?v *? WOOfpL_ Myself? Hs/vard Johony Raw, And too ? roang eo?uette? ?dele ! Bad you ? young connette. ? p,??? me yet ho ? all began: By ?hsnre or hy design, Wfc?n erst you drew y? ?r hand ?way, Tten laid it back in ml?*? Adels I , Then laid it bac? in mine. A tbrlil shot op. from arm to heart Jon md sin? wi? h despair; 1 looked ????' ? BBsTeWid eye? Au? l??ri?ed a leeeon there, A ??elei And learned ? leseo? there. We walked, we danced, we quarrelled,too. Wove ree? nrilni. and then W?P?'ted. 1 was faiae, and yon A Hilt with other men? A lele I A flirt with other men. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. AB Obdibancb in relation to the Warehouse Market. Be it ordained by tue Board of Aldermen and Btard "J Common Council J the Corpora ion of ?eorgetou-n. 1 hat in lieu of the moa? hly rente as s.eeed by the Market House Committee, to be pail fcr st?nde in ibe present market, ?here is hereby oases?..1 a licer s- tax. for the period of six months. fr m the first of July last, on each and every stand B? the tbe Warehoufo M-trket Ho use and with ? the limits o? the Miiket House, outride ef ?? d Warehouse, as hereinafter defined, as mltowe On every eingle butcher'? stand, thirty dollar?; and on every double bu'cher stand. sixty dollar?; on every huchater, butter, bread ??and within -aid warehouse, twenty dollars; on ?vary sorb stand outsiie said building, within the market limita, except thuae occupied by dealers irom thecountry, fifteen dollars; and every ?parson whose occnpancy of naid stand has com menced since aaid first day of July, ehall pay a pro ?portioBate par- ofsaid tax. And b* it furtlur <??1? ? !. Tbat it shall he the s*r*any of the Clerk forthwith t?> demani aai4 Box from every pereon occupying ? stand in said market, and every pereon occupying such stand Who aliall fall or refose to par euch tax within ten day ? after demand shall forfeit and pay one dol lar for every day that such failure shall cootinue: to be recovered as Ones and penalti?? usually ?re. Providing tb?t ?ll person? having heretofore paid pent? according to the assessment of the Market ?oese Committee, as ?foresaid, shall be entitled to ?redit for the ?mount so paid. And be it further ordaintd. That the limits of the market, outeide of the war-houee sforesaid, are Boreby decared to include the space between t ??? warehouse ?nd High street to be occupied for the ?ale of produce bv tbe bnckatere, ?nd the east and v?jAa*j?i<le? ot Hi*b etreet, between Bridge street ?nd Trie Cacai, exceptin? a sufficient ?pace way from High etreet to the warehouse to be used by ?oantry dealers only: and ?11 persons are hereby ?prohibited from occupying, or erecting stand? on nay pa't of the streeteor sidewalks for the purpose of felling marketint or produce outeide the limit? a/oreaaiii. under a penalty of ten d??liars for each ?ffenae, to be recovered as aforesaid. And be it further ordained. That the occupants of ?11 fleh st?nde within th? yard of the waren ?use, SBBrk.t bouse, or ou'side between the in?]ip<nre ?nd Hieb street, shall pay tbe same lic-nse and be ?abject to the same penalty aa in a preceding part ?f this ordinance ie assessed and impnaedjon huck sters h?virg st?nde outside of the building' and that all resolution? and ordinances,or parts here ?f itconeietent with this ordinance, be, and they or? h? re".y repealed. Approved beptember in. ]v|. ABbbol?tiob in rel??ion to the Cordini of Fire wood, ?nd the measurement of Tan Bark. Resolved by ?A? Board of Aldermen and Board of fr-rnnnm Council of the Corporation of Georeetown Teat tbe 'ordinance to regulate the Cordine of Firewood" approved July MB, 1821. be n > amend ed, that tbe price allowed to the corder, from and after the passage of tbie resolution shall be ten ?ente per cord. Rtsolrtd further,'Th?t the" ordinance to resu m? e the measurement of Tan Bark''approved 26th Jan??, 1841 be so amended, that the prioe showed to the mea*ur?r. from and after tbe pesnage of ?hi? reaolstion ehatl be twelve cente per cord. X Approved Sept. loth, 1864. A RBS0?.CTIOB to pay certain Claim?. Rtsohed by the Board of Aldermen and Board cf Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, That the elers j>?v to the order of 9. C. Uleston A ?Bo. lbs sum of one hundred and thirty-five dol lar? for the ?mount of heir bill of coal for the ?se of tbe Pot.r and Workhouse, and to tho order ?f John Murphy the euro of ninety dollars for hie bill for a cart furnier?ed te tbe Poor and Work beete [Approved Sept Kith. 1354 1 8PBINO DEBILITY! LANGUOR, LASSITUDE. ABO TBAT LOW 8TATB OE THE SYSTEM ?multar to th? SPRING TIME OP YEAR, ar? immediately relieved by the PBBUVIAN SYRUP, roteste? Solution of PROTOXIDE OP IRON. THE PERUVIAN SYRUP ?Bi plies the blood with ita vital principle, or LITE ELEMENT, IRON, Iatasing Btbbkotb Vioob and Naw Lira into ?1 ?parts of the system. One of the most Distinguished Jurist In New ???land writes to a friend as follow? : " I have tried the PERUVIAN SYRUP, and th? ????alt fully sustains your prediction. It uoa mode ? ii* Mil of me; infused into my eytftem new Vigor and energy; I *m no longer tremulous ?nd debilitated aa when you last eaw me. but stronger, heartier, and witb larger capacity for labor, men tal and physical, than at any time daring the last Ive years.'' Ab eminentDivlne of Boston says: " I bave been using tbe PERUVIAN STRUP for ??me time past ; it give? me nw viooa, bdotabot ?f ?????8, BI.A.-TICITT of M?8CLI." Pamphlete free. J. P. DIN3MORB, rwp No. 491 Broadway. New York. COUGHS! COLDS! CONSUMPTION! W IS TAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY ?*? er tp? Oldbst awd Most Rxliablb Kkms? D1B8 HI TH? W.'KLD FOB * Cough'. Colds, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis, Diffi culty of Breathing, Asthma, Hoarseness, Sort Throat, Croup, ani every Affection of THB THROAT, LUNGS AND CHBST. Wifrtar'e Balsam of Wild Cherry does not Drv np ? Coegb and leave the seeds of Consumption in the mrstem.but l?ceens it, aad cleonsee the Lunge of ?**?"" ""."?uriuee. Bone genuine unless signed "I. BUTTS," on th? ?Bra??". _ RKDDlltO'S RUSSIA s.VLVt.: A REAL PAIN EXTRACTOR. FORTY YBARS* EXPER BNCB s?*u-| fuiiy established tbe superiority of thi? 8alve ?ver all other healing remedies. It reduce? the most angrr ??? king Swellings and Innamatione as ? by Magic; lealf Olo Sobbs, WoDJiDa, Besad,, Ac, in a surprisingly short Urne. Only 25 cents a Box. The above are old and well established Remedies. Por Sale by J. P. DiBBBOB?, 491 Broadwsy, New York, B.'W. Fowls A Co., 1*5 Tremont et., Boiton, _my 28 SA W3m_and by all Druggists. S" KA KIM,- AND NAVAL HER0E8. London Allen'e Life of Duudonald, London Dixon'" Life of Blake. London ?hipwrecss and Disasters ?t Be?, London ives of British Admirals, London ?Billy a Ship wrecks of the British Navy, London Neptune's Heroes, London Cooper's Nevai Biography Boathey's Life of Neiaon,London Cooper? Naval Hietory Memoir of Admiral Brenton, London Memoirs of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith, 2 vols., London Memoirs of Admiral de Saumarez, 2 vols^ London Life and Correspondence of Admiral Napier, 2 vol?., London Niel.?:?-? History < f ?he Royal Navy, 2 vol?.,Lon don Brenton'? Naval Hietory, 2 vol?., London ?ep2_FRANCK TAYLOR. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, that the eubecri ber hath obtained from the Orphans' Cosrt of Washington cornuy, in the District of Columbia. letters of BBBBBBlstooiioa on the personal estate of ? Patrick Larner, let? of Washington, D.O., de ceased. All persona havine claime againtt the ?aid decease?!.?are hereby warned to the same, with the vouchers tfcereof, to the subscri ber, on or before, the 6th aay of February next : they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit ofsaid estate. Given under my hand this 6th day of February. ? ?) 1??4 nix *n.w3w* JOHNH^RUSBELL, Adm'r. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICB That the a'ubecri ber ho? obtained from the Orphans'Court of Washington County, in tbe District of Columbia lettera teatamentary on the personal estate o? James Carrico, late of Washington County, D. 0.. deceased. All persons having claims against trie said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the ?une, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 23d day of August next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit ef the said eftete. Given under my hand this 23d day of Aug. 1864. aum-la-a-ww- _SUSANNAH CABBICO. ""?a&??t'????*" *? MUtremohtan Haul, .late Brown'? ) Waff 36-4P.nunSTlTaniaav.rjBV; ?J"*? WASAUjjto?, .a Btadtuartert MKtMtwyDit?Htt ff JT?thwtaimt, 1 Provost MarsUFt Offitt, \ Washington, D. C , Sept. 12, IMI. ) General Orders, No. 4. Information having been received at these Head ?nar te re, that many p?*reons engaged to the Clothing aad Fnrnishi ?; hnsinees in this Distri?!- bave frequently sold citisene elothee to enlisted men, npon th? men exhibiting cer tificate? ot discharge from tbe United States service ; and ae such dlscnargee have, in most ?asee, proved to be spurious and forged or be longing to some other person than the one present ing it. It? therefore Ordered, That so mach of General Order No. 3, leaned from these Headquarters, that relates to the sale of clothing to enlisted men. Is so amended as to prohibit the sale of clothing to any enlisted man npon discharge papers that be may present, until said papers have been eaumli.ed and a spleni permit obtained lr?jai these Headquarters. Any violation or evasion of this? Order, will be promptly and aeverely punished, and the offenders subjected to the full penalty attached to tre disobedience of this and other existing orders relating thereto. By command of Col. ?. ? Wihiwill, Military Oov'r. T. I >?. a mi am. Colonel and Provost Marshal. sep I'j-ct E'er ?Oepor??.???, Adjutant Venerai't Office, 1 Washington, March 17, IHM. J All applications for leaves of absence or per alsalua to visit Washington must be addroased to Major General Halleck, Chief of Staff, and must specify tbe business for which the officer leslres the permission Telegrams addressed lirect to tbe Secretary of War on thia subject ?will receive ao attention. ?? order of tbe Secretary ef War: E. D ??????????, Assistant Adintant General EDUCATIONAL. COLUMBIAN COLLEGE, D. 0?Tbe session of tbe Preparatory Department opens WEDNES DAY, Sept. 14j of the College. WEDNKSDAY, Sept 28.1864. For catalogues or further informa tion apply to G. W. SAMSON, D. D., sep 6_?o4t*_President. BORROMEO COLLEGE, Pikesville, Baltimore county, Md., opens its ninth session on the 2d Monday of September For the terma **t other in formation address Rev. E. Q. 8. WALDRON, Principal._sep3-lm* ? GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, 151 ?" West street. The duties of this institution will be resumed September 6. For circulara ad dreasthe principal, sep 2 Im?_M. J. HARROVER. CT, TIMOTHY'S HALL. The undersigned will open his SCHOOL FOR BOARDING AND DAY PUPILS, at the above named place on TUESDAY. Sept. 13,1864. He bas. by a very liberal outlay, secured the best talent to assist him in the education of young gen tlemen, and has procured a site inferior to none in tbe country for salabrity of climate and beauty of scenery. The Hall is an extensive series of build ings, fitted up witb every requisite for comfort, convenience and health, surrounded by 3? acres of ground, affording ample scope for physical exer cise. The following gentlemen constitute the faculty: B PAR80N8. Prin-ipaland Professor of Mathematics and Moral Sciences GEO. 8. ?????. A M., Professor of Natural Science and Mathematics. Rev. J.NEWMAN HANK, A.M. Professor of Ancient Languages A Moral Selene? Rev. A 80MMBRCIELD HANK. A M., Professor of Belle* Lettres and Ancient Lant_ua_:e Bev.U.H BRUNING, A M., Professer of German,Spanish and Mathematics. Professor of French Languages. Professor of Painting and Drawing. A.M. METZ, Esq.. Profeesor of Vocal and Instrumental Music. TERMS.?Boarding pupil* $?/? per year of 10 months; weekly boarding pupil* SEM per year of 1<> months; daily pupils ?1<>'> per year of 10 months. including fare to and from the city. For particulars see circulars to be obtained at principal bookstores, or address E PARSONS, Catonsville. _ Bait: more Conntv, Maryland. CircuUrs to be had at the Star Office, sep 2 DA Wim* _ TO PARENTS AND TEACHERS OF GEORGE TOWN.?A fall assortment of SCHOOL BOOK.- constantly on hand, at ?5 High street. sep 2 9t*_ BOARDING AND DAY SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIE8, Corner Proepect and Frederick streets, George town, D. 0. Mrs. Gen. T. T. WHEELER, Prin cipal. The duties of this institution will be re sumed on Monday. Sept. 12. au 29 2w THE UNION "FEMALE ACADEMY.-The fif teenth annual session of this institution will on the 5th of 8eptember, 1864. Oircu lare obtained at the Academy, corner 14th street and New York avenue. au 10-eo2m* \TRS. BUKR will reopen her School on MON ITI DAY. Sept. 26, 391 II street, sep 2-eotoctl' BBOOKVILLE ACADEMY. Session commences Sept. 6th. Entire expense for 21 weeks,filo. Circulars at 8tar Office,or ad dress R. K. BURNS, Principal, an I eo2m* Broekville. Montgomery co.. ??. M. . FEMALE 8CHOOL. RS.MARIA C. McCORMICK. late of Alexan dria. Va., having removed her school to Cam bridge, Md , is prepared to receive four or five girls, as boarding pupils, in her family. Their intellectual, domestic and moral training will re ceive her most assiduous care. Her suesesa. while for years engaged in Alexandria, in educating girls, is well known to all old residente of that town. Parentela this vicinity who desire farther in formation concerning the advantage? of ber school are respectfully referred to Lewis McKenzie,Esq., of Alexandria. Va . or W. D. Wallach, Editor of the Washington 8tar. Her terma for board, tu ition, Ac .are moderate. Cambridge, Md. where ehe has recently located her school, is one of tbe healthiest and most de lightful villages in the Union, and has about it no attribute whatever except such as a prudent and solicitous parent will approve in selecting a local ity in which to have a daughter thoroughly edu cated and trained for future usefulness. The fall term of her school commences on the first Monday ol September. au 26 dim pBOPOSALS FOR WOOD AND COAL. Ornes HorsK or Reisksestativks, U. 8.,I WasHiBr.TOB, D. C, Sept. 7, 18G4. | Sealed Proposals will be received at this office until 12 o'clock m. on the .V'th September, 18->4, for furnishing for the nee of the House of Represen tatives of the United Statee, 360 tons <2.o? 0 lbs.) best Baltimore Company's No. 1 or large Egg WHITE ASH COAL, or of a quality equally good. 6" Cords Bak.r's PINE WOOD. ?) Cords left seas-?ned HICKORY WOOD. ft ?J Cords i.est seasoned OAK WOOD. The whole to be put away in the vaults of the Capitol, under tbe direction of tbe Chief Engineer, t?i whom application may he made for information, Ac. The tvhole to be delivered by the let November next. Bonds for the faithful execution of the contrait will required. Bide for Coal and Wood will be con'idered sepa rately. EDWARB MCPHER80N, sep9 lw Clerk House Representatives, U. S. rpSAMSTERS WANTED. Chief Quartermaster's Office, Depot of Washington,?, x Washington, D. C, Aug. 18. 1864. { Wanted, st once, five hundred (600! to one thou sand (1,0001 Teamsters, each capable of driving with single line snd managing six mule teama. To such who are competent to perform the duty, the pay per month will be thirty five (35) dollar-, with one ration per day, and hospital privileges, including the best medical attendance when sick. Men experienced as Wagon Masters will receive such positions, upon bringing to this point twenty five (2ft) good Teamsters. _ ________ Apply to Captain CHARLES ?. ???????3, A. Q. M U. 8. ?., corner of Twenty-second aud Q meet-, Washington. D.0.DHEUCK1{R Brig. Gen. and Chief Q ? arter m aster, au V-i 21t Depot of Washington. IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS AND OTHERS We invite the attention of all IRNI per*ons who are in want of FUR_ TUBE or HOUSEKEEPING GOODS to call and examine our large and extensive assortment, which we are prepared to offer AT GREAT BARGAINS, thereby making it an important item in tbe selec tion of FURNITURE and other _ _ HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, always to be found at the well known establish ment of McGREGOR A ZIMMERMAN, No. ?530 Seventh street, between an 26-eolm Louisiana av. and Dst , east side. PIANOS.?We have Juat received eightm^re o Steinway A Son's Pianos all of th-gd different sues and styles, which we olier| |gf || for sale at factory prices. These Pianos are some what higher in price than others, but their su periority ia.apparent to all, after a careful exam ination. We have also on hand a largeassortment of other makers. Mason A H?mlinfs Cabinet Or gana, Prince's Melodeon*, at Music Store of * r'w .w ? MET7.BROTT, an 18 Cor. llth at. aud Pa. avenue. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY, " OniO? ?1? PA. AVENUE, Washington, D B. GREAT BASTEEN, NORTHERN. AND WEBT afSPB_PR_8S_F0BWAB_>ER8. MERCHANDISE, MONEY, JEWELRY. VALU ABLE8, NOTES, 8TOCK8, BONDS, ?c, Forwarded with SAFETY AND DISPATCH to aO accessible sections of the country. Thia Company basan?aeiea in tb?Principal Railway Towns in the NORTH. BA8T, WEST, AND NORTHWEST. _ Ita principal offices are WASHINGTON, D. 0.GNEW YORK, BOSTON PHILADELPHIA. BALTIMOBB, GIN? OINNATI, ST. LOUIS. LOUIfl n^,. VILLE. LEXINGTON. _,StB*e?ione are made at New York aad Boston, RRiTiavi _,4,?,,J,dinf ?* the CANADAS and the BRITISH?FBOVINCE8 and other etoanMhip line %.*?__?J_t00JL? SOUTHAMPTON and HAVRE S?!S9-1 G lTaro-p?an expresses to aU prominent ?ommercial towns in Great Britain and th? Conti ??ni. Collection of NOTES, DRAFTS.and BILLBmad? at all aeceaaibl? pa*-ta of th* Cnlt?sTBtatel? ^^ _ __. 0. C. DUNN, Agent, *??.__*?*bl?5*??[yfa, rpHE MERCHANT'S AND BAN EBB? ALMA 1 aMM-lSM ET?T?-t>Hen^^_?" AI,MA _ggggftua_ pEOPOBALS FOB BAT. ~~ (Iffite Depot Ccmm?sarutS Euhsisttnet,**.* Gst.A ?w? -w*? ?- WasTaiasa. Sept 9,18M. \ Sealed Propesala, in duplicate, for ane hundred noii ? tans of good merchantable HAY, will be re ?ei-?dat thii OlBe? until THURSDAY the 22d day of September, UJ64. Proposais must be eadoraed ?' Propesala for H ay," and nona will be entertained unl?*ae vhey fully comply with all the requirement? of this advertisement. . Biedere aanst give their oamea ia full, and each proposal must be accompanied by ao oath of alle giance, and a guaranty, signed bv not lese than two responsible persons, that if a contract is awarded to the party or parties proposing, the con tract will b* accepted and aeUrM into.and gojd and ?ufiicii-nt security furnished for the execution of the contract as proposed. The right to reject anv and all propo ale tba'may be mate under t is adv. rtiseti ent i* reserved by 'he Government, if. in ita opinion, the public interest require. Tt ro-,,posala are ma le by a Brm the namea of all the parties must appear. ?? the individual who s t'ned the bid will be held responsible ?or the ful fillment of the contract, if his ? oposai 's accepted, and will be required to furnish the above specified gua*anty. Then?Oalformof?narantv nvi?>t accompany e?vh pr? posai. and par'ies to ?bora ?war's are made must be prepar.d to execute c.ntract.?? at urn??, and to eive bon<*s equal in amount to one half the sum to be rec-ived on t??e contract, signad by the con tractor and both of his gn .rantor??. t-atiffactorv evidence of the loyalty and solvency of eafb bidder and per*on offered as *ecurity will he required. The resp-nsihility of the guarantors must - e shown by the official sien ture ?<f the clerk rf the near? at district court, orot the Uuited States District Attorney. If any bidder to whom an award may be made re fuses to enter into contract agreeably with the terms of this advertisement, or who, after signing tbe eontraet or bond, shall neglect or refuse to ex ecute t?? same within tbe tirre prescribed, as well in quality aa in quantity, then the Commissary shall have the Tight to supply such deficiency by purchase inopsn market, charging such delinquent bidder or contractor with the advance paid over tbe lid or contract. Proposals from disloyal parties will not be con Eidered, nor will awards be ma^e to any oerson or persons wbo have heretofore failed to fulfil their apreemente or contracts with tbe Government. Bidders must be present at the opening of their bids to respond to tneir names. The Hay to be delivered eitheriu Washington or Alexandria, in bales, properly secured, free of all cost of transportation or handling. All II av contracted for under thisadve tisement will be rigidi} inspected, and such as does not prove of a good merchantable quality will be re jected. The Hay will be paid for in auch funds a* the Government may have on hand to diahurse upon *he completion of the contract, or a* soon thereafter as the proper officer aball be in fund-, Delivery of the Hay to commence within fifteen (18? days from the date of the contract, and to be completed by tbe 1st day of November, 18?4. Proposals must be addressed to the undersigned, G.BELL, sepl0-eo6t Lieut. Col. and C. 8. DBOPOSAL . Navv Department, 1 Bureau of Yards and Docks, August 22,ISSI. { Sealed Proposals for each class separately en dorsed " Proposals for Class No. (name the class) fi r the Navy Yard at (name the yard)," will be re ceived at this office until the 19th of September next, at 1 o'clock.p m., at which honr th*'- opening of the bids will be commenced, for furnishing and delivering, at the several Navy Yards named the nwterials and articles embraced in prin el sshed laes. which with full instructions, will he fur nished on application, and sent by mail-, if so ro ques', ed, to persons desiring to offerto contract for any or all of the classes named there n, be the commandants of the several Navy Yards, for the classes for the yard* und-r their command, or by the Navy .?.?rent nearest thereto, cr by the Bureau for any or all of the yards. To prevent confosion and mistakes in sealing the offers, no bid will be received which contain* classes for more than one yard in one envelope; nor any Lid which is not perfect and complete in itself according to the forms of offer and guaranty, and each individual of a firm must sign the bid and contract. Bidders are hereby cautioned and particularly notified that their offers must be in the form here ? inafter prescribed, and be mailed in time to reach their destination before the time expires for re ceiving them; no bid will be considered which ? hall be received after the period stateti, and no allowance will be made for failures of the mail. All offera ttust be accompanied by a certified copy of the bidder's license. To guard against offers being opened before the time appointed, bidders are requested to endorse on the envelope, abeve the address, and draw a line under the endorsement, thus: ?'Proposals for Class No. (same the ciaf?) for the Navy ?ard at (name the yard.)" To the Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks, Washington. D. C. Instructions and forms of offer, with copies of he laws benrin.. on the subject, will be furnished by comm?ndants of yards, navy agents, and the Bureau, on application to all or either of tbem. POBTSMOUTH.N.H. Class No. 1. Bricks; class No. 2, Stone; class No. 6, Oak and Hard Woed; class No. fi. White Pine, Spruce. Juniper, and Cypress; class No. 7, Lime, Hair, and Plaster; class No 8, Cement; class No. 9. Gravel and Sand; class No. 9%, Moulding and Fire Sand and Fire Clay; class No. 10,Slate; class No. 11, Iron. Iron Nails, and Spikes; class No. 12. bteel; class No. 13, fin Iron; (.las.?! No. 14, Filos; class No. 15, Paints, Oils, and Glass; class No. 16, Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hardware, class No. 18. Stationery; class No. 19, Fire Wood; class No. 2? , Hay and Straw: class No. 21, Provender; class No. 22. Charcoal; class No. 23. Belting, l'ackii g, and Hose; class No. 24. Sperm and _.ubrisating Oils; class No. 25. Icon Castings class No. 2?, Augurs; class No. 27. Anthracite UoaI? cla?sNo.29, Bituminous Cumberland Coal; class No. 31, Copper and Composition Nails; class No. 32, Machinery and Tools; class A, Cement Paint. BOSTON. Clase No. 1, Bricks; class No. 2, Stone; class No. 9, Oak and Hard Wood; class No. 6, White Pine, Spruce, Juniper, and Cyress; class No. 7. Lime, Hair and Plaster; class No 8, Cement; class No. 9, Gravel and Sand; class No. 9S, Moulding and Fire Sand and Fire Clay: class No. 11. Iron. Iron Spikes aad Nails; class No. 12, Steel ; class No. li. Pig Iron; class No. 14, Files; class No. 15, Paints, Oils and Glass; class No. 16, Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hardware; class No. 18. Stationery; class No. 19, Fire Wood; clasa No. 2?', Hay and Straw; class No. 21, Provender: class No. 22, Charcoal; class No. 23, Belting, Packing and Hose: class No. 24, Sperm and Lubricating Oils; class No. 2__, Iron Castings; class No. 2?i, A'lger?; class No. 27, An thracite Coal: clii-s No. ?1, Bituminous Cumber land Coal; clas? No. 3?, Semi-Bituminous, Broad Top Coal, and I'ictou; class No. 32, Machinery ani Tor>N; c'a=s A.New Joiner Shop; cla?s B. H.B. Smith's Patent Boring arid Mortising Machine. NEW YORK. Class No. 1, Bricks; class No 2. Stone; dais No. 2H, Stone; class No. 4, Yellow Pine Lumber: class No. 5. Oak and Hard Wood; class No. ?. White Pine, Spruce. Juniper and Cypress; class No. 7, Lime, Hair and Plaster; c'rfs No 8, Cement; class No. 9, Gravel and Sand: class No. '.?,'?, Moulding and Fire SaDd and Fire Clay: class No. If?, Slate; clans No. 11, Iron, Iron Spikes, and Nails: class No. 12, Steel: class No. 13, Pit: Iron; class No. 11, Files; class No. 15. Paints. Oils and Glass; class No. 1<5. Snip Chandlery; clasrf No. 17, Hardware; class No. IS. Stationery; class No. 20, Hay ?.nd Straw, class No. 21, Provender; claas No.22. Char c?>al; clasa No. 23, Belting. Packing, and Hose; class No. 24. Sperm and Lubi-icatinji Oi!s;c.lass No V>, Ironworks. Piping. Ac : class No. 2??, Augers; clafs No. 27, Anthracite Coal: class No. 3o, 8emi Bituminous Broal Top Coal; classNo. 31. Cop per and Composition Nails; class A, FiroTruck, Ac. PHILADELPHIA. Class No. 1, BricKs; class No 2, Stone; class No. 4, Yellow Pine Timber; olas.? No. B, Oak and Hard Wood; class No. ii. White Pine, Spruce, Juniper, and Cypress: class No. 7, Lime,Hair.end Plaster; class No 9, Gravel and 8and; clas* No. 11, Iron, Iron Spikes, and Nails ; class No. 12, Steel ; class No. 14, Files; class No. 16, Paints. Oils, and Glass; eia?. No. 1C, Ship Chandlery: class No. 17, Hard ware ; class No. 18, Stationery- class No. 19, Fire wood; class No. 2ii, Hay and Straw; class No. 21, Provender; class No. 22. Charcoal: class No. 23, Pelting, Packing, and Hose: class No. 24. Sperm and Luoricatin?: Oils: class No. 2o, Augers; class No. 27, Anthracite Coal; class No. 30, Sami-Bita minous, Brosd Tep Coal; class No. 32, Machinery and Tools; cUss A, iii!ge Water Indicators; class B, Spark Arresters; cla?.sC. Pitc'i nouee. NAVAL A8YLUB1, Class No. 1. Clothing: class No. 2, Hats, Boots, Bhoes, &c; class No. 3, Provisions; class No. 4, Groceries; class No. 5, Dry Goods; class No. fi. Bread, 4c ; class No 7, Tobacco; class No. S, Coal; class No. 9, Paints, Oils. Glass, Ac: class No. 11. Lumber; class No. 12, Firewood; class No. 13. Provender; class No. 11, Miscellaneous; class No. 15, Hardware; clas,* No. 10, Stationery. WASHINGTON. Class No. 1. Bricka: class No. 2, Stone; dass No. 4 Yellow l'ipe Lumber: class No. 5, OaK and Hard Woo?': class No. 6, White Pine, Spruce, Juniper, and Hi press; class No. 7, Lime, Hair, and Plaster; clan? No. 8 Cement; class No. 9, Gravel and 8and; ?lase No. 91.. Moulding and lire Sand and Fire Clay; class No. 11, Iron, Iron Nails, and Spikes; class No. 12, Steel;? clasa No. 13, Pig Iron; class No. 14. Files; class No. 15. Paints, Oils, and Glass; class No. 16 Ship Chandlery; elass No. 17, Hard warejclasaNo. 18. Stationery; class No 19. Fire wood ?class No. 2(). Hay and Straw; class N?.21, Powder; clasa No 22. Charcoal; claas No. 23, Belt ing. Packing, and Hose: clasa No. 23, Sperm and Lubricating Oils; class No. 27, Anthracite Coal; class No. 29, Bituminonf Cumberland Coal; class No. 32. Machinery and Tools. NOBFOLK. Clase No. 1, Bricks; class No. 3. Tellow Pine Timber; class No. 4, Yellow Pie? Lumber: class No. 6, Oak and nard Wood: class No. 6, White Pine, Spruce, Juniper and Cypress: class No. 7. Lime, Hair and Plaster: class No.8. Cement; class ?o.^'i. Moulding and Fire sand and Fire Clay ?class No. 1?, Slate; class No. 11, Iron. Iron Spikes and Naila; claaa No. 12, Steel; clasa No. 13, Pie Iron; ciaf s No 14, Files; class No. 15. Paints, Oils and Glass; class No 16. Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hardware;class No 18. Stationery; class No. 19, Firewood; class No. 20, Hay and Straw; class No. 21 Provender; class No. 22, Charcoal: class No. 23, Belting, Packing and Hoae; clasi No. 24, Sperm and Lubricating Oil: claes No. 29, Au -ere: class No. 27, Anthracite Coal; class No. 29. Bituminous, Cum btrland Coal; clas*No. 31.Semi- Bituminous Broa 1 Top Coal- Lump; class No. 31. Copper and Compo sition Nails, class No. 32, Machinery and Tools; claaa A, Sashes, Glazed. PBN8ACOLA.FLOBIDA. Class No. 16, Ship Chandlery; class No. 17, Hard ware; class No. l?, btationery; class No 19, Fire wood; class No. ?1, Hay and Straw; class No. 21, Provender; class No. 24, 8perm ami Lubricating Oila; class No 26, Augers: class No. 27. Anthra cite Coal; class No 19, Bituminous Cumberland Coal; claas No. 32, Machinery and Tools. au 24-W4W M] JBDICAL PUBVBYOB'S Of FIOB, Wasbibutob, D O . June IS, 1864 Alldaal.reln this city and ?eorgetown" who wish te ??tito1 th? Mediasi_ JPurveying^epaxtment^ar? requested to Bend h?,this oBleiTon th?MONDAY of ?sah week, s eealed Ust of th? artielea they may be prepared te fnrnieh, at short notice, with lb? price of eaeh attached to the aame. ? ' 0.8UTHBBLAND. je UJ-tX Burg. D. 8. ?.. Medical Purveyor. ? FBOFOaUA_ piOrOSALB FORBABNirse IRONi?, Obd*?abc? Orrio?, Wab De>A??rBBirf,? WasBiBeve-i. Sept. ?,???. f Proposals will be leceived by this Department until SaTUKDaY. tbe 17th day of ?September. at? o'clock p. m , for the delivery at the Spring field Armory. M a-each use? te. Watervliet, Frank - tortor New York Arsenals, of 6.1WO single seta of Wrought Iron Work, for United States Artillery Harness. The Harneea Irons sre to be pocked in well mode boxes eoataining twelve single sets each, being an assortment for 4 wheel and 8 lead horse?; and each twelve eets eo poshed, wili consist of th? following Pisces : S paire long Hames,complete 5 poire abort Harnee, complete 6 poire medium Harnee, complete 48 Trace Clips with 1?4 Rivets 4 double Loops or Eves 12 Saddle loupe ? bent for conile) 24 Troce Eyes 24 long Chains, with toggles 4 Breast Hooks 2leg Guards, with I? rivet*. 6 Paddle.Loops, straight, for ridi-D-t saddle Pom mel Thei-e Harness Irons are to conform strictly in n' tern and weight t<? be model set^ till? seen ?t .1 is office and ai the Sprintirield Ann-ry: : re to be e.iio.ithly ti?ieb*d; are to fill the standard guones, and each piece is to be made of the si/.?? ant kind of iron prescrioed in the official bill of iron, copies of which can b- obtained at this office, at the New York Agency, and at the Springfield Arm? ry. AM the irons are to be well Japanned?the japan to be of the best quality. an 1 well baked on. Tfiey are to be subject to inspection at the factory where made, before and after japanning. The Harnee are to be marked with the maker's name, tbe size, and toe letters U S. A. The latter letier? one fourth of an inch high. All the pieces are to be put up In proper bundles, prop* ri y labelled, and each box ie to be earefully pacaed, as prescribed by the Inspector. The packing-box to be paid for at the Inspector's valu ation. Deliveries are to be made at the rate of not less than sixty eete per day, commencing on the let day of October, 1*j61. next. Failure to deliver at the specified time will eub Ject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver st that time. No bids will be considered except from parties actually er gaged in tbe manufacture of tbis or similar kinds cf iron work, and who con bring ample evidence that they have in their own shops all the machinery and appliances for turning out the full amount of work specified per doy. GUARANTEE. The bidder will be required to accompany hia proposition with a guaranty signed by two respon sible person?, that, in cam bis bid be accepted, he will at once execute the contract for the ?earn e with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum e?]uol to the amount of the contract to deliver the articles pre posed in conformity with the terms of this adver tisement; and in case the said bidder should fail to enter into the contract, they to make good the dif ference between the offer of eaid bidder and the next responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. The responsibility of the fruarantors must be shown by the official certificate of the Clerk of the nearest District Court, or of the United States District Attorney. Bond? in a sum equal to tbe amount of the con tract, signed by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will be required of the succeesfal bid der or bidders upon signing tbe contract. FORM OF GUARANTEE. We, the undersigned, residents of -, In the county of-, and State of-, hereby. Jointly and eeverolly, covenant with the United States, and guarantee, in case tha foregoing bid of - ? be accepter!, that he or they will at once exe cute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to furnish the articles proposed, in conformity to the terms of this advertisement, dated Bept. 1,1884,under which the bid was made, and in case the said-shall fail to enter into a contract oh aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the difference between the offer of the said - ond the next lowest nesponsible bUder.or the per son to whom the contract may be awarded. ?Given under our hands and seals this-doy of-, 186?. Witness: [Seol.l [Baal.] To this guaranty muRt be appended the official certificate above mentioned. Forms of bids con be obtained ot ony of the above-named arsenals. Proposals not made out on this form will not be receiv?d. Bids will be received for the entire number or ony part thereof; and bidders will state the arsen al ot whi -h they can deliver, ond the number of sets ot eocb, if for mor?? than one. Tbe Department reserves the right to reject any or all the bids, if deemed unsatisfactory on ony account. Proposals will be addressed to "Brigadier Gen eral George D. Ramsay, Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington, D. C." and will be endorsed "Proposals for Harness Irons.'? _ GEORGE D. RAMSAY. epl-eotd Brig. Gen., Chief of Ordnance. PROPOSALS FOR lOSAOl. OBiar Qoabtbababtib's Orrioa, ? Wabhiboto? Dbfut, Deo. 8,1<%3. { Sealed Proposals ore invited by the undersigned for supplying the ?. a. Quortermoster'e De ?ortment.ot Washington. D. O., Baltimore, Md.. .lexsrndrie. ?nd Fort Monroe, V?., or either of these placee, with Hay, Cor?, Oats and Straw. Bide will be received for the delivery of 9,9m bushels of corn or o?te and 60 tons of hay or straw, and upwards. Bidders must state at which of the above-named points tbey propose to make deliveries, ond th. rates ot which tbey will make deliveries thereat, the qnantltyet each article proposed to bedeliv ered, the time when said deliveries shall be com menced, and when to be completed. The price must be written ont in words on th? bide. Corn to be up in good stout socks, of about two bueheleeoch. Oate In like sacke of about three Dusheleeach. Tbe sack? to be furnished without extra charge to the Govenment, Th? hoy and ?traw to be securely baled. The particular kind or description ? oste, corn hay or straw proposed to be delivered most be atoted in the proposals. All the article* offered under the bids herein In vited will be subject to o rigid inspection by th? Government Inspector before being accepted. Contract? will be awarded from time to time to the lowest responsi hie bidder, ae the interest of tbe Government may require ond payment will be mode when the whole omont contracted for snail hove bee? * vii vered and accepted. The bidaer wili be required to accompany his proposals with a guaranty, signed by two respon sible persons that in case his bid is accepted he or they wild, within ten days thereafter, execute the contract for the same, with good and eufflcient Burettes in o sum equal to the amount of the con tract, to deliver the forage proposed in conformity witb the terme of thie odvertiement: ond in cos? tbe eoid bidder should fail to enter Inte the con tract, they to make good the difference between the offer ofsaid bidder and the next lowest respon si ble bidd? , or the pereon to whom the contrae* may be awarded. The responsibility ct the guarantors must bs shown by the official certificate of a ?. S. Dietriot Attorney, Collector of Customs or ?ny other officer under the United States Government or responsi ble pereen known to thie office. All bidders will be duly notified of the ?ocept once or rejection cf their proposals. The full name and P. O.. address of each bidder must be legibly written in the proposal. Proposals must he addresse/d to Brig. Gen. D. H. Bunker, Cb'ef *>epot Quartermaster, Washington D.O., and ?should be plainly marked " Proposals for Forage." Bonds, in a eum equal to the amount of tbe con tract, signed by the contractor and both >f hi? fuarontors. will be required of the success*-?1 aid er or bidder? npon nigning tbe contract. Blar e forma of bids, guarantee?, ond bonds, may be obtained upon application at thi? Offioe. FORM OF PROPOSAL. (Town, County and State)-?? ? (Date) i, the ?rabecriber^do hereby propose to furnia? and deliver to ?he United States, at the Quarter master's G-jpartmeut at -, agreeably to th? terme of your advertisement inviting proposal? for forage, dated Washington Depot, Dec. 3, IS*"? the following articles, vis : -bnshele of Corn, in sacke, at-per bushel ef Sti pouna? -bnshele oi Oats, in eaoke. at-per bushel of 32 pounds -tone of Baled Hay, at - per ton of 2.000 pounde -tone of Baled Straw, at-per ton of 2,00? Delivery to commence on or before the-day of -i 186?, and to be completed on or before the -day of-, 186?, and pledge myself to enter Into a written contract with the United 8totes. witb good ond approved eecuritiee, within the space of ten days after being notified that my bid has been accepted. You r obedient servant. Brigadier General D.H. Ruobbb. Generol Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. 0, GUARANTY. We, the undersigned, residents Of-, 1b the County of-, and State of-. hereby, Jointly ?nd severally, covenant with the United States, and guarantee in cose the foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or tbey win, within ten day? after the acceptance of said bid, execute the con tract for the rame with good ond sufficient sure ties, in a sum equal to the amount of the oontroot, to furnish the forage proposed in conformity to the terms of advertisement doted Deoember 8,1863, nnder which the bid was made, and, in aaae th? ?aid- shall fail to enter into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the differ ence between the offer by said-ond the next loweet responsible bidder, or the person to whoa the contract may be ?warded. Witness, ? Given ander our hands and seals this ?? do? of -'**-' [seal?.! I hereby certify that, to the best ot my knowl edge ond belief, the above named guarantors art g?od ?nd sufficient as sureties for the amount for which they offer to be security. ?-. To be certified by the United States District At torney, Collector of Customs, or ony other officer under the United States Government, or respon sible person known to this office. BU0K1B dec 9-tf Brigadier Generol ond Q. M. "( CHIEF QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, DBroBTer Wabbibbtob, Washington, D. C. January ?, 1864. All dealer ? in Drug?, Hardware, Lumber, Leataer, Office Furniture, Harnees, aud Saddlery, ore re quested to send to this office, on MONDAY of eoe? week, a moled proposal or list, m duplicate, ot the articles they ore prepared to furnish to this Depot at short notice, with tne price of each marked in plain figures, so that, in cam the exigencies of the eervioe require it, the article or articles san be obtains? without delay, and ot the lowest prioe. Dealers wishing to sell to this Depot will be re quired to furnish thslist punetnolly evenr Mondo? morning. D. H. RUCKES, Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, Jao-tf gsjfBJ otWoAhingcXtm. ?jnOMPANION TO THB RBBBLLIOM BEOORS, V* containing Official Reporte Narratives ?nd B??te Papere.both Notions! and Rebel,.which w?re not published in th? regular issues of the Bebel LAND SALES. ?? THJ ?????*???? OF TBB UNITBD FORTBE8ALBOFYALUABL1LAND9INTHB LATE WINNEBAGO INDIAN RK8BRVATION INMINNB8UTA. InpursnoBoeoflsw. I, ABRAHAM LINCOLN. President of the United Stotee of America, do hereby declare and moke known tbat pablic ?ales will be held in the u&der mentioned Land Office, in the Mute ?if Minnesota, at the p?riode herein aft? rdesignated, t? wit: _ At the Load Office at St Peter, commencing on MONDAY, the fifth doy of December next, for the disposal of the public lends comprised m tne lote reserve for tbe Winnebago Indians, above men tinntd. and situated in tbe following ports of townships. wVich will bo sold ot the appraised value of the lande and the improvements thereon, vii: Nenh uf the base line and west ??/ the Afik principal meridian. Tn Uwnshi ? IS, range-M.15 .ISl.!*; acres. In township l? 7, ronge ?4_? ?? . 6.4H5.44 In township ne. ronge 25_.?m 254.31 li township ??G*. ronge 25.17.?4?*.71 li township I??, ranee M.?.. 277.*U V (?chedule particularly C escribing the individ ui trac?*, with tbe apprai"??d v?lne p?r acre, ?ill t . p-n for inspection at the District Lond Offices ii M iineeota ' he offp-rine of the above lands will be com an, need en the day appointed . and will proceed, in tli?? order d*t*i?nated in the oh ?ve-mentioued schedule, and consecutivel? by townships, as here in advertised, until the whole shall hove been offered, and the sale thus closed; but the sa1 e shiill ?? t be kept open looirer than two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lands will bead niitied uutil after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the city of Washing ton, this 2.*>d day of August. Anno Domini one thousaud eight hundred and sixty-four. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By the President : JOS. 8. WILSON, Acting Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO ACTUAL BONA FIDE SBTTLERS PRE-EMPTORS. In the third section of the act of Congress, op iroved 21st of February, 1863. Btatutes, volume U, Cage 651?. opening to sale the Winnebago Reserva ion. it is stipulated that before any person shall be entitled to enter any portion of the said lands, by pre eruption or otherwise, previous to their exposure to sole to the highest bidder ot public outcry, he sboll become on actual bono-fide settler thereon, and shall conform to oil the regulation? now provided by law in cose? of pre emption. ai.(l ehali pay, within the term of one year from tbe date of the settlement, the full appraised value of the lande and the improvements trereon. Now. in order that oll Ruch bona-fide, actual settlement* may be secured to the several pre emptors, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVBN, tbat they mast come forward and file their affida vits, designating the particular tracts on which they may be actually settled, giving the date of eucn actual settlement, and. before the expiration of one year from nuch dote, the several pre-emption claims must be established before the Register and Receiver, according to the requirements of the pre-emption laws, and fu'l payment mode thereon, according to tbe full affixed, appraised value of the lands and improvements thereon. 1st. In all such cases where tbe year may not elapse before the commencement of the public ?aie. Ruch bono fide actual settlements maraud are hereby ordered to be excluded from the publie ?ale. 2d. In all pre-emption cases in which the year may expire before the commencement of the pub lie sale the parties must eetabtish and pay np for their claims, otherwise all tracts ie this close will be offered to the highest bidder, under th?forego ing proclamation, vet with tbe stipulation tbat at such public fale the price must not be for a less sum thon for the appraised value. _ JOS. S WILSON, au30 1aw]3w Acting Commissioner. ?G-LOTHING AND CLOTHING MATERIALS. NAVT DBPARTMKNT, I Bureau or Pbovisioss aun ??.?tp???3,> September 1,19-54. \ Separate Proposals, sealed and endorsed "Pro posils for Navy Clothing, ond Clothing Mate rials," wi.l be received otthis bureou until two o'clock p. m , on the llth day of October next, for furnishing ana delivering (on receiving thirty days'notice) at the United State- Navy Yards ot Cbarle-town, M?se.. and Brooklyn. N. Y., in euoh numbers and quantities and ot eucn times as may be specified by the chief of this bureou or by the commandants of the said Navy Yards, respective ly, the numbers and quantities of the different ar ticles, and at the places specified in the following list, viz : _ _ Charlestown. Brooklyn, Pea Jackets.3,000 7,<t?? Round Jackets._2 ?Don 3,'?oo BlueCloth Trowsers, paire-3.0??) 5,000 Blue Satinet Trowsere, '* _8.000 12,0o0 Canvas Duck Trowsere, " _3 ?'??) 6,0">0 Bnrnsley Sheeting Frocks_d,??? 01X0 Blu?? Flannel Overshirts.6,uno ??,??? Blue Flannel Undershirts._12,000 18,000 Blue Flannel Drawere, paire_12.000 18,000 Blue Satinet, yards.__.. .fin,000 ???,??? Blue Flannel, " .BO.orO lOujj'vO BlueNockin, " .6,0"0 10,000 Calfskin Laced Shoes, pairs... .10.1)00 15. ?<? Eip-skin Shoes.10,000 15,ooo Woollen Soeka.10,000 ??,??? Blarkets.g,0U0 12,000 Mattresses (with one cover for eoch)....A?0? 8.01*0 Black Silk Handkerchiefs.tir- ? 8.000 Boo*?, paire.4,O?0 ?"0 Offers mav be made for one or more articles, at the option of the bidder, and in case more than one article i? contained in thi* offer, the chief of th?) bureau will have the right to accept one or more of tbe articles contained in such offer and reject the remainder. T/i? price must be uniform, and of Jrrs must eiiit-iarc all of any ene o r more articles de liri rabie at all the stations For the description of articles in the above list, bidders are referred to the samples at the said navy yards, and to the advertisement of this bureau da ted July 8. 1863, and for information as to the laws and regulations ? in pamphlet form ?regarding con tracts, to the officers of tbe several commandants of d?t ? yards and navy agents. The department -eservee the right to relect any propoFal not considered advantageous to the Gov ernment. Blank forms of proposals may be obtained on ap plication to the navy ageut at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, and at this bureou. sep 2-law4w IMPORTANT TO BUTLBR8 BUTLERS "WILL FIND K. A. DOW NINO ts CO.'S CONCENTRATED CLAM TO BB A MOST VALUABLB ARTICLE TO THEIB TRADB, It sells very rapidly, and is the most economical article ?f di st for the officer's mem. It is prepared in one minute, and makes a most delicious Soup or Chowder. It is highly recommended bv Arni Surgeons, The profite are large. H. A. DOWNING A CO.. Manufacturers of Concentrated Food No. Ill Bast 18th st.. New York. For sale bv ? ARBOUR A SEM MES, Sole Agents, 66 Louisiana Avenue, se l-ly Washington, D. 0 FAPB-RHAffiaiflGf?, A great variety of ENTIRELY NEW STYLES Adopted to PARLORS, DINING ROCIM8, HALLS, ABD CHAMBIR8, Also, *.< 00 YARDS CANTON MATTINGS, l.dOO YARDS FLOOB OIL CLOTHS, Our Mattings are unrivalled in thie city, compii ing in part the fameue Gowqua brand for parlo Oil GlothtPfrom 3 to 12 feet wide, adapted to dinl roome, halle, Ac. Als?? WINDOW SHADES. BRASS CORNICES, PARLOR MATS, Paper hung by skillful workmen, ?nd ?11 ords promptly attended to. Give ue ? call aad aa from 10 to 90 per oent. BIFFLB A FALCONER'S No. 3487th street, between I street end apg-ee_Mam, ?venu?, CLARIFIED CIDER I ?, .?_ CLARIFIED CIDER II I hove )uet received per schooners '?George 8. Adame" and "J. W.." from Boston o large supply of pure MassachusettsCLARIFIBDOIDER,whica I oner for sale at the lowest market price, in quan ti ti e? to suit purchasers Hotel keepers. Butlers, and all others in went of? prime article of Cider are invited to call and ex amine this before purchasing elsewhere. RILEY A 8HINN. Union Bottling; Depot, 57 Green st.. _Georgetown. P. 0. MARYBOROUGH'S DISPATCHES, Edited by General Murray 3 vole.,London. Dispatches of Lord Nelson. 7 vole,, London. Official Dispotebes of the War of 1812. ?Memoirs ana Correspondence of Sir Thee. Picton, S vole London. Col. Frazer'e Letter? daring the Peninsular and Waterloo Campaign?, London. Sir Charles Napier's Life and Official Correspon dence^ vols Life ana Letters of Admiral de Saumurez. 2 vols., London. Diary and Dispatches of Gen. Sir Robert Wilsoa, Jvol?.. London. _ . _ Sir W. Sidney Smith'? Life and Dispatches, 1 vol?., London. .,. ... . , T . Collingwood'e Public and Priv?te Letters with a memeir, 2 vols., London. Wellington's Diepatcbe?, London. Confederate Official Riporta of Battlea. General McClellan's Report. jag?*! Barry's ?^g^gag TAYL0B, ORPHANS'COURT. SEPTEMBER 3D,1?S4. Disvkiot or Columbia, Codstt or Wabhibo? tob. io irt*: In the case of Charles ?. Hawkins, Ad ministrator of John Hawkins, deceased, the Administrator aforesaid hoe. with the approbation oftheOrphans'Courtof Washington Countyafore said.appointedSATUBD AY, the 24th day of Septem ber next.for the final settlement and distribution of tbe personal estate of said deceased, and ef tile as?ete in hand, as far as the same have been col lected and turned into money; when andlwhere all tbe creditors and heirs of said deceased are notified to attend, (ot the Orphans' Court of Washington County aforesaid.) with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit in said deceased s estote: provided a copy of this order be published enee ?week for three weeks in the Evening Star, previous to the soid 24th day of September. 18?. _____?_ Test- L. O. BOBBTN8, sep2-law3w* _Regi ??ter of Wills. MAP Of RICHMOND AND SURROUNDING co?ntry.?nowin?rsbel fortidcoUone-yicents. io FRANCE. TAILOR. D* ?""?ism*?, LOOM OFFICI NO. ? SOUTH FBJaDBBIOK 8TBJLff*M G?? ONLY PHYSICIAN ADVERTISINGS ?ae discover?? th? noet Cartaio. Speedy, ?ne Effectual Bemedv In the world for ? ~-?n DISBASBSOP IMPRUDBNOB. Belief As ?Ne Hours! Nt ?rWJbaaf/ Faraona Ruined by Ignorant Pretenders, ot t* Deadly Peiaon. Mercury, ahould ay pi y **** immediately. A CUME WABBANTED OR NO CHARGE IN FBOM ONE TO TWO DAYS. _ Weak ?..? of the Back, Involuntary Di m karg??, Stricture*. Affeetio-* of the Kidney* and Biada??. Impoteaoy. General Debility. Nervouaueoe. Dyt> ?epey. Languor, Low Spirita, Confusion of Idea?, Palpitation of the Heart, Timidity. Trembling, Dimness of Sight or Giddlneaa, Dlaenao of th? Head, Tkrrat No??, or 8kin. Affections of the Liver, Lungs. Stomach or Bowels?theae Terrible Disor ders arising from Solitary Habita of Youth?the ?????? and solitary practice more fatal to their victims than the s,.n? of Syrens to the marin-r? ef Blys?u*. bHghting their most brilliant hop*? of anticipations, rendering marriage, Ac, Impoaad YOUNG MEN Especially, wbo hate become the victima of Soli tary ? iee.tb it dreadful and destructive habit -rhloB annually sweeps to an untimely grave thousands of Yonng Men of the most'ed ta'ent and brilliant lntell?s?t.who might otherwise have entranced Hg. teniog Senat?-* with the thunders ef oloqaence or waked to extaey the living lyre, may call with fall confidence TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. These are some of the sad and melancholy ?Beet? produced by early habits of youth, ?ia Weakness of the Back and Limbs, Pain in the Head, Dlmaeaa of Bight. Los* of Mnscular Power. Palpitation of the Heart. Dyspepsia, Nervon* Irritability f^. rangement of the Digestive Functions. General Debility. Symptoms of Consomption, Ae Mbntai it,?.?The fearful effects ou the mind are much to be dreaded?Lose of Memory Confusion of Ideas. Depression of Spirits. ?t?? foreboding?. Aversion to Society, Self distrust. Lot? of Soil? tude. Timidity, Ae _ MARRIAGE Married Persons, or yonng men contemplating marriage .aware of Physical Weakness, Organi? Debility, Wasting of the Organa, Deformities, Ac, ahould apply immediately. He who places himself under tbe care of Dr. J, may religiously confide in hit honor as a gen tleman and confidently rely upon bis skill aa a Physician. OBGANIO W1AKNB88. IMPOTBNOT IMPBDI MJNT8 TO MARRIAGB By Dr. Johnston's marvelous treatment, Weak ness of the Organs is speedily cured, and full vigor restored. Thousands of the most nervous, debili? tated and impotent, who had loat all hope, have been immediately relieved. All impediments to marriage, Physical or Mental Disqualifications, Loas of Procreative Power, Ner vous Irritability, Tremblings, and Weakness, er Bxhaua?m of the most fearful hind, speedily eured. Dit. JOHNSON. Member of the Boyal College of Bargeona, Lon don, Graduate from one of tbe most eminent Col leges in tbe United States, and the greater part off whose life has been spent in the hospital* of Lon don, Paris,Philadelphia and elsewhere.haa effected aome of the most astonishing cures that were ever known; many troubled with ringing in the head aad ears when asleep.great alarmed at audden sounds, ba*hfulne??e. with fregnoni blushing, attended sometimes with derangemaai ?f mind, were cured Immediately. YOUNG MEN who bar? Injured themselves bv ? oertsla arseti?? indulged in when alone?a habit frequently I earned from evil companions, or at school, the effects of which are nightly felt, even whea asleep, and, it not cured, renders marriage impossible, an?J de stroys both m'Dd and bedy, should applv lm'inedi ately. What a pity that a yonng man, the hop? of hit eountry and darling of nia parents, should be snatched from all the prospects and eojoeroenta of life by the consequence of deviation from the path of nature and indulging in a certain secret habit. Snob persons must, before contemplating MARRIAGE reflect that s sound mind and body are the necessary requisites to promote connubial happi nesa indeed. Without these tbe Journey through life become* a weary pilgrimage, the pre ?poet hourly darkena to the view: the mind oeoomeg shadowed with despair and filled with tbe melan choly reflections that the happiness of Another Is blighted with onr own. DISEASES OF IMPR?DENCB. When tbe misguided and imprudent votary ef pleasure flads he bas imbibed the seeds of this pain? ful disease, it often happens that an ill-timed aenea of shame or dread of discovery datera him from ap plying to those whs, from education and respecta bility can alon? befriend him. He falla into tk? hands of Ignorant and designing pretender?, who, incapable of curing, filch hia pecuniary an baiano?, keep him trifling month after month, or ae long a? the smallest fee can be obtained, aud in despair leave him with ruined health to sign over his gall ing disappointment, or, by the use of that deadlp poison. Mercury, hast.m the constitutional symp t?me of this terrible disease, such aa Affectiona ot the Head, Throat, Noe?, Skin. et?., progreasing with frightful rapidity until death puts an end to bia dreadful Bufferings by sending him to that un discovered eountry from whose bourne no travele, returns. OFFICE 7 SOUTH FREDERICK STREBT? left band aide going from Baltimore atreet, a few doors from the corner. Fall not to observe name and number. B9r*No lettera received unless post-paid snd con tain ing a stamp to be need on the reply. Persons writing should state age, and send portion ot ad vertisement describing symptom*. The Dr.'s Diploma hangs in kis Qffiet. INDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. The many thousand cured at thia establishment within tbe last twenty years, and the numerous Important Surgical Operations performed by Dr. Johnston, witnessed by the reportera of "The Bun** and many other papera, notices of which have ap riared again ana again before the publie, beside? is standing as a gentleman of character and re aponsibility, ia ? sufficient gu?rante? to the f flicted. SKIN DISEASES SPEEDILY CURED Ja29-ly_ gBCBJST DISBASJ5SI_B?CBBT DISIASI? BAMARITAN'8 GIFT SAMARITAN'S GIFTI THB MOST CERTAIN BXMBDY BV1B UBI? *"%?, A Positiv? Cure" for OONORBOSA, GLEET, BiMlOTORES, et* Contains no Mineral, no Balsam, no Mercury, Only Ten PUls to ot Taken to affect a Cure Tbey are entirely vegetable, having no smell noi any unpleasant taste, and will not in any way In jure tbe stomach or bowels of the moat delicate. Cures in from two to four days, and recent oasei in "twenty-four hours." Prepared by a graduate of tbe University of Pennsylvania, one oftbe most eminent Doctora and Chemists of the present dap, BO BBBOBUBB, BO TR'irni. ?. BO OB-HOB WH 4TBVIB, Let those wbo have despaired of getting cured, or who have been gorged with Balaam Oopavia. et Mercury, try the SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Bent by mail in a plain envelope. Price?Male packagea, fj. Female 99. BLOODI BLOOD 11 BLOOD11 SCROFcLA, ?LCmR?, SORES, SPOTS TETTERS, SCALES, BOILS, SYPHILIS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, sto. SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JU10B 1? offered the public as a positive cure. SYPHILIS OR VENEREAL DIBBASBb. th? SA MARITAN'S BOOT AND HERB JUICB. Is tke most poten}, certain and effectual remedy ever prescribed; it reaches and eradicates every partici? oftbe venereal poison, so that the cure Is thorough and permanent Take then of this purifying reme dy and be healed, and do not transmit to y our pos terity that for which you may repent in after yeara DO NOT DESPAIR I Although you may be pronounced incurable, the SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND nERB J?I0E8 Will remove every vestige of impurities from th? aystem, aa well as all the bad effects of Mereury. FBMALB8I FBMALB8II In many affections with which numbers of Pe rnales suffer, ? e ROOT AND HBRB JUICB8 la most happily -dapted, in Ulcerated Uterus, in Whites, in bearing down, Falling of the Womb Debility, and for all complaints incident to the eel. Sent by expresa. Price ?1 a botti?, or ? bottle* t0T%*' SAMARITAN'S OHANCR1 WASH. Price 26 cents. Full directions. ______ _ ___ DESMOND A CO., Box ldl Philadelphia Poet Office. Bold by S. CALV ERT FORD, cornet ef Uth aa? HEN BY COOK.. Alexandria._mayt-tf _ C ONF1DENTIAL. , .__ OCNG MEN who have injured themaelvae by certain secret habits which uno t them for ?usin?e?. pleasure, or the dutiea of marri?*d life; also middle aged or old men bo, from the folliea of youth or other causes, feel a debility in adyanwofthelf yeara, before placing themselves_nnder the treat ment of any one should first read "THB SECRET FRIEND.'f Married Ladies will learn something of importance by perusing "The Secret Friend." Bent to any addresa, in a seal*d envelop? oa re ceipt of Twenty five Conta. Address d,l4-lp P'*0HAfl A 8"WnSot, ataV TBIBSEMAR-Protected by Boyal Lettera Pah? eut of England, and secured by the seal ? of th? Bool? de Pharmacia de Paris, and th? Imperial College of Medicine. Vienna. Triesmar No. 1 ia the effectual remedy for Relax? ation. Spermatorrhoea, and Exhaustion of the Sys tem. Triesmar No. S haa entirely supersede? th? nauseous use of Oopavia, Cubebe. Ao. Triesmar No. 3 ia the infallible remedy for all Imparities and Secondary Symptoms, thus obviating the use of mercury and all other deleterious ingredients. Bash preparation ia in the form of a moat agree able Losange. Secured from effects of climate ana changea of atmosph?re, in tin Weaon. or fourlscaaea in one for ?9, and in Wj?"?.l??? saving f9. Divided in separate doaee afl adminis tered by Yalpean, Sallemande.Jb__2___!B*?__Ef?inn Wholeaale and retail by Dr. BAJBROW. No. i?* Bleecker etreet. New York. ~o p. .-_?< To be bad also of 8. C. FOBD, No. B?OJ??L* ?ornar llth street._mars-em _ HAPP1NBB8 OB MIBBRY?--THAT IS TH* R?* Jfou'r"oTvf?r mort instructive S? receipt of four atemps, by ?*d"e^M^s^*?el Parisian agin?? ?/Anatom* and ?^^{?^* Broadway.New York_ ??-?_ ???G?? WANG. TUB G h BAT CHINESE ARMED JM GONORRH?A.GLBgt, Etc; Os? BOX will WMUWr Ingrediente ar? purely ?anjltfraw?. MJj . pleasant to the taste. has no bad od or.aai may bo carried in the vest pocket wi&eat fear of detection. Circulars free. PrVee!M r?harn 4?_ JOHN J. KBOMEU.sMWMortoS.^UpBa^aoe Cheetnnt at.,PbiUpe'?hls, and In ?*ing?* g 0. 0. FOBJD, ??? NnnavlTania avenue^ Bent D?

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