Newspaper of Evening Star, September 19, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 19, 1864 Page 1
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vai: xxiv: WASHINGTON. I). C. MON i ?AY, SEPTEMBER 19. 1X64. N2# 8.606. ??V'UBA**? ?WA i. u a ? , Tu A8TJHT Diri?t??-?t. July J8, ISM. ? sue? la hereby give? that sub? er. ? ti on? will ?e received by th? Treasurer of th? United Swt??. tho several Assistant Treasurer? and D>e?d<rr*>sted DeW?SiV?ries aal by the Notmual Bank?: designated and ?moliDed os Depositories ond Financial Ageats. ?or Trvvasury Bote? payable tare? jooro from Aagust li, usAA, bearing interest at Ue ??*??' ?even and three-tenth, per cent, per annum, wit? semi ?naaleeupone attached. Mr?"? m ta**???' "^TheleBOteiwinbeeonvertibl? at the optlo? of ?at? holder at motarity- into siB per e?nt. ?eld bearing bends, redeemable after five and payobl? twenty years fr?*?m Aiisrast le, 18?*7. Th? Rote? ?IU be U-ued in th? denom.totifir? of fifty,o?? hundred, ave bandred, one thoneanl and eve tbeuBOBd dollars, and will be issued in blank. ?a? parable to order, as may be directed bv the sub meTihero. ah eubw'ptioB inast be for ifty dollar?? cr seme multiple of fifty dollars. Duplico*?? sertifisat?? will be ieaued fir all iepos ri?.. The part? depositing must ?ndors? npon th? originai eertifieate tbedea?mioatioa of noten r?? ?aired, and whether they ar? to b? issned in blank ?r ??avabl? t? order When eo end?*?.?? it ra?? ?t be left*?ltb the offieer receiving the ?e-f?o?R.t, tobe ??rwarded to thia Department. The netee will be transmitted to the owners fre? of transportation charges as soon after the receip oftbe ori g, rial Certificates of Depcflt as they can fee prepared. Interest will ho allowed to A-tgurt 15 on all ?ivpesit? made prior to that ?ote, ?cd will b?.- paid by th? Department oran receipt of Ue original ??Arti Boote ? A? the not?? draw ?nt.Tert from Aug**.*t 1.5, per ?Ons making d.-pinits ?jl.?e?irient to tbat date ?ranrt ray ?cB e interest accrued from date of note te ?ata cf luisait. P?rti??e deposi?'-'??*??,*?*??5'G? thousand dcl'srs a?d upward, for them note? at any on? time will be allowed a commission of one-quarter of one per cent., which will he paid by this Department npon receipt of o bill for the amount. eerti?*d to by ofleer with whom the deposit was mode. No deduction? for sommimi.?ue mast be mode from ?A? deposit?. Oftleer? rec'v'ng will see that the proper endorse ente are made upon the original certificate?. All offi??r? authorized to receive deposits are ???queried lo give to applicant? oll desirei Informa tion, and afford every facility for making aab ?c-riptioDS. W. P. FASSENDEN. ?y SS tf Secretary of the ?reasary. b*-?._DENTISTRY._ DENTISTRY -Drs.IATC ? WOOD A MERRILL, Dentist.?, Room ;>0. -J Washington^mmmmm, Bol di? g. corner Pa. av. and 7th et. ? ? ?LB opera'iop? performed m tbe rajst gkillfjl**?C?n?T manner._Charge? rea??.nable._ wpg-im* I^BEAL DISCOVERT I? BENTIBTSyT" Thsth Frirez? ?Uorj~P?** W*? the Muhrtto of .XT0?14 ?f,*1??^ ?"????? hovia? teeth to ?a Yff\}? ft*1 ?! ?* LEWIS*? uraSe. ??*????? sud bov. them take? out by thi? oewJEjfl m\ and Bornie??? ??rocese. Also call e>nd?<7^rvlv?v*Ml examine the Doctor's new and ?G****** prrved msthod of Inserting Artiflcitil Teeth. If you otee ???, the great improvement in bla teeth moo. will have them in no ot*ter style than tbl. new SSi I*"!?*^'? ??*? .No- a?3. P?? arena?, between ijtb and L*tb atreetB. **-v?_S. R LEWIE, M. P., Dentist. ? ? ? ? ? ? u* ?A?-Si8* * P .Jh. In Ventor and ?BBSBJSI of ibi MIN Eh? L PLATE TEETH, ?t- ,*w*?9BSBa tend? personally at hi? offlee in tDieflbaM city Many persona cod wear the^^rT^SBBB? teeth who cannot wear others, and uo ' '?'?'r per km c&n wear other? who sonnet wear these. Person? calling?t my oSee eon beaooommodoted WL any style ond price of Teeth they may deeire, bnt to those who ore portieulor ond wiah the para?t, cleanest, strongest, and meet perfect dsmtur? that art con produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be ?agre fully warranted. B<vim? in thie city? No 338 Permsylveola avena? t?etw???ni ??th and lot h .treets, Alao, ?07 Area ?t? F>ii!o4?lsbi?. more-lr TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. ? CAPE MAT. ? ??? I. ROAD FROM PHILADELPHIA FROM WALNUT STREET PIER, ? -. ? A WE?T JERSEY RAIL JAD. ' At ?5 o. m., accommodation due at ??? ?. m At ?? a. m., express due ?t 1 H p. m. At 4;? a. m., expr?s? due ?t s p. m. Returning, leave Cape May? f ?. m. express due at?i'? ?. m. 11 Ab ?ceominodatio? due at 4'? ?. m. f !? p. m exprese due at S\ p. m. Through without change of ears or bsggage. New core, ond everything flr.t-cjas?. - ~ u??-to _-??7?? REN8SELAER.SuB*t. BALTIMORE AUD OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Sunday, Jane litte, ISM, Daily Trains will be run b?tw??et> Wa-hiegton and New York and Washington and the West, as follows : FOE PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7 30 ?. m.,ll.U ?. in , and t.St' p. m. daily, except Sunday. On Suaday ?t ?...?? p. ra. only. POM BALTIMORE AND PHIL ABE LPHIA. L??v? Washington at 3 pm. daily, except Ban? 0Vassengers will note that this traiaruneas fai a? Philadelphie only. FOR NEW YORK. Leave Washington daily ?t 6.3? p. rn. This train is for New York passengers exclusively. FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington ?t 6.30?. m.,1. 15 ?. ra., J p. t?., 4.?5?. m., 7.2U p. m . and 8.3" p- m.,except Sun? Oa Pnndoyat 7..v? ?. ra .3 p. m.,?nd8 SO p. ra, FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Le?ve Washington ot f..?*' a. m. and3.4.?? and 8.30 . m. daily, except Sunday. (?n Sunday at 3 and ?:.' p. m Tickets sold to oil points WB8T, ond iVt'*-a*i thtcktd through. FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at *.& a. m. aad 4.4B p, m. ?ally, ?xcept Sunday. ?o train tor Annapolis on Sunday. Trains leaving Washington at 7? a. m. and I ?si p. m. go through to Bew Tork iri.'.'iow change iJ cars. Sleepir g ear? c? ? .V? and 8."-' p. m. trains. Berth? ?on b?s eecored nntil ? p. m. doily at the ticket of flee. After that hour they must be secured of th? sleeping car conductor. Th? first and fifth trains atov? ot oil way points. The 3 p. m. train stop? or'v at Blodenibarg, Beltrville, Laurel, Annapolis Junction and Relay Hou?? dsily, exeept Sunday. On Sunday it Rtop. at oil way points. PARTICULAR NOTICE. I'n-'fr??:? will please observe that the 3 p. t?, train run? only as far ae fhimdelphia daily,except Sunnay. On Sunday it rune to ?5?'??>??t?????1??. Also, that the C.Xp. m. train taoet New York passengers on lu For further Information, ticix??*? of ony kind, Ac, apply to GEO 8. RflONTZ.Ajent ot Wash ington, or ot the Ticket Ofnee. W. P. SMITH.Master of Transportation. L. M. COLE.OsneraTricket Agent. je2? tf G BJUT PENNSYLVANIA BOLrE ?O TBB NORTHWRST AND SOOTH***?. ?rom ?aBKet until eunrl?? ? light will be .wa *'oin ?ach oftbe schooners. The reoaon given ?eaptoin? of v?..el., chartered and ownee by t ' D1 "? "tote? Qaorurmaater Departmeot, I OB AND AND AFTBB NOVBMBEB 14TH trains will leave Baltimore from th? Nerta Oal vert Btotien oa follows : Fsst Moil at-???-? E) A. M. Harrl.bnrg Aeoommodotion-3.(? P. M. Lightning Express-.8.*? p, fj, THE ? 30 A. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON eonB*?-ts with tB?JJU a. m. train from Baltimore for Pittsburgan?ith? West,?nd for Elmlr?,Bnff olo. Becheater. Dunkirk^anondalgu?. and Ml o?ora Falle, and for WewTorh elty. TBB 7.30 P. ?. TBA1N ?'ROM WASHINGTON ixaii-u with th? 9.30 p. ai. train from Balti more for Blaair? aad th? North ?nd Pirtebarg* ond the West. _ ? BLBBPINO OABS BN NIGHT TRAINS SOLDIBBa' TlOTBVB ?? ?????*?1???? RlTBS. CNB THROUGH TRAIN ON SUNDAY. LOW FARM AND QUICK TIME. a*oF*For ticket? aad any tnform?tloa apply at th? ?dDe? of th? Greot Pennsylvania ?Bout?, oomii Penn oveane and <th street, nnder Nstioaal Hot?!, WashinetOB. 3. N. DOBARBT, Saper intend ent ? ?. B. R. ,.-,^ ? ?I.WILKINS, . . *?** *** Tl?k?t Ag.nt. gor. Sth ?t. and _>**'?'__^^ Penn. svena?. Assistant qi-abtrrmabterb office. FOBAttB abo Riva? f ?aasPOBTs?u??? Sbvbbtii Stobst Wh*?e WASBiBflTOB.D. c! August ?. im. CIRCULAR. I? ?ceordanee with instructions from Brigadier 1'eoeral D. 11. Rucknr, Chief (Quartermaster. D? r1??' Washington, I hove placed achooners at PP?*r aod Lower Cedar Pointa, in tbe poxitioaa t'v . pitd by tke light boot?, previous t > their de ?traeUoDbytB?r?b?ls. . . t G' 'rom ?uLnet until aunr!?? a liSTht will be swang ? by the ^ . ~ ,. .for fi .???,?? *n ???? P?tom?c river ?t night, woe. *** J "?***d that they would run their vsesels *ft a *?? '??? attemp ed to run post th? ekaoU _?\? ? .Tn# l?mps placed on the schooner, will give a light auf?ointly atron? t? enable all ? ilota Upas. upanddowBthe riv.rwith safety, "l?!1!!^ ?'?'**."t^G2 tbemo?lvee by th? ?hart? ?*? p7. Sf*.?? L?tad State? Cosit 8arv?7. a/? ? -,i Sft**r,,thl?' ?ata.BO veasef propelled by ateom will be ollowed to oachor, excepting in Bush weather as by running the l??ss of th? ????? er eorgo might be ondaagered. ?-.lot ??u??-of every vecsaj ?waedond chartered r> Ue GcvtrsmeBt, pUirg un th? Pototov? rie? ??W C.?t.''?BdIAL"!,M ?_PERSONAL?_ fADIt?, ATTINTION-PLAIN SBWINGden? - with neatness and despatch by Mrs. POLL.1R, No. -?.-u 7th etreet. Island. Particular attention to Ladies, Gen-lemon, and Children's under gar mente. Machia? stitching don? at five e?ats per yard. _an3*M-a* |\ | A DA M MARSH t. late from a northern city, ?1*1 would inform the public that she has taken up her reiidescs at No 403 ? street, between 9th and l th. 1b prepared to read th? past and for-tell future evanta._au 22-1 m* a ACTION .-To all whom it may Concern-hTl v. m yawns are hereby cautioned against filling balf-i int porter and mineral water Bottles marked witbibennmeB of'R. A. 8b inn,''and "Arny A Sin ar, " aa all wbo are found ae offending will be proa?e?ted to the ntmost extent of the law "pro? **?*?? against tb? improper use at trad? marks, Ae." I would also notify my customer* that payment will be-?acted for all bottles lost by them after thia date. RILEY ?. 8HINN, Union Bottling Depot, 37 Green? at., A_(tl?, 1MM. I_ul3-lml Georgetown, D. 0. ?. T??1860.?X. Persene ol tedentary habit* troabled with weak ae ?, lassitude, palpitation of the heart, lack o appetite, distress after eating, torpid liver, eon stipation, Ac,deserve to enfler if tbey ?vili not try tbe celebrated PLANTATION BITTERS, which are now recommended by tbe highest medi cal authorities, and warranted to produce an im mediate beneficial effect. They are exceedingly agreeable, perfectly pure, and ?nnst supersede all ether tonic* where a healthy, gentle stimulant Ig required. Tbey purify, strengten and invigorate. They create a healthy appetite. Tbey are an antidote to a change of water and diet. Tbey overe?me effects of dissipation and late hours. Tbey strengthen the system and enliven the mind. They prevent miasmatic and intermittent fevers They purify the breath and acidity of the stomach. They cure Dyspepsia and Constipation, Tbey eur? Diarrhea, Cholera, and Cholera Morbua. They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Head ache. They make the weak strong, the languid bril lant, and are exhausted nature's great restorer. They are composed of the celebrated Calisaya bark.wintergTeen, sassafras, roots and herbs, all preserved in perfectly pure St. Croix rum. For particulars, see circulars and testimonials around eaeb bottle. Beware of imposter?. Eismine every bottle, gee that it has D. S. Barnes' signature on our pri vate U.S. Stamp over the cork, with plantation acene, and our firm *ignatnre on a fine steel plate .graving on Eide label. See that our bottle ia not refilled with spurioue and deleterious stuff. We defy any person to match the taete or character of eur goo.*. Any person pretending to sell Plantaiitn Bitters by the gallon or in bulk, is an impostor* We sell only in our log cabin botti?. Any person imitating this bottle, or selling any other material therein, whether called Plantation Bitters or not, is a criminal under the U.S. Law, and will be so prosecuted by us. We already have our eye on two parties re-filling our bottle*, Ac, who will succeed In getting themselves into close quarter*. Th? demand for Drake's Plantation Bitters from ladies, clergymen, merchants, Ac, is perfectly incredible Tbe simple trial of a bettle is the evi.enee we pre sent of their worth snd superiority. They are sold by all respectable druggist?, grocers, physicians, hotels, saloon*, steamboat* and country atores. P. H. BRAKE A CG., augi? -m iW>2 BROADWAY, N. T. 367 D "SS?"? 367 i. T. KM * ILL. BlCHABD USNDERSOB. K1DWELL A HENDERSON, No. 3b7 D Btreet, near Ninth, Franklin Hall Building, Would respectfully inform their friends and the publie tbnt they are now receiving their Fai Stock of PAPBBHANGINGS and WINDOW SHADE8, PAPEB CURTAINS,PICTURE COEDS and ? A Si*'1,8. Ac. All of the latest styles and at tbe lowest cash prices. All paper bung in the city or country by expe rienced workman, at short notice. Remember tbe place. No. 30? D street, near 9th, entrance on D street. 367 [au 29 1m] 367 CAUCUS8E8 OF l*?bO, by M. Halstead President Lincoln's Administration, by H. J. Raymond Gidding's History of the Rebellion, its Authors and Causes Owen _ Wrongs of Slavery and Rights of Emanci pation Clnsky'a Political Text Book Addresses and Mestages'of the President* oftbe United States. 4 vols ?Tunkin'* Political Fallacies Debates between Mr. Lincoln and Mr Douglas Oreely's Political Text Book Wells Campaign Hand Book Mirror of Modern Democracy Farrar'a War and feto Conseauencea iep7 FRANCK TAYLOR. MOOT ai AND 8HOE3 TO SUIT THB TIMBS. We a-onow manufacturing all kindaof BOOTS hsret-fore charged in ibis city for mach Inferior "persona .? wmnt of BOOTS and 8H0B8 of Eastern or City-made work, will ai way? find a good assort ment in store and at the lowest prices. Give us a menx m ewe au- - ggjgfS ? BBOTHBB, ape tf 314 Fenn. avenue. _" 1MPR0VB~_??B ?*rjp???? SPtaight by the use of the wU9*^~9EMm ?braled Fbbbl? ana Psaiucorie Spbotaolbs. ual versal ly acknowledged as the best for 8tbbbotb BBiae abb PassBBViBO the impaired ? vest ?ht. ?ciantiftaJlyand eorreetlr suited, by FRANKLIN A OO..Optl?le__. 2 .,_,_ _*_-._ 44 4 Ptnnsrtvania avenue bet. Uth aad Uth ate.. SBS 1'annaylvanla avenue, ander th? National. -."- .? MICRO 8C0PB8. VISITI. tel fJILLABD S LIFE ANDCAMPAIGN8 OF GIN. lTLTicClellan; /'jn?falMcOlellan's Beport; Bar? ard's Review of McClellan'a Report; Langumge of lowers, colored plates, Enoch Arde?, bv Toon? >* Chriater'a Indas; Beep's fable, in Branch? sees _f bamob: taylob. LBVBLAND-8 HINT8 TOBIPLBMBN Questiona and ausw?re oa Moaketry, ?art a ? FI ?on?. ?1??^??1???^1^^^?????4??. strr; Les konrUael w m iwmmeniLtmAq-, ? and hew to na? It; London. Thackeray'* Manual ef JUAe Firing; London ? -Va sUfi? Frs?tte*i London ?*??-??. AJttU?bMJ-.s'T?. lAITtKIRKV HALL. MUSIC ?CANTERBURY HALL.) AND 0 A L LrOANTBBBUBY H ALL?. THEATER 1/OrrsTABS Avusttb, Nterr Corner of t*xtk street. Hear cf National and Metropolitan H*uls. Gbobgb Lbi~?_?_-.Proprietor W. ? i'??is?a_.._.-.S???? Manager Lori*, t 7.oi.LOeT?-__._Ballet Ma?ter J?BB Espvta.Mesical Director UNPARALLELED SUCCESS O? ??? POWERFUL ARD TALENTED COMPANY. THE VARIETY THEATER OF THE PEOPLE THE MONSTER STAR COMPANY rt'ceived with a per'ect avalaueh?: of applause. JOHN DKNIER, JOHN DENIKR, J'?HN DENIER, JOHN DEMUR, JOHN DBN1BR, THE AMERIO \N BLONDIN, THB AMERICA ? His, THB AMERICAN BLONDIN, THE AMURIC^N BLONDIN, THB AMERICAN BLOND IN, THE AMERICAN BLONDIN, the meet artistic Gymnast in the world will ?<?_. form hi" perform his perilous feat of WALKING A ROPE, WALKING A ROPE. WALKING A ROPE, WALKING A ROPE, WALKING A hOfE, WALKING A ROPB. stretcLcl from the ttage SO the Gallery, a distance of ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FEET, IjM; HI M'Ite,I? AND THIRTY FEET, ONE HUN l>BED AND THIRTY FEET, ON? HUNDRED AND THIRTY FEET. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FEET, carr.ins a MAN ON HI8BACK, MAN ON HIS BACK. MAN ON HIS BACK, MAN ON HIS BACK. WHETLING A BABBOW. WHEELING A UAKBOW, WAKSLINU A BARROW, WALKTNO BLINDFOLDED? WALKING BLINDFOLDED, AND OTHER INCREDIBLE FEAT8. Sec?;nd week of the two beauties, Misses MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND OI.ARA KOWLEK, MiLLlE AM> CLAKA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLARA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLAKA FOWLER, MILLIE AND CLABA FOWLER, whose ex?iuitite dancing has been pronounced the very Poetry of Motion Th?y will be eupported in their Terpsichorean efforts by the ENCHANTING CIRCLE, COMPRISING SIXTEEN YOUNG LADIES, vlio will sppear e?ery night in the beautiful Bil let Divertieeinti.t, arranged by M?ua. Louis Siol losy, entitled SICILIENNE VE8PER3, mi-ii.ik.nm?; FBBPBjakf, SICILIENNE VB-Ji-KKo, MC1LIBN.NE\ESPBB8, SICILIENNE VfcSPERS, BICILIBNNB VESPERS, Aleo, first time of the eli-gant Character Dance, LB PLAI.MER DB TYROL, LE PLAI??BB DE TYROL, LE PLA181KK DB TYROL, by the Misses Power and M->n = .e.o?!o-y. First appearance this seaeon of the accomplished T0CaH,,t' JENNIE ENGLE, JENNIE ENGLN. F'n^t we?k of D. W. COLLINS. ? W. COLLINS, D. W. COLLINS, the personator ef the great eccentricity, THE HAPPY OLD MAN. Return of the Ethiopian Monarch, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JiiHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN Ml I.LK.aN JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIOAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN. DELEHANTY AND WABD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, DELEHANTY AND WAHD, DELEHANTY AND WARD, the Champion Clog Dancer. DOU3hERTY, REDDBN, AND ????, DOUGHERTY, REDDEN, AND HALL, DOUGHERTY, REDDEN. AND HALL. ;n their eccentricities. W.? CAVANAOn, W. B. CANANAGH, in new Connie Songs. The entire mammoth company of over ONB HUNDRED PERFORMERS, OHE HUNDRED PERFOBMERS, ONB HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONB HUNDRED PERPORMBRS, ONE HUNDRED PERFOBMER8, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, ONE HUNDBBD PERKOKMBR8, ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS. ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS. will alee aspear io a great and glorious bill, em bracing gems from th?: OPBBA, DANCE. BUBLESCIUE. FARCE. DRAMA, AND ??????1??. CITIZENS, STRANGERS AND LOYERS OF THB DRAMA will be repaid by visiting THE GRBAT CANTERBURY RECULAR MATINEE FOR LADIES RK'.ll.AR MATINEE FOR LADlKg. REGULAR MATINEE FOR LADIES SATURDAY AFTSRNOON, SATURDAY AFTBRNOON, BATURUAY AFTCRNOON. 8ATUBDAY AFTERNOON. SATURDAY AFTERNOON PRICES OF ADMISSION. Parquette, Balcony, and Gallery ? ..... _5 cents Orchestra chairs_?.-60 cents Reaerved Orchestra Beats.-__- 76 cents Lower Private Boxes, holding six persons? Sri 0 > Upper Balcony Boxes....?.$5 U) Single seats in Balcony Box.$1 CO Private Boxes aud Reserved Seat? can be secured from lo in tbe morning till 2 p. m. FRIDAY EYENING NEXT, SEPT. 23, BENEFIT OF JOHN DENIER, BENEFIT OF JOHN DBNIBB, ?BNEF1T OP JOIH DENIBR, BENBFIT OF JOHN DENIER. BENEFIT OF JOHN DENIEB, cn which occasion be will make an ASCENSION OUTSIDE THB CANTERBURY? ASCENSION OUTBID? ??? CANTERBURY? ABi'ENMON OCTMDE TUB t'ANTEKBUKY A80KNSION OUTSIDK THE CaNTSKBURY ASCENSION OUTSIDB TBE CANTERBURY to the or posi te corn? r. includin g aom? fear fai feat THB ASCENSION WILL TAKB PLACE BE TH* AOV*FOR fHB DOORS OPEN. B. In rebeareel? ? n?w local piece, written by W, ? Caratagli, author of" T ne Been wha?ker?.' Ac., GOVERNMENT CLERK8, GOVERNMENT CLBRK8; GOVERNMENT OLBBKS; GOVERNMENT CLBRK8; GOVBKNMKNT CLBBK8 GOVEBNMBNT CLERKS; OS, THB RAID ON WASHINGTON. THB BA1D ON WASHINGTON. THB RAID ON WASHINGTON. Til RAID ON gH?lNGTOB*. THB RAID O? ?ifi?ag?ON. THB RAID ON WASHING/TON. AM?SEMENTS. ?ROVER'S THEATER. Pennsylvania Avenue, near Willard's Hotel. THIS (MONDAY! EVENING. SEPTEMBER 19. Commencement of on engag-m'-nt, f.?- SIX NIGHTS ONLY of tbe greotTrogedienn?, MADAME PONISI, who will make her first appearance la her uew kmimption ef tbe MARQUISE DE POMPADOUR, iBjheeelebiated five-act play of . ??..,? NARCIbSB. . NARCIS--B. Madame Ponisi has been fortunate ia sec irmi: for her support during thie brief engagement the ?er vices ot the ex client young ?ct?-ir, MR.J.C McCOLLOM. The Performance will conclude with the e<*r???!? ing new Farce of YOUNG AMBRICA. FORO'B r-JKW THEATER. Tenth street, above Pennsylvania avenue. JOHN T. FORD.?..?Proprietor and Man? ger (Also of Holliday Street Theater, ??Jtlmore.) Stage Manager.*?_~....Mr. John B. Wright Leader of Orchestra?.>_._Mr. W. Withers, jr. Treasurer__..-.-_?..Mr. H. OI?v Ford Last week of the Popular Artiets, Mr. ?nd Ml?. W.J. FLORENCE. MONDAY ? VEN ING. BEPTEMBER 19. KATHLEEN MAVOURNBEN; Or, ST. PATRICR'8 EVE. Terrence O'More, (a young peoMint In love with Kathleen)_Mr. W. J. Fliren*? To conclude witb Howard Paul'? Protean Plev. . ? -i;l. .1 THRICE MARRIED. Vivian Fipple. an Artist._Mr. W. J. Florence Horace Waddle?, a retired Ballet Mas ter .-._Mr. ?. B. Phillip?? Carl?>tto,oBol Mosquel'ostumer.Mr?* W.J.Florenc?? Kimm Perereo Neno.Mr?. W. J. Florenee M'lie La Ps-re, a French Opera ginger..?_. ?._?_Mrs. W. J. Flor?*nce Ve-uvinsVasa Devere,a ZoqavS,MrB.W.J.Florence YARlKTIKSl VARIETIES! MUSIC HALL AND THEATER. (Fronting Penn'a avenue and Ninth Street.) FITZ8IMMON8 Proprietor and Stage Manager. DOUBLE MUSIC HAUL AND **"HEATEICAL PERKORMANCE, BY THE TRIPLE COMPANY. For thin wees or>ly. THE DKAMAflO MIRROR OF LIFE. Fit7.iimmr.ns* strar ge Drama, in two acts. DANGERS OF A DANCING liIRL: Or. TRIALS OF A DANSEU?S. The nome of the Dancer?The I'hantom Mother? The Explo.i a in the Theater?The Blockade run ner's Den?Th? Abduction of the Danseuse?Death before Dixhormr?1 he I)u??l by Tore.hlight, Aleo. DOUBLE MUSIC HALL SHOW. WEDENSDAY AFTBRNOON. at 3 p. m.. D.VN GBR80F A DANCING GIRL LOOKOUT l-OR FI?7BIMMON8' BENEFIT. PIO NICS, EXCURSIONS, ko. NO ? ? C B.?The F?nrth Groiid Bull of the McOLKLLAN SOCIAL CLUB ??*-*? will he given o? MON DAY. September Z), at fl? SEATON'd HALL. <T? coi r.. >? of ?*?th ????! I? ?tr.'ets, loi the b?-nei : ofU?BBn ST. ANN'S IN FANT ASYLUM. eep ?J-Ul 20* ? GEORGE FORREST. >ATE Quartermaster United Stales Army, Adjusts Oft'cers, Ordnance. Quarter master :e. .and Commissary's ACCOUNT??, 404 Tenth S're*?t, au-74-lm? Washington, D. C. JAY COOKE A tO., BANKERS, Fiftkesth Sthkkt, 0G?03??? U. B. Trbasdrv. Rweive Subscriptions for the NEW ?. S. 73-10 LOAN authorized by the ?ct of Jane 3?p, IS?. The note? will be issued under date of August Uth, in denomination? of BOO, 9 100, 9?00, ?* l.DOO and .?'?,000, payable to bearer or order, bearing interest at 7 3-10 per centum per annum, payable eemi-?n nuolly, and will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity into six per cent. Fire? Twenty Bonds. We bay and sell? GOVERNMENT BONDS of sll issues. TRSA8URY NOI IS. -^. CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS. And COIN, And pay tbe highest pri?e for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATS CUECES. Jy27-tf_JAY COOKE A CO. J SCHOOL BOOK??. U8T RECEIVED a full and complete stock of SCHOOL BOOKfl, which we offer for sale at the lowest price?. Also ? full stork of ticbool requisites, embracing Pistes, Slate and Lead Pencils, Blink B?joks,Sta tionery. Ink, Pens, Rubber, Black Boar?! and dia'.?? Ruhbc-rs, Ac, Ac. WM. BALLANTYNK. aep 5-1 m 49?*? 7th st., bet. D and ? hU. TBE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EX iating between tbe undesigned, under the firm of JOHN J. BARNARD ?V CO , ia this day dissolved by mutual consent John J. Barnard will continue the business at the old ?ttaud. No. 116 Bridge street. All ?-t?^?? indebted to the tirai will please make prompt payment to bim. JOHN J. BARNARD, WM II. DOUOAL. 4'eorgetown. D. C Sept. 1 UM. sep?Sw ?? 0 ? A R ? ?; ? R~8 ? ? ? . The und??r->i?i)ed, havin-i this day associated tlieraaelve? uniler the name and style of G KO. T. SMITH A CO., will coutinue the GRoOEKY, WINE ond LIQUOR bnainess at tbe old stoud, (occupied for the last three years by George T. Smith.) ?"ill 7th street, in the National Intelli fencer Building. We will be happy ot all times o see our friends and the public generally, feeling assured that we can give them ? >od Goods ot un? prec??leutsd low prices for ?*a??_ GEORGE T. SMITH, T110MAB w. steuart, JOHN T. FOSTER. Washington, July b. l-'.i. I b.-g to return my sincere thank? to my friends and tbe public g? nerally for the patronage so libe rally bestowed upon me durine my basin???? career here, and earnestly solicit a continuance of the ?ame to the new firm, where they will always re ceive the most polit?? ?nd courteous attention, whether they purchase or not. Pleas?? remember the number. ?II 7th street, now under Gardner? ?hotoeranh Gallery GEORGE ? SMITH. Washington, July 8, )?'?'!. - p' e? ira O^f MONEY' MONEY' MONEY! O-l THB CLD ESTABLISHED LOAN OEflCE. No 3.71 C st.. bet. ft*, and ?;?.!? ite? I;.-;.u:?i-hm 186* ISAAC HER/BERG A SON ronTiniie t?. make ad ?onc-s od all surn^ on t" .itches. Diamond AEE\ Jewelry, Ladies' and Gent's wearing atA A parel. and in fact npon oil liierehaidJ??? u-u *fB V oily token in o Pawn ottce. Tbe high st advance1, moi? ?nd oil business strictly confidenti?!. Hav ing conducted business for eo many years in thi? city, we con, of course, refer to any old resident of Wash ine t?.n. Remember No. 331 north C et., bet. ili and Cth sts. Immediately in rear of Nati ?nal Hotel. sep? lm*_I. HEBZBJfiRG A BOB. ? FURNITURE. BJk FURNITURE. BW FURNITURE. ' *? ? We hav? now in store and are dally receiving tbelare,-st and best oa<*ort?r??l stock of CABINET WARE ever offered to the cititene of Washington snd Georgetown, which we pledge ourse!re? to sell on ss reasonable terms ?s any house south of New York. It is unnecessary to particularize or title?, ?? our stock embraces every conceivable artifi'e to be found in a first-close H??usefurni?hiug ?stabliehment. . BOTELBR A WILLSON, 31S Pa. ?ve., bet. ?th and 10th stfl. an iH-eodtoel iCon. Union.'_ A N U R B. ? ? ? ? ? 1. _ MANURE. THB BEST AI&CH|APB?aaIDII IN THB Th? undersigned, having contrasted for all the Monure st Gieeboro Point, D.O.. ore now pre pared to put on board vessels free of expense to Captains at low rotes. VESSELS WANTBD. Address No. 3S0 ? street. Washington, or to eiESBGRO POINT MANURE WHARF. * au 10-tf_ JOHN PETTIBONB A CO. BBIt|BI CHB.BB. .?inai P. E. DUTROW A BBO., Wholesale Dealers, ?aio in_,_No. 450 Gth atrsst. ?1 BDWABD GLABE, ~~ . v LUMBBB DBALBB. Yirginia avenue, between 9th and 10th ate., cast, Navy-Y.rd. A large stock of all kind?, ef LUMBBB eon? staatly on haa? at loweat market prices. aep 3 lm* HE NBW YORK NEW3PAPERa FORWARD M TWBxmriss. Thb Dbmoobatic Ratification Mbbtib?? came ofl se nnuoanoed oa t> unrday Bight, and several thousand p?ople eollected ia front of tbe City Hall during the evening to listen to tbe addressee ?ad wltneae the fireworks, which (the fireworks) wer? certainly excellent. A stand bad been erected at the step? oa the eide fronting toward? 4* street. Behind the ?tand and sospented from pillar to pillar were two larre Hags, and inmediitely over the epao* occupied by the speakers wae an aroh, npon which were inscribe? the Bamee of the several States, Pennsylvania occupying the central poaltioa The etaad was brilliantly illumi nated with gas lights. The turnout in the line of proceeeion wae not so numerous as bad been expected by the an terrified, as only a few of the prominent Dem ocrat? of the city?especially ol toe central ward??appear?d 1b the line or on the plat form. A profusion of transparencies aid banners, however, aerved to give quite a lively appearance to the procession, and by stretch ing out the line, two abreast, and enlisting a number of boys ae banner bearers, tbe must waa made of the limited numbers. The Georgetown McClellan Club, With A. Teagle as marshal, left their hall bended by a drum and file, and one or two Bags. This club had upon their transparencies the fol lowing inscriptions:?"The uuterriued aro coming Fatliei Abraham.*' m To all whom it may concern?McClellan and Peadleton ?hall b victorious in November." ?? free ballot or a free tight." ?The only difficulty in the way of an amicable adjustment is the Republican party?Douglas." "No Union through bay oneia?Johii uutney Adams.'' "With the ab olitionists the rights of property are notaing? Henry Clay." ?? This war ought to be conduct ed only for the restoration of tbe Union " -Our ?? my, Navy, and our Volunteers deserve the nation's gratitude." "Citizen soldiers act ever within, Lever without the law." ??Citinone of cclor are not admitted within the Democratic car.?Reason ? Musk ?' ??Miscegenation ? No more of that Abe, an' yon love me." ??Can nn Ethiopian change his skin i" "The Union must be preserved at all hazards."? M.C!? '.Ion. ??The Union is the one oondition of peace."? McClellan. " No peace can be permanent with out Union."? AfeCUUan. ??I do not wish to act in the dark."? McClellan to Halleck. ?? You have done yonr best to sacrifice thia army."? McClellan to Stanton. "A declaration of rad ical views, especially npon slavery, will rap idly deplete our present armies.' ?McClellan tu >he President. The First Ward club joined the Georgetown club at the Circle, and continued che mar ?ti down PenB&yl\aniaavenue, lreqnently cheer ing and being ch??ered by squads of three and four as tbey parsed different points. Dr. Joice, Wm. H. Forrest and Jesse Mann were the mar shal's of the First Ward club, which was also beaded with martial music and Hags, and car ried transparencies bearing inscriptions as fol lows:? ??First Ward Democratic Club; ' "The Coustitutiou a. it is aud tbe Union as it was;" " Negro equality with white fanatice;" " Free dom of speech, freedom of the press;" " The provost marshals are ordered to draft without delay?Stanton;" " To whom it may concern? 5MMMK) more;" "We shall have no draft?Rew ard;" "Our foreign policy, the Monroe doc trine;" ?Our home policy, America for white nien;" "Our highest law, th?? Constitution;" ?? Peace on earth and good will toward men;" " Tbe eagle and the erose, the symbols of lib erty and redemption;" " The Bible, the school bouse and the press;" "George B. McClellan, President of the United States; Geo. H. Pen dleton, Vice President; look out for a victory over tyranny:" " When the wicked ruleth the people mourn." At tbe corner of Uth street and Pennsyl vania Avenue, the Second and Th'rd ward clube, the former under the marshalsliip of J. W. Ciampi't and George A. Scott, and the latter marshalled by ?. F. Queen, joined in. Theee delegations were composed largely of mere boys wbo did more cheering and made more lui--? than all the men in the crowd. As tbe procession passed the flag at Oth etreet ; and tbe Union League rooms on 9th street, tbery howled and groaned loudly. When passing the Patent Office they were greeted with cheers and waving of handkerchiels by some; Indivi duals on the steps. A closer observation re \ealed tbe fact that the parties thus cheering them ou was composed largely of negroes, a fact the unterrified din not seem to relish, judging from remarks made by a number of them- These clubs had upon their transparen cies the fol low iu g inscriptions : ?? Th?' Candi dates are Peace and War. Who do you vote lor "'* " North and South, the Constitution and Law. ' "Sheatn the Swcrd and save ihe Union.' "In Peace people Prosper." ?* Ia war Tyrants u.-urp power." " Enforce the Law." "Buchanan's Administration . >-?. .S),ih>u.W.(?, and Lincoln's f4W),lHMJ,iH)t?." "Justice is? the monument of our National Glo yy." "Geo. ?. McClellan the Nations pride." ?I give the women ten days to leave the city of Atlanta, Gen'l Sherman.'' ??My personal liber ty is dearer than life." "Hail to our Chief." ??The Democrau are coming." "Ben ten's mint drops, versos Greenbacks." "Trial by Jury." "No more illegal arrests." "Free press, free speech, free elections." "Lincolns hope, the cartridge box." ?-Shoddy's hope, greeubaeks." "Our la? t hope, the ballot box." The Fourth Ward club marshalled by Chas. II. Uterroeble, and R. M. A. Fen wick, joined in at the corner of "th and F etreets, aud the line of march was down 7th street to Pennsylvania avenue. Inscribed upon the transparencies of this club were the following :?"This reminds me of a joke, 4th Ward." "Yourself or your substitute." "Gravee, widows, orphans, and t x?s." Mann factures, tbe engines wheels are clogged and mechanics shops are closed with war." Commerce, the sum of state heads against the sea of blood." "Agriculture, the I low is stopped by cannon balls and the farmer taken as a sacrifice." "Not to old Abe but to little Mac.'' "The Conservatives are coming, the whole country is coming." "Democrats are coming, aud Whigs are coming." One of the tranparencies carried by this clnb bad upon lt a device representing Mr. Lincoln splittiu ?? the Union, and headed "Therenowned rail-spiltter at woik." The Union was represented by a log, and some one (Intended for Hi, Lincoln) was splitting It open. McClellan stands bv timi remarks, ??The Con?? tit ut ion must and shall be preserved;" and Mr. Lincoln is made to re ply "I do this through military necessity.*' On he sides ot another transparency were painted scenes professing to depict the manner In which the last Fourth of Jnly was celebrated by the Democrats and Republicans. The former are represented as having a large crowd east ol the Capitol, and tbe latter celebration is repre sented by a crowd of negroes amusing them? selves in the President's grounds. At the corner of ?th street and Pennsylvania avenue, the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Ward delegation, which had come up 7th street from Maryland avenue, fell promptly Into Un?. Tbe Fifth ward delegation, headed by a band of music, left Langley's Hall, corner of 3d st. east and Penn'a avenae, abont 7 o'clock, and proceeded to the headquarters of the Sixth ward, 7th and G street. The Fifth ward turned out tolerably strong, numbering over one hun dred, and had with them a howitzer which was kept in advance and a??t? tow minntoe was fired. Among the transparences borne in the line were some containing the following representations : A victorious cock crowing over a dead one, the latter designated as Lin coln; "th-? winning hand (4 aces) and the Iron hand of tyranny." ? ?Nobody hurt." ? Vox popoli, vox dte." "The people the eource of power." "Our liberties must not be Invaded." "I have the impression tbst I ehall not last much longer."? Lincoln. "It is easier to pay a small debt than a large one." ?If there is any man out of hell who suffers more than 1 do, 1 pity him."?L in coin. "Shoddy and niggers need not apply." "H-xsher will lead all who believe In the doctrine of Sharp's Knies." "Re publicans believe black is white only a little more so " ??TheConstitution astile, the Union as it was." "The last man and the last dollar.'' "The four great Generals?General Peac*, General Plenty, General Satisfaction and General McClellan. -_..;-.*_- ____ At the Sixth Ward headquarters the club wee found la line, and it took a position in tbe rear of tbe Fifth Ward. In the neighborhood there was quite a large number of Union men wbo were curious to witness the turn out. The f recession moved np 7th to E street, to 6th to l, to 4th, and thence along Pennsylvania avenue to Maryland avenue, and to 7th street, /Island) where the Seventh Ward club joined in Tne Sixth Warders had a number of transparencies in line, some of them inscribed as follows: ??The greatest good to the greatest ?umber." ?'No more joking, its played oat." "The Georges?Washington, McClellan and p^cdleton." ??General Peace for President. General Prosperity lor Vice Pieeldent." ?. War ia disunion, peace is Union." "UitU->n?i by adoption are citizens none the less." ??Not the pi??? of birth, bat the eonetitutton is th? teat of the citisen's loyalty." ??White labor o black labor, that ie tbe question." "Sambo." "To beo? not to be, that is the question." "St. Patrick wilt kill the black anake in Novem her ?? co not ese why tbe intelligent colored ??? should not have a voi*'*??is ??*?**. ??Job?? Id hlrb piece?, eavor of fhallew wit, while millions weep." ^^ The N*?veuih Wardere vere accoro ?" led ?y a bai ?1 of ? une, aud when added to tbe ?lel ?toiu?t-i- Ir? m the Fifth Ond Sixth Wo-ds. ? Miiiud ihe line to about fear square?. Tbey had in line a number < f globe ?od ?mall cyiia der irausparecces, andOBe large one witb rep. rerenikiions of the N.?cretary of State, iu tbe o*i ol g.'ispmga Ivell and exclaiming, ??? Ixjrd, bv striking thi? bell I can arrest any one-'' u?e liberation of political prisoner?; the boat Co?? sti'nu? n: and McClellan in battle. This prooessirn moved up'th street to the Pateat Cince?the howitaer still bela? fired now aad then, and numbers ot roman candle?? being thrown off?where tbey joined m wi'-h tbe other?. The vcbole procession then moved down I'enoaylvanta avenue to 3d street, and groane.-. at tbe Lincoln flag; at ?th street, and leeUlv cbeerfdtbe McClellan flog opposite the rootne ol the lJ.-irocr-j.tic* Associai ? on. The provi sion moved up 3d to C, along C to'*, and ? hence to the City Hall, the Fifth Warder? fre ??.oently Hazing ?wov with their howitzer, and all o? the delegations putting off Roman oan d ??*,n?.ot,3fr1flr****orB? at intervale Arrived at tne ci y Hnll, it was fonnd that tbe meetine; bsd been org?*n.i/.?d before the am ? al of all ta? d?l?gations by the election ol Hou. Amo? Kin dall as pietident at the uunauceoi Mr Tom Florence, who called the a*sembiage to order >t> a snort speech, wherein Toe onr.ounced tha the y bad come ib?re te ratify th? nomination? of Ale? 'lellan and Pendletoa. Mr. Kendall sudd he was unable to moke a speech, but he announced bimseif as devoted ?o ihe werk ot securing tbe election of the Chi cago nominees. Mr. Kendall wa? elected chair m in. bnt Mr. Tom r lorence was each de Jacto, tot it wa? at his instance ihat Mr. Wm. Flinn read a long iis' ..i vu e president? aud -e^r?? lories, and be alterwarde introduced Mr. J. F Ennis, who made a speech in favor of tbe nomineea and heartily -welcomed all who bad lately co?te nto the Democratic fold. He concluded by offering r?solutions expressing devotion and attachment to the I'niou, denouncing the Ad? ministration, and regarding Mr. Lincoln's de claration requiring the abolishment of slavery as revolutionary and calculated to make the horrors of war interminable; approve tbe principles and platform enunciated by the Chicago Convention, and endorsing the nomi nations of McClellan and Pendleton. Mr. Florence put the question, aud the re? oluttona were adopted. He then introduced a Mr. Wro. 1). Parsons, who denounced theae ministration and announced himself as a new convert to democracy. Before Mr. P. had con cluded the several ward delegations arrived, and the transparencies were huddled together upon the platform. After order had been re stored, Mr Tom Florence again stepped for ward and introduced Mr. Wade worth, of Ken tucky, alio a new convert. He was followed by Capt Wm. J.Geary in one of bis cbarac terisii.? speeches, denunciatory of ??the roosters at the other end of the Avenue," and laudatory of Little Mac. Capt. Q. denied being a cop perhead He had been threatened with the ?Mil Capitol, but it had no terrors for bim. as he knew Little Mac would let bim out when bo was elected. [Applause.] Some one re ferred to the captain's old Know Nothing prin ciples, w hen he asked them not to refer to bis paetsins. He waa now In the Democratic fold. Mr. Tom Florence then made anotaer speech, and wa? followed by Mr. K. S. Davis. after which the assemblage dispersed, amid a Li e ?li-??lay of fireworks, and with cbeere. hai ? y in the evening speakers took position?! on the two wings of the City Hall, and ad dressed those in that vicinity. At these stands speecnes were delivered by Dr. Charles Allen, il. S. Davis, J. W. Clampitt, F. A. Aiken, a Mr Swartz, Dr. T. G. Clayton, and others. Mr. F. A. Aiken waa chief marshal of tbe ce le biatiou. and performed his part very cred itably. There wa? a baud of m usi, opon the center stand, and at intervals it discoursed excellent music, which, with tbe fine pyrotech nic display, no doubt attracted hundred? of those present to witness ?hem; for by circu lating, among tbe crowd it was evident that only that portion iu tue immediate vicinity of the speaker??' stands sympathized witb the pur poses of the meeting. Thongh lt would not b-gin to compare inn umbers and imposing die play with the Immense Union demoustr&tioii at the Patent Onice in ratification of the Baiti. more nominations, yet It waa certainly a good sued and spirited meeting, and ?.aite creditable to its engineers, especially in view of the draw backs ihey experienced in tbe way of a failure of prominent citizens supposed to be of t?e.r way of thiuking to co-operate with them, at least publicly. It will be noticed ?also that none of tbe prom inent speakers announced were present, aad tbat tbe gathering was obliged to content iUeU with tbe somewhat stereotyp?* utterance of the Parker's Hall stock company, including com edian Geary and hie trained ??roosters.'* ???p?? Wart? Draft Mbbtibo.?Between two and three hundred citizens of tbe Third Ward assembled at Temperance Hall, on Sat urday night, to take further action in relieving the ward from the draft. Mr. N. D Larner presided, while Mr. h F. McKean acted as Secretary. L'pon calling the meeting to order, the Chair stated that tbe Bacon exemption clnb wae hold ing a meeting up stairs, and as it was desirable to bear what action they took in relation to ai lowing members to withdraw their money, the hi st bufine.-? in order would be the reception of contributions and reports of committees. Mr. J. H.Blake here announced tbat while standing in fro. t of the hall dnriug the evening, be was approached by a colored man, who said, tbat although, he was a bard working: man and not liable to the draft, irom the fact ot being over age, be desired to contribute So His name is Robert K. Turner, (said Mr. B.) a citizen of tbe Third Ward. At the request of the colored man the speaker handed to tbe ?litui man of the meeting S5. The Cbair (Mr. Larner) remarked tbat this act was certami ? worthy of imitation, and ?ng. geBled that tbe collectors had better call upon tbe colored resident or the ward, as many ef them would no doubt contribute. The Secretary read a letter from a eobetitate broker at Alexandria, who offered to furnxsb eight substitutes at Bjt*sj0 each. The Che ir remai ked that several substitute brokers had called to see him, and offered to fnrnish substitutes, which showed that tbe men were to be obtained. Tbe Cbair here announced tbat the Bacon Exemption Club, or speculating club? bad voted against a<lowing it? member? to with draw their money. Tbe citizen? of tbe Third Ward had $11,MO in that club, and a proposi tion had been made to the club by the citisene to release all claims if the club would vote tbe ward fond S5,0U0. Mr. J. s. Hollingshead thought tbe ward could get through without the 93,000, bat If not, it could be replevied. Mr. T. H. Dor ian waa called apon to make a statement ae to what traneptred in tbe meeting of tbe Bacon Club np stairs. Mr. Dorian said be went to the meeting with tbe determination to withdraw his mone ? if they would let him. and if net, he did not Intend to ?ay anything bnt while there some gentleman made some pointed remarks in relation to those who de sired to withdraw, ile , Mr. D ) ait-mpteo, to defend thes-e parties, and got a ?little bot," when the meeting broke np In a row. Mr. George Man? said tbat h? understood tbe citizen? ot the Third Ward bad SI 1,<J00 in tbe club, bnt wonld relinquish their claim? for ?*>,0ti0. He went to the meeting to make the statement, bnt wa? booted down, and was glad to make his escape? _? _ Tbe treasurer of tbe ward fand (Mr. Job Annusi bere reported that he bad npon nie books and caah in hand ?5,750. [Note.?Before the cloee of the meeting this Bam was swollen to ?6,500 by the returns of the collectors and the amounts subscribed by parties in tbe room ?Refi, j The Chair salii there had been some miscal culation heretofore, and they bad not done ae well ae expected. He therefore suggested that the subscriptions be increased 50 per cent Many of tbe gentlemen present then oame forward and increased their subscription?; and the Chair appointed twenty-four additional collectors to obtain contribution? In any por tion of tbe ward tbat they conld do bo. The Cbair, in reply to a question, as to when tbe draft wonld take place in tbe Third Ward-, replied tbat it waa likely tbe ward would be drawn within three days. Mr. E. R. McKean said tbat many of the cit izens of tbe ward bad not been ca l Jed upon, bnt it was almost impossible to collect Um seoee? sfiry amount in so short a time? It the wealthy men (remarked the ape?ker) would advance the money, t ?e substitutes conld be procured and the money returned a? soon aa collected. Mr. Steele suggested that probably the money could b? obtained from Mr. Fahneetock, a? that gentleman bad advanced a large earn to Mr. John H. Semme?, to pay bounties to vol unteer?. Mr. ?. D. Larner could not let the statement ef Mr. Steele go out, a? that gentleman ?sras ??of bis egg?" entirely. The money alluded to bad buen borrowed Irom the bank? by the Corpora tion. He made thi? eaplanation in inst?oe to other parties. _. ??_ . Several plane were then adopted to ra?** ?JM.COO, none of which euc<3eededt however. Finally, Mr. J. S. HoHingsbeadmov?d? tbe appointment of a finance committee of tbree, wrbicb wa. agreed t?aaci?i,a Chair?PPOlrited Messrs. Edmons-on, Shs-rrett?*, and Pratber. The treasurer and tbe finance committee were then instructed to go ont and endeavor to borrow tbe money. Tbey accordingly retired, and after an ab of abont half an bonr returned, aad reportad, through tbe treasurer. (Mr. Angus,) that tbey bad called npon several gentlemen, but they were ont ot fonds. Mr. Angus said that tbe only thing conld be done was to go to work and colie? tbe money. The meeting adjonrned natii 10 o'clock Mon day morning.

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